One Night Stand Murder (2023) Movie Script

Uh, hey, I'm gonna go.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Hi, cindy?
- alyssa?
- I need to talk to you.
I'm half-awake
but I'm listening.
No. In person.
Can I meet you at your office?
I'll be there in about an hour.
Yeah, I'll see you soon.
Where are you coming from?
I haven't been home
since yesterday.
What's going on?
Can anyone hear us?
With the door shut?
No, of course not.
Is your office soundproof?
Is it soundproof, cindy?
Alyssa, I see clients in here
all the time.
I can assure you,
no one can hear us.
And, more importantly,
no one is listening.
Now, sit.
Alyssa, sit.
Now, tell me what's wrong.
If I tell you something,
do you promise
To keep it confidential?
Are you retaining me
as legal counsel?
What? Cindy, you know,
I can't afford
to hire you right now.
Just tell me you're retaining me
as legal counsel.
-Okay. But I would--
-alyssa, just tell me.
Okay. Fine.
Yeah, I'm retaining you
as my legal counsel, my lawyer.
Now, anything you tell me
Is covered under
attorney-client privilege.
Okay. Start from the beginning.
Okay. Um, okay.
I woke up this morning
in a stranger's bed.
That sounds like something more
for a therapist than a lawyer.
He was dead.
-He was dead.
I'm sorry. What?
Can you please stop saying what?
-You're sure.
I'm pretty positive
he wasn't moving.
There was blood.
Tell me everything.
Uh, there's not much to tell.
That's the thing.
I just woke up
And I was in bed with this guy.
And I tried to wake him up.
I tried to wake him
and he just--
He didn't move and he was--
And you don't know
how you got there or who he was?
I don't remember anything.
Alyssa, I have to ask.
-Did you--
-what? Kill him?
Of course not.
Then why didn't you call
the cops?
Because I looked in his wallet.
And do you know
who fletcher doyle is?
The billionaire investor?
You woke up
in fletcher doyle's bed?
- Yeah.
- how do you know him?
I don't. I don't think I do.
Okay. I still don't understand
Why you didn't call the police
right away.
Because I'm scared, cindy.
I was scared.
Do you know how bad this looks?
A high-profile billionaire
winds up dead
In bed with some strange girl.
Who do you think the cops
are gonna believe?
But you say
you had nothing to do with it.
I didn't. I don't.
Alyssa, as your lawyer,
I am telling you
to go to the police now.
They'll understand why
you were frightened at first.
And as your friend?
I'd tell you
the exact same thing.
Okay. Yeah, I'll think about it.
There's nothing to think about.
It's the smart thing,
the only thing to do.
-This looks bad.
This looks bad.
That's why
you have to turn yourself in.
No. No. I can't.
I need to get more information.
I need to figure out
how I can explain this.
you remember that?
Yeah. Hiking driftwood canyon.
You made me a photo album
with that trip.
Yeah. I have one for myself.
You remember how many times
I wanted to turn back?
But you wouldn't let me.
You said, "if we keep going,
we'll make it."
This isn't a hike, alyssa.
This is real life.
It's not enough to be brave.
You have to be smart.
- keller.
- Yeah.
can I borrow you?
You get a chance
to look at this whole place yet?
No. Not yet.
What do you think
a place like this goes for?
I don't know, allen.
I'm not a real estate agent.
I was talking to willis
And he was trying to tell me
exactly, you know,
What this guy did
to make all his money.
It made no sense.
Yeah. That's racks.
All right. Over here.
Two glasses,
both with visible fingerprints.
Forensics already dusted
and bagged them.
All right. Good.
Ever try that?
It's good?
Eh, it's not $800 good.
that's $800?
Whoa. This is a 30-year.
You can't get this
for less than five grand.
It must be nice. Anyway.
Because of the two glasses,
I figured there were only
two people here last night,
Doyle and whoever
he came back with.
It wasn't like he was having
some rager wreaking havoc.
Yeah. A large party.
I'm trying to stay young.
No. It's good.
It's good. I like it.
-All right. What else?
-Well, this is obvious.
But this isn't.
When we arrived,
the door was closed
But unlocked.
Yeah. So whoever did this
didn't have the key.
But there was no sign
of forced entry.
Doorframe is intact.
Lock is in perfect
working order.
Uh-hmm. So they were invited in.
But the alarm was shut off.
And I called
the security company.
They said
it was never triggered,
Which means doyle shut it off.
Or it was never turned on
in the first place.
But the alarm got me thinking.
I mean, this is a simple system.
My parents have this system.
If you're a billionaire,
Wouldn't you want
better security?
I don't know. You'd think so?
I looked everywhere inside
of the house for other cameras.
There were none.
No cameras in the house,
Except for that security camera
Pointed right at the front door.
And the weird thing, detective,
It was never actually turned on.
So that's the question, right?
I can't figure out
an answer to it.
You are a billionaire.
You have a lot
of valuable stuff,
Things you might wanna protect,
Heirlooms and the like.
So what exactly
do you make of that?
Sounds to me like a billionaire
who doesn't want a record
Of who's coming in and out
of his house late at night.
