Optimisti (2006) Movie Script

Bring it here.
Easy, easy...
Here, here...
Wait, move away.
Stop. Watch your feet.
A real one, huh?
- Let's play a game.
- Move it, kid.
We'll all play.
Get the balls.
- The balls?
- Get them, come on.
I've put them here somewhere.
Let me look for them.
Don't tell me
we brought this table for nothing.
Damn, I can't find them.
Did you see where I put them?
Fuckin' balls!
Calm down, kid.
I'll calm down
when you find them.
It's hard, but you can't lose
your self-confidence.
- Let me go!
- I can help you.
I will help you!
A great misfortune has befallen you,
I know that.
Many of you lost
many years of work overnight.
I know it's hard,
but it will be even harder for you
if you lose your will
and self-confidence.
If you do, you won't be able
to gather the force
to begin a new life.
I've come to help you.
I haven't brought blankets or food,
but I can help through
suggestion and autosuggestion.
Can your hypnosis
raise a ruined house again?
A house can't be raised again,
but a new one can be built.
For that, you must believe
in yourselves.
I cure people from depression,
I give them back
hope and faith in life.
- No one can help us.
- You're wrong. It'll get better.
My house was destroyed.
The water carried away everything.
We've already been here two weeks,
people and livestock together.
The Red Cross comes,
they bring help. Essential things.
You know what they say?
They say they'll build us new
And what do we do till then?
We wait.
And what are we waiting for?
We hardly have a place to sleep.
And I can't even sleep anymore!
you mustn't be fainthearted.
I'm sure that you'll soon fall asleep
and after that, be able to sleep
whenever you wish.
gather around. Come closer.
Thank you, sir.
People often imagine
that they can't sleep.
They want to sleep, but they can't.
Why? Because their fixed idea
is stronger than their fatigue.
Understand? Their desire says,
' I want to sleep!"
but their stamina replies,
' I can't!"
Where is this lady
who cannot sleep?
There you are.
Sit down, please.
Thank you, sir.
On this chair.
Don't be afraid.
I will show you
how you'll be able to sleep
whenever you wish.
Sir, would you be so kind
as to help me?
Sit down, ma'am.
Don't be afraid.
Relax your arms and legs,
relax your whole body.
Your tension is disappearing.
Put aside all your daily worries.
Look into my eyes.
Open your eyes wide.
Your eyelids are becoming heavy,
heavier and heavier.
You close them very slowly.
After three exhalations,
your eyes will be tightly closed.
You'll be
sleepier and sleepier.
You'll sleep tight.
Listen to my voice, only to my voice.
Nothing bothers you anymore.
You are in a deep, refreshing,
and peaceful sleep.
When you wake up,
you'll be refreshed,
and in an optimistic mood.
When you hear my voice again
and only my voice,
I'll count to three
and you'll wake up
relaxed and refreshed.
You see? Very simple.
You can talk now, you can laugh.
She doesn't hear you.
She hears only my voice.
Why are you giving
these poor people false hope?
Hope is just what these people
Boss, I didn't find the balls.
You must think
Repeat every day to yourselves:
' Everything's so great
that it can't be better."
And now I will wake her up.
Listen to my voice, only to my voice.
One, two,
How do you feel?
I feel great.
Now I will hypnotize you all
in the same way.
You will be fresh,
happy and well-rested.
Repeat every day to yourselves:
' Everything's so great
that it can't be better."
Let's say it together.
Everything's so great
that it can't be better.
Once more!
Everything's so great
that it can't be better.
That's right!
That's right, people!
Who's paying you to do this?
Why does one always
have to pay for everything?
Why can't one do good for free?
Right, people?
Let's ask this lady
if I asked her for money.
- No.
- You heard her.
And look how happy she is
after only one treatment.
Look over here.
I'll show you an exercise
in togetherness and solidarity.
An exercise which will
make us all much stronger.
Come closer, people,
don't be afraid.
Come closer.
Let's all be together, because
we're much stronger together.
