One Nation Under Trump (2016) Movie Script

- Sarah, thank
you very much, is she great?
- Making
their way, wow,
I have never seen
anything like this before.
I don't know how close they are,
let's just obviously stay on
these live pictures and see
if these men are going
to cross over and head...
- Never a
stranger to the spotlight,
business tycoon and former
reality TV star Donald Trump,
has been a lightning
rod for controversy
as far back as
some can remember.
But how did it come to this?
After years of hinting at
presidential aspirations,
on December 15th, 2014,
Trump finally announced
that he was seriously
considering a run
for the office of President
of the United States
and would make his
final decision before
the coming Spring.
- Maybe getting into
politics as a candidate?
Running for president,
or you're not sure yet?
- Well, you know I've been
building buildings all my life,
we've done a great
job, as you understand.
And one thing about David,
if he didn't think
we did a good job,
I wouldn't be here tonight,
that I can tell you.
But we've done a good job
and I am considering
it very strongly.
- Already
a fixture on the
conservative speaking circuit,
having delivered
keynote speeches at
the 2012 North Carolina State
Republican Party Convention,
and 2014 National
Press Club Luncheon,
Trump had been regarded by
many on the political landscape
as nothing more than a
meddling gate crasher,
more entertaining side show than
legitimate political threat,
but as evidenced throughout
his years in the public eye,
the resolve of
one Donald J Trump
is not something to
be underestimated.
In 2015, shunning the big money
overtures of network television,
Trump dove straight into
the presidential fray,
with a headstrong
verve and tenacity,
previously reserved for his
real estate and
financial dealings.
Employing a take no prisoners
approach aimed directly
at the heart of America
and the working men and
women who call it home.
- And they said, recently,
like a few months ago,
they said please,
please don't run,
we renewed The
Apprentice, it did great,
we had a good last season, even
after 12 years, 14 seasons--
- His campaign
slogan was clear and concise.
Striking a chord with
many throughout a
deeply divided land.
Make American Great Again.
- Make America great
again, that I can tell you.
That I can tell you.
- Born on June
14th, 1946 in Queens, New York,
Donald John Trump was the
fourth of five children.
Donald's father, Fred Trump,
would go on to set
the stage for his son,
by becoming one of New York's
premiere real estate developers.
Enrolled in the New York
Military Academy at age 13,
Trump would later
state that the NYMA
gave him more
military training than
a lot of the guys who
go into the military.
Graduating in 1968 from the
University of Pennsylvania's
Wharton School of Business
with a bachelors degree,
Trump was unsuccessful in his
first foray into show business,
as co-producer of the 1970
Broadway flop Paris Is Out.
By 1971, he joined his father
in the family business,
and relocated to Manhattan,
where he began to oversee
multimillion dollar
construction projects,
eventually creating
the world famous
Trump Tower, Trump Taj Mahal,
and Trump International
Ocean Club Hotel and Tower,
among others, as well as
acquiring and developing
several million square feet of
prime Manhattan real estate.
In 1982, Trump was
featured on the
initial Forbes list of wealth,
with an estimated personal
value of 200 million dollars.
Later in the 80s, he
acted as financial advisor
for then world heavy weight
boxing champion Mike Tyson,
who would return the
favor years later,
by public endorsing Trump
as a presidential candidate.
- He should be President
of the United States,
that what he should be,
he should be President
of the United States.
Why are people
mad at the people?
Because this who the people
want to be president.
- For
nearly 20 years,
Trump was the owner or
partial owner of the
Miss Universe, Miss USA and
Miss Teen USA beauty pageant.
And made several pro
wrestling appearances.
Culminating in
his 2013 induction
into the WWE Hall of Frame,
proving that the mogul's
innate flare for show biz
hadn't faded in the
glow of his wide ranging
entrepreneurial accomplishments.
- The hostile
take over of Donald Trump
on Vince McMan has happened.
- At a
Janesville campaign rally,
former Miss Wisconsin,
Melissa Young,
appeared to thank
Trump for all his work
and for changing her life.
It was a rare and
public emotional moment
as Trump left the
stage to embrace Young,
who revealed she was
battling terminal cancer.
In 2015 Donald Trump the author,
added to his long list
of published books,
with perhaps his most
important title to date,
Crippled America, How to
Make America Great Again,
released by Simon and Schuster.
The book would lay bare
the candidates ideas
on the current
state of his country
and serve as a siren to
those running opposite him.
As with everything he undertook,
the message was
big, uncompromising,
and in your face.
Losing wasn't going
to be on his agenda.
And being anything
less than extraordinary
simply wasn't in his
DNA as an American.
- We wrote a book and the title,
Crippled America, is very tough,
but unfortunately we have
to do what we have to do
and I think one of the reasons
we've been doing so
well in the campaign is
because we tell it like it is,
we tell the truth and
America is crippled.
We owe 17 and now 18 and
now it's actually very soon
going to be 19 trillion
dollars in debt.
- From the outset,
Trump stayed true to his
rebellious reputation,
making himself
available to mainstream
and fringe media outlets alike.
As evidenced by his no
holds barred one on one
interview with controversial
truther Alex Jones,
of Info Wars.
- Iran is getting the oil,
everybody's getting
everything but us,
so we lost thousands
of soldiers,
we spent two trillion
dollars in Iraq,
we have wounded warriors, that
I love, all over the place
and what did we
get out of it Alex?
We have nothing,
we have nothing.
- Now the French and the
Germans are getting the oil
and the Iranians
are getting the oil.
- And you know who the number
one customer for the oil is?
Guess what? China.
- That's right.
- How smart is China?
They outsmart us on
every level, militarily,
the outsmart us on
trade, like we're losing,
we have a 450 billion dollar
trade deficit with China.
- Appearing
on the Today Show,
Trump outlined his commitment
to bring jobs back to America,
strengthen the US military,
and bring an end to open boarder
chaos in the southern states.
