One Shocking Moment (1965) Movie Script

You work real hard now and
show them they picked
the right man for the job.
See that maybe
you write often and
calls us once in
a while, will you?
I will, Ma.
You know, if this transfer
doesn't affect my vacation
we'll be back in a
couple of months anyway.
Maybe sooner if I goof off.
You won't goof off.
That must be the taxi.
It's here, Cliff.
I'll get those.
If you don't watch it,
you're gonna be flat down
on your back again.
- Bye mother!
- Bye darling!
- Bye Daddy.
- Bye.
Well, you'll hear from us soon.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Bye, Mama.
Take care.
Come on, Mom.
She's been with us a long time.
We've been lucky.
She's got to spread
her own wings.
Rick, damn it's good to see you.
Hey, you're looking good.
Hey Rick, I want you
to meet my wife Mindy.
- Mindy, Rick Walcott.
- Mindy.
How are you, Mindy?
Rick's chief engineer
at the LA plant.
He's the one that's gonna
work with me for a while.
I'm your boy.
Say, I hope you like
our little city here.
I knew we'd get this
guy sooner or later.
Just a matter of time.
Would you care for a
drink before we head out?
Thanks Rick, but I'd
like to see the apartment.
I'm awfully anxious to get home.
Well then, come on.
I have a car parked
right outside here.
Let me give you a hand.
Damn, it's good to see you.
Well, I'm not much
of hunting apartments
so I hope you kids like it.
furnished but the food.
Well, if Mindy likes it I
guess I can take anything.
It looks great to me.
Can we go see first
and then get our things?
Sure can.
Cliff, before I forget, let
me give you something here.
There's a key to the apartment,
and this one's for
your wheels over here.
Looks brand new. Is it, Rick?
It sure is.
Nothing but the best for the
top man on the Grand Rapids.
And the model gets
longer the better you do.
Oh hun,
I can't wait to see the
apartment. Let's go.
Hey, it's not bad.
Oh, I like it.
It's real nice, Rick.
Well, for the price you
get everything you need.
Hey, I do like it here already.
Maybe I should have
taken this place myself
just to get next to that.
It's all right, Rick.
I can handle that.
Oh, baby, baby.
You oughta see the doll we saw
walking into the
apartment across the hall.
Leave it to you two
not to miss a thing.
Oh, but this was something.
Sure wish I could make
some coffee or something.
We'll have to get to a store
right away so we can get groceries.
Coffee, schmoffee.
I think we oughta
have that drink now.
I agree.
They don't expect you in the
office till tomorrow morning anyway.
So why not?
Why not?
Hey, I saw a liquor
deli on the way up here.
Why don't we go out and
bring something back?
Wouldn't you rather
go to a bar or a club?
I'll just stay here,
if you don't mind.
That way I can start putting
things away and keeping house.
Would you like something
else? A sandwich or something?
Oh no, they fed us
pretty well on the plane.
You need any money, honey?
Ah, no I got enough.
Hi. Can
I give you a hand?
You sure could.
Boy, I can remember the
day when this happened to me.
I'm only glad it didn't
happen out in the street.
I'm Joanie Willis.
I just live across
the hall from you.
- Looks like we'll be neighbors.
- Oh!
Well, it might be nice to have
friendly neighbors for a change.
I'm Mindy Newhall.
Nice to know you, Joanie.
Tell me Mindy, are you new here or
are you just changing apartments?
Oh no, we're new here.
My husband got promoted.
Oh really, what does he do?
He's with Metal Crafters.
They make airplane
parts and aircrafts,
and oh, I don't know.
You'll have to drop down sometime
for a drink when you get settled.
We will, real soon.
It's a friendly little club.
I'm sure you'll love it.
Oh, do you have to go?
I should, really.
I've got a few things I've gotta
wash up before I go to work.
- Well, thanks again for the hand.
- Sure.
Drop over anytime now, Mindy.
Bye bye, now.
Hey, have we got
the right apartment?
Lock the door, Rick.
Don't let this one get away.
