One Small Indiscretion (2017) Movie Script

You're a bastard!
I'm unhappy, we're
unhappy... it's over.
After everything
we've been through.
This just isn't working anymore.
And divorce is your answer?
We ve had our problems
for awhile now, Margot.
Your drinking is
just getting worse.
So you d rather
throw your family away
than your precious
glass of wine?
Do you think I m stupid?
I know what this
is really about.
You re drunk.
You re a liar!
Who is she, James?
I don t know who
you re talking about.
It's okay, I know.
I know where you go when you
say you're staying late at work.
Where you go instead of spending
time with your own daughter.
Caroline is pretty.
Whoa, Margot, put it down.
You destroyed our family.
Margot please, you
don't need to do this.
You destroyed our lives.
Don't do this!
Think about Elle!
You destroyed everything!
Margot, Margot!
[Camera snapping repeatedly]
[Camera snapping repeatedly]
Oh, actually that
color right there
is one of my favorite
colors for a room.
Hopefully it'll be mine too.
And when the sun hits it,
it actually brightens
its intensity.
You seem to know
a lot about paint.
I m studying art at Cornish.
I'm actually taking my
thesis seminar this year.
The only thing I'm painting
these days is my guest house.
I m painting my apartment
because I have to move.
My landlord is renting
it to his daughter.
I have no idea
how I m going to find
an apartment by the
end of the month.
This is kind of wild, but
I'm painting my guest house
because we re looking for a
responsible tenant to rent it.
Are you serious?
Well, that s me.
I have someone coming
by the house today,
if you want to stop by.
I would love to.
You're welcome to.
My name is Caroline Winters.
Hi, I'm Elle.
Well Elle, my address is
on there and my phone number
and email,
whatever else you need.
Just come by after three.
Sounds great, thank you so much.
I'll see you later.
Even strokes, babe.
Like up and down.
All right c'mon, you
know I m a numbers guy.
Painting s not my thing.
I love the color though.
Yeah, it looks pretty good.
Are we making
the right decision?
I really love our privacy.
Well I mean, yeah.
Logan's going to
school this fall,
we'll need the extra money.
It's just a matter of us
finding someone responsible.
How about you finish this
and I'll go make us lunch?
What would I do
without you, huh?
You'd probably have
a better paint job.
I love you!
I love you.
[Door knocking]
Come in!
Hi, Mrs. Winters.
Hi Kelsi.
What's this?
It's turkey.
Who's that outside
talking with Mom?
Umm, that's
Mandy's niece, Kelsi.
She's thinking about
renting our guest house.
Are you going to rent out
my room when I go to college?
I don't know, that depends...
On what?
Whether or not you
take out the trash.
You were kidding, right?
About my room?
That's not funny!
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, excuse me.
Really, it was my fault.
Can I help you?
I m here to see the guest house.
Yeah, it's just
around the corner.
It s in the back.
How convenient.
I m Elle.
Nice to meet you.
Thanks for your help.
[Door knocking]
Caro? Sorry I m early.
No, that's okay.
Elle, this is Kelsi.
Kelsi, this is Elle.
And it's a one bedroom?
It is.
Tell you what?
Why don't you look
around down here,
and I'm going to take
her up to the bedroom.
Oh wow!
I love what you've
done with the place.
Oh, good.
Come on, I'll show
you the upstairs.
Oh, perfect.
watch your head.
[Camera snap]
Thank you so much,
Mrs. Winters.
It's absolutely perfect.
I'll fill out the application
and get it right to you.
Okay, all right
thanks for coming by.
Thank you!
Here, I'll show you the bedroom.
Wow, it's lovely.
So much natural light,
it'd be perfect for my artwork.
Please send me the application.
I will and I'm gonna
have to do a credit check.
Yeah, no problem.
I'm 21 and I have good credit.
My parents taught me well.
Do they live in the area?
No, actually...
they passed away when I was 12.
Oh, I m sorry.
I can sympathize, I
lost my father in college.
You never really get over it.
No, you don t.
Anybody hungry?
You didn t tell me that the
place came with room service.
This is my husband, Sam.
Sam, this is Elle,
she's checking out the place.
Nice to meet you.
You have a lovely home.
Thank you.
It'll be a lot quieter once
our son leaves for college.
Oh yeah, I met
Logan on the way in.
You have a lovely family.
We are blessed.
Well, I will let you
guys finish painting
and I'll get out of your way.
You know, you
sent me your e-mail,
so I'll go ahead and
send the application.
