One More Train to Rob (1971) Movie Script

Time, honey.
So soon?
Train's due at 3:10.
You're up and dressed.
I didn't even hear you.
You're not only dressed,
you've been out.
And from the smell
of that perfume,
I know where!
Now, Katy...
Now, you know that by sunup
every sheriff within 100 miles...
Is going to be coming this way,
and I had to set up an alibi...
Always have to be a cat house!
That's better.
I've got to go.
Or we'll never make the train.
Hi, Bart.
Do me the honor, madam.
Start tonight, well...
when you change trains
at Gallup, ma'am,
if you'd like I can have your
baggage transferred over.
Thank you. That's very kind.
California, is it?
The angels have smiled on me.
That's the very place
I'm headin' myself.
Sorry, ma'am.
This close to the engine,
cinders blow in.
You want it open, lady.
Just ask Mr. Nolan.
He owns this railroad.
That's not quite
what I said, laddy.
I said I built it...
me and 5,000 paddies like me.
I'm a commercial traveler now.
Gentlemen's Haberdasher.
But that's not to say
that one day I won't
be ridin' this line
in me own private car.
That's the marvel
of this country, sonny.
If a man works
and saves and invests,
there's no tellin'
where he can go.
Somethin's wrong.
They switched to red.
What's goin' on here?
Why in hell did you stop us
on the main instead of...
switching us onto the siding?
Mister, the Westbound
Express is behind us.
Your green lighting it
to highball right into us.
Guess we better hurry.
Just stay put. Don't
nobody try and be a hero.
Hot diggity! It's a hold-up!
Tell 'em to open up.
Like hell I'll open up! Charlie!
They stopped us on the main.
The Express is due any minute!
To hell with the Express!
For the love of God, mister,
just let us get this train
on the siding.
You got eight minutes.
To hell with your eight minutes!
Another train's coming.
It's going to crash into us.
Let's get outta here!
Stay put!
an appropriate hymn
might be helpful.
Wake up, Mom!
You're gonna miss everything!
Charlie, you've got to open up!
She's some ahead of schedule.
My God, Charlie!
We got women
and children on board!
Move it.
You, get on the floor.
Open 'em.
They're tagged to Flagstaff,
and that's where the keys are.
Get on the floor with him.
Tie him up.
That's better.
It's bolted to the floor.
Dump the silver
and use the sacks.
Go right on singin', folks.
While everybody's in the spirit,
collect the blessings.
Everybody have their money
and jewelry ready, please.
And your personals
will be returned to you.
We're only interested
in valuables.
Bless you, brother.
Now, wait a minute. Hey!
This'll be in my report
to the railroad!
Hey, come on, stop that now!
I'll have that, ma'am.
Please, sir. It was a gift
from someone very dear to me.
Well, he knew quality
when he saw it.
So do I.
You damn scoundrel!
Nothin' but dang neckties
and sleep garters in this!
Well, we'll never use 'em.
It's all yours, drummer.
Nothin' worth a hoot
in this one either.
Show's over, folks.
Everybody stay on the train.
You're some train robber!
Ain't you gonna shoot nobody?
Him and his bloody jokes.
He damn near took
the tip off my nose.
I think you should mention it
in your report to the railroad.
Who are ya
and where are ya headed?
James Abel Gant, sheriff.
Next stop Hidalgo Wells.
Up pretty early, ain't ya?
Experience has taught me the
best time to sell a good book
is before folks leave
to go to church.
Bibles, boxes of 'em.
Anything wrong, sheriff?
Nothin' concernin' you.
Up, on your feet.
Careful with that thing, mister.
Mr. Hilborne says
they're workin' for him.
Been here for a week
buildin' fences.
They finished too late yesterday
to get to the bank
to pay 'em off,
so we're goin' into
town this mornin'.
You sure they were here
all last night?
With four bits between us,
why go anyplace?
You search their gear.
She don't get up so soon!
She going to be mad!
Have you gone loco or somethin'
bustin' in here like this?
This is business.
Train was held up
a couple hours ago
and we're checkin'
all strangers.
Who are you?
Harker Fleet.
Passin' through
on my way to Texas.
Wait a minute, Roy. What time
did you say that hold-up was?
Well, that let's him off.
He came in here
right around twelve o'clock.
We got to drinkin' pretty good,
and I don't know
who passed out first,
but I guarantee ya we're both
right where you found us
since anyways one o'clock.
Well, sorry.
Anybody in here belong to these?
And they belong to
my horse outside.
This "H.F." stand for
Harker Fleet?
He's Fleet. You two
the law from someplace?
No, I'm Eli Jones,
and this here's
my little brother, Luke.
Never heard of ya.
He's right up here, Cora Mae!
Roy, what the hell's goin' on?
