Opposite Day (2009) Movie Script

Welcome to my lab,
Mr. Rodriguez.
How was your flight?
Terrific! We could not
do this without you!
Thank you so much
for your cooperation.
Could you please
escort Mr. Rodriguez
up on the platform?
Thank you.
Dimitri, it's time.
Da. We are ready
for you, Doctor.
Oh, our time has
finally come, Dimitri!
Tonight, we crack
the code on baby language,
allowing adults to
communicate with their babies.
Please put Mr. Rodriguez
into the Demistifier.
Hello, Mr. Rodriguez.
Now, this will be over
before you know it.
Would you like me to hold that?
Thank you.
Now, please,
to get into Demistifier.
Dimitri, when the
Demistification is complete,
Mr. Rodriguez will be able to
speak the baby-monkey language
and understand the baby monkey!
Mr. Rodriguez will speak
fluent baby-monkey language!
Stand by for Demistification.
9, 8, 7, 6...
Subject looks OK.
Come on, come on, come on!
Demistifier running!
- 1...
- Ah!
Oh... So...
Doctor, he's practically naked!
Well, yes,
I can see that, Dimitri!
You know, I might be mistaken,
but it appears as if
Mr. Rodriguez believes
that he's a baby, too!
Is that what we wanted?
Well, no, Dimitri!
We wanted him to
understand baby language,
not to become one!
It's the complete opposite!
Please forgive me
for what I'm about to do.
Excuse me.
Come on!
Let the kids go by!
Mom, now that I'm gone...
Don't worry about tomorrow
'cause I'll be all right...
Come on through Fairfield,
the town that
never stops moving!
Keep it coming!
Here we go!
Taught me well
Now say goodbye
Don't look back
or you'll make me cry
Dad, you've been
my best friend...
Get your paper today!
Paper! Read it!
You taught me more
than a thing or two
Be strong while I'm away
Keep me in your thoughts
Tear 'em from
the Opposite Day
I love my job!
Opposite Day
It's only once in a lifetime
Day Opposite Day
Opposite Day
It happens once
in a lifetime...
I need you to go
to the supermarket.
Jack, I told you to go along,
and if the sales
go below 150, sell short.
I don't care what you say!
If the sales
go below 150, sell short!
Sometimes just
wanna be a kid
Can't do things
like my mommy did
Oh yeah...
I've got 30 minutes for lunch!
I need a cab! Taxi!
I'm walking here!
I'm walking here!
Now pay attention!
It's your move, Marv.
Keep it together till I'm back
from the Opposite Day...
You know, it makes no sense.
In school, they want us to play
on the playground and slide.
When I do it at home,
my parents go nuts.
You rubbed butter
on the banister
and slid down in
your underwear, Sammy.
Give me a break, Carla!
Like I'm gonna
walk down 20 steps
every time I want
a snack from the fridge!
What'd your parents do
when they found out?
They grounded me
for the rest of day.
Oh, that's so harsh!
That's nothing!
Last week, I threw ice cream
at my little sister.
Got no dessert for a week.
No dessert?
For a whole week?
Parents are so bossy!
All they wanna do is make rules!
And every chance they get,
they ground me.
For good reason.
If mom and dad let you do
whatever you wanted,
the house would be
wrecked by now.
Well, when I'm a parent,
I'm gonna let my kids do
whatever they want.
Sure, Sammy.
Hey, Carla, wanna trade games?
I'm still playing.
Today's Opposite Day,
which means you're not playing.
Today's so not Opposite Day!
You just made that up!
Well, you just said
it's not Opposite Day,
which means it is Opposite Day,
which means if you are
using the game,
you really aren't using the game
which means I can have it.
Here we go!
Today could be...
Give Your Brother the Game Day!
But you're still not getting it!
This life of ours,
if we can even call it a life,
is totally unfair!
We could easily do
what our parents can do.
Make dinner, raise a family.
Ha! Piece of cake!
Cake? Don't mind if I do!
Yet they tell us what to do?
I don't think so!
If kids ran the world,
it would be so much better.
I say starting now,
we stop letting adults
tell us what to do.
Hey, guys.
What's up, Chaz?
What ya talking about?
The boys think kids
should be in charge of parents.
I mean, that could never happen.
That's just... whoo!
Who needs parents?
I don't know.
I kind of like my dad.
I just wish
he'd play with me more.
At least he tucks me
into bed at night.
Ugh! Mom's here.
Hey, guys!
Come on, baby.
Let's go.
See you guys on Monday!
TTYL, Sue!
How was your day, kiddo?
Pretty good.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Wanna go for a bike ride?
All right, let's get going, OK?
'Cause I've got
a surprise for you both...
at home!
Cinderella, dressed in yellow...
Look! It's Grandma
and Grandpa coming!
Could only mean one thing!
Guess where we're going!
- On vacation!
- On vacation!
- Whoo!
- Yeah!
I'll see you. OK.
- Daddy!
- Hi!
I love you.
Grandma, Grandpa!
Dad! Ugh!
Don't embarrass me!
Embarrass you in front
of who? Your mother?
What, I can't hug my own son?
It was cool
a couple of years ago.
Someday you're
gonna be a parent,
and you're gonna realize
how important this bond is
between father-son.
Can I go now?
- Yes.
- Cool.
God, wouldn't it be great
to be a kid again, huh?
Get so excited about everything.
I don't know.
I wouldn't wanna give up
being married to you,
our fantastic kids,
our wonderful life together.
I know.
Just for a day, though.
Stop to get the fishing rods.
Sorry, I gotta take it.
Hi, Charles.
Hey! Oh...
Hi, Ms. Jenkins.
Dr. Larabee.
Oh, thanks, Dad!
These are my favourite!
You can't keep doing this.
It's not fair to Chaz.
And it certainly
is not fair to me!
I know, I know.
But I will be here early
every day next week.
I promise!
Hey, Dad, I made this for you.
Hey! That's a nice job there!
