Open Water 3: Cage Dive (2017) Movie Script

Are you ready?
Okay, one, two, three, jump.
Twenty-seven people
sailed away from this dock,
they were looking forward
to a great day together,
when suddenly things took
a turn for the worse.
High drama at sea,
a shark cage dive exhibition
was capsized earlier today.
Dumping everyone
into the chilly waters.
An urgent search and
rescue mission is underway
after a shark dive boat was
capsized by a freak wave
off the South Australian coast.
Leaving passengers
and crew stranded
in shark infested waters.
unsuspecting group of tourists
and an experienced
shark cave diving crew
headed out today for
what was supposed to be
a routine and fun day trip.
The dive site had
been baited to attract
Great White Sharks,
some up to 19 feet in length.
No one could possibly predict
what was to happen next.
Eye witness accounts
indicate that the boat
was hit by some kind
of a freak wave.
In the
middle of their cage dive
rough seas struck
washing everyone on board
into shark infested waters.
This time without the
protection of a cage.
In a second we saw
this big wave coming.
Among the people missing are
three friends from California.
Police and rescuers
are holding out hope
they can still be found alive.
We will find those
missing persons
and bring them safely to shore.
Let's go and find
some treasure, shall we.
I've been diving
here in Australia now
for the last 10 years.
Went with a few friends,
we all went to Adelaide.
And I'm just having a nice dive.
My buddies are elsewhere,
I was following a
couple of tropical fish
and I saw something.
I was amazed.
It was a camera and I think,
"What's a camera doing
down on the ocean
10, 20Ks out from the shore?
What have we got?
Told ya we'd find something.
I opened it up, had a look
and the SD card
had been preserved.
I put it into my computer,
started looking through
some of the footage
and, uh, there was three
American people.
- There we go.
- Hey.
- Dude, this looks sweet.
- Good quality?
Yeah, it'll be perfect, bro.
- Does it make me look good?
- Yeah, you look wonderful.
This has got a
photo function here.
Fabio, why don't
you give me a pose?
Hold on.
Everybody hold on.
This isn't a movie, man.
This is the one
that got Megan.
Don't worry, folks,
he's only my half-brother.
That's why you're only half.
Here take this, joker.
What are you
going to do for us?
I don't have to do anything,
Jeffery. I ooze excellence.
Hey, cool shirt, dude.
- This is my
go to Australia shirt.
- That'd be good for
the surface caves.
- Is that deep enough?
Well, the cage dive is,
like, it's a surface cage dive.
Not very deep.
Oh, dude,
I left the tub running.
This battery's pretty low.
Yeah, I know I
haven't charged it yet.
Whoa, it's going to over flow.
When did you
start the bath? Yesterday?
- All right, we ready?
Here we go.
- Okay.
- Yo!
- Hey!
All right.
We're in here.
- Hey, you look nice.
- Hi.
Oh, you got a new camera!
It's really good.
- It works perfect.
- Awesome, cool.
Hey, um, did you
hear from Greg yet?
Is he cool with picking
us up from the airport?
He is, that he is.
He emailed this morning.
All right, well, I got back from
work and I need to shower.
You guys need to vamoose.
Oh, do you need a hand or?
No, I'm okay.
I'm rolling.
- Okay. So here's our show, guys.
- Oh, no.
What I've been talking about,
is an extreme and
intense reality game show
- looking for crazy people.
- - Crazy people.
I thought you
guys would fit right in.
- Oh, look, 100,000 dude.
- I told you so, right?
Are you serious?
Yeah, we're gonna
have fun and it's going to
make us rich.
Step one, we make a seven
minute audition tape.
Why we work together
good as a team
and why they should choose us.
And so then I'll edit it
together and we'll upload it,
but it's pretty much
as simple as that.
I'll take care of it.
There you go, baby brother,
get your pump on.
Rocky it.
Okay, let's set up.
Hey, how you doing?
My name's Josh.
- And I'm Jeff.
- And I'm Megan,
and we're from...
Laguna Beach, California.
- Yeah!
- USA.
There we go.
- All right, did we get that?
- There it is.
Framing out,
getting on camera here.
Our next stop.
- The star of our
little adventure, Jeffery.
- What are you doing?
I'm capturing B-roll,
that's what they call
it in the business.
Just capturing moments, buddy.
Well, it said in the application
that you can't have
a medical condition,
so you might wanna delete that.
That's something I did not know.
I can do that.
We're going to take you on
our journey from California
all the way to Sydney,
Where we're going to
meet our cousin, Greg.
There he is.
Handsome looking guy.
And then we're going
to travel to Adelaide
to film our most
extreme activity yet.
Shark cage diving!
Check it out.
Here it is.
Look at the size
of that frickin' shark.
Look how
close they get.
Oh, my God!
- Oh...!
- You are such a jerk.
