Orang Kaya Baru (2019) Movie Script

Wait up!
-Wait! It's full.
-Hold on.
Please scooch over.
Please don't push.
-It's so hot in here.
Do you need help?
It might be a good idea..
... if the course is called Recycle Design.
Or Landfill Design.
So, the use of the colorful material here
is meant as a color code...
... for the temperature distribution
to the entire room for a whole day.
This is the true Green Design.
When reality bites you,
just bite back.
Change your setback to success.
That's our family tradition.
This right here,
our masterpiece will be staged.
Duta, you must be kidding.
Dream big, my friend!
Just not too much, Duta.
That's not good.
Both of you got no balls.
Do you guys know?
World can only be changed by a dreamer.
Let me introduce you to Duta.
He's my big brother
and the artist in our family.
Which region
are your clothes represents of?
The region of flood, Miss.
This one is Dody.
-He's my little brother.
-You're so lame, Tob.
He called you lame.
Dody, please answer
the question number one.
I feel bad for him.
He should have a happier life
as the last-born.
But I guess, he will be alright.
It's hot!
Help me clean those fish.
-Their scale are as hard as stone.
-Hey, people.
-And all our knives are blunt.
- We are in Paris.
- Everyone went overseas...
- We're heading to...
- ... as if they went to Surabaya,
they went back-and-forth.
Dody! Hurry up!
-I thought he already out.
This must be yummy.
Tika, hey!
Stop peeping on him.
That kid will soon do weird things.
You can't keep peeping on him.
He already did weird things.
-He's inside the tub!
-No, I'm not!
Where's the other two chairs, mom?
Over there.
Your dad working on those.
Do you need help?
No. No need for that.
-Are you sure?
-Yeah, I'm sure.
-You're so noisy.
-Dody! No!
You did jumped inside the tub again,
didn't you?
No, I'm not!
Yeah, right!
The water is muddy.
Are we supposed to bath
on your dirt wastewater?
Kak Tika, my dirt
smells like European perfume.
So, I'm working on a show, Dad,
but we lack on cash.
That's why we are looking for an investor.
I hope we got one. Amen.
How about the performer?
Later, after I found the investor.
Me. I can be the performer.
- Hey...
- And he.
If you both become the performer,
my show would went bankrupt,
people won't watch it, no one will pay.
He just don't know yet, Dod.
Should we show him now?
Just save it!
Let me do it instead.
If you become the performer,
the show would go on forever, Mom.
There's no end of it.
-Am I that chatty?
-Here's the fish head, Dad.
Why do you like the fish head
so much, Dad?
Dad is kind hearted.
He ate the head
so all of you can eat the meat.
-For your health.
-What a drama queen.
How is that a drama?
-That's the way it is.
-Why is it, Dad?
When I was little, I've been taught.
If you want to make a lot of cash,
eat the head.
Fish head, goat head, chicken head,
eat all sorts of head.
There's no proof on that,
yet you still doing it.
Tika! Watch your mouth!
Where did you find
a daughter like this, mom?
-On the alley.
She was crying, I feel bad for her
and I pick her off the street.
Mom, you should be picky
when you grab someone from the street.
I can't. She was the only one there.
That's why I took her home with me.
With a pretty face like me,
I can't be picked off the street!
You only look pretty
due to my wastewater.
What song is it, dad?
This song, back then,
when I was a high schooler...
... whenever there's a singing event,
I sang this song.
You sure are mellow to the core.
The beat might be slow,
yet the lyric is all about rebellion.
Rebel and stuff, ain't it, Dad?
Forgive me about before.
You're not feeling offended, right?
For what?
For not making much money.
If someone told me
I am not good at nurturing my kids,
that's what offends me.
-I know you are great on that one.
Rarely my friend want to go home
because they feel comfy like me.
Yeah, right. You rarely at home.
Here I am now.
Just for now.
I'm done.
I'm going to take a dump.
Sometimes I feels like...
... there's a lot of things I couldn't get
because of my family economic state.
But whenever I got home,
I have everything I need.
One of you should get off now.
Hurry up!
I'm the one who got off last time.
Give me your helmet.
No need.
I will put it back on later anyway.
Why are you wearing a helmet?
I obeying the law, Sir.
No need to put it on when you are walking.
Moreover, you are on the sidewalk.
The sidewalk is still dangerous.
-Why are you wearing a helmet?
-I cracked my head.
Why are you wearing a helmet?
I haven't wash my hair.
Dod. Remember.
We are not here to steal their foods.
We pay for it.
-Should I write on this?
Here you go.
Let me do it.
-Thank you.
You're welcome.
Arifin and Risa.
Why is the bride and groom
are not here yet?
We can grab some food before they arrive.
It's all gone.
Do you think this one is tasty?
Looks like it.
But I haven't try it yet.
Thank you.
I only replaced the tray, not the cook.
Turn your head, please.
For all the guests,
please enjoy the prepared dishes.
Are you a friend of Arifin or Risa?
Arifin. I'm his junior.
We often met since we both join
the same nature community together.
He's a nature enthusiast.
Thanks for coming.
-Congratulation on your wedding.
Your junior and I have been talking
about your wedding.
-My junior?
Which class?
One grad below you.
I'm your junior.
We rarely saw each other.
Just before, you said
you guys often met at nature community.
There's no nature community on my campus.
Excuse me, are you invited?
From whom?
- What's going on here?
- This guy...
... said that he's my junior on campus.
But I don't know him.
Which campus you go to?
At Central Jakarta.
I studied in Bandung.
Calm down. Maybe he needs to eat.
That's not the issue here.
Both of you.
Before I call the security,
I suggest you to leave.
Hold on. Hear me out.
We are here because we're invited
by our friend.
If I dine and dash,
I won't wrote on the guest book
and would came empty handed.
We gave you wedding handout.
-Is that true?
-Please bring me their handout.
-Where did you get the invitation?
