One More Shot (2024) Movie Script

LOMAX [ON RADIO]: For the recording, the time
is 3:14 a.m., Port of Virginia.
Mission brief:
Apprehend suspected terrorist
Amin Mansur's
radiological device.
Intel suggests fallout radius
of up to five miles.
Suspected target:
downtown D.C., tonight.
Known terror cell
already on-site.
Eyes of God, what do you see?
SNIPER [ON RADIO]: Overwatch online
and in position.
Cargo crate on the move.
Looks like they're checking
container IDs.
LOMAX: Lomax online. I have
a visual. Mission is a go.
Alpha online.
LOMAX: Sync body cams.PRICE: Bravo online.
DISPATCHER: Let them reveal the identity
of the container first.
Securing that dirty bomb
is the only priority.
Alpha team, can you get
any closer?
Negative. Negative.
Alpha, hold position.
Spotter in the truck.
Overwatch, take him out.
[SIGHS]SNIPER: Target down.
SNIPER: They've identified
the container.
They're cutting the lock.
Copy. Bravo team joining.
Game time.
Ready. Ready.
Alpha in position.
Hold. We're five seconds out.
SNIPER: They're through the lock.
It's now or never.
LOMAX: Bravo in position.
Three, two, one.
LOMAX: Homeland Security!HOWARD: Get on the ground!
Down on the ground now!
Get down! Get down!
Get down on the ground now!
Get the fuck down!
All targets down.
Alpha team, secure that bomb.
Checking now.
Radiation levels, normal.
No, that can't be. It's here.
GENKI: Could be lead-lined.LOMAX: Open her up.
Wanna tell me what's in there?
What, no English?
Container empty.
Negative on the package.
No bomb.
Where is it?
GENKI: What do you wanna do?
It's not here.
This mission footage was taken
at a container terminal
in Virginia early this morning.
Now Homeland Security has access
to intelligence
that alludes to an RDD.
That would be
a radiological dispersal device.
We believe the target
is tonight's State
of the Union address
by the president to Congress.
I don't know anything
about any bomb.
We tracked the manifest,
and your husband's company
the container through Europe.
What do you know?
I haven't seen Amin
in four months.
Look, all we want you to do
is to talk to him
and try to convince him to
cooperate with us. That's all.
He cleaned out our savings.
He left me pregnant
and vanished without a trace.
We're not exactly
on speaking terms.
That sounds awful.
I'm sorry, I...
What would you want me to say?
Oh, in scenarios like this,
I guess, people need to reassess
who their friends are.
I don't know,
I suppose... I don't know.
And what if I refuse?
Well, then,
I guess we'll just put you up
at the Hyatt Regency Hotel
on Capitol Hill,
and you can spend
the rest of today
relaxing in their beautiful spa,
and take a flight
back to London tomorrow.
What, that's it?
Yeah, sure. That's it.
But if that thing
goes off tonight,
you and your baby
will be at ground zero
with front-row seats
to witness
the first dirty bomb attack
on U.S. soil in history.
Agent Hooper?
How much longer?
Mansur's plane is landing now.
Escort's ETA to link up with us
is five to six minutes.
The transfer should be
relatively quick.
AGENT 1: Okay, let's wrap and go.
Stay alert.
Spin the cargo. Prep to leave.
Yes, ma'am.
Get ready to spin them around.
Yes, sir.
Cargo 2 disembarking.
AGENT 2: Roger that.AGENT 1: Follow me.
You two, with me.
CHIEF: Am I speaking to Mike?Yes.
POTUS wants me to pull
the additional security.
No, no, no.
Our recommendation
has not changed one iota.
It still stands. It's not happening.
It's not a good look for him.
POTUS is going to have to cancel
his address on the Hill tonight.
You're not listening.
It makes him seem weak...
It's not my job to worry
about his poor poll ratings.
I mean, come on.
You saw the intel.
This is a credible threat.
Can't do it, Mike.
We need to evacuate everybody
on Capitol Hill.
It's the State
of the fucking Union address.
He can't just cancel...With all due respect, madam,
you are the chief of staff
of the White House.
I am not going to lose my job...
You're the one that needs
to convince him.
...on a CIA hunch.
And that is your job.
Special Agent
Jennifer Lomax, Homeland.
Welcome to Baltimore.
Lomax. Walk.
So explain to me
why the hell Homeland have
all these leads on a bomb,
but no bomb.
We are doing the best we can...
Not good enough.
We have two hours left.
A lot of people
could die tonight.
Let's hope for your sake
that Mansur talks.
Marshall, we believe
the CIA have a leak...
...which is why
we changed the destination.
Are you trying
to annoy me, Lomax?
Homeland had concerns
about security, sir.
Oh, they did?
They had concerns?
So you decided
you would reroute my prisoner
from Andrews Air Force Base
to some old regular airport?
You call that secure?
We've shut down
the entire terminal, sir.
Media has been briefed
that there's a natural gas leak,
which means there's a
no-fly zone within a full mile.
The asset is on the tarmac.
They're transporting him to us.
Thank you, Agent Hooper.
Well, make yourself useful,
young agent of the realm.
Of course, sir.
Anything you need.
Yeah, as a matter of fact...
You might want to comfort
Mrs. Mansur. She's fragile.
But, sir...
Well, it's about time.
He's even less charming
once you get to know him.
Wait, you were in the video.
The mission at the docks?
How did you see...?
Guess he wanted me
to understand what's at stake.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
Just help us fix this.
We're going to give
you and your husband
a few minutes together
so you can talk
after he arrives.
What am I supposed
to say to him?
make him happy about
the coming of the new baby.
Make him feel like
you two could reconnect again.
I... No, we have
to make him feel
like there's something
he could really lose.
You understand?
