Ong-bak (2003) Movie Script

Quiet, please!
The winner this year is young Ting!
Welcome people of Nong Pradu.
Welcome all who come!
For the presentation of robes
to our revered Ong- Bak.
This ceremony is a prelude...
to the great festival of Ong- Bak...
that will commence here
in seven days...
and which is heldjust once...
every 24 years.
It marks the auspicious
completion of two cycles.
- May peace and prosperity
reign in our community.
Where's the Buddha amulet?
The bust shows sign of wear,
the head's slightly chipped.
Hardly perfect condition!
200,000 baht is a good price!
Why won't you sell it?
Name your price!
Don, it's not for sale!
I've come all the way
from Bangkok!
I took time off work!
I never told you I'd sell it!
I'm keeping it for my son, Humlae!
For when he is
ordained as a monk!
When you decide to sell, call me!
Forget it! I don't have a telephone!
I'll give you my address!
When you decide to sell, write me!
Grounded feet!
Crocodile tail!
Elephant face!
Hanuman's ring!
Bolting horse!
The ogre's sword!
The fall of Hera!
Soldiers marching!
Mad elephant!
Cutting through the enemy!
Avoiding danger!
Dropping your head!
Knight throwing an ax!
Wave smashing the shore!
Meeting a friend!
Knight catching monkeys!
Breaking the joints!
Snake chasing lizard!
Cliff shaking!
Sticky water!
Throwing the spear!
Breaking the sword!
Raising the body!
Horse replacing bird!
I have taught you
the art of Muay Thai!
Now I ask you never to use it!
- Is that clear?
- Yes, master!
You're wondering why!
Aren't you?
In his youth, your master learned
the ancient art of Muay Thai!
Under the great master Kru Dam!
He was impatient
to try out his skills!
In a rope fistfight,
he killed his opponent!
Overcome with guilt,
he decided to become a monk!
Muay Thai is dangerous!
He doesn't want you fooling around
with it! Is it clear now?
If you're still not convinced!
Go a few rounds with me, Ting!
Hey, you vandals!
What are you doing?
Move it!
That scumbag Don!
Severed the head of Ong-Bak!
He also stole
the poor box, master.
Don is a bastard!
If we can't recover Ong- Bak's head...
our village is doomed!
Calm down.
We'll find a way!
To bring the Buddha's head back
before the great ceremony.
But who will bring it back?
I'll bring it back!
I know where Don lives!
The fate of the whole village!
Lies in your hands!
This sacred amulet
contains Ninpat herbs!
My grandfather told me
it belonged to Kru Dam!
Keep it close to your heart!
Here's Don's address!
And please give this letter to Humlae!
be sure to bring Ong-Bak
safely home to our village!
Here's some money for food!
All our hopes go with you!
Mother gave me this
before she died!
Take care of Grandmother!
give what you can!
For the journey!

Shit, I lost!

Come here!
Who'd you pick to race?
We lost by miles!
It was a fair race!
Win some, lose some!
You're being a bad loser!
You put up a girl against me?
- So I'm a girl! So what?
Do you know
who you're talking to?
Shame you don't race
as fast as you talk!
Screw you!

