Only You (1994) Movie Script

Only you
Can make this world
seem right
Only you
Can make the darkness bright
Only you
And you alone
Can thrill me like you do
And fill my heart with love
for only you
Baby, only you
Can make this change in me
For it's true
You are my destiny
Stop pushing it. You're supposed to
let it happen, not force it.
- I'm not pushing it. You are.
- I am not.
You're doing it again.
You're pushing it. Stop it.
Mom! Larry's pushing it!
- Larry, don't push it.
- I'm not. It's moving itself.
I have to write this down.
Grandma said everyone has a soul mate.
This way I'll know his name.
The one I'm supposed to wait for.
The one that'll wait for me.
But, Faith, what if this guy
lived a billion years ago?
- What if he's a dead caveman?
- Don't be stupid, Larry.
Soul mates are our destiny.
They live when we live.
What if he lives here in Pittsburgh
and you just pass him on the street?
It couldn't happen. I'd know.
Like when bees know how to make honey.
And you'll know too,
cause you have one.
We all do.
"Damon Bradley. "
My other half?
My soul mate.
She wants to know
if she's going to marry Alex.
I do not!
He doesn't even have a brain.
He's got pretty eyes. That means
your kids would have pretty eyes.
He can get a brain later.
What do you think, Faith?
The most important thing is true love.
Isn't that right, Kate?
Look out below!
Larry, I hate you!
- Bill is gonna be so mad.
- I know.
So, what destiny do you wish
from Madame Divina?
Just basic destiny stuff,
I guess.
But I don't want to hear anything bad,
if that's okay.
Something's coming to me.
I'm getting a name.
A name that is very important.
His name...
is Damon Bradley.
Oh, my God.
Your destiny is $ 2.
The truth is...
you make your own destiny.
Don't wait for it to come to you.
14 years later
"From the Latin root destinare...
meaning, to have destination...
to journey...
to take a trip where the events
are totally predetermined. "
Imagine that.
The motion
of like attracting like.
The motion
of a divine preordination.
Okay. Look.
One hand, two hands.
Put them together...
and what do they make?
Right! So, Plato tells us
we began in circles.
When we strived to be like the gods,
we were punished by a thunderbolt...
that struck us and cut us
right down dead center...
in half.
We scattered
to the ends of the earth...
searching and searching...
for our other half.
Now, what Plato was saying...
is that if we just stop...
and go with the flow...
and follow our destiny...
it'll lead us back to each other.
Okay, so following through
on this...
read from your green book.
Remember, one Wordsworth,
one Keats or one Shelley.
Have a great holiday.
Don't get up, Leslie.
I got everything.
- Kate, did you want me to help you?
- Oh, no. You might strain yourself.
- I would've helped.
- What is all this? What's going on?
Wine, candles.
What is it?
He proposed.
Faith, that's great.
Did he get down on his knees?
Well, no.
He turned down his beeper.
He's a doctor. He's practical.
He doesn't have to get on his knees.
Did you guys set a date?
Well, no. I don't think
we should rush into anything.
Let me see the ring.
Where is it?
You don't have it on?
- I'm blind. Oh, my goodness.
- It's so pretty.
Where are my sunglasses?
It's gorgeous.
- I hate you.
- Oh, my God.
I asked him to give me 24 hours
to think about it.
I'm never going
to get divorced, so...
I'm telling you
what I told him...
that I need time to reflect...
and that I'm going to say "yes. "
I told my parents
I'm engaged.
Oh, well
then it's official.
- Dwayne. What a catch. He's a doctor.
- He's so intelligent, Faith.
- He's a doctor. What do you want?
- Good sense of humor too.
- He's got a mild sense of humor.
- He's a doctor. It's a tradeoff.
He can't have a sense of humor too.
He saves lives.
He's a foot doctor.
He saves feet.
Feet are important.
Plus, he's tall.
Your kids will be tall.
Yeah. He's a sweetheart.
You don't have to sell me on him.
He's as good as gold.
What is it you're waiting for?
I'm not waiting.
Hey, Faith, grab me a beer.
Faith, don't wait.
You wait, you'll wind up with nothing.
Oh, yeah. Hi, Larry.
Yeah, she's here. Hold on.
- My brother for you.
- Uh-oh.
Stop it.
Don't eat my crust, Les.
You still there?
I thought you'd be heading home by now.
- I'm not. I'm here.
- What are you doing there?
Hanging out with your sister and Leslie.
What is it? You miss me?
Yeah, my heart is breaking for you.
Did you forget what night it is?
The guys are coming over
for poker.
Oh. I didn't know
you wanted me to play.
Very funny. Get home, make some
sandwiches and pick up some beer.
This is my one night out.
The kids are at Gus's.
- Give me a break.
- Kate, I still got lots of work to do!
Well, I've been in class
all day.
The guys are gonna be there
without anything to eat!
I'm a woman, not a menu.
All of a sudden
you're Helen Reddy.
Get home!
You're gonna embarrass me.
Fend for yourself,
because I'm not coming home.
I gotta go.
It's Ezio Pinza.
Ezio who?
He was in South Pacific
with Mary Martin.
Why don't they write songs
like this anymore?
I've gotta get going.
No, no, no.
You gotta stay and watch this.
When you feel her call you
Across a crowded room
Then fly to her side
Saw a psychiatrist on Donahue say
that love songs are just a cruel hoax...
that feed people's fantasies.
Romance on a daily basis?
Nobody has that.
Yeah, but, Katy,
somebody wrote those songs.
They came out of
somebody's experience.
