One Winter Weekend (2018) Movie Script

(upbeat orchestral music)
(computer chiming)
I sent her the top
20 dating ice-breakers.
Top 20?
I thought it was
supposed to be top ten.
I know, right?
If there's that
much ice to break,
maybe you shouldn't
be on a date.
Hey, come here.
The Cyan
[Both] Wintersports 820.
Are you getting
that for your trip?
I wish.
It's a little steep on
an assistant's budget,
but a girl can dream.
Well, you could get the 620.
All the bells and whistles
for half the price.
Hmm, that's not a bad idea.
Maybe we hit up the
store before the party?
If we ever get out of here.
I really wish you were coming
snowboarding this weekend.
Yeah, I've learned my lesson
on making plans around here.
Every time I book something,
Diane sends me
another assignment.
Don't I know it.
Do you think she's read it yet?
There's only one
way to find out.
(light orchestral music)
Diane, if now's not
a good time, I--
Now is always a good time
for my favorite writer.
What do we have?
Oh, "Top Twenty
Dating Ice-Breakers."
Love the headline.
Yeah, thank you
For that.
You shouldn't feel undermined
because I write the
headlines in advance, Cara.
It gives the magazine--
A consistent voice?
You were listening.
I like it.
Oh, but you don't love it?
I want to, but it
needs a bit more pizazz.
You know, maybe a cautionary
tale of a date gone wrong.
Don't underestimate the
value of your own personal--
Dating horror stories?
(light orchestral music)
You're out there in
the singles world.
I mean, let's see that.
Actually, I started
seeing someone
Very recently.
Perfect, so I'm sure
you have some material.
Oh, I would but, the thing
is, it's going pretty well
and I was thinking,
with the New Year's
maybe I could try to
keep my personal life
a little bit more--
Um, as I recall, you asked
to be on the relationship desk.
But, I mean, if it's too much,
we can always put you
back on the beauty desk.
No, uh, no.
I will make it better.
Cara, make it
better next year.
It's New Year's.
You guys should
be out having fun.
[Both] Really?
Yeah, really.
Don't come home till
the sun comes up.
And then, you know, start
thinking about that re-write.
Happy new year.
(upbeat orchestral music)
Okay, how about this one?
Amazing because it's amazing
or amazing because we took too
long buying your snowboard?
Can't it be both?
We're never gonna make it
across town before midnight.
Oh, why don't we go to
Jesse's rooftop party.
He lives just a
couple blocks away.
I told you I can
not go to Jesse's.
We've only been dating 3 weeks.
It's too soon.
You know, the old Cara
would've gone in a heartbeat.
Exactly, but the
new Cara is careful,
aware that holiday
parties are synonymous
with romantic expectations.
You know that sounds
like one of your articles.
Oh shoot.
What's this?
[Megan] Nothing?
It's from Berkeley.
It's the grad program in
creative writing you applied to.
Maybe you got in.
Don't jinx it!
Don't you want to open it?
Oh, no no no no.
I can't.
You do it.
Well, it looks like you're gonna
be bringing in the new year
with a bang.
- Oh!
- You got in!
Oh, I'm so happy for you.
I'm kinda dying to tell Jesse.
Well, then let's hit
up that rooftop party.
Let's go.
(funk music)
I just can't believe I got in.
Well, I can.
I edited the first fifty pages
of that mystery you sent in
and I'm still dying
to read the rest.
Well, you might get your wish
because if I accept, then I
have to show up February first
with the other hundred
and fifty pages.
What do you mean "if"?
Well, it's a big decision.
I'd have to quit the magazine.
Ooh it's almost midnight!
[All] 10, nine, eight, seven,
six, five, four,
three, two...
Ooh, that's him over there.
Ooh, super cute.
(all cheering)
On second thought, not so cute.
("Auld Lang Syne"
by Robert Burke)
Should old
acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to mind
Should old
acquaintance be forgot
So, what's the rule here,
you read five pages,
you gotta buy it?
If that's the
case, I'm on the hook
for half the mystery section.
Well, you're in
your happy place.
Meh, today, I'd call it
my glumly distracted place.
Come on, it's not that bad.
It's New Year's Day, you got
a couple of new mysteries,
our favorite scone,
a cup of coffee
with a sustainable
story attached to it.
And best friend who
thinks it's never to soon
to bounce back from heartbreak.
Okay, look.
So, Jesse showed you
sooner than normal
that he was the
wrong guy for you.
You should be focusing
on the good things
going on in your life right now,
like getting into grad school.
I don't know, Meg.
The more I think
about grad school,
the more I think
it's not a good idea.
Oh, man.
How did we wind up here?
What's wrong with this place?
We just finished our
run in record time.
I was gonna treat you
to a wheat grass shot.
A, that's not a treat.
B, next time take me somewhere
that isn't also a bookstore.
I mean, last time
we came in here,
I had to pry you out of
there with the jaws of life.
Eh, what do you want from me?
This is my happy place.
Two wheat grass shots, please.
Now that I think about it,
wheat grass isn't
your worst idea.
I mean, we are gonna be
boarding the sheer
face of a glacier
in the next few days.
Yeah, I wanted to
talk to you about that.
Any chance I could take
a pass on this weekend?
No, no, no.
No, Ben.
I already took time
off from the hospital
and Dr. Shawn is no longer
accepting cancellations.
All right, it's just I'm
under a lot of pressure
to stay out of the
public eye right now.
What are you gonna do?
Stay at home and mope?
I don't mope, I brood.
Then brood on a snowboard.
Besides, you're doing
it for the charity.
Yeah, you're right.
Of course, yeah.
For the kids.
Bottoms up.
Anyway, you don't have to
worry about the public eye.
Clara Lake Resort is
not exactly a scene
if you know what I mean.
You mean there's no chance
of running into anyone we know.
No one we know, no
one you'd want to know.
All I'm saying is you
shouldn't let this Jesse stuff
cloud you judgment.
You should weigh out the
pros, not only the cons.
I have been and grad school
feels like a huge risk.
I'm just supposed to
walk away from a job
most writers would dream about?
Ha, most writers don't
understand the job requirements
of working the
relationship desk.
It's a lot of pressure,
this expectation that you
should be dating all the time.
It does take up
a lot of energy.
Energy you need to
finish your novel.
Maybe I should
take a step back.
[Megan] Yeah.
Get a little perspective.
Put dating on the back-burner.
Wait, what?
Just till I figure
this other stuff out.
Oooh, Diane is
not gonna like that.
Diane won't have a choice.
[Ben] Excuse me.
Come on, Sherlock.
No book browsing today.
We're jogging back.
Ah, when did you
become my trainer?
So, that's it for
beauty and fitness.
What's left?
Just relationships.
Right, Cara, loved
the ice-breaker changes,
which is good,
because I want you on
this new dating app, stat.
Dating app?
Well, see, the problem is I
can't actually go on dates.
I've given it up as a
New Year's resolution.
So, you're a relationship
writer who's sworn off dating?
I guess, yeah,
that sums it up.
Cara, this is a story.
I already have a headline.
The dating plan's
perfect for New Year's.
We'll put it on the site,
reprint in February.
How did we do Diet Diary?
In three parts,
one Friday, one
Saturday, one Sunday.
