One Small Hitch (2013) Movie Script

We're gonna
miss our flight.
We'll catch another one.
What is this?
What's what?
Destination I Do.
Get Married.
Wedding Star.
The Bride Guide?
It's just something
to read on the plane.
It's not a thirty-six
hour flight to Chicago.
Well we're going
to a wedding.
Yeah, my... my best
friend's Mom's wedding.
Your parents are
going to be there.
And since we're taking
things to the next level.
Wow, wow, wow, wow...
wow, ah, ah, ah...
What exactly do you think
this trip to Chicago is about?
Oh, come on Josh,
I know you invited me to Chicago
so I could meet
your parents.
Come on dude,
this is crazy.
This is ridiculous.
Hurry up.
Come on, I'm sure
you look beautiful.
I'm sure it's not that bad,
how could it be that bad.
Oh God.
Come on.
Okay, I'm coming.
Shhhh... stop.
So just be honest.
Maybe it's always a
bridesmaid, never a bride,
because of the dresses?
Is it really that bad?
Have fun at the prom.
Well thanks.
Hey, what's Lance wearing?
I don't know what Lance
is wearing he's not like
walking me
down the isle.
Oh, what?
Oh my gosh,
that's so weird.
Hey is that... phone?
Give it to me!
Lance is here.
It's okay... it's fine.
You look good...
I mean you look pretty.
Come on Molly,
we gotta go baby.
She'll be right down!
Come on Molly,
Chicago's waiting baby!
Oh, suck it Lance.
...what did you tell
your parents about Lance?
Nothing. I just said
I was bringing home
a mystery man,
and that was it.
So they don't know
he's in a band?
No... they don't even know
that he's a Musician.
Oh... well I'm sure
they'll love his demo.
Alright, you know what?
I thought, that maybe if
we could spend a few days,
just alone with family,
that maybe my parents
could meet the
Lance Deluca that I know.
How many times do you
want me to say I'm sorry?
Once would be nice.
Oh no.
...please forgive me.
I'm not cause
you were a jerk.
Oh, come on baby
lay one on me.
Rabbit goes
through the hole,
and the fox
chases the rabbit.
Maybe if you
looped it under?
Molly, please.
Is that your cell phone?
Oh... yeah,
oh it's my brother,
Hey Sean, what's up?
Hey, what time
you coming in?
Are you serious?
Hey don't get mad at me,
Mom asked me to triple check.
for the last time,
we get in at midnight.
Molly, you got a
knife or something?
Why would I bring
a knife to the airport?
Wait, your mystery man wants you
to bring a knife to the airport?
Call 911,
he's a terrorist.
Yeah, he's...
he's terrifying.
Hey, have you seen Josh?
No, try him
on his cell...
I gotta go, I'll
see you in Chicago.
Wait, wait, wait, wait...
Hey, I don't like the way
the Cubs are playing either.
Yeah, sorry man,
it's been a rough day.
Yeah, I'll tell you about
it when I get there.
I can't wait.
Hey, you seen
Molly yet?
I'm dying to see
her mystery man.
No, no...
no sign on Molly.
But ah...
something else did just
pop up on the radar.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no...
Josh, no!
You have to get on
this plane, okay?
It's my Mom's wedding
at your parent's house.
Yeah, relax.
My flight's delayed.
How long?
Three hours.
How hot is she?
Ught oh!
Hey, what are
you doing here?
Just dropping off
Phyllis's Mom.
Yeah... yourself?
Is that Lance?
it's me alright.
I thought that was you.
Hi, I'm...
I'm Molly.
Phyllis, and this
is my husband, Ralph.
You guys are
Phyllis and Ralph...
oh it's so good
to finally meet you.
Ah, you... you too.
Honey, we really gotta go.
Just wait a minute,
wait a minute...
are you a friend
of Bridgette's?
Who's Bridgette?
His wife!
Molly, Molly...
come on, will you
just wait a second?
Long enough for you to
come up with a fresh new lie?
Okay, I deserve
that, alright,
but can we just
talk about this?"
No we cannot just
talk about this...
I was taking you
to meet my family.
I trusted you.
We're pretty
much separated.
Oh, you're pretty
much separated.
Why didn't you just
tell me the truth?
You never would've
slept with me.
Your Music sucks!
You okay in there?
I'm fine.
I always get a little
emotional around my period.
Tell me about it,
try starting your cycle
working first class on a
fourteen hour flight to Tokyo.
Honey, why don't
you try one of these.
What is that?
Flight attendant's
best friend
in my business
you have to smile
no matter what your
hormones are doing.
Ooooooh, Josh...
you keep that up,
and I might have to
go with you to Chicago.
Yeah, I don't know if
I can wait that long.
Well, there's a hotel
five minutes from here.
Ahhhhh... hehe, ha!
Yeah, yeah, Molly,
this is a... this is Risa.
Molly is a my best
friend's kid sister,
she's going to the
same wedding in Chicago.
Hi, oohhh...
Ah Molly, can I
see you for a second?
Yep, but, no, no...
oh, okay.
Okay alright?
I'm sorry.
I don't know
what happened...
I think somebody slipped
her ecstasy or something.
I could sure go
for some ecstasy...
the good,
old fashioned kind.
Come on...
She'll be alright.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry I screwed
everything up,
-I'm sorry you didn't get laid.
-Okay. okay.
I'm sorry...
Okay, I forgive you.
But, I...
I forgive you.
Try to think about something
happy, right, like ah...
like you're, you're going
to your Mom's wedding.
Her second wedding.
I'm mean things
didn't go exactly
like I wanted em to today,
you don't see
me crying about it.
Forget it, you
wouldn't understand.
I hate it... when girls say
that, what does that even,
I wouldn't understand...
what does that even mean?
You wouldn't
understand the pressure
of being that last
unmarried daughter
in an
Irish-Catholic family.
I wouldn't understand
the pressure?
My parents are like
Jewish parakeets,
when are you getting married?
When are you getting married?
When are you
getting married?
Oh... I should have known
that he was married.
Oh, I feel like
such a loser.
No, Molly, Mo...
you're not a loser.
If anybody's a loser,
it's that lying,
scumbag, son-of-a-bitch.
I know.
I know.
If you know, then why
are you still crying?
Cause what if that
lying, scumbag,
son-of-a-bitch was
the best that I could do?
No, come on Molly...
Look at the
bright side, hm...
you're single now.
Guys love that,
and you're pretty, right?
And you're funny,
you smell good,
I mean you're smart...
I mean for a girl.
