One Way (2006) Movie Script

What about you?
She was enjoying it.
- Hi, guys ...
- Hi
King, come here!
- Hi, Eddie.
- Russel.
I learned that has worked
much in the presentations.
- Until 01:30 pm
- Anthony!
My boy!
Leave the dog alone.
Sorry to interrupt,
but I ...
Well, Judy and I have
to make a statement today.
Russell, there is work for you ...
My God.
- How long job for him?
- Five years.
Five years
I am a little nervous.
I have to say
you're a great boss ...
and I admire and respect very much
what did your agency.
But this is not the best.
His greatest achievement,
if I may be bold ...
and biased ...
Judy is his daughter.
I really love his daughter.
you give me permission to ...
to marry your daughter?
You heard me.
I said "no" ...
not yet.
However, if the account can
Airline tomorrow ...
I will say yes.
Man, you got me now.
Understood. I'm kind of prize
for the winner.
I'm flattered, Dad,
very flattered.
we feel the same.
You are an important part
this family ...
and we will be honored
to have him as our son in law.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Wow, you're beautiful.
I know I will win this account!
Well, I better win ...
or you will marry
with my replacement.
It's just a presentation.
You'll be late. Traffic
must be bad this time.
I'm going, boss.
- Hi
- Hello
Guys, you saw Eddie
- No.
- No, we did not see today.
His daughter said he left
with time to spare.
It must have been trapped
in traffic.
- He tried his cell phone?
- Not attending.
Where is he?
Sure, they're here.
We will have to improvise
until Eddie arrives.
Edgar. Good morning.
- It's good to see him.
- It's good to see you too, Russell.
- Hi, Anthony.
- Good morning. Mr. Rasky.
Gentlemen, I can not wait
to hear the presentation of you.
His competitors had
great work.
- I hope they can overcome them.
- Believe me. We will.
Our creative team
has worked 24 hours every day.
Come on.
we have a little problem.
Our creative director,
Eddie Schneider, you know ...
he's a little late,
due to traffic.
With all due respect, Russell.
These strikes are ending
with our airline.
I am sure he will get
at any second.
How about going
to the boardroom?
Yes, why not?
- Hi, it's good to see him. How are you?
- Hello
How are you?
You look great.
Thank you.
By far it's worth, sir ...
maybe we should take our business
Advertising Birk.
How can I help?
Eddie, are you drunk?
I have to improvise here.
I can not bring iced coffee.
Birk will cut my head.
The coffee must be cold.
Very cold, right?
Over my dead body.
Mr. Birk ...
Mr. Schneider called.
He said he will be here ...
as soon as possible,
for him.
he suggests they take a coffee ...
and relax.
It's cold!
The coffee is cold.
- Norah, call me on my cell phone.
- What?
Call me now.
Hello, everybody.
Edgar has arrived?
There he is.
Hi, Edgar, how's life?
It will speak with you.
Excuse me a moment.
- Hello?
- Eddie?
Hi, guy.
How are you?
And then?
- He asked me to call you.
- Squash at 17h?
What? Eddie? Squash?
Eddie, are you stoned?
- Eddie?
- Let's mark at 17:15 pm
- I'm in a presentation.
- What?
Okay, agreed.
See ya.
Edgar, how you feel?
Do not answer a question
with another question.
Just tell me.
How do you feel?
Enough! Let's go!
is not the way we work.
Eddie, are you crazy?
You're fired!
"You're fired."
This is the decree of a man
business of truth, Russell.
Thank you.
Back to you, Edgar.
Please tell me. How do you feel?
I feel like an idiot.
Wasting time ...
with a bunch of amateurs
putting my business at stake.
Now you know how your customers feel
when traveling with your airline.
- You're ...
- Edgar, please ...
and listen to me one minute.
I will make it worthwhile.
I promise.
Thank you.
Now visualize that.
I am a customer of Trans USA Airlines
with the passage at hand.
My passage indicates
my flight will leave at 14h.
I leave the company at 11 h. ..
to get to the airport with time
enough to check in.
I'm at the airport but can not even see
the check in counter ...
it is crowded with passengers
last minute, or waiting in line ...
who are trying to get tickets
at half the price I paid.
And you know what?
Your people are paying attention to them
and not me.
So I stand there in line
waiting for a long time.
Finally my turn comes
and the clerk tells me ...
"Lord, we are anticipating that there
a delay of at least two hours ...
Then, how about going to our area
rest and relax? "
I think: What? It's two hours more
I'd be working ...
and investing in my clients.
Would have cost ten cents
for the company to call me.
But I'm not important,
to bother? "
kindly ask her ...
"Lady, why not warn me
in advance? "
She replies:
"I'm not your personal assistant."
I get mad
and ask to speak to the supervisor.
And it comes ... Mr. Calm.
I tell him what happened and he says ...
"Lord, only hire
people very well trained.
Can I buy you a cup of coffee
at the airport bar. "
I do not hear: "Sorry,
let's quit this bitch now. "
Instead I hear:
"How about a coffee with the smell of urine ...
that looks like it is burning in the jar
since they built the airport. "
Now I am in rest area
with a cup of iced coffee in hand ...
what I see?