Yeah, perfect.
Thank you again
for this opportunity.
I have a good feeling
about this place.
She seems nice.
She is...
What about your friend s niece?
She was nice too.
I guess we ll have to choose
between the two of them.
You're missing that
whole spot over there.
Right there, look.
No, stop!
Yes hi, I would like to cancel
my credit cards, please.
Yes, the name on
the credit card?
Kelsi Chartrand.
I see you haven t
refilled your prescription.
Your pills make me sick.
We can reduce the dosage
or try another medication,
but you can t just
stop taking it, Elle.
I know this week must
be difficult for you,
having to deal
with the anniversary
of your parents death.
Have you tried visiting
their graves yet?
You know, I m really
bored with this, Dr. Sage.
And I m also tired
of wasting $200/hr
so you can just continue to
ask me stupid questions.
Your court mandated
group therapy isn't helping?
I m bored with that, too.
Elle, you have to
work at this every day.
You know, you learn
something new every day.
My dad had an affair...
he cheated on my mom and wanted
to leave her for another woman.
That s why she killed
him and then herself.
How did you find this out?
My aunt and I found a box of
my mom s things in her attic.
I went through it
and found her diary.
It was brutally honest.
That must have been difficult.
My dad was always my
shining example of perfection...
And now?
When you grow up you realize
that your parents
are just people.
Capable of mistakes,
some horrible mistakes.
But my family was destroyed
and this other woman
got to go back to her life
like nothing ever happened.
And how does this make you feel?
Well, I mean it...
[Alarm beeping]
I m sorry, Elle,
we can ignore that.
Look, I m concerned that
we need more time with this.
Perhaps tomorrow?
[Cell phone ringing]
Caro, hey!
Hey Elle, I was calling
to see if you were
still interested in
renting the guest house?
I was afraid you d
gone with the other girl,
since she was there first.
Well, it umm...
it didn't really work out.
That's too bad.
Well, I m excited to move in.
When s a good time
for me to sign the lease
and grab the keys?
You could come by
tonight if you wanted.
You could sign the
lease and I guess
you could move in
anytime you want.
Sounds great.
Okay, so I'll see you tonight.
No, no!
Hey, do you need some help?
Hey yeah, that would be great.
No worries.
You can come inside,
I'm not gonna bite.
So are you into
art or something?
I guess you could say that.
I mean, I am taking
my degree at Cornish.
That's cool.
What about you, Logan?
What are you into?
I'm into stuff, y'know.
I like art too, I think
art's really cool.
But yeah...
Well, maybe I can
sketch you sometime.
I m always looking
for my next model.
Hey, dinner's ready.
Do you want to join us?
Oh no, I don t want to
intrude on family dinner...
Please, we'd love it.
Yeah, c'mon!
Wow, I have not had a
home cooked meal like that
since I lived with
my aunt and uncle.
You don t cook?
Oh I do, it's just
I m usually too busy.
And it's not the
same unless you're
sharing it with other people.
How long ago did
you live with them?
They adopted me
after my parents died
and then I moved
out when I was 18.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Thank you.
My co-worker s daughter is
studying psychology at Cornish.
It's a top art school.
Good for you!
Thank you, I have
one more year to go
and then we'll see what happens.
Where are you going to school?
I 'm going to Wildon next fall.
Nice, what s your major?
You can always get a great
job with a business degree.
Just like his old man.
May I be excused?
I have to finish my chemistry
homework if that's cool.
You studying alone tonight?
It s complicated, I guess so.
Well, it's better you focus on
your studies right now anyway.
Good night, Elle.
Good night, Logan.
He likes a girl at
school and she likes
a guy on the swim team, so...
He's trying to gain the
courage to ask her to the prom.
Well I'm sure she'll say yes.
He's a good kid.
She will.
Do you mind if I
use your bathroom?
Please, it's just through
the kitchen, to the left.
Thanks again so much for
dinner, I really appreciate it.
Oh anytime.
If you need anything,
just holler.
Actually, I really like to swim.
Do you mind if I use the pool?
No, not at all.
We hardly even use it anymore.
Great, thanks.
Good night.
Good night.
I think Elle s going
to be a great tenant.
Yeah, she seems responsible.
I think she had to grow up fast.
She told me she lost her
parents when she was younger...
[Cell phone vibrates]
What s wrong?
My new boss.
He's stressed out
about the account
and he's taking
it out on me again.
Are you going to be able to
take Logan to school tomorrow?
No, I ve got that
meeting first thing.
