One Piece: Dead End Adventure (2003) Movie Script

It really starts to make sinks, dispatch you to install!
Embark all the vivres on the boat.
Good blood! It beautiful until now, what made occurs?
It is because of Large Line, one does not have the choice.
One is likely to damage the boat. I already gave the orders.
They will benefit from the situation to destroy it.
I already sent men to deal with the fuel reserve.
And does the vessel pirate that one had located?
By front starboard, to ten hours, distance, 800 meters.
Did you prepare the objects?
With the report/ratio, you dispatch!
There are bones on the black house.
Didn't we receive the order to stop this kind of gredins?
Their boat advances well quickly in the storm in spite of its small size.
Its crew must be out of the commun run!
Imbecile! Our adversaries are not encouraged!
I learned that the Navy was with the continuation of a pirate to the straw hat:
Monkey. D. Luffy and the remainder of its crew.
Already that there are far too many pirates and in here still of others which become famous.
Captain, we have news.
Use the emergency system!
We already made 3 miles.
What do you have says?
As I have just said it to you.
According to our information, the pirates gather in trimmings!
Why do they do that?
You can envisage it?
Or is this too sudden?
Did this race start for a long time?
I believe well.
Well, I see. We have just located another pirate boat!
Really? Continue to supervise the zone.
Another troublemaker is awaited.
This wretched individual?
It is exact, it is the wound of the Navy.
One cannot let it act with his own way.
We must maintain the order.
Then, what do you become?
Let us take glass.
One will have fun the festival to the paddle.
Don't idiot, you know who I am?
Take that!
Haaa!! I am more hungry
Not astonishing with what you ate.
I still have place.
Ca is enough.
Food is simple, but really delicious.
Do Nami-san, Robin-chan, you take what for the dessert?
Nothing for me.
I have a coffee.
It left.
I am still hungry!
You ace finished your plate, then you lime pits not.
You do not miss air!
Ca is used for nothing, you will never stop eating.
And here.
Thank you Chief.
The new one?
Impossible to earn money to buy provisions here.
How to make?
What do you say?
Hey! As a captain,
I must say to you that you spend too much!
One very spent to pay your puffs out!!
Good Ah?
But it is really a big problem.
It is not serious. One will find a means well of earning money.
One can work nowhere here.
It only remains us to go towards the next island.
A problem?
A rum, please.
Thank you.
The next island, it, isn't this is Shinabalu?
Species of! Return to me that!
It is with me!!
You will not fight with me for that.
I said to you to stop making the idiot!
Is Nami-san, there a problem?
Not nothing
I believe that the guy who has just entered is a pirate.
And it made a strange exchange with the barman. Believe me.
Zoro, you ace considering something?
It is too much to be only one simple coincidence.
With what you do think?
Do Oh, go?
Do not take to me for an idiot!
You ace felt well your favorite odor, that of the money!
You show me to be a money devourer?
Because they is false?
Do not insult Nami-san!
It is true, I like over all the money and oranges.
I cannot be mistaken for that.
Luffy, Ussop, Chopper!
The odor of the danger is present here.
It is not the moment to dispute!
Hey, one has really a problem of money.
You would not have a plan to gain much money?
You do not worry, one has to pay the note enough.
But I believe well that can become interesting.
You are only a gamine.
I am also a pirate.
I have well the impression to have already seen you.
Thus you need money.
I have surely something, but you are likely to die.
Perhaps you are right, one could die well,
but one is mown.
And then it will never be known if a tiger is in its cave, if one does not even seek to enter there.
It is perhaps our chance.
To find a treasure such as that one is never simple.
If one wants to avoid the unforeseen ones,
then it will be necessary to be ready to take risks.
One with the practice of this kind of job and one always left oneself there.
When I think of it, our lives are often risked,
My partners are ready with all because of our need for money.
They will not give up because of a small danger, especially the Captain.
Now, please, say to me where is
this place which feels gold.
You are most idiotic of the pirates whom I know.
Who it is that it deals with idiot?
It is you?
We are pirates!
Follow me.
Close the door, quickly!
It is what this tunnel?
Continue straight.
Continue straight and will arrive there to you.
Wait! You anything said us!
I stop here, you of will realize when you will be with the end.
It is not exciting?
Luffy, moron, this history is surely a trap.
Ca would facilitate the things to me if you give up.
One goes there? I am curious to see what there is over there.
Oh! Oh! Curious?
Does Y' have really things of value over there?
I do not lie, but I cannot say some more.
I do not like that of the whole.
Ussop, does not worry you, our captain is trustful.
And then, one does not have any more money, therefore one must go there.
I do not like this kind of reflections.
They is really dangerous where one goes?
One will think later by means of leaving from here.
Then allons-y!
Let us earn money to pay puffs out it!
I do it for you.
When you are there, give two, here is your index.
