Only the Young (2012) Movie Script

Everything that goes
into your life never comes out.
- Just like me.
- It's like a bad stain.
And no Tide can get rid of it.
I got involved in being your friend...
and now I'm stuck in your black hole, and
you couldn't get rid of me if you tried.
# When you find the girl you love #
#Has gone #
# You ask yourself why life #
#Must go on #
# You beg the Lord above #
# To send someone new #
#But deep inside you pray #
#Oh, he'll bring her back #
#Someday ##
Children are the gods of this city.
Yeah, and there's still nothing to do here.
- We want to put a
half-pipe in this place... - Yeah.
So we can skate just somewhere
that no one knows about.
All I need is a generator to get some
electricity going...
and we'll have skating...
um, we'll have a live band...
and generally we'll pretty much do
whatever the hell we want out here.
There's no one to stop us.
That's the way I look at it.
Who's gonna stop me?
Got all of our cups,
salt, pepper shakers.
Cologne, perfume.
Um, mugs, dishes.
Uh, cans.
All organized.
I think it looks pretty nice.
My parents don't really care
as much as Garrison's parents.
They keep telling me every time,
"You know it's trespassing" and...
- That's what my parents told me.
- Yeah.
Like, Garrison's parents
don't want him to come anymore.
My parents generally just don't care.
Oh, no, dude.
You suck.
You're gonna have to ride the warped deck.
He paid for this board
with tacos yesterday.
So he brought us some chipotle tacos...
- six of them... to feed everybody at the shop.
- I brought seven.
Begging, "Shannon, will you please
give me a board for tacos?"
And if you've never had a chipotle taco,
you know that's a pretty good trade.
Well, I personally think
he's kind of like my mentor.
I mean, I don't have anyone
that I, like, hang out with so much.
So... That is way older than me.
- He's kind of old.
- Yeah, I'm kind of... kind of ancient.
He's kind of crusty.
You're a curmudgeon.
I just qualified for the Volcom
competition. That's pretty cool.
So I guess I get to go to Arizona and...
I guess we're gonna go on a road trip,
take Garrison.
There's a cash prize of, like, $25,000.
I think he's gonna probably put it
towards school.
Like trade school
to be a mechanic or something.
'Cause I know his parents don't really
have enough right now...
um, to pay for school, so...
just hoping he does all right.
I thought I'd kind of do something drastic
and, like, skate without shoes or something.
That'd be cool.
That would be pretty cool.
First person to skate a contest
without shoes.
Yeah, I think people do it,
but not in a contest.
Yeah. Who do you know
have done that?
I never heard of anyone doing that.
Just... Oh!
I don't know. This place
used to be, like, a mini golf course...
and then I guess they couldn't afford
to have it here.
'Cause it was, like, super fancy,
and you ate steak here.
And, um, it was just too fancy
for Santa Clarita.
I guess this used to be
a waterfall, I think.
But now it's just a fall.
I mean, I wouldn't take
any girl anywhere...
that isn't this cool.
- I mean...
- And dirty.
Well, one time I took him to dinner,
and he's never taken me anywhere.
Yeah, we had a nice
sit-down dinner at Sisley... on me.
Well, you earn money, and you never spend
any of it on anything, except for you.
Well, I put it in the bank.
- What about me?
- I'm trying to get a car.
- Oh, yeah.
- And then after I get a car, we can go places.
#Feel the vellum #
#Feel all of the dye #
#Feels like there's no plan,
but it's better to try #
# When I'm in that funnel #
#I feel so tired #
#Hold on to summer #
#Now just to get by #
#I'll always remember that #
#Summer light #
#I wonder if I am remembering right ##
They always say you can take the girl
out of the honky-tonk...
but you can't take the honky-tonk
out of the girl.
I don't believe that.
My mom's dead, my dad's in prison...
my parents are... awesome.
They're my grandparents.
Well, we got Skye when she was just
two or three days old.
Uh, her mother...
She was born in the, uh,
Henry Mayo Hospital in Newhall.
And her mother, uh, lost custody
in the first couple of days...
uh, so she came to live with us.
We had a lot of good times.
And, uh, get a good enough education
where you can get a good job...
that you can support me
when I get a little older.
Aw, Pappa.
Which won't be too much longer now.
That's not true.
You're not old.
- You're not old.
- Well, uh, years maybe...
but in mentally and physically
I still feel pretty good.
