Online (2013) Movie Script

Hey, food is here.
Oh great!
Okay. Who has the personal
pepperoni and mushrooms?
Who's got the spaghetti?
That's me.
Here is your large pizza.
Is there anything else
I can get you guys?
All right guys, here is to
our new boss, John Wilde.
Hear! Hear! Hear!
Thank you!
Oh, would you guys mind
if I ask the Lord
to bless the meal?
Hey Allen, don't you know that
religion isn't appropriate
Well, hey it's my party
and I say, go right ahead Allen.
Dear Heavenly Father, we ask
You to bless this meal
before we receive it.
Look over John as he steps into
his new leadership position.
Lord, give him wisdom
to make the strong,
tough choices that certainly
lie ahead with his new role.
And we ask this in
Your Holy Name, Amen!
I should have gotten the
pizza, that looks good!
Come on!
That's good!
Thank you!
Again, John, congratulations
on your promotion!
You really,
really do deserve it.
Thank you! Thank you!
I'm a little too young
for this position,
but you know I really
worked hard to get here.
About every other
night this past year.
And that's a bad thing?
She never hounds me
about the late hours,
when I forget to put
the toilet seat down.
Man, there you go talking
about your wife again.
Hope one day I find
someone like that.
I mean, seriously, they all
seem nice at first but then...
Hey kid, take it from me, enjoy
your freedom while you can.
I've been married
eight years now
and all I think about are
the ones that got away.
I'm surprised to
hear you say that.
You mean to tell me there's
never been a girl in your life
that you don't think
about every now and then?
But that was so long
ago, and we were just kids.
A lost love, huh?
Hey, do you know
what she's up to now?
Guys, I think we can
cut him a little slack;
He's a happily
married man, okay, gosh!
Thank you!
Plus, that ship sailed
a long time ago.
No, it hasn't.
I mean, come on,
this is the Internet age,
we're just a few mouse
clicks away from finding out
I can't do that, I'm married.
So am I, but I have a ton of old
flames I still talk to online.
Hey, as long as you keep it
in cyber land, it's all good.
All I'm saying is this
is the 21st Century,
what used to be taboo
is now par for the course.
I really don't
believe that, do you?
It's really getting
kind of really late,
I should be getting home.
Yeah, all right, let's...
let's settle up then.
The least I can do is
buy my new boss dinner.
Hey, quit sucking
up to the new boss.
Oh, you'll have your turn.
Oh, thank you!
Is this my welcoming committee?
Don't be too excited to see me.
It's okay.
You've been holding
down the fort?
Looks like you have.
No way!
How did I get so lucky?
Maybe you did a lot of praying
when you were younger.
Maybe I did, I am
the son of a preacher.
You don't always act like it.
Let's get out of here.
You know, I cannot wait to spend
the rest of the day with you.
Just the day?
Did I say day?
I meant the rest of my life.
Check in my...
Charlie, you scared me.
Sleepyhead, come on,
wake up, wake up,
I made you breakfast.
I don't want to wake up.
I just want eight more hours.
You know, I just don't think
it would look very good
for the new Senior Executive
to be late on his first day.
Feel better?
Now, come on, get up.
Come on, let's go, come on!
Hey, then you're going
to make me late, let's go.
No babe, I'm serious, I have
an 8 o'clock with Timmy Smitts
and he's got tonsillitis
and I'm ready to see
if those things
are ready to come out.
Don't make me use this.
You wouldn't dare.
Come on, your breakfast
is getting cold.
Good morning Mr. Wilde!
Very funny with the
Mr. Wilde stuff.
When Steve Jacobs was boss
we didn't call him Steve,
we called him Mr. Jacobs.
Yeah, but that guy was like 70.
Yeah, well, you're
management now Mr. Wilde,
it's only proper.
I think you're right.
Where is the Taylor file?
I told you it needed to be
on my desk by this morning.
John, you said we had until
this afternoon on that one.
So it's John now?
Is that how you
address your new boss?
I'm sorry Mr. Wilde, I'll
get that file right away.
Yeah, very funny John.
Hey, that's Mr. Wilde.
She wants me to call her?
Hey, what are you doing,
I love this song?
There's something
I need to tell you.
My dad told me yesterday
that we're moving to France.
What, France?
And we have to move to where
the new plant is going to be
No, no, no, this
can't be happening.
There's nothing
I can do about it John,
I have to go with my family.
Adrianna, you're my...
And you're mine.
I promise we'll be
together again someday.