And I have an early
conference call with London.
Let's deal with it
tomorrow, I'm too tired.
Good night.
[Door knocking]
Hi, good morning.
I forgot to buy
coffee at the store.
We can t have that, come on in.
I just brewed a pot.
I m nothing without
my morning coffee.
Thank you Mr. Winters.
Please, call me Sam.
Mr. Winters makes
me feel old.
You re not old.
That's kind of you to say.
There you go.
Such service.
Good morning.
Morning, Caro.
I was just telling
Sam that I forgot
to buy coffee at the store.
You had a conference
call didn't you?
I m leaving in five.
Logan, we have to go right
now or we're gonna be late.
I still have to
take a shower, wait!
He s not going to
be ready in time.
I can take Logan to school...
if you want.
No, don't worry.
We'll figure it out.
No really, I'm going to class
anyways, it's no problem.
Okay, okay.
Logan, Elle is going
to take you to school.
I'll see you tonight.
I'm gonna walk out with you.
Have a good day!
Thank you.
Whatever you need in
the fridge is yours.
I m ready.
Sorry, I was just snooping
at your family history.
Oh those?
My mom likes to keep
pictures everywhere.
You guys look so happy,
except for this one.
How old were you there?
We were pretty miserable
there actually.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's cool.
Do you know why?
No, I mean... I guess they
were their having problems,
or whatever, but...
You re pretty close with your
parents now though, right?
Okay come on, we gotta go.
Let's go, c'mon!
All right!
Hey... you drive.
Wait, seriously?
Come on!
You know what
you're doing, right?
She only calls when
she's feeling down
Trying to find her way out
Hey, you re a
pretty good driver!
I've had my license for a year.
So, what s her name?
What did my mom tell you?
What s her name?
Her name is Becca and
it s not happening.
Well, maybe you re just
not trying hard enough.
A woman needs to know
that you re interested.
No I'm trying.
She knows that I know.
Well, maybe we just need to
show her what she s missing.
Okay, I've got an idea.
You'll see!
You'll see!
She the cute one on the bench?
Follow my lead.
Give me the keys.
Hey guys.
[Camera snap]
This looks great, thanks.
Rachel, stand by.
I see you made it back.
Yes, Mr. Peterman.
I just ran home
to get my laptop.
Have you got a minute?
Absolutely, come on in.
Are you all prepared
for the McGregor pitch?
Yes, it's coming
together, don't worry.
It's a work in progress.
Our new associate
Miss Green has shared
some of her ideas
for the new commercial.
I think they're terrific.
I think we need images
in the wilderness.
Put the product in a
more natural setting.
Thank you, Rachel.
Caro, what do you think?
I think that that's
a fantastic idea.
Good! I'm glad you agree.
Miss Green, keep
up the good work.
[Cell phone ringing]
Hey, what s up?
Oh yeah I know,
wasn t that the best?
No, the car belongs to this girl
that's renting our guest house.
She s smoking hot...
yeah, she's 21.
That s not too old!
Get this: I heard that she swims naked.
In our backyard, yeah.
No, I'm being serious...
She's in college
studying art or something...
Logan, are you home?
Dude, I think she s calling me
to the guest house right now.
Yeah, I have to go.
I ll text you later.
How was school today?
Becca was so jealous.
She was, you were right,
she was taking me for granted.
See, told you.
You just have to trust me.
And now you owe me a pose.
No, that was not our deal.
Yeah but it s my deal.
Come on, I need a
subject for my homework.
What're you afraid of?
I m not afraid...
You look so tense or nervous.
Sorry, I ve just never done
anything like this before.
You re gonna do great.
But how do we get
you out of this?
Oh that s not
happening, I'm sorry.
Come on, my project
is on human forms,
not human forms covered
up by a bunch of clothes.
Lose the shirt.
I know you're buff.
All right, fine.
You happy now?
Very happy.
How long is this gonna take you?
I like to go slow.
How do you like college?
I like it.
You seem excited about going.
Yeah, I am actually.
I worked really hard in
school this year, so...
we'll see.
Got your whole future
planned out, huh?
Guess you gotta
please your parents?
A business degree is
okay, I'll take that.
Have you thought about
taking a year off?
You know, exploring yourself,
doing some traveling?
Yeah, I'm sure my parents
would love that idea.
You gotta live your own life.
I wasn t ready for college.
I was glad I took the year off.
I learned a lot about myself.
Can you tilt your head down?
Like you're
looking at the floor.
And close your eyes.