Me and Kevin have just been trying to
get some extra cash for Arizona...
um, just doing some random little jobs.
You guys are doing a great job.
Really looks good.
Thank you.
My name's Ron, and I'm the next-door neighbor
to this house where the pool's cleaned.
And, uh...
there was a party here,
and, uh, one of the kids...
was on the roof of the add-on here...
and, uh, he was gonna jump in the pool...
and the pool was so black and dirty...
that, uh, you couldn't tell if there was
water in it, but there was no water in it...
and one of the kids warned him,
"There's no water in that pool."
And the kid goes, "Oh, wow," you know.
It was kind of ridiculous.
Um, what I think is funny is, uh...
I think what that guy was talking about,
that story...
was actually me
on the roof.
We're, like, looking in the pool.
I'm all like, "Dude, I wanna
go in that pool."
He's like, "But it's empty, dude."
So I think that guy
was talking about us on the roof.
- Dude, I found a worm.
- A worm.
It's alive.
I'll give you a dollar
if you walk around the edge.
- That edge?
- Yeah.
I'll walk around this edge.
Like around the rim of it.
There's nowhere to walk. The water...
- Yeah, there is.
- Has monsters in it, obviously.
- Give me a dollar if I did it?
- Yeah.
But you'll probably die.
Kind of hurts.
Wait. Can I give you two dollars
if I shoot you while you're doing it?
- Uh, give me 10.
- No. I don't have 10 bucks.
Okay, five.
Yeah, I don't think that you can, like,
wait on your feelings to change.
Like, if you... want to
like a chick, you know...
it sucks.
"I want to try to like a chick"?
Well, 'cause it's like you like 'em,
but you don't really like 'em...
and you're like, "Well, I'll just
give it a little time and...
maybe I'll start to really like her,
and things will work out great."
And it never happens.
- Oh, yeah. Garrison.
- Hi.
Before you break up with Skye,
give her her belt back.
So, okay, yeah, there's this guy driving
through the busy parking lot at the mall...
and there's no parking spots.
So he starts praying. He's all, "God,
God, please let me have a parking spot."
Right after he did that,
there was this one right up front.
He pulled in, he goes,
"Oh, never mind, God. I found one."
So we're gonna go down to the Moorpark Skate
Park with the Ignition Skate Ministry.
Ignition Skate Ministry.
And, uh, we're gonna feed a bunch of kids
hot dogs and do raffles...
and then we're gonna preach the word
a little bit and just have fun.
Hello, everybody at the skate park. Hey. We
got about 130 tacos over here from Del Taco.
They're free. We got bags of chips...
Doritos, Lay's chips...
and free waters for
everyone here at the park.
Ah, me too!
- Do you have to be a Christian?
- Yeah.
You know, pretty much
what we do is we come out here...
to kind of show the love of Jesus Christ
through skateboarding.
I know that's kind of weird-sounding,
'cause a lot of skateboarders...
are looked at as punks
and outcasts and whatnot...
and we kind of gladly accept that image.
You know, we kind of like that.
So when you really want to be different...
is you go ahead and you skate for Christ...
and not yourself
and not other people around you.
But I want to talk to you about this big
word out here real quick called "influence."
- Have you ever heard of that word before?
- Tacos.
You guys in high school,
junior high school?
You ever heard a parent say,
"Oh, yeah. My son Billy...
he was such a good student, and then he
started hanging out with the wrong crowd...
and then his grades went down."
You ever heard that before?
It's not a too uncommon thing, right?
Any of you guys ever been
that bad influence?
- Yes, sir.
- I know I have.
I've been both.
I've been the bad and the good influence.
And if anything that I just
talked to you about, you know...
if it's kind of, you know,
stewing in your brain a little bit...
feel free to come and talk to me
more in depth about it.
Talk to my buddy Rich here,
Garrison, Kevin.
These guys will all listen to you. Watch
these two guys. When they skate, they rip.
And, uh... And I just want to say
thank you guys again for listening to me.
Please enjoy these tacos.
Uh, take two if you want.
- Thank you.
- You guys are awesome. Thank you for listening.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
Uh, I broke up with my girlfriend.
I kind of figured it'd be better for me
and my girlfriend to just be friends.
So that way, like... Since I kind
of figured we'd break up anyway.
You technically didn't break up.
Like, it wasn't official either.
Yeah, it was.
Well, you, like, told her
that you were...
that you needed to talk to her, and then
she assumed it, and then told everyone.
