Operation Dumbo Drop (1995) Movie Script

Well done, Bo Tat.
Linh, time to go home.
Get up. Doyle and I am your
give me a ride. We go.
Captain Doyle, we can
not directly to the LZ.
Beaucoup North Vietnamese.
We take the scenic route.
Two hours.
Charlie's got a gun.
He's always there.
He gets not even...
Go ahead, Charlie, come on.
Do you have another one?
Thanks for the ride.
Poor rat? Not good, makes
people sick. Better to eat snake.
No, thank you.
- You're Captain Doyle.
I am Jhon.
Where is Captain Cahill?
He's upstairs. But you first
rest. We eat and then we go.
I'm waiting for you upstairs.
Try it with 25 kilos luggage.
Not your fault.
Not accustomed to thin air.
Do you know Captain Sam?
In my house everybody knows'm
He is a legend. Where is he?
- Sam is there.
What cabin?
- There is Sam.
Captain Samuel Cahill? SOG / AT 39?
This is Captain Doyle.
He is my replacement.
You're the guest of honor.
Thanks for the reception.
We have been waiting for you.
Did you have trouble with that hill?
They show a wine ceremony
for important visit.
And a wine ceremony
on Tuesday to celebrate.
That is numpai, rice wine. 'T Tastes
like sugar water, mixed with vomit.
A bit early to be drunk.
- You should drink it. Totally.
And you can not spit.
This insult you talking chief.
Is that all? Come on.
- No, you know Po.
Po? Sometimes he is the village elder or something?
- Something like that. He comes on.
Close your eyes.
Po wants to touch your face.
Po is not offensive. That's worse
then spit out the wine.
Eyes closed.
- My eyes shut.
The chokes are the NVA.
They know that the tribe help us.
For it they fall to lowest.
Rule 1: Do not give any reason.
Therefore, you could not directly
come here.
And rule two?
- Never forget rule 1.
I can remember.
I'm going Saturday, but we have 'a week.
- I can handle it, Captain.
How are you doing? Under the rules?
- Is there a better way?
I got some control. Jhon leads
around you and can give information.
I do not for a tour.
I have to go to the Path.
The big stuff coming tonight.
Until then you can't teach village
know, Captain Doyle.
These people are the difference
between life and death for me.
What is that?
- The forest gives us a lot.
As we honor the good spirits
for their protection.
Is it not a pet?
- No, We use the elephants.
My father, his father, always.
War elephant drives south.
The Roof NHE are blessed
with n elephant.
I am happy for you. Let...
We go to the Path.
- Sam said: Later on.
Now you work for me. Forget Sam.
Where's Path?
Got candy?
No candy. Go.
- Please, candy. I share.
I have only one.
Do you understand? One.
Very nice.
Is that all?
The Ho Chi Minh trail.
Disappointed? That was me too.
I was expecting something fresh definition.
That's the beautiful.
You let platbombarderen
and they move it.
They use it for supplies.
It goes on.
Check it out. Air target
rocket launcher on the shoulder.
This is the second set this week.
- Really?
America does not care gift.
Remember that.
No, no.
- Shut up.
Because you Americans help
we have to punish you.
Colonel Nguyen, you will find this
really necessary?
Do you think I do not
to do Quang?
Do you do it then.
You bring evil spirits.
- It's my fault.
That child had picked that candy.
He picked it and then ran away.
Well, it was my fault.
Sorry about that elephant.
I'd be alive
want to create.
Just go away.
Best, I do not work with them.
- Maybe.
The tradition is, on the last day
't New-Moon Festival...
..., the Fire King on
to the elephant. That was Friday.
- Why?
Duan, I give you my word
Fire at the King's festival...
...not need to own two feet
stand. He gets a new elephant.
I'm not going to get them elephant.
They helped us.
- Give them show a tractor.
Give them nothing.
You sit too long in the jungle.
Keep your mouth shut.
The village is important
for our operations.
If we do not get elephant,
We are the village lost.
We have the village
simply not necessary.
