One Summer (2021) Movie Script

This program is rated G
and is suitable for general audiences.
Why are you stopping, dad?
We could spend the summer in Channing.
This is it.
'I think it'd be nice for
the kids to see it, get away.'
'You know, when you get better.'
I'm not getting better, Lizzie.
Nice attitude, mister.
Anyway, I spoke to mom and dad
and we have the house for next summer.
So get with the program.
Yeah. You're right.
Kids are gonna love it.
Hey, dad..
Earth to dad. You're totally
causing a traffic jam.
This is where your mom grew up.
Yeah. I know. You told us,
like, a thousand times.
-What's going on?
Dad's just spacing out again.
You think mom got ice cream
there when she was my age?
Yeah. Bet she did.
We're not actually stuck here
all summer, are we?
-Nice attitude, Mikki.
-You sound like mom.
Then I'm doing something right.
Wait till you guys see the palace.
This is the palace?
That's what your mom called it.
-I think she was being ironic.
-Yeah, you think?
We are gonna have so much fun this summer
I promise, you guys. Trust me.
Speak for yourself.
We expected you more than an hour ago.
Well, look who the cat dragged in!
Say hi to grandma and gramps.
-We thought you'd call ahead.
-Good to see you, Bonnie.
Bud, seems like you've grown
since we last saw you.
Hey, Tyler. Mm..
-Michele, give grandma a hug.
-It's Mikki.
Well, I prefer Michele.
And you're so skinny.
-Are you feeding them enough?
-They're good, Bonnie.
What did you let her do to her hair?
Kid, why don't you head upstairs
and get settled in?
-I'll be up in a sec.
-Well, keep your shoes on.
I-I don't want you to get
a splinter, and make sure
'that your windows are closed.'
The greenheads will eat you alive.
-Bon, let 'em be.
Somebody's gotta look after 'em.
-It's okay.
-Oh, I forgot to tell them.
The rug's in the hallway slip.
Gotta say, it's kind of
a miracle seeing you, Jack.
I didn't expect to be here
myself either, but, uh...
Big Man works in mysterious ways.
Yeah. Is that the lighthouse
that Lizzie always talked about?
- 'Yup.'
- It still work?
No. Not anymore. Used to be able
to see the beacon for miles.
But it's all rotted out now.
Lizzie'd spend hours in there
when she was little.
Makin' up stories,
saving sailors lost at sea.
Sounds just like her.
I can't believe she's gone.
How are you and the kids holdin' up?
Best we can.
I'm glad you came, Jack.
Bonnie is, too, though might
seem a funny way of showing it.
It's gonna be good
for the kids, I promise you.
-What's wrong?
-There's no water.
Like, nowhere in the whole house!
I thought you said the last
tenants paid to get this fixed.
'They said they did.'
We've been renting the house out some.
No need to let it sit empty.
There's nothing in the fridge.
Yeah, and the window in my room's broken.
-So where am I gonna sleep?
-Everyone calm down. Alright?
I'll figure out the water situation.
Then I'll fix the window in your room.
Until then you could sleep with Tyler.
-Oh, oh, that's just great.
-Enough with the complaints.
-Everything is gonna be fine.
-No, it's not, dad!
Nothing's gonna be fine!
Why did you drag us out here
in the first place?
You know, we've got room at our place.
Maybe staying at the palace
wasn't a good idea.
It is a good idea, Bonnie,
because it's what Lizzie wanted!
-I didn't mean..
-You know..
I'm just gonna go look
for some sheets for the beds.
Why is everyone mad at each other?
We're not, kiddo.
Gram and I just had
a little misunderstanding.
You go grab your sister
and we'll go into town
and get some supplies, okay?
-I didn't mean to lash out.
-I know.
Bonnie's still pretty broken up.
We all are.
Let's talk after you get settled in.
Bonnie's got something
she wants to tell you.
Swing by the house tomorrow afternoon?
Anything I should be worried about?
It's all fine. Just get settled.
-Can I drive back?
Mom said she would teach me.
Why won't you?
Mikki, can we please get through
a single day without this?
-Fine. Whatever.
-Oh, my God.
Love the hair.
You do that yourself?
I'm starving.
-What a surprise.
-No, I mean it.
I think I'm gonna pass out
from hypothermia.
Mm. Hypothermia
is not a lack of food.
Well, whatever it is, I have it.
Well, we should do something about that.
-Let's go already.
-What's the rush?
Uh, how about this place?
No, thanks. I'll stay here.
-Come on. You gotta eat.
-Hey, dad. I said no.
You don't make every decision for me.
Hey, dad. Who's Madonna?
You're kidding, right?
Um, she's just
one of the most seminal artists
of any generation, able to adapt
her music and her persona
with, yeah, only the occasional hiccup.
Exactly what I was gonna say.
And what else can you say
about Madonna, right?
Uh, welcome to Little Bit Of Love.
Everything is made from
locally-sourced ingredients
and the menus are right there in the CDs.
What can I get you guys?
-Can I get a burger, please?
-Strong choice.
Mm, make that two. Medium.
These, and, uh, can I get a
grilled cheese and fries to go?
