One Special Night (1999) Movie Script

(dynamic music)
(gentle music)
(ducks quacking)
(moving to uplifting music)
(moving to gentle music)
- Ah come on, why
don't you dump that in?
The straight stuff.
(upbeat music)
(gentle music)
(baby crying)
- [William] Listening
for another opinion?
- It's an old habit.
I'm gonna send him home today.
His mother can start
dreaming his future again.
- That's good news.
- What is that look?
You know I hate that look.
- What look?
- That Catherine you
must get out more look.
- I have no idea what
you're talking about.
- I know you miss him, too.
Thank you for being
so dear, but I'm fine.
- Are you sure you
won't come home
for dinner with us
tonight, Catherine?
Marina went all out this year.
She made her homemade
cranberry sauce and everything.
- Oh thank you I'd love to come
but I already made
plans, big plans.
- Are you sure, you're
not just going home
and opening a can
of something and--
- Are you joking?
That would require cooking.
You know me better than that.
Thank Marina for me.
Tell her I'll call
her later this week.
- Okay, but if you
change your mind...
(gentle orchestral music)
- [Woman] Oh I sure do.
(phone beeping)
(phone ringing)
- [Sara] Good morning,
Shelby Hospice.
- Hello, Sara?
- [Sara] Yes.
- Robert Woodward.
- [Sara] Oh hi.
- Yeah, how's she doing today?
- [Sara] Seems to be a good day.
- Well, good, good.
Yeah, I'm bringing family
over in about an hour
and don't get her dressed.
I'm bringing a brand new
dress for her to wear.
- [Sara] Oh she'll love that.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
- [Robert] Something
smells good in there.
- Hey Dad.
- I'll bet we're
having hot dogs.
- On Thanksgiving?
It's turkey, Grandpa.
- I thought you were
coming down to the site
with me this morning.
You know I hate making
decisions alone.
- I slept at my daddy's.
He didn't wake me up.
- I'm sorry, Dad.
I forgot to tell
Jeff to drop him off.
You can go down tomorrow, okay?
- Fine, but how do you
expect me to run things
without my right hand man, huh?
Grandma's gonna love this.
Where's your sister?
I wanted to leave
soon as I change.
- Well, either her
plane was delayed
or she decided to stay in
New York to find herself.
(door clacking)
- Aha!
- Aha, I'm here and I'm found.
(Robert laughs)
- Well good, because I
was beginning to think
you were gonna flake out on us.
- Ho, ho, I don't
flake out, I get busy.
You're huge!
- Oh get busy, busy flaking out.
It's Thanksgiving, be
thankful for something.
I'm thankful for
my favorite nephew.
- I'm a Power Ranger.
- Good, we need a
superhero in the family.
- Jaclyn, soon as I change
we're gonna go pick
up your mother.
- Mom should already be here.
(phone ringing)
- Dr. Howard, Happy Turkey Day.
- Same to you, Sara.
How's your daughter?
- Oh she's great, thank you.
You were right, it
was just teething.
- Good.
- What's this?
- Treats for the gang.
- [Sara] You shouldn't have.
- [Catherine] What
are we brewing today?
- Orange pekoe.
I figured you might stop by.
- You are a lifesaver.
I think I'll just go
upstairs for a while first.
- Sure, take your time.
- Uh, is Mrs. Rogers up?
- I think so.
- [Catherine] Good.
- Say, we're having
turkey later.
- Oh thanks, I have
a party to get to.
- Hmm, what'd she bring us?
- Why does she still come?
- Well, she's got pretty close
to a few of the patients.
She still brings
'em books and stuff.
And she sits in her
husband's old room.
I think it makes
her feel better.
- Let's go see Grandma.
- Mr. Woodward, I
tried to catch you.
- Oh, is something wrong?
- No, uh, Mrs. Woodward, we
were getting her ready to go
and she became very agitated--
- What is it, her heart?
Did you call the doctor?
- The doctor came
a little while ago
and gave her something
to calm her down.
She's fine but she's
still a little--
- I wanna see Grandma.
- Here, you know what,
we're gonna leave the sign
and it's gonna be
the first thing--
- We're going up.
Now, go show Grandma.
Show her the painting you made.
Honey, we're here.
- Grandma, I made you this.
It's for you coming home.
Mom helped me with the words,
but I did the pictures.
- Isn't that nice?
Well, let's put
Grandma back to bed.
- Yes, come here, honey.
- Come on dear.
- Its snowing on
all the animals.
Mama says we ought to
get 'em back in the barn.
- Yeah okay, Michael's
here with Lori.
Jaclyn came home.
We came to take you home
for Thanksgiving dinner.
There, sweetheart.
- Hi, Mommy.
I missed you so much.
I cut my hair again.
I know you like it long.
I made your stuffing, Mom.
It didn't come out
as good as yours.
- Here we are now,
sweetheart, there we go.
We'll put you in your new dress,
get you home for
Thanksgiving dinner.
It's your favorite color.
It's all right.
- Stay away from me!
- It's all right,
it's me Robert.
- Help, someone!
- Sweetheart.
- What's wrong Mama,
it's just Daddy.
- He's trying to kill me.
He's trying to kill me.
- It's all right,
it's all right.
- Dad, what's going on?
- She gets confused.
- It's okay, Michael.
Grandma's just a little upset.
She's gonna be all right.
- Help me.
- It's okay, it'll be all right.
I'm sorry.
Okay, okay.
- I'm leaving with Michael.
- Take the Suburban.
I'm gonna stay with your mom.
- Dad come with us.
We can all come
back here tomorrow.
Maybe she'll be feeling--
- I'll take a taxi home later.
- Dad, you may not be able
to get one in this weather.
I'll manage, go.
(Marybeth crying)
- Could you grab his coat?
- Go, it's okay.
- [Sara] Okay, sweetheart.
Okay, come on.
All right, that's fine.
Come on.
It's okay.
Now,, let's get
the slippers off.
(gentle music)
That's better, yes.
(phone ringing)
- Can I help you?
- I was looking for
something to put these in?
