Open Five 2 (2012) Movie Script

I don't know. I don't know.
I don't know how it happened.
I mean, you're the only one
that I've been with...
I haven't been sleeping with anybody else.
That's the worst thing that you could be doing right now.
Is to think that
it could be anybody else's.
I'm not 100% that I know
what I'm gonna do about it.
No, it's not totally clear.
I don't know.
The only thing I'm clear about
is that it's been very...
confusing...because the one thing I know
is that I wanna be there with you
Well, when are you coming back?
That's the confusing part.
Are you excited to see Uncle Andrew?
What do you call him?
Engine? That's right.
What do you call Grandma?
You want Daddy to get you?
You do?
Wait a minute.
Hey Jake. It's Z.
I'm just wondering if you're still down
to give me a ride.
I know you talked about maybe driving down
and maybe wanting help
so give me a call back, let me know.
Oh fuck...Hey. Sorry, I was just leaving you a message.
The only thing is that I'm not going directly to New Orleans
I'm gonna stop in Lexington, Kentucky for 2 days
then I'm gonna drive to Memphis
and then I'm gonna go to New Orleans.
Great. Awesome. Cool. Thank you.
Yeah, thank you so much...
Okay, alright bye.
But the other thing is that
maybe the viewer, the viewers could have
some contribution to the content.
I don't know if that's even more cheesy.
Yeah I think that's more cheesy.
I think you're overcomplicating it.
First of all, I think the drawing will stand on its own...
It's like your dad used to do those drawings
of television white noise type of things.
Where are those?...I've never seen them.
They got stolen.
The drawings got stolen, or the idea?
The drawings.
If you couldn't shoot it, I would have Ethan do it
but, if you can, I know you do a better job.
Do you hate this painting?
If you're telling me you just need me.
to be out of your life...
I mean, I'm not even in your life.
Yeah, but you are a little.
Well, I know. And I was being responsive...
in part to you...
But if you're telling me...
Yeah, so that's what I'm telling you.
I don't think you've done anything wrong.
I don't think you've done wrong by me.
You've never made me feel rejected.
You never made me feel bad about myself.
I don't even feel like you strung me along.
We've both been in this together.
You don't think I knew what I was getting into?
Jake: Of course I knew. Shannon: That's good to hear.
It just makes me too crazy
I can't be walking around thinking
maybe eventually I'm gonna break up with him
I just can't...
I can't do that.
I can't be thinking about, like, down the line.
I'm not breaking up with him right now.
See ya
Yeah, I mean, it might need refining.
Ok cool.
...and that this other one had just caught on fire
and I totally believed him.
I was really pissed off
that I didn't get to see my school burning down.
We should go outside.
And then what happens when I get attached
and you're not around
and I say something to the effect of
"if you get attached to me
and I get attached to you
in the way that I think might be possible here
I will make sure to be around
enough so that you won't feel upset and left."
And I say that.
Yeah, and then?
Then they go fucking running scared.
And what do they say? Why are they upset?
They say that's even more terrifying.
Why is that more terrifying?
I don't know Z.
That's not real. That's not what she means.
That's not a real answer.
But that's what I'm dealing with in these situations...
I don't know. I'm not scared of commitment
I don't know how to relate to that at all.
I'm not scared of commitment either
because the thing about committing to somebody
is that, yeah, you can commit to somebody
but you can always not...
I don't know. I guess I've watched
enough really great relationships fall apart
and not been destroyed
to feel like so, what
things end.
why do people need to feel so shattered and abandoned?
Ok, so you love somebody and sometimes it doesn't work out.
Sometimes it does.
You know what?
This blows me away with people.
This is the most amazing thing.
Here's when people get scared:
They get scared on the front end.
I can't see anything.
Maybe you should take the next exit.
I think so too.
Jesus fucking christ.
Hola. How you doin, I'm Kentucker.
Kentucker. I'm Z.
NIce to see ya.
Nice to meet you.
There's a keg, a Coors Light keg
from the Super Bowl last week downstairs.
My sister always has a Super Bowl party
You have a keg here?
Put the fucking thing in her mouth, dude.
And now you have to count.
Ready, ok, go.
We pumped it too much.
Ok, back down.
Alright, let it mellow.
Alright hold on...
I got ya.
Come on
I'm not gonna do it.
Come on.
No way.
