Oru Adaar Love (2018) Movie Script

Bro, isn't she a super chick?!
Okay, right?
I'll catch up later
How cleverly you ditched me
See you, bro
1st year, right?
No head or tail?
Priya Varrier
Oh! You are Priya Varrier?
How are you related
to cine star Manju Warrier?
Not related in any way
And yet so arrogant?!
Not at all
I'm not arrogant
I'm actually a simple person
Okay, then salute
- Should I?
- Of course
How pathetic!
Asalute must be energetic
Now it's okay
If anyone acts funny
Hey boy!
-Who are you?
-I am Roshan
When did you turn senior?
That was just for fun
You carry on, girl
Shall we have some more fun?
Why are they here?
- Go on, march
- Just come along
Feroze from Pattikkad
Good! Nice name
I am Roshan
Okay, see you
Not yet, let's have more details
Hey kiddo
Where do you live?
You should have told us
So you are a hostelite?
Will you ask for salutes hereafter?
- Bro
- What?
Father is on his way
-A | | ah!
- Let's go
See you, Roshan
We'll meet again
Study well!
- Got a good dose, eh?
- That was usual stuff
Saved by the princi!
Othen/vise I had it
I played a trick on them
I felt a little sad foryou
So you saw everything?
- What's your name?
- Ros han
-And yours?
- Gadha
Gadha Jam as in that old movie?
- 1st year?
-Yes, science
Hey! I'm in Science group too
So that makes us classmates
Following a traditional culture
throughout my life's venture
I have within me a culture
that will unfold in future
Like the famous poet
Vayalar Ramavarma penned
Your school lays the foundation
for the culture you will reflect
Hearing his speech
even the mike ridiculed him
Our alumni and their band 'Chumaduthangi'
will present a musical program now
Thank you
Why do we need such sycophantic
Muslim programs?
You got it wrong
Program is by Burden Bearer
Whatever...it's a pain
Time spent on this could be
used to teach the kids instead
Only such events will spark
a chemistry among students
Let's just hope
nothing biological happens!
"A flower like a rare pearl priceless"
"Khadija Bibi was rich and famous"
" | n Mecca the Holy city"
"She led a life of royalty"
"Af | ower like a precious pearl priceless"
"Khadija Bibi was rich and famous"
" | n Mecca the Holy city"
"She led a life of regality"
"With Muhammad, laterthe prophet
on a trading expedition she went"
"With destined delight
she fell in love at first sight"
"She fell in love at first sight"
"His trade mission fulfilled favorably"
"Our prophet returned to Mecca happily"
"With hope in her hean to the brim"
"She proposed marriage to Him"
"A flower like a rare pearl priceless"
"Khadija Bibi was rich and famous"
" | n Mecca the Holy city"
"She led a life of royalty"
"She led a life of regality"
If you do this again
I'll beat you to a pulp
You heard me, bloody mongrel!
What is the problem?
That rascal mentions me
in such cheap posts
Show it to me
When you see this, name a friend
you are reminded of
Can't blame him
Look at that
Just whatl need
to trample my romantic mood!
Yes, I'm in love
In love... you?
With whom?
I met her on Freshers day
But I couldn't ask her name
What a pity!
Looks good?
She's Emma Watson wearing a veil
100% she'll be
in science group
How can you be so sure?
All good looking chicks
will choose science!
- Really?
- Oh! Same class?
That makes things easier, right?
Where are you going?
Come, I have an errand to run
- Where to?
-Just come
You are impossible!
Ajit, just leave this
in my classroom
Into the ocean of love so deep...
...fa | | droplets ofjoy in an unending stream
Taste of love
That's the taste of crew's crap!
Crows are always sitting there
What is your plan?
Don't go away, bro
Listen to me
In this rain, Sana will come
holding an umbrella
I will run to her and
share her umbrella
- What about me?
-You somehow manage
Don't sulk
Sana and l, close and cosy
sharing an umbrella... oh!
The ultimate feeling of love, bro
Dude! Look at Sana
She's wearing a raincoa!
Which vagabond
discovered the raincoat!
For this idea, man
Hey Gadha!
Bro, I'm coming too
- Why are you barging in?
-A | ready crowded
Go with someone else
Let's go
You betl love the rain
Carry on
Roshan, I'll go to church
You go, I'll meet you in class
Hold this
Ros ha
What the heck did you do?
Aiyo! Sorry
It was just for fun
Sorry? I'm drenched
head to toe now
You aren't that wet!
Get lost!
Back from church so soon?
I thought you shouldn't
miss that chance
Oh! Thanks a lot
Will it click?
I must make it click
You'll support me, right?
Of course!
Full support
Don't you have
a guy in your life?
Aiyo! I don't want any guy now
Oh! Why so vehement?
ljust want to enjoy
and be a free bird
I don't buy it
Tell me honestly
- Gadha?
- Sana
I'll be back
Will she be there?
Don't stress yourself
She'll be sitting in our classroom
Not sitting
Didn't I tell you
she'll take up science?
Great, man
Good looking girls in science?
Now you knowthey can
choose commerce also?
- Hey! Roshan
-What is it, dude?
Look at the last girl
seated in the 2nd bench?
She's already mine
How about the girl next to her?
Anupama, nice girl
- But I'll set her up foryou
- Set her up for your dad!
Bro, listen
Your veiled beauty
has taken commerce, eh?
Get lost, jobless jerk
Very few girls around here, right?
If you want a classroom full of girls
go join a girls school
Don't show off with
a scrawny little girl
You don't have even that!
Shut up, you tramp!
Universal Vagabond!
Yes, she is my Malar miss
Hi students
I am Sneha
I live in Amalanagar
I'm your zoology teacher
Want to know anything else about me?
Do you have a boyfriend, teacher?
What is your name?
Francis J. Manavalan
My dear boy, Manavalan
Come to the staff room
I'll tell you about
my love life, okay?
- Now you can sit
- Thank you, miss
Let us introduce ourselves
Let's begin from here
Hi, I am Michelle
What's that?
Not missile, Michelle
I studied till 10th in U.S
I come from Kunnamkulam
Joseph, she happens to know Malayalam
Hi, I'm Gadha John
I studied in Little Flowers school
lam from a place near Trissur
Bro, she's Sana's friend
ls she?
Then you can get to the veiled one
- Will it work out?
- We will make it work!
I'm Shibu
Shibu Sunny
The subject I will be handling will be-
Isn't it Maths, sir?
Hey! How did you knovxf?
I read what you wrote on the board
Dear students,
this being the 1st day
... | et me give you
some free advice, okay?
Only those who have struggled
in life can find success
For example, I scored 90%
in my under grad exam
I had a friend
who was mad about cinema
When he had failed his exams
and was broke as well
...he said he didn't have
money to attend an audition
I sold my ear stud
No, my gold bracelet
I was the one who helped him
Now he's a celebrity star
Those memories make me
feel heavy-hearted even now
It is like it happened yesterday
Who was this friend, sir?
All of you know him
My... Nivin Pauly
As good as a brotherto me
Why are you laughing?
Yes, Nivin Pauly
He'll die for me
So affectionate
All humbug
But he studied B.Tech
ls that what he says?
All that is just style
A pan oftinsel world
Only his close friends know
he hasn't even passed his undergrad
- Gad ha
- Ros ha
Priya, 1 minute
Can you come?
- | ' | | see you soon
- | ' | | be in class
She's here somewhere
Look! There she is
Hurry LIP
[indistinct m uttering]
What is it?
Ask her, dude
You have a friend
in commerce batch
A girl wearing a veil
What is her name?
From yesterday, on first sight
he has been badly besotted
Besotted in a bad way, huh?
I mean... love at first sight
I can tell you her name
But before that
do you know my name?
You introduced yourself
in class today
Then tell me
It begins with Dha
I got it
- Messed it up!
- Dhakshayini, eh?
Then I am in no mood
to tell you her name
Hello Gadha
What's up?
lam Vyshak Pavana
Pavana to close friends
Gadhu, you can call me Pavana
Okay, done
Shame on you not to know
the name of your own classmate
What is thisl?
Do you know his name?
Go and ask his parents
They might have named him
Shah Rukh Khan for all you know
But look at him!
Silly boys
Gadhu, see you later
Let's go
The girl you want to befriend is Sana
Nice name...Sana
- What is it?
