One Must Fall (2018) Movie Script

[ominous music]
[eerie tempo music]
- [man] Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
- [woman] What're you...
Listen, listen, is this
about money, man, because I...
[eerie music]
Son of a bitch.
Man, please.
Please, please, please.
Don't do this shit.
Fuck. [crying]
Please, don't.
[sinister music]
You don't...
You don't have to do this.
I got a little boy.
- [machete slicing]
- [yelping]
Our Father
which art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
[blood squelching]
[intense music]
[air whooshing]
[female reporter]
Police are baffled by the level
of brutality which they've
seen committed by the murderer.
This is officially
the first serial killer
in Louisville,
Kentucky's history.
The murderer is still at large.
Residents are being
asked to stay indoors.
In other news, Innotech's stock has
dropped 20 percent this quarter.
All right.
we didn't exactly
have the best month.
In fact, Darryl,
you were the worst.
By a lot!
however, we are still pacing
to meet this quarter's goal.
I have to give a big shout out
to Sarah Draven.
Not only did she land a big
account in Nebraska in January,
also sharing the wealth.
She racked up six sales assists
to bring our
team to plan in March.
this is for you.
- [tape player clicking]
- I'm your dad
[upbeat rock music]
I'm your dad
[drum music]
I'm your dad
Oh, I'm your dad
Oh, I'm your dad
[music muting]
That's the meeting.
Alton, sandwich.
[door creaking]
- [Sarah chuckling]
- [papers thudding]
[ominous music]
I'm sorry, Mr. Vargas,
may I call you
back in just a moment?
Oh, great.
Okay, thank you.
Yes, bye, bye.
Yes, may I help you?
I need you.
In my office.
[somber music]
Have a seat.
Now, I'm going to talk to
you about your numbers.
This will be the last time.
I'm trending to hit
target this month, Brad.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, I actually have a few new...
Uh-huh. No, no, no, no.
Your fucking numbers.
The digits, baby.
Your son needs a daddy.
What about your wife?
You're a douchelord.
Is that a herpes
blister on your lip?
No, I cut myself shaving.
What I'm saying
is that I would
like to see more of you
away from work.
If you need some
help financially...
No big deal.
I hear you're
looking to buy a house.
Yeah, no thanks.
I think I would rather
suck the fart out of my own ass.
You know what,
I really enjoyed this talk.
It was totally great.
We discovered
a lot about each other.
I don't have herpes!
- [somber music]
- [sighing]
Ugh. Oh, God!
Alton, Jesus,
you know I have a weak stomach.
[Alton chuckling]
Hola, chica.
Como esta?
How are you today,
my Latin lover?
did the Aurora sale go through?
Ugh, they literally
wasted all of my time.
I mean, you'd think my love life
would prepare me for this but...
[Alton sighing]
And how is your love life?
Well, I suppose that there
must be some sort of drawback
to being a beautiful, slender
little animal in the sack
but I can't think of one.
I'm like a fucking marsupial
but with much better eyebrows.
Mmmmm, yeah?
Yeah, I'd have to agree.
Oh, honey, any man's going
to be lucky to be with you.
- Ah.
- You just got to keep trying.
I'm trying my motherfuckingist.
And what about you, dear?
You are one of
the rarest of roses.
- Interested in anyone?
- [Sarah scoffs]
Not unless you are
ready to give up on muchachos
and make
an honest woman out of me.
[Sarah laughing] Yeah, no, no.
I'm raising Shepherd and
he is all the man that I need.
I need to see you in my office.
- Now.
- [both sighing]
He is full of
spit and vinegar today.
And I should know.
I totally hocked
a loogie in his club.
Oh my God.
- [Alton laughing]
- You are so filthy.
Ms. Jackson if you're nasty.
[pleasant synthesizer music]
Come on, Brad,
I already told you.
No, no, no, no,
no, it's not about that.
No, no, no.
It's about that
account you sold.
Nebraska Artichoke?
It's fraudulent.
No, that was literally
my biggest sale this year.
It can't be.
It brought our team to term.
[Sarah sighing]
Look, look, I cannot
have my pay docked right now.
Okay, I really needed that.
See, that's the thing is...
Corporate has very strict rules
when it comes to fraud,
especially when it comes
to inside fraud. [chuckling]
Especially when
employees cash in on it.
I could...
let this...
go away but...
What're you saying? What?
Oh, so you're saying that I'm...
If I don't...
I would never!
You're fired.
- Excuse me?
- Oh yes, as in fired.
As in security is
coming to get your ass fired.
And, oh,
tell your little boy Alton too.
Poof, he's gone!
He has been
struggling for months.
He's been late
every day and you,
you gave him
some Artichoke leads.
After everything
I've done for you,
I-arta-choke you and
throw you out myself but,
Nope, sweet, here they are now!
[Brad laughing]
Are you fucking kidding me?
Two security
guards to escort one woman?
I can let myself out, bitches!
I have been with
this company for 12 years...
I'm going to
have to call you back.
Something is happening here.
I have endured
your sexual harassment.
I have brought our
team to term every month
and I have never been late!
You fucking milky licker!
[Brad laughing]
I don't have herpes!
I'll miss you.
But I saw up your skirt.
[Brad laughing]
Oh, milky licker?
Oh! Hot.
It smells very
disrespectful in here.
that could've been a lot worse.
[somber synthesizer music]
- Really, Alton?
- Yeah, it's a gag, okay?
And not for gagging.
I mean, a gag gift.
Don't be gross.
Amy from HR,
we were playing a prank on her
because she hadn't
gotten a cock in so long.
[Alton laughing]
Look, as soon as I get home,
I will call
corporate and I will fix this.
I mean, he knows you're
trying to buy a house, right?
What kind of jerk fires
someone in this kind of market?
Yeah, and if I lose
my job I lose everything.
Not your dignity.
I heard you in there.
All right, you gave him hell.
By the Castle
of Grayskull and by,
by the staff of Moses,
I swear to you, I will fix this.
And I promise, I did not
give you a fraudulent account,
baby bitch!
I just need, I need a temporary
job in the meantime and,
yeah, it'll fix it.
