One Sunday Afternoon (1933) Movie Script

Hot baby, that was the one!
Goodbye darling, I must leave you...
Yes, darling?
Stop that noise!
Snappy's singing, honey.
I know he is. That's the noise
I want stopped.
You know how women are.
She don't understand.
I know, not artistic.
- Good idea.
- Help yourself.
No. no. It's your booze. You pour it.
- Wait a minute. Not so much.
- What's the matter?
Amy don't like me to drink so much.
You ain't afraid of your wife, are you?
I should say not. No wife's going to
tell me what to do.
If I want to drink, I'll drink!
Down the hatch!
And if I want to sing, I'll sing!
- What do you think about that?
- That's the stuff! Good old Biff Grimes!
Ain't nobody gonna tell me nothing.
- Yes, dear?
- Do you want me to come out there?
You can stay in there, honey.
She's got her fighting clothes on today,
ain't she?
That's something that ought to be in
the marriage laws.
I'd put it in all the marriage laws!
I'd say to all women who were getting
"Look here you,
mind you own business!"
"And leave your husbands alone."
Good old Snappy.
Ain't many mouths as big as mine.
Don't see how it could be, but it is.
That's it! Hold still.
Amy never was like that in the old days.
I know.
We had good times in the old days,
didn't we?
Remember Avery Park?
Sure I remember Avery Park. Who doesn't?
What do I sing, something sad or comic?
In the good old Summertime,
In the good old Summertime.
Cut that out!
What's the matter?
You know what's the matter!
That song.
Oh, yeah.
You know something, Biff?
Bet you could have married Virginia if
it wasn't for Hugo Barnstead.
I didn't care anything about her.
Haven't I got Amy? Haven't we been
married, shucks.
I didn't care anything about Virginia.
We was just good friends.
Good friends?
Hey, she was pretty sweet on you.
You could have married her too, if
Hugo Barnstead hadn't cut you out.
Alright, I could have.
And I would have too, if it
hadn't been for him.
He did it.
Hey Snappy, I want to
tell you something.
There ain't any crime in the world like
stealing another man's girl.
I've done a lot of things, but I've
never done that.
Word of honor, I've never done that.
Hugo Barnstead.
I'd like to get my hands on him.
Would you really like to, Biff?
Would I!
Now's your chance.
Who's chance? What?
They are in town.
Hugo and Virginia. Got in this morning.
I seen them on the street.
- How'd she look?
- Who?
Aw, swell.
She looked kinda unhappy though.
Hugo looks like business.
You're the one she should have
married, Biff.
- You're a big man, Biff.
- You know Snappy, a man needs a change.
Got to change if he's going to grow.
Ain't that right?
Bet your life that's right.
And that goes for everything.
Even his wife.
That's right!
Biff Grimes is a big man.
I want to grow.
Virginia is the one you should have
married, Biff.
I know.
Hugo Barnstead.
I know how you feel, Biff.
Sure you do, pal.
A man always understands.
Down the hatch.
How about another little song?
One of them
humble songs.
Sad or comic?
Sad, I guess.
Goodbye, little girl, goodbye.
Don't cry, little girl, don't cry.
Are you going to take me walking?
In 5 minutes.
I've been sitting in this place all
afternoon, and you making all that noise.
Let me give you some advise, Snappy.
Don't ever marry an old-fashioned woman.
You pick out a woman and you say,
"Are you old-fashioned?"
If she says "yes",
you say,
I'll never be able to grow."
Women don't like me, Biff.
Have a drink.
That's enough.
Down the hatch.
You know what I'm gonna do?
Ought to be filled.
I going to put on my Sunday best
and look up Hugo Barnstead
and I'm gonna say, "Look here Hugo
Barnstead, I'm..."
I'm gonna say, "Look here, Hugo."
"I've got a bone to pick with you."
Answer it.
Dirty, stinking little....
You shoulda had her, Biff. Hello?