- Nothing
You called me here
to say 'nothing'?
No... this thing between us
Between us?
I neverthought we would
get close like this so soon
Get close?
Like what?
You winked at me yesterday
I winked at you?
When was this?
You claim you didn't?
You must have imagined it
Oh! Imagined, eh?
Maybe you imagined this too?
Aren't you eating, bro?
Everything is a mess
You have a bad stomach?
No, dude
It's that Priya
She cut my call
Blocked me on WhatsApp too
Will that kiss land me in a soup?
A kiss screwed him up
You are in a royal soup now
Your fate is sealed
Whatdol do now?
You have nothing to do now
Principal will do the needful
Be ready to receive
your Transfer Certificate
Tell your mom to find
a school nearyour house
Bro, 2 'parotta'
Did you hear the latest?
Lot of kissing
happening here
God! Kissing?!
In such a tearing hurry
Roshan kissed Priya
Diny fellow!
Not everyone will
be in control like me
Hey! Move aside, dude
Priya, 1 minute, come out?
I must tell you something
Where are you going?
You sit right there
Only Priya
It's personal
Why personal?
You want to kiss her?
That won't happen again, my boy
Why did you tell her?
He does something diny
And he can tell you
Why should it matter
ifl tell her?
What was dirty?
It was so pure!
- Didn't you like it?
- No, I didn't
Oh come on! You liked it
Isn't that why you told everyone?
Otherwise you would have
complained to our Principal
I didn't want to make an issue
in the beginning ofthe term
Not becausel like him
What a fraud you are!
My boy is such a smart fellow
I would've fallen for him
long ago if I were you
Then go ahead
Sure, I will
Rosha, don't raise
this topic again with me
I will never fall in love with you
"Listen to the story
of a lovely freaky boy"
"Notjust a story
It's the feeling ofthe boy"
"He wants to make the girl
feel the love for his own story"
"But the girl never stays to hear the words
The boy just singing the story"
"Oh my God! Kaput now
Fell head over heels in | ove"
"The momentl set eyes on her
love pierced my heart like a spear"
"Like a lotus in bloom divine
her rosy-hued lips shine"
"A fleeting smile from herwill do
My heart beats a wild tattoo"
"Life at a standstill, like a lamp post
All wasted; all purpose lost"
"From her lips when the word 'hate' slipped
the entire sea into darkness dipped"
"To conclude
One sided love, dude"
"Not simple matter
Just try it to feel it"
"Wonderful feeling, dude"
"First time it is boring
Next time you will get the feeling"
"It's the time to break it
Life is sothrilling, right?"
"0' girl, full of fun and freaky
Come with me, Ms Wacky"
" | f you come away with me
life will be jolly, baby"
"0' girl, funny and freaky
Sing along with me"
"When you sing along with me
life will be jolly, baby"
"0' girl, full of fun and freaky
Come with me, Ms Wacky"
" | f you come away with me
life will be jolly, baby"
"0' girl, funny and freaky
Sing along with me"
"When you sing along with me
life will be jolly, baby"
"My dear girlie!"
"My sweet | assie"
"My sweet dearie"
"0' girl, fun-tastic and freaky"
"My dear girlie!"
"My dear dolly"
"My dear so | ove | y"
"0' girl, fun-tastic and freaky"
"l went to the bus stop this morning
Decked and dressed to kill looking"
"Looked at my watch many times in between
Awaiting the arrival of my heart's queen"
"First bus whizzed past me
2nd bus too raced past in a jiffy"
"3rd bus too zipped past
Wasted my time, alas!"
"And then she arrived finally
Bedecked in blue with fancy finery"
"Anklets tinkling melodiously
She came and stood beside me"
"She ignored me right royally
Even for a second, she didn't glance at me"
" | n spite of the trouble to be well dressed
Not even a 2nd glance was I blessed"
"To conclude
One sided love, dude"
"Not simple matter
Just try it to feel it"
"Bro, wonderful feeling"
"First time it's boring
Next time you'll get the feeling"
"It's the time to break it
Life is sothrilling, right?"
"0' girl, full of fun and freaky
Come with me, Ms Wacky"
" | f you come away with me
life will be jolly, baby"
"0' girl, weird and freaky
Sing along with me"
"When you sing along with me
life will be jolly, baby"
"0' girl, full of fun and freaky
Come with me, Ms Wacky"
" | f you come away with me
life will be jolly, baby"
"0' girl, weird and freaky
Sing along with me"
"When you sing along with me
life will be jolly, baby"
"My dear girlie!"
"My dear | assie"
"W dear baby!"
"0' girl, fun-tastic and freaky"
"My dear girlie!"
"My dear so | ove | y"
"My sugar and sweetie"
"0' girl, fun-tastic and freaky"
My dear hottie... hey hey
My dearsweetie... hey hey!
Stop it, dude
He wrote that song
Freak Penne
"0' girl, fun-tastic and freaky"
I think he's a show off
Walks around with a head-set
What temerity!
I'll fix it right away
- Not allowed
- Listen!
-You carry on
-0kay, bro
Did you write
that song Freak Penne?
- Dislike!
When our lyricists are trying to
raise our songs to international level...
...you come up with
your cheap Freak Penne
If you everwrite or sing songs
which are not poetic or lyrical...
... | ' | | gouge your eyes
Now clear out!
He and his silly song!
Get lost
Go learn something worthwhile
Who is that boy
not in school uniform?
May be a new student
Hey you! Come here
Why are you not in uniform?
You dare address me
Pattikkad Feroze like that?
We seniors wear uniform
Then why can't you?
- My buttons will snap
- Tell me, dude
Tell me and then I'll let you go
Go home and wear
your uniform and come
Pattikkad Feroze!
He's a teacher here
I thought you were a student
I'm not a student
I'm hereto teach
I'm a guest teacher
Heard that?
Now scoot!
Thank you forthe help, sir
That's nothing
Can't blame the boys
Look at your attire
With this dress and bag
Just like a student
I got it free of cost
from the office
No wonder!
I forgot to ask your name
when I met you in the office
Not Maths
Not biology
I work here as...
...the office administrator
What is that subject?
What did I want to ask?
-What is your name?
- Manikandan
Oh! That reminds me
Time to ring the bell
He's the peon, eh?
Don't call me peon
I'm the Principal's elder son's
elder sister's younger brother's son!
Vicky P Sebastian
- Oh my God!
- Mind it!
That means he is
Principal's aunt's son
Will you misunderstand
ifl ask you something?
1st ask and only then
I can answer
That's true
Shall I ask?
Are you and Roshan in love?
Roshan and I are deeply in love
Don't tell anyone though, okay?
Okay then
- See you, sister?
- Okay, brother... bye
Come with me
| f | tell you something
will you tell anyone?
E99 puffs?
Want to taste?
No, thanks
I am vegetarian
Gadha, canl ask you something?
ls there something
between you and Roshan?
I simply told Shaan
Roshan and I are in love
He has come and told you already?
He doesn't even talk
to the boys in his class
-Youthink he'll tell me?
- Then why did you ask me?
There is a general talk in class
You take care, okay?
Why cause unnecessary gossip?
If we take care of ourselves
it is for our own good
Nothing, eat your puff
Bro, isn't she a nymph
from paradise?
An angel
Hello Sana
What's up?
How is Dillimon?
How do you know my brother?
ls there a problem
ifl know?
Sana, wrap your veil properly
Let us also get
a glimpse ofyourdimples
Hey! How did you get
her brother's name?
ls Facebook there
to scrape coconut, idiot?
We can't give this fatso
anymore space
We must kill him
Kill that fatso
Don't pretend anymore
I came to know you like me
- Who told you?
- My Gadha told me
Butl nevertold heranything
You didn't?
Didn't you ask her
if we had something going?
I didn't ask any such thing
She is an universal liar
Who is the liar?
Didn't you ask me?
Howyou both torture me!
Give me some peace of mind
Hey! That's the boys toilet
Poorthing! She must be
having the loosies!
- Here
- Sorry
So you go to the boy's toilet
for peace of mind, eh?
Get lost, frizzy-head
You get lost, fishmonger Mary
Hey Priya!
This fellow will lose
all his self respect!
Who is that midget with her?