Oh, Joanie meet
my husband, Cliff.
Hello Joanie. You're just in
time to have a drink with us.
Meet Rick.
Hello Joanie.
By the way, are you married?
Fellas, it's been
nice meeting you.
Really, I do have to run.
I should go home and
wash up a few things...
Oh, no no no.
You gotta have one
little drink with us.
I can't, really.
No excuses. Sit.
Sure, you're just in time to help
us celebrate our first day in L.A.
Get some glasses, will you?
Come on, honey.
Set that down and
relax for a while.
I'd rather have it
dripping on the box
than on the coffee table.
Oh, you little darling.
I'm kind of glad I
brought you along.
You're gonna turn out
to be handy after all.
For what?
Hey, cool it you two.
You're giving me a lot of ideas.
Like asking Joanie here
a lot of personal questions.
Like, you wanna
get married maybe?
Thanks, but no thanks.
This kid's got some kicks
coming before the big hitch.
Sounds interesting.
Tell me about it.
Really, I must leave.
As much as I enjoy your company.
Tanya just doesn't take
to us girls being late.
And I don't wanna
disappoint her.
Well, you never
can tell, Joanie.
We might drop in
before the night's out.
Where'd you say
that place was again?
You got three blocks
down to Kester Street,
make a right, a couple of
doors, and there you are.
You can't miss it.
Real nice meeting you Joanie.
And thanks again.
Oh, thanks for nothing.
Thank you for the drink.
Maybe we'll see you all later.
You make it sound
so inviting, who knows?
We may beat you there.
Drop over again
anytime. You're welcome.
Sure Joanie. You don't
need a special invite.
Come by anytime.
Thank you. I hope you'll
let me return the hospitality.
Bye bye, now.
That, my dear girl, will
spin any man's ears.
So don't blame him.
Oh, don't go.
Sue's probably burning by now.
So, many thanks and I'll see you
in the office in the morning.
Okay, Cliff?
Hey, you've been
holding out on us.
Now who's Sue?
Get ol' stud here.
He's got it all wrong.
She's the greatest little office
helper we've had in years.
Not only can she run an office, but
she's kind of nice to have around.
You'll meet her in the morning.
Thanks again, Mindy.
See you again real soon, I hope.
Thanks for the help on
the apartment hunting.
- Come back again.
- Okay.
Uh listen, if you and your Sue
are out running around later on,
why don't you stop by that
place where Joanie works?
We'll probably go down later
and see what it looks like.
You mean Tanya's place?
Well, don't count on it, but
we'll see how the evening goes.
Bye now.
Cliff, what are you looking at?
Keep the door shut
while I'm changing.
Boy, am I gonna
like living here.
I wanna get into
something more relaxing.
I didn't
hear you knock.
I didn't knock.
Do you make it a
habit of walking into
every girl's apartment
without an invitation?
Baby, the way you tossed
around that equipment of yours
was invitation enough.
Pretty fresh.
I should ask you to leave.
You're right. I am fresh.
But, you won't ask me to leave.
- Well hi!
- Hi, Joanie.
Gee, I'm glad to see you.
How do you like the club?
We love it, we love this.
Hey, I like your costume too.
You oughta wear
that all the time.
What would you like to have?
Well, I could tell you
what I'd like to have.
I'll have a vodka martini.
Scotch on the rocks.
As soon as Tanya's free, I'll
bring her right over to meet you.
You've got rocks on your brain.
You make me feel
incompetent sometimes.
Oh baby.
Now, you know better than that.
I like that.
Why don't you learn
to do that, honey?
I might.
Make it worth my while?
Tanya, can you come
with me for a minute?
There's somebody
I'd like you to meet.
Cliff and Mindy,
I want you to meet Tanya.
Tanya, Cliff and Mindy Newhall.
They're our friends
across the hall.
You know, the ones I
was telling you about?
Mindy, how nice to
have you for a neighbor
as well as a customer.
I hope we can also
be good friends.
- And you too, Cliff.
- Thank you.
Only you're liable to see
more of us around here
than at the apartment.
