Operation Rogue (2014) Movie Script

Hurry up with the bags.
That's all?
As part of our ongoing coverage,
preparations continue...
for the first meeting of the
Asean Counter-Terrorism Council.
Given the successful coordination of recent
operations against global terrorist threats,
and because of the successful signing
of the new regional peace accord,
Manila has been chosen as the location
for the Council's inaugural meeting,
coinciding with the Philippine's
annual Independence Day celebrations.
Here we go! Right knee, right knee,
here we go! Nice and hard!
Left knee!
Good. Again!
Give it back! Come on!
Come on! One more!
Breathe, breathe. Nice. Tap!
Double tap! Good! This time,
double tap and elbow!
There you go. Nice. Good.
Keep your hands up.
Chin down. Nice and tight.
Coming at you hard. Ready?
- You feel that?
- Yes, sir!
I'm not kicking the pad,
I'm trying to kick you.
You do that to me. Let's go.
Okay, let me see a nice,
easy push-kick.
- Nice!
- That good enough?
Yeah, that's good.
It feels good. Do it again.
Come on, double jab!
Nice, nice. Left elbow.
Relax. Again.
Captain Randall.
- Reyes.
- Your orders, sir.
All right, Reyes, get the men up
and ready to roll in 30 minutes.
- Yes, sir.
- Lieutenant Barnes, we are on the clock.
Gentlemen, listen up!
Lieutenant Barnes,
you have the floor.
This is Sayid Nassif.
He's a trained engineer
and a demolition expert,
with a long history of
terrorism across the globe.
He's fought in Iraq and Afghanistan,
and recently formed a partnership
with a radical terrorist faction
group in Southern Mindanao.
Yesterday, he hijacked a truck
owned by a local mining company
hauling TNT to a test site.
Also, the government has
reported a considerable amount
of cesium-137 missing.
- Intel believes there is a connection.
- Is he trying to build a dirty bomb, sir?
We don't know for sure.
We do know he's transporting the
material deeper into insurgent territory
and collaborating with...
Abdul Malek.
Known insurgent and son
of terrorist leader,
Omar Malek, the man responsible
for the 2004 embassy bombings.
And the recent attacks
in Kuala Lumpur..
- Sir.
- Del Rio.
- Where's the intel coming from?
- An informant in Malek's ranks.
The insurgents are meeting in four hours
at a factory warehouse in Zamboanga City.
Our mission is to secure
the TNT and the cesium
and eliminate the leadership.
Any questions?
We step off in 15 mikes.
Let's do this.
Captain. A word with
you before you leave?
Of course, sir.
We have reason to believe
that Nassif is planning to set off a
series of bombs in the metro Manila area.
One of those targets is this weekend's
Counter-Terrorism Conference.
Won't the American DNI
be present there, sir?
Yes, he will.
Along with a lot of other very
important people in the same field.
Right now, we have no credible
intelligence as to his plan of attack.
Consequently, it is imperative
that you guys bring in both Nassif
and Malek alive for questioning.
I don't want any loose
cannons out there, you copy?
- Yes, sir.
- You inform the men.
Will do, sir.
- Good luck.
- Thank you, General.
Peace be with you.
And also with you.
All is well.
The cesium is with my
father at the camp.
Alpha to War Dog. We have eyes on.
What's your position? Over.
Sentry's in my sight.
Waiting for your orders, sir. Over.
We need to leave as soon as possible.
Of course. More men are on the way.
Take the shot, War Dog.
Remember, we need the leaders alive.
Don't be a fool!
Our enemy is hunting us down...
at this very moment we speak.
Sleep tight, motherfucker.
- You have been betrayed!
- Me?
You must have been followed!
You have jeopardized
the entire mission!
You, upstairs.
You, other side!
Abdul can fight for himself.
Move out!
Barnes, on me.
Hicks, Del Rio, check upstairs!
McCray, on me!
I got a back door here, sir.
The intel is fucked!
The gear's stuck!
Disable the engine!
Make it work!
Sergeant, I told you we
needed the leadership alive.
- Sir, I thought...
- No, you didn't think!
- You reacted!
- They had us pinned down, Captain!
I blew the toss.
Additional reports from
local investigators
suggest that the truck explosion
at a warehouse in Zamboanga
City earlier today
was caused by a police
operation against drug dealers
that resulted in the death
of innocent civilians.
