Oregon (2023) Movie Script

Good morning, dear listeners!
We'll start this beautiful summer day
with a popular song.
Honki Ponki.
Chef, aren't our sandwiches ready yet?
Aha, is this mine?
Do you want one?
I couldn't get enough of Istanbul
this time. It's time to leave already.
We just ran around the whole time.
We couldn't go to Sultanahmet
or see the Bosphorus.
And I couldn't call Frat.
He'll be pissed.
How will he know?
I bet he will.
It's too bad that he and Ceren broke up.
He is pretty devastated.
Well, I don't feel sorry for him.
Not at all.
Serves him right. He made her miserable.
Don't say that.
Come on. We're late.
- We'll miss the ferry.
- Your tea.
Don't leave anything. What did I just say?
- Of course you did. You always do.
- This is yours.
Do we really have to go to Selen's?
The weather's so nice.
Yes, we do.
She'd kill me
if I don't give her the cassette.
We could have mailed it.
What if it gets lost, my dear?
I mean
The cassette itself isn't that important
but Orun recorded it.
And she lent it to me for only a day.
No way.
Orun and Selen split up for real
this time, huh?
What's going on? Everybody's breaking up.
Hope you don't leave me too.
Girl, I would never leave you.
I'm stuck to you like glue.
I quit my job and moved to Bodrum.
Why? Because wherever you are,
I'll be there.
Damn you, cruel fate! You found me again.
How could you do this to me?
I've been through all that,
worked hard,
and the second I'm in the clear,
this happened.
Damn cigarette!
Our constitution originally dictates that
The original I believe in says that
a member of the parliament
either stays with their party
or stays independent
Hey, don't tug at my skirt boy.
Durmu, get me half a kilo of green beans
and the rest is as usual.
Daily newspaper, bread and milk.
- Ok ma'am.
- Oh
Please check the milk's expiration date.
- It was spoiled the last time.
- Sorry, won't happen again.
Please hurry.
I'll make a pudding for the kid.
- Ok.
- Go on. Stop, my boy!
Aha! Where were you, son?
Any requests, Colonel?
Buy me a coffee pot. There's none at home.
- Do you have coffee?
- I do, but the pot is downstairs.
I don't want a huge one.
Just a top quality,
tiny coffee pot for one.
Hold on, I'll give you the money, son.
- Here.
- You shouldn't have.
From now on, I'll drink my sugary coffee
here, all by myself, peacefully.
You hear me?
I'll drink my coffee with sugar,
all by myself here, peacefully!
- Any other requests, Colonel?
- Also, one Cumhuriyet.
And one wholewheat bread, okay?
Bread, coffee pot.
Don't forget. Repeat to yourself,
"The pot will be small." Okay?
Come on, my boy. Come on Durmu, let's go.
Two breads, one milk.
Durmu! Water's cut off.
Turn on the Phorus What was it?
- Screw that! Go inside!
- Hydrophore!
I said, "Go inside!"
Mr. Durmu, the water's cut off.
Turn on the hydrophore.
Right away, Ms. Beyhan.
- Good!
- The laundry is left unfinished, Durmu.
- Do you have any other requests?
- No, thank you.
I told you a million times!
Don't shout from there! Go in!
- Don't make me say it again!
- Go in! Shush!
Don't "shush" me!
Ms. Fazla will raise hell!
Don't piss me off or I'll shoot you!
Ms. Fazla, I'm sorry. The water's cut off
and my wife panicked because of the baby.
Ok. Don't worry about that.
Listen, don't buy him a coffee pot.
Don't waste his money.
We have a pot here.
This whole "upstairs" thing is new.
He runs to the empty apartment
when he's mad at me.
There's nothing in that apartment!
Not even a coffee pot!
Stop gossiping about me, Ms. Fazla.
I can hear you.
Oh, come back home then,
so that I can make you a coffee.
We have both the coffee and the pot.
Why can't I make my own coffee
and drink it peacefully at my own home?
Of course you can
but you don't have the pot!
I'll send you the pot.
Here, take this to him.
There you go
Don't mind him.
You know, he's become a grumpy old man.
He has diabetes but he adds
three sugar cubes to his coffee.
When I say "Don't,"
he flees to the empty apartment.
What's the big deal?
Well, Colonel is a bit
No, he wasn't like this before.
He would multiply four-digit numbers
in his head.
- Yes.
- And he would wear his military uniform
- Yes.
- He was such a good-looking young man.
Hey! How come they barge in like that
and go up without even
- Who are they?
- Hey!
- Who are you looking for?
- Ms. Selen in apartment 10.
- Ms. Selen is not home.
- She should be. We spoke three days ago.
Is this the arse end of the world?
They just came in and
What's going on? "Does that lady have
hippie-like guests like these?"
Go, take a look.
- Durmu!
- Huh?
- What does she do for a living?
- She is a filmmaker.
A filmmaker?
There are filmmakers
in this building, huh?
What's going on?
Some strangers entered, sir.
I'm going to take a look.
Let them go,
why are you gossiping about me?
You ran to tell her that
I don't have a coffee pot!
I did not, sir. Ms. Fazla
must have heard while you were yelling.
- She is not home. The doorman was right.
- Yes.
- Should we leave it under the mat or here?
- No.
Honey, someone can steal it from there.
Give it to the doorman.
For God's sake, Gaye.
Do you trust that guy?
My wife always talks behind me,
gossips about me.
She says that I used to do multiply
in my head. Huh!
What am I, senile?
I still can do it. Ask me.
- The strangers
- Don't ask them
There was an entrance from the rooftop.
Selen had told me. Once, she had lost
her keys and climbed those stairs.
What do you mean?
I mean What are you doing? No!
Come on, son. Ask me, ask away.
- Twenty five times 32?
- Too easy, 25 times 32
It's 800.
Eight Yes, 25 times 32 is 800.
Did everyone hear?
Mr. Burhan! It's the security
of our building that we're talking about.
- What? Did the security forces arrive?
- No, they did not.
Strangers entered,
the building is not secure.
What? Run!
Gaye, slow down! You will damage the--
- What can I do? You gave it to me!
- Wait.
- It's too heavy. Did you hit your head?
- No.
- What do you see?
- Nothing.
- What the hell are you doing?
- We found the ladder there.
We're going to leave a cassette
to our friend.
To Selen. There's en entrance
from the rooftop.
She had told me once.
Who the hell are you
I told you, she is not home.
Where What are you doing?
You did but there's an entrance
and we have to leave this.
Ok, let me explain.
- All right.
- Selen is a close friend of ours.
This cassette is hers.
I will just toss it inside
from the balcony.
Don't worry, I'll handle it.
What balcony, what are you saying?
Tossing what to where?
Get down now!
Get the hell down!
- Fuck off, you two.
- What?
Sir, how dare you speak so informally?
You're climbing our fucking rooftop!
- So what?
- Hey, hey!
You can't say "fuck" to her!
- You idiot!
- Idiot?
Did you say "idiot"?
I am everything to this building!
If Ms. Selen finds that
something is missing, who will she ask?
She will ask me! Me!
Who are you to call me "rude"?
Who are you? Who are you to scold us
as if we're kids?
We need to call the police.
How can two scumbags
enter the building so freely?
- You bastards, who are you?
- You cannot call us that, you bumpkin!
