Operation Wedding (2013) Movie Script

My name is Windy.
I'm the youngest of four sisters.
I have three sisters.
Vera who has low self-esteem.
Lira who is so beautiful.
Tara who is very smart.
And that handsome man is my dad.
And I am his favourite daughter.
But, don't tell it to my three sisters.
My superiority over my sisters...
... is holding breath.
Operation Wedding
Come on!
I'm also good at sack race.
But, it's not just an ordinary sack race.
That's because every Independence day,
my dad always reminds us...
... about our nation's fight
for freedom.
My second superiority...
... is never giving up.
To "Hati Tulus" Orphanage
Jend. Sudirman Street Number 3,
Merauke, 99619
My three sisters are close and unified.
Moreover when they try to get rid of me
And after that incident,
my dad resigned from Navy.
When I was in elementary school,
I had an enemy.
My enemy's name was Rendi.
Rendi was the son of my father's aide.
Your stories were good as well.
Windi, I'll go ahead.
- But, after I hit him...
- It's a fish for you.
... it seemed
he had a concussion.
Because his behaviour
when he met me was peculiar.
My dad also didn't like it if there's
a boy with weird behaviour towards me.
Stop, don't cry. It's good
he didn't make you do push-ups.
Every Saturday night, we always
anticipate Liverpool's victory.
- That's it! Give him red card!
- You never walk alone!
This is an example of bad player.
He was at fault,
yet debating the referee.
Soldiers must not do that.
When soldiers are given orders,
they must not debate it.
Because orders are meant to be
carried out, not debated.
But, Dad, if the orders are wrong,
then what?
Do all soldiers must obey?
For soldiers, there's no wrong order.
Even when life is at stake,
we must do it.
Apa Ibu selalu taat perintah Ayah?
Hanya satu Kali ibumu melawan
perintah Ayah.
But, she considered it the best for her.
Is that why mom left?
It's alright.
Don't be sad, Dad.
When you grow up,
you'll marry...
... and leave me as well.
When I grow up, I won't marry.
So I can always be with you.
What are you doing!
- Let me go in first.
- The older one...
- ... goes first.
- No way.
No way.
What's wrong.
You event fight over bathing.
What is it that you don't fight over?
You want the keys? Here.
Not a chance. The older one goes first.
Be patient.
- When she's done, my turn.
- That's cheating.
No way. Number two, three, four.
The youngest one.
- No way.
- No way. You can't do that.
I woke up first, so I should go first.
- I'm the one who woke up first.
- I woke up first.
Good morning, Sir!
A calling for Mr Santosa.
You're being awaited
at the main entrance.
I repeat, Mr Santosa is being awaited
at the main entrance. Thank you.
Bye, Dad.
Just do it. Until finished...
Bye, Dad.
- Hi, Honey.
- Hi.
Why do boys nowadays act like girls?
- Okay. I'll pick you up at 7.00 PM.
- Okay. Bye, Dad.
Excuse me. Do you remember me?
- Who are you?
- Who am I? You remember, don't you?
- No. Sorry, I don't know you.
- Come on.
What! I've told you I don't know you.
I'm in a hurry!
Don't be so rude. Miss!
- Miss! You'll definitely know this.
- What do you want!
- Her!
- Ouch.
Take that.
Win, it's me.
Your friend at elementary school.
- Oh my God! Rendi?
- Yes!
I'm so sorry.
Gosh, how are you?
Not fine. See?
Since you're so different...
Of course. More handsome.
No way. Not really.
You're more like a nerd now.
Damn it. You don't change at all.
- Really? I'm more fascinating now.
- You wish.
- I'm really better, right?
- What's better?
- You're still this short.
- No way.
That's not right.
After your dad resigned from Navy,...
... my dad was transferred to Merauke
by Navy.
Then went to middle school in Maluku.
My highschool was in Papua.
Then I go to college here.
At Medical School.
That's cool.
So that's why...
... after graduated elementary,...
... I seldom saw you.
Even almost never.
It's too far.
I know.
By the way, Win.
Who is your lover now?
You mean boyfriend?
Why do you ask that?
I just want to know.
Is that wrong?
Do you have a girlfriend?
Well, there are a lot of girls
who like me...
Well, I'm not one of them.
That's the problem...
Stop joking...
After class...
... let's go out.
I can't do that. My dad will pick me up.
How about tomorrow?
I can't.
My dad will pick me up.
Is your dad grumpy?
No, he's not grumpy.
How should I call it...
He is...
That's hard...
Alright, then.
I have a practice class.
I'll go to the autopsy room.
Wait a minute.