Maybe we't need
either. Let us be careful.
You get an elephant for them.
- Five men manage it.
You get two of the finest and
smartest that I can borrow.
Vanishing. Whatever you do,
puts me mad.
Do not worry.
Not forgetting something?
Who runs this beautiful operation?
You both want the lead.
I don't out.
Odd or even?
- Just.
Corporal Ashford?
- He sits in the shed.
Ashford, come forth immediately.
- Sir, he is really stuck.
Why not?
- He still has seven days.
He can go home, he takes no
risk. He's already two days.
Grenade. Very nice, who is
klootz that funny...
Packing. It departs at 1300 hours.
You have a new assignment.
Kidding, right?
- Yes.
It can not. About seven days
I fly back to freedom.
Only 168 hours.
It takes just a short time.
- For 1300 hours, Ashford.
Corporal Farley.
- Yes, sir.
What is the mission?
Can we know?
We do, but not you.
Where are you from?
- Iowa, like Uncle Fergus says:
Ai, oh, how I pay much interest.
He sat in the threshing machine.
Ma says she't see
but I believe so.
Are you a farmer's son?
- My dad's got a dairy.
Do you have experience with animals?
Not a good experience. They allowed me
not. That will remain so.
It was not an easy youth.
I wanted to employ in order
that monster to get away.
Gilman, I want to watch 25
300 for each.
I have friends without respect
a person's life.
If I want, I have tomorrow
your head here in my pocket.
General, for each other. 425 each.
Nice to do business with you
Do you dear wife and
daughter greetings.
What I mean anything with it. I must
hang up the other line goes.
Where were we? In your head
in a bag? 350? Agreed.
Send them to General
Richardson in Danang.
Anyway, let someone do
but your food to taste.
I thought you were dead.
- I was hoping you, you mean.
Say it.
You're foerageur?
You need something foraging.
Not fun.
- An elephant tomorrow.
Or you do not succeed, do you think?
Come on, you do not provoke me.
I can get everything. Everyone knows that.
I go five days to leave.
Tomorrow at this time I'm
on the beach in Hawaii.
You provide us the elephant.
- Or what?
It started with
that one joke on?
Well, that meat was not fresh.
The men were "a week
the latrine.
Old news. I have too many powerful
friends to show a dew to get.
I also know other things, Poole.
- Listen, Cahill...
...nothing keeps me from
go to Honolulu.
280 km in the middle's war.
- By 'n truck it takes three days.
Then one day walk. We meet Friday.
- I was planning on going through the air.
With n cargo plane
Ban from Thurs
With the elephant to
an airstrip at Dak NHE.
Your friends will have two hours
the elephant, I can go to Hawaii.
You had a week.
Well done, Poole.
We arrive at Ban Don to.
We can not countries.
We land behind the village.
There was Vietcong.
Not anymore, I guess.
I think? Country we 're thinking?
- Go ahead.
This is not so bad,
it's quite peaceful here.
All right, guys.
Cahill, you would like elephants...
...then you get elephants.
And beautiful, at no additional cost.
As I know you are attaching
dolls with men in it.
Y B'ham?
I am negotiating. I'm
spoken on the radio.
He fancies himself a hard,
cracking but I got it.
Hello, sir. We were
40,000 agreed.
There are additional costs.
Tax, cleaning...
I understand that.
- 60,000 so.
No. 45,000.
- 60,000.
What? Are not you?
- I'm not under pressure.
He does the elephant
not to sell.
How much does he want?
- 60,000 piastres.
We can only go to 50,000.
- 10,000 piastres is only $ 150.
That together we can muster.
- No. 50,000, otherwise not.
No military purchases
own money. That's an order.
Understood? Say it.
I see. So you get on it.
No sale, no more mission.
You always wanted.
We go back and recall
a helicopter. Forward.
Poole, we are going.
- Okay, 50,000.
What can you negotiate well.
Gracious lord, can we
Our pick of the river elephant?
For 50,000 you get an elephant
from the river, but Bo Tat.
Bo Tat is a she not a he.