What am I doing?
I'm married,
happily married.
All right!
Now, open up and say aaa.
Hmm, what would you say
if I were to give a lollipop?
You're so good
with them Dr. Wilde.
Oh, call me Mary please.
So do you have any
children of your own?
No, not yet, but trust me, this
office keeps me plenty busy.
And what about your husband,
does he want any kids?
John would be wonderful
with children, it's just...
we're just both really
busy right now, you know?
Well, looks like those tonsils
are ready to come out,
so we better book
some hospital time.
You don't need to be
scared of anything,
they'll have them out
before you know it.
And you know
what's really great,
as soon as they're out, you get
to eat nothing but ice cream
for an entire week.
So how was the first
day being boss, Boss?
A lot harder than
I thought it would be,
Yeah. Welcome to
the life of the rich,
successful and exhausted.
Doesn't quite match the
workload if you ask me.
Whatever you say,
Daddy Warbucks.
I'm out.
See you tomorrow!
See you!
Hey Gerald!
About remembering
the one that got away?
Yeah, I do, yeah, why?
If you ever had the chance
to meet up with her again,
would you?
Does a rooster crow
when it leaves the henhouse?
Try to get home before
I come back in the morning.
A cell number is attached.
Well, I need to call her.
Set this straight.
No one has called
me that in a while.
Johnny, it is you!
I'm so glad to hear from you.
I've wondered forever
if you still lived here.
I couldn't believe it
when I saw your SFP message.
Yeah, about that,
I need to apologize.
I probably wasn't using the best
judgment when I emailed you.
You see, I'm married.
Why would you apologize?
I thought it was the
sweetest thing ever.
Plus, I'm married also sweetie.
Besides, it's just two
old friends saying hello,
what's inappropriate
about that?
Well, we were a little
more than just friends.
Oh Johnny, that
was in high school.
We were just two
little kids back then.
Yeah, I guess.
So how are you?
I want to see you.
No, no, no.
Never do anything
until I tell you to.
No, no, no.
These arrogant Americans,
they have no clue how
to do business anymore.
Well, it's good that
they have a man like you
telling them what to
do then, isn't it?
That's precisely my point.
You're going somewhere?
Yup, just going to pop out
to meet an old friend.
A friend?
Yes, a friend.
I used to live here when
I was a young girl, remember?
Don't know how you
could have stood it?
These Americans, they
think only of themselves
and are lazy
beyond comprehension.
They'd outsource their
love lives if they could
Yeah, well, if it weren't
for us lazy Americans
you'd be speaking
German right now.
Adrianna, I know this
move has been hard on you,
but I promise it will
be worth it in the end.
That's what you said last
time, remember New York?
Adrianna, I'm
doing this all for you.
This is all for you, mon chri.
You better have good news.
Yeah, I can't do this.
This is a bad idea.
Mary, hey sweetheart, it's me,
crazy first day at the office.
I had no idea how hard
this was going to be.
Ah, I bet you're exhausted.
All right, well, listen, just
get home as soon as you can
because I have a surprise
waiting for you.
Okay, sounds great!
I should be home in an
hour-and-a-half or so.
Love you too!
There's nothing wrong in this,
just meeting an old friend.
No big deal.
Johnny, it's so
good to see you.
I can't believe it
after all these years.
I mean, look at you,
you look amazing!
You haven't even aged a day.
Oh, you always said
the nicest things.
Is that your car?
That, oh, no, my
car is in the shop,
that's just a loaner.
Come on!
I just got this big
promotion over at my work.
Senior Executive
at Saxon Wales.
They specialize in
marketing and advertising.
Ah, how funny?
My husband is looking
for an advertising firm
Well, maybe I can talk
to him sometimes soon.
Sure, but not tonight.
Tonight's about us having fun.
Promise me we'll
keep in contact.
We're going to be
together again, I promise.
I'll miss you.
I'll miss you,
more than you'll now.
Promise me that
no matter what happens
you're not going
to forget about me.
I promise.
Hey, this is our song.
# Why are you
striving... #
You remember this song?
# Why are you trying to
earn grace. # Me neither.
It's one of the happiest
and saddest times of my life.
# Why are you crying
# Let me lift up your face
# So don't turn away
So I guess we're having more
than just coffee now, huh?
You must try the smoked
salmon here, it's delicious.
So you've...
you've been here before?
Oh yeah, we come here
all the time, don't you?
Yeah, you know, it's...
it's good, it's good food.
I can't believe this.
