Only the Valiant (1951) Movie Script

My name is Joe Harmony.
This is my stamping ground.
I'm a scout for the Army.
Had my work cut out for me
for a long time.
Behind that pass
there is the whole 'Apache nation.
They used to come
swarming out of that pass
killing everything in sight.
Then we built a fort.
Fort Invincible.
Plugged up the pass
just like a cork in a bottle.
Things was fine for a while.
But them 'paches is pretty smart.
One day the bottle blew
the cork plum apart.
Just as I figured.
That's Tucsos.
He's the boss of all the Apaches,
the fella that started
this whole business.
You step aside, Corporal.
The Army doesn't shoot prisoners, Joe.
I'm a civilian.
We'll take him back
to Fort Winston with us.
You crazy?
This ain't no common injun.
He's just about as near to a god
as a fella can get.
If you shoot him now,
things will quiet down.
Without Tucsos stirring them up,
the rest of them injuns
would get reasonable
just as fast as they can.
If you take him in alive,
you'll have every Apache
in the territory coming after him.
We had three years of this.
You can stop it right now.
We'll take him back to Winston, Joe.
Suit yourself, Dick.
Come on.
- Lieutenant Underwood.
- Yes, sir.
Detail the men
to return to Fort Winston.
Have them inform Colonel Drumm
that we're bringing Tucsos in.
Yes, sir.
And put a burial detail to work.
I want this place looking like
a cavalry post before we leave.
Yes, sir.
That's all he ever cares about:
Leave it looking neat.
Cavalry post.
Eyes... right!
Present arms!
Send the prisoner over to the guard
and dismiss the detail.
Yes, sir.
Detail dismount!
I tell you, I ain't never
saw the likes of it.
Mike, rack that up for me.
There were 16 million Indians.
16 million of them, I tell you!
And they're running through that pass
like a bunch of crazy jackrabbits.
Oh, stop that noise.
And right there stands this fella Tucsos,
waiting to be shot.
Just waiting to be shot!
And what does our captain do?
He says, "Men, I want
this place cleaned up
and looking like a cavalry post
the first thing you do!"
And that's all he said.
By golly, it's enough
to drive a man to drink.
This is the last time I ever
go anyplace without this.
Did he have any orders
to go through the pass
or to shoot Tucsos?
How do I know?
Well, if he didn't, he wouldn't.
Orders was made to be broke, Rutledge.
Not with Captain Lance.
I ought to know that
better than anybody.
What's the matter with Saxton?
Oh, that one.
He's tired of tooting his bugle.
Wants a carbine.
You should have seen
the poor lad up there.
Shaking in his boots he was.
It was his first time.
Ah, first time.
I know all about that.
Listen, you either got it,
or you ain't got it,
and he ain't got it.
No, sir.
Why, you...
Did you want
to say something?
Two cards, please.
- Hello, Captain Lance.
- Mrs. Drumm.
The Colonel's in his room.
Thank you.
Sit down, Captain.
Thank you, sir.
So you got him, Richard.
And they're all dead up there...
Selden, all of them.
Yes, sir.
That's horrible.
It can be worse.
There have been a few times
in my life, Richard,
when I regretted having to obey orders.
This is one of them.
I almost wish you'd
killed Tucsos up there
instead of bringing him in.
As it is, you saw these settlers
on the parade ground.
They've been coming in
for three or four days now,
looking for protection,
but it's blasted little protection they've got.
We're under-strength.
The relief column won't be here
for at least ten days.
They're sending 400 men,
which is enough to handle anything.
But if the Apaches make
a sortie to free Tucsos,
as they undoubtedly will,
this can be another Fort Invincible.
We've got to get Tucsos
up to Fort Grant right away.
The first thing tomorrow morning.
Yes, sir.
Have the adjutant
write out orders for a detail.
I'Il... I'll leave it in your hands
to choose an officer and...
and have him...
Will you please go now, Captain?
No, thank you, dear.
- Bill?
- No, thanks.
I'll answer it.
Hello, Dick. Come in.
I was wondering where you were.
I got the same treatment, Dick,
so don't feel too proud.
I gather it was pretty grim at Invincible.
It was pretty grim.
What do you think happened?
Selden forget to put out
pickets once too often?
No. Tucsos cut off their water supply.
All he had to do then was wait.
That's a smart one, that Apache.
How about a little whiskey, Dick?
No, thanks, sir.
Not right now.
Come on, Dick, have one.
It'll relax you.
Besides, it tastes mighty good.
I'll bet it does,
but I got work to do tonight.
That's the trouble with you,
Richard Lance.
You're always working.
Do this, do that.
10,000 things to do.
And when you finally
get around to me,
it's for three minutes.
If Bill treated me like that...
If Bill was a captain
and I was a lieutenant,
he could make out the reports
and I could get here first.
Thanks. I like everything
just the way it is.
Not that you can't come and visit us
when Cathy and I are married, but...
Bill, don't talk like that.
Haven't I told you?
I'm going to propose to you tonight.
See? I got here first.
I asked for the pleasure
of the company
of the beautiful daughter
of Captain Eversham.
Lo and behold, I got it,
so I'll thank you not
to make any overtures.
Don't worry, Dick.
I'll see that they don't stay out too late.
To tell you the truth, Ed,
I'm going to get a lot of sleep
tonight anyway.
I'm taking Tucsos up to Fort Grant
first thing in the morning.
- No.
- Who wished that on you?