And if I don't want
to feel reconnected with him?
Then lie.
They're here.
Roger that, Agent Hooper.
Let's get this handoff done.
Let's go.
Mike, take the back.
Keep moving.
Amin, what have you done?
Who's that man with him?
That's the guy
who saved your husband's life.
HOOPER: I have eyes on Mansur.
Prep to leave. This way, sir.
I don't feel so good.
Let's get you sitting.
MARSHALL: Hooper, let's get out of here
as soon as possible.
Got one Amin Mansur for you.
HOOPER: I need his cuff key.
Come sign these forms.
Amin Mansur.
I am Mike Marshall,
with the CIA.
Where's Niesha?
You said she'd be waiting here.
It's okay. It's okay.
Let him go.
Did he give you any trouble?
AGENT: We were told not to engage.
He seems very confused.
Niesha.No. Don't.
Is it true?
A boy?
Why didn't you tell me?
Because you left.
Lieutenant, a word.
Tell me, what really happened
out there in Poland?
I should be asking you
the same question.
We had no intel, no air support,
completely on our own.
I lost my whole team, keeping
that piece of shit alive.
And I lost one of mine.
That's right. Anderson.
She was one of
my best profilers.
But more than that,
she was a dear, dear friend.
And you...
You should've protected her.
My orders were
to deliver Mansur.
I disagree.
And I contacted
Special Operations Command
and have asked them
to do an investigation
on your bungling
of this operation.
What the hell are you
talking about, Marshall?
You think it was
some random attack?
Bunch of insurgents turned up
out of the fucking blue?
No, they were there
for him, okay?
Well-trained soldiers
with a clear objective.
Somebody tipped them off
and I wanna know who.
All right. Hey! Hey!
AGENT: Protect the suspect!
Enough of this crap!
Get him out of here
and take him to questioning now!
HOOPER: Take her over there.
Just give her a moment.
Where are you going, lieutenant?
HOOPER: She just needs a moment.
I'm not leaving his side
till we find out
where that device is.
My men gave their lives
for this intel, Marshall.
One more thing.
I called Admiral Mulholland
while you were in the air,
and he wants you to report
directly to him
for debriefing in Little Creek.
You're done.
Escort Lieutenant Harris
off the airport.
Get him some transportation.
Come on, Harris. Time to go.
Make sure you finish
the job, Marshall.
Get these to Agent Burton.
AGENT: Yes, ma'am.
You take him from here.
Yes, ma'am.
Let's go.
Stay on the door.
Don't let him back in.
TV REPORTER: And we're told
that the president
will be announcing
a slate of new initiatives
for both the environment
and for tax cuts.
And after
the State of the Union,
we will have the opposition
with their response.
But to tell more about this,
we go now live
to Martha Johnson
down at the Capitol.
Martha, how's it going
down there?
MARTHA: A massive security operation...
Exit's on the right,
up the escalator.
State of the Union address.
In just under two hours' time,
the president
will deliver his verdict
on the current condition
of the nation.
In the audience will be members
of all three branches
of the federal government,
the joint chiefs of staff,
and the diplomatic corps.
It's one of the few occasions
when the president,
the vice president,
and the other key officials...
Hey. Hey.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
You okay? Can you hear me?
They've been contacting
the families all day.
I know. I know.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
I was trying to call you,
I promise.
I just didn't have the chance.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Ava called.
And she said Whit's gone.
Danny too.
Whit didn't make it.
Danny didn't make it.
Nobody made it.
They're all gone.
Everyone, the whole team. How is that even possible?
How is that possible?
I don't know.
They're saying it's my fault.
Maybe it was my fault.
I don't even know anymore.
That is not true, Jake.
I know you. That is not true.
I need you to do me a favor,
okay? You need to go to Ava's.
You need to help her
with baby Tia, all right?
Until her mom
gets back from Florida.
They're gonna need our help.
Can you do that?
Yeah. I'll take
the kids with me.
But, sweetheart,
are you gonna be okay?
I'm okay.
I miss you.
Where even are you?
Are you at an airport?
Wait, are you in America?
Yeah, I'm stateside. Yeah.
Are you coming home?
I don't know yet.
Mansur is the target.
Keep him alive by any means.
We know how many CIA agents are on-site?
Jake, we need you.
When are you coming home?
I'm gonna have to call you back,
okay? I'll call you back.
Pack up and prep weapons.
Wait for Jackson's mark.
I said, move that body.
Heavy bastard.
All teams, this is Jackson.
We're two minutes out.
Things go south,
cut the comms. Sound off.
MAN 1: Alpha, traveling.
MAN 2: Bravo, traveling.
Charlie team
in position, holding.
I can tell Jackson's pissed.
I'd be pissed too.
We were supposed to be
out of the country by now.
Get the fuck off him!
MAN 1:
Can you see him?
MAN 2: You! You there!
Stop! Stop!
Multiple targets!
HOOPER: Move up!
AGENT: Two on the right!
Get Mansur out of here!
Back in. Fuck!
Man down.
HOOPER: He's on your right!
On your right!
AGENT: Come on! Move! Out of the way!
MARSHALL: What the hell's going on,
Harris? What the hell, Harris?
Where's the car?
Up ahead on the right.
[GUNSHOTS]I'll take point.
HOOPER: All call signs,
convoy is under attack.
Prep for immediate evac
with the asset.
Let's go! Let's go!
All clear! You're clear!
Go! Middle car!
MERCENERY: Take him out!
AGENT: Contact! Contact!
Get back inside!
Negative. We're leaving.
Mansur, get in there. Get in.
No, no, no. Get back in there.
HOOPER: Get in the car. Get in the car.
I'm shot! Damn it.
Mansur, get back here!
Go! Go! Step on it!