Time of death?
Sometime last night.
I won't know for certain
until we get him to the morgue.
again, I won't know for certain
-Until we get--
-best guess?
He was stabbed
with a sharp object.
Single blow,
straight to the heart.
A knife?
Most likely.
So I'm guessing we didn't find
a murder weapon, huh?
-All right.
Thanks, maguire.
Hopefully, we find our guy soon.
Detective, it could be a woman.
Why do you say that?
Did you find any, uh,
Evidence in the bed?
Well, the way the sheets
are peeled back
On the other side seems like
someone spent the night.
And as you know, a single
stab wound through the heart
Usually indicates
a crime of passion.
And so maybe it was a romantic
evening gone wrong.
Wrong is an understatement.
it's a shame too.
He's a good-looking guy.
yeah. Was.
Still is.
All right, maguire,
Call me
if you find anything else.
Will do.
hey, willis?
Yes, sir.
You took the call on this?
-Yes, sir.
-All right.
Walk me through it.
well, this man, doyle,
He had an important meeting
early this morning.
- Where?
- at his office.
When he didn't arrive,
his employees got worried.
They say he would never
miss a meeting
Unless something was wrong.
When no one
can get ahold of him,
They called us
to do a wellness check.
And when we arrived,
We found him like this.
What? Okay.
Did you reconsider?
No, but, cindy, listen,
I found something.
what's that?
Um, I don't know why
I didn't think of this before,
But I checked my text messages
and phone calls from that night.
-Yes. It's here.
And they're gone.
What do you mean they're gone?
- they've been deleted.
- I'll leave this.
The only text messages
and phone calls I have
-Are from this morning.
-And you didn't delete them?
I mean,
I don't remember doing it,
But then again, I don't remember
anything before waking up
In bed with a stranger,
so who knows?
Did you give anyone
your password?
No. No. Of course not.
But if someone was with me,
They could have used
my fingerprint.
Are texts stored on the cloud?
If the cloud is on,
which mine usually is,
But it was turned off.
Someone definitely
didn't want me
Seeing my messages.
I don't know
what to tell you, alyssa,
Other than what I already said.
We need to go to the cops.
I didn't call or text you,
did I?
If you had,
I would have told you.
Right. Yeah.
Okay. Thanks, cindy.
Yeah. Come on in.
Sir, we lifted
some usable prints
From the glasses on the bar.
There were two sets.
One was doyle's of course
And the other one,
we just couldn't identify.
and there was something else.
Fletcher doyle
never had sex that night.
How do you know that?
Medical examiner confirmed it.
What about the victim's phone?
It's with his personal effects
in evidence.
I need to see that.
Yes, sir.
Browser history.
here you go, sir.
-Phone's inside?
-Yes, sir.
It's already bagged
with the passcode
Written on the front.
Is there anything else, sir?
No. That's it, willis.
You can, uh--
you can go home now.
Thank you, sir.
Hey, what can I get you?
Uh, information, I hope.
I don't like the sound of that.
Don't worry.
The only one
who would get in trouble is me.
Okay. Um, shoot.
Do you recognize me?
Can't say that I do, no.
I think I may have been here
last night.
It's one of those nights, huh?
I'm sorry. I wasn't working
last night, so--
If I give you my credit card,
could you run it?
- Run it?
- yeah.
Just see if I was here.
I'm sorry, ms. Alyssa morgan,
But our system
doesn't really work like that.
Sorry. I wish I can help you.
That's all right. Thanks.
Hey. You feeling okay?
After last night,
I was a little bit worried.
Do you know me?
Well, I recognize you
From last night.
Although I can't say
I'm surprised
-You don't remember.
-I don't remember anything.
Oh, you were having a good time,
If that makes you feel
any better.
Was I with anyone?
Yeah. You sure were.
And he was a cutie.
Um, if I show you a picture
of the man I was with,
Would you recognize him?
Uh-hmm. You bet.
Is this him?
Yeah. That's him.
Are you sure?
I'm positive.
I'm good with faces.
He had a nice one.
Did you see me leave with him?
I didn't.
In fact, I, uh--
I thought he stiffed me,
But he didn't seem like
the type.
What do you mean?
Well, I went to bring the check
But you guys were gone.
Like I said,
I assumed you ran out.
But then I saw your date
left cash under the coaster.
Tipped 50%.
Didn't even see the bill.
I should get back.
Um, thank you.
Hey, what can I get you?
Have you seen this man?
What'd we got, a two-for-one
special on information today?
-Excuse me?
A lady came in here earlier,
Asked me if I had seen her
here last night,
But I told her I wasn't working.
Did you catch her name?
She asked me to run her card,
so, yeah, I saw her name.
What was it?
You a cop?
Do I get anything
for helping you or--
Yeah. The satisfaction
Of knowing you did
your civic duty.
Alyssa morgan, with an a.
All clear, ma'am.
Are you sure?
Checked everywhere.
Okay. So how do you explain
the door being open?
-Maybe you left it open.
This was the last place
I was before I went upstairs.
I would have noticed that.
