Orchestra (2021) Movie Script

Rajc, dude, how are you?
Let's take a group photo.
Form a nice tight group.
Good morning.
-Marjana hi. How are you?
-My friend, where are you?
-Let's put Marjana in the middle.
-Come here, Marjana.
Come on, a nice tight group.
-Let's make a sandwich.
-In the middle, so we can see you.
Lads, go to the back row.
-Don't drag your feet.
-Come on Stojan!
-Get on with it!
-So, we can go.
-Rajko join us. Both of you.
-Give me a break.
-I'd rather not.
-Make some room.
Come on Rajc!
Then we can start drinking.
-Just sort out your helmet.
Okay, look into the lens.
One more. A merrier one!
Wait! Stop.
What are you doing?
-You can't just... Think!
Instruments go here,
bags there.
You must have a system,
otherwise... Holy shit!
-Beverages on the other side.
-May I put the bag in?
-You may.
-What now? Move it!
-So, this is the new one?
-And Franci? You're not
a team anymore? -No.
Has he retired already?
I thought he had five more years.
-Yes, he had five.
-What happened?
That snow in February...
He skidded off the road.
-That was him?
It wasn't his fault.
The tyres were all worn out.
-He had to take a breathalyser test.
-He failed.
-You're kidding me.
Just over the limit, but...
Instead of a warning,
the disciplinary committee
sacked him.
He had to apply for the dole.
-Is your daughter still studying?
-Almost finished. She's a good kid.
She should graduate in the autumn.
But she's pregnant.
-She says they're going to marry.
-Wow, a granddad!
are bloody expensive!
But good fun.
I can't afford to be laid off
like Franci.
Half of my salary
is spent on food.
And Ljubljana is expensive!
You know how much a beer is there?
-Two, three euros?
3.80! I need to spend
15 euros to get well on it.
No, she's a good kid.
-I like to help when I can.
-Turn on the mike.
-It's time.
-Good morning. Can you hear me?
-Good morning!
I see you're cleaning
your teeth already.
Before we stop for breakfast,
we should invite our chairwoman
-to say a few words. Marjana?
-No problem.
Show them you're not just
a pretty face.
Thanks! Morning! I can see you're
all in high spirits already.
I'm glad that we are again
on the road after all this time.
Our Austrian friends
are awaiting us eagerly.
Our Mayor
sends his greetings.
he wasn't able to join us.
But he's sure that
our concert will be fantastic,
and that we shall represent
our valley well. True?
-Not too much.
-I won't!
-You know what water does?
-I'm frugal.
I passed you by accident.
What about mineral water?
Do we need to buy it? It's dear.
-Rajko, a spritzer?
-No, I can't.
-Take a sandwich at least.
-I wouldn't mind one, thanks.
-A herbal, diet one.
-No, take one with meat.
-I fancy a meat one.
-Rajko, take a doughnut. Rajko...
Why are you in
such a bad mood?
Don't worry, we'll sort him out
when we reach our destination.
-We know his kind!
Are you rested now?
-Sorry, I had a bad sleep.
-No problem.
As long as you're here.
You must inspect the bus
at every stop, as you know.
-You can tell them a hundred times,
but they'll still push bags
between the seats.
I should buy a bottle for each one,
to avoid this plastic shit.
Man, he really jammed it in there.
What a shame!
-They could last the entire trip.
Is this your first trip?
The first long one
after Rori was born.
-Yes, my little one.
but we call her Rori.
-Katja likes to call her that.
-Finish this.
Being single is really great,
all young lads enjoy in that,
but when they reach
a certain age,
they like to have a sweetheart
to keep them warm.
Our boy has been there
A lot of times
He doesn't want to sneak around
Before he falls asleep
At home alone
He sings another song.
But now I'll go and fetch a girl
From far away
I'll bring her home
Across the mountains,
Across all those long slopes
My heart beats only for her
And then for some other
The girl from the foot of
The mountains will become my wife
Sonny, lock the bus,
I'm going to the room.
And smokes, too!
Excuse me,
where is Rajko's room?
No idea. -He's not here.
Come on, have a spritzer.