The boy is Linh, he goes along.
Boy does not count Bo Tat.
- Boy is so bad with Bo Tat.
We are going away. His family...
- His whole family was slain.
In the war?
- Touched by a falling star.
Yes, in the war.
- Which side?
Does it matter?
- It is better to stay here.
He does not belong here.
He comes from it north.
Let him go.
He does not count.
- Under my responsibility.
Who can show to elephant?
I had's a fat friend,
but they did not listen.
Mr. Y B'ham, you know
determine how.
I'm living my life
with them and I learn anything?
Well does he sarcastic?
Would you join us?
- That's 20,000 piastres.
- Well done, Doyle.
Mr. Y B'ham is a great choice.
There is a problem.
He stares not because he was so
Wise, he is blind.
Y B'ham not blind. Y B'ham can...
Y B'ham is blind.
10,000 piastres?
Nice view.
I look 'n elephant in his ass.
Manage it?
I'm Vietnamese, Cambodian,
French tried and Jeh.
Keep him in mind.
- It is high, you see him like that.
You understand me. Maybe
our side has his slain family.
We can not trust him.
You're right. Linh not trust.
Linh trust Americans
not, and vice versa.
Everything is best in prime order.
That elephant is goodbye
say, huh? Should he take?
Why not?
It's an elephant.
- Yes, but...
He can not show a plane.
If he starts moving in a panic...
...We paid down and we are dead.
- This is important.
He only goes to
board if he is dead.
That I can arrange.
Or are you'm attached?
Linh, nobody Bo Tat
Got a package for
Poole vet on board?
Gentlemen, sleeping animal.
They stir not move.
Bo Tat sleep.
Never mind. I have no
command's elephant to carry.
Gentlemen, war is fine.
Major, maybe you should
read it again.
This is secret, why did you
We heard nothing about beast.
If someone asks,
you tuna carried.
Transporting an elephant.
- What elephant?
You have ten minutes.
I am responsible
for it laaddek.
If that thing moves,
see you 're flying elephant.
That's funny.
What is that letter?
General Westmoreland, highest
priority. About eight.
London Zoo's got elephant
hypnotic, but that takes too long.
What is that?
- Water Buffalo-hypnotic.
Not so much, but when we gave her
give some more, does it well.
Good day, say.
- Now one and one later if necessary.
How do we do?
According to the information
they should not take.
Well, Dr. Poole...
I help you, but I do not cross
hand in my ass' n elephant.
In three.
What do you have?
- Just.
Do not move, large trunk.
What is disgusting.
You're weird.
Well conceived, Poole.
We put her on the plane
before it starts to work stuff.
Linh thought you were joking.
Bo Tat not on plane.
- Does not like Bo Tat.
How often they fly?
- Does not like Bo Tat.
We take 'n truck.
- The plane.
Does not like Bo Tat.
I " t.
- Go ahead.
Hurry, or you get
it has not.
You pretty? Think you
prime are best? Poor prime!
You're a bad prime.
Watch your head.
She must lie down.
Otherwise hurt themselves.
Technical knockout.
What are you doing?
- She's fine.
Americans kill everything.
You've killed Bo Tat.
You've killed Bo Tat.
She is fine.
She sleeps alone.
What do you do first
when you get home?
The first? My ma
one big kiss.
And the second?
- Give her Kleenex.
She cries tears down spouts.
And what is waiting for you, Captain?
A hammer.
My brother is roofing. And he wants
like I'm his partner.
I have been long been a soldier.
It is time for real life.
What kiss you?
Oh, nothing.
- Come on, what's that?
It's stupid.
When I came here,
I sat in the administration.
I was scared and nervous, as we
all. I thought of home.
I walked past a Coke machine
and there was a bottle.
I have kept the cap,
that brings happiness.
And has it worked?
I do not believe it, but two
years without a scratch...
I buy'm.
- No, forget it.
$ 20?
Keep your money.
- $ 40?
If it means so much to you...
- He just open that bottle.
Captain, the Major wants to see you.