- Here's 10,000! The rest's security on your debts!
I pay you interest every month
and it's not due yet!
Give me some so I can bet!
- Take it or leave it!
- I guess it's better than nothing!
Hey, give me those!
You got cash!
You can leave the tabs for my boys!
You guys can score
what you need anytime, anywhere!
Why you wanna take mine?
It's too strong
for these pussies, anyway!
Hand it over, okay?
There you are at last, George.
Where's my share?
Quick! I'm in a hurry!
That asshole Peng
got wise to our scam!
He kept all the money!
What? If this is a joke
it's not funny!
Look! Check out my face!
You think I did that myself?
Hands off, I just got beat up!
Your bad luck!
How could he tell?
Forget it! You got 200 baht?
Hold on!
Pay up first, borrow later!
You always take your share
of the dough!
But never your share
of the beatings!
You're the one who messed up!
I messed up, smarty-pants?
Peng has given me
three days to pay up...
or he'll come after me.
It is you, isn't it?
Is he a friend of yours?
What do you mean?
He's talking to you!
You know this hillbilly?
Don't you remember me?
Ting from Nong Pradu!
Yeah, right!
I don't know you!
I don't know you!
Got that, sucker?
I remember you!
You're Humlae!
What kind of a name is that?
Dumbest name I ever heard!
Clear out before I kick your ass!
Go easy, Humlae-
George, I mean!
You are such a pain
in the ass, sister!
Get out of here!
- What was the name of your village?
- Nong Pradu!
Right, I'll leave
the Nong Pradu boys to it!
You must have lots
to talk about!
He shows up
and you take off!
Go then!
But leave me some dough!
Buy yourself a Band-Aid!
See ya, Humlae!
As for you, country boy,
go back where you came from!
Humlae, your dad
gave me a letter for you!
I don't know you! Scram!
This is my room!
Forget about earlier!
Close the door
or it'll be swarming with mosquitoes!
I was out of line! Sorry!
You know, our village
is in big trouble!
Don and his men
stole Ong-Bak's head!
Your dad told me
to come and find you!
So we could get it back!
- I have Don's address here!
- Save it for later!
Here, dump your gear
and go take a shower! Go on!
Come on, it'll do you good!
Through here!
- Then can we-
- Later! Here's a towel!
I'll even turn on
the light for you!
Soap's on the left,
toothpaste on the right.
And don'tjerk off
all over the floor.
Hi, is that you, Muay?
Meet me at the Khaosan Road
fight club.
Still time to place a bet on Ali?
All of it!
Where's the amulet?
Their pigheaded chief
refused to sell!
So I took Ong-Bak's head
instead, boss!
He's the village deity, boss!
They revere him!
You wasted your time!
It's a lousy lump of stone!
You're such a jerk!
Get this rock out of my sight!
Before I really get mad!
Your boys
keep letting you down, huh?
And now Pearl Harbour's!
Going to get the kamikaze treatment
from my boy Ali!
You seem very sure of that!
If you think your guy can win it,
up the stakes!
I have no limit!
Call me whenever, babe!
Next fight,
if you're still game!
Maybe you'd like to up the stakes!
The winner, Pearl Harbour!
Pearl have won three men!
- Shit!
Who wants to be next?
- Where's the villagers' money?
- What?
- Where's the money?
- How should I know?
New challenger!
Come on, lay your bets! 3 to 1!
What's country boy
think he's doing?
Yup, we can wave good-bye to Ting!
I'll give you 10 to 1!
But perhaps
you'd better not risk it!
Okay, let's up the ante
to one million!
I'm in!
I don't want to fight!
I just want my cash!
No sweat, kid, leave it to me!
We've got a new champion tonight-
- What's your name?
- Ting from Nong Pradu!
Ting, the Pradu Legend!
Prize for the winner!
No, I just want my money back!
What an idiot!
Why didn't you
take the dough, lunkhead?
If you want to fight again,
let me know!
You're good,
you can beat anyone!
I see us getting very rich!
I don't box for money!
What got into you,
stealing the villagers' money?
Not stealing, investing!
When we're rich,
I'll help you find Ong-Bak!
- Really?
- You bet!
Here's Don's address!
Can you take me?
Hold on to it,
I'll take you later!
Meantime, lend me some!
I'll pay you back when I win!
Then I'll take you!
Trust me!
Okay, get lost!
I asked you nicely, damn it!
About the loan
you asked for to set up a business...
I can't help you...
because of the drought
in the village.
Worse than that,
Don stole Ong- Bak's head.
I want you to help Ting
to get it back...
to change our fortune.
The well's nearly dry!
What will we do for water?
Please, God,
help them find Ong-Bak!
How's business?
You got your losing face on?
- Hi, Lao!
- Hi, George!
Where you been all this time?
- Working with friends!
- I'm short of staff! Can you help out?
- Sorry, I'm busy!
- Get round here!
- Another time.
- Now!
Move it!
That's better!
Get lost, you can't deal!
Sir, at your age!
You should be home
looking after the kids!
- What are you staring at, asshole?
- Get out!
And get the dye out of your hair!
Don't copy off me!
Let's see your money!
If you lose don't blame me!
Double nine!
Deal me in!
- You got money?
- 3,000 baht! Enough for you?
Let her play, if she wants to lose!
We'll clean her out!
Double eight!
Rake in the dough, George.
Wait! I have double nine!
Pay up!
- The house has a six. Shit.
- I have a nine!
- Triple eight!
- Nine points for me!
What's happening with the cards?
She's on a hot streak!
Shejust got lucky, that's all, boss.
I got a nine!
- Eight points again!
- Nine points again!
I win again! Pay up!
Eight for me!
Nine for me again! You lose!
Leave your cards on the table!
I want to see
if the chick's cheating!
She got nine points 15 times!
And I lost every round!
If you get a nine this time!
It means
you're definitely cheating!
You little devil!
Let's see!
I've got eight again!
If you get nine points,
you'd better watch out!
Y'see, boss, she got four points.
- Look!
- I don't believe it!
She has hidden cards!
I'll search her!
Calm down. I'll handle it.
Frisk her, George!
- You hiding cards?
- No way!
- Let's see!
- Where? I've no pockets!
- I'll find 'em!
- It's okay!
C'mon, sweets, get lost!
- No! Frisk her all over!
- I have! Go on, scram!
And don't let me
see here you again!
You're wasting
our valuable time!
Okay, let's fleece these suckers!
There's nobody left to fleece!
- She cleaned them out!
- Don't blame me!
8,000 in all.
3,000 for you, for college...
- What? Only 3,000?
- You don't need more!
- Why's that all I get?
- Take it and don't spend it all!
- Give me 4,000!
- No! 3,000's fine!
- That won't pay my college fees!
- Hey!
- You in the money?
- Not that shithead again!
- Give me that!
- It's mine!
It's a loan!
I'll pay you back!
What a coincidence!
I was on my way over!
- Hey, that's mine!
- What?
There's 8,000!
The rest later!
Don't look so sour-faced!
Screw the rest of the money!
You two ripped me off!
I hate that!
Get up!
I can't fight all of you!
I'm not fighting!
Rip me off, would you?
Who are you?
Stay out of this, dipshit!
I'll get you for this!
I owe you one, Ting!
I'll take you
to find Ong-Bak!
Will you box for me
just once more?
Listen to me!
You saw the trouble I was in!
If I don't pay up, I'm dead!
Help me! Fight once more!
Last time! Please-
Lay off him!
So don't help me!
Screw your stupid village!
Sending one guy
against a whole gang...
to recover Ong-Bak?
Crazy! If Ong-Bak's so great,
why's he headless?
He's just a bit of rock!
Ting! What are you doing?
- You're cousins, cut it out!
- He hit me!
Forget it!
Look who's come for you!
One beating not enough?
You're a glutton
for punishment!
I get the picture!
Listen, George...
you know what
you have to do, right?
Muay, you know
what you have to do!
Fend for yourself!
Wait for me!
Get 'em!