- Uh, perhaps they have a
vase downstairs at the desk.
- You don't work here.
- No.
(somber music)
- [Robert] Sorry to
have bothered you.
- I'll put these in
some water by her bed.
- They were her favorites.
I don't know if she
still remembers that.
- It's really coming
down out there.
You should go home while you
still can, get some rest.
I'll stay with her.
It was so nice to see you again.
I wish you could stay.
- Me too.
- So where's this party?
- Close by.
Good thing too, I don't
know how far I could get
in this weather.
- Come on.
I've only been here an hour.
How could the roads already be--
- [Man] All right,
where do you live, sir?
- I live in Arlington
on Hallbrook Drive.
I'll pay the driver
double for his trip.
- You can pay him...
- Come on it's Thanksgiving
I have to get home!
- Have a wonderful Holiday
Sara, I'll see you soon.
If I don't freeze to death.
- I will see you at Christmas.
- For sure.
(wind whistling)
Don't do this.
It's not your responsibility.
- All right I'll give him $100,
I think that's fair.
My family is waiting,
it's Thanksgiving.
- Excuse me.
- I'll be off in a minute.
- Yeah, I was going to say--
- One minute.
- Could I offer you a lift?
- Seems there's only one
taxi driver working today,
his dispatcher won't
let him leave the city--
- I live on Gray Knoll.
That's not too far
from you I believe.
- Really that's great,
fine, thanks, great!
- Great.
(wind whistling)
- This is your car?
- [Catherine] Yes, it is.
- A little impractical
don't you think?
- But it appears to be your
only opportunity at the moment.
- Want me to drive?
- Do I seem grossly
incompetent to you?
- Just trying to be polite.
- Really?
- Yeah, really.
- Buckle up.
- Don't you think you
shoulda gone straight?
- Well, if you want to get
stuck behind a snowplow
on the freeway for 20 miles.
- No, I want to get
home soon as possible.
- This is a quicker way.
- I noticed the doctor's plates.
- Mmm hmm.
- Your husband a doctor?
- No.
(gentle classical music)
Something wrong with the music?
- It's your car.
- Indeed.
Perhaps you would
prefer country music.
- I like jazz, the old stuff.
I'd take Sarah Vaughan
over anyone today.
- Certainly jazz is
an important part
of our musical history.
Sarah Vaughan's vocal
facility is unmatched,
but I prefer to listen
to the instruments,
the musical blending,
the harmonies--
- I just like the
sound she makes.
- Oh.
- Here.
- Hey!
What on Earth did you
think you were doing?
- Me?
- This is unbelievable.
I can't believe anybody
would do such a stupid thing!
- Let's just try to get
out of the car, okay?
- You blame me?
- Oh no, no, we
shoulda turned left.
We wouldn't wanna follow
a snowplow.
- You think you could have
avoided the accident
if you'd been driving.
- At this point I'd just
like to get out of the car.
- We hit a patch of ice.
There's no way anybody
could have predicted it.
- Would you just try
to forget about it and
please get out of the car.
- All right.
But, you could have avoided it.
- I'll tell you
what, I will bet you
$1000 that I could
have avoided it.
- How incredibly arrogant.
This is a $1 bill.
- It's just a metaphor
for how I feel right now.
(Catherine grunts)
Oh, God!
(wind whistling)
- Damn this car, uh.
If you're laughing I swear--
- I don't take joy in
another's adversity.
- (grunts) Sheesh.
Uh, sheesh.
(phones beeping)
- No cell, damn!
- Oh damn, no cell.
Where the hell are we?
- It all looks so
different in the snow.
We can't be far from somewhere.
- Oh?
- Well, we weren't
driving that long.
Shelby Manor must be
about 10 miles from here.
- I say we stay with the
totally ridiculous car,
run the heater to the snowplows
reach this shortcut from hell.
- Good idea, you stay with
the totally ridiculous car
which happens to be
a classic antique.
I have responsibilities.
- Carving a turkey and serving
mashed potatoes to relatives
isn't exactly an emergency.
Uh, if we don't die
I'm gonna kill her.
- There's got to be
something around here.
We're not exactly
in the wilderness.
- No, then we'd be lost.
- Has anybody ever told you
that you're a real
pain in the, ah!
- [Robert] Are you okay?
- Thank you I'm all right!
- Are you sure?
- I'm fine!
(lighthearted music)
Look, I was right.
Where there's a tractor
there's got to be a farm.
- Yeah, unless the
farm burned down
and the only thing
left is the tractor.
- You're a half empty
kind of guy, aren't you?
- No, I live in the real world
where people don't drive
Jaguars in the snow.
(wind whistling)
- No key.
- Ow, damn!
(spark crackling)
(engine rumbling)
I used to be a car thief.
- Really?
- Rehabilitated.
Well hop on.
- Where?
- How much do you weigh?
- None of your business.
- Now hang on.
- Wait, wait!
I lost my necklace,
I have to find it!
- That's fine.
We'll come back in June,
have a scavenger
hunt and a barbecue.
Right now we're low on
fuel, and it's below zero!
What the...
That ought to do it.
- My husband gave
me that necklace
for our 20th
wedding anniversary.
- Sorry, it's the hyperthermia.
- Hypothermia.
- My mistake.
Hang on.
- [Catherine] Can't
you go faster?
I could walk faster!
- [Robert] Okay, then get off!
- When did Mom get so bad?
You said she was doing okay.
- Well, that was
four months ago.
You haven't been
home in a while.
So, how's it going
with Brick, the model?
- His name is Brock
and he is not a model.
He's a male mannequin.
(both laughing)
- What's that
language he speaks?
- It's English.
- Oh really?
- [Sara] Shelby Manor.
- Hi, yeah, this
is Lori Campbell,
Marybeth Woodward's daughter.
- Hi.
- Is my father still there?
- [Sara] No, he got a ride.
He left a little while ago.
- Okay, thank you.
Well, Dad got a ride
a little while ago.
He should be home soon.
- Mom's never
coming home, is she?
(somber music)
- Some days she seems just fine,
and others she's just lost.