No, I think they came out of
someone's imagination.
Once you have found him
Never let him go
Once you have found her
Let her
Oh, my gosh.
- Oh, look how it sparkles.
- She's a beauty.
Must've cost a lot.
Yeah, I researched a lot of diamonds
and gemstones for this. Learned a lot.
It's amazing how many variations
there are...
of pure carbon
crystallized into octahedrons.
But here's my real gemstone
right here.
- I know you don't like that. I'm sorry.
- That's okay. Is it all off?
- Yeah, I got it all.
- Great.
You've got to show this
to Aunt Gloria and Aunt Lil.
They came all the way
from Pottsville.
- May I see it one more time?
- Oh, Leslie!
Oh, my God!
It's the perfect size!
Come on, sweetheart.
I feel like crying.
- I have a headache.
- Again?
Yes, but not
one of those headaches.
I have 50 bobby pins
holding my hair together.
What is this?
It's down. Put it up.
It's not exploitation.
Everybody wants money, right?
That's what makes
this country great, doll.
- Don't call me doll, okay?
- You used to love it.
Well, you said it differently then.
- Faith.
- Oh. Yes.
I wore it,
my daughter wore it...
and I want you
to have the same joy.
And I must say I was thrilled
when Dwayne said you would wear it.
- Where are you going?
- She's got another of her headaches.
It's a bobby-pin headache, Mom.
Talk to you later, Les.
- We're going. Can I have the keys?
- I've got the keys. Let's go.
Well, good night, okay?
Call me early.
Faith, I gotta go.
Call you tomorrow.
- It would mean a lot to her.
- It means a lot to me too, Dwayne.
- She's not a young woman anymore.
- She's already been married twice.
Surely we can do this one little thing
for her. Will you think about it?
- The thing is, you didn't ask me.
- Oh, my God.
Here comes your crazy uncle Pat.
He wants to take another picture.
- Ask me next time.
- Let me fix your hair.
- It's supposed to be like that.
- There. Now you're perfect.
One more. Good one.
- Sorry I'm late, Faith.
- Don't look!
Oh, dear. Okay.
Guess what. I'm free.
My mom and dad took the kids
to the lake for Labor Day...
so I was running around
getting that stuff together.
- Dwayne's not coming over, is he?
- No.
He had emergency surgery.
You can look.
Faith, that's a dress.
I've decided it's romantic...
wearing the gown of the woman
who bore your husband.
I mean, my daughter
will wear it too...
maybe... not.
Wait a second.
Put the veil on.
It'll be okay.
- Sweet of her, wasn't it?
- Yes.
If I had this dress,
I'd give it to someone.
- I look like a muffin.
- No, you look fine.
Did it come with the soundtrack?
I think it's built in here
There's probably
plenty of things.
It's the thickness.
We'll fix it. Don't worry.
I'll pin it a little bit.
We'll see what we can do.
- Life's not like it is in the movies.
- No, it's not.
Although from day one
everyone conspires to tell you it is.
Your mother, your father.
Teachers, priests, everybody.
Dreams come true. The good guy wins.
People live happily ever after.
All that crap.
Then one day you wake up
and realize that...
your life should be...
Katy, dreams aren't crap.
Okay, what about
unforgettable moments?
You can't tell me
you don't have...
one memorable,
unforgettable moment...
because I know
you've had thousands of them.
We're having one right now.
I'm in my wedding dress.
Those are the things to notice.
Kate, what's wrong?
I don't know.
Faith, I gotta talk to you
about something.
Larry and I, we're just-
I'm sorry.
I have to answer.
Dwayne's having his calls forwarded.
Don't move.
- Dr. Dwayne Johnson, please.
- He's not in at the moment.
He's doing an emergency matrixectomy.
Can I take a message?
- Who's this?
- Faith, his fiance. Who's this?
Hi. I'm a high school buddy of Dwayne's.
Congratulations on your wedding.
- Thanks.
- I'll be in Europe, so I'll miss it.
- Aw, that's too bad.
- Be careful.
What's your name?
I can hardly hear you.
Can you spell it?
Yeah. D-A-M-O-N...
B- R-A-D-L-E-Y.
- Hello? Are you okay?
- What?
What's going on?
Who is it?
- Damon Bradley?
- Yeah?
- Where are you?
- I'm at the airport. Why?
- Where are you going?
- To Venice. Why?
I love Venice!
I gotta run now, but maybe someday
we can all get together.
He hung up.
He hung up.
It's okay, honey.
If he calls you once, he'll call back.
- Get me out of this.
- Hold on. There's a million buttons.
Whoa! Spin! Spin! Spin!
Where are you going?
To the airport.
Call a cab.
- You can't just go to the airport!
- I'll be downstairs.
Change your dress!
It's a coincidence!
It is not a coincidence.
You don't understand. It's fate.
I just wanna get a look at him,
that's all.
Come on, Faith!
This is insane!
- Stop!
- Be careful!
- Oh, God.
- Watch it.
Good luck!
Excuse me, sisters.
Flight 417?
The flight's closed.
Your boarding pass, please.
I misplaced it.
I'm sorry, but without a boarding pass
we cannot let you on the plane.
- It's here somewhere.
- Great.
Until you find it,
we can't let you on the plane.
Look, this is a real emergency.
Please let me on for just one second.
I really need to see somebody onboard.
I'm sorry. We have very strict rules.
They are for your own safety.
You could affect my life.
Just a moment, please.
This is Eric over at TWA.
We have a 237 on our hands here.
It'll be just a moment.
The man I was supposed to marry
is on that plane.
