Operation Daybreak (1975) Movie Script

They sent for you too
What the hell is
it doing about?
I was on leave, out of the
blue they called me back
That's all I know
The general will
see you now
Stand at ease
Do you three know
each other?
Uh... Kubis and I do
sir, but... uh...
Alright, introduce
Karel Curda, sir
Born near Prague
I was a customs officer
before the war
Jan Kubis Born
in Vladaslov
I was a farmer
Gabcik, sir Josef Gabcik Born
in Pilsum, Locksmith
The mission we
have in mind
can only be undertaken by men
with your qualifications
For the past three month
you've been closely observed
You're here now because you
shown us that you have courage
endurance and
I am going to ask you to
undertake a mission
that regardless
of outcome,
will certainly be one of
the most dangerous of the war
I need hardly say it, you
are liberty to refuse
First, I am gonna give you
some background information
And then I'll talk
about the mission itself
The Code name is
'Operation Day Break'
Reinhard Heydrich came to Prague
three months ago to take up his post
as acting right
for what the Nazis now call
'Bohemia and maradia' that means
he has absolute power of life
and death over all Czechs
We believe if Adolph
Hitler were to die
That Heydrich would become
fearer of the third life
His orders, one to crush
all Czech resistance
Two, to deport large numbers
of the community to work
in Germany as slave labor
Do not underestimate him
He is not a barbarian
like Hitler
He is the man of the
highest intelligence
ruthless, ambitious and
he is the only one
to whom Adolph Hitler
really listens
Your rights protector
I have a petition signed
by all the inhabitance
of a small village
near Pilsum
Beggin you, sir to show mercy
to the nine young hostages
due to be executed tomorrow
Not one of them is yet
twenty years old
and youngest is
only sixteen
The villagers
do feel that
Rights protector says that
whatever happens to the Czechs
or to any of Slav is of no
possible interest to him
We intend to parachute you
back into Czechoslovakia
To assassinate Heydrich
Heydrich is closely
gaurded night and day
When ever he travels, he is
escorted by highly trained SS men
So it will be up to you to formulate
a plan and to carry it out
You must find
a way to kill him
When do we leave sir?
You'll be confined to these
headquarters until further orders
Thank you very much
Good luck
Stand by Champs
we are over Pilsum
Hold to your mama!
Don't try anything
You Czech aren't you?
Keep walking
Well, I am Czech too.
- Twisted bloody ankle
- Can I have a look?
Don't touch it for Christ sake
That guy's the basterd who said we
were gonna drop on a dry clear morning
Did you see Curda?
No, he dripped off
on the other valley
He could be anywhere
Let me lean on you
Damn shame
Not so bad if they make us go
after girls in Czechoslovakia
Even the snow
tastes different
Safer though
You have no
feelings at all
Can you manage?
Feels worse than
it is, come on
Papers, your papers
Where are you going at
this time of the morning?
To work?
Walk to work everyday
You walk two hundred
kilometers everyday?
You're no way
near Pilsum
Where have
you come from?
Hands, Hands!
Come on!
Let's go
Bastard R.A.F.
Two hundred kilometers
from Pilsum
Dropped in a wrong
bloody place
God knows
where Curda is
So now what do we do?
Lost the radio
I can't hardly walk
and the entire German
army looking for us
Never mind where we are going
we don't even know where we are
And you are
a lot of use
No feelings at all
Christ, we
are at quarry
Two men
I know you
are in there
It's alright we
won't harm you
I am comming in
Come inside both of you
Close the door
You can't stay here
You're parachutists
Look, we can
all be shot
I've got a wife
and children
I've hurt my foot
We need some help
But the place is
swarming with Germans
I haven't
spoken to you
and I haven't
seen you
Please go away
See who it is
Get into the vault
Parachutists Have
you seen anybody?
Tell him you've
seen nothing
- But what about...
- Do it before he comes
Well, have you
seen anything?
It's serious
Ah- it's you
What's going on
in there, eh?
One of my men got
hurt in the blast
His foot
Give us a lift
to the doctor
I'll make it
worth a while
You've been pitching some
of your stocks again?
Better unwrapped
Bring him
Over here
Thank you
Good morning is
your father in?
What's it about?
Emergency We're
from quarry
This fellow's
hurt his foot
Come this way please
Father, two men
from the quarry
One's hurt his foot
Tell them in
Go in please
Lie down Take off
your shirt and sock
How did it happened?
I have fell
twisted my ankle
Can you move the toes?
That's good
I haven't seen you
before, have I?
Does that hurt?