Thank you pp.
A last thing.
Why are you pirate?
I want to become the Lord of the Pirates.
And then we are free.
One can find dangers to be incurred. There are many interesting things.
Especially with a crew such as that one,
then try to survive!
Not, nothing.
Ah!! It is hot!!
Do Zoro, what you make?
It is what?
Sanji-kun, wait!
Zoro, you embarrassments the passage.
Rengainez your sword, I have something for you.
It is what this place?
There is a boat fixed on the ceiling.
The weather is really hot.
It is what?
What it fout up there this boat?
Hey, nice!
Why one would not bet for up there?
Up there?
You are not here for the race?
Oh? A race?
Drop in any event you will not be able to beat me.
Then it was here?
Ca goes back to so far I have evil with me to remember it
Qu what? Speak!
I already came here with the captain from a band from pirates.
Although it on there no date of stopped,
the pirates had decided to organize a race:Dead-End Race.
Organized by the pirates?
This city was always populated pirates in the past.
Ah of agreement
The pirates taking part left from here,
and the race was very long.
The rules are very simple.
The first which passes the finishing line gained.
Afterwards, you will seek your silver price and here.
Lastly, if all occurs well
I see.
It is only one vulgar race.
Ca resembles rather a contest of performance.
I do not believe that one will have problem.
And then Luffy really makes a point of taking part in it.
Hey, which takes part here?
You know it?
Everyone here takes share with the race. That made approximately 300.000 people.
Woa! There are really many people.
In bottom, they are people of the third place.
They make party of the people of the Giants, they are called Bobbi and Boggo.
They take part them too?
Opposite, close to the panel,
it is a former participant, a rival of Arlong,
Ahah even man-fish
take part in this race.
Hey Luffy.
Be always decided to you to take part?
Ca is used for nothing to make the race against these guy,
one is likely no to gain.
You me listenings??
With how much is fixed the price?
To 3 million Berrys.
Race, us here!!
Here is our form.
And the registration fee?
You do not include/understand?
Does Ca indicate the arrival?
By hoping that you arrive there without encumbers.
And be careful.
Thank you for your councils.
Odd all this world,
and one saw no boat on the ocean.
It is you who paraded in the middle of the ocean?
Everyone camouflaged its ship to prevent here that the Navy discovers us!!
Grandfather, grandfather, rise!
Do not worry you, I am well.
Why you say that you are well?
You have trailed this fever for one week.
It is nothing. Not the sorrow to be concerned with it.
Continue to work.
You should remain with the bed.
I am well
Very well, a last question.
Is the departure planned for tomorrow?
One can drink glass without that posing problem?
You do not worry, the race will begin even if you are late.
Wait! You really believe to be likely to gain?
What? Of course that one can gain!
You are very enthusiastic.
Who is the favorite?
It is the Gaspard Captain.
You know it, Robin?
Ah, I am not really sure.
I wonder of which clan it is?
Ah, where are the different ones and which do make?
Still eating.
Puffs out is free here then they precipitated.
Ah, it is for that.
But you have not just eaten?
It is hardly 6 hours.
And then?
It is necessary to be in full form for the competition of tomorrow.
Full with energy.
You exchanges not.
Does Ca go?
Ca with the really delicious air, give me in!
Not! It is not for you.
I of insane.
Give it to me.
Hey, what you made?
Bring to me to eat.
Yes a second!!
Hey! Yes, that comes.
This place is brilliant.
By here puffs out it!
You are a truth glouton.
Why I did that??! Why I did that
It is rather with me to say that!!
About what you do speak?
The farm! When I think that you lengthened your hands to fly of puffs out.
I card-index myself knowledge how you did that.
My hands
You cannot do it?
It was not us.
You will see!
You ate a Fruit of the Demon?
And then?
There is a problem?
Guesses to which you dared to fly puffs out it?
You do not know?
One is the crew of Gaspard.
You could regret having irritated to us.
One will transform you into trophy.
What do you make?
You try to excuse you?
Hey, it is against me that you fight!
The farm.
Pas la pains to look around you.
It is useless, I am out of rubber.
Did Hey, why you do that?
You hurt me!
Afflicted Heu, I did not want.
Good blood, but from where you leave?
Me? My body is out of rubber.
I am an elastic man!
Does somebody want some?
It is a monster!!
He ate a Fruit of the Demon!
Just like Gaspard!
I do not want to die.
Species of idiot.
How you ace let a kid fight?
I do not support that.
Make them the skin!!
They arrive
Zoro, deals with them!
Species of
Dirty fouteurs of shit.
It is which this type?
Ouais, Good!
He is there!!
Good blood! You do not believe that you made some too much there?
Imbecile, I will not let to you flee. Do not try to run away itself!
Do Luffy, you do what?
Nothing, just a baston.
Is Ah, it all?
Pay attention to you.
It is already finished?