Follow him!
The rest with me!
I'm outta here!
Out of my way!

How does he do that?
This is not my lucky day!

Pass me your knife! Quick!
I'll skin you alive!
Knives for sale!
Knives for sale!

Catch them and kill them!

Hey! Hey!
Wait for me!
Hey, help me!
No! You're scum,
just like Don!
I know where to find him!
I'll take you there!
I know his hangouts!

Who? Anyone?
Come on! Come on!
Hey you! You!
- I've seen Don selling drugs here!
- Who's next?
- If you don't believe me, ask Muay!
- Hey you! Come on!
- Who's next? You?
- Why do you-
You? Hey! Anyone?
- Anyone?
- He's here, boss!
Who's next? Who's next? You?
If I arrange for the boxer
to fight Big Bear!
Are you in?
Could be! What are the stakes?
Come on! You wanna fight?
Come on! You wanna fight?
Hey, you!
Welcome our champion,
Ting the Pradu Legend!
Come on!
You wanna fight me?
Come on! What are you
waiting for? Let's go. I'm here.
What? You scared? Let's go!
Come on! Let's go!
What are you waiting for?
- What's going on?
- Big Bear's goading Ting!
Come and fight me! Come on!
Thai boxing's good on stage!
You should try freestyle!
You won't beat me!
Thai people are not strong enough.
That's why Thai women come
to my country and become hookers!
Come on! I'll show you!
Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Let's get it on!
I'll teach you Muay Thai!
Come on!
Fuck you!
Come on!
Come on! Come on!
You don't fight me now,
this guy will die!
- Have you seen Don?
- No!
But I see a Thai getting beaten up!
You're a coward!
Come on!
You just going to watch?
If you do, he's dead!
Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Help him or I won't help you
find Ong-Bak!
You can discuss it later,
but that guy needs help now!
- I will kill him!
- No!
Next fight! Big Bear!
And Ting, the Pradu Legend!
Come on! 5 to 1!
I'll give you 2 to 1?
Okay, I bet three million!
Fight me now? Come on!
Fuck Muay Thai!
Foot strokes face!
Hanuman visits Lanka!
If he wins
give me the prize money!
I know that!
Way to go! You're the best!
Enough! You won't
get it back today!
The next fight-
Well done! Muay,
where's the moneybag?
- What for?
- I'll only bet half of it!
- Sure?
- Trust me!
Another challenger?
This time, no odds!
Sure, 10 million on the table!
No problem!
Oh, God! Mad Dog!
Can you take it?
Leave me alone!
Let go of me!
You disappoint me!
You're the best, Ting!
I told you, Muay!
We should have bet it all!
Well then? I'm filthy rich!
Muay, pick it up!
Let's call it a day now! No more!
Ting, at this rate,
we're gonna make a fortune!
- This is so cool.
- Don!
The pigs!

