Oru Kuttanadan Blog (2018) Movie Script

The memories of Krishnapuram that can't
be erased by time, keep flowing.
My friend Gopan who flew away from Kuttanad
and became an expatriate, says that...
'Like the small waves of the Kavalam lake'
'The girl with the golden
garland came along with me'
'lt's time to thatch a roof with
golden straw for the house'
'To the fields where a
thousand crops are harvested'
'He is the one who sprinkles
cool water over it'
'Give me a drop of water, my dear girl'
'The peacock is about to dance
on the rain soaked soil'
'Let's go to Chambakkulam,
singing afolk song'
'Here comes the row boat,
as the moonlight that falls on the river'
this Kuttanad Blog is active again.
Hariettan has ended his expatriate life,
and is coming back to his hometown.
and even to smoke
Beedis and romance.
To the sights of Boney M hotel, where the
latest news is spread without printing.
You've been playing only this song.
dad would light candles
and play this daily.
The bus is here.
Senthil, here's the money.
Allergic to water, rig ht?
Won't even take bath in the morning.
People are getting down.
Can't you park at the stop?
Don't you have
today's newspaper?
It's the age when you can
watch rapes live on Youtube.
Senthil, give Sunikkuttan
a lubrication tea.
They're just calling me Senthil
since it's easierto call.
Sunikkuttan, you keep
roaming around like this.
lfl'm not looking,
they would even steal the Unda.
Yes. lam quite serious.
l have to meet some more people.
The boys are here. Don't leave them.
They are the new gen! Go!
You must have known that
Nediyedan is coming back, right?
people are so bugged by him.
Whatever it is,
we will celebrate Hariettan's arrival.
Yes. Ayyappan Chettan was the
first one to join the Railways,
Anyway, we'll give a grand
welcome to Hariettan.
I'll be there.
You carry on.
You want a ride?
Get lost, man!
Get lost!
Prakashan, didn't you knoiAf?
Then I'll pull the shutter now itself.
Right away!
If what I'm saying is
wrong, you tell me.
By the time Nediyedan came for his
leave and went back last time,
and that he took
it to make it fit.
He kidnapped the brass band members
from the Church courtyard.
Member, your son Prakashan
keeps hanging out with him.
You drop me home now
Of course. He's coming back forgood,
right? How can we not do that?
That's right. You don't have
to go to any other university,
Shallwe do onething?
Hey! Call his Dubai number and
ask him if we can planthat.
lfthings have to happen,
Tony should take the initiative.
We should decorate
the entire junction.
We'll ask forthe money
from Hariettan himself.
He will bearthe expenses.
That's awesome.
Is there a slant?
They forced me to shut my shop.
There will be more people coming.
From tomorrow, we'll have free WiFi.
Go! OthenNise you'll
ruin the programme.
Go ahead, brother.
Make it fast.
l was just joking.
Where did they get the
money for all this?
This was a bit too much.
Now remove the sacred
thread and keep it there.
Stand here and clap your hands.
| just reached town.
I remember everything.
She was really caring.
Then why can't Hariettan marry her?
I don't have to stay there permanently.
I can come and go whenever necessary.
I've taken a pledge that I won't let
Cholesterol & Diabetes into this house.
I didn't get timeto goto the
duty free shop this time.
Nowthat hope is also gone.
don't gain a bad name by
hanging out with these guys.
Hariettan, shall we leave?
What is it, Roy?
I need some money urgently.
To get him a loan from Paulachan's bank.
I'll give you the full amount
according to today's market price,
lfl give you 10, you'll make it 100.
So shall I?
For what amount do you need the loan for?
Around 3 Lakhs.
A new home made clip has arrived.
Is it?
Com e.
We're starting 2 new chit fund plans.
Aren't you joining?
So much money was blown!
Shall we begin the festival donations
from Paulachan's people-friendly bank?
He's a stingy Scrooge.
Come. We need to talk.
But he's short of some money.
Do one thing.
I'll stand guarantee for him.