- When people see
that I'm going to
bring jobs back to this country,
when they see that I'm going
to strengthen up the military,
when they see that
I'm going to have
strong boarders like
nobody else can have,
and we will build the wall,
and Mexico will pay for
the wall, by the way.
But when they see that we're
getting rid of Obamacare,
which is a total disaster,
and we're going to be replacing
it with something good.
When they see we're going
to get rid of Common Core,
which is also, likewise,
a total catastrophe,
and we'll bring in
education locally,
so it can be run by
local communities
and the parents of the children,
and it's going to be wonderful
and beautiful and much better.
When they see what we're going
to do, and maybe above all,
when they see we are going to
make some of the
great trade deals.
Every deal we have
is a total disaster.
Our country is losing a fortune.
- In August of 2016,
the already larger
than life Trump,
entered the presidential
debates in grand fashion,
stymieing and neutralizing
early front runners
and opponents like Jeb
Bush, Chris Christie,
Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz,
Ben Carson, and Rand Paul,
all while making for
arresting spectacle.
The viewing public was
undeniably engaged,
and the 2016 Republican
Presidential Debates
delivered their highest
network ratings in years,
surging to a 16.9 million
strong viewing audience.
Trump made it look simple.
Dispatching more experienced
politicians with relative ease,
in a straight talking
every man style
that wasn't the
norm in Washington.
- First of all, Rand Paul
shouldn't even be on this stage,
he's number 11, he's
got 1% in the polls,
and how he got up here, there's
far too many people anyway,
as far as temperament,
and we all know that,
as far as temperament, I think
I have a great temperament.
I've built a phenomenal business
with incredible iconic assets.
- This is a tough business
to run for President.
- Oh, I know you're a
tough guy Jeb, I know.
- And we need to have a leader
that is principled.
- Real tough.
- You're never going to be
President of the United States.
- You're real tough, Jeb.
- By insulting your
way to the presidency.
- Well let's see, I'm at
42 and you're at three,
so so far I'm doing better.
- Doesn't matter.
- The single biggest liar,
you probably are
worse than Jeb Bush.
You are the single biggest liar.
This guy lied, let
me just tell you,
this guy lied about Ben Carson
when he took votes away
from Ben Carson in Iowa
and he just continues.
This guy will say
anything, nasty guy,
now I know why he
doesn't have one
endorsement from any
of his colleagues.
- Alright John,
I get to respond.
- Pick
from the buffet there.
- He's a nasty guy.
- Donald has this weird pattern,
when you point to
his own record,
he screams liar, liar, liar.
If you want to go and--
- Where did I support it?
- If you want to go
- Ted, where did
I support it?
- If you want to go
and watch the video,
go to our website
- Where did I support it, Ted?
- Out of Donald's
- Don't tell me about a video.
own mouth, when we were back--
- Where did I support it?
We have a country
where to assimilate,
you have to speak English
and I think that where he was
and the way it came out
didn't sound right to me.
We have to have assimilation
to have a country.
We have to have assimilation.
I'm not the first one
to say this, Dana.
We've had many people
over the years,
for many, many years
saying the same thing.
This is a country where we
speak English, not Spanish.
- So hotly
contested were these debates,
that not even fox news
moderator Megan Kelly,
could avoid mixing it up with
the ever blunt candidate, Trump.
Resulting in some entertainingly
off the cuff moments.
- You've called
women you don't like
fat pigs, dogs, slobs,
and disgusting animals.
Your twitter account--
- Only Rosie O'Donnell.
- No, it wasn't.
Your Twitter account--
- Thank you.
- For the record, it was
well beyond Rosie O'Donnell.
- Yes, I'm sure it was.
- Your twitter account has
several disparaging comments
about women's looks.
You once told a contestant
on Celebrity Apprentice
that it would be a pretty
picture to see her on her knees.
Does that sound to you
like the temperament
of a man we should
elect as president
and how will you answer the
charge with Hillary Clinton,
who is likely to be
the Democratic nominee,
that you are part
of the war on women?
- I think the big
problem this country has
is being politically correct.
I've been--
I've been challenged
by so many people
and I don't frankly have time
for total political correctness.
And to be honest with you,
this country doesn't
have time either.
This country is in big trouble.
We don't win anymore,
we lose to China,
we lose to Mexico, both in
trade and at the boarder,
we lose to everybody.
And frankly, what I
say and often times,
it's fun, it's kidding,
we have a good time,
what I say is what I say.
And honestly Megan, if you
don't like it, I'm sorry.
I've been very nice to you,
although I could
probably maybe not be,
based on the way
you have treated me.
But I wouldn't do that.
- Speaking on
Capitol Hill in September,
Trump took president
Obama directly to task
for his controversial Iran deal
and informed the
gathered crowd exactly
how he'd negotiate
America's dealings abroad.
- We are led by very,
very stupid people.
Very, very stupid people.
We cannot let it continue.
We are a country that
owes 19 trillion dollars,
we lose everywhere,
we lose militarily,
we can't beat ISIS,
give me a break.
We can't beat anybody.
Our vets are being
treated horribly.
It will change.
We will have so much
winning, if I get elected.
That you may get
bored with winning.
Believe me.
I agree, you'll never
get bored with winning.
We never get bored.
We are going to turn
this country around.
We are going start
winning bigly,
or in trade, militarily,
we're going to build
up our military,
we're going to have
such a strong military
that nobody, nobody
is gonna mess with us.
We're not going
to have to use it.
- Talking to
Fox business in October,
Trump detailed his plans
to repeal Obamacare,
a plan which had deeply
divided much of the nation.
- I would repeal
Obamacare instantaneously
and replace it with
something much better,
privately done, we
get rid of the lines,
the artificial lines
around each state,
so that insurance companies
can compete with each other.
The insurance companies have
made a fortune on Obamacare.
I would get rid of Obamacare
and replace it with
something much better.
- Speaking to
CNN's Erin Burnett in November,
Trump delivered his typically
unfiltered views on immigration,
taking particular aim
at republican opponents,
like Marco Rubio.