And you're totally
passed out...
Hey Mom.
Oh, thank God...
he's alive!
Why would you
think I was dead?
Because you were supposed
to be here by now.
Yeah, my flight
got delayed.
So what...
you don't call?
I've, I've been busy.
that's how long
it would have taken.
Mom, what's wrong?
Nothing, I'm just
upset because...
we thought you were
coming in tonight.
You're a terrible liar.
I'm not lying...
everything's fine.
Everything's fine?
Mom, now you're starting
to actually freak me out.
Are you going to
tell me what's wrong,
or am I going to
have to ask Dad?
Are you talking
to Josh?
I'm on the
phone with Josh.
He can't hear me...
I bought him the hearing
aide, he doesn't use it.
Pick up the phone!
What do you
think I'm doing?
Did you tell him?
You said not to tell
him on the phone.
Tell me what?
I'm hanging up.
Yeah, I'm still here...
but according to
the doctors...
not for much longer.
It's the big C Josh...
and no magic pill,
or shot, can change that.
Oh my God.
It's terminal, okay...
Dad wait, stop
talking like that.
Talking like what?
This is how I talk.
To tell you the truth,
I only have one real regret...
It would have been nice
to have met the woman
who would one day
become your wife.
What if...
what if I told you,
you already have?
How did I get here?
I put you here.
Oh, mmm...
but I wanted
a window seat.
Yeah, well I wanted
to fly without my best
friend's kid sister
slobbering all over
me for three hours,
but here we are.
Wow, okay...
you are very grumpy.
Oh really, I wonder
why that could be?
Maybe it's because I...
I had a scotch and Cheerios
breakfast, I don't know...
Yeah, well if you recall,
my boyfriend broke up with me...
maybe it's because I just found
out my Dad is dying of cancer.
They called when
you were asleep...
he's got six months.
I'm so sorry.
hey, um if you need
anything, okay,
if you need anything
at all, I'm here.
Well actually...
There is this one thing.
Why would you tell your parents
that we are engaged?
I ah, ah...
Oh, hi sir, how are you?
Thank you.
Did I do something
weird earlier?
Because I was really
hopped up on those drugs,
that the
stewardess gave me.
Molly. Molly....
I don't really remember a
lot about what I said, and I...
I just wish you could have
heard how happy it made him
when I told him
that it was you.
It was a stupid idea.
I'm sorry.
It was stupid, it was stupid,
it was stupid it's dumb.
No, no... it wasn't stupid,
I'm being stupid
but it wasn't stupid
under the circumstances.
Don't worry, I will,
I will clear everything up
as soon as
we land in Chicago.
I just feel really
I'm just saying, it's not really
a good time for me right now.
It's gonna be fine...
it's gonna be fine.
What is funny?
Can you imagine
if we had...
if we had to explain this
to both of our families?
happy, so happy.
Mom, Mom...
what did I tell you?
I didn't breathe a word,
your father on the other hand.
On the other hand...
My little girl.
We're so happy
for both of you.
And you look so thin...
well thinner.
This is the best wedding present
you could give to your Mom.
No wonder you wouldn't
tell us anything
about your mystery man.
Honey, where's your ring?
Okay, that's it!
I need to talk to you,
right now.
You do realize
this is the woman's...
hi, how are you?
What are you doing?
Father Shanahan
is out there!
Well what do you
want me to do?
I don't know,
I don't...
I am not marrying you.
Wow, marriage, who said
anything about marriage?
We're flying back to Los Angeles
in less than a week.
So what, you want me to just
play fiance for a few days?
Is that too much to ask?
Okay, okay, maybe it is
a little bit too much to ask.
But I'm not asking
for you, or me,
I'm asking for my father.
Think about all the good
that's gonna come
from making a
dying man happy.
So, what makes you think
that she's pregnant?
Because I know Josh,
okay, and the only way
that he's getting married is
if he, you know... had to.
I mean...
that's how did
you do that?
It's... she's
not even his type!
No, no, see because
people can change.
Maybe he's grown very tired
of dating these airheads
with fabulous tits...
oh my God, she's
totally pregnant.
Before you go all
Kill Bill on him, know
that there are
other possibilities.
Here's this.
Like what?
They're in love?
I mean, come on,
you've been around them...
they're always
ragging on each other.
It's foreplay.
Okay, if they are in love,
then why didn't he call me...
why didn't
she call me?
Oh gee,
I don't know,
maybe they didn't think
that you would approve
you're not exactly
jumping for joy here.
Well can you blame me?
The bear.
Why don't
you just call him?
If he wants to talk to me,
he can call me.
I know, I know,
I know...
where's Sean?
I gotta talk to him.
You mean to let him know
that you're engaged
to his little sister?
Yeah, he knows.
You know, I can explain
everything, um...
...not this second.
Josh, Josh...
listen, ah, cousin Phil
was supposed to walk ah,
Molly up the isle tomorrow,
but in light of what's happened,
I figured that maybe you'd ah...
Yeah, yeah,
that sounds great.
Alright, good, good.
Welcome to the family!
How are you gonna
raise the kids?
How do you mean?
Josh was raised
in a Jewish home.
Cousin Yankle,
it's a little bit early
to be talking
about kids, isn't it?
Actually, Josh and I were
just discussing baby names
on the way over here.
What do you think
about the name Luke?
Ah, can I ah, speak to you
for a second sweetheart?
Oh, yeah baby, sure.
What the hell are you doing?
Oh, I'm just winging it.
Yeah, well try winging
it someplace else,
cause making jokes
about naming our kid
after on of
the ten Apostles.
Twelve, genius.
Yeah, whatever...
it isn't helpful.
Ah, actually no...
we haven't given any thought
as to who would officiate.
Oh, Father Shanahan is doing
the honors tomorrow night
for me and Doreen.
I'm sure he's
gonna be...
You're not worried about
Molly being Catholic are you?
No, absolutely not.
Don't be silly.
You're not worried about
Josh being Jewish are you?
Oh, oh,
of course not.
Of course not.
The important thing
is they're in love.
I know this might be
difficult for you,
but look at it
from my perspective...
I came here to go
to my Mom's wedding,
not to sit around
eating ruglox...
...whatever, with the
entire tribe of Israel.
Oh wow, wow, you got a
problem with my people?
Oh, cause I'll tell yah,
your people are just peachy.
Oh, I'm Irish...
let me do a little jig
for you, where's the whisky,
I love Lucky Charms,
I want a pot of gold,
where is it...
I love pots of gold.