- Alright.
- From a friend.
- That's enough..,
- He's not...
Is this the handout?
What the hell is this?
Are you mocking my family?
It's an insult to our family.
Hey! Where you going? Hey!
The food sucks anyway!
What did you say?
Go get them!
Don't run away!
Dody will enter Junior High School soon.
Let's enroll him to the public school.
Unlike Tika and Duta
that went to upscale school.
Just ask him
where he want to go to school.
School should depends on their skills.
But we're hanging by a thread
to covered those two.
I already looked for some small shops
to help me sell the cookies.
But still won't foot the bill.
Is it possible for you to find some loan?
Since when we go around finding loan?
It's fine. Let me worry about money.
Just help me as best as you can.
I'll definitely find a way. Trust me.
Why do our kids
need to go to the upscale school?
It's expensive!
We're not born with a silver spoon
in our mouth.
You are wrong.
We brought them to this world.
We gotta give them
the best they could have.
The best education.
Everything at its best.
I'm the best mother!
Of course. You are one in million.
Don't stress it out.
We'll manage. Ain't we?
Let me have a sip first.
It's also beyond me.
Why buying the expensive one for a coffee?
Coffee should be at its finest.
Just like a wife.
Taste my fart!
-It stinks!
-No, I'm not farting!
-Smell it!
-Just check your pants!
-No, I won't!
It stinks.
-Mon, go for the Cinematics.
Linda, go for the Dynamics.
How about you?
Quantum Physics.
Jeez. Don't you think
it's way beyond your league?
Of course not.
We're gonna make it just like last year.
-We just have to remember..
...the province campus preliminary round
it's a month away.
We gotta practice at least twice a week.
-Okay, guys?
Why would I participate
in physics Olympics?
We're not even from physics major.
-Not yet.
...we are the best at physics around here.
Another reason is you
can't sign up as a beauty pageant.
You walk like you're drunk!
Screw you!
Nope, listen.
For you, two years scholarship
means nothing.
Your family is loaded!
Unlike Tika and I.
We are hanging by a thread, Linda.
-Imagine that!
...Barcelona, guys.
I hope we made it to the final
and have to time to stroll around.
I gotta go. I want to pee.
I'm coming with you, Mon.
What do you want?
I want to apologize.
I've done awful things to you.
I feel horrible.
Moreover, you are my class mate.
I shouldn't do bad things to you.
Forgive me, Dod.
It's not your fault.
These shoes are old anyway.
Well, to make it up to you,
do you want to wear my shoes?
I no longer wear them.
No need for that.
No worries.
I feel responsible towards you.
I've done many terrible things to you.
Please accept it.
This is sick! Awesome!
Sorry about the paint stain.
It's nothing.
-Thank you, Tob.
-You are welcome.
Does your old shoes still repairable?
No way with its current condition.
Well, just throw it away.
Let's go upstairs.
Dody! How's the shoes?
It's so comfortable. I love it.
Gosh. Where is my phone?
Be quiet please.
It's not about the phone,
but what's inside it.
Just dial your number.
Do it then.
Is it connected?
You do realise
that if I took your phone...
...I will definitely turn it off.
Whatever. I just want my phone.
Just save your word, beggar.
Turn to page...
Please, come in.
What is it, Sir?
Pardon me, Ma'am.
My student here..
...lost his shoes at the prayer room.
Someone told me
the one who took it is in this room.
Go ahead and find the shoes.
There it is,
the one with the paint stain on it.
Gosh, Dobeng!
-Shoes thief.
-Excuse me, Miss. I want to...
-I'm sorry, Sir.
Your attire violates our dress code.
What's the dress code?
Dress neatly and no t-shirt allowed.
But my friend is already inside.
If so, please let your friend know.
Come on in.
What are you doing out here?
She said..
He's with me.
He's the guy.
Please have a sit. Sit down please.
Duta, just order anything.
Are you ready to order, Sir?
A cup of coffee will be fine.
-How about the dish?
-Just coffee.
He's a little tense.
He is Mr. Anto Suganda.
Representative Council.
Here's the deal. It's almost time
for the next election.
We're planning a campaign.
And it shall be a huge one.
I'm sorry.
I didn't that this is regarding campaign.
No, it's not.
Here's your coffee.
Thank you.
You need funds
for your theater show, right?
Well then, how about we sneak in
Mr. Anton into one of the scene,
saying just two sentences.
Can you do it?
No problem at all.
My friend told me
about someone who will funds my theater.
That's him.
I just want you to know I'm not here
to look for an actor.
Excuse me.
Sit down, please. I want to talk.
You are too arrogant.
You have no idea of who I might be.
From Sabang
to the easternmost of Indonesia,
everyone knows me.
I know who you are.
You are a theater student, right?
If I want to,
I could easily make you say goodbye
to your dream as a theater director.
Keep that in mind!
For your information, Sir.
People like you.
Your ship has sailed 20 years ago!
Thank you.
Please wait.
You haven't pay the bill.
He should...
Please check this.
So expensive!
-That's for a cup of coffee?
Here. Take all of it, Miss.
-Good evening, Sir.
What's the matter, Sir?
Watch your language please.
Minding my manners towards people
who sold their own? Why should I?
What do you mean?
You were licking that foreigner's ass off.
While you trampled over your own.
Such bastard!
Pardon me, Sir.
I don't know what you mean by that.
That foreigner wear a t-shirt,
and you let him in.
Why can't I?
Sir, here's the thing.
He's the owner of this cafe.
I'm from Padang.
I'm not a foreigner.
The hell is wrong with you?
That's enough.
I'm hungry.
What's wrong with you guys?
You all look miserable.
I'm just thinking.
If we are rich,
would our life will be happier?
When have less money, it's enough.
When you have a lot,
you will never satisfied.
Come again?
It wont be fun
to always get what you want.
It won't be enjoyable.
For example, Dad?
For example...