I've got a teenage daughter
who's refusing to get out of the van.
-She's having a moment.
-So, like sixteen?
Oh, huh, yeah. That's
my teenager over there, Liam.
I'll have him run it out to her.
Did you guys just get to Channing?
Yeah. This afternoon.
We're here for the summer.
The whole summer.
Hey, you know what, buddy, this
place might really surprise you.
My in-laws have a place by the
beach. I'm Jack. This is Tyler.
Well, it's nice
to meet you guys. I'm Jenna.
This is my place. Uh..
I'm gonna go get these orders in for you
and I'm gonna bring out
some iced teas on the house.
Just a little welcome gift.
-Thank you.
I can see why your mom
loved it here so much.
Everyone is so nice.
She asked you a question.
Uh, sorry. Come again?
I was just, I was just wondering
if you wanted sugar with your tea.
-No, no. Plain's fine, thanks.
I-I actually make the tea myself.
Everyone says it's the best
in Channing. No big deal.
Hey, for the record,
I get lost in that song, too.
- 'Oh, hi, Liam.'
- Hey.
What you doing?
'What do you think
of my new car?'
Of course! Girls!
Give you a ride.
Easy for all of us.
Bye, girls.
Hey, uh, your dad asked me
to bring this to you.
-Grilled cheese.
Uh, yeah, don't tell him,
but I'm actually starving.
Your secret's safe with me.
-Cool van.
-Thank you.
It's, um, it's my mom's.
So those girls you were talking to..
-You mean Tiffany?
She seems like a wanna be mean girl.
You figured that out fast enough.
Emphasis on "wanna be."
She's harmless.
-Well, I'm Mikki.
Are you here for the summer?
Not that I had much say in the deal.
Oh.. Come on. It's not
the worst place to be.
So, um
so what do you do around here,
besides bring food to strangers?
Oh, I work for my mom,
and I like to play music.
You do? Hey, that's cool.
What kind?
Little bit of everything.
Hey, Liam! We're getting
a little backed up in here, bud.
I gotta get back, but swing by sometime.
-I'll play something for you.
-See ya.
Hey, guys.
Get to bed, okay? It's late.
Love you guys. Sleep tight.
The steps of the lighthouse.
Grandma Cee bought it along
with the rest of the property
when they first got married.
Hm. Heh-heh.
Not much of a palace, huh?
You know, just for a nanosecond
you could use your imagination.
It was my palace,
with its own lighthouse!
I'd climb up to the top
where you can see forever.
I loved it there!
I never wanted to leave.
God, Lizzie, I-I don't know
how to do this without you.
Nice attitude, mister.
-Surprise, Jack.
Clearly, hit my head hard
because you are not really here.
Yes, I am.
No, no, no.
You-you-you can't be here.
But I can.
This is my lighthouse.
No. This is not happening.
This is, this is impossible.
-Because you died, Lizzie.
Yeah, I don't wanna talk about that.
Aren't you glad to see me?
You have no idea.
Oh, God.
-I've missed you so much.
-I missed you, too.
Oh, Liz, I have no idea what I'm doing...
With the kids, and with my life...
It's okay. Shh.
We're together now.
It's Mikki. Something's wrong..
-Look, I almost got it!
-'Tyler, get it away!'
- 'Stop scaring it!'
- Hey, what is the emergency?
There's rats!
This entire place is infested!
They're mice! And they're cute!
Tyler, you're such a freak!
Both of you, calm down.
No. I'm not sleeping in here!
Not with rats running all over the place!
-They're mice!
-I need the two of you to stop!
Mikki, you can move into
your own room, I will put foil
over the window until I can get
a piece of glass cut.
It's not just the window, dad.
It's the rats and the water that
doesn't work, and everything.
Okay, you never listen to me.
It's like you're not even here anymore!
Hey, Mik..
Hey, bud.
I'm really sorry for yelling.
What's wrong?
I don't know.
Sometimes I get so sad, all at once.
Yeah. So do I.
Mikki's so angry all the time.
No, she's not angry at you.
She's just having a hard time.
I think we all are.
I wish mom was here.
Me, too, buddy.
[Ental music]
-Oh, hey. Hello again.
-Uh, Jack, right? Yeah.
-Yeah. Right.
Uh, see, you found the most
important store in Channing.
All these old beach houses
something's always falling apart.
You got that right,
I think my kids are gonna
mutiny if I don't start fixing things.
Uh, well, good luck finding a carpenter
worth his salt this time of year.
Fortunately, that's what I do.
Wait. You're a carpenter?
-Mm-hmm. Yeah.
-Are, are you any good?
-I'd like to think so.
-'Cause I've got a job.
-Well, I'm just visiting. I...
-No, it won't take long.
Actually, that's a total lie, I
have no idea how long it'll take
but-but-but like I said before,
I do make the best tea in town
and you, sir, can have as much
as you like if you help me out.
-So what's the job?
So my son Liam needs some
soundproofing for his studio.
Actually, I-I'm the one
that needs the soundproofing
before I lose my mind.
Well, that seems pretty straightforward.
-So you'll do it?