What I see?
"Trans USA Airlines:
Can I help you? "
You know how I feel, Edgar?
As a loser!
And this is exactly how
it feels right now ...
and will not feel better
until they make you feel better.
That's why,
from now on ...
things in the USA Trans Airlines
And I'm taking the first step,
here, now!
People do not go over this.
They are full!
I'm sick!
We are all full.
From now on ...
Our motto is ...
"Trans USA Airlines.
His business now. "
You guys rock.
Can I take a fresh coffee?
And that's hot
this time.
We work like crazy ...
He could have told us.
Yeah, you could at least
have told me.
I am copying your boss.
I know, but just had the idea
the way to work.
- There was not enough time.
- I understand.
Eddie, you're crazy!
I'm thirty years in this business
and have never seen a show like this.
Good job, son!
But please, please ...
next time,
a short notice?
Where were you?
What were you doing?
I can not tell you.
Stop it.
Stop it.
I think we want to
the usual, right?
- Sushi Plates.
- No, no, not today.
Today we celebrate!
A bottle of champagne
and lobster, please.
Our lobster!
Well, I think it has every reason
to celebrate after what he did.
No, no, no about it.
I have to tell you something.
I asked her to marry.
I asked.
Guess what?
My God, Eddie. That too!
- Congratulations!
- Thank you.
I am very happy for you.
But I also want to toast
our relationship.
It means a lot to me.
And I'm so happy because I never ...
you know.
- Trans?
- Is.
Well, you know, I have to admit ...
for a short period
I probably would not have said no.
- Short?
- Yes, short ...
but I would just
one among dozens.
- This is not true.
- It's true, yeah.
You will marry.
You must take
a conscious decision now!
- You must stop betraying Judy.
- I'll stop.
- Right. When?
- When?
When I married,
I'll stop.
Why not now?
Because it is not easy to resist,
I told you this before, right?
You stood me very well.
This is different.
You're my best friend.
Listen, I know how much you love Judy ...
but not worth the risk.
Okay, I promise.
I will not risk it.
I want to swear.
- In this menu Sushi?
- Yes, this menu of Sushi.
- I swear, Your Honor.
- And really good!
Or what?
Or I'll kick your ass.
I did.
Your baby.
Eddie, won the account!
They just call!
We did it!
Crazy bastard!
Just won the account
the largest airline in the country!
Eddie, I love him.
Attention, Please?
I would like to make a toast
the creative director.
Wait, there's more news,
more news.
From now on ...
we will be ...
Birk & Schneider Advertising.
As they say in the West ...
"Welcome, partner."
Partner, partner!
Judy ...
I will make a run,
Do not come again.
This is new.
No, Vicky ...
is serious.
I'm getting married.
I'm married.
No, seriously. Do not want to
do this. This must stop.
Listen, how's the campaign?
Well, it's almost ready.
It will be fantastic.
I have to tell you ...
for a second ...
I thought it was bluffing.
How so?
It was delayed for submission.
I do not know what you mean.
Nothing. Forget it.
how are things with Judy?
It marked
the wedding date?
Not yet.
We have plans ...
but nothing definite.
Should be a great step ...
It's a big commitment.
Till death do us part.
Well, continue with the ideas.
- Good evening, folks.
- Good evening.
The new car of Anthony.
- It's cool.
- Is.
- Okay, good night.
- Good evening.
See you tomorrow.
Anthony, you scared me.
It was not my intention.
I forgot my keys.
Never leave my
away from me.
See you tomorrow.
He had anal sex with you?
You heard me.
Eddie had anal sex with you?
What are you talking about?
Speaking of you and Eddie.
My sister's fiance.
Both of you.
You know what I mean.
You know ...
not nice, Angelina.
We pay you well and you have sex
with the future husband of my sister.
- This is not right.
- Eddie and I are just friends.
Do not lie to me.
I bet it does
all the time.
Sex with anyone. I know that is not
no difference to you.
Well ..
Until tomorrow, Anthony.
Shut up.
Shut up!
I know what goes on here.
Still not done, dear.
We both ways.
Wow! Wow!
It was perfect.
My God.
What happened to you?
That bastard!
Son of a bitch!
I swear I'll kill him.
Sorry, Angelina.
I'm so ashamed.
He should be ashamed.
- I'll smash it.
- No, Eddie, wait.
I think I'm bleeding.
Take me to a doctor, please?
How is she?
She is showing strong symptoms
post-traumatic stress.
I gave her a sedative.
She will be sleeping
for a few more hours.
Do you know who did this to her?
She said
that was one of the members.
You told her family?
No. I do not know them.
It works for me. I mean,
for the agency in which to work.
Actually, no, Eve
She's just a colleague.
I'm just here
to pay expenses.
Only one colleague, is not it?
Like us?
Please Eve
That was so long ago.
In fact,
is only four years.
Of course, for someone
with your appetite and speed ...
must seem light years.
Eve, I came seeking his help,
not to speak of the past, okay?
Listen, how about I call you
when she wakes up? Can it be?
- I can see it?
- Of course.
Thank you.
How well is not included?
Are you saying that any bum
can kick the door of my new car ...
and your insurance company
will not pay?
