One Piece: Taose! Kaizoku Gyanzakku (1998) Movie Script

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Wealth, Fame, Power.
The man who had everything in this world...
The Pirate King, Gold Roger.
The great treasure he left behind, One Piece...
...has opened the curtain on a grand era!
It is a time when eager pirates set sail, battle, and become great!
The Great Age of Pirates!
~Defeat the Pirate Ganzack!~
I caught a whole month's worth of fish.
How did it all get eaten in only a week?
Maybe you miscalculated.
What are you talking about!?
It's because of you two that...
I can't do it. My stomach hurts when I yell.
No matter what we say, food isn't gonna just fall out of the sky.
Maybe it's food!
What was that!?
Oi, Luffy!
Something else is coming!
Oh, yes!
Yes! Yes!
Yosh, I'll fry it up!
Luffy, let go!
Let go!
Let go!
...a Hammer!
...a Hammer!
I can't swim!
Oi, hey!
Hold it right there!
- We're sinking...
- We're sinking!
Drowned, eh?
He's no use to Ganzack-sama like this.
Too bad.
Guess we'll at least take his clothes.
W-Who was that!?
Who the hell are you?
Give back Papa, you pirates!
Just a kid from the island.
You got guts.
Maybe we should make you our nakama, little brat!
I'm not a little brat! I'm Medaka!
I hate pirates!
You damn brat!
Hold it, you!
Hold it! Quit running!
What do you think you're doing, stepping on me!?
So he's alive.
I'm really...
What the hell!?
Man, thanks for helping me!
Yeah, we're really grateful, old man.
It was nothing
I wonder what happened to Nami.
Dunno. She's probably alive.
- We're alive, right?
- Got that right.
My guests.
After you've relieved your appetites, please leave this island.
They'll return soon.
Those guys from before?
Until a few weeks ago, this island was a peaceful paradise.
They came.
Pirate Ganzack and his thugs came...
...and stole our freedom.
Leaving only the elders and the children,
They took nearly all the villagers.
This girl's father was among them.
Medaka, don't you ever try anything like that again!
Where are the villagers now?
They're being forced to work in the tower.
What's that?
The Devil's Tower.
Just what are they plotting?
My food!
Aww, it all spilled out.
They're the ones who destroyed our ship!
All my food is gone!
More please!
There is no more.
Not a single scrap.
I'm sorry.
Y-You mean you gave us your own food...?
But there's plenty in the Devil's Tower.
More food?
If you beat Ganzack and his crew, you'll have all you can eat.
All I can eat!?
- Oi, Luffy!
- Medaka!
You mustn't attack them!
I'm gonna save Papa!
Papa's... treasure!
Here I come! All I can eat!
Aw, jeez!
Hey, what's wrong with you!?
I-I'm sorry.
If you don't do your work, we'll throw your kids into the sea!
You wouldn't want that to happen, right?
Go! Keep working! Keep working!
For our great leader, Ganzack-sama!
Looks like they're building a cannon.
Where's the food?
I told you to keep quiet-!
You see food?
- Hey, little missy.
- So we meet again.
Let go of Medaka!
Keep quiet!
What are you doing to Papa!?
Shut up!
Oi, are you the guys who have the food?
It's that demon kid!
Who're you calling a demon?
Hey! Stay back or this guy's gonna get it!
Shut up!
Oh no!
Go tell Ganzack-sama!
You didn't have any sort of plan, did you?
Hold it!
Don't let him follow her!
Get off!
L-Look! That guy...
- Three swords...
- That means-!
He's Pirate Hunter Zoro!
Enough playing tag!
What are you doing!?
That hurt!
What, you're alive?
Of course I am.
You know Luffy?
You could say that.
But why are you doing this?
It's because...
...of this!
I am the Pirate General, Ganzack!
On this island...
On this sea, I am the supreme ruler!
Wow, a dragon and a crab!
I'm Ganzack-sama to you!
Sorry, Luffy.
I'm friends with him now.
I mean, the guy's loaded!
Kid, you should give up while you're still alive.
Oh, in that case...
Have... it... your... way!
Sorry, that won't work!
'Cause I'm rubber!
Luffy, after you beat him up, we'll give you all you can eat!
You fool!
I've heard about your powers from my minions.
Suck on this!
That's far enough, Zoro.
If you don't surrender, you'll be killing the townspeople too!
We were so close...
But they've been pretty shaken up.
That's true.