I'm telling you,
it is a miracle.
There is no such thing
as a coincidence.
Kate, if I don't get on that plane
I am going to regret it.
No, not today, but tomorrow
and for the rest or my life.
It's Labor Day weekend.
I don't have classes till Wednesday.
Thank you!
Okay, my passport's
in the top left drawer.
Pack all my nice underwear,
anything non-wrinkly.
Don't forget my blow dryer.
Oh, Katy, you gotta hurry. The plane
leaves in an hour and 12 minutes.
Faith! Faith!
- My God, you smashed that lady.
- Oh, I didn't hurt anyone.
- Nice jacket.
- Hi.
- I'm coming with you.
- Are you crazy?
Oh, yeah. I'm crazy.
You can't go alone.
What if you make a mistake
you'll always regret?
Do I need to remind you
your wedding is in ten days?
Katy, look, I know you think
this is irresponsible...
but think how much more irresponsible
it would be...
to marry the wrong person.
- I packed jeans and a dress.
- God, I wish I had a passport.
Excuse me.
I also packed that little red dress
you never have the guts to wear.
I got the blow dryer.
Just get an adapter before
you plug it in. It could blow up.
Why are we doing this?
It's insane.
What if Dwayne and I aren't meant to be?
It's not fair for me to waste his life.
She's right.
What if he's really her soul mate?
He's not her soul mate.
She's never even met this man.
She's waited her whole life for somebody
with a name she got off a board game...
when she was 11.
You forgot about
the fortune teller.
Okay, hurry, hurry, hurry.
- We only got five minutes.
- Oh, God.
Bye, you guys.
Have a good time.
- Oh, my God.
- It's your hoops.
- Coming from or going to the wedding?
- Going. Come on.
So we're gonna fly to Italy and comb the
streets looking for a total stranger.
He's going to Venice, right?
Small city.
So I called six hotels
and found out where he's staying.
Let's go, girls.
You'll miss the happy day.
We'll see him tomorrow
and be back the next day?
Exactly. He's registered
at the Hotel Danieli.
- I can't believe I'm doing this.
- We get all kinds here, don't we?
Hotel Danieli?
So many planes.
I have motion sickness.
- Oh, my God.
- A boat?
- It's gonna be great.
- No, it's not.
- I don't feel well, Faith. I'm tired.
- Give me your hand.
I'm a very good friend.
Do you realize that?
"The most serene. "
Where people come looking for something
they can't find anyplace else.
- Faith, this is a Lifestyles hotel.
- What?
Lifestyles or the rich and famous.
We can't afford this.
Cathy Lee Crosby stayed here.
He could be anywhere.
Come on.
for Faith Corvatch, please.
You could put the room
on this.
Could you please tell us
what room Mr. Bradley is in?
I can't stand it.
I'm sorry. Mr. Bradley
has already checked out.
Excuse me?
He just arrived today.
Mr. Bradley left
about half an hour ago.
Would you prefer an interior or-
You're saying he checked in,
then checked out? No.
You must be mistaken.
He's supposed to be here now.
I'm very sorry.
Perhaps you misunderstood.
Perhaps you misunderstood.
Please check again, sir.
If you would check again, we'd really
appreciate it. Thank you. Damon Bradley.
With a "B."
Room 217.
His key has been returned.
I'm afraid your friend
has departed.
Did he leave
any forwarding information?
Which way did he go?
I don't know.
We don't usually follow our guests.
Excuse me, sir.
I don't think you understand.
My friend has traveled a long way
to find this gentleman.
Anything you can do to help us
we would appreciate. Anything at all.
I was just getting going.
Oh, he ate breakfast.
Thank God, 'cause I'm starving.
I think this is the room
Cathy Lee Crosby stayed in.
Garbage. Good idea.
Columbo always
goes through the garbage.
Butterfinger. Butterfinger.
- Map.
- Three Butterfingers.
- Banana.
- Map? Is anything circled?
- Telephone message.
- Let me see.
It's in Italian.
We'll get somebody to read it.
Let's go.
This is a phone number in Rome.
You'd like me to call this number
and what?
Ask for Damon Bradley.
- Just ask, that's all.
- Okay.
Thank you.
And ask whoever answers
if they know Mr. Bradley.
- Or where we might find him.
- Okay.
I'd ask for him first,
then go on to the other things.
Oh, my God.
He's a priest?
It's a store in Rome.
He said some woman he works with
knows him.
Her name's Anna.
But she won't be in
till tomorrow.
- Let's go Rome.
- Rome?
Rome? Tomorrow?
Tomorrow is sciopero generale.
Everybody will be on strike.
Good luck.
Everybody's on strike?
No planes, buses, trains?
Nobody shows up for work?
What kind of country is this?
The point is, we've been
on the wrong road for an hour.
No, no, no.
The point is, we're looping.
We looped back around to that freeway
or turnpike or whatever they call it.
- Which way do we loop?
- Right.
Left. Right.
I told you a liter
was less than a gallon.
We would've had enough gas
if you hadn't gotten us lost.
Besides, a kilometer
is less than a mile.
Right. Less than a mile.
So we should have been able
to cover more of them.
This is great.
I wonder what time it is
in Pittsburgh.
Sorry I got us lost.
I'm sorry I'm so edgy.
I'm afraid we're losing him.
I didn't tell him I was going
to the lake with the kids.
I told him
I was leaving him.
Leaving him?
I think he's having an affair.
- How do you know? Did he say something?
- No.
- Did you see him with her?
- No.
- How do you know?