Maybe the wind blew it open.
Been pretty windy out lately.
My doors don't just blow open,
And even if they did,
the door was locked.
I always lock it.
This had to be a break-in.
Any idea who?
I mean, isn't that your job
to figure out?
I'm gonna be honest
with you, ms. Morgan.
We just don't have any evidence
of a break-in here.
Lock isn't broken.
There's no forced entry
on the doorframe.
Anyone out there you think
might wanna hurt you?
Jealous boyfriend?
Angry coworker?
Anything odd
or out of the ordinary
Happened to you recently?
Ms. Morgan?
No. No.
Well, then I'm afraid
there's not much we can do.
Maybe think about putting
in an alarm system, hmm?
Might make you feel
a little bit better.
Lock the door.
Try and get some rest.
Have a good night, ms. Morgan.
They're the same.
-You sure?
-Take a look yourself.
There's no doubt about it.
The prints that
you told me to run
Are identical to the ones that
we found at the doyle residence.
So whose are they?
A woman named alyssa morgan.
Alyssa morgan?
-You know her?
-No, but I know the name.
You haven't read the overnights,
have you?
Been a little busy, willis.
Well, allen was called out
to her house late last night.
To whose house?
To alyssa morgan's house?
-Apparently, she thought
She had an intruder
in her house.
But according to his report,
Allen couldn't find anyone.
Can't just be a coincidence.
I wouldn't think so.
Also, toxicology came
back on fletcher.
-He was roofied.
So what are you gonna do?
I'm gonna pay alyssa morgan
a visit.
Thank you for meeting me.
Of course.
That's what friends
and lawyers are for.
I still think you're making
a big mistake though.
It's not too late to go
to the police, okay?
The longer you wait,
the worse it looks.
Cindy, I was out with fletcher
that night.
How do you know?
Because whoever deleted
my texts and calls
Forgot about browser history.
I had looked up the address
to a restaurant.
So I went there
and the waitress recognized me.
She said
I was drinking with fletcher.
But you said you don't know him.
I don't.
Maybe I met him that night.
Look, alyssa, if you really
don't remember anything,
He might have drugged you.
The police will understand that.
Why? With what proof?
Because it happens all the time,
Do you know how many cases
we get that deal
With women who get roofied?
Okay. Fine. Let's say
you're right and I was drugged.
Then who killed fletcher doyle?
I have no idea.
And neither do you.
That's the point.
Look, there's something else.
Someone broke into my house
last night.
Oh, my god, alyssa.
-Are you okay?
-Yeah. I'm fine.
Did you get a good look at them?
No. And by the time the cops
arrived, he was long gone.
Cindy, I don't know
what's going on
But all of these things,
they have to be connected.
So what are you gonna do now?
I'm gonna find out how.
Hi, ms. Morgan.
My name is detective keller.
May I speak with you?
Did you catch him?
-The prowler from yesterday.
Oh. Um, no.
I'm afraid we haven't.
May I come in?
Yeah. Come on in.
Have a seat.
Can I get you something
to drink or...
No. I'm fine.
I understand you had
a conversation
With one of my colleagues
yesterday, detective allen.
Yeah. I don't think he believed
a word I said.
Why do you say that?
He never found anything
And I just got the feeling
-He thought I was crazy.
I'm sure that's not the case.
Tell me, ms. Morgan--
Oh, you can call me alyssa.
You don't have any idea who
the intruder might have been?
Your guess is as good as mine.
-You received any threats?
And you haven't met anyone
new recently?
Not that I can think of.
Well, why don't you walk me
through the last couple days?
I don't see how that
could be helpful.
Oh, it might help you
remember something.
Okay. Um,
I did what I always do.
I work. I work from home
as a graphic designer.
Uh, maybe I went for dinner
and drinks with some friends.
Which friends?
I don't remember.
You don't remember?
Seems kinda odd. No?
I mean, this was just
the night before the last.
What was?
The night in question.
You're not here to follow up
about the intruder, are you?
where were
you two nights ago, alyssa?
Look, I didn't kill him, okay?
Why don't you tell me
what happened.
Uh, I don't remember. I wasn't--
we have your fingerprints
On a glass from his house
that night.
We know that you were there.
Anything you tell me right now
will only help you.
Uh, can I call a lawyer?
I wanna talk to my lawyer.
I don't think
you don't need one of those.
Do you?
Am I being arrested?
No. We're just talking.
Then I don't have to answer
your questions.
I know you probably
don't believe me right now
But I'm only trying to help you.
By entrapping me?
That's not
what's happening here.
You don't have enough evidence.
You would have arrested me
We have your fingerprints
at the murder scene.
Trust me,
there's plenty of evidence.
I, um--I just have to use
the bathroom really quick.
Yeah, it's keller.
I need a apb on a suspect.
Alyssa morgan.
You lose my number?
Is there anyone inside?
Like who?
Just answer me, roger.
Is there anyone in there?
No, there shouldn't be.
Can I come inside
and talk to you?
Alyssa, what's going on?
Please, roger. Can I come in?
It's important.
Yeah. Okay. Yeah.