I made her a photo album
just to help her remember
who we all are.
- Why didn't anyone tell me
how bad she is?
I should have been here.
- Stop biting.
You're here now, and
that's what matters.
Come on, mash these potatoes,
that turkey's ready.
- Good, I'm starving.
- Why?
You never eat anything.
- (chuckles) I eat, I
just got Dad's metabolism
and you got Mom's.
- That's right, I'm,
the short, fat sister.
- You're not fat,
you're pregnant.
- Well thank you
that means a lot
coming from my
tall, thin sister.
- You're being hormonal.
- Oh that's it, hormones!
My life would be perfect
except for those hormones!
- [Jaclyn] Hurry.
(bowl shattering)
It's Mommy's favorite bowl.
- It's all right.
- No it's not, it's the
one she got in Italy.
- She won't care.
(tractor puttering)
(wind whistling)
- You've been cut!
- Yeah, I did it
starting the tractor.
- Let me see.
- It's nothing, I'll live.
(grunts) Look, I
think we're saved!
- [Catherine] Oh, thank God!
- [Robert] You may be
serving that turkey yet.
(doorbell ringing)
- Daddy!
- Hey, uh!
Don't you ask who it is, huh?
How's my big boy, huh?
- I watched the
whole parade on TV.
None of the balloons
fell down this year.
- Really?
Well maybe next year.
- Jeff.
- You invited me, remember?
- I know, I just
thought you were Dad.
- What, he's not
here, where is he?
- He's on his way
back from seeing Mom.
- Oh, not unless
he's on a snowplow.
I barely made the mile and a
half from my place in my Rover.
- [Robert] You all right?
Come on.
- [Catherine] I'm okay.
(door creaking)
(light tapping)
(wind whistling)
(light tapping)
(door creaking)
Where are you going?
There's no one there.
(glass shattering)
Are you okay?
(door creaking)
Breaking and entering
is against the law,
or didn't you learn that
from your probation officer?
- Maritime law says
that when lost at sea,
any unoccupied port
is a safe zone.
- You were in the Marines
and prison, how comforting.
- Well, I'll make a fire.
Maybe you could
look for a phone,
some more candles maybe?
The storm knocked the power out.
- It's dead.
- Yeah I know, I
already tried it.
- Then why did you ask
me to look for a phone?
Oh, never mind, I don't care.
- Your devoted husband
will just have to wait
for you to surface.
- My husband died of
prostate cancer a year ago.
- I'm sorry.
Occasionally I say
the wrong thing.
- I noticed that right away.
- I'll go out and
look for some wood
to make that fire.
- So that's it?
We don't even try to get help?
We just give up and stay here?
- No, not at all.
I'll stay here by the fire,
you go out into the blizzard
and search for signs of life.
Bring me back some marshmallows.
- Oh please.
- Look, it's just
till tomorrow morning.
And then we can leave some money
for the broken windows and
we'll Goldilocks it outta here.
I'm Robert Woodward.
I guess if we're
sleeping together
we should know
each other's names.
- Catherine Howard.
- I'll go find some
wood and trap a bear.
- Good, you go hunt and gather,
I'll knit something
for the harvest.
(gentle music)
- Why did you give me a ride?
- 'Cause I was looking for
a nightmarish adventure
in the snowy wilderness.
- No really.
Why did you offer me a ride?
- Because I recognized the look.
- What look?
- The look that
says I love my mate
more than anything in the world.
But, if I spend one more
minute in this place
watching him
suffer, I'll scream.
- Was I that obvious?
(wind whistling)
Oh ah (grunts)!
What the hell?
Why didn't you tell
me a found the wood?
- And deny you the chance
to prove your manhood?
- Touche.
- A low pressure system
unexpectedly moved
up from the south
and this is why we have
snow and blowing snow.
We're up to two and
a half feet already.
- How long ago did he leave?
- At least an hour.
- Authorities are recommending
you stay off the roads,
very slippery conditions,
visibility in some areas--
- You know your dad, I'm
sure he's pulled over
and he'll wait it
out in the Suburban.
He'll probably redevelop
the whole area by morning.
- The Suburban's here,
we drove it home.
- He got a ride with somebody.
- [Weatherman] Blowing snow,
with winds as I mentioned
before, over 15 miles--
- Well, what are you doing?
- I'm gonna go look for him.
- I thought you said
you barely made it here?
- It'll be all right with
the four-wheel drive.
- Then I'm going, too.
- No no, just stay with Michael.
I'll call as soon as I find him.
- He's my father, I'm going.
- My God, Lori, you're
seven months pregnant,
would you stop fighting
me for two minutes?
- I'm not fighting you,
I'm going with you.
- I'll stay with Michael.
- Thank you.
(wind whistling)
- [Catherine] Now, I insist
on looking at that wound.
- [Robert] Oh come on,
it's just a scratch.
- Come and sit down right here.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Look I mean, (chuckles)
there's really more
blood than anything.
- Let's have a look.
- All right, just a second.
There we go.
- That's pretty deep.
When did you last
have a tetanus shot?
- Should I know that?
- I'll disinfect and
dress it for now,
but you should see your doctor
as soon as you get home.
- Ah!
The license plate?
They're yours, right?
You're the doctor.
- Pediatric cardiologist.
- [Robert] An impressive doctor.
- Here, put your
fingers on that.
(shivers) Oh.
- You must be freezing.
(Catherine chuckles)
You really should get
out of those wet things.
Why don't you go take a shower?
I'm sure they have a bathrobe
or something you
can change into.
- A cold shower and a stranger's
robe, how can I resist?
- The water should
be hot, it's gas.
- Really?
- Did you ever see Psycho?
- Yes, why?
- No reason.
(gentle music)
Ah, my specialty,
macaroni and cheese.
- Hi.
- A little warmer, are you?
- Much better.
You were a chef at
the penitentiary?
- I used to make
this for my girls
on the nights my wife,
Marybeth, went to school.
- What did she study?
- She taught art to
underprivileged children.
- Feed the body food and
drink it will survive today--
- [Both] Feed the
soul art and music
and it will live forever.