-Yes, come in.
-Thanks, but I'm driving.
-You won't drive much.
A sober driver, huh?
You'll sleep over there.
Good evening to everyone,
to our citizens and our guests
from beautiful Slovenia,
from our twin town
Zagorje ob Savi.
We are glad
that you accepted our invitation
to open our "Harmonie" festival.
We hope that you are going
to enjoy your stay with us,
as we know
that we will enjoy your company.
I'd like to warmly greet you.
Welcome to our town!
-You're Meho's son.
Is he still alive?
Haven't seen him around.
He's retired.
After the mine closed.
-He moved back to Bosnia.
-Of course.
You can live off that measly
miner's pension only in Bosnia.
Thank you.
Hi. Sorry,
I couldn't call earlier.
No problem.
Is the little one
already asleep?
Show me.
But be quiet.
Don't wake her up.
We've been at the playground
for two hours. She's exhausted.
How are you?
Don't ask.
They are drunk all the time.
And that Rajko is no better.
The same drunk as all the rest.
You'll survive.
At least the pay is better.
Where is he now?
I don't know.
At the bar, probably.
Or on it.
I must go. I'll call you later.
Love you. -Me too.
Hi. We'd like to go back
to the dorm and get some sleep.
-When do we leave?
-When everyone arrives.
-When is that?
-Not very soon, it seems.
-Shall we walk?
-We don't know where.
We'll ask.
Wait, I can take you.
Come in.
Go, go, go.
Send it to me!
How come that you are going
to bed already?
It's boring. The old ones are going
to get hammered as usual.
But you two won't.
He's so hot!
-What's so funny?
-Bye. See you.
-Thanks. Good night.
No problem. Good night.
Pity he's married.
Careful, a curb.
-Where did you learn German?
-In secondary school.
I understand you
much better than them.
I understood everything
you said.
Missouri, help Marjana.
Help her.
Hello! Hi.
Make room for our chairwoman!
Here, Marjana's handbag.
Make room.
Put it next to her.
Next to her.
-Help me.
-You do it. I can't.
-Come on Ive.
-Okay Rajko. Let's go.
Is your balance a bit off?
Missouri, help me.
Help me.
Between the chairs.
Slowly, Rajko. Slowly.
Give me your hand.
Pajo, let's go. Don't make
problems. Let's go.
-One more drink.
-Let's go.
They can't stop us
Oh they can't stop us
They can't stop us
When we party
Give me your hand.
They can't stop us
Oh they can't stop us
They can't stop us
When we party
All aboard?
Leave me. I'll do it.
Listen, your...
-No. Your daughter. What's her name?
-Yes, Rori! How old is she?
Four? Nice.
Wait here.
I'll be a grandad.
I think. You know...
I can't lose my job.
Let go, I can manage.
I'm not applying for the dole.
I'd rather kill myself.
I am not applying...
Taubi, how's your cholesterol?
Look who's talking!
you're jumping the queue.
-Have you already had breakfast?
-You'll have nothing?
-No. I'm not hungry.
I got carried away a bit
last night.
I don't drink that much, usually.
But it was a long week.
Can we keep this
between us?
-Yes. No problem.
Is there something else?
Did I say something wrong
last night?
Can you come out with me?
Holy shit,
I can't even eat in peace!
Did you intend to hide this
from me until we returned home?
Holy shit,
down to the metal.
down to the metal!
Look, it is what it is!
I'll call someone. We'll fix it.
It will be just like new.
Don't say anything to anyone,
or I won't be able to help.
-One, two, three, four!
I know of a girl
Who will give me her flower...
I'll kiss her
Oh my, how she will laugh
-What, my friend?
-Let's do another one. Ive!
Hi, boss. It's Rajko.
Sorry for calling so late.
Uh... Well
What's wrong?
Everything, and nothing.
The young co-driver...
The new one.
The Bosnian, yes.
He hit the bus.
Yeah, it's rather bad. No, it's
in running order. Only the side...
At the dorm.
In the parking lot, yes.
I'm calling you...
To let you know.
And to let you know
it wasn't me.
No, don't call him.
