Orange (2018) Movie Script

I would like to give an introduction
before this movie begins.
Four thieves plan to rob
a farmer's bank.
Our hero Santhosh comes to know of this plan.
Our hero Santhosh is like the modern Robin Hood.
His policy is, 'Stealing from others is a thief,
stealing for others is not a thief.'
Our hero Santhosh stops
the execution of the plan.
Four robbers plan to rob the bank
with that plan.
Our hero Santhosh comes to know
and reverses the plan.
In doing so,
the poor fellow goes to jail.
As revenge, the robbers
come to jail to attack him.
Watch what will happen next.
Hey, I have been calling from a long time.
You didn't answer my calls.
What were you doing?
I was sleeping.
Why are you leaving now for the morning train?
Hey monkey!
How can I come out when
everybody is awake in the morning?
Alright. You come down to the railway station.
I'll pick you in the morning.
Take care, bye.
Okay bye.
My lord!
What happened?
Madam is running away again.
...I got this letter in Radhas room.
What does it say?
Dad, I am scared my life will
be ruined like sisters.
Every time I promised
to get a guy, but I didn't.
This time, I'll definitely bring a guy
of your liking along with wristlet.
Sharanappa, come quickly.
Hey, get him to me.
Boss, I am not able to open my eyes.
It shines like gold.
Hey, what happened?
He was fair and cool. I thought
he might wipe and I touched him.
It is foolishness to think
that fair people are fearful.
Cool people too have courage
in his heart and bravery in his eyes.
Someone has given wrong information
that one can get beaten up.
But they forgot to inform that
I'll hit back hard.
One who can make you laugh
can also make you cry. Isn't it?
What's going on here?
Look at me and you'll get lucky?
What kind of luck!
Every morning, I've to see these bugger's face!
Sir, you see only faces.
In my fate, I have to see everything.
Remove your dress.
Remove the loincloth too.
Seems like you have something
in your underpants. Take it out.
Nothing apart from the one
that God has given Sir.
You haven't worn anything inside!
I came just like that
since you will be providing.
What's your case?
Brothel case.
So you left it there?
They took it there as an evidence Sir.
Go to hell!
Go now.
You are going out at least.
Be good from now.
Here. Sign it.
Keep this with you.
A man keeps birds in cages for no reason.
But the same man enters the cage
by committing mistakes.
You are going out on a parol now.
Be good till you come back.
Thank you Sir.
I will leave.
Well said! I got enlightened.
After you torturing me, I thought of
dismissing you from your job.
But after you told me about birds and cage,
I changed my mind Sir.
Can you fire me from the job?!
Yes Sir.
Just go now.
Sir. look at the bullets.
Hey you!
You took away the bullets from the gun?
You think you are clever?
No Sir. I have changed now,
so I gave it back.
Bye Sir.
Hey did you see! How prisoners change
listening to my words!
Hell with the change!
The stud is missing.
It is here.
The one in your ear is missing.
Go catch him!
Dont worry Sir, he will come back.
Orange gold.
Orange gold.
From left, right, front and back,
you all have a look at me.
I am not an escapist.
I hit my target at once.
My birth place is
Brought up in Bengaluru.
I am the king of my world.
I owe nobody.
Orange gold.
Range of the Orange is immeasurable.
My standards are high.
You are sweet like my heart
Oh! Sweet Orange.
Range of the Orange is immeasurable.
My standards are high.
You are sweet like my heart
Oh! Sweet Orange.
From left, right, front and back,
you all have a look at me.
I am not an escapist.
I hit my target at once.
By hook or by crook, you spend money.
You will get a red carpet welcome.
This life is impermanent.
Why do you struggle?
My birth place is
Brought up in Bengaluru.
I am the king of my world.
I owe nobody.
Orange gold.
Range of the Orange is immeasurable.
My standards are high.
You are sweet like my heart
Oh! Sweet Orange.
Range of the Orange is immeasurable.
My standards are high.
You are sweet like my heart
Oh! Sweet Orange.
The owlet is singing.
I'll predict your future.
Lady I'll predict your future.
Give me 20 rupees and I'll predict your future.
You are wandering for Rs. 20.
What prediction can you make! Get lost.
You will get to see goddess Laxmi put in a
movie style heroine introduction.
Give me Rs. 20 brother.
What's your name?
Oh! Then this is the introduction.
I believe. Now go.
He said heroine introduction!
Is this old lady the heroine?
Towards the city?
Come. Come.
Please help me.
Thank you.
I reached early and
slept off in the station.
All alone?!
Was just kidding!
Come, let's sit and talk.
Is this your seat?
Yes, mine.
My name is Radha.
My name is Santosh.
Where are you going?
Right now, I'm going to sleep.
Thief! My purse.
I am not a thief, mister.
You see what you want to see!
Everyone calls thief a thief!
Trust me.
I didn't come to steal.
My gold ornament fell down
from my bag. I just came to take it.
You call me thief for that!
Is this a wristlet!
Looks like a cuff worn by thieves.
This is not a cuff, it is a wristlet.
My family prayed to Rampura Narasimha swamy that
the one marrying me should weart this wristlet.
Parents are searching for a groom
but I dont like any.
I am in love with a guy.
So, I took this and left home.
I'll put this on my guy
and take him home.
If girls show the courage to convince thier parents
rather than running away from home...
...parents will be at peace.
You can get married by convincing them.
My father is too strict.
I am from Ramapura.
My fathers name is Huliveeraiah.
The name defines a tiger and bravery you see.
The one with such names will not become a tiger.
Let me tell you, name and personality
are never related.
I know a person by the name Sangappa.
He has eight kids.
Are names and personality related, sister?
I am Santanalaxmi. I have no kid.
Brother... name is Kubera.
Please help me with ten rupees.
Hey, get lost!
Oh! Just leave it.
Take orange.
What's this? Why are you suddenly giving an orange?
So that youll look after my bag.
I will come back.
It's like asking a cat to look after milk.
Lord Ganesha!
Lucky day for me!
I can get married, have children
and admit them with this money.
What's the time Sir?
12:00 o' clock.
Good time.
Give me back the bangle.
Which bangle Sir?
Oh that bangle! You'll get it in Balepet.
This bangle.
Who is this treacherous man!?
I gave it back. Why are you hitting me?!
Hey stop!
Where did he go?
Stop, please stop.
I think he forgot his bag!
Better throw it out.
Hey! Take it. How can
you forget your bag?
I think she is a good girl.
There is a story behind this too.
What to do?
Where are you Santosh?
..I will be late.
I am held up with some work.
I will go to Huliveeraishs house
in Rampura first.
Okay, come back soon.
Oh! I should return now.
We reached Huliveeraiah's house.
We reached?
This looks like a haunted house!
What is this!?
There's a coffin in front of the house?
Such an irony!
A mans earnings and his virtue
is known after his death.
There are not even four people to carry the coffin.
What an evil person he must have been!
Why should I bother!
The dead is equal to God, is what
people say. I'll gift something.
It is a good omen to see a dead body.
Finish my work and leave.
May your soul rest in peace.
I asked you to draw a small Rangoli.
Why did you draw a big one?
You should obey my words
or else I will kill you cruelly.
1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5..
6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.
Full stop.
Sir, you are hitting me too much.
Will her husband leave you
if he gets to know?
I finished him off last week
in a royal rumble fight.
Hello! Who are you?
What do you want?
My name is Santosh.
I'm here to see Huliveeraiah.
I am glad.
What's the matter?
Sir, it's too personal and a matter of reputation.
I dont care about that.
Tell me what's the matter.
Sir... are in Undertakers get up
even in this village!
It feels good Sir.
But, it's sad that you are blind.
You have eyes!
It's coming out like a frog's.
You have eyes.
Yes, everything is there.
People like you for your sense of humour.
You are kidding me?
No, Sir.
You wait.