Know of anyone hiring?
Actually, yes.
Yes, I do.
Do you have a weak stomach?
[eerie synthesizer music]
[man] Flee from
sexual immorality.
[women chattering]
[man] Every other
sin a person commits
is outside the body.
[Woman] You are so sweet.
[man] But this
sexually immoral person
sins against his own body.
[eerie synthesizer music]
Now the works of
the flesh are evident.
[engine rumbling]
You are not your own.
[engine rumbling]
[crickets chirping]
[distant police sirens]
[video game chiming]
it's almost time for bed.
I know, Mom. Look, I'm trying.
Alton mentioned some temp thing
I can do in the meantime.
It's not that
nude modeling, is it?
Or worse, the Avon?
maybe it's worse than that even.
Oh, lord, lord, Avon? Sarah.
No, not that.
God, what do you take me for?
It's a crime scene
cleanup specialist thing.
You mean like
car accident debris?
Shepherd, five more minutes.
No, no, it's worse, actually.
It's more like homicide cleanup.
Blood, guts,
you know, brains.
Sarah, honey,
you know you have
the weakest stomach ever
and you're also the biggest
sissy on the face of the earth.
You remember that
time your cousin Tracy
snuck you to see
Psycho when you were four?
- How could I forget?
- Well, you slept in our bed until you were 12!
Twelve, right in the middle!
That's why your brother Vinny's
eight years younger than you.
You basically
ruined our sex life.
Oh, your poor father.
Don't get me started,
Sarah, you can't handle it.
I'm going to stick it out. Okay?
At least until I can
get back into Innotech.
You know, you're right,
okay? I have a weak stomach
and I'm a huge baby whenever
it comes to scary stuff.
But, hey,
that's life, am I right?
No, you're not.
I want more grandchildren.
- You need to date.
- Well, all right.
After the day I've had, I
really do need to be taken out.
Either on a date or by a sniper.
Look, I need to put
Shepard to bed, Mama.
I'll keep you posted.
On the dating?
On the job.
[somber synthesizer music]
[Sarah sighing]
I love you so much.
You know,
this is my favorite time of day.
- Mama?
- Yeah?
In our new house,
are we going to have a yard?
Yes, honey.
we're going to have a big yard.
[pleasant synthesizer music]
[sinister music]
[woman crying] Oh, please.
Please, don't.
I'm going to be a mother.
I'm going to have a baby.
[woman gasping]
[man shushing]
[sinister music]
[hammer thudding]
[police sirens wailing]
[suspenseful synthesizer music]
Good morning,
everyone. Thank you for coming.
We do still seem
to be missing one.
We were supposed to
have four today, right?
I don't know.
Oh, okay. No sweat.
Welcome to your first day as
crime scene cleanup specialists.
For the duration of the day,
I'm going to have you guys
watch a series of
instructional videos,
so Todd will be here
to answer any questions
you may have along the way.
Now we do pride ourselves on our open
door policy as well as our transparency
and, of course, we welcome any
feedback that you may have at any time.
We're probably going to be seeing each
other more than we see our own families,
so I'm going to do
what I can to insure
that we enjoy
ourselves on the job.
Oh, you should have
some extra shoe coverings
- underneath your chairs.
- Oh.
I'm going to grab your bootie.
Excuse me?
Oh. No.
Your shoe covering.
- Your...
- Oh.
- I'm sorry.
- My God.
I'm awkward.
Flashback. Uh...
Thank you.
Well, I will forewarn you,
some of what you'll see on
the videos today is a little...
- Crimson.
- Good word.
I like that, yes.
Crimson is a very good word
for what you will be seeing.
Essentially our job is to visit
the aftermath of a crime scene,
which is usually
a homicide or suicide,
and we use industrial
grade cleaners to clean it up.
I'll also advise
you to probably keep
your eyes and ears
peeled on the evening news
because sometimes
you'll get a heads up
as to where we may be
working the following day
- and sometimes it's messy, very messy.
- Is it...
- Yes?
- Is it sanitary?
Uh, no, unfortunately.
It actually gave me the AIDS.
That was a bad joke,
I'm sorry, that was awful.
Yes, yes, it is very sanitary.
Of course, we obviously wear the
industrial grade hazmat suits,
as well as gloves, goggles
and if the situation
calls for it, even gas masks.
Do you ever get used
to it after a while or...
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, and we have
fun on the job just like any other.
It's kind of like, you know
how butchers become so callous
they don't realize that they're
actually cutting a raw...
You know what,
that's a terrible analogy.
Next question.
Do we have to
dispose of... the bodies?
Oh, God, no, that would...
That would be disgusting.
The coroner actually removes the
bodies before we even get there
but sometimes
they do leave behind... pieces.
This may be super obvious,
but if we're
dealing with a murder scene,
how sure are we
that they're gone?
Oh, the coroner
removes them usually before we...
No, sorry.
Uh, I meant,
how sure are we that the killer
is gone or apprehended?
You know, I've never actually
thought about that before.
That's kind of scary.
[eerie music]
Hey, sorry I'm late.
I had trouble putting
on whatever this thing is.
I guess these
are just unisex then?
Alton, welcome, I'm Dorian.
Nice to meet you.
[Dorian] All right, well,
everyone, orientation begins now.
Off to your stations.
Todd will answer any questions
that you have and good luck.
Looking forward to
working with all of you.
I'll work alongside you anytime.
Get up and come here for a minute.
I want to talk to you guys, come on.
Get up! Let's go.
[somber synthesizer music]
Guys, just line up over there.
Come on, let's go.
All right, guys, listen up.
I want to be real
clear when we say this,
when Dorian isn't around,
I'm the boss.
You understand me?
When Dorian is off the floor,
do not make eye contact with me.
This is a dangerous job.
I can't have
anyone fucking around
because if one of you
all does some dumb shit,
you put everyone else at risk.
Did you just fucking look at me?
Yes, sir, no, sir.
Is Dorian here right now?
I don't think so.
Then why the fuck
are you looking at me?
Want to welcome all
you guys to the team.
On this team we
do not wear our name
on the back of a jersey
but we do wear it on
a paycheck every Friday.