Wait, I found it.
Ca will not hold!
It is all that a pirate finds to say?
Do Hey, you want to still fight?
Too much extremely!
I appreciated the spectacle.
Thank you.
I did not think that my opponent was worth 30.000.000.
It is what your name?
Me? I am called
You could at least listen to what I have to say!
You want to still fight?
And then does not praise you if you are worth 30.000.000.
It was a time when I was worth 90.000.000 of them!
Wow!! Does Ca go back to when?
You really believe to be able you to leave there against all these pirates?
I have a chance that arrives?
You do not miss air.
Oh, one will discuss that later.
Why did you save?
It was there then
Good, our baston is continued?
Go, one goes there!
Of agreement, but it did not have enough of it.
That is enough like that!
That it is noisy
Gaspard captain.
What do you make here?
I do not have the right to be here?
Of course that if.
It was said to me that you drink on board.
I need your permission to leave, it is that?
Not, it is not that sorry to have disturbed to you.
Have fun!
I can ask you a last question?
Go ahead.
Who are you??
Who I am?
You speak about me?
Good blood, I am
I do not know myself.
Nobody in my crew was still beaten
by a least that nothing.
Ah, it is that does it of it is
Afflicted, I did not finish any yet with him.
What occurred?
The weather is cold.
Salt waste.
It is him Gaspard?
You are rather gifted.
Who are you?
I am called Shuraya.
I am an bargain hunter without name.
He does not laugh?
He captured and killed many famous pirates.
Then it would be him
It is him Shuraya?
Then you are an bargain hunter.
I am known a little by here.
You do not give the impression to me to be worth 30.000.000.
You is rather gifted, it is interesting.
What you say that.
Would Ca say to you to work for me?
Hey, I am here to capture you.
I know that you made party of the Navy formerly.
If you can fight, that is enough for me.
I love talented people.
I thank you for your compliments.
Then, that do you think about it?
This type has a head which does not return to me.
My hat
Not engraves if you take it as that,
but does not insult me!
As you want.
But to what will serve your honor to you?
If you exchanges of opinion, come to see me on my boat.
Why you hold it before the beginning of the competition?
Attention where you put the feet!!
Release! Do not touch with that!
It is my treasure!
This hat is your treasure?
It is a very important gift that Shanks gave me.
Shanks? You know this extraordinary pirate?
You are not an ordinary pirate.
Not, I will become the Lord of the Pirates.
And I am with the research of mysterious One Piece.
But, all those which know something about it
You are proud.
Do you know what that wants to say to seek in the vastness of the ocean?
Not, because I decided to become a pirate.
If I must die in this combat, it is that it is my destiny.
You are only one small arrogant unconscious!
I am not mood to still beat me. One will give that to later.
The next time, it is me which will gain.
I count on you!
The farm!
Do not annoy me!
I take along my grandfather to see a doctor.
He is dying.
I can nothing there, then releases me!
You are not friendly?
You do not have a heart!
Friends? Why devil this old man would he be my friend?
He saved you the life several times already.
Keep silent yourself!
Why do you make noise as much?
Please, please, help my grandfather.
Idiot, do not do that.
He has fever and maintaining that worsens.
Please, help it.
Anaguma, that is enough!
Mr Gaspard, I beg you!
It is the assistant of the old mechanic, he is called Anaguma.
It is what the problem with the old man?
He is sick and he is already old, he will die in any event.
Not if it is looked after.
I already said you that it is useless.
After all it
I will do all that is possible, I swear it!
Stop saying anything!
Please, look after it!
You cry? You do not have shame?
Release me!
What is what you intend to make?
I will have to do it myself.
About what you do speak?
Wait. He does not speak like a kid.
I will kill out of the pirates and will take their money to buy drugs.
The calm one. You really believe that this kid will kill somebody?
I will do it.
Do not say anything!
Let do it.
He speaks extremely, he has character, but he is also very stupid.
If you kill it, I will let you join the crew.
Only insane would do that for one of its close relations.
When you are cured, I will offer a super meal to you.
Is Hey, they good?
Ca can go.
One must move towards this mountain.
Do Nami, you have a problem?
Eternal Poses point in direction of this mountain.
And then?
He said that this city would be the starting point.
One of would go that one ignores you.
You also Zoro.
The farm!
It is what the problem?
No the doubt, it is the departure well here.
The currents are numerous around this island.
Everyone gathers in front of the river.
And thus would that be this place?
They all were to prepare elsewhere for the departure.
, You wait speak about the top of the mountain?
Exact. There one will have to go to make a turn.
But, from which all this water comes?
Several years ago, there was an eruption here.
And it is necessary to use that to find the way.
Ahh, Robin-chan you are really sensational.
I include/understand essence.
One is not likely to start here.
It is not that.
It is what the problem?
The last time it was similar.
No problem.
