Open My Eyes (2014) Movie Script

In the beginning God created the
heavens and earth.
Who says that beauty is the eye
of the beholder?
Beauty is beauty.
Lets be honest.
Some people are beautiful,
and some people arent.
Plain and simple.
Let me tell you whats
Power is beautiful.
Wealth is beautiful.
Style is beautiful.
As an artist, I have the
to search it, find it,
and capture it with my camera.
It has always been my dream
To create something truly
Something pure and beautiful
That goes beyond
This ugly world we live in.
Cmon doll face.
Give me some attitude.
Tony, move that key two steps to
the right
Okay okay okay.
Thats good!
Lets go.
What are you giving me
This is the cover of vogue.
This is your career.
What does that mean to you?
Get that stupid smile off your
Human beings smile.
You, are not a human being.
Not right now.
Human beings are sick.
youre are above all that.
Youre untouched by sorrows.
No cares, no worries.
Because youre beautiful.
Yes... thats the one.
Download those files.
Yes sir.
Were done here.
Arent you gonna look at the
other pictures?
Of course not.
I know I got it.
Have I ever told you how awesome
you are?
Not often enough though.
Are you gonna call the client?
No... Thats your job.
What if they dont like them?
Tony, remember that model shoot
we did for Lancome?
Real dog show, right?
Yes, I remember.
See, I have the ability
To take a plain pretty girl
And turn her into a goddess.
So, youll be fine.
Call the client and tell him
what a genius I am.
Send him the files?
Make em wait for it.
Attaboy Tony.
This calls for a night out in
Good idea.
Why not.
Yes please... I can use a drink
Not so fast sugar.
You still have work to do.
So... I guess Im not invited?
Not tonight babe.
Tonight is Carmens night.
Whens it gonna be my night?
When you have legs like hers.
Good night
Umm... you got that stuff?
Dont I always?
Get it out
Here you go...
After the Philly show
Were gonna fly down to New
and start recording the new
My album
No silly!
My album
If I dont have it done by April
I will be in breach with the
But, I tell you what...
Ill record that song of
Open my eyes?
Yea... that one
But I wanted that to be my
Stop whinning, youre lucky I
even like it
Youre such a jerk!
Cmon... lets face it...
Youre in no shape to be
recording right now
Youre voice is shot
And the girls have been
That youve been throwing them
off key
You gotta lay off the booze and
the blow for a while
What are you talking about?
I didnt even drink before I
met you
Hey, I introduced you to the
high life
Its not my fault you cant
handle it
Carmen Pena, pleasure to meet
Hey Manny!
Hey Paul...
Its always great to see you.
Likewise Manny.
But theres... how do you say?
A small problem.
What small problem?
I didnt know you were
coming... today.
And I gave your regular table
to another guest.
But, theres plenty available
as you can see
Yea, I can see that Manny
But I dont want any other table
I want my table
Why does it have to be that
stupid table?
Its my mistake... Ill fix
Just give me a minute
Hold on...
Who did you give my table to...
Its nobody
You gave a nobody my table?
Dont embarrass me
Its a rock star... thats
Yea well... it better be Mick
Its Todd Evans
Are you kidding me?!
Paul... I dont want any
trouble here
Everything will be okay
Well be okay... enjoy the
Ill be right back
Well... well... well
Look who we have here!
Did somebody get your table?
Yea... andIaimtogetitback!
Youre the photographer...
Take a picture, itll last
You know what Todd?
You have some nerve showing your
face around this side of town
Especially after that job you
screwed me on
Hey man! You know how the game
is played
Youre not new to this
I owed some favors to somebody
And I had to put a word for him
instead of you
Just let it go, man!
Let it go, huh?!
Yea... let it go!
Guys, chill out!
Why dont we share and share
What do you think?
Share and share alike... huh?!
That might work
As long as shes included in
the deal...
Real funny!
Mr. Evans, Im such a huge fan
of yours...
and I love your last album
Just call me Todd
You know what? Whatever!
This is Carmen Penaa
Shell be on the cover of
Vogue next month
Id like to see her some place
else sooner
Hello?! Im sitting right
This is Abigail
And this the great
photographer... Paul Sanders
You are the one that takes
pictures of all those women?