We haven't wasted this chance.
We're going to stand up!
Whoa, food!
A Rubberman and Pirate Hunter Zoro.
I wonder how much they'll be worth.
I can't wait for the auction!
Nami, you two-faced bitch!
Unlock these now!
That's right!
Unlock me and share that food, you old crab!
I'm Ganzack-sama to you!
Give the arrogant jerk thing a rest, would ya?
Be more careful when you address me.
I have the strongest ship in all of history!
I'm on my way to becoming the Pirate King!
My hat!
Listen when I'm talking!
Give it back!
That's my hat!
Something like this is that important to you?
You jerk!
I made a promise to Shanks when he gave me that hat!
You mean Red Hair Shanks?
That's right!
So then you're a pirate too?
So what if I am!?
Luffy's a pirate?
What happened!?
We're going to save our island from the pirates!
You bastards!
The islanders are rebelling!
I'm going to give them a full taste of my power!
Let's go, men!
Okay then.
All those brutes are occupied.
I'm going to help myself to their treasure.
Nami! Are you planning on taking off by yourself!?
Relax, relax.
You'll raise your blood pressure.
Medaka! I'm coming!
And you got captured like a complete doofus.
- It was your fault!
- That was my plan.
I thought Ganzack wouldn't be a problem for you, so I led you to him.
I guess I was wrong!
Hey, hold on!
I hate pirates!
You need to learn your place.
I'm not the same as other pirates.
Other pirates only steal fortunes, but as for me...
I steal fortunes after ripening them!
You are mere livestock for that purpose!
And I have no use for wild livestock!
Quit bullying Papa!
How did you undo the locks?
But nevermind.
I'll kill you and your father.
I wonder, will your armor be able to withstand my pincers?
Nami! You've betrayed me!
Oh, I don't remember ever being on your side.
Oi, Crab!
You're gonna pay for stomping on my hat!
Get off our island, Ganzack!
I'm not gonna forgive that!
You think you can oppose Ganzack-sama?
W-What's going on?
D-Did he blow himself up!?
How would I know!?
Open the underwater cavern.
W-What's going on?
What's that?
Whoa it's a battleship!
I-Is that what we were making?
You fools have dared to oppose me!
Now you will all sink to the bottom of the sea!
The island!
The island's being destroyed!
Zoro, let's go!
- Yeah!
- Me too!
You stay here, Medaka.
Where they are going is no place for kids.
But, Papa, I...
What if something happened to you?
You don't have to do anything dangerous anymore.
Okay! Here goes!
I have to beat him!
You again.
- You damn crab!
- It's Ganzack-sama!
I'll handle this! Stay outta the way!
Hold it!
Sorry, but you guys are gonna be fighting me.
That won't work!
Have some of this!
You can't do that twice!
Fine then!
Will you survive having your head cut off, Rubberman?
You're not enough to beat me, you crab!
I'll kill you now.
I'll cut you to pieces and toss you into the sea!
That kid again?
She's caused nothing but trouble.
Well, this is the fate of all who oppose me.
You've gone too far!
I'm gonna kick your ass!
Try it!
I'm fine
And now the last one.
Hey, pirates, we brought you something you forgot!
Take care.
- Luffy, the ship's sinking.
- Yosh, then help me escape.
Help you?
I can't swim!
Not yet!
This isn't over yet!
I'm no ordinary pirate.
With this ship, I will conquer the sea...
...and become the Pirate King!
- Oi, Crab!
- I ain't a crab!
The one who's gonna be the Pirate King... me!!
All they had was a bunch of weapons.
Not a trace of any treasure.
Don't worry about it.
We managed to restock our food.
It's good, it's good!
It's so good!
Who are you?
I'm Medaka!
Here, this is for you!
Oh, a life preserver?
Now you'll be safe even if you can't swim
Looks good on you, Hammer Luffy.
Hey, hey!
It's Hammer Luffy!
Hey, hey!
It's Hammer Luffy!
That's why I hate these things!
I can't get it off.
Hey, hey! It's Hammer Luffy!
Hey, hey!
Hey, hey!
(Thank You)
(Thank You)
Yosh, let's go!
To the Grand Line!
- Yeah!
- Yep!
Luffy, become a great pirate!
You bet!
And so the ship set sail,
Carrying three pirates and a load of food.
The ship set sail...
...for the unknown waters of the Grand Line.
Stormy waters surely await them.
Their adventure has only just begun.