C'mon, get in!
I have to deliver this week.
Tell your guys
to box up the goods.
- And no fuckups, okay?
- Yes, boss!
How do you know the hick?
How are we
going to find Don?
Eat first! Eat!
Don't worry! We'll find him!
Around here, everybody knows him!
Eat up!
Muay, come with me tomorrow!
We may have a way
to make some cash!
I have an exam tomorrow!
An exam?
You never go to college!
Are you screwing the teacher?
Come again?
Just kidding, a little joke!
You're a good student! Eat!
Thanks for agreeing to help me.
- Forget it!
- Your dad will be glad!
You owe me
three months' rent! Well?
Give me another three days, okay?
I'll have your money then!
You always say that!
I want it today or you're out!
- Take this ring instead!
- Okay, then!
You have another week to pay up!
If you don't,
you clear out of my apartment!
I want you to come home with Ting.
Don't worry about the money...
or about getting ordained.
Just come and visit now and again.
I'm thinking of you.
It's not as good as with your ex?
Fuck it!
I won't push
your drugs anymore!
Why not?
I want to kick it!
You want to kick it?
You want to clean up?
Come here!
Think you can quit
just like that?
If you think you can, go ahead!
Go right ahead!
Who's that?
Ngek! Ngek!
Ngek! Ngek!
- Where's Ong- Bak?
- I don't know.
- You took it!
- I said I don't know!
Get that guy!
Call an ambulance now!
Room 212, someone's dying!
Ting, come on! Get in.
Son of a bitch!
Make sure you check
everything's okay.
Above all!
Don't let anyone
you don't know in!
The fucker never gives up!
Get in!
The police and the
National Heritage Department...
have recovered
many stolen antiques!
Hidden at this
Chao Praya fish farm.
The horde is said
to be priceless...
because each piece
is a national treasure.
Because each piece
is a national treasure.
The National Heritage
is making a catalog
for protective conservation.
We will report any developments
to this story.
I told you
to stay out of trouble!
I didn't start it!
They were looking for Ong-Bak!
What is Ong-Bak?
The Buddha's head
I brought you!
You want to ruin me?
I lose a bet for 10 million!
And now you screw up my business
with some Buddha's head!
Don't be so sad!
Everyone has to die some day!
I'll be here for you!
What the-
Where are you taking us?
You don't know!
Who you're messing with!
I know nothing about it!
It's between Ting and Don!
Honest! I don't know anything!
I know you're looking
for this head!
You're very persistent!
If you want
I have a game we can play!
I saw Ong-Bak
with my own eyes!
Just one rope fistfight
and he'll give him back!
And he'll release Muay!
What do you say?
I'll do anything you ask!
To take Ong-Bak home
to our village!
Even if it costs me my life!

Why hold this fight
on the border?
Just a change of scenery!
I wanted a rope fistfight!
Out here, if anyone dies,
it won't be a problem!
You hate the country boy
so much, you want him dead?
If you're feeling lucky,
name the stakes!
You sound like a loser!

And now for the main event.
- In the east corner, Ting the Pradu Legend.
Ting is an up and coming fighter,
one to watch.
In the west corner,
a Burmese boxer, Saming Sibtid...
out to prove
his country's worth.
The stage is set. Bring it on guys!
For Saming Sibtid,
this is his first bout...
after a long absence.
He may be rusty.
Saming fixes Ting
with a stare.
Ting kicks with the left.
Then right, then left again.
Misses with a roundhouse.
It's gonna be a tight fight.
You wanna die, kid?
If you want Ong-Bak,
come with me!
Your reward...
for getting country boy
to throw the fight!
Hey, a little respect!
I don't revere
lumps of stone like you do!
I have no respect for religion.
I revere only myself.
Revere me also! I am God!
I decide if you live or die!
You wanted Ting to lose
and he threw the fight!
Now hand over Ong-Bak!
That hunk of rock
cost my business 100 million!
Don't think I'll ever
give it back to him!
Remember, I am God!
Dispose of them
and meet me at the cave!
Do it quietly!
I told you to be discreet!
You'll have the cops after us!
Hey! Get them!
Where's Ong-Bak?
Let me come!
I won't let anyone
die for Ong-Bak!
If someone must,
it will be me!
Ting! Ting!
Let me help you!
I never wanted it
to turn out this way!
Forgive me!
Let me do something for Nong Pradu!
Let me start the bike
for you at least!
I'm Humlae
of Nong Pradu village!
Don said that
around the other side of the mountain...
there's a cave.
You never give up, do you?
If you put your life on the line
for this tiny head!
What about this one?
Humlae, are you okay?
Go and rescue Ong-Bak! Hurry!
Don't worry about me!
Be careful!
Last time, he threw the fight!
We're almost through, boss!
Good! Hoist it up!
You want it?
What if I smash it to pieces?
Humlae, are you okay?
Get hold of Ong-Bak!
And take him home!
Can you hear me?
- Humlae!
- Muay...
study hard!
And find a good job!
Tell my father...
I'm sorry,
I won't be ordained!
Why do you say that?
We'll get you to a hospital!
- You'll be okay!
- Humlae!
George! You can't die!
You promised to take care of me!
You can't die!
Were you lying? Don't do this!
Wake up now! I have nobody else!
You promised!