Now you're just
embarrassing yourself.
You're embarrassing yourself.
You're a child.
You're a child.
Oh, um?
I guess, I guess it's
about that time, Mom,
ah Dad, thank you...
thank you so much.
Where are you going?
We still have more
desserts coming.
Yeah, I know
but we're just...
we're really
exhausted, so.
Well, alright
you two get some rest.
The guest rooms
all made up.
Oh, um, we were
actually thinking
that we would
go to a hotel.
A hotel?
We have plenty of room.
I may have a coupon
for the Ramada...
it's just a thought.
If it's privacy
you want,
you're more than welcome
to the store's apartment.
Don't you keep
storage in there?
Well so there's
some inventory, so what,
it's got everything
you need...
and it's only five
minutes from here.
It's close to us.
and the price is right.
Alright call me.
Here you go...
I'll call you tonight...
you're in.
...thank you sweetie, oh...
you have my bag,
right darling?
Oh, there's coffee
above the sink
in the kitchen
just to the right.
Alright, no, no,
I got it.
Okay if there's anything else
you need, you just call me.
Okay, thank you
Mom, thank you guys.
Thank you guys...
we'll see you later.
Okay. Yep. Yep.
My God, they're like
Orcs from Jewish Middle Earth.
You're like Sauron...
as if I'm descending
into the bowels of Mordor.
I don't even know...
no, it's, it's cool, I can
probably get both of these...
I don't think
it'll be a problem.
Here we go.
Yeah, it's
not bad, huh?
Yeah, it's gorgeous
It's actually
better than I remember.
Oh, those pictures
are so cool.
The bathroom
is right here,
if you need
that at any point.
Everything else
I guess is fairly...
Ah, you know what, why
don't you take the bed.
No, no, no, no, no,
you take the bed.
I really don't mind
sleeping on the couch.
You take the bed...
I'm gonna take the couch.
I'll take the bed.
Oh, cool...
is that Wrigley Field?
Oh, yeah, yeah it is.
Hey Moll, um, I'm sorry
I got a little testy earlier.
A little bit testy?
I don't really think that
you sound like a Leprechaun.
I'm sorry too,
I don't...
I mean,
it's not like this trip is going
exactly as planned, yah know.
No, no it's not,
but you really
pulled it off... you did.
Well, if I ever
actually get engaged
at least I'll know
how to act, right?
You made my Dad
really happy.
Thank you.
Stop it or you're
gonna make me cry.
Come here.
Oh look.
We're gonna be a family.
Ah, I'm not much
of a hugger.
Me either.
I'm gonna um, I'm gonna
jog over to Sean's
and clear everything up...
you wanna come?
No... no, I'm not
really a jogger,
I'm more of a lay out
on the beach, hang out,
not jog kinda girl.
Come on I'll go really
slow, really slow.
At least someone's
happy to see me.
You expect me to be
doing cartwheels
after you knock
my sister up?
I didn't, I didn't
knock up your sister...
it's not what you
think, I swear.
You wanna hear what
I have to say, or...
Yeah, I guess so...
where's Molly?
Ah, right behind me.
So you're not
pissed, are you?
Nah, I mean naturally
I was a little disgusted
by the thought
of you and my sister.
But once I scrubbed that
horrible, horrible image
from my mind,
I started to see how you guys
could end up together.
Yeah, I mean
she's a little ditzy,
but compared to the
girls you've dated,
you've done a lot worse.
I can't argue with that.
it would've been cool to
have you as a brother-in-law.
That's sweet.
Even though you
suck at foosball.
Oh my God,
okay, water...
yeah, I need water.
Oh my God,
what happened?
He ma...
made me jog.
You're like
You would've done
the same thing.
I don't know,
maybe not?
If he was smart, he would
have asked you for real.
Yeah... I would've
turned him down though,
he's not really my type.
Yeah, now if he could
just be in a band...
ha, ha, ha.
Please, please
just let him sleep...
please, please,
let him sleep.
Mama, mama, mama...
Hi sleepy.
Hi sleepy boy...
my little baby.
You wanna go
see Aunty-Molly?
No, no Aunty-Molly?
Here just hold him.
He doesn't want me,
he wants you...
I don't know
what to do.
Well just unclench
well I'm trying.
Oh my God.
He's so sweet.
I know.
silly boy.
You want your Mommy?
Um-hum... okay,
there you go.
Hi pumpkin.
Hey pumpkin.
I just wanted to call and
make sure you didn't sleep
through the wedding.
Ah, I guess I kinda passed
out last night, huh?
Where are you anyway?
Oh, I'm getting ready
over at my folks.
Oh, so we're not
going together?
No my Mom wanted me to come
over early and help set up.
Plus you don't have to be
here till like three
for the pictures.
What time is it anyway?
Hold on just a second.
Oh God, how old
is this milk?
Oh God, no, don't drink
anything in the fridge,
it's like
a billion years old.
Art, my zipper's stuck
can you give
me a hand here?
Be still,
I think I got it.
You're tickling me.
Well I'm sorry,
when it comes to dresses...
I've had more practice
un-zipping than zipping.
Oh, why do you think
I'm marrying you, huh?
You know, we're way
ahead of schedule here...
we can work in
a little quickie.
Oh no, come on, no...
it's our wedding
day, behave.
I guess you're
right, at my age,
I guess I better save
it for the honeymoon.
I guess there aren't
many advantages
to getting married
at our age, huh?
Well I can think of one.
No one's gonna think
this is a shotgun wedding.
That's true.
Is that Molly?
Where's the
You look terrible...
what's wrong?
Oh, I drank some
sour milk, I ate...
too many of
those ruglox.
Rir-a-looch, rig,
rig, rig-a-lach.
You ate those things
too, didn't you?
Yeah, I feel fine.
You don't think?
Morning sickness?
Is everyone decent?
Yeah Dad, ah...
Molly went to get ready
at her folk's place.
I wanted to talk
to you alone anyway.
Yeah, yeah what's up?
About what happened
at the airport.
Oh, no, no, no...
Dad, don't worry
about that.
You asked us
to keep it quiet
and we should've
respected your wishes,
but your mother and me,
we haven't had a lot
of good news lately,
so when we heard about
you and Molly, well...
we just got
a little excited.
That's okay, it's alright,
it worked out, it's fine.
I think I have something
that'll make it up to you.
Dad, no...
you don't need
to give me anything.
It's not from me...
it's from
your Grandma.
It's beautiful...
but I, I, I can't
give this to Molly.
Why not...
you don't think
she'll like the setting?