One will manage to arrive there.
The wind blows extremely by here.
Luffy, prepares the boat!
Ussop, will take the bar!
Robin, supervises the back, Zoro and Sanji, supervise the sides to avoid the surprises.
One flies!!
Very well, ahead!!!
I see, it is that he wanted to say by beginning the voyage.
One is very popular one would say.
Very well, gum is put!
Made attention! Put the package!
If you put yourself across my way, I kill to you!
It is normal.
But it is which at the end this Gaspard?
You are interested in him?
You spent time to look at it.
Is Wow, necessary really that one goes at the top of the mountain?
Does one nothing impress you, hein?
You to have beaten Gaspard, isn't this must want me?
I see the other boats.
There is of it also this side.
That one is enormous.
A bateau a vapor.
It is the first time that I see that.
The ship of Gaspard. Salamander.
It is
It is the symbol of the ship?
It is not the symbol of the Navy?
It took the control of the ship which it ordered and became pirate.
Now, its premium is of 90.000.000 Berrys.
Ca does much money.
It is true.
And all that with its only force.
It would be said that he ate a Fruit of the Demon.
Formerly it was called the General but nobody any more calls it like that.
It is a good news?
It is a pirate.
It is impossible
I hate it.
It is really laughable, this boat is ridiculous.
You really believe that it will resist the currents?
That with the tail of horse, it is Bigaro.
It is a very powerful ship.
It is an enormous ship.
Ca continues to go up!!
It is not serious, it nothing will occur
I believe that you should prepare you in the worst case.
It is that Grand Fall?
Young girl, it is not the moment of rvasser!
What do they make?
The race started.
All the blows are allowed!
Ussop, will occupy you to the back of them!
Ahh me?
It is not well that.
Included/understood, I occupy myself some.
Ouais! Here is Ussop gaining truth!
The battle started.
You, everyone prepare!
Bobbi, you cannot turn like that!
Why you do not accelerate?
You are right.
Not!! Not by there!
Chopper, turns the bar at bottom!
It is already done.
But that does not function.
One will be crushed if that continues.
There is not an other way?
Is necessary to find something.
Does Ca help that?
Ah, yes!
But what does one make now?
Hey Luffy!!!
It is always the same thing
One is likely to be still in life.
Robin, thank you, it is of my fault,
I was mistaken in my calculations.
Ca starts finally, have fun with that.
I am already very content.
One is still far behind but one has just started.
It is as that which one becomes pirate.
If one gains, one will touch 3 million.
The old problems re-appear once the island was left.
Very well!
This bargain hunter and this kid tire me. I rotted here.
It is very awkward.
Good blood, I bump still.
Who asked for a surplus of coal for the salle des machines?
The farm. It is not me which made the decision.
If you do not know, you do not make as you want.
I know!
Where is Anaguma?
My assistant.
Ah yes, I believe that it joined the pirates.
All the other boats disappeared.
Normal, each ship follows its own road.
And if one ate now?
Good idea!
Can Zoro, you check the damage of the ship?
You want that I do it me?
You have really the technique to make use of people.
Good, let us see whether there are holes
Anything, it is not a problem.
You chose the bad ship to be stolen.
It is a pirate boat.
A kid?
You do too much of it, you do not even have pity for a kid?
I do not have the choice, it is armed.
It is too
You are really
The meal is almost ready.
Put the table.
You are awaked?
The stag speaks!
Not, I am a reindeer!
It is odd.
You lie.
It is not a monster, it is an extraordinary doctor!
Even if it is not very gifted to be expressed
Idiot, I miss just confidence in me.
It is that which you seek?
You took along that on a pirate boat?
Do not astonish you if you are made kill.
Which is your goal?
Why are you there?
This child is not in good health.
Would not be so malicious with him.
And I came to kill you for empocher the reward!
Money? You are direct like guy.
There are many pirates elsewhere, why us?
It is normal. He came on the most beautiful boat.
It is not that. This boat is the worst than I ever saw.
Ouais, which joke.
Imbecile, I am serious.
Do not do that. Your body
Does not approach you more.
The pirates become the targets of the assassins.
If you did not prepare, you are made have.
Show me your determination, unless you would be only one smoothie.
I am not a coward!
What does that want to say?
Fru. a Fruit of the Demon?
It is exact, you were not with the current?
I never left this ship.
Its body somewhat changed.
The price to be paid for these gifts, it is that one cannot swim any more.
Our Chopper and Robin have also these capacities.
This stag?
I am a reindeer!
Kill, kill me maintaining me.
Good blood, you dispatch and do it!
You are very determined
But that should not occur like that
You cheeks with your life, isn't this?
To receive lessons of morals on behalf of a pirate is not important.
To continue to live without goal does not have any direction.
Zoro, lends to me your katana.
Do not wound anybody.
Do not announce pretense of all.
