One of Us (2017) Movie Script

My beautiful ceres.
I've given you
so many chances...
Time and time again.
Have I not been
patient with you?
You have, father.
When you came to me,
what did you have?
And who were you?
No one.
And now?
I am ceres,
goddess of crabs and fertility.
That's right.
It's in your nature to grow.
But you can't grow
unless you plant roots.
And when you rip
those roots from the earth,
you're denying
your own ascension.
It won't happen again, father.
I know, my love.
I know.
Reach for the light.
It's all there.
As per tradition...
on another one
in the bag.
So, was it worth it?
Worth what?
That shiner
you're trying
to cover up.
Anything for the story, right?
You completely ghosted on me.
I can handle myself.
Bite off more than you can chew,
and your sister
is gonna handle me.
Between you and Sophie,
it's like my parents
are still around.
All right, all right.
What do you got? What's next?
Melanie, it's Haley. Um...
I know it's been forever,
but, uh, I really need
your help.
Um, I'm in idyllwild.
He won't let anyone leave.
I don't have my phone,
and I don't have any money,
and I don't know
where else to--
oh, my god! He found me!
Haley copper,
a friend from smc.
So, call the police.
Tell Sophie.
Sophie's not a cop anymore.
Okay, well,
she still has friends
in the department.
Yeah, here, not
in the San jacinto mountains.
It's probably just
some asshole boyfriend.
You really wanna get
in the middle of that?
In the last year,
four Southern California girls
have gone missing.
They were all last spotted
in or around idyllwild.
People go missing every day.
You ever done a wider search?
It's like flipping
through the white pages.
You don't have any other leads
beside where she's calling from.
This is all pure conjecture.
You have nothing.
This is no story.
-A coffee shop?
And the people who work there
all belong to this ascension
family commune,
some hippy cult.
I know Haley. This is exactly
the kind of place she'd end up.
I've had journalists cover
this kind of story before,
and if this cult
actually exists...
You're exactly
the type of girl
they'd prey on.
This isn't just about Haley.
What if the other girls
are in the same situation?
You'll send me regular updates?
Check in with notes?
Of course.
So, that's a yes?
Check in with Sophie first.
And fix that makeup.
She sees that black eye,
she's gonna kill me.
Melanie, I haven't seen you
for six months.
You can't just keep
disappearing like this.
I knew you'd do this.
You always freak out.
Somebody has to.
There's this commune
in idyllwild.
I think some
of the girls there
might be in trouble.
I can't keep worrying
about you like this.
Waiting to hear
some awful report
on the news.
Four girls have gone missing.
All in their 20s.
Sophie, you were a detective.
You know what happens
when the world forgets
about these girls.
So call the police.
Let someone else be
in danger for once.
Police aren't gonna do anything.
I didn't come here
to ask permission.
I'm telling you.
And I'd appreciate it
if you stopped treating me
like a child.
Then stop acting like one.
I am not having
this fight again.
You know what?
I have two kids.
I can't be your mom too.
I don't want you to.
Just because you gave up
on what you believe in,
doesn't mean
the rest of us have to.
- Real nice, Mel.
Mel, it's me.
I didn't wanna leave
things the way we did.
I'm sorry, okay?
I know you're an adult,
and I know you don't need
me to look after you.
But you can't stop me
from worrying.
I saw too many things
over the years.
I know what people
are capable of.
Just promise me
you'll be careful.
And know that I'm gonna
hit Gavin up for information
if I don't hear from you, okay?
I love you. Bye.
-Excuse me.
-Yeah, ma'am?
Sorry to bother
your coffee break.
I was just
wondering if, by chance,
you recognize this girl.
I can't say that I do.
There a problem?
No, she's just a friend.
I heard she was in town.
Well, we get
all kinds passing through.
It's a peaceful community,
but it does seem to attract
a certain element.
What does that mean?
People looking for something,
running from something.
Middle of the mountains,
not too hard to figure why.
I'm sorry I couldn't
be more help.
More tea?
Oh, no, thank you.
That's pretty.
Is it a family name?
You need some help with that?
Please save me.
Thanks. Seriously, I was
about ready to lose my shit.
I mean stuff. Sorry.
I know we're not
supposed to curse
in front of the customers.
No, that's okay.
I won't tell anyone.
I'm Venus.
I know.
It's a dirty hippy name.
Try not to judge me.
I'm... Mary.
Are you new to the area?
I haven't seen you here before.
