Operasjon Arktis (2014) Movie Script

Tuesday, September 19.
The sea ice has not yet formed.
The bear and her cubs are hungry.
The mother has more milk.
They wait for the ice
to leave the island
and that the bear can move.
There is nothing to eat.
There, there, softly.
Tired, right? We return soon.
Eh ?
Hey, hey there ...
Operation Arctic
You've finished eating, Julia?
To whom are you sending
all these messages, eh?
- Children, come here!
- We come.
When is Dad going to join us?
53 days.
Oh, too long!
He will come just before Christmas.
Why leave anything in the boxes?
We'll have to start
the next time we move.
It will not be anytime soon.
This time, I promise.
I miss my friends
from Stavanger.
Come on...
You will make friends here.
It will be fine. Okay ?
We have to go there.
It is much colder
in Bod in Stavanger,
Put on your jacket!
You hear ?
You'll manage!
I prefer that,
rather than being ridiculous.
I'd rather slam the beak,
than look like a coward!
What one finds you ridiculous, you?
It is impossible, that!
Let's go.
- Hey, can I play with you?
- It's not for children.
The book of inventions
It will end badly.
You make excuses? You make excuses, there?
No ! Never !
It is cowardly to hit someone small!
I'm not small!
Julia !
Little shit, you'll see.
Say something at the end!
He killed him or what?
Sindre !
Stop !
Sindre !
You are not allowed
to enter there!
Sindre !
Why didn't you help me?
Eh? You were afraid that much?
He only had to make excuses.
It was he who started it, not me.
And besides, I'm not small.
-You need to forgive him.
-It's too late. Come, Ida.
Hey there!
How were you able to enter?
There was a hole in the fence.
Oh !
We should get out immediately,
through the same hole,
because it will take off soon.
It will fly far from here.
- Huh? You are going to take off?
- We start to Stavanger,
We will put the helicopter in service,
within a few minutes.
My father works there.
-Oh, really?
- And this is the helicopter pilot
the best in the world.
The second, perhaps.
You're taking us to Stavanger?
No, I do not think so. Sorry.
Dad would be so happy
to see us!
We do not take passengers.
- Please.
- No, that's not possible.
You need to leave.
We will start soon,
and this is very dangerous
for kids, here.
Go, brush!
Hello, this Inger Marie.
How ?!
All three ?
We'll see Papa in Stavanger.
- You're crazy ?
- Yes !
Come, Ida.
are you ready to take off now?
- Yes.
- We got an emergency call.
on the island of Half Moon,
- Off Svalbard.
- Okay.
Sindre !
Get out of here right now!
Surely not,
I'll see Papa.
I do not want to stay here.
- Sindre, get out of here, now!
- I do not want...
We will be arguing!
- You can not make me!
- Come !
No ! I stay !
Mirmo, ready for takeoff.
Landing gear brakes.
- Check.
- Tail wheel.
- Locked.
- Step.
Ready for takeoff.
Saver 31, you are cleared for takeoff.
There was a fight at school,
my kids have ruined the camp.
I have to go away
to fetch them.
Can you check?
Hello, yes ?
Parties? Like this?
Ready for landing.
I will remain on board,
I will keep the rotor running.
The shack is here!
Stop !
Stop !
You are crazy !
One, two, three, lift!
His condition is serious.
Must bring to the hospital
as quickly as possible.
But look around you!
We are not in Stavanger!
There were not six dogs?
Unable to search for it.
Nevermind, we leave.
-No! Stop!
- Come back!
- Come back!
- We are here !
- We are here ! Wait !
Come back!
Come back!
Wait !
Stop !
Come back!
Come, we'll look for people.
A house !
They are not all gone. Come !
ho ?
ho ?
Ouhou ?
Please ?
Is there someone ?
Please ?
It is not right
to enter like that.
And if the police see us?
We have the right
when it is necessary.
If you are hungry or cold.
Turn on the light.
There's no switch, it seems.
I want to go back home.
Me too.
Tomorrow, when it will be day,
we will go to the neighbors
and call the parents.
- Promise ?
- Promise ?
Julia !
Julia !
Julia ?
Where did you go ?
You did not go to telephone?
We're going to eat ?
Spaghetti sauce capri.
Fish balls.
Oh !
- Wow!
- No, Sindre!
Do not touch that!