Farley, look at that beautiful beast's.
How can you not like it?
We have a tough headwind.
Give me that baby I got a dose.
Poole, we have the elephant
the second pill.
Farley has
'S mishap with it.
How long does it?
At's water buffalo six hours.
Bo Tat is so great as...
How much time?
- We certainly one hours.
I've counted wrong.
You did, huh?
She's awake.
- What do you do? Dump.
Press the button. Forward.
Shoot her.
Close it.
- We go out.
Back in the cockpit.
Wait, you can here me
not leave.
I'm going to call LBJ.
I thought not.
Guys? Guys, wait for me.
Bo Tat scared.
- Do not get lost.
Let me go.
- Then he smears him, or the elephant.
When you did not let go, we
Bo Tat lost. I'll go with him along.
We have each other.
And I will be yours truly
let anything happen.
I said you do not
Aircraft loved Bo Tat.
We have them here
a lesson learned, eh?
Bo Tat...
...I'm sorry that you were afraid.
Bo Tat mean American.
Bo Tat, we bring you to a pretty
region where they will hold you.
Where the air is cold and fresh,
and the water cool and sweet.
There you from,
and where you belong.
Come on.
I saw them from a plane.
An elephant, you know for sure?
- Yes.
Why an elephant?
I know.
That is the symbol of
the Republican Party.
Nixon's Republican.
That is crazy.
Say it to Colonel Nguyen.
We're here about.
Tuy Hoa is nearby,
perhaps 15 km.
We can get a truck tomorrow.
240 km with n elephant
middle of the war.
Agreed, if you give me
but here lashes out.
I can not stay here.
Send someone to... Moment.
What are you doing?
- I control what. Beer, steaks...
...and stretchers, maybe ice cream.
And then I returned to the pilot.
The enemy knows where we are
like a helicopter lands.
You have the elephant.
I wanted to go to the beach, and not
worry about snakes.
- It does not belong here.
I call General Richardson.
He gives you probably got a new mission.
Get your ration,
This is our home.
Did you now but you geluksdop
had, huh, smart guy?
What are you doing?
He goes home. He is lucky
need to arrive safely.
You want happiness?
You must have "an old Vietnamese
flessedop sale.
Linh has nothing for sale.
Elephant brings happiness.
If you want happiness,
Bo Tat on tap.
What bad luck?
Not whistling in the dark.
Then snake bite you.
Even worse: When the night
an owl will die's family.
Is that the worst?
Owl's nothing compared to crow.
If you see crow...
...is that many accident.
- What happens?
If you have a large black bird
see you run.
You know, this is a beautiful country.
I am really impressed.
Yes, very nice. I am
thinking of home.
You got a lot of rice fields?
That you have in Arkansas.
Tell me what you here
The crushing humidity?
The nasty bugs?
Or fine feeling that any moment
A bullet in your forehead can land?
I'm talking crazy feeling
you 're not like.
I think it's crazy, like everyone else.
But you are the only American
who prefer elsewhere.
Come on, give me...
Hurry up.
Where you going?
- They will help.
Golly. Cahill,
understand me well.
I would like good deeds,
but we must arrange a truck.
It does not take long.
Later delivers it somewhat.
Maybe you get the stump.
Go hang, but the benefactor, I
Go to the road to do a job.
Go and have fun.
They go with the elephant to the roof NHE
to replace the dead elephant?
That you had slain.
We make sure that the Americans
fulfill their promise.
Therefore, they Roof nhe
absolutely not make.
Where is everybody?
- They come back.
What a blunt.
- America won today.
Without shooting.
We lost two hours
and we have no truck.
How about an old diesel
with a large bucket? Is that good?
That is development aid.
They can not buy fuel.
We got him from got them.
How long have you Bo Tat?
- Forever. She was my father.
What happened to your father?
- He died.
How did that happen?
Was it us?
No idea.
I hope it does not.
Colonel, I have the Americans
and found the elephant.
They will not leave here.
The radiator is leaking, I make him shut.
What do you need?
