Operation Chromite (2016) Movie Script

Strong storm appeared on the coast of the Philippines.
Is expected to lead to the north.
Her name is Jane.
Beautiful name.
Sir, we are ready to
diversion operations.
Preparing to launch Dook Yong Tang Sa doong
Kunsam en Sam kook on 12 and 14 September.
Sir, if I may ..
This operation will
resulting in many casualties.
Do we have to continue?
Operation Chromite.
Borrow a match.
They fought for their country.
Just look at the book could not be
see the truth, right?
Even so, our thoughts are still
of this book came out, right?
That leader, finally shot dead.
I just want to enjoy the trip.
See the blue sky
But use them in the blue sky
retrorika pretty to write it.
Actually, it was just a lie.
Do not strings attached, quickly said core.
So saying, the sick
slowly going to die.
The sky was what is still seen very pretty?
It is not like that?
Buddy Pang Nam Chol
Incheon I was gone.
Incheon Division command
chun Liu Cang operational.
Pang Nam Chol
General Pang Cue Cung wait
your life between your car.
Unacceptable, can not be
tolerated, insulted, back to work!
Tell France
to send more troops.
Press them until they want to.
They still refuse, I myself
which will call the president Auriol.
One of the people of this australia
Are they going to send
the mother ship or not?
Find out, and I do not accept
any answer except yes.
Yes, Sir.
We recently received
intel defenses on the island of Mido.
Commander of the ruling, Ka Lim Jing.
And construction was in
under its control, not Pyongyang.
Pang Nam Che
Ka Lim Jing.
Nak Dong river war how?
A sea of blood.
So lah.
This deployment of the army now.
This group of 226 combatants Incheon.
Here the two forces group
in the coastal entrance to the pier.
There are 2048 people in the group, there are 231 coastal
people, there are 427 troops to four people
Incheon state support
to force the pass.
Kim Po, the Ha, Hua cen.
This overall deployment
army and artillery
And port Inchoen
the structure of the six-meter ravine.
Certainly not going to climb to the top.
If Americans from coast to crawl
sign, how lifetimes?
Entrance to the pier Incheon from road
water, only one flying fish
Here, although there are many
the group will be in a key entry.
Hold it this way, the connective accomplice of the enemy.
Just this all.
You see Cung co chan mo
It makes cannon, any
can not in working.
Ships have dropped everything will
completed, before getting hold of the sea.
Oh, yes
Why is not there a sea mine.
Not in pairs?
Sea mines, have all been
in pairs nicely.
Then on the map there should be a good sign.
Go grab the tide in the sea mines
It was the underwriter
I replied that report.
In most supreme commander
Reviews in places like anytime in the start?
Today at 7 at the start.
Park Dong Gok do not get too uptight
All have been bothered, either good break lah.
Already tired of sleeping alone.
Inchoen in two cities
This year turn out this way.
The young master let me do it.
What I have no hands?
And instead told
do not call me young master.
So fast mid
August will pass
Kampung I would be flooded.
After send this news,
This even leaving.
The first report of the troops
Incheon see circumstances.
Korea Liaison Office
It KLO on the Incheon area Su Chen ce
Sir, we made contact with the KLO.
We must find the mines.
And the exact location
as the highest priority.
- Do whatever it takes.
- Yes, Sir.
This is a direct order
of General McArthur.
That island eight lighthouse?
This one
The high command Pang Nam Ce
This hospital nurse colleagues.
All a little caution. This
colleagues, will pay attention to us.
It is not like that?
Pang Nam ce
I am currently in Moscow to learn
professor Michekov
idol I
Also an idol to me.
Then the professor Michekov, take sister
beautiful, wear fire shot at that time.
At that time we were all happy students
Know it is not?
He said his brother Christian religion.
Use pistol guess in
head three times and died.
Fellow Han cai san thought how?
Uncle co-han if Christianity
When it will be how?
Of course on hold.
If resistant did not hear, then what?
That's how anyways uncle
No, the uncle
could meritorious how ...
Say you'll kill him.
But boy rancid how
can follow the party
Want to change the teachings must necessarily be
finish up roots.
Ce Nam Pang colleagues how he thought?
