Operation Red Sea (2018) Movie Script

Quickly to a safe place
Stop, or I'll shoot!
We just want to hostage. Do not kill them
Hurry up! I can not stand it anymore!
Mayday! This is Guandong ship.
We were attacked by pirates!
Pirates have gone up!
This is the Chinese navy. Please
immediately stop the ship
This is the Chinese navy
Immediately stop the ship!
Report the pack! Teams one and two, succeed
infiltrate the location of the hostages!
Team 3 is in the control room, medium
find another way to stop the ship
Team one, how is the situation there?
3 pirates control 15 hostages
Team two, how is the situation there?
The target in the cafeteria has been locked!
All gasoline tools have been smashed,
we can not supply gasoline
Now I will disconnect the tool
communication, stop the ship
The ships of Guandong suddenly added speed
We still have time left for how long?
Now Guandong continues to sail
with a knot speed of 23
If with this speed, 15 minutes
then enter the waters of Somalia
Sir, we can not enter their territory
10 minutes more, we've gotta go!
Attention! All hostages must be saved!
All attack at the same time.
Wait for my orders
Ready! - There you are sure
can do it?
Otherwise, in 3 minutes, we are
here will start attacking
Captain, within 2
minutes, give you the answer
Li Tong! We have a chance here?
The situation is very chaotic
Wind speed between
45 to 55, difficult
right on target. Must
maintaining distance
Now the ship's speed is 23 knots.
There is only 3 seconds to shoot
Otherwise, the ship will crash
Team one, is there a problem?
No problem
Captain, another 10 seconds start attack!
No change in wind direction
Time is 3 seconds. The situation is controlled
All kneeled! - All rests are safe
But the ship could not
controlled, unable to stop
If the ship does not stop immediately, 5
minutes later had to leave the ship
How is the situation there?
They have the ingredients
explosive, it should be immediately
solved / Now the only one
the way is I attack
If the ship can not
stopped, 5 minutes
then, everyone
had to leave the ship
Give it to me!
You guys are both here
Se Tao, follow me!
One above!
Now it will blast
The pirates flee
by boarding a small boat
I'm going after him!
Do not! There are many plows
sea, too dangerous
They kill people, no
may let it pass!
Good! I'll follow your lead.
Watch Out! Do not mess it up!
Before entering their territory,
I can catch him!
Team two ..! Ready to catch him
3 pirate ships headed this way
We must keep a distance
with the pirates
You can not go back!
Please give me one more chance.
Hold well!
You overcome the help!
Goals have stopped! You ride aboard
catch people, I will protect you
Let me!
Lo Sin!
Members got shot ..!
Who ... who got shot?! / Lo Sin!
The situation has been completely controlled ..
Lo Sin is past the critical period.
Now his condition is stable
But he still had to undergo treatment.
Then you need not worry
Did you tell all the members?
That .. the nervous system translucent
bullet / I did not tell them
You've heard '' die on the battlefield
for the sake of the country, need revolution for
improve the situation ''? They must be tasks
responsibility as a soldier
Actually you can tell that
actually on them. You captain,
not the head of the family. Always bear
their burden on yourself
I am fully responsible
See you
This is our goal, William Carlson.
He is
head of developments at
energy source companies
No wonder we do not know where
the yellow thing came from
October 2014. While he is being investigated,
it's the same time it's smuggled out
So true. According to my informant, William
still have some of it
And he has
how to make dirty bombs
If it's still there, he is
will immediately move the object
There is one more report about William.
Harassment case
sexual a girl. And
all the evidence was on him
My informant talked to the girl.
never loose his necklace.
Because he said,
in the necklace there is a secret that can
making the world go into a big mess.
I've found it.
I'll be there soon.
Tomorrow morning. Ash will
prepare all reports
This problem, you do not
involved again. You
also know, now the
terrorists are after you
Now the problem is not
how many times injured
You, too, is not a problem
You are afraid or not
I know better than anyone.