I'll come back to you for a fight.
Whom you are looking for?
I am here to see Veeraiah.
He died 10 years ago.
Then Radha...
Radha? We performed her last rites
day before yesterday.
What are you searching for?
The one with a long hair...
He died four years ago.
Hey! I am not a ghost.
Come here.
Didn't grandma tell you that Kodanda died
4 years back and Veeraiah 10 years back?
Gauramma is like this
since her husband died.
This Gauramma.
Come. Come.
...where is Gauramma?
She died in her childhood.
Sad that she had no kids.
Dozens of children are here.
Were they born in a cemetry?
Thats a very long story.
In a village, there lived an old lady.
And she died?
That old lady...
...killed everybody in the town
you live alone.
You come.
I am feeling hungry. Got to eat curd rice.
If they cause any problem,
I am with you.
You dont worry.
Is he Huliveeraiah?
Is he very strict?
Only with others.
Not with this world champion undertaker.
You wait. I'll come.
I spoke to the banker.
You can pay after the next crop.
You may go now.
Will leave my lord.
...look here.
I need to talk to you. Come.
What is it?
I need to talk to you urgently. Come.
You go. Ill come later.
Come. I am calling you.
You must come.
Hey, get lost!
Didn't I say Ill come later?
Can't you see...
...what i'm doing here?
What were you doing?
You were just standing.
Doing Panchayat?
He will talk to everybody in
the village, but always hit me.
Tell me.
That is respect.
Sir, its bleeding.
Its not blood.
I had non veg and paan,
thats why.
Sir, do you eat mutton with your nose?
You saw him scolding?
No, I saw him hitting.
You are too much.
I had only one acre Sir.
I lost that too.
It has become difficult to live.
Please help us.
I will buy you 3 acres near the old tamarind tree.
Farm there and live happily.
Hey, Kodanda.
Go near the old tamarind tree to
show the land and place a stone there.
Only I've to place the stone
and get stones thrown.
God bless you.
Will make a move.
Okay, take care.
Sir, your brother-in-law.
He just gave away acres of land.
He is Daanashura Karna.
Is he a Daanashura Karna?!
You think it's hard earned money
earned from a call centre?
He is giving away his ancestor's wealth.
Its like a son-in-law giving away
a mother-in-laws property.
I will transfer all of these in his name.
Greetings my lord.
Greetings. Tell me.
She is not able to conceive my lord.
Hey, Kodanda.
I understood.
You need not say anything.
She is unable to conceive.
You should take her and...
...tell the doctor that I have asked
to give her a check up.
What kind of a brother is he?
Leave it now.
...if I tell him that Im single,
will he give me his daughter in marriage?
Will leave now my lord.
Someone has come.
I will go and come back.
Just do that work.
Who is this?
He wants to talk to you.
Sir, I am...
Sir, I came to give this to you.
She told me everything.
Oh! Gone case.
What you are giving is not a wristlet,
it is a whip.
I'll get beaten up for sure today!
Calm down.
What are you doing?
Look, whatever has happened, has happened.
Accept it.
Why should I accept?
Do not accept, Sir.
Father makes a time table.
The very day a daughter is born...
...he gets her pulse, polio and
vaccination done once in three months.
He enquires and admits her in a good school.
Searches for a good college.
Even if he doesn't eat in elite hotels,
he takes her there.
He looks for her dresss matching
sandals in numerous shops.
Will such a father not search for a good husband?
Dont accept, Sir.
Take this.
I came to give this to you.
I will leave now.
To come here was your wish.
But it is my wish to send you off or not.
You should stay here till my daughter returns.
Sir, what are you saying?
...look after him till my daughter returns.
Take him.
Sir, I have work.
Why are you doing this?
Hereafter, we both are friends.
Fight starts now.
I am so tensed.
Stupid fellow.
He isn't here yet.
Guess who?
Who else?
It's you. Come in the front.
Please dont scold me.
What else do I do?
You were supposed to meet at the railway
station, but are meeting at a coffee shop.
Sorry, Radha.
I planned to surprise you...
...but my father surprised me
suddenly. He sent me to Dharwad branch.
I thought you might scold me
so didnt inform you.
To hell with your surprise!
Enough with the scolding.
Look here.
Hey wristlet!
Did you find that robber?
Did you beat him?
I dont watch movies with
fight scenes. Will I fight?
You sent me the picture and
I got a duplicate made.
It looks exactly like the original one.
Are you happy?
Now take this to my father.
Tell him that you will marry me.
I will be happier.
For a change, will you surprise him?
Tell him my boyfriend will come with
the wristlet and I will marry only him.
I will come with my family later
and surprise.
No need.
Let's go together.
please try and understand.
Tomorrow is the opening ceremony of our
sweet shop 'Giddappa and Sons'.
Mom and dad will be back
from Kashi in four days.
Soon after that,
engagement and then marriage.
Your father will be happy with
whoever you marry.
So, dont worry.
Go home. Your father might surprise you.
Why didnt you order anything?
Hey, give something to madam.
Mom, have paan.
Did you call?
She's still angry.
She didnt receive my call.
I only messaged her saying
come back, dont be scared.
Why will she be scared?
She will scare us.
Hey mosquito! I'll eat you now.
Disturbing my sleep!
Why are you wearing this dress?
I am used to it, so wore it.
I wear it once in a while.
You mean this jai dress!
What about this number?
Lucky number.
People sleep horizontally,
but why do you sleep vertically?
To remain young forever.
You already look old.
How can you remain young?
Your eyes already looks puffy.
If blood over flows, they may
pop out! Be careful.
...people go to the grave once.
But why do you go everyday?
To live, a 6 by 3
place seems small.
But life from the inside
looks very small.
Everything is impermanent.
Humans die everyday, but Undertaker is
symbolically showing how to live after death.
For a day's match, they practice for several days.
After death, they sleep for thousands of years.
But no one practices.
This is what your logic is.
Sir, even though you look like a frog,
you are a philosopher.
Good night Sir.
Good night.
Hey, I will kill you!
I will kill you!
I will kill you!
Who is this? What did he do?
He is a loafer.
What did you do?
He is a bloody thief.
He broke his promise.
He said he wont rob.
So I bailed him out.
Now he robbed again.
Calm down.
He spoiled my reputation
A thief will always remain a thief.
Calm down.
Take him from here.
Get lost.
Please calm down.
Enough. Stop it.
Will you drink water?
Why do you shout like this?
...I forgot to ask you.
Where did you say you are working?
I never spoke about it.
Is this a question to ask a son-in-law?
Obviously, he will be in a good job.
Look at his face. Culture decency,
everything is seen clearly.
Without all of these, will our daughter love him?
Isn't it son-in-law?
Stealing is wrong.
Come, take some rest.
You can wake up after three days.
I must run away!
Muniyappa gave me Kajjaaya!
Where is Muniyappa?
He died 10 years ago.
Oh she has forgotten!
She says she saw the dead one now.
Undertaker Kodandas death anniversary
feast is going on upstairs.
Oh is it?!
How many times will they do that?
Go granny.
If this Kal Muniyappa steps into a house...
...there is no history of going out
without stealing.
Who are you?
Kal Muniyappa.
Did you give the sweets granny?
What are you doing here?
I have come here to steal
aluminium utensil.
You should hunt a tiger, not rat.
Go to the prayer room.
You will find gold there.
Aluminium is 150/kg in market.
Boss, you are one of us right?
How do you know?
If not, you would have called everyone
and thrashed me right?
Thank you boss.
Why are you wearing black?
I applied kajal to hide my identity.
Hey, you are already dark.
Why do you need kajal?
A thief should not rob
another thief right?
Take back your ring.
When did you steal this?
How far is the bus stop?
Boss, you need half an hour.
Is there any short cut?
Yes, there is.
This way.
Mom... dad.
Sorry Santhosh.
