One Piece: Stampede (2019) Movie Script

I will get everything which you have.
Lets do it
A worlds No 1 pirate festival only for pirates.
Yeah!!! My fellow trustworthy pirates
Enemy ships, alliance
today we are going to share sake together.
One who comes wont refuse, one who doesn't will regret
We all are joining the No 1 Pirate festival of banquet [ Pirate Expo ]
Festival Pirate Commander : Buena Festa
I can see it ......
I have heard about Pirate Expo ...
A very big pirate event which happens every few years, with no real established interval between them.
ship, food, rare weapons, rare information ..
and rare things in this world will be collectively present it seems.
It is like a black market only for pirates ?
Sounds like there will be good sake too ..
ohh !! .. as a ending ceremony ..
The pirate king's [Gol D Roger]
a treasure hunt will be there as an activity.
Sounds interesting ..
Pirate King's treasure hunt !!!!
A pirates festival ???
Politely taking the Eternal Pose after signing guidelines.
on top of that, Pirate kings ...
TRESURE HUN Ehh !! Doubt a little bit, its suspicious.
Buena Festa ..
pirate who is known as world number 1 festival maker
He is a dangerous pirate who had tied up with great informants and weapons dealers ..
But he is supposed to be dead.
It can be a self dead pledge huh
whatever may be, behind the scenes
when you hear Pirate king ... right captain ??
Its a pirate treasure hunt competition ...
Certainly it will be fun ..
Lets go ... Pirates Expo
Performers are getting gathered ..
Excuse me, Festa commander
Good that you showed up...
Monkey D Luffy
Excite this Grandina Festival that we are proud of !!
I know, you guys know it already
this pirates expo
fighting, abduction, robbery everything is ok ..
but .. there is one rule which should not be breaken .
That is, you should never tell Marines about this festival.
Keep it confidential.
All pirates who are present here ...
you might get grind up to the hell ..
A delayed self introduction
I am the presenter, Donald Moderate
and, our special guest is ...
everyone's favorite, song princess ... Ann
Hello, everyone
As everyone knows, Ann bears power of devil fruit ...
Bijo bijo fruit
The power grants her to create illusions of images which has touched.
It disappears soon though ..
Hello ...
So today, after 20 years
Pirate Expo is back
and there is a reason for making this island as stage ..
The time I am talking is a little before great pirates era ..
when the pirate king, Gold Roger discovered this island
most of his robbed treasure of burrowed in this islands is what they say.
And he said this, it seems ...
Our answer resides in the deepest [ note : Can also read as tallest ] darkness.
So, everyone ..
is the stage where pirate king challenged us ...
lets solve the puzzle and get hand the pirate kings treasure.
Oi, faster, something is happening .already ..
we are late af !!
Its all your fault !!
You said, its just a preparation for treasure hunt ..
why did you eat so much
eyyy, same goes to u ..
Still, this excitement, this is a real one.
Ah!! I am looking forward for it.
Everyone peace !!
I will find the treasure for sure.
Lets do it!! Chopper
There is no choice !!
By the looks on number of pirates gathered here ..
Dangerous people are wandering ...
Sunny go is ready !!
Rest is up to u, Franky
Its better not to search for treasure
What are you guys doing ??
Its not me
Isn't it his fault
Why is it me ???
Stop it now, reach faster ...
You are the one who is in charge of security ..
Yes, I am incharge of security.
As a part of shichibukai ..
A man who lives as a legend ..
Buggy sama it is.
Even with 200 security guards, you couldn't even catch a single rat .
If this continues, after festival my salary will decrease from the geezer.
Search them with all you have got.
It can become more dangerous era than i imagined.
Straw hat
Found you !! Trafalgar Law
He disappeared
Pirates Expo, these many pirates have gathered..
Capture all of em ... cannot be said
Real reason is .. The festival , hidden behind during the death of pirate king
A big pirate during Roger's era.
Along with that, this guy too
The one who is in denial from Navy HQ ...
Douglas Bullet
Level 6 priority, who escaped from impel down.
If they have joined their forces..
it wont a normal festival.
Its a signal to stop.
No, this is ...
Waves force ...
What a .... trouble thing started to happen .
Everyone, remember the words i spoke before
In the deepest [ note : Can also read as tallest ] darkness
our answer resides
but what does he mean by deep
This is ...
Leads a fixed point to the sky ...
