Operator (2015) Movie Script

911. What is your emergency?
Fire. The whole house is on fire.
What's the address of the fire?
I can't hear you. 911.
What's the address of the fire?
Sir, what is the address?
Good morning, Atlanta.
There's a beautiful sunrise outside
if you're up at this early hour
lighting up the A skyline
across Midtown and Buckhead.
But what about the south of the city?
Yeah, that's right, today is
the big day, the result of our poll...
It's okay, baby.
- You look funny!
- Well, you have my nose and lips,
so I would probably think
of a better word to describe me.
- You shouldn't wear that.
- Why not?
That shirt with those shoes?
Uh-huh, girlfriend.
Oh, yeah? And where did you go
to fashion school, Missy?
Miss Summers' art class.
Well, I'm not taking fashion tips from
a 10-year old. Now, go grab your bag.
It's the new twelve.
- Where did you find that?
- In the garbage.
Well, it's not yours.
Daddy gave it to you.
Cassie, that was a long time ago, okay?
We're not kids anymore.
So, don't argue with me.
Come on, I'm late.
Okay, but I still need $50.
- For what?
- Our career-day field trip.
What? That's today?
Wait! Cassie, I...
There's my little lady.
- Daddy!
- Get over here. Come on.
- How you been?
- Good.
- You got a new outfit?
- Yeah.
- Pretty. Look at you.
- Thank you.
I think waiting a week
to see you is too much.
Morning, Pam.
- Hey, Howard.
- Morning, Pammie.
Oh, Dad, can you help me
with my homework?
You know I can.
- You were supposed to finish that yourself!
- Oh, come on, Pam!
Hey, want to go see uncle Howard?
- Yeah.
- Go on, I'll be right there.
- Hey, Pam.
- What is it, Jeremy?
I was just gonna say you look
beautiful today, that's all.
I'm in a rush. What do you want?
The car is in both of our names.
It's affecting the credit, that's all.
- I'll take care of it.
- I didn't mean it like that, okay?
- If you need help, I can...
- We're not married.
- We're not divorced either.
- Not yet.
I think I've said "Sorry" enough,
don't you?
- You left our daughter alone in the house.
- I know.
And for what? So you could take a call?
Hey, Pam, it's been a year, okay?
When are you gonna let it go?
I look forward to seeing you
and Cassie, you know that.
How many times I got to say I'm sorry
if you just stop being crazy-mad at me?
I don't know. How many whiskey sours
does it take to forget?
Nice, Pam.
You, know, I've been sober
for five months. I'm trying, okay?
We have a couple of issues to discuss, so
let's go ahead and get them out of the way.
First, we need to keep
our workplace clean.
Second shift has been complaining
about trash left on our workstations.
- Some of that shit is from third shift.
- Well, be that as it may...
Pamela, nice of you to join us.
Secondly, and perhaps more importantly,
the state is making major cuts
to our staff and benefits,
so I'll be taking over for Richard
for a bit while he is out with the flu.
He'll post the details next week
when he gets back.
So, who got axed?
I'm not privileged
to release that information.
Don't worry, sweetie,
you've only been here two years.
They're firing employees
with longer tenure and more benefits
for those newer, cheaper workers.
I don't make any decisions.
That's Richard's call.
He and upper management in both
the state police and fire departments
are taking a 40% cut
of their retirement benefits,
so it's not just us who are affected.
Let's just focus on the task at hand
and get to our workstations.
Pamela, could I see you
for a moment, please?
Have a seat.
Seven years and a perfect record.
Do you feel an itch?
How much sleep did you get
last night, Pamela?
- Enough, why?
- You were late.
Second time this week
and fourth time this month.
Five minutes.
It was ten actually.
I requested to review
your psych evaluation.
Do you still dream about the fire?
But you still claim that the caller
burned your house down.
- I listened to the tapes.
- So did I.
And you insist that the caller,
when asked for his address...
said "Yours."
No, he said 110 Hamilton Drive.
It was just the way he said it.
Like he knew it was my house.
It's only when I dream
I hear him say "Yours".
So you're still having a dream.
No, I'm fine.
- Hey, Daddy.
- Hey, baby. Be good.
- Hey, brother.
- For fuck sake, coffee and doughnuts!
Come on, try it. Green tea is good
for you. Spinach and Chicken Ram.
- Nobody eats this crap.
- In 2015 they do.
It's the last time you go for food.
So, we're having a padlock
on Tuesday if you're interested.
I should have done this
a lot sooner, actually.
Done what?
No liquids by the workstations.
Moved you to an easier district.
Grace, Pamela's gonna be starting
today on the Eastern District.
- Excuse me?
- You'll also cover suburbs and highways...
- Tony! Tony!
- And lot of tress and grass...