Why would you do that?
How are you going
to handle the sharks?
I can't even handle my coffee.
I found out that they were
trying to make an audition tape.
I thought, "I'll post some
of these on social media."
See if I can find the
owner of this SD card,
send it back to them.
You get that, Josh?
Oh, for me?
- I love this spot.
- - Yeah.
Remember when we had
our first date here
three years ago?
That's why I brought
you back here on this
beautiful night,
that's why I'm
getting it on film.
Sometimes you're romantic.
You're terrible with that.
Oh, I like this.
Hey, baby
I know the thing I love
So you going
to turn the camera off?
Just after I
take off your panties.
Turn it off.
Turn it off.
KLSE FM in HD Los Angeles.
Have you got everything?
Please, both of you,
now be really careful
when you dive.
- Promise me.
- - We will.
- Please.
- - Always.
Don't miss your flight.
You got my bags, baby?
- Yup.
- And watch your medication.
- Okay, yes, yes, I already
showed you I have them.
- I know, I know.
I love you.
- Bye mom.
- Be really careful.
Love you.
Josh, please watch him.
OK, we got to go.
We got to go.
We're gonna
miss the plane, come on.
Farewell, California,
you have treated us well.
I got an email
from my cousin, Josh,
and he said that Jeff
and his girlfriend, Megan, were
going to come over to Australia.
We haven't seen each
other since we were kids.
Where are you going, Jeff?
Greg, Greg come over here.
Come here.
Look, these are your
cousins from America.
So I was like this is great.
This is my chance to reconnect.
We just arrived
in Sydney, Australia.
We're about to meet Greg.
Like they've never been apart.
- Welcome to Australia.
- Thank you, thank you.
Oh, he comes on strong,
I love it.
Let's go, let's rock and roll.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
We are....
I just wanted to get
into having some fun times.
I just wanted them, while
they are here in Australia to,
you know, fall in love.
Are you ready?
Are you ready?
- Are you serious?
- - Here we are.
Are you kidding me?
Uncle Pablo.
And this is Josh.
- Do you remember him?
- Josh, Josh.
- Pablo...
- Little Josh.
Looking back at
your sweetheart
Trouble makers
that's what we are
And I know
She gets me good
I'm going to
put you on that island
for a couple of days
and see if you can survive.
Dude, I
would love that.
Waking in the moonlight
Just enough
so it feels right
Like it should
Oh, she gets me good
She gets up
Up, up again now
Everything moves
in slow motion
Just to show me how
She makes
everything better now
What is a pirate's
favorite letter?
You think it'd be,
but it'll be the C.
We can do whatever we do
For however long
as I'm with you
She gets up
Up, up again now
Everything moves
in slow motion
You make everything
better now
Don't eat me!
Me, Josh and Jeff
are up on there
and Megan's in the water,
completely alone.
All right, guys,
I'm ready. Go for it.
Okay, go.
Three, two, one!
Let's go again!
All right,
I'm coming in now.
Wait, there,
we're going to go again.
And, you know, something
wasn't quite right.
I can't hear you. What?
- Megan!
- What?
- Whoa!
- Dude...
That's saying good day to us.
You should see your faces.
It's huge, bro.
You should see your face.
You looked so excited.
I can't believe
how close they got.
That is incredible.
That's awesome!
Oh, man, do they
always come this close?
Oh, look at those
two getting too close.
Another one coming out.
Oh, my God, look at that!
You're kidding me.
Greg, you're a legend.
I love your hat.
That's me happy.
So after we come
back from the boat
I sort of organized
a little party.
You know, a chance that we
could all have a few drinks
and let loose
and have a bit of fun.
Do you know what
we do with empty cups
around here?
We're on the
same page, brother.
Let's hit the pool.
Do you
guys love each other,
is that what's happening?
I love you, man.
No, but honestly,
I just wanna say thank you,
for not only tonight,
everything else you've done
for us the past couple days.
Yeah, man.
You're amazing.
Josh wants to thank you, too.
Well, she saw
Josh's picture online.
She was very interested.
Megan, you
getting this on camera?
Batteries are
running out on this,
I'm just going to
put it on charge.
I thought
it was charged.
Here's a little secret
for the producers of the show.
Another reason why I
think you should choose us
is because I plan to
propose to my future wife,
Megan, on the show.
She doesn't know
anything about it.
And, um, just to show you
how serious I am,
I already got her a ring.
- I plan to--
- Jeff.
Just a minute.
Hey, what you doing?
Uh, your mom's on the phone,
she wants to talk to you.
I'm just going to
I need a minute.
- What are you doing in here?
- What are you doing in here?
Come on out and let's go party.
No, I just, um, I need a minute.
What are you mad about...
are you jealous?
Yeah, no, just don't
flatter yourself. Okay?
You are jealous aren't you?