What happened?
I mistook him as a thief and hit him.
Oh son-in-law!
Someone shouted "thief"and
so I came out and she hit me.
Thats why I hit mom.
Oh what have you done!?
Sorry Santosh.
Get up.
Take him upstairs for now. We'll take him
to the hospital tomorrow.
Hey, I'll slap you now.
In-laws are supposed to serve him after marriage.
But he is serving him in advance.
Thank God! You hit him on his head
and not left hand.
It could have been a disaster!
Bring him down.
Here is your doctor.
He is the one who has been injecting us
since generations.
Let's go.
Sir, where do I get these
injections and medicines?
Injections and medicines.
Come with me. Ill show you.
You go see the doctor.
Brother, I am coming.
Greetings Sir.
Who is the patient?
Please go out.
What happened?
Sir, look here.
Is he the one?
Do you have common sense?
Dont you know you should wear a helmet?
You injured your head.
Look how worried she is.
The Government is shouting, "Wear helmet
while riding to save your life."
You don't listen.
Men have not yet understood
when to and when not to wear helmet!
Wear a helmet and ride... will be safe.
Okay Sir.
She will be safe too.
Where is Santosh?
Brother, he is inside.
Where is he? You idiots.
Go search for him.
Find out where he is.
My wife... she pregnant?
How many months?
Three months doctor.
She said she's feeling weak.
So any vitamin tablets for that?
Not yours. Your wifes name.
Okay. Ill prescribe this time,
but bring her along next time.
What happened?
Why do you interfere
When I am going with a girl?
Mr. Santosh.
You wanted vitamin tablets for your wife
but forgot to take the prescription.
Take it.
Thank you doctor.
Take care of her.
Wife is pregnant!?
He sowed seeds
before registering the land.
He grew crops before buying the garden.
They are taking aarti of the man
who made her pregnant before marriage.
He should be kicked out.
What all should I witness?
Why are you taking aarti?
It is in our culture to take aarti of the one
who comes back from the hospital.
Should we say this matter to your
He will be upset even if I say any good news.
If I give him this news,
he'll definitely kick me.
How are you feeling now?
What did the doctor say?
Feeling better.
Forgive us for our mistakes.
Someone shouted "thief" at night.
My daughter mistook you
for a thief and hit you.
You just came from the hospital.
Go and...
Sir, in fact your daughter and I...
I know.
How can you come this far without love?
Take rest.
Madam, I'll bring back Radha.
I'll definitely come back.
What about the baby?
Which baby?
Radha is a baby for me
even if she has grown up.
I dont know how to explain to you.
Our elder son-in-law said
he will come back but did not.
He's yet to overcome.
It has hurt him a lot.
Moreover, we love our younger daughter Radha.
You please dont go anywhere
till she comes back.
Hey, take him.
Probably, son-in-law felt bad
with our daughters behaviour.
So he might have come to give back
the wristlet.
He is a good person.
He might have mistaken the police words.
Thats right. We should not waste time.
Let's arrange the marriage as soon as
Radha returns.
Santosh, I am really very sorry.
Thats okay. No problem.
My dad opposed the person I loved
and got me married to some other guy.
But that guy didnt like
this village and our family.
He created a scene for no reason.
He left home all of a sudden.
We are scared that my sister's life
will ruin like mine.
They are not allowing you to leave.
Look Santosh.
Please forgive us if our family
has troubled you in any way.
Nothing like that.
Everything is pre-written.
Who am I? Who are they?
Why have I come here?
I dont know what kind of bondage is this!
A father who is ready to risk his reputation
for the sake of his daughter.
A sister who wishes happiness for her sister.
A mother who cares for her daughter's love.
I better stay here
till Radha comes with her boyfriend.
You cheat! Why are you
peeping into my cards?
I'll give you one.
Play your cards.
Oh! Everybody is here?
I was searching everywhere.
You are playing without me!
One game for me too.
I'll join. Stop playing.
If you want to join, we have to start over.
Let's start over again.
Where did you meet Radha?
Even we wanted to ask this.
Yes, son-in-law.
Where did you see my daughter
for the first time?
Son-in-law passed away five years ago.
You just shut up.
Give me a stick.
Okay, be quiet now.
Where did you meet?
You proposed her or she did?
Should I tell?
I was traveling from Bengaluru to Mysuru.
In between, when I stopped near
Ramnagar central jail to have idli...
Dont always walk around jail.
Cubbon park Brindavan garden or
foreign location would be fine.
Thats okay.
She was walking from that side.
I was walking in slow motion.
She is my princess.
Shes the princess of this prince.
She is my princess.
Shes the princess of this prince.
Hey brother.
I found my lover.
Hey brother.
I found my lover.
My girl is beautiful as an Orange.
My girl is beautiful as an Orange.
She is my princess.
Shes the princess of this prince.
O Radha.
I am a simple guy.
Let it come.
Let your love come to me.
Are you the Juliet of my dream?
Am I that Romeo who is waiting?
Hey brother.
I found my lover.
Hey brother.
I found my lover.
My girl is beautiful as an Orange.
My girl is beautiful as an Orange.
I pulled like this.
Hey! How come you are here?
Why did you come?
I feel like watching a movie.
They coined the term, "made for each other"
by looking at these two.
Why did you come here?
To give the wristlet.
You are singing a song in my home
without my knoweldge! You idiot.
Its not like that.
Why are you scolding son-in-law?
What kind of son-in-law is he?!
What did you say?
Enough of fooling around till now.
Dad, please listen to...
Shut up.
I like this boy.
He is our son-in-law...
...thats it.
Call his family members.
Let's talk.
Mom please.
Where did he come from?!
You are the culprit and
acting like an innocent now?!
How do I hide this matter?
We can hide a mole if it is
inside the pant, but not on the face.
But the mole on my face is not visible!
Your face is not visible.
Why did you get up?
Will listen to his pulse.
You listen to pulse!?
You can't hear even when one shouts... can you listen to pulse?
Go sit.
Listen to me.
Sit there, otherwise...
What's your problem?
Sister is vomiting.
Hey, take her to the hospital.
Why hospital for such a small matter?
It happens sometimes due to bile.
She didnt have dinner properly
isn't it dear?
I had.
You had?
It happens due to lack of sleep too.
If you had slept properly,
this wouldnt have happened.
This happens when you dont sleep right?
I slept too.
Whats this?
It happens sometime.
You get up.
Eat oranges. I will tell you.
No need. Its bile.
Okay, eat a banana.
No need, thats cold.
Oh yes, thats a problem.
Your nose will start running.
Get up.
What are you doing here?
Why did you come here?
I thought you were a decent girl
when I saw you first.
Here, everyone says one story.
They say you ran away many times!
Leave it.
Why did you come here?
Where else will son-in-law go
other than father-in-laws house?
I was just kidding.
I should repeat the story now.
We met in the train.
You told me about the wristlet.
When you went off, a thief took
that wristlet and got down from the train.
I got down to bring that wristlet
and shouted while coming back.
You misunderstood
and threw my bag out.
I looked at it.
I thought not to hurt you.
So I came to the address you said
and got trapped here.
Just a debt of an orange
brought me till here.
You should have returned after you gave.
Why are you still here?
Will anybody wish to be at home
in this dress?
Even I am ready to go away.
I tried to ran away at night,
but they brought me back.
You should have told that
it's not you.
I told them but they are not believing me.
I'm trying to tell the truth, but
they told me not to go till you come back.
I don't know all that.
You just leave immediately.
Who would like to be here after
listening so much. I will go.
I will go immediately.
First, get lost.
Okay, I will go.
Leave me.
I said do not hit me.
It's not about loving,
it's about keeping the love alive.
He has come here for you.
He stayed back
because everybody asked him to...
...and you are sending him away from home?!
I feel ashamed to call you my sister.
Its okay. I will leave.