Oh, I'm just passing through.
Oh, well, I'm sure
you'll love the town.
You know, first week I was here,
I thought I was
gonna kill myself,
but it grows on you.
You're in a band?
Guilty as charged.
What kind of music do you play?
It's really hard
to define a genre,
so I would say...
Experimental folk.
Okay, no, that actually
makes it sound terrible.
No, not at all.
I think it's right for up here.
And who's that?
Isn't he dreamy?
That's Brent.
He actually owns the shop.
Are you guys close?
Um... I guess
you could say that.
We all live in the same place,
and we run the shop
to, you know, support us,
but we're mostly
off the grid.
That's amazing.
I'd love to check it out.
It's private.
Oh, come on.
Brent would love her.
He wouldn't love
strangers coming over.
I don't have a place to stay.
And whose fault is that?
- Whoa! Whoa!
-Easy. Take it--
-let go of me! Back off!
Calm down... please?
You okay?
Is that a question
or a statement?
Yes, I'm okay.
We're as startled
as you are here.
You realize you're
on private property, right?
I'm just a little lost.
She was at the shop today
asking about you.
Is that true?
I don't have anywhere to stay.
Venus told me
what a nice place
you have here.
I'm sorry. I just wanted
to see it for myself.
I never told her where it was.
Then how did you find it?
I sort of hitched a ride
in the back of your pickup.
I like this one.
What's your name?
Please don't blind me.
I just wanna shake your hand.
Why don't you come
inside from the cold?
We'll discuss this
over some dinner.
Come on.
Of course, you've already met
Venus and Luna,
and then we have
our silent sisters,
Helen and clytemnestra.
They haven't spoken a word
since they joined us,
except to each other.
And last,
but certainly not least,
rhea... my first.
To our guest of honor, Mary.
We are grateful
that she has found us
in the darkness.
Thanks for having me. Cheers.
Is this everyone?
How do you mean?
Just, uh... everyone
who lives here?
For now.
I hope you're not vegetarian.
No. What is it?
Everything you see
on this table was raised,
grown, and prepared here by us.
Except the wine.
That's great.
Everyone should really try
growing their own food.
I'm glad you think so.
Unfortunately, the majority
of this country is oblivious
to the fact that
gmos are being knowingly
and maliciously introduced
into their food supply
as a means to poison
and pacify the population
with cancer and obesity.
You really believe that?
I know it.
Forgive me.
I'm a little passionate
when it comes to these things.
And is that why
you're doing the whole...
Amish thing here?
We're taking a stab
at an alternative lifestyle...
But I wouldn't call it amish.
We have power.
We just choose
to use it sparingly.
The world is filled
with enough energy leeches
as it is.
Yeah, I know.
That's why I left L.A.
I needed a break from it all.
Let me ask you something, Mary.
What really brought you here?
I'm looking for a friend.
Aren't we all?
Look around this table.
Everyone here was lost
in the darkness at one point,
just like you--
alone, afraid...
Strangers in a strange land.
But then, we found each other,
and now, we're one.
You'll be bunking with Luna.
I know it's a little cramped,
but there will be more space
once we build the bunkhouse.
No, it's great. Thank you.
You're lucky we even have space.
This bed just opened up.
Whose was it?
Her name was ceres.
She renounced her new name.
The average snake
will shed its skin
two to four times per year.
Some people will
go their entire lives
without doing it once.
ceres wasn't ready
to embrace her new self.
How come?
This lifestyle
isn't for everyone.
We're a nation of addicts--
opioids, social media,
the white noise of a bar
on a Friday night.
Some people would rather
be dependent than free.
Voluntary slavery.
So, what happened to her?
"Happened"? You mean
where is she?
Where does anyone ever go?
Here. Take this.
There's gonna be
a lot to take in,
but I promise you
it's all for a good reason.
A big part of this community
is shedding the things
we don't need.
I'll do whatever it takes.
You can set it down and leave.
Thank you.
What's this?
I'm sorry to say
that most of the girls
who end up here
show up with bruises.
Whoever did this to you
will never touch you again.
This is a place of healing.
Arnica is an herb that
will reduce the swelling
and heal the eye muscles
as well as any other tissue
that may have been damaged.
That's better.
I'll let you get some rest.
It's been quite a day.
Hey, Brent.
Thank you... for everything.
It's been my pleasure.
Oh! Before I leave...
I'm gonna need your phone.
I know. Why don't I just
take your arm, right?