Listen, they say
they will not pay ...
why not include vandalism
in the policy.
Now, why not include vandalism
in the policy? Just a second!
Sorry, but I asked him
and you said it was too expensive.
I did not say that.
Hi, Eddie.
I said a second.
Now you will pay for it.
I do not see how it will happen,
Want to bet, Frenchwoman?
This will leave your next paycheck.
No, forget it.
We need to talk.
What ...
What is it?
Need a raise?
What kind of animal are you
What are you talking about?
What is your problem?
I'm talking about what he did
Angelina last night.
What did I do with it?
You raped her, dammit!
- What?
- Damn!
It is you who is getting married.
You know,
you are brave to try me.
What are you talking about?
What am I talking about?
That's what I'm talking about.
You know, stay with them.
I made these copies for you.
I thought you might want.
Do you dare
to spy on me!
consider my position.
Do not want to play
full of the moral.
I do not care if you cheat
my sister.
But I care
with this company ...
and I intend to lead this place
until retirement.
I need to know who
I'm doing business, right?
Now ...
I never want to see him do a scene
child because of a bitch.
We will have to live with each other,
you like it or not.
You keep your mouth shut and I'm
with mine. That's what being a family.
You know, it's amazing, man.
You should be in Guinness Book
world record.
How is she?
She is a little better.
She's talking
with a detective now.
Who called the police?
I, Eddie. I am obliged.
that she was raped?
We examined.
She scratched seriously ...
and medically speaking ...
there is no strong evidence.
You will get it?
No, I'm busy ...
I mean, I'll call it
later, okay?
Okay, I'll tell her.
Thank you for your help,
Thanks really.
So I will have to pass
why again?
Yes, indeed.
But I'll be constantly working
with the assistant attorney ...
that will open the process and we
all we can to help her.
What are the chances
he was sentenced?
The truth is that I believe in you,
your story sounds plausible ...
but the judge will want to
some strong evidence ...
as hematoma or sperm ...
- And we do not have it, Angelina.
- Sorry.
It was the first thing
I thought of doing.
- It was with much disgust.
- I understand.
Maybe we should let it go.
What about the person who brought it?
- Eddie?
- He can testify.
Let's take her home.
You need sleep.
- Come back tomorrow e. ..
- I do not want to go home.
I do not want to be alone.
I'm Sister Meryl.
What is your name, child?
What a beautiful name.
Please make yourself at home.
Sister, can I talk to her?
- Of course, feel free.
- Thank you.
I want to be totally honest
with you.
This will be difficult,
but we will.
We can not let him get away with,
for he will do again.
Thank you.
Thank me when we have
won in court.
Hi, you've reached Eddie Schneider,
I can not talk now ...
please leave a message
and return as soon as possible.
Have a nice day.
Eddie, I am.
You can call me when you receive
this post? Thank you.
Eddie, the Detective Helen Drake
is here to talk to you.
Hello, Mr. Schneider.
Detective Drake.
I came to collect belongings Angelina Sable
for possible evidence.
Can you show me
the workplace it?
Of course. Come with me.
Angelina told me about you.
You did the right thing.
Well, I thought I could help her
leading her to a doctor.
Eddie, his testimony will be important
for the case of Angelina.
Yes I ask you
to remember everything ...
because every detail counts.
Is there a problem?
Yes, I am the Drake Detective.
And you are?
My name is Russell Birk.
I'm the owner of this agency
and this is my son Anthony.
It is a pleasure to meet you.
I must inform you that this is part
an investigation ...
against his son by Anthony Birk
Angelina Sable possible rape.
You have a search warrant?
No, but I can get a
at a time ...
and meanwhile I will take the belongings
Angelina me.
Okay, okay ...
then ask nicely
to leave the office.
I'd love to.
- Bert in between.
- Russel.
Thanks for coming.
- Let me call Anthony, okay?
- Okay.
Bert ...
- Thank you for coming on Sunday.
- Do not say that, do not say that.
To her family working 24 hours.
You have proof, right?
- Well, it's complicated, but we ...
- Well, my son is innocent.
- I want to prove it.
- I understand.
Whatever the cost,
that jury must understand.
Anthony is the victim here ...
not that girl.
This is exactly how I see.
As a result of the "attack"
Angelina Sable spent two years ...
in a psychiatric clinic.
After he was released,
She lived with her mother.
Unable to live with his stepfather,
He left home at age 17.
What crazy.
Forget about it for a minute.
This could undermine her accusations
against Anthony.
On the other hand ...
Anthony was charged with molesting
a girl at age 17.
God! It was the same.
Someone wanting to extort
our money.
Anthony, shut up.
- Please continue.
- The lawyer will know it ...
they do their homework.
No doubt.
And as we will be?
Present a defense
so overwhelming ...
and strong ...
that even a jury
by friends and family with Angelina ...
find that Anthony
is not guilty.
Do it.
I need help from Eddie.
About you and Bert
were talking about?
About that thing
That thing?
I mean rape?
No, it was not rape.
It was ...
How do you know?
I do not know, but I think ...
innocent until proven
otherwise, right?
What they wanted from you?
- They want me to testify.
- Witness? What?
You was not even there!