- Bumpkin?
- Bumpkin!
I will just
Oh! Durmu!
- Gaye, what have you done?
- What's this noise?
Where is the police?
- Good morning, Chief.
- Good morning.
Who's on duty today? Huh?
What's going on here?
Can't tell if it's the police station
or the circus!
Why is he sleeping here?
Take him inside, come on!
Listen, don't piss me off!
Oh, Commissioner Compassion
has graced us with his presence.
Good morning.
You, again?
Get up, come on. Move over there.
What are you doing here?
I don't know.
One of your guys
brought me here last night.
Are you keeping this lady here?
Huh? Fikri!
Sir, it's too crowded back there,
so for now--
Come here, come.
You have an answer for everything.
Take this to my office.
What gives, Compassion?
What's with the long face?
Don't get me started with Compassion!
You are famous now.
They say, "Commissioner evket
caresses with compassion."
- evket, dude.
- Huh?
What's going on? Are you okay?
I'm not.
Apparently, I'm not.
Why? What does that even mean?
Listen, I didn't tell anybody.
Even my wife.
- Tell what?
- I'm
- I just had some tests done today
- So?
There's this thing in my lung
Well, you know.
A shitty thing.
- Come on.
- I mean, they think it's suspicious.
They're looking into it.
But ermin, even the suspicion
is killing me.
Nah, come on.
God forbid, dude!
God forbid! Don't assume the worst!
Nothing can happen to you.
Devil looks after his own, don't worry.
Fuck you.
Of all the people, am I the evil one?
Who brought you here?
The young, handsome one
that looks like Superman.
Fuck you and your Superman.
Why are you still working?
You have the money, you have it all.
Why do you work? Stay at home.
I'm not working.
I got bored and went out to have fun.
I was just drinking,
no prostitution involved.
No. I'm too tired
for all that hustle and bustle.
Unless I mean, if there's
someone worthwhile, for pleasure
- Commissioner evket will determine--
- Tell them to let me go!
- Commissioner, good morning!
- Good morning.
For God's sake, save us
from these thieves, these demons.
- Please do.
- Colonel, good morning. What's going on?
Sir, this man and this woman
attempted a forced entry.
When I tried to stop them,
they attacked me.
- No--
- All right. Quiet!
Quiet! All right!
Our lives and properties aren't safe.
Anyone can just barge in.
- Thieves, mockers!
- Colonel
Sorry to say this
but they intended to violate us.
I mean, they barged in
without any explanation.
Durmu, you tell me.
Chief, there's Ms. Selen
who lives on the top floor.
They pretended to be her friend
and tried to break in.
When I asked them what they were doing,
with all due respect,
they used unmentionable words.
- And pushed me down the stairs.
- What?
- Who did?
- She did.
This pint-sized creature pushed you, huh?
- She caught me off-guard
- Commissioner, can I explain?
We are not at fault here.
We went to our friend's apartment
to leave a tape and he attacked us.
Also, I'm not a creature.
They couldn't get rid of these anarchists
in five years.
Well, lift any stone,
and you'll find one underneath.
You're right, Colonel.
Why did you come all the way here?
Go back home and rest,
we'll take care of it here somehow.
Let's take Durmu to the hospital
to get an assault report.
Let's see if he's hurt. And take these two
to the guesthouse at the back.
We'll call the witnesses
if we need any help.
Let's go. Come on,
bring me a nice Turkish coffee!
Make it extra strong,
so that we pull ourselves together.
Chief, there's no room at the back, and--
Fikri, what's your deal today?
You're everywhere!
Put them in the hall then! Here!
Don't make me explain everything!
Just take their testimonies!
What are you looking at?
- Everybody, be quiet!
- You'll pay
Slow down.
What a crappy situation!
What have you done, Gaye?
What have you done?
Excuse me?
Come again, Hakan?
I said, "What have you done?"
Great. Now it's my fault, huh?
You're the one who's going on and on
about the tape,
who tried to climb to her rooftop,
who called the dude an "idiot",
and I am to blame, right?
- Who pushed him down?
- Why do you think I did that?
I may have picked the wrong words.
But how did you get so carried away
to push him like that?
Of course.
Men are always so pure and clean,
women are the ones to blame.
Ma'am, what are you saying?
She rolled him down the stairs.
Well done, girl!
- Good job. You gotta let them have it.
- I wish.
Look, you're petite and you don't show it
but you are something else. Good job.
Yes, something else, indeed.
Excuse me?
If they take a look at our past,
they'll see "something else" for sure.
What about your past?
Huh? Did you stab someone?
Did you sell drugs? What?
I hope you're not leftists.
Commissioner Compassion
shows a true compassion to leftists.
I mean, they say so. I wouldn't know.
- What's she saying?
- I heard.
- What's she saying?
- I heard, Hakan.
She said "leftist".
Ok, calm down.
- Okay, calm down.
- How can I?
- Okay, close your eyes.
- Leftist--
Close your eyes.
- Okay.
- Close your eyes.
She's looking at us.
I'll start counting. Deep breaths.
Where are you going?
Is this your home again?
Why wouldn't it be?
You flee upstairs all the time.
I can flee, Miss.
Your duty is to bring your husband
back home.
One day, between the home and the coffee
and the pot, I'll flee for good.
No one will ever find me.
What are you laughing at?
Ms. Fazla,
you look so pretty when you're mad!
And you draw in your horns,
the second you hit a wall
Ms. Fazla, listen
- Huh?
- What happened? Is Durmu all right?
Don't worry. Durmu is fine.
They sent him for a check-up.
And sent those hippies to the bullpen.
Thank God. Those slobs
Where are the groceries?
There are no groceries, Ms. Aylin.
How could Hatun go grocery shopping
with a baby in her arms?
Gosh. I'll have the supermarket
send them over. Do you want anything?
No, thank you. I don't.
Don't worry, okay?
Durmu should be back shortly.
Thank you ma'am.
Stop by when you're finished, okay?
We should prep something to eat.
You know Mr. Burhan.
He gets hungry exactly at noon.
He's like clockwork.
Okay, thank you ma'am.
God bless you!
Are you going to die?
You smoked two packs in one day.
And drank a small rak each day, huh?
Will you die now?
You cannot die.
I'll talk to the Commissioner.
Please try to stay back.
- Okay, I'm cool.
- Promise me.
What are you looking at, jerk?
- Get up!
- You're here four days a week.
Fuck your glue-sniffing ass!
- Fikri, get him up.
- Get up.
- Let them in after two minutes.
- Yes, sir.
Okay. Wait outside. We'll write a report.
How long will it take?
The report won't take much
but you may wait a bit for the signature.
Yes. Ms. Gaye and Mr. Hakan.
Ms. Gaye, you know karate, I suppose.
I don't.
How did you knock a huge guy down, then?
I didn't.
I just pushed
And he fell down on his own.
"Fell down on his own."
On his own, huh?
Where do you live?
We live in Bodrum.
We have a souvenir shop.
It must be so nice there right now.
Fikri, it must be so breezy.
Why are you in Istanbul
in this hot weather?
Why did you come?
- Well, we--
- Chief
- Actually we had--
- Family affairs.
For family affairs.
Well, my mom is a little sick
"Family matters" he said.
Look. If so,
you would be with your family.
- What were you doing at a stranger's door?
- Not a stranger.
