Operation Romeo (2022) Movie Script

Happy birthday.
Wish you a year full of love.
Thank you, Adi.
I knew you'd be the first one to call me.
How did you know?
I just knew it.
By the way,
I'm standing in the middle of a park,
wishing you at midnight.
You could've said something
better than, "Thank you."
What did you want to hear?
Just three words.
-One of them starting with--
Adi, Papa's calling. I'll hang up now.
He'll nag me about
who I was talking to at midnight.
So, tell him.
Right. And he'll come
here from Jaipur and "tell me."
Adi, I'll call you back.
Come on! This isn't fair!
You need to say what I wanna hear.
Adi, hang up.
I'm not using a landline.
I can't hang up.
Say, "Disconnect the call."
Fine, disconnect the call.
You're the one who has to go.
You should hang up.
The call got disconnected.
He's gonna nag me.
Tell him you were talking
to your boyfriend.
And that we're planning a nice date.
He will kill me!
And you!
I'll pick you up at 4:00 tomorrow.
I'll come to your college after work.
No, not at 4:00. Make that 3:00.
I'll be done with my lectures early--
Adi, Papa is calling again.
I'll hang up now.
Happy birthday.
Thank you, Adi.
Yes, Papa. Greetings.
No, I was talking to Lata.
She is my classmate.
Yes, please give her the phone.
Thank you, Mom.
-Happy birthday, dear Neha!
-Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Neha!
Mom, do you want an omelet?
No, dear.
Get rid of your oxygen cylinder
and eat your breakfast.
I need to get to work by 10:30!
Adi, can you come home early today?
We have to go to the jeweler.
Hey, give me my phone!
-Did you hear what Mom said?
-Come on
We have to go to the jeweler
in the evening.
I'm not getting married
and I don't need any jewelry.
You guys go.
Adi, the jewelry is ready.
We just have to pick it up.
And I feel unsafe carrying
expensive jewelry in a local cab.
Right, all goons are after you, right?
-Give me my phone.
-I won't.
-I won't.
-Fine, we'll go.
We'll go tomorrow.
Do you have a meeting with Mr. Modi today?
That's the day after tomorrow.
Mom, I have an important meeting
with my boss and a client.
I mean, we'll be having dinner.
I'll be late.
Adi, are you gonna go to the office
on Anu's wedding day as well?
I wish.
Why do you even ask?
Just give him an order.
And if he doesn't listen,
just give him a tight slap.
-Mom, send her away quickly.
-Shut up.
We can chill once she's gone.
Weren't you running late?
-I'm coming.
-Not a minute more
Go and get ready.
I'm so sorry,
I was getting ready and
Listen, I'm getting into a lift.
Can I call you back?
You can stay in the lift all day.
Call me back at your convenience.
I'm off to college. I'll call you later.
Invite her to the wedding as well.
I would've invited her
even if you hadn't asked.
Oh, like that?
Yeah, like that.
Yo, Adi! Hello, sis!
When did you start playing hockey?
The trainer from the gym in C-wing
misbehaved with Saket's sister.
What? That fatso?
Yeah, he thinks he's Tiger Shroff.
We'll kick his--
We'll deal with that wise guy.
Pattu, this doesn't suit you
Sis, the country is going to the dogs.
If we youngsters don't act now,
who will?
-You're right. I have a question.
Are you going there to thrash him
or to impress him?
You smell like you've bathed with perfume.
Dude, it's ladies' Pilates time.
-I couldn't miss this opportunity.
-My lady-killer! Bye.
-Cricket on Sunday, guys!
Where's Saket?
We're here. Let's go.
We'll thrash him!
Be careful when you reverse.
You're listening to your favorite station
and good morning Mumbai!
Hello, and welcome, greetings!
Hi and hello from Deepak, from RJ Deepak.
Where's Saket?
Give him a punch on my behalf.
Done, bro.
Where are you? We're waiting!
To hell with your CA classes, man!
We're out to avenge your sister,
and you're not gonna join us?!
Do we look like goons on hire to you?
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Neha!
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Is that a new shirt?
You don't like it?
You're looking handsome.
Shall we?
Let's go.
-Why can't you reverse
-You think it's funny?!
You can throw your term project out of
the window if that's your principal's car.
So, what's the plan?
You're jail warden's finally let you out.
When do you have to get back?
Tomorrow morning.
I said I'm celebrating my birthday
with my local guardian.
Well, that's right.
I am your local guardian angel.
You are very funny.
Who gave this solo rose?
it was Namit.
Yeah, he's a classmate.
Sweet guy.
Are you getting jealous?
Are you feeling jealous?
So cute!
Do you have a problem?
-No. Not at all.
-So what?
Do I give out red roses
to girls in my office?
Bloody sissy.
Okay, fine. Relax.
-Tell me who was it.
-Absolutely not.
-Come on please
-Tell me! Please.
Tell me
Okay, okay. Let's get something to eat.
Yes, sir?
-One veg burger.
-Yes, sir.
One pastry, red velvet.
-Anything else?
Thank you.
Waiter, two frappes.
And make sure you put
the long wafers in it.
Listen, my sister's getting married
next week.
So, you have to come.
Anyway, I wanted to meet your mom.
Why? Can't I?
Of course, you can.
But you need a special reason, right?
-I'll be back in a second.
-Adi, wait. Please.
I'll be right back.
Do you know her?
-I'm sorry?
-Do you know me?
I don't know you.
-Want to know me?
-What's wrong, man?
Nothing yet, but something will
happen if he doesn't stop staring.
-What happened?
-What happened?
Nothing. Nothing.
Nothing, leave it.
Bloody losers.
Well, just so you know
that single red rose
wasn't from Namit.
It was a gift from Shalini.
