One Shot (2014) Movie Script

Our species was once close to perfection.
We knew diseases nor pain.
But contact with people was the
beginning of the end for my people.
Our only chance of survival
was to quickly attack.
However, to provide,
instead of the solution,
ushered in a long war in our attack
people brought to my planet, Cerulean.
Kyle. wake up.
- Matthews. Matthews.
- Hurry up.
We have to go. Stand up. We have to go.
- Contact the left.
- We must go.
This situation has top priority.
EX-3 is ambushed.
Niles, play the recording
on one channel mode.
We are attacked. Mayday. Mayday.
Magellan, you hear me? We are attacked.
Why is the link broken?
Sergeant Green was hit by a bazooka.
- Precise position?
- 40 km north of their target.
- Bring it into focus.
- The satellite is failed.
- How many dead?
- Four confirmed.
Green, Smith, Knight, Steele.
- Two missing.
- Names?
- Matthews and Carpenter.
- Call up their files.
Matthews, Kyle. Born 04/07/03, Idaho.
Scandinavian-German ancestors.
In het leger sinds 12.05.21.
Special Forces.
Small arms, nurse.
Pilot's license and certification.
37 hits. Highly decorated.
I know him. He is one of
our best schuipschutters.
Believe me, 37 hits is a low estimate.
And Carpenter?
EX3-Luitenant Jason Carpenter,
29.9.01, New Jersey.
Ltalian Hispanic ancestry.
Ln the army since 03/06/21, Special Forces.
Distinguished as high.
Satellite images in five seconds.
Zoom out. Bring the enemy image.
Troops Transport. Five kilometers away.
Fast approaching.
Search Matthews and Carpenter.
Let them out of there.
Hou is taai.
We have him. Wait for my signal.
A subject is moving quickly
towards the hills.
- Who is that?
- That's Matthews.
Follow him.
Where did he go?
Bring that rock formation image.
Calciet, CaCO3. En dolomiet, CaMg [Co3] 2.
- Smart man.
- What do you mean?
Die Rots blocker hittesensoren.
They can not locate him.
What do we do now?
- Search Carpenter.
- And Matthews?
We know where he is. He
trusts that we know.
- What was that?
- What channel?
Two. On the main screen.
- What have you seen?
- A thermal. Rinse back.
- There.
- Is it one of them?
He greets us alone.
I send the rescue bird. Target
area between LZ 06 and LZ 09.
It is too dangerous. Keep them
ready until we know more.
- How long do we have received?
- Another 60 minutes.
I want to see as long as
possible as much as possible.
Enemies approaching Matthews' position.
What happened?
Three enemies less.
What is that?
It looks like a civilian vehicle.
- Give me the scan results.
- They are online now.
Who is that?
The vehicle is Omar Karzchet.
He is a Leckchat, a kind of frost.
He secular and religious power.
What's he doing there?
Keep an eye on them. Return to Matthews.
What will we do?
We must leave here.
Come. That concerns us nothing.
Do not cry.
Do not be afraid.
How long will this injustice continue?
What is the situation?
We have every day a few hours no picture,
every time the third moon is in the way.
- Any news?
- Depends on how you look.
Let's see then.
Three kilometers from Matthews shelter.
What should I see?
I saw something move. Did you see it?
Please zoom back in. And rinse.
- That's our man.
- But what is he up to?
He explores something. But what?
He goes into the ravine and we lost him.
There is a thermal in the
ravine by Matthews shelter.
But I kept it for a scout.
Does he have a taken hostage?
The man in the red vehicle.
I spoke to him.
I promised him to send you back.
I thought so.
I know you speak the language of the earth.
Please do not bring me back.
He will murder me.
I will not return.
I promise you.
Dank them.
Who is he?
You are safe here. No one will hurt you.
I hear him.
I'm his property.
And he is my owner.
That's different with us.
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Think of someone you really love.
How the sun shines on his face.
And his smile when he knows you're there.
Dank them.
You can look at me best.
Sorry, but this is forbidden.
Who forbids it? You God?
Or men like you owner?