I didn't let you drive me
all the way down to Kentucky
so you could chicken out.
Maybe tomorrow.
Jake, come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Not gonna do it.
That's not fair.
I don't know.
I definitely feel...
more and more ready to be in a relationship with her
just solidly, without any...contradicting thoughts.
What do you feel like is holding you back?
I mean, that's where I feel like I am.
I don't wanna talk too much business now
but do you have a new cut ready for me
to look at in the morning
that we can work with.
Ok, good.
I got my blood pressure taken again.
You got your blood pressure taken again?
Yeah, recently.
Fucking way low.
Way low.
Yeah, I did it.
Took care of that shit.
Not gonna die.
So she doesn't need to say it as clearly as that
because it's obvious that that's the converstion. Right?
Ok great.
Ok, so what is lost?
Nothing is lost. It just plays better.
I think the whole thing is playing better
without...becuase i think that if you hammer
any piece of information into anybody
at this point, they're gonna be looking for that
and there's so many moments when we don't give people that.
Are you guys gonna be doing this all day, you think?
You think maybe I could borrow your car?
Justin, do you wanna go sledding?
Hold second.
Ok, yeah, we're gonna go sledding
with a whole bunch of kids in Kentucky.
Does that sound good?
Ok, hold on one second.
Are you gonna count?
Yep. 1...2...3, go.
Hey. Yeah.
Raise your hand if you're tired.
You know what the new style to do that is?
Do you get it?
Did she do that?
Unprovoked? You didn't know that was his favorite joke.
You don't get that joke?
Did you not see it clearly?
I thought that's what I did.
No, you did this.
You did it right. And he deliberately does it wrong.
Cause he likes the curved dick.
Ok. Ben Ewen-Campion did this one where
like where he does it for everybody
I don't remember how he sucks everyone's dick at the same time but he does.
I like this.
It's like a Philly thing.
I don't know, it's like...
I don't know how to do it.
Could you put me in touch with this person?
Sure. Certainly.
Cause I thought it couldn't go any further
than just the opposite side.
...cause Nick hasn't seen this cut.
yeah, but we're not gonna have time to...
I think we should at least
let the producer see the movie before we...
I'm not disagreeing with you.
I'm just saying, in terms of spending money
We can send it to him and he can look it.
But there's not gonna be enough time to do another pass
at it before it goes to L.A. anyway
so it's not like it's gonna make a difference.
So why are we gonna spend an extra $50.
You need to make that decision
but I think that what I'm asking is pretty valid.
Is there any possibility we could have a moment to think.
A moment to think.
Well of course, go ahead.
What are you drinking?
Whisky sour. It tastes like shit.
What am I drinking?
Whisky sour?
What are you drinking?
Do you have a girlfriend, Kentucker?
Uh...I don't know...
There's some things I need to talk about with some people.
Do you think if you went to Memphis
with us tomorrow
you would have a girlfriend in Memphis?
I mean, I could answer that.
If you ask me that same question, I could answer that.
Jake knows a lot about girls.
No, if you ask me if I had a girlfriend in Memphis
I would say no.
Do you know how many girls Jake has been with?
Do you know how many girls I've been with?
How many?
Got me.
Uh, one.
NIce to have you onboard.
Thanks for inviting me.
I mean, I only 'kinda' invited you.
Thanks for inviting me.
You got it. I definitely totally invited you.
Are we getting on 40 soon?
Is that why you're asking that?
Well I haven't seen any signs yet.
We're fucked.
Are we?
No, it might not be soon.
I might just be losing track of time.
You know there's also the possibility
we're going the wrong way.
There is no possiblity of that.
You're so close-minded.
I would say it's close-minded of you
to even suggest that even such a thing
as the wrong way, pal.
Oh, so you moved to New Orleans
to do the residency?
Actually, I moved to New Orleans to do a different residency.
That was less formal...
And then you went back to New York?
And when that place closed...
Where did you go?
To Boston. To be with Ben.
Everything I do musically is about...
Yeah the artwork isn't about escaping
it's just about...
I mean when I don't know what to make
I'm making something for somebody.
Right. Totally.
Yeah, I paint pictures.
Paintings, and drawings.
A lot of large 2 dimensional work.
Do you mind if I ask you your salary?
I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours.
Yeah. I'll tell you my salary.
I sell my drawings for, like $1,000.
