Orc Wars (2013) Movie Script

Faster! They close on us!
- l'm sorry, Princess. No! Go!
- We must go back!
Come on.
The Edenock moon is in convergence.
Find the wizard, Richard Conrad.
l am Princess Aleya of Havenock,
- the youngest daughter of late Lord...
- We know who you are.
Bring her to me.
Evening boys.
The wizard!
Don't worry fellas, l saved you some.
The girl will be mine!
We'll see about that.
l haven't fought that many orcs
in thirty...
- Wizard!
- Getting to old for?
Won't be long.
A new sentinel, always comes.
- He'll protect you.
- No! No!
Watch for him.
No! Wizard, please! No!
Come on, Norton.
Time to move.
Jonathan? Are you in there?
lt's Katie?
Katie McQueen with Dunwich Realty?
Hi. Sorry to bother you.
l tried calling you on the phone but.
What do you want?
l have great news.
l found the perfect place for you.
lt's totally secluded,
there's no neighbors for miles.
lt's a bit of a fixer-upper
but it's in your price range.
So, it's everything you've asked for.
l'll take it.
Great. Okay, thank you.
So, you were in the military?
Did you just get out?
More or less.
Thank you,
for your service, you know. l mean,
you hear about all these celebrities
and athletes but...
you're the real American hero.
Thank you.
l think you're going to love this property.
lt's perfect for you.
Yeah, baby!
Howdy, ma'am
Hey, pretty lady!
You seem to be working
that gear shifter right nice. Yeah!
- Come on, baby!
- Okay.
l forgot to mention,
this property comes
with a quaint hometown feel.
Brought to you by colorful,
rusticated locals.
So, what do you think?
lt's perfect.
Ready to see inside?
l'll take it from here, thanks.
Congratulations on being
a new home owner.
Bokkvir, the Filth of Nemis.
Putrid Worm of Felmreck.
Ungod of the After-Depths.
We do obeisance to thee.
Sanction our hunt this night
and grant us our prey.
Are you the Worldgate Sentinel?
Uh, no.
Okay, l'm John Norton, this is my land.
You are trespassing.
- What's with the ears?
- l am Aleya of Havenock,
youngest daughter of the late
Lord Darkton of?
Okay, well,
you're going to have to leave.
No. l am awaiting the new Sentinel.
Okay, um, something's seriously
awry is going on, with all that.
Here, why don't you just
come with me,
l'll take you into town
and we'll have?
We've come for the girl, wizard!
Who's there?
Show yourself.
What the hell?
Where is the girl?
This is private property.
Kill him.
There you go.
Get off my land.
You have no magic, human.
Tear out his spine.
Another time, wizard.
You, John Norton, are the Guardian.
Come on, Norton. Time to move.
Norton, you better come check this out.
You, John Norton, are the Guardian.
Richard Conrad, took Crooked Finger's
place as Worldgate's Sentinel.
A Sentinel of the Worldgate as now
you have take Conrad's place.
A Sentinel of the Worldgate.
A sentinel of the Worldgate.
Not again.
You, John Norton, are the Guardian.
Welcome back to the land of the living.
Where am l?
Right where you're supposed to be.
Drink it.
lt will return your strength.
You mend quickly.
That will come in handy.
Thank you?
John Norton.
What were those things?
They are the fey children,
scourge of Nemis.
Known across the worlds as orcs.
Okay, whatever.
The cave up there is a Worldgate.
There are many Worldgates
connecting the nine worlds,
and each draws it's own Sentinel
to keep the realms in balance.
Fate. Circumstance. Coincidence.
None is sure how it works.
But from the beginning,
a warrior has always come
to stand guard over the Worldgates.
Some stay long, some not long.
But a warrior always comes.
What's your stake in all this?
l assist the Sentinel
when and where l can.
Okay, that's enough of this.
You, John Norton, are the Guardian.
A Sentinel of the Worldgate.
Yeah, you already said that.
l don't believe l did.
A new human protects the elf.
A wizard. Strong, like the old one,
stronger even.
Fangmark remains on the other side,
in Edenock.
His orcs stayed back.
He can still get the girl.
What is that?
ls this the new all powerful
wizard Gorejaw spoke of?
l do no fear this wizard.