Isn't it a little early
for that?
Not for the day I'm having.
Why didn't you just call?
I didn't know
who might be listening.
Have you heard
of fletcher doyle?
I don't just read
the financial news, alyssa.
Okay. So you know that
he was murdered?
Of course.
I'm the main suspect.
Okay, alyssa, I don't have time
for this right now.
No. Just listen.
Okay. Sorry.
On the night he was murdered,
I woke up in his bed.
I don't remember anything else.
Why haven't
you gone to the police?
Have you talked to cindy?
Of course, she's my lawyer.
What did she say?
She wants me to turn myself in.
Yeah, I gotta say, for once,
I actually agree with her.
No. I can't turn myself in.
I'm being framed, roger,
but I don't know why.
Well, can't you just
stay with her
Until this whole thing
is sorted out?
She...I can't stay with cindy.
She's my lawyer, sure,
but she can't hide me.
She knows the cops
are looking for me.
That's harboring
a suspected felon.
I googled it.
So I'm supposed to harbor you?
Is that it?
Well, if it came down to it,
you could just claim
That you didn't know anything.
-Please, roger.
I would not ask this of you
if it wasn't important.
Have you told her about us?
No, of course not.
It was a few times
and we were stupid.
Didn't feel stupid to me.
And besides,
cindy and I were over.
Alyssa, you know that.
You didn't do anything wrong.
I don't think
she would see it that way.
She'd want you to be happy,
wouldn't she?
I just need a friend
right now, okay?
Can you do that?
Can you just
be my friend, roger?
I need you.
Welcome back.
And now for our top story,
The murder of billionaire
investor, fletcher doyle.
We're fortunate to be joined
by our next guest,
Esteemed philanthropist,
serena doyle,
Ex-wife of fletcher doyle.
Serena, thank you so much
for being here with us today.
It's my pleasure.
I, uh--
I still can't believe
this is real.
Oh, I know this must
be very hard for you.
Now, you and fletcher doyle
were married.
Actually, sally,
we're still married.
We were separated,
it's true, but...
We were planning
on getting back together.
Neither of us wanted
to get a divorce.
We were hoping
to work things out.
I understand.
Please take a moment.
I'm sorry.
What do you make of the fact
that the police are supposedly
Close to naming a suspect
in your ex...Excuse me.
In your husband's murder?
I hope that's true.
I do.
But until I hear
from the police themselves--
So you have no idea
why this person
Might have wanted
to harm your husband?
I have no idea why anyone
would wanna hurt fletcher.
He was--he was a wonderful man.
He was--
He was kind and generous.
I just...
I can't believe he's gone.
We're so sorry, serena.
We hope the person responsible
for this heinous crime
Is apprehended soon.
Stay tuned.
After the break,
we have fall fashion
For you and your pet.
All right.
wilson, blackman and stein.
May I help you?
Cindy warren, please.
may I tell her who's calling?
Tell her it's alyssa morgan.
Tell her it's an emergency.
ms. Warren,
I have alyssa morgan
On the line.
Put her through.
Alyssa, where the hell are you?
Cindy, don't worry.
I'm safe for now.
Listen to me.
The police are about to name
a suspect in the murder.
You have to turn yourself in.
- I already met with the police.
- what?
Without me?
They came to my house.
And what did you say?
I ran.
- My god, alyssa--
- cindy, listen to me.
Did you see the interview
with fletcher doyle's wife?
-I saw it.
I need you to do me a favor.
I need you to put me
in contact with her.
With serena doyle?
Yes. I need to talk to her.
alyssa, this is crazy.
Even if I knew how to reach her,
what would this accomplish?
She has to know something.
If I could just talk to her,
if I could convince her
That I'm innocent,
then maybe she could help me
Explain why this is
all happening.
Alyssa, this is a terrible idea.
Please, cindy.
How can I reach you?
You can't.
I'll call you.
Roger that. Over.
Detective keller.
We found something.
Take a look at this.
Bag it.
Well, what do you think, sir?
-We've got her.
-Send it to the lab.
I want the blood tested
against fletcher doyle's.
Yes, sir.
I'm glad you were able
to get the warrant so fast.
Yeah. Judge abott still owed me
a favor from the steiner case.
I'll keep you posted
on the blood test.
All right. Thanks, willis.
Hey, allen?
You were here last night.
What's your take
on alyssa morgan?
She called about a potential
intruder break-in.
Checked everywhere twice.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
She might be, I don't know,
Trying to throw us off,
Making herself the victim.
Yeah. Right.
-Thanks, allen.
All right, boys.
See you tomorrow.
Excuse me. Excuse me. Please.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I just wanna talk.
I need your help. Please.
-The police are looking for you.
-I know.
They think you killed that man.
If I killed him,
do you think I'd still be here?
What do you want from me?
You said you waited on us
that night.
Was there anyone else with us?
No. It was just the two of you
getting comfy, like I said.
Uh, what about her?
Was she there?
She definitely wasn't with you,
But, yeah, she was there.
She got into an argument
with the guy
That you were with,
the fletcher guy.
-About what?
-I didn't hear.