Just now
When you stole a glance at me
I fell apart
I wonder what's wrong with me
I am the love
You've been looking for
Just say, "Be mine!"
What are you thinking about?
Without saying a word
I'm granting you the permission
Don't be afraid to come close
If you ask me, I'll say yes
Do as you please
The evening will fade away soon
Why are you still silent?
Just say, "Be mine!"
What are you thinking about?
When you gently hold
My hands with yours
I find some, I lose some
Can't explain my condition to you
Read my eyes
You dwell in them
Just say, "Be mine!"
What are you thinking about?
Just now
The security of your family is
your responsibility.
Get life insurance,
and ensure your family's
security and happiness
even after you're gone.
Adi, it's Mom. Please pull over.
I was about to call you.
Yes, I did pray in the morning.
Yeah, Mom.
Did you get Grandma's report?
Okay, Mom.
I'll hang up.
Bye, Mom.
You don't "hang up". You disconnect it!
It's not a landline.
Sometimes, life brings you to a point
where you feel like
you don't want to move on.
The heart conjures
these little moments in its memories,
it drowns you in happiness,
and it loses itself in a different world.
Don't tell me you're feeling sleepy?!
I'll bloody punch you!
-You can't sleep on our first night.
First night?
First night out.
Where are we going?
We don't come to Town every day!
We'll enter Navy Nagar,
take a U-turn,
and we'll enjoy the sunrise
on the Sea-link
and head back to your hostel.
Killer plan!
The first kiss from those soft rosy lips
like a dewdrop on a rose petal
I also want
"A kiss from sweet soft rosy lips".
Get lost!
One kiss.
Who asks for a kiss
in the middle of the road?
What if we weren't
in the middle of the road?
Your face is stunning
My love is crazy
Your face is stunning
My love is crazy
-Let's hope we don't make a mistake
-Come on!
Your face is stunning
My love is crazy
Let's hope we don't make a mistake
The night is intoxicating
The atmosphere is lush
The entire world is high
I'll get some water.
Do you want something?
Yeah, get some chips.
Listen. Come back soon.
Should I order it on Speedy?
Just go.
So what flavor do you want?
The green one.
Yes, these green chips.
And a bottle of water,
a soft drink and some candy.
Mom, I'll be late.
I'll come home in the morning.
Yes, I'm gonna stay at Sandeep's place.
Yes, lock the doors.
I have the keys.
-How much?
Greetings, Ms. Neha.
Do you want to eat it now?
Cute, right?
Look at this.
Pearls of Happiness.
By the way,
you're looking wonderful, Ms. Neha.
That's a bit too much.
Is it?
Okay, no more talking.
Okay, come on. Let's go.
After you give me a kiss.
If you don't get back here,
I'm gonna come there!
This isn't right, by the way.
All I want is a kiss.
And you're
Just one kiss.
Come on.
Okay, sorry.
Adi, wait.
Who is he, Adi?
What's going on?
-Hey, hero! Come out.
-What is it?
-What's going on?
-What's your problem?
-Who is she?
-Stop the video!
Madam, come out.
-Stop shooting the video.
-Who is she? Answer me!
-What's your problem?
-Who is she?
-Stop shooting the bloody video!
-How dare you touch a cop?!
Do you know who I am?
I am Sub-inspector Mangesh Jadhav.
-Are you getting me?
Yeah, that's right. "Sir".
So, young man
what are you two doing at this hour?
Sir, hospital
You don't speak Marathi?
Where are you from?
Did you come to Mumbai to become a hero?
No, sir.
I work in an IT company, sir.
Is this your part-time job?
Ma'am, come out.
Sir, please don't! Sir, please.
Please, sir.
So, she won't come out
till I call a lady police officer?
-Sir, please.
Let's talk this through, sir.
What do you think I've been doing?
Playing cricket?
-Sir, please
-Hey! Don't touch me!
Maintain social distancing! Alright?
-Sir, please don't call anyone.
-Jai Hind, sir. Hello.
Sir, I've found a couple
in Paramount Hospital's parking lot.
Sir, please send a lady constable
over immediately.
-Sir, please.
-Don't worry, sir. I am here.
Definitely, sir. I'll handle it.
Of course, sir.
Sir please send her immediately.
Okay, sir. Jai Hind, sir.
Thank you.
Sorry, sir.
The beat van's on the way.
-Sir, really sorry.
-It's an eight-seater.
-You can travel comfortably, okay?
-No, sir. Please.
Hey, mister!
Mister, what are you doing?
What happened, sir?
Nothing, Patil. Same old.
They must be visiting someone
in the hospital.
They were just playing
"doctor-doctor" in here.
Who are you visiting?
Sir, my friend's dad is in the hospital.
Where's he admitted?
In a ward, sir.
Which ward?
General ward, sir.
Which floor?
Sir I don't know. I'll ask--
Go on!
Call your friend and ask him.
Go on!
Sir Please, sir. Let us go.
How is that possible?
You came here
to see the patient at 2:00 a.m.
It must be an emergency, right?
You know what, take Patil with you.
He's the head constable.
-Wait a minute, sir.
-Hrithik, come with me.
-Come on.
-Go on.
-He'll help you out.
-Come here.
Go on.
-Hurry up. Come on.
-Come here.
What were you two doing?
Sir, I swear, we weren't doing anything.
-No, sir.
Then why are you so scared?
No, sir.
You look familiar.
Breach Candy?
No, sir. We don't live in Town.
He doesn't live in Town.
Where do you live?
Do you have a visa to come here?
Where in Malad?
Near Mith Chowky.
Mith Chowky
-The same old Jab We Mith.
-Jab We Mith.
And ma'am?
Sir Please, sir.
Please, sir,
will you tell us where ma'am lives?
Andheri, sir.
