Operator 13 (1934) Movie Script

Second Bull Run disaster.
The Union troops again defeated.
The second disaster in the same
Por what Lincoln does nothing?
The company Pauline Cushman
Special Presentation:
Mr. Henry Gregg
Miss Amanda Legrand
Mr. J. Wilkes Booth
Ms. Gail Loveless.
Good night, boys!
This is a song about a colonel,
a captain, a soldier
and little Sally Brown.
Her name is Gail Loveless.
You've had to do.
He has performed in Washington this winter.
There was once a colonel
very powerful
that he loved the small
Sally Brown.
But Sally said: "No time
to lose, I have an appointment "
The colonel met the commander
he bet
that would please
Sally Brown
But Sally said: "No time
to lose, I have an appointment "
Then came the captain,
and told the commander:
"You are wrong,
look at my art. "
But he saw it was not working
The colonel, the commander
and the captain followed Sally Brown
and you heard them grumble debais
when they surprised her
soldier in the arms of Jones.
The colonel, the captain
and the commander followed Sally
when they surprised her in the arms
Jones soldier.
She looks much younger
than I thought.
We do not want a weak woman.
I know it well.
We acted together for a year.
We shared the same house,
the same clubhouse.
I guarantee it.
I came to see ...
- Pauline Cushamen, what joy!
- Z Communications are you?
I thought you were in England.
What does it you doing here?
Allen commander will tell you.
- Miss Loveless, Commander Allen.
- Miss Lovele.
I've seen tonight. It's very generous
for their part have come here.
All you hear in this room
is strictly confidential.
Secret defense, comprendes?
Commander Allen is, in fact,
Major Allan Pinkerton.
head of the secret services.
Miss Cushamen
is an excellent agent.
We are like a military tribunal.
Yes you do pass you by:
a spy.
I was not in England.
I've been living in the South
under the name of Lady Mary Vale.
Widow. The most devoted and most loyal
Not suspected!
Miss Cushamen will be in Washington
24 hours
Tomorrow, she will be in my HQ
in Virginia.
No account yet you see me?
You may not return.
His family ...
I have nobody.
My brother died in battle
Piensa you that I am ...
the man who needs it?
I run that risk.
Let's see ...
We assign ... number 13.
FEZ 13? The number of
George Madden.
It was the number of George Madden.
But since yesterday morning
No. 13 belongs to no one.
Introduce morning
agent DK 13.
Wait a minute.
I thought this
was the headquarters of Allen.
I know what these girls are
Hey, Gus!, Other disaster to see:
are invited to a tea.
You're wrong.
- It is said that Allen hired women.
- Yes, I know.
It is also said that one day
win a battle.
Hey, Gus, shut up. I'm going to buy a
pink ribbon to tie in my hair.
Hitchcock and Lieutenant Captain Littledale
at your service.
Gentlemen, come just in time.
I have a special mission
for you.
I have to do within two agents
to Martinsburg.
Yes, sir.
The one must come from the south
and the other from the north.
- Zuster come?
- Yes, sir, to help these men.
Agents number 27 and 13
not men.
There are men!
What does it are then mules?
Not really.
Go see if Miss Cushman
is ready.
- Yes, sir.
- Sorry, Commander.
Alguna thing?
That's all.
- ZSI?
- Miss Cushman
Now we're going, we're ready.
Oh, good morning,
good morning, Miss Cushman.
Good morning, Mr. Allen.
- Sorry to put them in a hurry.
- We are prepared
Okay. Excellent! Excellent!
Did not known to these gentlemen?
Captain Hitchcock will make you move.
Lieutenant Littledale is your contact.
- Ya we go, Commander?
- Immediately
Lucille! Lucille!
Yes Lord, I come. I
to keep some clothes.
Oh my god, that chore!
Over time it has taken me.
And now I must redo it.
How annoying!
zuster have a maid?
Yes, por why not?
Oh. Blacks are true gossips.
That's not possible.
- Miss Dnde is. Loveless?
- Ms. Loveless has had an accident.
Zun accident?
Yes sir, she has changed
color, like mine.