They want me to testify on
the type of employee that she was ...
this kind of thing, you know.
So Bert was there
on Sunday?
It is.
I do not believe.
there is nothing you can do.
I think I'll run
Has been running a lot lately.
One second, please.
I told you this before.
I wish I could help
but I can not.
Eddie ...
Russell Birk hired
Bert Zikinsky.
He is the worst bastard
What's out there.
He does anything
to acquit their clients.
I need your help.
All I know
is that I left the office ...
and was not there when there is
what has happened, happened.
- What do you think happened?
- What I think has to do with it?
This is a police investigation,
Eddie. Okay?
We did some research
about you.
You do not get as much money to stay
a partner agency of this pattern.
So I think you're
with hands in pockets Birk.
That's funny?
Let me tell you something!
I owe nothing to anyone!
All the major accounts
that the agency has ...
are mine!
I won the!
Not a month goes by without me
receive proposals from competitors.
So do not think you know
or that I'm not in debt.
Okay, so Eddie,
Who will you choose?
A friend or a rapist?
What are you doing?
I can not sleep.
Eddie, are four and a half
come to bed.
Please sit down.
The court is in session.
The defendant, Anthony Birk, is accused of
sexually violating Angelina Sable ...
and causing, intentionally, several
wounds in the body of Miss. Sable.
An act so heinous and violent
only a high penalty would be appropriate.
- I was bleeding ...
- The fact is that it never happened.
This is ridiculous,
there was no rape.
Mr. Schneider, can you describe
what happened the night in question?
Our team worked late
around 22h and we go all out.
Ms.. Sable
was part of that group?
Yes We took the same elevator,
others fell on the ground floor.
And Angelina and I went to the garage,
we took our cars and left.
In his testimony,
you said you drove yourself.
Yes, I went out driving first,
but her car was behind me.
You were asked
for three hours by police ...
and never mentioned having seen ...
Angelina Sable into the car ...
and exit.
I always said that we were together.
Your Honor, permission to treat
the witness as hostile.
You have not seen Miss. From Sable.
The fact is you're lying ...
to protect his friend ...
and keep your job.
- Objection!
- Accepted.
You saw Miss. Sable
the next morning ...
and she was clearly
upset and distressed.
She was really in shock.
But she was
emotionally tormented ...
then, you thought something bad
must have happened to it?
I agree.
What she said
What happened?
Well, she told me
Anthony had raped a Birk.
And you responded by taking it
immediately to the doctor?
Yes, I took Dr. Sage
a good friend of mine.
Because he thought the situation required
immediate medical attention.
Yes, she was crying
and asked me ...
then I took her. That's it.
That's all.
No further questions.
Mr. Schneider ...
is safe to say you
and Miss. Sable are friends?
The condition of Miss. Sable
should have left him worried?
Yes, he left.
But you did not call the police.
First I wanted to hear
Anthony's side.
But if he had believed,
you would have called.
You had questions. Why?
Well, I know Anthony
well ...
and could not imagine doing it
something with it.
Any idea why
or as Miss. Sable ...
would make these false accusations?
Well, that afternoon,
we had lunch ...
and I informed
that the agency would dismiss it.
Russell and Anthony Birk ...
both felt that her work
was lacking.
- And you have the same opinion?
- Pardon?
You also find
she was incompetent.
So why quit?
You're not the boss
the creative department?
Yes, I am
but Anthony and Russell ...
had already made the decision,
and there was nothing I could do.
Thank you, Mr. Schneider.
Miss. Mitchell?
I would like to call Miss. Sable
to speak of these new statements.
Miss. Sable, do you remember any
conversation with Mr. Schneider ...
on any discontent
Birk for his work on Advertising?
No. Actually, I was always
praised for my performance.
Thank you.
But I remember a conversation
I had with him that day in the morning.
We talked
about their future wedding ...
and the effect it would have if
we were having.
This conversation took place
after we had sex.
Silence in court.
Mr. Zikinsky,
there any comments?
Miss. Sable, seems to have
a very active sex life.
- Objection! Your Honor!
- Accepted.
Mr. Zikinsky, please
continue with your analysis ...
and spare us feedback
so common.
Sorry, Your Honor,
but this is unbelievable.
Now Miss. Sable says it is
having sex with Mr. Schneider?
I see a very clear example here.
It is not just someone doing
what you want ...
to accuse him
to be having sex with you.
- Protest.
- Accepted.
Please tell us
Miss. Sable ...
this is the first time
accusing someone of sexual harassment?
Your Honor, I would like to read this
Police Report 12 May 98.
Protest! I have a copy
police report this!
Rejected. It is a public record.
Continue, please.
"And four boys ran
behind me, grabbed me ...
held me down
and raped me.
Suddenly ...
a black general appeared
and killed the boys. "
Remember to
this statement?
Do you care to explain
to court?
It is not surprising.
No charges were filed ...
there were no convictions.
Not true, Miss. Sable?
Because there was no evidence ...
no general black mysterious
was found ...
and there was no condemnation whatsoever.
Soon after, you spent two years
intensive care ...
in a psychiatric clinic
and you take antipsychotic medications.
You lied for nine years ...
and is lying now.