He's nervous and worried.
You know how it is.
Silvo, one more thing.
Don't tell him that I called.
Don't worry.
-I could lose my job over this.
The bus is insured.
Accidents happen!
If you tell the truth,
the boss will believe you.
Rajko has a friend
who can sort out this problem.
If they find out,
you'll really lose your job.
They won't find out. Rajko
said that no-one will notice.
They've done this before.
I must go.
I'll call you later. Bye.
Did you talk to him?
-Did you talk to...
-Oh. Yeah, I did.
He said to make some photos, so
he can fix the bus when we come.
-Everything will be fine.
-Great. Thank you.
-You were also on the phone.
Do you always talk
with the video on?
What a world!
There will be self-driving
buses soon.
No one will need us.
What does your wife
do for a living?
-Yes. Katja. What does she do?
Nothing, she's on the dole.
She can't find a job.
No one needs a psychologist.
On the dole...
Good night.
-Okay, and now a merrier one.
Take one with us, too.
-No, don't.
Oh, come on!
And one more. Relax, will you?
To work!
To work!
-What's up now, Magi?
-Ive please, don't...
I won't!
I'll drink only mineral water.
Oh, please.
Okay, see you. Bye.
-Thanks. Bye.
-What about me?
-It's for both of you.
-Do you have sandwiches?
-I do!
-What did we say?
-I know.
-Is everything okay?
-Call me. -I will.
Look after her.
Where are my tablets?
I'm preparing them
right now, Zdenka.
-Where is Stojan?
With his brass band.
And Marua and Cene as well.
-We'll go to your room now.
To your room.
And I'll go to work.
Is this okay? I'll be back at four,
and we'll cook lunch then.
-Where is Stojan?
-I failed the test again.
-Why didn't you cheat?
-I didn't dare to.
-You'll never pass, otherwise.
-And if I go instead of you?
-No. They check your ID.
I'll take it again.
Cheat like everyone,
and then you'll pass.
-Let's go to Blanka today.
-I can't.
-Babysitting the old one
all the time? -What else?
No. Ive's away and can
make cheat sheets and sleep.
Oh, come on!
Let's have some fun,
let's pamper ourselves.
There is a delivery in B2.
Go and collect it.
Okay, I'm on my way.
Oh, come on,
our husbands are away.
-Alenka, now!
-I said I would!
What a nag!
-I just left.
-You're joking.
Okay, I'll put my clothes on.
-She's here!
-Kati, come here.
What, would you stay?
-Oh, come on!
-Come on Magi.
Magi come on!
Put it down.
Join us.
Everything around me is a sin
Its time, Ill have to go
Like Atlantis
Im sinking into the night
Only you knew how to pray for me
Only you
Only you
Everything around me is a sin,
Its time, Ill have to go,
Like Titanic Im disappearing
into the night
Only you knew
How to pray for me
Thank you
-Hi. What are you up to?
-Nothing. I'm just dancing.
-And you?
-Nothing. I'm dancing too.
Look at her.
She's enjoying herself.
When was the last time
she danced like this?
In secondary school!
-Those two are inviting you over.
-Tell them it's a girls' night.
-Blanka, don't be like that!
-Didn't you two have something?
-That's why! Ages ago!
Keep puking,
you'll feel better.
-A handkerchief.
Hey, is everything okay?
Here! It wasn't easy
to get this bottle.
Where were you?
-Where to now?
-Let's go to my place.
-She thinks she can drive?
-I'll call a taxi.
-Give me the keys, I'll drive.
-Magi, don't be stupid.
-I can drive.
-Well, Kati Did it feel good?
-Huh? -Did it feel good?
To dance.
Don't! You're driving.
Watch the road!
-I'll take a sip for you.
Everything around me is a sin
Its time, Ill have to go
Like Atlantis
Im sinking into the night
Only you knew how to pray for me
Only you
Thank you...
Everything around me is a sin
Its time, Ill have to go
Like Titanic Im disappearing
into the night
Only you knew
How to pray for me
-Thank you
-Keep your hands on the wheel.
Everything around me is a sin
Its time, Ill have to go
Oh, shit. Pull over.