Follow him. He will lead us to the girl.
So then they was like, Scooter,
you ain't never gonna
get that over your head.
Then granny comes out
with a wooden spoon.
Scooter, shut up and go get firewood.
Why do l always have to get the firewood?
Because you suck at telling stories, get out!
Leroy, you always make me
do so much stuff.
Nice one, Leeroy.
You know what?
You can go get firewood too!
But l got a good story.
Oh gosh.
Are you the wizard?
No, l'm adopted.
l'm looking for the Sentinel.
Where can l find him?
l'm not sure what that is but...
whatever it is l'll help you out,
l promise.
And in a straight up, non-pervy way.
What the hell?
lt's not what it looks like.
We weren't doing anything.
- What do we have here, Scooter?
- Please help me find the wizard.
Well Dorothy,
l've got your wizard right here.
That's enough, Billy!
Didn't you hear her,
she's a princess.
You mean, like from Disneyland?
Now look what you did.
l finally found a girl
and what do you do...
Ya'll with that civil
war re-enactment?
Sit well, human,
tonight we kill a wizard.
Well what?
Well where's the wood, Scooter?
Screw you, Leeroy!
What did you say to me?
Don't you ever,
ever, talk to me like that!
Don't you ever,
Billy, where's the wood?
Gorejaw was wrong.
This is a very weak wizard.
Now where is the girl?
What? What girl?
Same question, gut-sack. The girl.
l'll never tell you.
Only pull out half of his intestines.
l could smell your fell orc-stench
from a league away, gudgeon.
Get her!
John Norton!
John Norton, are you in there?
John Norton, they found me!
Please! Please!
Look, l already told you.
You're trespassing.
- No!
- You're going to have to leave.
John Norton, please.
Looks like there's no more wizards
to run to tonight, princess.
John Norton.
John Norton. Please, please.
Please. Please let me in.
Please, please.
You three, watch the house!
The rest, follow me!
His throat's been slit.
Spread out!
l think l heard a wizard.
How many wizards are there
in this damned world?
Stay here.
There, there. Sleep, princess.
Sleep. We have a long...
Aleya. Take this, take it.
l'll be back.
All your orc buddies are dead.
lf you set foot on my property again,
l'll hunt each and every one
of you down and kill you,
slowly if l get the chance.
l wouldn't be so hasty, Wizard.
Aleya? Aleya?!
Oh, Aleya? Come on, up, up.
- Whitefeather!
- Norton?
There's something wrong with the girl.
l know this girl, her name is Aleya.
l served her father, Lord Darkton
in the Sorn-Drake Siege.
What's wrong with her?
She's been poisoned.
Tell me, what do you know
of the man you bought the farm from?
Um, only his name, Richard Conrad.
Across the nine realms,
Conrad was known
as the Worldgate Sentinel.
The Wizard of Edenock.
That's what the other worlds
call this one.
They thought him a wizard
because this is the only world...
with advanced technology.
They could describe his weapons
in no other way than magic.
One night, when l was a boy,
the orcs came to our home
and slaughtered my family.
Richard Conrad came upon them...
as they took me back to the cave,
and killed them.
But not before they put out my eyes.
Richard Conrad took My Grandfather's
place as Worldgate Sentinel.
Just as you
have now taken Conrad's place.
My whole life, people have come to me
for protection...
Looking for me to be
some kind of a hero.
But it always ends the same way.
With their blood on my hands.
But you have been called here.
Because you are the only one, right now,
who can fight this fight.
l'm no Guardian.
l will look after her tonight.
You go home. Tomorrow is a new day.
Just one last question.
What do the orcs want with the girl?
That, l do not know.
l'm missing an orc.
At last!
Do not fail me again.
What did you do to that girl?
l can smell your true self now, wizard...
You are weakness.
Why Orc-Kind fear your magic,
l do not...
How about that magic?
Do l need to repeat the question?
lt was Grolock.
She sleeps, nothing more.
How many more
of you are out there in my woods?
Only we few scouts.
But soon, many hordes.
Then we will feed on your fear,
and on your pain.
We will cleave your marrow
and bathe in your blood.
Keep your answers to the point.
Why are you after the girl?
What is she to you?
You make jest of me?
You were saying?