I do
Would you consider me for a
Do you have any experience?
Oh... Ive got plenty of
I meant modeling
She aint no model... shes
just a backup singer with
What is your problem?!
Hey, relax and dont forget
If it wasnt for me, youd
still be singing in the church
You know Todd...
I dont think youll be
getting any of those benefits
Umm... you never know
If it wasnt for me, youd
still be in the church choir
She aint no model
Shes just a backup singer
with benefits
But I wanted that to be my
Youre lucky I even like it
Your voice is shot...
and the girls have been
complaining youre throwing
them off key
I never even drank before I met
I introduced you to the high
its not my fault you cant
handle it
Is that gonna really help?
Dont do that to me!
When are you going to turn your
life around?
Cause... you aint living
long like this!
I dont want any God talk
right now
Im not talking about God...
Im talking about your
Im no doctor but that...
cant be good for you
Well, maybe Im going for a
new look
Maybe... but most people
wouldnt want that look...
Until theyre dead
Whats happened to you Abby?
When you use to hang around
You use to be so full of life,
Now... youre reduced to doing
Im doing what I have to do
And hows that working for you?!
Ive told you before and
Ill tell you again...
We meet every Tuesday night at
the church meeting hall
Its very informal
Im just trying to be a friend
What was that man saying?
Share and share alike
You like her?
Wait a minute... I am not yours
to give away
Says who?
Youre a pig! Im outta here
Hold on...
Dont be like
that... besides...
All those beautiful pictures I
took of you
I can just hire someone else and
get rid of em you know?!
You know what Paul, do whatever
youd like!
Ill handle this
Of course you will
Take your hands of me!
Okay... dont even give me
that innocent act
You know how the games played
Is that what it is Paul? A
Were just having a good time
I am not for sale!
Were all for sale babe...
Some of us charge more than
Alright, I probably deserved
Give me a double
Id like to go home now
Go ahead... be my guest
Would you at least give me money
for a cab
Umm... whatwasyournameagain?
Youre a pig... Im leaving
Wait... I can give you a ride
Are you even capable of love?
I dont think so...
Can you even relate to people as
human beings?
Youre misjudging me
And you dont let anything get
in your way... do you?
Not even your mother!
Woah... woah... wait a minute!
Dont even go there...
thats way below the belt!
Why... does it hurt Paul?
Somehow I find it hard to
You know what? She was old... she
was suffering...
You couldve been there for her
I was working
You were on vacation!
My conscience is clean
You dont have conscience
You know what, I dont have to
explain myself to you
Come with me... Stay here... Do
whatever you want!
I had it with you!
Hey my old friend... Looks like
lost your ways with the ladies,
Two things... Youre old...
shes yours!
Thats not nice
Everything okay... Everybody
having a good time?
And you... You ever give my
table away again...
Ill never step foot in this
place... ever!
It was a mistake!
Do I make myself clear?!
Yes, of course
Ill give you a call later
And tell that girlfriend of
When she sobers up... I said
thanks but no thanks
You mean... exgirlfriend!
What do you say we go somewhere
a little bit more quiet?
I dont know
Do you like motorcycles? Lets
What Manny?!
I dont think you should drive
What are you... my designated
Go run your restaurant!
Youve done enough tonight
Paul, dont do this!
Good night Manny!
Where are you?
Driving Abby home
Abigail... Todds girlfriend
What... are you a limosine
service all of a sudden?
I was just trying to be nice
Yeah well... let me tell you
where nice is going to get you
Excuse me!
I wasnt talking to you... I
was talking to another loser
Hey... youre not driving...
are you?
No, Im on the Queen Mary...
What?! Are you being stupid on
Paul... pull over and Ill
come pick you up
You are being stupid... Im
half way home
Paul, listen to me... you had
too much to drink!
Ill be fine... the night is
Are you even capable of love,
Can you even relate to people as
human beings?
Youre misjudging me... I was
just here for a good time
And you dont let anything get
in your way do you...
not even your mother
Woah... wait a minute!
Dont even go there...
thats way below the belt
Does it hurt Paul?