So, when you said Friday,
did you mean today, Friday?
Is there another Friday
I should know about?
Look, Cara, if these segments
are as good as I predict,
you'll come back on
Monday to a new title.
(light orchestral music)
Thanks guys.
That's it.
Hey, what's going on?
I thought your cousin was
picking you up for lunch.
She's got the flu.
Trip's canceled.
No, can you get
your money back?
Well, I'm on hold with
the resort right now,
but doesn't look promising.
Meg, you should go anyway.
I mean, who knows when
you'll get another chance.
I know I would.
Why don't you?
Please, I would love to go,
but I can't with
this whole dating--
[Diane] You would
love to go where?
Oh, Megan's snowboarding trip.
Her cousin canceled
and I can't just--
Why not?
I have so much to do.
I have three articles,
one due today.
There's no point going
on a dating cleanse
if you're gonna hide
out in the office.
I mean, it's about
challenging yourself.
A ski resort would
be pretty perfect.
(upbeat orchestral music)
I can't believe you're here.
A girls' trip to Clara Lake,
just like when we
were in college.
The good old days when
our biggest problem
was choosing a fondue flavor.
Mmmm, fondue.
Yes, something tells me
we haven't seen the
last of that fondue bar.
You've been pecking at that
thing for the last couple hours.
Are you actually
getting work done?
One dating cleanse
down, two to go.
The first one is called,
"From Dating Disaster
To the Dating Cleanse."
Thank you, Jesse.
That's very mature of you.
Yeah, well, I have to
start thinking objectively
if I wanna be an editor.
If being an editor's
what you really want.
I don't know what
I want anymore.
Grad school's such
a question mark,
but jumping from
writer to editor
just seems like a
real thing, you know?
Well, maybe this trip will
offer you some perspective.
And maybe getting
some real writing time
will provide clarity.
You brought your manuscript.
I have to read it again
if I wanna finish it.
It's been months.
Cara Reneau, mystery writer.
Sounds good.
I like it.
And you know what they say,
you can be anybody you wanna be
when you're on vacation.
That's our exit.
(light orchestral music)
Fondue bar, here we come.
Can't wait to carve an edge.
Thank you.
Okay, so, the bad news is
our chalet isn't ready yet,
but the good news is,
there's still enough daylight
that we can get a few runs in.
Okay, I just have
to rent my board.
Mm-hmm, let's do it.
(light orchestral music)
And everything.
You just need your left foot.
[Megan] Right?
Looks like I'm late
to the rental party.
Is that all they have left?
No way, the Cyan 920?
Is that even in stores yet?
No, it's a custom.
I can't believe
they're renting it out.
I'm gonna go get
the lift tickets.
You grab that board
before somebody else does.
Oh, sorry.
Well, I seem to have my
eyes on the same board as you.
Oh, you seem to have a
pretty firm grip on it too.
It's yours.
As long as you know, it's
not the right board for you.
Oh, yeah?
Why is that?
The top should fall
somewhere between your nose
and you chin,
but here it is, all the
way up to your eyes.
Unless you have
an advanced rider
who wants to float at
fast speeds over powder.
But I am curious, why are
you so dead-set on it?
I've used this model before.
I guess you could say, I like
to know what I'm getting.
Oh, that's pretty
cautious for somebody
about to go careening
down a mountain.
Tumbling, falling.
With a boot size like yours,
you're gonna get some overhang.
You really want
that kind of drag?
No, I suppose I don't, miss,
what did you say your name was?
I didn't.
[Ben] Enjoy the board.
(light orchestral music)
[Megan] Oh, my quads were
not ready for those moguls.
Are you sure this one's ours.
We're far from the lodge.
I know, right?
It's almost like
whoever picked it
was trying to avoid their
boss' cell phone calls.
Oh, yeah.
This is so nice.
Nice job.
- Oooh, snacks.
- Mm-hmm.
Now we're talking.
(light orchestral music)
It's not addressed to us.
Think they forgot to clean?
Yeah, really.
Wait a second,
this is still cold.
Somebody's here.
Hey, what are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
[Cara] Well, uh...
Wait, you know each other?
(light orchestral music)
okay, there must be
some kind of mistake.
Uh, yes, there is.
This man is in our chalet.
No, no no.
I already checked in
and as you can see, I
rented half a chalet.
Well, that may be
the case for you,
but we went through the
trouble of booking--
Half a chalet.
I'm calling the hotel.
This has to be fixed.
Hello, yeah.
I'd like to see if I
could book a chalet
for two ladies who...
Oh, you have nothing?
You know, it doesn't
have to be a chalet,
it could be a hotel,
a cabin, broom closet.
Thanks for checking.
Well, I was planning
on opening this tomorrow,
but maybe we should
crack it open now
and get to know one another.
Would you like a glass, Mr.--
Just Ben.
I'm not much of a fancy
wine guy, but sure,
I'll give it a shot.
But my buddy will be stoked.
He loves a good Cabernet.
Wait, buddy?
There's more than one of you?
Hey, Ben.
Uh, how 'bout a heads up next
time we're gonna have guests.
Yeah, slight issue
with the fine print.
Look, these ladies are
gonna be in the other room.
Hey, look, you know what?
It's gonna be fine.
I called the lodge, but
the resort's fully booked up.
I sort of--
Messed up.
It's all good.
The more, the merrier.
I mean, it's a huge bummer,
considering our guys
weekend and all.
Is that Cabernet?
It sure is.
You want a glass?
[Shawn] Sure.
I'm Megan, by the way.
[Cara] Cara.
I don't know about you guys,
but wine just doesn't taste
right without chocolate.
Oooh, I'll take one.
Thank you.
Really good.
Let's see what
you guys got here.
Mmm, artisanal brie,
royal fig jelly,
You guys must be
VIPs around her.
(light orchestral music)
Oooh, these are cute.
Wine charms.
Oh, not the wine charms.
What's wrong with wine charms?
How else would we know
whose wine is whose?
Hmm, makes you wonder how
people kept track of their wine
for thousands of years
before they were around.
There's a really
nice deck out front.
Maybe we should--
Yes, let's just take
this party outside.
We just got warm.
I mean, that's what
the firepit's for.
Wine charm?
Mmm, enjoy.
Don't give up, Ben.
I'm sensing you're on your
way to a solid B plus fire.
Thanks, man.
Not much you can
do with wet wood,
but hey, if you wanna go
and get some dryer logs...
Nah, you got this.
Besides, this weekend, I'm
avoiding doing anything
that could be considered work.
I'm not talking about
work, I'm not working out,
I'm not even work it on
the dance-floor, you know?
If you knew how many
variations of that
I heard on the way up, you
wouldn't be laughing either.
Well, I'm down
with the sentiment.
In fact, we should make a
pact, no work talk, period.
I don't even wanna
know what you guys do.
Right on.
On that note,
I'm gonna power this thing down,
lock it in the glove box.
I am so there with you,
in spirit.
Hey, where's Cara?
She got caught up in
that word we can't mention,
but we should take pity on her.
She got slammed this weekend.
(fire crackling)
Nice, all right.
[Shawn] Oh, sorry, man.
Come on.
(Megan laughing)
I guess I'll go find
some more matches,
unless of course, you'd like to.
No no no no, man,
go to town, okay?