That's nice. That's...
So, we're in a bit of
a time crunch here, so...
I'm sorry.
You've really grown up, Son.
All right, we're all packed up!
Let's hit the road, Jack.
Now, are you kids ready
for an old-fashioned
fun-in-the-sun vacation
in our new cabin?
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- I wanna sit in the middle.
- No, that's not fair!
- Scooch over!
- What is it, hon?
Charles needs me to
come into the office.
Right now?
It's ridiculous,
but my client
pushed up his deadline
and now I've got 2 weeks'
worth of work to do in 2 days.
And what about our vacation?
You'll just have to
go without me.
Something's wrong.
If you're not going,
I'm not going.
No, go. Have fun.
Denise, I'm not
going on vacation
while you're stuck
in the office.
Besides, it'll be good
for Mom and Pop
to have a weekend
alone with the kids.
And who knows,
maybe you can finish up early
and we can get
some time to ourselves.
That would be nice.
I thought this was supposed
to be a family vacation.
Now don't you worry.
I'll take good care of the kids.
What's their names again?
He's joking. I think.
I'm just yanking their chain.
All right, kids!
Wave goodbye to your parents!
You may never see them again!
Bye, Pop!
Bye, guys!
Bye, Daddy!
I'll miss you!
I love you, princess. Bye!
Bye, Daddy!
I'm really proud of you, Son.
There's only one thing
in my mind
I'm leaving
everything behind
I'm just looking
for good times...
If I was in charge,
I would not ruin
a family vacation
for stupid work!
I agree.
Heading down
this endless road
Breaking down on open doors
Taking chances
is fine with me
Better off on what you need
To live it up to me
I can make you see...
This is so cool!
Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa!
Come on! Come on!
Come on, Grandpa!
Hey, kids, for dinner,
I'm gonna make hot dogs
with macaroni and cheese,
homemade ice cream
and gummy bears!
- I love gummy bears!
- Gummy bears! Yes!
- Gummy bears!
- Whoo!
You are going to have
so much fun,
it's going to come out
of your ears!
Emily, I need to see
those layouts.
Oh, Denise.
I just got an email
from Tyler at Skin So Smooth.
They wanna start their slogan
with "Smooth..."
It's up to us
to figure out the rest.
And by "up to us,"
that means up to you.
Good luck.
OK, if I crank this out
double time,
I still might make it
to the cabin.
Yeah, right.
Good luck, girl.
All right, now, this is
Dimitri's son, Alexei, huh?
Don't worry, let me
put the coat on the doctor.
You're late.
Make a note of that, please.
Yes, sir,
Mr. Montgomery.
My sincerest apologies.
You know, it's no small feat
working 14-hour days
and raising a child on your own.
Spare me the excuses, Godfrey.
As you know, the board
is expecting me to advise
on next fall's product launch
this Thursday.
Either you show us something
we can use in the launch,
or I'm afraid I'm going to
have to let you go.
Now, what have you got for us?
let's start with the birds!
Ah, the bird! Ha-ha! Good.
Come on.
After you.
Now, did you know
that overnight-express
delivery companies' employees
are paid $20 an hour
for their deliveries?
So I started thinking,
what if we started a company
with employees that could be
paid in birdfeed, literally?
Even as we speak,
we are in production on
a fleet of thousands of birds
that would travel at mach speed,
delivering packages all over
the world, 24 hours a day!
I call it Bird Express!
What does that
have to do with babies?
Oh... Well, I mean...
other than the classic mythology
of birds delivering newborns,
technically, really nothing.
- It's stupid.
- And a waste of money.
What else do you have?
Right. No.
Forget the bird.
Yeah, just a little side project
to sort of whet your appetite.
Ooh, come here!
Feast your eyes on
the future of sports!
Hmm? Bats hit.
Clubs swing.
Ooh, all on their own!
You see, the automated motion,
it teaches kids to play sports
with the proper form.
Ooh, look at this!
Oh my God, are you OK,
Mr. Montgomery?
- It's all right.
- Be careful!
You call that a punch?
No, I don't think so.
Thank you for
your patience, sir.
Yeah, hey, we're just
getting warmed up!
Right, Dimitri?
Now, this next one
is for the parents.
And I call it Slow Ray.
Watching a baby
when you have other
household responsibilities,
it's challenging because
they're all over the place.
falling, getting
into everything.
But if you slow them down...
How far can they go?
Hmm? How much can they destroy?
That is fascinating,
but how is the effect reversed?
Thank you, Doctor!
What happens
if you shoot your kid
with the fast mode first?
- Good point.
- Oh, well...
So far I've seen
absolutely nothing
worth mentioning to the board.
If anything,
hearing what you have to say
has mad me stupider.
Are we done yet?
- I think we're done.
- My dad always has problems.
No, no, no!
No, we're not done!
There's still one more
invention left!
- There is?
- Yeah.
Um, this is something
that I've been working on
since my Ph.D. days.
It's a machine
that allows adults
to speak baby language!
All due respect, sir,
but have you lost your mind?
Not now.
Not now.
You're telling me
that parents would be able
to talk with their babies.
It will revolutionize
parenting as we know it.
Now you're speaking my language.
There's just one tiny
little itty-bitty problem.
- We don't like problems.
- We don't do that word.
Well, it's still sort of
in the testing phase.
Godfrey, how much
would you say you enjoy
working here at Cuddledyne?
A whole lot?
Not so much?
- Get off me!
- No, you get off!
Now, now, possums,
these two beds
are exactly the same.
Martha, I built both
these beds with my bare hands.
Sammy is right.
That one is better!
Not to mention the view.
Stop teasing the kids!
Come on, they're both
exactly the same.
Oh, look!
It's the first star.
You know, if you wish on it,
your dreams will come true.
I wished on it
that I would meet someone
wonderful like your grandpa,
and I did!
Are you saying that
we can make a wish?
But make sure your wish counts.
Good night, angel.
Good night.