No, no... it's not...
I think she'll
love the setting.
Just keep dancing.
Ah, I'm so sorry Mom...
oh, you shouldn't be doing
this on your wedding day.
It's okay sweetie,
when you're a mother
there are no days off...
you'll see soon enough.
What is that
supposed to mean?
It's ridiculous, she's
not pregnant, please?
Well it would explain
why we never heard
that they were dating.
Oh, give it up Shannon,
you throw up all the time,
and you're
not pregnant.
I told you I'm
lactose intolerant!
More like size
eight intolerant.
Ooh girly!
Look, all I'm saying,
is if he really loved her
then how come we
haven't heard one word
about how he proposed?
How's my
favorite fianc?
Oh boy, what is it?
What's wrong?
Oh nothing, yah know unless
you count the fact
that my mother thinks
I'm pregnant with your baby.
She thinks the only reason
someone like you would marry
someone like me was
if you got me pregnant.
It's shit like that that
made me move 2,000 miles away
in the first place.
So did you tell
her the truth?
No, I lied,
I told her you're not
really as shallow as you look,
and that we decided
to get married
because of our deep
and soulful connection.
Well, maybe this will
get her off your back.
What is that?
It's my Grandmother's
engagement ring.
Take it.
No, forget it, no.
Yeah, just try it on.
I'm not wearing your dead
Grandmother's engagement ring.
You are out of your mind.
Molly, if we're trying
to convince your Mom
and everybody else
that we're engaged,
an engagement ring is
a good place to start.
Fine, but that did
not come from Walmart!
I do not really think
that your Grandmother
would appreciate me wearing
her stunning VVS1,
1.75 carrot, Princess Cut
diamond engagement ring.
Look... would
you quit worrying
about disrespecting
my Grandmother,
her whole life was about
making her son happy,
and nothing would
make her son more happy
than seeing you wear
this ring for a few days.
It's probably not
even gonna fit anyway.
I'm not putting it on
myself, put it on me.
Mm hm.
oh shit.
I mean she doesn't
even have a ring!
You're just trying to create
drama where there is no drama.
Are you okay?
He's giving her
the ring right now!
I guess it's official.
Oh, and he did
it on one knee.
On her Mom's
wedding day.
That's so romantic.
What's wrong?
You don't like the setting?
I love the setting.
Then what's wrong?
I don't know, I mean
yesterday I found out
my boyfriend was cheating
on me with his wife...
...and today,
I... I mean
I've waited my whole life
for a guy to love me so much
he'd propose to me
with his grandmother's
engagement ring.
I, I got the
ring, it's just,
this really isn't what
I had in mind, you know?
Come here, come here,
give it up... bear hug.
Alright, I'm gonna...
I'm gonna, yeah, cause
I'm the maid of honor.
So, I should
be in there.
I'm gonna go a...
yeah okay.
Giselle Broousard.
How are you doing?
It's great to see you.
My God, you look fantastic!
How can you wear a dress
like that to a wedding?
You're gonna steal
the bride's thunder.
Joshua Shiffman
always the flirt.
Oh, no... no, not always,
just with you.
Champagne anyone?
Oh, absolutely.
I'm actually okay,
You're not drinking...
I thought weddings
always made you nervous.
Oh, they do...
they do, terrified,
but ah, it's just
a little bit early
for me to start
hitting the champagne.
Oh... I guess you,
I guess you didn't hear...
ah, we broke up
a few months ago.
Oh hey, have you guys...
seen my Mom anywhere?
Oh God!
Oh my God,
I can't believe
that that happened,
and that happened
right out there.
Oh my God.
I am so excited
for you!
I have to go
find my Mom.
I mean you
look great,
you do. Ah!
Was it something
I said?
I don't know.
I mean Mitch was a
great guy, but...
I just felt like
if we got married
before I sowed some
wild oats, I'd regret it.
So now I'm just
having a good time,
keeping my options open,
crashing the occasional family
wedding to see an old friend.
What about you?
Are you seeing
anyone special?
Yah know, it's...
it's complicated.
Oh God,
oh ho ho...
Congrats my man
I just heard the news.
"What? Did you
get a promotion?
Well, no... not exactly.
This guy just got engaged
to my niece, how about that?
You're engaged...
to Molly Mahoney.
Op, hey, come on...
...ah, Giselle...
Oh no,
oh ho, ho, come on.
I don't think
that I can do this.
What? Why not?
We're next.
No, I mean
our engagement.
Because I am...
freaking out, okay?
Okay, okay...
easy, easy tiger.
Angie and Iris are fighting
about where we should honeymoon,
I don't particularly enjoy
lying to my friends,
and no matter what I say
everyone still thinks
that I am pregnant!
Molly and Josh,
it's your turn.
Oh God.
You can lean on me, okay?
Alright, here we go.
Just think of that
first night like a trip
to the dentist's office...
oh there's some pain
and some hollering,
but the next visit,
oh it's much easier.
Like she hasn't been
to the dentist before.
And always remember
to tell him,
he's doing a good
job down there...
men need lots
of encouragement.
Actually, I came across
a website that...
Ah, waiter!
Should you really
be drinking dear,
in your condition?
Excuse me ladies,
I'm so sorry do you mind
if I steal
my fianc from you.
Oh my God, thank you!
How you holding up?
Under the circumstances,
um... okay, yeah, you?
Yeah, no good...
good, good, good.
More champagne?
Oh yes please.
we'll do this thing.
Yeah, this thing,
let's do it!
I can't get the door.
I'm trying.
You keep locking it, ah...
Go, go...
mush, mush!
I'm tired.
I bet you are, I'm gonna go,
I'm gonna go pass out.
I'm stuck.
You are a ridiculous
human being.
It's not funny, I'm stuck.
...come here, come here.
Get it... Ah!
Stop turn around.
I can't... this was,
this was your idea
of how to get a dress off?
Get it... fixed.
There you are, hold on.
Thank you.
You're zipper's
stuck, hold on.
Did you have
a good time today?
Yeah, couldn't you tell?
I just wanted to
make sure this whole,
engagement craziness
didn't ruin it for you.
You wanna know
something weird?
Yeah, I'm into weird.
After watching so many
of my friends get engaged,
I always wondered
what it would feel like
to have everyone
come up to you
and congratulate
you just for being in love.
It felt wonderful...
does that make
me horrible?
Molly, I don't think you could
be horrible if you tried...
there you go,
you are free.
Here, give that to me.
You're awake...
we're coming over,
yes, Carla and me.