This, you and me here
after all these years
hanging out just
like we promised.
Monsieur, would you
like to order a little wine?
Yes, sure, wine.
I don't want to bug him.
Oh, there goes about $500.
It's just like the
time you dropped pizza
on the front of your
pants on prom night.
Well, I'm glad you remember
the good times too.
Those are the
only times we had.
Why did you have to just
up and leave like that?
But hey, that's all
in the past, right?
Tell me, come on, what have
you been doing these past years?
Well, after we moved from here
my parents got me a modeling
contract in France,
and things were really
amazing for a while,
being so young in such
a high stressed industry.
I became a bad clich,
and let's just say I got
caught up in the wrong crowd.
But that's when I met Pierre
at a show in Montreal
and the rest as they
say is history.
John, what are you doing here?
Allen! Hi!
Oh my gosh, this
must be the famous Mary
I've heard so much about?
Hi Mrs. Wilde!
It's so nice to meet you!
I'm Allen. John's told me so
much about you, I feel like..
Allen, Allen, Allen, this is my
good friend Adrianna.
Oh, sorry, I just
assumed you'd be
out celebrating
with your wife tonight.
Sorry again about
that embarrassing thing
with my coworker.
I just hope I didn't
get you in trouble.
No, I'm good.
Hey, it was really great
catching up with you.
I have to admit seeing
you again brought back
a lot of old feelings.
What kind of feelings?
Kind that I probably
shouldn't be having.
Well, I know the feeling.
No, you don't.
After you left I was...
I was depressed
for a long time,
you were my world.
I didn't know what to do.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have done that.
We shouldn't have
done that, I'm married,
we're both married.
Good morning!
What time is it?
It's time to eat.
Breakfast is served.
What's the occasion?
Well, after last night's
fiasco I just felt bad.
You must have really
had your hands full.
What's that supposed to mean?
That you came home
from work so late.
What are you trying to say?
Nothing, I just thought that
you would be home earlier.
I told you that this promotion
was going to be rough on us.
You should know that I'm
going to be working late hours
from now on.
It's just that
when you said that
you were going to be home
in an hour and then you weren't.
I made you breakfast in bed,
what more do you want?
Hey, I was the one who was
up all night making you dinner
and sitting there by myself.
I work hard too, okay,
and a lot of times
I really don't feel
like you appreciate it.
I appreciate things plenty.
I was the one who cleaned
the bathroom floor,
you remember that?
Let's call the newspapers.
You did one thing
around the house
for the first time
in six weeks,
when I do stuff like
that every single day.
Just forget it.
I have to be at work
early anyway.
Thanks for breakfast!
Hey, what are you doing?
Sorry, I just had a
long night last night.
Yeah, speaking of last night,
what was up with you
and that young lady?
What do you mean?
Well, this may not be
my place John,
but the whole situation
looked rather inappropriate.
She is just an old friend
from high school.
Completely innocent.
So Mary knows that you were
out with her last night?
Well, come on man,
she is a woman,
There is no reason
to put her through that.
So you're meeting
with a young lady
behind your wife's
back at night,
is that what I'm
hearing you say?
It sounds so bad
when you put it that way.
Look John, as Christians
we've got to be really careful
with female relationships
outside of our marriages.
I don't care how
innocent it looks
or how good
your intentions are,
there's always a chance
for temptations to arise.
Believe me, I can control
myself, I love my wife.
I know you love...
it's not...
the Bible tells us not
to hang around temptation
to try and fight it,
but rather to
flee it altogether.
My advice to you my friend
would be to do just that.
I understand
what you're saying,
but like I said,
she's just a friend, okay?
Okay buddy.
# When I'm alone
# The faces
they come and they go #
# I wonder if they
think I've changed #
# I wish I could stay
# But be where you are
# The countrys
and citys so far #
# This is my dream
and my gift #
# But sometimes I get
# Scared
# That somehow I'll cease
to belong Anywhere #
# So I need you when it
all starts to show #
# When I'm alone
# When I'm alone
So what's going on,
you didn't come
all the way down here
this morning just to say hi?
I just, you know,
wanted to check in.
Okay, look, I don't...
I don't know what's going on.
I've never seen
John act so nuts.
I told you never
to marry that guy.
He's just like all the
other men in the world,
ain't nothing
but a bunch of dogs.
Mom, John is a wonderful man,
and for our entire
marriage he has given me
nothing but love and respect,
but it's just weird,
it's like lately he is...
it's like he is holding
something back.
