Ophelia (2018) Movie Script

Aaa aa-aa aaa
Aaa-aaa aaa aaa-aaa
You may think
you know my story.
Many have told it.
It has long passed
into history... into myth.
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that
the sun doth move
Doubt truth
to be a liar
But never..
I have seen more of heaven and
hell than most people dream of.
That the stars are fire
But I was always a willful girl
and followed my heart
and spoke my mind.
And it is high time
I should tell you
my story myself.
Mind out below!
Doubt that
the sun doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
Ophelia. Careful.
But never doubt I love
Doubt that the sun..
Is that mouse
in your pocket again?
- Be quiet!
- Laertes, I'm coming with you!
- Go back, Ophelia!
- But think of all the books!
So, students as well.
Very sweet.
I'll teach you later.
Hush now, make ready
for your studies.
- Watch out for dragons!
- Dragons?
It's a shortcut.
Brace of rabbits for skinning.
- Ooh, little rascal!
- Oi!
- Don't!
- Leave me. I want to see.
To Prince Hamlet!
Leaving us for the great
University of Wittenberg.
Fifteen years old today.
Little more than a boy,
little less than a man.
He insults the prince?
That's his uncle,
the king's brother.
Apple of his mother's eye.
Of course, it was an apple
that tempted a woman
in the Garden of Eden.
I had always thought
it was a snake.
It was an apple of knowledge,
and knowledge kills innocence
as surely as winter snow
kills summer blooms.
Then I fear for my son
at university
where they will fill him
with knowledge.
- To the prince!
- To the prince!
May he someday rise
from his mother's lap.
I think the apple is quite
innocent in the matter.
What is an Ophelia?
Your Majesty, it is a child
very much like
a snake's tooth and
a true snake she is,
in the garden of my duty.
The exact copy and very picture
of her departed
and much lamented mother.
My Ophelia, my daughter,
my treasure.
A treasure most in want
of polishing.
This is ladies' work to polish
such a treasure, and alas,
I am no lady.
Alas indeed.
I may be a lass, but there is no
call for such alas-ing.
I would not want to be a lad.
Then she shall be
one of my ladies
and we shall see
to the raising of her.
- Let me go!
- Hold still. Stop moving.
- Hold still.
- Absolutely tragic.
Oh, dear.
- She's fair for you.
- Ah, nonsense.
You dance like a goat, Ophelia.
Her father's a flatterer.
He wormed his way in
through dirt.
Have you seen
how she wears flowers
never jewels in her hair?
I thought she'd been
rolling in the dirt.
She smells of garden soil.
Her father can't afford jewels.
She is common.
Whatever does she see in her?
There you are, Ophelia.
What took you
so long this time?
Watch yourself.
- My Lady.
- My Lady.
Quick, before the water cools.
What do I smell?
Like a garden.
Petals for my bath?
Go ahead.
What a lovely idea, girls,
thank you.
You are most welcome, My Lady.
Take the candles.
My eyes are too weary to read.
I could read to you, My Lady.
A girl who knows how to read?
My brother teaches me.
Goodnight, my queen.
Sleep well, My Lady.
My Lady.
Shut the door behind you.
Have you seen how the hens in
the yard peck at each other?
Each choosing
the one just weaker.
Why do the ladies peck at you?
I'm not noble, My Lady.
Did you know
I was not raised at court?
My sister and I were sent as
girls to a convent in France.
But even there, there were hens
and they pecked.
Even the nuns?
But I had my sister
to defend me.
Read to me, then.
If you really can.
"A woman of Alencon
"having married for her profit..
...found a gentleman
who offered her pleasure."
This is no devotional book.
Something much more important
than prayer.
Read on.
"The gentleman caused her
to find herself
"alone with him in an orchard.
"Here he said unto her..
"'Madam, my heart
belongs to you.'
"She protested that he loved
her rank alone.
"And he replied,
'Madam, nothing could add
"'to your graces,
except the one thing
"'that can make a face more
beautiful, which is..