No, no, no you're not.
No, we're exhausted and
you are absolutely tanked.
No, I'm not drunk, I'm excited
about love in the air.
Yes, yes, this is what I want
to talk to you about Josh,
we have to finish
our discussion, okay...
No, Sean, I'm serious.
And you can't
just take that away.
No, no, Sean, you're not.
Yes, yes.
What I need you to
understand is you can't argue
for a devastating
hit rule...'s not the same if
they can't hit people hard,
I want brains...
devastating hits...
I gotta go.
Hmm, what?
Is everything okay?
Everything is fine...
don't wake up Molly,
just come talk to me.
Is everything okay?
Is it Dad?
No, he's fine... he just, the
wedding took a lot out of him,
and doctor said
he should stay home and rest,
so... we're a
little short handed.
Oh, yeah,
I... I can come help.
Oh, you're a
good boy Joshua.
Just I haven't showered
or eaten breakfast,
so just give me a sec.
Oh, you shower, I'll get
breakfast for both of you...
what's Molly like?
Oh, I have got
to change that ring.
You are such a bitch!
You dump Lance, and then get
you engaged to Josh Shiffman
in the same weekend,
and you don't even call us.
Wow, wow, where did
you even hear that?
Oh my God, so it's true?
It's true, oh my...
No, no...
you don't understand.
Good morning.
Mrs. Shiffman.
Please, call me Mom.
Mrs. Shiffman is there?
Oh my God...
did you like move in?
Okay, ah Suzanne,
this isn't a good time.
Ask her how big
the diamond is...
How big is, here...
How big is the diamond?
1.75 carrots...
...Princess Cut.
Oh my God!
Mm hmm... Suzanne,
ah I really have to go now.
Wait, Molly..., is it really his
Grandmother's engagement ring?
Yeah, it is, but um...
That is so cute.
No way, it's
like a fairytale.
It's adorable.
Okay, I'll call you later.
She hung up.
No, at least
we'll be bridesmaids.
Sit down, I got
you breakfast.
Steak and eggs?
Josh said that's
what you like.
Did he?
You don't know
where he is, do you?
I kinda need
to talk to him.
Oh, you can't talk
to him right now.
He's downstairs
with a collector.
And here we have
a classic scene
from the television
program Lost.
And here we have a young man
waiting to receive the company
from some of the charming
ladies of Mad Men.
curves ahead.
And the idea is to frame them
to look like televisions?
And how many are
we talking about?
Ah, 75 based on television,
112 based on cinema,
133 based on great
American literature,
and 2 based
on larger dioramas.
Mother and I have
been making dioramas
like this since
I was a tot...
real televisions aren't allowed
in our house, you see.
No kidding?
So, he has...
...good days and bad...
...but yesterday was
one of the best days
he's had in a long,
long time.
And that had everything
to do with you.
I just want you to know...
You've made the two
men I love the most...
...very, very, happy.
Mrs. Shiffman.
Ah, ha.
There's something
I've gotta tell you.
We're here... oh,
the traffic was just awful.
What are you
guys doing here?
You forgot, didn't you?
Oh, oh...
the rentals.
Moll I promised to have my dress
and the tuxes back by noon,
or they charge
us extra, hun.
And we were
having lunch?
Steak and eggs?
Yep. Yeah, mm hmm...
I had a craving.
Oh, geez... for the last
time I am not pregnant!
Hi... welcome
to White Chicago.
Just returning.
Why are you
getting so many calls?
Oh, um, it's just that...
...everyone's really
excited about the wedding.
That cell phone
ring is adorable.
My daughter
just got engaged.
Beatrice would you check those
items in for Mrs.Mahoney please.
it might take some time.
Oh, well since
we have a few minutes,
why don't we see what the bride
to be is gonna look like
on her big day?
Yeah, no, no... yeah,
guys I'm cool
without doing that.
You know she'd be perfect
for that new Vera Wang dress.
The one with the
white sash?
But we just sold it to
one of the Kennedy girls.
Oh, that's too bad.
Wait a minute,
wait a minute.
I think we might have one
in the back... just your size.
What are the chances?
No, no.
Thank you though...
Oh, come on.
Oh, come on
it'll be fun.
It's a nice offer,
but... oh wow!
you smell good.
Frieda, how's he doing?
He's doing great,
he's upstairs right now
showing some frames
to Mr. Bernardi.
That's my boy.
Okay, you get some rest,
huh, I'll see you at home.
I sold him the Belle Air Deluxe
with the copper patina,
and I through in a bonus clause
if we get this done by the 26th.
That's terrific.
I better go tell Woody.
Woody can wait...
sit down.
What's up?
That was a smart move
suggesting the bonus clause,
that's something your father
would have done.
Well, I was trained
by the best.
Well right now,
the best isn't doing so well.
How would you and Molly feel
about staying a little longer?
I love your ring,
Princess Cut?
Do you mind if
we take a Polaroid?
Why not take two?
Like $6,000 dollars,
it's completely ridiculous...
okay, there was one dress
that I did actually
really like though,
it was um,
and it was really long,
and it was like beaded,
and it had this
really pretty train...
oh my God, why am
I talking about this?
Um, how was your day?
It was good,
yeah, I mean I was hurting
a little bit this morning...
which could have been
because of the tequila fog.
But, you know...
on the whole it
was really good.
did ah,
did anything,
did anything um...
happen last night?
Are you serious?
Josh you
rocked my world.
I did?
You were magnificent.
I was?
I mean we woke up in our
underwear spooning...
what am I
supposed to think?
You're a jerk.
Nothing happened,
trust me.
Thank God!
I mean not that it
wouldn't have been,
that it wouldn't have been...
it would have been fine,
if it did...
I'm, yeah, yah know,
I'm just saying that...
there's no reason to make
this anymore awkward.
Like this could really
get more awkward.
Actually, I talked to my Mom
today, and um, she was...
she was wondering if we could
stay a little bit longer?
Oh, like ah, like
through the weekend?
Um, I think she was
thinking more like ah,
like a month, or so.
well what,
what did you say?
Um, this is stupid,
you know what, I'll just tell
her that you have to get back
for a job, or school,
or whatever,
it's... I'm sorry,
that was stupid.
no, no, um...
yeah, tell
her we'll stay.
Thank you.
Ewe, ewe...
...oh my God.
You feel that?
Sure... mm hmm.
Now, come over here...
...and feel the
mahogany frame.
Oh God...
that's really
smooth Isn't it?
Josh, line three.
That's really smooth.