Dentist Office.
Tooth pulled?
I don't know.
I don't pull teeth on Sunday unless
it's a child.
Dr. Grimes doesn't pull teeth on Sunday
unless it's a child. He's...
Oh. hello Dick.
Dick Martin from the Jesse Hotel wants
to talk to you.
- Alright. What does he want?
- Just a minute, Dick.
Hello, Dick!
Yeah, it's Biff.
No, never work on Sunday unless it's a...
What did you say that name was?
It's Hugo Barnstead.
Hello, Dick.
Alright, I'll see him.
Send him right over.
You ain't gonna pull his tooth, are you?
Yeah. I'm gonna pull his tooth.
So long, Biff.
- Where are you going?
- Back to my shop. Got a sign to paint.
You're going to stay right here.
How do I look?
Do I look like I've been drinking?
You look alright, Biff.
Hugo Barnstead.
Coming to good old Biff Grimes to have
his tooth pulled.
Come on Hugo Barnstead and get your
tooth pulled.
Tell them the doctor will be back
in just a minute.
- Hello, Hugo.
- Well...
What are you doing here?
Got a bad tooth too?
Mine's terrible.
Hurts like the deuce.
Kept me awake all night.
See? This one up here.
Hugo, If I was you I wouldn't...
Here's the doctor now.
Hello, Hugo.
So you did get to be a
dentist after all.
- It's been a long time, Hugo
- Yes it has.
Got an awful toothache, Biff.
Kept me awake all night.
Yes. In the chair, please.
A dentist in Pittsburgh pulled
these 7 up here.
- Nice job, don't you think?
- Yeah. In the chair.
They're up on this side.
Dentist in Detroit pulled these 5 down
here. See them?
Hurt when he pulled them too.
You won't hurt me, will you Biff?
You'll never feel it.
I want gas.
You'll get gas.
Let's see, which one is it?
Hold that, will you Snappy?
Inhale through the nose just as
deeply as you can.
Fill up the lungs!
Has been a long time, hasn't it Biff?
You, me and Avery Park...
I remember it all
just like it was yesterday.
You thought that you
were going to marry Virginia.
Didn't you, Biff.
But I fooled you. I fooled you.
You fooled me.
But you're not going to fool me now.
Avery Park!
Sure, it was yesterday...
Come on, Biff!
We can't keep them waiting!
You won't catch me hurrying up to meet
some old girl!
I'm Biff Grimes and if they don't want
to wait for me, they don't have to!
He's got wonderful manners!
He had vanilla on and he smelt so nice.
He said, "I've got a friend, do you
have one?"
I said, "Yes!"
Thinking of you, of course.
- Do you think he'll like me?
- He'll fall in love when he sees you.
Maybe you'll fall in love with him too.
Why, Virginia. I'd die.
Tell the truth, weren't you ever
in love with a boy?
- Why, Virginia...
- You can tell me. I won't tell anybody.
When I was very young,
that's a long time ago, of course,
I was in school and this boy...
I don't know, he...
He never even looked at me.
Who was this boy?
Biff Grimes.
Biff Grimes!
That big bully who hangs around
Goldstein's Drug Store?
Amy, he's terrible!
I heard that he smokes cigarettes!
That was a long time ago, of course.
There they are now!
Wait! We ain't gonna be fools!
We're not going over there right away
or they'll think we're crazy about them.
We came to see them, didn't we?
Yeah, but we got to circle them first.
Anybody knows that.
Oh, alright.
There they are.
- Oh my heavens!
- What?
It's Biff Grimes!
- Virginia, I can't stay here!
- You can't run away now!
Come on, Biff. Come on!
- How will we do it?
- What do you mean?
Should we pretend that we just ran
into them
or act like we knew they were there.
They know we're going to meet them!
Who's going to say "hello" first,
you or me?
Guess maybe I better. I made the date.
Now listen, we won't say a word.
We'll just let them pass.