She was old, she was
She was going to die anyway
And you couldve been there
for her
I was working
You were on vacation
My conscience is clean
You dont have a conscience
Famous Miami photographer...
Paul Sanders... suffers a tragic
Doctors say Paul Sanders may
lose 90% of his eyesight
Even though he survived... his
career is over
And darkness was upon the face
of the very great deep...
and the Spirit of God was moving
on the face of the waters
Please bow your heads down...
lets pray
I dont think you should drive
Paul, pull over and Ill come
pick you up
Youve had too much to drink
Ill be fine... the night is
Im going... Paul
Dan is coming for a meeting
Alright then...
Famous Miami photographer Paul
suffers tragic accident
Even though he survived... his
career is over
And God said: "Let there be
And there was light.
And God saw the light was
and he separated the light from
the darkness
Jesus paid it all...
all to Him I owe
Sin has left a crimson stain
He washed it white as
snow... Ooohh...
Jesus paid it all...
all to Him I owe
Sin has left a crimson stain
He washed it white as
snow... Ooohh...
My Jesus, my King,
I wanna thank you Carla
It wasnt us Abby... it was
the Lord
Now all I need is a steady job
Well, were looking for people
at the restaurant...
But, are you sure thats what
you wanna to do?
I dont mind waiting tables
Thats not what Im talking
youll see people from your
old life there
Todd, still shows up when hes
in town
Hes on tour now...
I read it on the internet...
Im not tempted... not at all
Okay... stop in tomorrow and
well give it a shot
You wont regret this
See you tomorrow then
Dans here
Great... alert the media!
Paul... I understand how you
Oh... you do... do you?
So you were blind once?
Was it a life changing
or simply inconvenient?
Youre lucky to still be
alive... you know that?
Oh yeah... Thank you Jesus for
saving my life!
So I can be blind
What good would that do to me
Truth is... you werent nice
to people...
even when you werent blind
Have a seat Dan
Hey Paul
Dan, so lucky to have you as my
Youre the only person that
can get a blind photopher some
So... how is it going?
You wanna trade places?
No... not particularly
It has its advantages... you
I havent seen a bad movie
ever since Ive been blind
Look Paul, we get it... you
dont need to keep reminding
Is there anyway we can get to
the point of this meeting...
So... Ive got an idea for a
book... a picture book
Like a coffee table... very high
end... like Bruce Webber...
Annie Leibovitz... that kind of
Look... theres already a lot
of interest in this
I talked to folks at Simon &
Schuster and theyre on
Theyre thinking part picture
book and the other part life
Except that there wont be a
happy ending... huh?
Look Paul... youre a very
wealthy man...
but, you still need to make a
and, with your collection of
I think we have enough for
several volumes
And, the fact that you are
getting 15% of the bottom
Has nothing to do with it?
Im doing this as a favor to
you... not as your agent
In fact, Im not even sure
that Im still your agent
I have to look at the contract
I see... or should I say... I
It would fall under one of those
"Act of God" clauses
Look... if youre not
interested... fine
I just thought Id throw it
out there
Let him think about it Dan
You would think about it...
wont you Paul?
I didnt hear a yes
You didnt hear a no either
Alright... well... I gotta go
Call me when youre ready to
You think this is a good idea?
You got a better one?
You know its gotta be you who
goes thru thousands of images
And youre gonna be doing that
all by yourself
Who else is gonna do this for
Thats the spirit
How am I doing?
Well, the carpets can be
And Im pretty sure you can
get the chicken...
Im a disaster
Cmon, its only your first day
I noticed none of the servers
are speaking to me
Well... there is a way you can
get into their good graces
The restaurant has a famous
patron that has all his meals...
Delivered to his house
But... difficult
Meals on wheels... right?
I can do that
Umm... its Paul Sanders
Paul Sanders...
Isnt he...?
Completely... and, mean as a
He wasnt too friendly before
Look, take him his meal and
youll earn the respect of every
employee in this place.
They may even forgive you for
setting off the smoke alarms
What?! Youre afraid hes
gonna recognize you?!
He wont be able to see... you
Well... I know... but...
Were called to love the
Yes, I know but...
Were called to love the
Yea... but on the first day
Alright, Ill do it this once
Jesus, Lord I realize we barely
know each other but...