Its a bottom to top sea wave, knock up stream.
And wave carrying coated bubbles.
And more bigger bubble..
What is that
Island ??
A fully bubble coated island
This is no doubt, this is where Roger hid his treasure.
yes, everyone, How do u go towards that Island ?
Go, Go Franky
Leave it to me, captain. I have secret weapon for this..
Move aside ...
Woahh!! Its Kid Pirates from Worst generation .
Caption Eustass kid along with Killer going ahead.
It is getting super exciting, pirates expo
Pirate king, Gold Rogers treasure ...
ya, watching itself is a treasure ..
STAR Kid, you are taking part in this game !!
Game eh ??
Pirates who are aiming for treasure, going behind kid, in the second place On Air Pirates.
Captain : Scratchmen Apoo
No need to rush yo
Ah!! Drake Pirates started firing
X Drake getting closer to kid
Huh !! Sea riding
And again, worst generation's Bonney Pirates
Jewelry Bonney
One more bowl
What are you doing? Please give us some place .
Coming in next Fallen Monk Pirates, captain Urouge
What !! Merciless firing from Fire Tank Pirates
Captain Gang Begge
Something is different
Next Hawkins Pirates, eh!! its not the time to see horoscope
Lets give all our best to help Luffy
I will shine the most
Introduce me too ..
Next in the line is Barto Club's Bartolomeo and Beautiful Pirates Cavendish
And And
a lot more other pirates are ...
Introduce us too....
So, what will happen in this
knockup stream deadheat.
Treasure there ??
Silently without making any fuss, keep reporting me the situation.
Smoker, where are you ?
Directly to the Besto's hideout.
Sorry for making you guys wait ...
Thousands Sunnygo : Wing Model
The White Emperor Penguin.
Lets get back the lead..
Wait there, you guys
Its been a long time Mugiwara, know your place
Ah, Buggy
Lets go guys
What is that
Even being late, taking the speed
This is no person in this ocean who doesn't know this name
a man with 500 million bounty, MONKEY D LUFFY
With the addition of Mugiwara Pirates, the festival will heat up more.
I will cheering for u, Mugiwara san
Lets go at this pace directly
Everything is going well..
Its the time to start your goal, right.
Reach the first place in an instant, Mugiwara Pirates.
Isn't that interesting, mugiwara
Landing complete
We were saved..
We took some decent lead, get ready for getting fired from behind.
Franky, you are awesome
Yosh! Lets go at this pace.
What happened ?
Tra guy
- Emergency Kit
- What happened
Faster, first aid kit ..
Not required, I will leave right away, You guys right now
get away from this island
This festival former commander ...
Its not just Besta ... he has something very dangerous
They have completed something, and this island will be war zone soon.
What is this all of the sudden
Wait Tra guy
Tra guy. you need to rest
Sorry for interrupting, this is something i am looking answer for.
Where are you going with this body
To avenge them
People behind us caught up already, what are we gonna do
We will go forward.
But, I cant leave Tra guy alone too
Chopper, I will leave Traguy to you
Oi. I will go now
Then I will also come
Its not festa, which mean
something socially illegal is running around in back scenes ?
If there is any trap in this Festa ..
then its not Tra-guy problem alone.
Let me also come with you
Then I will be Robin chans bodyguard
I will be also join along.
I understood
It sounds something interesting is going to happen
It can be related to treasure too. Take care
Roger that, nami
Got it !! Traguy
Do whatever you want
If you want, I will give you that ==
We will die
Ah, I am already dead though
You saved us, Robin
If something happens, call us.
First, safety suits.
No need, lets rush
Drop place is near .
So, Lets go, A lil more to go for that treasure island.
The deadheat is almost over.
I can see it, at the top
What will happen ??
Rush there at this pace
Most of the ships, made it through knock up stream
So many pirate ships flying in air, we have seen this sight anywhere.
First one to reach treasure island is, ofcourse Mugiwara Pirates .
Oh!! What is that
Treasue island which holds big number of gold and money, and what is it over there
Huge load of silver, gold and jewels, this has taken a huge turn
silver, gold and jewels treasure island
As if I would let you guys take it.
That treasure box, it is oddly looks old.
I can smelly mystery all over it.
Luffy, in that treasure, there is a small chest
that is most probably pirate kings treasure
Yosh, guys bring em !!
Even you, what are you afraid of.
Dont talk nonsense
I am a sniper, I am good at backline.