- On this one point though, of
deporting 11 million people,
even Marco Rubio said today,
this morning it can't be done.
- What do you mean
even Marco Rubio?
Marco Rubio is in
favor of amnesty,
he was a member of
the Gang of Eight.
He was always in
favor of amnesty.
He was in favor of people
pouring into the country.
Then what happened is when
people found that out,
he sank like a
rock in the water.
- He says is for anyone
with a criminal record,
people like that being deported.
- Now he's saying
things differently.
- Which is something
that you would support.
- Erin, he's much different now
than he was in the past, OK?
He's much different.
Now, as far as criminal,
they're going to be out so fast.
If I win, you know, we
have tremendous problems.
I just gave you an article where
an illegal alien ran over today.
- In Dallas.
- In Texas.
- A policeman, three times,
just kept running him over.
Look, we have problems.
- Appearing
at a March rally in Ohio,
Trump made the case
for why he'd make
a better president
than his party rivals.
Electrifying the enthusiastic
crowd that had gathered
to greet him in a
festive airport hanger,
as he exited his plane.
- Right over there, Eaton
Corp, going to Mexico,
right over there,
Ford, going to Mexico,
then he pointed over here,
he pointed to two or
three other places
and I said, "Wow, that's sad."
And that's what's
happening, folks.
That's what's happening.
With me, it's not
gonna happen anymore.
We're not going to be
the dummies any more.
You're losing your jobs,
you're losing your income,
you're losing your factories.
They're going to China,
they're going to Mexico.
Japan is killing
us with the cars.
Now it's Vietnam, it's
India, it's everybody.
We don't make good
deals anymore.
We don't win anymore.
If you think, we
don't win anymore.
Where do we win?
We lose on trade, we
lose with the military.
We can't beat ISIS,
we can't beat ISIS.
Here we have military
and we can't beat ISIS.
We don't want to
use our military.
We don't know how
to win anymore.
It's not even in
our culture anymore.
You know, the old expression
to the victor belong
the spoils, right?
We should have never gone in,
and I did not want
to go in, believe me,
I said you're going
to destabilize the
entire middle east,
but they went into
Iraq, it was a mistake.
They went in, mistake.
Now, Obama gets out the
way he got out was so bad.
He puts out a date,
the enemy says wow.
They couldn't even believe
it, I guarantee you.
He puts out a date
when we're leaving.
Bad thing to do,
in all fairness,
we shouldn't have been there,
but we should have
left some troops behind
so that what happened
wouldn't happen.
So Iran is taking over
as you stand here,
Iran is taking over Iraq.
Iraq has the second largest
oil reserves it the world.
So the Iran deal, I
used to say one of the
greatest deals I've ever
seen is the Iran deal,
but actually the greatest
deal I've ever seen
is what happened just now,
Iran is taking over Iraq.
Second largest oil
reserves in the world.
That's the greatest deal.
They've been fighting with
Iraq forever, forever.
And they go 10 feet one
way, 10 feet the other way,
10 feet then they rest.
Then they go again,
for years, and years,
and years, they fought.
But they were the same.
They were equal
military strength.
Saddam Hussein would drop gas.
They'd complain,
they'd drop gas.
This is what, this
went on forever.
And then we obliterated
one of the two powers,
and it was obvious,
to me it was obvious.
And I said don't do it.
You're going to destabilize.
Now Iran is taking over Iraq.
Iran is going in with Yemen.
Now, they don't want Yemen,
what they like is that
long big beautiful boarder
that separates Yemen
from Saudi Arabia.
And I've been really pretty
good on these predictions.
You know what, I wrote
a book in the year 2000.
The America That We Deserve.
I mentioned in the
book Osama bin Laden.
And everyone said, don't forget,
that was a year
and a half before
the World Trade
Center came down.
And everyone said,
I don't believe it.
One of the big announcers
in the morning,
great guy, he said,
wait a minute,
because they
brought their books,
they said Trump was talking
about Osama bin Laden
before he knocked down
the World Trade Center.
And the guy said no
way, no way, let me see,
and they looked at the
book, that's right.
That's what I did, we
had to take him out.
We had opportunities
to take him out.
So I'm pretty good at
the prognostication.
And I'll tell you, and a
lot of you are supporters,
and you were supporters before
I did this whole
crazy political thing.
OK, we've been supporters
and friends for a long time,
but you've seen.
I said take the oil.
I didn't want to be there,
but now we're there.
I said you're going to leave,
take the oil, take the oil.
I kept saying it.
And they said you
can't take the oil,
what a terrible thing, this
is a sovereign country.
This is a country who was blown
off the face of the Earth.
You had the leaders
that we left behind were
totally corrupt, they
were totally corrupt.
These were corrupt people.
That's what happened with ISIS.
They wouldn't
include these people
and ISIS turned out and ISIS
turned out to be a lot tougher
and a lot smarter than
the people we chose.
They didn't include them.
So who has the oil?
Iran has the oil and
ISIS has the oil.
What do we have?
We spent years there.
Two trillion dollars
it cost, two trillion,
thousands of lives, wounded
warriors, who we all love,
all over the place.
What do we have?
We have nothing.
If our leaders would
have gone away,
elect them president, tell
them to go away to the beach,
and just sun themselves
for four years,
we would have been better off.
Now, Saddam Hussein
was not a good person.
Who cares?
I'll tell you what
he was great at.
Killing terrorists.
He would kill terrorists.
Now Iraq is Harvard
University for terrorists.
You go to Iraq, you want to be
a terrorist, you go to Iraq.
It's Harvard,
that's what they do.
They kill, we don't
do, they develop
terrorists all
over the place now.
It is far worse than it
was before we started.
Now, in the meantime, we have
our country, it's crumbling.
You look at our airports,
you look at our hospitals,
you look at our roads
and our highways,
you look at our bridges,
they'll falling down,
you look at our schools.
Our country is falling apart,
we've become third
world in many respects.
Nobody can negotiate
trade deals like me.