Can you excuse me
for a moment, ladies?
Okay, we'll,
we'll be right... here.
This is Josh... can I help you?
Oh, I can think of a lot
of ways, but I'm at work.
I was just about
to call you.
Don't tell me you need
a divorce attorney already?
No, no, not yet,
but we barely got a chance
to catch up
at the wedding...
I thought you might
wanna get a bite, or ah,
a late drink?
I don't know if
that's a good idea.
What about lunch?
Lunch seems like a great idea,
don't you think?
It's the perfect
meal to tide you over
breakfast and dinner.
Come on...
you can't face all
those cheating husbands
on an empty stomach,
can you?
Oh... now this
was a good idea.
Well we had to have at least
one spa day before you leave.
Actually, I'm not
going back tomorrow.
So he ended up
leaving the firm,
and I got promoted
to partner.
Yeah, you seem like a cat
who always lands on her feet.
Well you look like you're
doing just fine yourself...
and now that
you're engaged.
Ah, yes that is ah...
that's actually
a whole other story.
Really, I would
love to hear it.
Alright, why do you
think I'm staying?
Ah, because I think you like
playing fianc with Josh...
Has been kinda fun.
...and because I think your
falling in love with him.
So, you're not
actually engaged?
No, no I'm ah,
I'm actually just
as free and single as you.
My feelings are like...
You are so deep in denial...
it's so sad.
Carla Mahoney...
five minutes.
Five minutes to what?
I'm having
a special wax.
You're getting
a special wax?
Mm hmm.
So what are your plans
looking like this afternoon?
They're looking
better every minute.
In the shape
of a heart?
Ah ha.
Do men like that?
Honey... men like
anything that you do
to change things
up down there...
do you wanna get one?
No, and plus Josh is
coming back from lunch soon.
Who's he having
lunch with?
Just a friend.
Let's get out of here.
Check please!
Giselle Brousard!
What? It's lunch...
I trust him.
You, you trust him...
are you even
listening to yourself?
They're both single!
It's time.
You know what,
just forget it,
I don't even know what I'm
talking about... they're just,
just catching up.
No more yanky my wanky.
The Donger needs food!
Hell, he's three
sheets to the wind,
he's drunk as a skunk.
Oh why don't you shut
up Fred, shut up... Dong?
What got into you?
I, I've never seen
that heart thing before.
Wanna see it again?
Oh shit, I've
gotta get home.
This is almost as
hot as a real affair.
Molly... you home?
Oh, oh God!
Oh God!
Oh God, ah...
I'm in the bath.
Um, yeah... just
taking a bath in here.
No, yeah that, yeah... that
sounds good, sounds relaxing.
Well it's a really
big tub, so... no.
Um, hey, how was ah...
how was lunch with Giselle?
Oh, it was ah, it was
good, you know it um...
it went a little long.
Yeah, I know.
Yeah, I'm sorry...
I'm sorry I didn't call.
Josh, we're not
actually engaged,
alright... you
don't have to call,
do whatever you want with
whoever you want, it's fine.
Yeah, sorry, of course,
I'm ah... it's actually,
it's good to hear
you say that cause I ah,
we kinda... hooked up.
You mean like um...
you hooked up, hooked up?
Yeah, yeah... was kinda crazy,
um, but don't worry,
I ah, I swore her to
secrecy, so we're ah...
we're cool there.
You're, you're cool with me
and Giselle hooking up, right?
Well I'll let you ah,
finish um,
or whatever?
This is a
really bad time.
I'm sorry.
Well technically
he didn't cheat on you.
It sure feels
like he did.
Well if you're
going to stay,
then we're going to have
to find something to do
to keep your
mind off of him.
Got any ideas?
Any other ideas?
Corrugated paper
depletes moisture
and therefore
ages the art,
while a linen matt keeps
the art looking, ah...
...fresh and sexy.
This is the
Crystal Ballroom.
Oh, is this beautiful.
This is set up for a meeting,
but it's incredibly versatile.
Sure, oh yes...
it's stunning.
It's been here
for a hundred years.
I think Josh and
Molly would love it.
As you can tell...
there's quite a bit of French
influence throughout the space.
The chandeliers are gorgeous,
the view it's...
and of course we'd...
do round tables.
You can do
anything you like.
Josh and Molly are
gonna be so happy
when they see
what we found for them.
Oh yeah.
It's beautiful.
Ah, ah...
could we take one more look
at the ballroom, please?
Sure, sure...
right this way.
Thank you.
Oh. Oh, no you can go.
Ah, you can go first.
No, no, no, no...
you go, go, go, go.
No, it's fine.
No, go.
Alright, well, okay...
I'll just be a second.
Mm hmm, yeah I'll just...
Just a second...
unless you wanna go?
No, no, no, no.
Okay, I'm going.
I'll just ah, I'll go ah,
I'll make some ah,
some breakfast.
How are things
with Giselle?
You know, good...
it is what it is.
I mean other than
the physical...
ah, the sex
is great,
but ah,
other than that,
we don't really have
a whole lot to talk about.
I don't know, I just
wish you could have both,
you know I wish you could have
the physical, and the ah,
um, dah... whatever the hell
that other thing is.
I think you're
referring to love.
Ah, ha, ha...
Molly I'm being serious.
I'm being serious too,
I'm gonna go take a shower.
No, I love that place,
okay, yep, yep...
you can
pick me up, sweet.
Sweet, see you
later on, bye.
So ah, you remember
that 60 frame job
that we had to turn
over in 24 hours?
Mm hmm.
Well, the guy thanked me
by giving me two tickets
to the
Jazz Showcase tonight.
So, I thought you
might wanna come?
Oh, I can't tonight,
yeah, I... I have plans.
I um...
actually have
kind of a date.
A date?
You're cool
with that, right?
Yeah... yeah,
of course, yeah.
Come here, I wanna
show you something.
Dude, what are
we doing here?
She's hot.
Okay, let's go
to Wrigleyville.
So you were out
late last night.
Oh, yeah, the band didn't
go on till super late, so...
Did you have fun?
Um, yeah...
I did actually.
Hey look, um, I don't know
what your up to tonight,
but ah, I was thinking about
going to get dinner at Brunahs.
Oh, I can't tonight.
You got another date?
Um, actually... yeah.
And he's studying
to be an architect,
he's a vegetarian, he plays
the drums on the weekends,
and, ready...
he's British.
Why not?
But you went out
with that other guy.
I know, and
it was weird,
alright it feels
a little weird to be dating
when I'm working
for my fianc's parents,
while they're
planning our wedding.