- I just know.
remember in junior high
when I had that Halloween party...
and we all played Twister?
You started to fall...
and instead of taking the spot...
Larry reached out to catch you.
He let you win.
He never let anybody win.
That's when I knew
he was head over heels.
That was a long time ago.
You know what I thought then?
I thought...
I hope someday I have somebody
who loves me that much.
I know he loves you.
I know he would kill tigers
for you.
Okay, Mr. Cronenworth.
Let's check out this big guy here.
He looks pretty good.
This is a very simple procedure.
Won't take but about five minutes.
I'm just gonna make
a plaster mold of your foot.
Dwayne, I gotta talk to you.
- Larry, I'm plastering a foot.
- It'll just take a second. Excuse me.
- Where's Faith?
- At a teacher's conference.
- Get out!
- Did she mention Kate?
- She talks about Kate all the time.
- I think they're together.
Kate left me.
I got home and there was a note
saying "I'm leaving. " That's it.
- No explanation, no nothing.
- Jesus. What happened?
She's been acting kinda weird lately.
I should've seen it coming.
Babbling on and on about communication,
like I don't know how to communicate.
Do you believe this woman?
I'm sorry.
Sorry, Mr. Cronenworth.
- What did you do?
- Nothing.
That's what I'm saying.
- Have you been fooling around?
- No. Of course not.
Where you get that crazy idea?
I've got to finish this foot mold.
I will call you tonight.
You hear anything,
let me know.
Good luck, sir.
It's just my future
Sorry about that.
This is going to be
a very nice mold.
- Get in.
- I got it. Go, go.
Not a monastery.
It's a store.
No priests.
You know where that is?
- He knows where it is.
- I'm just asking to make sure.
I don't know why we had to return
the rental car. I would've found it.
We had to return the rental car
because you had us lost.
- What?
- We're here already?
- I told you we were close.
- Some trip.
Don't tip him.
Oh, good.
I'm looking for a woman
named Anna.
I am Anna.
Hi. I'm Faith. You don't know
how happy I am to meet you.
You see, I'm looking for somebody
and I was hoping someone here-
Well, you- might know him.
Damon Bradley.
You know him?
Okay, slow down.
What's going on?
- What's she saying?
- Something about a pig.
May I be of assistance?
We're looking for somebody
named Damon Bradley.
Yes. Could you ask her
if she knows where we could find him?
He thinks she's going to meet him
at Galeassi Ristorante...
tonight at Piazza
Santa Maria Trastevere.
But she has a prior commitment.
Thank you.
That's all I needed to know.
You are looking for
a place to stay, no?
Yeah, as a matter of fact.
Perhaps I can help.
I am Giovanni.
- And you are?
- Kate.
I know a pensione. Bellissima.
And it's very close.
- Really.
- Kate.
- Let's go.
- Faith.
I'm tired. I'm hung over.
I haven't eaten or slept for two days.
So back off.
I want a room.
- You were saying?
- It's this beautiful pensione.
I will take you there.
It's close.
- Well, thank you.
- Yes.
It's beautiful.
It's like the Trevi fountain.
Listen, Kate,
I must leave town for two days.
I must go to my other shop in Milano.
It was unavoidable.
But the day after tomorrow
I return...
and I hope
you'll still be here.
Faith, whatever happens tonight
you're gonna be okay.
Why couldn't we just have
arranged marriages in America?
Then you could spend your life blaming
your parents instead of yourself.
Go on up there and ask the maitre
if he's here. I'll wait.
There he is. The maitre d'.
Go ask him. Go on.
I will. I wanted to see
if maybe he'd notice me first.
- I wanted to see if-
- Yeah, I heard you, Faith.
You waited since you were a kid to meet
this guy. Don't play hard-to-get now.
Could you go ask?
Oh, all right.
I'm going.
I'm gonna go.
All right.
Excuse me. I'm sorry.
- Okay.
- He's here.
- Him?
- Take it easy.
He's right inside,
by the door.
Right-hand side, back to us,
navy jacket.
If you turn around now...
you can see part of his left elbow.
Oh! I can see his sleeve!
Very exciting. Progress.
This is good.
I guess I should just
go introduce myself, huh?
You've traveled 4,000 miles.
What's 15 more feet, right?
This is it!
What happened?
Are you okay?
Where's your shoe?
- I don't know.
- Okay, okay.
Sit down.
Everything's okay.
- You can't say we didn't try, right?
- Right.
- Here's what I think.
- What?
We rent a truck or a car,
either one...
we set up a loudspeaker,
drive through the surrounding areas...
and page him.
- Oh. How nice.
- Yes.
Oh. Americans.
Allow me.
Thank you.
So, what do you think?
It's kinda sweet, huh?
I meant about my idea.
Oh. Well, I think it's time
we got some professional help.
- Like a detective.
- Like a psychiatrist.
How's a psychiatrist
going to find him?
Oh, dear.
Thank you...
very much.
8- B?
Yes. Exactly.
How'd you know?
Well, it's my life.
In the shoe biz, the foot is our naked
canvas. I could tell you some things.
For instance, this is a Stephane Kelian
knockoff made in Jersey.
I know the family.
Good quality control.
It's impetuous, fun, elegant.
Not much for cross-training.
I hope it brings you to whatever it was
you were running after just now.
Her destiny.
Find your destiny.
Have you found it yet?
Excuse me. I have to go buy a book
and look up every hotel in Rome.
Okay. Excuse us.
I'm sorry.
Is your friend okay?
I don't know.
She's looking for the man of her dreams.
He's around here someplace.