I don't know.
You're that Jones.
Here, Fleet,
put on your weddin' clothes.
Baby sister's a-waitin'.
I hope you got a understandin'
preacher in this here town, sheriff.
If this is what I think it is,
I'll see to it
he accommodates ya.
You're supposed to be out
chasin' train robbers.
And you're supposed
to be dressin'.
You're gettin' better than
you deserve in Cora Mae, Fleet.
By marriage, she comes
into one-third of our ranch.
Ain't much to look at right now,
but with a little timberin'
and a little fencin',
I figure with a couple
of years' hard work,
we're gonna have it whipped.
What would you say if I told
you I was a train robber?
Don't be funny, mister.
I got a sister of my own.
No, you doooon't!
Hark, you all right?
Nothing personal, Cora Mae.
Don't hurt him!
Don't you worry, we'll get him!
What'd you have to
go and shoot him for?
What for?
He is a train robber, isn't he?
I hope you ain't shot too bad.
I don't wanna have to
tote you to the weddin'.
How badly was he hurt?
Not bad enough.
They stood him up and
married him in the mornin'.
And in the afternoon,
took him to the county seat
and put him on trial.
Trial? For what?
He married the girl!
The sheriff busted an arm
and a leg when Hark took him
through Miss Luella's window.
And he sloughed a deputy
and broke his jaw.
Added up, it got him a sentence of
three years for felonious assault.
At least it'll
give him a breather
before they start
house-breakin' him in Abilene.
Not that I'm
mean-mouthin' him...
but messin' with every woman
he laid his eyes on,
if you ask me,
it was bound to happen.
All right. Clear out, lads.
We'll divvy up
when Katy's more herself.
Sure sorry, Kate.
Tough luck all around.
The black iron of it, Katy, is
if he'd listened to me, he'd
never of been in Hidalgo Wells.
I was against takin' on the job.
And you know why I let
him talk me into it...
In the hope with a
good stake in his poke,
I could convince him
to quit with me.
And show him how to run it up
into a fortune investin' in land.
The bastard!
While he was
runnin' around in Abilene,
I was waitin' for him
in San Antonio.
Ten miserable days I waited.
And when he finally got there,
he said he'd been snowed in.
Well, 'twas the truth.
We were snowed in.
That's right. You were with him.
What does she... look like
this Cora Mae Jones?
Cora Mae...
I'm not sure if Cora Mae
was the librarian...
or the girl in the restaurant.
It hasn't been an easy
life for ya, has it, Katy?
But that's Hark.
Yep, that's Hark.
To hell with him!
Katy, there's the money
to be cut!
See you later!
Much later!
Everybody says that
Yuma prison's a hell hole.
I can't bear the thought of it!
They're takin' you
away today, Hark.
I'm not that brave.
I just don't want to be here
to see it.
Will you forgive me?
Three years.
Three years...
That's such a long time!
Well, the judge said...
a man goin' to prison,
that's grounds for a wife
to get an annulment
if she wants it.
Except when
there's gonna be a baby.
You just don't know
how much I loved you, Hark!
When you left me,
I just couldn't stop cryin'.
Cora Mae?
You are gonna have
a baby, aren't you?
Whose idea was a baby?
Tim Nolan's?
Mr. Nolan...
How did you know?
It just sort of came to me.
I'll handle it, Mr. Nolan.
Thanks, Josh.
It came in on the morning train, Mrs.
It is all you said... charming.
Is it not divine, Mr. Nolan?
Isn't that the same hat
you tried on in San Francisco
last month and didn't like?
I changed my mind
and had Nanette send for it.
And, those, too?
I want you to see them all on.
I'm due at the barber's.
Howdy, Mr. Nolan,
nice to see you.
Be right with you, Mr. Nolan.
Thank you, Lawrence.
That Nolan fella
you were talkin' to,
would that be
Timothy Xavier Nolan?
Sure is.
I had a cousin who married
a Timothy Xavier Nolan.
Wife's name be Alice?
Nope. Mrs. Nolan's name is Katy.
Caught it in a bear trap.
Bad news?
Just news.
That's the only letter you got
the whole time you've been here.
It's the only one
I need, George.
It tells me where
to find some things
that belong to me.
Won't be long now, will it?
'Nother month?
Twenty-six days.
All right, on your feet.
We're gonna make that train to
San Francisco, you better hop-to.
Be tolerant
of our customs, please.
We must frighten away any demons
that might bring misfortune
upon us.
Drop your guns!
Open them all if you wish.
They contain the same thing...
The gold bouillon...
where is it?
Safe from thieves.
We expected you.
Kill me also. Why do you wait?
Because you're comin' with us.
Easy, now. Easy.
It was bandits.
You savvy? Bandits.