She gets pretty upset,
and she keeps it for a long time.
You just kind of have to wait it out.
It's like a storm. You can't stop the storm.
You just have to wait it out.
Hide in the basement.
You either get it right,
or you don't get it at all.
And if you don't get it at all,
you don't make it worse.
#I gave you true love #
#I thought there was no doubt at all #
#Still you went away #
# With not a word to say #
#Argue this tomorrow #
#Finding me in sorrow #
# What would I do
in a world without you? #
#Please bring your love back to me
Yeah, baby #
# 'Cause when you left,
you took a part of me, yeah #
#My need is growing stronger #
#And the nights are growing longer ##
What's Halloween on?
Wait, what...
Do you know what you're gonna be?
We should be Gandalf.
Both of us.
- There's his magic staff of doom.
- Where?
And he's carrying...
he's carrying a murse.
If you look carefully right there,
that's a murse.
Yeah. It is.
I don't think I have anything
that we could wear to be Gandalf though.
Is this Gandalf?
I think we need a robe.
Or a beard.
We should go look for stuff for Gandalf.
All right. Let's go.
I'll have to tell my mom.
- #Do the time warp again #
- # Do the time warp again #
Found the beard.
So, yeah, I just
recently broke up with Skye.
Living it out now and thinking about it,
it might not have been the best move.
Just 'cause, like, when I hang out with
her, I'm, like, the happiest person ever.
She's awesome, and...
Like, I don't know. Like...
I just kind of, like,
miss what was going on before.
You know, after I, like, cut it off.
So I don't know.
Like, I guess I'm starting to have a little
bit of feelings for her again, but...
I don't know. I guess I'm just gonna
take it as it goes right now and...
I guess see what happens.
- Has Kevin taken you to the house yet?
- No.
I think that you guys need to, like,
not leave food there and stuff.
- Well...
- Considering there's rats, right?
We have food in the pantry,
and it's locked.
Right, but rats are a lot smarter
than you guys.
How much death
do you think this hat will cause me?
A lot?
Oh, my gosh! Kevin!
- This is so cool!
- Yep.
This is a big drop.
Got another board I can use?
- My turn.
- Again?
- Ow!
- Stupid!
I'm gonna land it first.
Screw you.
I wanted to land it first.
That's why I went for it first.
- Yeah, what's up with that?
- Yeah.
Why do you wanna know?
We used a razor to make deep incisions
into my arm.
- Come on, dude.
- I can't believe you, like, didn't notice this.
This has been there for, like, a week.
You know that.
Yeah, I don't know.
Sorry about that.
It's been there for, like, a week.
I don't know.
I just don't want him to get, like...
become a friggin' creep.
I'm not already?
Well, you know...
I don't want your life
to get too screwed up.
- I know you guys love me. Will you guys...
- Well, then cut it out, man.
Help me.
It's like...
kind of freaking us out.
I've done this before.
Why are you freaked out now?
'Cause you're doing it again.
I mean...
Everyone thinks I'm a freak.
- Not really.
- Yeah.
No one thinks you're a freak, Kevin.
- This is awkward.
- We just love you...
This is more awkward
than after I kissed you.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I don't really do things
to make people upset.
Skye... she kind of got
wasted a little...
and ended up kissing Kevin kind of.
Just... Not because she likes him, but...
uh, just out of being wasted.
And Kevin kind of likes her,
but... I don't know.
Kind of gonna make tonight a little weird
if we all hang out again.
So I'm not really sure
what I'm gonna do tonight...
but hopefully I have someone
to hang out with.
Uh, hey, Garrison.
Uh, I was just calling to say
that I'm sorry for, uh...
what happened with me and Skye.
Yeah, I don't know how, like,
you feel about it and all...
but I just wanted to let you know
that I'm really sorry...
uh, about what happened and all.
uh, I mean...
I want... I really want you to come
to Arizona with me and all.
So, yeah.
So if you could call me back,
that would be cool.
All right.
Like, me and Kevin have been
friends since, like, 13 years old...
and, you know,
we never really had any issues.
And... I don't know. I wouldn't want to say
that things changed too drastically...
but just after that,
things are a little different.
You shall not pass!
What's this?
If there's any chance that I would
ever get back together with Garrison?
Yeah, I would.
I don't think he would.
And if I ever got back together
with Garrison... I don't know...