The Army.
Who do you think?
That's a mighty dangerous detail
the way things are.
It's not as dangerous
as keeping him around here.
Now, the beautiful daughter
of Captain Eversham,
that is why I have to sleep tonight.
Good night, Cathy.
Good night, Bill.
Good night.
Dick, will I see you before you go?
If you get up real early.
You're enough to drive a woman insane,
running off like that.
Show me how much
you're gonna miss me.
That'll take a lot of showing, Cathy.
No, it wouldn't. Try.
That's how much I'm gonna miss you.
You better stop or I'll go over there
and shoot Tucsos and never leave at all.
I'd like that.
Good night, Cathy.
- Hey, Simpson.
- Yeah.
- Calhorn.
- Right.
- You're on a patrol tomorrow. 5:30.
- How nice.
I thought you'd like it.
Where's Kebussyan?
Probably tagging along
after Lieutenant Holloway.
I suppose you're right.
Thanks, Gilchrist.
I've done nothing for you, Murdock.
You brought Tucsos back.
Lance is taking him back
to Fort Grant tomorrow.
You going with him?
What do you think?
Well, the country's beautiful
this time of year, Mr. Murdock.
Be just as easy if the whole patrol
committed suicide tonight.
Save the Apaches a lot of trouble.
And if Lance don't wanna shoot himself,
I'll be glad to do it for him.
I wouldn't mind having
that pleasure myself.
But I'll say one thing.
If there's anybody can take
Tucsos up to Fort Grant,
it's Captain Lance.
I hate his black heart, too,
but he's still the best officer
I ever served under.
Didn't the captain
really wanna shoot him?
- Well, he...
- Sure.
But he wants to do it
all neat and proper,
according to regulations.
The way he should have shot you, Onstot.
Except deserters get hung,
unless they're lucky.
Hi, Dick.
Hi, Joe.
Thought you'd be in bed.
I've got too much to do.
I don't like what
you're gonna do tomorrow.
I don't like it at all.
Neither do I, but it's gotta be done.
I'm telling you straight.
Any detail leaves here with Tucsos
maybe ain't gonna come back.
I just rode out a couple hours.
Them hills is full of Apaches.
I could feel 'em.
They'll be coming after him.
Well, I got my orders.
I figured that's what you'd say.
I'll walk a piece with you.
I've gotta be getting back, Bill.
You still haven't answered me.
Yes, I have, by not answering.
You mean it's no.
Dick's the one?
How long have you known it?
I don't know.
I do.
I guess I always have.
You know, when I think of your future,
I tremble.
He'll beat your children
and break your heart.
Every day?
Every single day.
Yes, he will be wonderful, Cathy.
Has he asked you yet?
Not yet.
Do you know what he's gonna do
when you say yes?
No, what?
Good night, Joe.
See you in the morning, Dick.
Lance, I was over in your quarters
looking for you.
The Colonel wants to see you.
Where's Holloway?
Come in.
- Good evening, Captain.
- Mrs. Drumm.
If you'll excuse me.
You sent for me, sir?
I certainly did, Richard.
What do you think you're doing?
I told you to assign an officer to the detail
that is taking Tucsos back.
I didn't say assign yourself.
You didn't say not to, sir.
I thought you'd have
more sense than that.
You know we've got
nothing but a cadre here.
And you should know if you don't
that you're the only officer
I have any faith in.
I'm a sick man, Richard,
despite what Jennings tells me.
I'm in no position to handle the post.
You're the only person here
I can depend on.
I don't want you taking
Tucsos up to Fort Grant.
Too many lives depend
on your being here.
Well, the orders are out, sir.
You can't change...
I can change any orders I ever gave,
and I'm changing those right now.
I want you to wake up the adjutant
and tell him to put Lieutenant Holloway
in charge of the detail
that is taking Tucsos back.
He's a good man, isn't he?
Well, yes, sir,
he's one of the best, but...
Then he's the officer
commanding the detail.
I've never argued with you
about an order bef...
Then don't argue with me now, Captain!
That's the way I want it.
Yes, sir.
Anything else?
That's all, Richard.
- Lance...
- Save it.
The minute they started,
we knew we had 'em.
And it was a slaughter.
High watermark
of the Confederacy, they called it.
Come in.
Hello, Dick.
Not asleep yet?
You're taking over the Tucsos detail, Bill.
I'm sorry.
You're joking.
I wouldn't joke about a thing like that.
No, of course you wouldn't.
Looks like tonight's my unlucky night.
That's funny.
First time I remember an order
being changed around here.
Like rewriting the Bible.
Well, it's the one time I don't mind
making it easy on the captain.
Do I, Cathy?
And I guess I'm the one
who needs sleep now.
Good night, Cathy.
- Dick.
- Good night, Bill.
Good night.
That was a cruel thing to do.
Why did you do it?
I don't know what you're
talking about, Cathy.
You're not fooling me.
I've lived in an army post all my life.
Dad's right.
Orders don't get changed
unless someone goes
to an awful lot of trouble to change them.
Cathy, believe me,
it's just the way things are.
I was planning to go myself.
Until you saw Bill kissing me,
and then you went
directly to Colonel Drumm.
I never...
I don't know what it's all about,
Dick, but whatever it is...
Well, good night.
Prepare to mount.
Good luck, Bill.
Thanks, Dick.
Good luck, Joe.
Back to you, Dick.
Forward... ho!
He's been standing at that wall
the last three nights.