Oh, come on, come on,
help a gal in need..
You know what, you know what,
I'm gonna sweeten the deal.
Okay, ready for this?
I'm gonna give you free lunches
at the cafe.
Free lunch on top of iced tea?
That is a bargain.
-Uh, o..
-Thank you!
Uh, as long as you can be
flexible time-wise 'cause
I do have the kids,
and they're kind of having...
Yeah. Oh, yeah,
I totally get that.
Yeah, Liam had
a really hard time adjusting
when we first moved here.
-So you're not from here?
-No. No. No. I, uh..
I picked up and moved here about
four years ago, from Atlanta.
Ditched my ten-hour work days
drowning in corporate law
and a dying marriage
and started a whole new life
for the two of us.
Well, that's not easy.
No. It's not.
But you know what, life's not easy.
And I just figure, if you keep
yourself open to possibilities
then you can get through
just about anything.
You know what, give your kids some time.
They'll learn to love it here.
-Okay, bye.
-Okay, see ya. Bye.
We were at the beach
and the bugs were like zoom!
-I hate it here.
Like, zap! Even when
it came out of water!
-You ought to be like...
-Hey, Tyler, stop!
I heard the greenheads
are only gonna be around
for another couple of weeks,
then it'll be fine.
So until then we're just stuck
inside the house? Great.
You know, I have a better idea.
-How about we just go home?
-Honey, maybe if you change...
Is this another lecture coming on?
You would see the good
that life has in store for you
if you can stay open to
what the future holds.
Yeah. Is this kind of a do-as-I-
say, not-as-I-do sort of thing?
If you would for a nanosecond,
just look on the bright side?
What's that, bud?
Nanosecond. Mom used to say
that word all the time.
Yeah. Well,
she would've said it better.
Hey, you guys hungry?
Figured as much.
Alright. Let's go.
What are you doing?
Can we go reset someplace else?
I thought you said you were hungry.
Nope. That was him.
Well, there you go.
Your brother's hungry.
We're here. Let's eat.
You are literally ruining my life.
So you've said, many times.
Hey, Mikki.
Hi, Liam.
-Table for three?
-Ah, man...
-What's wrong?
Uh, nothing, nothing,
your gram has something
she wants to talk to me about.
I will be back to pick you up
before you know it, alright, guys?
So I see you've met the greenheads.
Consider yourself
officially welcomed to Channing.
Why are you laughing so weird?
It wasn't even funny.
Just ignore my brother, please.
Yeah, no worries at all. Let me
get a table set up for you guys.
Hey, Tyler. Good to see you
again. So you must be Mikki.
-Right? Hi. Yeah.
-Liam mentioned meeting you.
-Oh, he did?
-Oh, yeah, I mean..
The other day we.. Yeah.
Well, I am Jenna.
It was really nice to meet you.
Hang on a second.
I got something for you.
-For the welts.
-Thank you.
I mean, they're nasty little bites
but they really don't last long.
Just a thought, uh, your dad said
that you guys were gonna be here
for the whole summer.
-Is that right?
Would you have any interest
in working here?
Like, just for a couple of hours a week.
Hostessing, bussing some tables.
Liam could really use the help.
I-I mean, I would love that.
-Yeah, I mean..
If Liam could use the extra help and all
I'm sure I could work
something out with my dad.
That is amazing news. Yes,
you are saving my life. Um..
Uh, I think your table's ready.
Come on. Come on, guys.
-No, thanks. I'm-I'm good.
Fred said that you had something
you wanted to discuss with me.
Well, so much for small talk.
That's never really been
our thing, has it?
No, it wasn't.
Look, I'm sorry
if I've been a little distant
since you arrived
but it's been so hard losing Lizzie...
It's been hard on all of us.
It just doesn't make any sense.
We were all worried about you.
You were so sick.
-I just never dreamed...
-Neither did I.
And there isn't a minute
that goes by where I don't think
that I'm the one
who's not supposed to be here.
Believe me, if I could trade
places with Lizzie, I would.
But I can't, and I have
to focus on the kids.
Well, they are the reason
I wanted to see you.
-I'm worried about them, Jack.
-What do you mean?
Michele and Tyler
are struggling, and so are you.
Look, I know how hard things
have been for you back in Ohio.
-Kids are fine.
-You almost died..
And now they've lost their mother
the one person who really cared for them.
-I can take care of my kids.
When you can't even accept the fact..
I want the kids to move in with us, Jack.
Never gonna happen. No.
Those children need a stable
home now more than ever.
You are out of line, Bonnie.
It is what Lizzie would have wanted.
You have no clue what Lizzie wanted!
'Uh, my kids need family
now more than ever'
so I'm gonna forget that this
conversation ever took place.
But don't ever
pull a stunt like this again.
We're done here.
Yes! Ha-ha! See?
I actually can do something good.
Nicely done, Jack.
I always loved watching you work.
You came back.
So I wasn't imagining you
the other night, I'm not crazy.
He says, talking to a ghost.
You're not crazy. I'm here.
Hold on, I'm gonna get the kids.
W-wait, I would love that
more than anything
but they won't be able to see me.