[Laughing in background]
Yeah, Mom?
What s going on in there?
Hey, Caro.
Logan just wanted to
help with my art homework.
I just wanted to let
him know our dinner plans.
Put on your shirt.
How was your day?
What were you doing?
She was sketching me, what
do you think we were doing?
It doesn't matter.
Just leave her alone, okay?
She's got a lot
of studying to do.
It s just art, Mom.
Okay, whatever.
Look, your dad's having
dinner with a client
and Hannah's bringing
over Chinese.
That's fine, I'm
gonna go over to Brad s.
We ll probably order
a pizza or something.
[Cell phone vibrates]
No, but I'm sure I wasn t
that great of a model.
You did everything I needed.
Think about our little talk.
You know, college can wait.
You deserve a break.
See you later.
That was so delicious, was
that the new Chinese place?
That's the one!
That chicken was so good.
Glad you liked it.
Thanks for bringing it.
You're welcome.
So, work is so crazy busy.
My new boss is so demanding,
I can't even tell you.
And that new young
associate is very ambitious.
I'm pretty sure
she's after my job.
You know, these 20 somethings,
they go after what they want,
and why not?
They have better bodies,
better makeup and clothes,
better everything.
No, they don't.
Hey, so how's that new
tenant working out for you?
Good, she's really good.
She's an art student
at Cornish and... yeah.
She seems responsible.
You know, earlier today,
I could have sworn
I saw someone in your house.
Yeah, I forgot my laptop and
had to come home and get it.
I didn't see your car, but her
car was parked up the street.
Okay, I know what you're
doing here and don't, please.
Seriously, she doesn't
even have a key, so...
but I d keep my eye on her
if she was around my family.
No, Elle is not Beth.
Speaking of Beth Smith,
not sure if you heard
but she's working now
at Barnblatt and Major.
You heard, you heard.
I don't care, it has nothing
to do with me anymore.
It's been eight years, it
feels like a lifetime ago.
I don't know how you can
forgive and trust again.
I couldn't do it.
You don't know this,
but it wasn't just Sam.
I met somebody else during that
time while we were seperated.
Yeah, it was a
small indiscretion,
about three months.
What happened?
He told me he was
married and he wanted
to leave his wife for
me and I just...
So, what happened with him?
I don t know,
I never saw him again.
You know, I m really
glad that you and Sam
were able to work things out.
It gives hope to the rest of us.
Me too.
Look honey, you need some rest.
I should go.
Let s just do
something next week.
All right, I'll walk you out.
Hey, how are you feeling?
One of my headaches again.
Yeah? Can I get
you anything?
No, I'm okay.
How was your meeting?
I ve got a few e-mails to
send but I ll be in bed soon.
Get some rest.
Oh, I m sorry.
No, it s okay.
I was just taking
a late night soak.
I can see that.
Did I wake anyone?
Caro, she's down with
a terrible headache.
you re up late.
Yeah, I just got back
from a business meeting.
It s been a long day.
Why don t you join me?
The water s perfect and
there's plenty of room.
That s okay, I should
be getting to bed.
Ah, that's too bad.
So, are you happy here?
I love it.
You and your family
have been so welcoming
and it feels like home.
Well if you ever need
anything just let us know.
Our door is always open.
Would you mind
passing me my towel?
No, not at all.
You peeked!
Don t worry, it'll
be our little secret.
Good night, Elle.
Good night, Sam.
Sleep well.
Hey gorgeous.
Good morning.
You re up early for somebody
that went to bed so late.
Morning, Caro.
I'm making breakfast.
Elle wanted to do
something nice for us.
Yeah, to thank you for
making me feel so at home.
Oh that's sweet.
How are you feeling, honey?
Better, better than last night.
I'm just stressed out
with work, that's all.
You know what's really relaxing?
A nice soak in the jacuzzi.
You want the same?
Good morning, Logan.
I'm making eggs,
do you want some?
No I'm cool, I ll probably
just grab something at lunch.
Good morning.
Good morning!
So Becca is having
a party tonight.
And I would like to go.
Are Becca's parents
going to be there?
Becca's parents are
going to be there.
Then you can go.
All right, sweet.
Is this mine?
Thank you.
Are you going to
ask Becca to prom?
What the hell?
No! Stop!
I gotta go to
school, you guys suck!
Answer the question!
Bye, see ya!
He doesn't like talking
about stuff like that.
I remember being like that.
I think she'll say yes.
I know it.
There you go.
Thank you.
You're welcome, enjoy.