We are going to take the 400
billion a year that we're
losing with China, that's
going to be turned around.
The 75 billion dollars a year
that we're short on with Japan.
The 50 billion dollars a
year that we lose to Mexico,
and that's right, there
will be a wall built,
it will go up, it will be built,
and people will come
into the country legally.
So I mean, I'm much
different than,
you look at Marco Rubio, very,
very weak on
illegal immigration.
You look at Ben, he's
very weak on immigration
and wants to get rid
of Medicare, I mean,
Ben wants to get
rid of Medicare,
you can't get rid of Medicare.
It would be a horrible
thing to get rid of,
it actually works, you
get rid of the fraud,
waste, and abuse, it works.
So when a man is
weak on immigration
and wants to get
rid of Medicare,
I don't know how he stays there.
So today we had a lot of news
and it was all good, it
never gets reported properly
by these people back here,
look at all those press.
You know, I've
learned two things,
more than anything else.
How smart the people are
and how bad and
dishonest the press is.
Because it is really dishonest.
It is really, really dishonest.
So we had a lot of
polls coming out today
and they were really good.
That's right, you're my man.
That's right.
So we had a Monmouth Poll,
very highly respected,
Trump 41...
Cruz 14...
And everyone else much lower.
I mean, some lower.
So I heard today when
they announced the poll,
41 to 14 and I like
Cruz, good guy,
but I heard, here's how they
announced, Cruz surging.
So when I heard, this was
on television, Cruz surging,
so I said oh, I don't know,
that sounds bad to me.
Coming up Cruz surging.
Then they say the Monmouth
Poll was just done,
Cruz is surging,
Trump 41, Cruz 14.
I said, wait a minute,
what's going on?
I tell you what, they are
the most dishonest people.
Then, then you know about CNN,
CNN came out just
recently 36 to 16,
Gravis Poll, highly respected.
42 to 16 to 12 to 11.
So then today, it
was very interesting,
because I did have
one poll in Iowa.
Which I never expect to get.
I can't stand the paper,
it's a horrible paper.
Des Moines Register,
it's terrible.
You know, of course I would
never say they do this,
but they have a
very small sample,
if they take about ten votes
and put them in their pocket,
it's a, you under stand that.
So Des Moines Register
was 21, 31 all of a sudden
it was like the biggest
story I've ever seen, OK?
That was just Iowa,
don't worry about it.
We love Iowa, but I think
we're doing great in Iowa,
and I expect to win Iowa,
we think we're going
to do great in Iowa.
I get by far the
biggest crowds and...Ok.
So then we had a CNN poll,
so CNN today was talking about
a poll that wasn't theirs.
And I kept saying why don't they
talk about a poll that's theirs.
So they just did this
poll, it's a new poll.
CNN in Iowa, Trump 33, Cruz 20
and then everyone else much--
So we actually sent
a couple of emails,
started to tweet a little bit,
you know the Twitter is
great when you have between,
five and 10 and 13, we
have so many people.
We have millions.
So we started to tweet, we said,
why is CNN not
playing their poll?
It's their poll.
So if anybody has an idea,
please let me know
before the evening ends.
Then we had a Fox News Poll,
which was a pretty good poll,
it was pretty much tied.
Then we had Quinnipiac.
And Quinnipiac was
28 Trump, 27 Cruz,
in other words we won,
they call it a tie,
they say it was tied.
I mean sort of when...
You know the bottom line?
I think we're going to win Iowa.
I think we're going to
win New Hampshire big.
I think that, frankly, if we
win Iowa, we run the table.
I think frankly, if
we win New Hampshire,
which we're way, way, way up
and South Carolina's
been unbelievable
and by the way, in Nevada,
in Nevada we're
winning big, big, big.
We're winning in Florida,
we're winning everywhere,
so I just want to let you know,
this is not going to be a waste
of anybody's time, believe me.
This is going to be
something special.
Do I hear some noise
over there, yes I do.
Bye, bye.
You know, look at all those
cameras turned over there,
they turn, they only turn
when there's a protester,
they never...
No they are the worst.
They only turn when
there's a protester,
they never ever turn
unless there's a protester.
Yeah, get them out
of here please.
Please, please, thank you.
Get them out.
What is our country coming
to, it's unbelievable.
No, it's unbelievable.
You know the truth
though, I'll be honest.
We should have been doing
that for the last seven years,
I give them credit.
I don't know why we don't.
I don't know why we don't.
We have a silent majority
that's actually a noisy majority
but we should have been
doing what they're doing
for the last seven years.
Because what's happening to
our country is a disgrace.
It's a disgrace.
So alright, thank you, good job.
- We love you Trump!
- I love you too.
I love you, I do love you.
That's why I'm doing this.
I had such a nice life,
I had such an easy life,
now I'm doing this,
give me a break.
We're going to make
America great again, folks.
We're going to
make America great.
And with me, there's
no super PACs,
there's no phony money
all over the place,
we're funding, I'm
funding my campaign.
You gotta see this.
These people, 125
million dollar super PAC,
I guarantee you, whoever it
is, you know who it is, right?
But there are many of them,
there are many of them.
They have all of this
money in super PACs,
then super PACs totally
control the candidate.
They totally control
the candidate.
If they want something,
they get something.
And if it's not to your benefit,
they couldn't care less.
They don't care, believe me.
And that's what's
sick about the system.
And frankly, six months ago
I was on the other side,
I was like the fair haired boy.
I gave 350,000 to the Republican
Governors Association,
I was on the other side.
I was like establishment,
can you believe it?
Now I'm a politician?
I hate the term.
I'm a politician.
I'll never be a politician,
I don't wanna be.
Don't want to be a politician.
They had one case, where a
super PAC, for a nice guy,
he's a nice guy so I'm not
going to mention his name,
but it was on the front page
of the Los Angeles Times,
a super PAC raised
6 million dollars.
By the time everybody took
their slice and their cut,
they were left with 140,000
dollars for the campaign.
Think of it.