Claims of this being...
Man, they got no clue
what's going on out there.
They're about to get one.
I found this online.
One of those workers had
a fucking video camera.
Shit, man. Does the Captain know yet?
Back in '69, I nailed a VC
counter-sniper at 1,000 yards.
Now, I can barely hit that
goddamn piece of paper.
- What happened out there, Captain?
- Sir, I take full responsibility.
That's not what I asked you.
We needed the rebel leaders alive.
Sir, the intel was sparse,
and the maps we were given
were inaccurate, sir.
Right now, the foreign press has
your face plastered all over TV
and they're claiming that you
killed innocent civilians.
It's only a matter of time before
the insurgents come after you.
I'm pulling you out of
the field, Captain.
Sir, with all due respect,
isn't that a bit extreme?
It's all political bullshit,
but I have no choice.
You're a target now. Till further
notice, you're off the mission.
Dismissed, Captain.
Miss Wallace.
Hey, Dad. Thank you for the invite.
Thanks for coming, kid.
Well, now that you're a contractor,
I figured you could use the practice.
- I get too much practice.
- Safety's on, gun's hot.
Hey, I'm looking forward to Thursday.
I hope I like this one better than the others.
- I know you'll at least respect him.
- Really?
A real man? Well, I'll
be the judge of that.
Aziz, look. It's Sayid.
Abdul is dead.
He fought bravely with
his men to the last.
But somehow...
you still live.
Peace be upon you.
And upon you as well.
It was a good death.
A death with honor.
And you?
Did you fight with honor?
You stand here before me
without even a scratch!
Our fight together has just begun.
They killed my son
like a filthy animal!
Abdul died for the
cause and for Allah.
If you let his death distract
you from our purpose
then you disgrace him.
We need weapons and
supplies to build explosives.
The General's daughter could
be worth millions of dollars.
We will kidnap her.
But the man who killed my
son will beg me for death...
before I cut out his heart!
General Castillo, Secretary Rivera,
thank you very much
for being here today.
I must say, Miss Wallace,
lam surprised to see a woman so young
in charge of security for this conference.
I can assure you, Mr. Secretary,
Miss Wallace is at the absolute
top of her profession.
You're very kind, General.
Whatever I have accomplished,
I owe it all to my training
with Naval Intelligence.
How does this device protect
the conference attendees?
Very simple, sir. Danny.
The array sends interference signals
over a broad range of the spectrum,
identifying threats and jamming them.
No signal, no bombs.
What about a timed explosive?
Our intelligence agencies are on top
of it. They're much easier to detect.
Are you assuring me that the
conference is totally safe?
You have G-Tech's word on that, sir.
I hope that would be enough.
Thank you, Miss Wallace.
Thank you.
- General.
- Mr. Secretary.
- General.
- Miss Wallace.
See you tomorrow.
Why, hello. It's Captain
Randall, isn't it?
Yes, it is. And, Miss Wallace,
you are looking mighty fine, as usual.
- May I offer you a ride?
- Of course.
- I think you should spend the night.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can.
- What time is it?
I'm not telling you.
I should go.
What? It's not even dark yet.
Are you coming on Thursday?
I'm not sure yet.
There's a lot going on.
There's always a lot
going on with you, Max.
- What are you doing? Where are you going?
- I told you, I'm going home.
Don't get upset.
We've been dating for months.
Am I just another adventure for you,
or do you want to get serious?
I thought we were serious.
Come here.
This is for you.
This is a key to your apartment.
Thank you.
But I do think we need
to talk about this.
We just did, Max.
Take it or leave it.
Take it or leave it?
Jenna, there's a lot to our lives
that make things complicated.
Life is complicated, so what?
What does that have to do with
making a commitment to someone...
- ...you say you care about?
- I care about you! It's just...
I'm not gonna wait
around for you, Max.
I want a family and I want a life.
And I need to be open
with my dad about us,
so, if you're not there on
Thursday for dinner with Dad,
I think it's time for us to be
apart for a little while.
- There's the Cap.
- Excuse me.
Hey, Captain.
- Hey, guys. How you doing?
- Doing great.
- All right.
- You're not leaving, are you?
Actually, I've got paperwork
due in the morning.
Reyes, Del Rio, you guys...