No Santosh. You won't understand.
You will realise the value of love
only when you lose it.
Try to understand.
What she is trying to say is...
You keep quiet.
My family is not believing me
because of you.
And because of you,
they are not believing my words.
For the first time... father raised his hand on me...
...and now my sister.
I dont know what you are going to do.
I love Prashant a lot.
You see.
You only have to solve the problem
which is created by you.
What are you thinking?
Please help me.
I can't leave.
I will take care of your commitments.
Please solve my problem.
Will you take care of my commitments?
I already had two pegs.
Why are you late?
I had work.
You are done?
Pour as much as you want.
Watch how I will make him talk.
Are you used to?
I want to share a truth.
After a single sip, he wants to confess.
I have come from jail.
This is your favourite dress.
Does it mean that you have been to
jail because of what you wear?
Sir, I am telling the truth.
I met this girl in a train by accident.
She told me about this wristlet.
Someone stole it and I took it from him.
I just came here to give it you,
that's it.
Then how three months happened?
Dont know Sir.
How three months happened
without doing anything!?
Without my knowledge, I am a 30 year old.
Three months is nothing.
Without his knowledge, he is 48 year old.
What is the use?
Only this much is the wicket
Without turning on the switch, can we turn on the TV?
We can.
In the neighbours house.
He won't tell the truth
even if he gets sedated.
No chance.
How come there are so many vehicles?
Narasimha Nayaka has been
released from the jail.
Narasimha Nayaka?
Someone will meet his fate then.
This person?
He will be marrying our Radha.
Give me the garland.
Not required please.
He is the lord of
the neighbouring villages.
Everything is Gods will Mr.Patil,
nothing is mine.
Come, lets go.
We thought of coming to your place.
Good that you came.
Name our baby my lord.
Name him Santosh.
...we had an ex-voto to offer a golden crown
that our younger daughter should get a good husband.
So we got one.
He is our son-in-law,
the one who will be marrying Radha.
You have come in an auspicious time.
Let's crown in an auspicious time.
Where is your younger daughter Radha?
She was here.
Where is she?
Dont know mom.
Where did she go?
I will look for her.
Please go.
My lord, Narasimha Nayaka has been released from the jail.
The family is at Ganesha temple.
Take them home first.
Okay my lord.
Release my daughter.
Hey, Huliveeraiah.
You insulted me in front of these people.
Mr. Veeraiah, I am arresting him.
You didn't learn!
Villagers will be at peace now.
Put him behind bars.
Inspector, take him.
Hey Huliveeraiah, you are sending me to jail.
I'll not spare you.
You insult me in front of the villagers.
I'll teach you a lesson.
You jailed me for these people.
Today, I will marry your daughter.
Hereafter, I am the leader for this village.
Narasimha Nayaka.
Hereafter, all the villagers should
bow to me.
Hereafter, I will stand in your place.
You have not learnt any lesson yet!
Are you a tiger?
I am the only Tiger for the village,
Are you a tiger?
No, you are a dog.
Hey you sinful creature,
leave them.
Chant the mantra.
Huliveeraih will always be a tiger.
People bow down to God...
...not to a devil like you.
You will be respected
only when you perform good deeds.
You should be worthy enough
to be in a holy place.
You are unworthy for it.
Do not bother Huliveeraiah.
Get lost now.
Past is past.
But now, it is different.
You brought me back to the place
where you met me.
No, thanks a lot for saving
our family's reputation.
One who is thankful
for his mother, is a true son.
One who is thankful for his nation,
is a true citizen.
The one who is thankful for food,
is a true human.
I dont know whether people
prayed devotionally or not.
But I saw them greeting your father
out of respect and devotion.
Those hands feed thousands.
Will I allow them to be tied?
My family members like you
for this behaviour.
They didnt believe when I said you are not
my son-in-law. Will they believe now?
Now you should make us one.
Don't worry. We pair up shirts and pants.
Will I not pair you both?
I am in love with your family.
If you had another sister,
I would have married her.
Train has arrived.
Hurry up.
She is rushing towards the train like
vegetable vendors rush towards a bus in a highway.
Hey Hi.
Hey Radha!
Greetings mom. Bless me.
Come, let's go.
Hey finally.
Prashant, this is Santosh. The one I spoke about.
Oh! She told me about you.
Nice to meet you.
but I am unhappy.
By the way, where is your father?
I'll bring him.
I will kill you if you add even an extra
drop except 500ml of rose water to 20kg sweets.
The sweets in 20 branches should have
the same taste.
Only when I will have respect,
you will have a stand.
Cut the call.
Sir, you can also cut the call.
Where is my daughter-in-law?
You are looking gorgeous.
Giddappa and sonss
only daughter-in-law.
Hold this.
Greetings uncle.
Open your mouth.
Why Sir?
Sugar diabetic.
You make others eat and
you are a diabetic!
Others become diabetic after eating sweets,
but I became diabetic by the smell of it.
Is it?!
What are you searching for?
I am searching for others.
We three are here only.
It said Giddappa and sons,
so I am searching.
I have only one son.
Have you opened another branch?
During our marriage, I had registered
the name as 'Giddappa and Sons'.
But there was no co-operation
and so I had to stop.
Hey, it's nothing like that.
Not possible at all.
Is it?
Dad, let's go.
Let's go.
Our daughter-in-law is very cute.
Is it true that the one who sells
sweets will be a sweetheart?
Yes, my boy.
Sir, can I ask for something
I never asked for till now?
What is it boy?
Sir, I am an orphan.
I have no parents.
Can I become another son
in your 'Giddappa and sons'?
Will you accept me Sir?
Thats it?
Can I call you Daddy?
Who are you man?
Huliveeraiahs first son-in-law.
First son-in-law?
My son is the second son-in-law.
Giddappa and sons'.
Call me Daddy.
Can I call Daddy?
Daddy, can we leave?
Yes, my son.
Daddy, shall we leave?
Come my son.
Such a big house.
Come in.
Uncle, they came.
He is my uncle.
Bless me.
Thats okay.
Looks like a Jade muni swamy priest!
Hey, he is not a kid.
You look like a butcher.
You have a handsome son?
Its the same way.
Who is this?
Sir. Uncle.
Mummy. Daddy
How come they are suddenly here!
It's surprising isn't it?
I didnt notice your moustache.
How old are you?
I thought he's your son.
Take it.
Give it.
Sir, Radhas father is here.
That is her uncle.
Come here.
Ill introduce my dad.
Hey! Get the red water.
In-laws are here.
Dont feel bad. I gave only my hand,
not fifty lakhs.
You are smart.
Please carry on.
You have a joint family!
My family consists the two of us and a son.
Only one son?
That means he takes care of two sons
like they are one.
What do you do?
We have sweet shops in 20 centres.
He is the only inheritor.
He loves both the sons equally!
Such a great person!
Among his 20 centres of sweet shops,
I mean our sweet shops...
...not a single shop has a different taste.
Not a single drop of rose water will vary,
such is the precision.
By the way, only four have come!
No. Only three of us.
Only three people?
I mean... much is three plus one?
Three plus one is four.
I came first, then they came.
How many now?
It is four.
Its four. Right Daddy?
Sir, my mom died
soon after I was born.
And a year ago...
...early in the morning, my dad went to milk the cow...
...a buffalo kicked him and he died.
A buffalo?
Yes Sir.
Cow... buffalo!
Come, take rest.
So sad!
God gives death in many ways.
Death in a buffalos leg!
Sir, did you listen to it properly?
What's that?
He went to milk a cow,
then how did he die with a buffalo's kick?
Did he milk a buffalo?!
I depoisted money to your account.
Did you draw the cash?
When kannadigas see a wristlet, they remember
Sahasa Simha Dr. Vishnuvardhan.
Okay, one more thing.
But those who wear wristler
can't become Sahasasimha.
They can be his fan.