When you were in elementary school,
you often collecting CDs and cassettes.
How did you get those?
By saving up for a month.
Did you listen to those songs?
Every single day.
How about now?
We download it from the internet.
That's it.
I rarely saw you listening to songs
just like old times.
Why is that?
Cause it's easy to get.
Or perhaps it's because
the music nowadays are sucks.
Maybe you are right.
The most important things in life...
...are your family and your best friends.
You should cherish them.
That's all that matter.
But still I want to be rich.
It sucks.
Have you ever be rich?
I'm wealthy!
Look at my brilliant kids.
Good kids. Right?
Listen. Name any family
that still eat together like us.
That's might be because they had to, Dad.
I'm joking, Dad. Here.
I'm joking. Your fish head.
My special gift to you.
Here's another one.
Your fish head, Dad.
Fish heads.
What's the fish head for, Dad?
To help me make a lot of money.
That's that, Dad.
Can you change the song, Dad?
It's been a while
since I massage your feet.
Why is...
...your feet freezing?
Thanks for your help.
I didn't know you live around here.
No, it's my part-time job.
So, you are a waiter on a wedding...
...and also a grave digger?
And many more.
Anything for the college fee.
Come, Tika.
Yeah, Mom.
I'll see you around.
I know we just finished your Dad burial.
Yet we still have to talk this out.
Because we have to keep moving forward.
Dad worked in the workshop.
With no pension money.
There will be some adjustment needed.
I'll stop going to college.
Me too, Mom.
You should finish your study.
You're almost finish.
We still have our house.
We're going to sell it.
And you're got to finish your study.
I just have one request.
Graduate fast.
And find a job.
Help your little brother out.
I want to transfer to another school.
To a public school...
...that will be close to our rented house.
But you still have to go to school
I'll handle everything.
Suddenly our family future
seems so blurry.
As if we're on an elevator,
up to the highest floor...
...and fall into the ground.
Morning that we used to
going through easily...
...felt strange and terrifying now.
Who is it?
-Yeah, alright.
-Can I help you?
Is this the resident
of the late Mr. Hikmat Wardana?
That's correct.
We're from
the Danuarta and Partners law firm.
-My name is Ilham and this is Siska...
Sir, no. What's going on, Sir?
Did my husband had debt?
I can't...
I can't pay you.
I don't have any money left, Sir.
May I come in and explain everything
to you and your kids?
-Please come in, Sir.
-Please come in.
-Come inside, Miss.
To make it clear, let's watch the video.
My wife.
My kids.
-...still alive.
How come?
I'm just kidding.
What a cruel joke.
Please forgive me.
Because I left you all.
Honestly, I want to see you all
to be successful.
You have to be a famous theater director.
Tika, you have to be...
What do you want to be?
An architect, Dad.
That's it.
You need to be a professional racer.
A racer?
Bottom line is...
...I want to see you all growing up.
Every day I woke up,
all I've been waiting for is...
...seeing your faces.
My wife's face too.
I don't know...
...whether you can live
without me or not...
...but one thing is for sure,
I can't live without you.
That's why I'm going first.
I want to apologize.
I'm not completely honest with you all.
Do you have another wife?
My one and only wife,
I'm sorry.
Because you have to work hard
to make a living.
My kids...
...I'm sorry.
Because all of you
been living short on cash.
That's because I believe,
kids who live short on cash...
...would appreciate more
of what they have,..
...would appreciate even more
the meaning of life.
That's why I pretended to be broke.
-We already are.
I've never took you to the workshop.
The place where I work.
Because I don't work there.
Where did you work then?
I came from family...
...that inherit tons of money.
I'm saving all of that money at the bank.
And now that I'm no longer here...
...that's why
I want to give you all the money.
Everything will be handled nicely
by my lawyers.
There's some money...
...that will be transferred to you.
And when you ran out of that money,
then I will give you more!
I love you all.
Is this some kind of joke?
What's this all about?
What's the meaning of this?
I don't get it.
The last part was not a joke.
...your late husband left you some money.
But can only be handed over
according to your needs.
Tomorrow, Siska and I
will take you all to the bank...
...to sign the paperwork.
Why should we go to the bank, Sir?
To sign the paper, Mom.
Is this for real?
Am I dreaming?
Is this some kind of social experiment?
People get pranked often,
they will hide the cameras.
I think they all tricked us.
They must hide the camera somewhere.
Mom, don't sit over there.
The camera must be around here.
You got some nerves to tricked us.
Where's the camera?
Hey! This is not funny at all!
-I'm going to beat you all!
Dut! Calm down!
My head hurts.
I think I'm going nuts.
What's with you, Mom?
I'm trying to wake up.
You were talking about being crazy,
not dreaming.
According to the will
of your late husband,
the total amount of money that can be
transferred for the first time...
...is 500 million rupiah.
-Is this for real?
-It's real, Ma'am.
Your late husband was our bank client...
...since 37 years ago.
37 years?
That's correct.
And the money will now
be yours and your kids'.
And can be used anytime.
-What is it, Mom? What's going on?
-Are you okay, mom?
What a weirdo.
I live like this
for the past 21 years, Duta!
I even sell cookies that tastes like shit!
I just pray to God.
So that people will buy my cookies!
Calm down, Mom.
-To give you all a little pocket money.
What is it? Can't you see?
-My bra!
The one
that your Dad played with everyday!
I only have two pair of this!
-Your dad was evil!
-You said...
-...you'll take me overseas!
-What's wrong with your mom?
It's nothing. She's such a drama queen.
When will it be?
Are you sure she's okay?
-Yes, she's fine.
-Do you need help?
-No need for that.
-I'll see you around.
-Sir, help me.
I'll see you around.
-Let's head outside..
-Thank you.
-Is this good?
-Yes, it's tasty and sweet.
Just like you.
I don't get it. Why won't Dad
gave all of the money at once?
I believe your Dad aware
about our needs.
You don't want any?
