Operation Napoleon (2023) Movie Script

(wind howling)
(goats bleating)
(wind howling)
(wind howling)
(motor whirring)
William: (in English)
The giant is here...
I'm coming to get you.
Where are you?
(grunts) Where are you?
Children: (screaming)
No, no, I hear the...
horrible little elves!
Don't come near me.
Where are you?
I'm gonna get you.
- Child 1: (laughing)
- You're horrible.
Aw! (laughs) Oh, you got me.
You got me.
You beat me.
- (grunts)
- (phone ringing)
Child 1: Again, Grandfather.
Child 2: (squealing)
William Carr.
Man: (on phone) Sir,
we've just received
analysis of new satellite data.
Go on.
Man: Images from
the search area in Iceland
revealed some
resurfaced materials.
We assess an 80 percent
it's the object
we're looking for.
Initiate phase one.
(tense music playing)
(in Icelandic)
- Kristn:
- Runolfur:
- Rosa:
- Kristn:
(phone ringing)
Elias: (on phone)
- Kristn:
- Elias:
- Kristn:
- Elias:
- Kristn:
- Elias:
- Kristn: (sighs)
- Elias:
(tense synth music playing)
Elias: (cheers)
- Benni:
- Elias:
- Elias:
- Benni:
(somber music playing)
- Runolfur:
- Kristn:
(tense music playing)
(breathing heavily)
(grunts, groans)
- Vally:
- Elias:
- Elias:
- Vally:
(tense music playing)
Elias: (screams)
- Benni:
- Elias:
(music fades out)
Kristn: Hi.
(sucks teeth)
(helicopter whirring)
(phone messages whooshing)
Sally: (in English) Hi,
how you all doing over there?
Nice day for it.
Doctor Sally Speight.
- Hi.
- Sally: Hi.
University of Anchorage.
Climatological Survey Team.
Oh, yeah, I read about it.
You're here to measure
the melting glaciers, right?
That is correct.
We are here to survey
the effects of global warming.
One of our weather satellites
picked up the wreck,
but looks like
you beat us to it.
Sometimes the melting glaciers
throw up a surprise.
What a beauty!
It's so intact!
Yeah, it's amazing.
- An historical find, right?
- Sally: Yeah, sure is.
Oh, you, uh...
told anyone the big news?
Uh, no, we just found it.
Oh, cool. (chuckles)
Well, would you guys mind
writing down
your names and numbers?
You know, just in case
we wanna get in touch later on.
- Vally: Yeah.
- Yeah, sure we can do that.
- Sally: Great.
- Benni: You have a pen?
Sally: Oh, sure yeah.
(tense music playing)
Soldier 1: Hey! Don't move!
Soldier 1: Do not move!
Go after him.
Shoot that fucker.
God damn it!
Soldier 2: Ma'am, do not move.
(tense music fades out)
(phone ringing)
(in Icelandic)
Elias: (in English)
Shit, shit, shit! Fuck!
(line disconnects)
Elias's voicemail:
(voicemail beeps)
(slow music playing)
Elias: (through video)
(tense music playing)
Soldier: Come in. Do you copy?
(indistinct radio chatter)
Soldier: Jolly,
any visual on the target?
Here, he dropped his phone.
Looks like he managed
to get off this message.
To whom did he send it?
Soldier: Here.
Sally: Well, let's find her.
(rock music playing)
Elias's voicemail:
(doorbell ringing aggressively)
(soft rock music continues)
- Kristn:
- Runolfur:
Kristn: (hesitates)
- Runolfur:
- Kristn:
(doorbell ringing)
- Kristn: Oh.
- (in English) Hello, excuse me.
Do you sometimes find yourself
thinking about the Almighty?
I represent the Society
of Universal Brotherhood.
My card.
- (glass shatters)
- Runolfur: (in Icelandic)
(in English) Uh... hold on.
Man: Kristn.
Kristn: (in English)
Hey, wait...
I didn't know you had a visitor.
No, hey, you have to go outside.
Runolfur: Hey, listen, friend,
we're having
a private conversation, okay?
Hmm, buddy?
Are we good?
Let him go!
(heavy metal playing)
(knocking on door)
(eerie music playing)
(phone ringing)
Man: (on phone)
Listen very carefully, Kristn.