Good morning, Commander.
- So ...
- I knew it!
- Case Llevo, Commander?
- Absolutely!
Listen. I'll try to pass through
general lines of Jeb Stuart.
Stuart is the brain of the South.
No one knows where to strike.
Its mission is to find out.
And yours, to see how.
- Zest clear?
- Very clear, Commander.
Agent DK 13.
The agent will tell you that 27 n
the first mission of a spy
is that you do not stop
Yes, that makes it useless
Did not you?
Entire company.
Entire company, sir.
Behold, a beautiful flag.
It's beautiful,
with its stars and its cross.
I will tell you where to be either:
on Capitol Hill in Washington.
ZY according to you,
when will that happen?
I do not know the exact date.
You as an aide to General Stuart
should know.
I can not tell you.
You make a big military,
Do not listen to him, he knows nothing.
- Quin?
- T
Jeb Stuart and Jeff Davis in person
Mr. Sweeney asked for advice before
blowing your nose.
Before you blow your nose, eh!
Tell me then, little rascal!
I'll give you a good beating.
I swear!
Pay attention!
What does it matter?
white zlos're bored?
If you have a good time,
Join the cavalry
Join the cavalry
Join the cavalry.
I see you are very happy
with whites.
Be careful, morena!
She is not black.
Did not you notice?
She has so much blood
white like you.
My family comes from Martinique.
I came with a company
of comedians.
From New Orleans.
Comediantes? ZEL charlatan who came
a week ago?
It belongs to the comedy.
ZA comedy?
I thought you were talking
in comedy plan.
You're a beautiful actress,
That does not prevent you finish
your laundry on time.
I'm sorry, Mr. Rufus.
I'm a little late.
Whether sooner or later,
The Lord is going to an evening
And if your underwear is not ready,
I know a washerwoman
to be major problems.
Para do I need?
If you ever wash your clothes,
'll both starch
which may not sit.
What does it going to do tonight, Lucille?
The general goes to the ball, and I have
a bottle of whiskey.
Do not think that drinking more
and run behind the petticoats.
Nunca fights?
Did not ever go anywhere?
He wears a linen basket
as belonging to the general.
You you enter.
- ZDE agreement?
- Maybe.
Take care! Care!
Military Mister!
Did not mind soiling
washed white clothes?
I almost run her over!
It would have been better
to re-wash.
Thank you.
Queda far Headquarters
General Stuart?
At 800 meters straight ahead.
Tell me, zuster not from here, right?
I bet that comes from Richmond.
And I, you're a snoop.
Yes My name is Lucille.
If you have laundry;
here I am.
Well, Lucille, I will remember.
Your horse seems tired.
zuster has come a long way, right?
You know, Lucille,
one day, you little nose to weasels,
will bring problems.
No, sir.
But if that happens,
I will set it up.
- Convene the officers.
- Yes, sir.
Gentlemen, Captain Gailliard.
He returns from a mission
in enemy territory.
He has spent time in
New York, then in Washington.
At dawn, contacted our
risking their own lives,
arrived here an hour ago.
He has carried out an act
that we all acclaim.
Captain Gailliard, sir.
The captain brings news Gailliard.
There is panic in Washington.
Every night, removed themselves
tables of bridge over the Potomac River.
for fear that our troops
can cross it at dawn.
North is torn.
Lincoln is booed on the street.
The army can not more.
if we attack quickly,
Washington will fall.
General Stuart. Our troops are
in this offense for weeks.
Our troops are exhausted.
In regard to our artillery,
is impossible.
Yes, I know, impossible. But the South
expects us to do the impossible.
Colonel Storm.
Do not count on my guns.
They will not move too fast.
The 6 batteries have been dismantled
at Brown's Ferry.
It would take four days
for repair.
Cundo could be prepared?
At midnight, sir.
Sort overall progress
to Amancaes.
Be prepared.
General Storm, we hope
we confirm
will be possible to cross the Potomac.
That's all.
Channing! Captain Gailliard!
One moment.
Allow me to present.
Capt. Cornelius Channing,
my secret service chief.
The captain took the same Gailliard
function in Richmond.