The boy's from Malad,
the girl's from Andheri.
Did you come here for sightseeing?
Do you think cops are stupid?
Do you wanna get slapped?
Wait a minute, sir. I'll talk to him.
-I'll talk.
Come here.
Tell me
What were you doing?
Sir, we weren't doing anything.
We were out on a long drive.
-We just got tired--
-Bought a tire?
You can speak Hindi
if you can't speak Marathi.
Got tire?
We got tired, sir.
We were just resting, sir.
Does this look like a hotel to you?
There's a high school nearby!
Did you know that?
And what are you doing?
Love school?!
No, sir.
You just wanna come here and have fun?!
No, sir.
Have you informed your parents?
Call his parents, Patil.
-Give me the number.
-Give him their number.
-Where's your phone?
-Give me the number.
-Just give me your phone.
-Sir, please don't make a scene.
Give him your number.
-Come on!
-Her number. Give me her number.
-Sir, please. No
-Come on!
-Sir, please
-Ma'am, give me your number.
-Sir, please
-Give me your number.
Do your parents know you're out here
for a midnight special?
Do they know?!
-Sir, please
Who is calling?
-It's from the police station.
-Adi, what's going on? Please, let's go.
-I am talking to them.
-Please-- Adi!
-Come on, ma'am.
Why are you so scared?
I am trying to help you.
Sir, please let us go.
He's very stubborn.
Where the hell are you guys?
Hurry up.
This place is infested with mosquitoes.
Sir, we made a mistake.
Please tell him not to call anyone.
Sir, we've never been
to this area before.
We were just out for a long drive.
We were just resting.
We'll never do it again, sir.
We're from a good family, sir.
I can see that.
This is how kids from
"good families" behave, right?
It's really unfair.
If one picture of this scandal
ends up on social media
No, sir. Please, sir.
We'll never do it again, sir.
Is she your girlfriend
or is it just wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am!
I'm serious, sir.
I am not joking either.
No, I mean,
we're serious about each other, sir.
We'll never do anything wrong.
Please, sir. Can we leave?
Please let us go, sir.
Sir, please
-Please, let us--
-What are you doing?
-Let us go, sir.
-Fine, fine.
Do you have booze in the car?
I don't drink, sir.
-You don't drink at all?
-No, sir.
No, sir.
Come on, man!
Can we leave, sir?
Alright, go.
Sure, sir?
Go, Simran!
Live your life!
But what about him?
I'll talk to him.
-Don't ever do it again.
-No, sir.
-This is a family area. Leave.
Thank you, sir.
Adi, what's going on?
Let's go.
Hey! Stop!
You bloody rascal!
You think you can run?!
Where are you going?
Are you trying to run?!
Lower the window!
Lower it!
-Sir, sir, please, sir.
-Give me the keys.
-Please, sir.
-But he told me I could leave!
-Give me the keys.
-He told me we could leave!
-Give me the keys!
-Let it go!
-You'll break it, sir. Please
-Give it to me!
Sir, please
I swear, sir!
He told me we could leave!
He told you?
Will you do anything he says?
Come on, Patil!
They're gonna be booked under section 294!
He was sitting on her lap
in a public place.
Come on! Take a look!
Take a look.
Come on! Get out! Come on!
What is this?
You're acting like Emraan Hashmi.
-No, sir. We were just
Sir, we
Don't tell me you were driving
from the back seat!
And she was changing gears.
No, sir! What are you saying?!
-Come here.
What did you think?
Dark corner. Deserted roads.
"Hold me tight in the dark."
-"Maybe there's no tomorrow."
-Please, sir.
Stop it, sir.
We made a mistake.
We won't do it again, sir.
Please, let us go.
Come on, sir.
You made the boy cry.
Do you want to kill him?
Let them go.
They are from decent families.
They won't do it again.
Let them go.
No, Patil.
The beat van will be here soon.
If I let them go,
the boss is gonna think that
I accepted a bribe.
I have a reputation to protect even though
I'm not wearing a uniform, right?
-No, no, I cannot do anything now.
-Sir, I'll be in trouble, sir.
What trouble?
My sister is getting married next week.
Oh, God!
Please, sir.
But that's even better!
Let's call their families
and get them engaged.
Okay. Let's end this right here!
You just wanna have some fun?
You don't wanna marry her?
Shameless people like you
should be paraded naked on the street!
Let's settle this, sir.
Sir, please talk to him.
How much do you have?
I've got around 5000 rupees.
What the hell!
Do you think I'm a cheap prostitute?
She has
She has standards, and we don't?
-I'll thrash you!
-Sir, I have some money as well.
we don't take money from a lady.
Sir, I have a card.
-Sir, ATM.
Sir, I can withdraw
all the money you need.
You think I've got nothing better to do?!
Grab your hand and take you to the ATM?
Sir, there's an ATM nearby.
I know it.
Let's end this. Why
Hello, Mujavar. Cancel that order.
And tell the boss that I've settled it.
-Thank you.
Yeah, you'll get it when we meet.
What's that? "L"?
He really is a loser.
He's a learner himself
and he's trying to teach the girl.
Come on, start the car.
Yeah, I have the key, right?
Take it. Come on.
Get in the front, Patil. In the front.
Go on! Go on!
-Neha, sit in the front.
-Yeah, I'm coming.
Sir, sir
Sir, please let her sit in the front.
The battery's fully charged,
but you just won't unplug the charger.
How long are you going to sit with her?
Come on.
Sir, please.
-You can't--
-Don't argue with me, alright?
Otherwise, I'll sandwich her
between me and Patil.
Are you getting me?
Now drive, and turn on the bloody AC!
He's not gonna do anything.
-You don't have to be scared.
-Come on!
Come on, we don't have time. Look
If I get dengue or corona,
I'll make you pay all my bills.