They take us by surprise,
kill your friends,
and take the old man.
And left you
with your guns, deputy?
My grandfather was right
to distrust you.
Who are you?
Please, son.
What's a white man doin' throwin'
in with a bunch of chinks?
Just helpin' keep
the peace, deputy.
Where you from?
I'd have bet money on that.
Come back here, damn you!
Would you get back
where you belong?
Any more trouble outta you
and I'll whip the hide off ya!
Monty, quick!
Don't stand there.
Cut him loose!
What the hell is this all about?
My grandfather
has been kidnapped
and two of our people murdered.
And these deputies you sent us
were in league
with the men who did it.
And they nearly got us killed
for nothin'.
They were expectin'
to be bushwhacked.
We weren't escortin' no gold.
It was rocks.
Look, you,
it's one thing askin'
the law to protect you,
but usin' my deputies as decoys,
I have a mind to
throw you all in jail!
Ask them where my grandfather
has been taken.
It is your duty to find him.
I'll look into it.
Now, you clear outta here!
You're cluttering up the street!
We'll go when
these men are jailed
for being accomplices
to murder and kidnapping.
You talk good. Whoever taught
you, must've taught you the law.
But it won't do you no good
chargin' anybody with anything.
A Chinaman can't bring a
complaint against a white man,
and he can't testify
against him in court neither!
Maybe a Chinaman can't,
sheriff, but I can.
You'd be delighted to know
that you've got a eyewitness
to the whole thing!
I told you to git!
Now, clear out!
Clear outta here, all of ya!
Go on, git!
Nothin' to gawk at.
Go about your business.
Mister, I got
some advice for you...
Wherever you're headin',
you just keep movin'.
I intend to.
Tell me...
do you know where Timothy
Xavier Nolan's place is?
You know Mr. Nolan?
Old friends.
Used to work in
the railroad together.
let's get this complaint thing
settled out.
How do you spell "accomplice"?
With an "s" or a "c"?
Manuel, get Nolan.
Hello, Jimmy!
You look miserable.
Stomach gas?
Thought you weren't gettin' out
for another six months.
Lord, boy, it's good to see ya!
You weren't due out till March.
You didn't walk off,
now, did ya?
Good behavior.
Come in, come in.
Mr. Nolan...
I think the sheriff's
bustin' to tell ya somethin'.
It'll keep. Marty,
I'll see ya in town tomorrow.
It's really urgent, Mr. Nolan.
All right. Manuel,
fix Mr. Fleet a whiskey.
I'll be with ya in a minute.
Thanks, friend.
Wait a minute.
Shut up!
What do you think of the place?
What's keepin' Katy?
S, seor?
Tell Mrs. Nolan.
Mr. Fleet is here.
Bien, seor.
Tim, Marty's waitin'.
Jimmy, will you
give me a minute?
Ain't that big of a thing to
get straightened out, is it?
This wouldn't be about those two
deputies in the cooler, would it?
It comes to me, one's named Gant.
Kin of yours?
My brother.
Hart, lad, you're
not aware of the order
of things in these parts.
Sidin' a Chinaman
against a white man...
It just isn't taken kindly.
I noticed.
The less said about the little
fracas you ran into this afternoon
the better for all.
You'd like me to tell the sheriff
to tear up that complaint.
Considerin' it'd be
a favor to Jimmy here,
I'll sleep on it.
I want Bert out now! Right now!
I should've known
he was your brother,
the way he kept talkin' about
cuttin' me up for fish bait.
They'll stay
where they are for now.
Tell Monty.
Well, now, Hark...
Hello, Hark.
That painter cheated you.
She's prettier than that.
Last we heard you had
another six months to serve.
Everybody kept track.
I'm touched.
He said he had time off
for good behavior.
Good behavior? You.
Marriage must've
calmed you down.
How are your wife and child,
by the way?
Fine, thank you. Just fine.
Are they with you?
No. Little Timothy's
a might young to travel.
Yes, it was Cora Mae's idea
to call him Timothy.
It sure surprised me!
Why, I didn't know you'd more
than said hello to her in Abilene.
Am I invited to dinner?
Of course. That goes
without sayin'.
I could stand a wash.
Scrape off
some of this trail dust.
You certainly could.
Upstairs. The spare room
is the one on the right.
Manuel will bring you
some hot water.
I got some clean clothes
in my bedroll.
I almost forgot.
I didn't kiss the bride.
Hope I didn't spoil your supper
by not talkin'
when we were eatin'.
It's a habit I got into
in prison.
Gonna take me some time
to get over it.
Is that another habit
you picked up in prison?
Haven't got back to cigars yet.
Can't afford 'em.
Why don't you try one of these?
They were made
especially for me in...
San Francisco.
There are no spittoons.
Not in this house.