...in ecstasy.'"
"'My Lord gratifies me
so much, ' replied she.
"I do not ask
for any other thing.
"'Have mercy, good lady, '
cried he
"'for I am gone mad with love.'
"At this, the lady did swoon.
"Then the gentleman,
seeing her half-conquered
"plied her to good purpose
with his
long-concealed passion."
The prince! The prince!
He comes!
- Here he is!
- Look at this, Horatio.
I told you we'd have a welcome.
Oh, and so handsome, so grown.
Every inch a king.
- My dear son!
- Mm!
- It's good to be home.
- Yes.
Come, Horatio.
Don't wanna lose you
at the end of the journey.
And now we feast.
I remember this as an
excellent place to fish.
Come away, Hamlet.
Let's, let's try farther down.
A wondrous fish indeed,
inhabits the grove.
The fish would like
to come ashore.
Oh, the fish is very welcome.
No fish comes willing
to the fisherman.
My Lord, it's one of the
queen's ladies in waiting.
Then she will not mind waiting
till I catch a fish.
Of all of the ladies,
I'm least fond of waiting.
There are two sides
struggling in you.
One is baser, one better.
She tells my fortune, Horatio.
My Lord, it is your misfortune.
- Come away, Hamlet.
- Stay.
'Tis a quick fish, Horatio!
Get me my net!
Such lovely shades
and so lifelike.
And these threads.
Oh, for a moment
alone in the forest.
And almost naked.
Who do you suppose she'll meet
under that greenwood tree?
Well, perhaps she has a
rendezvous with some suitor.
Have you ever ventured
into the woods
outside the castle, My Lady?
No, I do not like
the woods myself.
Oh, I would not dare.
Unaccompanied, indeed.
Hamlet, come.
Do you like it?
Most lifelike.
When I am finished,
it will be truer than life.
Oh, where's the hunter?
See, he has left
his arrows there.
Those are her arrows.
Go on, Ophelia.
She is Diana,
goddess of the hunt.
She made her home
in the forest.
She knew no man until the
hunter Actaeon came upon her.
A hunter, not a fisherman?
He hid and watched her bathe.
Was he punished
for this trespass?
Diana turned him into a stag and
his own hounds tore him apart.
And do you ladies think this
punishment was fit?
Hasn't that ever been the story?
Beauty turns men to beasts.
I'd always pictured
the goddess as a girl.
You know, youthful, impulsive.
Diana is too aged
in this weaving.
She is depicted as the queen,
your mother, My Lord.
It's a wretched likeness.
Unpick your threads
and begin again.
- Fetch her tonic.
- Quickly, after the queen.
Where could she be? I hope
she's gone to her chambers.
How did you lose sight of her?
Perhaps she's retired
to her chamber.
- Come quick.
- I mean, really, it's fine.
Well, she doesn't
look aged at all.
Have you lost your way?
I've lived plenty long enough
to know my way
and not yet long enough
to forget it.
Your son has returned..
...you should be all joy.
And, yet, I think you pine.
It is difficult for a mother
when her boy
becomes a man
and no longer hers.
If I were your son,
I would not soon forget you.
And yet you are not my son,
but my brother.
In law, I am your brother.
But I've never much
loved the law.
The gossips say there are many
other things you love.
The gossips are mistaken.
There's only the one thing.
It's very close in here.
Perhaps I need some air.
I often feel as you do
at night.
I take my air on the parapets.
You will find me there.
No. I will not.
How now, Ophelia?
For a flash I thought
you were a ghost.
At school we dissected
a corpse into his parts.
There was no room
for his ghost.
I shall have to take your word
for it, My Lord.
I know nothing of the parts
of men.
You stop my heart.
If your heart stopped,
you would die.
I seem to be quite alive.
Appearances deceive.
See this.
An innocent flower.
And yet it is belladonna,
the most deadly nightshade.
Belladonna means
beautiful woman.
And you say it is poison.