Why me
stop from the newspaper
great, because of them
more memilh news about sex. Always
cover the facts. You ever said .. / No!
I admire how you work, but
everything has its limit
You once had a strong determination
and confident, what have you forgotten ?!
I will not allow it
my employees are in danger again
There must be something more important than life
Today, pkl. 3:43 AM,
we receive emergency reports
According to intel center, sea lift
command me to head straight to
middle eastern island, evacuate
the foreigners who are there
It has been 5 days of civil war.
The rebel forces
led by Sharraf,
managed to master the capital.
According to sources, many people
disappeared or abducted during
civil war, including citizens
foreign and local officials
Under the control of extremist groups
Zaka wants to be accepted by the central government,
then do acts of terrorism.
For 2
year, cooperate with
extremist groups.
This time there was a big change
under Zaka's control. Nicknamed '' crazy ''
Based on the list of names, there are 130
Chinese citizens who must be evacuated
And 30 Chinese companies.
Immediately underwent this mission
What is wrong with you? /Sorry
Attention! Mission this time
divided into teams
small. Can not bring
many heavy weapons
Your boss can already
approval of
local government
providing explosives
then this time we use
senajata and other equipment
You touch my candy?
Apparently Ku Sen was moved
Come here / I hear he's cocky
Report, sir! Sniper,
Ku Sen, ready to report!
Welcome / Li Tong! / Ready!
He replaced Lo Sin. You
introduce each other
Sir, the boss has a special mission,
we need to discuss it again
You join Lo Sin, that means you are great too.
Find a chance, let me see your ability
Let me also see the ability
You / Next time there's still a chance
Hear! Later the government troops
come, you take William and leave
another. I'll fish them,
the other you take care of
Understand?! / Yes ... relax
Professor, do not force
me again, look at the news.
Military everywhere.
Now it's a mess
I do not want to hear any reason. You
already received, the task must be completed
You promise me one week.
It's got to be
sent. If not, no
just me in trouble
You are a general! I am sure
You can handle this situation
Group of 3 foreigners
has arrived at the dock
Where is your wife? - He's leaving
with his company
I'm leaving in a hurry, my HP
miss / Contact her immediately!
Hello, Siau Mei? /Why do not you
pick up the phone? I'm so worried
Do not worry, we have
is at the embassy.
How do you
there? / All there?
Yes. Calm down / He wants to talk to you
I'm He Sing Liu. How
your situation there?
How are you sir? Government troops
will come to the company,
took us to the place
temporary, then evacuated
I know. The government troops came,
I will contact you soon
Yes, I will solve this problem.
You must believe me
We are allowed to enter their territory
Everything's in the second stage! - Ready!
Our ship is here!
The situation changed. Their president was shot
seriously injured. Now his deputy replaces him
He wished we could
leaving his family behind
and get out of here.
The boss has already agreed
Good. I will arrange it
All have come together.
Troops have also arrived
Tell me quickly. Everything is ready to go
The Chinese ambassador has gone / Come on!
Take them to combat areas!
Get down!
Shit! That's Zaka's men!
Zaka's troopers sneak in! They
has killed security! Run..!
Break through ..!
Notify troop vehicles
government open the way!
Chinese ambassador cars enter the war zone
Quickly retreat ..!
Behind there are heavy weapons!
Call the troops immediately.! / Quick
make a line of defense!
Do not get out of the car. Get down!
Do not get trapped here! We
hide inside, fast! - Hurry down!
Hurry! - Follow, one by one!
Hurry! - You bring ambassador away!
Mr. Ambassador, get going!
The Chinese ambassador is hiding inside the factory!
Just received the phone pack
the ambassador asked for help.
He is with the citizens
evacuation was suddenly attacked
For the time being the government
local can not
give help, but
we are allowed into the city
Attention! In the meantime, we can not
enter the factory. We will try over the roof
You guard on high ground.
The others join me in
The fifth team lost guard.
Soon another pass
Do not come close!
He must be found.
Very important to us
Hurry ..!
Another minute arrived. All ready!