Good night, Grandpa.
And don't let the bedbugs bite!
You know, Grandma and Grandpa
are pretty cool.
I have a wish.
I wish that kids...
ruled the world.
And I wish you would
stop talking so I can sleep!
You know, we should build
an underwater city, too.
That way, people would have
a place to live
once global warming
melts the polar icecaps
and floods the world.
That's a good idea.
- How's my little Chaz-mataz?
- Hey, Dad.
Today, you're gonna be
my little helper.
How does that sound?
- I'd love to help you.
- OK.
Come here.
Uh, listen...
I want to show you something
that's gonna make
both our lives better.
How's that sound?
- You made me a robot?
- Not quite.
Dimitri, it's time.
All right, look, Chaz,
I just need you to sit in here
and be still, all right?
It's completely safe.
I designed it myself.
Trust me.
I'm your father!
You'll be the first child
who will be able to
communicate with babies!
You'll know baby language.
Our lives will be
completely changed after this.
Some father you are!
We are about to make history!
You say that at all
your demonstrations.
Yeah, I know.
OK, Son!
Initiating uplink
to maternity ward.
Connecting to baby subject.
I can't believe
you'd do this to your own son!
I'd make a better father
than you!
How can you test a machine on me
that doesn't even work?
I hate this machine!
I hate it! I hate it!
Malfunction. Malfunction.
No! Chaz!
You care more
about work than me!
That's not true!
I am pulling the plug
on this program!
When I'm finished with you,
you'll be lucky if you get
a job flipping burgers!
Hickory, dickory, dare,
the pigs flew up in the air!
Hickory, dickory, dare,
the kids flew up in the air!
Hickory, dickory, dare,
the pigs flew up in the air!
Hickory, dickory, dare...
Oh, Dad, I got so scared!
Almost pooped my pants!
Look how big my hands are!
I'm like a monster!
Look at your hair!
I want to play tag with you!
I want to play tag with you!
Computer, tell me what happened.
The Demistifier has had
a complete malfunction,
resulting in leakage.
Dr. Larabee?
Is everything all right?
Uh, Dr. Larabee?
Yeah, I'm Dr. Larabee.
Computer, what happened
to all of us?
This leakage has created
a mist over the entire city
for a 5-mile radius,
causing all family members
to switch identities,
parents taking on their
children's personalities
and children taking on
their parents' personalities.
Are you saying that this mist
causes kids to act like adults
and adults to act like kids?
That is correct.
Very good, computer.
Very good.
- Martha! Martha!
- What?
Do you see what I see?
I guess... I guess
I'm just imagining it.
OK to cross now, kids.
Last one's a rotten egg!
This isn't Halloween,
is it, dear?
No, no, the last time I checked,
Halloween is in October.
I know what it is.
You must have made a wrong turn.
I know exactly where we are!
Please, don't give me
a hard time.
Kids, kids!
Wake up! Wake up!
Did you see what I see?
Look! Look! Look!
Hey, bub,
get the lead out of it!
That kid is driving!
Kids can't drive!
No, Sammy, please, she's right.
They're not just driving!
They're doing everything,
these kids!
Mom, now that I'm gone
Don't worry about tomorrow
'Cause I'll be all right
on my own...
I've got 30 minutes for lunch.
I need a cab.
Don't look back
or you'll make me cry
Dad, you've been
my best friend
You keep me up
when I'm feeling blue...
Keep it moving!
Keep it moving! Come on!
Be strong while I'm away...
Come on, keep it moving!
Keep it moving, people!
Come on! Come on!
Keep it moving!
Come on, keep it moving!
Opposite Day Opposite Day
It's only once in a lifetime
Day Opposite Day
Opposite Day
It happens once
in a lifetime
Ice cream!
Oh, well,
let's have some fun...
Get your fresh, hot papers here!
Grow up really fast...
Jack, I told you to go long.
And if sales go below 150,
sell short.
I don't care what you say!
If sales go below 150,
sell short!
Cooking things
and building too
Can't pay the bills
as good as you...
I need you to go to
the supermarket!
So, when you vote
for Mayor Dugen,
know that you're not only
voting for free parking,
you're voting for freedom!
Opposite Day
Opposite Day...
It looks like
the world's turned opposite!
Like Opposite Day!
But do the math.
All the kids are
acting weird, like adults.
And all the adults
are acting like kids.
Wait, do you know
what this means?
My wish came true!
Kids rule the world!
How can you be happy about this?
Who wouldn't be?
I guess me!
Stop sign, you knucklehead!
Hey, I'm walking here!
I didn't see it!
I'm losing my concentration.
Kids, now, be on
your best behaviour now.
I'll handle this.
Martha, if there's
one thing I know how to do,
I know how to deal with the law.
License and registration.
You know those
candid-camera shows?
We're on candid camera!
Very funny!
We see through you, don't we?
Don't we?
I don't know.
Maybe it's not a gag.
Maybe it's not a gag?
Do you have a listening problem?
Little boy, you're operating
this automobile?
I'm a little boy?
I think you're
a little confused, kiddo.
What are you doing?
What am I doing?
What do you think I'm doing?
If everything
really is opposite,
then Grandma and Grandpa are
2 little kids driving this car!
And you know what that makes us?
The adults! And we'd
be responsible for them!
I'm not going to jail
for this. All right?
I'm sorry, Carla,
but if there's a world out there
where I get to call the shots,
I wanna be a part of it!
What is he doing?
Break my fall
Waking from a bad dream
Reaching out to find you
Gone again
I'm turning to my cell phone
Turning out to be
my oldest friend
And shame on you...
Hey, who are the adults here?
You or them?
We are, of course!
It's the both of us
Can I make you see?
Ice cream! Ice cream!
Ice cream! Ice cream!
Catch me if you dare
If you really want to see me
Take a second
just to recognize
How long
that I've been there
How can you help me?
How can you heal me?
You're never home
to take my call
You gotta show me...