Tony! I've worked this station
for nearly 20 years.
Grace, it's just a few days.
You'll take the Northwestern District
then you can give Pam a lunch at noon.
- I can handle the inner city calls, really.
- No, have a seat, sweetie.
- Really, let her have this workstation.
- Don't mind her.
I know you're probably looking
for a raise or promotion, or...
both, but... we're really under
a lot of heat right now,
so, why don't we wait until this smoke clears
a little bit and then we can re-evaluate.
You're a good operator, Pam.
- What's the occasion?
- Occasion?
- In that outfit?
- What's wrong with my outfit?
That white, those shoes?
- Who are you trying to impress?
- My paycheck.
- Yeah, with all the cuts they're making?
- Well, you got to at least try, right?
Make some initiative.
I've read that somewhere.
911. What is your emergency?
911. What's your emergency?
I haven't gotten a call in over an hour.
- Why is it always so slow around lunch?
- Criminals eat, right?
Break time, baby girl.
I've been on break all day.
Don't let Tony catch you with that.
- It's all yours.
- I forgot my mirror. Two minutes?
Follow me, children.
Over here we have one of the city's
most prominent monuments
established in the late 1890's
around the same time
that the city itself was built...
We're good to go and ready
in about ten minutes.
911. What is your emergency?
Such a lovely voice.
Such a calming tone.
I'll bet you don't get told that
very much when people are calling in.
No doubt they are too scared
out their minds to notice.
- Thank you.
- My pleasure.
So, how does this work?
I tell you the crime and the location,
and you send assistance to said location?
If I deem is necessary, yes, sir.
What is your emergency?
No time to waste
when lives are at stake.
You take your job
very seriously, don't you?
Sir, this is a line
for emergencies only.
If you need a help hotline
I'll be more than happy to transfer you.
But I do have an emergency to report.
Suppose I were to tell you
that a serious accident
on the corner of Fifth and Dawkins
is gonna occur in ten minutes
and you can prevent it from happening.
Would I have your attention then?
Oh, my goodness.
- Are we still on the clock?
- You think you have a shot with that?
What are you talking about?
She looked right at me.
- I know what that means. I still got it.
- It means you need new glasses.
She looked right at me.
- What a butt like a ten-year old.
- Really?
You know, you should enjoy her
while you can at that age.
Because right now she thinks
you're the coolest dude on Earth.
- But by middle school it's all over.
- That early?
That early. My daughter started
to call me "pig" in sixth grade.
I wonder why.
Who I am and why I'm doing this
is none of your concern.
What I am prepared to do is
what you should be concerned about.
- Sir, if this is some kind of a prank...
- Then hang up on me.
Oh, that's right!
An emergency dispatch operator
can't disconnect
once the caller has stated
"There's emergency".
No doubt, by now you've tried
discovering my location.
Did you find something interesting?
- Listen, Mister...
- No!
You listen.
Report an accident to the corner
of Fifth and Dawkins over dispatch.
You can believe me or not,
but if you don't,
then the blood of the victims
will be on your hands,
not mine.
By the way, you're down
to four minutes and 53 seconds.
Radio to any available units.
We have possible signal 41 in progress
on 421 Fifth Avenue South.
That's a familiar voice.
Not really. I spoke to her today
first time in a week.
I thought you guys
were patching things up.
She said possible 41 auto accident.
How does that make any sense?
It's 421 Fifth Avenue.
It's close by, let's take it.
Hey, look at it this way. At least now
she'll have to listen to you.
670, Radio. You said a possible 41?
Ten-four 2670. It was a confusing call
on my end as well.
Are you available to go check it out?
Ten-four. En route. Hey.
I'll take a look around.
Radio, this is 670.
Go for Radio.
We're here, there's no sign
of a signal 41, nothing at all.
Did you trace the caller?
Ten four, 2670. I got nothing.
Stand by, 2670.
- 911. What is your emergency?
- You tell me.
Listen, I've had enough of your pranks.
Are you aware that is a felony
to prank call an emergency to 911?
Oh, no! A felony?
Well, perhaps I should just stop now.
So, you sent a unit over to the location
like I asked? Did they find anything?
No, nothing. They found nothing
because there is nothing there.
You've wasted my time
and the time of two police officers.
- Are you sure about that?
- Yes, I am sure about that.
Please, stop shouting.
Remember that the primary responsibility
of an emergency operator
is to keep the caller calm.
Check with the officer one more time.
We must be certain before
making any rash decisions.
Radio to 2670, are you certain
there is no sign of an accident?
No sign of a signal 41. Nothing at all.
Prank call.
Wasted time? Let's get out of here.
2670, come back.
Let me guess. Signal 41.
A car accident. And right on time.
You did this. You made this happen.
Now that is really a stretch.