Immediately give help
We are attacked, please banutan!
It's arrived
Team two, take care of the transport team
Smoke bomb. Shelter!
Immediately make a line of defense!
Go to the roof
Find the highest place
Approaching the highest place
Already on the roof of the factory
One incoming team
You quit, your son is dead!
Must hit ..!
You think I'm kidding ?! You
stop, I'll kill them!
Break through ... kill them!
The snipers are already in place!
Quickly prevent them!
Everyone is dodging!
There was an explosion, what was the situation?
Car bomb. Troops
the government was killed and wounded
Team two, tightening up the guard
Why, is there a cure?
Hurry! - It's fastest yet
Keep all the exits!
Who? / Chinese troops! / Check him out!
Chinese naval forces.
We'll take you home
I'm Chinese ambassador, He Ching Liu. Where
you? / We're trapped! Inside the vehicle
You guys take them away.
The others follow me in action
Hand grenade
2 in right room, one outside!
Hajar them!
One dead!
Watch Out..!
Back off!
Hold on! / Back off ..!
Back off .. the residents are being evacuated!
All give protection!
Team one, pass by!
Hurry ... submit .. fast ..!
The 12 o'clock clock is a car bomb!
Hurry in ..
Prevent the car!
Please ... do not kill me! I am not
their people. They forced me!
What is wrong? / The terrorists are pairs
bomb in the body of ordinary people
Let me / Send the child
your fruit do not move
Sniper / Ready! / Protect me,
I'm going to the car
Quiet! Nothing..!
Do not move!
My son .. please help my son
My son ... I beg you / Let's go
We're going out!
Back off!
Back off ..!
Quickly retreat ..!
Are you all right?
I'm fine. You quickly grab the necklace
Received the information. A
a journalist named Sia Nan,
he is Chinese. Contact
Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
He sees Zaka's group
kidnap company employees
One named Teng Mei,
Chinese / What can be trusted?
We have contacted Sia Nan,
and ensure its identity.
The boss is still discussing it
with the Yewaire government
Operation this time to make the terrorists
know, one Chinese-not to be hurt
Second team, bring foreigners back first.
Team one, government troop
will take you to the place
closest wait for the next news
All needs will be
brought to your place
When he begged me to
save his son, my heart
very depressed. He was helped,
but his family did not
Their country is in such a mess.
We can only complete our mission
Why do you like to eat candy?
You've known me a long time, do not know?
Left time, I'm so
naughty, always beaten mother. Hit
me once, give me candy
then until now,
every mission,
as long as it can eat
candy, all right
why hit me? / Did not you say
eating sweets will not hurt?
You know me and lo sing
there is still one game?
you want to prove who
the best shooter. there is only one
unfortunately, nothing
chance to compete
with him. he's a shooter
best I've ever seen
you used to be like this'? /What? /tense
on the battlefield, will not
shy away from bullets.
this lesson, assume
I just give it to you
sir, this is from superiors. government
Yewaire is ready
helicopter. they just can
providing protective evacuation
ride the vehicle spent a lot
time / I'm afraid they can not come back
contact one team!
the hp signal disappears
in the north wilayh of Yewaire.
according to information, there
there is a small town
one week ago
controlled by zaka.
now you go to the place
which has been provided
follow the vehicles drove the residents.
their troops will contact you
operation this time, us
only have 3 hours
this time we will enter
enemy line of defense,
but we have not received
the right information
very hard war!
then I ask you guys, keep going
excited. come home safely.
Listen!! / ready! / Warm!
mistress secretary already at the dock / i will
press them with the chinese female hostage
but they will not be easy to bow.