How long have you been
working at the quarry
Well, about
six months now
It's a sprain
Nothing serious
The Germans are
busy this morning
looking for
Yes, we heard
Guess they've been
searching the whole area
I expect they were
up at the quarry
Oh yes
Yes the quarry would be a good place
for the parachutists to hide
But I doubt it they'll
get pretty far
Not now
Now no one might
shelter them
Not after murdering
those Germans
Everybody will be
too frightened
Put your finger
there, will you?
Stand up
That will do
I won't hesitate
to shoot
Yes, these are
the other two
You will forgive me?
We have to make sure you're not
spies planted by the Nazis
Welcome home
Oh God!
You bastard!
Adult education?
Come in Find a place
Good afternoon
For the benefit
of the those
who are entering for
the higher certificate,
today we are going to talk about
positive and negative ileums
You managed to convince our friends
and countries to your identity
Now you must
convince us
Miles isn't it? Come
a thousand miles to help
How do you mean
We want proof
We don't carry papers signed by
Winston Church, if that's what you mean
What was the name of your
commanding officer in England
Answer the question
We are Czechs
We were born here and
we've come back to fight
and that's all
we're telling you
You say you're Czechs
Your home
where is it?
I know Vladaslov
What's unusual about
the bridge there?
It doesn't exist
Huh? Why?
It was blown up in 39
Anyone could know that
I was a member of the group
that lay the explosives
There were three of us caught by
the Germans, I was one of them
Anyone could
say that too
Get dressed
So now you see...
We have both positive and
negative particles in the vacuole
Where did you
come from?
Don't ask me any questions
I... can't say anything
I knew you'd come
I knew it I knew it
I was a bit worried I'll
meet somebody else
How? I said I'll
wait and I meant it
I never dreamed
How long you can stay?
I don't know
Day? Week?
I don't know
I'll come to see whenever
I can I promise
See you in the morning
- Good luck
- Thank you
I'm Curda
Mommy, he's here
Good evening
and welcome
Thank you
My daughter
I'm Karel
Call me aunt Marie
everyone does
I'll show you
to your room
Thank you
Oh... There's
just one thing
My husband works on the railways
and knows nothing of this
As far as he's
you are from the country and
looking for work in Prague, alright?
My son, Ata
- Hello
- He studied in the conservatory
I'll get you
something to eat
Thank you
Oh... When you wanna contact
your friends, you tell me
- OK
- OK
There are eight streets
leading off the square
Which one do you take if you
want to go to aunt Marie's?
One by the clock
And St. Nicholas
The next one
passed the clock
Walk straight past
Don't look side ways
You've seen nothing
What's happening?
I don't know but
we mustn't stay...
Come away please You
mustn't stand here
These are back up
I don't like it
Am I not right, eh?
You are right
It's funny in English
I desire my language
It's late
I didn't realize father
All well with you?
As usual Is Karel in?
Good night
You're very late, Carl
I had a hard day
Panic from the
moment I went home
You should have
seen the chaos
Cattle trucks
The Germans want
every single one
Cattle trucks
God knows why
On top of all that we got an order
for Heydrich's special train
He's going to Berlin
in three days
I knew it
I knew it was
something important
All those scooters
always works
I don't know
I'm not sure
I have to
think about it
Perhaps we should wait for the
other parachutists to arrive
No We can't
take the risk
We have to do it the day
he leaves for Berlin
It might be the only
chance we get
Have you thought
what they will do
if you succeed
in killing him?
We have our orders
People who gave you those
orders are safe in London
They don't have to suffer
what that are priceless
Think what they
will do to this country
The world would
come down on our heads
It's a chance
we have to take
My God they send
us children
Do you imagine we didn't think
about assassinating Heydrich?
Why didn't you then?
Because we know the
consequences will be
We are soldiers
This is a war
If you won't help
us we'll do it alone
We never said we
would not help you
What do you
want us to do?
Where is the best
place to kill him?
It's comming
So our beloved furiortics
takes time off
from the heads of state
to welcome to Berlin
one of the man who was helping
him in the glorious task
of governing
the third life
SS Overcopen furior
Reinhard Heydrich
Rights protector of
Bohemia and Bohevia
Icefuraskis him love watches
as the presentations are made
The furior and his two
most trusted advisors
are to meet in secret conference
at Ice Transli in Berlin
before the furior leaves for
the ceremony at Vegetor's Garden
Decorate out
victorious generals
who have brought honor and glory
to the third life and to the furior
We should have stopped
that other train
God if only we can get
accurate information
We've got to send those
man from London now
Wireless operators to set up
a communications network
Lose of time and energy
and thought and for what?
we are young
We should be out
enjoying ourselves
If it was peace time
suddenly... now
What would you do?
I'd go out and
buy a dress
A bright red
dress made of silk
I'd see a good
football match
Maybe get drunk
Parties, dancing!
It's bad luck to
be over age
Yes, bad luck
Oh, don't bother to
iron on the back
Nobody sees
Dance with me?