You are scared..
It is getting interesting
Treasure hunt, stage 1 has started
Go forward
Got it
I am your opponent
PIrate Hunter
Who are you
Don't bother us with our goal
I will get the treasure
Keep fighting, you idiots
are you interfering ?
This is take or get taken situation, ofcourse i will interfere
If you want to die, then die
Get out of my way
Wait, mugiwara
This has became a heated up battle
who will break through ?
When it comes to man power, I am the best.
You guys are in the way
This is such an art.
Captain, faster
This way, win rate 40%
Lets go guys
Get away !! Get Away
Thats it
Nobody is playing fair, interesting
Keep quiet
Treasure is first over security guarding
Get him, Through him away...
This cave is his hideout
But be careful, before also they trapped me all of sudden
It stinks, brook
I am sorry
Be quiet
I am sorry again
we cannot go ahead from here.
Robin Chan
Me too
Its ok, most of them will not be able to stand against you.
Everything is moving well
As expected, Buster Call will be called on this island
What happened
Buster call means that ...
It is performed only under special circumstances by Marines, which will mercilessly destroy everything.
They make an entire island disappear from the map.
That we already know
Why is that happening now
Dunno but we have let everyone know about this
You guys
Why in this place
Suddenly, isn't it not fair
Brook, be careful, it has seastone in that.
This stone emits same energy as of ocean ..
If devil fruit users touch this, they will be weakened
I will stop him here, you guys go near luffy
As if I would let you guys do that
Take robin and run
Haki kuh
What are guys plotting
That is my line
And, in this stage...
In middle of many pirates getting disqualified
Who will get hand of treasure.
Get away.
You too
What is that
Pirate kings treasure is all mine.
That bastard
I wont let you have the treasure
Run faster!!
As if I would let you run away
Capture him, steal the treasure
Who will wait
This is my commanders treasure, it should be something amazing ... eh
Oi, this is
First to get hands on treasure box was shichibukai Captain buggy
And what exactly is inside it ...
I am falling
My treasure
What exactly is happening
Hold tightly
I don't want to die
An absolute power which i waited for 20 years.
Reach there perfectly..
Are you alright, KID
Captain, take care of yourself
This is something else
Captain, calm down I don't see any deaths
What is happening
Take care of yourself
I though I would die
Buggy Captain
Yes, I did , I got pirate kings
This is, this thing is
The whole island is destroyed from a ship which came from nowhere
Where is pirate kings treasure now ?
Who did this, cheap trick
That guy is
This ocean is War zone now, die
What are you doing
Luffy, you bastard
You are the person who defeated Tra guy
Oh you are tough
That is something super dangerous
Who is that
I though I would die
Oh you are alive
Of course I am
Damn, I dropped the treasure, who did that cheap trick
Do you know him
He is same as me
Roger Pirates former crew mate, Douglas Bullet
He is monster who could go equal against Rayleigh.
Rayleigh means that Pirate Kings right hand ?
So, lets start
No way, it was supposed to be a secret
Wait a min, Festa , I was given wrong information
No way
Marines are here
As expected, Marines has arrived at the port
Message from marines is that they are ready
Everything is going perfectly, now what you will do pirates
Are you going to stand back
or out run them.
Fuck, I was tricked by festa.
You sold all of us !!!
Eh!! Wait
There is no flaw
Aim was not just the treasure ??
Oi, you
Are you prepared yourself well, after touching my nakama
Comrade ?
Are you talking about this scum who couldn't protect a single treasure chest.
The word goes perfect saying The Worst Generation
If you need treasure, everyone attack me.
Conquerors Haki
This is outrageous
As you wish
What happened, worst generation, can you not move cuz you are scared
I am your opponent
We will prepare for getting out after getting in contact with sanji and others
We cannot get through that choke easily, we have plan something
Leave him to me, take care of sunny go
Senpai's what should I be doing ??
What is that
You guys, yosh come with me
Zoro, you are going wrong way, opposite
Zoro Senpai, as expected
Even I am here, be thankful
Before getting shot, run away
OIi, don't create fuss here
Come, I will be starting with you guys
I have made you the stage, according to the plan, you will have 10 mins.
Show me that power which made you call as devils heir.
What is happening there, Ussopp
Even marines are in here, what is happening
Long time, Miss All Sunday
You are ... crocodile
I am suprised that even you are moving.