Wonder when he sleeps.
What makes you think he can?
Halt! Who goes there?
Corporal of the guard!
Post number three!
I brought back a friend of yours.
Bill Holloway.
What's left of him.
Put him in the guardhouse.
You done a wrong thing, Dick.
Wanna take a look?
Just as well.
- Take care of him, soldier.
- Yes, sir.
Aren't you going to
tell me how it happened?
I guess you've got a right to know.
They jumped us about three hours
after we left here.
Me and them two soldiers only got away
'cause we was riding rear guard.
They took Bill alive.
Me and the two soldiers rode circles
the next three days,
trying to catch up with 'em.
He was headin' back here
this afternoon when we found him.
Was he still alive?
I guess you might call it alive.
They was sending him back
deliberate as a warning.
When are those 400 men coming?
Another week.
That's what I figured.
I didn't think Tucsos
would be sending us a warning
unless he was dead certain
he could wipe us out.
Now he's gotta get even with us
for capturing him.
My guess is they're
up there behind a pass
beatin' their war drums right now.
Is that a guess or is that a sure thing?
I lived with the Chiricahuas
for ten years.
You can learn a lot
about injuns in ten years.
When do you think he's coming?
That's hard to say.
Might be three days, might be less.
Only thing sure, he ain't gonna wait
for that relief column to get here.
Another thing's for sure,
Tucsos got a look at this place.
Right this minute,
he knows our strength
better than the sergeant major.
Let me know what you decide, Dick.
Thanks, Joe.
Captain Lance, they want you
back at the gate, sir.
I'm sorry about Lieutenant Holloway, sir.
There wasn't a finer officer.
We know what he was to you.
Thank you.
He was a good officer and a good man.
And I say the Army ain't
got too many like that.
Give me a hand
with these boots, Rutledge.
If it wasn't for Lance,
Holloway would still be alive,
and he'd be dead.
That's what's wrong with the Army.
The wrong guys always get killed.
First time in four days
those toes have seen daylight.
Yeah, I'm gonna miss
Lieutenant Holloway.
That's a lot of talk, Murdock.
If the truth were known,
you're probably glad
that Holloway got killed.
It just gives you another chance
to apply for a commission.
I'll never get a commission
as long as Lance is around.
And would you say that was
his fault or your fault?
Or maybe they were afraid
they might not find another sergeant.
Shut your mouth, you dirty Reb.
Well, I'll say this much for the captain.
He can tell the difference
between a soldier and a tramp,
and if you can do that,
you're a good officer.
I'll leave it up to you, Rutledge.
You went to West Point.
And Lance had him kicked out.
Well, is it Lance's fault
if Rutledge does something,
and is foolish enough
to get caught at it?
Rutledge must love him.
He come way out here
to serve under him.
Sure, that's what it is, love.
You're all sore because he knows you
for what you really are:
A bunch of flea-bitten bellyachers.
And you talk about bellyaching.
What did you do when the captain
took away your liquor ration?
What did I do?
Well, I quit drinking.
I'm just wanna ask you one question.
Suppose you found yourself in a dark alley
one night with Captain Lance.
What would you do?
What would I do?
I'll tell you what I'd do.
I'd sneak up behind him,
and I'd put up my hand
and grab him by the throat,
and I'd whirl him around,
and I'd say, "Captain,
have you got a drink on you?"
Spit and polish, that's all he is.
If it ain't in the books, it's wrong.
Get him in a bad spot and he'd run.
Yeah, run just like a dirty Reb.
You no good, dirty
son of a Yankee mule.
Come on down, Rebel.
I came out here to fight injuns,
not sergeants.
You come out here because
you were sent from a Union prison.
Well, what about it?
Then you deserted after you got here.
You'd still be running if Lance hadn't
have caught you and brought you back.
That's right, I would.
Are you coming down, Rebel?
I got no call to fight with you, Sergeant.
What, I gotta drag you down?
Let it alone, Murdock!
Leave me up on my feet.
Why don't you get up, Onstot?
Murdock, you wanna
twist somebody's leg?
I ain't occupied for the next few minutes.
Use mine.
If Lance had hung you,
I could forgive him a lot.
Where's that Arab?
The captain threw him
in the guardhouse.
Ain't you heard him yellin'?
No, I ain't.
The crazy gorilla.
He can't stand the guardhouse.
Just makes him crazier.
Burial formation for
Lieutenant Holloway in 40 minutes.
Any man missing gets
three hours latrine duty.
You got it?
Yeah, sure. Sure.
All right, hop to it.
Aim! Squad!
Aim! Squad!
Order arms!
"Man dieth and wasteth away.
"Yes, man giveth up the ghost,
"and where is he?
"Though the root thereof
wax old in the earth,
"and the stock thereof
die in the ground.
"Yet, through the scent
of water, it will bud
"and bring forth boughs like a plant.
"As the waters fall from the sea,
"and the flood decayeth and dryeth up,
"so man lieth down and riseth not
"till the heavens be no more,
"they shall not awake,
nor be raised out of their sleep. "
All right.
Let's take Harmony's word for it.
Let's assume Tucsos is going to attack.
That means he'll do it
before the relief column gets here.
And that way,
we don't stand a chance.
Before he attacks, he'll have to
assemble west of the Flintheads.
That means he'll have to come
through the pass to get here,
so I'd like to take a patrol
out to Fort Invincible
and try and hold him off up there.
No, I can't spare you, Richard,
and I can't spare the men.