Bro, 2 Five star bars
I want Snicker bar
Don't be stingy like uncle
Take it if you want
My cousinAdi
Will you give me 1?
If you can't afford chocolates
why do you come to school?
Don't become stingy
befriending such poor souls
See you, sis
We'll find a way
Free period, eh?
Shall I go report?
Be quiet, idiot
That gas bag Shibu will come
Think ofthe devil
Here he is... the butcher
Get in now
Master, where are you off to?
lwant to teach Maths
in this free hour
Free hour doesn't mean
it's a Maths class
Many Math teachers think a free period is
like a villain overpowering the heroine
-I must finish my portions
- Evenl have to
Only a healthy body
houses a healthy mind
Only a healthy mind
will make them learn
Sir, please go away
I came on Principal's request
Tell him, the students and I
will be in the playground
Come on, boys
Hey! It is Maths
ls anyone you know
working in Snickers company?
No one
Then why give my brother free Snickers?
Who else will I give it to?
If my brother wants
I can buy it for him
Don't resort to such cheap tricks, okay?
Snickers is of no use
We must use tricks
which fetch results
I'll tell you 2 or3 tricks
I have in mind to get Sana
You can use it on Priya
Your love will work out fine
By the time you use yourtricks
Matthew will be dating her
Yes, the guy who is always with Gopu
Check with Gadha if you want
Hello, Gad ha
It's me, Pavana
Tell me, dude
ls Matthew hitting on Sana?
Matthew... he asked me her name
Love at first sight he says
Ask them to stop chasing her
Or I will burn them alive
Dude, don't mess it up
We'll find a way for you
I am a terror, Gadha
Ask them not to be the reason
fora blood bath, understood?
Has he gone bonkers?
Yelling at me!
While we are sitting bored here
waiting for Unmesh master...
...sha | | I sing a new carol song
I wrote for Christmas?
-Sha | | I?
-God help me
"1 Jesus, 2 Jesus, 3Jesus
4 Jesus, 5-6 Jesus"
"Lying on a crib of hay in bliss"
Don't try my patience, sir
Sing this in the ground
'Danganadakka' it seems!
No need if you say so
Why did you send for me?
Anything special?
Why did you take the students
to the playground yesterday?
Can I take them
to the fish market then?
Well asked!
1 hour wasted for me
But not wasted for the kids
ls there any use learning Maths?
Don't malign my subject
Pulse of ourworld is Maths
-Who said so?
- Thalakan
In the movie 'Spadikam'
Spelt it out loud and clear
Throw this fellow out first
He can't even say Thilakan properly
Pulse ofthe world is sports
People know Sachin and Maradona
But who knows Aryabhatta
and Pythagoras?
He has a point
Then what?
Thanks to Maths masters like him
... | ndia can't compete for
the World cup like Japan and Korea
Please don't waste my time
with no-good people like this
I have to mould my students!
See you, Mr Maths master
You think you are film heroes
Harikrishnans to woo one girl?
She likes only me
I swear she does
Didn't you see her
smiling at me?
She saw, huh?
I swear she smiled at me
That must have been
to tease you, moron
How dare you call me moron!
Fatso! I'll finish you
Heard me?
You mongrel
Fighting over a girl in commerce is
very shameful for us science students
So today, we shall decide
who is to be her guy
That's rig ht
Howwill you decide?
Who is choosing first?
I will
"Tha | a... heads it is"
La | 'ettan, my hero... heads
I win
Sana is for me
Thank you
How will she fall
for a fatso like you?
I'll make sure she does
I will start dieting from today
Better idea would be to
buy her food and make her fat
Ignore them
Hey fatso!
What is it, dude?
What are you up to
with chocolates and all?
This is for my sweetheart
Who is that?
Which Sana?
Sana of 11th grade, commerce
Oh! That Sana
Go ahead
Give it
But when you give it
you must say Akkuka sent it
Which Akkuka?
I am Akku
What son of a name is that?
That chocolate you bought for Sana?
Just give to her
and say it is from me
I bought this chocolate with my money
I didn't buy it
with your dad's money!
Who are you?
We are thick friends
Friend, keep away from this
You fatso!
- Give him good
- Don't spare him
- How do you know?
-I knew long back
okay. We
What is this chocolate for?
You know our seniorAkku...?
That chap overthere?
He asked me to give it to you
He likes you it seems
Shall I say 'no' to him?
I meant
Don't say no
lam a great fan of Akkuka
right from my school days
I like him a lot
I was wondering
how to say it
Anyway thanks
Hey fatso!
Hey! Here
Up here
I'll come down
Mother Mary!
I can't bear it, bro
Fat people are ridiculed always
They may have many girls as friends
But none to fall in love
I am fat, rig ht?
- Come with me
- No, dude
Just come with me
Don't be sad
Good the toss was in yourfavor
Those boys would have battered me
No use losing sleep over girls
Do you know, we followthem
entice them, call, message
With our limited resources, spend
on treats and phone recharge
Buy cards for birthdays
and Valentine's day
Borrow to buy them gifts, when we are
so broke to even pawn our undies
They just finish it all
in just 1 dialog
What is that dialog?
Cheta, ourfamily has
found out we are dating
So don't waste
your tears on them
If Mary goes
Malar will come
And if Malar leaves?
If Malar goes then self help!
There is no love to com pare
with 'adaar' friendship
Wipe yourtears
and come along
"Come along, travel with me
to know the story of friendship, buddy"
"You will knowthe value then
of genuine friendship, machan"
"You have a problem, next second
yourfriend is with you most concerned"
" | f you have a friend loyal and true
you can face any hurdle in life, dude"
"You are angling for a girl's attention
he'll lend you 101% cooperation"
"You train with weights at the gym
he'll be your dumb bells to make you trim"
"You relax with a glass of liquor
he'll be your much needed appetizer"
"When I puke my guts out
he'll be the cleaner, no doubt"
"With you forever friend, forever friend
and I am always with you"
"Forever friend, forever friend
and I am always with you"
"With you forever friend, forever friend
and I am always with you"
"Forever friend, forever friend
and I am always with you"
" | 'm always with you"
" | am always with you"
" | 'm always with you"
" | am always with you"
I will call our Sneha teacher
and try my luck
- Sneha miss?
- Don't talk, it's ringing
- Hello
- Miss...?
It's me... Manavalan
Why call me at this time of night?
Just like that
Hope all are doing well at home
Do you have to call
at 11:00 p.m to chit chat?
Actually I called to clear a doubt
What doubt?
What is centromeric... chromatis...?
Oh! You're reading up a chapter
I haven't even taught you!
Meet me in the staff room
before class tomorrow, okay?
Miss, I was studying so hard
I didn't realize I skipped chapters
Nowl am in a soup
She hung up on me
Just escaped
Haven't you solved it yet?
That kind of | .Q existed
only in my days
There he goes with his hogwash!
Even before my teacher
wrote it on the board...
lwould have solved it
We can do it too, sir
But we don't want
to hun your ego
Not only me
They haven't done either
All those who haven't done
their homework, stand up
Get up, quick
I'll deal with you later
Bloody fellow!
Any body else?
- Haven't you done your home work?
- My stomach is aching badly
You want to go to the toilet?
What, sir?
- Take care
- Thank you, sir
'We | come'
All those who haven't
done your home work, get out
Thank you, sir
Are you waiting forAkkuka?
I had computer lab lessons
I finished early
Don't you have class?
We had show-off Shibu's class
I hadn't done my homework
Sol escaped saying
I had stomach ache
The only advantage
of stomach ache
We can cut class
and get out anytime
That's true
Sana, you go
Okay, I am nottroubling you
-You carry on
- Nothing like that
I know all about it, my dear girl
So you cut class without
doing your homework, eh?
So what?
I'll tell our teacher
and you'll be caught
Go ahead, I'll tell the Principal
how you stalked me and kissed me
Hey! You can't do that
Howlong do I run behind you?
Can't you say you like me?
I don't like you
I don't have any reason
There should be a reason
for liking or disliking someone
- Othen/vise
- Othen/vise?
It means you like me
I don't like you
If you don't like me
then return what I gave you
High hopes!
If you don't like me
then you must return it
Get lost!
Come to class
I'll give you then
In class?
Yes, come there
-May I come in?