We have your brother.
You say anything to the police
about the plane wreck on
the glacier or anything else,
your brother will die.
(in Icelandic)
(indistinct chatter)
(tense music playing)
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
(melancholy music playing)
(wind howling)
(indistinct chatter)
(line beeping)
Sally: (in English) Sir?
What's the update?
The initial search of the wreck
reveals no trace of Napoleon.
We're still scanning
the immediate vicinity.
- Go on.
- The manifest lists
six passengers.
We've retrieved
only five bodies, uh...
Colonel Brand is missing.
Colonel Brand was
in charge of Napoleon.
Isn't it possible
Brand survived and got away?
Widen the search to ten klicks.
Without additional
manpower and equipment,
it's gonna be difficult.
I'm gonna need drones with
- thermal and sonar scanning.
- You'll get them.
But for now,
work with what you've got.
Find Napoleon.
(smooth music playing)
(in Icelandic)
Kristn: (panting)
Okay. Shh.
- Kristn:
- Rosa:
- Kristn:
- Rosa:
- Rosa:
- Kristn:
Steve: (in English) They flew
reconnaissance flights,
even sent spies over.
But there was never
any evidence
that an invasion was imminent.
The German navy
was not big enough
- to mount a large-scale...
- Karl:
...invasion of that magnitude.
Keeping supply lines open...
Karl: (in Icelandic)
Steve: (in English)
and in terms of resources,
Iceland was of little value
to the Nazi high command.
Reporter: (in Icelandic)
(somber music playing)
(banging on door)
- Kristn:
- Woman:
(folk band singing)
(in English) I got you
I got you
- (cheering)
- (applause)
Well, well, well, if it isn't
Kristn Johannesdottir.
Kristn: Hi, Steve.
G and T still your poison?
Uh, no, thank you. I'm good.
All right, stout then.
Two, please.
- Uh, Steve, listen.
- Thanks.
I really need
to ask you some questions.
Steve: Yeah, I need
to ask you some questions.
I left you
a couple of voicemails,
and you never got back.
I know, and I'm really sorry
how it all ended...
- (glass shatters)
- Man: Fuck you, man!
(indistinct argument)
- You all right?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Steve: Okay,
let me get you a seat.
Thank you.
What's going on?
What can you tell me about
something called Operation Leon?
Uh, Operation Leon,
I've never heard of it.
Okay, have you heard
about a Nazi airplane
crashing into Vatnajkull
or something like that?
You're talking about
Operation Napoleon.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Operation Napoleon
is an echo of an echo, but...
there was no shred of evidence
that it ever happened.
And what does the echo say?
The echo says that
at the end
of the Second World War,
a plane took off from Berlin
to an unknown destination,
never to be seen again.
It just...
- (snaps fingers)
- ...vanished.
And Napoleon,
I mean, stands for what?
Well, supposedly, it was code
for the cargo of the plane.
A secret that could change
the course of history.
How? I mean, like, what?
Steve: I don't know.
Conspiracy theorists would say
it's a UFO, or alien technology,
time machine, a super bomb.
I don't know, it's all nonsense.
Take your pick.
But could that plane
have crashed on Vatnajkull?
Could've crashed on the moon
for all I know.
Where did you hear about
Operation Napoleon?
(breathes deeply) Okay.
I have to show you something.
(tense music playing)
Oh, fuck!
- Wait, hey?
- Kristn: Sorry!
- I'm sorry.
- Hey, wait a second.
Kristn, where are you going?
Steve: Hey, Kristn! Wait!
- Man: (grunts)
- (laughs)
- Hey!
- Kristn: (in Icelandic)
Kristn, here you are!
(in English) Here, here.
Man: Oh, fuck!
(indistinct chatter)
Elias: (grunting)
I can't believe
I've stolen a bike.
I've never stolen
anything in my life.
He saw your face.
It'll take him no time
to figure out who you are.
- Who's that guy?
- I don't know!
But he has a way
of tracking people down.
It's probably through the phone!
Fuck! Should've known.
Shit! (grunts)
Give me your phone.
Oh, my god.
It's worth like 300 pounds.
Fucking hell.
Is there someplace we can talk?
Someplace safe?
- Someplace safe?