Good luck explaining that
to your superiors.
I know a lot about you, Pam.
And have a great deal of more
surprises in store for you today.
No, you need to find someone else
to play games with.
I assure you if you had anything
to do with that accident,
you're gonna be very sorry
you ever dialed 911.
Oh, my God!
What do you want?
For you to understand
the fear I will create.
Fear like you've never felt before.
Fear that will scar you for life.
Please, don't hurt her.
I will do anything you want.
I can get you a hostage negotiator.
I don't want a negotiator, Pam.
I want you.
And I want you to cooperate.
- I chose you specifically for this task.
- I can't do this.
Either you'll put the lives
of a few pigs in the line of danger,
pigs that have sworn
to protect and serve.
Or you'll watch
as your daughter struggles
as she's slowly submerged
into the watery depths.
I always liked poetry.
It's your choice.
Jeremy! Don't move!
Look, just fall on me. Just fall.
Go ahead, I got you. I got you. I got you.
There we go, alright.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Alright, come on.
Roll out. Roll over. Come on, man.
Come on, Jerry, let's go!
Alright, just go out.
Son of a bitch, you are lucky!
Now, let's set up the rules.
Rule number one:
You will ignore all incoming calls and
remain on the line with me at all times.
Rule number two:
You will ask nothing of me,
and you will answer any question
that I ask you.
Rule number three: Obey!
You will comply with my every request
and you will see to it
that they're carried out to a tee.
And you will do so without asking
for assistance from your co-workers
like you're attempting to do now.
You can see me?
It's surprising how easy it is
to intercept the video
of a "high security"
state protected building
even from a safe distance.
Take a sip of your coffee.
That's not mine.
I'd hate for something to happen
to your daughter because you're disgusted
by the thought of drinking
after your friend.
You ready?
- Got it, got it.
- Ready?
I will shoot!
Nothing. Did you see anything?
I was pulling you out of the car.
It's some kind of hit and run, man.
Thanks, buddy. He came straight at me.
Better call back-up.
- Radio 670 requesting code 21.
- What do I say?
An officer is calling for back-up, Pam.
So, send him some back-up.
Ten-four 670.
The accident didn't happen until we got here.
What the hell is going on?
- Careful.
- I don't know.
Radio to any available units. I'm requesting
code 21 to 421 Fifth Avenue south.
Ten-four Radio. This is 26040. En route.
See, that wasn't so hard, was it?
Sorry about that. It's not easy
looking beautiful all the time.
- Are you ready for that break now?
- Ignore her.
It's okay.
I'm in the middle of a call, so...
- I'll take it over.
- No, she won't.
No, really, I'm gonna finish this one.
- Just give me the call, Pam.
- Deal with her!
I know you're trying to get a raise. But you
don't have to impress the callers, too.
- I'm warning you.
- It's not that. I just want to finish this call.
- Enough, Pam. Get up!
- Get rid of her now!
Hell, I could use a 15.
I just hate office drama.
The officer you were speaking to...
- he's quick
- He's just a cop doing his job.
I think he understands
what we're trying to accomplish.
We? I don't even know
what you're trying to accomplish.
I'd like to report another crime.
Property damage.
It's 1731 Weathervane Drive.
- Send 2670 to check it out.
- He was just in an accident.
Besides, a cop can't leave the scene of
the crime when he's the first to respond.
Are you still there?
Figure something out.
I'm not gonna do your job for you.
- If he isn't at the scene in five minutes...
- Okay. Okay.
Just don't hurt her.
I'll see what I can do.
Okay, guys... guys! So you had to check
out an accident and then it happened.
Yeah, man, like I just told you.
Home-boy here plowed straight into me.
Wait a second.
That doesn't add up at all.
- No shit!
- Radio for 2670.
- Go for 670.
- I've got a lead on that suspect.
Somebody spotted him
at 1731 Weathervane Drive
requesting a code 12.
Are you able to pursue?
Confirm that. That cruiser
was damaged in the crash.
We're gonna be cruising in
Cruiser 644 from this point.
Hold on! Wait! Are you out of your mind?
- You can't leave the scene of an accident.
- Unless we're pursuing a suspect.
- Attempted homicide with a vehicle.
- You don't know what the hell he looks like.
That's what we're going to find out.
Are you coming?
Well done, Pam.
That police officer, do you know him?
- Why would I know him?
- You called him by his name.
Jeremy I think it was.
I heard it over the radio.
Are you attracted to him, Pam?
I know the names
of a lot of police officers.
I talk to them all the time.
Doesn't mean that I know them
or that I am attracted to them.
And if he has another mishap, and can
no longer walk away from the scene.
Or if he is killed
in the line of duty...
tell me, Pam...
would you shed a tear
for officer Jeremy?
- What day of the week is it?