- Here. Saturday.
- What's this?
Pick me up, okay?
Alright, then. Bye.
What is it now?
You can't wait for Saturday, can you?
Don't be too full of yourself.
That's my drinking bottle!
Sorry. Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
What should I do?
- Dad?
- Yes?
Nothing... I forget...
What should I do?
- Dad.
- What is it?
Do you still remember Lieutenant Susilo?
Your former aide?
Yoyo? I still remember him.
How about his son? Rendi?
The fat boy whom you often beat up?
Yes. The very fat boy.
You remember?
But, maybe because I often
beat him up that time...
... he is thin now.
- Yes.
- Really?
Yes, Dad.
That means he is funny, right, Dad?
What if he is funny?
If he is funny,
then he is not dangerous, right?
What is dangerous?
Nothing, but...
Actually, Dad...
... Rendi asked me out
on Saturday...
- Dad...
- Ouch!
Dad, what happened?
You hit people or dog?
I hit a sissy.
Sissy, Dad? Poor him.
Sissy! How is he, Dad?
- Is he bleeding? What...
- No, Dad.
How is it, Dad?
May I go?
What did you ask, Win?
What did you ask?
You're still too young to go on a date.
- What a mess!
- A date?
It's not a date. It's just hanging out.
It's different, Dad.
How is it?
Okay. If you just want to hang out.
- Hey, stop!
- Windi, you're noisy!
It's just hanging out.
- Thank you, Sir.
- Okay.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Are you ready?
- Just a moment.
A moment?
What do you mean by what?
Nothing, Sir.
It's okay if they come too, right?
Alright. It's okay then.
Okay, then...
... let's go.
So, why haven't you
had a girlfriend yet?
No particular reason...
Let me tell you what kind of girl I like.
She must be independent,...
... brave,...
... and not pampered.
Is there such a girl?
- Of course.
- Like who?
Like you.
We haven't see each other
for a long time...
... and now you are suddenly
full of sweet words.
You must remember.
You were the only girl
who dared fight me.
And beat you. Don't forget that.
Don't you forget as well.
That's when we were kids.
- Are you sure?
- Of course.
- Windi?
- Yes, Dad?
Please order a cup of coffee.
Less sugar, no coffee grounds.
Okay, Dad.
- Let's make a bet, shall we?
- I heard from Windi...
- ... that you want to be a doctor?
- Deal?
Yes, Sir, a surgeon.
The we have the same expertise.
Which expertise, Sir?
We are both expert in cutting corpses.
Once, I was adrift at sea for months.
Everyday, The crew shuffled our turns.
Turn for what, Sir?
To be eaten.
Because we ran out of food stock.
I, as the commander,
had a duty to cut up...
... and distribute it to the crew.
As a commander, I got the head.
Eating eat by opening its brain...
... salting it,
giving it some pepper...
... then I ate it.
Sometimes I also ate its scalp.
But, the most delicious ones
are its eyes.
But, eating eyes must be careful.
If you take the wrong bite,...
... all the fluid will come out.
Sir, excuse me.
Ren? What's wrong? Rendi?
Dad, what's wrong with Rendi?
I don't think he is the right person
for you, Windi.
Trust me.
Get over it, Win.
It's not just you who is not allowed
to go on a date.
We both have a boyfriends.
But, you know, we are not allowed
to go on a date.
- It's what?
- It's hard to see each other.
So, you've already had boyfriends?
That time my boyfriend was bullied
by Dad until he passed out.
My boyfriend...
was shot with a pi...
- With pee?
- Pistol (Gun)!
Pistol (Gun)?
Dad threw firecrackers at my
boyfriend. Great, isn't it?
If it continues like this,
we will be spinsters.
That's right.
What if we get out when he is sleeping.
We've tried that already.
Dad seems to have a sixth sense.
He wakes up if we do that.
What about afternoon?
In the afternoon,
Dad uses his seventh sense.
Think about it. The moment I get out
from my office...
... Dad is already
at the parking lot.
That's too much.
That's too advanced.
More advance than technology.
The point is, if Dad still awakes,
he will always oversee us.
... he is watching something.
Watching what?
- That thing, ball...
- Football!
Okay, good night,
wherever you are.
We meet again
in Big Match show.
It's Manchester United versus Liverpool.
Tonight, I am not alone. I am
accompanied by Bung Kam.
Okay, Bung Kam. Let me ask you.
What is your prediction?
Can Manchester United defeat Liverpool?
Mr Ali!
Mr Ali!
It seems Liverpool
is more favored to win than MU.
Okay, but of course...
No, tackled.