- You have a round on me. That's an order.
- Sir, yes, sir.
- Hey, Captain.
- Yeah.
You okay?
I'm just a little tired, Sergeant.
You have fun tonight.
- Hey, good to see you.
- You, too.
I really appreciate you doing this.
I hope it didn't ruin your day off.
No, not at all.
Just lock up, okay,
or else Mr. Kotas will kill me.
- You got it.
- Here you go.
See you tomorrow. Thank you.
Good evening, sir.
Tuck your shirt in.
Get him in!
Get him in!
Remember, don't kill him.
Meet us at the camp.
- Max.
- Jenna, where are you?
- I'm at the gym, why?
- Get to the base now.
- Max, what...
- I don't have time.
Jenna? Jenna!
Miss Wallace.
The chloroform.
Something terrible's happened.
You will pay $5 million,
or we will cut off her head.
Your greed and your brutality
will cost you this time.
You are like an animal to me.
I took you! I own you!
Don't test me.
We will cut off her head.
I'll get the money.
I have good friends.
I own you!
Hank, you've been temporarily relieved
of duty until this matter is resolved.
What are you talking about?
General Brown feels that your
judgment is compromised.
He can't do that.
You'll get official notification
within the hour.
Untie the woman. Take off his hood.
Turn around.
They're going to cut off
our heads, aren't they?
Look at me, Eduardo.
We're not gonna die here.
I promise you. Okay?
General Wallace.
- Did you get that GPS chip?
- Yes, sir.
The insurgents may
try to take you again.
I buried your suspension.
According to official records,
it never happened.
Thank you, sir.
Your new orders.
You find my little girl, Captain.
Whatever it takes,
you bring her back.
I will, sir.
At ease, Galloz.
Why don't you take five?
Aye, sir.
You're gonna tell me
where Omar Malek is.
I am not telling you shit!
I think you will.
Have you ever met Major Santiago?
Now, I can't lay a hand on you,
but I can damn well turn
you over to the Major
and we both know what
he will do to you.
That is unless you tell
me where Omar Malek is.
I swear...
I swear, I don't know.
Well, you better tell me who does.
His name is Ahas.
Spent about 15 years in
the Filipino prison system.
Funnels money for terrorist
groups in Mindanao.
Funds his operation
trafficking drugs and women.
- You have his location in here?
- Yes, sir.
Good job, Lieutenant. Thank you.
Are you okay, Private?
It's Reyes, sir. He was his cousin.
Hey, Del Rio was like a brother to me.
It's time for some fucking payback!
- Nobody fucks with us without getting theirs!
- No mistakes out there, gentlemen.
This is not a blood feud,
it's a mission.
All right, Marines, listen up!
We're heading 30 clicks
down the Bolong River
to detain an enemy
facilitator for questioning.
This man right here.
Our mission is to uncover any information
related to the whereabouts of Jenna Wallace.
We'll then move forward
to secure the hostage,
and eliminate the leadership
within Omar Malek's ranks.
Sir, are we taking custody
of the enemy facilitator?
That's a negative.
After we question him, we'll turn him
over to Intel for further debriefing
and move forward with our mission.
- Any more questions?
- No, sir.
Zodiac's moving out in 10 minutes.
Gentlemen, let's fucking do this!
Excitement continues to build for the
Asean Counter-Terrorism Conference
scheduled to begin this weekend.
Among the dignitaries arriving,
is the Chief of Security from China
who flew in early this morning.
The Spanish representative was
eagerly awaited yesterday,
but did not exit his limo
to greet the crowds.
Security is a key concern at all events,
but officials seemed confident.
Be precise with your measurements.
I'll take care of it.
I rechecked the seals.
No leaks.
What about the TNT?
Blended with the nitromethane.
Devised for maximum
dispersal of the cesium.
But will there be enough?
Set off just one of these
at the conference...
dozens will die in an instant.
But within a week, thousands
more will suffer and die slowly.
Sir! Help us!
She isn't breathing right!
Something's very wrong!
Sir, she can't breathe
and I don't know...
Turn around.
Keep your hands up.
Get up. I said, get up!
Damn, that hurt.
Safety's off and there's
a round chambered.
Your finger off the trigger
guard till you're ready to fire.
- How do you know this stuff?
- I used to be a Marine.
You can do this, okay?