Raise your hands slowly...
raise your hands...
Like this.
Friends... That's right!
We must be united.
Raise your hands. This exercise
will make you so strong
that you'll be able
to start your life all over again.
Now join hands with your neighbor.
Come closer.
That's it.
Squeeze your fists tight.
Do you feel the strength
flowing through your hands?
- Do you feel it?
- Yes, we do.
That's it!
Feel the strength!
Now you're strong, more powertul.
We're united
as one great strength!
- Right?
- Right!
Clench your fists
as hard as you can.
Everybody, squeeze
your fists tight, tighter!
That's it, people! Yes!
Do you feel a great energy
flowing through your hands?
Great positive energy?
Go on, clench your fists!
Through your hands the negative
energy goes into your legs
and disappears into the ground!
Do you feel the strength?
We're stronger together, right?
- Right!
- Right, my friends.
And now...
Listen to my voice, only to my voice.
I'll count to three and you
let go of each other's hands.
One, two...
Look, I'm not sure...
I think someone's stolen my wallet.
Stop the hypnosis!
Let go of your hands.
Nobody move!
Am I under arrest?
Was I arrested just because...
I helped these people?
Better tell me where the wallet is.
I haven't taken any wallet.
There's been a state of
emergency declared here.
I came to help people.
First and last name!
Professor, that's how they call me.
Professor Gavrilo Nastassievich,
if you prefer.
OK, Professor, now tell me
where you've hidden the wallet.
I haven't hidden it.
But perhaps I can tell you
where it is.
Just a moment, let me concentrate.
Sit down!
There hasn't been a theft
in this village in 20 years.
Recently, stuff has gone missing:
1 car, 1 tractor, 3 television sets,
1 0 wallets with altogether
around 30,000 dinars...
and some billiard balls.
I've just come today.
- Don't lie!
- I'm not.
I could help you find the thief
if you want me to.
Oh, fuck. Golub,
bring me some hot water
and a Burrow's solution compress.
I've been on my feet
for 1 0 days and 1 0 nights,
and you're fucking me around!
I can help you.
Better help yourself.
If you would allow me
to hypnotize you...
Accept the hypnosis.
I could help you reduce your pain.
Believe me,
the pain is all in your head.
- Is that so?
- Like everything else.
And the outside world is,
as the lndian sages would say,
"maya", or deception.
Is that in your head?
Is it?!
Golub, what would I do
without you, my boy?
Careful, you're scalding me!
I can help you.
Your pain will stop, for sure.
Look me in the eyes.
Listen to my voice, only to my voice.
I will count to ten,
and the pain in your legs
will cease.
Relax your whole body.
Relax your arms and legs.
Listen to my voice, only to my voice.
The pain in your legs
is slowly receding.
You are sleeping.
The pain in your legs
is slowly receding.
Golub, take him away!
You see,
your pain is receding.
It's fading away
with your every breath...
I'm the only one
who can help you.
Put him in the cellar
to cool off.
You'll be better.
Listen to my voice, only to my voice.
Ma'am, are you feeling better?
Listen to my voice, only to my voice.
You're cured.
Inspector, Iet this gentleman go.
I found my wallet.
Mind your own business, woman!
Here's breakfast, chief.
Here you are!
It stopped raining, thank God.
Yes, he's here.
We arrested him yesterday.
Come on over
whenever you want.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go help people.
You should've called us.
He disappeared 3 days ago.
Well, sir, we didn't know.
There's such hell and chaos here
that our brains
aren't functioning anymore.
- Who is he really?
- He was a professor.
A doctor of psychology.
He cured people through hypnosis.
An expert.
Well, professor!
Give me a call
if your legs hurt again.
I will help you.
I will help you.
He's completely harmless.
I hope you were good to him.
Believe me,
we took care of him
like he was one of our own.
Thank you.
- Boss.
- What, my boy?
Another car's been stolen.
They just called.
But we found the billiard balls.
How many heart attacks today?
It's the third one, Doctor.