There are probably
some in the kitchen.
Oh, good idea.
Like I was saying,
vacation is all about
staying off the grid.
[Megan] Mmm.
You know, there's some instant
light logs in the closet.
You have very
little faith in me.
I've known you for
all of five minutes.
How much faith should I have?
Hey, I gave you my snowboard.
That has to be worth something.
Your snowboard?
Ah, figure of speech.
I gotta hand it to you,
you got a great eye.
See this mark?
It means only 40 of
these were ever made,
which means only 39
are left in the world,
which means you lucked out.
(light orchestral music)
Funny, you didn't mention
that in the pro-shop.
Didn't want to add
fuel to the fire.
What fire?
You seemed pretty
dead set on getting it.
You should see me
at a sample sale.
You know what?
You look really familiar.
What part of Seattle
do you work in?
Hey, hey, you missed
out on our pact.
This is a work-free zone.
No work talk.
Won't argue with that.
Then shut your laptop
and come join us.
It's leisure time.
Why does no one
understand this is leisure?
Hmm, lots of words,
super close together,
looks like work.
Look closer, it's a novel.
If you're a novelist
working on a novel,
it's still work.
Unless I'm a novelist
who's avoiding her real work,
which I have to work on later.
You realize just how many
times you said the word work?
I'm sorry, I'm not used
to words being off limits.
Kind of makes it hard to
get to know each other,
doesn't it?
Well, getting to
know you's overrated.
People give you signs that
tell you who they are.
Like, you know, typing
when someone's talking.
Robes, check.
Towels, check.
It is time for some R and R.
Have you started a diary?
That thing you said
about being anyone you
wanna be on vacation,
if I'm even considering
being a mystery writer,
then I've got to
start taking notes,
treat the whole word
like one big mystery.
(light orchestral music)
Like that couple of there,
they haven't talked
for five whole minutes.
What's the story there?
maybe they're tired from skiing.
What about Ben and
Shawn's $500 gift basket?
Oh, well, actually, detective,
I have been doing
some of my own digging
and there is a story there.
Turns out, the hotel
sent it to them.
Come on, let's go, spa time.
Oooh, spa time.
Here it goes,
my last moments of
relaxation for the evening.
What do you mean?
Wi-Fi caught up with
me in the locker room.
Did Diane ask you
to do something?
Yeah, but it's nothing.
There's a new
position in the office
and she wants me to
post a job description.
But you're on vacation.
Yeah, but I can
do it in my sleep.
In fact, watch, I'll
do it right now.
Operations manager wanted
for women's magazine.
Must work well with
colorful personalities.
That's a nice
way of putting it.
Have organized work habits
and in-depth knowledge
of our business needs.
Yeah, that sounds like somebody
who already works there.
What, me?
Come on, Diane's
looking someone
with management experience.
I'm just her assistant.
Exactly, you manage Diane.
I manage her salads.
And her editorial
schedules, photo-shoots,
I never really looked
at it that way.
You know, in all honesty,
I've never really looked at it
at all.
I'm so focused on Diane,
my own stuff slips
through the cracks.
That's not true.
You planned this trip.
Yeah, look how
well that's going.
Oh, who cares
about the chalet?
We can still have
our girls' trip.
Look, I'm just gonna
take a deep breath,
mind my own business,
and pretend those guys
aren't even there.
Fair enough.
Why didn't the hotel give
us our own gift basket?
(light orchestral music)
Zen-ing out over here, Cara.
Zen-ing out.
[Megan] Right?
Are you really shushing us
at nine PM?
Yeah, he had a rough
day of not working.
He needs his beauty sleep.
Yeah, that's why there's
these things called bedrooms.
The chair is much more comfy,
plus I got my blanket,
I got my cocoa,
I got my Agatha Christie.
And Then There Were None.
Yeah, found it
on the bookshelf.
Got 50 pages left,
but I've narrowed it down to
either Vera or Judge Wargrave.
Don't ruin it.
Oh, I would never.
Although, I will say both
of your guesses are wrong.
Not hearing you.
I am curious why you two
aren't down at karaoke.
It's ladies night.
Which begs the question,
why aren't you there?
Well, sort of taking a
break from that whole world.
From he karaoke world.
No, from the dating world.
I guess you could
call it a cleanse.
Hey, if it works for you,
more power to you.
Yeah, actually it
is working for me.
It's helping me focus
on more important things
(light orchestral music)
Are you expecting someone?
Hey, man, thanks.
That's awesome.
[Man] Mm-hmm.
You know, when I said
there were only 39 of
these left in the world,
now there's only 37.
(light orchestral music)
You hear that?
It's the first
chairlift of the day.
Let's get out there.
I'm surprised you
have so much energy.
Weren't you working all night?
Good thing I was, 'cause
I finished my second
dating cleanse post and
10 pages of my novel.
Mmm, look at you.
Must be the fresh mountain air.
Well, Diane sent
me another headline.
What was it?
"Cleanse Complications,
How To Say No To
Toxic Temptations."
Yeah, well, it was
all hypothetical.
Not exactly temptation
mountain up here.
Oh, except for these.
I'm so looking forward to
the fresh mountain powder.
It snowed like nine
inches last night.
And not a soul has touched it.
We'll be the first
two out there.
(light orchestral music)
Well, maybe not the first two.
Uh, excuse me.
How did he get up there?
The lifts just started.
That guy?
Someone took him up there in
the snow grooming machine.
Now, do you agree
there's something up
with our chalet-mates?
Yeah, I think he
slipped the groomer a 20.
Okay, fine.
Well, what about the
mysterious, late night,
snowboard delivery?
- Mmm.
- Mm-hmm.
Maybe he's an online shopper.
Come on, let's
get to the summit,
before you get a
server backstory.
(light orchestral music)
It all began with a danish.
Dude, you should've
come with me, man.
How often do you get to be the
first person on the mountain?
About as often as
I get to sleep in.
It's eight AM.
Dude, eight AM is
like noon for a surgeon.
All right, time for
latte number two.
I'm gonna get a couple runs in
and don't forget
our spa thing later.
I take my vacation
time very seriously.
Oh, before I forget,
she came by the chalet
earlier looking for you.
Mr. Livingston.
It's so great to finally
meet you in person.
[Ben] Please, Ben.
You must be, Jennifer.
We are so grateful for
everything you've done
for Camp Snow.
I just wanted to ask you
about the benefit tonight.
Would you prefer to make
your speech before or after?
I'm sorry, speech?
Uh, there must be some mistake.
I'm donating to the event.
I'm not attending.
Are you sure?
There's gonna be a dance night
and the caterers--
No, I'm sure it's fantastic,
but I gotta stay out of
the public eye right now.
So, did the boards arrive?
Yes, the driver
hit some traffic,
but he should be here soon.
Okay, well, can you
just do me a favor
and shoot me a
text when they do?
Ah, might as
well get to the top
before the crowd gets--
(light orchestral music)
And the plot thickens.
Maybe he's offering her
a ride on the groomer.
Come on.
So, what's the plan?
Board, fondue, hot tub?
As fondue's on the
docket, I'm happy.
Hey, do you think I can
get some writing time in?
Yeah, be my guest.
The more you work on your novel,
the more likely it is you'll
say yes to grad school.
Eh, don't get
ahead of yourself.