Please help me to get through
I have a feeling this isnt
gonna be easy
I have a delivery for Mr.
They do send a different person
Kitchens to the
right... dinningroom to the left
Youre meal is here
Bout time
Would you like a hand
Ive been doing own eating for
years... thank you
Fine, suit your self
And what is that for?
I thought it would be a nice
You do realize you have to stay
until hes finished
Sure... I can hang out in the
I know where it is... Im not
Tell Manny that vintage is for
wine... not for fish
Yes... Yes sir... Ill tell
Ive gotta make some calls...
Do you mind?
Be my guest
Is he...
Is he what?!
Always in a bad mood
Hes blind... not exactly
number one in anyones bucket
Well... Hell adjust...
wont he?
He has adjusted...
What you see is about as good as
it gets around here
Im sorry...
Right now, he is mine
Ill be leaving now sir...
Did you enjoy your meal
I ate it... didnt I?
Would you like anything else?
Yes, I do... as a matter of
Id like my eyesight back
Anymore stupid questions?
Yes... do you play the guitar?
I noticed you have a lovely
guitar there
No, I dont play...
It was a gift
I play... well, I use to
Do we know each other?!
Umm... I dont think so...
Then dont get too familiar
Thank you for your help
Hey... let me guess?
You never wanna go back there
He wasnt that bad
Really... he wasnt
Well... good... cause...
youre gonna be making his
Everyday youre on shift
He wasnt that bad... remember?
Okay... okay...
Were called to love the
unlovable... I get it
And hes about as unlovable as
it gets
Im leaving for today
Hi honey... Im home
How was your day?
Did you miss me?!
You hungry?!
I cant find it Paul
Her name is Vera
Im certain of it
Well... there are no files... no
No folders labeled under Vera
I was very careful to label
Tony was... that is
Well than... maybe Tony should
be here
Where is Tony... these days?
Just hanging out... I guess...
Not with me
Hes having a hard time
dealing with the situation
Tell him I feel his pain
You know Paul... Im here...
And my feeling for you have
never changed
Hi... its me again
Your meal is here
Who brought it?
The same chirpy girl from
yesterday... Why...?
Just asking...
I think hell be happy today...
The fish is fresh
Hes really never happy...
Can I ask you a question?
What gives you that idea?
Because... no one ever comes back
Not two days in a
row... anyways...
I can barely put up with his
abuse and...
I cant understand why you would
Were called to love the
Besides... in the abuse
Ive got plenty of experience
Its time to eat
Heres your wine
There you go
Thank you
Fish is good today
I made it a point to tell
about yesterdays catch
He laughed of course...
And then propably called me a
terrible name
You know him to well
I got it from here... you can
wait in the kitchen
Okay... call me when youre
What she look like?
Who... the waitress... thats
Youre not missing anything...
Dont worry Paul
I mean it
Shes ordinary... not at all
your style
Why the line of questionning?
Shes not nice... I mean...
hes blind...
But... shes not
Ill be leaving now sir
Did you enjoy your meal?
Ill make sure to tell Manny
Will you be coming back
Im off tomorrow
Umm... were a little busy
See you next time
Miss goodie goodie
Shes got a lot of spunk
Shes got a lot of nerve
How many ever come back?
I come back... everyday...
In case you havent noticed
Can we just get this thing done
Well... its not that at all
Ive just been very busy lately
You know how this is
Youre suppose to be his
friend Tony...
Stop avoiding him and come visit
him already
Has he asked about me?
Of course he has
Look... Ive been meaning to
visit but...
I dont know if I can handle it
I have to put up with him
I still havent forgotten what
hes done for me
Hes done a lot for
you... remember Tony?
Look... just stop by for a few
minutes tomorrow...
It wont kill you
Alright... alright... this is
gonna be difficult though
I didnt say it was going to
be easy
Hows it going Paul?
Well... well... well...
Id never see you again Tony
And Im right... arent I
Paul, I wish we could do that
night over again
I would do things
different... very different
But... here we are...
I am where I am... and...