I only need a small patrol,
six or seven men.
Six or seven men?
Tucsos will have hundreds.
He can still only get through
that pass a few at a time.
It didn't look so invincible last time
you were up there, did it?
The way I figure it,
you can hold Invincible
with a small party,
but only for a short time.
If I can hold Tucsos off up there
until a relief column gets here,
we'll be out of trouble.
What about the water supply up there?
Well, we can carry enough
to last two or three days.
If we're up there any longer than that,
we won't be needing any.
When would you want to leave?
Right away.
Tomorrow morning.
All right, Richard.
I guess it's that or nothing.
I'll give you the best men
left on the post.
I'd rather pick 'em out myself, sir.
Certainly, take anyone you want.
Have the adjutant write out the orders.
Thank you, sir.
I... I want to apologize for my attitude
last time we spoke.
I wasn't myself.
Well, I'm glad to see
you looking better, sir.
It's merely the calm
before the storm, I'm afraid.
Good night, Richard.
Good night, sir.
I'm... I'm sorry about Holloway.
Well, I guess he knows that.
All right, kids.
Gather round. Gather round.
What's the good word tonight?
Read it and you'll see.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
"The following enlisted men
will form at 5:40 AM,
"fully equipped for a combat patrol
to be commanded by Captain Lance.
"First Officer, Troop A, Fifth Cavalry.
"Senior Sergeant Murdock,
Corporal Gilchrist,
"Trooper Kebussyan,
Trooper Onstot,
"Trooper Rutledge,
Trumpeter Saxton.
"Second in command will be
First Lieutenant Winters,
"J. Harmony will act as scout.
By order of Colonel Drumm. "
- Well, that lets me out.
- Me, too.
Let's get back to the card game.
That's a mighty ugly body of men.
Looks like he picked the men
he hated the most.
Or the ones who hated him the most.
I don't figure it. Why me?
Why any of us?
Well, now, what are all you old hens
clucking about this time?
You ain't seen this order.
No, my little hero,
I ain't seen this order.
But I can see this board, I'll bet ya,
just about as good as anybody.
He must figure I'm having
too good a time around here tonight.
Wants to get me away someplace
where it's dry as boot leather.
T'aint no matter how dry it is...
if you're dead.
I ain't gonna be dead.
I'm coming back.
Like Holloway, maybe?
I hope.
Say, the Arab's still in the guardhouse.
You reckon he's gonna
turn him loose to go with us?
If I ever put him in the guardhouse,
I'd never take him out on patrol.
Let me out!
Let me out!
Let me...
You gonna keep this up all night?
Let me out, effendi.
So you can kill the captain?
So I can kill the captain.
I don't mind you doing it, Arab,
but you gotta do it on your own time.
Let me out.
Let me out!
Get me... out!
Corporal of the guard,
post number eight!
What's the matter?
Look what that loco Arab done.
I wouldn't have believed it.
Well, I got orders to let him out anyway.
He's on patrol tomorrow.
Just as well.
I don't think he likes it in there.
No, I guess not.
All right, Arab.
Come on. Get out.
You're on patrol tomorrow morning
with Captain Lance.
He asked for you especially.
He asked for me?
That's right.
So, he asked for Trooper Kebussyan.
he meet a trooper named Death.
Don't do nothing that'll get you back here.
We gotta keep this
guardhouse in one piece.
There's always time.
Always place.
Think he'll do it?
What do you want?
I have to talk to you, Cathy.
There's something I want to tell you.
There's nothing you have to say
that will do any good.
Not after what you've done.
And I wouldn't want to listen to anything
that you might have to say.
You probably want to
tell me you're sorry,
that you didn't mean what you did.
Or perhaps you're gonna say it
wouldn't happen again.
Maybe you want another chance.
Or were you gonna say
that love made you do it?
Well, you're not gonna
say anything to me.
Not about love or Bill or what has been
or will be or what might have been...
because I'm not gonna listen.
Because, to me,
you're as dead as Bill is.
More dead...
because I'm gonna remember him.
I've put you out of my heart.
Do you hear me?
Now leave me alone.
Get out of here.
Get out!
Jenny, you're an angel for doing this.
There'll be a reward in heaven
for girls like you.
Well, there better be
a reward right down here.
There's only enough here to last me
three or four days, darling.
You know I'll be back
as soon as it's gone.
Will you?
Have I ever lied to you, Jenny?
Oh, Jenny.
You start talking like that,
and I'll think you don't love me anymore.
Bye, gotta go.
I gotta go.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Just one sip to point the way
for the rest of this.
Now you be a good girl while I'm gone,
or I'll bash your pretty little head in for you.
Now give us a kiss.
Tis whiskey, not glory
That makes a man happy
I'd trade all my medals...
Now, now, now.
None of that.
Don't you worry your pretty little head.
I'll be coming back to ya all right.
Now give us a kiss.
That's better.
You just remember, darling,
I'll be thinking of you,
and only you,
every minute of the time.
Yes, every minute, darling.
Prepare to mount.
Forward... ho!
What about the cistern?
Dry. Bone dry.
How about the acequia down below?
You gonna tell the soldiers?
They'll find out soon enough.
If you say so.
I think I'll take a look
at the other side of the pass.
There's something I can't catch quite.
When he's coming.
That's what I can't catch.
Sometime tomorrow, maybe.
Afternoon. Night.
Maybe not till dawn the day after.
On the other hand, he might
show up an hour from now.