I... I don't know how to
You don't know
how to dance?
No I never
had the chance
Shouldn't you
be leaving?
It's late
He's getting
use to you
The messeges arrived
from Berlin
which I've been
authorized to translate
For the duration
of war emergency
I hereby appoint you
commissioner and protector
for all occupied
terratories in Europe
Arrange your affairs in order to
arrive in Berlin without delay
Adolf Hitler
- Thursday... Are you sure?
- I'm sure
What's happening?
Next thursday
He didn't give
us much time
He must give us time
We'll use one to
the New Post
No no Curda is right
It's too dangerous
That's for us
to decide
It's not for
you to decide
There are too many
Czech lives at stake
I am gonna stop this
I am gonna
notify London
London's orders were
perfectly clear
Kill Heydrich
at all costs
We've been here weeks
Well I think it's
only in four days
Perhaps it's because we've
been looking for a safe way
Maybe we're going to
have to risk everything
What do you
mean everything?
Something we've been thinking
about for some time
He rises at 7 AM
Breakfast, bathes and he's
dressed by his vallet
7:45 precisely, he usually
says goodbye to his daughter,
gets into his Mercedez, which
is driven by a Chauffeur Glen
When the car proceeds
down the drive
he's escorted by
armed troop carrier
one jeep and
an armered car
The convoy traveles very slowly
at about 40 miles per hour
The first part of the journey
is through the country side
Tree lined roads
and small villages,
along order of specially constructed
to take him into Prague
He enters the out skirt of
the Prague at this point here
Proceeds around the bended
Vulsavitcha junction
And then enters Harry Channy
castle at 8:05 AM precisely
And he's been doing the
samething every day without fail
It never varies
What do you think Jan?
There's only one place
We kill him there as he comes
around Vulsavitcha junction
But he's heavily
guarded all the time
He slows down
You are gonna
stand there?
Pointing your guns a few
feet from Heydrich,
in full view of
his escort?
We'll never get
away with it
It's the only place
It's suicide
Alright, you two!
Pick him up, put him in the
back of the bakers land
Come on!
Be careful
Easy, easy
Vlavika hospital quickly
I said it was impossible
we should never even have tried
It's on the radio
he's still alive
They are offering reward of
ten million crowns
It jammed
I had him!
I had him!
Mommy, have you
seen my bicycle?
Oh Christ, I left it
outside of Kinsles
Quickly Jundriska get it
and bring it back here
No I must go
No go alone Jundriska
it's safer
Hundreds of splinters
from the grenade...
penetrated deeply into
the lumbar region
We removed
what we could
but his spleen and kidneys
are seriously damaged
But much more dangerous
is the fine splinters
of horse hair
and material from the car appulsory
had entered the blood stream
We may have to
operate again
No you are not
to touch him
But dear Frank?
The furior's own sergeons are
comming Keep him alive untill then
But if blood
poisoning sets in?
Oh father of mercy
We pray to thee for thy
servant Reinhard Heydrich
We remember now who lord his
qualities of his leadership
his sense of service
the inspiration he has
been to all the people
And we pray
that he may long
continue to lead
to serve and
to inspire
It is only these two?
sort of...
What do you
mean sort of?
Is it or isn't it?
How many will
there be?
- We must go
- Where's Curda?
He should have been
here hours ago
We have to leave
without him
But we can't leave
without Curda
The longer you stay here
more dangerous it is
You'll have to go
No I am sorry We can't
leave without him
Listen to Janak
It's too risky
Talk to him, make
him see sense
Nope, I'm with Jan
Three of us landed together
we are gonna stay together
We wait
How long for god's sake?
We'll give him...
12 hours?
Now state secretary
Frank salutes
He has vowed to root
out the criminals
who are responsible
for this crime
Anyone who assisted them or fail to
give information will be executed
They and their families
until justice is done
Now it is the turn of
proud Heydrich
Her face failed to kneel
and kiss the flag
She steps back as the six officers
take up their positions
either side of
the gun carriage
The coffin is raised
the command is given
Escort comes to attention
and the sad prosecution makes
its way towards the train
I never lost you for
anything have I?
Don't go now
No I wouldn't
I won't ever
leave you
Where he would be laid to rest
in presence of the furior
When he came from the office of
the acting rights protector
In the course of the search for
the murderers of Heydrich
it was found that the population
of village of Liditz
approximately 20 kilometers
northwest of Prague
had helped and cooperated with
the perpetraters of this crime
Accordingly a detachment of
SS division Prikcks Barugie
commanded by SS Overstune
Van Furior Max Roshnov
was dispatched
for Liditz at dawn
All the man have
been shot,
women deported to
concentration camps,
the children sent to appropriate
houses for re-education
All the buildings of this
village have been destroyed
and the name of the village
removed from the land register
The village of Liditz
has seized to exist
And it's name will never
again appear on any map
Come I'll take
you to the others
Father, I want
to confess
I confess father
to murder
Mass murder
The people of Liditz
I am responsible
How were you
I killed Heydrich
What happened to Liditz
is because of that
You are wrong
By that crackening, I am
just as responsible
Simply for harboring
you here
No, but at war...
