Orca (2021) Movie Script

Welcome to the unveiling ceremony
of Islamic sport uniforms for women
- An Accident?
- Her husband beat her.
- Unconscious?
- Yes. She has lost a lot of blood.
Prepare her for the OR.
You have to wait here, sir.
Please wait a few minutes.
Page Dr. Karimi.
Watch her head and neck.
Move her quickly,
careful with her neck alignment.
Left arm is broken.
I'll hold it stable.
Severe intracranial bleeding
with unilateral mydriasis.
I have to open her skull.
- Prepare the craniotomy set.
- Done.
Infuse 300 ml. Mannitol.
Vital signs?
She's hypotensive.
Hurry up.
Severe hypotension.
I can't feel her pulse.
What is the cardiac rhythm?
- We're losing her!
- She's flatlining.
Start chest compressions.
Inject 1mg adrenaline.
Hurry up!
She's in V-fib.
Give her a maximum power DC shock.
- We're losing her.
- Step back. Again.
Here, honey.
Just a bit.
Change the taste of your mouth.
He's in prison.
Why didn't you tell me?
You have to keep
the splint for two weeks.
And do physical therapy.
Your stitches will dissolve.
The swelling is already going down.
I think you can be discharged.
Remove the bandage.
But Dr. Sharif has to see you too.
Two months after the coma
Azar, dear?
- Hi.
- Hello.
Her divorce is done.
The garage he claimed
was his belongs to his brother.
And the house belongs to all of them.
He owns nothing.
The neighbors say
he beat her every day.
Do you hear me?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
I knew Ahmad beat her,
but I kept quiet.
- Why?
- I was scared.
I was afraid you'd do something crazy.
Three weeks later
Want some soup?
Why not?
It's good, it's got mint.
Here you go.
Have some. It's delicious.
Remember your student
who was afraid of the water?
She called yesterday.
She said she's learnt the breaststroke
and wants to learn the butterfly stroke.
They miss you.
They say they want Miss Elham back.
Don't you want to teach again?
What's for dinner?
I'm making sturgeon, sir.
I'll go get some logs.
There's going to be a storm tonight.
Dinner's almost ready.
I'm tired.
I'm going to bed.
Are you up?
Let's go shopping.
22... 22... 22.5... 23... 23.5... 24...
What a fish!
Every time I see Caspian Whitefish
I'm reminded of your brother.
Remember when a fishbone
got stuck in his throat
and we had to take him to the hospital?
You should call him.
He's worried about you.
He's invited us to Malaysia.
I'll take this and you can have this one.
Forget it.
Sit down. Don't worry.
When will you go in?
As soon as I get this ready.
Mr. Asghari?
Please step over to the car.
- What's wrong?
- How old is your daughter?
- 25.
- What was she wearing?
I don't know.
You have to come with us.
A body was found in Mahmoudabad.
You need to come for identification.
Elham! Sir!
It's Elham!
Over there!
Where are you going?!
I told you to stop!
Where were you?!
Where do you think?
What were you doing?
You've upset the whole town.
You've spent the past two months
staring at walls!
What's wrong?!
Tell me!
What can I say?!
My life is ruined!
How can you ask what's wrong?
- Can't you see what happened?
- It was your decision.
I told you not to marry the jerk.
Yes you did.
He was a real bastard.
He started beating me on the first night.
Why didn't you tell me?!
Because you said I couldn't come back
if I married the jerk!
- I said that?
- Yes, you.
You told me right before the ceremony.
You said it's not too late,
but if I went through with it
I could never come back.
You threw me away.
You discarded me.
I've been trying to drown myself for
two nights, but I keep coming back.
I don't know why
the sea discards me too.
Remember when you were
two and fell in the pool?
Of course you don't.
You were too small.
Your mother thought you'd drowned.
But when she ran over
to the pool she saw you swimming.
No one had taught you how to swim.
You were too young.
But obviously water loves you.
Did you really swim all night long?
Two nights long.
Anyone else would have quit.
I'm an athlete and know what it's like
when your body is drained.
You're not an ordinary lifeguard.
You have a gift.
You can either keep doing what
you're doing, or go back to your life.
It's up to you.
But I want to tell you that this time, I
will be at your side whatever you decide.
I promise. I really do.
But you need to promise something too.
That you won't end up
choosing the third option.
Tehran - Ministry of Sports
One year after the suicide attempt
Ministry, support us!