But trust me.
It's for your own good.
Technology is
the enemy out here.
You must be really worried
to bother calling me.
Why does she do this?
I mean, at least
send a text, something.
I'm sure she's fine.
She just needs to get
the lay of the land
before she can reach out.
I don't have
a good feeling about this.
You always do.
At least, you used to.
I know. It's just
we parted on bad terms,
and I just don't want...
Promise you'll call
the second she reaches out.
I promise.
You're not gonna let Mel know
that I checked in on her, right?
Why start now?
We'll talk soon. Hang in there.
Thank you, Gavin.
So, what does
a girl do around here
for fun after dinner?
Are you serious?
It can't even be 9:00 yet.
We get up at dawn.
Days are long.
Get used to it.
Do you want me to leave?
You have no idea.
Look, I know I'm kind of
invading your space here,
- but that doesn't mean
we have to hate each other.
Were you close with the girl
before me, ceres?
Go to sleep.
Why did she leave?
Shut up!
This isn't a slumber party.
We're not gonna braid
each other's hair.
I don't wanna be your friend.
I want you gone.
Good morning.
How did you sleep?
Like a rock.
I don't usually
sleep in like this.
You needed it.
We didn't wanna disturb you.
I see that arnica
worked like a charm.
Yeah, thanks.
Hey, listen, I know
i gave you my phone,
but I should probably
let some people know
where I am.
My, my! Not even 12 hours,
and already, you gotta be
plugged back in.
No, it's just
what if someone needs me?
What if there's an emergency?
I promise
if you get any messages,
I'll return it immediately.
But we need to break you
of your addiction.
I don't want you staring
at the world
through that tiny,
electronic screen
- rather than...
- Living in the moment.
It's good to get lost out here.
The only way
to truly find yourself.
Speaking of which, hop in.
Oh, I can't. This is
all I've got to wear.
Take it off.
I can't just take it off.
Relax. I'm kidding.
We got plenty
of extra clean clothes.
They'll fit you like a glove.
Come on. I'll give you
a tour of the property
after breakfast.
Come on. Let's get you comfy.
Okay, but I'm not very good.
There's no competition here.
We're all perfect
in our imperfection.
Off this mountain,
the name of the game
is to hold on tight...
To your youth, your money,
your job, your lover.
And they wonder why
we're all going insane.
This entire world is suffering
a systemic nervous breakdown
because we're all terrified
to just... let... go.
But letting go is
the sanest thing you can do.
Remember that
nothing here is ours.
What is ours?
Nothing, father.
What's with
this whole "father" thing?
Don't ask.
I called him it
one time as a joke,
and I guess
it just kind of stuck.
It's not even funny anymore.
It's kind of creepy.
Yeah, kinda.
Nothing is ours...
Not these bodies...
Not this planet...
Not this life.
We're renters here.
So, we might as well live free
before we're all evicted.
I was wondering if I could stay.
What about your big city life?
I really wouldn't
call it a life.
It's more like a distraction.
But you really
think the whole world
can live like this,
without all
the creature comforts
they're addicted to?
You said "they."
-I did?
There's a knot
in your stomach...
Something urging you back
to the world you know.
I know that feeling...
All too well.
But there's a reason
you came here,
and I think you deserve
the chance to discover it.
I'd like to try.
This is our creative space
where we rehearse
and write our music,
sometimes meditate.
We even make odds and ends
at our neighboring properties
to sell at the shop--
candles, lip balm,
things like that.
Wow! You guys
are really organized.
We could use
an extra pair of hands.
They're so cute.
Can't I just do laundry?
This is the food chain,
not some convenient
death in a box
children are conditioned
to equate with happiness.
This is reality.
It's death feeding life,
and life feeding death.
Everyone did this
before I let them stay here.
Think of it
as a rite of passage.
Every savory piece of meat
you've ever relished
in your entire life
was the result
of a moment just like this.
Do it.
I wouldn't do that
if I were you.
This isn't the bathroom?
This is Brent's study.
Don't ever touch
this door again, okay?
We're not allowed in here.
I'm sorry.
It's just that Brent
is so particular,
and this is where
he mixes our music,
and he doesn't want anybody
to disturb his sanctum, okay?
-Bathroom's right there.
Come find me
when you're done.
I have a job for you.
Okay, yeah, that's it.
Spread your feet apart.
Measure it out.
Now, just bring it
up over your head...
And bring it down.