Two spies as you need
they are known.
- I bow to an expert, sir.
- Thank you, sir.
What does it do, brunette?
I was watching the lace.
Very nice!
Did not know that the Lord is waiting
her dress for the dance tonight?
I go there. Let me explain.
- Explicarle?
- Yes
Give me that.
- No!. I carry myself.
- I'll take care of it.
Then you carries the basket
and I, pants.
I'll do it myself.
There is a problem with
the belt of his trousers.
I'll tell you.
It is caught only by a thread.
Take care! Do not break it!
This is the position we must
The Yankees are informed
our plans.
But it's nothing serious yet.
Patrols, ambushes,
e captured
bombed positions
too often
There is a spy in Martinsburg,
no doubt.
If we execute the attack
now ...
I have researched all the people
who have arrived in the city.
The Lord is just arrived.
ZDE New Orleans?
Zest sure of it?
- No, sir.
- Z Communications is that?
I'm not sure anyone.
Even for myself!
This is my plan. This night is a dance
home of Mrs. Dandridge.
Podra postpone his return to Richmond
for a day
to go to prom?
Para provide assistance?
The spy will not be far.
You need me less to go to a
full of beautiful women dancing, sir.
How nice it is to dance
a man of his size!
I am glad that there
you come from ...
in short, wherever.
I hope he can stay.
I hope so too.
He organized a small dinner
and a dance after tomorrow.
I would like to come.
Well, if our tireless
troops are still there.
Podra you come to the aid
a poor housekeeper
telling if I'll get it right
to continue with my preparations?
There is no reason to tell
no. Ms. Vale.
You're lovely!
If I had power to do
I usually do.
dnde is generally Stuart?
I also wonder.
First detachment ready, sir.
Ah, quin going?
Yo. I do not come, I go.
zA this time?
It is the largest laundry
I've ever done.
General Para?
Of course. Quin else?
My arms are broken.
Good night.
Good night.
The general wash.
Stay there. I'll call Sweeney.
No, no. I know where you are.
- ZDE truth?
- Of course.
Zen would be?
Of course!
Con Who was that?
With the girl who brings the cast
- Zera Lucille?
- Yes.
- Dnde going?
- She said she already knew.
It is clever, this Lucille!
Yes, sir.
My hat and my gloves.
Gentlemen, everything is ready.
We leave at dawn if Colonel Storm
tells us that he is ready.
They can return peacefully
Behave normally,
as if nothing happened.
Watch what you say.
Do not trust anyone.
When General Storm is ready,
will transmit this password
the staff and myself:
"It will rain before dawn"
Habis understand?
Rain before dawn.
That's all, gentlemen.
Look! A seller of remedies
A remedy salesman!
Tell them to stop.
I love medicine vendors.
Come here!
Did not go to the white house?
Stay in your place!
Worry about your own business!
Do not come over to annoy me, hick!
The NS 27 is there.
z and the number 13?
There, near the tree.
Flows, Jordan, flows
Flows, Jordan, flows
I want to go to heaven when I die.
To hear
Jordan old flow.
Hey, troops!
I know too much to call you
"ladies and gentlemen."
Wait a minute.
Let us talk about serious things.
I will tell you of my remedies.
And I'll tell you what
rheumatism, had ...
I could go on
for hours and hours rehearsing.
But my time is limited.
So tonight,
go to the public square of your
beautiful city.
And tomorrow night
I will be in Ellenville.
And after tomorrow,
go to another beautiful city,
I will send one of my men
to sell you my remedies
Thank you.
Rip Van Winkle was a man
who taught the people to sleep
For twenty long years
with their nightgowns
You're not Rip Van Winkle
but do it very well
And of course,
I like to lie well
Hey, sleepyhead!
As I like my little bed
Let it calm
Did not you see
I just want to sleep?
Hey, sleepyhead!
Did not you see that the sun is shining?
I do not like the sun.
I know a lot of sunburns.
I just want to sleep.
You do anything to
avoid work
I can not argue, I have
clear ideas
Not going anywhere
I do not want to go anywhere
I feel very good here.