If they don't speak, we won't speak.
Just drop your eyes.
Drop my eyes?
That will show them we're good girls and
they can't trifle with us.
I know the one with the flowers in her
hat. I always wanted to meet her.
Here they come!
My Father which art in Heaven....
But I got her first!
Never mind who got her first,
she's duck soup for me!
Say something!
Give me time!
Oh, hello!
Nice day.
Say something familiar.
It might rain.
That's right.
That's right.
Paper didn't say so.
I looked in the paper this morning.
Paper said, "fair and warmer."
I didn't read the paper!
Neither did I.
You dropped something!
You dropped something.
Even if the sun wasn't shining, it
would still be a nice day.
They don't care about the sky!
They want to meet me.
That's the way I always
start conversations.
This, uh
this is a friend of mine I brought along.
This is, uh, this is Biff Grimes.
Hi! Let me see, you name is Miss...
Virginia, ain't it?
How did you know my name is Virginia?
That's for me to know
and you to find out.
How about it, Hugo?
What, uh...
What's your friend's name?
This is Miss Lind. Amy, this is...
What did you say your name was?
My name is Grimes. Biff Grimes.
How do you do?
Didn't I used to know you?
I was in school with you once.
I remember now. You were a funny-looking
little thing then.
Remember them red flannel drawers
you used to wear?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean nothing.
Guess we all looked funny when we were
I always liked you, Biff.
I guess I shouldn't have said that.
You could have waited!
I'm sorry, Biff.
That's alright. I guess
all the girls were crazy about me then.
- How about taking a walk?
- Yeah!
You take the little one, Hugo.
- Have some gumdrops?
- No thank you. I don't care for them.
You're the first girl that ever turned
Biff Grimes down on gumdrops.
Come on!
That's a nice name, Virginia.
I'm glad you like it.
I bet you don;t know where they got
it from.
State of Virginia.
That's where Abraham Lincoln was born.
I guess you didn't know that!
Very few people do!
Now remember,
start the pig on count 5.
Are you ready?
Oh, please!
Get him!
The winner, Biff Grimes!
Biff, I knew you could do it!
I was easy, I...
Where did Virginia and Hugo go?
I don't know. what a beautiful
little pig!
Where did they go?
Virginia. Hugo and Virginia.
I don't know...they were here.
That's a dirty trick.
- Hi, Biff!
- Give me a package of Sen-Sen.
Where you going, Biff?
Well, I got to see a man...
You don't mean Mr. Virginia,
do you Biff?
Leave her name out to this.
You mean Virginia?
- Don't you say that name here!
- But Biff...
There's a lot of Virginias...
About to auction off those baskets.
I'd like to know who I'm going to
eat with.
Who's basket do you want to get?
Well...who's do you think?
Amy, you've seen Virginia's basket
haven't you? Can you tell me?
Do you see the...the big one over there?
The one with the purple ribbon?
We don't have purple ribbon at our house.
All we have is white ribbon.
Oh, now I went and told, didn't I?
The one with the big white ribbon on it?
Hi folks!
- Have you seen Biff Grimes?
- Not tonight I haven't.
Priscilla and I are going on the merry-
go-round. Want to come along?
Want to go?
I'd love to!
- Want to come along Amy?
- I think I'll stay here.
We'll be right back.
Goodbye, Amy. I'm going to catch a ring.
Come on, Priscilla.
Why Biff, I...
I didn't expect to see you!
You seen Virginia?
Yes. She and Hugo went
to the merry-go-round.
Biff, they'll be right back.
They will, huh?
Did you...
Did you bring anybody, Biff?
I was supposed to bring Virginia, but...
she came on ahead with Hugo.
I'd have waited if I was in her place.
How do you know which basket is which
when you bid on them?
You're not supposed to know.
I can tell you which one is mine if
you want me to.
Do you know which one is Virginia's?
She told Hugo which one was hers.
It's the big one on the end with the
white ribbon on it.