If you really hold to with it, I go exaucer your wish.
Nami, not!
Do not stop me!
I hate the kids in his kind.
Doesn't the life have any direction, hein?
If the life does not have any direction, you have to only burst!!
Stop, that is enough.
The guy, stop it.
The meal is ready.
Be to you a desperate case.
I want to give a lesson to this kid who does not know the direction of the word gratitude!!!
I am unable to find my grandfather. Death is much better for me.
Do not say similar tricks.
Good things will arrive.
If you do not want to die, then keep silent yourself.
You seemed so presently determined.
Grand Line is not whole rest.
If you deflated, the remainder of the crew would be well annoyed.
When Nami-san was young,
its family was killed by pirates.
She lived 7 years of a life which one would not wish with anybody.
This reindeer has to him also a tragic past.
Nobody here has a very merry past.
Hey, it is not tragic.
The life is like that, it is necessary to make with the events which emerge.
But if you make with, then the future can only be better.
You measuring rods?
What do you make?
You are nicer than than I imagined.
With is good to reconsider there, for what that used?
I can? It is the list of the participants.
The things as that that never stops.
You move away even more road, why?
They is good, it is right a play.
It is enough funny to spend time.
A ship approaches us quickly.
Weilis, it is Hiela the man-fish.
As of are the beginning there some who are in a hurry to die?
Gaspard, why this direction?
It is a bad idea.
I have very a good sight.
You have me of course the air of you.
All the crew, you with the combat prepare!
One finally will be able to have fun.
It's a pity that it has no chance to leave itself there.
Your opponents are different
About what you do speak?
Close it!
This type, it is that which one saw before installing.
It is Bigaro.
Hein? I believed that one was the last.
Then it was them the last.
You will irritate it!!
I all will kill you
I had it?
Nice, Ussop!
It was cake.
In your turn!
Good blood.
Very well, then
Ca fast with us two will be joined together.
I have anything against you but I want to beat me.
After that, I will prepare the dinner.
One minute will be enough for us.
They are strong.
It was what this noise?
It is what that??!
They are enormous.
Idiot, does not speak so extremely.
Hey, catches that!
You do aces considering where you have it lance?
Zoro and Sanji did not return
It is true. Hey!
Zoro, marvellous.
Why didn't come to you earlier to save me?
I made my better.
They is really delicious.
Don't Hey, you want to eat?
I kept you your share.
You are all the time like that?
You known as that its life should not be risked so easily,
but you do not stop taking risks.
Death does not have anything funny.
But there they was not dangerous.
They is not jokes.
You are not afraid of death?
Of course that if.
Then why?
I was saved by pirates when I were young,
and one of them lost an arm
Do not die as you failed to do it.
Fortunately that you do not have anything.
It is for that I go from the front one.
There remain to me still things to be made.
It is very hard, but I put myself thoroughly at it.
It is for that that does not have importance
if I were to die in the combat.
Why these flowers?
They are flowers?
Why they fade?
Hey, Sanji. There is a snail.
They is false!
Frrot, the boat cannot go more quickly.
What occurs here?
One draws.
It is the point of arrival indicated by Partia?
It is what?
It is the Navy which did that?
It ran?
There is another ship by here.
Still one?
It occurs what today?
Does Nami, what occur?
No the error, it is well the direction indicated.
Are Hey, sure for you that this Eternal Pose functions well?
Good blood, I found that odd.
Then it is that
Surely a blow of Gaspard.
There is only him to make this type of things.
Then one can nothing draw some.
It is inevitably that.
Wait, I believe that it is by here.
Not a long time ago,
I saw Eternal Pose on his ship.
It is surely a history of treason between pirates.
You are a fine strategist.
And you a wretched dumb.
And you will leave to his continuation?
Without Eternal Poses, it is completely useless.
It is true, it is already too late.
For my grandfather also
Your grandfather?
It is not my true grandfather,
it is an old man who saved me.
He is very sick and the crew does not look after it.
It is for that I
You embarked on this boat to earn money
To come here will not help you to save your grandfather.
If you really make a point of living, then say it!
If you are really determined, then helps us!
But do not say that there is nothing any more to make!!
And what do you hope to make?
The timing is perfect.
I just thought of beating this type. You go there?
I also go there, takes along me!!!
Very well.
I do not have the choice.
I must give up the price of 3 million.
We must go to recover Eternal Pose.
Excuse me.
You want to fight against Gaspard?
The enemy approaches!
Very well, ahead!
How go-you one to find the good place?
With the nose of Chopper!
Ah, I see.
I laughed.
They is good.
Let the crew deal with the remainder.
You went by there all length?
What do you make?
I will not let myself pose your dirty legs on top.
What do you hope to make me in your state?
Do not make me laugh, I worried just about that.
I strut of the remainder.
You will be made kill one day because of your behavior.