That's all right.
Let's talk about money.
What about my share
of the last job?
I hope you didn't blow it all
on chandeliers and silver.
It's invested for ya.
Every penny of it.
Right along with mine,
Katy's and Jimmy's.
What about Red and Slim?
They took their poke and
bought a spread in Wyoming.
How much?
Your end came to 9,000.
We made the usual split...
sixty percent between
the two of us.
Bring Mr. Fleet
a bucket or somethin'.
Is that an honest count, Katy?
I did the countin' myself.
I thought it was more.
It's not half bad
to come home to.
Cora Mae and little Timothy
sure could've used some of it.
Things have been
mighty lean for 'em.
What did you want us to do,
send someone or go ourselves?
And say, "Here's your husband's
share of the robbery money"?
Tim would've found a way
if he'd put his mind to it.
You'll not regret
what's happened to your money.
It's done considerable drawing,
right along with ours.
You mean all this, all those
places in town, I'm a partner?
Now, don't play the rue, Hark.
You know damn well what Tim has
has nothing to do with you.
Are you forgetting
the brawls we near came to?
Because of me preachin' money,
begets money?
And should be invested
and not squandered away?
It did no good.
You didn't want roots.
And while you were blowin'
every cent that came your way,
I was savin'...
planning investments
from the first dollar I earned.
That's a pot of Irish.
He means
the first dollar he stole.
How much has my 9,000 begotten?
When we ship cattle to
market, it'll be doubled.
Fifteen thousand. Not Bad.
It ought to last a while
in the best suite
and the fanciest hotel
in Frisco.
I've been tryin'
all evening to remember
what this place puts me
in mind of.
The presidential suite we stayed
in for a week in St. Louis.
It isn't like it at all.
Sure it is.
Of course, there was chandeliers
and... satin pillows.
What a week that was.
Don't tell me
you don't remember.
All I remember
about St. Louis is
that you lost all our money
playin' poker.
We had to sneak out
of the hotel,
and I had to leave every
stitch of clothes I owned!
Except what I had on my back.
We sure had some times.
And now here we are,
both married,
only you to Tim
and me to Cora Mae.
It's like a penny
dreadful, isn't it?
It's Reverend Pedegril
and Mr. and Mrs. Williams.
I clean forgot I told them
to drop by.
We're throwin' a barbecue
here tomorrow night
to thank the contributors
of the school building fund.
I'm sure a man like you
is just loaded down
civic responsibilities.
I guess I'm not fit
company for a reverend.
Good evening, reverend.
Mrs. Williams. John.
Come in.
Quiet, John!
Manuel, take him to the house.
Not in Chinese.
Your grandson can read English.
Well, Mr. Chang?
How different the
circumstances, Mr. Nolan,
of this meeting and our last.
You came to me,
a respected businessman,
to negotiate a loan.
You made a bad mistake
turnin' me down.
Now write what you've been told!
It will serve no purpose.
Even if I instruct my people
to deliver the gold to you,
they don't know where
it is hidden.
But, of course, you
know this, Mr. Nolan.
The gold for shipment
is not stored in the mine.
He's squirrelin' the stuff.
So it's up to him
to tell us where it's at.
Good Lord, man,
do you value your gold
above your life?
My life was without value
the moment I was brought here.
You don't dare let me live.
So that's what's worryin' ya?
Mr. Chang, you can't
bring charges against me.
Thanks to livery laws your Chinamen
are always squawkin' about,
I can set you free in a minute
and never give it
a second thought.
I am human,
therefore I am
not without fear of dying.
But the gold is not mine.
It belongs to the Heaven
and Earth Association.
An for an elder of the tong
to hurt many lives to save one,
especially his own...
would be unworthy.
For the next ten minutes,
I'm going to give thought
to Jimmy's solution.
I suggest, Mr. Chang,
you give it some thought, too.
Now, shut the doors.
I want nothing heard
up at the house.
Come in.
Sorry I wasn't here
when you dropped in before.
Where have you been?
Same Katy.
Same tone, same question.
I'm sure glad Cora Mae doesn't
have a suspicious mind.
Hark, I want a straight answer.
Now where the hell have you been?
What have you been up to?
And you can stop tossin'
Cora Mae and your child at me
because if you think it bothers
me, it doesn't. Not at all?
Not one damn bit.
Then you're probably
not interested that
she had the marriage annulled
the day after the wedding,
and there never was a child.
The only conceiving done
was in the mind
of that famous marriage broker,
Timothy Xavier Nolan.
I don't believe it.
And why shouldn't you
believe it?
It gave him a clear
shot at you, didn't it?
And he sure got
what he aimed for.
Well, you weren't just playing
a game at supper, were you?
Well, what are you
trying to do, Hark,
prod Tim into a fight
so you can kill him?