Not true, Miss. Sable?
Anthony Birk never touched ...
is just an act of desperation
for revenge.
- Objection, Your Honor!
- Okay, okay ...
Need not respond.
I did not sleep with her,
have to believe me.
Eddie, I'm not stupid!
Why did she invent something?
You know what?
I do not think I can
believe you.
Because you're lying.
I did not sleep with her.
Why do not you understand?
Do not yell at me, Eddie.
I do not deserve it.
Hi, it's Eddie.
Hi! How are you?
Not good!
I can see it?
Judy ...
I will make a run,
What are you doing?
I thought I'd run with you.
You know, exercise,
clear the mind.
Since when do you run?
For some time now.
I'm full of surprises, Eddie.
And you?
Well, I run fast
I hate to stop and wait ...
Well, try to keep up.
But do not decrease your pace.
Judy, wait!
I hurt my ankle.
My ankle.
- Damn!
- Please, Eddie. Stop it!
- Stop what?
- Stop lying!
What do you mean?
What do I mean?
Look at you.
You run four,
five times a week ...
you are totally out of shape!
Come on, be a man and admit it.
Admit what?
What is sleeping
with that woman down the street!
she's my friend, you know?
Eddie, the only race that has given
is to go to her house and back.
I am the only person in the neighborhood
it seems not to know.
I thought I would never
do this to me ...
but you did.
I was wrong.
It's all over.
You should try to eat something,
Maybe later.
by what is happening.
I have prayed for you.
Thank you.
You can not lose faith.
Must believe that we are all part
a great plan.
Sorry, sister ...
but my part in this plan
is a horror!
I am raped twice
and both times they get away.
The justice will be done.
You will make them burn
in hell?
They will pay for their crimes.
I was not very comforting to know
that animals who raped me ...
pay for it
in another life.
I understand, dear.
Try to rest.
Do you know where to find me
if you need me.
Do not hurt yourself.
You do not have guilt.
They said they did not kill
the men who raped me ...
I imagined everything.
What do you feel
in your heart?
I do not know what to believe.
You were not there
to protect myself from Anthony.
I can not help
these things happen ...
but I know that everyone has
to pay for their actions ...
sooner or later.
I want to believe
you're real.
I am ...
and this time
be with you.
But you have to help me.
They weaken.
Are you okay, honey?
I thought I heard voices.
Yeah, I should be talking
Good evening.
Good evening.
Eddie, Mr. Birk wants to see you
in the boardroom.
You I be fired?
I have no choice, Eddie.
You and Juddy will no longer be married,
but she is entitled to 50% of the business.
In these circumstances,
I can not make him my partner.
Russell ...
Judy and I are going
a crisis ...
but I'm sure
that come out of this.
Eddie, I do not think so.
In fact,
Judy asked to warn you ...
she is sending her things
to a warehouse to pick up after you.
Russell ...
What happened between you and Judy
is your problem.
But this is my agency
and they are my business ...
and I want my family
keep control.
You must understand my position.
Of course.
I'm good enough to lie
by Anthony in court and clear his bar.
You can stop.
Not my fault if you have your own
definition of "jog".
Let's not be emotional, Eddie.
Bad things happen
and we have to deal with them.
This was a second agency
when I came to work here.
He brought all major accounts
for you ...
get all
European campaigns.
I agree. Contributed substantially
to the success of this agency.
In recognition of their efforts
I am prepared to offer you ...
compensation ...
$ 200 thousand dollars.
Two hundred thousand dollars
for more than $ 20 million in business?
Russell, this is an insult!
I will look stupid?
We do not have to do this.
Take it or leave it.
Crystal, dust, stone, mescal?
What you want, girl?
I need something to start
the back of the head.
That will leave it pretty crazy.
One of these is an elephant
think you can fly.
- Wait.
- Also need something ...
start to the back of the head,
but the outside.
How so?
I need a gun.
Do not worry about it, honey.
You're doing a wonderful job.
Excuse me just a second.
need to talk to you.
- I'm busy, go away.
- Please, Judy.
Thank you, dear.
I will return next week
and bring all my friends ...
to see that wonderful store
you have.
Thank you, Mrs. Davis.
- Right. Goodbye.
- Bye.
- Take care.
- Thank you.
What do you want?
Well, congratulations on your new store.
You finally got it.
What do you want?
You know your father
I fired?
It was not my decision.
He runs the show.
I worked hard for it.
It was your choice, Eddie.
I never asked to do so.
Have you worked there
when we met.
I only wanted you.
I did not care
partner would be my father ...
or work in the correspondence.
All choices are yours.
I know.
What I was not able
to give you?
Nothing at all.
How many women
did you sleep?
How many women
did you sleep?
Some ...
- Angelina?
- No.
Please Eddie, do not lie.
I'm not lying.
It was invented because
very angry with me.
Because I lied in court.
I lied in court and gave
a false statement because Anthony ...
he found my ...
and he blackmailed.
Then he raped her.
Probably, yes.
I do not know more.
How could she do this?
I know I did silly ...
Eddie, go away, please
or do not know what I'm doing.
already got a job?
What does your dad always says ...
- Shut up, Anthony.
- Come on, be cool.