Will you promise to dance
with me someday?
I'm afraid
I dance like a goat.
You excel today, My Lord.
Nephew. Come.
Try your learning.
I would not want to wound you.
Nor I you.
We'll, uh, we'll fight in fun.
I find no fun in fighting.
The winning knight
shall wear my colors.
Rogue. Seems you wear
a lady's colors already.
And you've chosen well if the
girl's as bawdy as her colors.
You watch yourself.
Ah, there's hot blood
in the boy after all.
Well done, Hamlet.
You debate what to do next.
And, meanwhile,
you do next to nothing.
Your sword, My Lord.
It seems I was mistaken.
You have much to learn.
I prefer not to learn
at the point of a sword.
My sharpness is within.
Marvelous creature!
A dragonfly!
A dragonfly!
Do not play with me.
Oh! Beautiful!
Little fish needs water?
Not water.
Some would say that's a pledge,
to drink wine from the same cup.
We mustn't.
I will be missed.
I feel like a lance has gone
in between my ears.
I don't think I've ever felt
like this before, Horatio.
I hope you haven't.
Morning, My Lady.
- Did you enjoy the dancing?
- I enjoyed the evening.
It's difficult to enjoy both the
evening and the morning after.
Uh, thank God
this summer is over.
My studies hurt my head a little
less than my leisure.
You're returning
to your studies?
Uh, we go to Wittenberg today.
- My Lord.
- Leave it all for the pigs.
There was a young prince
from the Netherlands
who decided to seek out
the treasury.
- I always meant to say goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Last night, Ophelia. It was...
You'll foul your breeches,
My Lord.
Well, then, goodbye.
- Try to understand.
- I am trying.
My father
would never allow it.
He wishes me someday
to take his throne.
And I am low.
- No, Ophelia.
- I was deceived in you.
I see now
that you are but a prince.
Doubt thou
The stars are fire
Doubt that..
Farewell, father.
Doubt truth to be a liar
- Goodbye, mother.
- I'll miss you.
But never doubt I love
Godspeed, my son.
Doubt truth
To be a liar
But never doubt I love
Do you know
the wood beneath the castle?
I used to play at its edge.
In the wood, lives a woman.
Go to her tomorrow
and get me more of what I need.
Make sure you're not followed.
No one must know.
And whatever you do,
do not look upon her face.
Because she is a witch?
She's a healer.
Her name is Mechtild.
What do you want?
I was sent by the queen.
- What for?
- For what she needs.
And what does she need?
She needs her youth again.
Rest from her desires.
A night's sleep
without dreams.
And a husband who mulls love,
not war.
But what she wants..
...is two ounces of my tonic.
Don't touch that!
I can't feel my fingertips.
It's a snake's poison
from the New World.
A touch of it
makes the flesh numb.
Too much of it will kill.
Could I learn such secrets?
You're a lady in waiting.
Learn to wait.
For what?
A husband, little girl,
what else?
And there's no time
for my brother's games.
Norway threatens invasion.
Every day is a struggle
for peace.
- It was all in play.
- He plays the fool.
While we're on the brink of war
with our neighbors.
Do not speak ill
of your brother.
Claudius shares my name, but the
blood in his veins is impure.
We've all heard that story.
There's no cause to believe it.
Well, he's his mother's son,
alright, but there is nothing
of my father in him.
Now you insult your mother?
She's no worse
than any other woman.
- Remember yourself, my queen.
- Stay with me, talk to me.
I... I have become
invisible to you.
You're more visible
than you realize.
All eyes are on you.
Can you not feel them?
My kingdom needs me.
Give yourself a bit of a fright,
did you?
I saw something.
A specter.
Past your bedtime, eh?
And up here's not a place
for a girl.
Tell me, brother..
...how do they know
what is inside a person?
There are men who steal corpses
from the graveyard for study.
What I really wonder is,
where does love reside?
Where truth, or madness?
The only answers
are from science.
I did hear the prince's friend,
Horatio, he..