Selen is a dear friend of ours
from school, from college.
What did you study?
- Cinema.
- We studied cinema.
Cinema? How come?
What's there to study in cinema?
- So many things.
- How
- Theories
- Theories
- Directors
- Directors
- Scenes, movies
- Scenes
- There's the history, I mean--
- Where did you study?
- Mimar Sinan.
- Here, in Istanbul.
Mimar Sinan Faculty of Fine Arts.
So, do all the graduates look so bougie?
Do you have a job or a career?
Do you do anything useful
for your country?
We couldn't find a job, sir.
I mean
As Gaye said before, we make souvenirs.
Look, like these.
Actually, it's not as easy as it looks
Carefully selected beads,
lined up like this
We live in Bodrum, sir.
My family is from Bodrum as well.
As Hakan said, finding
and holding onto a job in our industry
- is a bit hard these days.
- Too hard.
That's why we moved there.
We've been in the souvenir business
for a while.
She says, "My dad is rich
and opened a shop for me."
"I am an ordinary citizen,
trying to make a living."
Anyway, let's take a look
if they've been involved in any cases
They may have been involved
in shady things related to cinema.
Investigate thoroughly.
Guys, let's get to the point.
What were you doing at her house?
- Sir, we just told you--
- Chief, as we said--
Selen is our close friend
and I had borrowed a cassette from her.
- A cassette?
- Yes.
What cassette?
- Just a regular music cassette.
- Regular one.
- We can even
- Yes, Gaye. Take it out.
Give it to me.
Now there's a cassette. You see, Fikri?
There you go
This is Selen's. I had borrowed it.
I was going to bring it
but we couldn't come here for a year.
Has it been a year?
It has, Hakan.
Now, we're finally here but
Gaye I mean, Selen was not home.
But there is access from the rooftop.
I know it because she's our friend.
When we were about to toss it
from there, the doorman came--
- And?
- He started cursing. You can't imagine.
- Sir.
- Fikri!
Listen to this, okay? All of it.
Don't skip anything.
Okay? See if it contains any messages.
What happened? Are you all right?
Nothing, Commissioner.
Well, it's a music cassette.
What kind of message could be in it?
It's a jazz cassette.
- Jazz.
- Jazz?
Jazz music.
Ms. Gaye, we've seen so many jazzes
and so many fiddlers.
They come
with their flower power costumes,
but beneath those, you'll find anarchists,
terrorists, snakes, vipers!
They claim to have a souvenir shop
in Bodrum,
but beneath it, there are narcotics,
arms smuggling.
Yes! Could be a terrorist organization.
- No, sir. We don't have such schemes.
- And what not
We are regular, plain tradespeople.
Regular tradespeople.
Our only intention was to safely deliver
this cassette to our friend, that's all.
You see, Fikri? "Deliver," she said.
You give it to a friend.
But "delivery" is something else.
There must be something important in it.
No, nothing important, just music.
The important part is the emotional part.
That's the important part.
- It was a gift from her boyfriend.
- Ex--
Ex-boyfriend. Yes, Hakan.
So, it seems Selen is someone
who likes to change boyfriends.
So romantic.
Our couple here is romantic, too.
Lovers make mixed-tapes like these,
give them to each other,
lend them, borrow them and so on
Hope this romance doesn't ruin your youth.
That's our only concern.
We'll write the report. Once it's done,
we'll refer the case to the Prosecution.
Let them handle it.
Fikri, why are you still here?
Sir, our cassette player is broken.
It keeps eating the tapes.
It could ruin the evidence.
Um, wait a second. Give me the Walkman.
Is our cassette player broken?
We have this, if it works for you.
Wow! That's so nice.
My son's been asking for one.
Really? Then let it be a gift to your son
from us. As a memento.
Anyway, let's listen.
And let's take our friends outside,
to wait.
Till the report's done
and their records are pulled up, okay?
We'll also check the tape thoroughly
and proceed accordingly.
Chief, may I ask for one last thing?
- Gaye--
- My apologies.
What if we call our friend, Selen,
so that she comes and says,
"They are our friends,
they can come in to my house"?
Wouldn't the situation be resolved?
Of course not.
Because there's an assault involved,
as you know.
But of course,
home intrusion can be resolved.
So, if we could just make a phone call
To find our friend Selen.
Just one phone call?
Ms. Gaye,
you have turned this place into a
Would you like me get you a tea, a bagel
and some cheese from downstairs?
What do you think this is?
Where is this Selen?
We don't know that at the moment,
but we know people who could know.
- We'll call them, they'll find her--
- She means, friends of our friends.
If we could just make the call
Thank you so much.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
Have a nice day.
I had saved up
to buy you that Walkman for your birthday.
You gave it to him just like that!
And as a bribe!
Hakan, seriously!
Let's save our lives first,
I'll get you a Walkman, okay?
- Who should I call now?
- Call Ceren.
Ceren should know where Selen is.
She's staying at her sister's.
Fuck, I don't have her sister's number.
Call Frat!
- Call Frat. He should know.
- They broke up.
- I don't know if they're--
- Just go in, hurry!
- Sorry.
- Okay.
- Come on, dear.
- What should I do?
- Gaye.
- Yes, Hakan?
Is it your job to sniff glue?
Huh? Why do we have to
pick you up from the street?
How did it go?
Hope they didn't touch you.
They can be aggressive.
No. It was like a friendly chat, really.
Oh? Get up, come on.
Wow! Compassion became a modern man, huh?
In the olden days,
they would rough you up.
But your generation doesn't know these.
We do.
Is there a generation that doesn't?
That's true.
Call again.
What's his problem?
He's handsome, that's for sure.
But seems like he loses it
from time to time.
Especially in tense situations.
- They say it's a panic attack.
- What the heck is that?
In such tense situations,
when he gets angry at something,
he becomes breathless, as if he's choking.
He was actually
one of the most talented guys at school.
He could do great things in cinema.
But he couldn't stand the sets,
the tension there.
What do you do? Are you filmmakers?
We are not. We graduated from college
but became tradespeople.
We couldn't make films.
We have many friends in that field though.
Ah, good. Trading is good.
And filmmakers are such tramps!
They are a dime a dozen in Beyolu.
That's right.
Can I help?
Let me.
Now, here, you press play. But
Pay attention to the sound, so that
your ears won't get hurt.
Bro, it better be something important
to make you call so insistently.
If it's not really important,
hang up before you tell your name,
or I'll swear like a trooper.
Frat, it's me. Hakan.
Your schoolmate.
How quickly did you forget?
Oh, Hakan!
How are you, bro?
What's up, how are you? Are you okay?
Um Wait a minute, hello?
Yeah What's up, are you well?
How is it going? One second.
Bro, my head's not working.
I was on set until 5:00 am.
I passed out on the couch.
What's up, how are you?
Are you in Istanbul?
The plan was to go back to Bodrum tomorrow
but we're in a police station in ili.
We are in a ridiculous situation.
I cannot begin to tell you
how ridiculous it is.
I need to find Selen right away.
What happened? What exactly
Frat, it's a long story.
Look, right now Gaye and I are in custody.
We were trying to get into Selen's house
and they thought we were thieves.
Things escalated,
the police came and took us. Okay?
If I can't reach Selen now,
things will really go downhill.
The only person
who can save us from here is Selen.