- Okay.
- Just don't shoot me in the back.
On your knees. On your knees.
- Clear.
- Stack up.
Turn around!
Shut the fuck up and stay down!
I wanna see your hands on your heads!
- Status?
- Clear!
- Clear!
- Clear!
All clear!
You listen to me carefully!
I am not here for you or your stash!
I need some information
about Omar Malek.
If you cooperate,
this does not have to be hard.
- Yes, boss.
- "Yes, boss," what?
"Yes, boss" you gonna talk?
- Yes, boss.
- Where is Omar Malek?
- Yes, boss!
- Get your fucking face on the floor!
You wanna die? You talk!
Or I'm gonna fucking kill you!
You wanna die right now, motherfucker?
I'll count you. Go.
Okay, head for the truck. Go.
- Any chance you can hot-wire a car?
- I'm from Manila.
Go for it.
- Sorry!
- Get out now!
Drop the weapon. Drop your weapon.
Put down your weapon!
You! Over there!
Drop your weapon!
Tie them up! Hurry!
Tie them up!
- Two clicks in, is there a path?
- Yeah.
What do you have for me, Hicks?
Looks like it's about two clicks
east of the Bolong River, sir.
Show me.
Here's the Bolong River,
but there's a guard house.
- The camp is two clicks inland.
- Good job, Private.
- Thank you, sir.
- All right, listen up!
We're handing the enemy
facilitator off to Intel in five
and the Zodiac is leaving in 10.
Check your gear and
be ready to move out.
You really think the Captain was
gonna smoke that guy in there?
Of course not.
This is Captain Randall
with Alpha Squad. Come in.
I think he was.
He's not acting himself.
Focus on the mission, Sergeant.
Yes, sir.
Copy that. Alpha Squad out.
Get his head on the block
and bring me my sword!
Please don't do this!
I'll give you anything!
I barely know this woman!
I beg you!
My God!
I don't want to die!
For Allah!
My God!
Omar. Omar.
We cannot acquire the
ransom money if you kill her.
Be silent!
- I told you very simple.
- Omar.
If you disfigure her in any way
we may lose millions of dollars.
That is enough!
Alpha to Hannibal.
- Any sign of the hostage? Over.
- It's a negative.
Moving in position now. Over.
- Alpha to Hannibal.
- Hannibal. Over.
I've got eyes on the hostage.
She in a small shack at the
southeast corner of the camp.
Contact Command.
Inform them I'm moving in. Over.
They may only be
delaying the payment.
We have to wait.
They have ten minutes...
for the money to
appear in the account.
Give them more time.
She is worth a fortune to us.
My son is dead because
of men like her father.
If he won't pay me...
then I will kill his child in turn.
Do it!
Start up the video!
Omar, be reasonable!
Ten minutes...
then she dies.
The General's seriously considering
that this mission will be a failure.
Sir! General Castillo advises you
not to enter the Control Room.
General Wallace, I don't
think you should be here.
My daughter's out there. You think
I give a shit about procedure?
What's the sitrep?
Randall's team has found her.
This is Lieutenant Barnes
of Task Force 5456.
Captain Randall has eyes
on the hostage. I repeat,
Captain Randall has
eyes on the hostage.
Requesting permission
to secure. Over.
Get Randall in there.
Get Randall in there!
Hank, we have to be cautious.
Malek and Nassif are inside that compound!
She could get killed
in the fire fight!
Sir, I just lost the connection.
My daughter dies in
that jungle, I'll kill you.
Hannibal, what's the word
from headquarters? Over.
I've lost connection, sir.
Hannibal to Alpha.
Got eyes on Nassif and Malek.
Request permission to fire. Over.
That's a negative, Hannibal.
Repeat, negative.
We cannot jeopardize the
safety of the hostage.
Get the bird in the air now. Over.
Copy that. Calling Naval Command now.
General, Camp Navarro just
received a live video link.
It's Miss Wallace, sir.
Play it.
Your time has run out.
We have been degraded long
enough by the filthy West,
defiling our home with their greed.
We stand for it no more.
No one is safe from our wrath.
Let this American be a
symbol to the world.
They will bleed as we have bled.
Allah will grant us revenge.
The time has come.
The one true God will not
abandon his followers!
Those who defy his
will shall be slain!
By Allah!
Get the image back up.