Grandma, I will call back.
Did you mention bosss name?
I am also Dadas fan.
What is this Sir?
Wristlet. I am taking it
to father-in-law.
Take it out.
Did anyone notice?
Nobody saw.
You think this is a waist thread?
This is a holy thread.
You should wear it on an auspicious day.
Father-in-law will scold you
for wearing it on Yamaganda Kaala.
Oh! I didnt know that!
Please dont tell him.
I won't tell him.
Being the first son-in-law,
I will keep this, okay?
Okay Sir. I will go upstairs.
Dont tell him.
Okay, you go.
What kind of a person is he?
She is going to marry him!
What's this? You said you will solve,
but you are complicating things.
What to do now?
Will sleep now.
Will sleep later.
I know how to handle.
Daddy, come sit here.
It is a feast!
Giddappa and sons' sweets
have precise amount of rose water.
Please help yourself.
Dad, nobody is talking to me.
Serve him.
Nobody is talking to my son.
So that he doesnt feel discomfort.
Oh! Discomfort?
Aunty, serve there.
Serve some sweets to son-in-law.
Idiot, concentrate a little.
I am a son-in-law for this family,
but you are Giddappas daughter-in-law.
You go and serve Prashant.
I think it was you
when they mentioned son-in-law.
What happened?
Take it.
You love your first son-in-law
a lot isn't it?
Not first, second.
He is the second one right?
I am the first one and
he is the second one for them.
She is the sister-in-law of this person.
She is the mother-in-law, father-in-law,
brother-in-law, grandmother-in-law.
See once.
Serve one spoon here aunty.
How much will you serve?
Don't you want me to sleep at night!?
How my serving and
you not sleeping are related?
She is a bomb expert and
she has won a prize.
Mister Giddappa.
I kept telling son-in-law
to bring his parents.
He never responded.
Now you all have come.
What a surprise!
This family never knew us.
We wanted to surprise them
but what is this?
You have not yet seen a surprise right, uncle?
That is the surprise.
Surprised because you did not see.
It would not be a surprise
if you had seen.
In Aaptamitra movie,
Nagavalli possesses Soundarya.
The audience was surprised.
A kind of surprise.
Give some water, can't you see!
Give water.
Drink slowly.
They treat their first son-in-law
like an Audi car and are treating my son like an auto rickshaw.
So that he doesnt feel the discomfort.
What is discomfort?
Death anniversary feast was too good.
Death anniversary feast!?
...she has a poor memory,
so she talks rubbish.
You carry on.
Hey, serve rice.
Brother, what is this?
You are losing post like Doddanna
in Muddina Mava movie.
What to do!
They said nobody will have food
if I join, so they sent me out.
Do I look ugly?
That is the reason I sit behind you.
Come, betel leaves and nuts are here.
You are lucky to get a husband like this.
How many kids do you have?
Who is this?
Batsman has not entered the pavilion yet
and he is asking for the score already!
Kids? Not even a worm is born.
Hey Karibasava!
Is that a way to talk?
Lady, get family planning done
to maintain figure.
Not family planning,
this is Gods planning.
I'll teach him a lesson
when I get him.
To whom?
Hey, come son-in-law.
Will you have paan?
Hey you rascal!
You said you will kill him and
now you are smiling at him!
What happened?
I just asked her how many kids she has
and he is yelling at me.
How dare you scold Indians?!
When did I scold Indians?
I scolded son-in-law.
He is an Indian, I am an Indian,
he is an Indian.
Say glory to Mother India.
We are the one who stretched
our chest to Canon.
Come Daddy.
Did I say I stretched bum?
Why did they beat me?
Who are Indians?
It's us brother.
Mister Giddappa.
You have a son like a gun you see.
Your son is like a gun.
Oh! I was upset that my son is useless.
Shes the one who fixed time for that.
Hey, be quiet.
I would have lost my reputation
if your son was not here.
Your son is a good fighter.
Oh this is the matter!
I was worried why my sweet shops in
Hubli-Dharwad was under loss.
Now I understand, he didn't go there...
...he came here.
She didnt inform me about this.
Sir, are you sad?
I am not sad that you hit me...
but I didn't understand why did you hit me!
Yes Sir, true.
Huliveeraiah, except for tomorrow,
there is no auspicious day until a month.
Tomorrow is best for your
auspicious function.
Say okay.
Shall we conduct Vileshaastra tomorrow?
We have no objection.
Lets ask our son once.
My son.
Your dad is calling you.
Your father is calling.
Wait, I'll come.
Should knock him out in one shot.
My son.
What Daddy?
Tomorrow is your engagement, okay?
Okay. Okay.
Such a wonderful family!
Brothers are like two bodies, one soul.
Yes, right.
Yes, father-in-law.
God bless you.
Lets start the preparation.
Priest, give me your contact number.
Why number? Take my business card.
It's finally our engagement!
Everything is happening so quickly right?
I am tensed here.
Will call you back grandma.
Hello boss.
Hey, what?
You are sitting like Huliveeraiahs father.
So what if it is a big house!?
There are no single aluminium vessels.
Everything's steel and plastic.
Such a waste!
For how long will you steal aluminium?
Try gold.
Boss, I am scared stealing aluminium,
imagine my state if I steal gold.
Govindo Govinda.
Namo Namaha.
No need. I can't do it.
It's not my cup of tea.
I will give you money worth 5 kgs of aluminium.
Will you do what I say?
Boss, what should I do boss?
I'll tell you.
Where did he go?
I am getting tensed.
Good morning boss.
Hey, come here.
What's this? Take it out.
Hey, what are these black marks?
Boss, it's an old habit.
Instead of holy ash, I applied kajal.
The priest arrived?
Boganna isnt here?
His family passed away, so he sent Rayanna.
What's this black?
He had been for some Homa.
After Purnahuti, he applied it and came here.
Oh! Okay come.
Keep these lamps in both sides.
Is this enough?
Good morning.
The priest is here?
Yes, he is here.
Is he Patalamma Temple's priest?
Senior is out of station,
so junior is here.
Thats okay. Call everyone.
Sure. You please come.
Not there. Come this way.
Is it my sons engagement
or some award function?
See, they all are wearing
the same garland and uniform.
The bride and groom wearing garland is fine,
but all are wearing garland.
Because our son-in-law not only loves Radha,
he loves the entire family.
Correct dear.
We are lucky.
Please be seated.
You move a little.
You sit that side.
It's okay. You sit here.
Comfortable? I will sit here.
Hello! Why are you sitting next to me?
I am supposed to sit this side right?
Thats our custom.
Elder in-law will give Dhaare
to the younger in-law.
How's the pair?
You come this side.
Please make our boy sit next to her.
He is already sitting.
Make them sit together.
You go there.
I hope you didn't do anything.
Be careful.
Get up. Sit here.
Hey, make them sit together.
Yes, I did the same.
Hey, you bloody!
Sir, tell "next to each other"
to that underwear.
You see, a girl is supposed to be in the right.
Yes, a girl is right, not wrong.
Sir, tell him it's right side.
No, left.
My left.
...right... Left... Oh! Centre!
According to our custom, it is left.
Oh! That is not possible.
For you?
For us it is right.
Don't you know left and right?
How will you lead a family life?
Everybody pray.
To whom?
To yourself.
Om Ganeshaya Namaha.
Om Vasudevaya Namaha.
Om Smallaya Namaha.
Om Whiskeyaya Namaha.
Om Maskaya Namaha.
Om Tulatulaaya Namaha.
Om Baraaya Namaha.
Priest, what kind of mantra
are you chanting?
He is Kannans student.
He chants only in Kannada.
Oh! You carry on.
Om namo namaha.
Jai Karnataka Maate Vande Mataram.
He is a Kannada medium priest.
Senior priest couldnt come,
so he sent his junior.
That's why Patalamma temple's priest
should not be invited.