Right now, I'm living off money I made in a Levi's commercial.
You made money in a Levi's commercial?
Yeah, it was sorta, a stroke of luck, dumb luck.
I had gotten food poisoning from the costume day, the wardrobe day
in the hotel, I ate a bad wrap
and so I had fucking diarrhea
and I had my period
and they made me swim in Lake Pontchartrain
which has the highest fecal content
of any lake in America.
And I had to make out with 2 dudes
in this disgusting poop lake
while I was bleeding and shitting
and then I got like $16,000.
That's pretty alright.
We gotta get into that business, Kenny...
You wanna know how much money I made last year?
Can you do math?
Yeah. I went to a math and science high school.
Alright. Your salary for that commmercial
What did you make money on?
The last movie I directed
that me and Jake are...
The one you were just working on in your parents house?
How did you start making movies, Kentucker?
Um...I was in high school
and they sent me a catalog
Go on.
Now, you're getting the hang of it.
Have you ever left the country, Kentucker?
No, what's there?
You ever left the country?
How old are you?
You went to college?
What have you been doing?
I have been making films
and playing music.
For 7 years?
You think I graduated 7 years ago?
I don't know. I'm asking.
It took me a long time to get through college.
I wasn't trying to ask a real personal question
I just wanted to know for, you know, logistics.
You know what I love talking about more than anything?
Personal questions.
What about logistics did you say?
I mean I don't know. I just wanted to know
I didn't want say the wrong thing
when we show up at her mom's house.
Like what?
I don't know.
Like, 'is this your girlfriend, Kentucker?'
yeah, you yelled at me before
when I tried to say that.
You say you like intimate questions
but every time I intuit anything
you become totally defensive
and you make me feel bad.
Like what?
I'm sorry I keep being confrontational.
I'm not doing it on purpose.
Who's doing it? Is it me or you?
I think it's you.
But then I can't stop myself.
I just don't understand, it's like...
I don't know what you and Jake do together
You think there's something fishy going on?
No. I just feel very compatible with Jake
and then the second you get in the car
I feel, uh...
possessive of Jake.
I don't know why.
It feels silly.
I feel silly.
Thank you for sharing.
You make me feel silly, Kentucker.
That's a very interesting thing to say.
What am I walking in on?
You make movies together?
Yeah, you're walking in on a dear friendship.
But, you, you're welcome
I mean, we're not possessive
I'm not sitting here thinking
'Jake, act like you do around just me'.
You know the best way to get to Caroline's?
Get off on Lamar and go up Central?
I always forgot we're coming in on 40 and not 240.
Yeah, I know you forgot that by your answer.
I forgot that all the time
and then I end up driving around
like a goddamned tourist
who doesn't where the fuck I'm going.
Oh my god.
It is so good to be driving into Memphis.
If there's any liquor here at all
I probably don't need to leave the house.
There's liquor, there's liquor.
Yeah I think I'll be fine.
There's liquor here.
There's liquor here.
And when you shake the botttle
the dick starts to hit
the front hole of the bottle
and little water shoots out
and it's just incredible
I mean, you've never seen anything so funny in your life.
Anyway, I don't think we're funny to other people
That's what I'm trying to explain to you.
We don't think that.
We don't think that.
So we agree with you.
So there's nothing to argue about anymore.
Are Kentucker and Caroline a nice couple?
There one of my favorite couples to hang out with.
We all get along real good.
I'm just incredibly sorry that
you're having to deal with that
and you're having to deal with that
in the midst of me being in this other place
and doing this other...frivolous thing.
It's not frivolous.
I mean, regardless, you would have been gone.
We just keep leaving each other
and just because this happens doesn't mean that...
I had the abortion so that we...
didn't have to stay together.
And that's what it's gonna turn into
if you come back for guilt.
How's your online class going?
It's over.
How long was it?
Like, 3 weeks.
I thought it was a semester.
I mean, that's a semester stuff.
When you pay $50, it's only 3 weeks.
What was your grade?
Pass, fail, pass.
What did ya learn?
Or should I say, 'did you learn anything?'
I learned how to wash my hands.
How do you do it?
You start the faucet
and you turn on mostly warm...
Why does it tell you how to wash your hands?
Because you have to know how to wash your hands
to, like, be able to touch lettuce
like, sell lettuce.
That's what the class was about?
That sounds like a wonderful challenge.