- Yes.
Yeah, maybe, um...
I'm pretty sure that's a
tri-engine Junkers Ju 52.
The green and gray colors
on the fuselage
and the squadron markings
that it was
operated out of Berlin.
Kristn: Look, I just need
the location of this plane
so I can find Elias.
Oh, those photos that
your brother sent,
you should have
location coordinates.
No, I checked. He doesn't
like to be on the grid. (sighs)
Elias, you idiot!
Look, I wanna help you.
Kristn, I do,
but I need to know more.
There is no more.
This is all I know, I swear.
You promise me?
You promise me
you had absolutely nothing
to do with
the dead man in your...
With the dead man
in my apartment?
I promise, Steve, okay?
Look, you realize
that even if you do manage
to track down that plane,
it's entirely possible
that your brother...
But I don't have a choice.
Okay, maybe
this wasn't a good idea.
I'm sorry.
I believe you.
Come on, let's see
what we can find out.
Simon: Sir?
The woman. Fill me in.
The man she met at the bar
is Professor Steve Rush.
UK citizen, historian, single.
I checked his house. Not there.
- Set up shop at the embassy.
- Man: All right.
I wanna know everything
there is to know about
Kristn Johannesdottir
and this professor.
Friends, family,
anything that might guide us
to where they are.
Rush has an office
at the university.
Take a couple of them with you.
I can handle it on my own.
(exhales deeply)
Steve: If the plane was
coming from Berlin,
it would've had
to refuel in Reykjavk.
The flight path would
probably be
close to the glacier, but...
Or bad weather,
or navigational errors
might've pushed it off course.
- But that's... a big area.
- Mm.
Vatnajkull is huge.
Steve: Yeah,
almost the size of Wales.
And now, as far as I can tell,
four operations were mounted
on the glacier
from the former U.S. Air.
One in 1952, another in 1959.
Funny, a large one in 1988.
Ostensibly, the last one
and the first two
were army exercises.
But the one in 1967 was part
of the Apollo training program
to prepare lunar astronauts
for commissions on the moon.
I mean, they all could have been
a cover for something.
A search for something
on the glacier.
Like the plane, right?
(tense music playing)
Steve: If you knew
the exact location coordinates
of those four operations,
you could transpose them
onto this.
It might give you a stronger
indication of where to look.
Do you think
you can get those coordinates?
(sighs) No.
The American Embassy
keeps records
of all post-war activity
in Iceland as part of protocol.
Might find it there.
- The American Embassy?
- Mm.
How am I supposed to get
inside the American Embassy?
You can't.
But I can.
I go there
all the time for research.
(tense music playing)
We should go.
(tense music concludes)
(wind howling)
(indistinct chatter)
(crowd chanting in Icelandic)
(in English) Hey, there he is.
Always good
to have you back, professor.
- How you doing, Tommy?
- Here for more research?
Yeah. This is
my Ph.D. student, Linda.
Pleased to meet you, Linda.
- (indistinct clamor)
- (sighs)
Steve: It's a hell of a day
you're having.
Yeah, you know what?
Just ignore that.
(crowd chanting in Icelandic)
- Thanks, Tommy.
- Don't mention it.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
(indistinct chatter)
Good morning, Miss Moneypenny.
- Commander Bond.
- Am I glad to see you.
This is
my research assistant, Linda.
Oh, you can sign in here.
- Anywhere in particular?
- Wherever you want.
Thank you.
(keyboard clicking)
(indistinct clamor)
(tense music playing)
The information
hasn't been declassified.
Let me try something.
Ambassador: The Icelandic
authorities have no problem
with the scientific expedition
on the glacier,
but the required permits
take weeks to process.
The fact that your team
landed on the glacier
without waiting for official
clearance and permits...
Well, this could turn into
a major diplomatic incident!
Everything okay out here?
Liz: I'm so sorry to bother you,
but I need to speak
to the Ambassador.
Ambassador: Not now, Liz.
- That's fine.
- Ma'am, it's...
William: Come on in.
Take a seat.
Liz, is it?
What's on your mind?
Liz: Well...
(tense music playing)
(telephone ringing)
Digital archives, hello. Yes?
- I think we should go.
- Receptionist: Understood.
One second.
They are.