Listen to what I have to say.
I came down here
so I could talk to you face-to-face.
I understand you.
But in our meetings we have decided
that Mu Thai and Kickboxing
will hurt your bodies.
I see the world differently
ever since I became a mother.
That is why I cannot support a sport that
can deprive a woman from motherhood.
Just a minute! Just a minute!
I have been a mother for ten years!
I know this is difficult for you.
I know this is how many of you
make a living.
I have nothing against you.
I will support you.
This is our decision and it is final.
Send them away.
Move back!
Ladies, be quiet please!
Calm down!
This is not the right way to protest.
Don't make things more difficult
for yourselves.
Allow the decision to play out.
Stay for as long as you want!
Nothing will change!
Elham, come on.
It's Mr. Asghari.
He has an appointment.
Yes. You may leave.
Please have them fix the drapes.
Yes, ma'am.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Is this the young lady?
- Yes.
You should be grateful for such a father.
He lets you do sports
and supports you too.
I was an athlete too.
Freestyle wrestling.
Very nice.
So I am meeting with an athletic family!
What can I do for you?
We're here for a permit.
My daughter wants to break
the record for the Caspian Sea.
She needs...
The record in what sport?
This time it's not our fault.
You're to blame for wasting your time
without doing the necessary
research first.
We don't have any
swimming records for women.
Especially in the sea.
A few years ago there
were a number of competitions,
but thankfully that came to an end.
It seems everything
is coming to an end here.
How can you cancel a sport?
Why not?
What matters is that we stay motivated.
If your daughter can swim
for several kilometers
then she can succeed
in other endurance sports.
Mr. Asghari I've always said
that women should be active in sports.
- We need women athletes.
- Yes.
The field is not important.
But my daughter is a swimmer!
Too bad.
We don't have records
for women's swimming.
She'll never help us.
So what should we do?
I have a friend
who might be able to help.
We've been waiting for hours
and no one can answer us!
- Did you pack warm clothes?
- Yes.
Is this what you want
or what your father wants?
I want this.
- When are we leaving?
- 7 am.
I'm going to bed.
Are you sure
you know what you're doing?
Why won't you let her live her life?
You don't understand.
This is what she wants
and I'm just helping her.
Please make sure
she doesn't get disappointed this time.
You knew but you didn't say anything.
You weren't afraid of dad or Ahmad.
You just didn't want to do it.
You're afraid of change.
But I want to change myself.
And I want you to let me
do it by myself.
Please don't come with us.
Three months later
Keep going! Good!
Faster, faster.
- Hi.
- Hello, buddy!
- Good to see you.
- You too.
Long time no see.
So what's she done?
- Why do you wanna drown her?
- My daughter can't be drowned!
- Hi.
- Hello.
This is Reza Mohammadi.
Can girls break swimming records?
Mine can.
Is this serious?
Of course it is.
Hold these.
- The water's cold.
- I know.
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
- Are you sure?
- Yes. How did it go?
You have until April to prepare.
Can you do it?
- Yes.
- Of course you can!
Good job!
- Tell the reporter to be here by 1.
- It's done.
Are you ready girl?
You'll swim 12 km back here.
If she beats the record
you'll treat us to kebabs!
I'll get you an extra order.
Let's go.
First record in Caspian Sea.
18 months after suicide attempt.
The 12 km you swam is a world record,
but given the limitations here,
how are you going to have it registered?
I have spoken to the federation about it.
Since they haven't had
any other cases like this
they haven't made a comment yet.
I will go back,
now that I have today's record.
What documents did they want
from you at your first meeting?
- Elham...
- Nothing.
...your food's getting cold.
You did great.
We're proud of you.
Thanks to you.
Let's hear it for Elham!
It was great.
God willing the competition
will go well.
Thank you.
Thank you for coming to observe
the team.
Just remember, I am adamant
about the girls' wrists being covered up.
The reporters are waiting.
- Who's here?
- A number of agencies that I invited.
The insolent girl is here too.
- Put the cameras away.
- Why?
- We didn't agree on a filmed interview.
- But...
Put them away!
Can you explain why the women's
basketball team has been canceled?
This isn't a logical question.
Let me ask you something.
What do you call a team
that costs money,
never wins, and brings us shame?
This is the situation of
our women's basketball team.
- This team is a leech.
- That is insulting to a national team!
In my meetings with experts
I have decided to disband the team,
and take full responsibility for it.