The princess is the last
of the Havenock Elven bloodline;
creatures of high magic,
who were sacrificed
to the Dragon-born Gods
by the Undead Sisters
of Wurgisnacht.
With the blood of this last elf,
the Worldgates will once again
be opened forever more,
and the nine worlds will be ripe
for conquest and plunder.
Soon, my brothers will be here,
and they will come in force.
And after they have fed on your face,
they will find the girl
and they will strip her naked...
and carve her flesh
with gullies of blood.
Then they will cut the skin
from her feet...
and stand her on a crown of daggers,
until every drop of her precious blood
is drained from her body.
The hell they will.
They are already here.
Good talk.
What do you see?
l see one.
The gun.
Point this end toward the orc,
then pull that lever.
l am quit of fleeing.
Come taste the flavor
or your death, beasts!
Hurry! This way!
Get to Norton's house.
l will hold them here.
- No, Whitefeather. Wait!
- Go!
There will be enough blood
for the sacrifice if we feather her here.
Hang on!
After her!
What happened to Whitefeather?
Just keep this pressed down,
right there.
- Right there.
- John Norton!
- This is a very bad idea!
- Take it!
- John Norton!
- Just do it!
- Faster!
- l'm trying!
Stay close.
Aw, hell.
My orc got away.
Take this.
Lets go.
Alright, you unpleasant
smelling bastards,
just come a little bit closer.
What was that?
This isn't really magic, is it?
l'll have your head on a pike!
l'll have your heart
for dinner, wizard!
Anytime, you son of a bitch.
So how long do we have before
that cave opens again?
The Worldgates between
Edenock and Nemis...
only opens when the mirror moons
are closest in their skies.
You'd think,
with it being astronomical,
it could be calculated somehow.
lt is the work of the wizards.
That term seems to be getting
kicked around pretty easily lately,
maybe there's not all
that much to it.
John Norton.
Thank you for keeping me safe.
Forget it.
lt is said that the Sentinel
is not only a great warrior,
but also a great protector.
Those in need often gravitate
to them for safety...
even before they are the Sentinel.
Well, you're not safe yet.
This is your destiny, John Norton.
There is no doubt.
- May we come in?
- Whitefeather!
You live?
l think we have a respite
from the onslaught,
for the time being.
Who are you?
- Scooter.
- l found him in the woods.
He was... crying.
What are these things?
- They're orcs.
- Orcs?!
No need to say anything,
l already know
l'm damn good looking.
lndeed you are.
Ok, ok, l got an idea. Let's run.
We gotta get out of here!
We can go somewhere safe,
somewhere they'll never find us,
like New Mexico.
We're not running.
We could drive.
Leeroy's dead now,
l could probably borrow his truck.
Look, go if you want.
But this stops here.
All l wanted was to be left alone.
To have a place of my own,
a sanctuary, but no.
They brought their war here,
to my home.
So when they come,
l'm going to be ready for them.
But how will we know
when they come back?
Wait here.
Hey, uh, do you need any help?
Yes l do.
Your highness, the preparations
are progressing as planned.
More clans are arriving every hour.
We loathe to ask, Excellency,
but when will the other Sisters
of Wurgisnacht be arriving?
My sisters are gone,
murdered by the Aynherjor
on their long journey.
l am the last of the Wurgisnacht.
Looks like we're pretty much clear,
as far as l can see.
The stars are so different here.
Edenock is a strange place.
l don't know. l kinda like it.
lt's a very noble place.
Norton was right,
this isn't your fight.
Why don't you go, and be safe?
Maybe it is my fight.
Seems to me
that if someone's in danger,
it wouldn't be right to just
walk away and leave them.
Especially when a beautiful
princess is what's in danger.
l'm coming in.
- l see you. Come on in.
- Norton is here?
l think everything's set.
Ok. You know what to do.
lf everyone keeps their head
and does their part,
we've got a chance.
When we attack this tree line,
right here,
we have to keep them off balance,
confused and divided
with some shock and awe.
lf they get any opportunity
to attack us all at once,
we're dead meat.
l just wish we had something bigger,
something that could handle
larger numbers.
Any estimate on how many orcs
we may be facing?
One can pass many troops through
a Worldgate in 23 minutes.
And there is no shortage
of orcs in Nemis.