She told Hugo?
You're not supposed to do that.
The name's on them, is that it?
The name's on a card pinned on.
But I tell you, mine had a
white ribbon on it!
Maybe they got mixed up.
Alright...I was fighting tonight.
I had good reason.
Biff Grimes ain't letting anybody pass
no remarks! - Well,
I don't like it!
I'm sorry, Virginia.
If you don't like it, I won't fight
anymore. I promise!
Virginia, won't you give me a chance?
Honest, I'm crazy about you.
Why don't you go with Amy Lind?
She likes you.
I don't care anything about her.
you're the one I really want.
And when I think about you going around
with anybody else...
Hugo Barnstead's not going
to cut me out!
You don't own me, Biff Grimes!
He better keep away from you!
I don't like him! He's a sneak!
Hugo Barnstead's not a sneak.
He's a perfect gentleman.
I'm studying to be a dentist, ain't I?
Yes, a dentist. Look - I'll show you.
Snappy did it for me. For when I
open my shop.
The "L" is for Lucius.
That's my real name.
- They just call me Biff.
- If you don't mind, I think I'll eat.
Biff sure knows how to pick them,
don't he?
Funny how a cute girl takes up
with rough company, ain't it?
Certainly is. She can't be any good if
she runs around with him!
No Biff, stop it!
- That last remark...
- What?
That last remark. I don't like it!
- What are you going to do about it?
- Stand up!
- You promised!
- Get up, understand? Get up!
Biff, he's got a knife!
Fighting again in my place...
Out with him!
Lay a hand on me and I'll drop you!
I'll get out by myself and I don't
need any help.
Let's go.
No. I never want to see you again,
Biff Grimes! You're a big bully!
I'll see you in Avery's Park.
Wednesday night at 8 o'clock.
All aboard!
Say Virginia, what about Biff Grimes?
I forgot. He wanted me to meet
him tonight in Avery's Park.
Biff Grimes is sitting in Avery's Park
waiting for the bride!
What do you say we go over and give him
the news?
We'll get a keg of beer
and have more fun...
And another thing, Virginia...
if I say I'm going to be some place
at such and such a time...why...
I'm at that place
at such and such a time.
Hello, Biff.
What are you doing here tonight?
I just came over.
You seen Virginia?
I don't think she can
get here tonight, Biff.
- Did she tell you to say she couldn't?
- No.
Would you like to...
- Would you like to walk around a little?
- No, I'll wait here for Virginia.
I told her this is where I'd be waiting.
- What?
- Let's you and me..let's take a walk.
What for?
Well, so if Virginia comes you wouldn't
be here.
She'll think you're going with
someone else.
I wouldn't do that to Virginia.
Please, Biff!
No, that wouldn't be fair.
Who's that coming?
Biff, I wanted to tell you.
Well, I guess Amy told you all about it.
About what?
You know what - Hugo and Virginia!
- What about them?
- They got married that's what!
They what?
Sure. Tonight. Took the 7:49 for Toledo.
You had a date with her. We know.
No, I did not.
Why, she's a nice little girl...
and all that, but...
...I was...I was...
fixing it up with her for Hugo.
Wasn't I, Amy?
I'll tell you how much he was waiting
her for Virginia. Biff is engaged to me!
We didn't know that, Biff.
Well, you know it now.
Come on, Amy.
Who's idea was this anyway?
I'm sorry, Biff.
Leave me alone.
I'm awful sorry, Biff.
That's alright.
Hurts, don't it?
Guess it does.
Sure it does.
Hugo Barnstead. I hope he chokes!
Don't say that. It isn't nice!
I can't help it.
Pretty, ain't it?
I tried to tell you, Biff.
- That's why I came down here.
- That's alright.
I guess I shouldn't have said that about
us being engaged, but
I thought if I didn't they would think
you were waiting for Virginia and...
That was alright.
Of course, I...
You don't have to be
if you don't want to.