Will you give it?
don't trust everyone
like you trust me.
Paulachan, can you give me a loan?
Mocking me?
No. I swear!
Stay here.
He is here 24 X 7.
When I come for Onam &festival,
I'll come straight here,
Still the same.
Where is Hema?
She's in the kitchen. I'll call her.
Bring it fast.
There's something fishy.
I don't think there's any
point in this treatment.
No problem, right?
Keep quiet, Master.
Pack it fast.
And Hari doesn't like Hema
wearing all these, at all.
I should have married Chittezhathu
Shashi who works in the block office,
What are you reading?
ls itthe blog?
GP Nair decided to contest for
the Panchayat elections again.
Aman born just to become
the Panchayat President.
Pambadi Vijayan has a sisterwho
failed in her 10th grade - Lakshmi.
Did she tell you,
or did you tell her?
Those are 'Good Bye' messages.
What do you want nouf?
You should find a
solution to this somehow
First you get down from there.
This is not that risky.
Com e.
Vijayan must be there.
Nothing, Vijayan.
They're not brave enough for that.
Tell me the matter, Hari.
He hasn't molested her or
held her hand or anything.
You took me there to
put me in trouble?
Calm down, man.
We'll figure out some way or the other.
It's her, Lakshmi.
I put you in trouble, right?
Sorry Harietta.
Because love is not
confessed directly.
Vijayan will take
care of you now.
I wonder if he has paid for the WiFi.
Don't you have any otherjob?
Then why did you come
here in a hurry?
What's his problem? Don't you have a job
now? Can't he get you both married then?
-You want to meet her, and talk to her.
We will be there.
Won't you marry her?
will it be a problem?
He went and came back.
You go and hide
behind that pillar.
Give me that torch.
Didn't you go forthe
temple festival?
That's when l sawa guy jumping
over your wall and going inside.
There he is.
What is it?
We'll go forthe festival later.
Before that,
You stand guard for him.
Come on, guys.
All of you are here?
You might not know,
but your daughter will know
Go inside & bring
him out, Balan.
Stop fooling around...
President, the villagers
know everything now
So, like Sunikkuttan said...
When he comes on leave next,
the wedding will happen.
He's in such a hurry to
stay in his wife's house.
Thank you so much.
'Catch a rhythm with your hands'
'If women enterthe marshlands,
wearing beautiful clothes'
'The boys at the fields will be
down with fever then, oh buddy'
'If we see the crops being harvested,
the mouth starts watering'
'From the age of six to sixty,
getting married twice to twenty times'
'The number of wives and children
would make a district, oh buddy'
'Oh snake boat with a victory flag'
'There's a boat race at the lake, and
those watching can dance and make merry'
'The grand festival'
'The grand festival'
'The grand festival'
Giving a small break to the
latest news in Krishnapuram,
There's a pride in wearing
'Mundu' like Hariettan.
You usually wearjeans, right?
That's why lworejeans.
Hey Freddy!
Hey bro! How are you doin' man?
Hey, stay here today. -I can't. These
guys are with me. Where's Reggie?
Our item is here.
Come on!
Multi-faceted talent!
Afriend of mine from Dubai.
A business partner.
I haven't been on the Metro yet.
Hi Hari.
lt's ourfirst time, right?
Let's also hug them.
| read the Kuttanad blog.
We have a few places to go to.
I'm sorry.
realized that he's very popular there too,
and came back.
and went to some foothill.
the sight of this new Sl
would be mesmerizing.
they are on the look out for the
rats that destroy tapioca plants.
there are 5 petitions against him here,
Apart from the civil cases.
To be frank,
Him and his tree-house,
and other shenanigans.
I'll find a solution.
l'm Thomas. Thomas PT.
They lived together
only for a year.
What's his job?
We'll find a way forthat, sir.
Even a postman is
scared of coming here.
Four heads would pop
up immediately.
lfl send it through someone, people would
say I'm taking care of your expenses.
Why should I waste
my bad name in vain?
Isn't she married?