Now the purpose of this?
Pang colleagues nam ce.
There is a god?
See gods?
Dewa where
It be said that there is no god.
It is not like that?
Then the secret name of what?
It was only talking about the origin of exit
Fellow Lin.
red Dostoyevsky
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Office secretary.
Long wait commander.
What is wrong?
Ce Pang Nam supreme commander know?
Ya know.
Very familiar?
General Pang nam ce in
No left neck wound.
Already completed.
Today there is no need
extend the hair so.
Baik begitu saja.
Take it, it was a gift
No, this is how can the love
I, I did not do anything.
Love fellow Han Cai San.
Joking, quickly use the try.
General Kim Re Chen live ....
It's a complicated truth.
Let them submit or
no, do not know where it is
And blow just continue to put what can not?
Do not talk nonsense.
How many meters can not
know where to blow up?
All stops moving.
Cue Commander Fang I download the report.
Posts mines no water.
Actually there is no set, I myself
sure, please love map ocean.
It seems colleague Park on
mine water is concerned.
Then how mines hold water?
I came here of interest
what hold it all?
Is there anything I say no?
That's the freedom I continue to receive reports.
So what they want to see?
Fellow Se Lin kuan.
Is there a misunderstanding? Why all
said a sea mine you angry
But did you know
a rearview mirror? No.
Start sending our agents
related landing operations in ..
Wan Song, Ge Mon Chen.
Gong Shan.
Make sure the transmission hijacked,
send to many.
Yes, Sir.
Intel together with Everest in
search for mines to no avail.
They need more time.
Without detecting the shrapnel, our fleet
could not get into shallow water at Incheon.
The command of the pack?
Connect them to the phone, said this
I, say we need more time.
Fellow laddie wei, the sixth of nine months of the UN force has been
assembled, ready to Nak Dong river, the war on fox news.
It should be from where the attack
Lin said the organization bribes kua cen.
Fellow Park was Mac Arthur
there has been attacked?
Incheon obviously not wrong.
If arriving to Pyong Yang
said help was a fool.
Still lacking a bit of stuff.
Follow me peer park. first in
part of the information used to work.
Did not hear anything?
From the Soviet Union and China come together.
Government there do not think Incheon.
Now it looks MacArthur.
Incheon will attack.
In cheon know landed in war
managed how many comparisons?
5000 to one
That's not possible.
But why would of Incheon attack.
Want to be a hero
He said they want to play the game
Hero on the Korean peninsula.
Wah, wah, wah ...
Pentagon must have been delighted.
- Sent three rancid silent, and
crazy old dog. - Three people, huh?
- Well, who's Moe?
- Well, I'm Larry.
Well, I've certainly
do not want to be Curly.
- Come on, gentlemen ...
- Then I'm Moe.
Big smile!
Do you think stop in Tokyo Bay troops
will gather first attack there.
Wong san, Tin Wu Jin,
Deng san all possible.
Exit few airplanes.
We lower the parachute troops
chances are also high.
This might also be
break / Keep on Pyong Yang
Why not think of In Cheon
High tides In Cheon
is the worst in the world.
Rise and fall on average by
a height of 29 feet every day.
Sometimes as high as 36 feet.
We will ship stranded in
10 minutes from the point of entry.
- And the port? - harbor
too narrow to turn around.
That's why we make
3 separate groups.
Red, Green and Blue.
Even if we pass, only
No one landing zone in In Cheon.
- There!
- The landing was not the only problem.
Sludge tank will swallow us. how do you
expecting the soldiers to climb?
Walking through high cliffs,
with harsh waves.
There is a simple solution.
We use the stairs.
- Appliances?
- The most important...
how do you expect to
moving 75,000 troops at dawn?
By simply using
reference wild locations
There is a lighthouse on the beach.
We'll take it
and there will be light.
Well, I do not know about
you, gentlemen, but ...
He must have had a very conviction
big. I will go back to Washington ...
and notify the news
good on President Truman.
General McArthur says
we do not need to worry,
because we have
stairs and lighthouse.
We will not go to Busan, instead ...
we will send 75,000
troops to In Cheon.
Because we have
stairs and lighthouse.