In this heat, I'll be the fourth.
Man, this is hell.
You know, Doctor... Milo, right?
Yes, Dr Milo Petrovich.
Poor people
lose their souls the easiest.
It's easy to be good and rich.
Any man can do that.
I was poor, and everyone looked at
me like I was a leper.
You know, we have more patients.
We're in a hurry.
Let me tell you...
Then I decided to become rich.
I did the dirty work,
that others didn't want to do.
You said that someone
had a heart attack?
So, I earned money
and people still stare at me
as if I were a leper.
They hate me.
So I ask you,
what kind of a society is this
that hates everybody
who's rich and poor?
- I couldn't agree with you more.
- Would you stop!
Let me tell you, Doctor... Milo, right?
Milo Petrovich.
This is all mine.
We slaughter 1 50 pigs a day here
and we plan to slaughter more.
I don't know what to say.
But what's all this earthly treasure
if a man has a problem with his
His children?
That's why I called you.
You called about a heart attack.
I'll have a heart attack!
I don't understand, really.
Here you are, Doctor.
- Are you alright, ma'am?
- I'm fine.
Alright, Savka, alright...
- Whiskey, Doc.
- I just want a glass ofwater.
And you shouldn't drink in this heat
if you're not feeling well.
I'm not feeling well,
that's why I'm drinking.
Let me show you something.
Come on.
Because of him
I'll have a heart attack.
What do you think?
My only son, my heir,
my pride and joy.
This winter I got him
to slaughter his first pig.
He sure liked it!
He continued to practice,
he was good.
I took him to the regional
championship. That's the photo.
He won a gold medal in his
category. He was the best.
That's when the problems started.
The wretch has been slaughtering
everything he can get his hands on:
pigs, sheep...
The other day
he even attacked a cow.
Not to mention poultry...
Chickens, ducks, geese...
He slaughters them all
just for fun.
He can't go out without slaughtering
something. He's dangerous.
He's caused
around 20,000 euros in damages!
He'll ruin me!
And so we keep him locked up.
It costs me too much
to let him out.
Come see him
and you'll understand.
His name is Dimitri, Mita.
Come, son,
the doctor's here.
- Hello, Dimitri.
- Say hello to the doctor.
Do you hear me?
He's doing all this only out of spite!
Doctor, cure him.
- I have half a pig for you.
- No, please, thank you.
I'm a cardiologist,
not a child psychologist.
A doctor is a doctor.
You're here, so do what you can
Well, I don't know.
Maybe we should go outside to talk.
He needs to relax
and we'll get to know each other.
You shouldn't keep him
locked up in here.
Dimitri, what do you say?
Let's go for a little walk.
- Listen to the doctor and answer!
- No, it's alright.
Let's go for a walk, huh?
Dimitri, tell me
what sport you like best.
Do you like soccer?
I hate soccer.
That wretch has escaped again!
Now you catch him,
this was your idea!
Grab the kid! Grab him!
What're you doing here?
Go on!
Find him!
Look what he's done now!
He's here somewhere.
Don't worry. We'll find him.
Mr Pera, he's gone.
I really don't know...
I can see he's gone. But why?
Whose fault is this?
Yours. You let him out.
You doctors are all the same.
Those methods of yours...
I only wanted to help.
Please, for God's sake,
leave me alone.
I really don't understand.
- Sir?
- Let me be.
Come down, Dimitri, come down.
Daddy won't hurt you, son.
Come down.
I won't...
I won't come down.
Now you get him off of there!
This was your idea!
Come down, son.
Daddy won't hurt you.
You little mother-fucker!
Who does he get it from?
I'll slaughter you,
you little mothertucker!
Bring him down!
Calm down, please.
Think of your health.
I'm going...
I'm coming up to talk.
I won't hurt you.
I'm coming.
Come down, we won't hurt you.
Come on, cure him now.
Don't be scared.
I just want to talk to you.
Hello, Dimitri.
You know...
When I was little,
I was just the same.
That's why I like you.