Here you go.
No. I'm not thirsty.
I'm starving.
We'll go further down the street
to find some food stalls.
Should we eat now?
How about over there?
I dont want to.
It's tasty.
Good day, Ma'am.
Good day.
I want to eat.
Pardon me to inform you,
we are full booked.
It's a lunch break right now.
I'll put you in the waiting list
if you want.
How long will it take?
It's around an hour.
An hour?
Why is it so long?
-We're starving, Miss.
How about that colorful room?
Can we use the room?
It's the VIP room, Sir.
With the minimum of 5 people...
...and minimum order
should be 2,5 million.
2,5 million?
She's saying 2,5 million is so cheap.
VIP room rate should be more than
2,5 million. That's way too cheap!
But it should be
minimum of 5 people, right, Miss?
Is it on rupiah, Miss?
Yes, kid.
What the hell?
Sweet ice tea for 30.000 rupiah?
What he meant was
how come in such fancy restaurant,
...the price is so cheap! Sweet ice tea
only costs 30.000 rupiah?
Am I right, Dod?
Miss, I want everything on the menu,
bring em up on the table.
I'm going to choose what I want later.
See. She's such a jokester. She meant
just like at a Padang restaurant.
All of the dish are served.
And we'll eat them all. Right, mom?
-Yeah, it's easier for us.
-As for me, the most expensive dish.
These two.
Bring them here at once.
I'm starving.
That's the alcohol drink menu, Miss.
You drink alcohol?
-She's joking. They're hilarious, right?
-What's so funny?
Are you ready to order, Sir?
I still worry...
...about my ice cart outside.
Don't worry, Sir.
Everything is under control.
-Is that so?
-I've told the security guard to watch it.
-Please eat at ease.
-Miss, I will make the order.
Four servings of Alfredo.
Two servings of Sirloin
and three servings of Tenderloin.
I'll have four servings of shrimp.
And five servings of escargot.
No ice please. I have cold.
I'll have seven servings of escargot.
As for the drink,
all the juice on the menu...
-...just bring all of them to the table.
-All of them?
-All of them!
-I'll have it warm, please.
-Could you make it warm, Miss?
-I know you can make it warm.
-Of course.
-Of course you can! Go ahead.
Please hurry.
-Thank you, Miss.
The shrimp paste here cost 79.000 rupiah.
-Out there only 10.00 rupiah...
-Give her the menu.
Yeah, Miss.
Thank you, Miss.
Do you think...
...the money Dad's transferred
would be enough?
It depends.
How about
we use all of the money we have now?
So that they'll give us some more.
I see...
-Okay for what?
-Okay for what?
So they'll transfer more money.
You work here?
Hey, kid!
Please pay the bill first.
You haven't for pay those, Dody?
I thought you already pay the bill.
Open this one instead.
What happen next?
Those are Adidas NMD.
That's so cool!
Tob, these are the shoes you want
but your mom won't buy, right?
I'm sure it's fake.
You better check it out yourself.
Dobeng fools you.
He can't possibly afford
those 4 million rupiah shoes.
-What is that?
-What is that?
Pick up your trash, Tob.
As a follow up
for my previous presentation,
this time I applied
the surroundings model.
We're about to see the air circulation
from day heat to night heat.
This is to determine the total
of air conditioner needed in this room.
This will save
the overall electricity costs.
You came.
It's my day off.
Thank you for picking me up.
That's fine.
But this helmet smells a bit.
I often used it
for online taxibike service.
That's alright.
Where are we going?
How many girls have you brought up here?
I don't think there are girls
who want to go up here.
I do like skyscraper actually.
When I was little,
all of my friends
would play with their dolls.
Except me, I play with makeshift Lego.
What is that?
It looks like Lego, but made of wood.
Dad made that for me.
I'm sure he's watching me right now.
I think my bike is broke down.
-That's okay.
-Are you sure?
Let's cross the road.
-There's the repair shop.
What's wrong with your bike?
I think it's the spark plug.
-Please check it.
-The spark plug? May I have the key?
How much is it?
It's 19 million rupiah, Miss.
You want it?
You bet I am.
Alright, I'll take it.
Why are you laughing? I'm serious.
Here it is.
I'm leaving.
How about the bike?
It's yours.
I will take mine back at the repair shop.
I bought this bike for you.
I can't accept it.
I can't just accept a gift.
Moreover, it's expensive.
And the second reason is...
...I love my bike.
I bought it with blood and sweat.
It has a lot of history.
You can't replace it just like that.
Anyway, Mom. How much money we have left?
It's all gone.
-It's all gone?
I spent the money on these.
Gosh, Mom! Why are you wearing
so much jewellery inside the house?
It's dangerous to wear these outside.
People would be tailing me.
It's safe if I wear these at home.
Let her be.
Hold on.
If we ran out of money,
we can just ask for more, right?
Hey, guys!
How is it?
How it feels to have lots of cash?
-It's nice!
-It's nice!
Y'all have the same mind on money.
Hope you all used your money wisely.
You already bought nice bike, aren't you?
Of course.
Tika. I know you, Tika.
You already bought
tons of cute dolls, right?
I'm just kidding.
I know.
You already bought...
What do you want actually, Tika?
I'm shook.
I'm just kidding.
He's joking alright.
-Gosh, Dad...
-Why so serious?
I know you've bought
bunch of expensive gadgets.
Expensive phone,
a laptop and also...
-...you bought a Rollerblade.
-You want a Rollerblade?
A Rollerblade with a remote
is also a gadget.
Is that thing real?
-My wife.
-Yes, dear.
You must've bought lots of jewellery
that I couldn't afford before, right?
Yes, dear.
But there's one important thing, my wife.
Don't forget...
...to buy...
...lots of brand new bras!
Oh my God!
Don't say it out loud, dear.
We have guests here.
The old ones are so ugly!
-I used to played with it.
-That's enough.
No need to prolong this.