And you had left the table
while they were fighting.
-And when you say fighting--
-it wasn't a physical fight,
But there was a lot
of yelling and screaming.
Enough that I noticed.
It started to make other
guests uncomfortable.
-And she initiated it?
She came right up to you all
while you were having drinks.
I mean, the guy was embarrassed.
You could tell that much.
I assume that is why
he left such a big tip.
You really didn't do it?
Are you gonna call the cops
when I leave?
Eh, the cops never did
nothing for me.
Thank you. Thank you.
Sir, it's his.
Fletcher doyle's blood
is on the knife.
What's wrong, sir?
Willis, you just
murdered somebody.
What's the first thing
you would do?
Uh, I'd turn myself in.
I'm not questioning
your morality, willis.
Say you wanted
to get away with it,
What would you do?
Honestly, I'd probably
get rid of the weapon.
First thing anybody would do.
If you freaked out,
Maybe you'd drop it
at the scene.
What you wouldn't do is
Come home and hide it
in your underwear drawer.
Alyssa morgan's prints
were on the knife.
That doesn't mean anything.
We knew she was there
at the time of the murder.
Prints were all over the place.
Yeah. And on the murder weapon.
It doesn't feel right, willis.
Alyssa morgan went to the bar
where she met fletcher doyle.
Why'd she do that?
She was looking for somethin'.
Why didn't she tell you that?
Why did she run?
She's scared.
She's not stupid.
She knows how this looks.
If alyssa morgan didn't do it,
Then that means someone
is trying to frame her.
detective keller,
come on in.
I appreciate you taking
the time to meet me, ms. Doyle.
Of course.
Anything I can do
to help you catch that woman.
Well, that's the theory,
isn't it?
That's what they're saying
on the news.
Would you like some coffee?
Oh, I never say no to coffee.
Cream and sugar?
Black, please.
I should have guessed.
you know,
I saw your interview on tv,
- Ms. Doyle.
- yes.
Like I said, whatever I can do
to assist in the investigation.
I thought it might help
if people saw that fletcher
Wasn't just some
faceless billionaire,
But that he was
a loving family man.
Oh, but you two
were separated though, no?
it wasn't roses
all the time,
But we were planning
on getting back together.
I loved my husband very much.
Oh, yeah. I have no doubt.
Are you married, detective?
That's quite common
in your line of work, isn't it?
I would say it's rather common
in all lines of work these days.
Hmm, true.
My parents were married
for 50 years,
Miserable the entire time.
Sometimes I wonder
if that might be better.
Careful, detective.
You might burn yourself.
Ms. Doyle,
did your husband have visitors
Come over to his house
Oh, we would entertain
from time to time, sure.
Thank you.
Um, I mean,
somebody more regularly,
Like a housekeeper,
personal trainer, um,
Drug dealer, you know,
Anybody who would wanna be paid
in cash?
I don't like what
you're insinuating, detective.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm just trying to figure out
who may have done this.
We want the same thing.
There's no one
that I can think of.
So you don't think
fletcher knew this person?
I can't imagine anyone
who knew fletcher doing this.
So, he or she
Wouldn't stand to gain
anything financially,
Would they?
I assume not.
Oh, it's just, um,
Typically in crimes
of this nature, uh,
The motive is financial.
Um, tell me, ms. Doyle,
Who does stand to benefit
from your husband's death?
Excuse me?
Oh, I said, um,
who stands to benefit?
I'm not sure
I understand what you mean.
Well, I mean, your husband
was clearly a very wealthy man.
Uh, surely all this money
must go somewhere.
Does it go to a trust
or philanthropy
Or does it go to you?
I'm the beneficiary
of my husband's estate.
As are most wives,
I would imagine.
All right. Of course.
Is there something
you'd like to ask me, detective?
Actually, yes.
Did you and your husband
have a prenuptial agreement?
How is that
any of your business?
It's just a question.
Like most couples
with substantial assets,
Yes, we had
a prenuptial agreement.
And I'm sorry.
Just so I understand this, uh,
If you were to get a divorce
from your husband,
You would stand to gain
substantially less money
Than if he were to just
suddenly pass away?
I think I've answered all
of your questions, detective.
Anything else
you'd like to say to me,
You can say to my lawyer.
Of course.
I want you to know
one thing, detective.
I loved my husband very much.
And the only thing I care about
is finding his killer.
I'm happy to hear that, serena.
Me too.
Thanks for the coffee.
detective keller,
this is alyssa morgan.
Alyssa. Hey, um, where are you?
Don't worry about that
And don't bother
tracing this call.
It's a burner.
I'm not trying
to trace the call.
Despite what you see on tv,
it's not that easy to do.
I'm glad you called.
Yeah. I bet you are.
Look, I know what you're
probably thinking, all right?
But I only wanna help you.
By arresting me?
By clearing your name.
But you're not making it easy.
I didn't do it.
I know that.
I can't tell
if you're telling the truth
Or if this is police work 101,
Get the suspect to trust you.
Why'd you run from me?
I was scared.
All right.
That's understandable.
But you called me for a reason.