Your poor, little city mouse.
Okay, get out of the way.
Come on.
Can I ask you something?
Are you happy here?
Have you ever thought
about leaving?
And going where?
Back to Lexington?
I'll pass.
But you could leave, right,
any time you wanted to?
Of course. I mean,
nobody is chaining us
to the wall here, Mary.
No, I know. It's just...
I was wondering
how long people stay.
Like that girl
who was rooming with Luna,
she just decided to leave?
Look, all I know is that
one night, she apparently got
into Brent's study,
and he totally flipped on her.
She ran away,
no money, no ID.
I mean,
Brent eventually found her
and brought her back,
and she settled in.
But I guess it just
wasn't enough for her,
so Brent let her go.
Why the sudden interest?
Oh, no interest.
It's just an interesting name.
You all have interesting names.
Well, yeah. It's Brent's doing.
He wants us
to shed our old selves
and all that jazz.
You didn't think Venus
was my real name, did you?
Good thing you're pretty.
So, what is your name?
Sorry. House rules.
No real names.
Yeah. I mean, Brent wants us
to look to the future,
not the past.
Chin up.
You'll be sharing
your new name soon enough.
You're not gonna be Mary
for much longer.
Is this becoming
a regular thing?
Don't get me wrong.
I love hearing from you.
I wouldn't get used to it.
I'm calling about
that picture you sent.
Any idea what to do with it?
It's not rocket science.
I called my buddy
at the department
to run the plates.
What kind of journalist are you?
An editor.
Think she's okay?
She hasn't sent anything else?
I'm sure she's fine.
Just the text I sent.
Probably just
bad reception
up there.
You know, you don't
have to call me.
You can email or text.
- Use a carrier pigeon.
Yeah, I could have.
I'll, uh...
Call back when
i hear something
on that plate.
Looking forward to it.
"Nothing makes sense
out here anymore.
"There's a sadness
in everyone's eyes
that breaks my heart.
"It's like they know
they're all trapped
"and wanna scream,
but they can't,
"so their eyes scream for them.
"I miss our mountain
and our music.
'What we had was special.
"What we had is
the cure to this sickness.
"If I stay off this mountain
for much longer, I will die.
"So, I'm coming home soon.
"With love, ceres."
I knew she couldn't
stay away forever.
She's right.
What we have is special.
What we have is the cure.
Before we eat,
let's go around again
and share what we're curing
within us.
Because if we can't
heal ourselves,
how can we heal the world?
I'll go first.
My father committed suicide
when I was 12 years old.
He made some bad investments.
Lost everything.
Couldn't support us.
He felt like such a failure...
That killing himself seemed
like the only way out.
Figured we could survive
on his life insurance policy
for a while.
My father wasted his life
because he thought
money was the cure.
Money is not the cure.
I used to validate
my self-worth through sex.
The more men I was with,
the more important I felt.
Because in that moment...
They were mine.
In that moment,
i was their entire world...
Life, death...
And everything in between.
Sex is not the cure.
My dad used to hit us
to make himself feel strong.
My mom was too scared to leave.
The one night,
when he was whipping me
with a belt,
I decided to fight back.
I broke his jaw with an iron.
They sent me to prison
for aggravated assault,
and when I got home,
my mom kicked me out,
blamed me for my dad leaving.
I was so scared.
Then I found Brent.
Fear is not the cure.
Um, I guess...
I don't know
what's wrong with me.
I guess I'm still trying
to figure it out.
Self-discovery is
the ultimate journey
any of us will ever go on.
Let us eat.
Oh, sorry.
Don't be. I can think
of worse people to bump into.
You're diabetic.
Getting diagnosed
was my wakeup call.
Gave up all my old bad habits,
started eating clean,
living clean.
In a way,
it's how I ended up
here with all of you.
-Well, I guess
it's a good thing then.
I don't think I've seen
that room before.
My study.
You're not missing anything.
Trust me.
Sometimes, I just
have to block myself off
from all external stimuli
and meditate.
But I thought that's
something we did together.
What can I say?
Sometimes, I can be a lone wolf.
Well, I'll leave you alone then.
I'm glad you're still here.
Me too.
One moment, Mary.
Why don't you take a break
from field work for a day?
Sure. Whatever
you need me to do.
You can take Luna's shift
at the cafe.
It's a privilege,
and I think you've earned it.
What about Luna?
Like I said, it's a privilege.
Some field work and arnica
will do her some good.