What the fuck is
that around your neck?
It's a pagan necklace.
- I'm a Wiccan.
- You mean like a witch?
Hedge witch, actually. I mean, it's more of a
spiritual thing anyway. I mean, I'm fine...
I'm gonna stop you right there.
We got a lot of videos to watch today.
You guys get comfortable,
we're going to be here a while.
[bottles clattering]
Son of a...
[distant dog barking]
[door thudding]
[ominous music]
There really isn't a gentle way
for me to tell you this,
Mrs. Garrison, but...
We can clean the...
your son from the walls but...
We will have to
remove the carpet.
Oh. Uh...
It's quite all right.
I understand.
I don't know if
the coroner told you or not but
it was suicide.
Jeremy always did
have great imagination.
Yes, I can see
that all over the wall.
Oh, no!
Oh, I am so sorry.
No, I meant the drawings.
Your son was an amazing artist.
[door creaking]
Boss, you in here?
Yes, we're in here.
So glad you could make it. I'm so surprised
you're able to show up on the second day.
[Sarah groaning]
[somber synthesizer music]
I'm fine.
[Dorian] I am so sorry. I
should've called out a warning.
Yeah. I'm okay.
what've we got here?
It was a shotgun suicide.
And I'll be honest,
shotgun kills are the worst.
It's the skull
and the brain matter.
The shit gets
everywhere and jobs like this,
we have to be sure
to get every last piece.
Does this bother you at all?
Oh. No, actually.
No, it's not that bad.
I have a boy, so...
A little muck, I'm used to it.
[Sarah chuckling]
Thank you for doing this.
I know it's not an easy job.
Did you see
the sign-in sheet out front?
- Yes, yeah, sure did.
- Good.
[somber music]
Sign me in.
Late, late.
Mmmm. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You know what
this reminds me of?
- Highland Middle School?
- Mm-hm...
- [Alton chuckling]
- Yeah. You were always late and I always had to sign you in.
Always be late to the party.
All right, ladies,
it's Mr. Clean time. Woo!
Let's do this!
[blood squelching]
They will never
believe When you say
That you've seen
The darkness in the matter
[Alton gagging]
Never wanted it this way
But it's hard to undiscover
[Sarah coughing]
[Bob gagging]
I know it's a lie
It's OK, it is
Your eyes are
Focused on the clock
The pain will fade away
Because it's a lie
It's OK, it is
Bad thoughts
landed On the spot
The pain will
Never stay this way
[chips crunching]
This way
The pain will
never Stay this way
This way
The pain will never stay
[dramatic synthesizer music]
[Mrs. Garrison crying]
- [muffled beat music]
- [insects buzzing]
Well that was...
not as bad, somehow as I thought
it was going to be today.
I mean, not nearly.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Think of it this way,
it's better
than working for Brad.
I mean, seeing his
face at the office every day,
getting his sandwiches.
[Alton gagging]
Yeah, suppose so but...
It's just
emotionally though, you know?
That lady today,
her son committed suicide.
You know I have a weak stomach.
It's just tough.
It's tough but,
you know, so is life, okay?
And you're a big girl.
So suck it up.
The money is twice
as good as at Innotech.
Enough said.
Yeah, I guess, I mean...
I need to think about it, okay?
Look, I wanted today to
be my try, just see how it is,
see how I fare.
But I'm going to be honest,
earlier I was
thinking about crawling my way
back to Innotech
and just begging Brad
to give me my job back.
Oh, God.
That is going to
make me sick, okay?
Enough of that
kind of talk, all right?
Look, he doesn't deserve
an employee as good as you,
or me for that matter,
if we're speaking honestly,
and I think we are.
Just keep thinking about
the white house on the hill,
picket fence,
you and your son by the pool,
thirty year mortgage,
all of that, the whole shebang,
the nine yards, everything.
Think about it, okay?
Promise me?
I'll think about it.
I promise.
You know that girl,
Regina, the witch?
she says she some
kind of medium but...
swear to God
that bitch is a large.
- [Sarah laughing]
- Woo!
[somber synthesizer music]
How was your first day at work?
It was fine, baby, just fine.
I actually didn't
think I could do it
but I think I'll manage.
How was school?
It was school.
[Sarah chuckling]
Yeah, I know.
I remember school.
But one day you're
going to look back on it
and you're
really going to miss it.
Especially when you have all
the responsibilities in life.
How is Mrs. Webster?
It's all for you.
Everything I do,
it's all for you.
Let's see...
if we can get
any leads on tomorrow.
In a redeeming turn of events...
This may determine
my fate with the company. editor and chief.
And for our top story,
another shocking
series of murders jolts the city
leaving police with
more questions than answers.
Last night, another
grizzly homicide took place
at the old paint
factory in Portland.
Police say that some of
the bodies were so mangled
that they are going to have
to send them off to forensics
to identify them by
their dental records.
We're doing our best. I have men working
around the clock at every waking moment
trying to get
a lead on the suspect.
We are doing
everything in our ability
to nail this individual.
But he's cunning.
There has not been a certain
pattern to these murders
- which makes zeroing in on them...
- [phone ringing]
...all the more
difficult for us.
- [phone ringing]
- Just be safe.
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
Please don't be Dorian,
please don't be Dorian.
Sarah, hey, it's Dorian.
Can you hold on just one second?
Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
[Sarah sighing]
Sorry about that.
Hey, uhm...
I don't know if you
caught the news or not
but just as they were
breaking the story,
I got a call for a cleanup
at the old paint
factory in Portland.
Yeah, I'm watching it now.
It's so awful.
I can't believe this is
still happening in Louisville.
It's just such a tragedy.
Yeah, I know, it's brutal.
But, hey, tragedy
keeps us in business, right?
Do you know where that is?
The coroner's there now
and forensics is going to
be clearing out around ten A.M.,
so I was going to have
the team meet around then.
See you tomorrow?
- You know it.
- Good, good.
Hey, uhm...
thank you for sticking it out.
I know it's not an easy job
and it's not for
the faint of heart.
I don't know
what's keeping you here
but it's got to
be something big, so,
I just want you to
know that I appreciate that.