If it's not to turn yourself in,
then what is it?
Did you speak
with serena doyle yet?
Look, I wanna help you,
all right?
But you'll understand
that I can't discuss
Our ongoing investigation
with our chief suspect.
Okay. I'll take that as a yes.
And I'm sure you asked her
if she knew me
And she probably said no,
which is true.
We don't know each other.
Go on.
But she was there that night
At the restaurant with fletcher.
They got into an argument.
How do you know this?
the waitress
from the restaurant told me.
So, what do you think?
I think it's good,
but I need more proof.
So go get it.
You're the detective.
I have to go.
No. Alyssa, wait!
Come in.
If you do...
I swear, I'll do everything
I can to protect you.
You have my word.
I'll think about it.
- Hey.
- hey.
Nice hoodie.
Yeah, I didn't think you'd mind.
I don't know.
You get any sleep?
An hour or two.
Any updates?
Seems like everyone wants me
to turn myself in.
Cindy, the cops...
What do you think?
I think that there's something
that I'm missing.
There has to be a reason
that whoever killed fletcher
Chose me to pin this on.
And you don't trust the cops
to figure that out?
I mean, as of right now,
I'm their number one suspect.
Do you think
I should turn myself in?
I can't make that decision
for you, alyssa.
Can I stay here tonight?
You can stay here
as long as you like.
You know that.
You're not worried about aiding
and abetting?
Me? I don't know anything.
Just an old friend
who needed a place to stay.
Come on. It's all over the news.
What is?
Oh, that fletcher doyle
was murdered?
What's that have to do with you?
You hungry?
-Let's get some food.
I feel bad.
You sure you don't
want your bed?
I'll be fine on the couch.
Nah. It's all right.
I fall asleep on the couch
most nights anyway, watching tv.
Besides, someone needs
to keep watch.
I hear there's a fugitive
on the loose.
You really don't have
to do this.
Unless you're scared
and want some company.
Might take our mind
off of things.
You can't blame a guy
for tryin'.
All right.
You're a sweet man, roger.
Me and my cross to bear.
Night, alyssa.
Shh, someone's in the house.
Did you call the cops?
No. Just stay here.
I'm gonna go check it out.
What? No. I'm coming with you.
-Okay. Just stay behind me.
Shh. Shh, shh, shh.
roger, look out!
Hey, hey, hey!
-You all right? You okay?
-Yes. I'm fine. I'm fine.
-Just...Okay. Okay. All right.
Hey. Hey, hey.
-You all right?
-Yeah. Yeah.
-You okay?
He's gone.
He's gone. It's okay.
Here, here. Let's go.
Here, sit down.
I didn't see which way he went.
I don't get it.
How did he get in?
Didn't you lock the doors?
Of course I locked the doors.
He must have picked the locks.
Now the windows are busted,
the alarm didn't go off?
Hey. Hey. Look at me.
You okay?
You could have been killed.
Unfortunately, I don't think
I'm the one he wants.
Alyssa, you need to think
long and hard
About going to the police.
I can't protect you forever.
Roger, something's wrong.
What do you mean?
I don't know.
I just have a weird feeling.
What is it?
Roger, he's right there!
It's okay. He's gone.
We thought that last time
And then there
he was in the kitchen.
There's two of 'em.
Two? Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm positive.
There's no way
he could've got back inside.
I mean, not without me
seeing him.
No, two people broke in.
Okay. I'm gonna go.
When I leave, I need you
to call the police, okay?
And tell them what?
Just tell them what happened.
Like you said, I was just
an old friend visiting.
You had no idea
I was on the run.
Well, what about your car?
I'll just leave it here.
The police will be
looking for it
So that could buy me some time.
And you could just say that
you didn't notice
Until I was gone.
You have this all figured out.
I'm just figuring out as I go.
All right. Well, come inside.
I have something for you.
Come on.
Pepper spray...
Why do you have pepper spray?
Surprised you don't.
I never thought I'd need it.
You do now.
I should go.
You have to change your clothes
in my room from last time.
Thank you, roger, really,
for everything.
Of course.
Cindy? It's me.
I know.
I'm not gonna bother asking
where you are.
and I'm assuming
you're not calling
To tell me you're turning
yourself in?
No, but I'm getting closer
to the truth.
I know it.
You know what I'm gonna say.
Cindy, I was attacked tonight.
Attacked? My god.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Where were you? At your house?
No. I was...
I was with a friend.
Alyssa, this is crazy.
I can't keep helping you.
I could be disbarred.
Did you get
serena doyle's number?
I still don't know why
You're insisting
on talking with her.
I was attacked by two intruders.
Serena doyle
would have the resources
To make that happen.
Did you get it?
No, but I got her address
for you.
Or at least the place
she's staying.
well, even though
the divorce papers
Weren't signed yet,
they were filed,
And they're
in the public record.
Serena's contact information
was on them.
Cindy, I owe you big time.
You're not kidding.
I'll text you the information.
No, just tell me now.
I have to ditch this phone
as soon as I hang up.
Hold on.
211 spruce way.
And, alyssa, I know
I don't have to say this,
But be careful.