How can you take responsibility?
Due to their cultural
and physical limitations,
Iranian women cannot succeed
in this sport.
I'd rather spend the money
on a team that can win medals.
Like the sharpshooters.
Sharpshooting and basketball
are different fields.
You've cancelled three different
women's sports already.
Don't you think the athletes will protest?
Everyone in Iran has some angle.
Protesting is always the easiest way.
You're in support of women's
basketball now,
but where were you when
the team was failing?
Let's be fair.
Can I ask your opinion
about Elham Asghari's record?
What record? She's not even
a member of the federation.
Anyone who goes swimming
with her family can't claim a record.
Let's pray this prank
doesn't damage women's sport.
Pay attention!
That should've been a goal!
Continue playing stronger.
Here! Pass it to me.
What are you doing!
Take the ball.
I'm here.
Hello, Ms. Nazarabadi.
I'm Elham Asghari.
You can't even walk 12 km!
How can you claim
a 12 km swimming record?!
I have proof.
The federation doesn't consider
your proof valid.
I've been calling your office for a week,
but I still haven't received an answer.
Can you tell me
what your problem is with me?
In an Islamic country girls don't swim.
So how can you claim a record?
Who gave you permission to do it?
I have a permit from Mr. Mohammadi,
the head of Mazandaran's
swimming federation.
He made a mistake and has paid for it.
It wasn't his fault.
I swam in Islamic hijab.
- It's on film.
- Everything you did was wrong.
As long as you live in this country
you have to follow its rules.
The federation says there's
no open-air women's swimming record.
You broke a record on your own
and expect us to verify it?!
How can I verify something
that doesn't exist?
Help make it exist.
I will be thankful if I can support
something that already exists.
The uniform is problematic.
Tell Yeganeh to come see me.
Yes, ma'am.
If I were a man my record
would've already been established.
We did not have a revolution and fight
a long war to have people like you come
and ruin everything.
What gave you the right to wrap
the Iranian flag around your shoulders?!
This flag was used
as a shroud for our martyrs.
Know your place.
I am willing to swim
in full Islamic covering.
This uniform is not what we agreed on.
Why not?
It meets FIFA standards.
We had a hard time getting it approved.
They wear a cap, their top is padded,
and they wear slacks and shin pads.
What more do you expect of them?
medals are not our priority.
We don't need to send a team
to Singapore at any price.
- Do you understand?
- Maybe you don't need to.
But my girls have worked hard
to get to these competitions.
Can you understand their situation?
Singapore is their future.
How can you so casually destroy
their future?
I'm not against you.
I would love for the team
to win a medal in Singapore.
But let me be frank,
if there is a problem
with their hijab during a match,
you'll all pay for it.
- Ms. Amiri?
- Yes.
- I want the films in my office today.
- Yes, ma'am.
Why Chahbahar?
- Do you need help?
- Will you let me pack?
That time when your face was bruised
and you said it happened in the pool,
I went to the gym the next day.
They said you told them
you'd been in an accident.
That's when I figured it out.
I went to the garage,
Ahmad was alone.
I yelled so much that the neighbors
all came to the garage.
He cried.
He said he loved you.
He said you love him too.
He promised he'd never raise
his hand on you.
I didn't believe him.
I told him I'd kill him the next time.
- But then...
- That's enough mom.
six months after the first record
- Which way to the free zone?
- That way.
- Over there?
- Yes.
Straight ahead?
Straight ahead?
I'm Elham Asghari.
I've brought you the documents
for my record.
No need Ms. Asghari.
I know you.
You're the one who ruined
Mr. Mohammadi's life and had him fired.
He works at a private pool now.
That wasn't my fault.
I've worked hard to get permission to
set up a sports plan here in Chahbahar.
Now you want to jump in the sea
and have other women follow you!
Not at all!
I just want to establish my own record.
I will not allow it.
Not here.
Go somewhere else.
I'm not going anywhere else.
I'll stay here until...
It's up to you.
I will not allow it.
You're only wasting your time.
Stop arguing!
- He's brought rotten fish.
- It's not rotten.
What's wrong with you?
You should all be ashamed!
Take this and go.
Get lost.
Clean room number 6.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Anyone else with you?
- No.
We don't give rooms to single women.
What're you doing?!
I told you, we don't have rooms
for single women.
I'm not a single woman. I'm a barrel
of gunpowder about to explode!
Show some respect!
My dear!