I think I'll drink to ...
a successful attack.
- Edinburgh do you want to win this war? - I think I
should rnengajukan the same question to you, General.
- Are you...
- What do you think?!
You know a lot of our soldiers who died in
Busan and you file a suicide mission!
Before the attack, Busan
is a suicide mission!
Do not attack them where they
strong, attacking them where they are weak!
Cut off their supply line.
Forced them starve!
What Mac Arthur stupid?
So the troops in Nak Dong river in
brought along, he even wants to come.
Are they an item? so people
jump went into charcoal.
Hey, hey ...
US defense secretary, instead there is said possibility
In cheon successfully scaled back in 5000 only to one?
5000 to 1. That possibility
you give in this case!
This is the most military operations
risk I've ever met!
True it / War failed war successfully.
Fellow Kao lin se kuan.
Mac Arthur now you know what?
I fight to win.
Operation Chromite is the only
way to victory.
Operation Chromite ...
Sweet name.
You deliberately delaying the report
to us. Plan.
You waited until we got here
all the way from Washington ...
and then you are not only insulting
we and the President of the United States.
Then, you have a plan
without notes. One plan!
Why? Why are you so
In Cheon interested in?
Now Mac Arthur wants, the American president.
So he's going to solve the 5000 appeal
so we believe he was attacked from Incheon
What are you after?
What do you want from this?
2 days after the war broke out in Korea,
I traveled the secret of
Tokyo to assess the damage.
I found a young man
Korea alone in the ditch.
Not more than 16 years.
He did not have a gun,
do not wear clothes.
All the others have
retreat. I am confused.
Why are you here? I ask
to her. He answered ...
I can not thank the boss let
I resign his command.
I was deeply moved by his courage.
I said I'll give
whatever you want ...
He looked at me with fire
in the eye and said ...
Give me the gun
and give enough bullets.
The boy and I share something.
We are soldiers. Two soldiers
with the same purpose. Victory.
At that moment I knew I would have
save the country's children.
21.00 informants prior to the date of nine months
ten must get narrow street on the map
Weapons soldiers, stored in the data space.
Now living just space Lin kua cen
Quickly please sign in.
Today it's time to leave
with sailing boats.
Two umbrella also brought?
Hello, I cang sue sui, chairman of the group
You're the most important forces in Incheon.
Sit here.
There is what can help you.
I'll take the blue city map
help me take it to go ou
When / Tomorrow.
I know, leave the map and its detail.
Until Chu cen ce will all take first
Must be carefull, this
Lin people there take money
Sign lah.
Why did they not go to sleep?
I could not see the children's eyes.
Wife I'm around here to buy vegetables.
It finished the war as well
finished, you're good either case.
I know, early break
During the day we get the sign in the report.
Jiang Po Mong Ready keeping
when changing shifts.
Nan ci cen concern over the guard force.
In a short period of kuo ren cao
window into the office to jing lin
Sung san dong po ren te and get more weapons. wu ta
and Lucien che da laddie ready car steering wheel to its place.
At this time we pull Po
to jinn and men.
Equate moment.
Now the hours 16:38 minutes.
After the exchange forum, should
fast out of there.
Again, this includes what?
More respectful stands tall
This boy rancid why not say hello.
Why not say hello
Your hands, respectfully.
One of applause / Again / You
You bend your hands, you're respectful.
There are people behind team
It is the most
important as a soldier.
Need professor? Now the road.
Remember that, come again.
Left, once again. co.
There are still a lot of things going on
report, you come back first / yes
go lah
Fellow Yang Chang cun.
Today rarely happy, drinking again.
Please slowly enjoy.
To the left, in the recall.
Fellow Yang can cun here no matter what?
All doing, all back / Yes
I brought a bottle
I'm talking you do not hear well?
I drank vodka today try vodka
Do not move!
damn dog
Quickly open.
Seats founded
Son of a bitch!
It's okay, right?
The map is on hold well
You go first.
Reng kuo.
Doing it again quickly after.
Ren kuo.
Let's go.
Come on!
After that move to In choen come on lah.
In choen.
What is wrong?