No. That'd be stupid.
He's got Jimmy Gant
and a dozen guns.
Besides, I didn't like him well
enough to be buried with him.
Now, you will admit, he deserves
a little rap on the knuckles
for three years
and a chain gang,
but after that, I'll
take my money and you,
and we'll be on our way.
You really think I'm just
gonna pick up and go with you?
I've got a surprise for you!
I like being Mrs. Timothy Nolan.
I like being married
to a kind, honest man.
I like living in my own home
instead of some... some fleabag hotel.
I... I like being...
Being respectable,
instead of always on the run,
just... just one jump ahead
of the law,
and most of all, Harker Fleet,
especially I like having you
out of my system.
It took eight of the most
miserable months of my life
before I married Tim,
but it was worth it to get
you out, and you are out.
Damn. Damn you.
Damn you to hell.
Wrong time, wrong place, Katy.
You bastard!
What are you
trying to do, test me?
Now, what's that
supposed to mean?
If Tim has me killed,
he loses you.
He knew that, now I know it.
You're not gonna go jumping
back into bed with my murderer.
You know what?
I just might murder you myself!
Now, Katy...
Katy! Katy!
Do not set the place on fire.
Ice it. It'll keep till morning.
Now, clear out!
I'm going up to bed.
Well, the closet
or under the bed?
Get him out of here, Tim!
Give him his money,
and get him out!
That's for Cora Mae,
my used-to-be wife.
for little Timothy Fleet,
may he rest in peace.
The prison thing.
It... it was never
meant to happen, you know.
As long as it was a choice between
Cora Mae and you, I'm not complaining.
I'll murder ya!
My own wife in my own house!
What the hell kind
of friend are you, anyway?
No worse than you, friend.
Keeping a calendar on me
all the time I was in prison!
You were gonna send Jimmy Gant
or somebody else out
to see I never got back, right?
I'll not deny
it crossed my mind.
But now that we know all that Katy wants
to see of you is the back of your head,
there's no need to kill ya.
That must come
as a big relief to you, Tim.
I'll make you a fast deal.
Give me 10,000,
you keep the profits.
What time does the bank open?
Well, you're
very generous, but...
You're broke.
A temporary shortage
of cash, that's all.
I'll be getting your money
for you in a couple of days.
Not from that old Chinaman,
you won't.
I left one of your hired hands
hanging from the hayloft.
You didn't really try to borrow
the money from the old man, did ya?
I did.
And I suppose
you talked yourself into it.
You'd pay him back.
I would've.
Cattle and land prices
are down now,
but six months,
they'll be back up and higher.
You know the... the difference
between you and me?
You'd never admit
you're a thief.
I mean, you wanna be
an honest man.
You just can't
get the hang of it.
Me... I'm a thief.
And I can't think of a more
enjoyable way to make a living.
You wouldn't be
entertaining the notion
of getting the Chinaman's gold
for yourself, now, would you?
It's over 100,000.
If I said I wasn't interested,
you'd know I was lying.
And that's why you wanted Bert,
Gant, and Skinner kept in jail?
To get the bloody heathens
to trust you, right?
That's part of it.
Now the gold's lost to you,
let's drink to me
having better luck.
Hark, lad!
I've got men covering
every route on those hills.
That gold can't get more than
50 yards without me knowing.
I've also got Mr. Chang.
On your own, you've got nothing!
Neither have you.
The old man's outfoxed ya.
He won't talk, and you don't dare
beat him for fear of killing him.
Now, where's that leave us?
It looks like we're
back in business together.
Now, who else is in
for the split?
Or just you and me?
I knew it was coming to that.
The bank in San Francisco
won't extend me naught.
I owe them $100,000.
With me holdings
wroth five times that much,
they're waiting like vultures
to swoop down and foreclose.
How many times
have I tried to tell you
that banks are not
to do business with?
They're to rob.
you said yourself there's
much more than 100,000 now.
Everything over is yours.
Hark, for the love of sweet
Christ, don't back off now!
I'm bloody near destroyed!
Well, it wouldn't be
the first bad deal I've made.
But I'll need some pocket money.
How much?
Twenty, forty.
I'll bill anything else
to you I need.
You know, it's going to be
very difficult
to tell Katy about us
being partners again.
Does she know about the gold?
Nope. And I don't
want her to know.
I don't blame you.
It's very important to her
that you're respectable.
But she'll ask questions.
And you know how it is
with me and Katy.
I never could lie to her.
Anybody home?
Anybody home?
Why don't you look
before you swing?
Don't you recognize me?
Where's Yung?
Tell him Harker.
Yung, what the devil...
What are you doing?
Here. Put me down.
Put me down!
That's enough,
you damned heathen.