You start trying to calculate that fella
to do something at
the time you calculate,
then's the time to figure
for just the opposite.
See ya, Dick.
Prepare to dismount.
Close it up.
Close it up.
Gilchrist, take Kebussyan as a detail
and close the gate.
Bring the ammunition
and put it up on the fire step.
Sergeant Murdock, I want you to locate
suitable quarters for all of us,
and see that the spare
canteens and the packs
are placed in whatever
quarters you choose for me.
Also detail someone
to corral the horses.
And Saxton, I want all calls sounded.
Lieutenant Winters, you'll accompany me
on an inspection of the walls.
You have your orders.
All right, fall to.
Just a minute, Onstot.
The horses seem to like you
better than any of the rest of us.
You take care of them.
Where you going with them canteens?
You heard the captain.
Just leave mine be.
I never saw you get so hot about water.
Never mind what you never saw.
Give me my canteens.
I can take care of anybody
that questions my rank, Lieutenant.
You'll get the same
water ration as everyone else.
Understand, Gilchrist?
Yes, sir.
Now get back to unpacking that horse.
Carry on, Sergeant.
Yes, sir.
Well, that's one way to handle it.
He'd been drinking.
Gilchrist, I mean.
In this country?
You need any, you can
come around to my quarters.
I'll take what you
ration the men, no more.
Speaking of quarters,
you're entitled to share mine,
wherever they are.
I'll get by, thanks.
Suit yourself.
Let's take a look at these walls.
Captain, this is mighty thirsty work.
Most work is.
Now, to sum up, the wall's
in pretty good shape.
It'll stand up all right under rifle fire.
Yes, sir.
After all, they can only come
through that pass a few at a time.
We can bring enough fire to bear
to take care of that situation.
Wasn't taken care of last time,
and there was half the troop up here.
Well, maybe we got a couple
of tricks up our sleeves.
Captain Lance?
Yes, Sergeant.
Sir, I put the men in the old barracks.
They can fix the lean-to against the wall.
Put Lieutenant Winters in the QM building.
Good work, Sergeant.
And I figured the best place
for the captain was in the guardhouse.
Very good, Sergeant.
Go there.
I'll join you directly.
You better get some rest.
I'm gonna take some men
up to the pass tonight.
You'll be in command here.
In command of what?
The horses.
Hey, Captain...
Yes, I know.
It's thirsty work.
Mighty thirsty work.
Go easy with that.
More of it in there.
What is this stuff, Captain?
I don't want anybody in here
unless I'm here, understand?
Yes, sir.
There's something I'd like to discuss
with the captain, if he's got the time.
What is it, Sergeant?
There's a vacancy, sir.
On account of Lieutenant
Holloway being killed.
Well, sir, I'm the senior
non-commissioned officer in line...
Your application for commission's
been in three times.
Each time I asked
that it be turned down.
I figured maybe you did it.
But seeing the way things are,
you know, if anything should
happen to the captain,
there ain't many of us
coming out of this.
Maybe only one or two.
Maybe only one.
That's quite possible.
But it'd be interesting
to see which one it is,
won't it, Sergeant?
I want a fatigue detail tonight.
Half an hour after mess.
Laddie, I've learned two things in my life.
One of 'em is that you can't even up
a fingernail by biting it.
And the other is that you can't
drink a quart of whiskey
every day of your life
and stop it just like that.
It ain't healthy.
Every day of your life?
Well, no, not quite.
Just since I was three years old.
Maybe you better
go back to water, hmm?
Water? That's for fish.
Go get me a new pick.
That one's dull.
Yes, Corporal.
The holes are drilled
for the dynamite, sir.
A couple here in the pass, and one
halfway between the pass and the fort.
You think you can handle
this stuff all right?
Yes, sir.
You remember hearing them
tell us about it at the Point?
Yes, sir.
You've got a good memory, Rutledge.
All right, take it.
Turn that up a little brighter, Onstot.
Yes, sir.
Captain, sir.
If you'll pardon the liberty, sir,
have you got a cigar I can have?
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
When's Joe Harmony coming back here?
When he's ready.
I suppose so.
Hey, these things make you thirsty,
don't they, Captain?
Well, don't smoke 'em, then.
So far I can't do nothing
around this outfit.
- Gilchrist.
- Yes, sir.
The rest of us go back
to the fort tonight,
you stay here on guard duty.
First shift.
If the Apaches should
put in an appearance,
all you have to do
is touch off the dynamite.
Yes, sir.
Me with a 20-year thirst.
Captain Lance.
What is it?
- Lieutenant Winters.
- I came up to relieve you.
Get back to the fort
or I'll put you under arrest.
I'm tired of being put on the shelf by you.
Go on back.
I'll take over here.
You fool, you haven't even got
the strength to stand up straight.
You think I'm so sick,
why'd you bring me here?
You're drunk.
- And what if I am?
- Where'd you get it?
There's a whole river of it running
right through the middle of the fort.
Well, there won't be for long.
Sergeant Murdock.
- Yes, sir.
- Form the men.
All right, pick up your equipment.
- Rutledge. Rutledge.
- Yes, sir.
- Hurry it up.
- Be right down.
Fall in.
All right, look alive.
Get in there.
When we get back,
consider yourself under arrest
and remain in your quarters.
Look out!
Come down here.
A thousand pardons, effendi.
The rock fell.
It might've kill you.
It must've been the will of heaven.
You can see for yourself.