Let's go! Move!
AGENT: What about the boss?
Come on, move!
- Let's move. - Protect the asset.
- Go! Go!
Control, this is Cargo 2.
Extraction compromised.
Convoy in contact.
We need immediate assistance.
Cargo 1, this is Cargo 2.
Do you copy?
Comms are down.
HOOPER: Cell's down too.
What's going on?
Who are those people?
You should probably
ask your husband that.
I didn't even know we were
landing here. How could I...?
You said she'd be safe.
You promised. I trusted you.
What's the exfil plan?
The gate's up ahead.
- How long? - Two minutes, max.
- Just keep them...
We got company!
Fuck! They're blocking
the road.
VA nets on the ground.
Fuck it. Just go through.
They're going to kill us!
HOOPER: This is an armored vehicle.
Just stay low.
Give me a spare mag
and I'll go move the net.
Give me a mag and I'll...
Fuck this, I'm moving that net.
HOOPER: Give it to him.
Here, take mine. Move fast.
Go. Go. I'll cover you.
No! Niesha!
I got you!
Covering fire! Go! Go!
Let's go! Go, go, go!
Your team's down. Let's move!
HARRIS: Go, go! Fucking move!
HOOPER: Stanwood, drive!
Shit, they're everywhere.
Go, go, go. Move! Let's go.
DRIVER: We can outrun them
on the freeway.
Yeah, we gotta make it
to the freeway first.
I'm hit. It's here.
It went in here.
Let me see. Let me see.
Give me the gun.
Give me the gun.
Let me see. Move.
My hands.
NIESHA: I can help.
I can't feel my hands.
NIESHA: Hey. Hey. Hold still.
Let me help you.
Back up! Give me some room.
I'm a doctor, okay?
Let me help you.
We need to find the exit wound.
She has my cuff key.
You see it?
No, I can't find it.
Yeah? Help me flip her.
We've gotta flip her.
Flip her up, now. Go, go, go.
Here we go. There it is.
Shit, that's big.
We need something
to stop the bleeding.
Driver, got a med kit?[HOOPER SCREAMING]
STANWOOD: Yeah, yeah. I got it.
Give it to me.
Come on. Come on, let's go.
Get us out of here.
We need some pressure on this.
Goddamn it.
HARRIS: Break right. Break right!
Go. Go. Right, right.
The glass is bulletproof, right?
STANWOOD: Not forever.
We need pressure on this wound.
I got it. I got it.
Hey. Hey.
It's Hooper, right?
Hooper, look at me.
Look at me, Hooper.
You're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be fine.
Just stay calm. Stay calm.
You're gonna be fine.
STANWOOD: Is she gonna be okay?
We're working on it.
Just keep driving.
Losing a lot of blood here.
Hey. Hey, look at me.
Hooper. Hooper.
What's your middle name?
Hooper. Look at me.
What's your middle name?
Jane. It's good.
That's good. Okay.
You're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be fine.
Stay with us, Hooper.
You're gonna be good.
We'll get you out.
Hooper, look at me.
They're cutting us off again.
HARRIS: Follow Cargo 1.
Stick together. Go!
Get us back to the terminal,
okay? Back to the terminal!
Keep the pressure on.
I am.
Hooper. Hooper, look at me.
Where did you grow up?
We're stopping! Brace! Brace!
HARRIS: No, no, no.
HOOPER: Yeah? Yes?
Why have you stopped? Keep
driving. Why have you stopped?
STANWOOD: They're everywhere.
They're boxing us in.
We need to follow Marshall.
NIESHA: We're gonna get you out.
HARRIS: Is there a clear path?
Negative. What should we do?
NIESHA: We can save her. Get back
down here. Hold the wound.
That's a grenade. Brace!
STANWOOD: Holy shit!
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
She's got my cuff keys.
Grab them.
Get back. Get back.
STANWOOD: Lieutenant, it's getting
a little tight out there.
MANSUR: What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Get me out of these.
What are you doing?
Shut up!
Harris, get me out of these.
They're not firing at us.
MERCENARY: Hold position.
These guys here for you?
You know about this?
For the last time, no!
Just get me out of these cuffs.
STANWOOD: Hold or move?
What do you wanna do?
We need to do something.
There's so many of them.
Do something!
HARRIS: Get down. Stay low.
They can't see inside here.
Be quiet. Stay low.
Prepare to breach!
Bring up the crowbar.
Clear! Go! Go, go!
Go! Go!
Man down!
HARRIS: Put it in reverse!
Get us the fuck out of here!
Let's go, let's go!
Go! Go!
Get to the building.
I'll cover you.
[GUNSHOTS]Get to the building now!
Go, go!
Go, go!
Do not shoot Mansur!
Where do we go?
There. Dial 911, quick.
Undo my cuffs, please.No.
We need to make it back inside
the terminal. Go. Come on.
It won't connect.
Keep trying.
Who were those people
and why were they
already in the airport?
It's like they were
waiting for us.
Getting anything?
Can they block the phones?
Military-grade gear can, yeah.
What? Are you saying
these people are military?
Whoever they are, they're pros.
They won't stop
till they find us.
Right. We should shelter here
and wait for the cavalry, yeah?
Cavalry ain't coming.
You don't know that.
Standard response time
for the airport tac team
is seven minutes max.
It's nine already, and I don't
hear any sirens. Do you?
The phones are down,
so I'm guessing
the airport cops are down too.
Whoever they are,
they want you bad.
MERCENARY: This way!
Go. Upstairs.
Move. Get up there.
There must be another way up.
With me.
I'll cut them off down here.
Anyone got eyes on?
Three targets.
Over here. This way!
Stay quiet.
This place is a fucking maze.
Come on. Come on, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Go, go.
Got him!