You call us heathen?
No right-thinking Christian would go
up against a man with a gun on him.
Now, call him off!
Why are you here?
To help you out.
I told you yesterday I would.
What's happened since then?
I was your friend,
you were ready to...
You and that dog Nolan
are friends.
You're staying at his house.
Now, look, if we could
just have a sensible talk...
Get out.
Or I'll hand you over
to Wong again.
All right.
I'm going.
You've gotta be loco.
She's backdoor trade.
What's wrong
with the other girls?
Toy! You awake? You up?
Yes, Madam Nellie.
I got a customer for you.
Paid for 20 minutes.
You want out sooner,
stomp on the floor.
Good morning, sir.
Very pleased.
How come you're locked in?
Madam Nellie wishes it so.
It is a custom with my people
to have tea first.
If you no want tea,
we go to bed.
You better...
You better fix the tea.
It'll make it easier
for me to keep my mind on
what I came here to talk about.
You came to talk?
Yeah, about Yung.
He's a friend of yours,
isn't he?
More than a friend.
He loves you?
I think yes.
Well, he's up to his neck
in trouble.
He needs help.
And I'm willing to help him.
Why you come to me?
Why you not tell this to Yung?
He won't listen to me.
That's where you come in.
He'll listen to you.
On the way out to the mine,
I'll convince you.
I only wanna be his friend.
You think to take me
to the mine?
Well, why not?
You're willing, aren't you?
And Madam Nellie?
Well, five dollars
for 20 minutes,
$50 will buy us more than enough
time to get there and back.
She no let me go
for less than $500.
That is price she pay for me.
She no take chance I run away.
Two time I try.
Well, who sold you?
Me sell me.
When my father die,
my mother she need money
to take small brother
to home China.
They not happy here.
So I get money.
Well, get out of that and into
something you wear on a horse.
Well, you got something
else, haven't ya?
Why couldn't you get the
money you needed from Yung?
Was before Yung and Honorable
Chang come to Calador.
He save now to buy me,
but no have money yet.
Couldn't he borrow it
from his grandfather?
The Honorable Chang do
not approve of what I am.
Maybe it's better
for Yung I no go.
No! It's better if you go.
The Honorable Chang
will not only approve of ya,
he'll love ya.
You think yes?
I'm sure yes.
You're not going to
pay Madam Nellie $500?
Morning, Katy!
I knew he was a loony!
Wouldn't have a white girl!
Had to have the Chink!
Maybe we'd better stop for
a while and let you unkink?
No. I fine!
In China, we say
when happy, make
everything feel good.
You make it so I happy.
I figured with
the right kind of present,
I might buy five minutes
talking time.
Who could that be?
Everybody on the list
is already here.
Why, she's Chinese!
I've had my men out
searching for that little...
Watch your language!
She's my guest.
What in hell do you
think you're doing?
She's the first step
to the gold.
Be sure everybody's nice to her.
I like your tailor.
He'll be getting the bill.
Miss Toy.
Our host...
Mr. Nolan.
I'm glad you've come.
His presence offends Miss Toy.
Better send him home.
Good evening, Katy.
This is Miss Toy.
Our hostess... Mrs. Nolan.
Thank you.
Thank you, ma'am.
Very kind of you.
Katy, please.
Don't you get upset,
now, and make a scene.
Why should anything
he does upset me?
What's the matter?
What'd you say?
Best I can recollect, "".
That does it.
What the hell
do you think you're doing?
He insulted my girl.
Jimmy, drop it!
Drop it!
We go now, Mr. Fleet, please.
I'm sorry
we can't stay for supper.
But it was a real fine party.
I can't think when
I've had a nicer time.
Please come, Mr. Fleet.
My grandson looks upon you
as our savior, Mr. Fleet.
Not only did you devise
the means to rescue me...
And for this I am grateful...
But Yung also believes
you can perform the miracle
of getting our gold safely
to San Francisco.
It's no miracle.
It's a matter of the
know-how to handle Nolan.
Why, Mr. Fleet?
It is, ungracious
to question a benefactor,
but I must.
Why, at peril to yourself,
do you help us?
Well, I guess
you can thank Toy for that.
She told me about what your
town does with the money.
That it goes to our sick
and poor and the very old.
And this touched you.
A man'd have to be made out
of stone not to be touched.
But how is it you... you offered
your friendship to Yung
before you knew of Toy or
what purpose our gold served?
Could it be that you were
then thinking of...
getting the gold for yourself?
I was.
But now you've had
a change of heart.
Mr. Chang,
if there was any way I could
steal that gold, I would.
But there's no way.
Not with Nolan's men covering
every route out of here.
How then do you hope
to get it out for us?
With Nolan's help.