How come? That was not an offense.
The referee takes a side.
This is cheating.
Okay, shoot!
Okay! Headbutt! Head...
Just like that?
That's really bad.
That was really bad.
He should shoot it.
That should be a goal.
Shouldn't, it, Dad? That's the thing
he should do, right?
And then it was really like that.
It should be...
There was no target
or anything like it, right?
So, they just shot randomly...
... then, so, it was like that,
isn't it Dad?
That's really... Just like that.
It's some kind of...
- They play it lame.
- Where are you going?
Upstairs, Dad. Doing homework.
I have a pile of homework. Okay?
Yes, okay.
Let's do it.
Do what?
Washing hand?
I have.
W... We kiss.
Yes, kissing.
Do you want
to get it in now, honey?
Yes, but open it first,
then get it in.
But, it's difficult, sticky.
If you don't open it,
how it can get in?
It will rip it.
Okay then, please gently.
Help me, please.
Here, it's the tip.
- Like this. Here?
- Yes.
It's good, isn't it?
One more for my collection.
You're so sweet.
Do you know?
Actually, I already like you
since elementary school.
But, I was not brave enough to say it.
Because you were ill-tempered.
Now I am still ill-tempered.
I see that.
The difference is just
you are now prettier.
You were ill-tempered back then.
Now you're not.
What a sweet talk.
I'm really sure you often...
... talk like that
to hundreds of girls.
What, no...
I never talk like this
to another girl.
I only talk like this
to one girl.
To a girl
who waits for me for 10 years.
Don't be full of yourself.
Just give it up, Win.
That's the prove.
You still keep my drawing
in elementary school.
You even still keep the fish.
Now it's look like an old fish.
Are you really serious with me?
If I am not serious,...
... why should I come here
at night like a robber.
And the risk is
being shot by your dad.
Why should I?
- What if he really shoots you?
- That's fine.
As long as I already
get the answer from you.
What answer?
That you likes me too.
What's wrong?
Dad! I'm so scared!
I was so scared...
- I was so scared, Dad!
- It's alright.
Calm down.
- What happened?
- It's a nightmare.
I'm afraid, Dad.
I'm so scared.
Hey! Don't run!
Hey! Robber!
- Where's the robber?
- Robber!
- Don't run!
- There's no robber!
Dad, there's no robber! Dad!
Li, if there's a robber
breaks in again,...
... I'll shoot you!
- Do you understand? Go.
- Yes, Sir.
Because of you, it's hard for us
to bring our boyfriends in.
You are so annoying.
Why am I always the one to blame.
- As if you grudge me.
- I do.
Don't you realize
that you are a troublemaker?
And because of you,
I, Lira, and Vera...
... we are unlucky
since we were kids.
- Sis, what did I do wrong?
- You're the one at fault!
Your fault is
because you were born.
- Do you understand?
- What do you mean?
What do you mean? Tara!
- Go away.
- What do you mean?
Go away? Shut up!
It's time she knows about Mom.
What's wrong with both of you?
Like I said, Dad?
It's time she know about Mom.
What does Tara mean?
15 Mei?
It's the same as my birthday.
Her uterus condition was very weak.
The doctor himself did not suggest...
To continue the labor process?
That means...
Mom had broken your order, right, Dad?
Forget it.
Let's go home.
Windi. Ouch.
Rendi, are you okay?
I'm okay. I want to talk to you.
Me, too.
But, don't you have
a practice class today?
Hey you, sit down.
- I want to talk to you.
- Okay. Me, too, but...
Please, be quiet.
We'll start our class.
I told you to sit down, didn't I?
Do you want to lecture instead of me?
No, Sir.
Alright. I'll continue
last week lesson...
... about communication.
So, in communication
there are five types of level.
There are five tips of communication.
The first one.
Interpersonal communication.
Or communication between two persons.
The second one,
interpersonal communication.
Or self communication.
The third one,
many persons communication.
Or group communication.
The fourth one,
organization communication.
And the last one...
He can't stand continuing
relationship like this.
I will explain
about interpersonal communication.
Interpersonal communication...
... involves...
It's an active internal involvement
from individual...
... in a symbolic process.
Please, forgive my Dad.
I didn't say anything.
It's alright.
One of the example...
Write this down
"Last night I'm sure..."
... sending letters.
Let me see that.
So sweet.
Maybe it will be easier
to understand...
... if it is read...
... by the communicator.
Step forward.
- But, Sir...
- Come here.
Give an example
to your friends...
... about how sending letters
communication is like.
Don't be just a whisperer.
Come on.
Last night I was sure...