-Why not?
-It's just how this works.
-I don't wanna worry them.
Because they already think
I'm messed up enough.
You look so tired.
I haven't had a second to slow down.
I've had to make sure that life
stays the same for the kids.
But you have to take some time
for yourself.
Give yourself a chance to grieve.
One day.
So, my mom
she didn't mean what she said.
-She just worries.
-About everything.
I know.
I'm doing the best I can.
Oh, I know, babe.
Hm. You feel warm.
I'm so sorry.
This wasn't the plan.
Most plans aren't ours to make, babe.
All we can do is find the grace
to follow them.
Dad, you okay?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I'm-I'm fine.
-What were you doing?
Um, you get some sleep.
It's late.
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you're here
but is there a reason you wanted
to help with soundproofing?
No. I just figured
you could use the help.
And besides, I wanna talk
to Jenna about the restaurant
when my shifts are and stuff like that.
And it has nothing to do with the fact
we're soundproofing Liam's studio, right?
Boundaries, dad!
Alright, now we just gotta
make sure it's flushed
into the corner, and tell me
what it says in the tape.
-Uh, eight feet even.
-Got it.
-That is the last measurement.
Wow, that went way faster
than I thought it would.
You work this hard at the restaurant
I may have to hire you full-time.
Hey, be careful. Mom's
got a way of sucking you in.
That's not a bad thing.
Hey, um, actually, let me help you.
Mm-hmm. Looks like
she's settling in just fine.
Yeah. Who'd have thought?
-Right here should be good.
-Whoa! That's an Ibanez.
-Uh, yeah.
It's used, but it's got
a great sound. You play?
Uh, yeah, a little.
I mean, yeah, I-I guess.
-Well, let's see what you got.
-Yeah. Okay.
-Oh, yeah.
-Come on.
How long have you been playing?
Um, since I was a kid.
My mom got me into it.
Music's actually really been helping me
um, get through some things.
I don't know. Um..
It's just been a really weird time.
My dad, he almost died last year.
Oh, man. W-what happened?
It's-it's a long story.
So just-just forget it.
My dad left.
He, uh, he ran off with his assistant.
And mom-mom says that he left
her and it wasn't my fault.
But... gone is gone.
I know what you mean.
I miss my mom every day.
Are you and your dad close?
We used to be.
But lately it's just been kinda scary.
I mean, he was so sick.
And no one knows why he got better
or if he's gonna get sick again.
I don't know, I mean, when I lost my mom
it was, it just broke me.
And I don't know if I can handle
losing him, too.
So you put it all into your music.
Can I hear another song?
Come on.
As promised, the best tea in town.
So I just saw Mikki playing guitar.
She's a really good musician.
Yeah, she gets it from her mother.
They used to play together all the time.
Bonnie told me
what happened to your wife.
I'm so sorry.
I can't imagine
what you're going through.
Did she mention that it's my fault?
No, she left that part out.
But if she had, I would have
said that's ridiculous.
You don't, you don't control fate, Jack.
Maybe you could tell my kids, too.
I see it in their faces
the thought that their mom
was supposed to be here.
And if it wasn't for me, they would be.
No. No, they love you.
The thing is... I don't know
how to comfort them.
I don't have the words.
Especially Mikki.
Um, I just..
I think it's, it's really hard
to help someone grieve
when you're grieving yourself, you know?
I know, but it's more than that.
Mikki's pulling away, shutting me out.
And I don't know
if I'll ever get her back.
Dad, where are all the boats?
Look down the coast. There's
loads of them down there.
Look what your dad fixed!
Now we can keep the front door
open and the greenheads out.
What's wrong?
Mom's birthday.
I can't believe I almost forgot.
Is that what it's gonna be like?
Bit by bit I'll just slowly
forget everything about her?
No, honey, we will never forget her.
And you've got me here to remind you.
Yeah, but for how long?
Yeah, what happens
when you get sick again?
Are you sick again, dad?
No, no, bud, I'm fine,
and I will stay fine.
-You don't know that.
-Stop it, Mikki.
Do you have to say things like
that in front of your brother?
But I didn't mean to upset him.
I know.
-Look, if you want to talk ab...
-Forget it.
Hey, I'm fine.
And I gotta go.
It's my first shift at the cafe.
I don't want to be late.
Hey, bud, you got a sec?
You wanna talk about what Mik said?
Not really.
Can we throw mom a birthday party?
I think she'd like that.
Sure. Sure.
I think she'd like that a lot.
Well, we-we can invite gram
and gramps over for dinner
make mom's favorite cake.
-Cool. Can I decorate it?
I love you, dad.
I love you, too.
Hey, I'm trying here.
What are you writing?
I'm just collecting my thoughts.
Tell me what it's gonna be like
after I'm gone.
Uh, we're not doing this, Jack.
Yeah, we are. I need to know
you're gonna be okay.
And I wanna picture what that looks like.
I'll take the kids to the palace.
Show them where I spent
my summers on the beach.
We'll eat... fresh crab
with our fingers.
And then what?
At night, after everyone's asleep.