Thank you.
Yeah. Of course.
Well, see you tomorrow.
All right. Bye, bye.
[ominous music]
It must be something big.
Fuck! [sighing]
You know, I really
like what Reagan's doing.
- Morning in America.
- You do?
I might be able to forecast it kind of early,
but I think Trump might be president one day.
- [guy laughing]
- Yeah, it's looking that way.
Damn, what's up?
You cleanup crew?
How'd you guess?
You don't look like
a dumbass, douchebag cop.
What is up?
- Yo, I'm Daniel.
- Sarah.
Is this your first day?
No, actually,
I spent most of yesterday
cleaning up
intestines and... genitals.
it comes with the territory.
You know, most people,
they don't come
back for the second day.
Yo, by the way,
don't ever let Dorian know
what doesn't bother you.
I've been working
this gig for about ten years
and he still thinks
I got a weak stomach.
Hmm. I don't understand.
Yeah, well, you know, if I got to take
off to take a quick fucking smoke break,
- I stage a panic attack.
- A panic attack?
That's right.
After all these years,
he still thinks I freak out
from time to time from the sight
of blood or brain matter.
But the fact is, it gives
me leverage on my schedule.
So pro tip, don't ever let
him know it doesn't bother you.
Well, thank you for that
and I look forward
to working with you.
Oh, yes.
You know it.
[ominous music]
I'm not going in.
[Regina chuckling]
[eerie music]
I'm not doing it.
There is pure evil in here.
Look, I'm leaving, I'm sorry.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- I'm not going in.
Oh, it's fine, it's fine.
It's okay.
You know, I had those same exact
feelings when I started. It'll pass.
You just got to learn to detach
yourself from the situation.
- It'll pass.
- Don't touch me again, okay?
Oh hey, look, I'm sorry, look.
Hey, look, I would
never force you to do anything
you wouldn't want to do,
but seriously.
I don't mean to scare you,
but if I were you,
I'd get the fuck out of here
and I'd take all
those people inside with me.
Okay, there is very
dark energy coming from here.
[ominous music]
[Regina scoffs]
I hope I'm wrong.
Yeah, well, you are wrong.
This ain't my
first fucking rodeo, yo.
Promise me.
[Daniel scoffing]
[Daniel] Yeah, okay,
all right, right, yeah.
I promise you.
[Regina] Mm-hm.
[Daniel laughing]
Fucking crazy-ass
motherfucking bitch. Goddamn.
This guy must've owed
the mob a shit load of money!
- This is the best part.
- [bald man] What?
Yeah, get this, get this.
When we found him,
he's laid out, he's laid out,
he looked fine, he
looked like he was still alive,
except one little detail.
His dick is in his mouth
and I'm not talking
about no Ron Jeremy thing,
where he's blowing himself,
you know what I mean?
This was mob violence,
this was terrible.
Serious violence.
Oh, your ass.
I shit you not, I shit you not.
Tony Two Times, mob boss,
he was so
pissed off at this guy,
I heard it down at the station,
that that's why he
cut the guy's dick off,
shoved it in his
mouth because he knows
we're going to come along,
we're going to find him,
we're going to release the
pictures, that's what we usually do.
And that way the guy's
embarrassed long after he's dead.
We should get down to the Man
Hole Club tonight, maybe.
Oh, hi.
Sorry to interrupt.
I'm with crime scene cleanup.
Do any of you know if Dorian
is floating around nearby?
Oh yeah, he's
upstairs on the third floor.
- Will be getting down here real soon.
- Okay. Thanks.
[somber tempo music]
[door rumbling shut]
[bell ringing]
Hey, Sarah, you made it.
You know it.
Well, uhm...
It's a big mess in here
but it should be
a pretty painless job.
It may take a few days.
Did you get to
meet the forensics guys?
Oh yeah. [laughing] Got to
hear all their horror stories.
those guys have seen it all.
Well, uhm...
All right, guys,
let's bring it in.
Hello. Yikes.
Let me guess,
you don't eat meat.
I don't.
But a sandwich in here?
Fucking vegans.
Let me ask you this,
if animals
didn't want to get eaten,
then why are they
made out of food then?
[ominous music]
[Dorian] Okay, guys.
If you didn't catch
it on the news last night,
you might not be familiar
with the details of today's job
and that's not a bad thing.
It's usually none
of our business anyway
but full disclosure,
there have been
a lot of homicides in town.
Mostly in abandoned warehouses
kind of like this one.
We've cleaned
up a few ourselves.
But I will inform you,
especially the new hires,
that I did speak with forensics
and the detectives that were
here earlier and it is safe.
They chased off a couple homeless
people that were hanging around
but they did a deep
dive scan of the area,
didn't find any suspects,
so we're safe.
Do we have any
questions? Anybody? No?
Great, let's get to it.
[eerie music]
I didn't mean to scary everyone
at orientation the other day
but serious question,
how sure are we that
this place has been scrubbed
of a psycho killer on the loose?
I, they assure me that it's...
I'll tell you what,
I'll have Todd poke
around just to be sure, okay?
Hey, Todd, can I borrow you?
[Todd] Yo.
Some of the new
hires are a little scared
- just because of the nature of what happened here.
- Yeah.
Would you do me a favor?
Would you just go check around?
- Just make sure everything's cool?
- Serious?
Man, we did this shit like
a million fucking times, man.
I know, I know, but
it'll put their mind at ease.
Please, take Daniel with you.
Whatever you say, boss.
Yo, Danic Attack,
I need you, let's roll.
[ominous music]
Jeez, I almost forgot. Thursday
night they got two for one happy hour
at the Manhole Club.
We'll stop off at
JC Penny on the way.
I'll get some tighty whities.
Let's go, let's go,
hurry up, I got to get the car.
[distant police sirens]
Did you all scrub the area?
Nah, did you?
Fuck that shit.
Twenty thousand square feet?
[ominous music]
So what do you think
about that new crop of freshmen?
- [Todd laughing]
- Huh?
- Are you fucking serious?
- Huh?
A bunch of fucking losers, man.
I seriously doubt any of them would last
longer than a week, to be honest with you.