Come in.
What are those?
They're the logos for
this new beauty line
that we're doing
and they're terrible.
What's it for?
It's a new beauty line
that we're re-branding
for a younger consumer.
So, like me?
Exactly like you.
May I?
Terrible, right?
They're not terrible,
they just don't catch your eye.
There's nothing young and
exciting about it, you know?
Would you consider
coming into the office
and consulting on this
for me this afternoon?
Oh, I don't know if
I'm qualified to do that.
You are qualified,
you are the consumer.
It would be so helpful
and I could pay you.
Yeah, sure.
Let me go change
into something nicer.
I'll see you in a second.
Okay, so it needs to
be simple and elegant
with that natural,
organic feel to it?
Yes, exactly.
Who s that?
Rachel, my junior associate.
We got a new boss and
she's been taking my ideas
and presenting them as her own.
I think she's after my job.
So she manipulates
your trust and then,
when you least expect it,
she goes right for the throat.
Can I be honest?
She probably thinks
she s smarter
than you because she s younger.
She doesn t see you as an
equal but more like an older,
inferior boss and wants
to take what s yours.
If you want something, take it.
Maybe tonight I could come over
and go through your closet
and we can pick out
a few power outfits.
I guess I could use the help.
Yeah, it could be really fun.
And I will get home
and I'll start working
on sketches for the new logo.
Elle, what about your studies?
I don't want to
keep you from that.
No, it's fine really.
I will make the time.
I'm just so thankful for
everything you ve done for me.
Are you kidding me?
Are you serious?
Can I help you?
Oh gosh, you gave
me quite the scare.
I m Hannah.
I live next door.
You must be Elle.
What are you doing here?
Oh, I just came to
check on the pool cleaner.
Caro asked me to make
sure he changes the filter.
He comes on Mondays.
Oh gosh, I must have
my times mixed up.
I m so sorry.
Anything else?
No, I ll leave you be.
Have a good day.
I picked up Logan s
tux for prom today.
When did he grow up so fast?
I don't know, but
don t remind me.
How was your day?
It was good, it
was busy but good.
You know Elle came into the
office and helped me so much.
She was so inspiring and
we had a nice conversation.
She kind of reminded me that
I can still be a free spirit.
Yeah, you never know
when you ll catch
her being a very free spirit.
Oh, in the pool?
And the jacuzzi...
last night.
Okay, then I'll
have a word with her.
And the jacuzzi,
remember when we used to...
Of course I do.
Just get going.
Give that to him.
[Door knocking]
Come in.
Thank you so much for
today, first of all.
Do you like any of these?
Look, I can't do this right now.
Sure, what's wrong?
Caro, I don t want to
cause any problems, but...
I have to give you my notice.
I have to move.
Okay, why?
It s your neighbor, Hannah...
she's kind of been spying
on me ever since I moved in
and today I left my mother's
diary on a table by the pool
and I came back and
found her reading it.
Wow, I'm sorry.
It's the most treasured
item I have from my mom.
Of course...
she can be a snoop sometimes,
but I'll talk to her.
It won't happen again.
I had this happen before
with a really creepy manager
who used to spy on me
and steal my laundry
and I don't want
that to happen again.
It's too upsetting.
It's unacceptable,
that's what it is.
Look, I don't even
know why she thought
it was okay for her
to be over here.
She told me that you told
her to wait for the pool guy.
Wow, I did not and the pool
guy doesn't come until Monday.
Do you know what it s
like to have someone
violate your privacy?
No, I don't and I m
sure it was horrible.
Hannah has been very distrustful
since her marriage broke down,
but this is over the line.
I just want to
feel at home here.
Of course Elle, we
want you to feel at home.
I will talk to her
and you have my word
it'll never happen again.
And look, we can do
this another time.
You sure?
Of course.
Knock knock.
You gonna ask her tonight?
That's my plan.
What was her name again?
Becca... man look at you,
all grown up.
Your dorm pack came today.
You wanna go through it and
pick out a room for next fall?
I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know?
I don't know.
I don't know if I really
want to go to college.
I think I might want to
take a break or travel...
just something.
And when did you decide this?
I've actually been
thinking about it a lot
and I don't really know
what I want to do.
Well, we should sit down
and discuss it as a family.
Me and your mother have
been planning on you
going to school for a long time.
Brad's on his way to pick me up.
Be back by 11.
Thanks Dad.
What'cha doing?
My ride to the party is late.
You want a ride?
I'll give you one.