...bribed the gravediggers
to dig up a corpse.
Rosencrantz? Guildenstern!
What's happened?
The king! Long live the king!
Get to your posts!
- Aah!
- The king.
Bitten by a poisonous snake
in his own garden.
He's sick?
He's dead.
Father wrote to Hamlet.
He should be here.
On a day such as this?
He should be far away.
Long live King Claudius!
Duly elected,
brave and sober majesty.
- Long live the king.
- Long live the king.
Your Majesty.
Your Majesty,
honor us on this day.
- They're lovely, thank you.
- Your Majesty.
Here, take these.
Look at you.
You will be one of my ladies.
Today the queen loves me
above the rest.
But she is fickle..
...and another day you might be
back in favor.
Say not she is fickle.
It is too much said.
A kingdom needs a king
and a king needs a wife.
Why should she be
anything else?
She was already a king's wife.
- Oh!
- Is my father buried?
Long since, My Lord.
You were so long returning.
So long that the funeral wreaths
are already taken down?
Welcome, Hamlet. We are most
happy you are returned.
Too late, it seems.
Too late to honor
your late father.
It seems my father's honor
is much besmirched.
He grieves, commendably, as
every son who loses a father.
His father lost a father once,
who was my father also.
We were ever men about it.
Man indeed to seduce a woman
to take a crown.
- Hamlet.
- You forget yourself.
The nobles held their election.
I seem to be the only one
present who does not forget.
You forget how to greet a king!
I am your king.
Come, Gertrude.
Let us eat.
- Hey!
- Give it back.
Stop it.
Look, we've caught ourselves
a pheasant.
Get off her!
Or what?
Come on.
Let me loose.
You will pay for this.
What? You want me to pay for it.
She wants me to pay for it!
Let the maiden go.
This one really is a whore!
The air smells very ripe.
Perhaps a bath is in order.
What'd you say to me? Huh?
- Let her be!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Come away.
Mastered by a maiden I see!
Come away. Hamlet, no.
Come away.
Thank you, Your Highness.
But I had no need of saving.
You speak of need.
In need I sought you.
I have missed you, Ophelia.
I should apologize for my
behavior to you last summer.
- You should?
- I do.
- It is forgotten.
- Forgotten but not forgiven.
I have never forgotten you.
You'll forgive me
if I doubt it.
Where is the water, Ophelia?
- Cover the queen.
- Hamlet.
What is the matter?
What forgetting is here?
It is only a filthy
bit of ribbon.
My tonic, please.
Farewell, sister.
I'm to continue my education
in France.
You are leaving?
These are strange times
in this castle.
Strange indeed.
Rumors abound
of all shapes and sizes.
All of them frighten me.
They are saying the prince no
longer sees you as a child.
I am no longer a child.
...be afraid.
Afraid of all
he can take from you.
You will only be safe
if you are afraid.
Tend to your own honor
and I will tend to mine.
Laertes, hurry!
Time and tide
wait for no man.
...my blessing on you, son.
Now, remember,
keep your own counsel.
Don't be familiar or vulgar.
And don't fight,
or if you do, win.
Um, dress well.
But don't spend too much.
Don't borrow any money
or lend it.
And above all,
be true to yourself.
Farewell, father.
And take care, Ophelia.
Remember what I said.
- What did he say?
- Something about Lord Hamlet.
Ah, yes, Hamlet.
They say he ran
into the queen's chamber
and stared at you
and spoke very strangely.
I saw it, yes.
Did he bestow on you
some... sign of love?
Are you lying to me, daughter?
A lying yes
is equal to a no.
So, yes?
This could prove
very advantageous for us.
I want nothing
to do with him, father.
You're a very bad girl
to be so good.
Ophelia. Come in.
Girls are not allowed
in the library..
...unless they're in the books.
Yet I think you have been
in here before. Come in.
I wish someday to be a healer.
There are many different kinds
of healer.
A doctor then,
a man of science.
You know graves are robbed
for such science?