But she's not home right now.
Do you know where she is?
Where is Selen?
Selen Bro, Selen
She went to Cappadocia.
Yes, she's in Cappadocia.
But we spoke three days ago,
she was supposed to wait for us here.
Bro, I got a job offer
from those British guys, okay?
I passed the job on to her.
She left in a hurry.
Frat. For God's sake, Frat!
I can not think straight, come on.
I'm stuck, Frat.
They have us in their hands.
I need to reach Selen right now, or else
Frat, find Selen, please.
They're going to screw us over.
Bro, calm down, okay?
Don't worry. Who can be on that set
Ceylan is on that set. I should call
I should call her sister.
I'll call Ceren.
Don't worry. You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm going to call Ceren, bro,
and get the hotel's number from her.
- Okay.
- We'll reach Selen from the hotel.
Then I'll have them
call you at the police station, okay?
- Okay.
- Don't worry.
- I'll get you out in an hour.
- Okay.
- Okay? Don't worry, man.
- Okay.
What's with this music? Ding, ding, ding
- What's so special about this cassette?
- It's just music, dude.
That's what we're saying.
It's just plain jazz.
There's nothing hidden.
I swear, there's nothing.
Does it go on like this until the end?
It's nauseating.
What happened, honey?
Did you just smoke?
- What are you talking about?
- Okay, this way.
- Go ahead, come on!
- Thank you.
You, come with me.
So, who did you talk to? Calm down.
Kadir didn't pick up but I spoke to Frat.
Selen went to a shoot.
To goddamn Cappadocia.
No way.
But Frat said that
he will find their hotel
and have Selen call here.
So, it all depends on Frat.
We're doomed.
- This is Frat speaking.
- Who?
How could you have the audacity
to call me?
Fuck off, Frat!
What the hell is happening?
All I do is wait here. I'm bored to death!
Ugh! Come on!
Get the fuck up!
Sit there! What are you looking at?
Oh, I feel so bored.
He has forgotten me here.
Well, he's forgotten me in every sense.
- Do you mean, Commissioner evket?
- Yeah.
Is it so unlikely?
No, it's not. I mean
Is there a story there?
No, not a story.
It's a novel, girl!
No, come on.
Neither a novel nor a story.
It's just some stupid thing that happened.
Something like
A Turkish movie.
He was a child then. I was a child, too.
But they had brought me here from Adana
and half of the hunks of Istanbul
had walked all over me.
I was a sly dog, I knew everything.
I was hard-boiled.
He was just a baby. A rookie officer.
He fell madly in love with me.
You should have seen him.
I said, "Boy, fuck off".
"I am a prostitute."
He said that he would save me.
Come on, are you Cary Grant or something?
Who are you to save me?
Don't take his swagger,
his strutting, seriously.
His dingus is missing.
His old fella is absent.
But I don't look at the size or whatever,
I get my satisfaction anyway.
The important thing is
that the man is clean,
and he doesn't hit me.
I don't know, I like a man
who can have a chat, love.
Who strokes your hair once in a while,
kisses you, smells you
This hunk used to do all of those,
he loved well.
I won't lie
Honestly, I loved him too.
And then what happened?
Then he set up a house for me.
We fooled around for months.
Like rabbits, non-stop.
He was so jealous.
He beat up men because of me.
Then he beat me too.
He was drinking too much.
He was rambling.
He almost got fired.
Then, his father heard about us.
He came to town, gave him a good beating
and some advice.
They also found him a good girl.
Then he got married.
And had three children.
He became Mr. Compassion. That's it.
That's all.
Please open the door.
Go away!
Ceylan can come home any second.
I know Ceylan is shooting in Cappadocia,
that's why I'm here.
I just want to reach Selen.
I don't even want to see your face.
Oh, my sweet bunny, my dear girl.
This is not about you and me.
Hakan and Gaye are in custody.
Did you hear me? The police took them.
Their lives are in our hands.
It's a matter of life and death.
What do you mean, Frat?
Hakan and Gaye are in custody.
We need to reach Selen.
That's why we must call Ceylan.
What does it have to do with Selen?
Can you tell this story properly?
Will I tell it here?
Aren't you my wife?
I can call you any time I want.
You don't just call
out of nowhere, what's--
Well, I just wanted to.
I was wondering how you are.
- I'm fine.
- Ah Good. How's the boy?
He's fine too.
- Good, we're all fine.
- Why? What's wrong?
Come on! Nothing's wrong.
Can't a man miss his wife?
evket, the onions are about to burn.
I'm busy.
Okay, hang up. If you don't want to talk,
hang up. Okay.
Ma'am, you're free to go.
Don't call me "ma'am",
you may need me one day.
Give it to me.
Finally, Mr. Compassion remembered me.
He did, indeed. Enjoy your freedom.
Hope you will too, fellas.
I hope so too.
May you find your friend soon and be free!
Let's go!
Hey, take care of yourselves!
- Girl!
- You too.
Girl, I'm too messed up
to take care of myself.
You're great.
If we ever meet again My brother!
Hope it will be in a pleasant place
with music, laughter and joy.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Well, goodbye.
Excuse me!
Can you give me a hand?
I can't walk down the stairs in heels.
Hold me. Don't be afraid.
Aha! Now, that's better.
What's your name?
- etin.
- Oh?
You do look like a sturdy one.
Well, she was something.
What just happened?
Let's look on the bright side.
We probably wouldn't have met
such a woman anywhere else.
Material, indeed.
Material for what?
Hakan, what could it be?
Material for a script, a movie
Oh, come on, Gaye.
You are talking about a script
but I have lost all my passion for cinema.
We live in Bodrum now.
That's our home.
We're now prisoners of Bodrum.
Let's admit it.
Let's admit it, dear Hakan, but
I guess you're scribbling something.
- In between times, huh?
- What?
I saw the notebooks in your drawer.
I didn't read of course.
I closed it immediately.
I didn't read but I saw it.
There were so many pages.
- What did you see, and when?
- I didn't see anything.
I just caught a glimpse and closed it.
- Come on, Gaye!
- You are writing, I like it.
It's nothing. Just notes.
It's not a screenplay.
I swear.
Really, it's not, I mean
Perhaps it could be a story.
Or a
If I push it too hard,
it could be a novel
It could.
We can't keep making trinkets forever.
You're right, Mr. Hakan.
That love for the arts,
that enthusiasm, right?
Once it sets into your heart,
you can't get it out, sir!
Don't make fun of a young man's love
for the arts, you may regret it.
- This is a police station.
- I'm not.
I respect and admire it.
It's a gift that I don't have.
I'm really envious.
Fuck! This is a really crappy situation.
I'll call their hotel right away.
They will shoot in the mountains
all day though.
But perhaps there's someone
from the crew there.
Where is it?
- Hello?
- Hi.
I'm calling from Istanbul,
room 211 please.
- Ms. Ceylan.
- Ms. Ceylan left this morning.
- She left?
- Yes.
I see. Is there anyone else
from the crew at the hotel?
- There might be.
- Is it possible that Ms. Selen is there?
No, but there's an Englishman.
- An Englishman?
- Yes.
Could you get him on the phone?
I need to ask something.
One moment.
I spoke to a British crew member.
I noticed.
When you said stuff like "urgent".
- He'll pass on the message to the set.
- Yes.