... we were not meant to be together.
... sea never leaves the shore.
Moon never leaves the shore.
Stars never leave the sky.
And I...
I will never
leave you.
You are my soul mate.
We can't break up.
Because we are one heart.
I'm already in love with you, Win.
I want to marry you, Win.
Yes, Sir.
You want to get married?
You guys haven't even
finish your college yet.
You haven't work, then...
... how will you feed
my daughter?
With love?
Soon I will finish my study, Sir.
Yes, but still
you're still too young.
Although I'm still too young,
I promise...
... I will never
let you and Windi down.
Right now.
I cannot accept
your proposal.
Why, Sir?
Because I will let daughters
get married in sequence.
Starting from
Tara, Lira, Fera,...
... then Windi.
That means if their boyfriends
come to propose,...
... you won't get
in the way, right?
Do you promise me?
Okay, I promise.
It's hopeless
to expect Beni to propose.
Why is that?
He is already engaged
by his parents...
... with a village girl.
And Beni...
... can't refuse...
... and he said that this girl
would come to Jakarta...
... and met Beni.
But, Beni chooses you, right?
Of course!
That's clear!
How about you, Fira?
What about Herman? Does he
brave enough to propose you?
It's hopeless.
... is a coward.
He also desperate easily.
Let alone proposing...
... just seeing Dad's eyes...
... he wouldn't dare.
It's difficult then.
What about Tara's boyfriend?
Feri is not afraid of Dad...
... but he is afraid
of something else.
How could you? You never come home,
never let me know...
... where you are, with whom,
what you are doing. How can that be?
- Stop! Listen.
- Hey!
It's useless for me to come home
just so you can mock me.
Anything I do is always wrong to you.
- Listen to me just a moment.
- Forget it.
Wait a second! I'm talking to you!
Stop it. I can't stand it anymore.
Moreover, you don't see me
as your wife anymore!
You're too demanding!
- Stop it!
- Hey!
What is it now?
Don't bump me!
It's forbidden for me to bump you!
You just think about money!
- Listen up!
- What?
I want you to divorce me, okay?
Fine! You want me to div...
... divorce you, okay.
Yes, I want you
to divorce me.
Like right now.
- Understand?
- Who do you think you is?
I dont care. I'll give you
what you want. Wait a minute!
What do you want just now?
A divorce? Okay.
It's a divorce then!
I've said it three times!
- Satisfied?
- Three times!
How many is that? Four. Step aside.
I'm mad right now. Why are you fixing me?
All this time I bear that you always
dress up like a boy.
- What?
- So what?
- So what?
- I'd rather marry someone who...
Step aside!
- You step aside!
- Don't get in my way!
- I want to go there.
- You...
So stressed.
Then I go home with whom?
And because he often deals...
... divorce cases....
... he is so afraid of marriage.
Let's make Lira's,...
... Vera's, and Tara's boyfriends...
... come to Dad to propose.
- Agree!
- Agree!
That's right. High five!
Do not disturb
The timeline.
This one, location.
This is the last one.
That's it.
- This must be successful.
- Succ...
All three of you must succeed.
This one use Y.
Let's high-five.
Hey, that's your dad's girlfriend.
Take care of this car,
this is a car for a man,...
... not for loser like you.
- Come on.
- You go on, Dad.
I want to go to the book store. Okay.
You love Vera, don't you?
Then when do you want to propose?
I'm afraid.
Your dad is scary.
I'm scared being shot.
Just relax.
I know how to deal with it.
- Hi, Dad.
- Excuse us...
To Mr Hardi...
.. .with all respect.
My name is Herman.
I want to...
... propose your daughter.
Please forgive me.
If I say it this way.
I love your daughter.
But, I am afraid
to speak to you directly.
It's because you're ill-tempered.
- Go.
- It's you who wants to marry her?
- You're the one?
- No, Sir, that one...
Please forgive me.
Mrs Ati.
- Where is Dad?
- What?
Your dad is sleep...
Your dad is sleeping.
Okay, we want to go out.
But, please don't tell anybody. Okay?
This is it.
- Are you sure?
- Trust me.
I'm sure.
- Assalamu'alaikum.
- Assalamu'alaikum.
Wa'alaikumsalam, Mr Hajj.
We want to meet Mr Beni?
Mr Eni?
- Beni.
- Yes, Mr 'Eni?
Beni, not Eni.
How should I...
- Is this him?
- Yes.
- This one.
- That is Mr 'Eni.
- Yes?
- Yes, is he here?
Yes, but it is already closed.
It's already closed, Dad.
The reason why I come here...
... is to introduce his fiance.