This is just my kind
of a joint though.
Real hip place.
Enjoy yourselves.
Would you join us for a drink?
Oh, please do.
I'd love to.
It isn't every day that you can
have drinks with charming friends.
Joanie, why don't you
bring Cliff and Mindy
two Tanya's Grogs?
Mm, I'm a scotch man myself.
Try this, Cliff. I
think you'll like it.
Two grogs and one usual.
Okey-doke, be right back.
You both look
rather gamesy to me.
Well, we like our fun.
I'm sure you do.
Mindy, how do you
like the new apartment?
Oh, I love it.
It'll sort of be like camping
until we get all our things in.
If you need any help,
please feel free to call.
Thank you.
Joanie tells me that you're
with a metal company.
What do you do, Cliff?
Well, I won't know till I
check in in the morning.
Okay everybody.
Fasten your
seatbelts, here we go.
Oh, pretty.
One for you.
- And here's yours, Tanya.
- Thank you.
And yours is empty, isn't it?
Have fun.
Here's to friendship.
May it be long and lasting.
- Cheers.
- Salud.
Good God.
I don't know what's in it,
but it sure tastes
good going down.
It's good. What is in it, Tanya?
I never tell.
But I will tell
you that after two
it doesn't seem to
make much difference.
This is a great
place you got here.
Are you running it for someone?
No Cliff, it's my business.
Well, it's good that
you found a way to do it.
How long have you been here?
Oh honey, you ask
too many kestions.
My tongue is getting thick.
I mean, questions.
Well, come on sweetheart.
I'm a friendly guy.
Don't make such
a big deal out of it.
You're a friendly girl.
So, I'll tell you what.
I'll be friendly to you,
- and you can be friendly to...
- Lay off.
If you both will excuse me,
I will be back in a few minutes.
Come on, sweetheart.
That's no way to act.
Show a little cooperation.
I mean, after all - Aagh!
Once is enough for that, mister.
Now just a damn minute, lady...
Can I be of any help?
Looks like you
helped yourself already.
That's twenty dollars!
I think I'm worth it.
How can I find out?
Let's go to my place.
I'll show you.
All out.
I'll go get you some.
One of those grogs does that,
what does three or four do?
You better not find out.
How long have you
been married, Mindy?
Oh, almost a year.
Will be the twentieth
of next month.
Do you like being married?
Very much.
Oh, we have our
problems, but then
what husband and wife doesn't?
I didn't like being married.
Found it rather boring.
No variation.
How long were you married?
Long enough to know I
didn't want a husband.
I find I don't always need a
man to give me what I want.
As long as we're neighbors,
we should become very
close and good friends.
There you go, Ma.
Here you go, Mindy.
Another drink from your
gentleman friend here.
Oh honey,
You're not gonna...
you're not gonna have a hangover
on your first day on the job?
One more of these is just
enough to make you go beddy bye.
I'll be ready for
beddy bye, all right.
The sleeping kind.
Mindy, I think you better take
this boy home and feed him.
He looks hungry to me.
And if you folks will excuse
me, I have a call to make.
Stop in the morning
for coffee, Mindy.
And much good
luck on your job, Cliff.
Thanks. You make
a hell of a drink here.
We'll be back.
- Good night.
- Good night.
You're hungry, all right.
I don't think you'll ever get
enough of what you're hungry for.
- Who, me?
- Yeah.
- Ouch!
- Down boy.
Drink up and let's go home.
I'm ready for
that nice soft bed.
Atta girl. I'm with you.
Sorry Tanya.
I didn't mean to upset you.
Smile, darling.
- Cliff?
- Mm?
What do you think of Tanya?
I don't know.
What does that mean?
I don't know.
I mean, how does she affect you?
You mean, would
I like to make her?
Well, would you?
I don't know.
From her, I don't
know whether I'd be
getting a kiss or
a kick in the face.
She certainly is
different, all right.
the overrides on that
Condon deal, alone,
well with that, we could...
Well hell, what couldn't
we do with more money?