- Right now.
- Receptionist: Yes.
- Okay.
- Just a moment.
Steve, somebody wants
to talk to you.
So sorry.
It's just a second. Steve!
Okay, let's go.
(indistinct chatter)
Excuse me, sir.
Just stay here, okay?
Man: (on walkie-talkie)
We got a situation outside.
Requesting backup.
We need backup
at the main entrance.
(indistinct clamor)
Steve: (in Icelandic)
- (chuckles, in English) Thanks.
- Steve: (chuckles)
I cross-referenced
all U.S. Air Force pilots
stationed in Iceland during
the period of the two searches.
- Kristn: Really?
- Well, chances are high
they would've taken part, right?
- And?
- Steve: Well, most were either
living off a pension
in Florida, or dead.
But one person...
is still registered
as living in Iceland.
Squadron leader... Leo...
There was an address.
Do you know it?
I mean, not exactly,
but it's out of town.
Right, let's go.
Ambassador: Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
- I understand.
- Man: That's her.
William: She's got guts.
I'll give her that.
Ambassador: Thank you, sir.
Well, like I said earlier,
my hands are tied
with the Icelandic authorities.
They wanna... send a coast guard
chopper out there
- and kick your team off...
- You tell them
that the expedition
on the glacier
is on the cusp of making
a breakthrough
in the fight
against climate change.
It'll be
of great benefit to Iceland.
I can't perform miracles.
Miracles are just
a question of incentive.
How's your son, Tyler, doing?
He's at Harvard
Law School, right?
That'd be a shame if, say...
half a kilo of cocaine
was found in his dorm.
Do you love your son enough
to perform miracles, Ambassador?
Steve: You know, you never
told me you had any family.
Besides your brother, I mean.
You know, and I never
got around to asking you.
Why are you still in Iceland?
Well, you see,
I met this Icelandic girl.
I thought we hit it off...
and then one day, she just
stopped returning my calls.
I could've left the country.
Tail between my legs.
And then I thought...
"No, you can't leave now.
This is destiny, I can feel it."
- (laughs)
- (laughs)
And voila. Here you are.
You are so full
of shit, professor.
Do you know that?
- It's true.
- (scoffs)
No, I got an offered
a position as a guest lecturer,
and couldn't say no.
My mom passed away
when I was 19 and Elias was 11.
And our so-called father,
well, he was long gone by then.
Last I heard, he was living
in a town called Grindavik.
You know, we haven't
seen him in years, so...
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
(sighs) Yeah, it's just
been me and Elias now
for a long time.
(wind howling)
(breathing shakily)
Steve: You sure this
is the right place?
Kristn: I mean, there's nothing
else around here.
Leo Stiller?
Hello, is anyone in here?
Get out,
or I'll ring the police.
We'd like to speak
with Leo Stiller.
Okay, wait,
please, we just need--
Woman: Now leave.
Listen, I have a brother.
Yesterday, he saw something
on top of the glacier.
An old airplane.
World War Two, a German one.
Please, I need to
find my brother.
And Leo Stiller
is our only lead.
Leo is dead.
- (wind howling)
- (birds chirping)
Did your husband
know anything about this plane?
When he started flying missions
over the glacier
with orders to...
look for anything unusual,
it was just another assignment.
Word quickly got out
that they were keeping
an eye out for a German plane.
It contained a secret.
Some said it was
a thermonuclear device.
Others thought
it was a lethal virus
developed in a Nazi lab.
Leo's superior, Harry Ingles,
had his own theory.
He was sure the plane carried
- the Walchensee gold.
- Walchensee?
The gold the Nazis
stole from the Jews?
Then Harry died. A plane crash.
Pilot error.
Leo didn't believe that?
Leo lost half his family
in the concentration camps...
It would be an injustice
of monumental proportions
if the leaders
of the free world
were to take the Walchensee gold
for themselves.
(exhales deeply)
Leo and I
joined the Icelandic Glacier
Exploration Society.
A group of laymen who make
regular trips to the glacier.
We knew it would be
enormous luck if we
ever came across anything,
We made friends
with a local farmer,
lived under the glacier.
He helped the Americans
with the searches.
Years passed,
global warming kicked in.
The glacier began melting.
We began finding things.