Maybe he is out gambling.
That's the first sign.
It's not that.
Trust me, John is
nothing like dad was.
Well, maybe you're right.
Sorry to bother you actually,
I've to get to work, so...
Look Mary, if you
want my advice,
you're better off without him,
but since you're obviously
in love with the bum,
be honest, and demand
the same from your husband.
Thanks mom, but I really
have to get to the office
so I'll talk to you later.
Dad, hi!
It's me.
Good! Good!
Hey listen, I need your advice.
Something happened last night.
Let me give you a
call back tonight.
Okay, bye.
It is Pierre Budrow,
I believe you know my wife.
Yes, we went to
high school together.
Enough with the Chit-chat,
we need to talk.
Be at my house tonight.
I believe you know where it is.
Can't have him coming here.
Doc station.
Yeah man.
John is on line 1.
Hi sweetheart!
I have to work
late again tonight.
I'm sorry honey,
just huge new project.
I... I actually made
reservations at Antonio's.
Antonio's, that place
is kind of expensive!
Yeah, I know,
I just thought that,
you know, we could do
something special.
I know.
I'm sorry.
This new promotion
is a lot harder
than I thought it would be.
But I'll see you tonight.
Love you!
Love you too!
This way please, sir.
Mr. Budrow has
been expecting you.
Follow me please.
Is his wife home as well?
Thank you Bernard,
that will be all for now.
Mr. Wilde I presume?
Are you a billiards man?
I've played.
My wife has told
me a lot about you.
Is that right?
What did she say?
Now, do not pretend
you do not know.
I'm afraid I don't know
what you're talking about.
Would you care for sparkling
water, Mr. Wilde?
Adrianna, would you
come in here please?
Now, where were we?
You were talking
about Adrianna.
Adrianna, how good
of you to join us,
I was just getting acquainted
with your old friend.
Two sparkling waters please.
Isn't she wonderful?
Yes, she is very,
she's a good friend.
My wife has told me
many things about you,
many, many things.
She told me you are an
executive at a marketing firm
and it just so happens that I'm
in need of a marketing team.
Yes, that's correct.
I was recently promoted.
John, do you see this
place I have here?
It's very beautiful, sir.
It's peanuts I tell you.
You should see the
place I have in France.
It is much nicer than
this modern monstrosity.
Well, we don't have
the same resources
that the larger firms do,
but we do work one-on-one
with our clientele.
I've noticed that
with the larger firms
that their advertising
needs are subsidized.
We may have a smaller
number of accounts,
but we devote 100% of
our time to each one.
I don't... I don't care
for the sales speech,
I prefer results.
Can you give them to me?
That shouldn't be a problem.
Very well, your company may
represent my cosmetics line.
Our sales have been slipping
and we need these products
to appeal to the
18-24 demographic.
I can do that.
To America!
Excuse me sir, you have
an important call, Mr. Budrow.
You will receive more
information in the morning.
Now you'll excuse me while
I attend to other business.
Thank you for the drink!
Anytime Johnny!
You're home.
I am beat.
I got a huge new client today
who practically owns
the cosmetics industry.
Ah, that's great!
It is, and it isn't.
Means I'm going to be working
a lot more late nights
because of him.
Well, we'll just have
to make the best of it,
but I was actually thinking
that maybe after this campaign
is over we could
take a vacation.
We could go, I don't know,
somewhere like the Bahamas,
actually see each
other for a few days.
It sounds good!
Can we talk about
this tomorrow,
I need to get some sleep?
Early morning.
Love you!
You too!
$600 at Antonio's.
It's probably just
a client or something,
but that's a lot.
I saw you weren't in bed,
what's going on?
Nothing, just couldn't sleep,
thought I'd play
around online for awhile.
Well, I hope you're
not doing anything
that you shouldn't be doing.
Oh! So you're
accusing me of doing
who knows what just because
I'm on a computer at night?
What's with you?
What's with you?
Nothing, I'm fine.
Look, I know that you're
really like stressed out
but, you know, you've been
really snappy at me recently.
I'm sorry, just tired I guess.
Come on, Let's go back to bed.
On the computer again I see,
you're buying more shoes,
is there where you talk to all
these people you do not like?
I have to talk with
somebody, you know,
it's not like you
have any time for me.
Oh! Sweet baby!
You know that you're
the love of my life?
I have to work hard to keep
all these nice things for you.
Pierre, I don't care about
material possessions,
Hey, I like stuff, the
more stuff the better, no?