Hey, sleepyhead!
Do not get me out of my bed.
There are lots of things
I like,
But above all
I like my bed.
You're just a useless, a sleeper.
- Zun remedy?
- No thanks.
Excuse me, Ms. Vale.
zuster asked about his pants?
No, Lucille.
Rufus!. You can not ask
to do anything.
- ZME lets take a look?
- Okay.
Sorry, sir.
This is the pant that takes you!
It will fall.
With all these handsome gentlemen ...
My God, Lucille!
- I can fix that ..
- Yes, of course, come.
Forgive us, Captain
The Lord is like for many
I'm going to search his home now that
is there.
I must wash any news?
Yes, I tried to tell you,
But Rufus has prevented me.
Well, tell me!
Okay. If you only knew
when the colonel of artillery
Storm orders will ...
I think now
endure all evening.
I hope so, Lucille.
ZMI general?
I think it will rain before
Rain before dawn.
Rain before dawn.
ZLO you heard?. It is the sign:
"It will rain before dawn"
Hitchcock goes to see the wagon.
My God, they are off!
Stick to them.
Well, Lucille. This will be.
But do not be more careless!
Where are you running ZA
- Oh, you!
- Yes, sir, I am.
You work for the day
and run at night, Zeh?
There's a man chasing me.
Do not know much about the culprit.
- Then, go there, my baby!
- Yes, sir.
My flower!
- Go!
- Yes, sir.
Escseme, General.
Lady ...
Puedo speak to him alone?
It's urgent.
You, the military,
People are impossible.
ZY right?
It's Mrs. Vale ...
I knew she was right.
My men have reviewed your home
from top to bottom,
and there was a part of
roof patched.
Behind, I found this.
- A federal pass.
- This deserves the gallows.
Stop it right away.
She does not work alone.
Quin transmits its reports
the Feds?
Someone who is very astute
and certainly ...
That is, innocent.
Zhas seen the Congo
when the sun sets?
Zhas ever heard
awakening in the jungle?
Send me to the jungle
and I'll be fine.
I have a fever, fever
of the jungle
You know why I want to go there.
Girl with brown skin.
Black-haired siren.
My Congolese dear.
I'll be back with you
Wild-eyed woman.
Indigenous dream.
I have the jungle fever
blood for you.
Zhas heard the sound
the drums?
Luchando against the silence and the heat?
That is what I seek,
the music is so sweet
I have a fever,
jungle fever.
Congo calls me and I want
go there.
Girl with brown skin
Black-haired siren
My Congolese dear
I'll be back with you
Women's fierce look
Indian dreaming
I have the jungle fever
blood for you.
Send me to the jungle
and well
At dawn,
Storm cover the crossing
the Potomac.
Here's a copy
of general slogans.
That's all I could
I will pass.
There it is!
Hey, you!
- Ven!
- Hey, let go my arm!
Come on!
Tell him I am a
good girl.
I have not done anything.
What does it do you want from me?
Stop whining!
They have captured a Yankee spy.
And they want you to declare
in the military court. Come on!
I've seen it twice:
near the river and in the garden.
It's a nice girl who does not think
more than men.
- It certainly is pretty.
- If
Soon we'll have the heart of the network.
If he is innocent, tell the truth.
Admitir that meets Ms. Cushman?
Ms. Cushman has confessed.
Some witnesses have seen them together.
If so, says she herself
put the rope around his neck.
- The witness has arrived, sir.
- Bring her.
Gentlemen, go!
Bring it.
Raise your right hand.
Jura you that the testimony
to be presented will be the truth,
whole truth
and nothing but the truth?
Yes, I swear.
Conoce you to this lady?
ZSI or not?
Yes, sir.
zla knew you before
Yes, sir.
ZES she Pauline Cushman, the actress?
Dnde meet her?
I was her maid in a theater
New Orleans.
Por what left?
I realized that was a Yankee.
Telling the truth.
They are known.
I love her, ma'am.
But you became a Yankee.
I also loved you, Lucille.
I hope nothing happens to him bad.
Thanks, Lucille.