I think so.
I'm just not ready...
I'm not 100% ready to fantasize about New York again
I can definitely relate to that.
And I don't know how to fantasize
about Justin outside of New York
except in temporary ways.
I mean, I want to love him for the rest of my life, Jake
but that's what it feels like to be in love
it's a cliche, I don't know.
I'm still just happy to be figuring out
who the fuck he is.
Well good, as long as that's still interesting
you'll be fine.
Oh, I'm fine.
You think I'm not fine?
I'm really happy.
I know. I can tell.
I'm just a little lost, and I'm doing to myself
on purpose and that's a little weird.
But there's a lot of network
of support for me in New Orleans.
It's an ok place to be
like, you know, flustered.
What am I doing?
You're being coy.
What are you doing?
Being Japanase...Geisha.
What am I doing?
You're being...
A hippy.
I don't know.
Robert Ebert.
What are you being?
A crocidile.
My mother.
I have other friends who let me do that
and they're big guys, like this...
I just figured...I just thought...
Oh my god.
Z Behl, take it down a notch.
I'm so ready to up the ante.
Please let me up the ante.
All I wanna is up the ante.
No, low energy.
Low energy. This is a low energy scene.
I don't want your beer.
You don't have to be scared of me
just because I'm tough.
I'm not scared of you, I just don't want beer on me.
And you don't wanna play or fight?
I wanna play. I don't wanna fight.
Try again, ask me again.
Ok, um...
have you been falling for the wrong girls?
Maybe, but, hold on, how about this
I met the girl I'm gonna marry.
That's right. You heard it here first.
You're the first person I told.
Yeah, that's right.
You trust me with that?
I trust you. Take it to the grave.
Because she's probably not gonna marry me.
Well, not yet.
Where is this lady, is she in New York?
Well, I met her in New York, but she's in New Orleans.
But that's not why I'm going.
Yeah right.
What time are you leaving today?
What do you mean?
Are you leaving with Jake?
I wasn't really planning on it.
What are you planning on doing?
You thought I was going with Jake?
Well, what...
Yeah, I thought that was the plan.
Are you not gonna do that?
Do you not want me to be here?
I mean...
I'm glad that you came.
I'm really glad that I got to see you.
I just don't think it would be
a very good idea if you stayed.
I'm not 'staying' neccessarily.
I don't know what I'm doing?
Why is it not a good idea?
Well, I mean...
I just need to do what you said
you were gonna do, and leave.
and I stay here.
I'm just starting to kinda get a rhythm going
and I just don't think
you should rush back moving here.
Hey Kenny.
I'm gonna be in and out at Bob's
because I just texted with Sophie
and she's already leaving to go to this thing
and I'd like to meet up with her pretty soon.
Is that gonna be alright with you?
Do you think that what's going on right now
is sorta saying that
that maybe the expectations that we had
about the...
you know, this
Why don't you ask me a better question?
Why don't you tell me what question
you'd like me to ask.
I don't know. You're the one that wants to keep talking
but you just said a lot of things
you didn't ask me a question
I'm just trying to understand what you wanna know
because I kinda wanna just go to sleep.
But I also don't want you to be upset
because I'll tell you anything.
But I don't even know what you're asking me.
This is not a sweet conversation we're having.
I know. I'm being kinda a dick.
Yeah, you're being a dick.
I know.
It's just making me feel terrible.
That's why I wanna stop talking
because I don't know if I know how keep talking
without being a fucking jerk right now
And I really don't wanna be a jerk to you
because I like you.
I think you're fantastic.
I like everything about you.
I'm just being a cranky jerk
and I really don't want to be hurtful to you
because I just think the world of you.
Does that make sense?
Come on.
No, it's not about you.
What's it about?
Because you know, I really like you
you're cool
we could be friends, you know
And I really like having sex with you
and this was a weird run.
I know. It was like one bad run
and now I'm being a fucking asshole.
I wonder why do I...keep looking.
Why can't I stop looking?
What is missing, you know, because god...
Sophie, I came after you. You didn't even want...
You didn't want this. Don't blame yourself.
I'm not blaming. I'm just asking.
And I'm sorry you have to be here
to hear, to like...listen to that.
It's ok.
Well I am here.
And I'm not going anywhere.
I don't have anywhere to go, but...
I'm not going anywhere.
I always love when that's the reason
guys stay in my bed.