Look, hey, hey, she's out there
and I'm in here with you. Right?
This is... This is crazy.
He's right outside.
It is crazy, okay,
seeing you and Jeff
together all the time.
I can't touch you,
I can't talk with you.
Don't you feel the same way?
We can't talk
about this right now.
- Okay, he could come in.
- Just wait.
Yeah, no, she's just here.
Hey, Mom says, hi.
No, um, she's pretty good.
- Jeff...
- Yeah.
I'm really not comfortable
with you doing this
shark cage dive thing.
Mom. I told you,
it's going to be fine.
I'll call you afterwards, okay?
Have you been
taking your medicine?
Yes, I have been taking them.
Okay, can you
just call me straight after?
I was contacted
and I heard about the
video recorder being found.
And in my head I'm thinking
they've survived.
There's going to be a clue
to it on the video tape.
Thanks for
everything brother,
Thanks for stopping by
I really appreciate it.
- Love you, man.
- Have fun shark diving.
- Oh, we will.
- - Don't you get eaten all right?
I'll try not to get eaten.
Thanks, Greg,
man, you're a legend.
- It was really my pleasure.
- - Bye.
Get home safe.
We've arrived.
Welcome to Adelaide.
Oh, dude, I can do
the Hitchcock with this.
Did you see that?
This is summer
Wait, wait,
wait Port Lincoln hotel?
- This is us.
- - This is it.
Hey, they've got Sharky's Bar.
This is it?
Calypso shark bay dive.
That's it, tomorrow that's
going to be us right in there.
You're such a... asshole.
You look
sexy when you're wet.
Yeah, right.
Look out.
- Man, what'd you do that for?
- Dude, are you serious?
Hey, Josh, Josh.
Hey, I wanna quickly
show you something
while Megan's out.
Yeah, sure, buddy.
Here's a little secret
for the producers of the show.
What is this, man?
You should choose us is because
I plan to propose
to my future wife,
Megan, on the show.
She doesn't know
anything about it.
This is, this is for real?
Yeah, dude, look at the ring.
I already got her a ring.
I plan to...
Whatever happens Megan
can't find out about this, okay?
She almost came in here at
the end and ruined the surprise.
Wow, man, I can't believe it.
Oh, that's right,
it kept recording.
Hey, Jeff, Jeff.
Thank you, man.
Wow, so you've been thinking
about this a while?
I've been thinking about it
probably the last four months
or something
and after the three
year anniversary I just thought,
you know, that was so
perfect and why wait.
And I wanted to tell you
about it first so...
Well, dude, I'm glad you did.
I'm happy for you, man.
It's great.
But with the video,
if you don't mind,
editing it and putting it
into the audition tape.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff.
Don't worry
about that now, dude.
We'll figure it out, but let's,
let's go get a drink
or something. Let's celebrate.
You're getting married, man.
Don't fuckin' high five me.
Love you, dude.
All right let's do it,
your shout?
Yeah, obviously.
Oh, wait,
I just forgot the camera.
Oh, yeah, buddy,
I got it.
Ah... the dawn of a new day.
That's we're we are headed
Yeah, I watched
all the footage.
I don't know if it's the right
thing to show it, or whatever.
Josh... kept filming.
Hey, hey.
Shark Cage Dive?
Look at that,
there it is.
My name's on the list, yo.
- My name's on the list.
- - VIP list.
Yeah, spelt my
name wrong but that's okay.
Hey, it's such a good day.
And there it is.
I have, like, excited
butterflies in my tummy.
My name's Andrew, I'll be
your skipper for the day.
The trip down to
Cape Catastrophe
should be pretty smooth.
Go down together
like in the Titanic.
And blow on this
whistle hard enough,
apparently, the sharks
will run away as well.
No turning
back now, boys.
The skipper.
The ocean is beautiful.
Come here, check this out.
And meant to
be enjoyed by everyone.
The chances of dying
from a shark attack
- are just one in 900 million anywhere in the world.
- - Wow I didn't know that.
However on rare occasions
shark attacks have happened.
There are a few
things you can do
to avoid an unlikely encounter.
Splashing and thrashing.
Sharks are attracted to
erratic movement in the water
as it replicates the
signal of distressed fish.
Don't swim at dawn,
dusk or night.
These are the
typical hunting times
for most species of shark.
Well, let's not do that then.
Avoid swimming alone.
If you're swimming
with other people
don't separate
far from the group.
Sharks are more likely to
attack solitary individuals.
Sharks can sense blood
from .25 miles away.
Okay, so this is Josh,
and he is signing away his life.
Okay, so entering
and exiting the water
and shark cage with a
possible presence of sharks,
- hopefully,
that's why we're here...
...which are unpredictable
and dangerous
exposing me to attack, which
may result in injury or death.
Right, but there's,
like, a huge great cage.
I can see it from here.