No man can move that rock.
Get it out of the way.
Alone, effendi?
Get it out of the way.
Get it out of the way
or I'll have you shot.
Now take your place.
All right, straighten it up.
You did that on purpose.
It was the will of heaven.
Detail, atten-hut.
Right face.
Forward... harch.
Go to the devil.
More, effendi.
I'm big man.
That's not my fault.
Hey, that ain't enough to wet my teeth.
You old enough to have teeth?
Yeah, I'm old enough.
Then you're old enough to get up
in the pass and relieve Gilchrist.
- Right now?
- Right now.
He's done two hours.
He'll tell you what to do up there.
You don't look thirsty.
Rebs don't need water anyway.
Give me some of that horse water.
Come to think of it,
it ought to suit a deserter.
What about the extra canteens?
Captain's saving them for tomorrow.
Sure ain't saving us.
Don't it seem funny to you
there's no news of Joe Harmony?
Nothing seems funny to me.
It's because you got no imagination.
- Maybe you got enough for both of us.
- Maybe I have.
Got enough to be nervous anyway.
- How's the Lieutenant?
- How do I know?
He put me out there to die.
That's why he gave me the carbine.
Stay where you are.
What's the trouble, Captain?
Somebody fired a couple of shots in here.
It was not I, effendi.
I have no carbine.
Are all the others accounted for?
As far as I know, sir.
Well, check on it.
Yes, sir.
I came to watch over you, effendi,
see no harm come to you.
That was very thoughtful of you.
Everything all right up at the pass?
Yes, sir.
Saxton's on guard.
You better tell him what happened.
He's liable to get jumpy
hearing those shots.
And check on this man's story.
Yes, sir.
All right, Arab, get moving.
Captain Lance!
Captain Lance!
It's him that took
those shots at you, Captain.
I guess he got scared
when he seen Joe there,
and I can't find Rutledge.
Worry about that later.
Come on, on your feet.
On your feet!
Dick, can you hear me?
Yeah, I can hear you, Joe.
You should have let me shot him
when we had a chance.
Now it's too late.
He's coming, Dick.
Yeah, I know, Joe.
You better let me help you.
You remember that something
I couldn't catch hold of?
I finally got a hold of it.
Tucsos knows everything.
He's in no hurry, Dick.
It makes no difference
if the relief column does come.
Yes, Joe?
Because he knows
the whole relief column
was made up of only 31 men.
Just 31... men.
All right, Kebussyan.
For the moment,
I think we can assume
that by this time tomorrow
some of us will be dead.
I never permitted men to risk death
in a combat detail under my command
without explaining why.
Also, I'd like to straighten out
any misapprehensions you may have
as to why you were picked for this detail.
In each case, my only consideration
was the defense of Fort Winston.
The fort is under-manned,
and I picked the men that I thought
could best be spared.
I'm prepared to give you
my individual reasons
if you want them.
If not, the detail is dismissed.
Very well.
Sergeant Murdock.
As for you...
your record as a noncom is full of nothing
but bullying and brutality.
That's why you haven't been
offered your commission.
The result is you're a malcontent.
Your absence from Fort Winston is no loss.
Yes, sir.
Trooper Onstot,
a man who will desert once
is a man who will desert again,
given the slightest opportunity.
Here there won't be any opportunity.
The desert would be
a much worse enemy for you
than any Apache
you might have to face.
Trooper Rutledge,
you came 2,000 miles
to serve under my command
with only one motive: Revenge.
With your intelligence
and your training,
you should have been
promoted many times.
But your record shows
nothing, good or bad.
At Winston, they need men
who are more than adequate.
Yes, sir.
Trooper Kebussyan,
the reason for your
presence on this detail
won't be found on any record book.
It's impossible to transcribe the feelings
that a man carries in his soul.
Here the dark thoughts that you carry
will be less harmful.
I don't think any other
explanation is necessary.
No, sir.
Trumpeter Saxton,
you have long and publicly
made known your wish
to trade your trumpet for a carbine.
Last night I gave you one.
However, both you and I know
that you're a coward
and have no such wish.
No, sir.
Corporal Gilchrist,
yours is a record
of drunkenness, brawls,
and destruction of Army property
that is unequaled
in the United States Cavalry.
Somehow you've managed
to keep your stripes.
But in the event of an attack on Winston,
the proximity of the fort's whiskey
would see you end up inevitably
in front of the firing squad.
You've omitted me
in your analysis, Captain.
Your rank entitles you
to privacy, Lieutenant.
I wish to know why
I was included in the detail.
Very well.
You're here, Lieutenant,
because you're an extremely ill man.
I needed an officer.
There was nothing to lose
by selecting an off...
You see what I mean.
Any questions?
Yes, sir.
What is it?
I'm sure we all appreciate having
our little faults and weaknesses
pointed out to us, sir.
But I imagine the captain
has a reason for being here, too.
You think so?
Yes, sir, I think so.
We all think so.
And just to even things up a little bit,
I'd like to have the pleasure
of telling the captain
what I think that reason is.
Go ahead.
You were supposed to take
Tucsos up to Fort Grant,
but you had the orders changed.
Lieutenant Holloway went out
and got himself conveniently
killed in your place.
Then you began to feel guilty about it,
so you figured out a suicide mission
and fixed it so you could take
every one of us that you hated
along with you.
That's all, Captain.
That's the way it is.
So that's the way it is.
Yes, sir.
Detail. Ten-hut!