It's hard to condemn a woman
to death.
But my country demands it.
However ...
indultar if you tell me the name
of your accomplice.
It publicized the news
in the camp ...
A salvo of this general ...
my accomplice include
that their duty to their country
precedence over mine.
Take away the prisoner.
Las orders?
Do not bother to
that the instructions arrive.
Stay alert.
I come to you out of here. Fast!
Wait, Paullina!
Get changed quickly!
Help me.
She is in the shop, sir.
- Did not you follow anyone?
- No, quick!
- Put the guards under arrest.
- On the command.
- Need to catch it.
- Yes, sir
Tell the general
the spy who got away.
Bring me my horse!
Touch up!
We will cross the Potomac
before the Yankees are informed.
Come on!
Not a single Southerner has achieved
flank the river. "
You see that my service is a
Gray is the artillery who has prevented
Storm ...
If, as Gray zpero
Storm knew about?
- Well. He had several reports
- ZY how he obtained such information?
I have obtained information through
my agents DK 13 and 27.
This time, the secret services saved
A battle is won by strategy
I hope not doing anything.
Captain Hitchcock.
Did not have happened to
The NS 13 and 27?
- They are waiting for you.
- What does it happened?
They wanted to get to the NS 27,
but the NS 13 has spoken.
Well, the better! Seorita Loveless?
Do not enter! Go away!
Madame, I congratulate you.
Thank you, Major. Tell us where
We can take a bath.
I beg you.
With lots of soap.
It speaks only of toilet
for two hours.
The cannons roar, men die,
but they want a bath.
You know them better than me.
They need a good bath.
And what have you. I will offer
the best bathroom possible.
Thank you, Major.
- The soap!
- Can not find it.
- You need me.
- Actually, no!
Toma! Here you go.
Aunt Zoe!
Aunt Zoe, is too hot!
Of course not!
What I have to say
is more important than their appearance.
Not for me, Colonel.
Your service ...
Continue colonel.
Miss Loveless. Conoce you to the children
of freedom?
No, sir.
I shall explain.
It is a secret organization of supporters
Southerners serving in the North.
They are known as the Vipers.
- I heard about it
- Not the same thing.
It is an organization that has
with over 500,000 members
ready to fight with
to take Ohio, Indiana, Illinois,
Kentucky and Missouri and
and proclaim a new nation,
Confederation of the Northwest.
Jesus Christ!
Jesus Christ ...
Permit me to report
Washington think they have
great chances of success.
In your report,
Captain Gailliard speak.
He arrived unexpectedly
and immediately
South decided to attack.
- ZDE him where he came from?
- Del Norte.
I bet that is the same man.
Z Communications is the captain Gailliard,
Miss Lovelle?
Very clever, it's more seductive
and very handsome.
You have had little contact
but we would say that you marked.
These are facts.
We think it is Gailliard
Confederate officer.
which organized the Children
He is in the South to continue their
Miss Loveless.
I'll send to Richmond.
- Richmond ... Z Communications?
- Over time,
you will find
Captain Gailliard
and you tell us that is our
ZY next?
One of our agents
contact you.
The password is:
"The night is starry"
zPeRo, why?
The rest is not work
for a woman.
I could not do it!
It's war.
There is war.
It is murder.
Never mind that!
Acepta you?
If Pauline, if the agent n 27
There is no agent n 27.
Once it has been unmasked,
Miss Cushman is no longer useful to us.
I sent to the North
this morning.
zuster want me to work alone?
Unless you do
need a nurse!
Yankees Down with these thugs!
Yankees Down with these dogs!
Filthy Yankees!
Down with the Yankees!
Come with me!
Hang them!
I present to John Hay,
secretary to President Lincoln.
President Lincoln forgive your
offense to the Union.
With one condition: that you leave
she loves the South.
You will pass the federal line,
Miss Claybourne.
Do not interrupt me, Miss
Anne Claybourne.
Here are his passes
that had been censored.
His father, Josiah Claybourne.
be detained in prison
while the war lasts.
The press covers insults
President Lincoln
to not send
a firing squad.