She's never met him, never seen him.
If you consider that all right.
Well, if she's never met him,
how does she know he's perfect for her?
Oh, I don't know.
- He's some kind of celebrity, right?
- No, no.
Is he a hero, a mentor?
No, she got his name
off a Ouija board when she was 11.
Let's get to a phone.
- Staying in Rome long?
- Taxi!
I'd better come along. I speak Italian.
I have a friend at the embassy.
- I'm gonna help you out. Okay?
- This is a personal matter.
- What's his name? I'll look into it.
- It's nice of you to offer, but-
Just tell me his name.
Damon Bradley.
I'm Damon Bradley.
Well, that's a first.
Uh, got a minute?
- What were you going to say?
- No, what were you going to say?
I don't know. I forget.
- Are you too cold?
- No. I'm perfect.
- Okay.
- It's perfect.
- Are you?
- What?
Too cool?
No, I'm fine.
Thank you.
That was a blessing.
She gave us a blessing.
An Italian Gypsy blessing.
- Isn't it amazing how-
- Isn't it amazing how-
You're too pretty,
and I'm too nervous.
Don't pinch me.
I want to see-
You are here.
Yes, I'm here.
I'm very real.
What am I trying to think of?
There's this poem by Goethe.
Yeah, Goethe.
It's about two people
who come from different places...
but they hear
the same bird singing.
"Perhaps the same bird
echoed through both of us yesterday...
separate, in the evening. "
That's it. Exactly.
Yeah. It was Rilke.
Rilke. Oh.
Well, same country.
How'd you know that?
I could tell you some things.
Some enchanted evening
You may see a stranger
You may see a stranger
Across a crowded room
I love trees.
I could do nothing for the rest
of my life, just grow trees.
The ancients believed that gods
dwelled in them. Did you know that?
Maybe they're watching us now.
- Do you know where you are?
- No.
You're at La Bocca Della Verita.
"The Mouth of Truth. "
Gregory Peck.
Roman Holiday.
Legend has it-
That if you tell it a lie...
and you put your hand in there-
It will be bitten...
And then Audrey Hepburn says,
"Oh, what a horrible idea. "
Gregory Peck says,
"Let's see you do it. "
Let's see you do it.
Let's do it together.
I was born to kiss you.
Oh, there's-
Oh, God, there's-
There's something
I have to tell you.
There's nothing you could tell me
that would change how I feel about you.
I'm engaged.
We're supposed to be married
in nine days.
Oh, whoa!
Except possibly that.
Wait. What?
- You're what?
- He's a friend of yours.
- What?
- It's Dwayne.
- Dwayne?
- That's how I knew you were here.
It was me on the phone
from the airport.
- I thought I'd never find you.
- I understand. I know.
It's okay.
I gotta-
I gotta call him.
No, that's not
such a good idea.
- Don't call him.
- I gotta call him.
- Trust me.
- I gotta call him.
- I gotta.
- Are you sure?
I've never been more sure
of anything in my life.
Oh, okay.
- Want some more champagne?
- Mm-mm.
- Can I use the phone?
- No, not really.
- I have a confession to make too.
- Yeah?
- You can tell me.
- Are you sure?
We found each other, didn't we?
So this is our destiny.
So you can tell me anything.
Um, it's just that-
- The thing is, I'm not exactly-
- Yeah?
Only in the most literal sense...
I'm not Damon Bradley.
- What?
- My name's not Damon Bradley.
- I just told you it was.
- What is it?
It's Peter Wright.
Obviously you're very upset.
That's natural. That's okay.
I'm sorry!
Everything else is true!
I'm from Boston. I'm single.
I love trees. Mea culpa.
I lied about one little thing!
Your identity is one little thing?
- Get out of my way!
- You said you'd understand.
That was before
I knew what it was!
- Come on.
- Open.
Let's calm down, okay?
let's put this in perspective.
I can't believe you're gonna let a few
letters of the alphabet keep us apart.
It is a detail.
- Call me Damon. It'll be a nickname.
- How could you do this to me?
Because I'm in love with you!
What kind of excuse is that?
They find out what you want them to be,
then they act that way.
But how could he know?
He only just met me.
Men have ways.
That's all I know.
You know what my theory is?
Men should all get team jerseys.
On the front,
they can write "liars. "
On the back, their name.
Their real one.
Look at me.
I married a liar.
'Cause I married a man.
Here. Throw these in.
So you're saying you think
I should call him, huh?
- It's your husband, no?
- Yes.
But he was having an affair.
I don't think you understand.
He was sleeping with another woman.
He was having sex
with another woman.
She was your best friend, eh?
- She wasn't my best friend.
- Your sister?
No, of course not.
His first wife?
No one like that.
Not a friend, relative or anything.
Just some woman I don't know.
I've never met her or anything.
Hey, Marty! Wait up!
- You're going on the south side.
- I got it.
Don't get up on that roof
till it stops raining.
Should let up any minute now.
Oh, damn. The phone.
Larry's Roofing.
Is that you?
Kate, where are you?
Kate, are you all right?
Yes. Could I get
the long-distance operator again?
Forget it.
- I just wanted... Is she here?
- No.
- Oh, we've gotta talk.
- I was just on my way out.
We can work this out.
Is she okay?
She's fine. She went to get
our airline tickets home.
Is this a genetic thing?
Men say anything just to get laid?
Not fair.
I didn't get laid.
The reality is, some metaphysical
wires got crossed somewhere.
I don't have the right name,
but I am the guy.
I was there. I know it.
Please, do not let her go.