-Yes, come in
This is the invitation for
ourAnnual day celebrations
Not thatmthis
-Yes, sir
Dear students
On the 30th of this month
we have scheduled ourAnnual day
All of you must participate
wholeheartedly in the event
Another important piece of news
My latest devotional album
The Lament From
Gagultha Mountain
Available in our office
You should buy it, compulsory
ls it okay to only buy it, sir?
Not compulsory to listen, rig ht?
We must use only a small piece
of sodium in this experiment
And then very carefully
drop it in like this
Now begins the drama
Can you see it move?
Can you see
the chemistry working?
Do you see the spark?
Do you all notice it?
This is a simple experiment
of exothermic reaction
Ages since I stepped into a lab
Move aside
Let me see
-What is this, master?
-What brings you here?
I have a class
only in the last hour
-Letme see
- | ' | | showyou
Look at this
Just drop it in like this
See...did you see?
Look at it spinning
like a firework wheel
Why be a miser and
drop such a small bit?
The school lab can afford more
Put the whole thing
and let's have fireworks!
Run...it will burst
Run... scoot
Save your skin!
Are you teaching students
how to make bombs? Idiot!
Isn't that Irene?
She looks gorgeous in that dress
Some girls are like that
They look lovely in a color dress
than in uniform, isn't it?
lam also not in uniform
You didn't say anything
But you look lovely
in uniform too
Rosha, don't simply flin, okay?
What's going on
in this corner?
- Nothing
- Nothing, eh?
So it's her now?
What about Gadha?
The curly haired one?
She's a friend
Oh! Afriend, eh?
Then is she a setup?
- Setup is for your granny!
- How dare you!
Sir, don't show off
My dear boy
Like your cheap Maths master
I won't complain to the principal
But I'll beatyou black and blue
Clear out now
Why did you swear at him?
Usually I swear about mother
Grandmother is milder
and he's lucky!
Bro, we are doomed
What happened?
Those seniors have come up
with an awesome idea
What's so awesome?
Justin Bieber and Despacito
We stand no chance against them
Let's change our item
How can we
in the last minute?
I know something which will
make Bieber and Despacito run
-What is that?
- Our dear Mani chettan
"Don't run a marathon
You'll get tired and tumble down"
"Let not your face be listless
from worry and weariness"
" | f you make an effon not to get tired"
"A kiss is my gift on your lips revered"
"By the side ofthe tar-road you'll see"
"A house with the pink gliricidia tree"
"Soft steamed white rice as feast
with fresh fish curry as a treat"
"Share our lunch, step in to eat"
" | went to the market in Cha | akudy"
"When I went on a spree
to the market in Cha | akudy"
" | met a fishen/voman there
like sandalwood doll rare"
"She had in her basket, fresh to savor
spotted pearls, shrimp and red snapper"
"When I went on a spree
to the market in Cha | akudy"
" | met a fishen/voman there
like sandalwood doll rare"
"She had in her basket, fresh to savor
spotted pearls, shrimp and red snapper"
"When you go to college, dear
And see a sea of faces unfamiliar"
"Won't I flash in your memory
at least for a moment, my dearie?"
"When you go to college, dear
And see a sea of faces unfamiliar"
"Won't I flash in your memory
at least for a moment, my dearie?"
"When I first met you, sweetie
you were like a new mango on the tree"
" | waited foryou to ripen sweet
my sweetheart, my tasty treat"
"When I first met you, honey
you were like a fresh mango on the tree"
" | waited foryou to ripen sweet
my sweetheart, my tasty feast"
"Grey mullets I caught today
swimming at this time yesterday"
"Grey mullets I caught today
swimming at this time yesterday"
"Deafening thunder rolled
Rain in torrents poured"
"Breaking all barriers deftly
Smoothening ridges in the fields swiftly"
"Deafening thunder rolled
Rain in torrents poured"
"Breaking all barriers deftly
Smoothening ridges in the fields swiftly"
"Grey mullets I caught today
swimming at this time yesterday"
"Grey mullets I caught today
swimming at this time yesterday"
"0' firefly with gossamer wing"
"Firefly with gossamer wing flitting free"
"Where are you off to in a tearing hurry?"
"Aren't you afraid to fly all alone?"
"Shall I tag along
as your ally now?"
"Firefly with silver wings fluttering free"
"Where are you off to in a tearing hurry?"
"Aren't you afraid to fly all alone?"
"Shall I tag along as your friend nov\f?"
"0' firefly with gossamer wing"
Gadha John
Res hma
How much did you score?
How much?
This is the paper of a student
who has shown outstanding performance
Manavala, only one
to fail in Zoology
Always clearing doubts
no one else had?
Then isn't it evident
you've failed too, miss?
Don't give me your smart dialogs
This paper will be with the principal
You can come back to class
after your parent meets him
Why did you send word for me?
Always talking and passing
comments in class
He's the laziest fellow in class
What have you got to say
about this as his parent?
He comes to class everyday
Good boy
What son of a parent are you?
The teachers here have only
complaints about him, isn't it, sir?
Yes, very bad
I doubt how he even
passed his 10th grade
That's exactly my doubt also
In our next family get-together
we will honor him
Both of you must come
We will present him a small trophy
I would like you to do the honors
Me? You want me to
give him a trophy?
ls that a problem?
How is he eligible?
Sir, my father has never seen a school
My grandfather has never
even heard of the word 'schoo | '
Compared to them
I am a little better
What have you studied?
No wonder!
Think of it
He's brilliant
'Adaar' brilliant
Right, son?
Then there's no use blaming him
That's what I said too
If parents don't know
the value of education...
...their children will only be like them
Don't blow your trumpet about education
1st you need practical education
And we have plenty of it
So does he
Your practical education
is to go fishing in the sea
With his incomparable intellect
that's what he is fit for
Better send him to sell fish, Mr David
Don't make fun of it, sir
When Kerala was sinking
in the floods we experienced recently
And thousands were marooned,
scared, not knowing what to do
They were rescued by us
brave sons ofthe ocean
Not any superman who wears
his unden/vear over his pants!
I take leave, sir
Son, isn't she your biology teacher?
How did you guess?
Her anatomy fits
a biology teacher 100%
I am his father
Son, if you have doubts
clear it with her, okay?
His brain is overflowing
with doubts all the time
Very good
Asking doubts in the middle ofthe night
is the sign of a good student
Isn't it, miss?
But asking doubts only at night
is not a good habit, okay?
Will you knock down my self respect?
Don't do
The sky had been overcast with clouds
The day was still cool and wet
As usual
On grey... dull days
When the clouds stand low
over the fields
And it looks like rain
Which never comes
Ivan lvanich
Took a deep breath
and lighted his pipe
Before beginning a story
But just...
Okay, see you for the next class
Thank you
-Aren't you going?
- Should I?
No, don't
Roshan, can I ask you something?
You're serious about me
Will you cheat on me?
Silly girl!
I'm very serious
Close your eyes, da!
Who asked you to open your eyes?
I wanted to kiss both eyes
Aiyo! I'll close it again
| 'm going
Rosha, I love you, love you, love you!
Stop boasting
and get lost!
Wasting time
We have lab work today
lforgot my lab record
Teacher's Day program this afternoon
A skit written by that silly peon
enacted by our teachers
A scene from Mahabharat
Disrobing of Panchali
Who is acting as Panchali?
Our Sneha miss
Is it?
That means her sari will be removed?
No, before that happens
Lord Krishna will rescue her
Jesus, please delay Krishna's entry
In this assembly of elite
I am a silent witness to injustice
Butjustice will prevail some time soon
Your atrocities will not
work out here, you pig!
Lowerthe curtain
Curtain please!
I'll slap you
Why did you slap me?
That was-
Where in Mahabharat does
Bheema slap Bheeshma?
-Was he Bheeshma?
-Who else?
You should have told me
I thought you were
the greedy Duryodhana
- Sorry?
- That's a flute!
Come there
We'll see
What a miscast for Bheema
Dude, you've lost it totally, eh?
I am a teacher and
you are a peon, remember
You must explain who is who
I won't know othen/vise
My debut directorial venture
Please don't mess it up
Everybody knows
it's a maiden venture
Casting is a total mess
What's wrong with the casting?
According to my body
I should be Baahubali
Where does Baahubali
feature in Mahabharatha?
So Baahubali is not
from Mahabharatha?