Distinguished journalists, I hope
stress the human attitude
and just Mr. Lincoln.
That's all, gentlemen.
I do not understand. I have made
what I hear.
It's simple.
There is a certain Josiah Claybourne
They have one child.
They were arrested
New York 3 days ago.
We retain them in prison.
You go south to Richmond,
as a martyr, Anne Claybourne.
ZY if anyone knows in Richmond
Claybourne the real Anne?
Hopefully not.
Provost of Richmond.
Confederate States Army.
Zhas read the news about the 23?
"Ms. Claybourne,
Confederate sympathizer,
has been brought to South
by order of our President.
This has led to an avalanche
criticism, etc. "
Yes, I've read. The press does not speak
nothing more than that
Jack, she's in Richmond.
He is lucky to not be in a prison
Ustedes not crossed in New York?
Do not know. I remember your father
I saw him in a room
with 50 people.
He waved and shouted louder
than others.
Haba women?
Yes, I do not recall any
in particular.
I've been reporting.
She's home of Miss Shackleford.
- Miss Shackleford zla?
- Yes
He met her outside the hotel
with their bags and has led
It is a heroine.
Try to find out more.
- Sospecha?
- From Grandma.
- One thing I like about all this.
- What does it is?
The Shackleford have
a good cook.
Miss Shackleford knows I am
the best cook in the South.
- No thanks.
- I beg you.
What does it you would think our
There is more to say!
Mom, look as bad.
Now that's a captain,
avoids me.
Stop talking nonsense!
Querra give me some more coffee?
With pleasure.
He said that this sad,
because I see so often.
His company starts to Drewry's Bluff.
They are a. ..
Quin was Johnny?
... install a battery of cannons.
I told you that must be
between us.
Oh, dear!
I will not say anything to strangers.
ZES important to have a battery
at Drewry's Bluff?
Important! But if this is the key
of the situation.
Johnny explained to me
with a battery,
whether the Yankees arrive,
crush them.
For heaven's sake!
Get a speaker to listen to you
up in Washington!
Stop being so painful and
We got married
within a week.
Within just four days!
Quin is?
Oh, it's ...
Oh, Captain Gailliard!
Mom, What does it mean?
Is Jack Gailliard.
A young adorable!
Sure you will like.
You'll be crazy about him.
Come, I will introduce him.
Good night, Jack.
I know why you come here!
We have a surprise.
There comes a time for coffee.
We have already dined.
- I am delighted to see him again
- Good evening.
You know that Shackelford
have a nice guest, eh.
No need to light the fuse!
ZY the beautiful girl who always
is Chackleford?
It's what I call having
Jack, I'll introduce you.
Ms. Claybourne, this is
Captain Gailliard.
- Ya have heard of Ms. Claybourne?
- Of course.
He seems never to have
seen a pretty girl.
That's not very flattering
for South Florida.
Perdone, but I have not seen
I must be very trivial, everyone
say that.
Her mouth and eyes ...
It is unlikely that our paths
have been crossed.
Miss Claybourne has never
state in the South.
I like to stay here
until the end of my days. This is great.
It's very kind of you, dear.
But have not seen anything.
Our farm is lovely.
Oh Mama!,
Anne does not want to see our farm.
Mom just waiting to take off
his hat to show her.
I'd love to see it.
Then! Go!
Visit the property
Anne horseback.
Viene with us?
No thanks, I have many things to do.
But go ye and be merry.
What does it is what it smells so good?
Jasmine. I guess you
do not know.
We do not have jasmine
in the North.
What is this?
I am ignorant.
A nightingale.
Yes Sabe what a nightingale?
Yes, but I thought the owl
was the only slut with insomnia.
Did not no nightingales in the North?
Did not there anything charming in the North,
besides you?
Today the South has a monopoly
Once in your life
You know the love
If you look at the bottom,
can see a cube.
- No account look?
- No, I do.
That front will swing
of his childhood.
ZES truth? I had not seen
from decades ago.
- Me first!
- Of course.
- I have.
- It's very kind of you. Thank you.
Everything is perfect. It seems impossible
there is a war.
There are none.
True, there is not.