-Just pull over, will you?
Give it to me.
-Kill the engine.
Open the window.
-Good evening.
-Evening, Ervin.
-Driving and car licence.
It's up there.
And the driving licence?
-I don't have it.
-On her.
-She left it at home.
-Your ID then.
Thank you.
Wait here, okay?
Oh fuck.
Isn't he that one from the club?
Yeah, he is.
Stop it.
Did you have anything to drink?
Have you ever been given
a breathalyser test?
-Step out, please.
-Oh, come on!
Blow evenly, okay?
Thank you.
You're above the limit.
Just a sec.
Fuck, he saw that she
doesn't have a driving licence.
Everything around me is a sin
Its time, Ill have to go
Like Atlantis
Im sinking into the night
-Does anyone have a cigarette?
Wait, I do!
What drinks do you have?
Gin and tonic. Mix them.
I have a headache.
Do you have any painkillers?
-What would you like?
Put this away.
Check over there.
We'll find her.
Look, there she is.
You can't leave
just like that.
I'm waiting for Stojan.
He likes when I collect him
from the kindergarten.
Let's go home.
Come on.
-Pour some in mine, too.
-Say when.
That is enough.
Magi, don't worry.
-I wanted to get a driving licence.
-And you will.
Don't whine. I lost my car.
-I wanted it to be able to leave.
-Where to?
I wanted to leave him.
To get out of this shithole!
You don't need
a driving licence for that.
If you want to leave, just go.
Shit, she's right.
Did you hear her?
Morning! I can see you're
all in high spirits already.
I'm glad that we are again
on the road after all this time.
Our Austrian friends
are awaiting us eagerly.
The Mayor couldn't
join us.
But he's sure that
our concert will be fantastic,
and that we shall represent
our valley well.
Welcome to the "Hot Mic".
We're drinking spritzers, since
all the walnut liquor is in Ive.
-It is what it is!
We'll interview two young
budding musicians today.
But first Rajko.
Although the sign says:
"Don't talk to the driver."
We'll still ask him.
Rajko, have you ever had
worse passengers than us?
No, there's no-one
worse than you.
And will never be!
But you're pissed with us,
so, you have a new driver.
Can he drive?
You have to ask him.
Hi. Introduce yourself.
Can you drive?
I can, yes.
That's up to us to decide.
Hear, hear.
-Everyone knows how to drive.
So, we've been introduced,
and we now know who's driving.
And who could be
behind the wheel.
Let's call Stojan's offspring now,
little Stojan and little she-Stojan.
And ask them a few questions.
A round of applause!
They had a long journey.
-Hi. Introduce yourself.
The introduction is over.
So, tell me...
Why didn't you come
to Ive's birthday?
We had to study.
-Frogs, did you hear that?
-That is a lame excuse.
After this poor start,
I almost feel like crying.
Let's try the second question.
Which bend? uki or Lojze Slak?
-They don't know.
Wrong! The correct answer
is Lojze Slak!
You must sing "Bees"
to redeem yourself.
I'll help you.
The sun sank
Behind the mountain
Descended upon the earth
You can hear crickets sing
They invite everyone
To their night rest
I know we know the lyrics.
Stojan, your kids are mute.
Last question. You're in
a tight spot, I have to say.
So... White or red wine?
The right answer is none!
You're not eligible to drink.
You failed the theoretical part.
Maybe you'll save yourself
with practical work. Ive!
-Bring the bottles.
-Bring out the devil!
-Let's go.
Old man
Why are you grumpy?
Why are you giving out
Poking your nose into me?
Top it up!
I'll go to Roblek
And take my sweetheart
With me
There where I was
A young shepherd
I'll enjoy mountain peace
With my sweetheart
I'll just stay up there
Bringing out cows
To the pasture
On Roblek with my sweetheart
I'll be happy, daddy, to eternity.
With my sweetheart
Rajc, stop, will you?
Rajko, pull over.
My kidneys want to burst!
I really need
to make a piss!
Careful, don't hurt yourself.
It was a long wait!
I'm bursting!
Weisse Bier
will go down well.