Would you want to be?
If you do.
Would you get married?
If you want it I would.
They're not the only people that
can get married. I got a job.
It ain't much, but it's enough.
Of course it is.
I'm going to be a dentist too!
When I finish studying, I am.
- I'm going to be a bigger man than Hugo
ever will be! - I know you will, Biff!
Come on, let's do it!
You mean get married? Right now?
Sure! They did it. All we got to do is
go to a justice of the peace.
You mean tonight?
You said you would if I wanted to.
You aren't scared, are you?
I'm not scared of anything with you.
Come on!
What's the matter?
Don't you...
don't you want to kiss me?
I met him on the street this morning.
You should have seen the airs!
"Ah, Downer. Nice to see you again."
I'd like to have died!
Virginia with him?
Yes. He's going to be your boss
for a couple of months.
His uncle sent him to take charge
of the factory for awhile.
Just wait until I see him!
He's only been gone from here 2 years
and the way he talks!
- How's Virginia?
- Prettier than ever!
And dressed up!
How was she dressed?
How's Amy?
She's alright.
Hello, Virginia.
How are you?
I'd rather not talk about it, Hugo.
If you don't mind. Please.
Is that so?
Hi, hon.
I was beginning to worry about you.
- I'm late?
- Not much, a little.
Saw Snappy Downer on the way home.
Stopped and...
- had a little talk with him.
- What did he have to say?
Nothing much.
Virginia and Hugo got in this morning.
Is that so?
I got a letter from Mother today.
How's the old lady getting along?
She's lost everything she had. Even the
old house in Evansburg.
She wants to come here.
That's alright. She can live here with
us. We've got room.
- How's she look?
- I haven't seen her yet!
Virginia, I mean.
She looked fine. She's got some
beautiful clothes.
You're gonna have some nice clothes too.
You wait and see! - Biff Grimes!
- You think you're not?
- Your ears!
This is what I call a real feast!
Everything I like! Scrapple and baking
powder biscuits and squash.
Well, I'm a son-of-a-gun!
Even blueberry pie!
Mrs. Grimes, you're alright!
Don't you know what day this is, Biff?
Well, what go you know? Two years, huh?
Why Amy,
what are you crying about?
Just because I'm happy I guess.
Oh Biff, I love you an awful lot!
Well, well, well!
Caught you turtle-doving, eh?
Well, Mr. Grimes!
Haven't you anything to say to me?
You're looking fine, Biff.
Handsomer than ever.
Is that so?
Well, Biff...
- How are you?
- I'm fine, Biff, fine.
Today's a big day for all of us, eh?
You know what today is, don't you Biff?
Oh, yeah sure.
Two years ago tonight...
Were you...were you planning something
- We were...
- Never mind what they were planning!
Come along! We're going to give
you a treat, Biff!
Amy, we're having an Anniversary Dinner
in our hotel suite and we thought...
I've got some things getting fixed up
you've never heard of!
City dishes!
Brought them along especially for
I've got some pate de foie gras.
That's a French dish.
Imported straight from Paris!
Also got some caviar.
You heard of caviar?
Sure I have! What did you think?
We were going to have dinner here, Hugo.
Never mind that! You can eat dinner here
any day!
- Do you want to go Biff?
- Please, Biff! We're counting on you!
- It's alright with me. I don't care.
- That's it, Biff! Come on. Let's go!
- I'll have to fix up a little.
- No, now don't you bother!
We're having dinner in our suite.
That dress is perfectly alright.
Say, speaking of dresses...
what do you think of the one
Virginia has on?
I think it's beautiful.
I'm buying Amy one for her birthday.
Got it picked out too.
- It won't take me a minute.
- Don't go to any trouble, darling.
- I guess we really should have told you.
- That's alright.
Shall we sit down?
Sure, yeah.
We went to the opera in New York, Biff.
Heard Caruso.
Best opera singer I've ever heard.