I am somebody of good, not like these pirates.
You believe yourself able to speaking like that?
You go too far!
You do that to be able to pay you to eat.
There is not any more a fuel.
I will be a job.
Who who you would be, you have nothing to do with me but you should not be here.
I do not want to destroy this ship,
I have too many memories there.
I want to cause a large accident.
It is necessary that I find a chance to kill it.
It is malignant.
This method will not go.
It is true?
To kill Gaspard.
If my body were of agreement, I will help you.
Doesn't Ca go? Pp?
I am sick but I will not die without to have re-examined Anaguma
My assistant.
He works for pirates, to help me.
This dumb of Gaspard turned the head in Anaguma with his lies.
The kid?
You saw it?
I crossed it while leaving, it had the odd air.
You gave up it?
About what you do speak?
I would not have let it die.
In fact, there are some good pirates but those like Gaspard are strange
It card-indexes life of the children.
People like him
The kid I do not believe that he died.
Eh well, until now, all the pirates whom I crossed were all similar.
A cheap bunch of good-for-nothings who drive others completely.
It is odd, I have the impression to have already seen you before.
You said well that this boat pointed out memories to you.
You are not there to kill Gaspard?
You must surely have another thing at the head.
Who are you?
Pp, you tell anything.
Te delighted not too, because there is a limit with all that.
It is for that I am interested in it
My father built boats.
He was born in a city considered for that.
One day a boat came for repairs,
but makes some they killed everyone.
It was Gaspard, there is that 8 years.
There was not that some survivors I lived only and I do not want to continue any more to live like that.
I include/understand what you feel
isn't revenge?
You did not include/understand anything!!
I laughed, that does not have any relationship with you.
And it is already too late, blood was already versed.
I involved myself very hard and I misled many people.
I will only leave myself there.
I borrow you that.
Idiot, you must cling. As long as you will live
Pp, it is already too late.
Good-bye! It is good that Anaguma is still in life.
Wait! Which is your name?
Shuraya! Shuraya Baskedo.
Hurry, bargain hunter.
Please to me.
I will be honoured to be your adversary, any time, which it grows dark or although you would be burst.
I already listened to your history
I know that you are not here for gold.
You worked here during these 8 years?
And yet you do not have memories,
but it is true that you use that.
Also, I will want to fight against you,
but he also would like to fight against you.
I will act as spectator.
Ha, one will see well who will die in first.
You are one of my targets.
Hey, do not damage the boat!
Hehe, it is finished.
I said to you to pay attention!
Hold good! Hey!! Awake!
Does that go?
You do not have anything?
They are the orders of Gaspard.
Burn all that is here!
And do not leave any survivor!!
Marvellous, it is a very rare boat that we have there.
I believe that one will take it.
And moreover, there are an old man to make walk the engine.
You will see
I will kill this man, I will not let it be left there.
Attention with its chains.
The final blow.
What occurs?
Hey, look at over there!
Shit, the engine has just stopped.
It is likely to explode?
This day do not say to me
Here is capacity of the rain.
It will not even be able to wound it.
It is a true monster!
Captain, cheer.
And bah then? It is all?
And me which believed that you would please to me.
I have fun more with toys.
I will crush you!
Who it is that one?
It is not due to the life?
A survivor?
No importance.
They draw us above, one is foutu.
Won't Ca tell similar tricks?
The engine stopped.
It would be said that it occurs something.
Luffy, do what you can!
What is it?
Here me is!!!
It is what this type?
It is the rubber man.
It returns? Release!
Played well!
You can bring us closer to them?
The other is unable to be controlled.
The farm!
Very well. You behind, made your job.
Would not be too much to trust!
Beautiful job.
30.000.000 that is deserved.
Good, you wanted something of me or you prefer to finish like the other?
Why be to you you there?
I come to take the results.
Let us see seeing what you are worth.
You ace something to say?
Why do you say that?
Something like that? And that?
All can arrive in this race, then one should not complain.
You are very strong.
Pas la pains to use this kind of method.
And yet
It is true.
It is a very interesting play.
A play?
Exact, it is a play.
If you cheeks not the play, then how do want you to find happiness in the middle of the ocean?
These pirates who run after a dream are only one bunch of refuse.
Those which keep their treasures did not risk their life much.
Then what is it?
The true power is needed.
With power, you can all obtain.
I will deal with all these insane who
do not even understand that because of gold,
people as that appear.
If you survive, then I will reward you by accepting you among my crew.
Here is the play which we play.
One has all the time that it is necessary.
Well, I see. It is for that you arranged yourself with the organizer.
Now it has to leave the island,
after having benefitted from it to recover all gold.
I do not even know if it is still alive.
Its Eternal Pose also is false.
Shit. !
One was well made have.
They is marvellous.
You are well? Species of idiot!
Afflicted. I came to save you grandfather.
To save me?