Listen, everyone!
I have the keys here.
When you get the key,
go straight to your room.
The dorm can't cater for us all.
If you don't get the key,
wait in the front yard.
The locals will take you in.
Fuck, we won't be together.
You never know.
I can be lef out in the end.
-Great, thanks.
We're together, true?
-Yes, a four bed-bedroom.
-Us three are in 214.
-What do you mean?
I want to share the room
with Petra, not with you.
-We agreed that at home.
-I can't make changes now.
-So what! I want to be with Petra.
-And Cene.
-With Cene?
-Or with me. Decide.
You keep everyone waiting.
Who made-up the list?
Marjanca or you?
-What do you think?
-The key will tell all.
-Is it near you?
What if I had a bowl cut?
Would a bowl cut suit me?
-You'd look like Cene.
-That wouldn't be so bad.
You know what you should do?
Like this...
Just a little bit shorter.
And dye your hair pink.
You'd look great!
The old man wouldn't
allow you to do that.
First, second, third,
Fourth, fifth, sixth day
But I'm still
Not tired and sleepy at all
Hey-ho, hey-ho
At home to the doghouse I'll go
We drink
And have good time
We won't go home
Just yet.
Our wives are angry
Waiting for us in vain...
-Do they serve only beer?
-It's a beer hall.
-You want some?
-Let me taste it.
-It's not yuck.
-Oh, stop it.
I have some liquor in the room.
Let's go.
They are leaving.
Women are weird!
It's the cute driver.
Let's ask him to drive us home.
Hi. We'd like to go home.
Let's take a pic of us together.
Come here.
-Guys want us to join them.
-What are they up to?
They found some booze.
Then we should go. Let's go.
-I forgot my Power Bank.
-I'll wait outside.
Wait... Wait, will you?
I can't wait.
-What's up?
Let's go.
Hello, Insta people!
This is live from Austria.
-What's up, loser?
-Give me a break.
-How's it in the heights?
-Zagorje bliss.
-Is it windy?
-Just a tad.
-Zagorje style.
-Like a true master.
-Slow filter.
Don't be such a sour puss!
Like for like,
follow for follow.
Why are you
in such a foul mood?
Come on!
Yay, we are outside!
What, shall we give him two?
What's up with you?
You were fine a minute ago.
-Okay, let's have a taste.
-What's up?
Let's go for a stroll.
Will you tell me what's wrong?
Why did you go out then?
Please tell me what's up.
-It's nothing.
I don't believe you.
I'll end this streaming,
since nothing is happening. Bye!
What, he just kissed her?
I can't believe it.
They're closed.
-I'm hungry.
-He won't serve us.
The old man
doesn't want to serve us.
I still have those crisps.
-With pepper?
-Okay, let's go.
Wait! Stop!
Where are you going?
Mother fuckers!
They were a bit drunk
and did some...
Some silly things.
You know how the young are.
The police say that the owner
won't press any charges,
if you pay the damage.
That's all we could do.
-I'll pay for everything.
-I'll tell the police and the owner.
Thank you. I appreciate it a lot.
Look at me.
Why did you throw that bottle?
It was me.
What did you say?
I saw you.
What did you see?
Last night.
With Irena.
You saw nothing.
Marua, you saw nothing!
Brass band!
In a straight line!
In a straight line!
Silence! Keep the line!
Brass band, stop!
To the left!
Stop! What is this?
What the fuck, Stojc?
Sort out your kids first
and then bark at us!
From the beginning.
-Let's go.
-I've had enough of this!
Ive, let's go for a drink.
-Or three.
Nice. Very, very nice,.
Better than last year.
It's good that we changed
the graphic designer.
Can I take a photo?
Raise the poster a little.
Okay. And smile.
Perfect. One more.
Great. Thank you.
Shall we move
the bed closer to the wall?
-To make some room there.
Yes, you're right.
Yes, better.
-Is the bed inflated enough?
Girls are not as heavy as you.
I'll inflate it a little bit more.
Look, a Zwerk.
-A gnome.
No, Taubi in his golden years.
Little Taubi gnome.
Uh, my wife likes them.