It's dangerous.
Mutton stew.
- No.
- No !
Ida! Look at that!
She's cool.
What is that ? Wow!
That's ugly.
Look at that one.
He returns two like me
from inside.
Maybe this house
was a giant!
Tomato soup for breakfast ?
Live here.
Without computer. No TV.
Without bath. Without anything.
Stay there, you.
I'll look for people
to call the parents.
I'm coming with you.
All alone,
I will return more quickly.
OK, but hurry.
- Look at that one.
- We'll take it.
One can play on the floor.
- Hello.
- Hello.
You have a scar.
You called mom and dad?
Why not?
Have you tried
to find a phone?
You're afraid of everything.
You accomplish nothing.
- Someone should come to find us.
- Sindre.
We only have to go there ourselves.
And so much worse for Julia.
Remain all alone!
You will not be able. Impossible.
What ?
There is no one here.
No one ?!
We're on a deserted island.
- Is Stavanger a deserted island?
- No.
Watch out!
No phone.
No people. There is nothing.
We're all alone on an island
icy, tiny, and ...
You had promised
that dad would come to find us.
- I did not promise anything!
- But I want to return!
I would too.
We're all alone here.
We go now.
I wonder if they
are searching for us.
Inevitably they will seek us.
They will be able to tell that
someone slept in a cabin, and all.
They must be super worried.
When we get back,
they will be so happy
they will not scold.
It is with which, this book?
It is a private diary.
Someone who lived here.
Can you read it aloud?
That is not done,
reading the writing of others.
You throw a tantrum
when I read yours.
Tore is so beautiful ...
You're in love with Tore, eh
You kissed him or not?
Come on, say it!
There are no secrets,
in this journal there.
"Wednesday, October 23.
"Not yet ice.
Went to the south of the island
to research the bear cubs.
To buy antiseptic
when I go in Longyearbyen.
"Soon the polar night
"and storms will fall
on the island of Half Moon."
The polar night?
Where is Longyearbyen, already?
In Svalbard !
It is the North Pole.
Ouch !
The King of the bears
Where have you been ?
Why were you gone for so long ?
Say something !
Do you not like
the meatballs ?
You know well
I am a vegetarian.
- We have not yet found them.
- They will be found. Sworn.
- Holm, Chief of station.
- Dag Solheim.
The Sea King
searched all night.
Military and civilians
searched the area.
And the guy who was hurt?
He is doing very well.
A few injuries to the head,
but that is all.
And how far will the search go?
They started
in the marsh this morning.
All the transportation routes
were explored
in the zone.
But so far,
no trace of children.
nothing indicates
they left Bod.
It is always that.
But read! All strong!
"Send distress call this morning.
"Provided they arrive
not too late."
Send distress call ...
"Distress Call ..."
The type from here
sent a call by radio!
There's a transmitter!
Must be found!
Here it is !
Hello ! Is someone there ?
Hello ? Hello !
It looks like an
archi-old telephone!
What is this thing ?
It is perhaps this button
Stop ! Let me do.
You think you're so much stronger?
You're not!
- You do not even know ...
- Stop it, otherwise
you will never leave here!
Be quiet !
Both !
What is going on ?
What is all that noise?
And if the cabin breaks?
Julia !
Julia !
Julia !
Julia !
Julia !
- Julia.
- Julia !
How are you !
Everything is fine.
Mom. Mom.
I promise you, Ida. They will come.
Sleep now.
Who can sail without wind?
Who can row without oars ?
Who could leave
his friend
Without pouring one
tear ?
It blows less strong.
We are there for how long ?
Five or six days, I think.
We'll lift it towards the ceiling!
But no !
On television, I saw someone
with a phone,
He lifted into the air
for the network.
This is not an old portable.
- I can at least try?
- No!
- But I tell you ...
- No, it is me who decides.
We must be able to return !
Have to put the current.
Oh yeah ?
And what do I do, you think ?
If something were done?
If one played hide-and-seek?
Here ?
When two walls meet,
they do what ?
They throw sidelong glances !
It's your turn, go, a joke!
What do cannibals
the tourist buses?
Canned preserves !
It is good that one, huh?
I will seek people myself.
All alone.
And too bad for you.
For real.
- I am leaving. Hi !
- Hello.
You did not even stop me!
I could have died!
You do not understand?
I'm still hungry.