You keep an eye on every move
there are 3 vehicles, weapons
complete / when does it appear?
enter the stage of war! / ready!
sir, it's all ready!
thank you
I understand, but I have to
to the city / other than to help
my assistant, I have to finish
one very important thing
sorry, miss sia. we can not
take you through our mission
let me explain first, you new
take the decision
I'm searching
illegal missile transactions.
the terrorists arrest
William, is the main actor
he already can how to make bombs
dirty in bulk. with
another word, if it falls into the hands
they, many people will be killed
do you mean zaka organization? / zaka wanted
that thing from william / our mission is ..
our mission is
saving Chinese citizens.
sorry, you can not
involved in our mission
if I do not come with you guys, me
can not get that thing!
please get into the car
sorry, you can not go / why? /just now
I've said, our mission,
take you to the place
That's safe .. / I'm na ..
somehow the situation can be how.
how many people will die ..
What is the problem? / zaka send
image for the Chinese navy
secretary of a great sinner.
keep on making
my people are miserable
by acting cruelly
we do not want you to protect
sinners. immediately submit
his family. we have to reply
grudge for our brothers
if you refuse to cooperate, chinese citizens
will accept punishment in their place
next is this chinese lady / fucker!
very arrogant! - now the only hope
we, save the hostages
there may be danger ahead.
we have to pass another way
contact headquarters. fast
what can i receive?
I'm one team ..
0101 ..
beware ..!
all baik2 saja??!
do not move! keep the back ..
what are you waiting for, take the weapon!
immediately tell me the enemy position!
bring them here
quickly see what is there
equipment can be used!
open the door!
fast down, clockwise 2!
fast ..!
help him, hurry up!
quickly tell me his position!
zhang tien de, protect me!
come on!
tong lin ... protect me!
li tong, go ahead!
his legs are broken. grab a knife
immediately cut the remaining ..
take it away
one of the bombs inside the bus exploded
find? /no
This is the last one!
be careful, there is a sniper!
I will overcome, when I shoot.
my position will be locked
fast! smoke has been patient
are in place
the snipers are clockwise 2
you see it ..?
Yes, I see
this is the highest position
hold him. I'll take care of it
I have arrested him
all the way back ..! / do not move!
You pressed it, let me unplug it
come down
it's all gone fast, it's about to explode!
captain, how ..?!
where is the guy ?!
quickly save!
vain ...! / here!
the distance we arrived at the destination there is still 80km,
but only 1 hour and a half left
the boss has requested
with the Yewaire government,
but they still can not
provide troop assistance
not far from there, after you guys
managed to save, get there first
but to arrive there is
dangerous areas, hearts.
zaka sends a picture. head
the assistant journalist had been decapitated
I've been through a lot of practice, no
presumed to experience a situation like this
I do not deserve to be a member of Jiaolong
You still remember how we can
become a member of Jiaolong? we experience
many obstacles. several times
want to give up, but stay afloat
can stand here, we mean
deserves to be a member of Jiaolong
'' unbeatable strong ''
I did well
not do for you
still sick? /a little
do not think much
You may go with us / what
any help already? when will it arrive?
You go with us. please
follow our orders, can?
if help has not come yet, do not go.
what vehicle can be fixed?
we will try. You need not worry
the battle. I understand
You want to help people
but the situation is very dangerous, then whatever
that happens, please follow our orders
our identity is different,
our confidence ../ me
will bear the upper hand
my own command!
the vehicle is ready, coming soon
Well, leave right away
how william state now? /he
It's okay, but not yet conscious
other than that thing, must know the way
make it, understand? /Yes sir
search for high places, install satellite
test ..
Do not be afraid. they are troops
china, here to save us
one week ago, place
this has been mastered by terrorists
now in this city there
about 150 terrorists
here the terrorist command center. here
hostage camp. dozens of people guard it
3 women, and only one
Asian women, definitely teng mei
just one field / tell
our situation to superiors
8 against 150. you guys
ever experienced it? /mission
we are not over 150 people
so some people still are not
there is no hope / no time
if you can,
save one more person
ashes, your assistant..they have killed him
When did it happen? / before we came
my husband and son are also dead
in a bus situation
when the explosion occurred in london
the police told me,
nothing left.
only one bracelet
blue hand
Since then, I've been fighting them.