A mosquito can turn a man into a eunuch.
-Let's get going.
-Sir, please
Look I don't like leftovers anyway.
Let's go.
Passengers are requested
to fasten their seatbelts.
Let's go.
Don't you get Vividh Bharti
on this radio?
I don't know, sir.
Why are the flowers here?
Happy birthday, Ne--
The name of my neighbor's daughter
is Neha as well.
But she's a cultured girl.
Why didn't you tell me it's your birthday?
You see, it was Neha's birthday
Stop it.
Happy birthday to you.
So, how old are you?
How old are you? 18?
I've turned 18
What should I do?
My clothes have shrunk!
-What should I do?
-Tell me. How old are you now?
-Come on, talk to me.
-Nineteen, sir.
Are you her lawyer?
Come on, man! Let her speak.
My clothes have shrunk!
What should I do?
Go see a bloody tailor!
Look at this, Patil.
Mr. Baahubali has
created a wall with his hand.
That's not a line you should cross!
He's scared.
If he moves his hand
she will jump into your lap.
Come on, man! Drive!
What are you wearing around your neck?
What is it?
Is it a locket?
Let me see.
Let me see.
-What is this--
-What are you doing, sir?
Get lost.
Whose locket is it?
Let me see it.
What is it?
It's a religious locket.
She's religious but not in a parking lot!
Don't you have a tattoo?
It's the latest fashion these days,
getting tattoos of each other's names.
What happened?
Sir ATM.
Sir, how much should I withdraw?
Not possible, sir. The card has a limit.
How much?
Sir, 30,000 maximum, sir.
So, five and 30 more, that makes it 35.
I'll give you a student concession.
Go on.
I'll just come, okay?
Hey, you go, bro!
She's okay! Chill!
Ma'am, this is a dangerous place.
-Tell her about the white Innova case.
-What case?
Yeah, that.
What happened to the girl
was really terrible.
You tell her what happened.
Tell her.
She was your age.
Some loser like him had brought her here.
Suddenly some men attacked them
and the guy ran away.
Oh, fuck, man!
I hope those are all 2000-rupee notes.
Sir, the machine isn't working.
Come on, get in.
It's gonna be a long night.
And maybe I might let you go for free
if my mood changes.
Come on. Let's go.
Put on some music.
Why play the radio?
He'll sing himself.
Hey, hero!
Sing some nice English songs.
What's wrong?
Can't sing?
How the hell did you impress her?
You're so useless.
You sing, brother.
I'll tune into the local radio.
Rukmini! Rukmini!
What happened after the wedding?
Who won and who lost?
Check from the window
I tried, brother!
But I couldn't see anything.
Baahubali! Baahubali!
What happened in the car?
Who won and who lost?
Malad to Lokhandwala!
Stop it, bro.
What happened? Channel change?
Take a right. Go on.
Come on.
Come on. Pull over.
Stop here.
He really is a learner!
Real learner.
Turn off the headlights.
-Turn it off.
Come out.
Come on.
-Come on.
Sir, please.
Get out.
Come on.
-Hey, hero, come on!
What do you want to see?
Have you never a real man before?
Or do you want to show her a real man?
Cover me. Come on.
Cover me.
Let's go.
You guys have a great life!
Money, party, drug, disco!
You guys have bathrooms
bigger than our homes.
Don't answer it.
You haven't seen reality yet.
I'll show you.
-Give me your phone.
Give me your phone!
-Sir, please.
Call your father!
-Call your father!
Does your father know you're with him?
Does he?
Sir, please.
They live in Jaipur, sir.
They are very orthodox.
It will be a problem, sir.
They should know
what their daughter is doing in the city!
-Let it go, sir.
-What's in it? What's in the bag?
-Please stop, sir.
-Give me the bag!
-Please stop, sir.
-Is it a condom?
-Leave her alone, sir.
Which condom is it?
-What is it?
-Sir, please.
But we had canceled it, right?
-I said leave her alone!
-Hey, what--
-What are you doing?
-What will you do?!
-You're hitting a cop!
-Take us to the police station, right?
-Let's go. Let's go to the cops.
There that's the beat van.
Do you want to get in?
Have you experienced a lockup before?
-From the inside?
-No, sir.
I'll show you today.
-I'll charge you with rape.
And you
Your father will take
the first flight out here.
He'll sit outside the police station
all day and face the media!
You'll be famous in Jaipur overnight.
-Do you want to go?
Do you?
What's going on there?
-Sir, please
Sorry, sir.
Sorry sir
The time for "sorry" is over.
Now I'm gonna deal with you, smarty-pants.
Keep an eye on him.
Adi, it will be a big problem
if Mom finds out.
Adi, please, they'll call Mom and Dad.
Adi, please! Let's go!
Adi, please.
Adi, please! Let's go!
Please. Please, let's go.
-Please, let's go.
-He has my phone.
Adi, forget the phone. Let's go, please.
Let's go.
Please, let's go.
What the hell are you doing?
Don't push your luck.
Let's take our cut and leave.
She's so stunning, Patil.
And you're worried about 35,000 rupees?
Adi, please! Let's go.
Come on. Hurry up!
Come on, Adi!
Adi, please! Let's go.
I am feeling a bit dizzy right now.
The party's just started, Patil.
I can't reverse.
It's good you got back in the car.
Otherwise, they were going to arrest you.
But I told them,
"They're innocent. Let them go."
Why make a scene?
Come on, hurry up
and get the money from an ATM.
Let's go.
Hey, assho--
Drive carefully!
What the hell!
He's got all we need for a party!
Does he have a beer?
Nope. It's soft drink.
What else?
Want some, hero?
What more do we have here?
Oh, it's Melty!
My favorite.
Our choices are so similar, hero.