Please get out of there,
they are all false, trap Nang pu
Park Nam ce there anything you want to ask.
you sent
There are things they send all know.
There was one person ...
His father was moving, want
but it did not commit.
So now kill
The father of crazy people crazy
Even their colleagues also killed,
and then run off to the Korean peninsula
That's the guy I remember, that person looks
That madman what his name?
Chang right su / True Chang su rights
Cang rights su
Cang right su you doing here?
Answer me cang su rights.
Get out.
Yang Po tong
The southern part to the rapid entry / Quick.
Create the south sekses / Quick.
A quick car ride.
Fellow dung kuan lin quick getaway.
Quickly blurred.
Come with me.
the te
the The te / Quick go.
Should not.
It is basic to no good.
In front of the eyes blurred.
Who disconnect / I.
There is still a bastard?
She saw him coming in
Fellow lin si kuan.
I see them in the right
captured weapons, siblings
You brother?
Please explain me
Ouch why trembling.
Quick release.
What's your name? / Li Yong ce.
Love guns at you are?
That person who / Uncle very large eyes
Kim re sui
Kim re sui
Promised in this place and not in school
No changing circumstances seems rather hazard.
Why no sound, do not eat well?
Still trembling arms in hand?
Help brave little
He informants In choen.
Troops responsibility meal
he said more or less.
Go to Dong Men first
Youth is not a time
life, it is our mind.
- Ah General Benderberg.
- General McArthur.
Glad to see you.
Please sit down, like tea? Coffee?
You put us in
an impossible situation generals.
Truman was
consider .. Your plan.
But he wanted to clarify one thing.
We do not want the Chinese
join the battle.
When we arrived at this line.
The war must end.
This war will not stop only
because politicians draw lines on the map.
I will not approve it.
This is a direct order. From Your top.
- Why are you so stubborn General?
- And why Truman did not?
He wanted a limited war?
It would not be good.
Communism will not be in
control with a limited war.
These politicians do not know
anything about the war.
God, there's no point sending
troops, except our victory is assured.
I wondered generals, there
What is behind the operation Chromite?
What do you want from this?
In Cheon What would be your Normandy?
A magnificent stage, before
your second nomination to be president?
You think I want to go to
In Cheon to be president?
I've dedicated 50
years of my life in a war zone.
I was Douglas McArthur. I won the fight,
do not try rnengajariku and rnernpertanyakan rnotifku.
Why are you asking
themselves for this operation?
Why report the name to go to war this time.
I want
Protect my mom
I want to protect my mother pack.
What are your plans after the war ended?
I want good sleep.
I also want it.
I would have landed in In Cheon
no matter what happens.
Open the way for me, son.
In choen I will wait for you.
Come on.
Cai san
What are you doing?
Wait a minute.
This is what the uncle?
Uncle ... / Enough / Told me I
This fake, you're lying.
Do you hear me / Trash.
What are you doing?
Quick! Quick!
It's doing? I wonder what are you doing
Remove / Uncle.
It is the most powerful, a place to escape.
It's his father cai san made.
It's a secret passageway and along the wall.
Very useful
Uncle what, you're a spy?
Could see outside.
Uncle you're a spy?
Until the morning only
quietly sit well.
Uncle you crazy? why like this.
All here until morning.
Let me see the area in choen
the person liable / Good.
Who are you?
Cui se laddie.
Now find this well?
Ever so a communist
There is one word I really like
Would where the fruit is still going to cook
We are most sensitive students how word.
There was one day they were arrested
Communists put a weapon in my hand.
Tell me shoot, kill him!
It was the father I
I do not know what to do
I had the closest relations with
I had a friend kill my dad.
As I doubt can not decide
dad I calmly go
Friends who killed father you told me.
The idea of a brother
Cai san you were lied to them.
Uncle you just said.
Turn off the lights.
searched all
Whatever was there.
Chang sue siu where?
I did not hear this name.
You bastard.
Make this person on the call until unconscious.
Fast way.
Help her uncle quickly help me.
For me, he just told me not to know.
This continues to be killed uncle.
Release me was I beg
please him
This pack woman would want us uncovered,
let her we all die
I'm not going to dismantle you
Obviously not going to dismantle
you, please believe me.