I keep fighting terrorists
in fact I can not protect
anyone. can not even protect the ashes
the only help is the government troop
can provide helicopters for us
besides teng mei, i want to
saving all hostages
if it saved so much
people, can not come back
teng mei is a major mis.
after teng mei return
safely, we are
saving another hostage
you immediately contact se
tao and tung li. tell
they are disguised as
terrorists infiltrate here
You should contact them, order
they are looking for the highest place
clutter their communication tools. drain
nan right here with chuan yi
you, me and lu cen are
around here. when teng
mei through here safely.
immediately blast this road
then the three of us enter the camp
hostage, take them out through here
but if tung li on
the hostage camp, took place
fighting, we lack
weapons and strength
I think it works
I do not know anything
nobody want to tell me? /I
do not know what you want to know
your wound is not dealt with
well / I really do not know
I beg you ... I do not know anything
You hide something
think well / aloka desert
you handled the area
ku sen, you the back / no problem
we have entered the hostage camp
do as I say. force
Chinese sea has come to your rescue
I found a truck. I would
stopped around the hostage camp
I'm one team, replace / is there a problem?
communication has been disconnected.
I'll check it out soon
we saw chinese troops
kill the chinese female hostage. let it
they save the dead
What are you doing?
suddenly brought
go / why can it go to waste?
You must attack immediately
hostage camp. when teng
mei passing by there with
safe new act again
what do you guys want to do?
now I will infiltrate
now I'm on the floor
2, can you see me? / yes
the lady was very noisy / voice
music even louder
weapons of the terrorists towards us
immediately enter the war phase ..
stop immediately
right on target
he always makes our people suffer.
the fighters will not be able to wait anymore
we must punish this chinese man. only
blood soon gives you lessons
Who are you?! where is that woman?
who brought you here?
how many guys are you here? reply me!
say, or I break your legs
sorry / if anyone else, also like this
now leave the hostage camp
come / him william, the necklace is gone
now i will come in
field, but the tire broke
all in one place
now I'm going out. There is a problem?
no problem / anyhow siutation
Here, go as planned
flat tire
whatever happens, remember,
take a kid, follow me
do not be afraid, follow me
wait, tire broke
intruder ..!
we will go there, protect me!
follow me
come in!
hiding! looking for protection!
quick to wear!
how is your situation? / we are under siege
if there is a chance, take it
everybody out of here
How about you?
I'll make sense! remember, it should be
guaranteed safety teng mei!
Keep attacking! I would
kill their snipers!
I've found. Very position
close to me, will surely be watching me!
We need to find it quickly / Yes
They have found me.
I lost track of him
Get up! Through the back, submit!
Tong Li..you okay? Reply me!
The path is already blocked. It's a huge fire
Give hand grenades!
Hurry through the back!
Shi Hong ..!
Tong Li, blast fast! I will protect you
Come on!
Protect Tong Li! We will pass behind
Tong Li, back off! / Follow me!
Back off ..!
We must break out. Throw a moment
I told you to throw it, understand?
Their opponents!
Come on!
Quickly throw!
Come on!
Kill them ..!
Hear?! Immediately kill all the hostages!
They will kill all
hostage! / Immediately in action!
Do not let them
kill the hostages!
The door is already open. Sandar
got away. Come here quickly!
The exit has been detonated.
Quick help!
Hiding! I'm out of bullets!
Immediately give help. I have an idea!
There is a way out. You came out
from there. I will protect you!
I meramaps a panser.
I'll take care of it
your enemy first.
Listen to my instructions
After breaking out, immediately to
safe location / We'll get you out
Getting ready
Where are you? - I'm on the road
the right, but besieged
Good! - Get ready!
Use this
We found a car. Go now
Immediately contact the headquarters,
then to a safe location, hear? /Ready!
001, I'm one team
Please answer! / Signal disappeared
We will try again,
but still nothing
answer / Where is the position
they? /Not found
Keep contacting them / Yes
Now it's really very dangerous.