Without you here, there were no one
playing with my bra anymore, dear!
-That's enough.
-No one play with my bra anymore.
-We have guests here, cut it out.
Dody, you must have buy tons of car toys.
You are a racer wannabe.
If you watch this video...
...that means you have successfully..
...spent all your money.
for you guys,
shall be transferred...
...the amount of money...
...30 times from the last payment
that you receive.
-That's too much.
...when you ran out of that money,
they will give you more.
Enjoy your life!
You guys alright?
I'm still in awe for all of this.
Now we just have to think hard...
...on how we will spend 15 billion.
15 billion will be enough
for us to save up.
Then the rest of Dad's money on the bank,
who's that for?
According to his will,
if you dont take the money...
...within ten years after his death,
the money shall be put up for donation.
Put up for donation?
That's our Dad's money.
Houses like this, how much does it cost?
House for sale.
How much does it cost?
Ask for the price.
Excuse me!
I know the seller.
This house is 800 square meter.
As for the land, 2.500 square meter.
One master bedroom.
Three bedroom.
The kitchen.
I can use it to bake some cookies.
For me to sell in small shops.
She's talking about the expensive one.
Wedding cakes and stuff.
-The water's dripped!
-She's a rich chef.
This one is so great to be my room!
That's the maid room, Miss.
When will the client come?
Here they are.
How much does it cost?
Starting from 8 billion.
Alright, I take it.
I will give you 500 million.
Are we going to live here?
Of course we are.
Wait. Hold on.
-Just wait.
Don't follow me!
The bathroom is spacious!
Do you want to take a shower?
Actually, we also have a backyard pool.
Please bring them inside.
Be careful.
-Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon.
I love the scent.
-A bed!
-I'm coming with you!
How can I help you?
I'm just looking around.
Excuse me, you can't take picture.
It's the store policy.
It's so comfy. It's cozy, I love it!
Sorry, Kid! Please don't sleep on it.
How can we buy if we can't try them out?
That is because this bed is expensive.
You could go to the shop next door
with cheaper price.
You may sit on it.
Anything that my kids took a picture of,
touched, kissed,
I'll buy it all.
Did they also touch you?
I will buy.
It's soft.
Right now, I'm at a furniture store.
I'm buying some furniture
for my new house.
I'm off to shop, guys.
Have a good weekend.
The big guy over there.
Yeah. You! Come here.
It's cool!
How can I help you, Ma'am?
-I was wondering...
How much they pay you to work here?
It's not bad, Ma'am.
Well then,..
...I will pay you twice than not bad.
You want to work for me?
-Please sign here.
-Thank you, ma'am.
-Thank you.
Please excuse me.
Package for Dody.
Yes. It's me.
Please sign here.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
What is that, Dod?
A package.
-A package?
When did you buy those?
I bought this online.
We can do that?
Of course we can.
Order for Joshua.
-I want to...
-Go to the cashier for ordering.
What time will you finish work?
I'll be waiting.
We have lots of customer.
I'm working overtime.
On behalf of Tika,
apologizing to Banyu,
please forgive me.
Or else, I will keep buying drink
until late night...
...so that the barista yell all night.
Here's the main suspect.
Why are we here again?
We should go for the affordable building.
-Why are we here? This one is expensive.
-I've put down payment on it.
Are you for real?
Do we have an investor?
Yeah, you can say so.
Listen, Ta,
you should only act
when you are on stage.
Not on your actual life.
If you don't believe me,
ask the caretaker.
You are going to hell if you lie.
When did I ever lie to you?
Excuse me, Tn. Duta.
Here's the key
if you still want to be here.
I want to watch Warkop 9
and I'm running late. I'm sorry.
Yeah. Thank you so much.
Come on.
Hey, Dobeng!
Aren't you feel hot riding that?
At least I won't get stuck in traffic.
-We're leaving now.
Looks like we have to buy a car, Dod.
Another 15 billions
shall be transferred to you.
Come on. Let's go.
-Are you coming?
-Where to?
Shopping, of course!
This is it!
It's not enough for four of us.
Why don't we buy one for each of us, Mom?
How is it?
Alright. Do what you want.
A red car!
Please don't touch it.
But you can take picture though.
I'll take three.
Bring me the bill immediately.
After finishing the paperworks,
these cars will be delivered to you.
Can't we just take it now?
No, we can't.
But we gonna make it faster than usual.
It's our special treatment for you.
Why? Because I bought three cars?
Alright, I'll handle the paperworks.
Careful on your way, Kids.
Red car!
Why is it only two and half doors
that can be delivered to my house?
-I bought four and half doors in cash.
-We deliver the half first.
Where's the other two and half?
Let me compensate you for the trouble.
I don't want any compensation!
I want my doors!
I didn't pay in installment.
Why did the doors come in installment?
This is unbelievable!
It hurts!
If I pay in installment,
you can bring the door one by one.
-Yes, Ma'am.
-I paid in cash.
Yes, Ma'am. Please excuse me.
What are you doing?
It's too tight. Dody won't fit in.
Where should I sit?
Am I going to sit on the back seat?
Ma'am, go for a test drive.
Try them out.
It's a shame not to try them out.
Is there no chauffeur around?
There might be one around here.
Go find one.
Push harder, To!
Why did we bought these cars?
We don't even know how to drive!
Hey, Dobeng!
Is your old bike broke down?
It's broke down?
You're going home on foot.
I had to ride a car.
-Need a ride? I don't think so.
Why did you close the window?
My head's still stick out the window!
Do you want to be fired?
That's insane!
It's lit! You have a car.
-Where is it?
-It's not a big deal.
-Can I talk to you for a second?
Tik, don't forget
to practice tonight for the Olympics.
I will.
What's up?
We want to say sorry
for our terrible attitude towards you.
I have no idea why you're doing that.
But you don't have to apologize.
I don't care about it.
All this time we admit,
we are envious of you.