'I'll go up into the lighthouse'
and I'll shine that huge beacon
on the sky..
...and I'll look for you.
'And you'll be up in heaven'
and you'll see that light.
And you'll know that
we'll never really be apart.
That's what I'm gonna do.
Hey. What did those dishes
ever do to you?
I'm sorry. I'll be more careful.
No, it's okay.
You're doing great.
-Everything good?
-Yeah, it's nothing.
It's just today is actually
my mom's birthday.
-I'm sorry.
It's just really hitting me
that life is moving on without her.
I mean, it's not the same, but I
I kind of felt like that
after my dad left.
Yeah. What did you do?
I walked on the beach a lot.
The ocean makes me feel better.
Yeah. It makes me
feel better, too.
-We could go out sometime.
Oh, I, I mean, out there.
I just got this little catamaran.
-You know how to sail it?
W-well, I'm-I'm learning.
-It's not that hard.
Yeah. Maybe.
I will never stop being amazed
by the beauty here.
Yeah, this is nice.
It really is, isn't it?
Ah.. Heh.
I thought you needed a break.
-Oh, thanks.
Definitely beats drywalling.
Oh, my gosh. Yes, yes.
You know, after all these years
of hearing Lizzie
talk about this place,
I just feel her everywhere.
It's a pretty special place.
And today is her birthday.
Tyler wants to throw her
a birthday party.
-That is such a good idea.
-I don't know.
And I thought so, too,
but now I'm not so sure.
Why? Why?
I just worry that celebrating it
will just keep reminding the kids
that she's not here with us.
No. That is, that is okay.
I mean, she's still worth
celebrating, right?
And I gotta tell you, I think
your kids could really use
a party. No, just saying.
Oh, well..
-Lizzie would have liked you.
-I'm sure I would've loved her.
Would you tell her happy birthday for me?
-How's that, Mikki?
-It's great, Tyler.
It really is.
Mom would have loved it, kiddo.
You know what else she would've loved?
-No way.
-Oh, no, you didn't.
-Oh, oh..
-Here we go.
-'Oh, gosh.'
There. Yeah, there you go.
-Oh. Uh-oh.
Gram and gramps are here.
What on Earth happened to you guys?
-We baked mom's favorite cake.
-And now you're wearing it.
-Don't encourage 'em, Fred.
-Alright. Who's ready to eat?
It's not fair, Lizzie.
You should be here.
Sometimes life isn't fair, Jack.
I-I don't know how you did it..
...with the kids and me..
You always made it look so easy.
You were never easy.
Totally worth it, but not easy.
Half the time I'm just
going through the motions
trying to convince everyone
that it's all gonna be okay.
I'm not okay, Lizzie.
I miss you.
Are you even really here?
I am always here.
It's hard.
-Hey, you.
I'll-I'll be finished
cleaning this in a sec...
Okay, let's just
go take a break together.
Oh. Sure.
-How you doin'?
-Great. Thanks.
And you?
Still breathing, still happy.
Mikki, would you relax?
You're not in trouble.
I'm-I'm just checking in with you.
Okay. Okay, good,
because I really like this job.
What about Channing?
Um, yeah, it's growing on me.
Yeah, it does have that effect on people.
And our 4th of July cannot be beat.
You know what, you should totally sign up
for the Open Mic.
-Me? No way.
Well, why not? It's so fun!
We-we do it right here
after the block party.
-You'd be great.
-Thank you.
But I don't really perform, so..
Well, I think you should.
I mean, I have heard you
and Liam play together.
You guys sound good.
Would you think about it?
Can I ask you a question?
Liam mentioned something about your dad..
...that he almost died.
Oh. Yeah.
He was really sick last year.
Uh, what happened?
Oh, my gosh. You do not have
to talk about it. I...
-No, no. No.
-I am so sorry..
-To put you on the spot.
-No, no, it's okay. It's okay.
It's just all been really scary,
that's all.
So when my dad got back from Iraq
he couldn't breathe.
And my mom said
that the toxins over there
has really messed up his lungs.
But the doctors couldn't find anything.
They just said it was PTSD.
Being stressed can do a number
on your body.
Yeah, he just
kept getting worse, you know?
And, I mean,
he was literally about to die.
So they sent him home to be with us.
Oh, God, that just, that
must've been so frightening
for you and your brother.
But then he recovered.
Yeah. We didn't think
that he would.
But then my mom
got into a car crash.
She was going to get medicine for my dad
when this truck
just came out of nowhere and...
...kills her.
I'm so sorry.
Weird thing is, is that's when
he suddenly got better.
The doctors said it was a miracle.
You know what I think?
Actually, I don't think it was a miracle.
I think your dad's love for you
is just so big..
...that he willed himself
to get better
so he could stay here
with you and your brother.
Yeah, I don't know.
Maybe you are right.
Look. There we go.
I know how to ride a bike, gram.
I'm sure you do, but I want you to stay
right around here. You can ride
up and down the street.
That's boring.
Bonnie, let the boy ride his bike.
Right, of course.
Well, just have a good time.
And don't go near the highway.
-You coming?
-In a minute.
I just wanna make sure he's okay.