That treasure is something which would shaken the whole world or something
Nice deduction
Behind the scenes of this festival, Douglas Bullet's is there.
The one who was raised from Galzburg military force, that big fuss created pirate group.
His ability is a pain in ass
What do you want me to do
Not you
I need you
I have a plan
Play along with me
At this place, what were you planning
Even you guys are insane commencing buster call
Ah, what are you talking about
Smoker. there is a problem
Bullet came, took the treasure and island is destroyed
now Mugiwara and everyone is battling
He moved eh
Commander where are you going? Going back ofcourse
Back way ?? in that many people
Awesome Buggy Captain
How much positive is he
Marine fleet, one is only dangerous
Better not to get involved
Even if that treasure
You guys, dont get in the way
After him its you mugiwara
If you are not coming, I will
Become a kid now
Dont come in my way
You guys are in my way
Get crushed
Dont do unnecessary things
That is my line
Not bad, but not enough
Training, strategy , resolution everything is not enough
I will show you real strength of getting properly trained
What is your goal
Being the strongest individual in the world
Nice seeing you all nervous
Dont die easily
Lets make way for Luffy before he returns here ..
A mission from zoro senpai
I will protect even if it costs my life
So, how do I make the way
Fujitora ...
Marine admiral huh ?
I wanted to know what kind of justice will this war provide
Move along with admiral Fujitora
Capture all the pirates
What are you guys ??
Mugiwara, please save us .
Idiots, fight for yourself.
I can smell Robin
I am happy you are safe
What about him
ah, about that
He became smoke and went somewhere
What happened though
Robin, where is Law
About that
Ok, lets break into two groups
Chopper and Brook, you guys go to luffy and tell him about buster call
Robin with me
Ok everyone, luffy will take treasure for sure
we should belive in him and move.
He is having fun
This is the power required to be a pirate king
If you are aiming for Pirate king, I cannot be defeated by you
If you use full potential of the devil fruit, it shouldn't last long right
Yes, let's go
As expected from a 15 year old kid
you have some bones
What happened ? Is that all you have got.
This is the end
Come with all you have got, mugiwara
show me you full power
5th emperor Monkey D Luffy who is out brawling a former Roger crewmate. This is will be nice article
I request you, it will make it more excited
Dont let any pirates run away
What are you planning to do joining him ?
That is beyond my knowledge
The judgement in this war, will the come right or wrong ?
War ?
You think, you can match against me.
Take noro noro beam
It was good mugiwara
I dont hate strong ones
but you and your comrades
everyone I will kill
this is for my strongest goal
say it all by yourself as Strongest
Don't touch any of my comrades
Feels like puking
This ocean is war zone
Strength is everything
My ship, this Catapult has various weapons embedded in it.
Devil fruit
I am Gasha Gasha no Mi, assemble disassemble human..
I can combine various elements and use it
raw strength and
strongest ability.
With that strength + devil fruit user
what will happen
Weaklings cannot live in this ocean.
just like the one with long nose ..
you should kick out useless comrades ....
what are you saying
If I do that , then I will not be able to happily banquet, are you an Idiot
You are that idiot
Comrades like you is just weakness
That monster, whitebeard itself ....
died for a weakling comrade.
Roger also did the same ...
Everyone who are dead are losers.
That is the limit of people who are barking as comrades ...
My strength is meant to make myself only win.
I wont lose to such a person.
If you say so, try it
Today i will teach you ..
This is a real Rogers treasure
The thing which is inside it is
So, try coming after me.
I will run away when Marines are busy
No way
Shichibukai's are pain in ass
Anyways, capture pirates
Who is that ??
Who kept pirate ships in my way
Woah !! That is
Woman Shichibukai Boa Hancock
Whatever I do, world will forgive me
Because, I am beautiful
If you are an ally then its powerful
Go ahead shichibukai
Shut up, where is luffy
Woah, we have three shichibukai
Idiots, I can't play along with this
It wont be enough even how many lives you have
What are you shichibukai, trying to start a war or what ?
Close but wrong
As expected, Marines want that treasure too.
Its over, kids
Having a power to overwhelm everyone alone ..
Weak ones should die first
To get everything available in this ocean is
the most strongest thing
is only one
An Eternal Pose which directly points to Raftel Island .
Such a thing, it could twist the whole world, BIG NEWS
It is the guideline for Raftel where Trease One Piece rests.