I'm fine doing this
if she'd rather--
please. Indulge me.
It's for the best.
Come on. I'll give you a ride.
Sure beats chopping wood, right?
Yeah, this is definitely
more my speed.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm just worried
about Luna.
Did you see her this morning?
She'll be fine.
You know, Brent says
that she sleepwalks sometimes
and wanders off into the woods.
She banged herself up
pretty good last night.
You really believe
that's what happened to her?
Well, sure.
She wouldn't be the only one.
I mean, I know I've gone
on autopilot a few times.
I'm gonna get some more lids.
Have so much fun.
Hey, it's me.
Mel, where the hell are you?
I've tried calling you,
like, 20 times.
- I'm sorry. They took my phone.
- They took your phone?
I have everything under control.
The guy running
this place completely bought
my helpless Doe act.
I just have to
sink my teeth in
a little more.
How do you plan on doing that?
Whatever it takes.
Mel, you--
listen, I need you
to get a message to Gavin.
Still no Haley.
Her disappearance is
looking worse every day.
What makes you say that?
I hope I'm wrong.
- Mary?
-I have to go.
What are you doing?
Why do we lock the bathroom?
I almost peed my pants
looking for this.
How'd she do?
Like a fish to water.
Good girl.
How about some tunes?
Venus, will you do the honors?
There are messages
in this music
if you listen
with the right kind of ears.
Messages that can
change the world.
Go to track four.
That's ceres's song.
She sang?
Like an angel.
If that license plate
is correct,
Mel is in way over her head.
He's had a record
since he was 17.
The charges over the years
range from sexual assault
to indecent exposure.
His mother has been
in New York
since he was a kid.
His father-- ugh!
His father is Johnathan burns,
ceo of burns pharmaceuticals.
He was one of the most powerful
lobbyists in the industry.
They own judges.
So this rich, little sicko
has had a free pass
his entire life?
-What did Mel say
his name was?
That's just his latest alias.
Real name Matthew burns.
This guy is untouchable.
Mel has no idea
who she is living with.
Mary! Mary! Hey!
It's okay.
Everything is okay.
What's going on?
You don't remember?
I found you in the woods.
That actually happened?
But how did I get there?
You don't need to worry.
These things
just happen sometimes.
I used to tell ceres
the same thing.
Sometimes, I find myself...
In the middle of the night
folding laundry
or... cooking dinner.
I'd have a knife
in my hand and...
Food just chopped up
right in front of me.
But none of it's familiar,
like a dream
just snapped into reality.
Doesn't that scare you?
It did at first,
but eventually,
it just became routine.
Luna, this is not normal.
Something is causing this.
It's my fault.
What do you mean?
I thought I could handle
what happened,
that I was strong enough,
but I'm just--
I'm losing my mind.
I saw you in the woods.
You placed flowers
at a rock in the clearing.
I know this is hard,
but I need you to tell me
who's buried there.
We were worried about you.
My sweet Luna.
Hey, Mary is just fine.
You've taken your first step.
Your mind is ready.
Let's give her
some time to rest.
Yes, father.
Get better.
And I'm sorry I haven't been
the easiest person
to get along with.
No, that's okay.
And I feel all right
if you wanna talk some more.
You rest.
Luna has got
plenty to do anyway.
You can talk to me.
I don't know what's wrong.
It's like part
of my brain was removed.
Like I just lost control.
You don't like losing control.
Who does?
I just showed up in the woods.
But how did I get there?
And the things I saw...
What did you see?
It doesn't matter.
How do you make sense
of something like that?
Well, that I can help you with.
I've had this same
conversation with Luna...
And Venus.
Everybody here, actually.
Yes, before she left.
You've all had
the same experience
and asked the same questions.
Isn't that remarkable?
But what does it mean?
It means you're ready.
You've received your calling.
My calling to do what?
To learn your true purpose...
The family's purpose.
Congratulations, Mary.
You're one of us.
Come on. Let's go for a walk.
Look at that.
Absolutely beautiful.
- You know what this is?
- -No.
It's a borrachero seed.
This tiny seed can blossom
into a large tree,
and when it blooms...
I wish I could
show you the flowers.
Actually, you've seen
the cafe logo.
A crude representation,
but you get the idea.
I told you my dad died
when I was 12.
I remember.
We buried him in our backyard
with one of these.
His flesh and bones
fed the earth, and...
He broke free from the dirt.
I realized how connected
everything is.