I think, you know what, I think
we're going to be all right.
I think we're going to be okay.
What the hell is that?
Would a great white
fit through that?
Well, if it can
fit through that,
I don't think we got
nothing to worry about.
- This is the fun part right?
- Yup...
Did you know that...
I don't see anything yet.
Huge one
on the other side, man.
- There is a huge one.
- - Right now?
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, wow.
We're going
to need a bigger boat.
All right, guys, in the event
you do something really silly
and fall out the cage,
there's a couple of things
you gotta remember.
So, basically, if you
happen to do that,
you keep your two feet together,
you pull the stomach
wide open, okay.
Feet together
and these two tabs.
When you pull that, the
weight belt will release, okay,
and it will come straight
off you like that.
Who's going in first?
So long, buddy.
- Good luck.
- - Here he comes.
He was just angry...
Here he comes. Look.
Oh, you
can see him coming.
Oh, that's so scary.
Hey, that was lucky.
It bumped the cage, man.
Yup, it was just knock,
knock anyone in there?
I'm having a panic attack,
I can't see.
She did well.
Shark diving ain't for everyone.
I guess not.
I'm actually
a bit nervous now.
Take a big deep breath, hold your nose...
breathe through that.
Take a big deep breath.
My heart is racing.
Yeah, Megan.
How you going, all right?
You're all right.
She hasn't even
seen the shark yet.
Get in
the water with her.
- That'll do.
- - Thanks.
Yeah, no worries.
So, do you want me to record you going in?
It should be recording
right now, bra.
Yeah it is.
Eh, buddy.
Dude, the boat's going down...
Oh, my God!
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Are you guys okay?
We're coming.
There's a lot of blood.
Keep his head
above the water, okay?
Oh, shit.
Just pull it together
Apply some pressure.
I'm going to check his pulse.
There's no pulse.
You're going to have to
get out of his blood, okay?
Get away from me!
Get away!
You have to
get out of the blood.
It's not fine,
I'm bleeding everywhere.
It's okay,
Megan, it's only blood.
Josh, can you see anything?
- Oh, shit.
- - Did you see that?
Megan, it's all right.
It's not okay!
We were in a cage before!
It's all right,
Megan, just relax.
- Oh, my God.
- - Shut up for a second.
- Help!
- Seriously,
shut up for a second.
- Quiet, quiet.
- Somebody help us!
- Quiet! I hear something.
Hey! Hey, buddy.
- What happened?
- Over here!
- What happened?
- There was a freak wave.
- Can you swim to us?
- - We're over here!
There's something in the water.
What happened?
Oh, shit! Megan!
My name's Josh,
and I'm here with my brother,
Jeff, and Megan.
We're in South Australia.
Our boat... Our boat sunk,
I don't know how
many people survived.
Stop it.
I don't want to hear this okay.
Just turn the camera off.
In South Australia,
we're waiting for help.
Megan you, okay?
No my leg's hurting.
Can you please check?
Okay, I'll have a look.
Josh keep an eye out.
It's not too bad.
It looks fine.
I'm bleeding.
Is it bleeding?
It's a small cut.
Oh, shit. I'm just going
to look under water...
- Jeff, look, there's a boat, man.
- - What?
- Yeah, way out there,
- Where's the boat?
Oh, shit. Help!
I don't think
they can hear us.
Let's swim for it,
come on.
I can't swim that far.
I can't swim that far.
Hey, Jeff,
Jeff, Jeff, Jeff.
Come here, take...
I'll do it.
I'm gonna go first, dude.
Jeff's gonna
stay here with you.
Wait, No, No Josh.
Josh, don't go.
- Stay here with us.
- I can make it.
Please, didn't you see that
guy just get eaten before?
Yeah, which is why we need
to get out of the water.
No, if you go by yourself
they will get you.
We have to stick together,
okay, come on.
- Josh go for it.
- What?
You're okay with him
just swimming off?
We got to,
we got to take this chance.
We have to stick together.
No, come on.
Stay with us.
Another one's
going to come, okay.
You could've
had that, Josh.
The Coast Guard will come.
We can't separate, okay.
A freak wave
has capsized a shark dive boat,
throwing everyone over board
into shark infested waters.
There were a number of
injuries ranging in severity.
And also we can confirm
several fatalities.
The rescue effort is continuing
and we have a handful of people
who are not accounted for.
Can you hear that?
This is insane.
What are we doing out here?
You all right?
I can't swim anymore.
I'm so tired.
You just got
to relax, okay, Megan.
All right, it's the only way
we're going to get through this.
Look, just lie on your back.
It will help you float.
Lean back.
Here you go.
I'm going to keep looking
for the helicopters.
What is it?
- What was it, Megan?
- - I felt something.
It touched me.
Oh, my God!
Oh, it's a piece of bait.
- Jeff!