Yeah sure, thank you.
So I talked to my dad about
maybe taking the year off
and not going to
college right away.
So you re actually
considering it?
I am actually considering it.
What did he say?
He wasn t too happy.
I'm sure my mom won't
be too happy either.
I was only suggesting
it as an option.
I understand.
If I do it, it's all
my own decision.
Okay, as long as
it's your decision.
You always said
that I was too open
I've got more problems
than you were hoping
Soon I'll rebel
like a swing set
[Car alarm activating]
What? What s wrong?
Derrick s here.
Hey, would you mind
coming inside with me?
Just until I have time
to scope out the place.
What's up guys?
She s busy talking to him.
It's okay, just play it cool.
He's giving her his jacket!
It's okay.
Hey look, she's alone.
Now's your turn.
You made it.
Yeah, of course.
Becca, this is Elle.
You have a lovely home.
Thank you.
Brad was late, so
she gave me ride.
I will let you guys
talk and I'll go mingle.
It was nice to meet you.
How old is she?
I saw you talking to Derrick.
I told you he might be coming.
I m still friends
with him, Logan.
Would you like to go
to the prom with me?
Okay, get right to the point.
Yeah, that sounds great.
Wait, seriously?
Yeah, I was wondering
when you were gonna ask me.
Come on, you have to see
the chocolate fountain.
There's a chocolate fountain?
Honey, is this
going to be a problem?
Not unless Hannah does it again.
Well, we need the
extra income for Logan.
We don't want to
lose Elle as a tenant.
I know, I'll talk
to her tonight.
She needs to understand
how important this is to us.
She knows.
See anything you like?
I see a lot of things I like.
I m Derrick.
Are you and Logan
seeing each other?
No, it s not like that.
What s it like then?
I don't think you're
old enough to find out.
I m 18...
try me.
What about Becca s parents?
What about Becca's parents?
[Door knocking]
Come on.
Take your shirt off.
Don't you want to
know what I read?
No, I don't want to
know what you read.
Her mother died when
she was 12 years old,
you invaded her space,
her private memories.
This is just like what
happened with our nanny...
Hannah, come on.
We need this money, Hannah.
It's the only way we can
pay for Logan's dorms.
Please stay out of it.
You don't see what she's doing?
Tell me, what is she doing?
The naked swims, the
flirting with Logan.
I mean just last night she was
in the jacuzzi and Sam was...
I know, he told me.
He told me all
about it last night.
I'm not trying to meddle, I'm
just trying to be a good friend.
Ow, that hurt! What?
We're done.
Are you crazy?
You re gonna stay away from
Becca and Logan, understand?
Otherwise, I ve got enough
DNA under my fingernails
to prove to any court that you
tried to force yourself on me.
Don t think I won t try
and destroy you, understand?
Have fun at the party, Derrick.
Okay... sorry.
So, how did it go?
How did what go?
Come on.
I don't know what you
guys are talking about.
You guys already ratted me out
to Elle and made me look stupid.
Come on!
Spit it out!
She said yes.
I knew it.
I'm proud of you, son.
It takes a lot of courage.
Thanks guys.
I'm gonna go to bed.
Love you.
I can't believe he's gonna
go off to college so soon.
Yeah, about that...
I don't get it.
Why the sudden change of heart?
I think it's
something with Becca.
I know he really likes her.
I mean, he could've
said something before.
Before we sent out applications.
I know.
[Message ping]
Who's that?
We spent so much
money traveling,
we went to every single
college he was interested in.
Wilton is his favorite,
it's his top choice!
Maybe we pushed this business
major on him too hard.
No, no we didn't.
He's gonna go to
college just as planned.
If you say so.
Are you gonna tell him, or am I?
I'll tell him.
Yeah? Mama bear...
[Message ping]
You know I'm sorry.
Let me make it up to you.
[Message ping]
I can't believe
you're still working.
I can't believe how
beautiful you are.
You think so?
Yeah, come here.
[Message ping]
No no no.
I got to if it's work.
Okay, who is it?
[Message ping]
Not now, meet soon...
Love Sam.
I've got you now, Beth.
Elle, hey.
It's Caro, how are you feeling?
I'm well, just
working on a project.
I wanted you to know
that I talked to Hannah
and she apologized.
That s good to hear.
She said that she'd
never do it again, okay?
Thank you for
taking care of that.
Of course.
So, will you stay?
Oh, I m not leaving.
I still have a
lot of work to do.
That's great!
Look, Sam is making his famous
Spaghetti Bolognese tonight.