(eerie music playing)
Kristn: Jesus.
Steve: Wow!
Woman: This is a large-scale
map of the glacier.
Factoring in all possible
movements of the ice over time
and the likely flight path
of the airplane,
we calculated the most likely
area for the wreck.
Ah, yes.
In a small stream here,
where the glacier
meets these mountains...
we found this.
It indicated that someone may
have survived the plane crash.
We hoped to find
the survivor's remains,
but there was nothing.
from reading hundreds
of transcripts, statements,
and correspondence
from old Nazis...
The picture emerged.
A picture of what?
A group of people...
living in the shadows.
But one name kept cropping up.
General Timothy Carr.
He was part of
Patton's third army.
In the final days
of World War Two,
he was attached
to a British 21st Army group
outside of Berlin.
Documents at the Embassy
that it was Carr
who was responsible
for all four major searches
on the glacier.
That's right,
but he wasn't alone.
There must have been
people behind him.
Powerful people
who could pull strings.
Timothy Carr had a son.
William, ex-special forces.
He has been
in an unspecified position
within the CIA...
for the last 20 years.
The CIA?
- (helicopter blades whirring)
- (indistinct chatter)
If you go onto the glacier,
you won't be able
to save your brother.
These people,
they'll kill both of you.
I don't have a choice--
- (loud bang)
- (glass shattering)
Kristn: (screaming)
(all grunting)
The basement,
back to the basement.
(intense music playing)
Are you okay?
You can get out this way.
Oh, my god!
Go to Ragnar's farm,
under the glacier.
Here, his son Einar
still lives there.
Tell him who sent you.
Now go!
No, no, no,
you're coming with us.
- (laughs)
- Kristn: God...
- I'm so sorry.
- This day has been coming
for a very long time.
Steve: Hold this, hold this,
hold this.
Kristn: (grunts)
Come on.
Kristn: (grunts)
- Fuck!
- How did they track us?
They must've checked the history
of the computer in the embassy.
Fuck! I should've
thought of that.
Come on!
Fuck! Let's go!
(both grunt)
Steve, wait a minute.
Hey. Hey, look, there are
people down there.
We need to get you help.
Come on.
(tense music playing)
Come on.
No, it's...
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh, fucking hell.
(indistinct conversation)
We have to go now.
Now, now, now!
Where the fuck are you?
(car horn honking)
(car horn honking)
Man: What the fuck?
(in Icelandic)
William: (in English) Get back
in the fucking car!
Shit! Shit!
(tense music playing)
(car horn honking)
William: (cursing in Icelandic)
(car horn honking)
(car unlocks)
William: (in English)
Piece of shit!
You wanna hear
something interesting?
In Russia, in the 60s...
Soviets started experimenting
with domesticating wild foxes.
It was simple.
The experimenter held up
their hand next to a cage,
and if a fox tried
to bite them, it was put down.
Only the foxes
who didn't bite...
were allowed to breed.
The result was astonishing.
Within a few generations,
a whole new breed of fox emerged
that looked
nothing like a fox.
Had flappy ears,
barked like a dog,
wagged its tail.
But was it still a fox,
or was it a dog?
You may think
you are one thing...
but everybody can be changed.
(soft music
playing on radio)
(radio announcer
speaking in Icelandic)
(in English) Are you Johannes?
(tense synth music playing)
(airplane approaching)
Get the drones Airborne ASAP,
then start loading the wreck.
Not a single trace
gets left behind.
Man: (on phone) They got away.
And Sarah Steinkamp?
Man: (on phone)
She's not a problem anymore.
But she has amassed
a large amount of information
on the wreck.
Anything to indicate
the location of Napoleon?
Man: (on phone) We're still
going through the papers.
Well, make sure.
Let me know
if you find anything.
(goat bleating)
No, you'll eat them.
(soft rock music playing)
(helicopter blades whirring)
(tense music playing)
(helicopter engine winding down)
You must be Einar.
I'm William Carr.
I knew your father.
I remember.
Why, you can't have
been more than...
ten, eleven?
I was thirteen.
Last time you were here.
What, 1988?
That's right.
How's your mother?
She's dead.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
Mind if we talk inside?
It looks just the same.
Is that coffee?
Would you mind?
It's been a long trip.