Youre busy taking yearbook
For highschool students
Paul... I dont think you
How difficult it was for Tony to
come here today
You could at least show a little
more gratitude
My bad... Tony... please sit
Make yourself at home
Ill let you two catch up... I
gotta make some calls
You okay Paul?
Im fine thanks
Youre looking pretty good man
I mean... you seem to be managing
pretty well
Well... thank you Tony...
even though I know you dont
mean that
Whats going on at Mannys
Oh... I dont know... I
havent been there much...
Since... you know...
Yea... I know
I always wondered who ended up
with my table
Manny says its still your table
Good ole Manny
He doesnt come to visit me
either... you know
Well... you know how that is
Yea... unfortunately... I know
exactly how that is
You want me to get that?
Yea... tell whoever it is that I
cant see em
Get it?! I cant see em
Who is it Tony?
Its me... your happy waitress
I thought you were off today
I am... but I was at the pie
shop and...
I thought of you and I
well... Who doesnt like pie?!
Well... that was nice of you
Arent you a bit early?
Oh no... Im off today
And what are you doing here?
I just brought Mr. Sanders some
Are you feeling alright?
Its apple pie... I hope you
like apple pie
He actually hates apple pie but
thanks anyway
You know... I think Ill have a
slice of that pie...
With some icecream... if we have
Coming right up...
Ill help you out
Is there anything else I should
know about you?
Please... Im telling you...
shes not your type
He has no idea who you are?
Not as far as I can tell...
Which is fine with me...
I think wed all like to
forget what happened that night
Do you realize I was that last
person to speak with him...
Before the...
Yes... I was there... remember?
Right... So... you just bring
him his meals?
And a smile
Which he cant see
Does it matter?
I dont know... I hate to see
him like this...
Things are never going to be the
same around here
So what if they arent?
What if they can be better than
Well... at least he still is who
he is
Yea... unfortunately
She is just a waitress... you
Here you go
Thank you
Youre welcome
Ill be in the kitchen
No, please... sit... everyone
You sure?
I... dont like eating alone
Very well...
You know... This pie is actually
pretty good
Would you like a slice?
Ill pass
You know... this is kind of
embarrassing but...
I never asked you your name
Its Abby...
As an Westminster...
Of course... I did a photoshoot
there once
It rained everyday...
Were you with me Tony?
I was with you
Oh... thats right
Can I ask you a question?
If its not too personal...
Oh boy...
Can you still see
things... like... in your mind?
Yea... its all frozen in
time... as I remember it...
Places... people... theyll
never get old...
Theyll never change...
Theyll stay the same... as I
remember them
Like a photograph
Yea... funny... what burns me up
What was that?
Some stupid girl in the middle
of the street...
Holding up a sign that said
Can you imagine?
Some people are really so
Maybe you should have...
Shouldve what?
Excuse me?!
Well... I mean...
I think its time for you to go
Im sorry... I didnt mean
to upset anyone
Are you a Jesus freak?!
I dont know what that
means... I...
Surrendered my life to Jesus
a Jesus freak...
I guess Ill go
Was that your plan... to come
and preach to me...
I was...
Trying to convert me...
send me on the path of
I was just trying to be nice
And look where that got you
You people make me sick...
Cant hack it in the real
You gotta go crying in the
shoulder of some...
Mythological god that doesnt
even exist...
How pathetic...
And why should I repent?
Gods the one who made me
As far as Im concerned... He
should be apologizing to me
Cmon Paul... she didnt
mean to hurt you
I shouldve known better... I
thought you were nice...
Cause youre nice...
Not because youre trying to
score points with Jesus
But everybodys got their own
agenda... dont they?!
Ill go...
Yea... Go... and on your way
Tell Jesus you blew it for the
Didnt I just tell
you... shes not your type?!
Enjoy your meal
Hey Miss...
You got a second?
No... I really dont
Two minutes... its important
So... whats so important?
Paul sent me over to apologize
He couldnt do it himself?
Big surprise
Youre right... he never
But... I gotta say this is the
first time...
hes ever shown any remorse
He wanted me to give you this
What is that?
Look, one thing you need to know
about Paul is...
Underneath that gruff
Theres a lot of anger and
But... underneath that, hes a
good man
Couldve fooled me
Ill get it...
bout time I do something around
for a change
Who was it?
