Opasatica (2007) Movie Script

I experienced a great love.
During a snonsiay.
Here's the story in six moments.
The smell of gasoline and fresh fish
Some people don't like pike
Me, I keep it.
I put it in the meat grinder
with vegetables...
Carrots, onions, celery...
Some people bread it with
ketchup chips, Corn Flakes...
I just dip it in flour
and then wham bam in the pan.
What woman wouldn't want that?
We're here.
From there.. .to there...
It's the entire lake.
That's all the bays...
Green Bay... Lamy Bay...
Klock Bay... Moose Bay...
A moose.
It's native
You can do it
Don't stick out your tongue,
keep it in your mouth.
You're not bad
Want a skidoo ride?
My face was frozen by the speed.
The infernal sound
of Macaronis and Castanets.
That little cushion in the corner.
dos it comes from afar?
The beautiful clouds outside
are they imported?
Are you open since a long time ?
Do you still live with your lovers?
I'll take the room
with a lake inside
Ya... no care
cus'only here feels like home
A man, a woman, a snowmobile.
The night when the days grown longer
Why don't you stay?
I don't understand you.
The mad desire to stay forever.