I won't keep you long, Einar.
I just got a question for you.
In the years
since I was last here,
have you come across any items
from the glacier?
I haven't been looking.
What about your father?
He, uh, ever mention
anything to you?
My old man had great
admiration for your father.
So did I.
He was calm, efficient,
a man who you could trust
with your life.
He died too young.
(tense music playing)
I'm gonna ask you
one last time, Einar.
Have you come across
any items from the glacier?
I'm not fucking around.
If there's something here,
my men will find it.
There's nothing here.
I see a lot of
your father in you.
Like him, you're honest.
Thanks for the coffee.
- (door slams)
- (exhales)
(indistinct radio chatter)
Steve: You know, we could use
some supplies, some phones.
Johannes: That's no problem.
We can find some phones
for you later.
Steve: Thanks, Johannes.
I appreciate it.
(in Icelandic)
(chuckles) (in English)
You're feeling better.
Kristn, wait.
I'm sorry.
- Hey.
- (muttering)
Where are my clothes?
I mean, where are
my fucking shoes?
- Look, I'm sorry.
- Jesus.
I didn't know where else to go.
Anywhere else but here.
I think we can trust him.
- Trust?
- Steve: Yeah.
This is the man who broke
his daughter's piggy bank
just to get
a fucking bottle of Brennivn.
This is the guy
who left his family
because we were
cutting into his drinking time.
(seagulls squawking)
We need him.
(tense music playing)
- (sighs)
- I think we need him.
Soldier: Move it, move it!
(speaking indistinctly)
- Soldier 1: Got it?
- Soldier 2: Yeah.
Keep him alive
until we find the woman.
Kristn: If we drive
through the night,
we can get
to Vatnajkull in the morning.
Then from there, we can find
the farm that Sarah Steinkamp
was talking about.
- This Einar Ragnarsson.
- Johannes: Got you new phones.
(in Icelandic)
(in English) He's right.
By sea will be safer.
What if the weather turns bad?
Johannes: (in Icelandic)
(upbeat music playing)
- Johannes:
- Kristn:
(upbeat music playing)
(upbeat music concludes)
- Johannes:
- Kristn:
(in English) So, are you ready
to explore the world?
- Kristn: Come on.
- Nice to meet you.
- Born to be wild.
- Johannes: (speaking Icelandic)
Steve: (in English)
Look after yourself.
(tense music playing)
Sally: Echo 13?
Widen the search to 30 klicks.
It's a needle
in a haystack, sir.
Widen it!
We're running out of time.
(tense music continues)
(banging on door)
Kristn: Fuck.
(door opening)
(in Icelandic)
- Einar:
- Kristn:
(indistinct chatter on TV)
- Einar:
- Kristn:
- Einar:
- Kristn:
(in English) Sarah Steinkamp
said you could help us.
Einar: I'm sorry,
I didn't catch your name.
Well, my name's Steve.
Steve Rush.
- Steve?
- Yeah.
Short for Steven.
Just Steve.
(in Icelandic)
(shouts in English) Come on!
Come on! (grunts)
(in Icelandic)
(whistle blows on TV)
(in English) More pancakes,
You're a funny guy, farmer boy.
I'm not even trying.
Einar: (clears throat)
Kristn: (speaks Icelandic)
(clears throat)
(in English) We know
the likely trajectory
- of the plane.
- Einar: Yeah.
My father was probably
the last person
to see that plane.
Yeah, in the winter of '45,
and when the U.S. Army
started doing maneuvers
on the glacier in '52, and...
kept coming back
every few years.
My father really suspected that
they were looking for that plane
or anything from it.
The leader
of those expeditions...
was this man here.
Timothy Carr.
And the last...
big expedition was...
Here to measure the
melting of the glacier.
That was in 1988.
By then, Timothy Carr's son,
William, had taken over
as expedition leader.
On the last night
of the expedition,
they had drinks together.
Long into the night.
And very early in the morning,
my father woke me up...
and made me promise...
never to look for that plane
or anything from it.
He said it would
only bring death.
Why did he say that?
'Cause it did.
Later that day...
he got sick, fell into a coma.
Two days later, he was dead.
From what?
Doctors couldn't find a cause.
I think he was poisoned.