Look, Hamlet is much distressed.
He behaves wildly towards me.
But there is a method
in his madness. Trust me.
Go to him, please.
The ramparts..
...at midnight.
Stay away from my grave
when I am dead.
Ophelia, do not be so morbid.
I have no interest in becoming
some man's anatomy lesson.
- You tremble, Ophelia.
- You frightened me, My Lord.
They are saying in the court
there is a ghost up here.
I thought I saw it once myself.
They say it is
my father's unquiet spirit.
Careful, the sentinel comes.
They say of all
the queen's ladies
you are the one
who knows her secrets.
To say you know a secret
is to tell the secret.
Tell me only this, Ophelia.
Was my mother true to my father,
her husband, the king?
I cannot tell you.
And yet you cannot lie.
My mother is like all women.
Fickle, frail.
My Lord..
...you are most unjust.
Frailty in love
is not a habit of my sex.
Perhaps it runs in families.
Forgive me.
I see now what people are..
...and only you are not.
Not you, Ophelia.
Be comforted, My Lord.
The stars are fire..
...my true love.
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love
The queen.
She wants her tonic.
Oh, she wants, she wants,
she gets what she wants.
- She fears to feel.
- And you?
What do you think you know?
You pretend you have
a broken heart.
That you are innocent
and wounded.
But you cannot hide your true
self under ladies' clothes.
You are wild and full of desire.
They will strip you,
they will judge you
and they will find you
wanting death.
They will cast you to the fire.
Do you know why they call me
a witch?
At 19, I was with child
by a man who swore
he'd marry me.
When my baby died inside me
rumors spread
it was the devil's work.
The righteous came
to cast the devil out.
Burn her!
But they didn't know..
...I knew my poisons.
Three drops on the tongue, the
venom mimics death but mocks it.
Burn the witch!
They thought me dead.
You drank the venom
but didn't die?
They found my corpse,
threw me away
and declared
the devil vanquished.
I had my remedy laid by
and so I lived.
But without my son.
And what of his father?
He was quite recently married.
Confess to me,
the keeper of your soul.
Do you love another?
I love only you.
Then meet me tomorrow
at the old chapel by the lake.
Disguise yourself
as a country lass.
And you a shepherd?
There will be talk.
I fear there is already.
Let them talk.
...I want to marry you.
- They will never allow it!
- Ophelia, they will not know.
But all of Denmark
should be yours.
If you were beside me
I would take grass
over Denmark's gilded throne.
When the time comes
we will go away from here.
"My beloved spake,
and said unto me
"rise up, my love,
my fair one, and come away.
"Let him kiss me with the kisses
of his mouth..
"...for his love
is better than wine.
"My beloved is mine
and I am his.
"...thou art fair, my love
"thou hast doves' eyes.
"...thou art fair, my beloved..
"...and also our bed is green.
"For, lo, the winter is past,
and the rain is over and gone.
"Flowers appear on the earth.
"Set me as a seal on your heart
for love is stronger
than death."
Good morning, My Lady.
You're up early.
Or were you up all night?
I'm told you spend your days in
the country with a common boy..
like a farmer's daughter.
You don't deny it?
You repay my kindness
by disgracing yourself?
No need to make yourself
lower than you already are.
There you are.
Good morning.
- Do you have what I need?
- I do.
Why do you stare?
You look like you've seen
a ghost.
Leave us, Ophelia.
What keeps you?
Your cloak is torn,
Your Majesty.
Perhaps I could mend it for you?
Are you fast?
You mean my stitches,
Your Majesty?
I think you know what I mean,
My nephew has been
very strange of late.
He haunts the corridors
at night.
Do you know the cause of that?
Maybe you know the cure.
Perhaps you are the cause
and the cure.
Your father says that my nephew
is in love with you. Is it so?
Hm, my father told me
it could not be so.
- Has he said he loves you?
- Never, Your Majesty.
Has he given you a token
of his love?
It was all done in innocence,
Your Majesty.