I dont know
What is that?
Cant buy forgiveness
Somebody left a note that
Cant buy forgiveness
What does it mean?
Abigail... heres the order for
Mr. Sanders
I thought we agreed that you
would take his food
Not anymore
He specifically requested you
I find that hard to believe
Youre telling me youre not
gonna do your job?!
Yea... I am
Time to eat
How you doing today Abby?
Abby isnt here today Mr.
I specifically requested her
Yes... I know...
Manny told you she had to serve
you or leave
So... she left
She quit rather than serve me?
Quit... Fired... Its a fine
Was she happy there?
Happier than me...
She was coming out of dark
place... you know...
The job gave her a sense
of... normalcy
I know theres a
shadow lying underground but...
I stand where light shines...
Thats nice
To the left Paul
Stay here... I got this
Who is it?
Its Paul... Paul Sanders
What are you doing here?
I came to apologize
I came to apologize
Can I come in... or shall I do
it here?
Come in
Do you wanna sit down?
Youd have to help me... its
not my house
Im sorry about your job
I talked to Manny... and he said
hed take you back
So youre here to apologize for
No... Im here to apologize cause
I was a jerk
Im sorry but... the subject on
If he existed... I would have a
serious problem with him
But since he doesnt... according
to you...
Than talking about it shouldnt
make you any angrier than...
Talking about say... Elves
I suppose...
Am I forgiven?
Being a christian you are
obligated to forgive me... you
That is pretty bold coming from
a man that is not religious
It is true though
Isnt it?
Yes... of course
But Im not gonna forgive you
out of obligation...
I appreciate you coming over...
i really do...
I know its not easy for you to
admit youre wrong
Theres a first time for
Yes... forgiven
Great... So, youll go back to
the restaurant?
Everyday Im on shift
Sounds like a deal
By the way, was that you playing
I... heard some guitar music
down the hallway
Yes.. that was me.
Prettly awful huh?
No... it was beautiful
It was?
Yes... Id like it very much if
you would play for me sometime
Shes a very nice girl
Yea... nice... Why?
Ive never heard you call a girl
nice before...
Hot... yes...
Sexy... yes...
But never nice
What are you my conscience all
of a sudden?
Im just saying boss
Dont worry...
if you dont want to make the
deliveries to Mr. Sanders...
You dont have to
Actually, Id be happy to
Ill make em everyday Im on
You sure?
Yea... I am
Hello Mr. Sanders
Please, its a Paul
I think youre gonna enjoy this
It looks great
Thank you... would you like
Who... me?
and i hate to throw it away
Thanks... I ate before I got to
Would you like for me warm up
some rolls?
Paul if youd like I can stay
Theyll be ready in a minute
Can I fix something for you?
I know what youre trying to
and its not gonna work
Wow... this is so cool
Thank you
That guitar in your office is
really cool
Yes... an old friend gave it to
I did one of his covers
Youre not eating
Not really that hungry today
Thank you
I love music but I just never
really learned how to play
Well... just three chords
Buddy Holly wrote dozens of
songs with just three chords
Play one for me
Oh no... my voice is gone
Than teach me how to play
I dont know... Im no teacher
I wouldnt know where to begin
Abby, I can create with the
camera anymore...
I need something else
Okay... I cant guarantee what
kind of teacher Ill be
Ill do it as a friend
Excellent... than sit and chat
with me...
Cause this, will be the last
Youll be bringing my meals
Well... if youre gonna be my
Its inappropriate for you to
serve me
I insist...
The Lord says we are to serve
one another...
Oops... ixnay on the God talk
No... Speak freely...
Who am I to judge?
Now strum it
Youre dampening the D string
Try again
Okay... try again
Is that better?
I think he has the potential to
be quite good
You guys seem to be getting a
little friendly
Were called to love the
Abigail, you just went through a
terrible ordeal with Todd
Its nothing like that
Ah huh...
Im telling you...
You know that Paul doesnt have
the best reputation?
In a lot of ways... hes exactly
like Todd
Oh... youre wrong... youre
very wrong
I hope I am
Isnt this what God wants me to
Im not judging...
I just dont wanna see you get
hurt again
Paul... I have a rough layout of
photos for the book...