Why you crying, mister?
'Cause my mommy
put me on timeout
'cause I pushed a kid!
Too bad for you!
Hello there, lovely ladies.
Oh, who is he?
He's cute!
So, let me get this straight.
You're telling me that you,
a little boy,
from the looks of things,
is no more than 7 years old,
is a grandfather?
That's what I've been
trying to tell you!
This isn't good!
Wait a minute, Officer.
I can vouch for him.
He's my husband of 45 years.
And in the back,
you can ask my grandkids.
Listen, Officer,
maybe we can work this out.
I've got a box of
Girl Scout cookies in the trunk.
What kind?
Wait a minute!
Are you trying to
bribe an officer?
No! Just a few cookies!
Animal crackers.
Out of the car, son!
Cooperate, Jack.
I am cooperating!
How can you help me?
How can you heal me?
You're never home
to take my call
You gotta show me
You wanna know me
Gotta be there
to break my fall
Break my fall
You gotta be there
Break my fall
Oh, you should be there
Come on, keep it moving!
Keep it moving, people!
On the sidewalk.
Hands on your head.
Put your right foot in.
Take your right foot out.
Put your left foot in.
And shake it all about.
I said the left foot!
Where are your parents?
Oh, Martha,
I'm so confused! Please!
I'm going to need you
to breathe into this.
And then you go,
and then you and you.
All right? Next!
- Next!
- Yeah! Whoo!
Walk the line, tough guy!
That's hopscotch!
You too!
I said walk it
- I won't!
- You will!
- Won't!
- Will!
Won't! I've had
enough of you!
You know what you are?
You're a little punk kid
in a cop's uniform!
Is that right?
That's it, we're going downtown!
Oh, you're making
a mistake, Officer!
All he did was run a stop sign!
Hey! It's not your turn yet!
Carla, I don't know
if this is just a dream
or if it's just
one huge practical joke,
but promise me
that we're gonna enjoy it
for as long as it lasts.
Whatever you say, Sammy.
What's your problem?
Grandma and Grandpa
just got arrested!
Come on now,
is all of this really necessary?
Smile for the ducky!
Quack, quack!
Can I get a copy of that?
Fingerprint, please.
Does it wash off?
This is so childish.
Take your time.
I want you to be really sure,
so take your time.
It's him!
It's him on the right!
That one?
I'm sure of it.
You gotta believe me!
I'm telling you, I'm innocent!
Tell it to the judge.
Jasper, what are you doing here?
What do you mean,
what am I doing here?
I work here.
I'm a cop. Remember?
No, I don't remember.
A few days ago,
you were a normal kid,
just like us.
What are you talking about?
I've been on the force
since I was practically born!
Are we the only ones
who can see that
everything has turned opposite?
All of a sudden,
kids are in charge,
like we talked about
in school the other day!
In school?
Everything's all mixed up!
I'm sorry to say, guys,
but the only thing
mixed up is you!
Parents acting like kids?
Kids like parents?
Now that's hilarious!
I promise you,
things are as normal
as they've always been.
Well, there are these old...
There are these young kids
that just came in.
What's gonna happen to them?
So, tell me...
where were you two hours ago?
Was it on Main St.
in front of Casey's Market
in front of a stop sign
as bright as day?
You Oompa-Loompas
can ask me all you want.
I ain't squealing!
Don't worry, hon.
If it comes down to it,
I'll take the fall for you.
They ain't cooperating, boss.
They're playing it smart.
Won't speak without
an attorney present.
I got it!
Maybe we should
throw the book at 'em!
Yeah, good idea.
You're thinking.
They dodged the book!
I'm out of ideas!
Me too! What now?
How about we get a bite?
OK. I'll drive.
- My treat, buddy.
- Thanks.
What do you feel
like having today?
All rise for
the honourable judge!
Operating a vehicle as a minor?
Running a stop sign without
even saying you're sorry?
Trying to bribe an officer
with Girl Scout cookies?
And not even mentioning
they were thin mints!
They were animal crackers!
Ugh, the list goes on and on!
You people make me sick!
Jack and Martha Benson,
please rise.
Seeing that this is
your first offence,
I've decided to
take it easy on you two.
Twenty-five years
of solitary confinement!
No! No!
Bailiff, take them away!
What kind of a lawyer are you?
Act as though you...
Act casual.
Oh my God...
Oh my...
Stay in a single line!
Keep your hands
where I can see them!
I'm innocent!
Want a lolly?
No, thank you.
That's very nice of you,
but we haven't had dinner yet.
How about a game
of tic-tac-toe?
I don't know the rules.
No, thank you.
When I was a kid
I would dream
that I was grown up
Finally on my own
No people to tell me
who, what, where, why...
- Really appreciate it.
- Thanks, Jasper.
I'm worried about you folks.
I have hopes I have dreams
That one day
I'm gonna live my life
Just like I want to
Who do you wanna be...
I hope you're happy.
About what?
You know, if it wasn't
for your stupid wish,
Grandma and Grandpa
would still be with us
instead of sitting in
a stinky old jail cell!
Well, it's not my fault.
I mean, it's not like
I created all this.
Did I?
Holy cannoli!
Whoa! You took the words
right out of my mouth!
Oh my gosh...
If you weren't with me
this whole time,
I would swear
this was your work.
Well, I make a good mess.
And when I say "good",
I mean good!
Not this good.
- Surprise!
- Surprise!
- Mom! Dad!
- Mom! Dad!
Hey! Oh, we built
the coolest fort!
You've gotta see it!
Oh my God,
you gotta check it out!
They're dressed like kids!
We missed you, Mom and Dad!
We missed you!
Why do you keep
calling us Mom and Dad?
You're the parents.
No, silly, you are!
- We're the kids!
- You're the parents!
We're the kids.
You're the parents.
No, I'm telling you!
We're the kids
and you guys are the parents!
- They're so weird!
- Wait a minute.
The coolest fort...