I am her father.
Just say it earlier then.
- Mr 'Eni is inside, let's go in.
- Yes.
- Come on.
- Yes.
How is it? The office of your fiancee?
- Alhamdulillah, Dad.
- Come on.
One, two.
- Assalamu'alaikum.
- It's good.
- One more time. Come on.
- It's good, honey.
That's so good.
- One, two...
- The cameraman is good, too.
Yes, so handsome.
- Good.
- It's my turn now, honey.
- No, really?
- No way.
Mr Hajj, Sir...
You said you arrived at eight o'clock.
I was just about to pick you up.
I don't like
to be picked up by you.
I don want you
to pick me up.
And I don't want you
to be my son-in-law.
- Ask for mercy to God, Dad.
- Mercy? This is not right.
Tell your parents...
... that this engagement
is cancelled.
- Dad...
- Let's go home.
I said go home!
Let's go.
- Beni!
- Let's go home!
- Bye...
- Alright!
- Alright.
- High five.
Hi, Boss.
What is it? Yanto.
- Yes, Boss?
- What is this?
Those are called flowers, Boss.
I know that those flowers...
- ... but why are those here?
- Hi, honey.
- Hi, honey.
- Thank you for everything.
I like it a lot.
You are actually romantic.
Don't pretend.
It's all from you, right?
It's impossible
I mess my office like this.
You have another boyfriend, right?
To Tara, be mine forever.
To Tara...
With love. To Tara my soulmate.
To Tara I like you. To...
- To Tara I love you?
- So what if I do?
So what?
Just so you know, all of my sisters
are being proposed.
So when will I be?
You knew all along that I am not ready
to get married, right?
I hate you.
Man, don't...
- Tara, wait.
- Let me go.
Tara, wait.
Let go of me.
Will you marry me?
I love you.
I love you, too.
Come quick, they are here.
Come out quick!
Our boyfriends, of course.
They want to propose.
Let's go.
Alright, wait a minute.
You go first.
Favourite daughter.
You've promised that if there is
a guy who come...
... to propose,
you will not get in the way.
Right, Dad?
I promised that.
Hey, speak.
We know
that you really love us...
... and always take care of us
since we were kids until now.
That is the duty of a dad.
But, there is
another duty...
... for a father besides taking care
and protecting his children.
Answer it,
you should speak.
To guide and...
.. to...
What is it?
"To guide and to escort his children
to build..."
- What is this?
- ...their own family.
"Their own family."
But, if you choose
the wrong husband...
... that means
I've failed.
But, how do you know...
... that our choice is wrong?
So, you come here
to propose my daughters?
- Yes, Sir.
- Yes.
But, before I accept
your proposal...
One of you have to break
Windi's record of holding breath.
It hasn't been 30 seconds yet.
I'm sure everyone won't hold it.
- Lame.
- What lame?
What are you doing?
Why can't you do it?
I can't hold it anymore.
But, you have to know
that I'm already pregnant.
Windi, wake up.
- Windi...
- Win...
Windi, wake up.
Sir, let's go.
Let take her inside, Sir.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
What has happened?
Gosh, Ms. Windi. What's wrong.
You have to believe
that this is your child.
I don't believe it. So what?
Who knows that it's not my child.
Don't talk like that.
Do you think I cheated?
- That could happen, right?
- No way, I'm with you.
Gosh, sis, what has happened?
Let me do it, Sir.
Gosh, sis, What's wrong?
How can it happen?
- You're too...
- Ti...
Yes, Sir?
Please bring me towel
and dry clothes.
Yes, Sir.
How can it be?
- Windi tried to help Rendi.
- Then?
So that we all can get married,
she was too tired and passed out.
Hold me, Di.
Be strong.
- I accept your proposal.
- What?
Yes. I see you truly love Windi.
Thank you, Sir.
- Beni.
- Yes, Sir?
I accept your proposal as well.
Thank you very much, Sir.
You, too, Herman. I accept your proposal.
- Tha...
- Enough.
Your proposal
is accepted as well.
- I can't marry your daughter.
- What?
Why is that?
Tara is pregnant
and I don't know who is the father.
- Fer...
- Tara.
Are you really pregnant?
If Tara is not married,
all of you is not married.
- Sir...
- Dad, wait.
I'm sorry.
It's easy for a fish to marry, right?
It won't be this complicated.
Good bye, Napoleon.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
Be careful.
Okay, come on.
Good bye, Dad.
Are you actually sure about this?
Don't talk about it anymore. Let's go.
No... Quick, hide.
Windi, Vera
- What is it, Dad?