If I know what I know,
they're just children at play!
You said something
quite different before.
I have re-thought myself,
and other things.
I have been worried
about Hamlet's state of mind.
Here is the bait for him.
Now, we shall see.
Where is your water?
My Lord, there is much
I need to tell you.
Wh... what way is that to
greet your husband?
- None.
- Are you not my wife?
These games you play, My Lord,
nothing is ever as it seems.
I have a remembrance
I wish to return to you.
I gave you nothing. I took.
Your father was poisoned.
It is true.
I once saw your uncle at a place
where poisons are made.
I did not recognize him then
but I saw him again
on the ramparts, disguised
the very day your father,
the king, was stung.
So it..
...so it was no snake
but Claudius.
I must repulse your attentions
My Lord,
they have been forbidden.
Are you sure what you say
is true?
I found the poison in his cloak
this very morning.
Then he has stolen
my crown from me.
Y... y... you said you did not
want the crown.
You forswore it when you
married me.
I did not know
it had been stolen.
Cry out as if I frighten you.
- God help him, merciful Lord!
- They say I am mad!
Mad with love, they say, of me.
Then I will be mad!
And they will not see me coming.
I don't understand your meaning.
You should not know what I mean.
Remain innocent as snow.
Cry out.
Cry out.
God help you, sir.
The danger for you
is very great.
We must get you away from here.
There is a convent in
St. Emilion
where my mother lived as a girl.
You will be safe among the nuns.
- Hamlet, you cannot do this!
- Go to the nunnery!
He seems..
I think your daughter
is dangerous.
She should be married
as soon as possible.
I know a guard
who will do my will.
Greetings, Lord Hamlet.
Who are you greeting, my love?
Lord Hamlet!
- Please, come in!
- Hey!
Everyone, come in.
This will settle it, Horatio.
Adultery, murder, treachery!
- These are his crimes!
- No! My Lord, you can't go.
She should not be here!
There he is!
He's come to sell me a fish!
I am no fish-seller, My Lord.
But what a lovely fish it is.
Hamlet! Come sit by me.
What if there was someone
prettier, mother
who I would rather sit on?
Do not lie there, My Lord.
Get up.
Well, where can I lie?
Can I lie in your lap?
- No, My Lord.
- I mean my head in your lap.
You are merry, My Lord.
Married? Indeed!
You should know!
My mother was married, and she
was widowed only hours ago.
Hold your tongue
and master this madness.
They want me to marry another.
If you must marry, marry a fool.
I knew a fool once.
His name was Yorick.
He made a fool
of the king's brother.
I saw him once.
He made the king laugh.
And paid with his life
that very same night.
'Tis a very sad story indeed.
I know a sadder one, Ophelia.
It starts now.
I told you
to get to the nunnery.
A light.
A light.
- Let there be light!
- It is a mere spectacle!
You end this now,
or I will end it myself!
You are making us the spectacle!
You take them all out
and have them hanged!
I am your king!
The king knows the play is true.
Vengeance is mine.
Swift, now.
Hamlet! No.
'Tis treason..
...to draw on the king.
Call the guards!
Take them to the gallows!
I thought your lover
was too low.
But I see he's too high.
You are first among those
who might understand.
I was a mother to you
and you turned my son
against me.
Forgive me.
My Lady, you raised me.
I think you protest too much.
You cannot know what it is
to love a son.
I know what it is to love yours.
You stay away from him.
And stay out of my sight!
We are ruined!
The queen has dismissed you
and I will probably follow.
If we can still get you married
you'll be less of a threat.
- What?
- Tomorrow and not soon enough.
Please, no. I cannot bear it.
Our new king is baying
for blood.
I am just trying to survive.
Survival isn't enough.
You are so like your mother.
No arrangement there.
You loved her.
I will speak to the queen.
And I will beg her forgiveness.
Horatio, you look fraught.
What are you doing here?
Is it Hamlet?
No, Hamlet lives.
Your father was killed.