- She had that up
in her classroom.
- Really?
It's one of my favorite quotes.
I never really learned to cook.
I guess I didn't have
that much interest in it.
Tom, my husband, was
very patient with me.
We ordered out a lot.
- Marybeth is a great cook.
She's Irish-Catholic
but she cooks Italian.
I took her to Italy on our
10th wedding anniversary.
Fell in love with garlic.
Oh, look what I found.
I think they left it for us.
- Is that who you
were visiting today
at the hospice, your wife?
- Yes.
- How's she doing?
- Fine.
Well, dinner, such
as it is, is served.
- You set the table.
You're very domesticated
for a male chauvinist.
- And you are looking
very beautiful
for a woman who's
given up on being one.
Oh, damn, that was out of
line, that was way out of line.
- No that's okay,
what did you mean?
- I never should've
opened my big mouth.
- Please, I'd like to
know what you meant.
- Well, women have
different looks.
They're subtle, but men
can read them very clearly.
There's available.
Unavailable, except
for the right guy.
- And what am I in
your educated opinion?
- You're the easiest
to read of all.
- Ice high walls, guns
drawn, unavailable,
uninterested, don't
look, don't try.
- That is so
absolutely not true.
I think I'm a very warm person.
- Well, if you put on
a dress, wear your hair
just a little softer, men will
notice you hiding in there.
- I'm not interested
in being noticed.
- I didn't mean
to embarrass you.
- You didn't.
Your children used to eat this?
Didn't they make a fuss?
- Yes, but then
we can't order out
for Sal's genuine Italian pizza.
That's what they used to do.
- Tell me about them.
- Mmm hmm.
Well, Jaclyn is the youngest.
She's the free spirit artist.
Works in a gallery in Soho.
Lori, the older one, ironically,
is separated from
a divorce lawyer.
Ah, he's a great guy.
They've been together for years.
They'll work it out.
Lori and her son are
staying with me right now.
Michael, he's my best pal.
Did you ever have any--
- Grandchildren?
(gentle music)
We never had
children of our own.
- I guess being a doctor
didn't give you much time.
- No, I prayed for a child.
God answered me.
The answer was no.
- Maybe you weren't
meant to have your own.
Maybe you were supposed
to save one special one.
One who might save the
world or invent a cure
for your husband's cancer.
- Thank you, I never
thought of it that way.
(speaking in a foreign language)
- Okay.
That's wonderful.
I thought you said
you didn't cook.
- Well, it's Thanksgiving, I
thought I'd make the effort.
(wind whistling)
(shutter clattering)
- Mmm, I'm gonna have
to go fix that shutter.
It's gonna end up
breaking the window.
Just one for the road.
(wind whistling)
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- You should have
stayed at the house.
- [Lore] I thought you
had to work tonight?
- I did.
I left early.
- It was nice of
you to fit us in.
- For one day,
can you just stop?
- It meant a lot to Michael
that you came tonight.
He needs to know
you still love him.
- My son knows that I love him.
- I guess that's the least
we should be able to hope
for from our parents.
- It's my job Lori, all right?
I'm not out having
fun, I'm working.
If I don't put in a lot of
hours then I don't make partner.
- You can still work and
have a life with your family.
- Look, I...
I'll be there for Michael.
I'm gonna be in my son's
life no matter what.
- I'm glad I didn't do that.
- (chuckles) Your mommy used
to call me butterfingers.
- How come we don't have to
wait for everyone before we eat?
- They told us to go ahead.
- Before Daddy got
his own apartment,
Mommy used to make us wait till
he got home to eat with us.
Sometimes we didn't
eat till late.
- Your grandma did
that sometimes.
Your mom and I used to wait
until your grandpa got home too.
- What's wrong with Grandma?
- She's just tired.
She's tired of
remembering everything
and tired of doing
all the things
that she's been
doing all her life.
- Is she tired of me?
- No honey, you're why she
still remembers how to smile.
(light pounding)
- You know, this cabin
must be 50 years old.
Could you hold
this for me please?
- Okay, like that?
- Yes, yeah, that's good.
- Watch the hand, please.
- (chuckles) Yes, Doctor.
Howard and Millie Binkow
must really be old.
- Who?
- The couple who own this place.
Howard built it years ago.
They come down here once
a year on Thanksgiving.
And they sit by the
fire, eat their dinner,
play a little Scrabble.
Millie plays the ukulele,
and then they go to bed.
- That's the best you can do?
- Oh, you can do better?
I got this.
- Yeah, I think so.
Their names are
Charlie and Robin.
Charlie's dad built
this place years ago.
Charlie's bringing his
new bride down here
for their very
first Thanksgiving.
They plan to light
a thousand candles.
- And burn the cabin down.
- [Catherine] Excuse me,
this is my story now.
- Sorry.
- They're going to listen
to Sinatra all night long.
Charlie likes to accompany
Frank on the ukulele.
Scrabble is something
they play between eating
and making love.
- You have a very
active imagination for
a woman of science.
- And, you're very sensitive
for an ex-felon,
Marine, pessimist.
- Yay, I'm gonna need you
to hold this from out here.
- Oh okay, hold on.
- Are you gonna be long?
- I'm coming!
(wind whistling)
Here I am.
- All right don't slip.
I've almost got it finished.
- Here?
- Yeah, right there
- Okay.
- You know, I'm a builder.
- No you're not.
- Oh I'm not?
- I've seen your hands.
Those aren't the
hands of a builder.
- Well, I don't
actually mix concrete.
I used to, I just
don't do it anymore.
Now, I just point.
- Oh.
- There.
(shutter creaks)
- [Catherine] You got me
out here just for that?
- [Robert] Yeah, sorry.
- Oh, I'm fine.
Steady hands, clumsy feet.
Hey, put me down.
- It's freezing out here.
I want to get inside.
- I'm perfectly
capable of walking--
- We both know that's not true.
- I'm wondering how many times
you have offended me today.
- I call them like I see 'em.
(lighthearted music)
- Huh, honestly, that's so
refreshing in an ex-con.