I'll deliver the gold to him,
he'll put it on the first train,
ten miles outside Calador, we
stop the train and take over.
Simple as that.
Mr. Chang, robbing trains
is my profession.
That is hardly a recommendation
for trust, Mr. Fleet.
I am, bewildered
by your frankness.
I'm bewildered
by everything about you.
Well, maybe if I told you
about Nolan and me...
This is another thing to which
I cannot adjust my mind.
You are a guest in his house,
yet you speak of betraying him.
Isn't it more likely
it is us you will betray?
That you are working with Nolan and that
even my escape was arranged between you?
Mr. Chang,
I came to Calador
to kill Tim Nolan.
He stole my woman from me and
almost three years of my life.
He snags the woman.
If I kill him, I lose her.
Now, the next best payoff
is to take everything from him
that makes his life
worth living.
Without your gold,
he's destroyed.
I, scolded Yung as foolish
when he insisted
you were helping us
because you're
a humane, good man.
In the wisdom of my years,
I could not accept this,
but now that you tell me your
reasons are evil, for cruel revenge,
I find it easy to accept
and understand.
This will be difficult for me to... to
explain when I go to my ancestors.
Jimmy, you better stay here.
I'm going if you have to
tie me on.
Well, I'll be damned!
The almighty gall of ya.
We were just heading out
to find you!
I thought you might,
so I hurried.
The Chinese wanted proof
I was on their side,
so I gave it to them.
By letting the old Chinaman
slip away?
He was my ace in the hole.
He wasn't worth two deuces
in the barn. I...
It's all right.
I told her.
You're forgiven
for breaking up the party,
but, you coulda saved Tim
a lot of name-calling
if you'd just let us know
what you were up to.
Easier doing things my way.
I got myself hired to deliver
that gold to San Francisco.
They're just gonna
hand it over to ya?
Tomorrow night, 9:00.
$116,000 worth.
It took a lot of persuading.
I could use a drink.
They let you see it?
You counted it?
I saw it, I didn't count it.
I take their word for it.
Where the devil
did they hide it?
In the explosives cave.
Two ingots to a can
of blasting powder,
and if that gives you
any ideas, forget it.
They got it rigged
to blow a stranger to hell.
It's all too easy.
That old Chink's smart.
you got a higher opinion of
Mr. Chang than he has of you.
I persuaded him your men'd be
looking for a heavy guarded shipment.
They wouldn't even bother to stop
a carriage with just me in it.
The San Francisco train
comes through on Tuesday.
Why is he letting you bring
the gold out Sunday night?
There's a whistle stop
midnight freight.
No Wells Fargo car, no guards.
Mr. Chang's waiting
for me to take it.
Wanna know how I sold him on it?
By guaranteeing that you didn't
have the brains to think of it.
Well, I'll not
make a liar out of ya.
That's the way
the gold will get there,
only it'll be me taking it.
You won't mind
if I meet you on the road.
We'll come back here
together and make the count.
100,000 to me,
and the rest to you.
Yeah, I thought
you'd wanna meet me.
Well, Katy,
bring out the glasses.
We've got
some celebrating to do.
Me for bed. I've had a busy day.
Your boys are still outside.
Jimmy might just be riled enough
to take a potshot at me
through the window.
You can't afford that.
Lord love him.
It's my welfare the
lad's always thinking of.
Him turning thief doesn't
bother you at all, does it?
You're just as happy about
seeing that gold as he is.
Happy, Hark?
He'd fall apart if he was broke.
And I'd feel like a
bitch leaving him.
When you walked
through that door,
it was all over for Tim and me.
You knew it.
It just took me a little
longer to realize it.
We better stay right here.
This could turn into
a hell of a situation.
Wherever you go
when you leave here,
take me with you, please.
Can you still pack
in five minutes?
In two, if I have to.
Are you that tired
you can't make the stairs?
I just thought
of another problem.
Don't get over-eager
and come closer than the
first turn-off to the mine.
And come alone.
Leave your army here.
The Chinese might hear 'em
and get spooked.
Laddy, boy,
you might've sold the
Chinese I was stupid,
but you know better.
Jimmy, what are you doing?
This damn rattler
was nesting in there.
What in blazes?
It's all there, Nolan!
Hark, lad.
What fool game are you playing?
You had your little joke.
Have done with it!
The gold bars
are worth 4,000 each.
Throw my share on the ground.
Quit stalling, Nolan!
Four of 'em!
Jimmy, you come on out
and get in the carriage.
And gallop those horses,
don't walk 'em!
Nice and quiet.
Run over there
and get that gold for me.
Run and you might have a chance.
Three more seconds here
and you're a dead man.
One, two...
Don't shoot! It's me, Lynn!
I got him.
Boyle, you get the horses.
Mr. Fleet!
Get down! There's
more across the road!