I also liked to, I mean...
slaughter a pig sometimes.
And my father got angry.
I completely understand.
And I promise you,
if you come down,
no one will hurt you.
And what you killed, you killed.
I'll explain to your father
that he can't treat you as a child.
You and l
will explain that he's the one
who's making problems
in your house, right?
Let's see what your dad does,
and what bothers you.
- He bothers me!
- Alright...
He's a piece of shit with dyed hair!
That's harsh, Dimitri!
Doctor, hurry!
He's in a bad way.
What happened?
I'm coming!
Calm down.
He says that to me!
Doctor! It seems
that he really had a heart attack.
Get my bag from the car, hurry.
Do you have chest pains?
Here, in your left arm?
Give me the stethoscope
and get the car ready. Quickly.
- Pera, my Pera.
- Be quiet.
- Where's my child?
- He's here.
You try to calm down.
What's the matter with you?
It's all your fault, see?
Daddy might...
He might... die?
Be quiet, Savka.
Dad, don't worry about a thing.
I can do everything. I'm a champion.
I've learned it all from you.
Don't worry.
I'll take over the slaughterhouse.
You can go ahead and die.
Dimitri, my son.
Come here, Daddy wants
to tell you something.
Come, son...
You little prick!
Who's got dyed hair?
Who's a piece of shit?
What am l? Let's hear it!
I'll slaughter you, you prick!
You want to bury me alive!
Is that what you want?
I'll fucking slaughter you!
You little demon, you wretch!
What am l?
You want to bury me alive?
Don't... He's just a child.
To bury me alive!
I'll kill you, you little prick!
My champion...
Give Daddy a hug.
My champion...
One thing's for certain.
Like father, like son.
Sir, there's something wrong
with my machine.
What do you mean?
You see,
I've already lost 1 5 tokens.
According to the laws of probability,
I should've won once.
That old lady wins all the time.
Pick another machine
if you're in any doubt.
It's not the machine.
It's a matter of concentration.
Me, for instance, if l
concentrate hard enough, I win.
I don't always concentrate enough.
Good luck
with your concentration, friend.
Good luck to you too.
What's the matter?
Am I bothering you?
I'd just like to try
that machine after you.
I can go away, if you want.
And good luck, young men.
Concentration, my friend,
It's all about concentration.
Shut up!
you know this gentleman.
We've met.
You have the money for him.
I've lost the lot.
The old lady came in with 1 00 euros
and left with a bag of cash.
None of my tokens paid off!
What old lady?
The one who played next to me.
Try to understand.
Dad would have understood me.
Who cares how he'll be buried?
It's all the same to him now.
What are you talking about?
you're so good to me.
And I'm a fool!
You gambled away
the funeral money?
I wanted to make some money.
With my 2,000 euros?
1,000. I still have 1,000.
Give it to me.
Give it to me!
I'm not giving it to you!
What'll you do
with so much money?
Bury your brother? Do you
think he needs the money now?
I don't want to argue.
Just give me the money!
- You'll squander it.
- Give me the money!
You think you're some big shot
because you deal in watermelons?
People have no food,
you waste cash on a funeral!
You're a complete idiot.
- Take that back!
- Scum!
- What did you say?
- You little scum!
Who are you calling scum?
Calm down, please.
I don't want to see you in my house
anymore! Pack up and get out!
Calm down, sir.
Ilya, calm down!
Son, please.
Have you got 1 00 euros?
I was keeping it for the priest.
You idiot!
You want to get back
2,000 euros with this change?
Alright, alright.
For that, you can have 1, 2, 3...
Good luck!
You always win!
So what?
Do you have
some kind of system?
System? Of course.
The system is:
I put in the token...
I pull the lever
and there it is!
Pure luck.
Can I talk with you alone?
If you don't go away,
I'll call security.
- Shall we have a drink?
- I don't drink with strangers.
Sir! Get this guy out of here.
I can't work.
If he's bothering you,
you can leave.
Why me? I didn't do anything!