(phone ringing)
Hi, Diane.
No, it's never
too early to call.
(light orchestral music)
Listen, that job
posting you put up--
[Megan] Is it okay?
Better than okay.
We got eight applicants already,
but we're in such a
rush and so overwhelmed.
Could you possibly screen them?
You mean like go
over their resumes?
No, their resumes all
look the same to me.
I need you to screen
them on the phone,
narrow them down to three.
You saw my schedule next week.
I can't possibly meet
with eight people myself.
But you don't mean
like today, right?
Don't worry.
One of the interns
scheduled the calls already.
Actually, I better get off.
The first one's gonna
be calling you in like,
I don't know, a minute.
Megan, what would
I do without you.
Huh, I can't believe this.
She wants me to screen
the candidates today,
like right now.
You can't let her
ruin your weekend.
I'm not gonna
let her ruin yours.
Why don't you head on to the top
and I'll meet up with you later.
(phone ringing)
Hi, thanks so much for
doing this on the weekend.
I hope you weren't too busy.
(light orchestral music)
Good morning.
You're up early.
Yeah, I was hoping to get
the first run in of the day,
but some guy beat me to it.
Ah, you know what they say,
all's fair in love
and snowboarding.
I don't think they say that.
Look, I kinda feel like we
got off on the wrong foot.
Did we?
I was hoping for a
weekend with my buddy,
maybe get some solitary
reflection time in.
Mmm, I know the feeling.
[Ben] What I'm
trying to say is,
what if we just start fresh,
like what if we just met
right here in this chair lift?
Oh, what, like a
proper introduction?
No signs.
You may mock me about
the whole sign thing,
but it's 100 percent fool-proof.
For example, last night
with the wine charms,
you chose the pineapple,
the least friendly fruit.
Least friendly
or best defended?
Best defended or
overly defensive?
I find that people have
all sorts of defenses,
like deflection.
Are you implying I
have something to hide?
Well, if we're going on
your wine charm theory,
I'd say you do.
You chose the sunglasses,
classic disguise.
What could that mean?
(light orchestral music)
Trees or moguls?
Why do you ask?
Honestly, so I
can do the opposite.
(light orchestral music)
(light orchestral music)
(phone chiming)
(phone chiming)
Came back early
to read, did you?
A little static over there?
Yeah, under control.
Saw some hair bands
in the bathroom.
Yeah, they'd be great
if only there was a
helmet that fit over them.
Did you finish reading?
Still think it's Vera?
Yeah, I actually I
moved onto another book.
Wait, you read my manuscript?
It was open on
the coffee table.
You had no right to read this.
But I couldn't put it down.
I had to get to the end.
It's really good.
Well, it's just
something I threw together.
I actually came
back to work on it,
get some solitary
reflection time in.
I get it.
Dying to read more.
You seem a little too
content to be inside,
reading all the time.
Okay, let's just say I haven't
been super social lately.
Just laying low, no
crazy nights out.
Something's not adding up.
You really are
a mystery writer.
Mmm, you claim
to be laying low,
but it's not what I'm seeing.
Okay, what I'm seeing
is your being a
little overly curious.
I'm telling you, sunglasses.
(light orchestral music)
And you graduated
from Portland State?
Oh, that's a year
after me, cool.
Huh, I have the
same major as you.
Well, that's great.
I, uh, we're gonna be setting
up in-person interviews
for next week and,
you know what?
I will send you all the
details in an E-mail.
Okay, thanks, bye.
How am I supposed to
sound authoritative
when the next time
I see the candidates
I'll be offering them their
choice of tea or coffee?
What exactly am I doing here?
Well, then why am
I not up for the job?
'Cause they asked for it.
(phone ringing)
Oh, another one.
Hi, thanks so much.
(light orchestral music)
Wait, I walk out,
so you walk in?
Must be one of your signs.
You sure you
don't want any help?
The menu in there can
get pretty complicated.
It's called Beer N' Brats.
I think I can
handle it on my own.
Well, sure, anyone
can order a brat,
but garnishing it,
that takes serious know-how.
Great. So the
interview will be 9:30 AM
at Mallory Magazine.
Yeah, great, see you then.
Ah, finally, last one.
Whoa, ah, whoa.
Oh, oh.
I'm sorry, I didn't see you.
You okay?
I'm okay,
but I think there's something
wrong with my wrist.
Okay, maybe you were right.
That was a
perfectly-dressed brat,
but whew--
Somebody's gonna have to
take me down the mountain
in a sled.
Yeah, I know that
condiment bar pretty well.
My brother and I used
to have topping contests
there when I was a kid.
I'm guessing you won?
We'd usually get chased out
before a winner
could be declared.
I actually wasn't sure I'd
be allowed back into there.
(light orchestral music)
But being up here
on a day like today,
just makes me wish everyone
could have this, you know?
It makes you feel like
things could be just
perfect again.
Today was pretty perfect.
That's why I was
wondering why you were
holed up, reading
most of the day.
It's this new author I found.
She's becoming one
of my favorites.
Besides I need a little rest
before I take on the pipe
where it all started.
Where it all started?
Yeah, I learned to
snowboard up here.
I landed my first 360 in
that pipe when I was nine.
I thought no one was watching
and then I just hear clapping.
I turn around and my dad's
standing there watching.
All the older kids
were laughing.
I thought I was gonna die.
I know the feeling.
My dad's a huge clapper too,
birthdays, you name it.
He still thinks he's on the
sidelines at my soccer game.
I think my dad
would've like him.
Oh, I'm sorry, I--
No, no, it's okay.
Being up here, I
can almost hear it.
This place, this sport,
it was his passion.
We used to have the
best weekends up here.
I haven't had that kind
of fun in a long time.
Weekend's not over yet.
(phone ringing)
Day job?
Won't leave me alone.
It might not matter soon.
I've been accepted
to grad school.
[Ben] Congratulations.
Well, thank you, but it
doesn't mean I'm going.
This year, I'm trying
to be more cautious.
You know, think things
through, evaluate risk.
I mean, don't get me
wrong, my job is no picnic.
Insane deadlines, phone
calls all weekend,
but, I don't know,
it's one of these jobs
most people would kill for.
Yeah, I kinda have
one of those too.
Okay, so you know, it's not
that easy to walk away from.
Wait, what's so
great about your job?
Uh, I work at a
snowboarding company.
Ohhh, right.
It's all making sense now.
Well, that should be fun.
In theory.
You know what you said
earlier about your helmet?
It would be easy enough to out
a groove her for a ponytail.
Oh, did i give
you a business idea?
It's the kind of thing
we used to jump on,
but not anymore.
Innovation's taken a
back seat to image.
Still, can't hurt
to pitch it to them.
You know, for someone who's
so cautious with her own life,
you dole out a lot
of risky advice.
- I guess I
- I guess you
[Both] like to
live vicariously.
You do realize we just
agreed on something?
I'll let it slide this time,
but don't let it happen again.
(phone chiming)
Oh, shoot.
I forgot I gotta be somewhere,
so, I'll catch you later.
You sure you don't
mind doing this?
I know you came here
to get away from work.
After I mowed you down,
the least I could do
is save you a trip
to the hospital.
I wasn't gonna leave
you with that EMT.