- Friday.
So where the hell is everybody?
- Long weekend, maybe.
- Nah, I don't think so. Something's up.
Let me have a look around.
Make sure no one leaves here.
Copy that.
Anyone here? Police officer!
670 for Radio.
- Go, 670.
- We got a code 23.
Nobody here, it's empty.
Hey, Howard, you got anything?
No, I got nothing.
You got to be kidding me.
2670, please, come in.
I don't think he copied.
- You son of a bitch!
- Watch him.
- Then leave me alone, you sick...
- We got a 10-33!
10-33, officer down!
We need backup now.
Ten-four, 670.
All units, all units! We have a 10-33.
It's 1731 Weathervane Drive.
Officer down.
Easy, partner.
- Did you see anything?
- No, nothing.
What about Williams, where is he?
Jeremy, Howard, do you copy?
670 for Radio, we're okay.
We might have a possible 10-54 here.
- We need backup right now.
- Ten-four. They're on the way.
You even know the name of his partner.
You do care about this one.
They'll find you. Do you know
what they do to cop-killers in prison?
For me to go to prison
I would have to get caught first.
But I have no intention
of getting caught.
You underestimate him.
He will find you.
Who's he? Pam, tell me...
is the hero going to barge in,
in his police blues
and throw handcuffs on the bad guy?
Is that how it's going to play out?
How many times have you received an
emergency call from a bad neighborhood
only to discover that the police
wouldn't go there
simply because they're not
guaranteed their safety?
Or have your ever been walking home,
heard a scream of someone calling for help.
What do you do?
Do you rush to their assistance?
Or do you put your head down
and just keep walking?
We're all bad guys, Pam.
We're all complicit in crimes.
We turn a blind eye to death everyday.
No one weeps for the victims.
We only care when it happens
to someone important to us.
- You're insane.
- Am I?
Or am I the only one with clear head?
The only difference between you and I
is that I have the conviction
to go after what I want.
And on that note,
I have another crime to report.
No, I'm done helping you.
- Are you there? Did you hear me?
- Watch your screen.
No. No, please.
- Please stop.
- Mommy! Help!
Remember, a 911 call operator
must remain calm at all times.
Please. Stop, I'll do whatever you want.
I understand your hesitations, Pam.
But don't for a second think
that I am not prepared
to do what is necessary.
Don't defy me again!
What do you want me to do?
Send officer Jeremy and his partner
to 12 Westmont Circle.
Breaking and entering.
The only cop I knew who used
to take his kids to school every day.
He used to play
with Cassie all the time.
We all end up the same way
sooner or later.
He played us, you know that?
Waiting for us to get to the scene.
Why do you say that?
Read this.
Jesus Christ, why didn't you
tell me about your daughter?
Don't you think we should call this in?
He's got dispatcher, hears everything.
Every damn thing we say.
Go, 670.
I've got a report of a signal 42
at 12 Westmont Circle.
- Are you available to check it out?
- Looks like it's just you and me, Howie.
This asshole can't know we're on to him.
- Okay?
- Right.
Ten-four. We're on our way.
- What?
- Incoming.
Aren't you gonna answer that?
You better do something.
She's making a scene.
- How many calls did you put on hold?
- Grace.
What are you waiting for?
Answer the damn thing.
I'm... No!
Hello, are you really there?
You just hung up on them.
- You bitch.
- What the hell is going on here?
- She's ignoring callers.
- That's not true.
- Grace, I don't...
- Tony. Tony.
What are you, nine years-old?
Enough drama.
- She's ignoring callers.
- If she were, I would know about it.
Alright, everyone, thank you very much.
Back to work, please.
Take a 15.
- Hello. 911. What's your emergency?
- You broke rule number one!
- My co-worker pressed the button.
- Don't let it happen again.
This is 670. ETA to the location
is approximately three minutes.
Ten-four, 670.
Are you sure there isn't something
going on between the two of you?
His last name wouldn't happen
to be Miller, now would it?
If you already know it is,
then why are you asking me?
No questions. You've been lying to me.
I didn't lie. We're separated.
Is he handsome?
He has brown hair, blue eyes.
He's a good...
- He's a thoughtful man.
- And yet you're not with him!
Is he a crooked cop?
No, he's a good person.
Then why, Pam?
Why aren't you with him?
Alright, that's enough for now.
Compose yourself.
You don't need anyone asking questions.
We're almost there.
Something on your mind?
Yeah, sure.
He's got my wife and daughter.
Can't do anything about it.
Untraceable numbers.
The guy's just covering his tracks.
The thing is when I was working as state
detective before we rode together,
we had this case,
untraceable numbers, dozens of them.
You can't break them.
Even got the FBI involved.
So, some idiot is pulling prank phone calls
and you couldn't find him. Big deal.