You're our guest.
What's wrong with you?
No room for single women!
Would you send your sister away?
Give her a room.
Not that one!
A nice one.
Everyone thinks they're the boss now.
Her suitcase.
Come in.
Our best room.
Fridge, and AC.
Leave it on for an hour
and the room will freeze.
Here's the phone.
Dial zero and I'll answer,
but I usually don't.
But since I feel bad about before,
if you dial it twice I'll answer.
My program didn't restart right
and I goofed up before.
We haven't uploaded to the city yet
and still use dial-up for our rules.
My apologies.
Push the curtains aside for a sea view.
- Is that a Rayban?
- What?
Yeah. Like it?
- Need anything?
- No, thanks.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Have you eaten?
- No.
Have some. It's good.
What are you here for?
- To find myself.
- Welcome.
How is it?
Very nice.
It's my cooking.
Dorhan doesn't eat
this kind of food anymore.
He goes to town for fast food
and comes home with a stomachache.
So I twist his ear.
- Is he your only child?
- He's the only one left.
The sea took my other son.
My husband died from grief.
Now it's just the two of us.
We console each other.
I'm looking for work.
- Can you help me?
- So you're staying?
You can't find yourself in two days.
I want to stand on my own feet
and make my own money.
Ahok! We have guests tomorrow.
Tell your mother to come
and bring the mats.
- Don't forget.
- Of course.
What can you do?
I'm a coach. I teach kids.
- That's all I know how to do.
- You're an orca then.
- What's an orca?
- That's an orca.
My love.
King of the sea.
A warrior, yet merciful.
Three weeks later
- Get up. Let's go.
- Where?
Didn't you want a job?
Hurry up. Let's go.
Tell Mamad he hasn't sent stuff
for the kitchen for three days.
- Get some veggies, meat, and fish...
- Mom!
You already left me a note!
- I'm just reminding you.
- Hi.
- Should I give her a ride?
- The bus is coming.
Take this.
The sun on the tiab will burn you.
- Tiab?
- It means the beach.
- Hurry and go.
- Okay. Bye.
It's not much money,
but it's better than nothing.
You'll sit on the shore
and save anyone who needs to get out.
It's called a lifeguard.
That's just a fancy word
for something we've done for years.
- Drop her at the beach.
- Okay.
Make sure she gets there.
- What?
- I brought some ice.
Is she feeling better?
The poor thing,
she's completely sunburnt.
- God will heal.
- Amen.
- Did you get olives?
- What?
- Olives.
- The bazaar was sold out.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Feeling better?
- Yes.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye, Elham.
- Bye.
- Will you come visit us?
- I will.
- See you.
- Bye.
Chahbahar, women's swimming section,
one and half year after first record
Who is it?!
- You scared me.
- Hi.
- Where were you?
- At the sea.
This time of night?
I was training.
Why don't you train
at the beach during the day?
I can't swim when I'm standing guard.
If you're not afraid of devils and demons,
you should be scared of humans.
They're very dangerous.
What can I do?
Don't go alone.
That's final.
- Here.
- Thanks.
Have a banana.
It's good for you.
So have you found yourself
after all this time?
Then why don't you answer?
It disrupts my connection with the sea.
I love it.
Do you love the sea or is it an escape?
I owe my life to the sea.
It saved me.
If you're not running away,
then why don't you answer.
It's like the devil.
It will take you over.
You need to fight it.
You're an orca,
do you understand?
We were looking for you in the sky
but found you in the restaurant!
This is Mr. Mohebi.
The new director of sports.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Dorhan tells me
you want to set a record.
Yes, but I haven't been able
to get a permit yet.
I hear you swim at night.
Did you know it's against the law?
She's a girl.
What else can she do?
Does she know you've been
coming to see me every day?!
She's been after a permit for months.
Don't worry. It'll work out.
I'll authorize a permit
and take the responsibility.
You're an athlete,
not a thief to go swimming at night.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
Very well.
I'll let you know soon.
Goodbye for now.
Two chai with milk!
Don't frown.
I didn't lie to you.
But you wouldn't have let me stay
if you'd known.
You stayed here
all this time to be a lifeguard?
She's moved up.
She's the head lifeguard now.
Yes, she's moved up in every way.
I'm just like you, a stubborn mule.
And shameless!
I'll break my record tomorrow morning.
Yes, you really are shameless.
Isn't she?
Whatever you say,
but we all support her.