I know, right? Already had one of them
got... before she even stepped inside.
- Fucking took off. Scared ass motherfucker.
- Good fucking riddance.
- Get the fuck out.
- [Daniel grunting]
- Sarah chick though.
- That's what's up.
- Hold up.
- [metal cranking]
- [Todd shushing]
- [eerie music]
I know you heard it that time,
you had to have.
All right,
look dude, I didn't hear shit.
All right, you are fucking...
You are fucking
freaking me out, man.
My fucking anxiety
is at an all-time high.
I can't do this.
- For real?
- I'm serious.
You're going to do this
fucking shit right now, man?
Oh, shit, shit. Look.
I just peed a little.
You mind if I step out?
- Todd, do you mind?
- Just fucking go, man.
You all right, you all right?
Just see Dorian
when you get back.
- Just go.
- All right. I'll let him know.
- [Todd] I could have sworn I heard something.
- I'll just be over here.
[Daniel laughing] I got him.
I did it again.
Cheers to me.
[eerie music]
[eerie synthesizer music]
[lamp creaking]
[sinister music]
[Sarah] So what was...
What was the worst
job you've ever had to do?
Or do I even want to know?
No, it's okay.
my worst job was my first one.
It was a house fire.
Thirteen year old
girl and her sister.
Fire started in the kitchen.
They think that
probably the youngest
was trying to cook something.
But instead of running outside,
they went upstairs and
they got in the bathtub.
It's kind of clever if
you think about it, you know?
The way that
kids think, you know?
I guess they thought the water
would keep the fire away.
[melancholy music]
- They were, they were boiled.
- [Sarah sighing]
And the oldest was
holding her sister.
Like trying, you know,
like trying to protect her.
I'll never forget that.
My son is my whole world.
I cannot imagine what
those parents went through
to lose their
children like that.
[Todd] All clear, boss.
Checked the entire perimeter.
[Dorian sighing]
- Thank you, man.
- Oh.
Daniel had to
step out for a minute.
So I told him to see
you as soon as he gets back.
Good luck
dealing with that shit.
That's a bridge I'm going
to have to eventually burn.
[sinister music]
[faint rock music on radio]
[Bob coughing]
[Alton gagging]
This is absolutely disgusting.
The blood is
like stuck in my nose.
[Alton groaning]
Pro tip.
Don't puke in your suit.
It get all down in
the crack of your ass
and then we'll have
to clean your ass off.
Good tip.
Does this like get any easier?
Oh hell yeah, man.
- Shit gets way easier.
- [Alton] Yeah?
You just got to
develop some tough skin.
Like last week,
found some fingers
laying on the ground,
- I picked them up and I smack my ass with them shits.
- What?
[Todd laughing]
Tough skin, baby.
That's disgusting.
Could be worse.
I'll tell you what, man.
I know this shit ain't easy.
Go head over there in
the room with Sarah and Dorian.
That's light work over there. No body
parts or guts or nothing like that.
Todd... thanks, man. I mean it.
Get your goofy-looking ass out
of here. You all right, Bob?
- Yeah
- You with me?
You've been awfully quiet.
Did you just fucking look at me?
[sinister music]
[chains rattling]
[metal door creaking]
He just left. You're safe.
For now.
Are you alone?
No. My crew...
My crew is here.
We're on a crime
scene cleanup crew.
The funny thing is that
the girl that left today,
the new hire, she wouldn't...
she wouldn't step
foot in this place.
She said there was pure
evil in this motherfucker.
And she was right.
Fuck, man, fuck! Fuck! What
the fuck are we going to do?
What's the fucking plan?
[door rumbling]
[ominous tempo music]
[knife thudding]
Hey, Dorian!
Bob said he cleared this
fucking room over here, right?
[Dorian] Yeah.
Well he forgot some shit.
Dumb motherfucker.
Hey, these are still warm.
[eerie music]
What the fuck?
Hey, Dorian.
Can I speak to you for
a second in private, please?
- verything okay?
- o, it's not.
Somebody locked
the fucking door.
the forensics guys or Daniel.
I got two bag-fulls of
shit I need to take out too, so,
what do you want me to do?
Just leave them
at the door for now.
All right. I can do that.
What is that?
Two things.
It's the only way out.
[Todd] All right, okay.
Where is Daniel?
[ominous music]
I don't know,
man, he never came back.
You brought the tools in, right?
Yeah, yeah,
I got the tools, yeah.
- Maybe he's locked outside.
- Probably.
- You brought all the tools in?
- Yeah, man, yeah.
I got, I'm sure of it,
sure of it. Absolutely.
Find Daniel. Please.
I got you.
I got you, don't worry.
Alton, get the fuck over here.
[eerie music]
So, what are the chances
your friend is just like
messing with us?
Nah, he's really not the type.
I do find it hard to believe
that he suffers
from panic attacks.
[Alton scoffs] Panic attacks?
[Alton laughing]
Yeah, man, so,
basically Daniel's been
known to leave several jobs
because he has
these panic attacks.
You, I'd believe that shit.
But him, nah, man.
He's been doing
this shit too long.
And, really,
Dorian would let him
leave if he needed to, so,
I don't know why
he does it anyway.
You know,
I'm a lot tougher than I look.
I am.
Sure thing, sweet cheeks.
Tough guy.
So what, Dorian is just
like the best boss ever then?
He'll just let
anyone do anything they want?
Not exactly but,
yeah man, Dorian is good people.
He takes his job very seriously
but he gives us plenty of space.
So if Daniel really,
really needed to leave,
he'd let him go, no problem.
Problem is,
is that Dorian
will stay here all night
to do the job by himself.
See, you would never
have to get over on him
because he'd give
you anything anyways.
Remember that shit.
Is he single?
[Todd laughing]
Crazy little bastard.
He is though, actually.
It's not what you think though.
Yeah, his wife and
son died in a car accident
about seven years ago.
Yeah, man, it's real fucked up.
He was in the passenger seat.
He survived.
So he blames himself.
Said that when he
regained consciousness,
that he had seen
what had happened,
Ah, never mind.
I don't want to depress you.