No where else to go.
Well I have somewhere else to go...
Where you gonna go, huh?
The van?
I could sleep in the van
but I could sleep at Bob's...
I don't have anywhere to go
but it doesn't mean I wouldn't be here if...
I know, I know, I know.
I was making a joke.
I know. But it's making me fucking feel bad.
Ok pal.
You around?
Yeah, couple days.
Maybe I'll see you?
Yeah, probably.
Bye bye.
What kind do you have?
What flavors?
We have brown sugar.
That sounds delicious.
How many will you take?
Take all of them.
I think I just want one.
Do you guys want some?
Take some please.
Thank you. You made these?
Yeah, we trying to finish selling em.
Yeah, definitely, well I think it's real work...
I think it is 'work' and we take it seriously
even though it's incredibly loose
which I think is confusing, you know?
These are from my parents 25th anniversary
I made a series of wheat pastings in Tribeca
of them together in the 70's.
That's awesome.
There's more of them.
Part of the funny thing about
making big drawings as a little person
is that I constantly have to schlep
huge things everywhere
and it's really...and everybody wants to help me
and I don't want them to help me, you know
and I don't know.
There's just something I like about that.
I don't wanna make small things
I wanna make things that are too big for me to carry.
Where are you?
I miss you, Justin.
[from screen: I think Elvis had this capacity
to make everybody that was watching him
felt like they were
the most important person in the world to him
and apparently people who knew him
thought that that's what he did for them
that no matter who you were
if you were in the room with him
he made you feel like the most special person
and I think that's part of why
he was as successful as he was.
I like when you talk about music.
It's hot.]
Alright, thanks everybody for coming out
and sticking around
for the opening night of Open Five.
We're gonna bring the cast and crew up here.
Thank you guys so much for coming.
It's so great to see all of you here.
This is the best thing
that could have happened with this film
and I'm just so glad that everybody
is here to share it with us.
Well I don't know if it's gonna be Jump Back Jake anymore.
It might be just the Echo Friendly.
She's on the record.
She's on all the songs...
I'm not even on all the songs, but she is...
[song: I make the same mistakes / feels like I never learn
always give way too much
for little in return
I haven't changed a bit
I'm still not over it
I make the same mistakes
I make the same mistakes
I never did grow up
feels like I never will
my friends are all adults
I'm still a teenage girl
I haven't changed a bit
I'm still not over it
I make the same mistakes
My friends are all a drag
they think I'm such a flake
they wanna go to bed
I wanna stay up late
walking the streets alone
thinkin of you till dawn
I make the same mistakes
i never did grow up
I make the same mistakes
feels like I never will
My friends are all adults
always give way too much
I'm still a teenage girl
for little in return
I haven't changed a bit.
I'm still not over it.
I make the same mistakes
Almost done.
You're being such a good boy.
All done.
Good job, buddy.
Okay, now shake, shake, shake.
Can you shake?
Come on, shake, shake, shake.
Good boy.
Can you do it again?
An additional shake.
Good boy.
I don't know what happened.
Wait, what happened?
There were 2 rows of beans
down these 2 beds
and they all died.
How do you know?
Because you can't see them?
Because they started sprouting
and they looked really great
and then...
now they're dead
they went away.
I don't even know what those seeds are.
Ok, ok, ok.
Freddy, it's ok.
It's not us, it's them.
Ok, no. No, no, stop, stop.
Aww, fuck.
I can't handle this. I'm gonna start punching you.
This is domestic abuse.
Is it just tickling, or hitting?
When I get tickled to a point
I can't help it. I will physically...
But is he tickling you?
Yes...Stop please.
Morgan...You're being ridiculous.
I really can't. Stop! Please!
And now the EPA is trying to
raise the radiation levels
like the non-toxic radiation levels
so that people won't freak out
when they actually look up what is toxic
this year and what was toxic last year
and it's all because of the Japanase nuclear meltdown.
Makes sense to me.
Come on, Delvy.
What y'all playing?
Can I see that tennis racket?
What is that?
He got him.
They're playing tennis.
You couldn't find your orange ball?
They have refurbished ones from Dell
for like $200.
From Dell?
You're gonna get another Dell?
I don't see why not.
I can't really afford anything else.
They have a $200 computer?
Yeah, like refurbished.
Haven't you used Macs before?