- You'll ruin my business.
- Give me my money!
You'll get it, but I don't want
to see you here again. Out!
Apologize to the lady right now!
Alright, sir.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I hope you don't mind
that I brought you here.
The surroundings aren't so great,
but from my room
I can watch the sun setting.
Thank you.
Tell me what you wanted.
I've got a big problem.
I owe money... I have no job.
My mother and sister don't work.
My father died yesterday.
I'm sorry.
I'm not looking for money from you.
Just tell me what your system is.
I don't have a system.
But I have something else.
That is?
My heart.
But it's weak.
Ever since they told me
I was going to die,
I win all the time.
So, there's no system?
I don't have a system
and I have no one to leave it to.
I've earned 100,000 euros.
And where do you keep that money?
I mean, some safe place?
Safe, of course.
It's Providence.
You must do something
with your money.
Maybe give it to someone.
Save their soul.
Look, sonny.
I'd give you some money, but...
I don't want to corrupt young
You'd go off and gamble it away.
If Providence made you
win at gambling,
you should take advantage of this
Go to Las Vegas.
There you could make
big plans come true.
Make millions that you could give
to the poor. Create a foundation...
Don't laugh.
Strange you haven't lost once
since you've been ill.
Yes, it is.
That you're still alive
though you should be dead?
Doesn't that seem strange to you?
What are you going to do?
Rot away here?
Life can't be worse there
than it is now.
America is far away.
I don't llke to pack my bags...
Fate didn't bring us together
by accident.
Brother, we were waiting for you.
May l?
Dear brother Ratomir.
You were...
the dearest member of our family,
the most valuable.
I was unfair to you.
I was unfair,
and our parents loved me more.
I accused you of things
that I had done.
I set fire to the school,
I stole Dad's car
and smashed it up. I did...
Iots of things.
I did everything because we were
You know what they say,
"Young and foolish".
Dear brother,
I wanted to...
make it up to you after your death.
I prepared 2,000 euros
for a decent funeral.
I prepared everything, but...
your son...
He will explain why we're saying
farewell to you like this.
Dear Dad...
Maybe you wouldn't be
pleased with me
if you could see me now.
But I wasn't pleased with you either.
It's all your fault.
You made me this way.
You brought all of us
to the brink of ruin.
You gambled away
the house, the store...
Because of you, we're the tenants
of our own uncle,
that watermelon dealer
who thinks he's a big shot.
You're worse than Grandpa
who gambled everything.
At least he didn't lose the house.
And Great-grandpa was the same,
and his father...
And the worst part is
that everyone said
that you were so unfortunate,
but a good man.
You weren't a good man.
Maybe in the bar...
But at home...
Unlike all of you,
I have a vision.
I have a plan
to take your breath away.
I'm going to America,
to Las Vegas!
Not to gamble!
I'll be the assistant to someone
who God has sent to humanity
to do great things.
We'll make millions.
We'll help the poor. We'll be
an example to the whole world.
And I'll be back!
I'll buy back
all that our grandfathers lost.
So, remember what llya
Koyadinovich has told you!
Don't worry, Mom.
Everything will be fine, you'll see.
Goodbye, Dad!
What do you think of this place?
It's pretty.
And what's most important,
it's mine.
Do you know
how much fish could be sold for
Saint Nikola's Day just from here?
- No.
- For one million euros.
And I'll buy three more
just like it.
Can you imagine: three more.
I'll sell the foundry.
- But you've just bought it.
- You buy, you sell...
Capital requires a turnover.
Aren't you taking me home?
Of course.
Tell me, do you like birds?
Let's see...
Do you like pigeons?
Well, yes...
- Let me show you.
- I'd like that, but I must go home.
I promised that I'll drive you,
you won't be late.
- My parents are waiting for me.
- Your parents!
Your dad works for me.
I know your dad.
I know.
Then there's no reason
to be scared.
Come in.
Have you ever seen
how pigeons make love?
Let me go!
Kiss me, Marina.