If they're the kids,
then we should be able to
tell them what to do, right?
I guess so.
You look like a dog!
Clean up this mess right now.
No! Do we have to?
Yes, you do.
- She did it.
- It was his idea.
You know what?
I don't care whose idea it was.
- He did it!
- She did!
I want you to
clean it up right now!
What am I saying?
Denise, you go get me
some popcorn,
and, Robert,
you go get me a soda.
Let's go! We don't have
all day, people!
Let's go!
The toilet paper
was Robert's idea.
Now, this is the life!
What are you doing
helping them, Carla?
That's their job!
Have you lost your mind?
You're abusing your power!
That's not fair!
Don't lecture me about fair,
all right?
This is payback time!
They've had this coming
for 10 years now!
Is there anything else
you want us to do?
I finished scrubbing
the toilet with my toothbrush.
What now?
Denise, honey,
I'd like you to now
brush your teeth
with that toothbrush.
- No!
- But, Dad...
I'm just messing with you guys!
Now it's playtime!
- Yeah!
- Whoo!
Today was a fun day
It's snowing!
Got to do things my way
Don't tell me what to do
Ten Mississippi!
Ready or not, here I come!
Got to be a grown-up
Got to eat whatever I want
You can't tell me what to do
I think I'm gonna puke.
You'll never know...
I'm only doing this for you.
Tea? Tea?
I got it!
I got it!
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
You'll never see
That was fun!
Just what it means to be...
Just a tip,
but Mom usually
puts it in water.
When kids rule
Dinner's served!
Hope you're hungry!
Let me through.
Move it, Sammy!
Stop kicking!
Hey! Wait!
We can't let them get into bed
looking like that!
Why not?
Hey! Ah, ah, ah!
Not so fast.
Aren't we forgetting something?
Good night, Dad.
Good night.
I miss you, Mom.
You too, Dad.
You too.
It's harder than it looks,
being a parent, isn't it?
I don't know about that.
I hope when we wake up
in the morning,
Opposite Day will be over.
I'm sorry for being
such a pain today.
Good night.
- Wake up, sleepyheads!
- Hey!
Wake up!
Wake up, sleepyhead!
Mom! Dad! Mom! Dad!
We're hungry!
But we just fed them!
I guess we have to feed them.
And then after that,
we wanna go to... Ahh!
- OK, guys, calm down!
- Ow!
Take a look outside.
Everything's still opposite.
Am I detecting
a change of heart?
I love being in charge.
Besides, it beats the heck
out of going to school!
- No, I'm not doing anything!
- Stop it!
Oh, whoa!
Girl, you can't do the
presentation looking like that!
I can't do the what?
Somebody call
the fashion police!
No more police!
Please, no more!
It's just an expression, Carla.
Chill out.
Now, we have got to do something
about that outfit.
Come on, girl.
Whoa, your clothes
are ginormous!
I had that problem
a couple of days ago.
Oh, take 'em down to Cuddledyne.
They can fix it.
Sue, has anything seemed to be
a little weird to you
these past few days?
Like what?
Like everything!
No. But you're kind of
weirding me out right now.
Get dressed.
OK, hair.
Your clothes are ginormous.
Makeup. Perfect.
What do you think?
I'm embarrassed to know you.
But we don't have time.
Let's go.
Hey! This is crazy!
What am I
supposed to do at work?
Why are you acting
like you've never worked
in your life?
Whoa, where are you going?
Hello! Earth to Sammy?
We're going to the office.
Man, you two are totally
out of it today!
Come on, let's go.
- Bye.
- We've gotta fix this, Sammy!
Grandma and Grandpa
are counting on us!
Grandma and Grandpa
are probably having
the time of their lives
right now!
It's jail!
How fun can it be?
You can do it!
Ah, no, I can't!
Robert, what are you doing?
I'm sorry, Dad.
I'm so sorry.
I think I got some cereal
in my pants.
Don't you two
have to go to school?
Um, Dad, I've been
thinking about that,
and, um, I don't wanna go.
I'm not asking!
I'm telling!
Hey! Don't make me
come back there!
Now buckle up!
You stop it!
You stop it! You stop it!
Dad hit the trash cans!
Hey, watch it!
He doesn't know what he's doing!
Oh yeah! Wicked!
We're really moving now!
Jeff Gordon coming through!
I said small flathead!
Yes, sir, here's the small one.
Dad, Dad...
Dad! Dad! Dad!
Would you help me
build my rocket now?
Not now.
Can't you see I'm working?
Oh, come on!
Sir, the dispenser units
for the birds
are ready to be tested.
Aren't you supposed
to be in school?
I don't wanna go!
You are going!
- No!
- Yes!
- Why?
- Because I said so.
When I was a kid
I would dream
that I was grown up
Finally on my own
No people to tell me...
So, this is work.
Yup, the place
that pays the bills.
Pays the what?
You are totally
out of it today, girl.
You probably just need
a pick-me-up.
A pick-me-what?
It's coffee.
Who drinks coffee?
We do. Let's go.
I'll have a grande
vanilla mocha-choco
sugar-free nonfat
extra hot, over ice with
whipped cream and sprinkles.
Oh, and do you have goat's milk?
Sorry. Fresh out.
I'll have soy then.
She'll have the same.
It's our usual!
Matthew, stop it!
Nice one!
Don't encourage him!
We're late enough as it is.
Copycat Ad Agency,
may I please help you?
Copycat Ad Agency...
I've been late twice this week,
and Reynolds is all over me!
Who's Reynolds?
Your boss!
Did you rob a circus clown?
Is this the new summer fashion?
Actually, it's my mom's.
Come on!
This is the only
original we have,
so guard it with your life.
I need you to make
20 copies, collated.
Double side the bottom half
in black and white,
then single side
the top half in colour.
Fax it as an attachment
to the client's FTP site.
Paperclip the hard copy,
then staple it.
You know what?
I really don't care.
Ugh! The plug!