It's round again?
Listen, man!
I do not like to talk to me
after all I did for you.
It was you who failed to
keep your penis in your pants.
What does it matter?
You got $ 200 000.
It's a lot of money
for a guy like you.
Think of all the whores
that power will have sex with that money.
Wow, I think could be
inside a woman for ...
a week?
At least.
God, that annoying, that annoying.
It's a shame.
Never touch me.
You had talent, man.
You had talent.
And this is Angelina, creep.
I'll finish him off.
Can I do anything for you?
Get out of here.
Are you thinking what?
Grab a beer for me.
What do you want?
Sorry to bother you ...
just wanted you to know
I have a new job e. ..
I thought we could talk.
Eddie. Finished!
But Judy.
Miss you much.
You're drunk!
I know, but I'm sorry.
It's ridiculous ...
- But I ...
- What happened to your hand?
I fell down the stairs.
Well, you can not drive.
can catch it in the morning.
Judy, please.
Give me just five minutes,
You can sleep on the couch, but has
to leave early, okay?
What's wrong with me?
- And then?
- And then?
- Want to party?
- Party? Of course I want.
Come on.
Where are we?
We have so much fun.
- Okay.
- It's what we do.
Why not drop your pants
for me?
You like to play
That's right.
- Do not like it.
- But it works for me.
Listen, open the handcuffs,
that's not cool, okay?
Come on. I can do
whatever you want with you.
Listen, I do not know what makes
to meet ...
but do not want that!
Come on. Drugs.
Will not break, Anthony.
It's an Audi, they make cars much
strong. Remember? We made the trade.
What commercial?
What is this?
Damn! Open handcuffs,
psycho bitch ...
- Or I swear I'll call ...
- Go, call your daddy?
- Fuck you! Open the handcuffs!
- Anthony, Anthony, hear!
- I want to ask something.
- What?
You know how I felt
when you raped me?
Stop it, it was just sex.
It seems he had never done ...
What is your problem?
What is with the gun?
Can you imagine how it is when someone
forces his member inside of you?
Okay, listen ...
not nice what I did,
I should not have done it.
You can open the cuffs
Why did this to me?
I just apologize.
- I can not do anything else.
- Say.
Something came over me
and I lost my head.
It's like when you're a kid
and want something stupid ...
and then you see
What was wrong was wrong.
But you're not a child.
I always liked you.
- I flirt.
- Should I feel flattered?
We are two people
civilized, right?
Let's find a way
to solve it.
I give him $ 10,000, okay?
Ten thousand?
Ten thousand.
- Will you give me ten thousand?
- I swear to God I'll give you ten thousand.
Ten thousand of rape?
God, God!
It's a bargain!
So, $ 50,000.
Fuck you.
It is not money disgusting.
So what is it?
Stupid bitch?
I'll show you.
Where are you going?
This is not happening.
What are you doing?
What ...
Fuck you!
Get out of here.
What are you doing?
I'll kill you.
You will pay for it.
I swear to God,
I will pursue you like a dog.
Today we are gathered here
to honor your soul ...
and to give rest to the body
the beloved deceased, Anthony Birk.
Although the life of Anthony
was short ...
We can find comfort knowing
that during his stint ...
your spirit has touched
many of us.
And we must seek comfort
on the console ...
that the Lord has
a plan for everyone.
And not for us to understand
his mysterious ways.
All stand up
for a moment of silence ...
to the late Anthony Birk.
- Yes?
- Good evening, sister.
Sister, Detective Paula York
Steve Dwight.
We could talk
Angelina Sable?
- Sure, come.
- Thank you.
Why was the funeral?
He was there to make the family Birk
remember what the son did you?
Anthony did not make me anything.
I made a mistake to accuse him.
I went there to visit.
At a funeral?
It's a funny way
to do this.
It was not the first time accused
someone raped her.
I was young, okay?
I went to therapy because of it.
Nobody paid,
by my allegations, except me.
Right. So where was
the night of the murder?
I was here.
Can anyone confirm
this story?
Listen ...
is the following:
Miss. Sable ...
perhaps now is
the moment of truth.
Why not tell us exactly
what happened, okay?
She was with me.
We spent the night talking
and pray together.
She was here with me ...
all night.
Sister, can testify to that?
You'd swear
in a court, sister?
- Steve ...
- What?
She is a nun.
I could swear.
Edgar, how about a cup of coffee
before we start?
- It's hot?
- Yes Hot coffee.
Take good care of you.
Bring your account to our agency
and going beyond.
Today things go
a constant flux, it is ...
Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Schneider,
you're arrested.
How? I do not see that
in the middle of a presentation?
Shall I read their rights?
Do not complicate this further,
- You must be joking.
- No, I'm not.
Mr. Schneider, if you want to do so,
I can handcuff him here.
Not really.
I will not fall for it this time.
This guy always has something
under arms.
Excuse me,
this is a terrible mistake ...
I'll be back.
No, wait, stop, please.
Official, I am sure
that there is a way of ...
Officially, there are a bunch
the bad actors, are not they?
Please Tomas, the show is over,
bring it back now.
Come on.
You are suspected of murder.
I do not know what else to say.
This is crazy.