Id like to go thru them with
Cant wait to see em
I better go
No... stay
I want your opinion
Of course, who better to give
advice of photography...
Than your waitress
Hey... I want a second
Can you be cool with that...
Whatever you want.. Paul
Dont like em?
I shouldnt be looking at
I dont know anything about
You know what you like... and
what you dont..
Talk to me
Theyre all beautiful... umm...
Theres something cold about
them... I...
I dont see your heart
Thats because he doesnt have
I spent weeks on this and...
I will not be criticized by a
brain dead waitress
Sorry Pam
For what?
I take it back...
That your photos have no heart
What are you looking at?
Its an old woman... well... not
old but sick
What is she doing with those?
I told her I didnt want to use
them... ever
Why... thats beautiful
Maybe youre right... maybe we
dont know each other...
Its not beautiful to me...
It represents everything ugly in
this world
Shes beautiful...
Her eyes...
Her smile...
Shes at peace
Who is she Paul?
Shes my mother...
Dying of ovarian cancer...
It was long...
She died with nothing...
But, she had you
I dont think I was of much
Her last years was very hard
I couldnt even look at her...
unless through the lens of my
I couldnt bear to see her
suffer like that... you know?!
Couldnt say I loved her...
I couldnt even say goodbye
Youll have your chance
Where... In heaven?!
Theres no heaven...
Theres no God...
If there were...
I would hate him for the life He
gave my mother
If this is the way God treats
good people...
Than Hes a monster
You know what really makes me
If he could see her...
He wouldnt give her the time of
He has seen her
You know... the night Paul had
his accident
Cmon... Paul wouldnt pay
attention to any of the
She wasnt a waitress...
Not back then...
She was with Todd Evans
Youre kidding?!
That little goodie goodie
Not at all... she wasnt a
goodie goodie
Not back then...
Whats so funny?
He doesnt recognize her?
Of course he doesnt... why
would he?
Shes the girl...
you gave her a ride home that
You gave her a ride home instead
of Paul
Dont guilt trip me Pam
Poor Paul doesnt even realize
And he should never
Oh no... we wouldnt want to
hurt Pauls feeling...
And certainly we wouldnt want
to ruin an untainted
After all... she has seen the
Why do you hate her so much?
I dont hate her...
Ive invested too many years to
let that gold digger...
Sneak in to Pauls life...
especially not now
Hes mine
Ill talk to you later
Okay Tony
Hello Carmen...
Oh... hey... hows Paul?
Angry... Cocky... Bitter...
Same ole... Same ole
You know Im so sorry I havent
been overthere...
We had such a terrible fight
that night
You should come over and visit
him tomorrow
Really... why tomorrow?
His birthday... remember?!
Oh my God... I totally forgot
Really... you should come over
Are you sure? You think its a
good idea?
And bring Todd with you
Are you sure? I dont want to
upset Paul again
He would love to see you guys
Figuratevely speaking... of
Hey Tony...
Sit... have a seat
Thanks for inviting me...
I brought some flowers...
I hope you dont think its
Not at all
Ive come to love the way they
They remind me of you
Abby, I have to apologize for
Im not as kind as you
I find just the right words to
mock and humiliate people
I guess its better to hurt then
to be hurt
Look... youre a sweet...
innocent woman
Ive sinned too... you know?!
What? Did you chew gum in
Hey Pammy...
Todd... Carmen...
Wow... Looking delicious as
Come down tigress
So... where is our boy?
Come on back
I havent always been the person
that I am now
Ive done horrible things...
Things Im ashamed of...
Its only by the grace of God
that Im here today...
Were back on God again
Why cant you take credit
yourself for the choices youve
Paul... youll never guess who
came by for a visit
Hey... big guy...
How you doing?
Hey sugar lips?
What are you doing here?
Hey Paul... I was only
About what?
What are you talking about?
Same ole Paul
Here I thought I was going to
make you uncomfortable by
bringing Carmen,
and here you are with Abby.
You know her?
She was my girlfriend... backup
singer in my band...
Remember... friends with
You know... the night of the
Would you consider me for a
Do you have any experience?
Oh... Ive got plenty of
That was you?