- - Jeff!
Stay together, guys.
Did you see it?
Did you see where it went?
I'm going to go check it out.
It's gone, it's gone.
It's okay, it's okay.
I saw it swim off.
What the hell is that?
What is that?
- Can you see?
- - I don't know.
We need to get out
and float on that thing,
whatever it is.
It's definitely coming this way.
Come on, come on swim to it.
High five.
- Thank you.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, my hands.
Frickin' salt.
In an hour or two,
Coast Guard's going to be here
and this will be
just a crazy story.
Just a crazy story.
You're going to be
pulling all the chicks, Josh,
telling them about this story.
You know it.
There's no way
I'm not using this story.
I'm going to get
free beer for life.
And I'm going to tell all
the girls that you saved us.
Guys, will you...
will you just shut up for a minute?
Just stop joking around okay?
Megan, we got to stay positive.
Stay positive about what?
Megan, you've got
to conserve your energy.
We're going to get through
this aren't we, Josh?
- Yeah.
- We're gonna get through it.
Fucking hands though
are getting eaten up.
Right? Come on, Megan.
You don't have to be
all scared all the time.
What are you kidding me?
We're probably being
circled by sharks.
Let's talk about what you
wanna do when you get back.
Oh, just, you know,
go to McDonald's.
Just eat a burger.
You wanna eat a
burger when you get back.
What do you wanna do, Megan?
Megan, what do you wanna
do when you get back?
Oh, that's so cold.
- Where is it coming from?
- See it?
It's getting louder.
- I can see it.
- - Where?
- Up there.
- - Right up there.
- I see it.
- It's like a little white one.
Oh, it's way too high.
It's all right
it's probably just
scouting out the area.
- He'll be back.
- - Hey!
Megan, he's not...
Megan, he can't see us.
Megan, Megan.
- Megan, relax.
- Then help me!
- Hello!
- Megan!
Stop laughing at me!
This is not fucking funny, okay.
We need to get rescued, right?
You got to help me.
- We can barely
see the... Megan!
- Help!
We can barely see the plane,
they can't see us.
Gosh, just saying relax.
It's okay, Megan.
It's all right.
We at least
have to try, you know.
Like, do you even
want to get rescued?
Yeah, I do.
I wanted to get to the boat, but you said no.
We can't split up.
What's wrong,
can you say something?
Are you okay?
You okay?
Is it your heart?
- Do you...
Do you need something?
- I'm fine.
- I'm good, I'm good.
- You sure?
Megan leave him be.
I'm just going
to lie on my back.
Okay, we got you,
I got you, Jeff, it's okay.
I hope they get here.
Oh, shit.
- What?
- Josh...
See that... heading out there?
Josh, can you zoom in on that?
I'm gonna go for it.
No, Jeff, Jeff,
stay here. Come on.
- Megan, it's okay, no.
- Stay with us.
You can't swim,
Josh and I, we're not
going to leave you here.
So you stay here.
I'll be right back.
No, that's too far, bro.
I think it's coming here.
I think it's coming towards us.
Yeah, wait, wait, wait.
It looks like the
current's working for us.
- Jeff!
- - Jeff, come back.
It looks like the
current's working for us.
Let's just wait and see if
it gets a little bit closer.
It's not
going anywhere fast,
it's gonna be
coming right to us.
A few more minutes, all right?
All right, guys,
it's close enough for me
to make it, all right.
It drifted in close
but now it's floating off.
I'm going to get it.
No, you can leave it
a couple more minutes.
No, we can't miss this.
We missed the boat.
I got the life vest
and that's been great.
I know but
I can't swim any more
and we have to stick together,
Come back, come on.
- Megan, look.
- Jeff, come back right now.
Megan, there could be
food and water in there.
We don't know how long we're
going to be out here for, okay.
I'm not staying out here.
I'm just going to get it,
I'll be back.
No, Jeff! Jeffery!
Do you see him?
I can't see him.
Where'd he go? Jeffery!
Jeffery, come back!
Jeff. Do you see him?
- Jeff!
- - Are you okay?
You okay, man?
I thought I was going
to make it the whole way.
Jeff, come back right now.
Maybe just leave it, man.
I'm almost there,
guys, just let me.
- Jeff, come back!
- - Jeff!
Oh, shit,
I can't see him anymore.
- Jeff!
- - Shit!
- Jeff!
- Jeff, get out of there!
- Jeff!
- - Come back, man!
Where is it Josh?
Where did it go?
I don't know,
I don't know.
Oh, shit!
Jeffrey, Jeffrey...
- It's okay, Megan.
- - Jeffrey!
You son of a bitch!
Dude, I'm...
What the hell's wrong with you?
I'm sorry, guys.
Oh, geez.
Is that
lightning over there?
We gotta come
up with a strategy
to make it through the night.
Oh, shit.