Now, that's a pretty
good business,
you guys ought to
try it sometime.
Pretty good.
- At a Wisconsin
town hall meeting in April,
Trump galvanized the local crowd
with his positions on NATO,
international security,
trade agreements,
and America's ever
spiraling national debt.
- And you know, our theme,
Make America Great Again.
Folks, we're going
to make it so great.
But here's what I
want to explain.
We always have a problem,
it's a problem in translation,
because the press is
so totally dishonest.
I mean, you have no idea.
No, no, you have no idea.
It's amazing how
smart the people are,
they are and he's saying
you got that right.
Look, the people get it, they
are really, really dishonest.
They'll put like one
tenth of a sentence in,
they'll cut you off,
and worse are cameras.
I always used to say I
love doing television.
Because if you do
television, it's there.
Well, then they show like
a tiny piece of a clip.
It's almost worse than
the way they write.
But the press is very dishonest.
So let me just tell
you what happened.
So you know NAFTA's been
a total disaster right,
it's drained businesses.
Well, now we have a
new one called TPP,
Transpacific Partnership.
It is so bad, it's
worse than NAFTA.
It's worse than NAFTA.
It will drain Wisconsin.
It will drain the United States.
We're doing it with
various countries,
All put together a
7,000 page document
that I almost guarantee
you nobody in our country
has ever read, and those
countries, from Asia mostly,
are all every word is
like studied and analyzed
and we just sign it.
First of all, we shouldn't
sign with 12 countries.
We should sign one,
two, three, four,
and we reward the
good countries,
this way the bad
countries come in
and they take advantage
of the good countries,
it's too complicated.
It's a stupid deal.
Ted Cruz is totally
in favor of it,
because people want him
to be in favor of it.
Kasich, who voted for
NAFTA, is in favor of it
because people say you're
going to vote for that deal,
you're in favor of it,
because they support him
and he has no choice.
And that deal is
a horrible deal.
And you have liberals
that want it.
And you have conservatives
and then you have
plenty of people in
congress that don't want it.
OK, but those are the ones
that are being honest.
And the biggest single
point of the deal
is monetary manipulation,
devaluation of the currency.
And that's how China and
many other countries,
take the most advantage of,
is devaluation of
their currency.
They kill us.
This year we're going to have a
500 billion dollar trade
deficit with China.
Then somebody will say, so look,
I'm really a good businessman,
I'm so good at business,
you people are going to be so
rich so fast, you don't even...
You don't know how rich
you're going to be.
We're going to go
from a debtor nation,
it's going to
you're going to say,
wow, what happened?
But look, look, you have Ted
Cruz that refused to approve
any language on devaluation.
Any language on
monetary manipulation.
That's where they
beat us, folks.
They devalue their
currency so much
and then we see our dollar
holding and going up,
they want our dollar to
go up, it sounds good,
but in the mean time, Komatsu
is killing Caterpillar.
In the meantime, China,
look what they're doing,
they're draining our businesses,
look at what's going on
and look at what's
going on with Mexico.
Mexico is taking our businesses,
not only for devaluation,
for a lot of other reasons.
The biggest is that
our politicians
don't know what the
hell they're doing.
Or contributions, OK.
So look, look, we are
going to change things,
and that's big money,
those are trade deals.
I have Carl Icahn,
great, great businessman,
we have the greatest
business people in the world
in this country, but
we don't use them.
We use political hacks,
third rate political slobs,
to negotiate with the
smartest people in China.
The smartest people in Japan.
And we have all the cards,
people don't realize it.
Without our money, with
out this big pot of money
that's being drained
out of your pocket.
And by the way, just
I have to do this,
because I just feel I have to,
I want to read you
some statistics.
And you know,
you're going to say,
oh, we'll you're going
to know about it.
So where am I talking about?
20% of the manufacturing
jobs have left since 2000,
you know where that is?
According to the Journal,
the Journal Sentinel,
Wisconsin chronically
logs, now look at this,
Wisconsin chronically
lags the rest
of the United States
in job creation.
That's not what you hear.
Here's what happened
with Scott Walker,
and I can only say this because,
I couldn't ask for
his endorsement.
I mean, what I did
to that poor guy.
Man, no what I did to him.
And he's a nice
person, but who cares?
I don't care if he's nice.
I want to make our country
rich and good again.
We put out a statement today,
we watched this
and it's impossible
to watch this gross incompetence
that I watched last night.
And we put out a statement
a little while ago.
And these people
are going crazy.
They won't report it properly.
Should I read you the statement?
Donald J Trump is calling for,
now you gotta listen to
this, because this is pretty
heavy stuff and it's common
sense and we have to do it.
Remember the poll numbers.
25%, 51%, remember
the poll numbers,
OK, so remember this, so listen,
Donald J Trump is calling for
a total and complete shutdown
of Muslims entering
the United States
until our country's
can figure out what
the hell is going on.
We have no choice.
We have no choice.
We have no choice.
According to Pew
Research, among others,
there is a great hatred
toward Americans,
by large segments of
the Muslim population.
Most recently, a poll from
Center for Security Policy
released data showing
25% of those polled
agreed that violence
against Americans,
these are people that
are here, by the way.
The people are here.
25, not one percent, by the way,
one percent would
be unacceptable.
One percent is unacceptable.
25% of those polled agreed
that violence against
Americans here in the
United States is justified,
as part of the global jihad.
They want to change
your religion.
I don't think so, I don't
think so, I don't think so.
Not going to happen.
As part of the global jihad.
And 51% of those polled
agreed that Muslims in America
should have the choice of being
governed according to sharia.
You know what sharia is?
Sharia authorizes and I,
look this is, I
mean, it's terrible,
Sharia authorizes
such atrocities as
murder against non-believers
who won't convert,
beheadings and more
unthinkable acts,
that pose great harm to
Americans, especially women.
I mean, you look,
especially women.
Tough stuff.
And we have a president that
won't even mention the term.
And you're talking
about numbers like this.