I'd be really happy about it.
He never kissed me...
which I think is what made it so special...
because he was able to show me...
that I was important to him
without any of that.
And I've been through
enough kisses to know...
that they're all just a waste of time
unless there's something behind it.
#I can laugh #
#I can smile #
#Hold my head way up high #
#Baby, it's all #
#It's all because of you #
- #All #
- #It's all because of you #
- #Because of you #
- #All because of you #
- # Yeah #
- #All because of me #
#I've got a new song I can sing #
#Seemed like my whole world
had been changed #
- #Baby, it's all #
- #It's all because of you #
- #All #
- #It's all because of you #
- #Because of you #
- #All because of you #
- # Yeah #
- #All because of me #
#Lonely days, lonely nights #
# They are gone, gone, gone, yeah #
#Sad songs, bad times #
# They are all in my past #
#Oh #
#Oh #
#Lonely days, lonely nights #
# They are gone, gone, gone #
#Sad songs, bad times #
# They are all in my past ##
Imagine yourself visiting here...
over seven centuries ago...
and receiving an invitation
into this cliff-dwelling home.
What you would have seen might well have
been something like this cutaway model...
of Montezuma Castle...
a village of people who experienced
wants and needs...
anxieties and fears...
joys and sorrows...
just as you and I today.
Well, I was on Facebook, and...
I got a friend request from my mom.
- She doesn't look anything like me.
- No.
I know.
I declined her friend request.
I think that after, like...
16 years... 16 and a half years...
Facebook isn't the right way
to contact someone.
Yeah. Exactly. If they wanted
any sort of communication with you...
I think they would have done it,
or should have done it in a different way.
I don't know what she was trying
to accomplish by adding you on Facebook.
- On Facebook!
- Yeah.
I mean, I don't even...
Like, we're the computer...
Facebook, Myspace, YouTube generation.
We grew up with it, and we're still
not comfortable with things like that.
- Yeah.
- Like...
honestly, to me, no matter
how much technology progresses...
it's still not going to be okay
to do personal things impersonally.
I spent, um, the larger portion of my life
believing my mom was dead.
Finding out she's alive and-and...
you know, I have a half-sister,
and I have a half-brother...
and I'm an aunt and, like...
It's... You know, it kind of blew my mind.
But it's not the right time right now.
I... You know, with my mom,
with my sister.
I just had to put it on the back burner...
and just kind of say no for now.
It's just... It's just a bad time.
It's just I don't...
I don't think...
her, um, approach was okay.
I just...
I don't think either one of us
is healthy enough right now.
You know, she has an ongoing
heroin addiction...
that's extremely prevalent in her life.
Uh, she can't be a mom.
She can't even be a friend.
And she doesn't owe it to me
to be my mom.
She just...
I guess the reason I'm upset is because
she owes it to me to be a decent person...
a decent human being,
and she's never done that.
So, I don't know.
I just...
I'll live without her.
Geez, dude.
I win.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
You're terrible.
I'm not nervous.
Do you have stage fright?
- I do not have stage fright.
- Are you nervous?
Man, I'm not even going anywhere
near a stage.
...left-hand side.
$25,000 up for grabs today, in addition
to the obscene amount of prizes.
And we have the best
Europe has to offer as well.
They're here and ready to throw down
against their North American counterparts.
I am excited.
If you're not having fun
yet, just try harder.
Come get your sign-up on.
Five, four, three, two, one!
Bang, bang, bang!
Let's get it done.
Coming from Santa Clarita, California,
number 103, Kevin Conway.
See, the first trick,
he landed it, and he broke the board.
So, unfortunately,
Kevin didn't place in the competition.
Um, and he didn't win the money...
but, you know,
I don't want to sound too cheesy...
but I'm really proud of him
just for getting there...
and competing in such a big event.
Yeah, this girl Kristen's been, like,
helping me with math and stuff.
She's, like, a brainiac.
Let me read. No, it was...
I didn't see what it was.
Yeah. Point. So I can catch up.
Okay, so...
No, minus 81.
Mmm. I don't know. I guess it's safe to say
I kind of have, like, a crush on her.
Garrison doesn't know
what he wants. I mean, you know...
she's fun, she's crazy.
She likes different things,
and it's funny, 'cause I never...
I mean,
Garrison never really liked those things.
He was always, you know,
a conservative who loved punk rock music...
but I guess opposites attract, 'cause she's,
like, a hip-hop dancing, crazy liberal...
with hair this short, so...