Me too.
No !
That's all we have.
Oh no...
That is that it's cold, here...
They will soon
come to seek us, you think?
I do not know.
There is radio, in any case.
Except that we must find the battery.
I saw one when they searched.
Here it is !
Where is the radio?
Where is the radio?
I just wanted to go up
on the slope,
so that the radio can
- operate.
- And then?
I lost it.
Where? You lost it where?
In water.
You want some ?
Julia !
Julia ?
So marmot species
You're waking up ?
- Is there still some spaghetti?
- No,
all that remains is there.
When we have eaten that,
nothing !
But did you say
they will first seek in Bod,
and after, they will come here.
How will they know
we're here?
There is not even a radio.
It was not working.
And you would have failed
to make it work, so ...
We need to go away from here.
What are you reading ?
The guy wrote stuff
on global warming.
He said the temperature
is rising in the Arctic.
Yes. We talked about
global warming in school.
It is because of pollution,
airplanes, stores and everything.
I do not notice this
making me warmer.
It is super cold here.
It is written that
the weather is already hotter.
You speak!
That's why the bears
approach as much.
Because they are hungry and scared.
Without the ice, they drown.
If we would play a little?
Oh, look !
He is cute !
Come here!
Shhh, Arija.
Ida !
Sindre !
Come back right away!
Come you !
This is not dangerous.
Must run! Come on !
But but...
White Bear ! Come back !
What are we going to do
if he wants to come in?
We just need to keep
the door closed.
- We have to open it!
- No.
The bears are very dangerous.
She will die.
No !
He left ?
I believe.
Arija !
I am going.
What is it ?
What is that ?
Stop !
It stinks !
It is not me, it is the fish.
Giddy, bite, cod!
It's ready !
Enjoy your meal.
Meat trapper!
The next time
I see the bear,
I will tell him thank you!
New recipe ...
This is very good in any case!
It is delicious !
You're not a vegetarian?
Not, then.
Not anymore.
Did you see ?
The shooting star!
It was perhaps a satellite.
One can make a wish in his head!
- I want to go home.
- Shh.
It should not be said.
Otherwise, the wish will not come true.
I want it anyway.
My God.
to do so many silly things.
I am not mean. It is fair...
I promise to you: more silly things
... or anger.
I just want
to find mom and dad.
Are you hungry ?
So come.
Follow me.
Arija !
Come here !
I dreamed of a pizza.
You make the breakfast '?
No !
Ouch !
Look what you did, a little!
You went in the shed?
Yes or no ?
I know that you went there!
Find a small dinner for Arija.
You did not shut the door!
The bear waits nearby,
he ate all of our provisions.
There is nothing left !
That's all we had!
What is left to eat?
We have nothing.
Sorry, sorry!
- Sorry !
- Sindre,
This is a place where you die, here!
And we, we will starve!
You understand what I'm saying?
It is finished!
What are you doing?
You cannot even lead.
We are hungry !
We are hungry !
"77 north latitude."
On the other side of the fjord.
In the northwest, there is a cabin
and a guy who lives there.
There is ice now
on the north side of the fjord.
How do you know where he lives?
You see the mountains there?
We cross them.
After, towards north.
It will be in the afternoon.
If we can make the journey
in one time.
It's our only chance.
Drat !
- What is there ?
- Ice.
It did not form well everywhere.
We will see if the ice is solid
whether we can pass.
- Yes.
- I do not want to turn off the engine,
I am afraid it might not
be able to restart.
Here it is very solid!
Sindre !
Sindre !
Sindre! Take my hand !
Hold hard!
Julia !
Julia !
- Sindre !
- Sindre !
Last release concerning
missing children in Bod.
We learn tonight
that searches
were dropped.
Criminal Police and Interpol
took over the technical file ...
You're better ?
I believe.
How's Sindre?
He is sleeping. It is hot.
He can be a nightmare.
It was you who saved us.
With Arija.
Your clothes are dry.
Sleep now.
It's my turn to watch.
Sindre ?
Julia ?
Julia ?
Temperature: -17 . Cloudy.
Sindre and I fell into the water.
What are you doing ?
I am writing a journal.
What for?
To find me there on the calendar.
All others here have.
All the others ?
There were several?
The cabin was built in 1921,
by someone called
the King of the bears.
- The King of the bears?