We decided,
for your new moisturizer,
we would have to
come up with the best,
'cause you are the best.
Well, I'm expecting the best.
Come on,
I just wanna be a friend.
You look like
a nicer copy machine.
Let's try you out.
Come on.
Oh no, it's a shredder! No!
Oh! Bad shredder!
Spit it out!
The clients are here!
Grab the presentation!
Hurry up!
Come on, let's go!
One sec.
Let's go.
Mostly sunny skies today with
a light east-coming breeze.
Expect temperatures...
Hey, hey,
you wanna shoot some hoops?
Sorry, pal, I have to
deliver the US mail.
Hey, guys, wanna play
some basketball?
Can't. We're on duty.
Boom! Gotcha!
You want to play?
Let's play.
You should slow down, pal.
After this one,
I never wanna see
another malt again.
You off work today?
Today and every day.
You got family?
A wife?
I guess so.
Wife and kids.
The whole shebang.
Aren't they the most
adorable kids you ever saw?
Yeah, they're just darling.
how fast they grow up.
Never fast enough for them.
That was my problem.
I wanted to be an adult,
so I didn't enjoy my childhood.
Didn't make the moments count.
Didn't listen to my parents.
I became a pretty mixed-up kid.
Boy, wish I could
turn back the years.
You know what I mean?
I know exactly what you mean.
I've gotta
turn things right again.
How much are the malts?
They're always on the house.
I'm Dr. Chaz Larabee.
I'm the best friend
you could ask for.
Can you turn it up, please?
Does the world around you
seem larger lately?
Can't seem to reach
the pedal anymore?
Trying to find answers
for the unexplainable?
Come on down to Cuddledyne
and see me, Dr. Chaz Larabee.
We don't just fix your clothes.
We fix your life.
Ha-ha! Cuddledyne.
Thanks again!
No pressure,
but the future of the firm
depends on your presentation.
I love your dress.
It's so big.
Where'd you get it?
My mom's closet.
Never heard of it.
Is that a new store?
Let's get started, shall we?
Our research shows that
80% of women prefer smooth skin
to dry, scaly skin.
And that, in a nutshell,
is the demographic
we're going after:
Savvy women
who like smooth skin.
Carla's gonna distribute
a mock-up print ad
for your new moisturizer.
Could you just pass this around?
This is a copy
of somebody's bottom.
And where's the slogan?
You were supposed to
come up with a slogan!
"Smooth as a baby's bottom."
Spot on!
I love it.
It's so fresh!
You're in!
Yeah, fantastic!
Look at the world I am creating.
I'll use my father's idea
of the overnight-delivery
Bird Express.
And I will use these birds
to fly to
London, France and New York
to carry the mist which will
change everyone's personality
and put the kids
in charge everywhere.
Keep it moving!
Keep it moving!
Hey, how much would it cost
for me to hire
you and your ninjas
as my elite bodyguards?
Hey, Mom, look what
he's doing to my hair!
Guys, we need to talk.
Go higher!
I've been thinking.
I need to explain to you
what's happened to everyone.
Alexei, there is
no sign of reversal.
The outcome could have
not been better.
- Hurry up!
- I'll be there in one second!
All the kids have taken on
the lives of their parents.
I want you to
speed up the operation.
We go hot today!
The birds must be ready
to fly immediately!
What are you up to,
Mistify the whole world
so the kids can be in charge!
You can't keep doing this.
It's not fair to your boy or me.
I'll be on time next week.
Let's go.
Make sure that all the jetpacks
are filled with the mist
and secured perfectly
on each bird
and ready for takeoff.
On second thought,
we'll talk later.
Come with me, guys.
Come on.
Give me my backpack!
Dad, run through the gate.
Godfrey, be on
your best behaviour
and I'll give you ice cream.
Open it, Joey.
Run! Run through the gate!
Run through the gate!
Run through the gate!
Run through the gate!
Dad, I wanna go see a movie.
Oh yeah, I wanna see
the one about the flying saucer.
Uh, we'll go tomorrow.
I promise.
We'll do a double feature, OK?
Can I help you?
We're here for
the, um... We're...
Afternoon tour!
Ah, how'd you guess?
My wife says
I have psychic abilities.
Go straight.
- Make your first right.
- Uh-huh.
Daycare's first door
on your left.
All right, I'm gonna
tell you the story now.
Be a little quiet now.
Regrettably, Dr. Larabee's
unable to join us
on our tour today.
So let's get started.
Five years ago, looking to
branch out from their roots
as a space-technologies company,
Cuddledyne introduced
their first baby product:
The GPS pacifier,
which allowed parents to easily
locate the missing sucker.
We're moving.
We're moving.
Just be aware that all jetpacks
have been filled with mist
and are fully operational.
Handle with care
when attaching to the birds.
First launching
is in 15 minutes.
What'd you want me to change?
Cover the D and the E.
Starting now, this bad boy
shall be known as the Mistifier.
Give me my update, Alexei.
Two-thirds of
the supersonic jetpacks
have been attached to the birds.
The first of the fleet are
ready for takeoff as planned.
Brilliant, Alexei!
We're so close,
I can practically taste it!
At midnight tonight,
my birds will Mistify the world,
and children everywhere
will rule adults
once and for all!
The best part is,
no one can stop me!
Thank you!
Get back to work!
The opposite will last forever!
What is it?
- Intruder in Sector B!
- No!
Sir, we've got
a security breach.
Are you trying to ruin
my moment of glory?
No, sir, I just
wanted to inform you
that I've got the situation
under control.
- This isn't a playground.
- It is now!
I'm the King.
You're the peasant!
And they lived
happily every after!
- Come on, kids, let's go!
- Where are we going?
- Out of here!
- Go, go, go!
You're the worst driver
I've ever seen!
Dad, did you do something wrong?
No, Dad, don't!
Oh... we lost him.
Na, na, na!
You're never gonna believe
where I was today!
What is it, Sammy?