-Maybe you should just let...
-Don't even say it.
-Jack's healthy now.
-But I can't..
They're all that I have left of
Lizzie. I can't lose them, too.
You're not going to.
Come on, sweetheart.
It's gonna be fine. Come on.
Hey, crazy busy day, huh?
Yeah, I guess.
My dad's here.
See you later?
-Hey, Liam.
-Hey, Mr. Armstrong.
-Please go.
Who would like cheese on their burger?
-I do.
You're gonna get cheese.
How about you, Mikki?
Whatever. You're just gonna do
what you want anyway, so...
-It's just cheese, Mikki.
-You know, enough is enough.
You've been in a mood
ever since I picked you up.
-What is going on with you?
-Nothing, okay?
No, not okay. Watch your tone.
I'm still your father
whether you like it or not.
Fine. You really wanna know?
It's this town.
Hey, I know you brought us here
to make things better
and I appreciate it, I do
but we don't fit in here.
'Okay, we're not like
the other kids.'
What are you talking about?
You and Liam were...
I-I don't even know him, okay?
And, Tyler, you haven't made
any friends, have you?
-Tyler, is that true?
-How can I?
Gram doesn't give me a minute alone.
So, what do you wanna do?
I wanna go home.
Okay, we'll go back to Ohio
after I get the lighthouse working.
And how long is that gonna take?
I'm almost there,
just got to fix the beacon
and what's left of
the wood steps leading up to it.
It'd be a lot faster
if the two of you helped.
-You want us to help you?
-I do.
Gram said it's dangerous in there.
Your grandma loves you,
but she worries too much.
Besides, I will be there with you.
That was your mom's
favorite place in the world.
So let's fix it up for her.
And then we'll go home. Deal?
Alright, now let's eat these burgers
'cause we have a lot of work ahead of us.
You really think we can get
the lighthouse working again?
It can't be that hard, right?
You wanna give it a try?
You won't teach me how to drive
but you'll let me use an electric saw?
I'm feeling generous.
You wanna try or not?
Okay. What do I do?
First things first. Safety.
-Here you go.
Alright, pick up the saw
in your right hand.
You always want to stand
to the left of the blade
brace yourself with your left hand here
and stand in a natural,
comfortable position.
Alright, now you never wanna
start the blade when
it's already touching the wood,
so pull back a little bit.
-Line it up.
-Is that right? Okay.
-Yeah, pull the trigger.
And slide it through gently.
That felt awesome!
Right? Now you'll always be
a part of your mom's lighthouse.
Alright, couple more boards.
Let's see..
Now, that is a look.
Liam wants to know
if I would go sailing with him.
-I thought you were mad at him.
I wasn't mad, exactly.
And, dad...
I know, I know, I know, I know.
-So you got a big decision.
Do you wanna go sailing
you wanna help your old man pick
up scrap wood?
I think I wanna go sailing.
-Do you mind?
-Go sailing. Have fun.
-Thank you, dad.
-Wear a life vest.
It's so beautiful out here.
The most beautiful place on Earth.
Ah, hop on.
Ready? Alright.
Now hold on.
Yeah, yeah, that's good.
Um, what do you think
about trying it faster, maybe?
-Yeah, I like that. Wait.
-Like it? Alright.
-I wanna try it. Yeah.
-Okay. Here you go.
-Alright, ready?
-I'm ready.
-Oh, you are 100% my hero.
-Has it always been that loud?
-Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah. And you fixed it.
So we're gonna celebrate, okay?
I'm gonna cook dinner, tonight,
uh, 7 o' clock. Bring the kids?
Sounds like a plan.
What can we bring?
-Just your appetites.
-My specialty.
'And then what happened?'
I tried to outrun it
but it plopped right on my shoulder!
You know, bud, some people think
that's good luck.
It's a pretty gross way
of getting lucky, if you ask me.
So, Mikki, I heard you guys
practicing in the studio..
You sound great.
Have you thought any more
about signing up
for Open Mic night?
There's still time.
Yeah, yeah, you should totally
do it. You'd be so good.
Well, thank you.
I will think about it.
Okay, you better. Well,
I hope you guys are hungry.
-Because we made so much food.
-Oh, too much food.
Well, uh, and did you know
this guy cooks?
-He actually.. Yeah, yeah.
-I did not. Oh..
-What can I say?
-Culinary genius right here.
- 'I do a little.'
- 'No, you don't do a little.'
'He's like selling himself
You know what,
if you don't mind, I'm just
gonna grab a little air.
-Yeah, sure. Okay.
-Well, I love it. I'm excited.
- 'Alright, let's eat.'
- This.
I wish I had come here with you.
Well, you're here now.
And you are pulling out
all your best moves.
Wearing your flirty shirt,
working your flirty...
I'm not flirting.
I'm being friendly.
Well, she seems nice.
I like her.
Jenna is a friend.
It's not a date.
Would it be so bad if it were?
I want you to meet somebody, Jack.
I want you to be happy.
'Wait a second.'
- 'Ready? I will, I will.'
- 'Cut me in, okay?'
Oh. I'm sorry, I forgot.
-No, it's okay.