She's going, and she's
going to marry the podiatrist.
- Podiatrist? That's deep.
- How could you lie to her like that?
It was an emergency.
I literally had to.
It was the only way to stop her.
If I didn't, I'd never see her again.
- A lie's a lie.
- Please! Please?
Will you sit down
for one second?
Thank you.
I am not supposed to be in Rome.
I'm supposed to be in Boston,
leading a really boring life...
working my can off for my boss
so he can spend half the day in the gym.
But I'm here.
He was not supposed
to get measles.
Measles at 43 years of age.
But he did,
so they sent me-
a guy who's never been anywhere
except maybe Mazatl\E1n...
for spring break.
And someone gave me an Italian
phrase book the week before I left.
I was not supposed to be
in the piazza that night...
but I was.
I went to see a movie,
but in my opinion...
Woody Allen is not funny
when it's dubbed in Italian.
So I left
and I was just wandering.
And then someone bumped into me.
And then I saw her.
I looked into her eyes and-
Wow, something happened
that's never happened to me before.
- Something so familiar.
- Mania?
Whatever. She fell in love
with me too, by the way.
I said, "Please, God, give me a sign,
some way of making sure...
this woman does not get into that cab
and disappear from my life forever.
She's the one. "
And He did,
'cause she told me the name.
It wasn't my name,
but it was a start.
If that's not destiny...
then I don't know anything.
That's really romantic.
- Is it a lie?
- Come on!
It is a name, for Christ's sake.
This whole thing is ludicrous.
You know she's out of her mind,
chasing some guy around.
This guy, by the way,
could happen to be...
the biggest loser
on the face of the Earth.
He could be a grump, a jerk,
a pervert, a cynic...
some guy whose mind is infested
with dark thoughts, a criminal.
He could be...
truly sick.
what are the odds...
that he's some extra-super,
double-terrific guy?
- Ten billion to one.
- Exactly!
Do I have an ally?
I have returned.
Faith's friend, Peter.
Giovanni. Hi.
I thought we could see Roma today,
but if you are busy-
No! Faith's friend.
Let's go.
And my husband Larry,
he's a roofer.
Roofing contractor, actually.
I mean, thank you.
Before that,
when he was younger, he painted.
Not houses but pictures.
Yeah. But...
you can't raise a family
on paintings.
I guess you have to
go back to work now, huh?
Oh, no. It's siesta.
You see, at home only the kids
take naps in the afternoon.
Adults go straight through.
Me, I don't even lie down
at all...
during the day.
Yes. In America,
you care for work.
You live to work.
You stop for nothing.
But in Italy...
we care for food,
for pleasure...
for love.
- Biscuit?
- Yes.
It's crunchy.
Mm, thank you.
I was able to get us out
on the first flight tomorrow morning.
8:00 a. m.
8:00 a. m.?
- So soon?
- The sooner the better.
You were right about this whole thing
from the beginning.
Stupid. Chasing a name.
- I had to try.
- What about Peter?
- Peter?
- Yeah.
- Peter was a mistake.
- I don't know.
Thought he was kinda fun, huh?
He was eccentric at best...
and not in a good way.
- You mean, like your way?
- Yeah.
No. Very funny.
You're crazy about him.
I am not.
You are too.
I hate him.
That's a strong response for someone
you said you didn't even like.
I hated what he did.
Good, 'cause that's what I told him
when he dropped off the flowers.
You told him
that I hated him?
Can't stand him, huh?
Hey, Katarina.
La bella Italia, she's waiting.
- Let's go.
- I'll be right down.
You better start packing.
Our cab's coming at the crack of dawn.
He promised to take me
on a tour of the fountains.
But I'll stay.
I'm not gonna go.
If you want me to stay, I'll stay.
He knows I'm married.
I'll be back before dawn.
The 16th century
exalted the human tigure.
It was their way
of glorifying the human spirit.
But it's an ancient preoccupation.
You see, the female body...
has always been the essence...
the mystery of human life.
So someday I'll visit you
in Pittsburgh...
and you'll show me
all her beauties, hmm?
Oh, Marcello.
I'll need a taxi tomorrow morning
at 6:30 to go to the airport.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Ah, Signorina Faith.
- Yes?
- Peter Wright left messages for you.
- He calls all the time.
- No phone calls for me.
Thank you. Ow!
You stubbed your toe.
I know I stubbed my toe.
- Go away.
- Don't you think that's a sign?
- Oh! A sign.
- It's obvious.
He's a foot doctor, pain is your body's
way to tell you something's wrong.
Your toe's trying to tell you
not to marry Dwayne.
My toe is telling me
I've been hurt by a shoe salesman.
- What about last night?
- What about, you're a liar?
- What about "I was born to kiss you"?
- What about-
Oon't you have to work?
Maybe you're not a shoe salesman.
The truth is, you came here looking
for something and you found it.
It's right in back of you.
You're frightened.
That's understandable.
I couldn't even sleep last night.
Peter, stop.
Last night was an illusion.
You weren't who you said you were,
so I wasn't who I thought I was...
so neither of us were there.
It wasn't real.
It didn't happen.
I don't know you.
Get to know me.
- We're not supposed to be.
- Yes, we are.
Don't throw your life away
on someone you don't love.
Who says I don't love him?
Uh, all right.
Go home and marry your podiatrist.
I hope you'll be
very happy together.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh, okay. All right.
Wait, wait!
You can't go.
- Why can't I go?
- Because I found him.
Stop the car.
Whoa! I'm okay.
I couldn't sleep last night.
For some reason, I was a wreck.