We called them,
there's nothing to do but wait now.
They'll probably call back
in half an hour. We can
You can go.
I'll talk to Selen
and she'll call the police.
I can go.
I was going to, anyway.
Let me just drink this.
I don't wanna drink on the streets.
Here, look. I poured some for you too.
We worked all night again.
We have an incompetent director.
We were all exhausted.
I got home,
thought I'd have a couple of drinks,
but I went a little overboard.
- This will cure my hangover.
- If only you could hold your liquor.
I can, Ceren.
In fact, I don't even have to hold it.
I don't drink as much.
I swear, I cut down a lot.
"Alcohol is a sinister mistress, Ceren."
"I've lost control,
I don't know what I'm doing, love."
If you were just a little more shameless,
you'd say, "She got me drunk
and took advantage of me."
Five years.
Five years of perfect love.
- Everyone used to take us as an example.
- Come on!
An example, huh!
I've done nothing wrong to you
in those five years.
Just one night,
I had a bit too much to drink
and made a mistake.
And you threw it all away!
How many times do you have to
cheat on me before I do that?
Three? Five? What's the limit?
There was no cheating!
Cheating What cheating?
I never cheated on you!
Nothing happened between Melis and me!
We just kissed once.
And you came and caught us right there!
Oh, you poor guy.
Imagine what could have happened
if I hadn't shown up!
It was just a kiss, a single kiss!
The forensic expert hasn't arrived yet.
Okay, we'll wait then.
Seems like we were born to wait
and suffer.
Here, fresh bagels.
I got one for you too, here.
We didn't even have breakfast.
Seriously, we're nibbling on bagels.
Look at us, nibbling on bagels
in a hospital.
Doesn't it get to you?
Are you happy?
I'm peaceful.
I'm happy.
But what's it to you?
Why not?
Everyone wants their ex to be happy.
Don't they?
I'd prefer to see you struggle.
And I can see that
you're doing a pretty good job at it.
I'm not struggling, you know.
I'm a writer and an assistant.
I have a screenplay filmed,
I just sold another one.
In this industry,
assistants like me are rare.
In fact, I'm discussing a huge project
with a producer.
If we shake hands, I'll direct it.
Guess who I want to cast as the lead?
The movie's called "You're Alone".
Selen's Orun. Orun Kanat.
Would Orun, the big-shot,
act in your directorial debut?
Why wouldn't he? Didn't he act
in the short film for Selen's sake?
That was different, that was charity.
- A feature-length film, that's real work.
- I'll convince him.
Afterwards, we'll go to Cannes or Venice.
I mean, my future is bright.
You're brightly struggling.
You're still alone.
I'm alone, that's true.
It didn't work out, Ceren.
No one could measure up to you.
I can't have a long-term relationship
with anyone else.
Well, of course you can't.
Your mind isn't with the woman beside you.
It's between the legs of other women.
You know what?
People only fall in love with those
who are capable of cheating them.
Get out of here.
I swear.
With people who are capable of cheating.
Without that tension,
you can't fall in love.
I didn't even see anyone else
for five years!
I wasn't capable of cheating on you,
at all.
How did you fall in love with me?
Darling, every theory has its loopholes.
Oh, please. There goes your theory.
Your beer's gone as well.
Come on, let's go.
You've messed with my head
with your absurd ideas.
If the hotel doesn't call in half an hour,
call them. Okay?
Tell Selen
that she must call
the ili Police Station. Very urgent.
I get it, Frat. Urgent.
I'm a much more responsible person
than you are.
You know how close I am with Gaye.
Don't worry.
I know.
I can't go like this.
No, you were doing fine, up to that point.
There's only one person
I've truly loved and that's you.
Without you, everything sucks.
Everything hurts.
Hurts to the core.
I only want you.
Come in.
Chief, here's the cassette.
I've listened to it.
Found nothing?
It's just music, sir. It just plays on.
There are no lyrics
or any other recordings in it.
You didn't skip any parts of it, right?
I didn't, sir.
Well, well. Let me see that.
And give me that too.
You listened to it all,
without skipping anything?
I did, sir.
Very strange, man.
Then why would they want this cassette
so badly?
Look, there are some scribbles here too.
What does it say?
Tre Pool
Look, with two 'o's.
Chief, Pool is an English word
but I don't get the rest either.
Do you speak English?
I'm curious to learn.
I attended night classes and such.
- It's useful these days.
- Will you swindle tourists in Sultanahmet?
Good job, don't mind me.
I couldn't get past the "My name is" part.
And there's no point now.
Anyway, give this to that guy.
And give this to the girl,
so she can't pin it on us.
- Okay, sir.
- All right, leave.
I really missed you.
I missed you too.
I had forgotten what sex was.
- When was the last time you had sex?
- Me?
When was it
It's been a few months.
But with you, it's different.
I lose myself when I'm with you.
It's like flying.
I lose my mind.
I only feel like this with you.
You're supposed to say,
"It's not the same with anyone else,
not like it is with you."
Cut. We'll shoot the scene
from the beginning, come here.
It's not just about sex.
You're still thinking in a simplistic way,
as usual.
Love is complicated, it's a tangled mess.
You're still in love with me.
Ugh, damn it.
What have I done?
I'm acting like a fool again!
Hey, Ceren.
Hey, Ceren!
Come here.
Look at me. Ceren.
You're not acting like a fool.
There's no such thing.
We had a crisis for six, seven months,
or maybe a year but now it's over.
I love you so much.
I can't live without you.
- Hello?
- Ceren, what's going on?
- I rushed from the set.
- Selen.
Well, Hakan and Gaye
tried to enter your house this morning.
The doorman took them as thieves.
There was a fight
and they're at ili Police Station.
- They're in custody.
- Oh!
God! I completely forgot about that!
They were gonna drop by this morning.
They tried to break in to my home?
They had a fight with Durmu?
Yes, exactly.
They called Frat. Frat told me.
They're at the station,
waiting for your call.
Okay, I'll call, but
I mean, it's really their own stupidity.
Why would they try break in?
Why would they fight Durmu?
I mean, who fights with him?
Okay, wait. I'll call now.
Okay, bye.
I need to make another call.
What did she say?
That she'll call the station right away.
Thank God!
We saved them.
- Good job.
- Phew!
Ok, go now.
Aha! Chief Inspector, I know them well.
I mean, they're really
They are very close friends of mine.
I won't file a complaint.
I mean, I'm asking you to
release them, please.
I mean, I'm not asking
I'm pleading.
I plead you to release them both.
Ms. Selen, you're pleading really nicely.
You're quite eloquent,
but you have to be here in person.
But I just pleaded.
Well, I can't come.
I'm in Cappadocia.
I'm on set in Cappadocia,
It's not possible.
Let's assume that I decided to come.
It would take me 10 hours.
I can't possibly do that.
Um Will those people stay there
for 10 hours, Chief Inspector?
Isn't it wrong?
You're in Cappadocia, of course.
Listen, we're talking on the phone.
How am I to know that you're Ms. Selen?
Huh? Maybe you're a notorious gang leader
known as Hayriye, from Kasmpaa?
You could be fooling me right now.
How should I know?
Listen, you have to come here in person.
I need to see you and your ID.
You may be fooling me.
Listen, your friends
will stay here tonight.
They will be brought to court tomorrow,
they might even go to jail.