Yes, Captain.
You disappeared for a while last night.
Where were you?
I went down to the corral
to take a look at the horses.
You're lying, aren't you?
That's an enlisted man's privilege, Captain.
Any sign from Onstot?
No, sir. He hasn't showed himself
for about 15 minutes.
You better go out there
and see if he's all right.
Yes, sir.
You think you can handle a carbine now
without getting careless?
I think so, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Don't I get any?
No. Do you want to know why?
Indians are on the other
side of the wall, Corporal.
Why didn't you shoot, you fool?
I thought better of it.
Shoot him, we'd all be done for.
He's the only man
can keep this outfit going.
Where are you, Onstot?
This is Murdock.
Five years I've been in the Army,
and I get captured
on account of a dirty Reb.
What is it?
There's Murdock coming back.
Wait a minute, Captain.
That's Murdock.
No trooper ever carried
a carbine that way.
There'll be coming now.
Fire at will.
Hold your fire!
Let them carry back their wounded.
Winters, do you know
the trail to Arahawa Rim?
I do.
Yes, I know it. Why?
Well, as near as I can figure it,
the relief column ought to be
at the Rim sometime tomorrow.
I want you to ride out there
and tell Captain Conrahan
to get here as fast as he can.
Do you really mean that?
I just said it, didn't I?
You might be dead when I get back.
I'll take my chances on that.
How do you know I'd ride to Conrahan?
How do you know
I wouldn't ride for the fort?
It would solve all my troubles, you know.
Yeah, I know.
And I also know that
whatever your faults are,
you're still an Army man.
You can take my horse if you want to.
No, thanks.
I got a good one.
Good luck, Dick.
Good luck to you, Jerry.
How big a column does Conrahan got?
400 men.
Nice round number.
Cease firing!
All ready, Captain.
Kebussyan, open the gate.
You all right, Saxton?
Yes, sir. Fine, sir.
I'd like to try to get through, sir.
Arab, what do you think about
when you're thirsty?
Sometimes melons.
You're a great help, a great help.
Yes, sir?
Sometimes blood.
You got a cigar, Corporal?
I said, have you got a cigar?
Yes, sir, in my saddlebag.
Go get it.
And take the pennant
off the guide-on and put this on it.
Well, sir...
you're going to surrender?
No, Corporal.
We're going to have
a little talk with Tucsos.
But what's the cigar got to do with it?
You just go and get it,
and you'll find out.
And take that pistol off your belt.
Yes, sir.
A charge of dynamite is under the rocks.
All you have to do is light
the fuse with your cigar
when I give the signal.
Yes, sir.
If you have any trouble,
call my name out once,
then get back to the fort immediately.
Yes, sir.
Time short, hard one.
Why you come out under pale flag?
I came to offer you
a chance to surrender.
You have strange courage, dog soldier.
Do you command mighty party
that you can speak such words?
Or is it because you think
no army but your army,
no warriors but yours?
By waiting half day,
I capture your men
with bag of water.
Your warriors have
great thirst, hard one.
My terms are simple.
Your men will lay down their arms
and come through the pass on foot.
Scout I send back to you,
he able to speak before he die?
He spoke.
Still, you make terms to Tucsos?
You heard.
Help you have sent for will do no good.
1 and 30 men.
Our chieftains have promised 400 men.
It is not their way
to promise much and send little.
I know what I say is true.
You're a liar.
There is no more to hear.
I do not speak foolishly or surrender.
I have brought with me strong medicine,
medicine that will make
these mountains tremble
and leap from the earth.
I can destroy this pass
and all of your warriors with it.
Watch. You will see.
All right, Corporal!
Captain Lance!
Very well, Corporal,
go back to the fort.
This medicine is controlled from the fort.
Soon you will see.
You lie, hard one.
Your medicine fail.
You who know all things know nothing.
Tucsos is growing old and foolish.
No more time for talk, dog soldier.
Return to fort, soldier.
With no water,
you will soon be as dust
under hooves of our horses.
- What happened?
- I don't know, Captain.
The fuse was gone
and that little cap thing, too.
Somebody tampered with it.
That's what I'd say.
Looks like the fuse was gone
out of that demonstration charge.
That's funny.
I could have sworn I put it in.
Makes me wonder about
the charge up in the pass.
Maybe the fuse is gone
out of that one, too.
Well, Captain, why don't you
take a run up there and see?
Why did you do it, Rutledge?
We're all of us caught up here together.
Where did you expect to go?
With you, Captain.
And just remember this.
I'm not committing suicide.
I'm killing you.
No, Rutledge, you are committing suicide,
because I'm going back up in that pass
with a new fuse the first chance I get
and blow it sky-high.
And whatever you think,
I didn't bring this patrol up here
to get every man killed.
I'm going to get out
every one alive that I can...
and especially you, Rutledge.
I'm going to get you back to Winston
and have you court-martialed.
I'm going to have you hung
with the strongest length of rope
in the whole New Mexico Territory.
Leave it alone.
Leave it alone.
I'll need some bandages
from my quarters.
Yes, sir.
This what you wanted, Captain?
It was in Rutledge's pocket.
Yes, exactly what I wanted.
If I can reset these fuses,
this mission may still be a success.
Judging from the ruckus
I hear out there,
our red brothers are
too busy at the moment
to pay much attention to us.
I'll need somebody to cover me.
I'll go, Captain.
I am ready, effendi.
No, you can't go
with that shoulder, Kebussyan.