You know, I got nervous when
he opened the X-ray manual.
How's this feel?
Ah, tight.
It's only gonna get
worse if it swells,
so, keep it elevated
and no devices.
Wait, no.
No no no no, I got a
call in 10 minutes.
No, I don't think you
understood what I just said.
No devices.
No typing, no
texting, no calling.
For how long?
[Shawn] Two to three days.
- Ha, no no, that can't work.
- Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh.
No, no, that can't work.
You don't know my boss.
I can't tell her that.
She'll never listen to me.
(light orchestral music)
But maybe she'll
listen to a doctor.
Hi, Diane, I meant
to text you back,
but my mittens kept
getting in the way.
It's a little
snowboarding humor.
Don't get too
distracted, Cara.
There's a lot of eyeballs
on this third post.
It needs to be a real
showstopper, right?
Yeah, sure.
Maybe something about
how much you can get done
while you're not dating.
I meant something
people would wanna read.
Um, tell you what.
I'll work on some headlines--
[Cara] Um, okay.
[Diane] Well, have
fun, but remember,
I need that third
post by midnight.
Don't be late.
You got it.
If you're looking
for your friend,
she's downstairs.
Who, my friend?
Yeah, petite, dark
hair, purple jacket.
Oh, you mean Megan.
Yeah, she's in the infirmary.
It's all good.
She banged up her
wrist or something.
Oh, no.
Uh, it's this way?
[Waiter] Yeah,
right down there.
[Cara] Thank you.
You got a visitor.
Hey, hey, are you okay?
Could be worse?
[Cara] What happened?
It's just a minor
fracture and a sprain.
She'll recover a lot
faster without this.
[Cara] You
sprained your wrist?
Might even save her weekend.
Hey, my phone.
How are you feeling?
Well, other than
this, I'm hungry.
Ben, you've really
outdone yourself.
I was expecting
five or six boards,
not 15 of them, signed
by Travis Bretz.
Yeah, well you can
thank Travis for that one.
(light orchestral music)
He couldn't have signed them
if you hadn't donated them.
Giving every kid the
chance to go to camp,
no matter how little
they come from,
well, that's really
important to me.
Well, if all
goes well tonight,
even more kids will
be able to attend.
It's a good guest list.
I can't help but
think if these people
saw your level of involvement,
they may follow your lead.
Look, any other time, I
would be front and center,
but I mean, I just can't do
any public
appearances right now.
Okay, but there's not
gonna be any press tonight,
just my own photographer.
It's gonna be really low key.
It's just so rare that one
night of somebody's time
can mean so much
to so many kids.
I got to hear someone
say no to Diane today.
Shawn actually called.
You should've been there.
He was all doctorly,
like, "No devices for
the next 48 hours,
doctor's orders."
So good, I wish I was there.
What did you get up to today?
Oh, you know,
boarding, riding, more boarding.
I talked to Diane
and I had lunch with Ben.
Like a lunch lunch, huh.
What'd you guys talk about?
Nothing heavy.
I guess he works at a
snowboarding company.
And we talked
about my manuscript.
Yeah, I accidentally
left it out
and I guess he sort of read it.
You don't show your
writing to anybody.
Now, you tell me he skipped
on snowboarding today
to read your manuscript?
He's a big reader,
I don't know.
Oh, and then before that
we got stuck together
on a chair lift.
Well, I was trying to avoid him.
Guess you didn't
see the sauna rules.
Number one, no brooding.
Look, it's just this
charity thing tonight.
I feel like I should go.
I thought you weren't
doing any public events.
Yeah, I know.
The woman running it,
she was very convincing.
And she said could put
me at the back, no media,
no name tags.
Then go, no biggie.
I'll be right there at the bar,
winning the trivia
contest without you.
Yeah, but see
that's the thing.
It's our last night.
I feel like I should be hanging
with the group, you know?
The group?
And which members of the group
do you anticipate missing?
'Cause I know it isn't me.
(light orchestral music)
Did she say
something about me?
No, but I'm sensing
she dislikes you less
than she did yesterday.
Meg, you know that I
am on dating cleanse.
And even if I wasn't, Ben
is not good dating material.
He's got way too much
going on behind the scenes.
He's got secret meetings
and snowboard deliveries.
I like to write
mysteries, not live them.
And after everything that
happened on new year's,
I just, I wanna be cautious.
Fair enough.
Just don't be too
quick to judge him.
He'll show you who he
is in his own time.
Tell me this,
what would happen if
you told her the truth?
You mean if I
told her who I am?
Yeah, but then she's
just one mouse click away
from reading that story.
Well, I'm guessing
you're pretty beat,
so you wanna just
rest up tonight?
No, tonight is our last night
and rumor has it that
there's this trivia contest
and Shawn asked me
to enter with him.
Oh, cute.
Wanna come?
No, I don't wanna
be a third wheel.
You could be the fourth wheel.
Why don't you ask Ben to join?
That might conflict
with dating cleanse.
It's not a date, it's trivia.
No, I meant writing it.
I still owe Diane one more post.
I was hoping to hike
back up to the chalet
and get one last gulp of
fresh air before I start.
You sure?
(light orchestral music)
[Ben] Oh, hey.
Just the girl I was looking for.
Oh, hey.
You heading out?
Yeah, I'm gonna hike
back up to the chalet.
Have some work to finish.
So, you're staying in tonight?
Um, I don't know.
Actually, Megan mentioned
something about a trivia contest.
I'm not sure if that's
your speed, but--
Uh, what time?
Like eight-ish.
Uh, you know I sort of
committed to something at eight,
which I should
probably focus on.
Will you just give
me one minute.
I should actually head
out before it gets dark.
[Ben] Jennifer.
What do you think?
It looks awesome.
Look, I've had a change
of heart about tonight.
That's great.
Happy to hear it.
Can I bring a guest?
[Jennifer] Sure.
("This Love" by Marie Hines)
We have got no money
but we've got this
We have got no money
but we've got this love
(snowmobile approaching)
What is that buzz?
(music playing
through headphones)
Ben, what are you doing?
Look, I'm sorry I
took off back there.
I was trying to see if I
could bring a plus one.
Plus one?
The woman I was talking to,
she's throwing this
auction dance tonight.
It's for Camp Snow.
I don't know if
you've heard of it.
Sure, yeah.
They send underprivileged
kids to snowboarding camp.
Right, so my company
donated some boards
to the benefit tonight.
Now, I know you have a deadline.
I have no idea if
it would be fun,
but I do know the
chance of having fun
would be much higher
if you were with me.
(light orchestral music)
Okay, but how's
this gonna work,
'cause you're not dating
and I'm not dating.
No, we don't have
to call it a date.
Nope, mmm, we can
call it an outing.
But we have to
leave pretty soon.
Ah, hence the snowmobile.
If you say so.
All right.
What do I hold onto?
Well, for once I'm
glad I over-packed.
Am I overdressed?
No, you look perfect,
for the occasion, I mean.
Oh, of course.
Oh boy, I must look
ridiculous in this.
Then we will look
ridiculous together.
Cara, listen.
The reason I'm involved
in this thing tonight--
Ah, see, an overly
curious person
would need to know
everything about you.
Good thing you're
not one of those.
Let's just enjoy our date.
[Both] Outing.
Hi, so nice to see you again.