I came with pirates who proposed to me to be helped.
Do these pirates want to help you?
You later will be explained.
But initially, one must escape from here.
These people are really very strong.
They said that they were going to run it in broad island. And the boat
Ca will go, grandfather, you always say that.
Let us leave now and begin a new life.
Good things could arrive to us.
Allons-y grandfather!
You it is true?
Mister the swashbuckler, I count on you to take care of this young man.
It was already my intention.
Dispatch you to go up on board.
Before that, I have something to make.
You made me confidence, Mister the swashbuckler?
Do not worry you, I return soon.
Then hurries.
This is why this place stops that!
You return at home?
After all that you surmounted to arrive up to now,
one should at least have fun a little.
It is that.
What did you say?
You are damaged?
I do not have time to lose to play your little game and to discuss with you.
Me, I am there that to remove me from you.
Nami-san, you hear me!
Hurry to return, the situation is already critical!
I feel it badly.
Qu. ? I already felt that before.
If you do not move, I will move before you.
I already warned you that if you fanfaronnes too, you will die.
I go there initially, moves back.
Stop, the broken toys do not have any interest.
Insane steps of me!
During these 8 years,
I survived because I wanted to take my revenge.
My sister, my parents and my friends, they all were killed by you.
I knew that what I did was stupid.
And it is for that you must pay for your crimes, Mister Gnral.
It is really the most stupid thing.
As you want, I will finish some with you.
What does it make?
It obstructed us, it is only one dirty disgusting frimor.
Do not repeat things like that!
It is rather your case.
Stop saying anything and come to beat you!
That it is wretched.
I ate the Fruit of the Demon of the Rain.
My body can be liquefied as I want.
Thus you will strike me in vain, that will not be used for nothing!
Go! How the spectacle starts!
Then? Does Ca make good?
Return by there!
It is their combat, does not interfere you.
But this type
Wait a little.
And then? Do your forces give up you?
I still want some.
To run ships was funnier.
You will die!
Ca will hurt!
I am not edible.
You really do not include/understand the situation.
I will not give up.
You do not have any chance.
It is what one will see.
You are quite presumptuous.
You forgot something of important here.
It is a very invaluable hat I believe,
a trick that Shanks the Russet-red one gave you.
It is not with me, I must return to him!
Does not touch it!
It is well damage, my large.
Stop, if you it keys, never I will not forgive yourself it!
Do imbecile, what you believe capacity to make me?
I give you that, you will return it to me when you become a pirate out of the commun run.
I will find One Piece.
And I will become a large pirate!
That that made of the good.
Return to me this hat!!
It is really so invaluable?
Very well I return it to you.
Eh well that really does not resemble a combat.
Time changes, I feel a great power.
A great power?
It is like
Attention with the last obstacle.
You dispatch!
You prepare, we must leave from here immediately.
But Sanji and Luffy
One card-indexes oneself some!!
Luffy, do not lose too much time.
There will be a storm soon here.
It is enough embarrassing, but I want to be with you.
About what you do speak grandfather?
You are you still there?
Of course. What do you make here with speaking all alone?
Straw hat fights against Gaspard.
All the others were beaten.
There remain only you.
This boat is running.
You should leave from here as long as you still can it.
Who is this?
It is me.
What do you make?
Dispatch you to leave!
Don't grandfathers you come?
This child awaits you!
Afflicted, this child is very important for me.
But at the end of the day,
I will want to remain in the salle des machines.
Quickly! Run!!
This boat soon will explode!
Is it well?
No doubt, the wind blows by here.
This guy
The insane one, it can be still raised.
To be raised request much of effort.
I will not forgive myself for that!!
Stop, your attacks are useless.
You do not even arrive to me at ankle.
Then it is all that somebody who is worth 30.000.000 can do?
I will kill you quickly, and without pain.
I will kill you with kindness.
It is finished? The boat is running.
Quickly, passes in first.
The combat is not finished.
I hear it well.
Ca makes a long time that I did not test that.
It is not possible.
Afflicted, I pass in first.
Does Ca go?
At all.
Let to me give that.
It is what?
Use it advisedly.
I slip by!
Sanji, you are late.
Let us leave quickly from here, this place is dangerous.
It is true something of enormous arrives.
Where is Luffy?
What? You did not leave to seek the grandfather?
It decided to remain in the salle des machines.
There remains nothing any more but one minute.
It is what this joke?
Quickly, turn over there!!
Why left it to you on the boat?
You had not said that you would save it?
Then why
It is always on the boat
It is better like that.
Pas la pains to strike it.
You had not guessed?
This child it is a girl!
Isn't Luffy is well?
I do not know anything of it.
How that don't you know anything of it?
With the explosion, it has
And the grandfather why?
All is
All what? I do not include/understand what you speak.
Quickly, is necessary to go to save Luffy.