Virgie, what was the tune he sang that
went hum, hum...
You're studying to be a dentist, I see.
Yes. I get my diploma in 6 months.
- Oh, that's splendid, isn't Lucius?
- Yes, I...
Look here, Biff -
if you would give up this hare-brained
idea of yours of
wanting to be a dentist, why
maybe I could get you a good job at
the factory.
How can you talk like that?
Biff wants to be a dentist!
- Not a wagon-maker.
- You let me handle this!
I'm going to help them get away from
all this kind of living. - Stop it!
What's the use of pretending, Virginia?
- You saw the way Amy looks.
- You better let me worry about Amy.
you know what you promised me.
- I don't care what I promised!
Biff Grimes is in no position
to be bull-headed!
Now look here, Biff. You work along
with me, and I'll make you some money.
You know the men. You mingle with them.
Come to me and report about them.
Tell me the ones I should fire.
Particularly the old-timers
who have slowed up.
Come and tell you who you should fire?
- People that's been there a long time?
- That's it!
Want me to do spy work for you, huh?
So that's what you call it?
See, that's what I get for
trying to help him.
I didn't ask for any help.
- Loo here, Biff!
- Hugo you're making a fool of yourself!
A fool for inviting Biff to have dinner
with us!
Serves me right for trying to treat an
employee as an equal!
You don't need to try any longer!
I didn't ask you here!
Come on, Virginia!
Same old Biff Grimes.
Always looking for trouble!
Don't forget the Phoenix Buggy factory
pays you a living!
What's the use? Come on, Virginia!
Bye, Amy.
Don't worry about it. I can manage him.
I'm sorry, Amy.
Goodbye, Biff.
Nice of you to tell them you were going
to get that dress for me, Biff.
I'm gonna get it for you too!
He makes me sick, coming around here
putting on airs.
Him and his
pate de foie gras and his champagne and
stopping in fine hotels.
We're gonna stop in fine hotels too.
- Sure we are, Biff.
- He heard Caruso...
We're gonna hear Caruso too! You're
gonna look as nice as Virginia does!
Makes me sick putting on airs just
because his uncle has money
and a wife like Virginia and...
If you've got anything to say, go and
see Mr. Barnstead!
I've seen enough of him to
last me the rest of my life!
And he didn't fire me!
I quit!
- Anytime Hugo Barnstead thinks...
- I'll finish it for you!
Hugo Barnstead can do anything he wants
in this factory!
You're incompetent and you're through!
Incompetent, am I?
Let me tell you something...
Hello, Amy.
Glad to see you, Ma.
You're awful good to take me in
after all I've said.
That's all right. We'll get along.
You know,
you get better looking
everytime I see you.
you didn't have any trouble, did you?
Why no!
Shouldn't you be working?
I just came out...for a minute.
I thought maybe you'd be going by.
I'll be getting back.
My, he's nice!
Could I speak to you alone,
Mr. Barnstead?
Anything you have to say, you can say
in front of Mr. Jackson here.
Look Hugo, Mr. Barnstead, I mean.
You see,
my mother-in-law is coming to
stay with us and
I've always worked hard
and I'll work even harder if I have to.
You can have your job back.
That's fine, Mr. Barnstead.
what are the names of the men I ought
to get rid of?
Oh, I wouldn't do that!
- I don't want to be a...
- Go on, get out!
Get out!
- I'm going to tell you something, Hugo!
- You're going to tell me nothing!
Put him out!
Don't start anything! Out you go!
Get your hands off me or
I'll smack you!
You dirty little weasel!
What's the matter?
- Where can I put these, darling?
- In your room, Mother.
The curtains aren't up yet. When Biff
come home, he will hang them.
- Alright, Biff.
- Hello, Matt.
- What do you want?
- You better go along quietly
and not make any trouble.
Trouble? I don't know what you're
talking about.
- We know what you done!
- We can't help you, Biff.
The bullet is in the cop's leg!