Ya, you are right.
Om, there is a problem in this home, namaha.
Don't know what it is, namaha.
This should be solved, namaha.
I don't know which mantra to chant, namaha.
You should only save me, namaha.
What's happening?
Enough with the chanting.
Just a miniute priest.
Exchange the rings.
What is the time now?\12:00.
It's not possible.
It's Kaligaala now.
He meant Rahugaala.
It's not the right time to say
or ask anything.
Exchange all your black beads, phala taamboola,
saree and aluminium vessels at an auspicious time.
Why aluminium, Sir?
I think he needs Madi.
Distribute akshata to everybody.
Bow down.
Srimad Venkataramana.
Govinda Govinda.
We leave now.
Stay for a few more days.
We need to open a new sweet shop.
They pour extra drops of rose water.
Sweets will be ruined,
thats the reason.
Please hire a good priest.
We shall take your leave.
Should we leave dear?
See you.
See you.
Say bye to Radha.
Talk to her properly and come.
See you.
Take care of your health.
Why are you all at ease?
Didn't I say we are going to the temple?
Come, let's go.
Hello. Greetings.
Son-in-law, you are back?!
Dad told me to stay and take care
of things till they come back.
So I came back.
Come, let's go to the temple.
She is not well. She will stay at home.
Uncle, you all go. I will stay with Grandma.
Why didn't you come to the temple?
Thank you.
Grandma was alone at home,
so I didn't come.
She has amnesia.
She won't remember anything.
She need not remember what we did.
It is enough if we remember what she did.
If we expect her to remember,
then it will be work and not service.
Oh gosh! The room is so dirty!
What have you started
early in the morning?
Who will start in the morning?
We started at the night.
We havent finished yet.
Bloody drunkards!
Nobody asks for you at home?
Who will buy for us if asked?
Do you drink?
Why not!
Its there, take it.
Be careful, it's strong.
Its too strong!
What's the occasion?
Malagaiahs wife passed away.
Malagaiah, control yourself.
It's not me. He is Malagaiah.
If his wife died!
Control yourself
When did she die?
It's been 20 years.
She left very early.
Thats the reason for my pain.
Malagaiahs wife died.
Let's have a few more rounds.
Come here for a moment.
What's this?
Oh! You got it?
Are you a good man or not?
I am a bad person.
Tell me the truth.
Where did you work?
Where have you come from?
That explains everything.
I have come from a jail.
I am a thief.
Why didnt you tell me about it?
I wouldn't have talked to you if I knew.
Why did you cheat? Tell me the truth!
Do you know?
Which is the place where we lie more?
Police station. They keep lying,
no matter how much the police beats.
Do you know where do we speak the truth?
Holding a glass of alcohol.
I tried speaking the truth to your family,
but nobody cared.
What could I do?
There is a beggar and a thief
in every person in this world.
I steal to survive.
You steal for your lover.
In fact... are a bigger thief than me.
Because... are cheating your family.
Like Sati Sakku bai,
you are asking me why I lied.
But I didnt hide that I am a thief.
Nobody believed my words.
You see...
...just for you I lied that
I am your boyfriend.
I lied a thousand times for my commitments.
Moreover, you lied more to me.
Now you are behaving innocent!
If I knew I would be
conducting your marriage...
...I would not have lend
my hand to you in the train.
It would have been better if you had not said
you were going to meet your boyfriend.
It would have been better
if that thief did not steal your wristlet.
It would have been better
if I had not gone to bring it back.
It would have been better
if I had not come here.
It's my fate...
...that I always fancy engaged girls.
You can book online bus ticket, movie ticket,
lorry cycle and what not!
But... one has invented an app
to book a girl's heart.
Even the bloody creator
God is confused.
The way you are speaking makes me feel
that you are in love with me.
Tell me the truth.
Oh! I am blabbering. Morever...
...they made me drink.
Come, lets go home.
Santhosh, be careful.
Hey! I will drive.
Come, sit in the front.
When a girl drives, a drunkard
is not supposed to sit next to her.
We feel sleepy when drunk.
In my sleep, I may lean on your
shoulder and you might push back.
Again, I'll do it, you hit me back.
The third time, you'll allow me
to sleep out of sympathy.
Then something will go wrong.
You start the vehicle.
No drink and drive.
Just like that in this evening,
let us go for a walk.
Come friend, listen to
hundreds of untold stories.
Thinking about you will never stop.
Is this moment real?!
Who are you?
Who are you to me?
Hey! You kindly answer me.
Who are you?
Who are you to me?
Hey! You kindly answer me.
Let us go for a walk
in this evening.
Far Very far.
I wish to go far away with you.
O it is beautiful.
See how beautiful my world is since you came.
Your charming smile hit my heart.
You entered my heart like waves.
I am not aware of anything.
Thinking about you will never stop.
Who are you?
Who are you to me?
Hey! You kindly answer me.
Who are you?
Who are you to me?
Hey! You kindly answer me.
Let us go for a walk
in this evening.
Come o friend. Listen to
hundreds of untold stories.
Hey, who is that?
He is a thief. He was jailed.
Do, what I say.
Okay boss.
What is this?
She was like 'Yadakallu Guddada Mele' Jayanti.
All of a sudden she looks like,
'Na Ninna Mareyalaare' Laxmi?
Which god is this?
Which God?
Not god...
...our first son-in-law.
Oh is it?
Rukminis husband.
Rukmini's husband?!
Your brother-in-law,
Rukminis husband, has arrived.
Why did Rukmini go inside?
No idea!
Probably, she is blushing.
...we are happy that you have come
from Dubai to see us.
If you had brought camel milk,
I could have won a WWF fight.
Did not you come on a camel?
I came along with a jockey.
Take care of your bell.
You carry on.
Greetings brother-in-law.
O Radha!
How are you?
Welcome home Sir.
Thank you.
Whats this?
You are wearing so much gold!
Yes, I am the original Golden Star.
I heard that someone is using my name.
Ask him to come home.
Radha, where is my Bulbul?
Okay. I will meet there.
Thank god, he came after
your brother-in-law went.
Or else...
What to do?
You manage Prashant.
I will manage others.
Hey! Look at the arrangements
for our arrival.
See, the first son-in-law
has come from Dubai.
First son-in-law!
Where is he?
Daddy, when did you arrive?
Forget it.
How many daughters does he have?
Is he arranging a mass wedding?
This son-in-law came just now.
The one who came before
was his son.
Oh is it? Okay, I got it.
He has only two daughters right?
Father-in-law is very patriotic.
He left his motherland and works
in a foriegn country.
So, he did not mention him before.
Right. He should have killed him.
Come, let's go.
Let's go.
Thats okay son-in-law.
Because of your son,
everything is going good.
What's this? You are making
them stand outside! Get them in.
Oh! Come inside.
Where were you?
I was searching for you.
I am tired of drinking
camel milk in that desert.
I will never leave you now.
Who are you?
I am engaged to Radha.
Then go and hug Radha.
Why are you hugging me?
Brother, special Homa is going on
in this house.
Till my marriage,
nobody should hug anybody.
If you hug, you will lose your power.
I will never lose power if I hug.
Because I am Power star.
He quotes many stars!
Dont know what he will do!
Hey, what are you drinking?
Complan brother, to grow tall.
God did not plan to make you tall.
What can Complan do?
I did not understand that you are from a rich family
even after you became rich drinking every night.
Look at my fate Sir...
...nobody believes me when I speak the truth.
Sir, I am telling you the truth.
I am not Giddappas son.
He has started again!
Radhas real lover is Giddappas
son, Prashant, not me.
What boss?! Dont make fun
just because you are drunk.
You look ferocious and he looks dumb.
Will our girl love him?
You are telling the same story from the first half.
Didnt I say that you won't believe?
No water!
Boss, should I pour Complan?