The American Dream
n'est-ce pas, no?
Not now Pierre.
I have a headache.
You know, if it wasn't for me
you would have nothing,
just another washed up,
has been model.
How dare you say that to me?
You know I gave up my career
to help us build this life.
A couple of magazine ads
does not make a career,
you mean spending my money,
then okay, you had.
Leave me alone.
Okay, fine!
Mary, we need to talk.
I'm sorry for the way
I've been acting recently.
It's just this new promotion
is getting me on edge
and to top it all off..
You know that
new client of mine?
Well, you see I kind of...
Are you expecting someone?
Don't worry, don't worry,
I'll... I'll get it,
you just stay and
enjoy your breakfast.
What's going on?
Nothing, look, this is
not what it looks like.
Actually it is.
How could you do
this to me John?
I trusted you.
We took vows.
Well, he is my man now.
Hey son!
How are you?
But after that strange
phone call last week
I thought I might
just stop by instead.
Oh, it's so great to see you!
Who is it?
Mary, my little angel!
Oh, how are you, sweetheart?
Well, come on dad,
don't just stand there,
I'll make you some breakfast.
No, no, no, no,
that's not necessary.
Mom has already
taken care of me.
Are you sure that I can't
at least get you some coffee?
I was just stopping by
on my way to church
and I just wanted to see
if you two wanted to come.
Dad, I've just been working
really late hours recently
and was hoping to
catch up on some R&R today.
I understand.
John, come on,
let's go, it would be fun.
We haven't gone in so long.
Maybe next week,
I just need to adjust
I haven't been late for a
single sermon in 20 years
and I'm not about
to start today.
Well, all right,
just please make sure
you stop by more often.
You bet angel, anytime.
Hey dad, let me
walk you to your car.
Why not?
See you later son!
Hey dad, do you
believe in soul mates?
You know the idea that there is
someone out there
for each of us?
Well, the Bible
says in Mark 10:7-8,
for this reason a man will
leave his father and his mother
and be united to his wife,
and the two shall
become one flesh.
And so I believe that the
Lord has a specific plan
for all of us
and most definitely
part of that plan is
who we spend our life with.
But as I've taught you,
our Heavenly Father
has shown us the way,
but the path of decision,
well, that's a road that
we must walk ourselves.
Are you and Mary doing okay?
Oh yeah, she's amazing!
We're great!
Well, just remember,
doubt is the devil's specialty.
I know Pops.
Hey, Mary and I will be
in church next Sunday.
All right son!
See you next week!
Who is it?
I've got to go do something.
Right now?
What is it?
It's work-related.
Okay, I trust you.
I don't know Adrianna,
I just feel guilty
about this whole thing.
But we haven't done
anything wrong.
Well, what about all
the sneaking around?
What do you call what happened
in the car that night,
that's not honest?
It was an innocent kiss.
There is nothing
wrong with that.
We're married.
Look, I know this is moving
really fast for you,
but you and I had
something long before
we met our current partners,
that's got to count
for something.
Maybe it did at one time,
but we've both
moved on since then.
I'm happy with Mary.
You are?
Yes, I am.
Then what are you
doing here with me?
Something I shouldn't be.
Check please!
There is no way these
are business dinners
They would have issued him
a corporate credit card
for something like that.
Yes, but mom,
he just got promoted
Believe it Mary, your father
did the same thing to me.
Mom, dad was an obsessive
gambler and nothing like John.
Look, I know that
John has his issues
but deep down I can trust him.
Then why did you
show this to me?
Look sweetie,
John is at that age,
and maybe he thinks he needs
something extra in his life
to prove he still has it.
What are you trying to say mom?
He is lying about
something Mary.
You need to hire a
private investigator.
That's what I did.
No, I just...
I wouldn't feel comfortable
with doing that.
I'm just going to
talk to him, okay?
Honesty is the best policy,
you said so yourself.
Oh, you remind me so much of
myself when I was your age,
too naive, and unwilling
to accept the truth
when it's right in
front of your own face.
You need a PI.
Well, you came
to the right place.
I can get to the bottom of it.
So I guess you
want him followed?
I want to know what he
is up to 24 hours a day.
Let me put it like this,
if he buys an ice cream,
I want to know the flavor.
All right!
Around the clock surveillance
is rather expensive Mrs. Taylor,
as you may or may not...
or can I call you Margaret?
Money won't be a problem
and it's Ms. Taylor.