Mr. Trump stated,
without looking
at the various polling data,
it's obvious to anybody that
hatred is beyond comprehension.
Of such a big portion.
Where the hatred comes from,
and why we will
have to determine.
We're going to have
to figure it out.
We have to figure it out,
we can't live like this,
it's going to get
worse and worse.
You're going to have
more World Trade Centers.
It's going to get
worse and worse, folks.
We can be politically correct
and we can be stupid, but it's
going to get worse and worse.
Until we are able to determine
and understand this problem
and the dangerous
threat it imposes,
our country cannot be the
victim of horrendous attacks
by people that
believe only in jihad.
These are people who
only believe in jihad.
They don't want our system,
they don't want our system.
And have no sense of reason
or respect for human life.
They have no respect
for human life.
- As
the weeks rolled on,
the other republican hopefuls
fell away one by one,
suspending their campaigns
and returning to
the drawing board,
as the Trump train
continued gaining
steam from coast to coast.
Finally, with only
Texas Ted Cruz,
and Ohio's John Kasich
left standing against him,
Trump appeared at the
Pennsylvania rally
addressing a public pact
between his two rivals,
wherein they agreed not to
campaign against one another
in remaining states in
an effort to block Trump
from steam rolling to
the party's nomination.
- So I went on.
Senator Cruz has
done very poorly,
especially with getting
votes, he can't get votes.
And after his New
York performance,
which was a total disaster,
he as in a free fall.
And you know, he reacts
very badly under pressure,
he chokes under pressure,
boy does it choke like a dog.
Also, approximately 80%, which
is true, it might be high,
approximately 80% of the
Republican Party, right now,
because I actually think the
20% is high, is against him
and against Kasich,
it's even worse.
Now, Kasich, he's only got
yeah, one state out of 41.
So he's one for 41.
I'll tell you something, I
had a dirty poll given to me.
Florida and Ohio were being
done at the same time, right?
And I was winning
Florida by a lot,
even though I was running
against actually a good guy,
Marco Rubio, by this time,
Bush had dropped out.
And you know, it was set up.
Because when they heard that
Trump was running,
they changed it.
Because let me tell you,
we have a rigged system.
We have a corrupt system.
This whole thing with the
delegates is ridiculous
and you have to go out
and you have to get your
beautiful delegate card
and you have to vote
for your delegates.
The delegates, it's crazy.
You know, it would
be nice if you
could just go out and vote.
We can win this state, I mean
we're way up in the polls,
don't let that fool you,
go out tomorrow and vote.
Don't let it fool you.
But here's the story.
And they just said, Mr.
Trump, when you go up there,
can you please tell
them to take their card,
vote for the Trump delegates.
I said, that's not like a cool
thing to say during a speech.
Vote for the Trump delegates.
OK, now I've done my job.
You know, it would be nice
if you could just vote
and just be done with it.
But the system is
so complicated.
Now we have a great head
of the republican party,
so we're very lucky.
And we have some great people
and we have some
amazing delegates
and they're going
to do a great job.
But here's the story,
here's the story.
Thank you, I love you
too, look at this guy.
And you know, the Kasich
thing is interesting
because here's a guy that
just says I'm going to stay.
Like a stubborn,
like if you have
a child who's a spoiled brat,
where they go, I
don't care daddy,
get out of the room
daddy, I don't care.
This is like a spoiled guy.
If you look at it, Ben
Carson, who has endorsed me,
did much better, I
mean he was tough.
And Ben Carson, Dr. Ben
Carson, great, he did better.
Chris Christie, who
endorsed me, did better.
Marco Rubio did much better.
I mean, you look at Marco Rubio,
he has more delegates
right now than Kasich has
and he's been in the race
for a shorter period of time.
It's just a guy that said,
I don't care, I'm staying.
And then you see him
eating in the morning.
Do you ever see,
I have never seen!
He's stuffing pancakes
in his mouth like this.
And I'm always telling my boy,
take small bites, Barron,
little tiny bites.
And yesterday he said,
"Daddy, who is that
guy on television?
"That's disgusting."
Do you ever see?
Then they talk
about presidential,
oh I see, he's presidential.
He puts pancakes
this big in his mouth
and he's shoving them in.
This is not a
presidential person.
Look, look, Marco Rubio
has more delegates.
But you have many, I mean,
Jeb Bush could have stayed,
a lot of people could have
just said, "I don't care!"
They have no path
to victory, folks.
And I'm going to win
on the first ballot,
I don't care about what's
going on with the second.
You know, they, the
press, I don't care--
I don't care.
It's a crooked system, so how
would you like to have this?
Trump wins by four or
five million votes.
You see California, I'm at 49%.
We're going out to Indiana
and the people of
Indiana are smart.
And the people of
Indiana know that
I've been speaking
about for four months,
the horrible treatment that
Carrier air conditioning
gave to the people
that worked for them
and to the people of
Indianapolis, Indiana,
where they said,
you're all fired,
every one of you are fired,
we're moving to Mexico.
Finally, it was time
for the crucial
Indiana primaries.
And though Donald Trump's
ideologies had done nothing
but garner more and more
support on the campaign trail,
the outcome was
even more striking
and decisive than anyone
could have predicted.
- I've got it right
from you folks, OK?
60,000, in fact, two
weeks ago it was 55,000,
now it's 60,000 negative ads,
most of which are absolutely
false and disgusting,
and I said, how can
anybody endure this?
I had one evening two nights
ago where literally they had
five ads on in between segments
of a show that I was watching.
And I said, that's
just incredible.
And the people are so
smart, they don't buy it,
they get it and tremendous--
Tremendous amounts
of money were spent,
millions of millions of dollars,
and they were comparing it,
they think it was probably
eight million dollars
was spent against me
and we spent 900,000
dollars, so, I mean to me,
that's the way it's
supposed to be.
That's something that makes me
feel really, really very good
and now we're going to Nebraska,
where I have, I just hear
we're doing really wonderfully,
I look forward to that very much
and West Virginia and
we're going to get those
miners back to work,
I'll tell you what.