You have become like this
because you drink that.
I will go get water.
What are you doing Santosh?
Having food, grandma.
When are you coming?
You said you will come for Ganesha festival.
Come for Diwali at least.
Sleep oh Charulata,
it's night.
See there boss.
In-law's brother!
Whats going on there?
You idiot, whats happening here?
Protector has become the slayer.
Boss, probably he went
to say good night.
Why will one secretly go
to say good night?
The milk vender should be outside.
Why did he get in?
Something is fishy.
Come, lets see whats happening.
Dont know where is the toilet.
The desert has burnt my body.
I'll cool my body now.
Why is he going late at night?
Let me see.
Who is this?
Apply oil to your hair and tie it.
I got scared like hell.
Wear a light on your head
or else make a sound while coming.
I will lose my respect if I make a sound.
That is what I am asking.
Why is brother going to sisters room
late at night?
They are not brother and sister...
...sister-in-law and brother-in-law.
Dont talk nonsense after getting drunk.
They are brother and sister.
They are brother and sister.
I said brother and sister.
Hey, are you mad?
How dare you call me mad?
I am telling you they are in-laws
and you are saying they aren't.
Have you gone mad?
They are brother and sister.
I belong to this family or you do?
You might be the one,
but they are brother and sister.
Grandma, I will you call back.
These two?
Brother and sister.
What's that?
I said I love you.
...if they are in-laws, will you apologise?
If they are brother and sister,
will you apologise?
Okay go. I will do it.
Come here.
They are this side.
Hey, this side man.
If they are this side,
should I hit you with my slippers?
What kind of a person are you?!
Okay, you can hit me come.
Come boss, lets see.
Open the door.
There's a long gap between us.
Let's love without leaving any gap.
Nobody will come between us.
Who are you?
I am hugging you more than I hug my wife.
Yes, brother Homa.
Why are you sending me to Coma
in the name of Homa!
Everybody's out.
They will shoot you if they come to know.
Is it?
Go from the next room to your room.
Will they not doubt you
if you are with my wife?
I will see to it.
I said I will see them.
Oh! Okay.
In Dubai, they chop off fingers for touching anothers wife.
Here, you are chopping me
for touching my wife! Why?
Go now.
Where is the card?
There's a confusion.
What confusion?
Hey, what are you doing here?
I am checking for spellings
in the invitation card.
You were drinking with me till now.
Whats this invitation now?
Who is drunk? You or me?
If there is a single mistake in the cards,
people will think we are uneducated.
You check them.
Are you a father?
What are you talking about?
He is getting wedding invitations ready here.
Is he printing the invitations for post-wedding feast?
Hey, whats going on there?
He behaves like a monkey.
It hurts?
What the hell is happening!?
Is it paining here?
Stretch your legs.
I've seen many kinds of people
at my sweet shop. What kind of a person is he?
Whats going on between them?
They are hugging each other?
Go, see that?
Even you are going there!
But you dont go!
Relieved? See, it will not pain now.
1... 2... 3...
Even I want to see. I couldnt see.
Hey, you move.
Didnt you see what was
happening there?
Its a question of our reputation.
Prashant, take this.
I had pain on my waist.
Well done my son.
You are trying new things.
You should be different.
You are doing everything I did
before marriage. Very good.
Why are you happy for that?
Are you shameless?
One who corrects his children is called a father.
But one does these things is called a pimp.
I have seen the trading of women,
but you are trading men.
You pimp.
How dare you say that to my Dad?
You stupid...
Hit him Dad.
Let's teach him a lesson.
Whats going on there?
Sir, I didn't know which way
to go for the washroom.
Daddy, come I will take you.
There is no value for me in this house.
Everyone chants 'Santhosh'.
You all are insulting me.
A dog is jealous when
another dog gets an extra biscuit.
You all are making me dumb.
I am fine being an extra player,
but what if I am not in the team?
Prashant, everything will be fine.
I will take care of it.
You dont feel bad.
Forget it.
How many times have I told you
not to be silly.
My parents don't like your behaviour.
You loved me for this behaviour, right?
Look Radha.
We two are in love.
But after marriage, our family will be united.
Got it?
You have to change yourself for their sake.
Better understand that.
Tell me the truth.
Who is Prashant?
Whats happening here?
What else can I do brother-in-law?
It all started with a single lie.
Now, it has crossed the limit.
I am in love with Prashant.
I met Santosh in a train.
By the time I returned,
many things happened.
So, he spoke the truth
whenever we drank together.
But I did not believe him.
I thought he is telling the same thing
like TV people do for TRP.
He is a good person.
Everyone is happy because of him.
Right, brother.
He is the right son-in-law
for this house.
Radha should marry him.
But brother, the wedding date is nearing.
What should we do?
Thousands of lies are told for a marriage...
...but I will tell one lie
to break this marriage.
Okay brother.
Just see.
Even if you add an extra drop
of rose water, the sweets are ruined...
...and you have poured one extra glass?
Close the sweet shop.
Cut the call.
I need to talk about some
serious matter with you.
Serious matter?
Okay, wear your saree and speak.
I said it is a serious matter.
Dont make fun.
Tell me.
Our girl is characterless.
She will be fine after marriage,
dont worry.
Mister, try to understand.
She had affairs with many before marriage.
What is the guarantee that
she won't have an affair after marriage?
Thanks a lot for caring
about our family.
Its hard to get a TV without cable
and a girl without a boyfriend.
Let me be more clear.
Mobile has proper network
but no one is proper.
Look, my son has loved that girl
and she is our daughter-in-law.
I liked your frankness.
I thought you are mad.
I am sorry!
Please change your looks
and turn handsome.
I will give you rose water for free.
See you then.
I thought of fooling him
but he fooled me.
Smart fellow.
Why do you look sad Sir?
What to do?
I did not believe your words.
I hit you because of the situation.
Don't be sad.
I'll not hit you again.
Thats okay, leave it.
What is this Sir?!
In Punyakoti's story, that cruel beast
listens to the cows words...
...but you didn't listen to mine?
6 million citizens know that
you have a satire nature... I didn't believe you.
Now I understood that you are truthful.
You are our son-in-law.
Enough Sir.
Is it enough only for a family to accept?
Even the girl should feel about it right?
Don't talk rubbish.
Stop the vehicle.
Do you know how your pair looks like!?
KD Nagappa Papamma.
Negro Johny-Silk Smitha.
Sir... are comparing her to an item number!
Sorry I remembered those I like.
Just imagine...
O damsel My damsel
What happened to our love story?
O star, you are the Golden star
Win my heart. You won my heart.
I dont want Katrina. I dont want Deepika.
No confusion. I want no one but you.
I dont want college. I dont want shopping.
I dont want selfie. I want no one, but you.
Tweet on twitter.
O my damsel.
Update status in WhatsApp.
O my love.
Tweet on twitter.
O my damsel.
Update status in WhatsApp.
O my love.
O damsel! My damsel
What happened to our love story?
Cola cola cola my Cocacola,
unburden the weight of love.
Your killer looks.
Your one look made me crazy.
My heart beats lub-dub lub-dub.
Heart beat rises looking at you.
Come my Pani puri.
I am not able to bear
the spiciness of your love.
I dont want Katrina. I dont want Deepika.
No confusion. I want no one but you.
I dont want college. I dont want shopping.
I dont want selfie. I want no one, but you.
Tweet on twitter.
O my damsel!
Update status in WhatsApp.
O my damsel.
Tweet on twitter.
My damsel.
O my damsel.
Update status in WhatsApp.
My damsel.
O damsel, my damsel.
What happened to our love story?
Should I tell Radha that I love her?
You shouldn't confess your love
to someone who is getting married.
What do I do?
What Santosh?
I dont know how to tell you.
Come here.
Tell me what is it.
It's okay. I just wanted to ask
if things are going well.
Radha, come here.