I need to Saigon. These men
have captured me.
Poole, I speak the language well.
- I was "kidding.
I call again and you know who.
We need food for
have the elephant.
Bo Tat must move.
Feed, water. She is hungry.
They are thirsty.
- Good, good.
Farley, bring her to the fountain
to drink. We introduce her later.
Bo Tat, what you eat, honey?
One minute.
Hurry up, will soon be
we chased away.
Surround them and attack
If I give the word.
Farley, where does she go?
Captain Doyle,
Captain Cahill, help.
Linh, who love elephants.
- Come back.
Beware the elephant.
Sorry about your chicken.
- Turn now to the elephant.
We must end
with the elephant.
Turn it around.
This way.
We have...
Give your hand.
Wait for me.
- Captain, slowly.
Run, Farley.
Sounds bad.
- We can not stop.
They are behind us.
There were North Vietnamese.
They do not stand out,
but they have the same haircut.
Where will he go? Where you going?
- To Saigon.
Come back.
- I call General Richardson.
Yes, Cahill, but the general call.
I will be here before you run.
I'm really sick of me...
Well it is enough.
I almost crashed
I'm almost lynched...
...my suit is covered with shit.
For my part tell Richardson
I've slept with his wife.
Wait a minute.
The wife of
Richardson war horse?
I thought it was his daughter.
- Yes, he had pretty well found.
Poole, Saigon is the other way.
The nearest village is Hau
Bon, 45 km upstream.
You will only alive,
if you stay with us.
He is overheated.
What do we do now?
Waiting. There will be
a resolution passed.
My motto is: Have faith.
- And mine Explosives, and a lot.
Loading mines and grenades in the truck.
Mine at the door. If the
North Vietnamese coming, boom.
With some luck, the road bridge.
- Happiness? For whom?
People use the bridge.
- It's a war on.
The NVA is behind us,
and that but with a purpose.
Kill us. Their lives
my responsibility.
I'm not into that as farmers
can not cross the bridge.
However, the NVA as a first here?
If the school be?
Have you thought of? And why
not? Guys if you think not.
I do not? What about you?
We are risking all our lives
so you have a clean conscience does.
You're afraid that if you are on the roof
sitting and looking back on your career...
...that's not like what you see.
That erases everything Vietnam.
You want a good deed
do before you leave.
That is: a child from a
burning building pulling, but this.
And we are involved.
There's no thought, huh?
Why not? Because boys
if you do not think.
Come, SIRS. Apart, SIRS.
Pull me up.
- Give me your hand.
Everything good?
Glad I stayed.
At the risk of the enemy-I
Reopen ties, what do we do?
I said: Have faith.
Are my ears
whether you sing so bad now?
Your ears. I always sang so bad.
Have faith, mumbo jumbo.
You knew he was coming.
I was first in Hau Bon.
Every Wednesday were Mr. Goddard
and Marie Antoinette along.
He gave us good information
the Vietcong.
I just love America.
You also gave the Vietcong
good information about us.
I can not help. I love
everyone. Wine anyone?
Wine? We are sometimes in a gallery?
We liberate the oppressed.
Not drinking and partying.
What have I done?
I need top-commands
on path...
...not Dumbo, Mr. French
and the Three Stooges.
D'ng lai, which means 'stop'.
Dee, that means 'go'.
Try it.
Well done. You know two
key words al
And what is the third?
It means "get off me".
Do you remember that sleep on?
- That was you really like, huh?
Linh was right, you're weird.
I can get as much as you want.
- Tonight we passed Pon Hau.
We'll show a path that does not
hands of the enemy.
And so to Pleiku.
Friday, we fly to Bo Tat
Roof NHE. In the afternoon she is there.
Cover all costs.
Do not shoot
they are out of reach.
They hit us so. I know,
I'm in the artillery.
You have to zigzag.
Keep moving.
What did Bo Tat?
- She's hurt here.
She was seasick.
She will puke.
My child asks later, "What was it
worst? I know it well.
Can you faster?
Soon my boat goes to the basement.