Here. Have some.
-Eat it.
-No, sir. Please!
Come on! Just have a bite!
Open your mouth.
-Eat it.
Eat it. Come on, eat it.
It's nice.
It's my favorite.
Eat it.
Did you see its ad?
There's a girl who licks it.
I saw it as well. It's really fun.
There's some on your finger too. Lick it.
Lick it.
Sir you'll get diabetes.
Shut up!
Lick it.
Lick it.
Tell her, hero.
I'm sure she does it with you.
But she has a problem when we're around?
Stop. Stop.
ATM's here.
Hero there are several ATMs here.
Go on.
Sir, please
come with me.
We're not a musical troupe
where everyone goes together.
Go on.
You know what, take the keys with you.
But if you take the keys,
you'll switch off the AC, right?
And Ms. Neha will start sweating.
She might feel hot
and her dress will become wet, right?
I'll keep the door open and wait outside.
Okay. Go on.
Patil, go with him.
Why? Why me?
What if he runs away?
Go on.
-Let's go, come on.
Come on, let's go.
She is safe. Come on.
It's late. Come on.
Go on.
Come on. Let's go.
May I do it?
I've never done it. Please!
What's wrong? Did I delete it?
-Let me count it.
-It's the right amount, sir.
-What if it isn't?
-It's always the right amount.
People can't be trusted
and this is a machine.
Sir, it's correct--
Sir! Sir!
Sir, open the door!
I guess she's never met
a real man before!
What did you do?
What did I do?
We were just talking. Come on, Patil!
Right, Neha?
Stop it, dumbass!
You're stressing her out!
Neha, are you okay?
She was smiling a few moments ago!
This Devdas ruined her mood!
Right, Neha?
You've never done this before.
What the hell is going on?
What are you saying?
She is my sister.
I know you're out of your mind today!
I'm drunk but you're the one who's high.
Listen to me!
Just give me my share and I'll push off.
No. Hey, hero, come out!
-Come out. Just come out.
Come on! Hurry up!
Come on!
Give me my share. Come on.
I want my 15 grand.
Give him ten!
-Just ten!
-Yeah, alright!
I don't want to waste my time.
Two, three, four, five
-Are you done?
-Yes, I am!
I don't want to waste my time!
-Get lost!
Bloody old geezer.
Can we leave, sir?
Go on.
But before you go
let's have a smoke.
Here you go.
Come on.
You wanna leave, right? Take one!
Come on!
Good boy.
Can we leave, sir?
Well, money isn't important,
but we're celebrating
the Ganesha festival next week
and I'm a little short on cash.
So, you're basically
just lending me some money.
Alright, scram.
-You have my phone.
Here you go! Take it!
Hey, stop!
Give me your number.
I'll need it if I want to
return your money, right?
Come on!
What's your name?
I'll text you on WhatsApp!
I'll send some hilarious jokes.
Read it. Have fun.
Those jokes, alright?
Come on. Scram!
please delete the video.
Don't worry, I'll delete it.
We're friends now.
You're Neha's friend, right?
That means you're my friend as well!
Come on! Get in! Leave!
Oh, yes, listen.
Take the freeway, alright?
It will be safer.
And don't stop the car.
You won't always run
into a gentleman like me.
Right, Sister Neha?
Hey, why don't you sit in the front?
You don't wanna sit with him anymore?
Fine, do as you please.
Take care.
Take care.
Go on. Scram!
Get lost.
At the ATM
What happened in the car?
Neha, please.
Did he
do something?
Please, tell me.
I need to know.
Please, tell me.
I need to know as a man, okay?
Adi, listen
Do you have a list of things
we need to buy?
Yes, Mom. I have it!
I keep forgetting.
Listen, the blue dress
Mom, I won't wear the blue dress.
Fine, don't wear it.
But you could at least try it?
-It's very cute.
-Mom, I know all your tricks, alright?
First, you'll make me wear the dress,
then you'll say, "Wow!
My daughter is looking really beautiful!"
-I'll take a stump and shove it up--
What happened?
Nothing, sis.
I just had a minor accident.
You should be more careful, son.
Why are you always in a hurry?
And listen, try some turmeric milk.
It helps in healing the injuries.
Yes, Auntie. I'll tell Mom about it.
-Let's go.
-Take care.
Yes, sis. Adi
What would you have done
if he had insulted your sister?
He really is a learner.
A real learner.
I don't get it
Where did I go wrong?
Why is my heart on fire?
Why is there smoke all around?
One doesn't change the way you did
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you do this to me?
I wish no one feels as lonely as me
The world's against me
And none of this is my fault
This is love
If this is love
Then why fall in love?
I am upset
There's nothing to hide
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you do this to me?
1,050 rupees!
You're 30 rupees short.
Ma'am, what are you doing?
Move on. It's getting late.
Uncle, just two minutes.
It's almost done.
You can try this tea
if you don't really care about the brand.
You will get a free soap as well!
You won't need this.
And instead of buying
three separate brushes,
buy a pack of three.
It's cheaper.
You get one rupee back.
Thank you.
Do you have a bag?
-It's alright.
You call this tea?
Did you drop a sack of sugar in it?
Watch the sugar, man!
Have you read this?
A chemist shot his own brother in Andheri.
In broad daylight!
-Shot him four times in his own home.
-I know.
-Are you serious?
How did a chemist get a gun?
What the hell, man!
Siblings are killing each other,
and you're worried about the gun?
It isn't a trivial case!
Hey hero!
Haven't you seen the video on WhatsApp?
Hey, hold it!
Who is he, Mangya?
He's a friend. I'll be back.
Hey, hero!
How are you?
Open up! Come on!
What brings you here?
Are you alone?
Hey! What the--
Open up.
Come on, bro!