Don't... don't!
I want to give you what
no one has ever given you.
I'll take you to the sea.
Then I'll dress you properly.
We'll go to Belgrade.
Let me go! Don't! Please!
Please, don't!
You'll like it.
Let me go!
Please! No!
You'll like it, Marina!
What?!... You...
You slut! Look at that...
You slut!
Watch the curtain.
I'm coming.
Where are you?
Find us.
Watch out, the water is hot.
I'm here, I'm here.
Now I've got you! Now I've got you!
Where are my children?
Where have you been?
Kiss Daddy.
Sorry, Dad.
What happened?
Let me in, Marina.
Please... What happened?
Open up, honey.
Open up.
What happened?
Please, open up, honey!
Please, open up.
- Is Kikovich home?
- No.
- Where is he?
- He's been taken away.
- Where to?
- To the hospital.
- I'll wait for him.
- Well, wait.
I'll wait right here.
I'll wait, no problem.
I'll wait for him.
What's up, hunter?
Come over here.
Come over here, all of you.
Come here.
Kikovich raped her...
Tomorrow it could be
your daughters or sisters.
What are you talking about?
He raped my daughter!
Tell the police.
Who works with the police?
All his people.
You just figured that out?
We've got to do something!
- We...
- We've got to.
I'll grab a beer
and I'll go with you.
He raped our Marina!
when I told you that a criminal
was buying our foundry,
you didn't pay any attention,
because you didn't get fired,
but I did.
And now when your ass
is at stake...
You're her uncle.
We have to do something.
Yes, we have to. But what?
Why that rusty gun?
He's not a rabbit.
You didn't stand by me
when you should have.
You didn't, brother...
I'm going with you.
We'll beat the shit out of him!
Come on out!
Do you hear me, Kikovich?
Come on out!
Oh, it's you...
What can I do for you?
- What did you do to Marina?
- What're you talking about?
Answer my question!
Put that gun away.
You hear me?
I'll shoot!
You will?
- I swear!
- Want to hear what happened?
Do you want to hear?
Put that thing down.
Put it down.
That's it.
Your daughter, you know...
She asked me
to take her for a ride.
Women like nice cars.
I took her to the fishpond.
She asked me to take her
to the sea, to buy her dresses.
She was talking bullshit.
I said I don't buy love.
She threw herself at me. She
went nuts and bit off half my ear.
You see? I've had stitches.
What is it, Simon?
You don't believe me?
- You raped her.
- No.
You know
why you don't believe me?
never want to see the truth.
You raped her, damn you!
You're a good man.
And a good worker.
Think about it.
I will destroy all of you.
Sleep, sleep... Sleep, sweetie.
Everything will be just fine.
Do you have anything
in that head of yours?
What'd happen to us
if you went to jail?
Maybe I went a little too far.
We've come to talk about what
happened between you and my
a little something...
for you.
I'm really touched.
It's rare nowadays,when people
only hate each other,
when there's such evil among
to find someone
who's prepared to apologize.
Marina, sweetheart,
why did you do it?
Tell me, don't be afraid.
I don't know. Forgive me.
She didn't do it on purpose.
It was an accident.
Then we all sat down together
and thought it over.
You didn't report her
to the police, or me.
It's alright, Simon.
What good would it do?
Go home and rest today.
come to work.
Go on.
The pears are not ripe yet.
The weather's weird this year.
Nothing's like before.
Go on, children.
If you're happy and you know it,
clap your hands...
If you're happy and you know it,
clap your hands...
That's right, people, that's right.
Happy, happy...
Be optimistic and think positive.
That's right...
And these little eyes will see
how beautiful the world is!
From your lips
to God's ears!
But, sir, you must have faith!
There's no cure
if you don't believe.
I believe, I believe.
Do we all believe?
We believe!
I've seen with my own eyes
blind people see for the first time.
May God grant this.
If you're in doubt, I'll give you
your money back right now.
No problem.
Honey, give me your hand.
- What would you like?
- A computer for blind people.