You brought your fans
along to pick me up?
- I wish you'd brought mom too.
- I didn't tell her.
If she knew
she would've rearranged everything.
She makes a big deal out of nothing.
You've made it big.
Your Caspian record is famous now.
Someone called from abroad
and said they want to sponsor you
to break a Guinness world record.
Does Guinness
have swimming records?
It has all kinds of records.
- How would it work?
- I don't know. I'll do a search.
So. Let's see.
Lift your arms.
This is good. And here?
- A little tight.
- I'll do it again.
They won't let me swim in this.
The hell with them.
What about this?
What can they complain about now?
Turn around.
Very good.
Get ready. Hurry.
Hurry up before it gets late.
- So early in the morning?
- It's a sensitive issue.
- This sensitive?! Really?
- I already told you.
- Ms. Hamidi will accompany you.
- Hello. Good morning.
- Aren't we going too?
- No.
- Be careful.
- You too.
- Elham, let's go.
- Don't worry, dad.
Gulf of Oman,
two years after the first record
Five kilometers.
Three hours and twenty minutes.
Get the fuck out of the water!
Get out!
I have a permit. She's a woman!
She's got to get out!
Why? She's already swum 5 km.
I have a permit too.
Shut your mouth!
I don't give a shit about your permit!
Get out of the water!
Show me your permit.
My balls are my permit!
Get out!
Let me break the record
and I'll come out.
Shut up!
Pull out the fucking whore!
- What do you want?!
- The hell with your record.
Get out, bitch!
I'm not coming out
before I break my record!
And you can't do shit about it.
Then whatever happens is on you.
Stop that!
Where are you?
She is a liar!
Not at all!
She is not a member of the federation.
No, you've been misinformed.
She was swimming without a permit
and our crew saved her from drowning.
Mr. Minister, this falls under
my jurisdiction and I will deal with it.
One month after being attacked
by the guards
I knew you'd be here.
I have something for you.
Be careful. Get up.
- Will you visit me in Tehran?
- I'm too busy.
- Are you feeling better?
- A bit.
- I took your suitcases.
- Thanks.
It's time to say goodbye.
Sorry about your leg.
I've seen worse.
I'll follow up on things.
Guinness won't work in Iran
because of the sanctions,
- but we'll figure something out.
- Take care of yourself too.
Ahok loves you.
- This is for you.
- You shouldn't have.
It's handmade.
Thanks so much.
- I made it for you.
- It's so beautiful.
Don't forget who you are.
Let's go.
It's getting late.
What's wrong?
They didn't accept the complaint we
filed, and instead filed one against us!
Really? For what?
Improper hijab.
My hijab was improper?!
Where women are forbidden to swim
any hijab is considered improper.
Here is the news.
A fake record without any evidence
- They didn't agree.
- But he hasn't even seen the file.
Set up a meeting,
maybe it'll work out.
- You're stubborn.
- He needs to see the file.
Miss? Miss?
I'm talking to you.
Where do you think you're going?
- Who let her in like this?!
- You dare complain against me?!
You call me a liar?!
I told you not to swim.
Dressed like that!
You said it wasn't Islamic.
What's wrong with this?!
- Get out!
- Answer me!
What's the problem
with what I'm wearing?
Go in the shower and you'll see.
One photo of you
and women's sports is bust!
What're you doing?!
Where is security?
Call Yusefi.
Is it bust now?!
When I'm in the water nothing is visible,
and when I come out I'm covered
with this!
The rest is my body.
I can't leave it in a corner
and go break a record!
You're shameless!
I will not allow it!
As long as I sit here
I won't let you do it!
You won't let me break my record?
I'll break a world record instead!
I'll set a Guinness record.
Just wait and see.
And this seat right here didn't have
mercy on your predecessor
and won't have mercy on you either.
- Get lost!
- Let go of me!
Miss Asghari?
I am Ebrahimzadeh.
I'm a coach.
I can help you.
Tehran - Three month after
being attacked by the guards
What is it Ahmad?
Why do you keep calling?
What the hell do you want?
Just say it.
No need.
I want to see you.
This time I'm the one
who wants to see you.
Come to the caf tonight at 8.
Tonight at 8, that's it.
Hi, Dorhan!
How are you?
Two months later
Hold on, let me ask her.
It's Dorhan.
He wants to know
if you got a reply to your email.
No, they haven't answered yet.
- He's getting married.
- Really?