I think Carr got quite drunk,
said too much.
And when he realized that...
he knew he couldn't
let my father live.
Should've killed
that bastard yesterday.
- Carr was here?
- Einar: Yeah.
Making sure I hadn't found
what he's looking for.
That means that the secret isn't
inside the wreck on the glacier.
Yeah, that's right,
or he wouldn't have come here.
Sarah Steinkamp thinks,
I mean, there was a survivor.
Steve: Mm.
Couldn't he have taken
the secret with him?
Possibly. Quite possibly.
Sarah said that she and Leo
had found some personal items
here in this river.
Including a Luger pistol.
That's close to Snaehetta.
(in Icelandic)
(in English) What's he saying?
But you can't go
dressed like that.
(in Icelandic)
(exclaims in Icelandic)
(in English) Whose are these?
That's a long story.
Einar: Come on,
yours is in the barn.
Einar: (in Icelandic)
- Einar:
- Kristn:
(in English) I feel like
Scott of the Antarctic.
Yet you look like a penguin.
Potato, pot-ah-to.
I'm taking it from here, Steve.
You've done more than enough.
Well, don't be stupid,
you're wounded.
I'm already responsible
for Sarah's death.
I won't be for yours.
- Do you own another scooter?
- No.
Okay, then something
that'll get me onto the glacier.
Jesus Christ, it's Santa's sled.
It's the only one that works.
Sally: Sir, we're ready
to move out.
Expand the drone search
to 50 klicks.
We're not leaving
without Napoleon.
Sally: Pick it up,
expanding 50 klicks.
(tense music playing)
(engine sputtering)
For fuck's sake, Einar. Are you
gonna help me here or what?
Do you know what?
We should both go,
she needs our help.
Well, I'm not gonna
break my promise to my father.
What did you do? Promise
to stand by and do nothing
while innocent
people get killed?
Einar: Fine.
Fucking hell, Einar,
you said you didn't
own any scooters.
I don't.
They're my cousin's!
Are you not coming?
(scoffs) Suit yourself.
(tense music playing)
(water trickling)
(tense music playing)
(tense music continues)
Kristn: Whoa.
(tense music continues)
(phone camera clicks)
Einar: (sighs)
William: Go see what that is.
(tense music continues)
Take me to my brother.
(tense music concludes)
(indistinct chatter)
What's this supposed to be?
Let my brother go,
and I'll show you where it is.
How about I kill him
unless you tell us?
Yeah, right, and after which,
you're gonna kill us both.
Let my brother go,
and when I know he's safe,
you can get your briefcase.
Kristn: (in Icelandic)
(in English) Hey, hey, hey.
(in Icelandic)
- Kristn:
- Elias:
Elias: (whimpering)
(in English) Okay.
(engine revs)
(in Icelandic)
(in English) Hey!
Sally: That's enough!
Elias: (whimpers)
(in Icelandic)
(horn beeping)
(chatter on radio)
(in English) This is a live feed
to the national news service.
You're being watched
by thousands of people
right this very minute.
Don't come any closer.
(grunts) Fucking hell!
No signal.
- Put him in with the others.
- No, he's coming with us,
or I will not
tell you the location.
William: No more deals.
No. Steve! (grunts) Steve!
(gun cocks)
- (gunshot)
- Steve! (moans)
(intense music playing)
Man: We have a shooter!
Steve: Fuck!
Man: Holy shit!
They're shooting at us!
Drive it.
Einar: (speaking Icelandic)
William: (in English)
Have them start the engines!
(intense music continues)
Strap her down.
Close it up
and get her airborne.
- Pilot: Still checking engines.
- William: It doesn't matter!
Do it now!
(intense music continues)
Steve: Einar, no!
If it gets away, she's dead.
Oh, fuck.
Come on.
Pilot: What the fuck!
(alarm buzzing)
(indistinct clamor)
Kristn: (grunting)
Tell the pilot
to land the plane.
(panicked conversation)
Where's the briefcase?
Where is it? The briefcase?
What's in it
that's so fucking important?
William: (grunting)
Pilot: Mayday, mayday,
we're going down!
We're going down.
Brace for impact!
Go strap in!
Pilot: (grunts)
Pilot: (yelling)
(intense music concludes)
Oh, shit!