- Not mine. Hamlet's?
- No, yours.
My Lord Polonius.
Forgive me!
Forgive me, Ophelia!
Hamlet is mad indeed!
He thought it was his uncle.
He drew his sword
before I could say..
...who was hidden.
It was an accident.
Not Hamlet's fault, but mine.
Where is Hamlet?
To England.
With Rosencrantz
and Guildenstern.
King's orders.
For his own safety.
It's good of the king
to think of his safety.
To hurt you, Ophelia.
You cannot imagine his anguish.
- Where is my father?
- Man the gates!
Where is he?
Who murdered my father?
I will have justice.
An eye for an eye.
An eye for an eye!
Who murdered my father?
Be calm.
It is right and good to
want to avenge his killing.
- But he did not die by my hand.
- Then whose?
Then Hamlet will die at my hand.
No, Laertes.
It was all a mistake.
You must think of your
sister now.
- Take me to her.
- I will send for her.
- Open the gate!
- Come.
There is much to tell you.
Good thing you are
getting married today.
You're already fat as a cow.
You're lucky to find a husband
at all with no fortune
no family and no virtue left.
I hope you're not still
keeping a candle lit
for your lover, the prince.
One candle would not be enough.
Even if he ceased to be at all?
If he dies then I die as well.
You seem alive to me.
but married.
To Hamlet?
Then you are a widow.
Hamlet is dead already.
My Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
were sent with him.
They did not like their orders,
but they obeyed the king.
What did the king
tell them to do?
I will not tell!
Tell me.
- Oh! Ah!
- Get her away! She's mad.
Ah! Ah!
Tell me or I swear..
The minute the ship left port
they were to throw him
And they sailed last night.
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love
Hamlet is dead, Horatio.
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
had orders to betray him
when the ship sailed.
The harbor is becalmed.
The ship still rests there.
It has not left.
Then he lives?
Horatio, we can still save him.
- I...
- Horatio.
The king requires you.
Have you seen my bride, Ophelia?
No. Not of late.
The whole castle
searches for her.
The king bay them
lock the gates.
The last of I saw of her,
she was unwell.
The king has ordered that
no one leave or enter.
You see, the queen thinks that
you've lost your wits
but I think your wits
are the one thing
you still have about you.
No-one is going to miss you.
No father, no brother,
no husband.
We found an old village priest
who, with a little persuasion
had a very strange tale to tell.
He says that you have a husband.
And that he himself
made you a wife.
Now, if you were my child..
Your only child died
before he drew breath.
Yes, a son.
They called his mother a witch
and made to burn her.
But you know so already.
It was you that
cried witchcraft.
It was you that turned
the village against the woman
who loved you.
My Lord, we heard a cry.
Your bride is
more than a handful.
Our wedding is today,
Your Majesty.
You will not want to
marry a traitor.
Leave us.
You dare not harm me.
The king suspects
you of treason.
Punishment for treason
is well known.
It is death.
What a waste.
Perhaps you could take me to
the woods and leave me there.
The king would never know.
He was a good man, your father.
But you are twice him, I think.
Sing with me, Laertes.
My sweet sister, come.
Sit. Be still.
Here's rosemary,
for remembrance.
I hope you remember.
Pansies for your thoughts.
Rue... for your regrets
and your sisters.
And some for me and mine.
Daisies. The day's eye.
All seeing.
Someone sees you.
I'd give you some violets
but they all withered
when my father died.
Faithful Horatio,
will you visit my grave?
- Ophelia.
- Visit me before I am cold.
Be sure to dig me up
and I promise you will get
an excellent anatomy lesson.
Here's fennel..
...for you.
And columbines..
...for flattery.
You'll miss it now
my father's gone.
Take her.
Stay or else my joys
will die..
Take her!
- Unhand her!
- Let her be!
The poor thing has gone mad.
Let her be!
Get her out of my sight.
- You follow her.
- Yes, Sire.
I am no longer hungry.