Hi, Dorhan.
How are you?
You close and open it like this.
Dorhan couldn't find
an easier record for you to break?
Swimming handcuffed in the sea?!
You know what'll happen
if she makes it?
Let's wait to hear back from Guinness
first. Then she can try and kill herself.
They'll write back.
How long are you gonna wait?
1 year? 2 years?
100 years!
I'm sure she can do it.
They won't let me in there.
I've made you a training schedule.
Follow it.
Don't hurt yourself.
You have 1,000 meters.
Do 500 meters at 40%,
and 500 meters at 70%.
I'll wait here.
See you.
Watch your leg.
May I?
Remember Elham Asghari?
I read something about her
in the papers yesterday.
She's going to set a Guinness record.
Poor thing.
She's very serious.
She said she's contacted Guinness
and is waiting for them to reply.
Guinness is banned here.
We won't allow their representative
to come to Iran.
So she's wasting her time.
People can waste their time
and energy however they like.
- It's their life.
- You're right.
Have you heard the news?
It seems you've got all the news.
- What about?
- About the changes and postings.
I've heard some things.
Did you follow up
on the file I gave you?
- No, I didn't realize it was urgent.
- It is.
Go finish your lunch somewhere else.
Of course.
Three years later
Ms. Ehlam Asghari,
the women of Baluchistan support you
in your endeavor
that will bring us pride
What made you decide to try
and break this record?
We will give you an interview
after setting the record.
- I'm sure you will succeed.
- Pray for me.
Fight for it!
Thank you.
Thank you everyone.
Thank you.
In the name of God.
Elham Asghari,
daughter of Saeed,
resident of Tehran, Iran,
will attempt to break the record
for swimming handcuffed in the sea.
She accepts this challenge willingly.
- Elham, do you confirm this?
- Yes.
- Three witnesses?
- Father...
I want to be the first witness.
- Ready?
- Yes.
- You've warmed up?
- Yes.
With focus and power.
I want all your attention on me.
Good luck.
Let's go.
Today's your day.
Let's go.
- I'll be right here.
- Don't worry.
- What time is it?
- 8:15.
- We've got to begin before 9:15.
- Get everything ready.
BP 120 over 70, normal.
Are you ready?
You'll break the record if you go 3.2 km.
Drink water now because
you can't have any during the swim.
Get up.
Show the handcuffs to the camera.
Get ready to start.
Good job!
That's it.
Nice and easy.
Take it easy for now.
Good job.
Keep your rhythm.
Very good.
She began at 9:13.
She's started!
Okay. I'll be waiting.
Keep me informed.
Very good.
Good job.
How far has she gone?
500 meters.
In 12 minutes!
That's excellent.
Great job!
Wrap it up! Get going!
Wrap it up!
What's wrong?
Get out of the way!
Get the woman out of the water!
- What?!
- Get her out of the water!
Be quiet!
Shut your mouth!
Listen to me.
Harm one hair
on my daughter's head
and I'll bring the world
crashing down on yours.
Get lost!
Get lost!
Elham, don't waste your energy.
Listen to me.
Pace yourself.
- 2.6 kilometers.
- You're behind.
Coordinate your strokes.
Regulate your breathing.
Elham, coordinate your strokes.
Strong legs.
Regulate your breathing!
She's going off course.
It's his fault.
She's breathing in your exhaust.
You're not steering right!
You have to coordinate with her.
Use your back,
and move your feet stronger.
I feel heavy.
- Strong legs!
- She's tired.
If she can't do it
we'll have to pull her out.
She can do it.
Strong legs!
Regulate your breathing.
Use your legs.
My suit...
I'm not gonna risk it.
If she's in danger,
I'm gonna pull her out.
She can do it.
- Elham!
- Get ready. Hurry!
Keep your energy.
Get ready.
Breathe in and out.
- I can't!
- Yes, you can.
- My swimsuit's too heavy.
- If you can't do it we'll pull you out.
Don't distract her!
Sit down!
I can't move.
I'm not moving forward.
Get ready.
I can't! I can't!
Get her out.
No one moves before I say so.
She's swimming!
She's swimming!
Great job!
Keep it up!
- Bravo!
- You're doing great.
- 10 meters left.
- You're almost there!
She broke the record!
She broke the record!
Good girl!
Keep going, don't stop!
Keep going!
Go on!
You broke the record by 1 kilometer!
She did it!
She broke the record!