You just make it, darling.
I'll know what to do with it.
Do you know how long it's
been since I bought something
that wasn't a giveaway
at a clearance sale?
I wouldn't mind one bit
picking out some clothes
and not having to look
at the price tag first.
All right,
if I get that Condon contract
I will buy you a
whole new wardrobe.
- Is that a deal?
- Deal.
Mr. Brenner?
Well, come in Newhall.
Welcome to Metal Crafters LA.
How do you like our city?
Well, I like what I've
seen of it, Mr. Brenner.
Uh, I've sort of acquired the
name of D.G. around here.
I've kind of gotten used
to it, you may as well use it.
- Thank you.
- Sit down.
Hell, we work too close
together here for formalities.
You all settled and
ready for business?
Yes, sir.
Rick got us a nice apartment
and delivered the car.
- Good.
- My wife's playing house and
I'm ready to do my
best for Metal Crafters.
Good, good. That's
what I like to hear.
You know uh,
you've got a hell of a
chore cut out for you.
Walton was our best man.
And when his heart
dropped in the hospital,
he'd not only carved out
our company's biggest year,
but he also had negotiations
well under way with enough
manufacturers to establish
our company as second
to none in the business.
He'll be a hard man to follow.
Well, it's a damn shame
to lose a man like that.
The doctors feel pretty
sure that he won't be any use
to anyone from here on out.
- I'm sorry to hear it.
- Yeah.
20th century hazard.
Man busts his guts to make it,
and the gears of progress grind
him to pulp in the process.
But it's our way of life.
You have to uh,
you have to walk over
the fallen and move on.
So let's get to work, huh?
bring Walton's Condon
file in here, will you please?
Yes, sir.
One moment please.
Well uh, we might as
well bring you up to date
on everything that
we've been doing.
Has Rick uh,
brought you up to
date on the newest
lightweight alloy that
we've developed?
Uh, not yet, sir.
I know of it, but not about it.
Here's the Walton
file, Mr. Brenner.
- I believe it's complete.
- Thank you.
Uh, Ms. Bryce, meet Mr. Newhall.
This is Sue Bryce.
Best girl Friday I ever had.
Well, thank you Mr. Brenner.
Very nice to meet
you, Mr. Newhall,
and welcome to Los Angeles.
It's my pleasure.
You know, I feel as though I've
known you for a very long time
because I've had
to type your name on
memos and office
reports, Mr. Newhall.
Just Cliff.
Well thanks. Just Sue here, too.
Cliff will be working
out of this office
until we can set
him up in his own.
Walton's secretary
wants a few days
to wrap up his paperwork and
pile his notes, and so forth.
Then you'll be
taking over in there.
Well, I won't distract
you two any longer.
I have xeroxed
the reports in toto.
If you want to do some homework,
you can take them
and check them over.
I may just do that.
And as long as you're going
to be right here in this office,
if there's anything I can
help you with, just ask.
And good luck.
Distraction's hardly
the word for that girl.
When you find a
stimulus like her with
brains thrown in as well, then
brother you've got
your money's worth.
Well, let's knuckle
down, shall we?
Come on, let's
get Walcott in here.
Sue, get Rick Walcott
in here, will you please?
I believe he's
with Condons till eleven.
Fine. Well, get him over here
as soon as they're finished.
Yes, sir.
Rick will bring you up
to date on everything.
He's a good man.
Whatever Tanya puts in that grog
of hers sure has knockout punch.
Party booster it is.
Speaking of parties, I
think that's a good excuse.
I think I'll have Tanya
brew us up a bucketful.
Oh no.
Not after last night.
We sure enjoyed
ourselves, though.
We don't get out too often.
Mostly because of the money.
Cliff just flipped
over your costume.
I probably won't be
able to keep him away.
Look Mindy,
Tanya says not to
worry about a thing.
Come down to the club
anytime you feel like it.
And don't worry about the money.
After all, what are friends for?
Thanks Joanie.
Speaking of Tanya, I have to
meet Tanya at the Boulevard.