Hey, hey.
Hey, hey. Hey.
Fuck, thank God!
Come on.
Are you okay? Look.
William: (grunts)
You tell me where it is!
Or he dies!
No! Look, please!
I was wrong.
You're nothing like your father.
Einar: Don't move!
- Pilot: Take it easy!
- Einar: Give me your guns.
Pilot: We got a man down here.
Einar: Hand me the guns.
Kristn: Elias!
(somber music plays)
(somber music concludes)
Woman: (on radio)
(phone chimes)
- (Kristn gasps)
- (laughs)
- Einar:
- Kristn:
- Kristn:
- Einar:
- Einar:
- Kristn:
(in English) If you don't mind
not touching anything.
Einar, for the love of God!
You need to... relax, Steven!
Steve: Bloody mayonnaise
all over this...
Einar: Mm!
So, Steve, we're here.
What's it all about?
Yes, yes, exactly that!
This document...
is dated April 14th, 1945.
That's 16 days before
Hitler's death on April 30th.
It's an agreement.
A top-secret agreement.
A group of Americans powerful
in business, the government,
the military and, well,
who, let's just say,
weren't entirely unsympathetic
towards Hitler,
they agreed to smuggle him out,
his wife Eva Braun,
and his German Shepard, Blondi,
out of Berlin to a remote island
off Patagonia in Argentina.
Kristn: Okay, wait.
So, was Hitler
on board the plane?
Steve: No.
The passengers were
high-ranking Nazi officials
and Americans en route
to Newfoundland
to secretly finalize the deal
with U.S. representatives.
Why would Americans
want to save Hitler?
Have you heard of
the Walbrzych train?
The Where's Waldo train?
The Walbrzych train.
So, the year is 1945,
the Nazis have spent years
looting the world's
most valuable treasure.
But the ring is closing in.
However, some in high command
have been preparing
for that exact moment.
Gold. Diamonds.
The greatest treasure
the world has ever seen
or will ever see.
Unique art, like the Russian
Tsars' fabled Amber Room,
the eighth wonder of the world!
Unimaginable wealth
all in one place on one train.
(train whistling)
There's only one problem.
How do you hide the train?
Steve: Precisely.
How do you hide a train?
The Owl Mountains,
Lower Silesia, Poland.
In order to mine metal,
the Nazis have built
a complex network of tunnels
under the mountains.
Well, for the better part
of 80 years,
Every nook
and cranny of those mountains
has been scoured for that train,
the exact location of which
has remained a mystery.
Until now.
Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls,
I give you...
Kristn: A map?
Steve: The plane was to take
this map to a representative
in Newfoundland
and, upon verification,
General Timothy Carr,
William Carr's father,
was to set in motion
an operation
to ghost Hitler out of Berlin
all the way to Argentina
via submarine.
But then the plane crashed.
And the map never made it.
Steve: Exactly, Einar.
Steve: The German colonel,
Gerhard Brand, survives...
but ends up
seeking shelter in a cave,
where he freezes to death.
And Hitler...
good old-fashioned Blondi,
all died in the bunker.
Kristn: Yeah, I get why they
wanted to keep it a secret.
Steve: Mm, yeah. Exactly.
But the secret of Napoleon
was kept alive.
Jealously guarded
by a small group of individuals
and their descendants,
who never stopped looking.
So, this map shows
the exact location
of a treasure train.
- Steve: Yes.
- I suppose...
you know, we could always
go to Poland ourselves...
and find it.
Air stewardess:
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome on board this flight
from Reykjavk airport.
Air stewardess 2:
(speaking Polish)
(in English) Uh...
That's my seat.
Well, I didn't see
your name on it, Steven.
Uh... That's me, 6B.
Also doesn't matter
where we're sitting.
I mean, just pretend
I'm not here.
(pop music blasting
through headphones)
Excuse me, Steven,
coming through.
You know what?
There's something I forgot.
Steve: Mm-hmm?
I never thanked you
for everything that you did.
Thank you so much.
Steve: (chuckles)
You're welcome.
Einar: You're in my seat.
You wash your hands this time?
Einar: Nope, Steven.
Kristn: (chuckles)
Wake me up when we land.
(hard rock music playing)
(hard rock music fades)