Confess and ready.
Confess what?
You killed the guy.
I did not kill him.
His alibi was sleeping
when you left.
His fingerprints are all over the body
Anthony Birk ...
you have a strong motive.
This is crazy.
If you do not confess, and the jury convict him,
will take at least 20 years.
It is a long time.
What reason do I have?
Please, was fired by the agency
after having placed them on top ...
and why?
- Only to have skipped around a bit.
- Open the game, Eddie.
With a good lawyer
will take between seven and nine years.
With good behavior,
will come from four or five years.
Thanks for coming.
What do you want?
I want to say I'm sorry
for what I did to you ...
if I could,
I would go back in time.
I know it was you.
I do not want to kill him.
I just ...
wanted him to understand
what he had done to me ...
and things ran a little
But you did the right thing,
he was no good.
But you must confess.
I can not.
You can not?
You need to confess or pass
the rest of my life in this prison ...
and I am innocent.
Eddie, if I go to jail
hang myself in two weeks.
No, no.
Listen, you can claim that was
to defend himself or something ...
I have a good lawyer e. ..
I know how the legal system works,
I've been there.
I deserve a future.
I deserve to feel normal
I want to sleep all night,
without waking up crying.
I have a family one day ...
have children ...
love ...
love myself.
I deserve to live, Eddie.
Yes, you deserve it.
Then the lawyer court
would an innocent ...
be condemned?
Just because you can not
find the killer.
You will hear repeatedly
attack the character of Mr. Schneider.
Why? Why
do not have any solid evidence.
He will try to play
with your emotions ...
try to make it stop
liking of Mr. Schneider.
But, frankly ...
no matter whether they like it
or not ...
but if the lawyer court
will come with solid evidence.
Hesitation ...
is my point.
Hesitation is all they need
to acquit.
I guarantee that at the end
this trial ...
in relation to Mr. Schneider ...
will have more than a hesitation.
You had an affair
with Mr. Schneider.
Well, we saw
How many times he cheated
his ex-girlfriend with you?
I do not know, it happened
for a few months ...
but Eddie wanted to finish.
He hit him a lot.
We tried to hold him
but he seemed angry.
You saw him leave that morning?
No. He had gone
when I woke up.
that he had already gone?
So from what you know, it could
have gone when you went to sleep ...
and returned to the Privilege Club ...
Anthony Birk out to wait,
to kill him.
From what you know, it could
have gone to his house that night ...
to use it as an alibi.
Why did Judy do?
Well, I wanted to try
back with her.
What time was out of Judy?
At about 06:30 h.
Why not wait to say goodbye
Why she asked me
not to be there by morning.
Respected the desire
his ex-girlfriend ...
and early in the morning
you went home.
You had no reason
the victim to hold a grudge.
After you found out the agency's
a job with better pay ...
and you're doing
very well.
There is no reason.
- Mr. Henderson, interrogation?
- Yes, of course, Your Honor.
Mr. Schneider ...
Angelina Sable knows?
You testified at trial
the rape of Miss. Sable ...
helping the late Mr. Birk
be cleared.
I witnessed
I did not know anything.
His testimony was
a crucial evidence ...
where the deceased was acquitted ...
yes or no?
Objection, Your Honor.
- This question has been answered.
- Yes, continue.
Mr. Schneider, a month after
Anthony Birk fired him ...
after five years devoted himself to
put Birk and Partners as a leader ...
and have testified on his behalf.
You must have been very sad
actually angry?
Well, I was not happy about it, but Judy
and I'd just tear us apart ...
Mr. Birk and wanted the agency
remained in the family ...
and asked me to leave.
And I was immediately hired
as creative director.
And in court,
I just told the truth ...
said nothing to help someone.
This is absurd.
It was what I read.
Do you understand what is
under oath, Mr. Schneider?
Mr. Schneider ...
Mr. Anthony Birk
ever blackmailed him?
Thank you, Mr. Schneider.
Thank you for being so clear
about never having been blackmailed ...
Anthony Birk.
I guess that rules out why.
Or not?
Or we can ...
These pictures show Mr. Schneider
having several sexual encounters ...
with several women.
- Quiet, please.
- Protest.
This is acceptable, Your Honor?
I was not aware
this evidence.
Your Honor,
it qualifies as a reason.
Mr. Schneider has a copy
these same photos ...
and it is up to the accused
inform your lawyer.
I give permission.
These photographs were taken
by Lance Bokovic ...
a private investigator
hired by Anthony Birk.
Mr. Birk blackmailed Mr. Schneider
to lie in the trial of rape ...
dismissed as having
Miss. Sable.
This photo shows Miss. Sable
Mr. Schneider and ...
the day he said
have her fired.
It seems that we can not rely on
your truth, we can, Mr. Schneider?
Anthony Birk blackmailed him
to lie for him in court.
Consequently, Mr. Birk was not
arrested for raping an employee ...
And the Lord said
sleeping around.
But Miss. Birk found out about
their active sex life alone ...
and ended the relationship.
You lost your job at
of Birk felt betrayed ...
and his need for revenge
led him to kill Anthony Birk.
You tried to cover up.
He look like a sex crime.