You are Bheema, I say
Look at your mace
lam all tense now
I have a great item
to relieve your tension
Come with me
instead of being a pain!
Come on
Hey! I am a virgin
when it comes to booze
Want to relax?
Then take a glass
- Where?
- Lift that crown
Get me the glass
Your tension will
vanish into thin air!
You gulped it dry?
Oh! ls this called dry?
You callthatdry!
I am thrilled
Jai Mahishmathi kingdom!
Why are you loitering around?
Go and sit there, that is it
Bheeshma, I come from the Kuru dynasty
and in spite ofthe insults heaped on me
'...why do you keep silent?
Stop being pompous
and answer her
'- Bheemasena
- Draupu?
You also abetted this
I have no idea
This peon wrote the dialogs
So the standard will be low
Aryaputra Yudhishtra
How did you have
the hean to do this?
In a gambling game
I was shattered
I was made the scapegoat
Come, Panchali
Come sit on my lap
Devasena! You committed a grave sin
If you lay your hand on a woman
your hand should not be chopped
But your head!
God! What happened
to our Maths master?
Not God! Our Baahubali
has gone mad, hold him
Maths teacher has got it really hard
We'll discuss Maths later
I am thrilled
Lowerthe curtain
Haritha, tell me
No need to go alone
and talk to anyone
Haritha on the line, ma
Whoever it is, you can
talk sitting right here, it's fine
Come early tomorrow
We'll finish it together
Will you come early?
Should I?
Good night
I love you
What a lot of pretence!
Pretence, my foot!
Who asked you to call me?
Aiyo! What happened?
Mom was sitting next to me
If mom finds out
she'll tell dad
Then it will be easy for us
You knowwhat will happen then?
He'll shift me to another school
How many times
did you change schools?
Stupid joke!
I will call you hereafter
Started off early morning?
I came just now
I knew long ago
you liked him a lot
Wasted so much
of my friend's time
Isn't it true?
| am going
Where are you off to?
I must get my lab record
Go and simply hold her skin
Don't tease him
He's a simple soul
That's what he also said
Miss, did Shibu sir kick the bucket?
2nd hour, tell them
they have a test
I'll deal with them after that
About who kicked the bucket!
But that Unmesh master was so mean
This suits you
Make it permanent
Poor fellow!
Look how he's suffering
I'm not sad about his neck
After dressing up as Lord Krishna
I wanted to rescue you
I painted myself blue and
sat for 2 and 1/2 hours
But could not utter
a single dialog!
Utter rubbish!
Idiot, got himself beaten up
Master, you must forgive me
After I turn into the character
I have no control over myself
Why don't you take medical leave?
Students will pray for you
I'll pray for you too
Get lost!
I'm going to my class
No peace of mind anywhere
He won't leave this school
even if he kicks the bucket!
I was fine yesterday
I always got zero in Maths exams
I hate Maths teachers
That's why
this happened
How was it?
Thank God it was a mace
If it had been a sword
I would've been in a royal fix!
lam not angry with anyone
Then say something
Anything is okay?
Get lost, you dog!
"She walked ahead of me
I followed in herwake eagerly"
"Her eyes chatted with me
killing me softly but slowly"
"She walked ahead of me
I followed her most earnestly"
"Her eyes chatted with me
killing me ever so mercilessly"
"As butterflies in my heart dance a tattoo"
"A background score replays anew
"Like the Google map I followed you du | y"
"With traffic jam as excuse, girlie
you got me into trouble royally"
"She walked ahead of me
I followed her devotedly"
"Her eyes chatted with me
killing me unexpectedly"
"She walked ahead of me
I followed her dutifully"
"Her eyes chatted with me
killing me so beautifully"
You are early today
lam feeling bored all alone
-Where is everybody else?
- They've gone for a wedding
Shall I come over?
- No... no
- Please
- Someone may see
- Nobody will
Why should you come?
Many reasons
Not necessary
Don't fuss
Please... please
Okay, come
If someone sees
you are dead meat
" | stepped into your house
Waves ofjoy in me arose"
" | f you are near me, the chemistry
If we kiss...God help me!"
"Goose bumps you know
From my head to toe"
"Fingers swaying in the breeze
Cotton candy lips to please"
"Your eyes like lightning tease"
"lf you smile, my hean feels divine
Unlimited 'Share' and 'Like' online"
"Clouds in the sky overlain
just foryou will shower rain"
"Waves of love at night
pervade my hean with delight"
"On your shoulder, overyour tresses
I want to rest my head, princess"
"Your love is enough to last me a lifetime
You are my only real love sublime"
If you move a bit
this fatso can also sit
If you move a bit
this fatso can also sit
Be quiet
Stand aside, boys
Ticket... ticket
Where to?
How many?
Get inside.
What's your problem?
Can't you behave yourself in a bus?
Can't you understand?
How many times to tell you?
Shut up and sit, girl
Who are you to say that?
What's happening?
Move... move
What's going on?
He's been doing this
for quite some time
And only now you realized?
You behave rotten and
spew smart dialogs, mongrel?
Move aside
Let go of him
[overlap of angry voices]
These chaps behave
so badly all the time
[raised voices]
Stop the bus
Get down
You just wait
We'll get even with you!
I'll teach you all a lesson
Get lost!
Happy birthday to you
You will merge my birthday
and death day together
I nearly died of fright
So our plan worked
Only this?
No cake for me?
Cake is ready
Come, dad and mom
are waiting for you
"Love you, 0' life of mine"
"Love me, life divine"
[song from 'DearZindagi']
Her parents must be really cool
Celebrating her birthday with boys
in the middle of the night
If it had been my parents
you would've been kicked out
Her folks are very open
They like us very much
All Christians are like that
Wait till you borrow money
You'll see their true colors!
My dad has told me
Since your dad is loaded
why will he borrow shamelessly?
My dad hasn't borrowed, okay?
I made a general statement
Only when you get close
you'll knowthe truth
Both of you have a rollicking time
Happy birthday, Gadha
Yesterday you had a blast
I missed it
Come to the church carnival tomorrow
We'll have a blast there
She doesn't like church festivals
Who said so?
I love Christian festivals
- I'll come for sure
- Then we'll enjoy
lam going, some more
shopping to be done
Okay, Gad ha
She butts in everywhere
You are not going alone
to the carnival to have a blast, okay?
"Dear miss, mademoiselle
My darling damsel"
"Eyes dusky and sloe
Lined with charcoal kho | "
"Apple of my eye, 0' girl"
"One festive day dawned
brightness and bliss adorned"
"Blush of twilight donned"
"Like a sparkler shining and shimmering
Flash of a smile in her eyes simmering"
"A band of drummers beat
a tattoo within the heart sweet"
"Spare me a glance only once
Aword from you in accordance"
"Step along with me for this song
Dance, my lovely lass, come along"
"Dear miss, mademoiselle
My darling damsel"
"Eyes dusky and sloe
Lined with charcoal kho | "
"Apple of my eye, 0' girl"
"One festive day dawned
brightness and bliss adorned"
"Like a love song sublime
my hean hums the notes divine"
"Will my Susanna darling
hearthose notes endearing?"
"Rhythm ofthe drum beats escalating
Dance steps in unison accelerating"
"Desire as a dream sweeps
Ambrosia descends in heaps"
"Arteries and veins illumined by a light
Words smothered in honeyed delight"
"Roasting on dreams to savor
Festival spirit favors the flavor"
"Like a sparkler shining and shimmering
Flash of a smile in her eyes simmering"
"A band of drummers beat
a tattoo within the heart sweet"
"Spare me a glance only once
Aword from you in accordance"
"Step along with me for this song
Dance, my lovely lass, come along"
"Dear miss, mademoiselle
My darling damsel"
"Eyes dusky and sloe
Lined with charcoal kho | "
"One festive day dawned
brightness and bliss adorned"
"Dear miss, mademoiselle
My darling damsel"
"Will you give me 1 more peg please?"
You want 1 more peg?
There's a way to booze, dude
If you swallowa bottle at one go
this is howyou' | | be
Get lost!
I am fit
That's what he said
Fit to be called stone drunk
Not that
I am fit as in fitness
Bro, give it to me
Phone is ringing
Hello... hello
I am okay
I am perfectly alright
Be quiet
Let me call my Sneha miss
At this time?