Ms. huh, Ms.
it's Ms. Taylor,
so what you say we just stick to
the business at hand, Mr. Stark.
I'll... I'll just
get right to the facts.
I do good work
Ms. Taylor
and some of the stuff
I find is not too pretty.
I'm just making sure
you've got the stomach
for what I do find.
I own a pawnshop mister,
I can handle anything
you throw at me.
Just get the dirt I need.
I'll be in touch.
So how is your first day back?
I so wish I was still
on vacation right now.
Let me tell you,
you haven't lived
until you've been
to Costa Rica.
I mean, wow, you're going to
have to see it to believe it.
Amazing, right?
You and your husband look like
you're having so much fun.
Well, that's the
understatement of the year.
And I'll let you in
on a little secret.
I think I might be pregnant.
That's great!
I'm so happy for you.
Mary, what's wrong?
Are you all right?
What's wrong, you can tell me?
I don't know,
John and I are just
having a tough time right now.
I don't know it's just...
for the past few nights
I've been having like
this horrible feeling
that he is seeing
somebody else.
Well, have you talked
to him about it?
I just... I don't know,
I can't like...
I can never bring up
any of this stuff to him,
and ever since his promotion
he has been just so uptight,
I don't... I don't know
who to turn to anymore.
Well, you know there is one
person you can always go to?
He will never leave you
in your time of need.
He is always there
to comfort and bless us.
All you have to do
is reach out and ask.
Yeah, prayer would
probably help.
I remember when I
used to go to church
my life seemed to be better.
It reminds me of one of
my favorite Bible verses.
Proverbs 3:5, "Trust in the
LORD with all your heart
and do not lean on your
own understanding;
And in all your ways
acknowledge Him,
and He will make
your paths straight."
Every time I read that verse
it's like a breath of fresh air.
Wold you mind praying with me?
Of course not.
Heavenly Father,
my husband and
I need Your help.
God, I pray that You would
just open up his heart
and just let him see how much
love that I have for him.
God give us strength,
give us hope for the future.
John Wilde.
Adrianna, I told you,
I don't want you calling me.
What's wrong?
You're in trouble.
Okay, I'll be right there.
What was so important that
you had to call me here again?
I told you I'm not comfortable
with us seeing each other.
Well, I had to tell you
it was an emergency
or you wouldn't have come.
You lied to me.
Look, I met with
my psychic today
and she told me that we
are supposed to be together.
...You saw
some loony psychic?
Griselda is really in
touch with Mother Earth,
I am sorry, Adrianna,
I have some beliefs
that strictly forbid
that kind of stuff.
Well, who cares where
the information comes from,
the point is that the universe
is telling us something,
saying that we're soul mates.
We probably were
in another life.
Hey, my husband is going
to be out of town
for a couple of days.
It will just be
our little secret.
No Adrianna, we can't do this.
No talking, no texting,
no social friend pages,
I'm married, you're married.
No matter what our past,
this is wrong.
I'm going home to my wife.
You should go home
to your husband.
Like taking candy from a baby.
I have to call you back.
Adrianna, what happened?
Adrianna, please,
tell me what happened?
We need those proofs
ASAP, publication is at 6.
I know, I'm on it.
I don't think so.
Adrianna, I'm sorry,
I've made my decision.
Hey bud, what's going on?
You've got a minute?
Not really.
Hey John, I need you
to do me something.
What's that?
Take five.
Do you see how swamped I am?
Hey, just give me five minutes.
I can't believe how
quick I got this guy.
They prove that he is not
just having business dinners.
I knew it all along.
He is just like all the rest
of the men in the world;
Liars and cheats.
Whoa, we're not
all that bad now.
That's what every man says,
not me, I'm different,
but in the end they always
rip your heart out and crush it.
Are we talking about you
here or your daughter?
My daughter of course.
Why don't you have a seat?
So what's going on buddy?
Nothing, just...
Stressed with work thats all.
Come on, we both know
it's more than that.
Hey, as a friend,
what's going on?
I may have gotten myself
in a little bit of trouble.
You remember that woman
you saw me with at Antonio's?
Yeah, the one that was
only just your friend.
Yeah, that's the one.
She's actually more
than just a friend.
She is an
We met up again
on the Internet.
Are you having
an affair with her?
An affair, no, no,
I'm not having an affair.
We just talked online
and met up a few times.
It's no big deal.
It's not that bad, okay?
It started off with
something innocent
and got a little out of hand,
but I would never do
anything to betray Mary.
I'm afraid you
already have John.