I'm sorry, sir. Lost the feed.
I knew you'd come get me.
I'm here.
Hannibal to Alpha. Enemy on
the move. Do you copy? Over.
Copy that, Hannibal.
Moving to contact now. Over.
- Can you move? All right.
- Yeah, I can move.
Let's go. Stay close.
Alpha to Hannibal.
We have secured the hostage.
- Moving to rendezvous point.
- Copy that!
Call in close air support!
Dropping smoke!
Move out!
Call in air support!
Connection established, sir.
This is Lieutenant Barnes,
Attack Force 5456.
Requesting HEPD on grid!
McCray, moving out!
Get down! Get down!
McCray, take the civilian! Move out!
Let's go! Move it! Go, go, go!
Hannibal to Alpha.
Closing in on Charlie now.
Enemy in hot pursuit.
I repeat, enemy in hot pursuit.
Do you copy? Over.
- Barnes, where are we?
- River's half a click north, sir.
All right. You guys get the civilian
to safety. I'll cover your retreat.
Alone, sir?
I'll get up to the hills and meet
you at rendezvous point Bravo.
If I don't show up,
call the Task Force.
Max, what are you doing?
Come with me!
You listen to me. If you don't
go now, it'll all be for nothing.
- No, I'm not leaving you.
- You go.
- McCray, get her out of here.
- We gotta move out.
- Max, you mustn't.
- Go!
Don't worry, Miss Wallace.
Captain Randall's gonna be just fine.
- Find him.
- I will.
Move out! Move, move!
Yo, we gotta move!
I'm going back for the Captain, sir.
I'll meet you at the rendezvous point.
- That was not the Captain's orders!
- Come on, Lieutenant!
He's all alone out there.
Okay. Good luck. Stay
in radio contact.
- Let us know when you find him.
- Yes, sir.
- Sergeant, I gave you an order!
- Civilian is secure, sir.
And I'm not letting you
die out here alone.
Pressure on the wound!
Pressure on the wound!
- Fuck me!
- I'm all right.
You saved my ass, McCray.
You saved my ass.
- Get me home, Captain.
- I'm gonna take you home, Sergeant.
- I'm taking you home.
- Fuck.
I'm gonna take you home, Sarge.
You're going home.
You're going home.
Fuck you.
Fuck you!
Hank. We've got her.
- She all right?
- Bruised up some, but yeah, she's okay.
- Where is she?
- She's on her way.
It's okay. It's okay,
baby. It's okay.
I thought I'd lost you, kid.
I thought I'd lost you.
- It's so good to see you.
- It's okay now, baby. It's okay.
It's okay. Okay.
Any word on Max?
No. Not yet.
It's okay, baby. Okay.
A luncheon was held with
officials responsible
for assuring the
safety of dignitaries
attending the Asean Counter
Terrorism Conference.
A visit to the Presidential Gardens was
in order prior to the formal luncheon.
Security officials were
upbeat due to the fact
that introductions of the many
representatives attending the conference
went off without a
hitch earlier today.
The satellite dish has been
moved and is ready to place.
The bombs are primed and in position.
I want as many
casualties as possible.
But the priority is to kill government officials
at the counter-terrorism conference...
and especially the American
Director of National Intelligence.
- He'll be blown away to pieces.
- How can you be sure?
There are bombs in the street...
and a bomb in the conference hall
and we'll detonate it from here
while he gives his speech.
Remember to hide the
dish from the drones.
We'll position it near the
tree line for maximum range.
From the air it will be concealed.
Thank you.
Good afternoon, General.
Thank you for seeing me
on such short notice.
- What can I do for you?
- I have some bad news.
When I was at the rebel camp,
I saw a satellite dish with technology
I didn't think was possible to achieve
here in the southern islands.
What exactly?
Components that could
flood a system like G-Tech
with enough alternating frequencies
to bypass the jammers.
We'll have to find that satellite dish
before it enters the Metro Manila area.
That's just it, sir. If I'm right,
they don't need to move it.
This system is powerful enough to set
off a bomb from 1,000 miles away.
In his mercy,
Allah brought you to me.
Justice will be done.
Cut him down! Now!
Get back!
I'm going to kill him alone...
with my bare hands!
Get up!
Get up.
I win!
Miss Wallace, you have any idea what
I had to do to get you this mission?