This is the right time
to clear my doubts
Who the hell is sending
so many messages?
Bro, look! Piece!
Not 'piece' as in chic
Porn videos in our school group
Whichjerk posted
in our school group?!
The teachers are also here
This jobless jerk!
My phone is with this wasted wastrel
Aiyo! It was a mistake
I'll set it right now, wait
Delete for me
Problem solved
You crackpot!
You must press
Delete for everyone
I'll kill you
Roshan, you are dead meat!
- Good morning
- Good morning
All of them know about it
The lady at the office knows
You are finished
Move! You'll spoil my reputation
Look! They all know
They are staring at me weirdly
Bro, if we attend a wedding uninvited
people will stare, that's all
Bloody jerk!
You are the culprit
Rosha, you have a great variety of 'items'
Which site did you pick?
Don't pourfuel over fire
Get lost!
Does the Principal knowl wonder?
He is the group admin
Howwill he not knovxf?
You are finished, Roshan
Reaction of potassium in water
The reaction depends on the size
of the piece you drop in water
Each reaction is different
I mean the piece of potassium
It's not the 'piece'
you guys talk about
Look here
Potaasium metal reacts
very rapidly with water
To form a colourless solution
of potassium hydroxide
And hydrogen gas
The result is
Forget it
This too will pass
He's finished... buried!
The reaction is exothermic
Principal wants to meet Roshan
Piece is calling Roshan
I mean Princi!
Roshan, go meet the Principal
Your time has come, my son
Don't drag my name please
'- Rosha, get up
- Get up and come
You continue
Come on
Atransfer certificate is for sure
What do you understand from this?
If you drop a piece unknowingly
the reaction is really huge
Thank you
Kids these days!
The matter has reached Princi's ears
If you continue dating him
your reputation will be in tatters
Potassium metal becomes
Leave him
If I were in your shoes
I'll ignore him totally
Look at him standing so innocently!
As if you just got
Student of the year award
Shameless fellow!
That WhatsApp group was created
purely for communicating your subjects
Not to play the fool with
Sorry, sir
It was a blunder
This is not a blunder
Most vulgar!
You can go back to class
afterl meet yourfather
- Sir, my dad
- Not here?
My dad isn't in India
- Then?
- In the Gulf
No wonderyou fool around like this
All children brought up
by single mothers are like this
Okay, ask your mother to come
Sir, howwill I tell her?
Should I come and tell her?!
You should have thought of it
before doing this
That you have a mother
or sister at home
Boys like you who see
such dirty videos...
...are the ones who get involved
in molestation cases, understand?
Sorry, sir
It won't happen again
That's why lwant
to meet your mother
Here, keep this
Suspension letter
Come back after1 week
Clear out now
Roshan, what you did
was really awful
I didn't know you would
stoop so low
I'm already stressed out
Don't condemn me
without knowing the truth
What truth?
I'm also ashamed
Why should you be ashamed?
The fact thatl liked you
That's my biggest disgrace
When you shared that dirty video
you know it will affect me too
Don't bug me
Go away now
Yes, I am going
Before that I must tell you this
What is it?
I don't want to continue
our relationship
Let's break up
Get lost, you chit of a girl!
Hey dude, with your suspension
you can go home and have a ball!
I don't feel like going home
Then what, bro?
Want to commit suicide?
- Will you shut up?
- I was pacifying him
I'm wondering how to
break this to my mom
That's why I'm tense
ls this anything
to be stressed about?
lam with you, bro
Friendship is precious
Then go tell our principal
you uploaded that video
Bro, don't go back on your word
and get me caught
My parents will commit suicide
- Fatso
- What?
I'll slap you till your eardrums split
Overacting king!
You are the main cause
So you must rescue him
Heard me?
Drama king!
I have an uncle who
is a sub inspector here
Let's confess to him
He will somehow solve it
withoutyourmom knowing
Easierfor him to leave town
than to go to the police station
Kurla Express leaves at 6:30p.m
Police station is for real men
No need to be scared
Uncle is very friendly by nature
Aiyo! God help me
lam your uncle's
son's wife's elder brother
That's what people claim!
In spite ofthat
you behaved like a jerk
I believe policeman beat up
their acquaintances extra hard
- Let's go away
- Don't be scared
We are done for
Now you deal with him for a while
Okay, sir
Oh God!
I cannot
My wife has taken a vow now
It's her sacred ritual
Then you deal with him in there
Come with me
Go to that corner
Call the next one
'Kuthu' team
Come here
Bend properly
How else will he punch you?
What do you want?
You called us
You called us
'Porn' case
I meant 'Kuthu' as in murder
Notjust porn, my boy
Feeling shy orwhat?
Aren't you the boys Gadha sent?
I'll give you what you deserve, wait
Are you suffering from piles?
Why don't you sit?
If we sit, sub inspector will ask
Who asked you to sit?
That's why we prefer to stand!
Don't troll policemen, my son
Sit down
Sit, man
Sir is our friend
Don't worry
You can be frank with him
No need
Gadha explained everything
Why the hell do you watch
such diny videos?
Notme...he did
That's just for relaxation to
break the stress between studies
Don't you know it's a crime
to watch such videos?
-Is it?
- | T | S!
Section #67 of IT act
IPC Act section #293
If you are charged with both these cases
3 of you will be behind bars for 5 years
I'll never watch
such videos again, sir
| f | am sentenced to prison
my parents will commit suicide
Aiyo! I'll never again watch, sir
May I have some water?
Hey you!
Aiyo! I won't watch, sir
Enoug h
Don't overdo it
I have called your Principal here
Such a serious incident and he has
covered it up with a mere suspension
Let him come
I'll show him
Princi is in trouble
Sir, Principal is here
Gone case!
Oh God!
I am so scared
Good evening, sir
Did I ask you to sit?
I anticipated this
Sorry, sir
lam the Principal
of Don Bosco school
Okay, sit
Did these boys cause any trouble?
It was not them
It was you
Do you know
where we found him?
From the railway track
Railway track, huh?
Suicide attempt with
a note blaming you
His suicide note
But this is-
Just read what's written there
Oh! Okay sir
Suicide note?
To my dear mother
From her dear son Roshan, age 17 years
Informing his suicidethrough this note
Your son is leaving this nasty world
Don't hate me, mother
You must tell dad
I love him a lot, ma
What is all this?
All the love from you
I was meant to have...
...shou | d now go to my younger
brotherAppu, age 12 years
Who is APP"?
Just read the portion where
the principal was the reason for suicide
I was coming to it
Reading line by line, sir
The cause for my suicide
is only one person
Cruel and unbending
Principal who is sitting here
Ajerk in a green shirt
The principal who accused me
for a crimel did not commit
He harassed me
mentally and physically
Due to the above reasons
with a pained hean
I hereby inform you
I've decided to commit suicide
With love
Late Ros han
- Enough
- Signed
-You can go
-0kay, sir
He must be locked up right away
Roshan, my son
Come here
Sit here
Next to me
Did all that actually happen?
Saw that?
He denies it
You have harassed him mentally, right?
Oh gawd! Sir, I haven't
harassed him at all
Just a few words of caution
telling him right from wrong
Didn't I?
Heard him?
They are young boys
Can't I advise them?
What advice?
The accusation is prompting suicide
Section #306
If a person commits suicide and whoever
abets the commission of such suicide
...sha | | be punished upto
10 years of imprisonment
Sorry, sir
There's another case
pertaining to juvenile justice act
You will count bars
What if he had died?
You would've been trapped
Luckily you escaped
Everybody is happy?
I wasn't angry
when I yelled at you
I advised you
out of affection and concern
Tomorrow all of you must go
to your class happily, okay?
What about his suspension?
Gone with the wind... long ago!
Shall I take leave?
Sir, a teacher must have a broad mind
to understand theirtender thoughts
And tolerate such small mistakes
boys commit, understand?
Yes, sir
From today I shall
be an exemplary teacher
For your own good
Forget it
-Carry on
-0kay, sir
Shall we also take leave, sir?
Since Gadha said it was a mistake
lam letting you go free
Don't forget sections #67 and #293
lam selling my mobile phone today
His face was bloodless
on the way to the station
Look at his grin now
What canl say, bro?
I almost died of tension
Why get tense for no reason?