- I can't sleep.
This is the thing that I fear
since a long time ago.
That's why I never let you all
have a boyfriend.
If Tara eventually gives birth
without a husband,...
... that means I have failed
to raise you all.
So you are the one
who make Tara pregnant?
- No, Sir.
- No... This...
Be quiet!
He is the one who makes you pregnant?
Answer, Tara. If it is true,
he must bear the responsibility.
- Sir, It's a mistake. That's not...
- Be quiet!
You're caught red handed and you
have to be responsible for that.
- Sir, you misunderstand.
- Dad, no... It's...
Sis, why don't you say anything?
You have to tell Dad that it's just
a misunderstanding.
Sis, why are you so quiet? Sis!
Why are you always lucky, sis?
Dad always spoils you.
You live the happiest life.
Mom died when she delivered you.
But, Dad still loves you.
I beg you, please.
Let me...
Let me be happy
just this once.
You can do it, right?
I want to be happy.
I want to live like you,
always be pampered by Dad.
I want it...
it's the commander.
- Yo.
- Yes, Commander.
Have your son told you
about last night?
- Yes.
- Okay.
This is the time Rendi
has to act like a soldier...
... and be responsible
about his act.
Yes, Commander.
I understand.
How can it be? I don't expect this
kind of thing happens I our family.
- Be patient, dear. I am...
- Don't say it anymore.
I never thought it could happen!
Yes, Sir. Be patient...
I never thought about it as well.
That's right. We never thought
about it before...
... that we can be connected
to Mr Kardi's family.
- Connected?
- Yes.
- Seriously?
- Of course.
- Are you sure?
- As sure as the chicken noodle...
- ... to celebrate it.
- Chicken noodle.
- Yes, Commander.
- Aye.
- Chicken noodle...
- Dear, it's thanks...
... to Rendi,
this family's pride soldier.
- Yes, Commander.
- Yes, Commander.
- Carry it out. Chicken noodle.
- Carry it out.
Chicken noodle...
We have to invite Miyabi, dear!
or else Boss will be...
... angry.
- Sir?
- Yes?
Please open the door. I want to
deliver the flowers for the bride.
- Okay.
- Thank you, Sir.
- Excuse me, Sir.
- Okay.
Cecep's Florist
A dent.
Can you drive?
Are you alright?
- My knee got hit.
- Are you okay? Does it hurt?
- Yes.
- Sorry, I just two days...
... drive in Jakarta.
where should I put this flowers?
The flower is...
- Just ask the one inside.
- Gosh... Alright, thank you.
Thank you.
Excuse me, Mam.
Where should I put the flowers?
I don't know. I'm not the one
who wants to get married?
I just want to ask...
Excuse me...
Hey, beautiful.
Where should I put this flowers?
I don't know!
I'm not the want who got married?
Excuse me, beautiful.
Where should I put this flower?
Just ask the one who is married.
- Hello. Good afternoon.
- Hello. Good afternoon.
I'm Siska from BSZ credit card.
Can I talk...
... to Mr Rendi? It's because
his bill cards is due.
... I ask you...
... not to bother Rendi anymore, okay?
But, Sir, it's...
No but...
And I don't want to hear
any reason.
Okay? Good afternoon. Wassalamu'alaikum
warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
I hope you can understand.
Yes, Dad. I understand.
This is an order as well.
It can't be denied, right, Dad?
I'm sorry.
There's a school to become a soldier.
But, there's no school
to become a good father.
I'm sorry.
Hello Rendi?
This is Herman.
What is it, Herman?
Please... tell Vera...
... if I can't marry Vera...
... there's no point...
... for me to Li...
Li... what?
What do you mean?
Please tell her,
I say goodbye.
What? Hello?
Hello? Herman?
He hung up?
No way...
Sis! It's bad! Herman!
- What...
- Herman!
Herman wants to commit suicide!
Let's go!
Remember, Ali. After the event begins,
close and lock the gate.
- Yes, Sir!
- But, Sir...
... if the gate is guarded,
what will the guests think.
That's easy. The point is
so that the bride can't escape.
Relax, I'm here.
We can coordinate later.
Okay? Yes, Sir.
- Come on.
- That's...
Herman wants to commit suicide!
It's already purple. Good.
All is purple.
Dad is purple too! Good, Dad.
This is good, Dad. How about the back?
It's already neat...
It's very well-saluted. Good.
Flowers... It should be purple?
It's yellow. But...
Purple, yellow is good.
Contrast. Right?
It's purple... Yes, good...
- What do we ride?
- How is it, Sis?
I don't know...
Please,have a drink.