Thank you so much for coming.
I just wanted to let you know
how much your
donations mean to us.
Enjoy yourself.
Hi, Ben.
Oh, you must be the
guest he asked me about.
Cara Reneau.
Nice to meet you.
Ben, the snowboards
look fantastic.
[Ben] Good, glad to hear it.
Oh, if you wanna come in
and grab yourself a drink.
You know,
actually, do you mind
if we just spend a couple
minutes in the library?
This room, I had no
idea it was even here.
[Ben] Yeah.
[Cara] It's great.
[Ben] I guess the lodge
used to be a private home.
This is the only room that
survived the renovation.
I'm guessing you spent a
lot of time in here as a kid?
When I wasn't dominating
on the half pipe.
Yeah, of course.
(light orchestral music)
Look at this.
First edition,
Arthur Conan Doyle.
The Valley of Fear.
I stayed up all night
reading that as a kid.
Well, you're braver than me.
I was terrified of Moriarty,
I could only read
it during the day.
Thank you for bringing me.
Okay, full disclosure.
I actually really wanted
you to see this place.
I don't know, I thought it
might be a sign, you know?
Of what?
Of what you should be doing.
Oh, really?
So, I should quit my job
and go to grad school
because of one of your signs?
No, I meant
become a librarian.
Maybe I shouldn't
have brought it up.
No, look, it's a big decision.
I should talk about it.
Both options are good options.
I'm just not sure how I'll
feel in a year from now.
Okay, well if you can't look
forward, can you look back?
What made you wanna write
mysteries to begin with?
It always felt
like a safe place.
You can invent
danger and adventures
that have nothing to
do with your real life
and in the end it
all gets tied up
and it's usually
the good guy wins.
I think you just nailed
why I like reading so much.
Look, if I were a betting man,
I'd say you should jump
on this grad school thing.
I would put money on the fact
that you can get your
name on this shelf.
But you're not a betting guy.
Uh huh.
'Cause you like to
know what you're getting.
Well, I thought I did,
but this weekend's
made me realize
there's something to be
said for the unexpected.
I mean, when you
walked into my chalet,
started handing out
the wine charms,
I was sure my
weekend was ruined.
Oh, it's not over yet.
(gavel banging)
Okay, shall we?
(light orchestral music)
Welcome to the annual
Camp Snow benefit auction.
If everyone could
please gather around.
Let's begin with the
Cyan 920 Ice snowboard,
signed by Travis Bretz.
We start the bidding at $1500.
Do I hear $1500?
Man in the yellow tie for $1500.
Okay, the first
snowboard was made by tying
two skis together and
it was called a snoller.
It's gonna be snurfer, watch.
- I had snurfer.
- It is, it is.
That's a a funny--
I knew it, I knew it.
That's good.
(gavel banging)
Sold for $3600 to
the woman in stripes.
(crowd applauding)
Next up is the Cyan limited
edition 920 Lightning.
Freestyle, boardercross?
[Shawn] B.
Boardercross, right?
You know I got through
med school by picking B
on all my multiple choices.
That's how you got
through med school?
[Shawn] Yeah, yeah.
Air high-five.
Air high...
- [Shawn] Good job, good job.
It still hurts.
[Shawn] I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Okay, that
concludes the auction.
Thank you so much for
your generous support.
I hope you all stay
around for the dance.
I think that went pretty well.
Um, yeah, I'd say that adds
up to a lot of happy campers.
Ben, if you have a moment,
there's some people
I'd like you to meet.
(light pop music)
Oh, okay.
Uh, I--
Oh, but, Ben you
promised me this dance.
Can't keep a lady waiting.
Thinking on your feet, huh?
Should've worn my flats.
I might have to be
on my feet all night.
She keeps hounding you.
So, given all the boards
are Cyan Wintersports,
I'm guessing that's
where you work.
Nothing escapes your
eagle eye, inspector.
Ben, could I
steal a quick photo?
Oh, I don't know, uh--
(camera flashing)
It's just for our
next promo event.
You two are such
a lovely couple.
Uh, okay.
(camera flashing)
Camera shy?
Publicity shy.
So, you deal with the public.
I try and avoid it.
Well, we seem to be in it now.
Are we?
I didn't notice.
Works for Cyan Wintersports,
doesn't like publicity.
You are quite the mystery, Ben.
Oh, well that's good,
because you like mysteries.
(camera flashing)
Hey, you mind if we
get a little air?
Maybe grab some champagne?
(light piano music)
it's so beautiful,
the lights and the snow.
I wish I knew about
this place earlier
with the library.
I would've come here to write.
It sort of reminds me of
my favorite spot back home.
[Ben] Favorite spot?
Yeah, it's just this cafe.
It's sort of a bookstore too.
Anyway, they make
their own scones.
Wait, not the one on Ballard?
With the chandeliers?
What, you've been there?
I go there all the time.
That is so weird.
I wonder how we've never
crossed paths before.
Maybe it's a sign we
were meant to be here.
Yeah, that's
probably a good thing.
I can see how things can
get pretty overwhelming.
Oh, at your public-facing
job at Cyan Wintersports.
Look at you, detective.
You've almost cracked this case.
Yes, but there
is one set of dots
that I can't seem to connect.
Why come here if you
don't wanna be recognized.
I don't know.
I just figured if I came up here
where I first fell in
love with the sport,
maybe it would all stop
feeling like work, you know?
Maybe I could just
press reset, start over.
Well, here's to
new beginnings.
All sorts of new beginnings.
You know, for someone
who's not dating,
you're pretty
comfortable on an outing.
Well, maybe it's the company.
Anyway, the whole
not dating thing
is sort of a recent development.
So, who was he?
It wasn't about a guy.
It was about me.
Like you said,
hitting the reset.
Although, I guess there was guy.
Well, I wish I
could thank him.
For what?
For whatever he
did to lose you.
If he hadn't, I might
not have met you.
(door closing)
One more dance?
One more dance.
(light orchestral music)
Thank you.
Did you get this from
the list of restaurants
that Megan left for...
(computer chiming)
Ben Livingston, Ben Livingston.
(light piano music)
You know, I think
Jennifer went home.
Oh, man.
I never got to meet
all those people.
I mean we don't
have to keep dancing.
We don't have
to, but we could.
(phone vibrating)
That is not your phone.
That is totally
someone else's phone.
I'm so sorry.
Do you mind if I...
Just really quickly.
I just have to check.
It might be my boss.
I'm really sorry.
This is so embarrassing.
[Ben] What is it?
Well, apparently,
it's highly urgent
that I call my boss back
immediately, stat, asap.
[Cara] I am so sorry.
No, do it.
This won't take long.
(phone ringing)
It's a little late
for a business call.
What's up?
Hey, Cara.
Oh, hey.
I didn't know you
two were still here.
Look at you, fancy schmancy.
Yeah, perfect blizzard attire.
I'm guessing Ben roped
you into that work event.
Kicking and screaming.
How are you two doing in there?
Oh, we destroyed it.
Well, I wouldn't
say destroyed.
It's not a cage fight
or anything like that.
And we still have
another round to go.
Hey, how did you finish
that final post so quickly.
Well, I haven't actually
started, which I'm guessing
is what all these E-mails
and texts are about,
so if you'll excuse me...