Well shit, man,
now you got to tell me.
You ain't going to start crying
on my shoulder and shit, are you?
- Enough with the gay jokes.
- [Todd laughing]
You can't break me. I've spent my entire
life dealing with alpha dicks like you.
Yeah, well, just don't
go grabbing my alpha dick
- and we're cool.
- Just finish the story.
He said that when we woke up
and seen what had
happened to his family,
he knew he'd
never be happy again.
So now when he is,
he feels guilty and he'd say,
the most important
things in life aren't things
and he learned
that shit the hard way.
Yeah. Wow. [sighing]
- Well, you ruined my day.
- I told you.
- [metal clattering]
- I mean, wait.
Did you hear that?
I did.
Come on, over here, this way.
[ominous music]
[Daniel faintly] Please,
no, no, no, no.
[Daniel muffled
speaking and whimpering]
What the fuck?
[Daniel whimpering]
Hey, Daniel, is that you?
Yeah, man, fuck, fuck, fuck.
I'm in here and there's
a man in here with me, Todd!
Let me try and fucking
pry this door open, man!
How the fuck did you
get yourself in there?
who's the man in there with you?
- You okay?
- [metal creaking]
No, man, no, no, no.
There's a motherfucker in here
who's trying to
fucking kill us, brother!
Watch your fucking back!
Get me the fuck out of here!
That fucker in there
with you is trying to kill you?
I got Alton with me, brother. We're going
to get you the fuck out of there, man.
- Just hang in there!
- No, man, no, no.
The guy, the guy in
here is being held hostage.
The killer is
fucking out there with you!
- [sinister music]
- He's out there with you, Todd!
Alton, go warn the others.
Get the sledgehammer,
it's not safe here, man.
- Todd!
- Go!
[gasping] I'm scared.
I know but if you
don't go warn the others
and the get
the fucking sledgehammer,
we might all be fucked,
man. You got to go!
I can't go by myself though.
Earlier you told me you were
stronger than you looked, right?
You told me that shit.
You got to go, man, go!
Go warn the others, man, go!
Get the fuck out of here! Go!
[suspenseful music]
[metal creaking]
Sarah, oh shit!
- You were right, you were right, you were right!
- What's wrong?
Daniel is trapped in a room back there
and Todd is trying to bust him out, okay?
Whoever killed these people is still in
here with us. We got to get out of here!
Stop, stop,
stop, stop. [shushing]
Calm down, calm down,
I need you to calm down.
Listen, look at me.
Look at me, look at me.
Where are Todd
and Daniel exactly?
They're down there,
there's a room to the right.
There's a red door. He wanted me
to get the sledgehammer, okay?
And to warn you guys. I mean, the killer
is still walking around here with us.
We need to stick together
or we're going to end up
like those people
stuck in those bags!
[Dorian shushing]
- [Alton panting]
- We move quickly.
Keep your eyes peeled for any
windows that don't have bars.
- Come on. Move!
- [Sarah muffled speech]
What's taking him so long? What's taking
him so long? What's taking him so long?
Todd, Todd,
please, please, please.
- Come back.
- Fuck.
- Come back, come back.
- It's not a game.
I can't fucking
break it down, man.
[killer growling]
[sinister music]
Watch out.
No, no, no, no.
[eerie music]
It's too loud. It's too loud.
Keep it, we might need it.
How the fuck does only
one entrance to this place work?
It's an old building!
Okay, I don't know.
Just, there's got to be another way out.
There just, there has to be.
I'm so sorry.
- No, it's my fault.
- Dorian.
I should've sent you home
when you came to me earlier.
What about the...
the concrete saw?
- We can use that.
- No, no, again, it's too loud.
It's going to draw
too much attention to us.
we have to find Todd and Daniel.
We stick together.
[eerie music]
[menacing music]
Must be Todd's flashlight.
You want me to go investigate
or do you want to go, Alton?
I'm not going to leave Sarah.
It's okay. That's all right,
it's okay, it's okay.
It's all right. Okay.
I'm going to go check it out.
If it's safe, give a shout,
give some kind of signal
without drawing
too much attention.
If you hear
anything different, you run.
Just run.
It's all right.
It'll be all right.
- Okay?
- [ominous music]
It's okay.
Be careful.
[eerie music]
[unsettling music]
[door rattling]
[chainsaw buzzing]
No! [screaming]
- [chainsaw buzzing]
- [Dorian screaming]
[ominous tempo music]
[Sarah panting]
We can stay in here
until we get a plan, okay?
So, what're we going to do?
I don't know.
I don't know but...
I'm going to push through, okay?
For my son,
for you,
we're going to make it.
[phone ringing]
[somber music]
[phone ringing]
[on voice mail] - Hi, you've reached Sarah.
- [Shepard] And Shepard.
[Sarah] We're not home right
now. So just leave a message.
[Brad] Sarah, baby, yes, it seems
that that Nebraska Artichoke account
wasn't so fraudulent after all.
So, ha, I can have my best
sales rep back in the office.
Woo-hoo! I hope.
Uh... So, anyways, come on back.
See you soon.
I'm going to find you
I'm going to find you
I'm going to find you
I'm going to find you
Where did you go
I got to know
[eerie music]
[metal clanking]
[unsettling music]
[Sarah crying]
[blood squelching]
[Alton quivering]
We can't get out of here, Alton.
We have to fight back.
I can't do that, I'm so scared.
I can't.
Alton, you have to be strong.
- [Alton crying]
- We have to be.
Oh no. No, no, no, no, no.
- What, what, what, what?
- Fuck.
The sign-in sheet, he's going to
know how many people are in here.
Oh shit. Then we have to get it.
We have to get it right now.
Wait, wait, wait, don't.
No, don't go.
We just need to wait
and make sure it's safe, okay?
Just wait.
I'm so scared. [crying]
It's okay. It's okay.
[Alton crying] No, it's not.
What's wrong?
It's my fault that
you're here. I'm sorry!
- I got us into this...
- No!
- Sarah.
- No! No! No!
Baby, no.
No, it's not your fault.
You didn't do anything wrong.
This is no one's fault.