At Petros. And what wild
clothes they've got there.
Why don't you
come along with us?
I think she has a
surprise for you.
Well, I'll probably
just window shop.
But, I'd like to come along.
Okay. Why don't you hurry
up and get dressed,
and as soon as
you're ready, we'll hit it.
Oh, don't forget
your coffee cup.
- Bye now.
- Okay.
Tell me, Cliff,
what do you think about Sue?
I would like to get her
at the end of a blind alley.
Yeah, you and every
other guy in the head office.
If she'd give me
half a chance...
Yeah, you would, you would.
Lots of luck.
Tanya, what do you
think of this topless bikini?
I think it's wild. Try it on.
I don't know. You
think I should, really?
- Try it on, Joanie.
- Kind of brief.
It's great.
All right, here goes.
Do you mean something
like this, Tanya?
That's more like it. Stunning.
Wonderful fabric.
You know,
I feel guilty about
the things you've
bought me already.
Well, don't.
I'm not exactly the
poorest girl on the block.
And you can make
it up to me someday.
Listen Mindy,
if it wasn't for Tanya,
I hardly would have
any wardrobe at all.
Don't fight it, girls.
Please me, let it please you.
Let me fasten here.
Mindy, did anybody ever tell you
you're too seductive
for your own good?
I don't think so.
Are you coming, Joanie?
Well, it's a little tight
as much as there is to it.
Just sit crooked.
Give me the zip.
Why don't we stop and have a
cocktail before we go to the club?
- Oh, I don't think I should.
- Come on.
Well, I have to cook
dinner and everything.
Forget about dinner.
Be a sport, my god.
Mindy, just relax.
- Oh, okay.
- Let's go wrap that up.
Hey, what...
Oh honey, I'm
sorry. I've overslept.
It's okay, honey.
You know, you go back to sleep.
I'll get some breakfast
at the coffee shop.
Boy, you must've really
worked around here yesterday.
When you hit that
bed you went out
like somebody hit you
over the head with an axe.
Now, you get
lots of sleep today.
Because I am not gonna have you
falling asleep every
time we go to bed.
Bye bye.
Honey, I gotta go. I'm late.
You sure a roll and
coffee's all you want?
Mhmm, my weight.
Gotta watch my figure.
I'd like to watch it myself.
Very closely.
When did you say D.G.
was leaving for Cleveland?
He's leaving tomorrow.
But that doesn't give
you any special privileges,
Mr. married man.
Come on, now.
You mean to say D.G.'s
never given you a bad
time around the office?
Nobody gives me a bad time.
Hey, you two. Let's
head for the office.
You know, Cliff,
a guy could forget
what time it is in
company like this.
Yeah, he can forget the time
and a lot of other things too.
Oh, men, men.
Love 'em, love 'em.
Let's go.
Oh, hello Cliff.
Well listen, I'm calling to say I
won't be home for dinner tonight.
Oh no. Not again.
I had dinner all prepared.
D.G's due in in
the morning and uh,
we're gonna have
to work extra hours
to get that presentation
for Condon down pat.
I'm sorry, hun.
I understand. Your
work comes first.
Well, we're gonna meet
with their board of engineers
in just a few days and we've got
to have the answers for them.
Try to hurry, will you?
Now, I'm not gonna be too late.
But, if it gets to
be bedtime and
I'm not back, don't
wait up for me.
You know I can't
sleep until you're home.
Okay, hun. Bye now.
Not only is amalgamite
structurally superior
to other lightweight synthetics,
but its inert ability
to disseminate
both heat and cold
to all the general masses
of the molded form,
make it a strong
contender to replace
all composite metals
presently known.
Bravo, excellent.
With a pitch like that,
you can wrap them up.
You can't miss.
You think so, huh?
You bet.
You know?
You could sell me
almost anything.
Mindy honey. How are you?
Dad! Oh, it's nice
to hear from you.
I'm just fine. How are you?
Oh, I'm fine honey.
Tell me, why
haven't you written?
We sure do miss you.