It looks pretty dark.
I think there's a
bad storm over there.
At least we've got
this life vest.
It's not going to
do much if nobody comes.
I know, I know. It's all right,
we can do it, Megan.
I love you.
Just turn the
camera off, okay?
Please just turn it...
turn it off.
Just wait,
we said we were going to
document everything,
- it's for the audition tape.
- What do you mean?
You want to film
us dying out here
so someone can find it.
- No.
- Please just turn it off.
- Yeah, I guess, Josh.
- Please.
Does that thing...?
It's got night vision,
we can use it so
maybe just save it.
You see anything, Josh?
I see, like,
a flashing light.
A helicopter or something.
Some kind of rescue.
To me it looks
like they're flying away.
They don't... I think
they stop the rescues at night.
Why would they do that?
It's, uh...
Guys, we just got
to stay here where we are.
Take care of each other.
Get through it.
Oh, it's so cold.
What are you doing
with the camera, Josh?
I thought
I heard something.
Hey, what is that?
Stupid night vision
isn't working.
Oh, my God
is that a shark? Oh, my God.
- Shh...
- No, no, no.
Oh, my God!
- Jeffrey.
- - It's okay, it's nothing.
- Josh, what can you see, man?
- - Straight ahead, man.
There's something floating
It just floated right past us.
Wait, wait, wait.
Jeff, Jeff, come back.
- Grab it!
- Jeff, Jeff don't go too far.
Shh... Get it, man.
- What is that?
- - Bring it over here.
Jeff, please be careful.
Hey, man, I can't see you.
- Did you get it?
- - Jeff?
Oh, shit!
- Jeff?
- - Got it.
I'm coming back.
He's coming.
- You shitting me?
- Oh, my God.
- Really?
- Look at this thing.
Oh, my God, are you okay?
Oh, my God.
- What does it say?
- - Oh, my God.
I think it's a life raft.
Four persons.
Oh, shit, you're right, man.
"To operate,
throw overboard and pull line.
We're saved.
Pull the line.
Just pull the fucking line.
- One...
- - You need me to help?
It keeps pulling through.
I'm gonna pull it again.
- Okay.
- - Okay.
One, two, three!
Are you getting this, Josh?
It's like a
fucking bouncy castle.
- Look!
- Whoa!
- Oh, my God...
- - We have a castle.
All right, what do you think?
Get up in there, man.
Think it's got
a barbecue in there.
- Get in! Oh, my God.
- Maybe... a case of beer.
- That thing's fuckin--
Is that normal?
It's like hissing now.
It's okay, I think
it's a gas cylinder filling up.
Oh, my God
it's fucking huge.
I'm going to get in it.
Don't let me kick you.
- All right, Megan.
- Whoo!
Get her up in there, dude.
Come on.
I shot gun the king size bed.
- Josh, you get the bunk bed.
- Here, Jeff.
- Jerk.
- Take this...
Take the life vest.
Megan, you wanna start the fire?
Take the camera.
- Look at this...
- - Jeff.
Jeff, get me the
fuck out of here.
Jeff! Take the camera.
- Take the camera.
- - Sorry, bro.
Oh, my God.
- Whoo.
- - Oh, my God.
There it is.
- There it is.
- Oh, my God.
So, basically, we got enough
food to last us quite some time.
We've been on the open water
for a few hours now,
I'm not sure for
how long right now.
But we came across a life raft.
We're doing okay now.
Um... We got some supplies here.
And even some flares.
How good is that?
Yeah, that's awesome.
Just be careful with those.
But we got...
Jeff, what we got, man?
- Give me the lowdown, here.
- - We got smoke signal.
We got some smoke signals.
- Water. We got...
- Emergency drinking water.
We got protein, Josh.
You can keep in shape.
If you'd like to.
First aid kit.
- First aid.
- - All right.
Oh, don't film that.
That's just gross.
Please turn the cam--
Okay, hold it,
hold it, hold it.
I wanna make sure I get this.
Okay, Megan's going to
set off our first flare.
Make sure it's pointing up.
It's pointing up.
Okay, on three,
you ready?
One, two--
Hey, there she is.
Bright light pointing us home.
That's cool.
If this isn't survival skills to get us on the show,
I don't know what is.
Look at it.
Someone's going to see that.
For sure!
Yeah, at this
time tomorrow morning
we're all going to be
enjoying Vegemite sandwiches.
I'll take it.
Jeff, did you fart?
Oh... who did that?
Who's farting?
Jeff, was that you?
- It was me.
- - Oh, that stinks. stink.
Shh, shh!
Can you hear that?
Josh, take a look, man.
Oh, my God,
do you see something?
Oh, my God.
I can't even
see him anymore.
Oh, God, we missed it.
So we've been waiting
a few hours now for help
and we haven't
seen anything, but...
No one's going to come.