I will. I promise.
so why didn't
you call me right away?
I did, right after she left.
And I understand that,
mr. Fielding.
I'm asking you
why you didn't call the police
As soon as she arrived here
at your house.
Why would I?
A friend stops by,
says they're in trouble,
Need a place to stay.
I mean, you don't
call the police,
You let 'em stay.
Not if they're
a fugitive though.
I told you I didn't know
she was under investigation.
Not until the break-in.
I mean, she told me everything
And I called you guys
right away.
Why do I get the feeling
You're not being straight
with me?
Hey. I called you, detective.
Well, let's get back
to these intruders.
They didn't have any weapons?
First one didn't.
Second one, I think
grabbed my fire poker.
And you initiated
contact with them both times
With your golf club?
People broke into my house.
I mean, it was self-defense.
So, what would you have done?
Hey, hey, mr. Fielding.
I'm not here to judge you.
Just trying to get
a clear picture.
Yeah, I mean, as soon as I heard
someone in the house,
I grabbed my club.
I keep it in the, uh,
hallway closet.
Don't believe in guns.
Did you get a good look at 'em?
The intruders.
They were both wearing
ski masks,
Dressed in all black.
I mean, they must have had
Some sort of
distinguishable features.
Tall, heavy, short.
No. No.
Just average height,
average build, I guess.
Oh, sorry.
I gotta--I gotta take this.
- Hello?
- roger, it's me.
Oh, hey, mom.
Why are you calling so early?
Is someone there with you?
If it's keller,
say something about dad.
Oh, good.
I was worried
something was wrong with dad.
Okay. I have serena doyle's
I'm gonna go try to talk to her.
I just wanted to tell you
in case anything happens.
Um, got it, mom. Yeah, I got it.
Hey, I just want to jump
at the shower though.
Let me give you a call back.
Be careful.
Okay. Bye.
Sorry about that.
Mothers, always checking in.
Mr. Fielding...
If you know
where alyssa morgan is,
You need to tell me.
Tell me now.
I told you
I don't know anything.
she's in danger.
Only tryin' to help.
You have my word.
thanks for your time.
Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Let me, uh, know
if you hear anything.
-Will do.
-All right.
-See you soon.
thank you.
Do you know who I am?
My name is alyssa morgan.
They think
I killed your husband.
-You need to leave.
-No, please.
I didn't do it.
Just hear me out.
I just wanna talk.
And then if you don't
believe me,
I will go to the cops myself.
Fine. Come in.
Thanks for talking to me.
I don't know why
I'm even sitting here with you.
Because you're not 100% sure
I killed your husband,
Which I didn't.
But you did sleep with him.
Can I call you serena?
I don't know,
but it looks like it.
Even though you knew
he was married.
No. I didn't know
he was married.
I didn't even know who he was
until I checked his wallet.
You have to believe me.
Someone's trying to frame me.
And why would somebody do that?
That's what I'm hoping
you can help me figure out.
I have no idea.
I've never even seen you before.
Well, you were there
at the restaurant that night.
You and fletcher were arguing.
I didn't realize that was you.
No offense, but I was more
interested in my husband.
What were you arguing about?
I don't think
that's any of your business.
Could you at least tell me
who might want him dead?
Because someone
wants me dead too.
I was attacked.
You know what? I need a drink.
You want something?
Yeah, sure.
can I ask you
a question, alyssa?
Of course.
When you first saw fletcher,
What was your impression of him?
Like I said, I don't know.
I don't even remember anything.
You know, it is such
a beautiful day out.
We should go enjoy our drinks
on the terrace.
Yeah. Okay.
It's quite the view.
I know.
I don't come out here nearly
as often as I should.
You haven't touched your drink.
Oh, sorry.
Yeah, I'm just not
feeling the best.
You know,
when I first met fletcher,
He was different.
Different how?
Before he built his empire
Back when he was swimming
in debt,
Thousands of dollars
in student loans,
Even back then,
He knew he was
gonna be successful.
And he was ambitious
and thoughtful,
Kind, and...
Oh, my god,
when he looked at me,
I swear, I felt like I was
the only woman in the room.
So what happened?
What always happens.
It changes people.
Not always.
Yes. Always.
Then I...
The person who had been with him
from the beginning,
Who had sacrificed for him
and believed in him,
All of a sudden I became...
I'm sorry.
I'm sure it wasn't all bad.
It was worse.
Look, I have no idea
who would wanna kill my husband.
I would've already gone
to the police.
And as far as the men
who attacked you,
I...Maybe it wasn't
even related.
What is it?
I'm sorry. I just realized
I have to go.
I wanna wait for my lawyer
to get here.
Alyssa, you came to me.
I haven't put you in custody yet
And we both know
that I could have.
There's plenty of evidence.
Circumstantial evidence.
The murder weapon
is not circumstantial.
Look, the only reason
That I'm not arresting you
right now
Is because I wanna hear
what you have to say.
I went to see serena doyle.
I thought
she might know something,
Something that
would help me explain
Who's trying to frame me.
And it's her.
Serena doyle
is trying to frame you?