All of us were there to ease it
Fatso! I'll kick you out
Sit quietly there
If it wasn't for her
imagine our plight
Gadha, we are so lucky
to get a friend like you
Thank you
-What is this?
- Love letter
Giving love letters
to the Principal?
Nof mine
K C Rahul of 7th grade
He gave it to Gayathri of 6th grade
Very bad behavior, sir
He must be suspended
ls this such a big crime, sir?
Is it?
Haven't you fallen in love
in your school days?
- Haven't you?
- In 2nd grade
Haven't you given love letters?
Thanks to my good looks
all the girls fell for me
Old building
Don't topple it down
Understanding all these
tenderfeelings of young minds
And tolerating their silly mistakes
That's the perfect teacher
with a broad mind, right?
Not scolding and
torturing them all the time
Hassling innocent students
Come closer
Sir, teach him to behave gently
and calmly with students
You must take a class
for this teacher
Hereafter if you come here
with silly complaints
...you will be suspended
Wonder ifthe poor kids
are standing in the sun!
- Give it here
- Eat it
ls this stale stuff, bro?
Old... here?
When I am here?
- Eat it, man
- That's true
So with all yourtension gone
you are happy now, right?
Full haPPV
Not full happy
One more issue
needs to be solved
What issue?
Priya and him
That's not an issue at all
Bro, stop going after her
and making all of us look like fools
That eyebrowtrick can be done
by any Tom, cop and Priya!
For your information
I'm not going after her
Let her come to me
Fat chance she'll come
She will
She will come behind you
like this, wagging her tail
How will that happen?
Fall in love
You should fall in love
She will be upset
when you love someone else
Then she'll come back automatically
So who will fall in love with him?
- Me?
Yes, you
You must act like
you are in love with him
And you must reciprocate
When your boyfriend is
chasing another girl she will be upset
No girl will tolerate it
Will this work out?
It's my idea
Not yours
How many have fallen
foryou with this idea?
Because he has no dad
You dare drag my dad here
I'll beat you to a pulp
Bro, I just quoted an example
You have to love him
Okay, now look at each other
You look back at him lovingly
I can't feel any love
looking at his face
What is wrong with my face?
This is not okay
Romance and I are poles apart
You don't have to be
really in love, just act
Like you see in films
-Wi | | it be okay?
-Yes, sure
Be brave and fall in love, girl
Even if the idea is a waste
if it works out it's all forthe best
Just act like heroine Nayantara
Just like her
Fall in love, girl
Go on... fall for him
She should feel jealous
and come running
"Secretly silently within me
spring blossoms flowered naturally"
"Like love and passion born again
floral season blooms as a song refrain"
"You melt into me or I merge into you duly
The result is just the fragrance of honey"
"lfthe velvet flower is you
I'm the bee midnight blue"
" | buzz near your ears two
humming my love foryou"
"Secretly silently within me
spring blossoms flowered naturally"
"Like love and passion born again
floral season blooms as a song refrain"
"Like a red rose fresh and blooming
your cheeks in shyness blush pink"
"Seeing you stand there, darling princess
my heart and soul shower flowers endless"
"Seasons may fly in the blink of an eye
It is a new spring for us, on a high"
" | n the garden of my heart, dear
your glances like jasmine blooming here"
"Like a kite without a string
my heart goes a-drifting"
" | cannot live without you
More and more I feel this is true"
"Ever so quietly, on the Q spring blossoms bloomed in plenty"
"Like love and passion born again
floral season blooms as a song refrain"
"You melt into me or I merge into you duly
The result is just the fragrance of honey"
"lfthe satin flower is you
I'm the bee midnight blue"
" | buzz near your ears two
humming my love foryou"
"Secretly stealthily within me
spring blossoms flowered readily"
"Like love and passion born again
floral season blooms as a song refrain"
I swearthis is true
Time really flies
when I am talking to you
I feel the same way too
Want to talk to you all the time
Thank you
What are you doing tomorrow?
Stop coochy-cooing
Canteen is about to close
I'm coming
Gadha, canteen will close
I'll see you tomorrow
Ros ha
1 minute, come here?
Plan has worked out
Don't play too hard to get
Now go...go
Rosha, I know you both are pretending
to be in lovejust to provoke me
Nothing like that
I know very well
Both of you are acting
You are too bad
She's betterthan you
Taking full advantage happily!
So how does it matter to you?
I don't like it
I don't like anyone
getting close to you
I was sad and angry
Sol said all that to you
Not because I did not love you
Your 'sorry' sounds so insincere
You did all that
Isn't that why it happened?
But still I apologized
So this sincerity will do
Then it's okay
Not okay
Now what?
Please don't watch
such videos again
ln case you feel like watching-
| f | do?
I'll kill you
Get lost!
Why is your mom calling?
To have dinner
What else?
When we broke up
didn't you miss me?
Nothing like that
She was with you all the time
How will you miss me then?
Don't be silly
What else?
lam the one asking you
Don't you have anything to ask?
Have you had dinner?
I forgot
What else?
Your aunt delivered a baby!
Hang up, bye
I feel nowl shouldn't have apologized
What did I do now?
Why don't you talk properly to me?
You want me to flin
with you all the time?
You used to do it once
Nowwhat happened?
Please don't start
early in the morning
It was you who kept irritating me
with your monotonous what else?
What a pair of morons!
Like Pearly and Sabu in Bigg Boss
I will forecast
your | ove's future
My Lord of Kanipayyur
The ultimate astrologer
Please be with me
Hey! This FLAME game?
I don't believe in all this
Utter nonsense
M is for...?
Not massage, you moron
Oh! Marriage, huh!
So there is truth
in such games, eh?
Why are you so aloof?
Any problem?
Nothing at all
Then okay
Will it pain ifl prick
my finger with this needle?
Are you scared?
Not at all
Then... a bit?
Awee bit
I hope none of you are
scared of needle or blood?
For a warrior like me?
What the heck!
Are you deaf?
Your phone is ringing
That is Priya
Usually youjump and
pick it up on the 1st ring
What happened?
lam not inthe mood, bro
She keeps nagging all thetime
I don't believe that
Tell me what's bugging you?
About what?
That's what I asked
What's up with you?
All of you are the reason for my plight
All of you made Gadha and me
act as if we are in love
Somewhere in between
lthinkl really started liking her
Which means...?
I was about to tell herwhen Priya
came back and apologized
You were saved!
If you had confessed
your love to Gadha
...she would've slapped you
Shut up!
Then what?
I know Gadha too well
She will never fall in love
Especially with you
She considers you
as her best friend
Don't throw away
such a good bond
-You think so?
- Trust me, I know
Then don't go around
announcing this
You think I have
no betterjob
Boys like me don't have 1 girl
even for namesake
My only hope is the
upcoming Freshers day
Lord, please send me a fresh girl
for the next Freshers day
So... Electro chemistry
Electro chemical cells are devices
that convert chemical energy of
...some son of redox reaction
to electrical energy
Good lord!
This is the reaction
Though it appears easy
'...it is really tough to learn
That is its specialty
Ros ha!
What is all this?
Can't you do all this
during interval?
Or during Maths class
It might work out
Yes, of course
He is always looking
this way, sir
I sawyou looking too
You focus on 1 girl
Then maybe you'll be lucky
to date a girl in 5 years, understand?
Sir, that may be
because I was bored
Sir, that means
he finds your class boring
No, sir
I didn't mean that
Get up
I'll cure you
of your boredom
What is the chemical formula
of calcium carbonate?
Answer me
Manavala, look here
Got it!
Not kakothree, you moron!
Do you really think you'll pass
your exam by copying?
I don't think so
You anyway pay your fees
So sit down
What rubbish!
I'm staaarving!
Please draw it for me
You can do it yourself
I already have so much to do
You blabber and
make an ass of yourself
Roshan, don't play the fool
They are here to bug us
You'll never reform
Roshan's record book, eh?
Only advantage of a girlfriend
No need to write or
draw any assignment
You are lucky, dude
Later you'll become a slave!
A sixer!
He's hitting it like how
hero Lal beat the villain Bhaskara
Go bring the ball dude!
Hey Bhaskara...!
Srees hanth
Come here
l pity your parents
What, sir?
For naming you Sreeshanth
-What was that ball you bowled?