No, no, no!
I'll tell you anything you need
to know, just don't hurt her.
Please, please.
Amin Mansur,
you're coming with me.
I'll tell you anything you need,
just don't touch her.
Move! Both of you! Now!
No, no, no!
I said, move![GRUNTS]
Doesn't exactly fit the profile.
Farbridge. Fuck.
They want you alive. Why?
I don't know.
How many more people
have to die today
before you tell me
where the fucking bomb is?
Tell me!
Please stop! You're hurting him!
I don't give a shit.
I'll kill you
if you don't tell me,
I swear to God. Where is it?!
Please, please, Amin,
tell him what he needs.
No chance.
And then he cuts us loose.
The only reason he's protecting
us is because of what I know.
Is it...?
Is it true?
We're expendable?
Your husband put
a dirty bomb in D.C.
We're all fucking expendable.
Oh, my God.
Okay. Give me your hands.
Thank you.
Don't fuck with me.
Wait, wait. Put it on Niesha.
Shut up.
Please, put it on Niesha.
Shut up!
See that guy down there?
He's wearing a tactical vest.
Take it off,
put it on your wife,
make yourself fucking useful.Okay.
Got anything?
No blood. Nothing.
All right, you two, stay here.
You stay low.
I'll be back in a minute.
Oh, God.
Here, put this on.
Yeah, okay.
Put this on.Okay.
Like this, like this.
There. Do the other one.
Amin. Please. Please don't...
I know what I'm doing.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
This way. On me.
Let's go. Go, go, go.
Stay close.
Keep sweeping.
No, no, no.
Back this way. Dead end.
Don't see them.
Is that area clear?
Check down there!
You, any sign of the target?
No, boss.
We're wasting time.
We don't have enough manpower
to search every crate.
No Mansur, no code.
No code, no package.
You think I don't know that?
MAN 1: Clear!
MAN 2: Clear!
Tech should be online
upstairs by now.
We use the airport CCTV
to locate him.
This is on you.
You fucked up.
Jackson's gonna tear you
a new one.
Get the elevator.
He's already pissed off
it's turned out this way.
You know, you think
you're all that.
But I remember Jackson
having to pull your ass
out of that last scrape.
Totally different situation.
You know, private contracts
only get paid
if the job's successful, right?
We're professional soldiers.
Get your shit together.
What I know is I've got
one of the best records
in both Corps and Farbridge.
Improvise, adapt, overcome.
Don't you fucking worry
about me.
I got this.
How hard is it to find
one handcuffed terrorist?
Which of you went early?
I tried to get...
Charlie team got into a fight
at the terminal.
Hey, we didn't have a choice!
We lost the element of surprise.
The president takes the stage
in 90 minutes.
We need to find Mansur.
We own the CCTV.
All recording devices
have been cut.Copy.
Give me an update
on the site capture.
We own the control tower,
the apron, and the terminal.
Vehicle-mounted jammers
are in place.
We got a site-wide
blackout on comms.
The whole airport's dark.
Any response
from local law enforcement?
Not that we know of.
TV news says
there's a natural gas leak
at the airport.
Everyone's staying
the fuck away.
How many casualties?
Double what we expected,
but we have
about 40 men left, sir.
Very well. Let's make sure
there's no more fuckups.
And, Dunbar...
save the "sir" shit.
We ain't in uniform.
You, where's the manager?
You, get up!
This guy says he's the COO.
Are you the man in charge?
I'm the chief operating officer.
I oversee all of
the day-to-day operations.
So you instructed your people
to share with us
the cargo manifest?
Yes. But without
a serial number,
you won't find anything.
This airport handles 51 million
pounds of freight a month.
All those metal boxes
look exactly the same.
You let us worry about that.
Bring him with.
What's happening?
Shut up.
I'm in the security intranet.
Got eyes on the whole airport.
Show me.
Perimeter gates
are locked tight.
Nothing's getting in or out.
Jammers operational.
All teams are in position.
Looks like some
of the CIA guys survived.
They're in...
Red 4.I'll get a team on it.
No, they're not the priority.
We need to find Mansur.
Where is that?
I'm not sure. It could be
the service stairwell.
JACKSON: You! Where is that?
The camera isn't labeled.
He asked you a question.
It's... It's on this level.
Round the back, I think.
I could show you.
I can take you, if you want.
I got this.
No more fuckups, right?
Let's go, man.Okay.
Wait. Campbell,
you go with him.
You bring Mansur straight to
cargo loading on the apron.
I'll be there
preparing the exfil.
Go. Move.
Attention, all passengers.
No, it's this way. This way.
Please remain calm
and have a great day.
Give me a second
to use my keycard. Okay.
That's strange. There's no
cinder blocks in this one.
No, this isn't right. I think...
Are you dicking me around?
No, no. It's...
It's not here. It's just...
It's around the other side.
I... I made a mistake. Okay?
Sorry. I don't wanna die.
I'll show you, okay?
I'll show you.
Better show me something.Okay.
Follow me.
JACKSON: What the fuck
are you doing back here?
CAMPBELL: He's saying it's around
the other side.
And, you, come on, hands up.
What about these hostages?
It's clear.
That was close.
I need a minute.
Are you okay?
No, no, no. We can't stay here.
Wait, please.
Just for a minute.
Here, drink this.
I'm fine.
You need to drink something.
The baby needs...
I said, I'm fine.
Shh. You've got to keep
your voices down.
Hold on!
Okay, listen to me. You need to
level with me right now.
If you want me
to keep you both alive,
you need to tell me
who those people are
and why they're after you.
Amin, tell him
what he needs to know.
I don't know anything,
I told you.
Amin. Please.
For me?
I don't know
who those people are
or what they're doing here.
The shipping container
was just a decoy.