Afull time drunkard.
Hari goes on night outs too.
Give it to me.
If he tries to give me trouble,
I'll give him much biggertrouble.
Butl heard that
she's really strict.
I heard that you're the
most popular man here.
That's all nonsense.
I went to Dubai, worked hard, made
money and I'm living happily.
Okay. We need to meet in detail.
These are my boys.
If you need anything, just tell them.
l've folded her into
eig hths already.
Let me just go to the station.
That's the kind of
nonsense he has done.
l was expecting you.
l'll scold him & make
him learn a lesson.
His customers are +2 students.
Kids ofthe same age were his
customers back then too.
l have another option.
He has taught me to accept gifts
when people give it wholeheartedly.
Trust me.
He won't repeat it.
Did you get kicked with the boot?
That's why.
Don't do such vulgar activities hereafter.
Don't try to reform just
because I told you.
l was on the other side.
Well.. What's our plan?
I'm not coming for an 'A' film.
This is notthat film.
Awesome, man.
This is great.
Did Master sleep?
What is this, Harietta?
So he's saying that...
l've promised him that
I'll take you there.
Why do you have to worry
so much about your children?
They are not small kids.
Aunty is here, right?
Then don't eat it.
Of course. What an improvement!
You can sleep here, wake up
and leave in the morning.
He has come back like a chicken
that fell into water.
Didn't I tell you to sleep here?
This is not a stranger's house, right?
Sleep here and leave in the morning.
Why do you have to leave so early?
It's 1 o'clock, right?
Stop blabbering and
come, get into the auto.
When Suku read out Hariettan's
horoscope forthis week,
Possibility of scandals...
Yes, President.
He is rich, right?
How many people come with urgent needs
to your house after 1 AM, Member?
Whateverwe said now is gossip.
Tea for ten,
My dear Peter, don't irritate.
Can you stop that song?
What did she stop?
Don't try that on me.
Where did Senthil go?
Krishnapuram saw the
rise of another star.
The beginning was with 'By the rivers
of Babylon' playing from Boney M hotel.
There's nothing much
to narrate in detail.
It was while I was
studying in 9th grade...
my dad who was the caretaker at
their house, was in trouble.
I didn't know all this.
She has come with a huge debt.
Well, you used to like
her back then, rig ht?
Shall we move forward
with this proposal?
No. Doesn't look like it.
Get going.
There's a physician who comes once
a week on the other shore, right?
I'm not of your age now,
to romance and fool around.
Then hop on.
I didn't give that letter
to my father back then.
I guessed what you had
written in that letter.
Mom is waiting.
I heard that you are
really rich nouf?
Can't you stop
ganging up to booze,
Don't laug h.
I didn't have anyone to make
me understand affectionately.
the bad name you have
will also be gone!
It's true.
l've stopped it!
Nowl have people
who care about me.
Take these bottles & leave.
To keep changing my mind
according to your command,
You don't worry.
'le companion, who looks like a feather
fallen from the rainbow in the sky'
'le companion, who looks like a feather
fallen from the rainbow in the sky'
'She who comes clad in
brand new attire at dawn'
'le friend, my companion'
'le companion, who looks like a feather
fallen from the rainbow in the sky'
'She who comes clad in
brand new attire at dawn'
'le friend, my companion'
'The night of Thiruvathira
festivities is here'
'Oh maiden of seasons,
hasn't the cupid visited you yet?
'In the moonlight of January,
when mango flowers bloom'
'I lost myself and floated away on the
waves of my dreams in a lotus boat'
'Waiting for the festival
to start at the temple'
'You stood crooning, in
search of my mud hut'
'With a loving sulk in
the corner of your eyes'
'le companion, who looks like a feather
fallen from the rainbow in the sky'
'She who comes clad in
brand new attire at dawn'
'le friend, my companion'
Can't you pick up the phone, dude?
Why did she have to do this?
What's the situation?
She is in the ICU.
President is inside to
enquire what happened.
She is not married yet.
My daughter...
Did she say who it is?