Good luck.
Oh, next round.
Let's go.
(phone ringing)
[Diane] Cara, hi.
Hi, I got your text.
I don't want you to worry.
I'll have that last
post to you by midnight.
So, you haven't
written it yet?
Uh, no, I haven't.
I think we might
be able to take it
in a bit more of an
interesting direction,
happy ending for
you and the reader.
I'm not sure I understand.
I'm looking at a photo of
you at a charity event tonight.
[Cara] Okay.
With Ben Livingston.
(light orchestral music)
I mean, I went with
a friend named Ben
if that's what you're asking.
So, you know him?
Yes, I think I do.
The CEO of Cyan Wintersports?
Wait, Ben is the CEO?
The photo went live?
So, what does that mean?
She's a girl I met here.
Why do I even have
to explain myself?
Okay, look, I know I
said I'd take no risks,
She's a what?
It's a publicly
trading company.
Livingston's been on the
entrepreneurs to watch list
for the past three years.
He did tell you all
that, didn't he?
Well, not in so
many words, but--
[Diane] Of course,
he's a known player,
but you're smart.
I'm sure you sniffed
that out pretty fast.
Are you sure?
But the man I know
is nothing like that.
I mean, if anything,
he's honestly--
Tell you what,
I'll text you a link
and you can decide for yourself.
(phone chiming)
(dramatic orchestral music)
Hold up.
Your publicist said what?
Cara's a journalist.
Worse, a relationship
one whose entire
career, apparently,
is based on writing
about her own life,
about her own dates.
Are they any good?
It doesn't matter.
I don't wanna wind
up in one of 'em.
Look, my publicist, he
said it's probably best
if I head back tonight.
Do what you've gotta do.
I'll get a ride back,
figure something out.
Are you sure you don't wanna
talk this over with Cara.
I mean, maybe there's
an explanation.
No, no.
I gotta take this
for what it is.
It's a sign.
It's a sign that this
wasn't meant to work out.
See you in Seattle.
Cara, you don't have to
be the victim in all this.
What are you talking about?
Let's turn the
tables on this guy.
Make the last dating cleanse
post about Livingston,
how you met the
ultimate toxic bachelor
and threw him back.
(dramatic orchestral music)
I'm not using someone's name
to get a higher click-through.
You don't have to do anything.
I mean, there are
plenty of people
who are perfectly happy
working on the beauty desk.
I didn't think you'd
be one of them,
but maybe I was wrong.
Diane, I--
I'm simply asking you
think about it, okay?
You have two and
a half more hours.
I'm texting you the
headline right now...
Great, dead battery.
Hey, sorry.
My call ran a little long.
Yeah, I got a call too.
You know, I'm kinda beat.
I think I'm gonna head
back up to the chalet.
But you know, Shawn and Megan,
I think are gonna
stay for a while.
Maybe you should hang
out and stay with them.
No, I've gotta head back
up anyway to get my truck.
Some stuff came up.
I gotta head back to the city.
Yeah, okay.
Well, you better get going.
The longer we wait,
the harder it will be.
Best just to get it over with.
The drive, I mean.
And presenting the trophy
to the newly-crowned queen
of ski-trivia.
Thank you and to you too.
[Shawn] You deserve
it, yeah, yeah.
How is it I've
never seen you before
and we live three blocks
away from each other.
Maybe I was meant
to run into you here.
Run into you, bump into you.
Oh my...
[Shawn] Too soon?
You know, this is
gonna sound crazy,
but I'm almost, almost
glad that you did.
I mean, I haven't had
this much fun since,
since I started working.
Well, you say that
like it has to end.
Well, I am going
home tomorrow.
Yeah, true, but I was thinking
maybe we could--
(bell ringing)
Guys, sorry to do this,
but we've just been informed
that the roads are closed.
They'll be back up once
the plows get through,
but maybe find a comfy couch.
(light orchestral music)
It'll be a long night.
(dramatic orchestral music)
I guess this is it.
Drive safely.
Anyway, I have a lot
of writing to do.
Oh, great.
Let's see how bad it is.
Where's that little radio?
I got it.
(radio squealing)
[Announcer On
Radio] With snowfall
up to two feet expected,
dropping to minus 40,
residents are encouraged
to stay inside.
Road closures in Powderbowl,
Wenatchee Peak, and Clara Lake.
Looks like we're stuck here.
[Ben] You ready to try this?
Yeah, hang on my
fingers are numb.
Hurry up, freezing.
I don't get it.
How did you manage to use all
those matches on the firepit?
I had to.
I couldn't use the
easy-light logs.
Why not?
Because then you would've won.
(light orchestral music)
How could I know we'd have
the only chalet in the world
without a lighter.
Who needs a lighter when
you have a girl scout,
a battery, and steel wool?
[Ben] You're a lot
better at that than me.
You must be good
at some things.
How else would you
become the CEO?
Cara, I was trying to
tell you before the auction.
To be honest, I'm surprised
you didn't figure it out.
What with, you know, being
a journalist and all.
Do you have a
problem with that?
You tell me, I might
be a little biased.
Journalists haven't always
given me a fair shake
or done their fact checking.
So, that story
about you wasn't true?
You read it?
Just so you know, I'm not
that kind of journalist.
I'm more on the romance
and relationship beat.
I write lists about dating.
What, like 10
first-date donts?
It was actually 20, but yeah.
It's funny you
should mention it.
You know what the first one was?
Never leave abruptly.
I guess I deserve that.
Look, my publicist got upset
when the picture
of us went live.
He said it would be
best if I just left.
So, it wasn't your idea?
No, are you kidding?
I didn't want the night to end.
Look, I'm gonna
tell you everything
and let you be the judge.
No matter how this
ends between us,
I don't want it to be
because of secrets.
Will you just hear me out?
(light jazz music)
Indoor camping.
This is quite an end to
the weekend, huh, Shawn?
No complaints here.
I mean,
nothing went the way I
thought it would this weekend,
but, in a way, I think it
was exactly what I needed
to get out of my work vibe.
Don't I know it?
I mean, with my devices
gone and, let's face it,
my boss gone,
I realize how much I'm
missing out on life.
I need to make a change.
I need a long-term plan.
I was more worried about
your short-term plan.
Like, I don't know.
Dinner, Monday?
I know this great French
restaurant in our neighborhood.
They serve a mean souffle.
Maybe I can plan
that far ahead.
So, I'm in college in Boulder,
boarding every day
and I just think the boards
could be better, you know?
So, I just start shaping my own,
just clowning around
with fiberglass and epoxy
in my dorm room,
but then my friends
start buying 'em.
One of 'em goes pro and boom,
Cyan was born.
That sounds like a fairy tale.
(light orchestral music)
Yeah, it pretty much was,
until we went public last year.
Then the board of
directors took over
and they decided I was the brand
and my life stopped being mine.
All of a sudden, the
people I was with,
the people I dated,
they all affected
the bottom line.
Something tells me
this is where the world
champion skier comes in.
You know, we were only
dating for about a month.
She was training pretty hard,
said I was distracting her,
and so we broke up.
A week later, she
blew out her knee,
tanked at the games, and the
press decided a broken heart
sounded better
than a broken knee.
Of course, it ran just
as we were launching
our women's line.