I miss both of you
very much, too.
How's mom?
Oh, she's just fine. She's
waiting here to talk to you.
Hello Mindy.
Mother, it's so great
to hear your voice.
Is everything all right?
It's just fine.
How do you like Los Angeles
by now? Are you settled?
We love it. We've
got a real nice apartment.
Friendly neighbors, too.
Oh, isn't that nice.
Is Cliff there? I'd like
to say hello to him.
No, he's working late tonight.
He's wrapping
up this big project
and we're both on
pins and needles.
Does he work late very often?
No, just lately.
If he sells Condon Motors,
we'll get a big boost in pay.
We might even be able
to afford a trip home.
Oh, we'll be sure to keep our
fingers crossed for you, honey.
Oh, here. Dear dad
wants to say something.
Mindy honey,
are you sure
everything is all right?
We were a little concerned.
Everything's real fine, dad.
I promised to write
you a long letter
right away, and
tell you everything.
I sure miss you and mom.
We miss you too, honey.
Bye and God bless you.
Take care, huh?
- I will, dad.
- Bye bye, sweetheart.
Come and see us
as soon as you can.
We love you, honey.
I love you too, mom.
I'm so glad you called.
- Bye honey.
- Bye.
Bye bye.
Everything's real fine.
No one can replace
mom and dad, can they?
Brought you a drink
to cheer you up.
Will Cliff be as late
as usual tonight?
I don't know.
I don't know anything anymore.
Be glad when that
Condon deal is over.
Sometimes I just wish he'd
fail so we could go back home.
Mindy, you don't wish that.
You don't really mean it.
You've got to learn to make
the best of your circumstances.
Take life as it comes
and just enjoy it.
I'll give you a
massage, it'll relax you.
Oh Tanya, I don't know
what I'd do without you.
Mindy, how are you?
Oh hi... hi Rick.
How about you and Cliff
meeting me for a drink tonight?
Why don't you ask Cliff?
All right, I will.
Put him on the line.
I thought...
He... he's down
at the delicatessen.
I'm awful tired tonight.
Maybe next time, huh?
Well, we'll let you
off the hook tonight but,
another time real soon, okay?
All right Rick. And
thanks for calling.
Bye bye.
Oh yes.
He's working
tonight just like I am.
Drink up, darling.
There's lots more
where that came from.
This is the one we've
been working for.
Cliff, if you get the deal,
could I take a trip home
to see mom and dad?
Maybe spend a week
or two with them?
Honey, if I get the Condon deal
we can afford a real vacation.
Like Hawaii or Mexico
City or something.
That can come later.
Now I'd just like
to see my parents.
Why, Mindy
Newhall, you're crying.
You are homesick.
Of course you can go
see your folks, honey.
And I'll get you that wardrobe
I promised you, to take along.
I don't want a new wardrobe.
I don't want anything.
I just wanna get away
by myself for a while.
To be with the folks.
Well now Mindy,
you're confusing me.
I thought you wanted me
to make some good money.
So we could spend a little,
buy some of the
things you've wanted.
I don't want anything.
Except for things
between us not to change.
What's happening to us?
I just don't like it.
It isn't like before.
I almost wish that we could
go back to Grand Rapids.
Daddy isn't well.
I feel he needed me.
Well, I need you too Mindy.
Now you listen, Mindy.
If you think I wanna get
rich for myself, you're wrong.
Everything I do is for you.
I want you to have something,
I want you to be happy.
You don't need money
to be happy, Cliff.
If it's gonna tear us
apart, I don't want any of it.
Now, this friend of mine
invented an electric car.
Very economical.
He drove this car from
Los Angeles to Las Vegas.
And very even, I say.
It only cost him twenty-five
cents worth of electricity.
The only catch is.
It cost him two thousand
dollars for the extension cord.
That'll get it, D.G.
Thank you, Sue.
I had a feeling you could
swing this thing, Newhall.
I'm proud of you. You
made a hell of a deal.
We've got good
reason to celebrate.
Sue, Cliff, Rick,
bottoms up.