- Maybe not.
Gilman, who had me head you can
deliver? That was just "kidding.
I love you as a brother.
Are you crazy? Where can I find
a Triumph Spitfire? Dirty rat.
Sorry, my apologies.
Well, agreed.
Put him with artillery.
A direct line.
Go ahead. Dirty...
Here. Stay tuned.
We are on the Song Ba, the NVA is
with a boat behind us.
Yes, Hotel Alpha. Who is
I? Barney? Hey, how are you?
We need your help, pronto.
We need artillery.
Bravo fire in ordinates Romeo
35,411,059. Once to highlight it.
That was perfect, Barney.
- No, he almost hit us.
We move, the coordinates are
perfect as she... Fire directed.
The boat off.
You now called the Brown BOMBERS.
You want him to try?
I have a place to sleep.
What is this place?
- An ancient temple.
'S Buddhist Temple?
- A Tam Giao Temple.
What Buddhism, which
Confucianism and what Tao.
And those elephants?
The elephant god Tam Giao.
No god, father god.
In the beginning were white elephants.
They flew into the air with the clouds.
It went 'n elephant down
and crept into Queen Maya...
...while they slept.
She had a baby, Prince Siddhartha,
Gautama the Buddha.
Elephant god father.
Linh, that was a great story.
Flying elephants, which was very good.
But you might as well start with:
"In the beginning, black elephant. "
The only possibility is this path
after the Pleiku.
Is that only safe?
- I do not know.
We can ask, or create
Americans-with-elephant suspicion?
We can send Linh.
Nobody suspects him.
You can not. You know why.
We can not take that risk.
I will go.
I do not care who your family
murdered. You probably also not.
Vietcong killed the mother and sister.
Linh know who killed father.
Linh and father went home.
There was a big light.
Everything happened quickly, people call.
Shooting. Father loves Linh down.
Bo Tat runs. They shoot
Bo Tat down.
Father Linh and countries apart.
Father runs to Linh, falls down.
He shot.
Linh moving.
Bo Linh Tat rescues.
Men shoot at Bo Tat many times.
Bo Tat goes very far.
Bo Tat save me.
Were you injured?
You said you could not move.
- That was because I was too scared.
Therefore father died, I too scared.
- Why is he not died.
Of course you were scared.
I would have. Everyone.
Linh, it was not your fault.
- From whom?
People far away.
People who never have been.
- Linh does not understand.
How did you get in Ban Don?
- With American note.
He said he take me to the mountains
brings back. He lied.
I'll take you back to the hills.
I promise.
Linh father was a good father,
a prime best father.
I like to think that.
I like to think that.
Is it safe path to Pleiku?
Yes, the path is safe.
There is no Vietcong.
I had to pee.
I wanted to desecrate the temple.
- Never mind.
He sat down to eat out.
They learn quickly that we are here.
I will visit him out.
- The elephant needs to Pleiku.
How do we walk Bo?
- Linh Farley has learned.
Of course not.
Well, he has it taught me.
Take someone with you.
- I've messed up, I go.
That's crazy.
My legs do not want anymore.
Then I'll go.
He has my watch.
Where are your American friends?
- I have not.
Leave her a leg
drop. We go.
I do not know that command. Help me.
- Grab the gun here.
Your foot on my leg. Help your mind?
In three. One, two, three.
I sit on it.
- Well done.
I do not know.
She says she's ready.
- No, angry.
This way. We go around.
This side.
- I can not run.
Stop her.
- Good, good. Dee.
I mean dee d'ng.
Tell my ma I love her.
Stop, you idiot beast.
Farley, good mahout.
Everything good?
They got him pretty good had.
- He has beaten me so often.
When I told you in
Hau Bon were, he believed.
That we were Hau Bon?
Why are you here go?
- You wanted to know if path was safe.
Linh can only ask. For Linh
arrested, he told safe path.
Linh Do you trust now?
I trust Linh.
Hug a lot.
How can the mission be deleted?
- We have the village do not need.