Sweat off the brow.
Put your hands here and go over.
Or do your little thing
that you liked doing. Oh!
And then you're just gonna go
boom, boom.
It's gonna go right, left, right.
I don't know. I don't want to
go out with someone that's just like me.
I wouldn't ever change,
like, for the better.
I don't know. It's like I want to see
what else is out there...
rather than just people
that are just like me.
Garrison, have you ever taken me
to a place this nice?
- I took you here now.
- I took you here.
It was my idea.
- I took you here.
- No.
- Yes!
- I... Uh...
Unless you just break into my neighbors'
backyards when I'm not around...
I took you here.
Go ahead.
Tell 'em all about it.
Tell 'em about your escapades.
With Kristen. On the balcony.
Go ahead. I don't care.
She doesn't wanna go over there
because I've already been there.
With Kristen.
This is my neighborhood.
And I said, "Okay, go ahead and show her."
But I didn't even know that was there.
And you went without me.
- Well, do you want to go now?
- No.
- Come on.
- No. I don't wanna go.
Let go of me!
Garrison sucks!
Ow! Let go!
You're an idiot.
Garrison, are you and Kristen official yet?
Um, no.
We're just friends.
And why is that?
I don't know. 'Cause
I don't wanna make it official.
We're just friends. We're gonna chill.
Then we'll see what happens, but...
Friendship first.
Oh, Santa Claus, Santa Claus and snow!
You'll be wet.
I'm glad I'm not a reindeer, that is true.
- I wanna go pick out a Christmas tree.
- Okay. I don't care.
- Okay.
- We just gotta convince Mom.
- No, we don't.
- We just go get it.
- Once it's done, it's done.
- Can't take it and put it back.
Yeah, well, we just purchased
a house in Tennessee.
Uh, after Kevin graduates...
So we're thinking maybe, uh...
when we move back to Tennessee,
that he'd, uh...
He'd be able to go to college
there in Tennessee.
Yeah. I'll most likely still
keep in contact with Garrison.
And... I can't see any difference...
why I couldn't keep in contact with him.
Well, I guess Kev
Bro's parents bought, like...
some crazy mansion in Tennessee.
It's got, like, a creek, train tracks.
His parents are gonna move out there
towards the end of the year...
and I think Kevin might go with 'em
after he graduates.
He might go.
- You know, I'll... I'll definitely
be bummed when he goes...
Even if I go with him, 'cause I know
he's not gonna live here anymore.
And, you know, most... Almost all my teenage
years have been spent with this kid, so...
- You know, and there's this
kind of part about Kevin...
I'm not really sure what's going on.
But... You know, regardless, I love him.
I'm not happy with you today...
Mr. Garrison.
Well, we were gonna have
black beans and rice for dinner, but...
Garrison had a date with Kristen,
so he ditched me.
- You better tell her I said, "I don't care."
- No!
- Tell her.
- Why?
Because I'm just gonna keep deleting
her Facebook wall posts.
- Why?
- I'm sick of her.
- Why?
- She's ruining my life.
Why? You have no good reason.
I just don't like her.
- She's short.
- That's the only reason I like her.
No, I'm just kidding. That's just a joke.
It's not funny.
And... she's sassy,
and I don't like it.
What's Arnold
Schwarzenegger's favorite food?
"Get to the chopper!"
So, what do you really like about Kristen?
Okay. She's attractive.
You're attracted to
her because she's attractive.
- Got it. - No, I wasn't done, idiot.
I have, like, five fingers.
All right. So... I just got my first car.
Went and checked it out,
and it was perfect.
Some old guy owned it.
It's a 1990 Chevy Celebrity Wagon.
And it was in a garage its whole life.
It has 68,000 miles on it.
The inside's perfect. The outside's clean,
so I'm, like, beyond happy.
1,500 bucks.
Definitely worth saving up for.
So, I figured since I got a new car,
I'd go pick Kristen up...
and take her out to the lake.
Go hang out for a while.
I don't feel like a little kid anymore.
Now that I have, like, a car...
and, like, more of a job
doing skate lessons...
Now I think, you know,
I'm more ready for a relationship.
'Cause, like, I think, like,
past relationships I've had...
were kind of, like, less
exciting and stuff.
Just 'cause I didn't have a car.
If I wanted to hang out with them,
I had to, like, ride my bike there.