For the sake of safety
ordinary citizens, preferably
we retreat first
I beg for guidance. Allow
send unmanned aircraft
Follow me. Hurry ..!
Ku Shen ..!
Captain ... please answer ..!
Se Tao!
Any signal? /No
Se Tao, do not move ..!
Hurry ...! Get down!
Hiding ..!
Do not move..!
Se tao, survive ..!
Tong Li is in danger. Down there.
Their signal has been found.
The area around there is a sandstorm
Can you call them? / No, weather disturbance
How long will it arrive? / 7 minutes
You more need from me
Do not get out! / Hold on. We
It's coming! / Quickly!
Keep the entrance!
Eat sweets..you say eat
sweets, will not hurt
Eat sweets ..
Eating sweets will not hurt ..
Se Tao ..!
A Panzer, through the left handed them!
Shi Hong! Left 20 degrees, fast ..!
Shi Hong, their weapons are more sophisticated.
Turn left!
Captain, cooling system is damaged.
Can not last long
Captain, in front of a sandstorm!
Add speed break through!
Sandstorms protect us
We got shot / Do not get locked!
I will soon change position.
- Understand ?!
We have to change places.
There is a weapon button.
When I sent fire,
You press the button
Use our quick reaction
attack them! After you
turn left first, then right.
Listen to my instructions!
Shi Hong, turn left!
Turn left!
Sia Nan, ready!
Captain ..! / Can not move ..!
I'm gonna tackle the panser
them! / Shi Hong ..!
We're out too! Remember, after
out, hands on my shoulders, understand ?!
Do not move!
Their position has been found,
but can not contact them
Report, suddenly out of control, everytime
when it will lose their tracks
Hurry, he wants to attack us!
Hurry back!
Get ready to shoot!
How? /Still can..
Nice shot too
Captain, mission is over
Captain Yang, thank you
Thank you..
Weather problem. Existence
the object is unknown ..
It's ... very effective.
Remember, return it to me
It's very dangerous, we're not
can stay silent. Not now
can contact the boss, there are still 40
minute, the terrorists will leave
then we do not waste time,
but I have to affirm one
p. Operation this time, yet
can be approval from superiors
We shoulder together
Captain, I'm waiting for orders
'' Strong invincible ''!
Not far from the target!
Our goal is things
yellow, then do not
until undone. We
will take the object
Find our shelter! Sprout!
We're in position
Wait for the command
You go first, I wait for the other one
Chairman, 5 minutes left
rebel forces arrived
Watch Out. Tong Li already
out of infiltration
You remind me first
my shot was good too.
You can join the exercise
as a sniper
Despite the experience,
pressure remains.
Do not be afraid. Pressure can
make you better
Not unexpectedly you / Old
- No meet, chief. - You
has not been home for a long time
to my hometown
This war is for better days.
Still need to go back to my hometown?
Fighting in this war is not it
for you / Where is the data?
There is a change of plan. Now
I will capture their leader
Later when I'm out, for sure
will be attacked, you protect
I. You help Tong Li
overcome enemies on the plane
All right, sir. / Army
rebels will betray
we. Must bring it back
the object and its data
Killing them. From now on,
This war belongs to us / Yes
Immediately control the plane!
Do not move..!
I'm out! - Be careful!
You kill them!
Ku Sen, Li Tong! Please answer!
Do not move..!
Ku Sen, are you okay?
Get out ... fast!
Li Tong, use my weapon!
Let go! No time to think!
Release it now! If
no, i will kill him!
Li Tong, the pressure of war, Lo Sin
there is no mistaking people.
Captain, I'm gonna kill you
those people / Rely on you
Do it now! I'll kill him!
War this time, we can not be without objects
that! War to become stronger!
Captain, rebel army is here!
Quiet! I'm Chinese military.
Turn on the engine, fast!
Hurry ..!
Ready, respectful!
Turn left!
Caution ... This is the Chinese navy.
You almost
entering the waters of China.
Please leave immediately
Caution ... This is the Chinese navy.
You almost
entering the waters of China.
Please leave immediately