Go, she is calling you.
What Mom?
Radha, our ancestral jewels are missing.
What are you saying mom?
Yes, dear.
Did you see them?
Oh God!
The wedding's tomorrow and what has happened!
Do one thing.
You go check in your room.
I will go downstairs and
inform your father.
He will get angry Oh God!
Take coffee.
Coffee tastes really good.
She never prepared such coffee.
Its the same in our house.
The maid prepared this, not my wife.
The jewels are missing.
Jewels are missing?!
We got it for the wedding.
She is very irresponsible.
Go and search properly. It should be there.
I kept everything in the prayer room,
but it's missing.
Who will go there to steal?!
Hey, whats happening here?
Is this the way a brother behaves
with his sister?
I cant bare this.
She is my wife, not my sister.
What happened?
Then who is he?
Radhas husband.
Radhas husband?
Hey son, my son,
Then who is this?
Dont you know?
This is my son.
He is Radhas husband.
Then who is this?
Rukminis husband.
Then who am I?
You dont know?
Gone case!
Are you not his elder son?
Am I his elder son?
You mean Rukminis brother?
Am I a brother to my wife?
I cannot understand.
He is not my son.
He is not your son?!
Are you his second wife or third wife?
She is my first wife.
Oh is it? Then he might be
the second wifes son.
I got married only once.
He is my elder son-in-law.
Elder son-in-law?
Santosh, teach some manners
to your father.
He is not my son.
He simply calls me Dad.
When you are not his dad,
why will he call you dad?
Doesnt it feel good
when a cute boy calls me dad?
Dad, what is this?
You be quiet son.
What is this?
You are calling him son!
Did I call him son?
Who is this?
My father.
Ask him properly. Whose son is he?
Say that loudly once again.
He is my father.
Yes, this one is my son.
He is not my son.
Who are you?
Look here, you will know about him.
There jewels aren't missing,
they are stolen.
You shouldnt have turned off the prayer rooms light.
Where is curd rice?
Now I understand...
...who is the reason behind this.
Prashant is your son.
He has come from jail.
A thief.
Who are you?
I will tell you.
I wanted to tell you, but
you didn't allow me to talk.
The jewels aren't missing,
he has stolen them.
You cheated on the ones who trusted you!
It's not his fault. I asked him to do so.
Please forgive me if I troubled you.
Make arrangements for the wedding.
I will bring the jewels.
Who has stolen it?
Where are you?
Greetings, boss.
Have you noticed any new faces
from our profession in this town?
Boss, I forgot to tell you.
A few guys are petroling around
Huliveeraiahs house since three days.
I too had doubt,
so I captured them with my mobile's camera.
Look at this.
See, how they are stealing!
They must be hybrid thieves.
Updated very well.
Where can we find them?
How much does it cost for a wedding?
Why would I become a thief if I knew that?
Please come to the point brother.
Do you know how difficult it is to bring up
a daughter and get her married?
I know brother. I have seen in
'Naanu Nanna Kanasu' movie.
You have seen the movie,
but have not understood.
You should have understood isn't it?
Ruin any event,
but never break a marriage.
Because it is the dream of every parent.
It is a matter of reputation.
Why did RCB lose the match this time?
How is this related?
You have enmity with me.
How is this related to that?
If I see you again,
I'll beat you to death.
Bring the birde.
See how beautiful they look!
They are looikng nice.
Today is judgement day.
This stupid fellow is getting married
to this girl.
If our girl should live happily,
Santoshs name should be in this place.
Instead of getting her married
with the Golden Star...
...this Jumping star is getting married to her.
He looks like a rotten jackfruit.
I'll see how this marriage will take place.
Everyone should be fearful of my action.
However, my brother-in-law
gets such idiots as son-in-laws.
Except you.
Hello. Mike testing one, two, three.
Audience, turn this side please.
Everybody turn this side.
All the aunties wearing borrowed jewels,
but lying that they are a gift by your husbands...
...uncles who are in confusion whether to gift
ten rupees or twenty rupees..
...Useless families who have come
to eat in a big fat wedding...
...its not enough if you have a big house.
You should have a good heart.
He is looking at us.
Let him see. I don't care.
The one who helps villagers,
but cheated on his own daughter.
Throw him out.
Look, everybody should take only
one coconut. Do not take two.
Hey, leave me.
Please come in.
Oh tired!
Is this the convention hall where
Huliveeraiahs daughters wedding is going on?
Yes, this is the one.
Santosh is getting married without informing us.
We have come here without informing him.
Thats okay, come in.
Its getting late. Call the groom.
Please be quite.
Last time I organised it, and you ruined it.
This time, you have organised it,
but I wont ruin it.
I won't her marry him.
In front of these villagers,
I will get married to your daughter.
Hey, who are you?
The guests have arrived. Please listen to me.
Please come in. Well have sweets and discuss.
Get lost!
You think this is a comedy show?
Get lost!
Hey Huliveeraiah.
No one can stop me from marrying your daugter.
Got it?
You will suffer the consequences.
You think the villagers will save you?
Why is everyone silent?
Who will save him?
Who will come forward?
Dubai chain will cut off.
Leave me.
We both are the sons-in-law.
We are brothers. All the properties
will be ours, right?
If Santosh was here now,
he would have put an end to you.
Bring Santosh here.
Look what has happened to Santhosh.
Just because he saved you then,
he cant save you now.
Ask him for help now.
Call him!
Huliveeraiah, ask him to save you.
Why should I ask him for help?
That too, a cheater!
That too, a thief?
I will die, but won't ask him for help.
Shut up! You call him a cheater?
Its true that he was a thief.
But not for himself.
He used to steal to feed us.
Stealing from others is a thief,
stealing for others is not a thief.
You call him a cheat?
Many at the orphanage are living
just because of him.
Uncle, please wake up.
I'm wearing the dress you gifted,
see uncle.
Say, 'Uncle save me', 'Uncle get up'.
Ask him!
Ask your uncle.
Ask him to get up.
Leave that child.
Don't harm her. Leave her.
Wake him up and ask him to save you.
Who will save you?
Uncle? Wake up uncle.
Beat him.
Get the garland.
Your daughter requested me
to unite Prashant with her.
I was scared that she might abscond if I fail.
But for the sake of your happiness, I agreed.
I thought to fix everything,
but God fixed me properly.
I know the pain of starvation.
But I came to know that in your home,
there will be many helping hands.
I did not know what God took away from me
till I came your home.
I realised after seeing you...
...God took away my family.
Thank you Sir.
You all took care of me in the last ten days.
I'll never forget it.
Thank you very much.
Instead of thinking you have wronged...
...if we had thought why you did that,
this would not have happened.
If you were here to steal the jewels... would have done that long back.
I didnt realise such a small thing.
Please forgive me.
Sir, you are elder to me.
Please dont do this.
No son, we should thank you.
You are gold my boy.
Come, we are getting late for the auspicious time.
Take this.
Put this on the bride.
Hey! On the bride.
Okay, I will.
Please dont leave.
Hey Radha!
I love you Santhosh.
I love you.
I need her.
Get me the wristlet at least.
Come my son.
You come.
Only sweets are left for us.
Santosh, my daughter Radha
is your responsibility now.
Now everything is perfect.
Let's dance on this occasion.
Mom, dad, see
everything's over.
Thats okay. See it for the last time.
You haven't left yet?!
What dad?
What can be done?!
Poor fellow.
The one who's supposed to get blessed
is giving blessings.
Put it in your mouth.
Hey, why are you following his orders?!
Please leave us. I will open
a sweet shop for you.
What's this dad?
You promised everybody a sweet shop?
Okay, you go to him.
The audience is sitting here.
Just like your lover got married
to someone else...
...someone else's lover will marry you.
Everything will be fine.
Why do you need to worry?
Someone will be there for him.
Hey, we still have a chance.
Come on.