- Please, enjoy.
- Yes, Mam.
- Please...
- Open the door, Rendi.
Rendi, I want to talk to you
for a moment.
Open the door. Rendi!
You scared me!
If you want to scare me,
say, "Excuse me, Commander."
What is it?
It's too long for a permission.
Dear, everybody is waiting.
You never be patient.
Patient will have good results.
There is a proverb saying...
.... "Patient people are often upset."
At ease.
Rendi! We have to get going, Rendi.
Just a minute, Dad!
Rendi, you have to be responsible
for what you did.
Dad, I'm not the one who impregnated her.
I know, what kind of person Mr Kardi is.
Mr Kardi won't blatantly accuse
someone. Quick, Rendi, get out.
Rendi, get out, quick!
Rendi, if you are a man, get out Rendi!
If you don't open it,
I will smash this door!
You know it, Rendi.
When I was in Navy...
... I was in a forse of submarine doors
and people's door smasher.
That's why I will smash this door.
Rendi! Dear...
Let's scream it,
Jalesveva Jayamahe.
What sound is that?
Rendi. Get out!
- I don't want it!
- Get out!
- You're great, Sir.
- I know...
- Maybe it's because I am discipline.
- Yes, discipline.
I tell you, youngsters,
the point is...
- So hasty.
- Why such a hurry?
- You should learn a lot.
- Yes...
- Stay alert...
- Yes...
Sir, do you see my car?
It was parked here, right?
Do you see it?
Okay, Win...
Both of us cannot drive....
- ... and it's only you who can...
- Yes...
We go to Beni's studio first.
Why go to Beni's?
Because you don't know
where Herman house is!
- It's...
- There... Yes...
- Right here, right?
- Yes.
That time Beni drop-off Herman, right?
- Right?
- Yes.
- So, He must know. Go to the studio.
- To Beni!
Get in the car.
Just get in the car, Honey.
- Ouch...
- Ouch...
- Quick...
- We ride this?
Quick. Don't ask too much.
Just drive.
Just drive. Go in...
Where is the house?
Where should we turn?
- Wait...
- Be quick, honey.
Where do we go, to Herman's house?
Where is Herman's house?
- Now where to?
- Where should we go?
- Straight...
- Straight...
Right, It seems...
- Seems?
- Sure...
Be careful!
One of us does not marry,
all of us don't marry, honey!
- That's right!
- Okay...
Help him...
Why would you commit suicide?
If you want to commit suicide,
don't hang yourself.
Just stand in the railway.
I would really die then.
We have to go to Tara's wedding quick.
It should be start at any minute.
So Fery finally marry Tara?
Who says it is Fery?
She marries Rendi.
But, Tara is pregnant
because of Fery, isn't it?
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure,
because Fery himself told us both...
... when we come home
from your house that day.
Isn't that right, Man?
They already do...
Do what?
Do that?
Have you signed the contract?
How long, Sir?
Two years?
Drive fast.
If Tara really marries Rendy,
what should I do?
Okay, calm down...
But, be careful as well.
But, you just asked to drive fast,
now you say...
Yes, drive fast, but be careful.
Everything must have a strategy
and everything has to...
Look out...
It's bad, Boss. It's bad!
Boss. Your motorcycle!
My motorcycle. No. Oh my God.
- Where is the driver?
- He is in the box, Boss.
Hey, you're the one who hit
my motorcycle?
Be responsible. That motorcycle's
price is hundred millions.
Face towards me when I talk to you!
When I say...
Please, Sir.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I am afraid if I marry Tara,...
... I will get divorced
like my clients.
Fery, you should learn
from your client.
So that your marriage
will last long.
Instead of afraid of it.
There are people inside the box, honey!
- Slow down!
- Hurry before the get married!
No words from my sisters yet?
Okay, let's continue the ceremony.
Okay, Dad.
I'll fix may hair.
I'm not ready to be a father.
Fery, Tara will get married soon.
With someone else who will be
the father of your child.
And the one who will marry Tara...
... is my boyfriend!
Soon Tara will marry my boyfriend!
Yes, Commander. Sorry, my voice
is not clear because here is...
Because here is very noisy.
I am on the phone! It's Commander.
Commander, sorry. It's noisy here
because we are getting ready.
And we all get wet. So...
Because of the rain here. Yes.
We're on the way there, Commander.
Soon. Yes.
Quick. Yes. Thank you, Commander.
Come on, quick! Why you! You sprayed me!
This is wrong!
Dear! Do it on our way. Come on.
Do you think my face is a toilet?
Why did you spray my face!
Come on. Let's go!