War is the
greatest evil
In war, no man could hold himself
responsible for the sins of his enemy
But Father
I can't help
I feel it
I'll give you a penance
if it's penance you want
Anything father
Learn to forgive
your enemy
Pray for them Jan
Pray for them
and for the souls
of the departed
I forgive you in the name of
the father and of the son
and of the holy
ghost, Amen
Hi, Josef
- Hello, Josef
- Hi
Isn't Curda with you?
We couldn't
wait any longer
I've got some
About the rights
Sit down over there
I got some
cheese for you
Thank you
It could be one guess
Don't tell me
don't tell me
- Yeah, sausages
- Sausages
Good news
Yeah, four aces
You'll be out of
here in 24 hours
The R.A.F. Is sending a plane
they've given us map reference
You have to be out
of here by day break
We'll make all the
necessary arrangements
I want to ask a favor.
I want to go out this
afternoon, Janak
I need to meet Anna
It's only for an hour
Have her meet me on the embankment
of Charles bridge at 2:30
Thank you
Ata, you prepare to bring
in some provisions tonight
Yeah, and champain
and some caviar
we'll have ourselves
a bonvoyage project
Come this way
Karel Curda
I'm parachutist
dropped by the R.A.F.
I understand you wish
to make a statement
You realize that
whatever you tell us
may not have the
value you put on it
I am a member of the group
that killed Heydrich
and I can identify
the others
First you must give
me an insurance
But before we make a...
let's say bargains,
we must find out
what you know
then we will see
Please sit down
Who are these men?
Can you give us
their names?
Where they are hiding?
Josef Gabcik, Jan Kubis
We were dropped together
Why are you
telling us this?
Is it for the reward?
I want to protect
my family
I don't want my wife
and child shot, please
What do you think
you could tell us
about what's found at the
scene of assassination?
This one is Gabcik's
Carried his
stun gun in here
Where are these two men?
I don't know Hiding
in Prague somewhere
You'll have to do
better than that
Where are they?
I don't know
Mr. Curda
How old is your child?
Who is it?
It's alright
I'll get it
Raise your hands, turn
your face to the wall
What... what
do you want?
Where are they?
What are you doing?
Tell them to stop
I want to know
where they are
Who? Who're you
talking about?
Kubis and Gabcik
where are they?
there's no one here
Only my wife
Just take me
My husband know
nothing about it
Hey Blashure!
I am sorry
Quickly, you
must warn Ata
Go to the
Tell him he
must not go home
He's to go straight
to the crypt
and you...
Hurry up!
What's the matter?
I haven't any money
for the traffic
My Evil-
Just tell me
where they are
Why protect them?
Why be so obstinate?
You are music
student, I see
Ah yes, you play
the violin
We are leaving
at day break
I know
The war will be
over someday
I'll be back
Stay with me
I can't
I'll hide you.
You'll be safe We'll leave
Prague and go somewhere else
Anna, it's
not possible
Try and think
of afterwards
That's what I do
When it's over I
think of coming back
Seeing you again
I wish I knew you better
I wish we had more time
You're right We don't
know each other at all
I know nothing
about you Anna
You don't even
know my real name
It's not important
I never did get
that red dress
No, I never saw
a football match
It's pleased to
see you Curda
I... I didn't tell them
about the church...
I didn't tell him
What church Ata?
Sunsils, at the
Slover street
I... I didn't
tell them
I didn't... l...
I didn't tell them
Come back soon
What happened?
My mother's...
There's nothing
for you here
- What's the matter?
- They found us
The street is
swirming with them
How did they find us?
Who the hell talked?
What difference
does it make?
Hundreds of them
I could've warn
the others
No, there
isn't time
- Bahtz take cover Bubrich
- follow me
Father Patrek?
Father Patrek?
Give me a hand
The passage!
Father Patrek thought it
might lead to the river
At least this must go
onto the street
They are re-grouping
Jesus christ there's
more bastards up there
Alright, who are
these men?
Are these the
Who are they then?
and Korel
They were
dropped after us
Where are the others?
Come on! It's
our only chance
It's hopeless
The priest was wrong
There is no passage
Here it is
Tell him to
Josef, give up!
It's useless
Josef, Jan!
Jusech, help Josef
go up the stairs
Go on!
How many you got?
It's all over
move out
Move out
it's all over