[song: My children live in the city
and they rest upon our shoulders
they never want the rain to fall
or the weather to get colder
You think we can talk about it for a second?
I don't know. Do you wanna just give me some boundaries
that you don't want me to cross
and we'll just stick with that...or do you think...
I mean, like I said, the email said
that they're won't be anything explicit...
but that it will have full nudity
and you know, just like romantic rolling around scenes
with arms...upon breast and butt
and just like simulated sex and...
but that nothing...
his words, nothing graphic or real.
How was work, hun?
Did you finish your book?
Yeah, I started another one.
How was it?
Are you out of your other books?
Which ones?
The ones you've been reading...
aren't those all the one lady who writes those?
Anita Shreve?
Are those a series of books?
Are they are related
or do they all just kinda have the same subject?
I mean they don't have all the same subject.
What do those books look like?
Have you seen the covers for them?
I guess you call them 'beach reads' or something.
Yeah. What do you think you get out of the...
I'm not saying that's all you read
I'm just curious
what you think you get out of those books
compared to like, I mean
you just couldn't read Cider House Rules?
Is it different listening to it and reading it?
I don't know.
I haven't read Cider House Rules.
Hun, I think we're just on a different plane.
I'm on adderall right now
and I guess I'm just being weird
and talkative and stupid.
But I'm really not trying to be
antagonistic or disparaging.
You do sound judgmental.
[listening to book on tape via headphones]
You need any help, huh?
You need any help?
There was also something
unrealistic about the actual insertion
Well the insertion is impossible.
Well the laughing I think was the...
Fuck you.
You inserted terribly.
Yeah the insertion wasn't...
You didn't see me.
I'm serious.
Yeah, your eyes were darting back and forth
and it was unclear whether you had even inserted.
Ok, well I'll insert better this time.
Thank you.
How's filming going?
It's ok.
Yeah, you can call me
I'll be up for awhile.
Ok...Ok...well, just call me when you can.
I think I'm gonna go to sleep.
Love you.
Sorry if I offended you, goodnight.
Fuck you, Nate!
What did she say?
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
It's ok.
Did she say, 'fuck you'?
Ok cut.
I'm sorry, man.
I just think it...
I don't know how to make it...
It should should be up.
everything should be more aggessive.
and you should...I think she's like...
she's a...the biggest bitch...
she's just a whore...
she's the biggest bitch you ever met...
and you can't stand her...
but I don't know how you get
from the ice cream to that
but you have to.
It must just be her presence immmediately.
No, but that's exactly what we're interested in.
We knew it was gonna be political.
We know your line of work
so just tell us about the meeting.
We should just get Kentucker standing up
and then her entrance
all the rest is good.
So for this shot...
I'm just gonna stay on Kentucker this shot.
Camera speeds?
Camera's rolling.
Sound speeds.
Sound speeds.
Scene 52 pickup. Take 1.
Hey hun.
Hi hun
How ya doin?
I don't need you to change.
You're beautiful and creative
and hilarious and smart
and that's what I want
that's all I want.
And I've always loved you for all those reasons
and I love you for every reason
and I don't need anybody
I don't need you to be anybody else
and I don't need you to act any differently
or be a different person
because I've always loved you
for all the reasons that...
I've always loved you for your essence
without you having to try to do anything.
But I'm always gonna be a prairie wife
I'm not gonna be an artist.
I've always loved you for being a prairie wife
I've always known you were a prairie wife
and I've always loved you for that.
And I don't need an artist.
I just need you to...
realize that you're all I need
You're all I need, hun.
Will you keep singing?
Which one do you want?
The same one?
[song: I like life
life likes me]
Is that Pochantes?
No, no, that's Scrooge.
That's a bad one.
No, Pochantes...
[song: you think I'm an ignorant savage]
No, not that one.
What's the fun one in Pocahantes?
'Just Around the River Bend'?
[song: what I love most about rivers is
you can't step in the same river twice
the water's always changing
always flowing
but people I guess can't live that that
we all must pay a price
to be safe we lose our chance at ever knowing
what's around the river bend
waiting just around the river bend
I look once more
just around the river bend
beyond the short
where the gulls fly free
don't know what for
why do all my dreams extend
just around the river bend
for me
coming for me
i feel it there beyond those trees
and right behind these waterfalls
and I ignore that distinct drumming
for a handsome sturdy husband...