Why would God give your eyes and
take away the freedom to see?
This site should you do what you want.
I am your protector.
Maybe I am mistaken.
Maybe I'm too ugly to look at.
We have something in common.
We both escaped death.
But death surrounds us.
Do you know this area?
25 kilometers southwest of
Bulkav there is a people basis.
My men and I were on our way there.
Do you know where it is?
I'm from Belahzerkva.
My owner has been driving to get here.
I do not know where we are.
We can not stay here. We have
hardly any food and water
and we need to create
at least two ambushes.
The heat signal came from these ruins.
Pas op.
- You must Commandant, see this.
- What is it?
Someone has slain six fighters with a fall.
- There is movement.
- Main.
There. I see him.
The signal is weak. He
camouflaged himself well.
Ls dat Matthews?
We think so.
He hid the bodies.
We Once the coast is clear she mountains.
- Al heard from Carpenter?
- No, he's like a ghost.
We thought to see something a few
times, but he will not be found.
Keep trying. We bring the boys back home.
Listen well.
You have something of mine. I will find it.
And I will kill you all.
Lk heet Mirra.
Do you hate the rock?
I hunt enemy soldiers.
I know exactly where and
how many there are.
Each notch is one less worry.
Maybe for you, but not for their families.
If I do not kill them, they kill me.
Is it that simple?
It's my job to shoot.
Unfortunately for them
I am very good at it.
After all I've seen...
I saw my best friend die before my eyes.
And to know that I could be next...
Nothing's worse than that.
Why do you do it?
I have kind studied.
I know more than you realize.
- Echt?
- I am.
I your culture, know your traditions,
your self-destructive nature.
I know you have the corpse
of the woman Ceruleaanse.
You must be a sadist.
Like the rest of your species, you
have no respect for the dead.
What can you care about the body?
Her owner is an influential
man of noble birth.
You're stupid if you trust him.
I want to give her a proper burial.
I am willing to do business.
You have nothing I want.
I have something.
A metal object that you
hang around your neck.
That's a fair exchange, right?
What do you have to keep it a corpse?
There is no body, just a woman Ceruleaanse
which was almost executed by its own owner.
Depending lies, mens.
You do not believe me.
I do not deliver her killers.
And do not try to find me.
I will find you.
Do not wait on you.
Stay with me if you want to stay alive.
Where did you get your nature
knowledge and our language learned?
My mother took me in when I was little.
Ln the secret?
When I was six, I found an old book.
I took it home, opened the
and tried to pronounce the words.
My mother found me with the book.
I see the fear in her eyes before
me when she waned me the book.
I had her promise never to tell my owner.
A few days later she
gave me secretly a note.
The note was the human alphabet
and Ceruleaanse translation.
I soon learned it from my mind.
My mother found many ways
to give me secretly lesson.
When I was in was good,
they gave me the book.
I read it over and over again
until I knew it by heart.
I was obsessed with all people book
paper or quote that I could find.
And you managed to keep
this secret for your own?
He has everything found and destroyed.
See the notes from my mother fires
did more than the beating
he gave me later pain.
I was so ashamed
because I had my owner brought shame.
He recently discovered that
I've never stopped it.
Maybe I deserve death.
I know what it means to kill someone.
Every time you kill someone
dies a part of yourself.
Soon there is nothing good about it.
Do not forget that Mirra.
What your owner did is unforgivable.
I protect and defend.
What he did is murder.
We must go. The sun rises later on.
How's your shoulder?
Here, take it.
I can not. We are different.
My system bumped the previous
tablet that you gave me.
It is a medicine for the pain.
For you, but our bodies are not.
Tolerate your resources
We heal themselves.
Previously it was faster, but
since we have contact with people
began to deteriorate our systems.
How to cure you then?
Door magie.
I'm very disappointed in you, Antarah.
How have I failed?
Where is the body?
We have yet to find the man.
Ldioot. The body in the ravine.
The body that I forbade you to touch.
The man has hair.
He claims that she's alive.
If you've caught that human brood,
the woman. please bring me
Why did you save me?