The blog was getting
really interesting.
The villagers had said long back
that Master was playing with fire.
Mankombu, Hari is notthe
only man in this village.
l'll burn his house down.
We should meet him.
Don't postpone it, President.
Let's go right away.
Say something, man!
What should we do?
Let's do a DNA test.
I am ready.
Give us some more time, GP.
If any of you step into my
house saying this again,
lfthat girl does anything foolish,
You can meet Master after a
decision is made about Hema.
You will understand everything,
when all of us burn down.
That's how you should address her.
We should do something
to reopen Chetana club.
Do you knowthat?
That's also his?
There's some betrayal in this.
I lived like that, right?
Whatever people may say,
| knowyou very well, Hari.
So now, there won't be a
decision in our matter?
I've been punished a lot for
crimes I haven't committed.
l'll walk.
Okay then.
Shall I go?
Me too.
Then okay!
If it keeps on raining like this,
the harvesting won't happen.
Once you are fired, there's no
question of taking you back.
It's okay even if we get drenched.
Take us back.
Stop joking.
We'll sneak into Master's house.
Well.. Just to see her sleeping.
Just like that.
Masala Dosa?
Only dad and me are here now
I thought only Nirmala
would be here.
You should see how shoddily
Hari has kept his room.
Yes. Now everything will be prim
and proper. You wait and watch.
'Didn't we row a boat then?'
Panchayat President
brought it as mortgage.
What have you done, dad?
He is waiting outside.
Let me send him off.
What are you saying?
I wanted to say something to you.
I didn't ask you anything, right?
Bygones are bygones.
I can't finish saying
that in one sitting.
This time, the people of Krishnapuram are
not concerned about the monsoon floods,
and about the holy
pregnancy in the village.
Let his difficulties and curses go away,
and bless him with a long life...
Before the Lord of Snakes'
Tell me if you are uncomfortable.
I'll find some other way.
I don't need anyone's permission
for a register marriage.
Is there anyone here who's ready to listen
to me, or find out the truth in it?
Anyway, to take a decision about this,
the President has to come.
Even though I'm late,
I'll be the latest.
That's this GP.
Not just Dubai,
even if it is America,
President, we should stop
Hari before he leaves.
Notjust that; we should start a
strong protest strike against him.
Shall all of us hold
the registrar captive?
We should stop him.
Hey! Hariettan has
left from his house.
lfthere's any problem,
I've got information that
Hari has left from his house.
We should get this done with.
Everything is okay, right?
Yes, sir.
Hey Police Madam,
Whatever you may say,
| m ust protect Hari.
Madam, as a Panchayat
President, I'm saying this...
After this, get two other
witnesses for your bail.
The other 2 can wait outside.
She's a woman,
not a girl.
What are they doing here?
What otherjob do they have?
Do one thing.
Call Madhu.
Give it here.
This is the original. I won't give
this to anyone. This is for Hariettan.
Read it and see.
I'll go back with mom and the money |
get by selling our ancestral house.
But I didn't have the
heart to ask you.
'lt's all yours... Why don't you take it'?
I've always seen you
as a brother, Hari.
'Why did you pose as my lover?'
'Why did you lure me with your love?'
'And finally'
'You turned me into a poster, oh girl'
Anyone would dance
seeing all this.
'Why did you pose as my lover?'
'Why did you lure me with your love?'
'My life was going on like a colourfilm'
'I got used to calling you my darling'
'Nowyou want me to make
you my sister, oh girl?'
'You made me your bro, oh girl'
'Why did you whisper sweet
nothings in my ear?'
'Why did you lure me with your love?'
'You turned me into a poster, oh girl'
'My Kuttanad girl'
There are 2 problems in
Krishnapuram currently.
Cheating and swindling is
not meant for men alone.
I don't have any such complaints.
So many have borrowed money from me saying
they will pay back today or tomorrow
If she gives a complaint, there's
no possibility even for bail.
I need to find some solution for it.
Arrest Hari!
Take up responsibility
forthis pregnancy!