This is him.
Our Father,
who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
It worked for you before, no?
[ominous music]
Did you know that in the Bible
God killed over two
million innocent people.
He only killed ten.
And still you pray.
So I am more like
God here than Satan, no?
I'll tell you what, sinner.
I will leave.
I'm going to let
you pray for ten minutes.
Going to give God
a chance to come and save you
and if He doesn't,
well, I'm going to come
back here and strangle you
until your eyes
pop out of your head.
Is that fair?
- Deal.
- Good.
[Alton] Do you remember
my eighth birthday party?
How could I forget?
My mom handed out 31 invitations,
everyone in class. [chuckles]
You were the only
one that showed up.
I didn't know that.
- I'm so sorry. [chuckles]
- No.
- It's fine, don't be.
- [Sarah laughing]
We had the whole
roller rink to ourselves.
- Yeah.
- It was so much fun.
Yeah, I remember.
[Sarah chuckling]
I thought you had a crush on me.
I thought I was
the only one that you invited.
You know, a true romantic.
[Sarah laughing]
You wish.
You know,
I remember thinking that day,
I'll never
leave that girl behind.
- [dramatic music]
- I never will.
- [commotion]
- [Alton screaming] - [killer groaning]
- Sarah, run!
- Alton!
[Alton groaning]
[suspenseful music]
[Alton groaning]
- [Alton screaming]
- [blood squelching]
[Sarah panting]
Why're you doing this?
Please, man, please.
Please, please,
please, please don't do this.
You trying to prove a point?
No, you are.
You are proving to
all these fine gentlemen
that God has abandoned you.
All of you.
He left you this way.
Today will be the worst
day of your entire life.
It will also be your last.
And his also.
And his too.
Do you see that man over there?
The one with no scalp?
He had a story too.
And a family.
I'm going to keep my word.
Do it.
I don't know why you
even keep me alive this long.
I did it to see if God
was going to come and save you.
He never came.
I am God here
and I am here to
deliver you from evil.
So stand up.
Stand up.
Up! Up, up, up, up!
[eerie music]
- Oh!
- You are not keeping your end of the deal.
I will be honest.
I just want to
slice open your stomach
and watch your
guts spill to the floor.
But you are a lucky man.
You see that chair?
I built that garotte chair
and you are going to be
the first person to sit in it.
You see, I told you.
You're a lucky man.
Please, man, please.
Please don't fucking do this.
I'll do anything,
just please don't.
Please don't fucking do this.
- You will?
- [ominous music]
I will admit anything. Just...
Just don't fucking do this, man.
I won't.
You won't?
I won't.
But you will.
You are going to kill him.
- I can't kill a man.
- Stand up.
I can't kill a man, but I can't.
I'm not going to
fucking kill a man.
Ugh. You told me you'd do
anything if I don't kill this man,
did you lie?
No, man!
I just fucking can't, man.
I fucking can't.
You're going to kill him.
Hey, maybe God is real.
[killer laughing]
I will be right with you.
I must keep my word.
Okay, you.
Kill your friend.
I fucking can't, man!
You're going to die anyway.
[ominous music]
- I can't!
- Don't you want to know
what it's like to
send a soul to heaven?
Kill him.
What I mean is, I can't
do it with my bare hands, man.
- I need a weapon.
- Oh, you need a weapon.
Fair enough.
But the torture
chair is for him.
You pick.
I want to make it quick for him.
Todd, what
the fuck are you saying, man?
Ah, ah, ah, ah.
[eerie music]
Use the machete.
If you hit him here
and here,
he will die instantly.
If you hit him here,
well then you'll
just piss him off.
If you want to end it quickly,
hit him here.
[eerie music]
Hm? Yeah?
No, no, no.
No, no, please.
[eerie music]
[sinister music]
[blood squelching]
[suspenseful music]
[Sarah panting]
[Sarah screaming]
[Sarah groaning]
[suspenseful music]
[Sarah groaning]
Fuck! [Sarah kicking]
Regina? Regina!
God, thank God you're here!
Regina, the door is locked
and the man who killed
those people is still here.
He killed Dorian...
and he's got Alton.
And there's other
people here too and...
I need you to open the door.
No, no, Sarah, no, I can't.
The door is locked. There's
chains all over the door!
Shit, I need tools!
Are there any still in the van?
No. No, no, no, no.
They're all, we brought
them all inside, they're...
- They're all in her with me.
- Okay, okay.
Let me see if I can pry these...
Okay, Sarah? Sarah, I'm going to go
back to the van and get some help, okay?
Okay, stay right there.
[suspenseful tempo music]
Don't move!
- Alton.
- Sarah!
Damn it!
[suspenseful music]
The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie
down in green pastures,
He leadeth me
beside the still waters.
- He restoreth my soul.
- [eerie music]
He leadeth me in
the path of righteousness
for His name's sake.
Now that part
wasn't so bad, was it?
...the valley of
the shadow of death,
- I will fear no evil.
- You know, I've discovered
that often times, the fear of
death is scarier than death itself.
[victim] Thy rod and
thy staff they comfort me.
Most people that
I've killed seem...
[victim] Thou preparest a table
before me in the presence...
- peace.
- ...of mine enemies.
- Thou anointest my head...
- But for this one,
- it's going to hurt...
- [victim] My cup runneth over.
- ...Very badly.
- Surely goodness and mercy...
- So I want you to just... relax.
- [victim praying and crying]
No, no. [shushing]
- Relax.
- ...runneth over.
Surely goodness
and mercy will follow me
- all the days of my life.
- [machine cranking]
[eerie music]
[blood squelching]
[killer laughing]
Oh, that was fantastic!
I never expected,
[killer chuckling]
[eerie music]
Why are you doing this?
Oh, why, why,
why, why, why, why?
Do I need a reason?
I am the punishment of God.
If you had not
committed great sins,
God would not have sent
a punishment like me upon you.
Okay, okay,
look, please, please.
Look, I can,
I can make this right.
I can clean all this up, okay?
Let me ask you a question.
Who is going to come
and clean your body up?
[suspenseful beat music]
I remember when
I was a little boy.