Once in your life
You know the love
Once in your life
Love is installed
When you discover
that the stars are fixed,
and someone whispers
"I am alone tonight"
Once, at last
The wait is over
And in the New Moon
You catch what the sky
sent you
This comes to you
and I felicitais
For finding
Once in your life, dear
- You will not listen.
- Yes I do.
I doubt it.
Is your face that bothers me.
Me too,
but I'm used to.
No. It's not what I meant.
The troops will be sleeping before
to get back to camp.
I'll wait.
It is the first time I speak both
without saying anything.
Has been formidable. I will return again.
Do it!
Let the next ...
Maana? With pleasure.
Good night.
The night is shattered.
Yes, the night is shattered.
- Cuntes stars are you saying?
- Thirteen.
Add 55 to 13.
Yes They're installing a battery
at Drewry's Bluff.
And Captain Gailliard ...
I'm still not sure.
I'll be there
when you're ready.
- Drewry's Bluff, you say?
- Yes
The night is shattered.
- Cuntas stars are there?
- 55
- Drewry's Bluff, artillery battery.
- Agreed.
The night is shattered.
- Cuntas stars are there?
- 18
Drewry's Bluff, artillery battery.
Dnde is?
- Drewry's Bluff, artillery battery.
- Agreed.
Drewry's Bluff,
artillery battery.
Well, son. And hurry.
Drewry's Bluff,
artillery battery.
I gotta go,
I am the maid of honor.
Pelham Johnny can not come
before midnight.
There is no marriage without the husband.
They dance very well.
- But Eleanor ...
- Eleanor's upstairs getting dressed.
Well, in that case ...
Keep still or I
give a spanking.
Stop kicking
or your dress will never be ready.
I imagine the headlines.
"Not to have stood still,
Eleanor Shackleford
married in underwear. "
- Squeeze a little.
- Yes, ma'am.
Weddings have something throbbing.
I love it!
You're going to mourn over the ceremony.
Of course.
Try to catch the bouquet.
And sleep with a piece of cake.
- Zeresh superstitious?
- Terribly.
- ZTU not?
- No.
I step down from the stairs,
I laugh in front of a black cat
and break mirrors before breakfast.
ZY no nothing happened to you?
No, nothing ever happened to me ...
until tonight
It's the most beautiful wedding that I never
I've seen.
I am interested in being the most
I marry the most handsome man
the world.
Ztod girls think their loved
is the handsomest man in the world?
No, of course not!
When I met Sam,
told him I had
ugly head
I had ever seen.
Do not you marry a man
on his head ...
I know.
We got married, but there would
a reason to live.
I ...
te ...
We must choose carefully
angle of attack.
And in many cases ...
does not seem you've gone
2 years at West Point
so you know everything
on the heavy artillery.
Eleanor will be very happy if you
you're late. Go!
Stop arguing!
Come on!
We learned at West Point.
It was okay.
A war does not suit you.
You declare another. Go!
Drewry's Bluff.
Three degrees northwest. 4000 meters.
Distance: 3800
Height: 25
Caliber: 18
Be Prepared.
Come on!
two ... three!
Take your weapons and shoot!
To your places!
Are crossing the river!
The Yankees!
Traitors! Cowards!
To your places!
It Drewry's Bluff.
Do not leave me!
There is a Confederate cannon.
Remain in the field.
I'll see what happens.
- What does it happening?
- Eleanor!
No. ..
No. ..
Eleanor ...
Porqu so long?
He will return.
General Clayton
sends you his greetings.
No news of Captain Pelham.
Anne, dear, do not be afraid.
Mrs. Shackleford awaits
in the library.
ZY Johnny?
Dnde's Johnny?
Tell me!
- Eleanor, dear!
- Jack!
- Come with me
- I know.
- Jack, help me!
- Did not I see?
I know you'll tell me something.
Bring a glass of water, please.
What does it happened to Johnny?
Pelham Johnny has died.
What does it will make the poor Eleanor?
Poor angel!
What does it happens to you, Anne?
I'm so scared!
Do not leave me.
Do not leave me.