Board of directors
almost fired me
just to keep up appearances.
But the company's yours.
No, it's the
shareholders' company
and the board reports to them.
They vote Monday on
if I get another term.
So, what now?
Well, they told me to
stay out of the public eye.
You know, Ben, our lives
are pretty different,
but I sorta get it,
not knowing where you
end and your work begins.
That pretty much sums it up.
But I was wrong not to just
tell you all this stuff.
No, I can see why you didn't.
Look, we came up here to reset,
not to meet someone.
The whole dating cleanse was--
Dating cleanse?
Yeah, it's a
series of articles
that I'm writing to...
Oh no, what time is it?
Ugh, I was supposed to
get my last post in today
and before midnight.
Well, there's no
one stopping you.
But I can't.
My phone's dead,
my laptop's dead.
Can it wait till
the power's back on?
No, I have to do this now.
Otherwise, I might never.
Okay, well use mine.
Yeah, got a few
minutes of juice left
and I'll send it out
when Wi-Fi is back up.
Oh, thanks.
This won't take long.
Wait, you're
doing it in there?
It's freezing.
Yeah, I have to.
What that skier said
about you is true.
You are distracting.
(light orchestral music)
I'm gonna take
that as a compliment.
Don't get ahead of yourself.
That was fast.
It's weird how easy things are
when you know what
you need to do.
Think you'll
boss will like it?
I don't think it's
what she's expecting,
but let's just say it's
what she's getting.
I'm kind of inspired.
Believe it or not,
I've come to a
realization this weekend.
What's that?
Some risks are worth taking.
(light orchestral music)
Hey hey hey, we've
come to rescue you guys.
The storm finally let up a bit.
The roads opened up a
little sooner than we thought.
- Oh.
- Oh, look at that.
Hey, we can heat
up the pizza now.
Uh, yeah.
We've got wine.
We can have a picnic.
Yeah, have a seat.
Unfortunately, we're
gonna have to eat and run.
Yeah, this storm
is just the opening.
There's a bigger one
coming in a few hours
and the roads could
be closed for days.
And I have a six AM hip
replacement on Monday.
Sorry, buddy.
I'm gonna start packing.
I might need a hand.
(light orchestral music)
So, it seems like our
outing's come to an end.
So it seems.
But, we are in
the same area code,
which means I only have
to ask for seven digits
of your phone number,
which is way less awkward.
Uh, I don't know.
What if your company
doesn't approve?
If they don't, I might just
have to get a new company.
(phone chiming)
I think this is your phone.
Just gonna warm up the truck.
You wanna explain this?
Look, Ben, I know
what this looks like,
but my boss, she sends
me these headlines
and I--
How did that even come up.
No, it's from before.
Before what?
Before my phone died.
Nothing you're
saying makes any sense.
Okay, but you have
to believe me, please.
This is just a big
Is it?
Because it seems like
it's black and white.
This is all my fault.
I should've told you
what I working on before.
No, this is my fault.
I was looking for signs
when there weren't any.
(sliding door closing)
(light orchestral music)
Thanks for driving.
Ah, if I keep my
eyes on the road,
I won't have to
think about how badly
I messed things up with Ben.
Well, if you need an
additional distraction,
I'm about to power up my
phone for the first time
in 24 hours.
Good luck.
(phone repeatedly chiming)
[Cara] Oh no.
Oh my goodness.
I gotta make a call.
Do you mind listening in?
It might cheer you up.
(phone ringing)
Megan, thank goodness.
Are you alive?
Are you close to the city?
How are your hands?
I'm fine.
I'm sorry to bother you.
I just need to
check the schedule.
Ugh, the schedule's a mess.
The intern who covered for
you put it on east coast time.
Monday at nine
AM, is there time
to fit in another interview?
For the new position?
Of course, what's
the candidate's name?
I wanna look them up.
Megan Marquand.
That's you.
Yes, it is.
When I was screening
the candidates
I realized that I
was just as qualified
and I know your business
better than anyone else.
It's just, I've never
though of you that way.
Well, it's never
too late to try.
Well, till Monday then.
Make sure you bring your resume.
Thank you
I can't believe
you just did that.
Me neither.
Well, if Diane is ever
gonna see me differently,
I need to see
myself differently.
Do you mind helping
me update my resume?
No, of course not.
It's a great idea.
(light orchestral music)
You know, sometimes people
need to see things on paper
to realize what
they've been missing.
[Shawn] Hey, what's up?
I thought we were
eating at your office.
Yeah, we may need to
find a new lunch spot.
Oh, no.
Did the board vote to--
They didn't get the chance.
I quit as soon as I
walked in the door.
You quit the
company you founded?
Well, I founded one company,
I'll found another, right?
That's the idea anyway.
So, you're free?
Well, why aren't you jumping
up and down, cheering?
You know the article Cara
wanted me to send to her boss?
The one I thought I was
some expose about me?
It wasn't.
I don't understand.
What was it?
Here, maybe I'll
just read it to you.
Dear Ms. White,
I cannot tell you what
a learning experience
Mallory Magazine has been.
I've had some great experiences
and I've learned a great
deal about the industry,
people, and myself.
However, in light
of my acceptance
into a graduate program,
please accept my resignation
effective February first.
Now, Cara,
I know you didn't
write this, did you?
Look, I know how
vindictive men can be,
so if that Livingston
guy wrote this
or convinced you to write it,
we can just delete delete.
I mean, unless--
I really did learn a lot here.
I see.
I just, uh, I wish
I would've known
what I could've
done differently.
Nothing, you have a
magazine to run here
and that's what you have to do.
This is just what I have to do.
Well, I don't agree
with your choice,
but I do admire your conviction.
Few people have it.
Hang onto it.
Go get 'em.
Hey, Cara.
I'm gonna miss you around here.
Me too, miss
operations manager.
This came for you.
(light orchestral music)
[Ben] I was afraid
you wouldn't show up.
And yet, here I am.
Look, I know I'm
sorry won't cut it.
You could always try it out.
I am really really sorry.
Anyone seeing that headline
would've thought the same thing.
No, I should've given you
the benefit of the doubt.
Well, I'll have plenty of time
to think about forgiving
you when I'm in grad school.
You accepted?
That's awesome.
(upbeat orchestral music)
I'll have plenty of time
to make it up to you.
I quit my company today.
I don't understand.
Well, it's a long story,
but going up to Clara
Lake, meeting you,
it made me realize it was
time to start something new.
Wow, I had a hard enough
time quitting my job
and it wasn't even
a company I started.
[Ben] Yeah, well, it
wasn't my company anymore.
The next one will be.
Well, I can hardly wait.
What are you thinking of making?
I'm not sure yet,
but probably a helmet
with room for ponytail.
So what, you just
walked into the board
and said, "I'm leaving"?
No speech, no press release?
Well, I had this.
(light pop music)
But that was just to remind me.
Of what, your
hatred of wine charms?
Of a girl I met
one winter weekend
who taught me that some
risks are worth taking.
So, can I ask you
on a real date?
Well, we are in
the romance section.
At one point in my life, I
would've called that a sign.
And now?
I think I'm
through with signs.
It's time to make
some of my own.
To actually hear
what I'm saying
I think we'd be just fine
(upbeat orchestral music)
(grand orchestral music)