Yes, they are, Megan.
We're hoping that
tomorrow morning
if we can just
hunker down here...
We'll just ration our water
and food for a couple days,
we saw a helicopter
earlier today.
I'm sure they'll be back.
Hopefully, we'll be
seeing somebody tomorrow.
I just wanna leave
something behind.
...because we might
not get out of this, and...
...and Dad, and...
Julian, I love you guys so much.
My God.
And I know I made a lot
of mistakes, and...
I'm hurting both of them...
...but I know what
I need to do now.
If we get out of this,
I'm gonna... I'm gonna fix it.
Wake up, wake up,
what was that, seriously?
Was that you?
There's something
pushing against the side.
Did you bump against it?
No, it wasn't me,
there's... It's still happening.
There's something still there.
Hold up.
What's that?
Are you sure you felt something?
Oh, my God.
It's a shark.
Oh, my God. Do you see it?
Did you see where it went?
- Over here.
- - Where?
Guys, don't all
come to one side. Be careful.
Josh! Josh, dude!
- Are you okay?
- Give me your hand, man.
- Give me your hand!
- Get me up!
- Josh!
- - Josh!
Climb up, man.
- Climb up!
- - Come on, quickly.
...there's something.
Oh, shit.
Give me the flashlight.
Oh, it's a person.
Hey! Hey, here, here,
here, hold the light.
I'm going back in.
Hey, Josh, Josh.
Be careful, man.
Josh, you okay?
That's it, Josh, you got it.
- Is she okay?
- - Megan, take this.
Okay, get her out.
Get us out of the water.
That's it, buddy.
Grab her,
grab her, grab her.
She's so cold, man.
Hey, sweetie,
can you hear me?
What's your name?
Do you know where you are?
Hey, does she have a pulse, bro?
Tell me she
has a pulse, please.
She's so cold. Jeff...
Yeah, yeah, guys,
she's got a pulse.
She's got a pulse
but it's very weak.
Just got to warm
her up first, okay.
It's just gonna....
It's not working,
she's not waking up.
We got to do something else.
Just keep
rubbing her legs for me.
Whoa, whoa, what
are you doing with that?
We got to do something, Josh.
She's not waking up, and I don't
know what else to do.
We're going to do
what we can, but we're not
going to use that flare.
Someone's going to see it.
Someone's going to save us.
No one's going to see it.
Think about the first flare.
- Someone will see it this time.
- Dude, dude, Jeff...
Josh, stop her.
- Megan, listen to us.
- I don't care about her.
I care about you
and I care about Jeff
and you're going to frickin'
screw us all by doing this.
It's going to
save all four of us.
- No, it's not!
- Yes, it is!
- You're not even thinking straight!
- I am thinking straight!
- We're doing this!
- - Megan!
Watch where you're pointing--
- Get away!
- She's still in there!
It's too late for her.
Oh, my God!
Josh, she's still in there!
Get back!
No, no, no, no!
What did we do?
No! Dammit!
Jeff, come back.
Baby, please.
- He's gone!
- - I told you!
Megan. I told you
to leave the flare alone.
- Look what you've done.
- - Leave it, Josh.
I just wanted to help her.
Stop, you're freaking out.
Turn the camera off.
I don't want this recorded.
- Dude, chill.
- Dude, she's freaking out, man.
What are you doing?
Are you kidding me? Josh!
Relax, okay,
it's the best tool we have.
I'm not going to turn it off.
You're freaking out,
you're not thinking.
Why are we even
out here? This is so stupid.
We are stuck in the middle of
the ocean because of you, Josh.
Are you frickin' kidding me?
You're the one who set off
the flare in the life raft.
Because you're
the one who wanted to do
this stupid audition tape.
Now we're in the
middle of the ocean.
And we're going to die out here.
We all decided
that we were going to
do this together, okay?
- Josh, Josh, Josh relax.
- Oh, stop lying.
- It was always your idea.
- She's freaking out, man.
This was always your idea.
- Stop splashing.
- Don't touch me right now.
Okay, just get off.
You're going to attract sharks.
You're the
frickin' liar, okay?
What do you mean with that?
Lying to me,
lying to yourself.
- You're lying to Jeff.
- - What?
Just... just...
just calm down,
just shut up
for two seconds, God.
Wait... Wait what do you mean...
- Nothing, man.
- She's fucking...
- You said she's lying to me.
- Nothing, Megan, just shut up.
- About what?
- Nothing, man, just come back.
- He's just talking...
- - No, Josh said...
- No, no...
- Shut...
Josh said, what?
You're fucking lying to me.
Everybody just settle
down, okay, come back over here.
Look, we just
need to concentrate
on surviving through
the night, okay.
Josh, you got
something to tell me or what?
No, man,
we got nothing to tell you.
No, well you just said
that Megan's lying to me,
what is she lying to me about?