- Would you get
that door please?
- I haven't been picked up
since I was a little girl.
- That's a shame.
You need picking up.
(romantic music)
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
R-A-V-E-L, unravel,
that's 12 points and the lead.
- Q-U-I-Z
blank Z-E-S.
That's 50 points and the game.
- 50?
Horse pucky.
- (laughs) Double
letter, double word.
- Damn you are
competitive for a woman.
- You have a lot of ideas about
what a woman should be like.
- You break a lot of
my preconceptions.
- Why, because I beat
you, because I'm a doctor?
- No, because you're
smart and tough
without being afraid
to be feminine.
Women seem to have a
hard time with that.
Your husband was a lucky man.
- Thank you.
- You know I will bet you
chocolate chip
pancakes at Murray's
that that's spelled incorrectly.
- You eat it at Murray's?
- Every day on my way to work.
- Oh, that is so odd.
Oh, we live in the same area,
we go to the same restaurant
and yet we never ever met.
- Reverse fate.
Have you ever had the
chocolate chip pancakes?
- I'm an adult.
- Well, I'm little
embarrassed to order them
when I'm alone so I
bring my grandson along,
let him order.
They are so wonderful
I can't describe them.
- I can't wait to
try them if we live.
- I want to see the
look on your face
when you take that first bite
so I'll meet you
there this Sunday.
We'll eat chocolate
chip pancakes
and thank God we're alive.
(gentle music)
- It's a date.
- All right we'll
play one more game.
I'll spot you a vowel.
- Oh, I think I'll quit while
I'm significantly ahead.
What time is it?
- It is after midnight.
- Oh, we should get some rest.
(Robert sighs)
You take the bedroom
I'm gonna stay here
right on the couch.
I'm used to getting
very little rest.
- Oh, no, no, if
I go to sleep now
I'm afraid I won't get up
and I'm not about to
climb that ladder.
And what would it look
like if Millie came in
found you to asleep on
the couch in her robe?
How would Howard explain that?
- Okay, we stay up all night
and wait to be rescued.
(wind whistling)
(fire crackling)
You said your daughter
Jaclyn works in a gallery.
What kind of gallery?
- [Robert] Modern art.
She's a painter herself.
- [Catherine] I
used to paint badly.
- Marybeth says art is emotion.
- I used to paint trees a lot.
I love trees.
Loved to climb them as a child.
My mother said I was probably
a monkey in another life.
I'm sorry I ramble in
non sequiturs sometimes.
- I'll bet you were
cutes as a child.
- Not at all.
I was skinny like a beanpole,
had bandy legs, a lazy eye.
- I wore braces and glasses
and spoke with a lisp.
We would've been a
match made in heaven.
- Pity we didn't
meet as children.
- I'm just gonna see
if they heard anything.
(gentle music)
(fire crackling)
(phone ringing)
- Hello.
- Hi, it's Jeff.
There was no sign of
them on the main road
and he didn't come
back to the hospice.
They say he left
in a sports car,
a small Jag or something.
- That can't be good.
- [Jeff] Well, we're
not giving up yet.
How's Michael doing?
- Uh, he's asleep.
I didn't tell him anything.
- [Jeff] Good.
All right, look, uh, we're
gonna try another route
back to the house
and keep looking.
- Okay.
Call me.
- [Jeff] Okay.
(fire crackling)
- I don't have much
left to give Marybeth
except staying
with her right now.
- I'm sure she needs you
as much as you need her.
- She's not fine, she's
not getting better.
I lied.
She had three heart attacks
in the last 11 months.
The heart was compromised
by the Alzheimer's,
least that's what
they say this week.
Truth is she doesn't
know me anymore.
She just sees some stranger
who comes to visit.
- [Catherine] She knows you.
- How do you know that?
- In her soul.
A woman never forgets a man
who's occupied her heart
for so long.
Tom was older than
I by 15 years.
He was awfully good to me.
He never seemed to mind if
I had to get up from dinner,
in the middle of the movies,
in the middle of the night.
Take this time with
Marybeth, it's precious.
I know, I've been there.
- I'm just gonna grab
a couple of winks.
- Okay, I'll take
the first watch.
(wind whistling)
- They had to have
come this way.
- I can't even see the road.
Oh my God.
(wind whistling)
- [Jeff] That's
gotta be the car.
It's empty.
There's no one here.
- [Lori] Oh, thank God.
- They must have
taken off on foot.
- Oh, it's just like my father.
- I'm gonna go look for them.
Just wait in the car.
- No I'm going with you.
- No, Lori, it's
cold, all right,
I'm not--
- I'm going with you.
(gentle music)
(fire crackling)
- [Lori] Dad!
- [Jeff] Robert!
We better call the police.
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
- Robert.
(engine cranking)
(upbeat music)
- Well, thank you for this.
(footsteps clomping)
- That's my husband's.
- I'm sorry I found
it in your car.
- I bought those for him
just before he got sick.
(gentle music)
I guess I forgot about them.
- Well, these are hard to get.
- [Catherine] Friend of
mine gets them for me.
You may have met him in prison.
- I walked back to the car.
It's dead.
- Now what?
- Well, the snowplow
came through.
I think I know where we are.
so as soon as I
warm up a little,
I'll hike back up the main
road see if I can hitch a ride.
What's wrong?
- I'm sorry it's the smell.
It reminds me so of Tom.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
I didn't realize.
- It's okay.
- It's funny about smells
how they take you back.
- [Catherine] Oh.
- I went to the department store
and I tried every
perfume they had
trying to find the one
that Marybeth wore.
One day I'm walking up
Lexington and I smell her.
I followed this lady
for three blocks,
asked her what she was wearing.
Turned out it was her shampoo.
I'd missed my wife's hair
and I didn't even know it.
- That's dear.
She would love knowing that.
- Thank you.
I like talking to you.
I wanna know all about you.
(romantic music)
- I know.
It was just one special night,
but thank you for
helping me discover
that life can still be pleasant.
- Maybe someday in the future.
- Who knows.