- You won't regret it.
- Your father will be furious.
Are you sure you're up to this?
I'm the only one who
qualified to do the job.
An air strike may or may not be possible
when we locate the satellite dish.
If it needs to be disassembled,
I'm the only one on base who can do it.
Do you have the GPS monitor locked
on Captain Randall's new position?
Yes. Listen,
you're doing the right thing.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
I'll see you when I get back.
Jenna! Jenna.
- Don't do this.
- I don't have a choice.
No one else can disable the dish,
and Max risked his life for me.
- I can't leave him there alone.
- He's a Marine. That's his job.
You don't owe him anything.
I have to stay focused right now.
I can't talk to you right now.
I've got a job, too. I love you.
I'm not leaving without
Captain Randall!
Neither are we.
Enemy fire!
Albatross to Base Command.
We got a chopper down.
What's the order? Over!
Copy that, Albatross. Proceed to
rendezvous point Delta. Over.
Okay, Marines, listen up!
We got a mission to complete!
Let's go get Captain Randall!
What's the status on
the downed helicopter?
No survivors, sir.
Is team Alpha on their
way back to base camp?
Team Alpha is proceeding
with the mission objective.
We're working on getting
reinforcements now.
What the hell are you talking about?
You can't take out an
enemy camp with a squad!
The objective is not
to take out the camp.
The objective is to rescue Randall
and destroy the satellite dish
without killing civilians.
My daughter's on that ship, Lito.
She has to lead this team.
She is the most valuable person
on that mission right now.
She's the only one who can shut
down the dish if an air strike fails.
Look, Hank, I'm sorry.
What are you doing?
I'm not letting her die out there.
Albatross to Base Command.
Transport complete.
Returning to forward
operating base now. Over.
The helicopter may return. Hurry.
There's a lot of ammo down there.
Hannibal to Alpha Squad 5456.
We are taking this Jeep. Over.
- Hannibal to Dover.
- Fire when ready. Over.
All right, let's get these weapons.
Check the GPS.
Two Marines will follow
you around back side.
Stay in radio contact, all right?
Take Galloz and Cruz.
You be safe out there, all right?
- Good luck.
- Same to you.
Hannibal to Mortar Section.
Fire for effect, HE.
I need men to protect
the satellite dish.
Only a few more minutes
before we crack the
encryption and jam the protocols.
You two, go with him!
Crush the infidels!
Hurry to the battle!
It's on deck right! Get back!
Raven to Hannibal.
I got a Marine down.
Raven to Hannibal. Repeat. Over.
Damn it.
Raven to Hannibal. I got a
second Marine down. Over.
Raven to Hannibal.
- Let's go! Now!
- Yes, sir!
Come on, pull some piss! Let's go!
Get this motherfucker off the ground!
Is there a problem?
I'm still working on it.
The satellite cannot
read our signal yet.
We only have one
chance at this, Sayid!
Don't fail!
Reporting to you live from
the Convention Center,
where numerous officials are
arriving for today's conference
under the protection of local police
and anti-terrorism security forces.
As a result of the successful
signing of the peace accord.
Raven to Hannibal.
Do you copy? Over.
Roger. What's your status? Over.
I have a visual on the dish.
The coordinates are
9-7-3-7-0-2-7-6-5-4. Over.
Copy that, Raven!
Any signs of the Captain? Over.
That's a negative, Hannibal.
Lieutenant Barnes to Base Command.
Be advised, target acquired.
Requesting HEPD on grid
54. Over.
- Call Camp Navarro.
- Yes, sir.
We're heading north,
awaiting final target position, over.
Copy that. On your tail.
Max! Max!
I never thought I'd see you again!
Yeah, I wasn't so sure myself.
Raven to Hannibal.
I found the Captain. Over.
Copy that, Raven!
Get outta there now!
Air strike in one mike! Over!
We gotta move.
Sir! We got radio chatter about two
vehicles running from the site!
Captain Randall and Miss Wallace
reported to be in one of them!
Find them!
Take this.
Okay, I got them! Nine o'clock!
Hold! Hold! Give me a hover!
He got RPG!
That was a hell of a shot.
- Let's go get my little girl.
- Yes, sir!
My God!
And now, it is my pleasure
and honor to present
the United States Director of National
Intelligence, John Fitzgerald.