-You are clever.
You envy me because I'm clever?
Both of you are rich and beautiful,
yet I don't envy you at all.
You are right.
Clever, beautiful, and rich,
so you want to be friends with us?
We've been friends since long ago.
Great! We're taking you home now.
You don't have to.
My driver's here.
Okay. See you.
Mom, riding bike is better.
We won't stuck in the traffic.
For you it's better
because you're not the one who drive.
It's me who have a headache.
When I'm about to turn right,
I gave lamp sign to the left.
Moreover, people yelled at me.
When people yelled
and I'm about to turn left,
they hit me
and both of us would fall down.
Car is so much better.
It's nice and cold here.
Won't make my armpit wet.
I love this song.
Give him some money, mom.
Alright, I will give him some money.
Jeez, mom!
We are wealthy. Stop being so cheap!
I forgot.
That's too much.
How about this one?
That one.
-Here you go.
-Thank you, Ma'am.
Can you play another song?
The song is nice.
What song is this?
-I don't know.
-You won't know about these songs.
Stop mocking me.
Just listen to the song.
How about we bring him to our house?
He can play the violin there.
You like it?
Since this is a classical script...
Why do you hire them?
They are expensive.
Don't worry. It's all good.
We're about to start.
O humankind!
It is I, Oreon!
Your dad won't raise you with wealth.
To make you appreciate
the meaning of money even more.
Like that?
Sort of.
I think it's a bit absurd.
There's plenty of well off kids,
but they live just fine.
For example?
Lady Diana.
She was born rich.
Married to a prince.
But people around the world love her.
Who else?
Many more.
I will Googled it later.
What's up with you?
Why are you so quiet?
I feel lonely.
We used to be the same.
Now, both of you are rich.
Drama queen.
Before, you take part in the Olympics
only to reach final round at Barcelona.
Now, you can go anywhere, anytime.
Then, what are you looking for now?
Why do you subscribed
to such a useless channel?
Just curious
how far their foolishness went.
Now you have two phones
just for watching Youtube?
Come on. Let's get back to study
and stop the chit chat.
Dod! Look!
They're so many.
Buy some snacks.
For your lunch.
You looks so pale.
Go grab some snacks.
I love this song.
Do you know this song?
Of course not.
It's getting hot.
Keep playing it.
The next viral video is...
...a video of a generous lady
who share her money every day...
...with some street violinist.
Mom, you are on TV!
-Who's on TV?
-You're on TV!
I'm on TV?
-For real?
-Just look!
...the street violinists
were very enthusiastic...
Gosh, Dody!
I'm on TV!
I'm glad I came out nice on TV.
I look good, right?
Now everyone will know me.
Why is my face mask slipped down like this?
I'm going out.
Where are you going?
Meet up with my friends.
This one looks good.
-Where you going?
-I'm going to eat this.
-Sit down first.
-I can't.
I have to go to the theater.
It's so cute!
-Wear it, Ma'am.
I don't have this one yet.
-You should!
-What is it, Dod?
-Come eat with me.
Can you eat by yourself?
I'm shopping right now.
-Hold on.
-Here, Ma'am.
I already have this one.
It's their first series.
-I bought it from you too.
-That was B series while this one is C.
Can't we ride my bike instead?
It's windy, just like riding a bike.
Isn't it cool? Right?
Not at all.
You can't even straighten your legs.
We're not cool at all.
Can I move the seat a bit?
Let's go.
But I can't drive in this position.
You can move it again then.
Try this.
Give me your leg.
I'm going over here.
-Like this?
-Where are we going anyway?
To my friend's party.
I don't like parties.
Me too.
This is weird.
Why are we still going then?
I'm curious.
I just want to know how the party went.
Can't we just eat ketoprak instead?
That's my favourite.
How about that?
We going to the party for 15 minutes..
Then we go grab some ketoprak afterward.
Alright. But I'm not comfortable at all.
I'm getting backache.
-Hey, Tika!
Glad you can make it.
You're the one who clean my pool.
For real?
Hi, guys!
There's someone I want you to meet.
-She's Tika.
Say "Hi!" to her everyone.
I'm Tika.
Let's go over there.
She's my new best friend.
Let's head over there.
By the way,
I think you would be great in our show.
What do you think?
I'm not good with that stuff, also...
...I am bad in acting.
No need to act,
that's how reality show works.
Exactly! Just be yourself.
Come here.
Look at this. This one is freaking good.
Let show it to Tika.
Last night was lit!
You've been hanging out with Risa
and her friends?
Yeah, what's wrong?
I don't mean to limit your circle.
But they are bad news.
Don't worry about me.
Sweety, it's nothing.
Let's go.
Give them your money, mom.
Hello, dear...
You again.
You again.
Good afternoon.
I'm reporting from the scene.
Many street violinists gather here
to get a share from the generous lady.
I'm grateful to be able to do this.
I'm sharing what I have with them.
I'm not doing any campaign.
Don't vote for me.
I think...
...my face looks weird.
Half side of my face look kinda loose.
Right? I shouldn't wear that outfit.
-Not swag enough.
-You look fine, mom.
-You look the same.
-No, I'm going to see the doctor tomorrow.
I will try calling Dr. Tompi tomorrow.
I thought the amount of money
would be less,
but she still gave each of us
the same amount. She's so kind.
Thank you, Ma'am.
Poor them.
Eat slowly!
-We're wealthy now.
-In my opinion,
...there's many places to donate money.
There's bunch of less fortunate people
in need for basic need.
Am I right?
Zip it!
Back when I was poor,
there were no donation for me.
Chill out!
Don't throw shade like that, Grandma!
I hate her. Why would they gave her
screen time anyway?
-Hello, Mrs. Wardana.
-You look generous more and more.
That's right.
Not to mention recently I heard stories...
...that Mrs. Wardana often gave away
some money for street violinists.
How's the story exactly?
The story is so simple actually.