-Wait, show me how you do this.
Yeah, absolutely. So you strung
that if you want to. Go for it.
-Yeah. There you go.
-I'm a natural, I'm a natural.
You're so good.
How do you know everything?
- 'You know, that's very natu... '
- 'It should be illegal.'
-You ready to go? Here we go.
-Alright, it's good. Ready?
- 'You got it?'
- 'I got it.'
- 'You got it?'
- 'Go now.'
'Hey, how was your run?'
- 'Lunch is almost ready.'
- I'm not hungry.
Hey, is everything okay?
Can I just have some privacy around here?
I swear, Lizzie, Mikki wants me
to teach her to drive
but her mood swings
are giving me whiplash.
She's a teenager, Jack.
What do you expect?
I just wanna help her and protect her
but I can't do that
if she won't let me in.
You can't protect her from everything.
She's growing up.
Help her become an adult.
Jack? Hello? Hey.
Oh. Hey. Hey. Uh..
-Uh, come on up.
-Am I interrupting something?
I thought that I heard you
talking to someone.
Uh, no, no, um..
I just talk to myself,
when I'm always working.
Yeah, that makes sense.
I brought you some leftovers.
-I left 'em over at the house.
Looks like you got the
electricity working down there.
Yeah, yeah, I just gotta
get this beacon going
and she'll be done.
Seems like the forces that save people
more often than not are she.
Well, I can't argue with that.
I always wanted to see the view
from up here.
Oh, my God, it's amazing!
I wonder how many ships
this lighthouse has saved.
-I think about that too. Yeah.
-Yeah? Ha!
Yeah, how this simple tower
exists at the cross
between... disaster
and salvation..
Hm, I hadn't thought of it like that.
So how do you turn it on
once you get it working?
Oh, right, it's right over here.
Uh, this, uh, this circuit box right here
has a lever and-and that's
the main power switch.
You just throw it.
-If I get it working.
-Yeah. Right.
So, um, what's the plan
once she's finished?
Oh, I guess..
I promised the kids
I would take them back to Ohio.
Thank you for looking out for Mikki
and giving her a job,
encouraging her music.
Well, I think you're doing
just fine by both of them.
But I'm happy to help.
I mean, there have been times in my life
when things have gotten so hard,
I wanted to give up.
I don't want that for her.
That's funny, because
you don't strike me as a person
who gives up anything.
Well, you haven't met my ex-husband.
I don't know,
I guess we just thought that
Liam would fix all the issues
it turned out we had.
But it didn't quite work out
that way, so..
Sometimes disappointment hits you so hard
that you think it's gonna kill you.
But then it doesn't.
And you're left with this person
that you don't even recognize.
This, like, new you
who's sadder..
...but wiser.
Do you know what I mean?
-I sure do.
Let's go.
Come on, you heard me.
What's going on?
Hey, where are you taking me?
Question is, where are you taking me?
No way. Seriously?
Well, I, uh, changed my mind.
Toss 'em back.
Nope. Ha-ha..
Buckle up.
Kick this car in gear.
- 'Key in ignition.'
- Key in ignition.
-Check the mirrors.
-Checking mirrors.
'Disengage the parking brake.'
Where is the parking brake?
-Parking brake.
Turn it down, push it in.
Whenever you're ready, put her in first.
-Uh, clutch. Clutch.
Okay, honey, I think
you're ready for second gear.
I don't know.
I think I'm good with first.
No, you can do it.
Right foot, a little bit of gas.
-Good, good, good.
-Alright, left foot, clutch.
And right hand, shift straight down.
-You did it.
It worked.
Let's go for third gear.
-I think I've got it.
-Yikes. Yikes. Yikes.
It's okay, third gear is the toughest.
-Alright, you're doing great.
I mean, that was just beyond awesome.
Hey, thank you for getting us
here in one piece.
What's the matter, Mik?
Nothing. I just..
I wish mom could've seen me.
Maybe she can.
Let's just believe that she can, alright?
Ooh, come on, work for me.
Did it.
Alright, Lizzie.
Can you see it?
I sure can, Jack.
It's beautiful.
-That was my last one.
-Oh, I saw...
Oh, oh..
Hey, I'm really proud of you, you know?
For what?
Oh, sticking with the cafe gig.
It's a lot of responsibility and
Jenna said that you're doing a great job.
Thank you. I like it, yeah.
You know, today was really fun.
Even though you cheated at the ring.
-I didn't cheat, you just lost.
'Up next we have Tiffany
with "Feel Electric."'
Hi, sorry for the wait.
Um, uh..
Sorry, what can I get you?
You weren't kidding about
4th of July in Channing.
No, we take our holidays
very seriously here
and we know how to throw a good party.
-That you do.
The kids actually seem happy.
Almost feels like
life's getting back to normal.
Yeah. It's a shame about
you moving back to Ohio, though.
Thanks, Liam.
Hey, guys, I'm Liam and
this song's pretty special to me.
You know what? I actually..
I can't sing this song without
the girl who wrote it. I can't.
Has anybody seen her?
Her name is Mikki Armstrong.
No, no..