And if I got there, we had to stay
wherever we were basically...
unless we walked.
So now we can go anywhere.
I could drive us to the Bahamas.
What's Arnold Schwarzenegger's...
Favorite hamburger?
- "Get in the chopper!"
- "Get to the chopper!"
Dumbest line ever.
So... I was thinking...
earlier that... I would ask you
if you would go on a date with me.
- Promise?
- Promise.
- So really?
- Really.
- Valentine's Day.
- Wait, when's that?
When is that? I don't know. I'm not...
Kristen said I'm not allowed to do anything.
Said to keep... She said to keep it open...
'cause she's doing something.
Or I don't know. She
said she can't tell me.
But I shouldn't do anything that day.
Okay, so she's planning
to do something for you.
Um, I don't know what I'll get her.
I just don't want it to be too clich, like
a box of chocolates and, like, a flower.
'Cause I've done that, and it's
just not very cool.
I think it's pretty cool. I'd be flattered.
So is that what you want
for Valentine's from me?
- That'd be nice.
- Okay.
I think that I will always...
have some sort of feelings for Garrison.
I think that that's sort
of, like, inevitable...
because he's my best friend...
and everything really happens for a reason.
So... I don't know.
I think that I would rather...
have him as a friend than not at all.
Yeah. He's a good guy.
#Baby, I love you #
# Yes, I love you so much, baby #
#I really, really love you #
- #Because I love you #
- #Oh-oh #
# Yes, I think a lot about you #
#Can't live my life without you #
#A thousand times a day #
#I'll be thinking of you #
#Oh, in a million ways #
# That's how much I love ya #
#Somehow I will repay you
for all the love #
#Oh, you've given me #
- #Ohl #
- #Baby #
# There's no one like you #
# There's no one quite like you #
# That's why I need you #
- #Need you #
- #Say you'll never go #
#Say you're never gonna leave me #
#If you do, I'll be so lonely #
# With you by my side #
#I know I can make it #
#Our love will survive #
#Nothing's gonna shake it #
#I get a glow inside #
#Knowing you love me #
#Just as I love you #
# Whoa! #
# Yeah! ##
Like, recently we found out
that we lost our house.
So, like... We have a few options...
but I guess Pappa and my dad
will probably end up moving to Tennessee...
and then, um...
Like, I'll figure out a place to be.
I'll either move in with
my oma and my aunt.
Or, like, move in with
Garrison or something.
We met bowling.
Um, you know,
I had grease all over my hands.
She had all the napkins.
So I said, "Hey, Napkin Lady,
get me some napkins."
And I said, "I don't work here."
And then I said, "You obviously look
the way you do because you work here."
And I said, "I'm wearing this uniform
because my great-grandma died in it."
Long story short, I didn't have greasy hands
at one point, and then... I found love.
No, I love Skye because...
- she makes me happy and...
- Good one.
She knows how to talk to me.
- Good one.
- And she does things for me all the time.
- Keep going.
- And, um, I smile when I think of her.
And my stomach feels funny.
And... she does this a lot, and I like it.
And I could go on.
I have a book written about it.
What about Jesus?
Oh, and Skye loves Jesus, and I love Jesus.
- Mmm.
- So together we both love Jesus.
- You're not supposed to eat milky things.
- Probably not supposed to eat that at all.
- What if I get sick?
- Uh, then...
Did you make a wish at least?
No. I wish that this would
be out of my mouth.
Did you hear that
Kris and Garrison broke up?
Like, 'cause I didn't know they broke up...
- until I checked Facebook after church, but...
- Yeah.
When they, like, came
to church that night...
- they seemed...
- Perfectly fine?
Like they... Yeah. Like
they were dating still.
Anyways... So...
then, like, a bunch of people
from church were just like...
like, "It would be beneficial
if you two broke up."
How is that beneficial though?
- I don't know. That's the way the church rolls.
- That's weird.
I know. They-They try and get anybody
to break up, if they can.
Destroy 'em.
It's what I did to my Barbies.
You know, she's kind of stepped away
from the church.
Me being a somebody
who kind of looks after Garrison...
To me, I would want him
to be in a relationship with a girl...
that loved the Lord first,
most importantly.
And if that's... If there was any goal
that I would have for Garrison...
it'd be for him to pursue that.
For me, I would... I would like to see him
pursue a relationship with a girl who...
who definitely, uh, you know,
has the Lord first in her life.