You can buy it.
But soon you'll see
how pretty the world is.
Green trees,
a blue sky,
grass full of flowers
where buttertlies flutter!
I don't want to force anybody.
I'll give your money back.
I want you to understand
one thing.
I'm asking you for the last time.
Who isn't sure?
You can wait
at the first gas station.
On our way back,
when we are all happy and cured,
we'll pick you up.
I want to go, Dad.
Go on.
Thank you.
Listen to me, people.
Not to believe in good people
is worse
than to believe in bad people.
I want to thank Mr Aleksa
for having understood
my difficult material situation
and for letting me pay
in 6 monthly payments,
without interest.
He knows only too well
that for me this is the last chance.
There isn't any last chance.
That's what I used to think.
Doctors gave me 6 months...
6? 1 month to live.
They said I had.... a brain tumor.
I lived
without joy.
I was overcome with sadness.
And today I would probably be dead
if I hadn't had a friend
who was close to the most
powertul people in the state.
He saw how I was suffering,
how I thought I was dying,
and he took pity on me.
He revealed the secret to me.
If it only comes true.
And why wouldn't it?
You saw what happened to your
in the best hospital
in the country!
Did they restore your health?
Did they give you your money back?
No, they didn't!
But why don't the authorities
let people bathe over there?
Why? That's a good question.
That's the real question.
Because they're selfish.
They keep the spring
for themselves.
But thank God
that the guards
will let people in for a price.
This money does not go to me,
it goes to them.
I only cover the costs
of the trip and organization.
We'll see when we get there.
You don't get anything when you
always doubt. I'm an optimist.
Yes, you have to be optimistic!
You have to be optimistic...
Everything OK? Are they
the guardians of the spring?
Yes, yes... I'll take care
of everything with them.
Probably a routine check.
Which one of you is Aleksa Pantic?
I am.
ID card.
Just a moment.
Here you are.
Come with us.
And you, musician.
What are you waiting for?
Get out!
- Where are you taking him?
- You can't kidnap people!
Don't worry. Take the back road.
Only one more kilometer.
- You're very close! See you soon.
- Be quiet.
Hey! Stop!
How much did you take off them?
That's top secret.
Top secret...
What's funny?
Nothing, honey.
I'm laughing for no reason.
Are you alright, son?
I'm alright.
Let's go on without him.
- Where to?
- Where he told us!
By the back road!
- Daddy, are we there?
- Yes, honey...
Where to now?
He said one more kilometer.
Don't be naive.
That guy took our money and ran.
He didn't run, they arrested him!
That's good.
At least our money is safe.
Let's call the police.
I don't believe he was a fraud.
He even let me write down
his lD card number.
Who knows if it was a real one!
Why have you lost faith?
He said one more kilometer.
Dad, you believed too.
People, everything will be OK.
There's a man over there.
I'll ask him.
- Go on.
- Hurry.
- Hello, excuse me, sir.
- Hello.
Is there a spring here?
Just a pond over there.
Thank you.
- Well?
- Just a bit further. Nearly there!
- Where?
- That way.
Wait, son.
Friends! Brothers! Wait!
Which way now, Dad?
I'm not sure.
Straight on, I think.
No. We should go that way.
Son, careful,
don't tire yourself out.
Why should I be careful?
To get a day more?
I can't go on.
What have I done to God
to deserve this?
Why endure such suffering?
Stop it! I'm much worse
when I listen to you!
I can't go on!
Hey, people!
We've found it!
It's warm!
This is it!
It can't be anything else!
This is it!
Son! Do you feel anything?
I think...
I feel a bit better!
I feel better!
We've found the spring!
I think I feel better!
I'll be right back.
We've found the spring!
Now we go left.
People, I don't feel any more pain.
I don't feel any more pain.
Put some on your face.
I think I can see!
What do you see?
I don't know.
Tell me what you see now.
I see something.
I feel much better!
If you're happy and you know it,
clap your hands...
Translation: Patricia Andjelkovic