- [Lori] Dad?
(door creaking)
- I can't believe
you found that cabin.
Do you know how lucky you were?
- It saved our lives.
- We would have been fine.
- We would have frozen to death.
- You're a half empty
kind of gal, aren't you?
- No, I just live
in the real world
where snow melts
and life goes on.
- I left some money
for Howard and Millie.
- Who?
- Charlie and Robin.
- [Jeff] We'll have to send
the tow truck for your car.
It's buried pretty deep.
- Oh, it's a silly car
for this kind of weather.
(chuckles) It was a
gift from my father
when I graduated medical school.
I went to UCLA.
They don't have weather there.
(Robert chuckles)
- Wow, it's that old.
Uh, not that you're, I
just meant it's a classic.
It's gotta be worth a fortune.
- Oh, it is.
My father gave it to me.
There, on the left,
that long drive.
- That's your house?
- Yes.
- I used to walk
by here every day
on my way to school.
You give out great
candy on Halloween.
- Oh I love spoiling the
children in my neighborhood.
(emotional orchestral music)
Thank you for rescuing us.
I'm forever in your debt.
- I owe you after all
those Hershey bars.
- [Catherine] Oh, bye.
- Buh bye.
- I'll walk you to the door.
- No, no, no, no,
stay there, I'm fine.
- Oh Catherine.
I never really spent
time in prison.
- Just as I was beginning to
believe everything you told me.
- I'll never lie to
you again I swear.
- I'll bet you $1,000 you
can't keep that promise.
- Bye.
- Buh bye.
(gentle music)
- What?
- So, what happened
between you two?
- Nothing, we were stuck
in the snow together.
- She's beautiful.
- Is she?
(phone beeping)
- [Man] Doctor's exchange.
- Hello, this is Dr. Howard.
Any messages?
- [Man] Uh no, you're all clear.
- Good.
Okay I'm home if
anybody needs me.
- [Man] Very good, Dr. Howard.
- [Catherine] Thank you.
(phone beeps)
(birds chirping)
(metal scraping)
- I was really
worried about Dad.
- Well, turns out that
that he was snug as a bug
in a whatever.
(Jaclyn laughs)
- When did we get old enough
to have to worry
about our parents?
God, I hate it, it's freaky.
- Yeah, freaky.
(pan clattering)
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Nothing.
- What?
- [Lori] Nothing.
- That's not nothing.
- You call home
occasionally for an update.
You worry 5,000 miles
and 5,000 other thoughts
away from here.
- You chose to live here.
Nobody's forcing you
to live here.
- No, I choose
to be a grown-up.
I go see Mom every day.
I sit with her while
she calls me Mona
and asks me to bring
her her skates.
I watch Dad feed her and dress
her as if she were a child.
No, I don't worry about them.
I'm part of them.
I'm in their lives.
- It's not your job.
- You don't have to
take care of them.
- [Lori] I don't just
take care of them.
(scoffs) Forget it.
- What?
- That is not just some woman
wandering around lost out there.
It's Mommy.
You remember her?
(gentle music)
The woman who drove 600
miles to summer camp
to bring you Mr.
Fluffy after you swore
you wouldn't need him?
Or when you were six
and you were crying because
you decided you were too tall
to be a fairy princess.
- No, I'm not here
because I have to be.
I'm here because
they're Mom and Dad.
And, I'm not finished
needing them.
- I was really
worried about you.
- Well, thank you sweetheart.
- I've decided I'm
gonna stay a while
if that's all right with you.
- Well, sure, honey.
Be great having you
and your sister home,
be like old times.
What about your work?
- I can take some time off.
- Great, great, I have
to get down to the site
before I go visit your mom.
- I'm sorry that I
wasn't here more.
I guess I was afraid.
- [Robert] She knows
how much you love her.
- I can't lose her.
- Oh, honey, honey
(emotional music)
It's okay.
(child laughing)
(dog barking)
(ducks quacking)
(phone ringing)
- Hello?
- [Marina] Hello, Catherine
dear, it's Marina.
- Oh, hi, Marina.
- [Marina] Did you have
a good Thanksgiving?
- Yes I had a fine Thanksgiving.
Well, tell me all about yours.
- [Marina] We had a houseful.
- Uh-huh.
- [Marina] 10 of
them under age eight.
(drowned out by music)
- Really?
- [Marina] You were invited.
- William told me, uh-huh.
- [Marina] You missed it.
I made the most
divine chocolate tart.
- Sounds delicious.
- [Marina] I'm dead.
- What are you doing?
He's not gonna be there.
(light upbeat music)
- She's not gonna
be there anyway.
(moving to lighthearted
orchestral music)
(dog barking)
- [Woman] Want some
flowers, ma'am?
- No thank you.
(doorbell jingling)
- [Owner] Dr. Howard.
- Oh, Catherine.
- I haven't seen you
in such a long time.
I see you I still expect
to see Mr. Howard.
- I know.
- I'm sorry I shouldn't
have said that, it's--
- No, no, no, it's okay.
- Table for one today?
- Actually, I'm expecting
to meet somebody, I think.
- Come, I'll give you a table,
you can have some coffee,
and read the Sunday papers
while you're waiting for her.
- Him.
Uh, do you still make
chocolate chip pancakes.
- Absolutely.
- Good, thank you.
(gentle music)
(phone ringing)
- Hello.
- [Lori] Dad, Mom's
had another attack.
- What?
- [Lori] They're taking
her to the hospital.
- When?
- [Lori] Now, please
hurry, it's bad.
- Yeah, I'll be right there.
(phone beeping)
(somber music)
(gentle music)
(people chattering)
- [Man] Hey, hi, buddy.
- Hi.
- [Michael] Grandma doesn't
let people eat in here.
- That's right.
- Mommy says because Grandma
died, she won't care.
I think she's wrong.
- Hey, hey, hey.
What is this?
- Aunt Jaclyn says it
makes me look cool.
(Jaclyn laughs)
- It's just a clip-on.
You don't wanna have to
look cool all the time.
- Nobody does.
- [Jeff] You don't
have to do that now.