You remind me of someone.
Someone a second chance
deserved but never received.
I wish you were my own.
- Would not you like me?
- That's not it.
We married. Did you read about that?
Yes, something.
- Were you ever married?
- Yes. Ever.
Is there something wrong?
I am sorry I will not talk about it.
She is the woman I see before
me when I close my eyes.
We were heading to the doctor
when the invasion began.
We would have a son.
It's been a long time ago.
When you helped me...
When you asked me to close my eyes...
I thought of my mother.
It's weird.
I now understand something
she once told me.
She told me that we are free to choose,
but that we are bound by
what is selected. his
My choices have led me here.
If I had never taken that book,
I would have never met.
Do you see that?
On the main screen.
Why do they make him just wondering?
Is alive he is worth more dead.
Launch the bird.
Lndrukwekkend weapon. A SL9.
Incredibly accurate even at 2100 meters.
I heard de.408 bullets fly faster
and with ball. Over een. 50 caliber power
Why are you here, man?
Your rebellion is almost over.
Have you so easily fooled by
the propaganda of the few?
You are mistaken in me, my
people and our beliefs.
You essentially change our
prejudices and ideals.
Your ideals are worth fighting.
But those ideals are only a
mask of a hypocritical nation.
A chilling weapon, right?
The size and shape of the
blade made for stabbing,
threading and kill.
I know the wounds that makes such a weapon.
After almost a year on
your planet have fought
I came home.
I found my child lying in the street,
stabbed by a soldier or other people.
That was not me.
My wife with the same weapon slaughtered.
She was like an animal eroded
and then shot through her head.
I promise I will not rest
is wiped out to the last man.
His wife and child are murdered too.
You are brave. You risk your
life for this man after all.
He has not caused your suffering.
He understands it. He made it himself.
He speaks the truth.
Why else has he saved me?
I see truth in your eyes.
You're not the darkness
that all people see in us.
You fight for our freedom.
You'll live, I promise you.
But the bloodshed that this
man-made must be punished.
Hit it, soldier. I give coverage.
Keep going right.
Naar links.
There are a lot of mines in the open field.
You almost said "boom!"
I know a shelter. Hurry up.
I thought you were dead.
I'm like an STD. From
me you will not print.
Both life. Matthews has someone with him.
Give me the AZ-12 pilot. I want an arrival.
Ze Zeiden net 50 minutes.
That was 30 minutes ago. I
want to talk to him now.
- The rescue bird waiting for orders.
- The pilot is on the line.
Dit is commandant Gibson.
Wees realistisch.
Can you get there undetected?
I want to go there, sir, but
the flak is too strong.
The probability that we lose the bird.
Is large
Break the surgery, but stay ready.
I knew just to escape
before the missile insloeg.
And da's just as well,
otherwise I have been dead.
That explosion was definitely your work?
Who is the woestijnkoningin?
I am responsible for her.
Your safety is my first priority.
We have lost enough men.
I'll take you home. Clear?
I am, sir.
- Where are you going?
- The shelter monitor.
I will find the position of the
enemy and give us firepower.
Is he safe?
Can we trust him?
One hundred percent.
Alles in orde, Mirra.
It's just Jason.
I give them a taste of their own medicine.
This baby shows very Cerulea shake.
Have a flight?
I know where to go, but I
know of no safe route.
- See those mountains in the west?
- Yes.
We follow that mountain range to the south.
Thus we should be able to come unseen.
That sounds good.
Here, take it. It is the
last, so be careful with it.
For you, not your girlfriend.
Their drones follow a standard route.
They come every half hour passed.
When the coast is clear, we go to the border.
But take this first.
We explore the area to be sure.
500 meters north is a ridge.
There you have three hours of shade.
I explore the south side.
- Check.
- Gecheckt.
Always stay cool.
More food we have. Eat
every few hours a bit.
Ga weg them?
We need to explore the
area and avoid the heat.
Stay in the shade. We are back soon.
I have just arrived, you hear me?
I hear you.
Remember our second broadcast?