No way, why would that happen
without any reason?
Listen, Chief Inspector. Everything aside,
as a tax-paying citizen
who is loved by her colleagues
and friends,
as a respected member of society--
I don't care about your taxes,
for God's sake!
If you're friends with these hippies,
you have to come here!
Show me a proof of residence,
file a petition that you're not
pressing charges. Then, we'll see.
What can I, Commissioner evket, do?
Other than interrogating,
and sending them to the Prosecutor.
Do you understand?
There you go, we're waiting.
Damn it, I'm like a lunatic-magnet.
Necmi, wherever there's a lunatic,
they always find me!
What's your problem?
He beat me up.
Well, Commissioner,
this man proposed me something.
Something inappropriate. From behind.
You have no shame.
- When did he do that?
- Last night.
He proposed that last night
but you're fighting today, at noon?
We fight all the time
at home, Commissioner.
We have this relationship
for almost five years.
You're lying.
Why would I be in a relationship with you?
He's living with me.
He was missing for the last three days.
I was worried.
And I got mad.
Then, when he came back,
we started fighting.
It's always like this at home.
God, give me patience, my Lord.
Okay. Please escort them out,
so that they can work things out.
Please, do not keep a federal agency
occupied with such nonsense!
We're already knee-deep in trouble!
If it doesn't work, you break up.
What's with all the beating?
If I hear a word about your relationship,
I'll send you to the Prosecutor!
Take them out!
Release them.
Release them,
they can sort it out themselves.
- Gaye
- Yes, dear?
Honey, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have insisted on going.
And when we did,
I should have left the tape
with the doorman.
Or I could have given it to Orun.
Why did I get so worked up
and yell at a stranger, like an idiot?
I love it when you do this.
My darling.
How you get so mad
and then calm down like this.
Sometimes you come to your senses
a bit too late, but okay.
And it wasn't your fault. It was mine.
I shouldn't have pushed him.
I should have stayed calm.
I couldn't control myself.
Well, it happens to everyone.
These things happen.
I don't care
if we end up in a police station,
or even in hell,
as long as you're with me.
Nothing matters.
ORUN KANADon't answer.
- Ceren, don't. Come.
- But
Don't answer.
- Hello?
- Aha! Selen?
Ceren, I called the police station.
There's a crazy chief inspector there.
He didn't believe I'm Selen.
He said I must go there.
I can't get them out.
- Oh, no.
- Wait. It's not that bad.
Listen, you should go and talk to Orun.
Orun can handle this.
It would take him 5 minutes, okay?
He likes Hakan and Gaye anyway.
We stayed at their place
in Bodrum last summer.
He would rush there to help.
Ok, let's call Orun.
I just called, he didn't answer.
Go to his house.
I talked to him yesterday,
he was in Istanbul.
He must have been up all night.
He'll probably sleep all day.
Knock on his door, explain the situation.
He'll sort it out.
I swear, this is all I can do right now,
okay? I have to go to the set.
Figure it out somehow.
Okay, don't worry.
We'll find Orun and sort it out.
You mean, Orun Kanat?
- I thought they had broken it off.
- Apparently not.
Orun is an amazing guy.
He'll handle it for sure.
Both the left and the right-wingers
adore him.
Get these, we should go.
Both the police and the thieves adore him.
Hey, listen!
Should I offer him a role now?
For God's sake, our friends are in custody
and you're talking about a movie!
But this is important too.
I'm going to change.
You should get ready too.
If Orun stars in the movie,
he would take it to a whole new level.
I am from this land, mukhtar.
I paid my debt to this land
with my blood
and tears.
One day I'll return to this land.
I will.
Even the land
refuse people like you.
It would throw you up!
Do you understand, mukhtar?
Did you see?
That mountain of a man is gone.
Dear girl, it's a movie. It's not real.
If you saw a bandit in real life,
you'd be looking for a hole to hide in.
My grandfather was a bandit.
Yeah, but I never met him.
He died in the mountains.
May he rest in peace.
You know what they say:
Live by the sword, die by the sword.
We cannot let them
live in the mountains anyway!
And they did not let us, sir.
They made his whole family suffer.
What could we do?
We came all the way here.
I'm glad you came, dear girl.
Look at the delicious meals
you made for us.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Hatun made the soup.
Good, well done.
Is this one of your traditional dishes?
No, I learned this from my husband.
We are from Batman.
As fate would have it,
I met a man from Kastamonu.
They have something called
"barberry syrup" there.
It's like a paste,
his sister sends it over in jars.
It gives this dark color.
- Barberry, huh?
- Yes! It's a shrub from the mountains.
We can't go to the mountains.
People from Kastamonu can.
So Durmu taught you how to cook, huh?
Yes, he is a great cook but he's lazy.
He says women should do it.
He's right. Absolutely right.
He's a soldier,
how could he find the time to cook?
Durmu isn't a soldier, he is our doorman!
Oh, there was an orderly
called Durmu in the army. Where is he?
Where is Durmu?
Mr. Burhan, that is another Durmu.
Durmu, the soldier, was in Ankara.
It's been 22 years.
Wow, so he is still in order.
By the way, what happened to your Durmu?
I hope it's nothing serious.
No way, he's got rocks in his head.
Nothing could happen to him.
- We have the assault report.
- Let's see.
You are all right.
Sir, since I did my military service
as a commando, I fell down gracefully.
How does a commando
get beaten up by a woman?
I swear, I didn't, sir! I didn't!
Well, when the girl pushed me,
I was caught off guard,
lost my balance and fell backwards.
But she was lightweight. You saw her.
In our culture, hitting women is a sin.
You have nothing to report, buddy.
Withdraw your complaint now. Okay?
Don't waste our time with testimonies.
It's a waste of typewriter paper
and ribbon.
Okay, sir. I won't file a complaint
but they tried to break in.
A woman claiming to be the owner
of the house, called us.
- Ms. Selen?
- Yes, Ms. Selen.
Ms. Selen called us.
I told her to come here.
If she comes and doesn't file a complaint,
we can't do anything.
Otherwise, I will send these two
to the Prosecutor's Office tonight.
Okay Durmu, your case is closed.
No, all right. If we need anything,
I'll call you.
- As a witness or--
- Sir, we don't know who they are.
- What they are--
- Okay, take him.
- What?
- Take him.
We're sweating our asses off here,
you're still talking.
- Fuck it!
- No!
- Stop!
- Look at me!
- I'll just
- Enough!
What's happening, man! Durmu, stop it!
What the hell? This isn't a circus.
I'll arrest you too,
for resisting the police.
Arrest me!
- She gave me the finger like this!
- Put your hand down!
I'll arrest you.
You know the room at the back?
I'll take you there!
Go home, have a tea and calm down!
You ruined my morning!
What's wrong with you? Are you looking
for trouble? What's with the finger?
Sir, he started it, I swear.
I'll send you to the prosecutor,
tell him all that.
You try to break into a house
and then you act all innocent
- Chief, Dr. Ceyhun is calling.
- Ceyhun?
He says it's important.
Ok, I'll take it in my office.
- Ceyhun?
- How are you, Chief?
Fine, as usual.
Your test results have arrived.
It's all good,
there's nothing wrong with you.
- So?
- So
You got worried for nothing.
You don't have cancer.
- You are healthy.