Howard, think about it.
To go to this much trouble
is gonna be a bigger pitcher, right?
Like hacking into security cameras
of a state operating building, right?
What happened with you and Pam?
That night, with the fire,
with Cassie nearly got killed...
hit me hard, you know.
I went off the deep end,
I got suspended, I got demoted.
- This is how you ended a bag in uniform.
- Sure.
Pam left you because
she blames you for the fire?
She blames me because
I wasn't there that night.
- She had a point.
- What the hell is this?
- I'll take the back.
- Copy.
Is anyone in here? Anyone?
Anyone here?
670, Radio, we have a signal 33
at 12 Westmont, Code 3.
Anyone here? Police officer!
Police officer. Anyone need help?
Hey, wait, wait, wait! We have
a possible 10-70 heading eastbound.
Where's my daughter?
My daughter, where is she?
The hell are talking about, bitch?
- I ain't got no kid.
- You've been targeting cops all day. Why?
What are you talking about?
You're the first I seen all day.
Okay. What were you doing here?
Somebody paid me. I... Somebody
paid me. I don't know his name.
I was supposed to be there
an hour before,
set fire to the place and make it
look like an accident, okay.
But it took too long and you...
You caught up with me.
- Look, I swear, I...
- Shut up! Just shut up!
What'd he look like?
I don't know. Normal. White guy.
Look, he may be on the streets. Today's
the first day I met him, okay? Now just...
- What are you doing?
- I thought he had your gun.
You're a police officer.
How're you gonna explain this?
- 670. 670, Radio.
- Go for Radio.
I have a suspect down on code 33.
Requesting fire and the EMT to location.
Jesus Christ, Howard,
you can't just shoot a suspect.
What do you think?
The poor kid was just a pawn.
Had no idea what he was into.
$10,000 is a lot of money
for this kind of job.
Somebody wanted them pretty bad?
- Georgia National.
- What?
Couldn't be.
Hey, Howard. Howard.
- Do you have a second?
- Yeah.
Here, take a look at this.
That doesn't make any sense.
What are you talking about?
It makes perfect sense.
That untraceable call case
I told you about,
six of the same bank branches
were hit by the those numbers.
When they torched my house, all the
security files of the bank were in my home.
Coincidence? You know what I think?
Same people behind it.
It's all shit all along.
Jeremy. Jeremy, take a breath.
Take a breath.
This is too close to home for you,
I know they got your daughter but listen,
everything we've done today
we can answer for, but this...
dispatch hasn't sent us,
and we don't have probable cause.
We're talking about my daughter here.
She's seen their faces.
You think they're gonna let her go?
But you don't even know
if she's gonna be there.
You've convinced yourself she's there,
'cause you want to be the one who saves her.
You don't know that
and if you're wrong, she's dead.
Send your officers
to 3814 Willow Street.
- What's the crime?
- A shooting, suspected. A gang activity.
Can't I send someone else?
They've got their hands full.
Do as you're told.
Oh, yeah, they'll kill her. As soon
as they won't need her for leverage.
- As long as we do what he says...
- Radio to 2670.
- ...she's gonna be fine.
- Okay. Go for Radio.
I've got a report for code 25
at 3814 Willow Street.
Possible gang related.
Are you available to check it out?
Let's take it, let's take it
and let's play along.
Ten-four. En route.
Hey, Howard, I'll drive.
Anarchy, chaos.
Haven't you ever wondered what would happen
if the safety parameters
that society puts in place for us
were simply removed?
What if you called 911...
and no one answered?
Then a lot of innocent people would die.
Of course you'd say that,
but you're not talking about safety,
you're talking about shackles.
Don't you see you can't force
a person to do anything?
You'd have to get them to buy into a system,
but every system has an organizer,
a person who wields control.
And what about those people
you killed today?
I didn't say no one would die.
Simply that I would return man
to its true nature.
At the end of the day you're no more
special than the hundreds of criminals
this office deals with.
I think you're just too weak
to fit into your so-called system.
Well, then it seems
you've figured me out.
I'm impressed.
What are you doing?
Willow Street is to the south.
We're not going to Willow,
we're going to the bank.
You're out of your mind? What's gonna happen
when we don't show up at the other location?
He knows we're going to Willow, right?
By the time we get to the bank,
we'll be too late.
You don't know how many people could be
there. We could be walking into an ambush.
If you don't want to do this, don't want
to back me up... she's not your daughter.
It's my wife. If I'm gonna die today, I want
to tell her I love her one more time.
- They should have been there by now.
- Maybe they hit some traffic.
I don't think they're going
where I told them to?
- You heard them on the call.
- You lied.
And it's created a serious
fucking problem for me.
I can fix it.
I can fix it, let me fix it.