I had a feeling
that I was being watched...
so I changed the delivery method
to cover my tracks.
Anybody else know about this?
I swear, I kept it a secret.
I didn't even tell my handler.
Your handler?
They took care of logistics.
They put the cell together,
bankrolled us.
They even chose the target.
I got arrested
before I had a chance
to tell them
that I changed things around.
I need a name.
It was just a voice
down the phone.
I swear to you,
we did everything remotely.
I don't know you anymore, Amin.
I did all of this for our son.
You did it for yourself.
All right,
we need to keep moving.
Marshall and the agency team,
they made it back
to the departure gates.
They're probably gonna be
looking for us.
But wait, wait.
Can we even trust them?
They're the CIA.
Why wouldn't we trust them?
No one knew that our flight
was landing here.
Somebody had to tell them.
I'm right, aren't I?
Let's go.
WARD: Okay. I swear, there was
a stairwell here.
Bullshit! We ain't gonna
find shit without squad comms.
We need eyes and ears.
Jackson said
he wants the site to stay dark.
I say we put
a bullet in his head.
Might improve his memory.
Please, I just... I got confused.
You're the goddamn airport COO.
I just took the job last month.
I sit at a desk.
I'm still learning the layout.
How many stairwells
in this terminal?
A few.
I hate this
hide-and-seek bullshit.
DUNBAR: You don't know?
WARD: Let's try this way.
There's Campbell.
You, stay there.
Hey, Campbell.
WARD: I got a map in my office.
All cleared here.
Just stay there.
Make sure
nobody doubles back on us.
Yes, sir.Sir.
You head that way.
I'll check that stairwell again.
Which teams are sweeping where?
CAMPBELL: Alpha are clearing services
and engineering.
Bravo swept the main halls
and are in storage now.
Delta are on their way
through the rail system,
then on the office block.
The rest are accompanying
Jackson to the cargo bay.
DUNBAR: We haven't checked
the staff rooms?
CAMPBELL: No, not yet.
DUNBAR: Well, get on that.
And, you, what use are you?
WARD: Sorry, how about
we go one level lower
and check the staff room area?
That's gotta be it.
Hey, hey, hey. Come on.
CAMPBELL: Look, I'm telling you,
this is a wild-goose chase.
DUNBAR: I think you're right.
CAMPBELL: So we're done here?
Yeah. Wait, no.
Please don't...![NIESHA GASPS LOUDLY]
Move, move!
Mansur! Don't move!
DUNBAR: Hold your fire!
On me.
MERCENARY: Get after them!
We've got to keep Mansur alive.
Get him! Get him! Get him!
Come on. Come on, you can do it.
It's locked. Can't go in.
We need a keycard.
Come on, open!
They're coming.
They're coming. They're coming.
We need the keycard!
Behind me! Behind me!
Moving up.
Quick, quick, quick!
MERCENARY: Do not kill Mansur!
Go, go, go!
What do we do?! What do we do?!
Move this. Release the brakes.
Use your foot.
Come on!
Go, go, go!
Go, go, go!
Give him up
and we'll let you go.
Go, go!
Wait! Give me the gun!
I need it.
DUNBAR: Throw down your weapon!
I'm gonna give you
until the count of three,
two, one!
Take him out!
Dunbar, shoot him!
Shoot him!
Motherfucker, stop!
I said, stop!
Fuck! Put him down.
Don't come any closer!
Don't come any closer!
He's dead. Give me the gun.
They're coming. Give me the gun!
AGENT: CIA! Get Mansur up here!
We'll cover you!
Move, move!
Move, move!
Get moving! Go!
[GUNFIRE]Come on!
Covering fire!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Move, move, move! Get in here!
Get in. Go!
I need you to eliminate
all those airport
security cameras.
Yes, sir.
And get an extra man
on the south concourse.
Yes, sir.
Is this it? Is this secure?
Well, lieutenant, it's not
the Maginot Line or the Alamo,
but it's all we got.
They've pulled back.
All right.
You keep eyes on that position.
Are you okay?
You need to sit down. Sit down.
I'm gonna help out.
Hey, hey.
You need talk to me.
If you really love her,
then you need to talk to me.
You think those people
down there
give a shit
if she lives or dies?
What, and you do?
The only thing I care about
is stopping that bomb.
If you tell me where it is,
then I guarantee you,
I will get her
out of here alive.
But you need to talk to me.
Son of a bitch.
Okay, sorry.
I can help you.
Let me see.
Are you sure you know
what you're doing?
She's an ER doctor.
Yeah, there's definitely
some debris in here.
Do you have any pain meds?
We don't.
Just this. Single malt.
Is that all right?
Okay, do you have saline?
Yeah, we do.
No, I can't.
Right. Sorry.
Can you bandage this for me?
[GROANS] Fuck.
I know, I know.
Okay. Just gonna bandage it.
Keep pressure on it, right?
Thank you.
What's going on?
I think they're broken.
Let me check it.
It's probably gonna hurt. Okay?
I know.
What are you looking at?
Forgot what
a good doctor you are...
how many lives you've saved.
It's not like
anybody's keeping score.
I don't think it's broken,
but it's definitely bruised.
We don't have any more painkillers.
I killed a man downstairs.
I shot him dead.
You saved a man too.
No one's gonna remember that.
He already thinks
I'm a terrorist.
Then show him
who you really are.
Hey. Sorry. Excuse me.
Can I have some help, please,
over here? Thank you.
Hey, I'm out.
That's the last of it.
Make it count.
Lieutenant Harris, can we talk?
How are you doing? How's your arm?
It's fine.
Has Mansur told you
anything yet?
No. He's not going to either.
Not till him
and his wife are safe.
The best thing to do
is get him out of this airport
to a secure location.