Look, Jesus says
in Matthew 5:28,
"But I say unto you
everyone who looks at a woman
with lustful intent has
already committed adultery
with her in his heart."
those standards were written
like 2,000 years ago,
times have changed,
we've evolved.
The Internet has
even changed things.
Come on, you really
believe that?
You really believe
that the basic standards
for trust and commitment
have changed?
And you really believe that
you've not betrayed your wife
by spending time
with this woman?
Come on John, really?
What have I done?
I've got... I've got
to fix this with Mary.
I have to beg
for her forgiveness.
Yeah, well, hang on,
there's one thing you
need to do first.
You need to get your
heart right with God.
What are you talking about?
Look, the foundation
of a strong marriage
depends on more than
just a commitment
between the two of you,
but also a strong mutual
commitment to Jesus Christ.
My dad is a pastor,
remember, I know all this.
Do you really?
Look, I'm a Christian.
I go to church.
I try to live a decent life.
I'm a pretty good guy.
Yeah, I know that because
of your dad the pastor
that you've been
taught the right way.
I also know John
that you just know
what it means
to be a Christian.
But I need you to ask
yourself one question,
are you truly
walking in His light?
I'll see you back
at the office buddy.
Hey pal, you're almost
ready for church?
Yeah dad, just memorizing
the Bible verse
that I have to say out
loud in Sunday school.
Well, let's hear it.
For God so loved the world that
He gave His one and only Son,
so whoever believes in Him
will not perish
but have eternal life.
That's great son!
Yes, it means that
Jesus came to earth,
He died for our sins and that
way we can all go to heaven.
Sit down.
But there is a little
more to it than that.
You see, son,
you have to ask Jesus
to forgive you of your sins
and then let Him
into your heart
so He can become
your personal savior.
Dad, I think I'm ready to
ask Jesus into my heart.
Dear Jesus!
Dear Father,
I acknowledge to You
that I am a sinner.
I am ready to ask for
Your forgiveness Father.
I know that You died
on the Cross for me,
and that you rose again.
I am praying that
You come into my life
and become my
personal savior Lord.
I want you in my
life to serve You.
I ask this in Your Holy Name,
See, I told you
all men were pigs.
What is this?
Where did you get these?
From the private
investigator I hired.
Mom, why would you go
and do something like
that behind my back?
Well, someone
had to protect you,
because you sure weren't
going to do it yourself.
Now, I'll help you
throw his things out.
There is more going on here
than just these pictures mom,
I know it.
Mom, stop!
It's just like your
father all over again,
I can't stand it.
Men are all the same,
you can't trust them
or they'll rip out your heart.
Mom, I know that it hurt you
when dad did all of
those horrible things,
but I promise
you that this is nothing
like that with John.
I've been praying
and I can already feel
God working miracles
in our lives.
And I don't know
what His plan is yet,
but somehow I just...
I know that it's going
to work out in the end.
I have faith that it will.
I'm so glad I was able to
raise such a strong lady.
I'll never be as
strong as you mom.
Thank you sweetie!
Come here.
It's going to be all right.
Look, I'm going to talk to him;
I'm going to talk
to him tonight.
Everything is going to be okay.
John, what's the hold up?
Pierre is waiting.
Okay, boss, you're going to
have to handle that today.
Me handle it, what on earth
are you talking about?
John, listen,
it's your account.
Yeah, well, there is somewhere
else that I need to be.
Somewhere else, what
are you talking about,
this is the biggest account
this company has ever had,
what could possibly
be more important?
My wife.
Well what am I going
to tell the client?
You know, you're right,
I do need to talk to him.
Okay, in about five minutes
you're going to fire me,
for everything that
you've done for me,
you've been a great boss,
this is all my doing.
John, what are you about to do?
You kept me
waiting Mr. Wilde,
believe me I'm not a person who
is used to being kept waiting.
I understand and
I am very sorry.
May I speak with
you in private?
Yes, I think it's better
if you and I discussed
what Adrianna told
you in private.
What's my wife supposed
to have told me?
You know, what's been
going on between her and I?
What has been going on
between you and my wife?
She didn't tell you.
Pierre, I'm sure there has
been some sort of a mistake,
isn't that right, John?
Pierre, your wife
and I have been involved
in some inappropriate meetings,
I've violated my
wife's trust and yours
and for that I am very sorry.
This is who you hire
to run your marketing firm,
someone who seduces
your clients' wives.
I want him fired now.