Idiot Roger and his crew member throwed it to the sea
Path to be the pirate King
I found it, with this I will change the era in this festival
I am still your opponent
Weak and also idiot ?
Captain is putting his life at risk for me..
I cannot be simply sleeping
Weak dogs bark more, Idiot
Festival is a name, we will
put this as a mark for the whole world
I will show them
It has become something amazing
Did it came out, pirates treasure
Capture all those pirates
After coming this far, can't let us beaten
Leave rats, take Bullet, help me Hina
Smoker, what is with that outfit.
What is happening
HQ is hiding something from us.
What is that Rogers treasure
Regarding that, top ones can give a bad conclusion too
So everyone of you, are arrested
You are
Are you are doing dumb idio - Oh Marine
Aye, what are doing with to me, Shichibukai Buggy
You looked inside the chest right
What was the treasure
Such a thing, I would never say
It could cost you your life
Tell me what was that treasure
I cant breathe, Ok I will tell you
Eternal Pose, Eternal Pose to Raftel
Capture all those pirates
The song seems to change, I will hand you over the showdown
What is happening
Meteor ?? Every retreat
Its too big
Will I make it on time
It seems something awful is going to happen
Lets go, ghost girl
Dont order me, and if you are going to cut the meteor tell me first
I need to hurry up
Luffy, where are you
Ussopp Where are you
Take stance, fire
You came too, Marines
Lets increase the pace..
Right now, take back soldiers and ship
His goal is us first
Its too late
My awakened ability, taste it fully
When devil fruit awakens, it will start effecting the environment with oneself
What is that, what is happening
His aim was ships !! eh
What is that size
now what ?
Hey, No way
He is planning not to let anyone run away from the island.
Now what will you do, Marines
There is only one way right
Island split in pieces
24 years ago, I got defeated by Marines and put into Impel down, then I thought there ...
what should I do such that I would get enormous power which will never get defeated again
what should I do to surpass Roger and become Worlds strongest
Whole Marine Fleet, Eternal Pose for One Piece is here ...
Defeat me, the same way you defeated me last time
So, the treasure is there huh
What exactly is happening ...
With that awakened ability, he engulfed many warships and pirate ships
The most problematic is that HAKI
For that sized thing, he could put armament haki to it too.
An absolute strength
At this rate ....
If this is devil fruits ability ..
This wall will disappear if we defeat him
Then we all have to
Ojiki, What is happening
Pirate kings treasure is in hands of Bullet and
he engulfed our warships
Even if you dont report, everyone can see that
Oh!! Awakening huh
He made so much power eh
There are troublesome people moving around too
We have to get rid of bad perfectly and cleanly
As you wish, ITS BUSTER CALL
He is such an awesome man, Bullet
I was right,putting my left out life in this
Cuz of Roger, I could make a greatest festival in this Great Pirate Era
I lost completely as a festival organizer ..
But with you I can create one, breaking this current idiotic era ..
we can surpass that Roger bastard.
Is this all you got
The world government's power
He actually did it, the symbol of World Government Power
a single pirate make them use Buster Call, Douglas Bullet
What an incredible thing happened, BIG SCOOP!!
So, Scums of the dark society
We, who has key for One Piece, Eternal Pose to Raftel ..
will kill you and all new generation pirates.
What ?? What did he say
Rogers era has reached the end
The one which bought heat through out the world
Big Pirate era is done.
From now on, Buena Festa will
create war which involves whole world
If you need treasure, I will give it to you
Steal it from me
Everything from now is all ours.
Did you see it Roger, your era of confusing treasure hunting era. I have bought it to the end.
Treasure is here, steal it from each other, bleed
festival where strongest one will win. This is my
We marines full power and pirates revolt
Their aim to was to create this warzone by unstabilizing this sea.
Pirate Douglas Bullet
Grandline Army commander Galzburg, he was raised by the military force of the state of Galzburg,, he could be called a Hero but
from the betrayal of his own comrades, he managed to wipe them all out, leaving his entire country destroyed.
Bullet departed as a pirate to seek more battles challenged Gol D. Roger but for some reason joined his crew and became known as the "Demon Heir".
After this, he fought against a Marine battalion led by Sengoku ..
Gets betrayed by elders, gets betrayed by comrades
Bullet always fought for his without showing off his power ..
to that bullet, Roger thought him what was failure and made him as a crewmate
He is known as Demon Heir, who knows Rogers power and tried to surpass him all time ..