- Chin chin.
- Here, here.
I told you D.G.,
it was the support
that I got from these two
that made the difference.
Well, let's have one for that.
You're being too modest, Cliff.
Hey, you wrapped it up, Cliff.
Beyond a certain point, there
wasn't anything we could do.
Well, we all work together
here in the company.
Everyone greases his own gears
and the machinery rolls.
- Right?
- Right. Yes.
Hey listen,
why don't I call Mindy and tell
her we're gonna pick her up?
There's this groovy little
joint out by our place.
We can have some food
and then some drinks.
Now how 'bout it?
Hey, I'm for that.
What do you say, Sue?
all right. But not too late.
Tomorrow's a work day.
Oh, count me out. Thanks anyway.
This is party enough for me.
I'm not the rounder
I used to be.
But, I'll spring for
the starter, though.
Now, you kids go ahead
and have a good time.
But I'll expect you in the
office tomorrow at one.
No later.
You know,
I don't care what anybody
says about you, D.G.
I like you.
Yes? Well, I'll expect
you at eight, Walcott.
Thanks, D.G.
I can shake a fat
head by one o'clock.
How about you, Rick?
I've been shaking
fat heads all my life.
Good. Let's go.
Over and over
The same heart in two
Somewhere beyond the night
Lies the thought of you
Some loves are over
Before they've begun
I guess this was one
Lovely, Mindy.
Very good. Very good.
- Nice, Mindy.
- Oh, thank you.
My pleasure.
Drink up, everyone. It's time.
Sorry to bust up the party,
but I must have all the glasses.
Come on, Joanie.
The party's just
getting started.
I'm on your side.
Hey, bring us another round.
Sorry, but you're gonna have
to write your congressman
about changing the rules.
I may just do that.
Well, here's mine.
I've just about had it, anyway.
Say, why don't we go
to your apartment, Cliff?
It's close by.
Hey, that's an idea.
Let's pick up some
booze and take it up there.
- What do you say, Mindy?
- Oh, okay.
But don't count on
me to play hostess.
I'm so tired, I just
can hardly stay awake.
I've got a great idea.
Why don't we all go back to
my place and have a party?
After all you kids have been
buying all night. It's my turn.
I'll tell Joanie to
bring the belly dancer
and one of the
boys from the band.
And I'll tell our bartender to
mix up a big batch of grogs.
How does that sound?
Great. Come on, gang.
Let's go up to Tanya's.
Well, here are the keys,
and uh, when we
finish up, we'll join you.
All right?
Groovy. Man, the party
is just getting started.
Come on, Rick.
- Let's move up.
- Let's go.
Too bad ol' Mindy
couldn't hang tough.
She's missing a
hell of a good time.
Oh yeah, once she hits the sack
she's usually out for the night.
Hey, look at this broad!
Cliff. Cliff.
Your wife's a doll, Cliff.
You lucky man.
Yeah? Thanks.
Hey Joanie,
come here and show me
some more of that wiggle dance.
Do you want a good
time, or oblivion?
Drink it that fast,
darling, and it'll blind you.
Come on, Mindy. Relax.
Get out, Joanie.
You want a woman?
Let's see how
really good you are.
Here's a willing woman.
Make love to me.
I said, make love to me.
What's the matter, little man?
Stupid, impotent slob!
You're like the rest of
the perverted bastards
who call themselves men!
Your wife makes
better love than you do.
You bitch!
You filthy rotten bitch!
I'm sorry, Mindy.
Mindy, please.
Don't go after him.
Darling, stay with me.
Please, Mindy.
My God,
what have I done to you?
Oh Cliff.
This is not
the end, of course.
Merely the end of a
beginning for Cliff and Mindy.
They have found a new and
perhaps more
meaningful course in life.
Only because they were able to
overcome those temptations
which threaten to divide them.
Yet, the temptations
of evil go on.
They manifest themselves daily,
in each of our lives.
We are really fortunate.
We'll be able to recognize,
thereby overcome them.
Or maybe we would rather not.