- No way!
Listen, when I say you're healthy,
I don't mean that you can relax.
Because you've damaged your lungs.
From now on, no slacking,
no smoking or anything
Definitely no smoking.
You have to stop drinking too.
No drinking for three months.
And then, just a glass once a week.
Okay. All right, my brother.
From now on, no alcohol and no smoking.
I'll even start praying if you tell me to.
Ceyhun, I'll buy you a dinner.
We'll have a nice dinner at Yorgo's
You'll drink
and I'll nibble on some appetizers.
Fikri, come here.
Fikri. Go to the Antepli up the street,
get a tray of baklava and come back.
- With pistachios, Chief?
- No, with walnuts. Go on, buddy.
- All right.
- Go on, thanks.
I thought you knew where Orun lives.
I was four or five years ago,
when Selen was living there.
Excuse me?
There was a caf here
where filmmakers used to hang out.
We couldn't find the street.
How the hell would I know where it is?
Do I look like the type?
Come here.
Excuse me!
Can you help us?
- What is it?
- Good Lord.
We were looking for Orun. Orun Kanat.
He is at home, he hasn't come down yet.
Well, which floor was he on?
I forgot the floor.
Apartment three.
- Apartment three.
- Don't go.
Don't wake him up. These two journalists
are also waiting for him
- There's an urgent matter.
- He gets grumpy.
- He won't get mad. Don't worry. Come on.
- Thanks.
"O. K."
- I'm ringing.
- Okay.
What the hell? It's too early!
What's the urgency? Is there a fire?
I'm Frat!
And this is Ceren! Remember us?
- Frat who?
- Bro, we're Selen's buddies from college.
We made a short film together
a few years ago.
Oh, Frat!
Frat, come on in.
I'll open the door. Come on.
Bro, these folks are
from Istanbul University.
They're waiting for an interview.
I'll be down soon, I'll meet with them.
Tell them to wait.
- Well, excuse me.
- Where are you off to?
- Home.
- Oh, here we go again! Home
You can't put new wine into an old bottle.
You've been calling the apartment upstairs
your home. What's up there?
You eat and drink here.
And I must say, youre doing a great job
devouring Hatun's meals.
What if we rented out
the empty flat upstairs?
We could use the extra income.
Not that we need it but
Lady, I can't quite grasp your intentions.
I'm a veteran who weathered storms,
jumped through hoops.
I'm here in my house, still working
and writing, despite my age.
- What are you writing?
- My memoirs.
Do you remember them?
Like it was yesterday.
In Erzurum, the fields
where I trained my soldiers were frozen.
In Kastamonu,
I had this beautiful cherry tree
in the garrison's yard.
We used to have lunch
under that cherry tree.
You do remember.
You're right.
In the '70s, they put me in jail
for harboring communists.
Well, they didn't find anything
and released me after 15 days.
Not even a disciplinary punishment.
But they did make me sleep
on the concrete floor for 15 days.
On that cold concrete
Ah, how times have changed
Remember our little Cheeky?
I remember Cheeky
She'd give me her paws
and we'd shake hands.
I'd pet her and her tail would
We've always been fond of animals,
my dear.
We still are. We've had many cats
and dogs over the years.
But we're old now
and obviously, it's hard for us.
And we
We didn't have any children, my dear.
That's why
Why would you bring that up now, huh?
Well, goodbye. Please excuse me.
Where are you off to?
Sit down, for heaven's sake.
No, I'll dive even deeper
into my emotions if I stay.
I don't want to upset you too.
- Please, just sit down.
- There's no point in insisting.
I just want to go to my own home.
I just want some peace and quiet,
for God's sake!
Oh, hey! Durmu, what happened, son?
Durmu, dear, are you okay?
- I'm okay.
- Are you hurt?
What did they say at the hospital?
The doctor sent me home, I'm fine.
Thank God for that!
I knew that my man is strong.
I knew that nothing could hurt him.
Bless him.
- Wait, I'll get the kid.
- Come on.
Durmu, what happened with those punks?
They're still in custody, sir.
The Commissioner said
he would let us know if anything comes up.
Are you okay, son?
Durmu, what's wrong?
What the hell are we doing here?
What are we doing here?
They push us down the stairs!
The cops tell us to fuck off!
What are we doing in this fucking city!
There are ladies here, watch your tongue.
Come on, get up. Let's go home.
And we should get inside.
Let him cry, Hatun.
He's exhausted, he needs to vent.
Cry, my boy. Cry.
The child is here,
what are you doing on the floor?
These are strange times, guys.
What kind of country is this?
Anyway, we'll go and get the kids
in a short while
but I'm still sleepy.
Let me drink this strong tea first, okay?
- I'm a big fan of this movie of yours.
- Which one?
The Castle.
We saw it at the open-air theater
when I was a kid.
It scared the hell out of me.
Well, back then, it wasn't just me.
All of us had to act
in these historical action movies.
We had to.
It was the trend. That's what they wanted.
Then we came to our senses.
We decided to act in realistic films.
They cut us off.
- You know The Labyrinth, right?
- Sure.
It must have been over a year.
Since then, nobody called me for work.
They want us to do what they want.
The old movies, just like they want.
I wrote a script.
We're also talking with a producer,
Mr. Ersan.
I'm going to direct it.
I'd love for you to play the lead.
Ersan is a good guy.
Frat, what's the plot?
It will be a unique work.
A rebellious story.
It's called, "You're Alone".
Please, have some.
Oh, sorry!
- What's this baklava for?
- It's the commissioner's treat, enjoy.
You've found free baklava.
Don't ask, just eat!
Lost spiritually, physically,
in every sense.
I understand.
Alienated, like The Loiterer.
- Exactly.
- I see.
Mr. Orun, we came for an interview.
We are from Istanbul University,
Faculty of Journalism.
Oh God.
My dear,
we have an urgent business to attend to.
It should take an hour.
You can wait if you want,
or we can meet tomorrow.
We'll wait. We'll wait for you here.
Fine. As you wish.
Selman, give these guys
anything they'd like.
- Tea, toast You know it.
- Okay, bro.
Frat, listen.
Your story is good, okay.
On principle, I'm in.
- You're great, Orun!
- Come on.
- Come on! Did you hear?
- Come on.
It's going to be a great film.
Thank you.
Are you relieved?
You wouldn't believe how relieved I am.
We can be arrested at any moment,
we could be ruined but I'm so relieved.
Gentlemen! Come, hurry!
Hello, my friends.
Gaye, how are you? Hakan, what happened?
Don't ask.
We went to see Selen
and got into a fight with the doorman.
Let me talk to Chief evket.
Come with me.
Is the Chief available?
He is, Mr. Orun.
I'll call you.
- Orun, bro!
- How are you, dear evket?
I'm fine.
Well, well, well.
What's up? Is there a problem?
Actually, there is.
Um, you've taken my friends.
There must be some kind of mistake.
Your friends You mean
There's nobody here
who could be your friend.
There is.
I saw them outside.
A boy and a girl.
They're a bit hippie-looking.
Do you know them?
They're friends of Selen, my fianc.
She must have called you from Cappadocia.
- She is in film business. Didn't she call?
- She did. A lady called from Cappadocia.
But she never mentioned you.
She said, "The house they broke into
is mine".
No, there's no breaking and entering.