You bloody
Why are you playing with your window?
You think this is a game?
I love games.
What brings you here today, hero?
how is Sister Neha?
I have sent you a ton of good jokes.
Did you read them?
Well, you've changed your look!
You're not a cop?
Yeah, I'm not a cop,
but the citizens should be
alert as well, right?
Cops can't handle everything, right?
You're giving me a death stare.
Are you trying to threaten me?
Tell me.
Yeah, that's right! We're back to "Sir"!
I had told you to stay away
from this place, right?
You had?
I had, right?
Anyway, I'm telling you right now.
Stay away from this place!
If I see you here again,
I'll beat you to a pulp
and get you admitted into this hospital.
Are you getting me? Now get lost!
Okay, sir.
I'll go.
Get lost.
Buzz off!
Mangya, what happened?
You have a drilling machine, right?
-I need it.
I'll lend it to you.
Let's meet at our usual hangout tonight.
I'll bring it with me.
Not today, man. It's the Ganesh Festival.
It's a dry day.
I'm taking my family to the
Evershine Ganpati Pandal.
Yeah, I've heard about
the Evershine Ganpati Pandal as well!
They say it's amazing.
Really fantastic.
Mangya, is he really a friend?
No, I'm not really getting
a friendly vibe.
Vibe-- Do you want me
to sing a song for your vibe?
-I won't break this friendship!
-Look at him.
Come on, give me a cigarette.
I don't have one.
Get me a cup of tea as well.
It's really heavy.
Are you getting married?
My daughter's getting married!
Well, I just asked because
few lucky ones get married twice, sister.
Stop calling me "sister"
and do your job.
-Or I'll go to some other tailor.
-Come on! I'm here for you!
-Tomorrow at 4:00 p.m.
Make sure this is ready!
-"Where?" Idiot!
What do you want?
What do you want?
Is this a tailor shop?
Does this look like a sweet shop to you?
It is a tailor shop.
Your sister is getting married, right?
Do you want a suit for yourself?
I'm a Bandhgala suit specialist.
But it's already over.
-Your sister got married?
That's exactly what I was waiting for.
What do you mean?
Move, dumbass!
Boss, where does Mangesh Jadhav live?
Mangesh Jadhav?
The guy who drives an ambulance
for Paramount hospital.
It's house number 30.
Right next to the temple.
-That way?
Thank you.
Yeah, I'm coming.
Hello, ma'am.
Is Mangesh home?
No, he's on duty at the hospital.
You are?
He hasn't returned yet?
He told me he'd be back by 4:30.
No. Who are you?
Actually, he had called me.
I have a meeting with him.
Meeting? What do you mean?
Supratech Solutions, ma'am.
We're actually looking
for a private ambulance service.
We had spoken about it.
And he had asked me to come home.
Try calling him.
I would've called,
but my phone's battery just died.
It's alright.
I'll wait for him outside.
Come in.
Please come in.
Keep your shoes outside.
I hope I'm not disturbing you.
It's okay. Please continue.
No, we were about to leave anyway.
We were gonna visit
the Evershine Ganpati Pandal.
Sorry, I'll wrap this up quickly.
We'll immediately discuss the details once
Mangesh is back and I'll be on my way.
It's okay.
I'll try calling him from my phone.
Ma'am, actually Mangesh doesn't know it,
but our company is signing
a two-year contract with him.
Please, allow me. I'll call him.
It's busy. I guess, he'll call back.
Can I get some water?
Oh, I'm really sorry.
-Regular water, please.
Did she run away?
-The cat.
Yes, she
She is really restless.
She always runs out when the door's ajar.
Leave it open, she will come back.
Please sit.
Yeah, sure.
Arhan Khan, who's already struggling
with #maalofmanali drug scandal,
is now stuck in another
sensational case.
Should I change the channel?
No, ma'am, please sit.
No, I need to take care of
some chores in the kitchen.
Please sit.
The Arhan Khan case
isn't cooling down, huh?
He's having an affair with Pasha's sister.
Are you serious?
They claim that he'd also made a deal
to buy some RDX!
Arhan had imported this car
from Dubai's Pasha.
What the hell is going on these days?
Ma'am, you work at Zidaa Mart?
Yes, at the counter.
We buy all our groceries at Zidaa Mart!
-What a coincidence!
And today?
Took half a day off
for the Ganesh Festival.
Lucky me.
Otherwise, I would be standing
outside in the heat, right?
We never get a holiday.
-What does your company do?
But ambulance?
That must be Mr. Devram's car.
I think he's here.
Chhaya, are you coming to Evershine?
You go ahead. Riya isn't home yet.
I'll come with my husband.
Alright, see you.
It's getting pretty late.
Want some tea?
No, thank you.
Where can I keep this glass?
-I'll keep it.
-No, please, let me.
-No, I'll keep it.
-Please, just tell me.
Oh, shi--
Oh, shit! Sorry.
Your sari is drenched.
I told you I'll keep it.
No, you have to go to the temple and I--
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, ma'am.
Oh, shit
Hurt yourself, right?
I'll give you some bandages.
No, ma'am. It's okay.
But so sweet.
I'll call you back, sis.
I'm busy. Yeah, okay, bye.
You told me
your phone battery was dead?
I had used up my phone balance.
I couldn't call anyone.
Where did he keep my phone?
It stopped.
My phone was right here.
I'll try calling him again.
The door
Ma'am, here's your phone.
No, this is the TV remote.
-Look, if you have my phone--
I have an iPhone.
Why would I take your phone?
Give me your number. I'll try calling.
First, you told me
your phone's battery was dead.
Then you said
you didn't have enough balance.
And now you wanna try calling me?
Emergency balance, ma'am.
He's back.
-Riya, you're back, sweetheart?
Who is he?