Doubt thou the stars
are fire
Doubt that
the sun doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love
Oh, venom, be merciful.
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that
the sun doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love
Doubt thou
the stars are on fire
Doubt that
the sun doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar..
Where is Hamlet?
I dug you up as you commanded.
I took a venom that
mimics death but mocks it.
Where is Hamlet?
to his ship before it sails.
I'm not well, Horatio.
What is that?
There are scouts about.
It's our enemies from Norway.
They're advancing
on the castle.
You must warn the court.
I will not leave you.
You must warn them, Horatio.
I will go on alone.
I am dying.
Give me the remedy.
- You took the venom?
- Too much, I fear. Please.
The wood is full of soldiers.
Worse still. Drink.
Now be gone.
I have kept your secret.
Claudius came to you.
You helped him murder a king.
He helped himself.
I could never deny him.
Why should I?
I didn't care.
Let them do to each other
whatever they want to
up on their hill.
Even now.
Even that you could not
deny him?
I did love him... once.
And he did love me.
It was he who cried witchcraft
when your baby died.
I have witnessed
his confession.
It was he who set
the mob upon you.
- He would have let you burn.
- No.
No, not him.
He loves power.
That is all he loves.
He mocked me.
He shall burn.
Hold these.
You are in more trouble
than I thought.
Halt right there.
Who are you?
A friend.
Have mercy, spirit.
God forgive me, Ophelia.
It is not my blood
you have on your hands.
I did not think Claudius
meant to kill him.
You gave him reason.
I'd lost my own.
He brought your sister to ruin.
You never knew he was
the man she loved?
I thought any man but him.
Oh, my sister!
Absolve me.
Take my hand.
You are solid flesh.
And yet I saw my son
leap into your grave.
He left the ship when word
reached him you had died.
- I must return to Elsinore.
- No, too late.
Laertes challenged Hamlet in the
matter of your father's death.
- They are set to fight.
- No.
Where is my sister?
She will have counsel.
I cannot wait.
Hamlet will heed only me.
Claudius will have you killed.
But I'm already dead.
Is all prepared?
I have anointed your sword.
Just a touch will do.
Where is Hamlet?
- Boy, what's your name?
- Osric, Sire.
Go fetch Hamlet, bid him come
and start the fight.
As you wish, Your Majesty.
You have nothing to fear.
Shall we wager?
I have little appetite
for games.
Then I'll take Laertes,
by your leave.
Hamlet is far the better
The better man
does not always win.
There are two sides
struggling in you.
One is baser, one better.
In the flesh.
- You live?
- My love.
You are like a dream I had.
And when I woke, it was true.
You must understand
I seek not this battle.
Laertes does.
And has your own
revenge grown cold?
- It burns in me still.
- I feared as much.
Hamlet, we can escape now.
We will flee to the convent.
Not every story must
end with a battle.
Where are you, Hamlet?
I will.
- I will.
- Now.
I swore vengeance.
You swore to love me
and be mine.
I am yours.
I will follow you, Ophelia.
Goodbye, my love.
- Hamlet!
- Hamlet!
- Hamlet!
- Hamlet!
- Hamlet!
- Hamlet!
- Hamlet!
- Hamlet!
Let him through, My Lord.
Stars are fire
Doubt that
the sun doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love
Aaa aa-aa aaa aaa
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt
But never doubt I
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt
But never doubt I
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt
But never doubt I
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt
But never doubt I
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I
But never doubt I
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt
But never doubt I love
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt
I love
You may think
you know my story.
You've heard it ends
in madness
hearts broken..
...blood spilled
a kingdom lost.
That is a story.
But it is not mine.
I did not lose my way.
I did not lose myself
to vengeance.
Instead I found my way
to hope..
...that one day
I would tell my own story.
As one day you, my love..
...you will tell yours.
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar..
Aaa aa-aa aaa
Aaa aa-aa aaa
Aaa aa-aa aaa
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love
Doubt thou
the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun
doth move
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt I love