Do you want to come over
and have dinner with us?
Thanks, but I have a sketch
to finish for class tomorrow.
Well Logan's at Becca s
having a study date,
so there will be plenty of food
leftover if you re-think it.
I ll see.
All right, well have a good day.
Oh, I will.
This is the best
one you've ever made.
Yeah, you liked it?
I think it was the
extra garlic and basil.
Let me get these out of the way.
[Message ping]
We had so much leftover
I made a plate for Elle.
Do you mind bringing
it over to her?
Yeah, of course.
Hey, did you have dinner yet?
Oh, uh no, I ve been working
and lost track of the time.
Consider my famous pasta a peace
offering for the nosy neighbor.
We're sorry about that,
we just want
to make sure you're comfortable.
Caro said that
she'd take care of it,
so I guess I'll stay.
That's great news.
So happy to hear that and
again, we are really sorry.
Good night.
Good night.
[Message ping]
Who's that?
I've gotta text London
back, it s their morning.
Is everything okay?
Of course.
You've gotta be honest with me.
If something was wrong
you would tell me, right?
Honey, I don t know
what you want me to say.
There's nothing wrong.
It s just a difficult
time, that's all.
I know.
Hey, after this presentation,
me and you will go away
together to wine country.
Just us, we deserve it.
All right, good night.
I love you too.
[Message ping]
Tonight s the big night.
He'll be so excited.
[Message ping]
Are you not going
into work today?
I am a little bit later,
I just have some things
to do around the house first.
Don t stress, you're
gonna get this account.
I know it.
Bye sweetheart.
Hey, I just came
home to pick up...
Are those Naughty Nancy's?
You know, they could actually
be any one of these girls.
What are you talking about?
This was my worst fear.
We have worked so hard for years
to finally build trust, to...
Caro, I need you to calm down
and explain to me
what s going on.
Who's texting you?
It s spam.
I've been getting a
ton of texts on my phone
from people I don't know.
You have been getting spam.
You wanna know why
you've been getting spam?
Because you're on
a dating website,
that's why you're getting spam.
I have read every one
of these messages, Sam.
Look, there's no messages.
I'm not on a dating website.
I'm not 19.
You're gonna make me
walk you through this?
Yes, walk me through this.
Next time you do this,
clear your browser history.
I didn't do this,
Caro you have to...
This is obviously a sick joke
someone's playing on us.
It's a sick joke, yeah.
But I'm not laughing, Sam.
Caro, honey, I m
not cheating on you.
Don't touch me!
I'm not ready for this.
Can we not do this today?
For Logan, please?
We'll talk about this
another time, okay?
[Message ping]
Close your eyes...
Oh, Logan!
[Phone vibrating]
Hey, I'm almost ready.
You re a bastard.
Excuse me?
You can forget about tonight.
I knew you wanted
to be with her.
Who? What're you
talking about?
You re pathetic.
Go to the prom
with her if you want.
Becca, wait...
Derrick was right.
I was such a fool.
Don't ever call me again!
What was that?
Did something break?
Nothing broke and nothing
happened, all right?
Hang on, I gotta get
some pictures of the prom.
You look great!
I m not going to prom.
I'm not going to prom!
Why not?
Just let me...
Calm down and talk about this.
You have to let me go, okay?
Excuse me, I'm taking a walk.
All right, I don't know
what's going on with him.
I don't know what's
going on with you.
Will somebody just talk to me?
Nobody is gonna talk to you.
I'm not gonna talk to you.
I'm not the one that's
having the affair!
I'm not cheating on you!
Poor Sam...
Once a cheater,
always a cheater.
You had us worried.
Are you okay?
I m fine.
I just had to take a long walk.
well whatever happened
with Becca, I'm sorry.
What are you doing out here?
Your mother and I
had an argument.
Was it because of me?
No son, it wasn't
because of you.
I m gonna go to bed.
Wait a second.
All right, come here.
Love you buddy.
Love you too, thanks dad.
See you tomorrow.
Wow, you look amazing...
I have a lot of work
to do today, so...
Yeah well, you're
gonna do great today.
You can tell me about it after.
[Door knocking]
Come in!
Good morning.
Good morning!
Today is the big day.
Did you get my e-mail
about the logo ideas?
I did, thank you.
They really helped.
You look great!
Yes, yes I do.
How are you going to
do the presentation?
It's in there.
Oh, I have your money.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
You're going to kill it!
Good luck.
Can't talk, at work.