I just do not want uncle die, he will die
Open the secret passage
Uncle uncle ...
lin ka cen
You think good either, do you think it's worth?
You hope all mean?
Because not the same idea you actually kill someone?
I'll give you a last chance.
Cang sue siu where?
Uncle can not.
Let me go.
Cai san here.
Cai san
Korean peninsula where?
Quick says / Wait
Already stop.
I force jin san
All clear?
Who is the head of Cang sue sui
Hear from troops cui ting
laddie, have come here to help you guys.
The decline in war surely In Choen
War three days later, even gone
Current reduction in its place appeared a flying fish
You said it would be easy, there are other places?
Did not see us in the chase killed
- You think only you are in the chase in
suicide? We also equal / boy rancid.
Stop ...
I had one last
we have to do.
Which can chun responsibility waterway him
would certainly know. we kidnapped Yang cang cun
You were way?
The rooms here, we kidnapped
cang cun up to the outside
So you're driving
waiting at the door outside
Troops would definitely enter
of the move.
Eventually this is the most important part.
Part I that case.
I also went.
8:50 tomorrow comes into place. if
we do not consider to have been arrested.
Is there any problem?
From this room, room x ray
Who is liable?
I was the right person doing it.
You Yi the lien ci
My husband ..
- Come here.
- Dear.
She is very sweet.
Do not worry
I will come back alive
Let's go.
Had bother you
What now?
Han cai san
Cue se cun
Chui mo tung One sign
Skip this han cai san you must
think the nature of your own.
The saying goes blood is thicker than water.
You will feel asleep.
Where are you going?
Take her whole body X ray.
No need, I myself can.
There are things I want to say,
here you can wait for me?
Hold fast stop them.
Look out!
They escape through the door
back, all fast chase.
come on
Fast ...
Here, come quickly!
Let's run away.
Quickly blurred.
quick chase
Grenades, grenade.
quick aside
quick chase
They stopped!
You go, I'm fine.
The young master should live / Wait together go.
You bastard.
Do not die.
Yes. We did it.
older brother
older brother
Still no news of our group?
In Wansan even succeed.
What Wansan war plan.
Successfully doing?
Because the missing bomb.
Hey ... how could explode.
Why is there
Do you think that a sea mine will be okay?
No sound? What sound?
Let me go, let me know if you like.
Infateri our troops amounted 75ribu
in 4 carrier representing 16 countries.
Including the United States,
France, and Australia.
260 warships ready in berangkatkan
of Tokyo, Kobe, Seoul, and Busan.
Day-H 1 regimen of marines dispatched
from Busan, and join us there.
We have also been recruiting Korean students of America
States to act as our interpreter.
Convey this message to
spy X-ray them.
Well, I have determined this way, contact KLO, in rnenyalakan
rnercusuar Palmetto at 15th september 00.00
And guide our ships to its shores.
And finally.
May God be with you.
Understandably. We will
waiting for the next command.
US naval forces have
contact us, to be safe.
Mine told me about the place of water.
It's our job
This tactic depends on us, if we can not
doing so, they could not land on its shores.
Do you think they will
comes with full force?
Let's hope so.
I do not what the enemy's ability,
and we lack information.
That's why we're here.
Liao Chang cun taken away, said that
has been told. fronting on the island mao
I'm sure for a while.
Look over there.
Pak here.
All in place.
Everything is assembled in place.
Now at the start penalty
All look good. we
the law of traitors.
All see clearly.
Mr. Young do not be afraid,
Do not lose courage.
Why would you call me die young master.
You're bigger than me, right?
Call me Ta chu, fast.
There should not be so.
Da Chu
Yes we
Can be reborn.
I'll let you be my brother.
Sister Tai laddie
Da chu!
Sister Tai laddie.
You damn.
Sea of Japan, 400 Km from Jeju Island
13 September 1950 (H-2)
Perk and Cassius now
passes 400km from the south of Jeju Island.
If we continue the path
, tomorrow night would be dangerous.
We will not go back.
Once upon a time, I promise
myself ..
I believe I will live forever.
Nothing gets old
because life for many years.