I ran into Chaz.
He was blabbering about
kids controlling adults
and he has this
evil army of birds...
Wait! Slow down for a second.
By the way,
nice job with the house.
It looks great.
Dinner's ready now.
We're having chicken tenders
and French fries.
Yo, Martha Stewart,
what'd you do with my sister?
I'm getting the hang
of this "parents" thing.
Oh yeah, about that,
I ran into Chaz...
You think quiet little Chaz
has something to do
with this opposite mess?
That's just it!
He's not quiet
little Chaz anymore!
I followed him back
to this laboratory,
and he's turned evil, Carla.
He's planning to do
what he did to our town,
except to all over the world!
I thought you loved this!
This was your dream come true!
I'm not so sure anymore.
Being in charge is hard work.
And please don't say
"I told you so."
- I told you so!
- Mom!
Can I ask you a question?
What is it?
Is it OK if we watch cartoons?
Not now, honey.
We've gotta go to the police!
But who's going to
look after the kids?
- Ahh!
- We need a babysitter.
Hello! Thank you for coming.
What are you guys
doing here again?
A few days ago,
something happened.
A machine in Cuddledyne
Laboratories turned everyone...
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Let's move this over here.
Bring them to me.
And we have until midnight
tonight to stop the birds,
or the whole world
will be Mistified.
Come on, hurry!
Can I help you?
Police business.
- Straight through, Officer.
- Thanks.
They're here.
Your transmit is operational.
Where's Chaz?
Hello, Sammy, Carla.
You were in the neighbourhood?
It's over, Chaz.
I told Jasper all about
your evil plans.
I'm not gonna deny it, everyone.
I'm an evil,
evil little villain.
And I should be stopped.
Someone, arrest me, please!
You heard him, Jasper.
Arrest him!
What are you waiting for?
Arrest him!
I should be stopped.
And fortunately for me,
today's not that day.
How could you do this to us?
Chaz is right.
It's kids' time to rule!
Why fight us
when you can join us?
So we can act
like boring grown-ups?
When Chaz told me
about adults becoming kids
and kids becoming adults,
I didn't believe him.
But when he proved it to me,
that it actually happened,
I realized,
this is the way
the world should be.
Kids rule!
With kids in charge,
there'll be no more war
and no more famine.
We'll use the power
of our collective minds
to find solutions to
make the world a better place.
We can take care of our parents
better than
they've ever dreamt of!
This is our time
to shine, Sammy.
You're wrong, Chaz.
We don't need
that responsibility.
We just need our parents.
Oh, what do you know!
You've got them.
Mom! Dad!
I see that we have
a little family reunion.
I've gotta get back
to the station.
They didn't do anything to you!
Let them go!
I fully intend to
release you all.
Once you've been Mistified.
One breath of this mist,
and you'll forget that
grown-up parents ever existed.
You'll be just like
the rest of us:
Small and on top of it all.
You realize you're tampering
with Mother Nature?
Ah, yeah, I hate to say this,
but I like to call it
Daughter Nature now.
Kids all over the world
will be missing
something so special
if you go through with this!
Write a book about it.
Place them in the Mistifier.
Come on! Move along!
You'll never get away with this!
Let go!
Dad... Dad!
What is it this time, Godfrey?
You wanna help me
build my rocket?
As usual,
your timing is horrible.
Peripheral nervous system
Yes, Doctor?
I am trusting you to finish
the Mistification process
of the Benson family.
Yes, sir.
I have some birds to attend to.
- Chaz! Don't do this!
- Let us out!
March forth,
my bird-brain friends.
Spread the word!
Demistify the world!
You are the last of my warriors!
Together, we will make history!
we'll change this world.
Kids in charge everywhere!
Countdown to Mistification.
20, 19...
18, 17...
16, 15...
14, 13...
No one's gonna mess
with my parents!
- My nose! It hurts!
- Oh no, Dad!
Dr. Larabee's
not going to be happy!
- Yeah!
- That's my dad!
Mistification protocol
- Cool!
- I picked them first!
No! I did!
No way! You only want them
'cause I want them!
Whoa! You take 'em!
Go! Turn!
I know this isn't the time
to get all mushy on you, Sammy,
but even though
I give you a hard time,
I'm proud to have you
as my brother.
- You really mean that?
- Of course I do!
For a girl, you're
a pretty cool sister, too.
We don't have much time left!
It's almost midnight.
We have to make
everything opposite again!
We need to reverse the Mistifier
and get things back to normal.
Uh, you go that way,
and I'll go that way, OK?
You got it!
All right, uh...
you two, stay here!
The Bensons have escaped.
Send in the ninjas.
Kind of spooky in here.
Wanna play?
Let's play!
Hoo! Ha!
Standing in a corner
Feeling like I ought to know
I never should have told you
How to win me over
Yeah, yeah
Shake on you
Always blaming me
It's the both of us
Can I make you see?
You got me wrapped
around your finger
I can't focus on
a single other thing
When I'm with you
If this is your take
on reality...
How can you help me?
How can heal me?
You're never home
These things are dangerous!
I'm not cleaning this up!
Ten minutes and counting
until mist release
over global targets.
First fleet approaching
targeted area.
So predictable!
Such a shame.
You're just a tad too slow.
Flight attendants,
please prepare for arrival.
Nine minutes until bird fleet...
And now for my next experiment,
I believe I figured out
how to make a kid fly!
You couldn't just let me be!
You had to play hero!
Well, I'm sorry to say
that your heroics
have come to a rather slow stop.
Any final thoughts?
Ugh, email me when you're done.
We have to get
everybody in Fairfield
back to normal!
We've got to stop Chaz!
I don't know the password!
You can do it!
I don't know the password
to start this thing!
Do you want me to smash it, Ma?
But no.
I saw the buttons
that my dad pushed
to make that thing work.
You remember them?
Yeah, it's the same word
as that right there.
- The password is "password"?
- Yeah.
