Opposite The Opposite Blood (2018) Movie Script

We need to know the total number
of people from your region.
I'm from North Central.
I have 200 men, they are ready.
I'm from North.
I have 250 men.
I am from the South.
I have 350.
I am from East.
I have 300 men.
I'm from West.
I have 350.
What's the total
number of people?
The total we have, 1,500 people.
That sounds like enough.
Here we are.
Here's where they meet.
How many?
10 to 15.
Contract say no one alert.
We need your help and support.
We want to remove the corrupt
government in our countries.
Our people suffer every day.
Prepare each team
from each region.
Weapons and food will ship
within two business days.
We have enough
equipment, ammunition
and materials to make
this mission successful.
You must get your people ready.
We are ready.
We are committed to
get rid of this corrupt system.
Charlie, from above there
appears to be 20 squad cars
and at least three ambulances
outside the crime scene.
Based on an eyewitness report,
an unidentified Asian
male walked into the club
and a fight broke out
shortly thereafter.
Within minutes, several
nightclub patrons
inside were shot dead
or seriously injured.
Jennifer, any report from
police on the shooter's motive?
There's no official
report from police yet,
but a source informed
HTC7 there have been
prior incidents at this
club that may be related.
However, police have
not conclusively
determined the shooter's motive.
Back to you, Charlie.
Thank you, Jennifer.
Can someone explain to me
what the hell
happened last night?
He did it again, sir.
Well, how many people are dead?
Eight dead, nine in
critical condition.
Detective Murphy, do we have
a description on this person?
Yes, sir, we do.
The description we
have from the witness,
he's described as
Asian male, mid-20's,
150 to 155 pounds,
five foot five, to five foot
seven with long, dark hair.
Well, I want you to find
out who this person is, okay?
Yes, sir.
Chief, the only
way we can get him
is to find out who he works for.
Chief, let's turn the
heat up on these guys.
What's next, Chief?
We need to put out more squads,
but we're increase
patrols and we're going
to assign more officers
to the night shift.
We have to work
smarter if we're gonna
find out who this
guy is working for.
If not, the Feds
are gonna step in.
Sir, we'll need the city's
approval for the budget
in order to put more
patrol out there.
Detective Johnson, I want you
to put together a budget plan.
I have a meeting with
the Mayor this afternoon.
I have a feeling
this may be linked
to the $40 million
dollar funding.
We can't assume anything
until we catch this guy.
We all got to do the best we can.
I don't wanna lose
this case to the Feds.
You follow the money, Johnson.
Hey, Jimmy, did you hear
about some fight at a nightclub?
Uh, no, why?
I don't know, but
cops say that this guy
must be highly trained in
martial arts or something.
Well, this guy
might be someone you know
or someone from your
martial arts school.
Yeah, right.
Here, read it.
I need your help, my friend.
I'm short on $34
million dollars.
No problem.
You've got it, my friend.
Boss, I failed you.
Well, dinner's ready!
Martial arts school.
Mr. James,
preparations have been
made for the
martial arts school.
We've got this under control.
Okay, you take the mission.
What's next?
Valentino's night club.
It should be ours within days.
And Tommy's work,
we're cleaning it up.
But this one thing,
police are on us.
Make no mistake.
Change plan, there
will be a replacement.
A replacement?
Mr. James, which one of us
would you like us to replace?
None of you guys.
There will be an outsider.
Can we trust him?
I trust him!
Hello, James, how are you doing?
I'm doing good.
How are you doing, my friend?
Very well, thank you.
What brings you today, James?
I need one of your specialists.
What kind of specialist?
A female specialist.
Good evening, gentlemen.
We're here to see Vinny.
One second.
Here to see Vinny.
You're good.
Gentlemen, follow me please.
What the hell you
boys doing in my club?
You should already know why.
Vinny, if you were
doing what you're supposed
to be doing we wouldn't be here.
What the hell are
you talking about?
We need you to sign all this,
on this, to us, yesterday.
I ain't signing shit!
Don't even think about it.
Tell your men to stop.
You have two choices.
This place or your life.
Hello, may I help you?
Checking in.
May I get your first name?
Okay, your last name?
Yochevik, Helena Yochevik.
You'll be on floor
25, Room 2505.
Enjoy your stay.
Hello, what can I do for you?
I think you know
what you can do for us.
Do you speak English?
You're late.
Oh, you do, you do.
Sorry, traffic.
Put your gun away.
There are too many
innocent people here.
Don't play games with me.
No, I don't.
The boss just making
sure you get this.
I'm looking for
a Mr. Chao Yang.
I'm sorry, but Mr. Yang
passed away last week.
Well, that's just
too bad now, isn't it?
Um, his brother, Pao,
will be taking over.
Okay, do you know where I
can find his brother, Pao?
Bar's closed.
No, it's not.
Who are you?
Your time's up!
A single shot rang
out late last night
in this South St. Paul night
club and the owner is dead.
The back story is that three men
and one woman entered this
club three nights ago.
They asked the owner to sign
a document of some kind.
He refused and a violent
fight took place.
Whether or not that fight
and last night's shooting
are related is yet
to be determined.
We're gonna talk with some
of the detectives here.
A source inside the police
department is saying
they're not related, but
we'll find out right now.
Detectives, can you
tell us anything
about the shooting last night
and then the fight
three nights ago?
I can't disclose any
information at this time.
This is a active crime scene
that's still under
I'm sorry.
The lead investigator
assigned to the case,
he'll answer all those
questions for you.
Who's the lead investigator?
Detective Lee.
Mr. Pao?
Just relax.