People grow old only by
undergo their ideas.
Year, may make skin wrinkles.
But, let go of your ideas
will make wrinkles your soul.
This would not be
My most recent military operations.
Korean coast
14 September 1950 H-1
Offshore Korea
14 September 1950 22:52 AM
Preparing to shoot.
Preparing to shoot.
Preparing to shoot.
- Preparing to shoot.
- Preparing to shoot.
Understood, sir.
What should go to the island Ye mao?
I go make sure to decline
all with new safe here.
Well, pray you succeed.
I own intention to leave, until when not
doctors could leave the task force.
You can not go along with us?
I will quickly go quickly return.
This new cigarette in the suction wait is over.
But the war ended we treat,
my wife cook, drink wine again.
Transmission of last contact, sir.
Captain Jung advanced to the landing place.
She said she would light a beacon so
they have secured a landing place.
14 September 1950 23:41 AM
We're friends group.
14 September 1950 23:57 AM
14 September 1950 23:58 AM
Enemy at the top!
Disputes will end soon.
We can wait for our moment.
Sir, look!
In the port!
God says, "There was a light."
The road to In cheon already open.
- Cease fire.
- Cease fire.
Cease fire.
Berangkatkan leading unit.
- Berangkatkan leading unit.
- Cease fire.
Let lah, come quickly.
I'll make you die
In cheon on the sea front.
Come quickly.
Chairman, we started ,.
You all, be prepared.
Let the greatness of our country feel.
Ready for war!
Come on.
Stop, stop!
Pak TMT was a bomb
Mac artur know this?
He would not dare to do so,
we like this so this is not
We have to block them.
Of course we should do / Yes.
Pang san, the way up the coast.
Two vessels have been
exploded and destroyed.
Sir, may we have passed the track
them, we should try to turn around?
It is still receding,
we can not do it
Advance unit already heading
landing zone.
Should we continue
providing cover fire, sir?
- Increase the speed, as soon as possible.
- Yes, Sir!
Increase speed.
Yang san
You see position.
Hu men the way up front.
Chairman. Chairman.
- Chairman!
- Slow little.
slowly dikit
Do not be careless, quickly piled.
There, there.
Mac Arthur could certainly from the rear.
Destroy the warship at the front.
2:36 3:15 transverse degrees of longitude degrees.
Part alteleri ready
Prepare to attack!
Cang Sue siu
Retreat, retreat!
Quick finish!
Follow me.
Sir, may have been arrested
Jhon and his captain.
What should we do?
Low tide, sir.
For troops to
Then a successful landing,
The entire fleet needs to be enough time
to pass through the narrow waterway.
Sir, if we waited one hour, occasion
we landings will drop significantly.
- We have to take ..
- I said idle, damn it.
Wait for the signal.
come on
Pang san you hold down a little
Pang san
We go out Pang san.
come on
You wait here a minute.
Just tell the captain Zye
firing shots that fire.
I think so sir.
Cromite begin operations.
Hey, Jang Hak Soo!
You're out.
Why the Communists? You say
Not to let it all
people live well?
You bastard.
People like you traitor
how to make a fuss
red flag people will be in vain.
Cang rights su
Traitor rancid.
I want to kill you for the sake of the people.
Up here already.
Mother yesterday I went to see you
In a place far not been in a hurry
respectful and went home.
I have no confidence backs
You go from there.
I for the sake of complete task
Last select a country
I understand the appeal of children in mother
go ahead it does not serve.
I really want to devote to you.
I'd be in heaven cares for you.
You can leave me why
It is okay.
Nak, looking for your father.
Search around your father.
Yes, mom.
This day could not be found
chairman you should not be disappointed.
Do not worry
No matter where away
Alive or not, no matter where.
child you
Will remain with me.
Sue Siu
Hak Soo!
The place I was born in the south of Ma San,
from childhood growing up in In Cheon.
I had a superb chairman,
Can shoot also can make a meal.
I have one that would in his case.
From now I think
for one thing means.
Create a nasty case of learning technology
All my family were killed
I communist descent.
We protect the country.
Said to be a lot of meters,
I was there a lot of children
Because I was a bit strong force
Everything, berfotolah.