On that, can I just ask you
a quick little question...
why are you
torturing yourself?
Josh has given you an out,
why don't you just take it?
You can go home
you can have
a normal date.
Have you seen any
of my ex-boyfriends,
the last thing I am
capable is a normal date.
I know this might
sound weird, but
in a way living with Josh
has shown me
what I ultimately want
in a relationship.
I'm starting to really
miss the sex part.
Oh no...
...oh honey,
that's so sad.
It is sad.
Hold on one second,
is that... you know what,
I think
that's my cell.
I'm just gonna check to make
sure it's not the babysitter.
That's not good.
I think I left my cell
phone at your apartment.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, it's
something I, ah geez...
Let's go.
Okay, I know
where it is...
...really sorry.
Oh, okay... wow!
I figured if you had to go
through all the bad stuff
of being engaged, you might as
well get some of the good stuff.
You set me up.
Oh, you did a good job.
What were
we talking about?
Jeff Prosky.
Oh, right
but even if he makes you
a deal, don't buy too much.
I can handle Jeff Prosky,
don't worry
what the hell
are you doing?
I'm just gonna chew on it.
Hey look, I'm not Mom,
if chewing on a cigar
makes you happy, then...
Smoking it would
make me happier,
but I'm not complaining.
How about you Josh...
are you happy.
You mean like with work?
I mean with Molly?
Ha ho, well...
something practical.
Your sex life
is your business,
I'm talking
about the rest.
Do you laugh together?
Do fight a lot about
the little things,
or is it mostly good?
You know, I have to say
it's been mostly good...
I mean, we fight but...
Listen kiddo, if you're
married you're gonna fight,
the secret is
knowing how to fight.
You think it's
easy being married?"
Hard enough living with
your own insecurities,
then just throw
into the mix a kid or two
and you realize
that you wanna be with a
person who chooses to laugh
at the absurdity of it all.
You get that
feeling with Molly?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Josh, what I mean is...
can you be yourself
around Molly?
I guess if I'm really
honest about it,
I'm more comfortable around
Molly Mahoney, than just about,
than just about anybody.
That's how you
know she's the one.
He was already set up
in LA when I got there,
so I tagged along with him
to a few parties, and...
yeah one thing
just led to another.
That's it?
Come on,
we want details.
Yeah... like, when did you know
you were gonna marry him?
When he took you away for your
first romantic weekend together?
The first time you...
slept together?
Actually, when we first
slept together we were ten.
Oh. Ewe. What?
It was at Amy Gershon's
birthday party.
Come on Molly, you are not
getting off that easy
Josh has always
been a player
how did you tame him?
It's like you guys
all see this ladies man,
and underneath
the trendy clothes,
he's really just a
he's a big dork.
He's one of the,
the most...
generous, kind, and
loving people I've ever met...
and I really couldn't imagine
spending the rest of my life
with anyone else.
So, how was your
fake bridal shower?
It was actually
a lot of fun.
Yeah, I had a good time.
Do you wanna see the
best thing that I got?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, is it...
should I be scared?
No, but
you have to wait.
I'm a little
bit nervous.
Oh, don't be nervous.
You know I could
just turn around
and probably see
you right now.
No, don't do it, it
has to be a surprise.
Okay, close your eyes...
close them.
Mm... really?
Do you like it?
Ah, your ah,
your ah...
thingy is...
it keeps doing that...
can you get it?
I can try.
Molly, Molly, Molly...
I can't, I can't.
Yeah you can,
I want you to.
You sure?
No strings.
You know what
I was thinking?
What were
you thinking?
Even rabbits
take a break Josh.
Alright, what
were you thinking?
Well, we have to do
something to show
that we're moving forward
with the wedding, right?
So, there's like a million
details to planning a wedding...
everything has
to be looked at,
everything has
to be signed off on.
I'm listening.
I was thinking it
would be kinda fun
if we let our parents
do the heavy lifting,
and we just did
the fun stuff.
What could possibly be fun
about planning a wedding?
Select your target, sir.
Target selected.
Giant hands?
Nope, nope, nope
eight bottle wine cooler.
You are out of your mind
if you think you can hit that.
Ten dollars says I do it.
You're on...
do it!
You ready?
Oh, you suck at life...
You suck at life...
you suck at life.
Wow, well you're a cheater,
you're a cheater,
and I'm murdering you now.
You owe me ten dollars,
you owe me ten dollars...
that's just the way it is.
Gone dead.
Somebody owes me ten bucks.
Rrrrrrrr, Rrrrrrrr...
Ten bucks
I am owed.
I'm melting your brain
with my ray gun.
Okay, tell you what,
I would like an opportunity
to win my money back and I'll
tell you what it's gonna be,
anything in this store,
anything, you pick it...
I will hit it
with my laser gun.
Oh, come on.
Faux fur throw.
No, no, no, no, no...
not from here, from over there.
Oh, come on.
I don't know how I'm gonna
spend my ten dollars,
I feel like the
world is my oyster
I can buy almost anything,
like a little...
Do you want to play,
do you want to play?
Don't screw it up...
I'm just saying,
don't screw it up,
I'm just worried
about you...
Oh! What?
Yeah, biatch!
Did you just call
me bitch in public?
What? Josh...
Ah, Giselle.
...Josh, what
a nice surprise,
I was actually
on my way out, but...
No, no, no...
it's totally fine...
Yeah.'s totally fine.
Yeah, totally, I ah...
I'm just gonna be
in the lingerie section.
There you go.
Where are you guys?
We're waiting for you
at the caterers.
Oh, that lemon sauce...
...dissolves on the back
of your tongue like a...
...tangy communion wafer.
I'll take
your word for it.
Stavros's smoked jalapeno
pop overs are so delicious,
you can eat them plain.
But if you drizzle Nikko's
jalapeno relish on top,
mm... perfection, ah!
It's mine...
It's his...
I made it.
What's wrong with you?
I told you,
I'm not hungry.
So you can't even try to act
like you're enjoying yourself?
...let me try one of
those jalapeno thingies.
You're not supposed
to eat spicy.
What's it
gonna do kill me?
That's not funny.
Mm, that's good...
are you sure you
don't want to try?
And now we serve
what Nikkos calls
the groom's dilemma
choosing between
the Ahi Carpaccio
and, the Spicy Tuna.
I think I want both.
You can't have both Josh...
you have to commit
to one or the other.
Ah, you can have both...
so everybody's happy.
Some dilemma.
Oh, and, and...
what is a wedding
without a cake.