When you were on safari,
the Ho Chi Minh trail moved.
The village has no strategic importance.
- No strategic interest?
Major Pederson, sir.
We're almost there.
Please let us finish.
We fly the elephant...
- Where?
The runway in the village?
Recently destroyed by NVA.
You can no countries
the elephant. End of mission.
Bo Linh Tat, and And then?
The boy and the elephant, sir.
- Bring them back.
Where you going?
- I Can not say.
Then you will like me. Do you love me
in return, be it war.
The mission has been deleted.
This is the captain ignored.
Will you steal a truck?
- If necessary.
Why not steal
once an airplane?
Do you worry about the land?
We do not have to land.
Remember when I said:
Give them show a tractor.
How did we
'S tractor yet?
Tractors do not have to land.
Well, we need parachutes...
- We?
Yes, Captain.
HA, Farley, do you take?
If you're the elephant to NHE Roof
, it is your career be over.
Maybe we all have a
good thing for us to leave.
Which way did they go?
- Over the mountains to Pleiku.
Insane. Bo Tat is not a tractor.
Now we hear't really feel
by talking?
I feel sorry for her.
Tell anyone I said that.
Secret, even without
permission from the tower.
No radio, no one knows what.
This was not done.
They've stolen 123.
Five minutes ago.
Damn, tell them to return.
It sits there full of NVA artillery.
An enemy unit comes
Pleiku. Immediate destruction.
Do not worry.
- I've never jumped.
They do not. Does she push?
The parachutes and Bo Tat
the crate open automatically.
This line immediately gets
the parachutes open.
Three of you jumping for Bo Tat.
Ten and counting freefall
then withdraw. Understood?
If you get confused in Bo Tat's
wires. And go to their lands.
Cahill and I remain on board until
Bo Tat away. Then we go.
Any Questions?
- Will also Linh?
No, you stay on board.
Linh can take mine
and I remain on board.
Lin Bo Tat goes with it.
- That's too dangerous.
Linh you promise and
Bo Tat home.
Yes, you see Bo Tat
about a couple of days.
But you must first back.
- You lie, you lie.
You're right.
I said I would bring you home
and I do. I keep on board.
I'll take you back to
the mountains and Bo Tat.
You can now not just with her.
One more.
Go under the radar.
- This is not a fighter.
You can not jump at this height.
- Near the village, we fly higher.
No, now go fly higher.
We all leap.
- But just above the village.
We go now.
- Get ready.
Change of plan.
- We are approaching the village.
I can not, I forgot something.
I'm an office clerk,
I work in my office.
Great, huh?
Here goes.
Is this fun, Poole?
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hang, Bo Tat.
I suppose the goal in sight.
Target in sight.
I await your command.
Quang Comrade?
Let him go.
I do not want to shoot elephants,
certainly not flying elephants.
God, save me and I will
never lie.
Farley, you're dead. I swear,
I'll murder you.
Linh loves embrace.
Everybody back.
Is she okay?
- All best prime order.
Where is HA?
- Give me a ladder.
Backwards, Linh.
- Get ready for the ceremony.
Drop your weapons.
You spend far elephant.
Admirable, congratulations.
Pity you the trouble
to have done nothing.
Vogel, thunder momentarily.
Elephant will die.
Drop your weapons.
Understood, Whiskey Tango. About.
Crossbow 6 close.
What did he say?
The good news is that you are a hero
because you've caught Nguyen.
And it bad?
Photo Explorers report that the path
weather is here. You should continue.
That's bad news.
I must go now, Linh.
- Do you not like it here?
I find it enjoyable.
Better than I ever have been.
You may not Linh.
You know that's not true.
- Why do you go?
Like you had to go back
to where you heard...
...I must return
to where I belong.
Forget your Linh?
If I forget to breathe.
Hang, Linh.
Good journey home.
- Good luck.
I also hope to have command.
- Well done, soldier.
If you need something...
If you and your brother
on a roof...
...Enjoy your down what you see.
Will you take Bo Tat?
I will him fit. Have fun.