We were surrounded, and
you put your gun on quiet
and they popped one by one,
head shot after head shot.
What did you say after
all those head shots?
- Headless no headaches.
- Exactly.
Headless no headaches.
I know of no one better
with a rifle than you.
Unfortunately, I sit in the wilderness
without my survival weapon.
Okay, time to focus. Stay alert.
- There's something moving.
- Commander?
We're going to get them. First
the bomber, then the bird.
- We have a further 30 minutes sight.
- I have the AZ12-Pilot.
- Estimated time of arrival?
- Over 40 minutes, sir.
Good. Good luck, soldier.
Make sure to touch. Commander, over.
Say the rescue bird that
there is an AZ12 bomber go.
The area is dangerous
and there are comrades.
I am.
- Why did you leave the shelter?
- There were soldiers.
Come on.
Jason, can you hear me?
Jason. Do you hear me?
It is teeming with enemies.
We have a strange job.
We need to kill without question.
When we get home says society:
"Thanks for the killing, but
remember that killing is bad."
As if we could just turn a knob.
Only soldiers understand
what we are undergoing.
We offeren alles op,
mind, body and soul.
Yes, sacrifices must be made.
Dank them.
I think not.
It's like when you fly.
First you put your own mask on.
Do not worry about her.
The struggle for survival is a key
to the true potential of man.
We chained ourselves with
fear and our shortcomings,
but only when death
stares us in the eyes...
That is the turning point.
I saw it for the first time
in Jersey when I was eleven.
I just bought some junk food in a store.
When a homeless person came
in and he smelled of death.
He walked to the cashier, grabbed a gun
and shot him through the head.
I stood rooted to the ground.
He took the money and ran towards me.
His eyes were cold as death.
Without repentance.
He grabbed my junk and left.
I did not know why he did not kill me.
But now I understand.
Every thought, moral or not,
has to bow to the sheer survival instinct.
Are difficult choices
when that happens, easy.
And the impossible...
Is suddenly possible.
Do not worry. The poison is not fatal.
It's incredible what grows here.
What are you planning?
I know you can not make tough decisions.
But I do.
You'll betray our position.
That's what you already did.
How does it feel to betray your people?
We gotta get outta here. Right now
Like them.
What happened?
Carpenter is dood.
Only Matthews and wife were with him.
- I know.
- Another minute to satellite contact.
The bomber does not make it
before we lose the picture.
Call the bomber back.
Matthews just need to save
themselves until we sight again.
Lnformeer me when we picture.
Ln the storm we escape them.
When did you sleep last?
Not everyone needs sleep sir.
What happened between
Carpenter and Matthews?
Matthews is a good soldier,
he can explain to us.
- I have freak.
- Send it to my screen.
The civilian vehicle a few days ago.
They are Matthews and his
traveling companion.
They are close to our base at LZ 17.
Hands high.
We do not want trouble.
Stay there.
I got her back.
Do not lie, man. I know everything.
You saved her for her fate.
She does not deserve to live.
Here you will be hands chopped off for.
I will drag you with fun
romp through my village.
I will soon be your naughty eyes protrude.
I need to ask him something,
now I can talk freely.
Why did you want me, your property, kill?
You have taught me and cared
for me when I was sick.
I remember that, and more.
But you're blind. You were no longer
mine when you were resisting me.
You let the poison of men
flowing in your veins.
I ask you: How could you do this to me?
Take your gun and destroy
what you have dishonored.
Do not listen to him, Mirra.
I see it mensengif works fast.
Let yourself be influenced by that foolish?
I'm sorry, Mirra. He deserves death.
If I do not kill him, he kills us both.
Is killing the only answer?
If you kill someone dies
a part of yourself.
Soon there is nothing good about it.
There is still good in you.
I want you to know.
What you have done to me is unforgivable.
But I forgive you anyway.
There is another person.
A kilometer away. It can be a sniper.
The rescue bird is almost there.
- Take Matthews on board.
- Bring him home.
Sub by: TlTELBlLD, Berlin, 2014
Timing By Oom St@r, Langsa