Then he might talk.Right.
Any idea who these people are?
Yeah. I found this
on one of them.
It's a private military company
out of Fairfax, Virginia.
Guy who owns it, Elliott Carter,
used to be a Navy SEAL.
Right. They supply mercenaries
to sketchy regimes
in the Middle East.
Yeah. Also got links to the
intelligence community, so...
One question.
Why wasn't Marshall with you
in Poland?
Anderson said
his flight was delayed.
Engine trouble
or something like that.
Or... Or maybe he just
didn't wanna be there
when the shit hit the fan.
Is that what you're thinking?
Only a handful of people knew
you were gonna be there.
I think...
Okay, on your feet.
We need to talk.
I want you to take a look
at something for me.
This came in earlier today.
Port of Virginia this morning.
Friends of yours, I presume?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Excuse me.
What's going on here?
Agent Lomax.
Your little raid
on the container terminal
was unauthorized.
Yeah. I called your superiors
at Homeland this morning.
Your raid was off-book.
We had raw intel on the bomb.
We had to move fast.
It was not a secret.
I released
the helmet cam footage
as soon as the operation
went south.
You released the footage
after you determined
the container was empty.
What would you have done if the
container had the device inside?
I would have brought in
a CBRN team to secure it.
Standard procedure.
What exactly are you
accusing me of, Marshall?
Oh, Special Agent Lomax.
Surrender your weapon.
Whoa, okay. What are you...?
What's going on here, Marshall?
What are you doing?
Stay out of this, lieutenant.
MANSUR: Harris.
Surrender your weapon.
Don't let him do this.
All due respect, Marshall,
you need to holster
that weapon right now.
It's not here.
That's you.
What are you talking about?
It's you.
What is it?
What did you see in the video?
Tell me.
The people
who coordinated the cell
would call me once a week
to give me instructions.
It was always the same person.
We'd speak on
an encrypted line in Arabic.
You already told me about him.
The handler.
No! No, no. Not him. Her.
She said she was
from the Gulf...
but your accent would slip,
which always made me suspicious.
It would go into more
of a Levantine or Egyptian one.
It's a really distinctive
accent. Listen.
So what? I speak Arabic.
It was a part
of my fucking training.
I speak Arabic, Farsi, French.
Hey, are you sure about this?
MARSHALL: Keep your hands up.
Amin, you need to be
certain about this.
Yes. It's her.
I'm telling you, it's her.
This is insane. No!
You were the voice
down the phone.
You told me to collect
all the materials
to make the bomb
and bring it stateside.
You coordinated all of this.
Do you know how crazy
this sounds?
You even diverted the plane
here. You know the bomb's here.
Wait. What?
Yeah, I shipped it here.
The bomb's in the airport.
No. He's lying.
No, he's lying.
LAMB: They're coming up.
AGENT 1: Contact, right.
Listen to me.
MAN: Come on! Stand to!
Watch out! Watch out!
Hey! Get down!
Hey, you!
Amin, where do we go?
Let's go. Let's go. Come on!
Move. Move, move!
Go, run! Run! Go, go, go!
DUNBAR: Hold it right there.
I said, stop!
Come here! Come here!
Run! Run, Niesha! Run!
Give me your hands.
Give me your hands!
Niesha! Run! Run!
Stay down! Stay the fuck down!
Get off me. Get off me!
Don't you fucking move,
or I'll kill your wife!
Well, that was silly.Sorry. Please, I didn't mean...
Stay by my fucking side,
or she's dead. Do you hear me?
Anyone else still alive?
We've got Marshall.
Sit him down.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Do you shave in the morning?
Sometimes. Why?
Well, how in the hell
can you even stand
looking at yourself
in the mirror?
Here we go.
What's the going rate now
for betraying your country?
Keep it up, asshole. You lost.
Oh, I fucking knew it.
State of the Union
starts in 65 minutes.
You let me worry about that.
Focus on
keeping your men in line.
And remind them,
we're on the same fucking side.
Shall we get started?
You, clean the rest of these up.
You, bring him.
MANSUR: Where are you taking me?
MERCENARY: On your knees!
As soon as we realized the
shipping container was empty,
we rifled through
your company's exports.
We discovered
you sent airfreight
here from Istanbul
four days ago.
If you know it's here,
why do you need me?
There are thousands
of cargo crates
in this airport, all identical.
We need the serial number.
I don't get it.
Why do you, a Homeland agent,
want to bomb the Capitol?
Do you know what makes
the State of the Union address
a national security nightmare?
Yeah, I do.
You told me.
They're all here.
The most powerful people
in America,
all in the same place
at the same time.
In the event
of a security alert,
the heads
of key government agencies
are taken to separate
secure locations in D.C.
But that all changes
if the threat is radioactive.
Protocol for an RDD
is to take key personnel
to a single secure site.
Just imagine it.
All the heads of the DOD
and the NSA under the same roof,
while D.C. is thrust into chaos
by a radioactive blast.
You're going
to assassinate them?
No. I'm gonna fingerprint them.
Their biometric data
gives us access
to all of the country's
key strategic defenses.
With it, we will bring the U.S.
to its knees.
Do you have any idea
what that is worth
to the right foreign buyer?
It's just a business deal.
And you wanted to make it
look like a terror attack.
You used me.
We needed the threat
to be credible.
Capitol Hill does not
get evacuated on a rumor.
Now, I'm really gonna need
the serial number
to that container, Amin.
No? Okay.
You're out of time.
Tell me now.
Not the face. The leg.
The serial number!
All right,
out of my fucking way.
One more chance.
I need the serial number
right now.
No, no, please!
Please don't.
Will you give me the number?
Please don't. Please don't!
Give me the number!
Please, please.