Hugo Barnstead says that you done it!
He's a dirty rat! He started the
whole thing when he...
I'll do anything I can, Matt.
Hugo wanted me to bring you here, and...
Hugo says the whole factory will help.
He wanted me to talk to you
and fix things up.
- Oh, hello Amy.
- What's the matter?
Nothing. I was just...
talking to Matt. You know
Charlie Brown and
You see, the police are giving a bake
next Thursday night and
Hugo says the whole factory will help.
That'll be nice, won't it?
That's fine.
Did you say you wanted me to go down
now and fix it up?
I'll be back in just
a little while, honey.
Just a little while.
Alright, Biff.
wait for me.
I'll wait.
So Amy's working in Goldstein's
Drug Store, huh?
That's what she says here in her letter.
Oh yeah. Sure. Goldstein's.
She's doing fine there too, Biff.
It's a lie. You're all lying to me!
You and everybody else!
She probably doesn't have enough
money to buy food!
And she spends $3.00 for this!
Wait until I get out of here!
I'm going to do something besides
study to be a dentist!
And when I get a hold of that
Hugo Barnstead... - Times up!
So long, Biff. I got to be going.
Hello, Amy.
I didn't want anybody to see me
at the station, so
so I got off back...
Sure is mighty,
mighty nice around here.
Ain't it?
It's lovely tonight.
Seems like, seems like June.
I'm awful glad to see you, Biff.
I guess you had a pretty hard time
of it while I was gone.
I got along alright.
I'm gonna make up to you, Amy.
After all the trouble you've had.
Maybe you'd rather go away from here,
and start over somewhere else.
where nobody knows.
I'll go anywhere with you, Biff.
Just like going to sleep.
- I can't stand it, Biff! Let me go!
- You stay where you are!
Well, if it isn't Biff Grimes!
Well, Dr. Grimes, haven't you
anything to say to me?
- How are you?
- Not bad, not good.
And Snappy!
Well, it does look like old times!
Still painting the town red, kiddo?
Oh, I don't paint everything red.
Sometimes I...
Say, you pulled Goofy Jake's
tooth yet?
Why, no.
I was just going to.
- Sit down?
- Don't mind if I do.
Do me a favor, Biff.
Why don't you put him out of his misery?
Hugo, are you alright?
Let him alone, Biff.
If you bring him to, he'll talk.
Here, Hugo. Water.
What an awful taste.
Feel better?
Oh, Virgie, you're here?
Yes, nature's child.
Did you think you were going
to crash the Pearly Gates?
Virgie, don't you talk that way.
Are you ready?
Yes, sweetheart.
Look, Virgie. That's where it was.
You see?
Perhaps you'll examine me sometimes,
Dr. Grimes.
By the way, how's your wife?
Very well, thanks.
Still married or...
or don't you work at it?
Mrs. Grimes is still Mrs. Grimes.
Well, Biff...
how much do I owe you?
Not a thing.
I don't understand.
but you don't owe me anything, Hugo.
That's fine, thanks.
I gotta go, Biff. I gotta paint a sign
for somebody.
It's in red!
So long, Biff!
Good afternoon.
If that's the way you feel about it...
Good afternoon!
- When we get home, I must write a letter
to my dentist in Pittsburgh. - Shut up!
You and your dentist in Pittsburgh.
For heaven's sake, Biff Grimes,
what's the matter with you?
- I got something to tell you.
- You should be ashamed drinking
and raising this racket.
! am.
I don't mind you taking a drink, but
you make such a fool of yourself.
Yes, ma'am. I do.
I certainly do.
You're not even ready to go out!
No ma'am.
I will be.
- You know something about you?
- About me?
You're very sweet.
You're very beautiful.
And i love you.
I love you, Biff.
And now Biff Grimes and his girl are
going for a nice long walk!
- Biff, put my skirt down!
- Let them look!
Biff Grimes' girl has got the best-
looking legs in town!