So what did I do? I went
to that restaurant, La Galeassi.
You want me to take that for you?
I had a chocolate gelato.
I talked to the waiter
asked him a couple of questions.
Turns out- I'll get it-
He knew the name of Damon's hotel.
- You're kidding.
- No, it's right.
I call the hotel.
They say, "No, he left yesterday. "
But apparently he comes here every year
and always follows the same route.
He always goes from Rome
down the coast...
to La Sirenuse Hotel
in Positano.
- Where's Positano?
- Three hours south.
- Did I do the right thing?
- Great! We can call Giovanni.
- What? It's perfect.
- He can drive us.
- We can all go down together.
- It's really perfect.
I did the right thing.
She won't say it.
You did.
You know what I think?
Anything can happen here.
Kate, look down there.
Oh, God.
Oh. Is it over?
Where's the guy
with the checkered flag?
Okay, Faith. Hold on.
Oh, my God.
Faith, Joan Collins stayed here.
Well, right now
he's by the pooI.
He says he wears
a gold medallion.
- Want to check out the pool?
- Mm-hmm.
Let's go. This way.
Oh, look at this.
Isn't this beautiful?
I hate men
that wear jewelry.
That's Damon Bradley?
Aren't you going to
introduce yourself?
Of course.
- Do you want me to do it?
- No.
Good luck.
You're in my sun.
Oh, I'm sorry.
- I thought I...
- Damon!
I'll see you tomorrow.
Ciao, Amanda.
- Damon?
- Uh-huh.
- Damon Bradley?
- That's me.
Beautiful place.
You know, it sure is.
Been here long?
Since yesterday.
I just got here too.
Not yesterday.
Just now. Just today.
With my sister-in-law,
my brother's wife.
Wife. Yes.
- I'm sure I'll see you around.
- Oh, I hope so.
You know...
I was wondering.
Do you have dinner plans?
Not exactly.
Would you be willing
to have dinner with me?
There's a restaurant
at the bottom of the steps.
It's called
ll Covo del Sara-something.
It's great. 8:30?
- Sounds good?
- Covo del Something.
I'll see you at 8:30
at the bottom-
- Watch your step. You okay?
- I'm sorry. It's okay.
- I'll see you there.
- What's your name?
Oh, Faith.
My name is Faith.
Very smooth.
C- O-R-V-A-T-C-H.
That's right. Yeah.
My wife used her card yesterday
and I can't remember the amount.
No, I can't wait for the statement.
That's why I'm calling you.
All right. Hey, Pete!
Tell Roy to send up more shingles.
Hey, Roy!
He wants some more shingles!
Four hundred dollars
from the La Sirenuse Hotel in Positano?
Where is Positano,
in Mexico?
My wife's in Italy?
What the hell's she doing in Italy?
She's only been gone 48 hours.
Huh? I'm sorry, ma'am.
Have a nice day then.
My wife's in Italy.
What the hell's
she doing in Italy?
Who's in Italy?
Fellas, I gotta get out of here.
You finish up this job here.
Don't have too many beers
at lunch.
- Yeah, okay.
- Make sure you quit by 4:00.
All right. I'm fine.
Have you seen this sunset
out here?
Larry would love these rooftops,
you know?
Did you see his eyes?
They were beautiful.
Brown, with little flecks of green.
Wasn't he nice?
He's really nice.
How old do you think Giovanni is?
No more than 40?
Come in!
The stars will be jealous
of you tonight.
You are a vision.
Thanks. You certainly
know how to talk.
By the way, I invite you all
on your last evening in Italy.
A friend of mine has a yacht.
You can see it from the balcony.
I told him I would bring
all my American friends tonight.
So you must all come, hmm?
Yeah, we'd love that.
Faith, you in?
Okay. Ciao. Have fun.
I'm sorry.
In another life or parallel universe,
we would have loved that. Better?
- I have to get ready.
- Okay. Sorry.
Wait, wait. Sorry.
- Here.
- What is it?
You'll see.
- Shoes!
- Yeah.
They're bone, a good color
for a date with destiny.
It should be- Don't worry
about those European sizes.
It's perfect.
It should tit like a glove.
- They do.
- Yeah?
Could you hand me my dress?
It's over on the window-
And my earrings?
Those little moon ones?
And could you get me
my little ankle-
Oh, you got the pictures back
from the place.
This one of us is great.
Did you see that picture that...
Oh, God.
Oh, you look great.
Thank you.
I just... I want to thank you
for making all of this possible.
It's the least I could do.
I just hope you find
what you're looking for.
Oh, Peter, stop.
No matter what happens tonight,
I love you.
- I have to go.
- Yeah.
It's pumpkin time.
Wow. You look just like a goddess.
You really do.
I mean, it's... Whoa.
A lot of steps.
- Want some wine?
- Yes.
Do you have a good house red?
Now, I know you're gonna think
this sounds crazy...
but I noticed you at the pool
even before we spoke.
I could sense
a chemistry between us.
- Really?
- Truly.
you're probably wondering
why I asked you to dinner.
No, not really.
It happens all the time.
What looks good?
I think I'm gonna have the scampi.
Oh, you like shrimp?
I like shrimp.
Get out of town.
Come on.
Put her there.
Do you believe in destiny?
It is written...
on the stars.
My son Kyle is in the third grade.
He's really the smart one.
My other son is very...
physical, I guess,
would be the term.
You think I'm just
one of those men...
who tries to seduce
every woman he meets.
Oh, I know that's what you are.
Does it matter?
I've told you all about me.
- I want to hear about you.