- Yes, I think it's him.
One ...
It was he who built it.
And he lived there until his death.
He was even buried on the island.
I did not make it purposely,
for the radio.
I know well.
"Herrings, sausage
and Christmas cakes."
Merry Christmas !
Cake, cake ...
And sausage and ham!
There is sausage, ham
herring ...
I thought it was a dream!
I have never eaten anything so good!
It was Christmas dinner
for those who lived there.
It's Christmas ?
We will say.
We must keep some
for Sindre.
So that we have
all three the same.
Say so...
The radio...
Where did you lose it?
It was here ?
I initially raised my arms to the sky.
It escaped me.
And splashed through there.
Can you hold my legs?
Oh no !
A little more.
I hold!
I can not move back!
Ida !
Help me !
We did it !
You know what ?
You're doing better than me.
I just will damage it a little more.
Sindre ?
Y wrote that it takes power.
And that we must press
the transmitter button..
A transmitter button?
Hello ?
Hello ?
Say who you are!
This is Ida.
Hello ?
We are on the island of Half Moon.
We can do no more.
Radio Barentsburg.
Do you hear me ?
Hello ?
We can not!
Radio Barentsburg.
Island Half Moon?
I listen.
Help us...
Igor Serkin of
Radio Barentsburg.
I received a distress message
from the island of Half Moon.
You have people there?
No, we have no activity
on the island right now.
The last time that
we went...
When was the operation
on the island of Half Moon?
Myrmo and his team, 27 October.
It was a rescue mission,
a wounded trapper, October 27.
Are you sure that the message
comes from there?
The island is deserted.
Nobody is there.
From the island of Half Moon,
Myrmo !
- It is necessary that I ask you
- Yes.
On October 27,
when you went to Svalbard,
it was the day
when you saw the children?
Yes, there. We talked.
They did not enter
the helicopter?
They did not come on board.
They could not have hidden.
It is six to fly.
The helicopter was emptied
And if they had forgotten us?
Of course not.
A helicopter will arrive
and they will see that we are here.
And if they do not see us?
It is very small!
A fire is prepared!
If someone comes,
it is lit.
And we will be sure they see us.
We will prepare a huge fire.
Would like, here.
You know,
there is a new hypothesis
concerning the children.
They could have gone up
aboard a Sea King helicopter,
October 27.
A reconnaissance aircraft
was sent to the island.
But a storm is
rising in the zone.
This means that
will be very difficult.
We will do our best
to find the children.
Dad ?
Julia !
Help me, Julia!
Eh !
Go away gently, Sindre.
Go away !
There is news.
The Orion was flying over the island.
It was their report:
They detected
several hot spots,
but the conditions
were too bad,
to locate
the points of communication.
Prepare the Sea King ...
we launch
Operation Arctic.
We must go back.
We need to refuel.
We can obtain fuel
on Bear Island.
- Their condition is known?
- No.
On vient aussi.
This way,
Solheim, please,
This is not possible.
It comes, I said.
It is our kids.
Bod. Safer 31. Ready for takeoff.
Saver 31.
The storm over the island
is increasing greatly.
Operate in the area of the island
at 400 feet altitude.
It's dark as pitch.
We'll try to descend to 200 feet.
It was just the wind.
No, not that. Listening !
Low fuel.
Bod. Saver 31. Will be
soon dry.
Bod. Saver 31.
Instrument flight.
Without visual contact.
We must return to Bear Island,
and see how it evolves.
What is it ?
There !
- Over there !
- Turn around immediately!
Have observed a light.
Attempting a landing.
Julia! Come !
We can not.
Too much wind and smoke.
Going downwind,
behind the smoke.
Solheim, take my place.
Good idea, Henriksen.
Hamre, let me get off!
Two meters higher,
three meters back!
Julia !
Julia !
Help !
Julia !
Help !
Sindre. Ida, Arija. Quick !
We are just above.
Descend straight.
Here they are ! Ida!
Mom ! We are here !
Ida !
Sindre !
Three meters at the tail.
Two meters.
Julia !
Mom !
Here !
Mom ! Dad !
Mom !
- Here we are.
- Dad !
My sweetheart.
Here we are.
- Hello, my guys.
- I knew it.
You've come.
Of course I came.
Finally, dear.
How are you ?
Adaptation :
Franoise and Tom Heide