Such an adorable girl! Perhaps she'll be
more adorable if she's a lifeless corpse.
I'll do anything you want me to do.
What do you want me to do?
Convince them, Pam.
Convince them to go to Willow Street,
or you'll watch
her goddamn head under water.
- Do it now!
- Mommy! Help!
2670, confirm you are en route
to Willow Street.
ETA approximately three minutes.
Turn these off.
- Anything?
- I can't see shit.
- Do you want to go on the other side?
- I'll radio you when I'm in place.
Where the hell are they?
Ready for this?
I'm in position.
No! No!
Please! No! No!
Who hired you? Where's my daughter?
Who're you talking about?
- Who hired you?
- I ain't telling you shit.
Don't come any closer.
I'll blow this bitch's brains out.
Let her go. Put the weapon down.
You have no idea
what's going on here, do you?
I will take the shot.
Let her go. It's the only way
you can walk out of here.
Put it down! You didn't
sign up for this. Put it down!
Put it down. Put it down.
Good. Drop it!
- I had the shot.
- Yeah, I see that.
Also, the only person who
might have known where she is.
Fuck, Howard.
Where are you going?
She's not here.
- They went to the Bank, didn't they?
- What the hell are you talking about?
You like doing things your own way?
Well, it's time you learn
the consequences.
Hey, come on.
Okay? Okay? Alright? Alright?
Come on. Here you go.
You've done this before, right?
Alright, the EMT's
will be here any second.
I was foolish to believe a cop would be
competent enough to follow simple commands.
So, no more games, no more crimes
reported over dispatch.
Tell officer Jeremy to get the money
that my men were taking from the bank
and meet me at 643 Hawthorne.
I repeat, 643 Hawthorne Street.
Tell him to come alone.
It will be a civil exchange.
He gives me the cash money,
I give him Cassie.
- Let me see my daughter.
- I make the rules.
No. If you want me to cooperate,
then let me see her.
Next time you fail to cooperate, she goes
all the way under. You understand?
How am I supposed to deliver
a message if I can't use the radio?
Why don't you use that cell phone
you've been texting him with all day?
He can't just walk out of there
with all of that money.
He has a gun, doesn't he?
- Pam?
- Jeremy.
Are you okay?
You said you couldn't call.
- Are you at the bank?
- Yeah. Hey, look, Cassie's not here.
- Didn't you get my text?
- No, I had to turn it off when I came in here.
You had to be the one to save the day.
I'm not to be a hero, okay?
I'm trying to save our daughter.
Now he's nearly killed her.
He wants you to bring the money
to 643 Hawthorne Street. Alone.
He says he's gonna give you Cassie
in exchange for the money.
Jeremy he is not
screwing around anymore.
I know. You get it...
Hey, I love you, okay?
Just go get Cassie back.
You're not gonna like it.
I haven't liked anything
you've done all fucking day.
Are you gonna back me up on this?
- Yeah.
- Good.
on the floor. Now!
Are you the manager?
Come with me.
I must applaud your efforts.
I thought you're going to use desperation,
but guilt is a much stronger motivator.
What do you care?
I'm just a pawn in your game.
You know, the funny thing
about pawns and games, Pam,
the king is usually miserable.
Too many things to do,
too many consequences to weigh,
too many people depending upon him,
and too many people
plotting against him.
Count your blessings, Pam.
Not every one has what you have.
- What are you doing?
- I don't care what he says.
We're not going there without backup.
The dispatch is compromised.
Stanton, this is Howard.
Listen, I need a big favor.
You got to call in every man you can.
Have them meet us half a block
south 643 Hawthorne street.
Stay out of view of the building.
No, don't use the radio
to organize this.
- Is he gonna do it?
- Yeah.
What do you think we got back there?
Two, three million?
Probably more like four.
Could buy a beautiful house with that.
Tempting, isn't it?
They got my daughter, Howard.
I hope Jeremy follows
his instructions this time,
because this is your last chance
to see your daughter.
He will.
That's what you said last time.
That was just a miscommunication.
It's not gonna happen again.
I'm gonna have to let you go.
- What about our deal?
- I'll still be listening and watching.
So see to it that there are no surprises
and that this transaction with your
husband is completed as promised.
- What's going on?
- A ransom.
- There's money in there?
- They've got his kid.
Let's just keep our eye
on the prize, okay?
I go in, give them the money,
- get my daughter back.
- Shouldn't we set up a perimeter?
This guy was one step ahead of us
all day. He sees you, she dies.
- I don't like this.
- Now, this is my daughter!
We haven't scouted the location,
we don't have a perimeter,
and you got us working this off the book.
Why isn't the captain involved in it?
We have a compromised dispatch,
one police officer's been killed.
We don't know who we can trust anymore.