- Yes, I do.
- [Jeff] Then let me help you.
- No.
Thank you.
I've gotten used to
doing things by myself.
- So, this is it, Lori?
You and I are over because
I wasn't home enough?
Our family is destroyed
because I wasn't paying
enough attention?
I am trying harder.
- How dare you.
How dare you think I would
risk losing my family
for your job.
- Well, that's what
you're doing, isn't it?
- You really think
I'm that stupid?
Do you really think I
didn't know about Heather?
- You never said anything.
- I guess I was
hoping you would.
- It's, it's over, Lori.
(Lori scoffs)
I promise you it's
been over for...
I am so sorry.
- I thought we were a family.
- I don't get another chance?
I love you, Lori.
I always have.
I made a terrible mistake
and it's never
gonna happen again.
I'll do whatever it takes
to make things right.
Please Lori.
I'll take Michael
back to my house.
Give you a chance to
be with your family.
- Thank you.
(gentle music)
- Are you okay?
- No.
I need Mom.
- I know, I know.
("Silent Night")
(crowd applauding)
- [Santa] Ha ha ha, all right.
- Nicely done, Dr. Mitchell.
- [Santa] Merry Christmas!
- Catherine, Merry Christmas.
- Oh, William, Merry Christmas.
- You look different.
- I do?
- Can I buy you an egg nog?
- Sure.
- [William] Party's
a great success.
- [Catherine] Oh, I
think they've done
a wonderful job this year.
(people chattering)
William, could I
ask you something?
- Sure.
- What impression do
I give as a woman?
- I don't know what you mean.
- (chuckles) This is so silly.
I mean do I appear to
you to be available,
unavailable, available
but not really,
or unavailable but--
- Are you sure you haven't
been getting into the egg nog?
- (chuckles) Cheers.
- [Man] Doctor's exchange.
- Hi, this is Dr.
Howard, any messages?
- [Man] No, you're all clear.
Have a Merry Christmas.
- Thank you, Merry
Christmas to you, too.
Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
Life is just breathing
in and out again
Keep it short
Keep it simple they say
But hard as I try
To keep this point of view
- [Robert] Here we go, big guy.
There we go.
What I wouldn't give
For the chance to see you
- Good for you.
There's another one, pick it up.
Seeing you
Never knew
How easily my
life would change
After one special
moment with you
I could get used to
Those dinners for two
And the mornings
That start off
With seeing you
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ah
- [Woman] Can I help you?
- Ah, is Sara on duty.
- She has a kid so she got
Christmas Eve and Christmas off.
I'm just filling in.
- Of course.
I was wondering has
Marybeth Woodward's family
come in to visit her today?
It's not important, I
just wanted to thank--
- I'm sorry, there
doesn't seem to be
a Marybeth Woodward
here anymore.
She must have gone home.
- Oh, I see.
I think I'll just go upstairs
for a little while.
- [Woman] Are you
here to visit someone?
- Oh no, no, no, I,
I just like to sit
in my husband's old
room, the one he was in
when he was here.
- I'm sorry all the rooms
are occupied right now.
We had several new patients
check in this week.
("Have Yourself a Merry
Little Christmas")
- Oh, I understand.
Thank you.
(phone ringing)
- [Woman] Dr. Howard,
St. Mary's has a fetus
in cardiac distress.
- Yeah.
- [Woman] You've been requested.
- Okay, I'm on my way.
(phone beeps)
- Pediatrics, can I help you?
(phones ringing)
- [Receptionist]
Yes, sir, she is.
- [Receptionist] Yes, ma'am.
- Okay Cory.
What do we have?
- Premature labor, 34 weeks.
Separation of placenta
causing fetal distress.
We need to do a stat section.
- [Catherine] Is she prepped?
- Catherine.
- Yes, she is.
- [Catherine] Robert.
- I asked for you.
It's my daughter Lori.
She's early and they say
the baby isn't doing well.
I'll get back to you
as soon as I can.
(phones ringing)
- [Receptionist] Yes, Doctor.
- [Doctor] Okay,
should be all right.
- [Catherine] Hi, Norman.
- [Doctor] I'm glad you're here.
- [Catherine] Hello,
Lori, it's Dr. Howard.
I'm a pediatric cardiologist.
Your dad sent for me.
- He told me.
I'm so scared.
- [Catherine] Oh you're
gonna be just fine.
You're in good hands.
- But, it's too soon, I
still have three weeks.
- [Catherine] Well, maybe this
one's anxious to get here.
(machines beeping)
- [Jeff] Lori.
- [Nurse] I'm sorry you
have to wait outside.
- [Jeff] No I have to be
with my wife.
- I'm sorry, you--
- Jeff.
- It's okay, Kerry.
- [Doctor] The IO (mumbles).
- [Nurse] Doctor, she's ready.
- [Jeff] Hi.
- Hi.
- [Jeff] I'm so proud of you.
- I know.
- [Jeff] I love you, Lori.
You have to forgive me.
- She's stable.
- I do?
- [Jeff] Yeah.
- Okay.
- [Jeff] Okay (chuckles).
- [Doctor] Clamp.
(tense music)
- [Nurse] Here, Doctor.
- [Doctor] Suction.
- [Nurse] Suction.
- [Doctor] Clamp.
- [Nurse] Sir.
- [Doctor] The baby's here.
- [Nurse] Get the
isolette ready.
- [Doctor] Clamp.
- [Doctor] What's it at?
- [Doctor] Scissors.
- [Nurse] Here, Doctor.
- [Doctor] Okay,
let's dry her up.
- Doctor, is he okay?
- [Doctor] Let's stimulate
her, get that heart rate up.
What's the heart rate?
- [Catherine] Heart rate's 70.
Starting cardiac massage.
- [Doctor] Good.
- [Doctor] Here you go.
We have to get more oxygen.
Let's get 'em up.
- [Nurse] Right.
- Jeff, I don't hear anything.
- [Jeff] Is
everything all right?
- [Doctor] Good, good.
(monitor beeping)
Keep working.
- [Doctor] Leave it.