You know, Wong is there.
You know, I... I went to a lot of
trouble to get you those guns.
Why didn't you use 'em?
We have missed.
Put me down, you overgrown ox!
Well, thank him anyway.
Get the guns and ammunition.
The hatchets, too.
You took the chance of them
killing you for us, didn't you?
Not exactly.
Nolan did your people a favor.
He didn't show up alone.
So... nothing's changed.
Put it in the wagon.
Now, what is she doing here?
How you make robbery without me?
They no speak English.
Ridiculous, isn't it?
It is better to have more than
one with you to translate.
And we told my grandfather
Toy was needed to help
and was not afraid.
This pleased the Honorable Chang.
He smiled at me.
This changes things some.
Get two of those horses,
hitch 'em to the wagon.
We'll have to meet the train at
a different place, a lot further.
Hoo! Yee-haw!
Manuel, take a trunk to the barn
and we'll re-pack it.
You can all watch if you like.
Where's Hark?
Katy, come into the house.
He's dead, isn't he?
It was him or me, Katy.
He came at me shooting.
He was like a madman.
It must've been in his mind
to kill me when he came here.
And I went to meet him
alone like he asked.
You heard him!
Let it be, Tim.
Nothing happened I wasn't
afraid of from the start.
I hoped he was...
It was a fool hope.
Tim, you better
come out here quick.
Easy, now.
Hark's alive.
Just him and the Chinks.
No sign of our men.
Get into town and bring Monte
with every man he's got.
We're going after him.
No, you bloody fool.
He'll be going after us.
Now, roust out
whatever hands are left.
We'll need every gun.
Eddie, look!
What's happening? I don't know!
Everybody behave.
Nobody'll get hurt.
Mister, we're... we're only
carrying freight and livestock.
Chinese train robbers?!
We ask your pardon, sirs.
In San Francisco, I will compensate
the railroad for the inconvenience.
What are you trying to do,
give my profession a good name?
Mr. Nolan.
If what you're moving
is that valuable,
you need all these men,
it's against the company rule
to take it on ordinary freight.
You'll have to wait
for a Wells Fargo car.
Mr. Kleinschmidt.
My company gives the
railroad a lot of business.
I don't think they'd like you
offending a good customer.
I'm not sticking my neck out.
If somebody else
wants to, all right.
I'll telegraph
the super's office.
Well? What are you waiting for?
Get it over there.
Damn it, you didn't
have to kill him!
All right, come on, come on!
What are you doing here?
Hark isn't dead, Tim.
You wouldn't have all those
men with you if he were.
Katy, go home.
You're expecting him to
hit the train, aren't you?
In Heaven's name, girl,
go home, please!
How far back do the lies go?
Tell me!
Now, Hark was right
about you, wasn't he?
Drive Mrs. Nolan home,
and see that she stays there
till I get back.
Think back to how things
were for us before.
They can be the same again.
Blow whistle again, please.
Always is two whistle
when train come to station.
Eddie, we're never
gonna make this stop.
All right. This'll do.
Get this crate over here.
Monte, get up to the engine.
I don't want anybody looking
for the baggage, man.
Five are riding here with
me, the rest up front.
Front for me. I want Hark.
Come on, get it aboard!
Get the crate over here, Jimmy.
Come on! Get this trunk off!
Go back.
Take my word, I can use this.
Get off.
They're coming out the back!
His signal.
You go now, please. Fast.
Come on!
Let's get the hell out of here!
Jimmy, get back!
Hark, you bloody idiot!
The gold's getting away!
It's lost the both of us!
Yeah, but I don't feel so bad!
I got myself invited
to a Chinese wedding.
To give the bride away.
You mean to say it was in your
mind to let them keep the gold?
You can't stand it, can ya?
Neither can I.
As soon as I start firing...
Katy, get out of here!
Do what he says!
Get out of here!
It's over for ya, laddy, boy!
Damn it!
You're the devil's
own son, Hark.
Lord love ya.
You're grieving for me.
Katy, I'll find no peace if I
thought I'd left you uncared for.
The ranch and all,
they've got to be saved.
Hark can do it for ya.
The Chinamen, Hark.
They're your friends.
They'll lend you the money.
When you pay them back,
there'll be nothing but
riches for you and Katy.
Half a million dollars, lad.
That's more than you
can steal in a lifetime.
Promise... promise me you'll...
look after things for her.
You'll not let her
lose anything.
You're sweet, darling.
I beat you after all.
You're a rancher now.
Who knows? A month, six months,
you may even come to like it.
The favor I owed you, Katy.
I hobbled
and saddled him for you.
His wild... stallion days
are over.
Get the carriage.
We'll take him home.
That untrustworthy
son of a bitch.
He's done it to me again.