Of course not! Of course not!
War is the cruelest thing
the world.
I hate war.
I hate war!
I know.
The war taught us that it is necessary
live as long as you can.
And also ... I love you.
It should tell you,
but morning delivery to the North.
Say you love me, waiting
on my return.
I love you, Jack. I love you.
Did not you understand?
You can not ... understand
I love you.
I love you.
Oh, Jack!
I love you!
- ZEL Captain Gailliard here?
- Yes, sir, come over here.
Captain Channing wants to see me.
Be right back.
Madam, quick!
It's serious.
Maybe they go after you.
Go look. I hide it.
- ZEL Gailliard captain?
- At the end of the hallway.
Capitn Gailliard?
- I want to talk to you, sir.
- Of course. Come this way.
Claybourne Dnde is Anne?
- Why?
- She is Anne Claybourne.
Had discovered.
The real Anne Claybourne is
in a Northern prison.
His father was arrested along with her.
Put this on. I will need.
- Okay. Mount the guard.
- Yes, ma'am.
It's hard to believe.
If I had known a day earlier
the disaster of Drewry's Bluff
never have happened.
- Dnde it is now?
- Far from here!
I just quit.
Por that he has not said before?
He must have brought her.
Hurry, they're coming!.
Good morning.
Good morning, sir.
Are you a morning person.
Catfish are
risers, sir.
Did not you've seen two Southerners
head north?
I have not seen anybody,
besides you, sir.
Southerners faced Zahora
between them?
I thought it was against the Yankees.
- Silence.
No one apart from the horses.
- What does it horses?
- Yes, two horses.
ZDE are you talking about?
I found them near water
They were too tired
to graze.
So I took off their chairs.
Zhas seen the riders?
I have not seen anyone anywhere.
Hey, Gailliard, come!
I found the horses.
Hello! Thay somebody there?
Thay somebody there?
It seems that no one inside.
If anyone, let me
I talk.
They ran out.
Do not fall asleep!
Dnde going?
There is a detachment on the hill.
- Go over there, I go around the river. "
- Okay.
Standing, Yankee!
- Jack!
- You get me.
- ZA Richmond?
- Yes, to Richmond, before the Court Martial.
We passed by Drewry's Bluff.
Jack! I had no choice.
He would not be caught.
I'm prey.
With this you earn forgiveness, Did you?
- You can not blame ...
- Culparte? I despise you.
You are also a spy.
Yes, but I'm a man,
not a woman
anyone who allies with
and attacks you from behind.
I did not win the confidence of
a woman
before you destroy your happiness.
I know ...
You have deceived me, as I have
deceived pretending you love me.
Not intended, Jack.
I'm sincere.
Did not understand?
I love you, really.
Liar! Viper!
It's all true.
But you do not believe me.
Take me then to Richmond.
Raise your hands.
Come on!
The Union troops.
Battalion. High!
Rest, guns!
Thank you, Reverend.
Zun cigar?
Thank you.
Puedo deal yo?
God!. I beg you.
Do not let
Present ...
Battalion ready, sir.
Captain Channing is in charge.
Present arms!
Aim well, Yankees!
It's horrible!
- Call them!
- What does it?
I am a prisoner.
These are your troops.
- No!
- Do your duty!
FEZ duty to what? ZDE destroy?
ZDE kill the man I love?
I love you, Jack. Really.
zle see? Kill him.
There are rebels near the river!
Rebels near the river!
Rebels near the river!
Let's go.
Do not look! Come on!
Hurry! Keep ...
Stay strong!
Do not be trapped!
The camp of the Confederates.
Join them.
- ZY you?
- I'll be fine. The Yankees are to come.
They will kill you.
I love you, Jack.
I want to save your life.
Please, please, go!
Go, Jack!. I love you.
The Yankees around us.
Take it. I'm exhausted!
Present, arms!
- What does it so?
- The North celebrates the victory, sir.
To stop!. There is no victory, only peace.
No more north or more south.
At ease, arms!
Present, arms!
It is necessary to forget everything.
Forget war, forget the hate,
forget the division.
And to think only in
loyalty and love