- Nothing, okay?
- - Nothing...
What, are you guys fucking
fooling around behind
my back or something?
Jeff, just please calm down,
okay, now is not the time--
- Oh... Oh...
- - Jeff.
Now it all
fucking makes sense.
You fucking serious?
Don't be like that, man.
Jeff, can you
just come back here?
Jeff, come over here,
okay, we'll talk about this.
You're supposed
to be my fucking brother.
Jeff, don't be like
that, man, just come on.
Yeah, and you,
don't fucking touch me.
Fuck you guys,
you're on your own.
- What?
- Jeff, what are you doing, man?
You're on your own,
you can fuck off.
- What are you talking about?
- Don't be an idiot, man.
- Come on.
- - I never want to see your face again.
- No, please.
- - Jeff.
You deserve each other.
Jeff, come on,
get back here, man.
You can both
go to fucking hell!
Get back, Jeff, come on.
Oh, my God!
- Megan!
- - Do you see anything?
I don't see nothing. Megan.
There's something...
- Something touched my leg.
- - Megan!
- Are you okay?
- - Help me, please.
Help me, Jeff, please.
It's okay,
Megan, just relax.
Megan, it's okay.
- Help me!
- No, it's going to be okay.
- Just swim to me all right?
- - I can't.
Just focus on me, okay?
I don't want to die.
- Megan!
- I can't see her, Jeff.
I can't see her.
Keep searching,
keep looking, Josh.
Josh, can you see her?
I can't find her, Jeff.
I can't find her.
You fucking...
Why'd you have to swim off, man.
Why'd you have to swim off?
Josh, you're a scumbag
you know that right?
How's your conscience after
what happened tonight?
What you're not going
to say anything?
Josh. Hey, Josh.
Hey, look at the camera, man.
I'm making the video now. Look.
Get off the life vest.
I found it, go find your
own fucking life vest.
Get off.
Josh. Huh, what are doing still
hanging around here, buddy?
Nobody wants you.
Yeah. You know what,
if we ever get back,
I'm going to put
this video online.
Everybody's going to see you
for the scumbag that you are.
How do you feel
about that, Josh?
Huh, buddy?
Yeah. Hey, you know what?
You're not my brother anymore.
I hope you know that.
I'm disgraced with you.
And everyone who's
going to see this
is going to feel the same way.
- Knock it off.
Knock it off.
Quit it.
Stop it.
- How can you say that, man?
- I told you...
How do you think
I fucking feel?
And I was going
to marry Megan.
What do you
think we were doing?
And what'd you
go ahead and do, huh?
What do you think...?
I loved her, too.
- What?
- I loved her, too.
- Don't... say that.
- I wanted to tell you.
- I wanted to talk to you.
- You wanted to tell me?
I wanted to tell you, all right.
You didn't have to
tell me shit. You just...
I wanted to.
Knock it off!
Jeff, stop it.
Jeff, Jeff are you okay?
Is it your heart?
I told you to settle down, man.
I told you to settle down.
It's going to be okay...
Hey, hey, stay with me, man.
Just hang in there, buddy.
Helps going to come.
They're going to bring your
medicine and we're going to
get out of here.
Both of us, man.
Just hang in there,
just hang in there.
Hang in there, man,
hang in there.
Somebody help me!
Help me!
I don't want to...
I've gotta let go.
I'm sorry, Jeff.
I'm sorry.
I don't have much battery left.
And I don't think I'm
going to make it alive.
So, just, if anyone finds this
please tell my mom
and dad that I love them.
I love you
and I miss you so much.
I didn't mean for any
of this to happen.
Jeff, if I could,
I'd take it all back, man.
I never would have
over stepped the line
with you and Megan.
You mean the world to me.
You mean...
But I know that can't happen.
I watched you die.
Now, it's my turn.
Hey! Hey!
You know, they put
everything on that.
It's quite brutal
how it all went down.
And we saw them...
...try to hold on to hope.
Will you take a photo of us?
How are we doing?
- Good, yeah.
- I know I look good.
One, two, three.
I get lost in the night
You go swimming in the dark
We're gonna figure it out
Making it up as we go along
We can stay like this
We can talk all night
Staring up at the stars
Waiting around
for the light
All the faults
that came before
Making it up now
Making it up as we go along
I get lost in the night
You go swimming in the dark
We're going to
figure it out
Making it up as we go along
I get lost in the night
You go swimming in the dark
We're gonna figure it out
Making it up
as we go along
One by one
Everyone's gone away
They're still here
One by one
Everyone's gone...
Still right here with me
One by one
I'm heading back to
Just who I was
One by one
I'm getting back to
Just who I was
One by one
Everyone's gone away
One by one
I'm getting back to
Just who I was
One by one
Everyone's gone away
One by one
I'm getting back to
Just who I was