John, when I promoted you
to Senior Executive
I thought you would be
able to represent me
and this company, I was wrong.
John, clear out
your desk, you're fired.
I want you out of this
building in an hour.
If I ever see you again,
we will settle this like men,
it is a promise.
I am sorry Mr. Budrow,
it won't happen again.
I'm going to handle
your account personally.
we need to talk.
That's an understatement.
You've been spying on me?
No, my mother actually.
There is something I need
to talk to you about.
So it's true and you
are having an affair?
Yes and no.
Let me explain.
I am all ears.
Remember that girl
I told you about that
I dated in high school?
Yeah, it was
Adrian or something.
It's Adrianna.
So you slept with a
girl from high school?
...Honey, I didn't
sleep with anybody.
Okay, then who is the
girl in the pictures?
That's Adrianna.
What is going on John?
I didn't sleep with Adrianna,
but we did have a couple of
recent inappropriate meetings.
Define inappropriate?
Well, we met for coffee
and drinks a few times
and we even went out to dinner.
Well, that would make sense
of the credit card bills.
So you went to coffee
and dinner, that's it?
I also kissed her.
How could you do
this to me, to us?
Baby, look, I'm...
I have changed.
I've accepted the
Lord into my heart.
Oh, you have, huh?
Why couldn't you have done that
before you went and
kissed some other woman?
Baby, please.
I want you to leave.
No, I don't want to talk,
I want you to leave.
Dad, I've screwed
up everything, I blew it.
Oh, nothing can be that bad.
Have a seat;
I'll put on some tea.
Now, tell me what happened.
Remember Adrianna?
Adrianna, is
that the young girl
that you had the
crush on in high school?
Well, she moved back to town
and I've been seeing
her behind Mary's back.
I see.
Does Mary know?
I just told her.
And how did she take it?
Let me put it this way, can
I sleep on your couch tonight?
Son, you're always
welcome here.
Dad, I haven't been
living a righteous life,
and I'm not just talking
about the infidelity,
I'm talking about how I've
been living day to day.
I've been living my life
without a spiritual path,
but I'm changing.
I've asked Jesus to be my
personal Lord and savior,
and I've asked Him
into my heart
and I want all of my
decisions to honor Him.
Son, I am very proud of you.
You've made mistakes,
we all do,
but how you respond
to those mistakes,
that is most important.
The Bible says
in Titus 2:11,
for the grace of God
has been revealed,
bringing salvation
to all people
and we are instructed
to turn away
from godless living
and sinful pleasures.
We should live in this
evil world with wisdom
and righteousness
and devotion to God.
You see, son, by your turning
your life over to Christ,
you've done just that.
You've turned away
from godlessness
and moved into His light.
But, how am I going
to get Mary back?
Now, son, that's...
that's not up to you,
that's up to her.
But what you need to do is
show her you're a changed man;
A man she can trust;
A man devoted to
serving the Lord;
A man devoted to serving her.
Would you pray with me son?
Our dear Heavenly Father, we
humbly come before you today
to pray for John.
Hey bud, sorry for
just dropping in,
due to what happened
at the office yesterday.
Oh no, it's good
to see you, come in.
So she's gone to her
mother's house, huh?
I think I've lost her forever.
No, I don't believe that.
She is just hurt and
probably pretty ticked off.
What have I done?
Oh, well, for starts, you've
admitted your shortcomings
and you've committed
your life to Christ, wow!
What good is committing
my life to Christ
if I've lost my marriage?
Man, I don't know if you
ever had a marriage to lose.
What are you talking about?
I know you had a wedding,
you went on a honeymoon,
probably had all the trimmings;
Probably got a marriage
license hanging on a wall
around here someplace.
I mean, that's just
material stuff,
I'm talking about a
Christ centered marriage.
What's that mean?
Well, that's when both
the husband and the wife
are united in Christ.
It's all about foundation.
Yeah, you know, when
you build something
you have to have something
rock solid to attach it to.
Building a marriage
is no different.
I've lost everything;
My job, my wife,
Allen, I'm a man
who has hit rock bottom.
That is such great news;
I mean, that's like praise
the Lord, great news!
Okay, how is that great news?
Because that's the
beauty of rock bottom,
you've got no place
else to go but up.
Oh, come on John,
can't you see?
The night is always
darkest before the dawn.
You've made a
commitment to Christ;
You've taken the first step.
John, my friend,
this is your dawn.
And I know what
my next step is.
Oh yeah, what?
I'm going to go
get my wife back.