Yes, they are everywhere.
She says they remind her
of her childhood.
-Nice, nice.
-No. -No?
-Not nice.
Marie, my wife.
-My name is Pavel.
Ivan... My name.
Come in.
Did you see
how happy she was to see us?
Thank you.
Did you see? He has a deer.
Oh yes. Yes.
-What is he?
-A hunter, like my old man.
-Aren't all Austrian hunters?
-The same as we are skiers.
There was nothing they could do.
Are we going to put them
in the childrens' room?
Yes. Why not?
Shit, you're right.
I didn't think of that.
What now?
Can't you ask for another two?
I would have more peace of mind
if we got two girls.
My hands are tied.
Everything will be fine.
They're musicians after all.
-Oh, dumplings.
Tell him that I like dumplings.
-Ive liebt Leberkndel.
-Yes. -Good.
-Oh, cabbage.
In the name of the Father, Son
and the Holy Ghost. Amen.
-Dober tek.
Enjoy your meal.
Finished as third, unfortunately.
This is interesting.
Ostrawa, Czechoslovakia.
-Yes, a soloist.
And this is...
Erste Platz.
Grand Prix fr Blasmusik.
This is the first place
in a major competition.
Bgel ist gold.
It's golden.
I loved to play.
But I had to stop, unfortunately.
-Blood pressure.
-Of course!
His doctor forbade him
to play.
-He could easily have a stroke.
The room is ready.
But don't touch me at night,
I'm not your wife.
Don't worry.
I don't touch her anymore.
Not for a long time.
-Is the bed okay?
-If you like to sleep on a plank.
Great, then.
-Is everything okay?
-Yes, thank you.
-I can't believe this place!
Look, we have a gymnast
to keep us company.
How come he's not bored,
hanging up there?
At least we are not
locked in a basement.
Oh fuck!
-It will be better in the evening.
In the pub. -Wait a sec!
-Do you have something here?
-Of course, I do!
Bring it on then.
-It's well hidden.
-Where is it?
-She took it.
-What? -Wait.
-She really took it. Magi did.
-Go to hell.
What are you doing?
-Putting the jewellery away.
Why do you ask?
-I hope not because of them.
No. I wanted to do that
for a long time.
And where will you put it?
But this drunkness
Is a habit
Which hooked
Each one of us
It seduced
My sweetheart too
My darling
I'll sell everything I have
Join in, Ive!
And then I'll go
Away from here
With a Gypsy
On a journey
With a Gypsy
With guts
Let's stay friends
Let's be true to our promise
Let's keep each other company
For as long as we live
It was great.
four schnapps, please.
Well done, Slovenia!
What about us?
-Rajc, is your shift over?
I gave the keys to the rookie.
He'll drive.
-One more.
Here you go, my friend.
Oh no. Please!
-Home already?
-Is the party over?
It's barely started.
The atmosphere is great.
You know...
These Slovenians
really know how to party.
And Pajo and Ive...
They are great musicians!
Close the door, please.
Turn off the light.
If I knew I had to sleep
on an inflated bed,
I'd have bought a better one.
And how will those
two Slovenians get home?
-They have the key.
-What, you just gave them the key?
Good night.
Listen... Alois...
You know...
Take your shoes off
and put the slippers on.
What are you doing?
Wait here.
What's up, boss?
Have you started to walk?
Let's go.
Give me a second...
-Do you understand?
-Wait here and be quiet.
I have to wa... Walk.
-Where are you going by yourself?
-Fuck, I'm fine.
Yes, yes. Let's go.
Everything okay, boss? Huh?
Great. Brilliant.
Fuck, you're so wasted!
Well done, boss.
You really are something.
Luckily, we have slippers on.
Careful, don't step into it.
-Thank you.
-Yes, thank you.
-No, thanks.
How do I say I'm sorry?
Es tut mir leid.
Es tut mir...
Oh, just say "sorry".
So... Sorry.
Are you sure?
Maybe someone broke in.
The lock hasn't been
tampered with.
Nor the window.
It wasn't a burglar.
A burglar would
have taken more.
Is your jewellery still there?