- All right.
What kind of books do you like?
What music do you listen to?
I like action films.
I like Van Damme movies.
I love martial art films.
You don't like opera?
I'm surprised to hear that.
- Giovanni, I'm sorry.
- What?
You're very kind and gentle,
and I'll never forget you...
but I can't do this.
I'm married.
- That makes me uncomfortable.
- I'm sorry.
- How bout that?
- Come on. Stop it.
- Is this what you want?
- I said stop!
- Okay.
- Stop it.
I'll kill you!
- You crossed the line, you jerk!
- You crossed the line.
- You blew it from the get-go!
- I did you a favor.
I said to turn her off
not molest her!
I was improvising.
Are you not Damon Bradley?
No, I am not Damon Bradley.
Look, I'm real...
Damn it!
I'm really sorry.
You're very sweet.
- I'm sorry it went this far.
- Shut up, Harry! You've done enough!
- You shut up.
- So you're probably really upset.
- Just be a little bit rational.
- Rational!
Hit him!
- Let it out.
- Stop it!
Okay, what's with
the bald guy, huh?
- Faith, I can explain!
- Great.
Okay, slow down.
Oh, God.
Oh, dear. Oh, my.
Faith, I was afraid
of losing you!
Let's go.
You are so ungrateful. Do you know
what kind of planning this took?
This was a major production.
I did it all for us!
Thank you very much.
I hope you're very happy!
I don't believe in anything anymore!
I don't believe in the moon or stars
or the sun or destiny...
or magic or men!
Why won't you accept the fact that
I'll do anything to keep us together?
You've outdone yourself!
You're gonna miss me
when I'm gone.
You're nuts about me!
We're made for each other!
Haven't they ever heard
of escalators?
You didn't mean what you said about not
believing in the stars and the moon?
- You?
- I...
I can't.
I can't now.
I'm sorry for dragging you here.
No, don't say you're sorry...
'cause this has been the best weekend
of my entire life.
I guess sometimes life just doesn't
turn out the way we imagined it.
Look at the stars.
They come out every night.
To almost love a woman
and then lose her.
Enjoy the pain.
It's like losing at roulette.
There's that sweet sting.
Oh, Jesus, Harry.
There's only one woman...
and she's gone.
Are you all right?
- Yes.
- Can I get you something?
No, thank you.
I just would like you
to send this very quickly.
I'm calling off my wedding.
I'll send it immediately.
Just go.
I'm sorry.
I wanna...
Come on. Let's go.
What are you doin' here?
What am I doin' here?
What the hell are you doin' here?
You came all the way here
just to ask me that?
No, I...
I came all the way here
to tell you...
I love you and I...
miss you.
I've been miserable
without you, Katy.
Oh, Larry, I've missed you too.
You're gonna be okay?
I'm gonna be okay.
I want you guys to have a great time.
- Did you call Mom?
- Yeah.
- Did you call Dwayne?
- Yeah.
What'd they say?
Everybody is worried about you,
you understand?
- I'm all right. Thanks.
- You got everything?
Listen, what time is your flight?
- You got your passport?
- Yeah.
Your ticket?
I'm Damon Bradley.
You're Damon Bradley?
I mean, off the Ouija board,
when we were kids.
I made the whole thing up.
I was pushing the arrow.
- I wanted to get to the next question.
- You made the whole thing up?
- Damon Bradley never existed?
- He was a kid in Little League.
- He was a real jerk.
- What about the fortune teller?
- That fat gypsy woman?
- Don't say that.
I slipped her two bucks.
The whole thing was a joke.
Larry, this is bad.
You have to tell Faith.
I am not going to tell Faith.
She'll never speak to me again.
- She called off her whole wedding.
- Because she's in love.
Why would she call off her wedding
if she was in love?
Because it's not Dwayne.
What do you mean?
Then who is she in love with?
- Spanish?
- How'd you know that?
It's very nice suede.
How much you pay for them?
87.50, American.
- Wow. Could've done better.
- Better?
I'll give you a card.
Passengers on TWA flight
to New York...
prepare to board
at gate number ten.
Al Italia nonstop flight
to Boston...
is now boarding
at gate number 40.
Mr. Damon Bradley, please come
to the information desk.
I'll be in touch.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
- I'm Damon Bradley.
- Oh, yes.
- You have a message for me?
- Yes, I have a message.
Mademoiselle Plantard will meet you
directly at your hotel in Geneva.
Ah, thank you very much.
Shall we?
I'm Peter. This is Faith.
We're a bit strange. She's been
looking for you her whole life.
As a matter of fact,
she thinks she wants to marry you.
Are you married?
- No.
- Oh, good. Whew.
- Do you have a good job?
- Of course.
- Who are you?
- I'm sorry. Peter, Faith.
We're just friends.
He's available.
This is good.
She thinks that you two
are meant to be.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
The only problem is me,
because I'm in love with her.
I love her more
than she'll ever know.
You're a lucky man.
You've got the right name.
Good-bye, Faith.
I hope you work it out.
Hope we work what out?
What's going on?
He loves me.
I can see that.
The question is: Do you love him?
I said, the question is:
Do you love him?
Do you love him?
- Last call for boarding.
- I do.
I do.
I have a plane to Geneva
to catch...
and you have a plane to catch.
Is this the flight to Boston?
I have to get on that flight.
- The flight is closed.
- Excuse me?
You don't understand.
The man I love is on that plane.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure!
Please, can you help me?
You understand.
Don't you?
Do you got a ticket?
This is to New York.
Oh, my God!
Thank you!