I would say to myself,
that girl is very pretty.
I'd love to see her insides."
I just never
thought anything of it.
It was normal. Huh?
It is like with you,
right here, right now.
I really just want
to cut out your spine.
[chainsaw buzzing]
[Sarah screaming]
[Sarah whimpering]
- Good job.
- [Sarah gagging]
- I'm so glad you came.
- [Sarah gasping]
Keeps me from having to hunt
you down, to try to find you.
It's too much work.
Now, can I ask you a favor?
Can you stay here
for just one second?
Because if you don't, I'm going to punch
your nose through the back of your head.
[Sarah gasping] Alton.
- You piece of shit!
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
No, you cannot speak the queen's
tongue in this profanity.
Is he your...
- He cannot be.
- [Sarah gasping]
He's your husband?
it appears he is still alive.
- Eh, he's barely alive.
- [Sarah crying]
You know, I've read
about forensic pathologists
describing when
rigor mortis sets in.
Often times on
the autopsy table,
dead bodies will
rise to their elbows
and almost sit up.
I've always found that so...
[Alton gasping]
- Wait.
- [Alton gasping]
You are going to say something?
After all of that?
Oh, I simply must
hear what you need to say
at this very moment.
I'll never leave you...
I'll never leave you, Sarah.
[Sarah crying]
That was beautiful.
That was so beautiful.
He's lying.
[suspenseful music]
[metal scraping]
- [machete thudding]
- No!
[sinister music]
[killer grunting]
[Sarah sobbing]
I did him a favor.
I stopped him from seeing
what was going to happen to you.
In my opinion,
you should be thanking me.
Now let me ask you,
is there anyone else
running around in my mortuary?
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!
Shit, shit, shit. Fuck!
Fuck! Hey, you! You, you, you!
You, come, come, come over here!
Come here!
Come here, shit!
[sinister music]
[Sarah crying]
[suspenseful music]
Now I'm going to have to hunt
her down and try to find her.
I told you before,
it's too much work.
[Daniel whimpering]
Once you stop...
I'm going to give you
an honorable death, hm?
Something of fancy, yeah?
Is that how you exercise?
I may incorporate that
into my morning routine.
[suspenseful music]
[metal clanking]
[Sarah groaning]
Oh no! Oh, no, no!
It's really quite clever.
- [machete slicing]
- [blood squelching]
[killer groaning]
[killer laughing]
I got you, I got you, I got you!
I got you!
I'm going to
have to hurt you back.
[suspenseful music]
[Daniel groaning]
[body thudding]
[Sarah groaning]
[killer sighing]
This does not feel right at all.
I can't even do
anything fancy to him.
But you, oh,
your leg.
You know, I never actually
got anyone in the trap before.
[ominous music]
[Sarah gasping]
It is a wicked wound.
I bet it hurts.
I also have an injured leg.
Your friend over there,
he may have cut off my big toe.
I haven't checked
but I can feel one
of my little piggies,
it's rolling around in my boot.
I just hope it's not
one of the little piggies
that were supposed to go
to the market, you know? Hmmm?
What is wrong with you?
Who are you?
am everyone.
I can walk
amongst people in a crowd
and go unnoticed.
I am no different than you.
It is a shame that your actions
don't dictate your appearance.
Some people,
they would call me a monster.
But could you pick
me out from a crowd?
[Sarah gasping]
Why? Why?
Why, why, why, why, why, why?
someone is
praying to have the things
that you take
for granted every day.
Food, drink, work, love.
Every animal in
nature that eats meat, kills.
Even you.
I don't eat meat,
I don't kill
and I don't take
anything for granted.
Is that so?
I do this because I like it.
And like you,
cleaning up crime scenes,
sometimes you
actually have to forget
that they are real people.
I have a son.
I have a son, Shepard.
Please, I don't want him
to grow up without a mother.
- I don't want him to. Please don't.
- [killer shushing]
Edgar Allen Poe.
He grew up as an orphan.
Your boy will be fine.
Unless he meets me.
[suspenseful music]
No! [groaning]
- Regina!
- People outside?
[Sarah screaming]
Your face.
It is so pretty.
It is so beautiful.
I'm going to miss it.
[Sarah yelping]
[chains rattling]
[suspenseful music]
[Sarah screaming]
[chains rattling]
[Sarah screaming]
[blood squelching]
[sinister music]
Abashed the Devil stood
and felt how awful goodness is.
[Alton grunting]
[chains rattling]
[ominous music]
I'm sorry I'm late.
[Sarah whimpering] Oh my God!
Oh my God, Sarah!
Sarah, oh my God,
oh my God, oh my God!
Jesus Christ, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry,
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
I should've told you.
I should've told you,
I should've, shit.
Shit. Shit, shit,
shit. Shit, oh God.
[eerie music]
[phone ringing]
- [Sarah on phone] Hello?
- [mom] Sarah.
It's been two weeks!
I'm worried sick.
[Sarah] Yeah,
I just need some time.
[mom] Have you heard
anything from the police?
[Sarah] No. No,
they haven't said anything.
I can't get him out of my head.
I see him everywhere.
And that's what's so scary.
I just need to
get my mind off of him.
I need to get back to my life.
[mom] You're not
going back to work, are you?
[Sarah] Yeah,
I think it'll be good for me.
Brad called and
apologized profusely
and asked me to come back.
So I'm going back tomorrow.
[group] Surprise!
[mom] Oh, that Brad.
What a sweet, sweet man.
I would still hit that.
[Sarah On Phone] Mom, no.
Brad is being fired
for years of sexual harassment.
- [punch thudding]
- [Brad groaning]
My only motivation for
going in is to see it in person.
What, hey!
[Sarah] I just don't know
if I can do it without Alton
smiling every day...
Sarah, I don't want you alone.
I'm going to push through.
For my son,
for you,
we're going to make it.
synthesizer beat music]
[saw buzzing]
[engine rumbling]
[blood squelching]
[computer keys clicking]
[machete slicing]
[blood splattering]
[chainsaw buzzing]
[ominous music]
[eerie music]
[Brad groaning]
[police siren wailing]
[eerie chiming music]