But I don't know.
She makes him question his faith in God.
She really does.
Garrison needed to learn what it was like
to have a really crooked girlfriend...
so that he can appreciate me,
and then be sad now that I'm gone.
I guess the main thing for me was
when people in the church were kind of...
- especially people I respected were like,
"Well"... - Mm-hmm.
They believe that men are born to be leaders
and women are born to be submissive.
And, like, we're still both getting
to our own spots in that.
- I'm not exactly the most submissive person.
- Yeah.
Like, at first, when she brought it up,
people were saying things.
Not people, but, like... Well, these,
like, people that we look up to.
I was kind of, "Why do they have to stick their
nose in everyone's business, blah, blah."
I was just kind of, like,
upset about it that...
I guess I realized, you know, I'd rather
listen to them 'cause...
they're wiser than we are, obviously.
And I also didn't want it over our heads, like...
If we were gonna keep going out...
and I'd know these people we respect
weren't in agreement with it, then...
I don't know, I'd just have that
over my head, like, the whole time.
Garrison, uh...
He told me to break up with Robin.
So I thought about it.
But I can't do that to Robin.
He's so sensitive.
And... dumb.
They're all dumb.
I don't know.
I think Garrison and I are just really,
really, really good friends.
Everyone always teases, like,
"Oh, you're gonna marry Garrison," but...
I don't know if I could put up with that.
Oh, my Beastie Boys.
Oh, look at this!
A text message from Robin.
What are the odds?
The boys are back to back. I don't know.
It's the haircut.
It wouldn't be that bad.
Like, her whole plan is that, like...
if we're, like, 30, and we haven't, like, met
someone, we're just gonna marry each other.
So... I don't know.
We'll see what happens.
- Gentle Barn?
- Yeah. I do community service.
Wait. What?
Ellen DeGeneres was there,
and I wanted to say hi.
Wait. What's a Gentle Barn?
There's a lot of animals, you see,
that were treated just the way I treat you.
And traumatized... into submission.
- "Ha, ha"...
- Can I check my Facebook?
- No.
- Kristen keeps commenting...
No! No, then definitely no.
How did you do that?
- I'm good a drawing L's.
- "Skye Likes Dandelions."
- You don't have boobs.
- She's wearing a T-shirt.
Right. I don't see the problem.
You look like a boy...
with pretty eyes.
I'll fix it.
Give him... Give him a thing
so my boobs aren't lopsided.
Should I draw them normal or hilarious?
Oh, my gosh. Don't
give me Kim Possible boobs.
- Oh, no.
- # Doo-doot-doo-doot # #
Oh! Stop!
Oh, my gosh, Garrison.
- Hey, when do you have to move?
- I don't know. Pappa's not even preparing.
He doesn't...
He's-He's just... Like, he's just too old.
He doesn't know what's going on.
Like, we haven't started packing. Nothing.
Watch. We're gonna get
a knock on the door...
and they're gonna, like,
repossess all my great posters.
What about the place in, uh, the...
Agua Dulce, where your cousin lives?
I can't move there. My cousin lives there.
Well, build her, like, an igloo.
Yeah, we have...
We don't even have money for ice.
Okay, out of mud.
It's, like, an adobe thing.
We can't afford to make it rain
every day, Garrison.
Okay, okay.
Just... There's a shed.
- Garrison, you're so insensitive.
- No, I'm just...
You don't know what it's like to lose your
house, Garrison, and have nowhere to go.
Like, you don't know what
it's like to, like...
have a papa that's too old to, like,
get off his feet again, you know?
You don't know what that's like.
You don't know how scary that is.
It's so stupid. It doesn't even matter.
It's just a stupid house.
Well, I really wanted...
I think we both really wanted to...
build a half-pipe in it and stuff.
And, like, have, like, punk shows here.
And, like, make it, like,
the coolest place ever.
But... Yeah. That's what
we wanted to do, anyway.
- I guess time slips.
- Yeah.
That's cool. 'Cause this
place is still here.
I can still go to it
whenever I feel like it.
I remember all the times
when we almost fell off this roof.
I remember all the times we did.
We did fall off the roof.
Those were good times.
I think Garrison will be with me forever.
I mean, he's like a fungus.
He's like rust, you know?
Like the rust on this building.
You never get rid of it.
- Thank you.
- He's gonna infect my life...
- with happiness...
- Oh, good.
And joy.