Because of my youngest son,
when we were stuck in the traffic,
there's someone playing violin,
...and he said,
"Mom, give him some cash."
Then I gave him some cash.
What motivates you?
Honestly, I don't have any motivation.
Jakarta is pretty hot these day...
As simple as that.
Why are you giving the cash
to street violinists?
Why don't you gave those to the poor
or someone in need?
I'm planning on doing that,
at least to the people around my house.
And I've also asked my assistant
to prepare everything.
Who is that?
The crews and talents keep asking
about their last payment.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of it. Everything's good.
Hello, my wife and my kids.
If you are watching this episode...
Episode... Yeah, right...
That means you are enjoying your life
as the rich.
Am I right?
I hope you use
the money I gave you wisely.
All the money I saved all this time
are on your hands.
I'm so glad..
...I could give everything I have to you.
I love you all.
I love you.
Dad's joking, right?
No, he's not.
He's serious this time.
Are you saying we have run out
of Dad's money?
He had around 30 billion in his account.
All of the money has been transferred
to you and your family.
Why didn't you tell us
it's only 30 billion?
Why did you only tell us
he has tons of money?
30 billion is considered a lot of money.
Mom. I need 7 billion.
I have to pay the theater bills.
I have a show to go in three days.
I have to pay the vendors, the crew,
and many more.
No way, Duta.
I want to donate the rest of the money.
The event is announced.
Tik, you have it, don't you?
Seven billion?
I do have some left, but not that much.
Mom. How about we sell our cars
and house to start a business and stuff.
Can we sell those that fast?
-Have you seen Monica?
But she called me.
-To say goodbye.
She got a job.
She won't come to class anymore.
It's a joke, right?
What do you think?
You know that she's struggling
to pay for the tuition fee.
We still have the physics Olympics.
You think...
...we are going to win this
even though we rarely practice?
Even if we lost,
I still can pay for her tuition fee.
You can help too.
It's easy.
You think she will accept your deeds?
Do you think
anything can be solved with money?
What a drama queen.
That's who I am.
Better than a comedy, like you.
You make me laugh.
Why aren't they practicing?
The clock is ticking.
They won't practice
before you pay them.
They are so unprofessional!
They're saying the otherwise.
A professional shall get paid first
to enhance their performances.
-Tell them we will pay the rest.
-They also said...
...they had enough with empty promises
like that. They don't buy it, Ta.
We're doomed. Doomed!
The crews won't work,
and the talents won't practice.
The tickets are sold. What should we bring
on the stage? Just a screen?
That's it. Pay them first.
-Use the money from tickets sales.
-We can't do that, Ta.
It's a big scale production,
not a small one.
And our budget already swell nine times.
What do we do?
We can't do it.
-What's next, Ta?
How much do we need?
Well... Hold on..
-It's around...
-We can pay it first.
Hello, Fi.
Come here.
How can I help you?
Let's have dinner.
Sit down please.
-Excuse us.
-Yeah. That's fine.
-Excuse me.
-Yeah. Eat up.
We have rice and kangkung.
Eat up.
You can eat more
if it's not enough for you.
Do you have fun?
Open your mouth, Tik.
-What for?
-You're going to have a great time.
-Open your mouth.
-Come on.
Open it!
-Come on.
-Open it!
You're gonna have so much fun!
Is someone inside?
Let's head home.
Yeah. It isn't fun anymore.
By the way.
I thought Tika is a smart kid.
Why she's acting like that?
She's so shallow.
They said she's a nouveau riche.
Poor her.
Pick up the phone.
You have to come back to campus.
We gotta go for the Olympic.
No way.
We're unprepared.
We have all we need to go for it.
After we enter the preliminary round,
we gotta go hard and fast.
I'll come.
We can do it!
What is it?
She said she want to focus
on the Olympic again.
We'll see about it.
So, you'll get back
to the Olympic, right?
Of course I am.
Here we go. I'm stressed out.
Is that clear, everyone?
We're going live tonight.
Please remember the brief.
We still have around nine hours left.
If you want to take some rest
or practice some more, please do.
-The traffic jam is so bad.
-I told you not to go by car.
Come here.
I know.
I'm sorry. Forgive me.
But I promise we will win today.
That's it.
One, two, three.
-We can do it!
-We can do it!
Thanks for helping me out.
Is everything ready?
Have you count it yet?
I still arrange them.
I'll count it later.
Arrange and count them.
It will be bad if we...
-Ma'am. What do we do?
-What's wrong?
It's so crowded out there.
-That's how it supposed to be.
-I'm worried, Ma'am.
-Something brutal might happen.
Please don't! I don't want any brutalism.
What else?
I'm afraid we don't have
enough donation envelope.
-No worries. I've prepare some more.
-Is that so?
-Listen, To.
-Yes, Ma'am...
You give those to them with smile.
Alright, I'll smile.
Give them the envelope one by one.
"Here you go, Ma'am."
"It's for you, Sir. Kid."
Just like that.
-Okay, To?
-Yes, Ma'am.
-Where's the food?
-Please wait for a moment.
The most important thing
is concentration.
Believe in yourselves and win this.
We support you. You can do it.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Thank you, guys.
Do we really have to go there?
Come on. Bring everyone over.
Also the cameraman.
We can have one episode for our show
from this.
It's not compatible for our viewers.
Then it's a good thing.
It will increase our viewer.
We can have more sponsor.
Trust me on this one, okay?
How is it? Everything's good?
Everything is ready, but...
Why are you hesitate like that?
Have faith in me. Trust me on this.
Don't worry. It's all good.
Open the gate.
Any car available?
Help me out, To.
-Go faster, Sir.
-Yes, Ma'am.
Okay, everyone.
We will start in 15 minutes.
Why are those dumb chicks here?
Did you invite them?
Let them be.
It's better than partying nonstop.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Indonesia is a nation that need
an honest leader.
Someone who always knows what people want.