Wait. It is always in life.
And Gaspard too.
What? What occurred?
Where it passed the different one?
It ran?
I am here!
You did not slip by yet?
Did your crew already leave?
Would it have given up you?
Idiot. They are my friends!
I do not have a crew on my boat.
What is they that these conneries?
You are a pirate and you believe in the friendship?
Do not card-index yourself ego.
In the middle of this ocean, it east eats or is eaten, it does not have there other rules.
Only the power counts.
Although I hate the sea, it is for that I left the Navy to become pirate.
But I have the capacity.
It is for that which I think that you are only one large moron.
You do not include/understand.
It is for that you say this kind of idiocies.
If you do not rely on your companions,
then you merits not to be a pirate.
This guy, I will do myself it.
Very interesting.
You are the first to have held so a long time me head.
To show you my respect, I will finish some with you.
There is a launch behind me.
And looks behind you
Ah!!! What is it?
You are surprised?
This launch is also very fast.
Ca is badly, in fact worst things could arrive.
Very simple, gaining it the right to life will have.
Ca is not used for nothing, that does not go with me.
Ca hurts!
How did it make to touch me?
It is
I cannot lose!
It left!
You ace not right to be a pirate, Gaspard!!
It is the end.
Idiot, that does not walk with me.
It is my turn, take that!!
Do idiot you believe capacity to touch me?
Thus die!
Lastly, it is finished.
I gained.
You saw that?
It sent it packing.
Isn't Luffy does not have any more a force?
If one grouille not, that badly will finish.
Be not made a concern.
You are not anxious?
It is always like that.
We have faith in our Captain.
You do not make fun of me.
I am always in life.
You pleasant?
Is grandfather, it what this acoutrement?
I used it for
you to make go up on board.
Straw hat!
It is him which overcame Gaspard.
In fact, it was useless to save me.
I do not have any more reason to live.
My goal was to kill Gaspard.
And it is a type with a straw hat which overcame it.
I do not have any more reason to live.
I am not so sure.
God likes to play with the men.
What do you want to say?
It is a very deep wound.
You know it??
It is for that I decided to say to you
You a sister, isn't this has?
Eh well, it is always in life.
What? 8 years ago, my sister is
This day, I saved a young girl of the river, it was 3 years old.
And according to my memories,
it was called Andelu Baskedo.
The life is full with surprises.
It is formidable of living.
Excuse me, but could you adopt it?
I am too young to be mother.
Didn't grandfathers, you die?
Idiot. I wanted simply to say good-bye to the salle des machines.
I did not intend to die.
They are not good.
Nothing there can.
Their to learn as that which they are brother and sister.
My hat it is lost.
One can nothing make there, it is lost.
My hat
Here it is.
My hat!
It was really important for you?
It was beside my foot, then I collected it.
Thank you!
You are really nice!
Can Nami, you help me to arrange it?
You see this island?
It is the arrival, one is there thanks to the compass of the grandfather!
One gained!!
Do not make the head.
It is not that
I believe simply that I lost my statute.
Statute? How that?
To stop each time to obtain what one wants.
One is not different from Gaspard.
What? What do you want to say?
Do not worry you for that, it is past.
Now, it is necessary to think in the future.
It is going from the front one.
Be not made a concern, take your time.
All is finished.
What do they make here?
They followed us or what?
You made us well wait, pirates!
One will make you the skin!
Shouldn't captain, one make an investigation before rather?
Pas la pains.
All troops, ahead!
Why you made that,
you, isn't this saved us?
Not, it is that
we are pirates,
and under these conditions, one must flee.
You must live elsewhere, in a place enlightened by the sun and benefit from the life.
The life is worth the sorrow to be lived.
Take care of you!
And, you become an extra woman hear me?
And especially, you must say what you think of your manner!
Made attention
You intended to save me since the beginning.
Forget all that, one will be re-examined more.
, Pirates dispatch you to leave!
Made attention with you!!!
You too!!
Thank you!!
Grandfather, I do not include/understand.
It is necessary you to start again with living since the beginning.
It is that.
What? It makes half-turn.
This year, there is no winner.
There is not an other solution.
It is the type with the straw hat.
The type on the poster?
Posts it?
It is worth a package!
The poster has just been sent here.
It is worth 100.000.000 Berrys.
More that Gaspard!
Do not make this head?
Good-bye the kitty of the 3 million Berrys.
Do not tell me things like that!
This situation because of Gaspard!!
I will never forgive him!!
I can breathe more
Forget all that.
There remains to us a long way.
One will on another occasion.
Ouais Nami-san.
Is better to deal with them maintaining.
Do not go there the guy
I do not want life poor like that.
Quickly, is necessary to give up from here!
Yes Nami-san!
Go, the Lord of the Pirates
goes towards its next destination!
I am beautiful an imbecile.
Everyone, one goes there!!