Thats what Ive been trying to
tell you Paul
Im not as innocent as you
thought I was
What she didnt know when she
got to me...
She picked up awfully fast
I was innocent when I met you
You only used me...
you crushed my dreams
You were only looking for a
sugar daddy
And appearantely still is
Is that what you think?
Honey, you may have fooled
but you never fooled me
I never asked him for a thing
Did I Paul?
Oh no... ambitious girl with
Famous guy with money...
Yes... Im sure there was
nothing in it for you
You got it all wrong...
Gold digger
At least Im not a pathetic
Thats enough
You need to leave
Go... now!
Dumb broad
Way to go Pam
So... where were we?
How about some drinks?
Come on, dont let the...
Its okay Ill come back when
youre having a better day
Just get outta here!
How long have you known?
I just found out
I didnt want her making a fool
of you
I remember her now
The same thats around me
And you...
Thats not darkness Paul
Its reality
Who was I to think that I could
build a new life?
My sins are going to haunt me
That is not true Abby...
Christ paid the price for all of
our sins on the Cross
Im still asking for forgiveness
for mine
Ive just never been so
Who was that?
Im sure it was Paul who wants
to talk
Well... hello?!
Arent you going to answer it?
No... You shouldve seen the way
he turned his back on me
Like if I wasnt there
So... let me get this
You want forgiveness... but...
Youre not willing to give it to
What makes you think he wants
Hello... why else would he be
Better to hurt than be hurt
Thats his motto
Its no use
Shes not gonna answer
I think I may have been a little
to hard on her
Just let it go boss
You think she and I could...
Theres nothing there for you
The way I see it...
You guys are from totally
different worlds
My grandma use to say...
Theres nothing wrong
with the bird and fish to fall
in love with each other
the problem is...
where are they going to build
their nest?
Well... I gotta go boss
You gonna be okay?
Alright... well... Ill try to
stop by tomorrow
What am I suppose to do?
What am I suppose to do huh?
Is that it?
Im so sorry
Im so sorry
I can see
Oh dear God... I can see
Heaven is rejoicing Paul
Just have faith
Youve not been forgotten
My love...
My child...
My Paul
Mom... mom, is that you?
Where are you?
Im in a wonderful place
Mom, Im so sorry
I regret so many things that
Ive done
I wish I had a second chance to
be a better son to you
To show you how grateful I am to
How much I miss you...
How much I really love you
I know my son...
I love you too
I can see...
I can really see
Yes Paul...
You can see
Paul... Paul...
Are you okay?
I mustve fell asleep
During a thunderstorm?
It was actually quite peaceful
You better get out of those wet
Ill make some coffee
You have got a lot of nerves
showing your face around here
What are you some kind of
Glutton for punishment?
No... I came for my guitar
Wait here
Hows Paul?
How would you be...
if someone just spent the last
several weeks making a fool out
of you?
Just tell him Im sorry
You have nothing to be sorry
Im sorry...
I never told you who I was
You didnt have to...
Youre not that person
I remember you so clearly...
Your face
Itll never leave my mind
You were so sad...
But somewhere along the way...
Something changed you...
It really changed you...
I wanna change
He could do it Paul
He may not heal your
but He can heal your life
Ill accept any change He gives
Im broken, Im
Ive got more scars inside me
than tears fill my eyes
Come save me, come fill me
I have seen with my eyes, been
let down by my pride
But Im blind
Come mold me
Come shape me
Im like clay in your hands
Trade me dreams for your plans
Come save me, come fill me
I have seen with my eyes
Been let down by my pride,
But Im blind
Im held captive
Id rather not live if this
life is like this
Can you open my eyes?
Can you heal all the pain the
past I cant hide?
I need to know youre alive
That youll talke what is left
of my life
Can you open my eyes?
Can you heall all the pain the
past I cant hide?
I need to know youre alive
That youll take what is left
of myself
And bring me back to life
Open my eyes
Open my eyes
Shes really good boss
Shes regained her voice
And what a voice
Its your book
Its displayed in the front
Its a picture of your mom
Her eyes...
Her expression...
Her face...
Shes so beautiful
I wish you could see her
I dont have to...
I already did