All right. I want everyone
to pull back to the cargo bay.
Regroup with Jackson on the
apron. Let's get ready to leave.
He hasn't given us what we need yet.
He will.
Tell them to bring in the wife.
Let's put that torture training
into action.
No! No, leave her alone!
Sit the fuck back down.
Get him down.
MANSUR: You leave her alone!
You leave her alone!
LOMAX: Take his vest off. Had to
make this difficult, didn't you?
Hey, Campbell!
On me.
Making a lot of noise in there.
Lomax wants Mansur's wife.
Shit. She got away.
Well, then, you'd better
find her, fast.
What? Why the long face?
I thought you liked
playing hide-and-go-seek.
Fuck your mother, you
cocksucking waste of rations.
Hey! Where are you going?
Lomax wants me
to gather the troops
and reconnect with Jackson.
Once Mansur talks,
we're out of here.
You, with me.
Lack-of-comms bullshit.
Update on Bravo team?
Fucking airport.
I swear to God,
Jackson needs to get us
double the salary next time.
This evac better be flying us
somewhere with a beach.
She can't have gone far
without a keycard.
Spread out.
On it.
Get off me!
Yo! You coming?
What the fuck, man?
Let me go. Let me go!
Stop struggling. Fuck.
Let me go!
Where are you?
Lomax is waiting. Fuck.
Shit. Move.
Stop! I'm gonna shoot.
I'm gonna shoot.
Stop! Stop!
What...? What are you doing?
We need to go back upstairs.
I'm done.
They're kicking the shit
out of your husband upstairs,
trying to find out
where that bomb is.
You need to come with me.
I can't...
I can't help you with this.
There's nothing I can do here.
A lot of innocent people
are gonna die today,
including you
and your unborn child.
If that bomb goes off,
everybody's dead.
You understand me? Everybody.
The whole of D.C.
I can't stop this.
If they get hold of that bomb,
I can't stop this, it's over.
And I can't save your husband
unless you help me.
Now, I'm begging you, please.
You help me, yeah?
You'll help me?
All right. All right.
Okay. Okay. Let's go.
Hold this.
That man said...
That man said Lomax was waiting.
She's supposed to be
Homeland Security.
Why is she doing this?
Lomax has gone rogue.
She's working with
a company called Farbridge.
I think she framed your husband,
hiding her agenda
under a terror attack.
Now, don't forget to struggle.
Okay? Let's go.
Come on!
Where's Campbell?
He's dead. SEAL's dead too.
Where's Lomax?
Over there. Side room.
Damn it.
They... They got Marshall.
Hit him again.
LOMAX: The number, Amin.
MANSUR: I don't have it.
Hit him again.
Please, please, please...
Ah, here she is.
No. Stop, please.
Please stop. Please.
I'll take that.
MANSUR: Niesha! Niesha!
Amin, don't tell them anything.
LOMAX: Sit down.
Just leave her alone.
Look at me. Not her.
Take her vest off.
What? No. Please. Please don't.
Please don't.
Please don't hurt me.
Please don't hurt me.
MANSUR: Please don't hurt her.
Trust me.
MANSUR: Please.
Don't be a fucking monster. No!
Don't do this! Do not do this!
The number.
MANSUR: Please just leave her alone.
Leave her alone!
Leave her alone!
Just leave her alone.
LOMAX: How do you feel
about losing another son?
No, please.
Give me the number!
Please, please, please. Don't!
Please don't.Please don't. Please.
All right. Hit her in the belly.
Then give me the number.
She's pregnant.
What are you doing?
Hit her!
Please don't hurt my baby.
LOMAX: I said, hit her! Amin,
give me the fucking number!
Please don't fucking do this.
Give me the fucking number now!
MANSUR: Don't do this!
LOMAX: The fuck are you waiting for?
Hit her!
Nine, zero, two, one, seven.
Did you get the crate number?
Go give it to Jackson.
You coming?
After I leave some breadcrumbs
for law enforcement to follow.
Let's get you out of these.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
A hundred carefully crafted
words about why you're here.
I am not reading that.
LOMAX: It's your very own
State of the Union address.
Every network and every
news website will run it.
Isn't this what you wanted?
To avenge your dead son?
Don't talk about my son.
Do we need to bring your wife
back into this?
Then read the damn speech.
Get him up.
No, don't. Please.
NIESHA: Don't do it.
Don't do it.
Read it.
Don't. Don't.
Don't. Don't.
Don't look at her.
Look at me. Read.
"My name is Amin Mansur.
I am a British citizen.
I have come to
Washington, D.C..."
No, no, no.
That is fucking pathetic.
You're supposed to be
America's worst nightmare.
Act like it!
"My name is Amin Mansur.
I am a British citizen.
I have come
to Washington, D.C...
for veng..."
I'm not reading this.
Do you remember
our phone calls, Amin?
You told me how your son,
how Tariq died.
Don't fucking say his name.
You told me
how you lifted his body
out of the rubble
after the airstrike.
How you held him in your arms
as he drew his last breaths.
You told me of your guilt,
your anger, and your hate.
You told me
you wanted vengeance.
Fuck you.
No! No, no, no!
Please, please, please.
I'll read it. I'll read it.
Then pick it up.
I'll read it. I'll read it.
I'll read it.
"My name is Amin Mansur.
I was a British citizen.
I have come to Washington, D.C.
for vengeance.
For too long,
the crusader coalition
of Britain and America...
has brought war and destruction
to our lands.
Now we bring it to yours.
You will see suffering
and death, just as we have.
Your children will die,
just as ours have.
And you will know our pain,
as your capital
is engulfed in flames."
Very convincing.
Thank you.
No! Amin!
Finish up here and meet me
by the plane.
And bring the bodies. We need
them to feed the narrative.