You, me, the grass, the trees,
we're all the same matter.
We're one magnificent organism
with billions of parts
stretching out
across the universe.
That sounds nice.
That's why
i wanna change things.
We've become so separate,
so wrapped up in ourselves.
I mean, look at the world.
We steal from each other,
hurt each other,
kill each other,
and for what?
I wanna show people
they can get by on less.
I don't want anyone
to ever kill themselves
over money again.
This is our family's purpose...
To help people see,
or if necessary,
to make them see.
Make them?
And you can help.
Don't you wanna heal
the broken world?
I thought so.
It's time you received
your new name.
My sister is living
with a psychopath.
We have no way to contact her.
I'm not just gonna sit around
and hope that she's okay.
So your solution is
to walk into the lion's den
- just like she did?
What's your plan?
Is that a gun?
Are you insane?
Wait. Aren't you supposed
to turn in your gun
when you quit?
I have my own private arsenal.
We don't know who's involved.
We don't know what
a guy like Brent will do
when he thinks
people are poking
into his business.
I'm not taking any chances.
Just... do me a favor, okay?
Be careful.
I heard the voice of god.
I felt the devil's breath.
They wailed the pain of life.
They sang the joy of death.
Took a heart full of trouble
deep inside an earthy womb.
I'll pass along death's beauty
when my bones
help flowers bloom.
Good evening, ladies.
Good evening, father.
It gives me great pleasure
to tell you that Mary
has heard the calling
and is ready to be reborn
into our family.
And with that,
she needs a name...
A name to fit her new life,
her new purpose,
to help us spread
our music and love
to the four corners
of this tortured earth...
To heal it...
Inside and out.
Make no mistake.
This world is sick.
And what do we do
when we're sick?
We take our medicine.
We are the cure.
We are the cure.
But what name would suit
a woman like you?
Like the virgin mother?
That hardly seems appropriate.
Not Mary.
What about...
I don't know.
Are you a Melanie?
Maybe in another life.
Not anymore.
Just beyond pluto lies
the icy dwarf planet, eris...
Named after
the Greek goddess
of discord.
Now, that sounds right.
Say hello to your new sister.
Welcome, eris.
Welcome home.
Are you ready to serve
your new family?
I'm ready.
Good girl.
Now, take off your clothes.
Mary is dead.
And eris is born.
Go ahead. Put it on.
Wait. No.
No, this is not real.
-This is not--
-this is very real.
Eris, stop!
What the hell?
Miss, are you okay?
It's all right. I got you.
Come on.
Let's get you off your feet.
I recognize you...
From the cafe.
What's your name?
Okay, Melanie.
Can you tell me what happened?
I don't remember how I got here.
The last thing I remember,
i was running through the woods,
and someone was--
someone was chasing me.
What about before that?
Was there anybody else with you?
Yeah, I was living on a farm
with some other women.
Brent's place?
What the hell did he do to you?
Hey, it's all right.
You don't have to talk about it.
I'm gonna make sure
nobody is hiding out there.
I promise I'll be right back.
It's okay.
You're safe now.
I found her
on the side of the road.
Copy that.
Nobody out there.
Are we heading back into town?
Yes, ma'am.
Where are we going?
How about some music?
- Please!
No! No!
Thank god!
Please, you have
to do something.
Shh. It's okay.
I know. I'm here to help.
I was so scared.
This is all so insane.
Oh, I know, but don't worry.
It'll all be better soon.
You're not pure enough
to wear this.
See? It's filthy,
just like you.
But why?
You're not like
the rest of them.
No, she isn't.
Venus is the best of you.
So faithful...
So devoted to convincing
our girls to stay.
Venus, he's controlling you.
Oh, you poor, little city mouse.
I don't need drugs
to do what I'm told.
I believe.
What are we going
to do with you?
Tried love...
Empathy, sex, medicine.
Why are some souls
so resistant to enlightenment?
I'm disappointed.
You seemed so promising...
Even after I realized
who you really were.
Imagine... convincing
an investigative journalist
to join the cause.
What a triumph!
How did you know?
Oh, it pays to have people
on the right side of the law.
Start digging.
Don't stop until I tell you.
Go to hell!
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Now, now...
Let's behave.
I can make you do it if need be.
You know I can.
I employ a diverse cocktail
of pharmaceuticals
to encourage personal growth
around here.
But of them all,
my favorite by far
is scopolamine,
otherwise known
as devil's breath.