We should turn right,
so we must turn around.
It is not allowed to turn right!
It's fine!
Honey, what did you do!
There was a police. What if he chase us?
Let him do it. We're in a hurry.
Just act normal.
Good afternoon. Please show your
license and the vehicle registration.
What did I do wrong, Sir?
You don't obey the traffic sign.
I'm so sorry, Sir. My license
and my vehicle registration,...
... I forget bringing them, Sir.
Because I'm in a hurry.
If you can show them, we have to go
to the police station.
Here's the thing...
We are in a hurry, because there's
someone who will marry in the back.
Die... will die.
- Be quiet.
- Okay...
You can't tell him.
If that is so, open tha box.
It's getting worse.
Please, open it.
What is this?
We are in a hurry, Sir.
We are in a hurry to the hospital.
Yes, we are in a hurry
to the hospital, because...
My sister is sick...
- Because my sister is sick.
- He is very sick.
My sister is sick!
My sister is sick.
Headache! She is passing out, Sir!
She passes out!
That's why we said
that my sister was sick.
We have to bring her to the hospital now.
- Than bring her to the hospital!
- Let's go, Sir.
Hey, Where do you go? Use that! Quick!
Hey, my motorcycle!
My motorcycle!
- Calm down, Sir.
- My motorcycle is gone.
- You don't chase them?
- You don't chase them?
Let's chase them!
- Finally.
- Yes, Commander.
Sir, may I ask permission.
Before the ceremony begins,
may I go to the toilet?
No more desertion. Move.
After the guests all get in,...
... lock the gate,
you all go in.
My motorcycle is gone.
Where are we going?
Just go ahead, Sir!
We know the way.
To my home.
This is the most beautiful moment.
Golden moment
or we could say morning sunshine.
Morning sunshine in my room.
How is the song, Sir?
Yes, that.
The father is waiting.
Ready? Please...
Hold his hand.
I wed Rendi bin Susilo to my daughter...
... Tarawati binti Kardi with a set
of prayer tools as the dowry...
... and 20 grams of gold on hand.
What is this?
Please explain it, Sir.
Just follow the road.
Is that the motorcycle?
Yes, that's it! Let's hurry!
Chase them!
Why do we stop?
We have to obey the traffic light.
We could get a ticket.
Who would give you a ticket?
You are the police.
Which one do you choose? Your
motorcycle is gone or get a ticket?
You have a point.
Is there any police around?
Relax. I'll write it down.
Mr Headman, can I do it instead?
If only it could, Sir.
Unfortunately it cannot. It must be
the one who will marry.
- Mr Ali!
- Mr Ali!
- Mr Ali!
- Mr Ali!
Mr Ali!
Susilo. Bin Susilo.
The dowry.
Just read it. It can't be wrong, right?
You can't be wrong
when you read it. Okay.
It must be repeated again.
- Okay, Sir.
- Okay.
I wed...
Mr Ali!
Mr Ali, open the gate!
... with a set of prayer tools
and 20 grams of gold...
- ... as the dowry on hand.
- Yes!
I accept the wedding
of Windi binti Wahyuni...
... Bin Kardi, on...
- Windi?
- Tarawati.
Tarawati, right?
- Slow down!
- I've stepped on the brake!
- The brake is broken!
- What? Broken?
I wed Rendi bin Susilo with my
daughter Tarawati binti Kardi...
... with a set of prayer tools
and 20 grams of gold as the dowry...
... on hand!
I accept the wedding...
- Thank you, Sir!
- Take care of the car, Sir!
Thank you!
... with the dowry...
- Stop!
- Hey! Hold him!
- Hold him!
- Tara!
- Tara!
- Dad, please listen to Fery.
Dad, please listen to Fery.
Yes. Let him go.
Let me go! Tara.
I'm sorry, Tara.
I am not a decisive man.
But I promise you,
I will change for our baby.
You know that you are wrong?
I know, Sir.
A man who is guilty does not deserve
to be my daughter's husband.
But, a man who wants to admit
his mistake...
... deserves
to be my son-in-law.
I made a mistake, Sir.
- It's true, I made a mistake, Sir.
- I evermore...
No, Sir, I made more mistake.
So, we can marry, right?
Herman. My boyfriend made a mistake, Dad.
He is the one who made a mistake.
I made a mistake too, right?
You read it. Read!
In the next years,
we got married one by one.
Leaving dad behind...
... and building
our own family.
But, Dad told us...
... that his daughters
must stick together...
... and love each other.
And that was an order.
Everyone is ready?
Ready, grandpa!
Operation Wedding Mission Completed