Wife's out of town,
going home for lunch.
Come by at noon?
That should do it.
[Message ping]
Aww, can't wait to see you too.
We're really excited to
see the presentation.
This launch really big for us.
Hi, good afternoon
ladies and gentlemen.
I m Caroline Winters,
as you know
I'm the project manager here.
I want to start by
saying that our team
has been working around
the clock to ensure
that you have the newest,
freshest marketing strategy
for your new beauty line.
I think we can all agree that by
taking a more modern approach,
we can really attract
that younger consumer.
We can win them over by
the quality of the product,
and gain their loyalty.
At the same time
building a great,
strong social media presence.
So by gaining a lot of
internet presence, we can...
Caroline, is there a problem?
Okay, it looks like I grabbed
the wrong flash
drive by accident.
I'll just run down
and get my laptop,
please give me one moment.
My apologies for
the interruption.
I have a presentation,
Mr. Peterman.
Wonderful, please go ahead.
Oh, I like the look of this...
Excuse me.
Never mind, Miss Green is
taking over the presentation.
This is unacceptable.
Your mistake may cause
the clients to believe
that we can't handle
their products.
Sir, no disrespect,
but I have been
on that account from day one.
I deserve to be in that pitch.
No, you've jeopardized enough.
I m taking you off
this account right now.
Excuse me.
Tough break.
It s Beth...
where are you?
You know how I like surprises.
Sam, don t be a tease!
[Message ping]
Hey, it s Beth.
Leave me a message
and I ll call you back.
Beth I don't know
what's going on,
but stay away from my house.
[Cell phone ringing]
Hi, Elle.
Hey Caro, I m sorry to bother
you at work, but...
Sam s home early from work
and there s another
woman in the house.
She's blonde, maybe 30?
You can you see her?
Yeah, I can see her.
I just thought it was weird
and maybe you'd want to know.
Yeah, I m coming over.
Poor Sam...
Welcome home.
What are you doing?
It s a tragic story.
See, I m the little girl.
And that woman is my mother.
And I m sure you recognize
my father, James?
What did you call it?
One small indiscretion?
I don t understand...
No, of course you don't.
Because you didn t even
remember him after it was over.
You didn t suffer
like my family did.
I don t know what you mean.
He left us for you and
it crushed my mother,
it ruined her life.
Then you dumped him and
he came crawling back,
but the damage was done.
You went back to Sam and
lived happily ever after,
like nothing ever happened!
But my mom had lost everything
including the will to live.
So one day, she turned
the gun on him and then
she killed herself and I
was the one who found them.
I m sorry, Elle.
I would never have done anything
to hurt you or your family.
Yeah, well you did!
And you know, I realized that I
was never really gonna be able
to move on until you felt what
it was like to have everything
that you cherish
ripped from you.
Okay but...
why Beth?
Because it all
started with Beth.
If she hadn't had
that affair with Sam,
you never would've
been with my father.
She's only here
because she thought Sam
was texting her from that phone.
Shut up!
You don t have to do this.
Yes, I do.
Logan needs to suffer
the way that I did
ever since my parents
died because of you.
So here's the plan:
Sam was cheating on you
again with his former secretary
and then you came home and
found the two of them together,
and in a fit of rage
killed them both
and then yourself with this gun.
I'm not gonna shoot anyone.
No you don't have
to, that's my job.
You're crazy!
That's what my
psychiatrist told me,
so I stopped going.
Listen we can fix this,
we can talk about it.
Your parents wouldn't
want you to do this.
Shut up!
Don't ever mention
my parents again.
Call the police!
No, please!
I didn't mean to!
I didn't know what I
was doing, please don't...
Mom, are you okay?
Call the police, now!
Logan, open the door!
Come on Logan, I swear
if you make that call,
I m going to kill your mother.
Logan come on,
open the door now!
Lock her in.
I'm so sorry about
her, and about us.
It's a nightmare.
It's over now.
It's my fault though, honey.
I should've trusted you, Sam.
No, it's no one's fault.
She fooled all of us.
I still can t believe it.
I would've died if anything
happened to my family.
You saved us.
You saved us...
we re not going anywhere.
These are very good, Elle.
It looks like your
art therapy project
is helping with
your anger issues.
Yes, I agree.
Go ahead and finish
this sketch pad
and I'll get you another one.
In the meantime, I'm
going to make a note
in your file about
your good behavior.
It s a positive sign.
Thank you, Doctor.
You destroyed my family!
You destroyed my life!
You destroyed everything!