- But deep inside, I'll be dying.
- We're all dying.
That's the morbid part about this.
- Is that we're all dying happily.
- Slowly.
- Can we die greatly?
- Yeah, I'm down.
I don't know.
We've been packing up, but slowly...
and I don't know why we've been
packing so slowly, considering...
we only have two weeks to get out,
and we have no place to go.
But I'm not packing my room, because
they're gonna have to drag me out of here.
I don't even remember
the last time I changed my sheets...
and I don't care either.
I don't know.
I guess it's hard because
they keep telling us, "Get out here"...
and then it's like...
Then we get extended
again and again and again.
And everyone's stressed out,
and no one knows when.
Now we know when, and we don't
even know if that's gonna be the when.
I've fought so hard...
through all of it.
Through everything.
I... was so hopeful.
I... was so happy.
I had so much faith...
that everything was gonna be okay.
And I waited so long
to have my dad back, and...
I wanted so bad just to...
I don't know.
I just...
I... I didn't expect this, I guess.
And I'm not the only one.
I guess I just feel pretty... alone.
That's all.
- What do you want?
- Hi.
- Do I look cute?
- No.
You look adorable.
Nothing has changed.
I can see through those eyes.
See? She still loves me.
- You're making me feel sad.
- Why?
Because you're all
Negative Nelly these days.
Mmm. My name is not Nelly.
Hey, Garrison, I'm sorry things aren't
as easy as you'd like them to be for me.
- I'm... It's not that.
- These are just difficult days, I mean.
And it's not like... It's...
Never mind.
Never mind.
Just don't find the bad side
of everything instead.
You used to always say the good stuff.
I know, I used to do a lot of things.
But now, whenever there's a good
or a bad thing to choose from...
you choose the bad thing... to say.
It seems that way.
You don't know how hard I'm trying.
I know.
You can't want to marry me. You have...
- So that's your only option.
- Okay. Okay.
Well, I mean, either way
it's gonna be my only option.
- Yeah.
- I'm never gonna want to marry you.
So it's... You know, so it's a backup plan.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
See, I like... I'd
rather have a 250 than a 175.
- But... 125...
- Or a 125.
No they... They race 125 Two Strokes.
That's a... They're-They're fast.
- Yeah, but I wanna be faster.
- How much do you weigh? Like a hundred...
- Guess.
- 115.
Are you kidding me? I
weigh 145 pounds, Dad.
- 145 pounds! Okay, yeah, that's 250.
- Yeah.
Okay? I'm skinny, but I'm all muscle.
I mean, I'm 5'11...
- Yeah.
- It's a good weight.
Hey, Gary. Uh...
You're coming to my graduation, right?
I need to know so I can give you a ticket.
If you are. So call me back.
Or I'll call you. Or
I'll go to your house...
and stalk you through your window.
Okay. Good-bye.
I honestly don't know how it's gonna go
with moving to Tennessee and all.
Oh, well.
It's really all up in the air.
Everyone's kind of, like,
pulling me different directions.
Like, "Come here. Go there.
Do this. Go there. Do that.
You wanna do this. You
don't wanna do that."
I'm like, "Okay."
Well, we'll find out.
Oh. Fixed him!
Lookit. Now...
Now he can go up here.
Now we can go on the adventure.
# You can spend your whole life building #
#Something from nothing #
# Storms may come
and blow it all away #
# Build it anyway #
# You can chase a dream #
# That seems so out of reach #
#As the fears and doubts
begin to come your way #
#Dream it anyway #
# Anything is possible today #
#And I believe that it will guide us
to our destiny someday #
#I dream it anyway #
#I dream it anyway #
Where's Skye and all them?
I don't know.
After graduation? Like today?
I don't know what we're doing yet.
We're gonna go get something
to eat, I guess.
I don't know.
How about Gary? Garrison! Gary!
He's, uh... Gary!
Excuse me. I'm gonna run into
the big crowd.
#Anything is possible today #
#And I believe that it will guide us
to our destiny someday #
#I'll dream it anyway #
#Dream it anyway #
# You can pour your soul out singing #
#A song you believe in #
# That tomorrow they'll forget
you ever sang #
#Sing it anyway #
# Yeah, sing it anyway #
#Believe it anyway #
# Yeah, build it anyway #
# Yeah, love it anyway #
# Yeah, sing it anyway #
#Dream it anyway #
# Yeah, sing it anyway ##