Have you checked?
-Everything's there.
A burglar would look
for jewellery and money.
No-one would have taken
just my music prize.
Do you really think it was
the Slovenians?
What are you going to do?
-Shouldn't you ask them first?
Do you really think
they would admit to it?
-At least try!
Hello? Is this the police?
Alois Hofer speaking.
I'd like to report a theft.
My guests burglarised my house.
They took a gold prize.
Really valuable!
Could you send someone over?
12 Rossengasse.
Hofer. Thank you.
Dear guests, dear citizens!
I'm delighted
to have the honour to open
the 19th edition
of our brass music festival,
festival Harmonie.
For the entire month,
our town will resound with...
It already sounded. I just
want to express my gratitude
to all the sponsors
who made this event possible.
With this, I declare
the Harmonie festival open!
I didn't do it on purpose.
I hit it by accident, and then...
I'm really sorry.
-Holy shit, did you see him?
-That was close.
I could have easily hit him.
I want to stop and smack him!
-I really have to go.
-You'll have to wait.
-Hold it.
-I really need to go.
-We're in the middle of the woods.
-I don't care.
Rajko, I need to go, too.
Pull over, will you?
-Pull over when you can.
-Alright, I will.
Don't make my...
Oh man, this feels so good!
I'm done.
Look at him!
Fuck, he's knackered.
I can take over if you wish.
You had your time
behind the wheel.
It's freezing!
It's not bad.
You're just a thirsty one.
I just had a few sips,
didn't drink like crazy.
You and Ive are drunks.
All the time.
I and Missouri...
We are two darlings.
Did you hear that thud?
As if we hit something.
-Did you hear that thud?
-What happened?
-A thud. Like we hit something.
Then the thud
would've been louder.
-No, seriously!
-Stop it. It's okay.
There was a loud thud from the back.
-It's fine.
Rajko... Rajko!
Go and check.
-We have to work tommorow.
We all have to work.
-You have flexible hours.
That's not true. -These students
are just having a laugh.
-Stop it!
-Is something wrong?
Petra says we hit something.
-We didn't hit anything, okay?
It was nothing.
You were dreaming.
-It happens often.
-I was awake! I was on the phone.
There was a loud thud
at the back.
-She says she saw it.
-By the road.
-Stop it already.
-What did you see?
-I'll ask Rajko.
-If he saw something.
-Stupid, really.
There was a thud!
She heard it, okay?
Do you see anything?
-I don't.
-Me, neither.
It seems unlikely.
There would be a dent.
-This was already here.
The rookie hit it.
When? When you were drunk.
We hit nothing, okay?
Turn around,
we'll go back and check.
Do you know roughly where?
Turn the full lights on.
Was it here? Huh?
Any idea?
I'm not sure.
Drive slower.
Somewhere here, I'd say.
Wait in the bus.
Ive, Pajo, come here.
We'll have a look.
Pajo, check the other side.
-Somewhere here.
-I really don't need this.
Careful, a wire.
-Animal or human?
-I can't tell.
It's fresh.
Look what I've found.
Let's look around.
-Where did you find this?
-How terrible!
By the edge.
-Have you found anything?
A wounded person wouldn't
go far. They'd be here.
It wasn't a person. Impossible.
-Do you think it was an animal?
But if it was a deer,
we'll never find it.
The bus is intact.
It wasn't a person.
I'd go home.
-What do you say?
-You're right.
Let's go home.
Okay, let's go.
Where is Rajko?
Is Rajko in the back?
-Has anyone seen Rajko?
-Is he not inside?
Maybe he went to take a leak.
Where could he go?
Fuck! Where did he go?
Are you okay?
Hey, he's here!
Stojan! Over here.
It will be fine.
Let's go.
Come on,
you don't want to freeze.
You're fine. Careful.
Rajko you can sit there.
Are we all in now?
Hey, Emir!
Turn around.
Make a circle.
He's driving.
Rajc is at the wheel again.
Emir! Emir! Emir...
Honk the horn!
Once more!
Director and scriptwriter
Director of photography
Production designer
Sound designer
Costume designer
Make-up designer