I will not let anyone else go.
All right. Come on.
Before they kill me, I'd like to get
my hands loose for just five minutes.
Yeah, it looks like you're gonna
get your wish, Reb.
You always had me tired
with your dirty Yankee stripes!
Why you fight so soon before you die?
Because he's a no good
son of a Yankee mule.
Your hate is strong, dog soldier.
Yeah? Turn me loose
and I'll show you
how a dirty Yankee soldier oughta die.
I've waited a long time for this, Sergeant.
Just don't run away, Rebel.
Hurry! Hurry, effendi!
Go. Go, effendi.
Saxton, anything moving?
No, nothing.
Everything's quiet, Captain.
Well, Corporal, looks like
they cut us down a bit.
Yeah, I kind of figured they would.
Next time they come, they're gonna
cut down the rest of us.
Looks that way, don't it?
You tried to shoot me, didn't you?
Aimed your carbine
at me the other night.
Well, I...
I guess I got nothing to lose now
if I admit that that idea might have
flitted through my head a little.
Why didn't you do it?
I can't rightly answer that, Captain.
Unless maybe I got the sudden notion
that it might kind of spoil things for you,
not going down in the line of duty,
which you're so fond of, so to speak.
You're a soldier, Gilchrist.
A professional one.
You may be creation's
worst mule son of a soldier,
but that's what you are.
That's why you couldn't do it.
I knew that.
That's why I didn't have you shot
five minutes after I saw you point
the muzzle of that thing at me.
You could've had me shot
for what I did to them canteens.
In both cases,
I didn't have enough men
for a firing squad anyway.
I knew that, Captain.
Meanwhile, I wonder if you'd
do something for me.
Anything you say, sir.
Down in my quarters,
you'll find my loose tobacco
and cigarette papers.
I'm not quite certain where I left them,
but they might have been under
one of those canteens,
you understand?
I need a smoke, Corporal.
It may take you a few minutes
to find the makings.
No longer.
Yes, sir.
Sorry you didn't get to find out
how it was with me
sending Holloway off, Joe.
Tis whiskey, not love
Brings you here at this hour
Oh, Barney, dear Barney
I can't let you in
From the look in your eye...
Sir, I forgot.
I couldn't find your papers
and your tobacco, sir.
I didn't think you would.
But I looked, sir. I did...
Captain Lance,
they're coming again, sir!
What are they doing out there, sir?
Doesn't matter much what they're doing.
We only got about 40 cartridges
left between us.
Come on, you beautiful creatures!
Come on, you red-chested devils!
I'm waitin' for ya!
They'll be coming, Corporal.
Nothing like hurrying 'em up a little bit, sir.
Corporal, come down here!
You come up here, Captain!
The grade up here is different!
I can see where they're going!
Hundreds of red devils all over us!
Barney, dear Barney
I can't let you in
From the look in your eye
You're gunning for trouble
To your spoutings,
go back where...
There's more to be seen
than the floor of a tavern
Merely slipped, Captain.
That's... That's all.
Hey, Captain. Listen.
I got me an accompaniment.
Cease firing!
Sergeant Thompson, take over.
We're about ready to go, Lance.
Feel fit to ride?
Yeah, I'm all right.
Just taking a look at
this new weapon of yours.
Really something, eh?
Call it a Gatling gun.
350 rounds a minute.
They were talking about it
my last year at the Point.
Does the work of a regiment.
That's why they gave me only 31 men.
All I need.
That gun's going to revolutionize war.
Yeah, I believe it.
Are you sure you're all right?
Get me that orderly.
Tis whiskey, not love
You want me, Captain?
We're leaving.
Where's my captain? Captain.
We got everything packed,
everything you got, Captain.
Except the canteens.
They were empty.
Yes, sir, so we didn't bring 'em.
- Did we?
- No.
Mount up!
Move out.
Yes, sir.
Tis whiskey, not love
Brings you here at this hour
Barney, dear Barney
I can't let you in
Conrahan, take over the detail.
Yes, sir.
Detail, forward ho!
Hello, Doc.
Didn't expect to see you back.
I did.
Well, be that as it may,
under the circumstances,
I prescribe a drink.
No, thanks.
I haven't got time.
I'm sorry.
I've got a report to make.
- To whom?
- Colonel Drumm.
He isn't here.
I sent him back myself yesterday.
Ordered him, as a matter of fact.
Told him I wouldn't
be responsible if he didn't go.
He's had two bad spells.
A third time you have one
with a cerebral hemorrhage,
you don't have another.
You can make your report to the mirror.
You mean...
I'm acting in command of Winston?
Till they send out another colonel,
or some chowder-headed major.
But if you insist on making a report
to flesh and blood,
I'd suggest Cathy Eversham.
She knows now that she was wrong.
She's sorry.
And she's in love with you, Dick.
Believe me, she is.
Now, take it easy.
You've had five hard...
That's doctor's orders!
They say that this world
Is more wide than a barrel
And crowded with women
delightful to see
But the facts of the matter,
alas, is that women
Are always most happy bedevilin' me
If I was a human instead of a soldier
I'd go to my captain
and speak to him true
I'd say, "Me poor bucko,
you're heading for trouble"
"Captain, dear Captain,
it's trouble for you"
Well, if what he says is true,
I'm gonna take him out
and have him shot.
He's safe.
It's not me own self
that I'm thinking of, Captain
Captain, dear Captain,
I'm thinking of you