Everyone knows that
there's another entrance from the terrace.
- A separate one.
- Oh
They were going to drop something off.
I mean, return something.
There are so many robbers around.
Tell the lady not to leave the entrance
from the rooftop, open.
Well, evket
We're getting married in the fall.
- You are?
- Finally.
I've made up my mind.
We'll get married.
She'll move out of that apartment
and live with me.
- Best of luck.
- Thanks.
Well, in your last movie,
there was that last scene
where you're only acting with your eyes
- Labyrinth.
- Labyrinth, yeah!
Orun, my man.
What shall we do then? I mean
There's nothing illegal here.
We wouldn't want to upset you.
- Thank you.
- We wouldn't.
We have baklava. Would you like some? Tea?
- I have diabetes, you know.
- Oh.
Release them.
- All right.
- Okay.
Come on.
Well, Orun, my brother
- Thank you, evket.
- You're welcome, my brother.
Fikri, release them.
- Mr. Orun, can we take a photo?
- Come on.
Well, sure. The light is good over here.
Here you go.
Can we join in?
Come on.
Come on. Let's go.
- Where the hell is Fikri?
- Here, sir.
Is this okay?
Mr. evket, how are you?
Like a million bucks, girl.
The doctor called.
I have no cancer, I won.
- I'm not dying.
- Oh, great! That's it!
I mean, we will all die eventually
but not right now.
Come on, let's celebrate.
There's whiskey and bananas.
Just as you like it.
No, girl. I can't drink anymore.
Oh, come on!
You're really scared, man!
I've looked death in the eye
and came back, girl.
Cancer does not scare me.
It could only claim my life.
I can offer you lively conversations.
I should get home.
But when I saw you today,
I just
I mean,
it felt good.
I'm glad you're okay.
I've missed you too, Compassion.
Send my regards to your wife
Well, don't! Obviously!
take good care of yourself.
Thank you, sis.
Sis, my ass!
Retorted to the reactions
demonstrated against the police law.
"No one has the right
to interfere in our affairs."
- "It would be rude."
- We ate too much at lunch.
- "We will do what is necessary."
- I'm so full.
That's why I think
that we should have breakfast for dinner.
Sure, I'm okay with that.
It's all the same to me.
I have an idea.
The apartment upstairs has been vacant
for a long time, for no reason.
Should we rent it out? What do you think?
Goodness, what a great idea.
I mean, thank God,
we don't need the money but still
It would be a contribution.
Yes, it would.
I'll go and visit the realtor lady
down the street tomorrow.
God bless you, great.
It was such a smart idea.
My poor child went to bed hungry.
I feel so tired.
- Phew!
- Darling.
What do you mean?
- Am I not allowed to hug my wife?
- You are, but
- Huh?
- You had a meltdown just an hour ago.
- When did you get so horny?
- You're my cure
- Stop, don't
- What?
I'll get mad if you wake the kid up.
Ok, we'll do it quietly.
Yes, let's do it quietly.
- I don't scream, you do.
- I'm the one who screams now, huh?
- I don't scream.
- You do.
Okay, I do. My Durmu!
We won't be stuck here.
We'll leave this place.
I'll save you from here.
Yeah, you will.
I'll screw them all!
- You will, indeed.
- The filmmakers, the hippies.
Should I set Istanbul on fire?
Set in on fire! Yes!
Call me "Commissioner".
- What?
- Call me "Commissioner".
Chief Inspector!
Call me "Doctor".
Doctor! Mr. Doctor.
Call me "Mr. Director".
Mr. Director!
- The kid woke up.
- Huh?
Did the kid wake up?
You take care of him.
Yes, exactly like that, dear Selen.
Listen, I took that burglars
who tried to break in to your house
and brought them to the tavern, okay?
They are fine, healthy and happy.
If you don't believe me, talk to them.
Here, my dear.
Hello, Selen?
Can you hear me?
- We're fine, we're great.
- We're fine. Don't worry.
You probably can't hear him,
but Hakan says, Hi.
Okay, take care.
All right, good luck.
She's so sweet.
Hakan, what is this cassette thing?
- Please, don't ask!
- Gaye, let me explain one last time.
Well, the thing is,
you had given a cassette to Selen.
I borrowed that cassette.
I couldn't return it for a year.
Selen was pestering me about it.
The whole thing started with this.
Let me give you the cassette
and get rid of it.
- Yeah, let's do it.
- "Cassette," you say
Was it in the front pocket?
In the front, dear.
- Should be in the front.
- No.
- What cassette?
- Orun's mixed tape.
- Should be at the front.
- Guys
- Guys.
- Okay!
- Guys!
- Yes, Frat
Guys, I have three great news for you.
Number one!
I'm shooting my feature-length film
in the fall and Orun
plays the lead role.
Agreed on principle though.
On principle.
Number two!
This is also about you, bro
Would you like to tell them?
- What is it?
- The thing you said at the police station.
About you and Selen
- Oh!
- What?
You believed that?
We went to the police station,
and to calm the Commissioner down,
I lied about getting married to Selen.
- It's not real.
- It's also not a bad idea.
I bought it. That's good acting.
Selen is not the type of girl
to put a ring on her finger
and settle down at home.
She wouldn't want me.
Says she's content.
If she wants,
she can go on like this forever.
You said you had a third piece of news.
What? Third of what?
Third news. You said you had three.
Oh! The third one is
Number three!
The third and the best
Ceren and I are back together.
- Come on.
- I told you so.
Why didn't you tell us earlier?
This is the news of the day!
I'm giving him another chance, we'll see.
Well, that's great.
Everything is so great.
Lovers unite, films get made.
This is real happiness.
True that!
Who knows what lies ahead,
how many beautiful days we'll have.
Maybe we'll start a brand new life.
How many years until the 2000s?
Fifteen? It's just 15 years.
Let's drink to the future!
O Re Gon.
Hakan and Gaye run a hotel in Bodrum.
They have three kids, two dogs
and a parrot.
Hakan never finished writing his book.
Gaye writes film reviews
on her website, "Opinionated"
and paints stones.
Ceren and Frat got married,
and then divorced in 2003.
Later, they remarried.
Frat directed three movies.
You Are Alone won an award in Mumbai.
Ceren wrote the screenplay
for a series for 15 years.
They got rich and moved to Kemerburgaz.
Orun Kanat
starred in many films and series.
He was nominated for Best Actor
for his role in You Are Alone.
He lost it to Tark Akan.
He's now playing in "Lawless,"
a series directed by his wife.
Durmu became a realtor
and was elected for City Council in 1999.
In 2005, he ran for parliament
but had a heart attack and left politics.
He has two more children with Hatun.
His health has improved.
Ms. Fazla passed away in her sleep,
beside Mr. Burhan.
Mr. Burhan passed away a week later.
After his death,
his memoirs were published
both in Cumhuriyet and as a book.
evket retired from the police force
and moved to his hometown.
He is into organic farming.
He quit smoking in 1985.
He was jailed shortly
for injuring his neighbor.
ermin sold everything
and moved to Antalya.
She lived peacefully until she passed away
due to Covid-19 in 2020.
She never saw evket again.
Onur studied Economics
in a private college.
He moved to the USA and became a broker.
Married a Puerto Rican woman.
He writes to his mother
and says that he's really happy.
Subtitle translation by: Elif Gnay