With me.
Yes, ma'am.
Stay with me. Stay with me.
She took my weapon.
Step aside. I'll do it.
You're gonna be fine, Amin.
You're gonna be okay.
Look at me. Look at me.
Stay with me. Stay with me.
No, no!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[SOBBING] I can't stop the bleeding.
I can't stop it.
[WEAKLY] Don't let my son
see the video.
[SOBBING] No, I won't. I won't.
I promise I won't.
Someone will come.
Don't go. Please, Harris!
Harris. Don't go.
I have to stop this.
NIESHA: Please.
Attention, all passengers.
Due to unforeseen circumstances,
it is important
that you find the nearest exit.
Please remain calm
and have a great day.
Flight updates will be
available via your carrier.
Airport staff, please report
to your supervisors.
Doors opening.
Hey, you jumping on?
Yeah, yeah. I am.
MERCENARY: Jackson wants us on the apron.
We're clearing out.
I'll sweep this carriage.
Cargo. End of the line.
I hear we've got the container.
We're getting
the fuck out of here.
All right?
All good.
Doors closing.
Hey, Miller.
Where's the rest of your team?
Went on ahead.
We don't have a Miller
on the team.
Shoot him!
MAN 1: Get the fucking door!
MAN 2: Move it.
MAN 1:
Let's go. Let's go.
Dunbar, who is that?
On me. Let's go!
You hit him?
You two, check that stairwell,
then double back. Go.
Roger that.
On my right.
Bridges. Shit. He's close.
Oh, fuck.
Hey, boss, we got a tunnel here!
Check it out.
Give it up, man.
You're trapped.
MERCENARY: Hey, you see him?
DUNBAR: He's using the tunnels!
Go left!
Check that tunnel!
Arms out, weapons up.
He's not up there!
We know, he's down here
using the tunnels. I see him!
MERCENARY: I've got a grenade!
Post it.
Frag out!
Frag out!
Let's go. Time's ticking.
Push harder back there.
Yes, boss.
You sweep the site
of all our guys?
We're waiting for
Campbell and Dunbar's team.
Other than that, we leave no trace.
All right. We got it.
All right. Check the container.
Make sure it's viable.
Give me radiation levels.
It's slightly above normal.
Hey, help me with these.
Yeah, I got you.
Here you go.
Yeah, there she is.
Well? Confirm status.
You got about a meter and a half
to safety radius here,
but it's definitely radioactive.
I'll go ahead and hook it up
to the cell phone.
Transfer it to the ambulance.Yep. Roger.
Time to get ready.
How long until we can go up?
Pre-flight check is done.
We can be in the air in five minutes.
Do it.
Take jammers 2 and 3 offline.
I need to call it in.
I'll get that.
You get the jammers.
Admiral Mulholland, this is
Lieutenant Jake Harris,
do you read?
Harris? Where the hell are you?
I'm on the tarmac
of Washington Baltimore Airport.
They've loaded the device
into the back of an ambulance.
Jesus. Are you sure?
Yes, sir, I'm sure.
And this isn't just
a terrorist attack.
This is something more
than that.
Agent Lomax
of the Homeland Security,
she's running a rogue operation.
Repeat. She's running a rogue
operation. You need to contact...
Harris? Harris, are you there?
All units, head to the apron.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Numan, hurry up.
Jammers are offline.
The device is connected
to the cell. Going hot.
Good to go, boss. Let them know.
I'll make the call.
You're late.
The package is secure
and ready to depart.
And Mansur?
I have a video confession
ready to upload to the media.
It's enough to buy some time. Outstanding.
You have the route?
Oh, yeah.
The extraction team
will be ready for you
as soon as the package
is in place.
Got it.
They're going for the ambulance!
Give it up, Lomax! It's done!
You're not leaving here!
Stop or I'll shoot...
You should have been
working with us.
We had everything set.
You had to fuck everything up,
didn't you?
You don't even know
what you're dealing with.
You're a real pain in the ass.
And I should fucking kill you.
How many tours
did it take for you
to turn into
a fucking asshole for hire?
You can't stop this.
It's too big.
Lomax, it's over.
If you trigger that device,
it's game over for all of us.
You really want to die
for Farbridge?
Drop it.
Drop the phone. Drop it.
Say it again.
MAN [DISTORTED]: They started
the evacuation early.
POTUS is in the air.
The Joint Chiefs are en route
to the secure location.
We are go. I repeat,
we are go. Out.
You called it in, didn't you?
Told them the bomb was
on the tarmac, yeah.
You double-verified it for me.
All your men are dead, Lomax.
There's no way that bomb is
getting away from this airport.
It's over.
And you still don't get it.
The bomb was only the beginning.
Right now, our people are
moving in on the Joint Chiefs.
We've got everyone
right where we want them.
Weapons down! Weapons down!
HARRIS: Friendly! Friendly!
Put your weapons down!
Weapons down.
Get down.
Put your fucking weapons down!
Hands up now! You! Hands up!
Keep them up!
Hands where I can see them!
Don't move.
Friendly! Don't even move.
You. On your knees.
All right.
Cockpit clear!
I'm complying.
Get her out of here.
Jake Harris, Lieutenant Jake Harris.
He's with us. Pick him up.
Lieutenant, I have orders
from Admiral Mulholland
to get you to safety.
He wants a full debrief.
Do you need a medic?
I'll live.
Just give me a minute,
all right?
Transport's waiting outside.
Let's move.
Give me an update
on bomb disposal.
Yes, sir. On it.
Cordon and maintain the airport.
Coordinate with
tactical safety teams.
Yes, sir.
LEADER: Hey. Call in local
law enforcement to assist.
Make sure there aren't
any other surprises.
Roger that.
My name is Amin Mansur...