Someone who listen to people voices,
always put people before anything else.
Ready in five minutes.
Please have a sit.
What's going on?
They say we have Operation Target here.
I've told them to do it after the show.
But they're afraid that it will bring
impact to other participants.
What are you standing next to me?
-Why should I stand up?
-To people in the fourth row,
please stand up slowly.
-That's crazy.
-Please bring your belonging also.
Stop touching me!
-What's going on?
-I don't know.
This one need to come with us too.
Switch to commercial break.
Honesty is the key
to our nation's prosperity.
Unfortunately in this nation,
an honest leader is hard to find.
It's hard indeed!
Corruptors everywhere!
For example, you! The person
standing on stage in front of us!
Watch your mouth!
You want to go to jail?
If she goes to jail, bring me along too!
You are a corruptor!
-Yes, sir.
-Take note.
Those who insults me shall go to jail!
Take note!
One, two.
I'll take their photos.
-Me too!
-Me too!
Me too!
Me too!
There are so many.
Should I take a picture of all of them?
Just take a goddamn note!
I wanna take a dump.
I lost the lid.
-Is that alright?
-That's fine, bring it over there.
Come with me.
How's that kid condition, Mom?
She's fine. She's with her parent.
Ma'am, there's someone looking for you.
Who is it, To?
Pardon the intrusion, Ma'am.
I've tried to reach you by phone,
but you didn't pick up.
Yeah. I'm so sorry. What is it?
I want to introduce you
to Mr. Hikmat Wardhana's little brother.
Good evening.
Forgive me, guys.
I'm sorry.
-For what?
-For everything.
Be honest with me.
It's not for our sake
that you made us compete, right?
-What do you mean?
To make you and your friends look smart.
Isn't that right?
I thought you were different.
Stop it. Wipe your tears.
I know I'm a jerk.
I'm a jerk.
I'm not quite sure about being a jerk,
but you sure are a drama queen.
Tik, honestly,
you stinks!
Do you want to come home first?
Take a shower, Tik!
Take a flower bath.
An ancient flower bath or anything.
You're so strong. Poor her.
Eat this!
-Don't you dare!
-Come here.
NO! Don't!
So, when will we moving out, mom?
As soon as possible.
If we're still using that money,
it will count as debt.
I don't get it.
How come someone we never met before,
his brother, shows up,
and wanted to claim
all of Dad's assets.
The lawyer have mention it before.
But it was a long explanation...
...and also complicated.
It's complex.
I don't understand.
Dad wrote the second will...
...to annul the first will.
Does he has no heart
for his brother's family?
Why should he feel sorry for us?
We've never even know them.
And now..
...I don't know anymore, Ta.
I don't get it.
I don't know anymore, Ta.
I don't get why are you crying.
Cause we have to move out...
So, what's the big deal, Mom?
It's pointless
to lived in such a huge house.
But it's empty!
I prefer our old house.
Every night we will eat...
When I woke up in the morning,
I saw Mom,
and Dad.
I thought after he's gone,
I would lose him.
It turns out I lost all of you!
Dody, please forgive me.
I promise...
...we will eat together like we used to be
when Dad was still around.
-I miss Dad.
We all misses him.
Don't jumped in the tub again!
You are a grown up!
You already grew some hair.
Dut, I'm confused.
What should I add on top of my cookies?
Last time, I put a house on top of it
and also dolls, bears.
-What should I make next?
How about making a tractor shape?
It will be hard to imitate.
-A tractor?
-You're brilliant!
Good job!
Do you know?
I can't even make a decent ball shape!
Let alone a tractor!
What a weird son in law!
I'll just eat this, Ma'am.
Eat up. I made that for you anyway.
On second thought, Mom.
I didn't lose anything by returning here.
I did lost something.
I lost a nice car,
a huge house, a spacious room, a pool.
You can't even swim.
I can.
...I have someone
who will pick me up everyday.
Look at them, Ta!
That time when you bought me a bike,
I should have accepted it.
You were pretending so hard to get.
Actually, since your dad left...
...besides some nice bras
that he left...
...I can only keep this.
Oh my God, Mom!
Why are you still have those?
Mom, where did you get that?
It can be count as debt, Mom.
Screw them! I bought these
with your dad's money. What's up with you?
Why didn't you return it?
Why should I? Jeez, my voice too loud.
No one knows about it,
only the four of us.
If you want to be my son in-law,
shut your mouth!
I want to sell it later...
...for your wedding day.
For you, Duta.
For Dody's middle school tuition fee.
Evidently, Dad was right.
The most important things
are family and best friends.
I don't know why...
...perhaps it was because it's
our first time having so much money,
we were not happy.
Come to think of it,
I have everything I need.
No need to have a lot of money.
Tik, please answer the door.
I'm a bit busy.
Good afternoon.
Sorry for the short notice.
How can I help you with?
May I come inside to explain everything?
See, Mom?
-It's must be because of you, Mom!
-Why me?
Your necklace!
No one knows about it!
Then why is he here?
How should I know? I just met them today.
Because of you, we're all are screwed!
Do you want that?
Hey! I'm going to beat you up!
The only witnesses are my bra strap
and my boobs!
My wife.
My kids, Duta,
Tika and Dody.
Forgive me if I seems cruel towards you.
But believe me.
I have a good intention.
I don't want you to turns heartless,
never cared about each other.
That's why I did all that.
...still alive.
I'm kidding.
What a cruel joke.
Okay, here me out.
It's not a joke this time.
I still have tons of money.
And all of the money is yours.
Hold on.
Come here.
Come here...
Here he is.
If you already met him,
he is...
...my boyfriend.
No, I'm not.
I'm kidding.
He's my best friend since I was a kid.
I'm sorry.
If I make you suffer.
But believe me.
I love you all.
I want you to live loved and beloved.
Live in modesty.
I love you.
I love you all so much.
Now what?
Please put this on me, Duta.