You take the seed
of the borrachero tree...
Mash it up,
you have a powder
that can make people
do your bidding.
A tiny amount,
and you can make people
do anything you want.
They won't even remember.
There are a dozen ways
to get it into someone's system,
wine, food...
Or my preferred method.
Why doesn't it affect you?
I don't have diabetes.
I do have antilirium,
which acts as an antidote,
rendering me immune.
So, what'll it be?
I'll see you tonight.
It'll give us both some time
to reflect on things.
Diane hunt?
Who are you?
Do you have a minute to talk?
No, I have a long walk
ahead of me.
-I can give you a ride.
-Just leave me alone.
It's about my sister.
Why are you telling me
all of this?
Because I'm scared.
I don't have time
to be as cautious
as I would like,
and you look like a good person.
I'm worried about my sister,
and I'm horrified
about the idea
of never seeing her again.
I just need you to point me
in the right direction.
-I'm sorry.
I can't.
Put yourself in my shoes.
If you had the opportunity
to save the person
that you love the most,
wouldn't you do that?
There's a room Brent uses...
For the girls who misbehave.
I spent a week
in there one time.
Brent tried to get me
to move on.
The things he did...
A shed near the woods
by the edge of the property.
My beautiful eris.
I have good news.
Your ascension has come.
There's a lock on the door,
but i-- I don't know
where the key is.
He gets in your head,
and then there's
no stopping him.
I hope you can save her.
Reach for the light.
I wasn't so lucky.
Good girl.
I'm here to help.
Are you okay?
What's your name?
Ceres. I mean, Haley.
Haley Cooper?
Do I know you?
No. I'll explain when we're
out of here. Come on.
Your old self...
Is lying in that hole.
Bury her.
You'll be safe
in my car down the road.
As soon as I get a signal,
I'll call the cops.
We can't trust them.
What do you mean?
Thank you for joining us.
Good evening.
Good evening, father.
I come to you tonight
with a heavy heart.
It pains me to upset you,
because I love you all
very much.
We love you, father.
We're a family,
and families are supposed
to take care of each other,
to support each other,
to trust each other.
It's up to the father
to discipline those
who misbehave.
Your sister, eris,
has betrayed you,
and her blood sister has come
to take what is not hers!
And for that...
And for that,
they must all be punished.
You wanna see them punished,
don't you?
Yes, father.
You heard them.
Why are you doing this?
To change the world.
We talked about this.
Of course,
that was all lies,
wasn't it?
But why do you need them?
They don't deserve this.
I'm doing this
to make them stronger,
to blur the lines
between what they want
and what they think they want.
The only way we're
ever going to be able
to make a difference
is to be willing to die
for what we believe in.
You're pathetic.
You have no power.
You have to brainwash them
to follow you.
Oh, I only have
to persuade the unfaithful.
My true believers
obey the cause willingly.
Ladies, take off your masks.
Look into their eyes.
Clear devotion.
It's their choice to be here.
And as for no power...
Oh, I disagree.
-Give me the gun.
-Yes, father.
Venus, come here.
What are you doing?
Proving a point.
Venus, put the gun to your head.
Stop it!
Venus, pull the trigger.
Anything else?
Imagine what can be done
with devotion like this.
Now, for your punishment.
Luna was kind enough to tell me
what your relationship was
with our guest...
With a little persuading.
In order to prove your loyalty
to your new family,
we need to sever ties
with the old.
You don't touch her!
You don't do anything to her!
Don't worry.
I'm not going
to do anything to her.
You are.
Deputy, do you have a light?
- Eris.
Join your sisters,
your true sisters.
Stop! Stop!
Please, don't make me.
I wish it didn't have
to come to this.
You were my favorite.
How could it end like this?
Are you okay?
Look out!
I was so scared, Haley.
You didn't give up.
Thank you.
You... and your sister.
I never got a chance
to tell you...
Who's buried there.
You don't have to.
Brent said we didn't need
to go to the hospital.
We could do it on our own.
But something
was wrong with her.
My poor baby girl!
Luna, I had no idea.
When I lost her,
I had nothing left.
Even when I realized
what Brent was doing...
I had nobody.
You have family.
Protect that, no matter what.
I will.
And you should too.
You still have family.
Come on.
Thank you.
It's what sisters do.
Whew! I think
I've earned a break.
Can we just go home
and hang out for a while?
And after...
You need to write
one hell of a story.
I love you.
I love you, too.