Arrest Hari!
Finally, don't end up taking the
responsibility of the pregnancy as well!
They are all Bengalis.
I don't knowwhat's
the Hindi of 'snack'.
You must return our gold.
When you return what you took from me,
including interest, you will get your gold.
What's the proofthat
yourgold is here?
What a fate!
I want to meet her alone and talk to her.
Then, I'll put an end to the protest
in front of the house right away.
This is not the first time
that I'm getting a bad name.
I spoke to Rahul through Facebook,
Messenger and then on the phone,
I went to Ernakulam with mom.
Leaving mom there,
But whenever! clicked a photo, he would
take the phone from me and delete it.
Someone else was picking up.
Thatl don't even knowthe person?
lfl didn'tobey mom,
Where is your phone?
Sir, he's not like earlier.
When relatives come to my quarters,
I'll send someone for parcels.
Anyway, the villagers would add
one more affair to my account.
He'll show us everything
that was erased.
Whatever that goes into cyberspace,
can't be erased so quickly.
These are all deleted files.
l've restored them.
Hi Hari..
He's actually a big shot.
He should be at the mud
race track at Kochi.
l'll commit suicide.
I'll give enough gold and money,
and bring her.
Shallwe go, sir?
None ofthat is necessary.
They have only one condition.
The wedding should
be in their style.
'The moon also came along with the stars,
seeing the beauty of the bride'
'The clouds too came and gave shade to
this stage which is like a shamiana'
are decked up as electric lights,
in this moonlit night'
'To bless the bride and
groom with our best wishes'
'Awedding happening before
the temple of your heart'
'The groom has arrived in
style in a dreamy palanquin'
'Why did you shy away while
your hands are decorated
'Did yourfriends pinch you,
hiding from all the others?'
'lt's the season when Khejri flowers bloom,
at the shore where the Godavan bird flies'
'Your groom is here adorning the
golden turban stitched by the sun'
'The beauty of jasmine
flowers has spread all over'
'While you dance to the Ghoomar rhythm,
with bangles on your lovely hands'
'Hey girl, here's a dream
in your lovely eyes'
'Come, come.. This is your dream wedding'
'And you are the bride'
'Wedding bells, wedding bells,
forthis young girl and colourful groom'
'Wedding bells, on the stage
where a thousand stars bloom'
'As a sea of happiness,
there's celebration everywhere'
'The precious bride who
stood beside the groom'
'The precious bride who
stood beside the groom'
'The precious bride who
stood beside the groom'
'The precious bride who
stood beside the groom'
Awedding that was reminiscent
of Chetan Bhagat's '2 States'.
Look at this!
'Young woman arrested with rolled gold'
I need a statement from you.
Let that be... How did this
gold turn into rolled gold?
So to calm him down, I had bought some
imitation gold and kept it at home.
I'd have given it if
you had asked me.
This is not the first time
I'm seeing you afterthat.
Give a statement.
Must have been out
of desperation.
Hari has gone to Paulachan's bank.
This is a game planned by Hari,
Paulachan and that girl.
Come out, fast.
All the villagers' gold and
money are gone, because of him.
I'll go talk to him.
That can't be.
Move away!
Hariettan needs just halfthe money
he spent for us and these villagers,
to solve this problem.
Come on!
We haven't come here to sit.
But all of you would need my help.
The money I earned working
really hard for 10-15 years in Dubai...
lfl try not to publicize what I'm giving,
you won't allowthat!
Can you say that
to the villagers?
does not belong to Paulachan.
Didn't you hearwhat President said?
All of you, disperse.
Devan and friends wanted to meet you.
You guys left me.
You will always be the President
of Krishnapuram, President.
Thank you so much for
everything you've done for me.
I'm glad.
I'm serious.
I'm also in a hurry.
lt's betterto see Krishnapuram from afar,
rather than seeing it up close.
Many more happenings in Krishnapuram
came and went by...
With the latest news from Krishnapuram,
this Kuttanad blog will continue...