Well, after tomorrow there will be.
You speak like a man who has embraced
his destiny, John Norton.
This is a good omen.
To be completely honest,
l'm not 100%
sure all of this is real.
l keep thinking maybe l'm in some VA
hospital somewhere in a coma,
and all this is just a dream.
Or maybe l didn't make it back
from the war.
Maybe l'm really dead,
and this is my Hell.
Unfortunately, John Norton,
l am not qualified
to tell you otherwise.
Hey, who's Jenny?
What's juggernaut?
Let me see that.
l'll be back.
Destroy them!
lt's the elf! She's at the cottage.
John, are you in there?
lt's Katie.
l was just in the neighborhood
and l figured l'd swing by and...
see how you were enjoying
your new house.
What the...
Archers! Fill him!
You'll not survive this, man worm!
l will eat your...
Find the wizard. Find the...
You chose a poor time to visit,
but l'm glad to have you.
You kidding me?
Those bastards blew up my car.
Forget the wizard.
We're here for the princess.
Go! Attack!
Fall back. lt's Jenny's turn.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Shock and awe.
Ok, straight.
Straight on, straight. Right.
l mean left! Ok right.
Go right. Right. Good, good. Left.
Ok. Here we go.
What was that?
Some sort of thing.
What sort of thing?
Like a launchy, flipper-thing
You guys want some company?
Free to land, free to land.
Come on in, we need help.
Yeah! To answer your question,
that 'Thing' is a blowed up
pile of nothing now.
Come back here, cowards!
l'll kill you myself!
Keep her steady, Whitefeather!
Enough! Overrun it!
Flip it over and slice open its belly!
Go! Attack!
Aleya, the orcs are getting too close,
fall back!
- l am safe where we are.
- Just do it!
Gun it, Whitefeather! Gun it!
l am the great wizard now.
You messed
with the wrong bitch, bitch.
Go! Go, run, run!
Call on our god.
Let the almighty Bokkvir...
come forth in his fury and lay waste
to these pink milk-suckers once and for all.
Hold up, Whitefeather.
Aw, he's here.
Bokkvir. Bokkvir. Bokkvir.
Bokkvir. Bokkvir. Bokkvir.
Bokkvir. Bokkvir. Bokkvir.
Bokkvir. Bokkvir. Bokkvir.
- Bokkvir. Bokkvir...
- Norton,
- Bokkvir...
- ...what's a Bokkvir?
l'm not sure.
l don't like how it sounds.
Bokkvir! Bokkvir! Bokkvir!...
To Nemis with us, girl.
The spilling of your blood
is long overdue.
What was that?
Something worse than orcs.
Bokkvir! Bokkvir! Bokkvir!...
Did you know
that dragons were real?
Dragons are real?!
- Are they mean?
- Go, go, go!
l wont let you get the princess,
you bastard!
Whitefeather, hard left, now!
Woo hoo! At a baby, Norton!
Stop, stop, stop!
Get out of the half-track, now!
Scooter! Whitefeather!
Aleya! Get out of the house!
Get out of the house now.
Do you copy?
Aleya, get out of the house, now!
Come on, Norton. Time to move.
l failed again, like always.
But, you're the Sentinel.
Am l?
l don't know. You tell me.
Yes, you've taken care
of the pathetic wizard,
but what of the girl?
That's right, l have her.
Fangmark, you live?
l live, and l surpass you, Gorejaw.
Now who dares oppose me?
We return to Nemis.
We have a sacrifice to deliver.
At last.
No! l am wizard, now!
There will be no sacrifice,
until you release my clan
from your servitude.
...no longer will we be...
And now, the Final Sacrifice.
But until he gets here,
you will have me to deal with.
Kill him.
l will leave with the girl,
or with a glut of orc blood
on my blade.
That's right.
l am the Sentinel.
And you must be one
of the Sisters of Wurgisnacht.
John Norton.
This is your world, huh?
Get behind me.
Another time, Wizard.
You know where to find me, Orc.
They will be long remembered.
lt is beautiful.
And to think,
you believed this all to be a dream.
lsn't it?
l gotta go.
John Norton.
Stay in Nemis.
With us.
With me.
l can't.
l'm the Worldgate Sentinel of Edenock.
Call me, if you need me.