Wait, there she is, right there.
Mikki! Mikki! Mikki!
Mikki! Mikki!
Come on, Mikki.
Mikki! Mikki!
-Come on!
-Mikki! Mikki!
Mikki! Mikki! Mikki! Mikki!
Mikki! Mikki! Mikki!
I am so gonna get you for this.
So this is a, um
a song that I wrote about starting over.
-I'm proud of my granddaughter.
-Oh, I definitely am.
-She did well.
-Hey, dad.
-Hey, you ready?
If it's okay, I'm gonna go with Liam.
If we hurry, we'll have time
to sail before it gets dark.
-Sail, at this hour?
-She'll be fine, Bobbie.
-Have fun, sweetie.
-Thank you, dad.
-Told you...
She's gonna be fine.
Alright, what do you say we
go home, maybe start packing?
Hey, hang on a sec.
I can't let you leave
without a piece of coconut cake.
-That was good today.
-Yeah, yeah, it was.
Mikki was amazing.
-She was, wasn't she?
Thank you for the cake.
Yeah, anytime.
Hey, Jack.
You're gonna miss this place.
Dad, how fast do we need to pack up?
You can take as much time as you like.
What did you wanna tell me, honey?
Hm. Not tell.
Read, now.
But also... keep it..
...for later.
"My dear Lizzie.."
"...after I'm gone, I want you
"to remember our love. Mm.
"And I want the children
"to remember us.
"And I want you.."
"I want the children to remember us
"our family
"and I want you to tell them
every day that I loved them.
"And that even after I'm gone,
I love them still.
Will you do that?"
Of course.
"Just know I will never be far away
"as long as our memories live on.
"But there's something else
I want you to do.
"And this is important.
"I want you to live your life
to the fullest.
"And don't hold back just
"just because I'm gone.
"The world needs your light
and you need to shine."
"Open yourself to love again
"and give yourself to it completely.
"Do it for the kids.
"But also, do it for me."
"Honor our love
by letting me go."
Live your life, Jack.
I love you so much.
I love you, too.
'What is it? Everything okay?'
Have you heard from Mikki?
Not since she went sailing with Liam.
They're not back yet,
I keep, I keep trying Liam
on his cell,
but he's not picking up. I'm..
I-I think he still might be
out there. I..
'I think they might be
in trouble.'
Jack! Jack, over here!
Is this where they launched?
This is where he usually puts
the Hobie Cat, but I don't know
I don't see them!
I called 911, they're on their way!
'Liam, is everything good?'
- 'Is everything fine?'
- Yeah, we're okay!
-Are you sure?
-Hold on!
-Wait, hold on.
-Wait. What are you doing?
-Hold on!
I'm looking for shore.
We have to get close.
-Liam! Liam!
Liam! Liam, please grab my arm.
Give me your hand.
Give me your.. Liam!
-Liam, come up.
-Ah, ah..
-No! Liam!
Give me your hand!
Liam, are you okay?
I'm okay.
-What are we gonna do? Okay.
-We're gonna find them, okay?
Look down the beach, I'll look up there!
Look, Mikki! I see the shore!
It's right there! Do you see it?
-Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
-It's right there.
We're close. We're almost there.
Mikki, get down. Get down!
Liam, hey, where's Mikki?
Liam! Liam!
-Are you okay?
-Liam, you know where Mikki is?
I tried to hold on,
I tried, but there was...
-There was a wave.
-Okay, it's okay, baby.
-It's okay, come on.
-There's a wave.
Come on, let's get you out.
-Come on, come on.
-Alright, alright.
Liam! Liam, where are you?
Jack, what are you doing?
-Mikki's still out there!
-You can't go in there!
-It's too dangerous!
-I can't leave her out there!
No, let me help you with the lighthouse.
-Uh, could you do it?
-You remember the switch?
-Yes, yes, yes!
Dad! Help! I'm over here!
Oh, down here, right.
Ha! Yes! Yes, alright!
- 'Mikki!'
- Dad!
Oh, where are you?
-Dad! Dad!
-I'm here! Dad.
-It's alright, it's okay.
I got you. I got you.
Ah, there they are!
-I got you.
-Hang on to me, baby, okay?
-Okay, okay.
I can't believe you found me.
Jenna found you.
-Jenna and mom together, right?
Yeah, that's right, baby.
That's right, baby.
Come on. Come on.
I got you.
-Yeah, that's what it is.
Jack, there's something
I'd like to discuss with you.
Uh-oh. Is there something
I need to worry about?
Jack, just hear her out.
The palace has been in
our family for a very long time
and it's always been
a special place for us.
And now we want it to be a special place
for you and the kids.
Bonnie, what is this?
The plan was always
to leave it to Lizzie.
But Fred and I talked
and we decided to put the house
in a trust for you
and Mikki and Tyler.
Now, we know the summer's over
and you got your life back in Ohio.
But you'll always have a home
here in Channing.
You're our family
and... we really hope
you'll stay.
This is so generous,
I-I don't know what to say.
Say yes, dad!
-You guys sure?
It looks like we're staying.
We're home.
Everything okay?
-Everything's great.