Okay, just take it easy on me.
I'm back, Mr. Pao.
Oh, my God!
Mr. Pao!
Lady, what lady?
Is she black, white,
Spanish, American, what?
She's white.
Well, I'm not sure,
I think she's white.
Hi, my name is Detective Lee.
You are Gina?
Where is your master?
Master is not here.
Get out of here!
We'll be back!
Work it, baby, come on, do it.
Yes, yes, mm-hmm, yep.
There it is, baby, yes, yes.
I'm gonna have to
get back with you.
I have a customer.
May I help you, sir?
I'm looking for Ricky Jones.
And you are?
A friend.
Ricky's in there.
Give that to him, please.
Ricky Jones.
Man, you back again?
Well, I decided it's not to my
best interest to
sign that contract.
Well, it's not in your best
interest to have an option.
Fuck you, man!
I ain't signing shit!
Hey, Ricky!
You okay?
Yeah everything's good, man.
Everything's cool.
Oh, man.
Playing hard, everything's good.
Oh, man.
Oh, man.
This is some bullshit, man.
Mr. James, the men
failed to take the school.
Damn it!
Your stuff?
Why you following me?
See this?
Do you see this, Tengo?
We got all these.
It has been nearly 15 years.
This place,
the martial arts
school, didn't do it.
We must take it out or else
we're not gonna get
the rest of the money.
$40 million dollars.
We will take over whole
town, whole business.
Tommy failed.
The Feds on my ass.
Get it done!
Mr. James, I'm gonna take care
of this my way and
I will get it done.
May I help you?
Lin Chow?
I have a last
assignment for you.
Who is the mark?
It's Tommy.
Don't fail me.
It's good to see you, Tommy.
I called you here because
I wanted to see you.
I have one last mission
before I have to go.
Let me slip into something
a bit more comfortable.
Is this your last assignment?
So he sent you to kill me?
I think you already know
the answer to that question.
Shoot me.
Lin Chow, which
came from the person
that you trusted, has failed.
Yes, sir.
Do we go home now?
No, we're not.
My whole life I've been
trained to shoot and kill
and I've never missed a target.
my last target.
Here's your chance.
I don't want to
take that chance.
So now you have become
a target of your own.
I've already made up my mind.
You mean more to me
than just a target.
I want you to know that I...
We don't have to do this.
I don't want to
waste my bullets.
Get him!
I love you.
I can finally say goodbye.
What the hell you doing here?
Why the hell would you care?
Hi, Mr. Ying, how
are you feeling today?
Good, here's medication.
Thank you.
Do you have any
questions for me?
Well, just let me
know if you do, okay?
Can we go home now?
No, we're not.
What can I do
for you, Mr. James?
I have an assignment for you.
Anything for you, boss.
I'm missing some very important
documents from my office.
Dr. Chue, my brother, took it.
That briefcase right now is
worth $40 million dollars.
10 years from now it's
$400 million dollars.
Yes, Mr. James.
You know where to start.
Where's Daddy?
Daddy's at home.
Is he coming?
No, he's not.
He asked me to come pick you up.
Uncle, I miss my Daddy.
I'm sure he misses you, too.
Let's go.
Hello, James.
What do I owe the
pleasure of this call?
She's gone.
Who is gone?
James, what is next?
I need my money.
I need another one.
No more, James.
This is second time.
Then you will
only get half your money.
What do you mean half?
She failed her assignment.
Helena never fails!
She failed her assignment.
Do you understand?
You play dirty tactic.
Hmm, you should know by now.
You did not protect
her, just like in Asia.
Don't bring up the past
or you won't get your money.
I will get it, you know.
Then come and get it yourself!
I will, my friend.
Special Agent Jung and myself
have been working undercover.
I spoke with Chief
David on the phone.
He referred you to us about a
man by the name of Mr. James?
We'd like to meet with him.
We suspect he may have something
to do with the $40
million dollars
in funding from
about 15 years ago.
Do you know where Mr. James
normally hangs around?
Well, I've heard a
little bit about this guy.
I heard he has so much
money that he will fly
his private jet to Bangkok
and come back the next day.
Double your
payment, the debt is settled.
For Helena,
it must be paid in blood.
Take your money and leave.
Hope you enjoyed the
little show, James.
You son of a bitch!
The briefcase!
Take him out, Tengo.
Johnson, how's it coming?
Can you shut the door?
Lee's going on vacation
in the next two weeks,
but he called in this morning
to take a one day leave.
Do we have enough evidence?
Oh yeah, we have enough
evidence to wrap Lee up.
FBI Agent Jung,
you're under arrest.
For what?
For the killing
of two FBI agents
and the assistance of
illegal criminal activities.
You're gonna have to need
more than that to arrest me.
Partner, I wouldn't do that!
We got everything
in our hands, Tengo,
all the deeds, all the
documents, they all signed.
Start to look for a new office.
I saw a good space downtown.
When can we go see it?
I'll see if it's available.
What do you think, boss?
I like this place, it's good.
Then this will soon be
our new place of operation.
But there is one thing we
must do before we proceed.
Time is running out.
We must get it
before it's too late.
Don't worry, I will do whatever
I can to get this done for you.
Where's Lin at?
Should be on her way.
Bastard, you killed my father!
You should see the look
on your father's face
just before I
pulled the trigger.
Game's over!
Stop, police!
Drop the gun!
Drop the gun!
Drop it!
Drop the gun now!
Drop the gun!
Put it down now!
Put your hands in the air!
Turn around away from me now!
Put your hands up!
Johnson, hook 'em up.
Don't move, buddy.
Take him away.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.