I'm sold,
that looks good.
Me too.
Oh yeah, here we go,
Molly, you gotta try
some of this cake.
I can't do
this anymore.
We have other cakes.
So many cakes.
What is going on with you?
This, the, the, the caterers,
the photographers,
the engagement,
Josh it's over, and
I'm so sorry Mr. Shiffman.
Ah, just
give me a minute.
Molly, Molly wait, wait.
Will you let me go.
No, no.
Not until you tell me
what the hell is going on.
What is this about?
I don't know.
Is this about
running into Giselle.
No, it's not
about Giselle.
Is this about last night?
No, I just, I can't.
Because we can
talk about that.
Josh, I just can't.
Why not?
Josh, I can't, I, I...
We have our parents inside.
...I'm in love with you.
We're gonna need some
doggie bags here.
Oh, oh, no, you
need no doggie bags.
They kiss and make up.
Happens every wedding folks.
Champagne for everybody.
What's wrong with Max?
He doesn't look to good.
Call 911.
Looks like somebody
needs a cocktail.
I am so going to hell.
I'm sure you're
It was Max's dying wish to see
the two of us end up together...
I just stomped on
it, yah know, I just...
I just stomp, stomp,
stomped on it!
Oh, I'm sorry.
I am so going to hell.
So, she went
Bridezilla on you?
Any idea what pushed
her over the edge?
I have no idea.
You think she saw
me grab your ass?
Okay so you saw
her grab his ass.
But you knew they were
sleeping together, right?
Well, and you and Josh
are just friends, right?
Well, it's complicated.
Molly and I, ah...
we've been living
together you know
and we may,
we may have
slept together,
we, we slept together.
Well I don't think you're
the first man to sleep
with his fianc.
Giselle, I...
Josh, we're
friends with benefits.
One of the benefits is
we don't owe each other
any explanations, okay?
So are you saying
that you would be happy
having a... friends with
benefits relationship?
No, I...
Well, then
what do you want?
I don't know... I've known
her my whole life,
she was just a little
redheaded squirt annoying me
for most of it.
I thought that's
what she still was,
and yet now I...
I don't wanna
be with anybody else
except that little
redheaded squirt.
If you want something more
you've gotta tell her.
Don't get me wrong, I'd hate to
lose our afternoon rendezvous,
but if you think that
you've found someone
you can stand to be with, and
she can stand to be with you
even when you're both
having really shitty days,
and neither of you feel
like shaving anything.
And he looks at you like
you're a Victoria Secret model
in an old sweatshirt
and jeans...
don't give that one up.
Because if you think
you're gonna find that
with everyone you sleep with,
you don't...
I oughta know.
I don't know... I don't know,
I don't know, ah...
I didn't plan
on saying I love you.
It just kinda popped out.
Well, at least he
knows now how you feel.
Question is, how does
he feel about you?
Saved by the ring.
Hey mom.
I'm sure he's gonna be
just fine, you'll see,
Max is a fighter.
Josh is on his way.
Oh, thank God,
what'd you tell him?
Max had a heart attack.
A suspected...
heart attack.
My husband was
clutching his chest,
he was gasping for breath.
And red as a
goddamn lobster.
You're not helping.
Do y'all have any medical
training whatsoever?
Listen nurse,
whatever your name is,
I know my husband...
and he was having
a massive heart attack!
Well, what do you
say young man?
Reflux esophagitis.
Reflux esopha?
Heartburn Max,
Ha, ha, ha...
Here take two of these, and
you should be good, okay?
But just to be safe we're gonna
run a few more tests, okay?
Do me a favor
will yah doc,
break it to my wife gently,
my family has a tendency
to overreact.
You got it Max.
I'm gonna have the nurse
bring you some water.
Hey, excuse me, do you know
where the emergency room is?
We're looking
for Max Shiffman.
Oh, I'm his doctor.
Is he okay?
He's okay, for now,
just... just a
little heartburn.
Great, can we...
can we see him, or?
Sure, you and your wife can
see him in about a half hour.
Oh, yeah, we're not married.
No, we're just friends.
...Oh, okay.
Yeah, you're welcome.
Are you serious?
Yeah, he'll be out shortly.
Oh, gosh, I'm just,
I'm so sorry...
I feel like this is all my
fault, I had a big meltdown.
No, no sweetie...
this is not your fault.
I know why you called
off the engagement.
You... you do?
I saw Josh with that other
woman at The Blackstone Hotel...
I thought we raised
him better.
Oh, no, no, no
Mrs. Shiffman,
we, we haven't been
totally honest.
You, you raised
a good man.
Hi, we're looking
for Max Shiffman.
Oh, no I didn't.
Oh, no he didn't.
Oh, no you didn't.
Oh, yes he did.
Hey, we just heard
the good news...
You have some nerve bringing
that little tramp in here.
Wow, who are you
calling a tramp?
I saw you together
at the hotel.
God, Mom is that why
you've been being so crazy?
So, it's true?
Molly and I
aren't really engaged.
Engaged or not
I can not believe
you brought her here
after you slept with Molly.
You slept with Molly?
Sean, Sean Sean,
you don't understand.
I understand, she's just
another one of your girls,
that's my sister man.
God, no man, it's not like that.
What's it like?
I love her.
You love me?
yeah, I do,
I do...
I love you Molly.
Hey, did you mean what
you said about my sister?
Give him some air,
give him some air.
Just get him some ice,
he should be okay.
Oh my God, oh my God,
I am so sorry...
I'm so sorry, have no
idea why I just hit you.
Help me up, Tyson.
Molly, this is my
Grandmother's ring...
and I want
you to have it,
and not because of my Dad...
but because I can't image
spending one more minute
of my life without you.
Will you have me?
Awe, and he did
it on one knee.
Will somebody please tell
me what the hell is going on?
You wanna tell him,
or should I?
Oh God, oh God, oh God,
oh God, oh God...
You're doing good,
you're doing good...
Okay, I'm pushing,
I'm pushing.
Oh God, oh God, oh God...
Just keep pushing.
Is it a boy or a girl?
I don't know!
Well look at it!
Oh God, oh God,
oh God...
Just keep pushing,
Oh God, oh God, oh God...
just keep pushing, okay.
Okay Molly, you're gonna
give me just one, big push.
Oh my God.
it's a boy!
We made a boy,
oh, we made a boy.
I'm proud of you.
Oh, we made a boy,
I wanna hold him,
I wanna hold him,
oh God, oh...
Have you picked
a name yet?
His name is Max.