Let me go in there,
get my daughter to a safe zone.
You can take it from there
and handle it how you want.
I'm just asking you to wait here.
You good?
911, what's your emergency?
Hello, are you really there?
Yes, ma'am, this is 911 dispatch.
What is your emergency?
Bank robbery,
there's a bank robbery happening.
Ma'am, calm down. The police are aware
of the robbery, it's been dealt with.
No, you don't understand,
it's happening right now.
- Two guys with guns are holding us hostage.
- Ma'am, that's impossible.
Listen, you bitch, I've been trying
to get through for the last 40 minutes.
They're taking everything.
I'm at Georgia National Bank,
228 Crenshaw Blvd.
- Excuse me, where did you say you were?
- Georgia National, 228 Crenshaw Blvd.
But that's... that's impossible!
Sorry? Are you listening to me?
911, what is your emergency?
Two men have taken over
Georgia National Bank.
- What's your location?
- 1462 Farragut Drive.
- 911, what is your emergency?
- We've got a bank robbery.
- Which bank?
- Georgia National 4658 Coakley Street.
This is 670 to SWAT. No one's here.
I repeat, no one's here.
What do you have?
Foot prints up top.
They cleared out, man.
- Is that sure?
- Yeah, ten-four.
- He knows the protocol.
- Thanks again, man.
- Pam?
- Jer... it's not...
I can't hear you. Baby?
Cassie's gone, okay?
He's playing us again.
I know...
No, look, baby, I can't hear you.
Hang on, hang on.
- Pam, you hear me?
- Don't...
Jesus Christ.
- Pam!
- Don't go in.
What are you talking about?
No one's here. Cassie's not here.
It's a trap. He's not hitting one
of the banks. He's hitting all of them.
They're all getting taken right now.
Shit! Get out of here!
Jeremy, can you hear me?
- Do I have your attention now?
- Why?
- He did everything you asked him to do.
- Because he didn't come alone.
You know how it makes me feel, Pam?
It makes me feel
like you think I'm a pawn.
Like you think this is all a game
- and that you are the chess master.
- I told him to go alone.
They called in for SWAT team
to back them up. I counted 20 of them.
- 20?
- 21 casualties...
- if you include our officer Jeremy.
- You're gonna burn in hell for this.
Careful, Pam.
You still have a job to do.
What the hell makes you think I'm
gonna do anything you ask me to do?
Because I'll blow your kid's
fucking head off if you don't.
It's your job to remain calm, not mine.
I suggest you compose yourself unless you
want to lose a second family member.
Pam... are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
That's right.
Because I still need you, Pam.
My accomplice.
I couldn't have done this without you.
You're the one who sent officer Jeremy
and his partner to those scenes
before the crimes happened.
And you're the one who told them
to take the money from the bank.
And you're the one who sent
those officers to their death.
And now, the only one who can
corroborate your story is dead.
I never would have helped you.
You threatened my daughter.
Fear is what drives mankind
to his greatest accomplishments.
Only someone with the nerves to overcome
his fear can scale the highest mountain...
when a lesser man wouldn't dare.
Or rob ten banks simultaneously.
No doubt you've figured it out by now.
It's a shame you didn't figure it out
in time to save Jeremy.
Tell me...
are you still afraid?
- What should I do?
- One more crime to report.
Call in a hostage situation
at 1296 Faulkner Blvd.
The Emergency Dispatch Center.
Who's taking the hostages?
You are. Convince them, Pam.
Radio to all available units.
This is dispatch operator Pamela Miller.
I've taken the Dispatch Center
of Faulkner Blvd. under my control.
And I have a number of hostages.
I am the criminal behind the events
that took the lives of two civilians
and a number of police officers.
As many of you know,
my husband, officer Jeremy Miller
used to be a state police detective
before being demoted.
He was so dedicated to his job that he put
the safety of our daughter in jeopardy.
And afterward he was simply cast aside.
We're all disposable.
It is only through fear that we are able
to get the attention of those with power.
My plans to rob Georgia National Bank
earlier were stopped.
So I want my money brought to me here.
Or I will begin executing hostages.
That is all.
I thought you had the flu.
Where is she?
Where is my daughter?
Calm down, Pam.
- Hey!
- Back off!
It's okay.
Everybody, just relax.
Everybody calm, stay down.
- Oh, you've really done it now, Pam.
- How did you block that call?
Blocking its source is easy
if you're in control of the system.
But I needed a cell phone to coordinate
with my people in the field.
I just didn't anticipate that you'd find
that number. Well done, Pam.
Where is she?
Where is my daughter, you son of a bitch?
Why don't you just relax and sit down?
Get back!
This is the man responsible
for the bombings. He has my daughter.
I would do no such thing.
You got to be careful, Pam.