You are a man addicted to sex,
Mr. Schneider ...
and like any addict,
can not control.
His addiction first
led him to lie ...
and then to kill.
Is not it, Mr. Schneider?
- Why not step right over it?
- Linda, please!
People like her
not deserve to live.
Mother, stop!
You brought that ordinary
into our family.
Stop the car!
Do not send me to stop ...
He said to stop the damn car.
Do not send me to stop ...
Shut up
ignorant slut!
- Do not send me to shut up!
- Shut up! Shut up!
Shut up
or I'll do it for you.
- Judy, come back!
- Let her go!
What went
through your head, man?
You stood
in a situation of no return.
What are you talking about?
I am innocent!
Why did not you say?
I did not want them to use it
against me, okay?
That's exactly what they will do now!
But I am innocent.
I believe in his innocence.
But, friend ...
you're the only suspect.
I know who did it.
- Angelina Sable.
- How do you know?
She told me.
Damn, why did not you say?
You will have to testify against her
in court.
No, no.
- No, I will not.
- Why?
If I testify it will go to jail
she will hang herself.
Eddie, your gesture is very noble ...
but you really want to go to jail
for something it did not?
They can not arrest me
without proof.
Of course they can, man!
Wake up!
Innocent people go to jail
every day.
Eddie, do you believe
in statistics?
I do not know.
13% of all imprisoned for more
fifteen years, committed suicide.
So that leaves you with 87% chance
out of prison alive ...
the fifties.
It does not seem too bad, right?
Listen to this ...
according to official statistics
of the state penitentiary ...
21% die from problems
health ...
31% never recover
of psychological trauma.
35% die in discussions
in prison.
So adding it all ...
I show my stats
your chance of survival is 0%.
In other words ...
you are 100% screwed, man.
Eddie, Angelina will not catch
more than seven years ...
and it will only serve
four or five years.
Anthony Birk raped.
This will be taken into account.
All we need tomorrow ...
is that you go up there and tell the court
What Angelina told him.
Without this testimony, face,
your life is gone.
Mr. Schneider, please tell the court
about his conversation with Angelina Sable.
On March 17,
Angelina came to visit me in prison.
And she told him
during the visit?
She told me that ...
She told him that, Eddie?
She ...
she told me ...
Eddie, please tell the court
What Angelina told Sable.
It was a very important conversation.
Eddie, please tell the jury.
She told me
she was very ...
and wished me good luck
at trial.
Eddie! Please
repeat what I said yesterday.
That's it.
She said nothing
This is information
even very important, Mr. Swell.
Anything else?
No further questions, Your Honor.
Mr. Swell?
I would like to speak with you.
The defense has another request?
Yes, Your Honor.
I would call Judy Birk
for questioning.
Your Honor,
the defense had its chance.
New evidence appeared,
Your Honor.
We are not aware of it.
How much tolerance will be here?
Mr. Swell,
why would I allow it?
After the disrespect that you and
his client had with the court yesterday ...
I do not think that is a good time
ask for another favor.
Excuse me, sir,
but I assure you that is important.
How important?
Enough for a man not
spending 25 years in prison, I believe.
- Miss. Birk, can stand.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
Miss. Birk ...
I know you have important information
I would like to share with the court.
Sorry, but when I witnessed,
I did not tell the whole truth.
When Eddie slept in my house
he stayed there all night.
I took his keys and took them
to the room at about 06:15 h.
I could not sleep properly
that night ...
and I have heard
if he had gone.
I do not know who killed Anthony,
but I know it was not Eddie.
I swear it was there
all night.
Why yesterday you lied?
You do not understand the pressure ...
Can you speak up, Miss. Birk?
You do not understand the pressure
in my family ...
to remain united.
It was us against them.
Whenever someone accused Anthony
have done something ...
they told me it was because
someone wanted our money ...
and it was our duty to support each other,
no matter what happened ...
we all knew Anthony.
What do you mean,
Miss. Birk?
I am here to tell the truth
about my brother.
Anthony was a cruel man ...
who raped several women!
And my family was at his side,
turning a blind eye ...
and cleaning up after him,
when necessary.
Miss. Birk,
how can you declare something like this?
Because I am one of them.
Anthony raped me ...
two days after my birthday
15 years ...
and raped
other women.
My brother was ...
a cruel man ...
and took advantage of all
with whom he had contact.
He was looking for some dirt
the people around you ...
and used it to blackmail them.
He had many enemies ...
but always safava ...
because he was the son of my father.
I know this must be being
very difficult for you.
Thank you for your courage
to testify.
A surprising twist
in the case of murder ...
involving advertising,
Eddie Schneider.
After the painful testimony
his ex-girlfriend, Judy Birk ...
sister also
the murder victim.
This court was shocked
with the testimony of Miss. Birk.
We will have to wait and see
what happens in this case.
Do we know
who killed Anthony at the end?
Can I ask you a question?
Thank you very much
to witness again.
You saved my life.
It was because he loved it.
What you did there
was so angry ...
I would like to be.
You are on the road.
To the airport, please.
Are you all right,
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Great. I'm lbrahim.
I'm captain of this flight.
It is a pleasure to have her on board.
It's cold.
Take care.
You too.