We're going to get those
miners back to work.
We're not going to
be Hillary Clinton,
and I watched her
three or four weeks ago
when she was talking about
the miners as if they were
just numbers and she was
talking about she wants the
mines closed and she will
never let them work again.
Let me tell you, the
miners in West Virginia
and Pennsylvania, which was
so great to me last week,
Ohio, and all over,
they're going to
start go work again, believe me,
you're going to be proud
again to be miners.
So we'll be going there.
I must say, this tremendous
run that we've had,
started with New York,
where we had almost 62%,
and don't forget, that's
with three people,
so 62% with two people
is a massive landslide,
but 63%, almost, just
a little over 62,
when you have that
kind of a number
with three people, it's
actually unheard of.
And all throughout, it was
17 people, then 15, then 12
and you know, it's tremendous.
And we were getting
very high numbers.
And some of the
numbers, in my opinion,
that I got in the
early stages were,
when a state with 32%
but there were 14 people,
I think that might be
actually more and better
than getting 62% in New York,
but we never got
credit for that,
but now we don't
need the credit,
because we're going after
Hillary Clinton, she will not--
She will not be a
great president,
she will not be
a good president,
she will be a poor president.
She doesn't understand
trade, her husband signed
perhaps in the
history of the world,
the single worst
trade deal ever done.
It's called NAFTA.
And I was witness to the carnage
over the last six
weeks especially.
Now, I've known Syracuse
and I've known Poughkeepsie
and I've known all
of the different
places that I
visited in New York
and then Pennsylvania
and then Maryland,
which treated me so great and
the people are incredible,
and all of the different
states, Connecticut.
And I've witnessed what it's
done, really first hand.
And it has been,
indeed, carnage.
And we're going to
change it around.
We're not going to let Carrier
and all of these companies
just think that they can
move, go to another country,
make their products,
sell it back to us,
and we get only one thing,
we get unemployment.
Not going to happen
any more, folks.
Not going to happen anymore.
- Following his
resounding primary victory,
Trump appeared before a
rockest West Virginia crowd
and wasted no time targeting
Democratic front runner
Hillary Clinton's stance on
eliminating the
American coal industry.
The reaction was
understandably electric.
- But the miners don't
want to leave anyway,
is that right, you
want to stay here?
You want to open the mines.
We're going to open the mine.
I see over here Trump
digs coal, look at that,
Trump digs coal, that's true.
That's true, I do.
So I've always been
fascinated by it,
I've been fascinated by the
whole sequence of doing it.
It's incredible the
engineering now that's involved
and the safety and
all that's taken place
over the last number of years,
especially over
the last ten years.
And all of it's getting
safe and has it gets safe,
they're taking it away from
you in a different way.
And I just think
you're amazing people
and you watch what
happens, if I win,
we're going to bring
those miners back,
you're going to be so
proud of your president,
you're going to be so
proud of your country.
You watch.
And the other night, you
know we had a big night,
we won Indiana.
And that was a great night.
And I had so much
help, Bobby Knight,
boy did he help me,
wow, Bobby Knight.
And we had Lou Holtz and we had
the great coach from Purdue,
we had a lot of
people, Digger Phelps,
but I'll tell you Bobby went,
and he called me like a year
ago, and Bobby is Indiana,
he won 900 games, won
three championships,
won the Olympics,
won the Pan Am Games.
And about a year ago,
before I was going to run,
because I've been
doing this like
for nine and a half, 10 months.
Before I really made up my mind,
I get a call from Bobby Knight,
who I had never met,
but I know Bobby Knight.
He's tough, he's smart,
and he knows how to win,
that's a good
combination, right?
By the way, that's
what the country needs.
And he calls me up and I
recognize his voice immediately
because, "Mr. Trump, this is
Bobby Knight, I hope you run."
I said, "Bobby, run for what?"
OK, because I'm telling you,
I was three or four months away.
He said, "I hope
you run, Mr. Trump.
"You run for president,
you are going to
"make this country great
again, I've been following."
And you know what he is,
he's an expert on talent.
He's talent.
And he said, he said,
"I just hope you run."
I said, "Well, you know,
Bobby, I really appreciate it,
"I haven't made up my mind yet,
"but I'd love your number
and let me call you back if,
"you know, if I decide to run."
He said, "Well, you have
my support, call me back."
So, you know, a lot
of time goes by.
And then the races and
I'm winning and winning
and doing really
great, but it's,
you've been hearing me
say, it's a rigged system.
But now I don't say it anymore
because I won, OK, it's true.
Now I don't care.
I don't care.
And the only way I won way
I won by such big margins,
because it is a rigged system.
But the only way you can just,
it's like a boxer, you
gotta knock him out,
then you can worry
about the judges.
But, but it's true,
I tell that story.
You knock them out
and you don't have
to worry about
the judges, right?
And I won by so much and
what happened with Bobby
is a friend of mine from
Indiana, the Hilbert's.
I said who would be
a good endorsement?
Because it was so long
ago that Bobby called.
He said, "Well,
Bobby Knight would be
"the greatest endorsement
you could get,
"but you know, I doubt you
could get Bobby Knight."
I said, "I think I can!"
So I'm sitting at my desk
and I'm looking
through all this stuff.
I didn't put in iPhones right,
I like the notes better,
right, you know, the old
fashion, bop, bop, bop,
put it under a pile
of stuff, right?
And I'm sitting at
my desk and I look
and there it is, Bobby Knight.
And I call him up and
he picks up the phone
and we're just about
ready to go to Indiana
and he goes, "I've been
waiting for you to call."
I said, "That's right,
Bobby, you're gonna--"
Up for growth, they
came to my office,
they asked me for
a million dollars,
I said I'm not
interested and then they
advertised against me,
can you believe that?
It's called welcome to
the world of politics.
So I'm looking and
one ad after another
and I say to my people,
there's no way we can win,
they spent nine
million dollars or so,
they had thousands of
these ads in Indiana.