- Right arm over the wicket
Don't overdo it
Give me that ball
In big league games
The bowler spits on the old ball
and rubs it on his butt
- To get more swing
- Rubbish!
When you do that
it nauseates the batsman
Go, try it
Don't you find it yucky?
You'll get a wicket now
Okay, thank you, sir
Boys these days lack skill
Human Re-productive system
Today I'll clear my doubts
and have a blast!
This chapter is very simple
You can learn it yourselves
So let's move to the next chapter
All our hopes dashed to the ground!
Next chapter
You would have seen
this picture, right?
Miss, I have a doubt
What is it?
This doubt has been
nagging me for ages
There he goes again!
Why are those apes
following that guy in a line?
Foolish fellow!
Do you come to class
only to blabber like this?
Tomorrowyou must lead
the NSS camp, sit down
Get going, dude
Sneha miss has put me in charge
Don't you have work?
What are you staring at?
Won't those mountains have
plenty of stories to tell, bro?
Yes, of course
Do you see that mountain?
Do you see a hole?
That's why it is called ass hole!
Matthew, ourjuniors
appear to be sman, eh?
Where is Sneha miss?
Where are you off
with din all overyou?
To show Sneha miss
She will think
I am working hard
Give me that
We will do this for you
It's not right for you to do
when we seniors are here
That does not matter, brother
Of course it matters
Please move
I don't want your soft hands
getting rough
I will do it for you
Dig properly, dude
This is a simplejob for me
I am tired now
Aren't you working?
These brothers offered to do it
His idea
You go overthere to
pick up the plastic bottles
Okay, miss
Where are you going?
To pick the bottles
No need, dig the pit
forthe saplings
Let us plant a sapling together
You are crossing
your limit these days
That didn't work!
Standing here alone
and avoiding work, eh?
It's a great feeling
when looking across
ls that so?
Honestly, I don't feel
like going back
Look up there
Think they are Jack and Rose in Titanic
This doesn't seem right, my girl
Look overthere!
You are right!
It's a great view
Forget the thanks
Give me my treat
Shall I go, Dinesha?
like the dialog in 'Narasimham'
Why did you give her a chocolate?
For drawing my record
Why make her dramf?
I asked you
But you didn't want to
She did it readily
without being selfish
She won't come and
draw it for your exam
You had better draw
your own diagrams
He slapped my dearfriend?
I'll roast him forthis!
Why did you slap Priya?
She's mad
She wanted to erase
your diagrams
But you can't slap her
Not right on your pan
She asked for it
Go and apologize
Our tour is coming up
Why fight and sulk?
I won't apologize
This will end here
No more love or
any other nonsense
Destroying one's peace of mind
Rosha, I'll ask you something
Will you tell me the truth?
What is it?
Do you...
... | ike Gadha?
Oh! So you do
What about her?
I don't know
Butl do
She will like you
Why don't you tell her?
What's the use of hiding it?
Rosha, she is the perfect match foryou
I'm possessive
I fight with you all the time
Not out of selfishness
It's because I care for you
But I think it is more
of a disturbance to you
Sol won't disturb you hereafter
Sorry, dear
Don't be sorry
I will miss you, Rosha
Stop fiddling with that phone
and eat, my dear
I don't feel like eating, dad
You are off on a tour
day after tomorrow, right?
Why are you preoccupied then?
Exams are round the corner
and I am a little stressed
My dear, school tour is an event
only a lucky few get to enjoy in life
Why think of exams
and spoil your mood?
Exams are inevitable
We'll cross the bridge then
Go for the tour, dear
Have a blast and enjoy
"My bliss, my happiness
My sheer b | essedness"
"My heaven, my paradise
My euphoria, my blue skies"
"My cloud 9
My Xanadu divine"
"My 7th heaven
My garden of Eden"
"Caressing my life ever so quiet"
"Love sparkle in delight
from eyes like moonlight"
"0' my life, my soul beside me
Like a golden flame burning brightly"
"My heartbeat, my life's meaning
You are my breath, my everything"
"0' my life, my love beside me
Like a steady flame shining brightly"
"My true love, my alter ego
You are my breath, my halo"
"My bliss, my happiness
My sheer b | essedness"
"My heaven, my paradise
My euphoria, my blue skies"
"My cloud 9
My Xanadu divine"
"My 7th heaven
My garden of Eden"
"My ecstasy; my exultation"
"My exhilaration"
"Time ticked by; roundabout
Seasons faded in and out"
"Buds of desiresilently started to sprout"
"You touched the depths of my soul
Tremors of pain only I could console"
" | n waves of dizzy solitude
I sing this happy tune"
"Even as I laugh in glee
Even as I chattercheerfully"
"You blossom like a flowerwithin me"
"Born to melt or to wilt away here"
"Clouds of love swirled, my dear"
"0' my life, my soul beside me
Like a golden flame burning brightly"
"My heartbeat, my life's meaning
You are my breath, my everything"
"0' my life, my love beside me
Like a steady flame shining brightly"
"My true love, my alter ego
You are my breath, my halo"
I'll be happiest
after tomorrows exam
I'll be happiest
after tomorrows exam
No need to come this way at all
ls that what makes you happy?
Didn't you enjoy school life?
What is school life?
We will be forever friends
even after school life
Instead of wasting time like this
might as well write bit notes to copy
Rosha, what are you deep in thought?
Do you miss Priya?
I really like hervery much
No, Gad ha
Remember, they acted close
to make Priya feel jealous
After that he started
falling for Gadha
I realize true love only now
Priya was only an infatuation
Then why didn't you tell her?
I told him not to
I thought he should not
break up their special bond
Nothing like that
She loves him too
When I saw you close together
very often I sensed it too
But I thought it was cheap
on my part to think that way
I felt so too
After your exam take her to a place
with a special ambience and propose
Bro, what is her favorite place?
Her favorite place?
That NSS cam p
Then take her there and profess
But howwill I get her to come there?
We will take care of that
We'll set up the rendezvous for you, okay?
We have set up everything
She has agreed to come to Chapara
Now all you have to do
is propose to her
How will you propose to her?
"0' my life, my soul beside me
Like a golden flame burning brightly"
"My heartbeat, my life's meaning
You are my breath, my everything"
"0' my life, my love beside me
Like a steady flame shining brightly"
"My true love, my alter ego
You are my breath, my halo"
"My bliss, my happiness
My sheer b | essedness"
"My heaven, my paradise
My euphoria, my blue skies"
"My cloud 9
My Xanadu divine"
"My 7th heaven
My garden of Eden"
"Caressing my life ever so quiet"
"Love sparkle in delight
from eyes like moonlight"
2 years of high school
Went by so fast
I really miss it
What is your plan?
I won't get through NEET exams
So dad's money will be useful
to go abroad and study medicine
Going abroad?
Escaped! I don't have to put up
with you for the next few years
I was joking
I will really miss not seeing you
You remember our first day
We first met... mmm
When seniors ragged you
I came to your rescue
Not only that day
Every problem I faced
you've always helped me
Then what else do you expect?
Rosha, can I ask you something?
That is.
Rosha, let's go
What are the 2 of you up to?
Let's run
Where to?
Ros ha!
Can't you go straight home
after school hours, my girl?
We werejust leaving, brother
Then why are you still
loitering here for?
Can we also join you, my dear?
Don't please, brother
We came here to talk
Many come here like that
But talking never happens
Ros ha, come
Let go ofme
Ros ha!
"Athousand lamps of pure delight
you lit in my life so bright"
"My dreams that flamed at night
Only you brought them into the | ime | ight"
"On every drop of blood that fell here
I sawthe reflection of your face so dear"
"Fading away slowly into the horizon
Amemory sinking into oblivion"
"Blissful unconsciousness"
"Blissful unconsciousness"
"Disappeared into depths of darkness"
"Disappeared into depths of darkness"
"Without fingers entwining
Our destinies not uniting"
"Scattered and blown away shattering"
"Upon a boulder of death
Petals of love shower as a wreath"
"Across skies unknown
Among cloudsstrewn"
"Like stars we will shine at sundown"
"Won't we unite together?
Won't we live forever?"
"My life, my love complete
My breath, my heartbeat"
"My life, my love complete
My breath, my heartbeat"
"Blissful unconsciousness"
"Blissful unconsciousness"
"Disappeared into depths of darkness"
"Disappeared into depths of darkness"