Eight minutes until
birds over targeted areas
and mist released.
Login successful.
Ah! It's working!
It's working!
I did it!
OK, sorry, Sammy,
but this is just so annoying.
Time is up.
Give me it!
Give me that thing!
- Carla!
- Sammy!
Wait! You can't do this!
Give me one good reason why not.
You may not remember this,
but you used to
like your dad, Chaz.
You were just upset
because he didn't
spend enough time with you.
What good does that do me now?
There are so many
wonderful things
parents do for their kids,
things that
kids can never replace.
Like what?
Well, without parents,
who will tuck us in at night?
Who will make us dinner?
Who will show us new things?
Or teach us right from wrong?
Or take care of us
when we don't feel good?
Who will give us
hugs and kisses?
Parents are our teachers,
our guardians.
They look after us...
and love us...
We have our whole lives
to act like adults,
so why rush growing up?
Your dad cares about you
more than you think, Chaz.
Why else would he bring you
those boxes of
caramel corn every day?
He brings them...
...because he knows
they're my favourite.
He used to tuck me
into bed at night.
I'm sorry.
I can't believe
how selfish I've been.
I... I just wanted to be loved.
It's OK, Chaz.
You haven't been
yourself these days.
Chaz, we gotta turn
everybody back into normal
and get the birds back.
Six minutes until birds
over targeted areas
and mist released.
- Ah, it's jammed!
- So, what do we do?
We gotta rewire the circuitry
and override it.
Dad! I mean, Godfrey!
I need your strength!
- Me?
- Yeah, just come on.
- Robert, Denise, over here.
- Come on, guys!
What do I do?
Can I help?
All right, now pull that off.
Yeah, yeah, just pull it off.
You know what?
Just break it off.
You know,
I'm afraid of breaking it.
Break it!
...targeted areas
and mist released.
All right, now pull
these 2 wires out
and push them together.
You ready, Son?
- Ready!
- Now!
My brain hurts.
Where are we?
What's with my hair?
Look at my shirt!
Mom! Dad!
- There you are!
- I missed you guys so much!
We'll never
take you for granted.
I realize now how hard
you guys have to work for us
and all the things
you have to do.
Know that I love you guys
more than anything else
in the world.
You took the words
right out of my mouth!
- I love you!
- Wow!
That is some kind of a hug!
Are you sure I'm not
gonna embarrass you?
I know it's not cool being seen
hugging your old man.
Dad, it's totally cool!
Come here, my boy.
Come here. Oh!
Oh, Chaz, I am so sorry.
You know, I've been
looking for a rainbow
not realizing
that it's right here.
But from now on, you are
my number-one priority.
I love you so much, Chaz.
- I love you, Dad.
- Wait a minute!
What about the birds?
Dr. Larabee,
we need your help.
Yeah, hurry up! Let's go!
Where was I?
Targets reached in 10...
I think, if I'm not too late...
...I can redirect the mist...
7, 6...
...and send the birds
out to sea.
Is it working?
- I sure hope so!
- Come on! Hurry!
Mission aborted.
Birds returning to base.
- Whoo-hoo!
- Yeah!
We're lucky.
You guys ready to go?
- Oh yeah!
- Oh yeah!
- Are you excited?
- Yeah.
- All right. Belts on, guys.
- Sure.
Not again!
Do you have to take that?
I'll just be a second.
Denise? It's Charles.
Do you think this is bad news?
I know that look.
She's not coming.
Just wanted to say,
job well done on
the moisturizing campaign.
Well, a bit juvenile, yeah,
but the client loves it.
"Smooth as a baby's bottom."
Who would think?
What are you doing
calling me on a Sunday, Charles?
You have to understand that
weekends are my only days
to spend quality time
with my family.
I respect that.
I get it.
Can we get together
and talk about it?
So no more weekend calls.
Are we clear?
Yeah, I get it.
I'm sorry.
Look, she is coming!
Let's go!
Fairfield, the town
that never stops moving!
Keep it coming!
Keep it coming!
Extra! Get your paper today!
Paper! Read it!
Hey, let's get a coffee.
Hey, Michael!
How you doing, guys?
Hey, how you doing?
How are you?
Keep it coming!
Fairfield, the town
that never stops moving!
I feel like
we're forgetting something.
Grandma and Grandpa!
Hi! I'm Ariel.
I play Carla.
This is our set
for Opposite Day.
They put this stuff on me
to make me look extra dreamy.
Girls, wives, girlfriends!
Gotta be all grown up
To get to eat
whatever I want...
Hanging in there.
It's fun once you're in the air.
You'll never know
What happens before...
Trying to find answers
for the unexplainable?
Come on down to Cu...
Oh, what a feeling!
What are you doing?
When kids rule
No responsibilities...
It's snowing!
It's Christmas!
It's no fun to share...
After Dylan gets Demistified,
he becomes KGB:
Kid Gone Bad! Huh?
I'm telling you, I'm innocent!
Tell it to the judge.
No! No! No!
Let go of me!
Cut! Cut!
Is the fleet ready?
All we have to do
is finish filling these last
few dispensers with the mist
and strap them to the storks.
The birds! I mean...
And strap them to this birds...
And strap them to the birds!
Put yourself in for a raise.
Oh, I'd have to do that!
Come on in.
Let's talk about it.
We'll see you on Monday.
I thought I was terrific!
I don't know the password!
You can do it!
- Run correctly...
- Shh! Shh!
- But...
- Psh!
What are you still doing here?
Are you still here?
OK. Uh...
I'm going to ignore you
till you leave.
What are you laughing at?
What are you laughing at?
Sorry! I'm sorry!
I'll have a grande vanilla
mocha-choco sugar-free
nonfat choco latte,
extra hot, over ice
with whipped cream
and sprinkles.
Oh, and do you have goat's milk?
Sorry, fresh out.
I'll have soy then.
She'll have the same.
Stop that.
Go away now. Go away.
Go away!
Go on! Get out!