Why would you do this to my family?
Why me?
- I needed Jeremy, too.
- What?
A state police detective
investigating a bank chain...
architecture plans,
money import transfer.
All I needed to do was to find a way
to get into his computer.
So... I fed him
a dead end lead that night.
What night?
Pamela, just... just put the gun down
before someone gets hurt.
- The night of the fire.
- My daughter was in that house.
Why don't you listen to Grace, Pam?
You two were so mad at each other.
That you didn't even care
what was left in the fire.
Including Jeremy's laptop.
So, what's your plan?
You're just gonna disappear?
All the calls in here are recorded.
Eventually that will pin it back to you.
Like that gun you're holding.
Guess who is registered to?
It's the one he thought
he lost in the fire.
So you tell me how are you
going to explain that?
- Ma'am. Ma'am, put the gun down now!
- I'm not the criminal.
She's crazy, she's been
sending cops all over...
Shut up!
He has my daughter. He took over my line,
you can look at the call logs.
- Look at her, who has the gun?
- Ma'am, put the gun down now.
I can't. If I do, he's gonna kill her.
- Kill who?
- My daughter!
He's been robbing the banks
all day. Please!
Pam, you got to stop this.
- I thought you were dead.
- I made it out.
What about Jeremy?
He didn't make it. We can solve this.
We can make it right,
but you got to put the gun down, baby.
Think about Cassie, Pam.
That's it.
Put it down.
How'd we do?
The other nine went down
without incidents. Little over 200 million.
Good work, baby. Pulled it off.
We still got to get out of the town.
What about my payment?
I didn't forget about your payment.
Thank you.
Let see what you got.
What's going on?
Baby, it's me.
- Jeremy?
- Yeah.
I thought you were dead.
- Did they hurt you?
- No.
No. I'm sorry, I never
should have said all those things.
Come on, I understand, I deserved that.
You have any idea where she is, baby?
Not without my computer.
Hang on.
- Will this work?
- Yeah.
Got it? We got to go.
We got to go. Come on.
What was that number?
Here, baby.
It's gonna take long, baby?
Depends if he used the phone
in the last ten minutes.
He's on it right now.
Highway 11. Eastbound.
I'll call you
when we're a little closer.
With any luck we're about an hour away.
Be ready for us.
Don't worry, little girl.
You'll be seeing your mother very soon.
- We're getting close?
- A mile or two at least.
- What are you doing?
- Calling the precinct.
They can head us off.
- This is Brody.
- Captain, it's Miller.
Miller? Jesus. Where have you been?
You know those guys that took the Georgia
National? We're in pursue right now.
They just took your ex in custody.
They tell me that she was in on it.
No, she wasn't. They were using her.
Son, I know this has been an emotional day
for you. We can't argue with the evidence.
Captain, listen to me.
She's with me right now.
- Hi, captain.
- I'm sorry, Miller.
You don't chase the criminals, fair enough.
We're heading Eastbound on 11. Track us.
- Miller, stop what you're...
- Fucking asshole.
You're gonna need...
you're gonna need this.
What? I can't.
Baby, it's just you and me.
I can't do this without you.
- No, I've never fired a gun.
- I know that. Listen.
Soft trigger, two hands.
They will try and kill us, so you
have a shot. You do not hesitate,
you take the shot, you hear me?
You hear me?
We're gonna get her.
You'll be fine, I promise you.
- Is that them?
- It's got to be.
- So, which one is it?
- I don't know, the big one?
- Are you sure?
- No.
Hang on.
- Watch out!
- Shit!
Shit... get down!
You're gonna hit them.
- What, you're gonna hit them?
- Get down!
- Baby, take the wheel.
- What?
Take the wheel. Keep it steady, baby.
Baby, steady!
Watch out!
Fuck, that's got to hurt.
Okay, listen. What I tell you.
You see a shot, you take it.
Stay low, baby. Come on, now. Get down!
Go around, baby. Get around back.
Stay low. Stay low. Stay low!
You're a disgrace to everything
we stand for.
What are you taking about? Honor?
I've been wearing
this goddamn uniform for 25 years.
There's nothing honorable about...
Just take the money.
Is this why you did all this?
For the money?
It's not just about money, Pam.
It's about history.
No one's ever had the smarts
to take down ten banks at once.
200 million dollars.
What are you, stupid...
Don't do this! Jerry, don't do it, man!
- Where is my daughter?
- She's in there.
And this time, I'm gonna let her burn.
Jerry! Don't do this!
Don't be stupid, man.
It's 200 million fucking dollars!
Mommy! Help! Help me!
Somebody, please help me!
Come on, baby.
- It's Daddy, come on. Baby.
- Baby.
Are you okay?
Come on, baby, breathe. Breathe.
911, what is your emergency?