I called my people, I
said there's no way.
I just watched a program
and at intermission,
they had four ads, all
negative ads to Trump
and my guy said, "No,
you're going to win."
I said, "Alright, let's see."
And we won in Indiana in a
landslide, it was amazing.
It was amazing.
And Bobby and all of the
guys, they were incredible.
That endorsement though,
was an amazing endorsement,
because he's revered in Indiana
and outside of Indiana, they
know who Bobby Knight is
because he's generally speaking
beat your basketball teams,
you know it's one of those
things, so that was great.
And then a couple of
weeks before that,
I won New York in a landslide,
and New York is
good, won everything.
And the nice part about New
York is they know me well
and the same thing with the ads.
Negative ads, negative ads.
You know that
thing, never Trump,
you know why it's never Trump?
Because I'm going to
stop the gravy train
for all these consultants
and all of these people
that are ripping
off our country.
It's called the gravy train.
So never Trump, by the way,
a lot of these never Trumps
are calling up, "Mr. Trump,
I admire you greatly, sir,
"We'd love to join
the campaign."
I said, "Didn't you do a
horrible ad at me two weeks ago?
"And weren't you on a show
where you said horrible things?"
I said, "How do you
pivot from that to
"saying you think I'm
a wonderful person?"
He said, "No problem,
sir, you know why?
"Politicians, they can do that."
I have hard time doing
it, they can do it.
So now it's really caught
on and everyone's happy
and then we had, as you know,
two weeks ago we had
five, we had Maryland,
which was unbelievable, all
victories by landslides.
We had Maryland, Pennsylvania,
where the miners are
there and the miners there
are just absolutely,
they're dying for work.
They're dying for work
and they're great people.
They're great people.
I don't know if they're as good
as the West Virginia miners,
what do you think, I don't know.
I don't know, I don't know,
I don't know who's better.
I don't know, they're damn good.
But they're great people
and dying for work.
And I was in Pittsburgh and
I was around Pennsylvania,
so we won Pennsylvania,
we won Connecticut,
and in Connecticut,
I won everything from
Greenwich to the poorest areas.
They said, "He won Greenwich,
we have very wealthy people,
"and he won the poorest
areas, won everything."
I won with men,
I won with women.
Very important, what?
These people.
You know, the media is the
most dishonest group of people,
but boy they're killing
me with the women.
And I think I'm doing great.
You know, every state I've
won with women, bigly.
So I've won with men and women.
I've won with rich and poor,
highly educated and less
than highly educated.
White, African American,
we've won with every category.
So I won the five states.
And then I won Indiana, so
we won all of the stuff.
And then it was all of a sudden
like they just had enough,
they couldn't stand
Trump winning.
And they couldn't stand
the fact that a person
that has never done
this politically before
and a person that's self
funding his campaign,
I don't take the contributions.
And by the way, for
the general election,
I'm going to help raise
money for the party
and they'll work with us,
but we're going to need,
you know I hear the
Democrats are going to raise
two billion dollars,
you believe it?
This is politics,
two billion dollars.
And I'm also going to put in
a lot of money in the general,
but we're helping
to raise money,
we have a great group and we're
raising money for the party
and we're going to get a lot of
other people elected
with us, I will tell you.
So it's been amazing
folks, it's been amazing.
And that's when, I mean
this was going to be next,
and I really wanted to come here
and I just didn't have the heart
to say thanks a
lot West Virginia,
you know, I didn't
have the heart.
I have, by the way, I
have a team of people
that were so great
and they were so
disappointed that I won early,
they wanted to win like now,
so they get a little
of the credit.
I said, "Hey, we just
picked up all the delegates,
"we don't have to
do anything, right?"
But I just glad to be here,
because I love you people.
The real people.
You're the real, real people,
you make this country great.
Remember that, you make
this country great.
If they didn't have ridiculous
regulations that put
you out of business,
if they didn't have these
ridiculous rules and regulations
that make it impossible
for you to compete,
so we're going to take that
all off the tables folks
and you better do well
and you better compete
and make me proud of you, OK?
You'll be proud of me.
But make me proud of you.
Speaking to ABC News,
George Stephanopoulos
after the big win,
Trump addressed
the well publicized
divisions within the
Republican party.
His ideas on finding unity
with house speaker Paul Ryan
and again, his plan
to bolster America's
diminished position in
international trade.
- Paul Ryan's different, he's
the Speaker of the House,
he's the highest ranking elected
Republican in the
country right now,
and he's the Chairmen
of the Convention.
Back in March, you
said he'd pay a
price if he didn't
get along with you,
what is that price?
- Well, we're going
to see what happens.
He wants to meet,
he'd like to meet,
and I think we're
meeting on Thursday
and we'll just see what happens,
it's just more drama, but
I think it's a mistake
not to do this, we want to
bring the party together,
does the party have
to be together?
Does it have to be unified?
I'm very different
than everybody else,
perhaps that's ever
run for office,
I actually don't think so.
I think that--
- It doesn't have to be unified?
- No, I don't think so,
I think it would be
better if it were unified,
I think it would be, there would
be something good about it,
but I don't think it actually
has to be unified in
the traditional sense.
I'm going to do
what I have to do,
I have millions of
people that voted for me
because I have strong boarders,
because I want strong
trade, I want good trade.
I want trade, I don't want
to be an isolationist,
but what's happening with China,
what's happening with Japan,
what's happening with Mexico,
is just absolutely
eating our lunch,
it's a shame, it's terrible.
So I have to stay true
to my principles also.
And I'm a conservative,
but don't forget,
this is called the
Republican Party,
it's not called the
conservative party,
you know there are
conservative parties,
it's called the
Republican Party.
I am a conservative.
- It
was Plato who said,
"The measure of a man is
what he does with power,"
and after a lifetime
in the spotlight,
entrepreneur, developer,
financier, TV star,
and now presidential
candidate Donald Trump,
has managed to rally a
majority of Americans
behind a simple,
yet powerful idea.
That we can all be great again.