So, you are Riya!
You are really cute!
Where are you coming from? Tuitions?
Which class?
Riya, go have some poha.
-Yes. Where is Rani?
-Outside. She will be back soon.
Ma'am, she is really cute.
Just like you, I swear.
-Same to same.
-I think he'll be late. You should leave.
I could've left a long time ago. Trust me.
But the company has a deadline.
I have to meet Mangesh today.
It's a two-year contract, ma'am.
Ma'am, you had asked
if I wanted some tea, right?
Meanwhile, I'll look for your phone.
We were standing here when
I took it from you. And then
It could be here.
Extra sugar, ma'am!
Uncle, what are you drawing?
Why should I tell you?
Tell me!
Who is it?
Ma'am, I found your phone.
It was right here, behind the cushion.
Thank you, ma'am.
What does the red sari indicate?
-Please stay with us.
-We'll be back after a short break
to discuss Arhan Khan's sensational case,
that involves drugs,
-Lower it.
-cars, terrorism, and
Hello. Where are you?
Someone's here to meet you.
He's just around the corner.
He'll be here soon.
Come, Riya, get dressed.
Dad will be home soon.
The tea is amazing, ma'am.
We're leaving soon.
Mom, I want a new drawing book.
I'll get one. Stand straight.
Mom, look at what he drew!
How dare you enter my kitchen!
Get out!
I am sorry. I wasn't supposed to?
But it's amazing, ma'am.
Please share the recipe.
What is this?
Caricature, ma'am. It's just a drawing.
It's a joke, ma'am.
Don't take it seriously.
I'm gonna tell him everything
when he comes home!
Let him come.
Rascal, how dare you come into my house?
I did apologize.
You wanna meet my husband, right?
Meet him outside. Get out of my house.
I'll call the neighbors.
And what about the two-year contract?
If Mangesh finds out
Fine, I'll tell him everything as well!
I said I'm busy right now.
I'll call back.
You don't fucking understand or what?
Sorry, ma'am.
I get irritated
because they keep calling me.
Ma'am, let bygones be bygones.
Let's forget what happened.
Let's make a fresh-- Wait a second.
You loon! Get out!
What does "Loon" mean?
Are you crazy?
Just get rid of this drawing, Riya.
Very bad drawing, okay? Give it back.
-Hey, Chhaya.
Who is it?
What's wrong?
That was fun, ma'am.
Ma'am, I loved it.
What are you doing here?
Do you know him?
I've been asking him to leave.
You did?
Oh, yes, we've been waiting for you, sir.
Who gave you my address?
Mangya, who is he?
-He told me you called him.
-Why would I--
Sir, she's a bit furious.
You see, ma'am and I
I accidentally wet her sari.
It's just water, sir.
Get changed, ma'am.
Let your dad see the drawing, sweetheart.
Show him.
-Just get him out of my house!
-What? Ma'am?
Why don't you tell her
how we know each other?
Tell her, sir.
-Whoever you are, just get out.
-But, sir--
Let's talk outside. Come on.
It's very hot outside, sir.
She will start sweating, right?
-But who is he, Mangya?
-I'm a friend, ma'am.
Best friend.
He texts me some amazing jokes.
-Get out.
Hey, you--
-Don't be scared. I'm here for you.
-You're the one who is scared, sir.
I'm scared of you?
-I'll show you--
-No, sir.
Don't show me, sir!
Show her.
Show her the "real life".
Come on.
To hell with you! Get lost!
Mangesh, what are you doing?
I beg you! Please leave.
-Do you wanna get thrashed?
-It's okay, ma'am.
Real life is tough, sir. Wow!
But behaving like this
in front of the child
She's scared of you.
She was happy before you got here.
Stop blabbering and get out.
-Sir, please.
-Riya, call your uncle.
-Yeah, call them.
-Don't call anyone.
-Why, sir?
Right, yes, you're a cop.
What is he saying?
Nothing. He's a lunatic.
Didn't he tell you?
Social distancing, sir.
Come on.
What are you doing?
I just want to talk for five minutes.
I don't want you here for a bloody second.
Get lost!
-I am going, sir.
-I am going, sir.
Just wearing my shoes.
-It's okay.
-Stop crying.
-But not fair, sir.
Firstly, I drove all the way here.
Did you know that one needs a visa
to come here from Malad?
From Mith Chowky!
Jab We Mith. Good one.
Just get lost!
I'm leaving, sir.
Come on, leave.
But before I leave,
I got this for your daughter.
-You're crossing the line!
What's wrong, sir?
Are you in a bad mood?
You couldn't stop licking it
the other night!
Which night?
I think he's embarrassed, ma'am.
Don't worry, I'll tell you!
-Hey! You're not gonna say a word!
-Come on.
-Just get lost!
-Come on! Why are you in a hurry, sir?
-It's gonna be a long night!
-Get out--
-Hey! Hey! Sir, please
-Ma'am, please tell him--
-Don't touch her!
-Mangya, please.
-Please what?
Why the hell did you let him in?
I didn't call him.
I don't even know him.
He's here for you!
Are you gonna let
every random stranger into the house?
Mangya, stop screaming at me.
What-- What do you mean?
I don't want you guys to fight
because of me.
It's not her fault.
-But that was hard, sir.
-It was, right?
Do you want another? Get out.
Ma'am, I've been here all evening.
Did I ever misbehave with you?
-Or with the child?
What? What?
You've been yelling,
"Get out!" all evening.
I just wanna talk!
I want to ask you something.
I've been calling you "sir" all evening.
But you're hitting me?
Is this fair?
Yes, it's fair. Now get out.
You've gotten into my head.
I haven't slept for a week.
My sister was getting married.
But all I could think about was
What did you do to her?
Ma'am, you tell me.