Roger died
his fists lost purpose and started destroying everything
he is an animal who lost the purpose of having to challenge Roger ...
and we couldnt look after that
we used Buster call to catch him
We can't show mercy, we have to stop war which could involve whole world
Atleast this time, we will pour lot of blood to stop him
or is there any way to talk him face to face like we did with Roger
Just watch, that bastard
he ran away showing his tail
I will let him leave
Dont die, Luffy, We still have so much to adventure
At this place, it wont end
It cannot end here
Luffy, is the guy who will become Pirate King
Ussopp, are you alright
First aid
Faster, Luffy blood is flowing alot
But Ussopp, you too ...
I got it
Robin, lets hurry, it wont hold longer
Message, Message from admiral ... everyone retreat
Within 5 mins everyone vacant this island, emergency for once who is here
What is this, do you know the situation
Please listen, it is from Admiral Kizaru
There is buster call called here
According to message in 5 mins, it will start
5 mins
If you stay here, you will die for sure
so everyone should retreat
We cannot make it to ships in 5 mins
What is happening
there it comes, one which burns everything, BUSTER CALL
If i could withheld this, I will be named as Worlds Strongest
Next is you guys, 4 Emperors
Smoker, we have to retreat soon
Go ahead
No, I will also stay here
Even I can still fight
even me too
Idiotic man
Hina, let go of me
If we get could recapture that treasure from bullet, I can erase everything along with Marines
We can stop this idiotic strategy
This is fucking big
I cant keep on dancing along
Defeating is a correct , Marine
But is there any change of winning all alone.
You are revolutionary, and that too Mugiwara's
you know abt luffy
Please go easy on him
He is my brother
Dont get in my way
Oo, there are flustering
What should we do ?
Luffy and everyone will come back for sure
Trust your comrades and think about what we can do now
Nami is so cool
Ok, starting moving now ....
I am worried for you luffy, any hint abt him
That's luffy clothes
Is that luffy, take care properly
who the fuck are you...
Chopper , brook
Are you awake, beaten up ussopp fell down while trying to carry you back
What happened
We came to know that, at this rate
there will be buster call on this island
He became big and acting violently ..
I cannot get in contact with everyone
Thank you chopper, I am alright now
But luffy
you guys return back to sunny go
Dont worry, I am alright
Ussopp, thank you
I am sorry
At the time
I couldn't help you in anything
I was useless
I am sorry
Oi, stop talking now
Chopper, take care of Ussopp
Just wait ussopp
You still haven't lost to him yet
With your's and my ability, there will never be an end
I do not have time fighting you
Good job
Do you know where is luffy
You are a shichibukai
What are you guys, gathered up here, what do you want
Do become so hot
If i couldn't defeat him, i wont feel well that's it
I have eye on this festivals black eye
Oye, why are fighting with each other
If i do not run away, they will kill me for sure
what are guys talking about
I am asking where is luffy
Remove the leg, dont mess with me
Dont interfere in my way
There is no time
Everyone is different, we can't strategize too.
If you guys don't want to die. then listen
I have a strategy to bring him down from that huge form .
Wait idiot, we should running now ...
Oh sea stone is it
We have got only one chance
His one attack can break this whole island, if we fail then we die
Life risk on some pirates bullshit ?
Dont play around
But there is no other way
You were still alive, mugiwara ... this is how it should be
What are you doing
- Luffy, I missed you so much
- That punch was amazing
Are you not hurt
hancock, long time. Are you well
Ah, he is worried about me more than him.
Tra guy,good to know you are well
No need to worry about me
I have strategy to defeat him
is it, lets do it
Oi, listen till the end
Sobo, Smoke
If we fail, we can die also
Don't worry, we will be doing with these people right
then everything will be fine
I will leave complex stuff to Tra guy
I just want to win against him
I will follow you where ever you go
There is no time thinking
Lets go
What is that
Pirate, Marine, shichibukai and Revolutionary army
The situation wont change with that line up too.
Wait luffy
That idiot, did not hear anything
so what are we going to do
Problem is his haki
Using my ability, I will create an opening for 1 sec, you guys attack there
and erase his body
What to do after that ?