She told you this?
No, of course not
but she slipped up.
I told her I was attacked.
That's all I said.
And then later
in the conversation,
She referenced the men
who attacked me.
How would she know
there's two of them?
Because maybe it was just
a figure of speech?
No, she said men, plural.
If she didn't know anything,
she would've said man or person.
She sent them. I know it.
All right, look,
even if I did believe you, I...
I need more proof
than just a verbal slip-up
Which has you so convinced,
Especially if I'm trying
to arrest somebody
As high-profile as serena doyle.
ma'am, you can't just
walk in there.
-That's my lawyer.
-I need to see my client.
Don't say another word.
I am alyssa morgan's
personal attorney cindy warren.
Anything that
she has already said--
She's not under arrest,
ms. Warren.
it's serena doyle behind this.
I know it. That's why I came.
I was gonna tell
-Detective keller--
And you, you know better.
She came to me voluntarily.
Anything she said to you
is inadmissible.
And unless
you charge her right now,
I'm taking her back to my house.
At least I know
she'll be safe there.
Come on, alyssa.
You wanna talk to her again,
you contact me.
I'll be in touch.
I don't understand
why you were so upset in there.
Because, alyssa,
That detective
is not your friend.
And despite what he told you,
He thinks you did it
And he was trying
to trip you up.
Yeah, but he can't trip me up
because I didn't do it.
You can't be so naive.
I really appreciate
you letting me stay.
Well, until we find out
who's really behind this,
I don't want you
staying at your house.
I'll be just down the hall.
-Wait, you don't want your bed?
This is the comfy bed.
You need as much sleep
as possible.
-Trust me, it's better.
I know not to argue
with my lawyer.
Get some rest.
You'll be okay.
-Hey, cindy?
Never mind.
I didn't think
you'd be up so early.
Yeah, I couldn't really sleep.
What are you doing home?
I just...
Came to check on you.
Thank you.
Where are you going?
Um, I just thought I'd check in
with detective keller.
You know, see how things
are going with the case.
See if he's met
with serena doyle.
You don't know her,
right, cindy?
How would I know her?
How does anybody know anybody?
Um, I should get going though.
I don't wanna be in your hair.
With that photo album?
Yeah, I didn't think you'd mind.
With everything going on,
I just wanted to remember
Some good times.
I think we better have a talk.
I'm good. Thanks.
Sit down, alyssa.
You haven't been a very
good friend, have you, alyssa?
How do you know serena doyle?
we're old sorority sisters.
We've been friends a long time.
Only when I met her,
She was serena glanville.
When did you plan this?
Well, serena needed my help.
Fletcher was going to leave her
and leave her with nothing.
Well, nothing comparatively.
But if someone killed fletcher,
then she would get his money?
minus my fee of course.
So that's what
this is all about?
At first.
But after you betrayed me,
I figured it was the perfect way
To kill two birds
with one stone.
You and roger were over.
I loved him. And you knew it.
Cindy, it was just a fling.
He was mine.
I never thought you'd find out.
That I believe, alyssa.
But don't worry.
I took care of roger too.
You seem surprised.
But I couldn't just
blame you entirely.
After all,
it takes two to tango.
How did you--how did you get me
into fletcher doyle's bed?
Oh, that was the easy part.
We knew doyle would be
at montparnasse that night.
So, we decided to set you up
on a little blind date.
But I don't remember
going there.
Of course not.
I sprinkled a little something
special in your cocktail.
Just to help you
forget the night
And a couple hours before,
Which is why I had to delete
the texts and calls.
I'm gonna tell the police.
I'm gonna tell them everything.
And they're gonna
believe me now.
At this point...
They probably will.
Which is why you're not leaving.
Detective keller,
I think you wanna see this.
Oh, my god.
Pull up
a driver's license for me.
Cynthia warren, now.
And text me the address.
got it.
Please, I didn't do
anything to you.
No, but you betrayed
one of my oldest friends.
And someone had to go down
for fletcher's murder.
I mean, do you have any idea
how much money he had?
I couldn't give that up.
No sane person would,
Especially after everything
he put me through,
The lying and the cheating.
I mean, how much
can one woman take?
You're not gonna get away
with this.
Maybe we will, maybe we won't.
But I know one thing.
If we let you go,
we don't have a chance.
I'm sorry, alyssa.
There's just no other way.
How's the neck?
I'll live.
You absolutely will.
and cindy?
she'll make it
With some nasty scars
as a souvenir.
What about serena?
Uh, she'll be fine.
But she might not be able
to see clearly for a few days.
What's gonna happen to her?
It's in the da's hands now.
But, um, the evidence
is overwhelming.
And the money?
Does she still inherit it all?
I don't know.
I just know
wherever she's going,
She's not gonna have
much use for it.
How did you know
I was in danger?
I saw a tape of you
at the restaurant that night.
Cindy was there.
She never mentioned it
to you or me.
That just didn't feel right.
So what now?
Now you go home.
It's over.
Take care of yourself, alyssa.
Thank you.
For what?
For believing me.
For everything.
I was just doing my job.