Is this fair?
Should I leave?
Should I just leave
after getting slapped by this swine?
Tell me! Is it fucking fair?!
-Tell me, bastard!
-Hey! No! Stop!
-No, no
-Just shut up!
-Not Riya--
-Let her go!
-Let her go!
-No, please.
-I'll stab her if anyone moves!
-Sit! Come on!
-Please! Riya
Answer me!
-Please, don't hurt Riya--
-Stop screaming, "Please!"
I told you! I just wanna talk!
-It's not my fault, okay?
Your father hit me first.
You saw it, right?
-Hey! Sit down!
I'm talking to you!
What are you doing?
-She's just a kid. A kid
Alright, sorry, I'm sorry.
It's okay! It's alright!
We're playing a game, right?
We're just playing a game.
Your father was playing
the cop that night,
and I was the robber.
He made me cry.
I am the cop today,
and your father's the robber.
No, not a robber,
he's a dog.
Get out.
Is he a loon?
Why do you mean by "Leave"?
It's time for a song!
The one from the car!
Sing it.
What? No?
you look like you're smart.
How did he impress you?
Did you force her to marry you?
-Did you
-Get out. Get out.
Where were you hiding?
Your favorite!
What happened that night?
I lost, you won
A driver posing as a cop
Don't do it.
One bite.
Don't do it.
-One bite.
-Don't do it. Hey!
Ma'am for you.
What? I'm being polite!
Don't do it.
One bite.
Don't do it.
I'm being really polite! Eat it.
So, you won't you eat it?
You won't?
Not cool anymore, bro?
Yo! Swag!
I won't spare you.
You wanted to see my "manhood", right?
Do you see it?
Or do you want to see more?
Had I known who you really are
I would've shown you
my real manhood that night!
-What would you do?
-I would've shown it to Neha, not you--
The secret is out, bro.
Hey, stop!
I've got the drilling machine for you.
Hey, Mangya!
I don't think they're home. Let's go!
They must've gone to the Evershine Pandal.
Let's go.
I don't trust this Mangya at all.
He must have gone out
with some other girl.
No way!
Mangya's a changed man now.
-Come on
Uncle Kiran told us that he caught
a couple in a parking lot last week
And then he and the girl
-Are you serious?
He's a bloody pervert.
This is what I hate about Mangya.
He's got such a fantastic chick at home,
and he's horsing around for more.
Hey! What do you mean by "Chick"?
Call her Chhaya ma'am, alright?
Hey! You can call her "ma'am".
She's a gorgeous chick for me.
-Hey, come on, guys.
-Let's go.
-Let's go grab a drink. Come on.
-But the drilling-- Mangya.
Let's get something to eat.
But call her "ma'am", alright?
Don't call her a chick.
they are gone.
You should go as well.
I won't do anything.
Let's end this here.
What did he do to you?
Why are you punishing him?
-No-- Nothing
-Should I tell her?
Go on!
Nothing-- Nothing happened.
I saved you from the cops.
I let you go.
Yeah, I did take some money.
I'll return the money.
Shove that money up your ass!
What happened in the car?
Say it!
-Ma'am, come here.
Let's hear it together. Come on.
-Come on.
Hey, Chhaya!
Chhaya, where--
Chhaya, I didn't do anything!
Nothing happened.
Really? Now tell us.
I stopped the car outside the ATM,
and you locked the car from the inside.
What did you do to Neha?
Say it!
Nothing. Nothing.
Didn't seem like it.
-Did you hold her like this?
Tell me.
Or did you touch her like this?
Look, don't do it. Don't
Did you kiss her?
Did you kiss her like this?
-Hey! I beg you!
-Did you kiss her?
Let her go, man! I beg you!
Forgive me, man! I told you I am sorry.
What more do you want?
I'm sorry, man!
Hey! Rascal.
The time to cry is over.
The time to apologize is over as well.
What did you do?
What the hell did you do?!
Tell me!
I swear I will
-Hey! My daughter!
If anything happens to Riya,
I won't spare you!
I'll tell you.
I'll tell you.
I did something terrible.
What did you do?
That's the truth.
I swear on my daughter.
Forgive me.
What if you catch another couple
in that parking lot again?
I swear to God, I'll never do it again.
Don't forget
that you're not the only man.
There's someone out there,
who can screw you in your own house.
Are you getting me?
Bloody coward.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
But if I hadn't done this,
neither of us would've found peace.
He deserved it.
Don't worry.
You wanna leave, right?
Come on! Cheer up! Smile.
Please, sir.
I won't take any money either.
just give me a kiss.
-Just a kiss.
-No, sir. Please.
-He will never find out!
-Sir, please.
-Please, sir. Please
-Just one kiss--
-Just one kiss. Come on!
-No, sir. Please
What the
Why are you crying?
I'm sorry.
Sorry. Sorry.
Sir, open the door. Sir!
Neha, we'll see you in college.
I haven't seen him for a long time.
You haven't returned my calls for a week.
You haven't replied to my messages.
Adi, what's going on?
You wanted to know
what happened in the car, right?
I don't need to.
Actually, I--
Sorry, buddy.
I forgot you were in here.
Forgive me, child.
I'll never do it again.
You're like my child.
Forgive me, please.
Done? May I leave?
Where are we?
Can you give me some money?
How will I go home?
I had warned Mangya not to push his luck!
Adi, what--
Get in.
-Adi, what's going on? I don't--
-This is nothing.
I barged into Mangesh's home
and taught him a lesson.
That took care of his manhood!
I had to prove it to you what a man I am.
I know what happened that night.
did the right thing.
It's all cool now, okay?
Adi, wait.
If he had done something to me that night,
would things still be cool between us?
I've been carrying your
birthday gift around for a while.
Do you want to see it?
One second.