(monitor beeping)
- [Doctor] We'll get that up.
- Doctor, is he okay?
- [Doctor] Good, pinking up.
- [Catherine] Mmm hmm.
- [Doctor] I think
she's gonna make it.
(baby crying)
- [Catherine] Oh.
- [Doctor] There we go.
(Catherine laughing)
- Oh, oh, oh (cries).
- [Jeff] Darling.
- [Catherine] Come on.
You have a daughter.
(Lori laughs)
A lovely daughter.
- [Jeff] Hi there.
(Lori and Jeff laughing)
- Oh, she's beautiful.
(baby crying)
- [Jeff] She is so beautiful.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
(phone ringing)
- Robert.
She's going to be fine.
We had to do a c-section
but everything went well.
- The baby?
- [Catherine] Fine, we
got her out in time.
- A girl, that's great.
Is she okay?
- I don't see any
long-term problems.
I want neonatal to keep
an eye on her overnight,
but just as a precaution.
She's a beautiful little girl.
- Oh, thank God.
I hope you didn't
mind me calling you.
- Oh, hey, it's my job.
- How have you been?
- Good, fine, you?
- Okay.
I was hoping I'd run into you.
- Really?
- Did you go?
(gentle music)
That Sunday we were
supposed to meet,
did you go for
chocolate chip pancakes?
- Oh, you know what, I forgot.
I got so busy.
(somber music)
- Oh.
- Did you?
- I was there.
- You were, you were there?
- Yes.
- At Murray's on Main on Sunday?
- Yes.
I got called away,
but I was there.
- I have to go.
- When can I see you?
- I don't know.
It's a very busy time of year.
- I know I should
have called but--
- Oh, I understand.
I have to go.
- Uh, well,
I'm going away for
Christmas, my vacation home.
Maybe when I get back?
- Sure.
- Catherine.
She may be the one.
Special child you
were meant to save.
- Well it's Christmas Eve,
it's the right night for it.
("Silent Night")
- [Doctor] Merry
Christmas, Dr. Howard.
- Merry Christmas to you.
(people chattering)
(phone ringing)
- Hi.
- [Catherine] How's she doing?
- She's perfect.
She's beautiful thanks to you.
- Oh, I didn't do much.
How are you?
- I'm a little sore.
He's exhausted.
(Jeff sighs)
- I bet.
Actually he was
pretty brave in there.
You must be proud.
What did you name her?
- Marybeth after my mother.
- Oh that's sweet.
How is she?
- My mom?
She died the Sunday
after Thanksgiving.
- The Sunday after Thanksgiving.
I am so sorry, I didn't realize.
- I felt her here
with me all night.
- I'm sure she was.
Get some rest.
I'll have one of
the nurses stop by
and check on you and the baby.
- Oh, I'm fine, we're fine.
- I'll check on you first
thing in the morning.
- Good night.
- Good night.
He was there.
You are such an idiot,
stupid, stupid, stupid.
("Deck the Halls")
(ducks quacking)
- [Sally] Oh.
Merry Christmas, Dr. Howard.
- Merry Christmas, Sally.
- [Sally] They make
you work on Christmas?
- No, I just came by
to check on a patient.
- Oh, she's doing great.
I was just gonna take
her to her mother.
It's time for her feeding.
- I'll do it.
- [Sally] Thanks.
- Oh, Merry Christmas.
- There she is.
- I hope you don't mind,
they brought Christmas
to me and the baby.
- Oh.
- Aw, look.
- Hi.
- That's your
Auntie Jaclyn, yes.
- You're here.
They said you weren't
on call today.
- Well, I had a special patient.
Hello, Michael.
- Hi.
- So you have a brand
new baby sister, huh?
- She looks like me
when I was a baby.
(all laughing)
- Oh, you must be Jaclyn.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You're right, she
is the Hershey lady.
- Told you.
(Jaclyn giggles)
- I walked past your
house this morning.
- I was here looking for you.
I have a present for you.
It's in my car.
- You do?
- Walk out with me?
- Would you excuse us?
(gentle music)
(all laughing)
- What?
- Robert, I was there that
Sunday at the restaurant.
I waited and I tried the
chocolate chip pancakes.
They were delicious.
- Open it.
- Where did you find this?
- Piece of cake.
- But it's exactly like
the one I lost in the snow.
- That is the one
you lost in the snow.
- I can't believe you'd do this.
- And I found this.
It's Chanel.
I took it with me to
the department store.
A hundred women smelled it.
- A hundred women?
- It's just a metaphor.
Can you get away?
There's something
I want to show you.
- It's Christmas morning.
- I'll drive.
- Why, do I seem grossly
incompetent to you in some way?
- No.
I thought about you a lot.
- When you didn't call
it seemed that maybe--
- I wanted to call.
I just felt it was
a little too soon.
(tires screeching)
- I don't believe this.
- I can't believe
it's happened twice.
(tires whirring)
- I had nothing to
do with it this time.
- You stay in the
car, I'll go for help.
- No, you stay in the car.
I have responsibilities.
People depend on me.
(birds chirping)
(romantic music)
I've tried to find
my way back here.
I've always got lost.
- Well I spent a
lot of time here.
- Really?
(gentle music)
If you stranded
us here on purpose
it was a waste of time.
Charlie and Robin
are home, it seems.
- Maybe Howard and Millie
will let us in to warm up.
- [Catherine] Robert, you
can't barge in on people
on Christmas morning.
We mustn't interrupt, Robert.
(loud knocking)
- I'm sure they'll
be happy to see us.
- They're probably afraid
to answer the door.
(glass shattering)
He's crazy.
Where are Charlie and Robin?
- Howard and Millie
moved to Florida.
The place was for sale.
- This is your vacation home?
You bought it?
- Yes, just for an emergency,
in case I ever got
stranded again.
Do you believe in
second chances?
- I'm a woman of science.
I only believe in what I see.
- Merry Christmas, Millie.
- Merry Christmas, Howard.
(romantic music)
(lighthearted orchestral music)
(gentle music)
(dynamic music)