If the one who controlling gets weakened, then the attack power will also get down
Before he recovers, we all should finish him
I can make this opening only once
why am I strategizing with these idiots
Again the same thing ? Kid
That idiot, has awakened ability right
He is strong, I cannot win like this
You guys are
I will destroy everything who goes against me
That is one things, even Roger couldn't do
It is the mark of being Worlds Strongest
Me activity my ability is the sign.
Rest is up to you, Luffy's friend
I am not his friend
Will this work out ?
Taking your own time, useless kids
As said, I will bring changes in the given room
Not once, twice also
You hit my loved ones, I wont forgive you
I wont forgive you
What hardness is this
I will erase you guys in one hit.
Start it
How many years had been , disassemble man
I will kill you here too ..
Eat it
This is where it begins
This is the only way, I could surpass his power
As if i would be stopped with this cheap trick
I will engulf rocks itself and then put haki over it
Over there
Now Marine
Do not order me
Don't get angry
cheap tricks
It hurts, what was that ?
Yeah, its mugiwara's fault
Who does he think I am, I am a shichibukai, there should be a little more ...
What is that ? Dont mess around me ? I reached till shichibukai , Buggy sama adventure is just started, I don't want to die here
But It was pretty fun, Mom thanks for bringing to this world.
but I am not dead, you idiots ...
Ah, Yes ... Buggy Sama special, secret technique
Cipher 4, Government dogs
How was my attack..
What is happening, he is known as the who went equal with Roger
But at this rate, it wont end
If it luffy, then there is no problem
We should go to sunny go
Robin go ahead
You think you caught me with this
Terrible, get away
I will get you with left hand ...
It is enough to kill you.
Lets put one more strike over him
Lets connect it with luffy
Move along with Mugiwara
Oh I am saved, I can't play around with this anymore
I will just deflect it back
what abt this
This is annoying
I will destroy you guys
What is happening ? He can move in that body too ??
I will not lose with this
you imbecile
know your places
Too bad for you
Just a little bit power was not enough
What happened
Secret Green beans, Snake Fireworks
It activates with strong shockwaves only
This is when sniper shines
Bullet ...
No way, from those kids my plans wouldnt go for waste right
I will take the treasure
Do not interfere our captain
From here, battle starts
Good spirit, lets see who is stronger
You are very strong
But I will surpass you
To protect .. important ones
This ocean is a War zone
Trust onself and living by onself itself
is where infinite power resides
I am the who possess this strength can be named Pirate King
That is not Pirate king
You can win if you are alone in this Ocean. I am the strongest
Shut up !! There is no one who is living in this ocean alone
So Strong
But one day I will defeat you and become world strongest guy
You are strong. Come to me anytime
I will become the pirate king
Are you ok
I got the treasure
We won this
What is this ?
Pirate kings treasure, even I donno what is inside
What is this ?
This is, Raftel's eternal pose
With this
Give me that
What did you do
I do not need this
You are ridiculous Mugiwara
Buster call cannot be stopped
Burn everything
We were tracking you movement from longtime
Festival Organizer or Worst Warfare Strategizer Bueno Festa
Revolutionary No 2
No way about that line, was that your idea
Just Luffy made that happen
Mugiwara Luffy, creates a stronger power combining allies and enemies ...
A new pirate kings flair, I mistook with whom I wanted to tie up.
Dont worry, he would never tie up with you.
Robins help, I know the way to run away ..
Buster Call
At this rate, we will be completely blocked
I will defeat all those fleets, you guys do not interfere us.
Ok we will be going
Hey you
Can you bring this up ?
Damn it, cannot block everything
Oi, no way
Bad, its Kizaru's
A message from Smoker
Pirate Kings treasure was destroyed by mugiwara and in the island many Marines are still there ..
Buster Call should be immediately stopped repeating Buster Call should be immediately
Fire path way
We can run away with this
See ya later, luffy
Its now you guys, lets goo
What kind of joke is this ?
Recorded in Eternal Pose ? Someday we might need ? need it ?
It wont happen, our adventure is over.
Anyone who relies on this is not worthy to get the treasure.
Am I wrong?
Woah !! Captain .....
We were very fast ...
One Piece huh ?? Who will find it eh ??
My son. There isn't anyone right.
From now onward, I will make ..
Eh !! You broke it ??
Raftels Eternal Pose
What are you doing , are you an idiot
It was a short way ...
Its you , I knew you would do that
The only chance we got ....
Still alot of great adventure is waiting for us ...
Shortcut is so boring ...
You guys, lets go to new adventure.